Level 7 Civil Servant E5


I think I could have cut this drama more slack if it didn’t air the day after one of the best dramas I ever saw. It’s just bad timing that Level 7 had to follow FBND cuz the disparity in quality programming is too glaring to ignore. My emotions run the gamut from all time high on Mondays and Tuesdays to deep sighs on Wednesdays and Thursdays cuz of the wasted talent here. They even took my other favorite characters like W and Y and made them all superficial and inane. I hate to say it, but I miss the training days when they were tougher, driven, and more serious minded.


Written before it aired: I purposely chose this as my main photo so I could say something positive about this drama to reflect my faith in JW and his role choice. I got this close and was about to rave that these two look amazing in this picture, but then I clicked on a trailer for E5 -big mistake. First time a preview had me so confused that all I had were a series of questions right after. So her mission is to date G and all the other agents are in on it as well so the only one in the dark about his father’s wrongdoing is G (cuz the death of that agent SJ happened cuz of his dad). But supposedly G is on his own mission to spy and watch over his father during that one year time period, yet he still has no clue that his dad is up to no good -doesn’t exactly bolster any faith in his ability to be a good spy then. why spy on your dad for such a long time anyway.  Speaking of which, G barely had any training before he was yanked out of the program and he is under the impression that he is an undercover agent? At least the others finished their training so I don’t get why he is considered one. I’m assuming W lied to him about that just to get G to keep tabs on his dad.  G better not have a gun or be shooting anyone unless he is a full fledge agent cuz my head is already swirling enough with all the inconsistencies in this plot. There are so many more holes in this story I could nitpick, but I am going to reign it in and just keep chanting “JW looks great –you waited months to watch this so suck it up and go with the flow. If all else fails, just stare at the pretty.”


I have to admit, his face is making the new look a lot better than I originally thought – guess with his looks there is no such thing as a bad haircut.


This spy drama is not as slick as Iris so I am seriously worried about how well Level 7 will fare against the two new dramas starting soon. Right now there is no competition so of course this is the sure fire winner, but when the other two begin, I’m not sure it can maintain this rating. I have zero interest in Iris, but I know for a fact a lot of people are going to tune in to check out Iris and the Wind blows drama. It’s going to be interesting to see if people stick with Level 7 or branch out to watch the other contenders.


Starts from S walking into the interview and G looking at her resume then looking up at her. S introduced herself as Kim Jung Won.  M asks this isnt your first interview. S says i applied to 6 total. M says then it doesn’t have to be our company (as in you don’t have to be hired by us only cuz you have other options). if you get hired you can go anywhere. S says which ever company hires me I will be thankful and work there. but more than working at a company just to earn money, I want to work for a company that will nurture my dream.  M says companies raise profits not nurture dreams. S talks about what IT&TI does and how it applies to her dream. M talks about the article about this company and cuz of that article the ad team was fired so she asks what S thinks. S gives her opinion on the firing-that it was justified cuz they did wrong. M says that’s exactly right. you did well. you can leave now. S thanks her. S is about to leave but G says wait a minute. What is your name. she says it’s Kim JW. G: is it your real name? S: yes it’s my real name. G: were you born in the year of the Ox. S: cow. He says her dad’s occupation is a farmer did he change it from a diplomat. She says no he was always a farmer. G: is everything you said up to now the truth? S: yes. He asks how much of this resume can I believe. S: I dont know if you believe it but it doesnt have any lies. G: When is your birthday. S:4-28.G: Do you have a boyfriend. S says that’s private and not something related to interview. he says she doesnt have to answer if she doesnt want to but S says I have a boyfriend and he loves me and I love him. G says ok and tells her she can leave. S: thank you

M asks you know her don’t you. G denies it. M says it feels like you were rejected and acting out. G: why do you think like that. M: someone rejected has a lot of questions -why was I rejected. what did she not like. why didnt she like that. G says hearing that i see it now but I haven’t been rejected so I didnt know that. M: even though he was rejected, there are a lot of men who dont know that. They call for the next person

S walks out upset. She remembers the briefing about Han’s son G. S pointed to the picture and says that’s G. Y says he is working at his father’s company so the aim is to use him to get into his home and get vital paperwork. You should get close to him and casually get into his home to obtain the paperwork. S asks me? why me. Y says cuz they were close. get hired by his company. She gives S her new identity. S says this is deceiving G. Y asks do you still think he is on our side. S says he used to be one of us. but Y says he is our target now go and catch his heart. you can do it right?

*off topic – I still dont get why MBC is using JW’s KBS Gaksital drama photo for this show. doesnt that break some kind of rule.

S is walking up the stairs and says it’s making me crazy. She goes into the briefing room. W and Y greet her and ask if she did well on the interview. S says yes I did my best but it’s ok I don’t make it right? W says it’s not ok even if you have to beg and cry holding onto his pant leg get hired no matter what. G might get attached to you so for the time being dont come here to the office.  Y is putting on makeup so W asks if she is going on another seon (blind date for marraige) but Y says it’s just a (regular) blind date. W: just work cuz it wont pan out anyway. She says why – what’s wrong with me and lists her qualities – makes good money, good education. attractive face and body – isnt this good enough -am I lacking anywhere. if I wasnt working I would have a line of guys now. He says you are 39 so she gets mad at him. she says how she is still in her 30s so dont say anything about her age. these days 30s is still lively (full of vigor) so he says so is my mom.

G remembers asking S if her name is real. he makes a call and says this is urgent

G meets with W so W asks what is the situation is there a problem with your dad. G says it’s not about that. W: aside from your dad what other emergency do you have. G: did you send S.  W says why would she go there. G says you didnt send her?  W: why would I send her. did she come on her own? nothing seemed strange or off. G: she came today for an interview. W says she must have failed her broadcasting test. a week after you left, she begged to take a leave to take the test. W told her there are two ways for you to go outside – quit or get fired. so she decided to quit cuz she wanted to go to broadcasting cuz it was her dream. W: so she left to take the exam. G remembers what S said about how she might quit or not if they don’t let her have a leave to take the text this weekend. G asks why didnt you hold onto her. W says she only worked for the NIS for the salary and didnt care about country and only wanted to be paid so why hold onto someone like that. G asks you know her personal info right? W: yes I know it. G asks him to confirm her info on her resume. W says it’s all correct-name, ID number, address, education, hometown. G asks are you sure. why of all the companies did she apply to mine during a secret mission. Maybe she purposely did that to approach me. W hits him and says are you filming a drama. G says it’s strange. W says then have her investigated. follow her and do searches. G says that’s illegal. W: just hire her. dont pay attention to silly things and just watch over your dad well. thanks for the drink.  W leaves first. G complains he always hits me.

S is at home when her doorbell rings. She covers up her underwear that is drying on a rack. D comes in and says I will give you beer so make me ramen

*those are some colorful bras. the thing about Korean bras that most people don’t know is that they are padded up the wazoo – nothing will crush those babies.

They are eating and he says it’s good. She keeps staring at him. he says ok I will tell you everything. She asks what was going on – why was I the only one that didnt know. he says it happened before she joined the team. S: still you should have told me how this happened. I’m the only one who doesnt know why I have to do this.  you know what it makes me think? it makes me feel like a gold digger who is going to seduce a man. it makes me feel really dirty. D says how there was a tip a month ago that the family would be on vacation and it would be empty so I went into his home to search it.

Flashback to that night when D sneaked inside G’s home and searched for the safe. in the car D does a mic check and the other agent wonders why they have to be a thief

S asks is it that small. D says it’s only 20cm long. S: is that why you didn’t find anything. D says the tip was wrong. During his search he was warned G is coming back in. G came home and saw that his frame was hung the wrong way. He sensed something so he went over to look. D was hiding. G saw that there was water spilled and wondered what it was. D was sneaking out and G saw him. they fought and G tried to pull the mask off. They fought and G was kicked in the groin. G chases D out and they fight in the yard in slow motion of all things. D runs to the car and takes off. G memorized the plate number

S says he would have seen the car plate. D says we didn’t use real ones. anyway sorry I couldnt end it with my own hands and had to get you involved. you think you will get hired right. She says no. he says you will get hired cuz G liked you even though you didnt. She suddenly remembers G singing happy birthday to her and his parachute with her birthday message. How she chased after him in the rain. S says I really don’t know but he is a colleague. D: he isnt now -don’t think of anything else. S: that’s right. he is the target now.

G pulls up in his car

S tells him to stop drinking and go. D says no one is waiting anyway even if I go. let me play a while longer and go. She says people will think it’s weird if he frequently drops by a woman’s home when she lives alone. D: what’s wrong is they see it as strange. She hits him and tells him to hurry and go. D: let me just drink this. S gets a call from G. G: are you at home? do you want to eat dinner. She says no I ate. G: should we drink coffee. S: no i dont feel well. He asks to see her face for a short time. S: next time – I have to clean today. G: just for a second. open the door cuz I am in front of your home. She says you are in front of my home? how did you know where I live. He says it was written on your  resume. S: I didnt write it for you to come find it. G: I know but i wanted to confirm once if you told me one truth out of all the things you said to me. She says ok but just go for today. this isnt right to just drop by suddenly. G: cant you just open the door? S: no. he asks are you with your boyfriend there. she says no. he asks do you really live here. S: I really do. G: you always said it’s for real but it never was even once.  since he doesn’t believe, she opens the door and peeks out. G: it’s for  real. S: satisfied? he asks for tea. She says I don’t have any. He asks for water.  She says I ran out. I have to go buy some. G: let’s go together. S: next time -ya – shouldnt you protect the info on the resume and not drop by suddenly to see the interviewee like this. go well.  He opens the door wide and goes in anyway. D tries to hide the whole time. G says meeting someone like that thinking you will never see them again for the rest of your life -do you know how overwelming that is. trying not to think of you – I lived trying very hard. if I just knew your name at least I might have been able to easily forget you,  but since I didnt know anything about you- i couldnt forget anything. but until now I hung in there well. so that wouldnt collapse I tried not to find you. I knew you wouldnt be happy to see me but I didnt know I would be kicked out in front of the door like this. cuz no matter who knows, we were colleagues at one point.

right then D goes into the closet and knocks over her underwear rack so she screams and goes over to hide them. G watches her so S yells what are you looking at? is it your first time looking at a bra? she tells G to leave. G: go where. She kicks him and says let’s go buy water. hurry. G: ok. S: hurry and come out.

They are at a café. (Mango six)  He calls her by her name S so she says I’m not Kim SW.  G: what happened. She says I failed the broadcasting test. if I knew this I would have just been paid there (NIS). I couldnt just live being jobless so starting from a few months ago I looked into some work.  He asks why my company of all things. S: I didn’t know you were there. G: if you knew you wouldnt have submitted your resume? S: I am not in a position to pick on that right now. G: what did they (NIS) say when you quit? did they just say to leave? She says you know I cant talk about what happened in that place with anyone. G: that’s right cuz you signed a confidentiality agreement too. do you live alone? your boyfriend would be dropping by your home often. She says do I look like that kind of woman? just cuz I have a boyfriend – you think I would let him into my home anytime. even if he was someone I was going to marry I would never let him into my home until we got married. he asks who is your boyfriend – Do I know him too.S: let’s stop talking about that. G: later when you have time introduce me to your boyfriend. I will buy him drinks. She asks ok -do you still go on blind dates (matseon) these days. He says yes I meet a lot girls born in the year of the ox. She says it will work out well for you cuz you have a lot of good qualities. G: that’s right – someone like me they have to like my qualities at least. having good qualities is talent too. S: I agree -I have to go in cuz I have to update my resume. G: if you have time to do that isnt it faster just to ask me (to hire you). S: ask what? G: normally in this situation dont they ask for me to accept them well. if I just sign then you can get hired. S: I dont want to ask something like that of you. G: you are in a hurry to get hired and your financial situation is dire. S: no matter how urgent I dont want to ask that of someone and get hired. if I dont have the skills then not making it is the end of it. if I get hired with support then the person who really would have been hired doesnt get in cuz of me. that’s not fair. G: that’s how it normally is in life. S: isnt that too cowardly – people who live well off all talk like that. they say that’s how life  is after they make it that way. they dont have any scruples or guilt and are too impudent. G argues that’s what people say when they dont have the skill to ask and dont have network connections and are saying it cuz they are fighting with their pride. just be comfortable and ask to be hired. you have a lot of loans to pay off. S: you said you wouldnt accept your inheritance or your dad’s company and just live doing what you want to do – do you remember that? for a short time I thought you could be an okay person. but what about now. you are working for your dad’s company and  expecting someone like me with no strength to kneel. I acknowledge that cuz life is like that. but what to do cuz I dont want to be a part of that.  She thanks him for the drink and gets up to leave so he offers to drive her. she says there is no need. he says you were going to go buy water but she yells I am going to meet my boyfriend

S calls W and says I met G. W asks what did he say? did he say he would hire you? S: no I dont think it will work. W: you have to cry and beg so she says I did plead. anyway change my mission

G calls W and says i met S. W: did she ask to get hired? G: no. W: she didnt hold onto your pant leg and cry and beg? G: what do you mean plead – she isnt planning to get hired. you know her personality – anyway are her parents really farmers. W: why are you asking me that. G: cuz she was raised really well (meaning ethically). G drops off lots of water bottles in front of her door

There is a voting at her parent’s neighborhood. The man in office is running for another year as the local town mayor so her dad argues against saying it’s good if you stop now. Other man asks are you saying choose a new one. The mom says why. The dad says I’m not saying I want to run for the position. But after arguing he decides to run against the incumbent. Her mom says vote – my husband is number 2 and the incumbent is number 1. In front of everyone she makes a show of calling S and asks did you eat.

S comes out and remembers kicking G and saying let’s go buy water. she kicks the water outside her door and leaves

G gets dressed

S is cooking. She runs out of water so she goes out and takes some of his bottles. Later on at night she takes another one. Next morning she drinks another one. At night she takes the last pack inside

She is typing her daily report for NIS

G is at work and changes the name on the paperwork and smiles (he just hired S)

The agents have eyes on G’s office. Y checks out what S is wearing. Y complains about S’s fashion – did I teach you that? you have to wear something sexy with lines. Y says what style G is in an abbreviated way but S doesnt know what that means so SM says a man who falls in love right away. Y makes S eat breakfast cuz if she skips then her skin will get ruined. sleep a lot and eat well. she doesn’t like the outfit and tells S to change it now.

S comes out of the van in another outfit in front of G’s company

M is talking with Han. She says don’t waste time and reminds him how much money is on the line. han says park is my hometown friend -if there is a problem then I dont have a hometown to go back to. She says you are stubborn. do you know there is interest in your son – if you don’t do it then they will deal with your son themselves. Han says that (threat) wont work on me. he asks to call someone but she says I am in charge.  His wife shows up and M greets her. the wife says you are always here in this room when I come. M says how the president keeps calling me. she leaves the room and his wife gives him strange looks. She says be honest something is going on with that girl right. Han says dont talk nonsense. she says you are going to deceive me? hurry and tell me cuz I know it all. Han: know what- knock when you come in. She says there are rumors in the company. You want her to marry G but I oppose – I want someone who was born in the year of ox for him. I heard it all – cuz his business skills lack – you are scouting for a smart daugther in law – You are supposed to let your son inherit the company not give it to his wife. Han asks who is talking nonsense like that

The man in question is the crazy haired director who is currently talking to S and other employees about how his company has 3 major lines of power. him, G, and M. this is a company secret but G lacks in business ability so his dad is scouting M to be the daugher in law. S remembers how M smiled looking at G. the director says if they get married and combine this company line will divide – them and me. he welcomes the newly hired group.  the manager tells the director that S’s name was added this morning

M says his dad is expecting a lot from G for the plans for the new item but G says my dad wont expect cuz he knows I’m not good at business. she tells him not to disappoint his father. can I give you a tip.  money is money whether it’s clean or dirty. she gets close and talks about money and business and tells him to make his tie pin show up even when his jacket is buttoned. S comes over and sees that.

S introduces herself as the new employee-I will work hard. G shows up and S introduces herself. he says what you saw in the hallway a while ago. he stops talking cuz of others and tells her to meet for some questions for someone newly hired later and leaves

S is shown her seat. She puts up a mirror to stare at G in his office

G is looking at his computer wondering if there are terrorists or not.

S is shown in and says I came for the questioning. He says let’s play.  I don’t know why M was like that in the hallway. S says I think I know – I heard you two are getting married. He says who said? S: i heard. G: what kind of talk did you hear on your first day of work. who said such nonsense. S: would there be groundless rumors. G: Are you jealous. Why are you so sensitive. S: you are so funny – who is sensitive. G: After work do you want to go on a date. S:me? G: dont you think it’s fate that we met again? they both say they don’t believe in fate. G: I dont know who your boyfriend is but I dont want to lose you to him. S: dont overreact.  I dont have a boyfriend and I dont plan to make one either. It’s hard just dealing with me and living. love isnt good for me. G: you said you have a boyfriend. S: I dont have one.  G: you lied again? S: I didn’t want to get hired cuz you liked that I didnt have a boyfriend. I just wanted to get hired based on my ability.  are you angry? G: I’m in the middle of thinking – should I like you don’t have a boyfriend or be angry you lied. S: you dont have a reason to like it or be angry. G: when we first met, you lied you were Kim SW.  then you wrote that IOU and deceived me that you were Kim JW. and now the Kim J who is lying again in front of me is very brazen.  How far should I trust you. who are you? S: is this an interview for a newly hired employee. G: how could you lie like that without changing any expression

S remembers how Y told her -do you know why? cuz you are good at lying. S: I really dont like to lie. i’m not good at it too. Y said you were the first in training history for the past 20 yrs to beat the lie detector with a lie and pass

S: I will be going if you are done questioning. G says I really cant believe you. S leaves the room

G looks at her resume and other paperwork to compare info. he verifies her contract for her home.

G sits in his car and watches S carrying groceries inside.

manager calls for a meeting. They all leave so G goes over to her desk and places a tracking chip on her bag. *dude – what if she changes her bag the next day. how many of those are you going to plant?

M is meeting jay. He says the company is nice and the coffee tastes good. She says what are you doing. I told you to stay quiet until I tell you to act/move. he says I am the one who orders to move/act. M says this is a big deal and not something for you to do.  jay: are you afraid? since  hyung died are you scared? M: dont play around. jay: pull out Han. M: I am convincing him now so dont get in the way.  Jay: Do you know how long it’s been since hyung died. She says the exact days – 238. jay: where is our hyung now? in your heart? hyung is here. He shows her JJ’s ashes from his bones. even if there was land in korea to bury it or scatter it, I will never let him leave me. Just cuz you are counting the days since hyung died doesn’t mean the revenge ended. convince him? even if you killed Han’s son you have to make him. didnt hyung convince people that way? Everyone comes in and bows. S looks at M and then at Jay. She bows and leaves. M tells him to leave now and not come back. He orders her again to pull Han out-I will convince him.

*when did this sweet guy get so scary.

G is on his way in and bumps into Jay. Jay smiles

Y gives S instructions to hack and download Han’s computer file and back it up. do as I told you and come back here within the hour

G checks S’ info and says so you are saying this is really you.

S is hacking into the network and D gives her the pass code from the NIS van. G comes over and asks what she is doing. She lies about some new business deal.  G looks at her screen and says it’s really great. we should do this business. he tells everyone to leave work. The site she had on her browser is for bras so S is embarrassed

S runs outside and gets in a cab so G follows her

She runs inside a convenience store and doesn’t come out for a really long time so G goes in after her. There was a back exit.

S hands over the memory stick with the info she got from Han’s file. Y asks is it going well with G. you didn’t get hired to earn salary. you have to hurry and make progress with G. when a girl asks to buy a guy a meal the guys fall for her. D says we arent that simple but Y says you guys are – you need to date once. Y says to S – you are attractive enough for men to follow you. if you open your heart G will come find you first.

G is tracking S on his phone and says it’s here

SM says G came here. they all look over at the security cameras. They call W. SM says he is coming in. Y asks were you followed. S: no that wouldnt have happened. Y: then how did he find this place. W says everyone sort all this stuff

G finds the office and rings the bell. He listens at the door and keeps ringing. He tries banging asking is no one there. he takes out some pins and breaks in. he opens the door and sees S coming down the stairs. They lock eyes. The place has been transformed into another company. the man asks who are you – you arent supposed to come in. are you a client?  She asks how did you know to come here. G says the door was open. She asks how did you come. He says the door was open. She asks did you follow me. G: me?  follow you around? dont be mistaken. I happened to be passing by out front and saw you so I followed you…I didnt follow you inside. I just came in cuz the door happened to be open. She asks why did you pass by out front by conincidence. He says cuz I had work so I passed by -I am in charge/ your superior at your company so why do I have to report you. S: the company work hours passed -you are only in charge during business hours – not outside.  the man says that office where you got hired. he offers G drinks. G says no thanks. G asks what she is doing here. she says it’s not your business -whatever i do or not.  it’s a part time job. He says you cant do that -it’s against the company rules dont you know that? this is grounds for being fired. do you want to get fired. she asks cant i have the freedom to do what I want on my personal time. G: there isnt – if you want free time -Then write out your resignation. think it over carefully -whether you dont have free time cuz of the company or cuz of money.  She bows and apologizes. She says just cuz I was jobless I couldnt just play so I was only going to do this job till I get hired. but I didnt get to fulfill the amount I needed to sell for this month – I just need to sell some more and get the percentage of/commission off that. after I get that, I was planning to quit. He looks around the office and sees she is last in sales. after all that you learned why are you last? is that all you are capable of? She says I only need to sell a few more. G: how much more do you have to sell. she says i will sell it soon cuz I have orders lined up. he asks what is your goal. do you need to sell all this here. she says to have money to live off she needs to get the sales commission for this month. cant you just close your eyes for a few more days. He asks who much will you earn from this. after you became an employee at my company and as someone who came into my team – I will fill up that commission for you.  so G buys everything in the office.

All the agents watch from the secret room. SM says all of that – daebak. Y: he is so cool. D: crazy guy. W: he is filming a drama.

G asks do you take credit card. The man says yes but it will be expensive. S:what are you? why buy all this? it’s $24,500. if he pays all up front and not divide it then just $20,000 even. G’s hand keeps shaking so S grabs his card and puts it back in his pocket. so he doesn’t buy it cuz it’s too much money so SM says “hur.” S: I told you it’s expensive – it’s not just one or two – it’s over 200. G asks why is makeup so expensive. S explains – it’s not makeup. it’s to improve the skin. she asks what skin type his mom is – dry and he says yes so she lets him smell it and offers to give a lot of samples if he buys two sets for his mom. he agrees

She sees him out and says thanks. G: you are just going in? S says the work she has to do so  he asks you want me to just leave? S: go well – I will be going in. he calls out her name and says Just cuz I bought this you don’t need me anymore. She says you were on your way somewhere you said. G: I dont have to go. S: I have to go back in. G: ok – go. he is sulking and leaves

Y says how could you just let him leave. why arent you chasing after him? S:why? Y: eat with him or go to the movie with him -have a date. S: I really cant do this.  if I keep this up – what if he finds out I deceived him for real – then what do I do? this isnt right. Y: hurry and run and catch him no matter what. Y hangs up on her

S runs out calls out to G. G: what? S: want to have a drink. Want to eat. G keeps saying no. S: Want to watch a movie. G: which movie. S: instead of a movie how about some juice. G: I dont want to. he says he is going on his way so S says let’s watch a movie

They are watching an animated movie. She is trying to touch the screen cuz it’s 3d. he remembers how she talked to her parents – “I will buy you the plow so dont ask for handouts. dont worry about me” and how she called him trash for looking down on people just cuz he had money. He suddenly holds her hand. S: what are you doing – it’s childish – let go. but G says I am sorry. I followed you cuz I didn’t trust you. you were alway living assiduously and I always didn’t trust you so I am sorry for that. not sorry for this (meaning holding her hand).  This time he watches the movie and she stares at him.



S says to G: I am warning you – you were just a colleague at one point. G: what if I keep going. S: you cant like me and I cant like you. G: what is the reason?

SM asks D: Let’s hurry and finish this and go see a movie. D: I dont like movies. i never once saw a movie.

S: you were going to buy my time with money.  let’s play after work -did you think I would say that. you are so immature/childish. G: what? I cant be childish? S: do you still not know?  He gets upset cuz she speaks in a country dialect

G asks if S remembers what they learned there (NIS) whether you stay somewhere one day or ten years dont leave behind any (?dont know this word)

7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[05-57-33] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-01-04] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-03-31] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-03-44] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-06-52] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-07-44] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-10-00] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-10-15] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-13-05] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-13-43]7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-57-30] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[06-58-04] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[07-00-24]7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[05-03-04] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[05-10-53] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[05-20-12] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[05-21-02] 7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[05-54-34]7급공무원.E05.130206.HDTV.X264.720p-ABC[05-52-57]


25 comments on “Level 7 Civil Servant E5

  1. thom says:

    love your main pic that you choose too, wait the recap.


  2. anonymous says:

    Thanks in advance Softy.

    Boy, that’s one fine picture of Gil Ro and Seo Won!

    I think I was too blown away with Joo Won hotness and worried (and sometimes, over analyzed) his ‘romance’ with CKH and leave other important details of this drama aside. Psssh.

    I thought Gil Ro aware of his father is in danger. I don’t think that his dad is on the bad side, but NIS believe that the baddie try to use his dad’s IT company to do something bad to the country. Dad kind of hesitates at first during his meeting with Uhm TW-JJ.

    Hope to see more badass characters on board. Come on show, you keep feeding us pix of how sweet Gil Ro and Seo Won are… We need some more stories and more action.



  3. f says:

    find this show very hard to watch, co zof cth..

    any eng sub anywhere/?


  4. ck1Oz says:

    🙂 🙂 Your pre episode thoughts. Hahaha.
    You and me both. Plus a lot of other people. We’re sticking it out because of Joo Won.


    • Softy says:

      Aren’t you still on vacation? How do you find the time to watch dramas? Lucky you – hope you are at some warm island locale. Actually since you are from a warm climate anyway, guess that doesn’t make much of a difference. enjoy your trip. 🙂


      • ck1Oz says:

        Ehm I am using my vacation to catch up on some drama watching at night. I don’t watch tv.
        Yes it’s stinking hot like >35 degrees.
        Sigh I’very thought all day about this. You can stop recapping but can you actually drop a Joo Won drama ?


  5. nonski says:

    helloes Softy, thanks for the recaps! off to read…

    about JW’s hair… i think he is still going to look good even if his hairdresser puts a mop over his head. 🙂 sticking with this till the end and will really be sad if you’d drop this. i try not to let my mind work on this and just enjoy it. 🙂


  6. […] Recap:  https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/level-7-civil-servant-e5-coming-up/ […]


  7. skyhigh says:

    My first time commenting ,but I’ve to say ”Thanks for the recap 🙂 & you are not alone softy”.
    I tried so hard to stick with this drama, but I can’t anymore. The writing & editing are driving me crazy. It’s like a torture for me.


    • Softy says:

      It’s too bad your first time commenting had to be about dropping the show. It’s not at the point of torture for me yet cuz it’s JW’s drama so it could never get that bad for me. For some odd reason I lost my ability to sugarcoat tonight. Every paragraph I started with something neutral came out sounding negative. Maybe lack of sleep made me cranky I don’t know. I really hope this drama gets better. It couldn’t possibly get any worse at least – I think. (knock on wood) 🙂


  8. jhen says:

    Thank you so much Softy for the recaps. Just done watching the raw video. I so love it when G held S hands. Btw, about his new hairstyle, I still find him charming on it. 🙂


    • Softy says:

      Dear sweet jhen – I feel like I know you so well from Joonni’s blog and now here on FBND and Level 7. I’m slowly warming up to his new haircut, but I’m not quite there with you yet. I had fewer pics than usual tonight as a result. Hopefully I will catch up to you soon when the bangs grow out some more. 🙂

      I am so curious – who is your favorite? LMH or JW? I’m gonna bet LMH cuz I think you liked his role in Faith way more than JW’s role here – am I correct?


      • jhen says:

        Hi Softy! You still remember those Faith days 🙂 we were the joonni’s Faith campers, always waiting for you and joonni’s live recaps. And now, I’m here camping at your blog because of FBND and Level 7 CS and the recently finished CDDA.

        Haha! You caught me there Softy, of course LMH will always be my no. 1. 🙂 But for the mean time that he doesn’t have his new project yet, I had been watching a lot of airing rom com dramas. And it’s my first time to watch JW. I don’t know why but the first time I’ve watched him I got easily hooked. And its probably because of his dimples! Haha! But kidding aside, he is also a good and he’s funny with his being childish in the story. About the action scenes, I never wonder anymore why they had him to act like a lousy agent coz Kang Ji Hwan in “My girlfriend is an Agent” is much worse as an agent in the movie when it comes to his fighting skills that made him so funny. In fact, I’ve watched L7CS because I’ve known that it was adapted from that movie, which is one of my favorite.


  9. Dramafed1782 says:

    Hey Softy,

    Thank you again for the recapping. Don’t worry about your doubts on the show. I think everyone had got used to the intense roles delivered by JW till now. So this being a light hearted comedy and having inconsistencies should not be much of a hassle because slapstick and common sense needs to be considered separately 😀 . I’m watching this drama because of CKH and Chansung too.
    I am sure the writer wouldn’t have forgotten to explain what happened during that one year. And how the characters have changed. Fighting Softy! 🙂


    • Softy says:

      Man I hope you are right cuz clarity would go along way in saving my sanity. I loved protect the boss and that was this type of drama so I just don’t get why everything isn’t clicking here- there are so many things out of sync like story, dialogue, directing, editing, acting, minimal common sense, etc so I have no idea how they are going to improve in the next 15 eps. Hoping for a miracle here. 🙂


  10. houstontwin says:

    Please don’t feel obligated to waste your precious time on this drama. I used to finish bad dramas out of a sense of loyalty to my favorite actors but life is too short. I look forward to reading your wonderful recaps for other dramas.


    • Softy says:

      Thank you for saying this – I really needed to hear it. You’ve known me since SKKS so you are familiar with my drama taste so I guess you picked up on my disappointment right away. I admit I went a little overboard with the negativity tonight, but it really did stem from a place of love. I don’t have a single problem with his comedic acting either – totally think JW is holding his own very well actually. I just dont like his character period – doesn’t even matter who plays G. I was just so frustrated that JW chose this drama cuz if it keeps this up, I think all those great reviews in his career that were an all time high might plateau. The only way he can save face now would be if his show wins in ratings against the other two new dramas. Highly unlikely unless Iris sucks as much as its previous ones did. I bet they will have better (and less cheesy) action scenes and cooler spy stuff at least. On the other show, Kim Bum is going to be hard to resist for a lot of people. I won’t have a problem staying away cuz I just don’t like the whole pretending to be her fake brother to get her money scheme and fall in love. that kind of redundant plot is like switching babies at birth. After Missing You – I had my fill of makjang for this year.
      For a second, I couldn’t recall finishing a drama out of a sense of loyalty for an actor until I remembered YAI and LJH in fashion king. Boy did that ever backfire. I refuse to watch YAI in his next drama even if he is back in Joseon outfits. He still has to do some penance in my book so he is staying in the doghouse cuz FK was THAT awful. 🙂


  11. Anonymous says:

    i am so disappointed with this drama. what was wrong with the fighting scene between D and G. t it was ridicilous. i also don´t like W and Y roles. i really hope it´s getting better, only pluspoint is joowon, saranghae oppa!


  12. Ann says:

    Its all Joowon and Joowon, that’s only matter to me. l found this drama quite interesting at the beginning and but slowly fading out as all characters make no sense. The true point of G’s father still blank and unknown, l believe anyhow it will reveal soon.

    One more, l just couldn’t find any chemistry between both leads and also the emotion, none of it. l love Joowon’s acting cosz he’s good at making those emotional scene looks so real but this drama doesnt show his talent on that. S actually is good played by, its just she always remind me of the same character in Protect the Boss, comedy in serious tone.

    l wonder why they like to pair older leading lady to the younger and most eligible and handsome Korean actor, that would definitely lowrate the drama. Just look at Faith, Kim Hee Sun was awesome in Faith, she even stepping LMH, but she’s older, that make its low rating.

    Anyhow, l think l’ll finish this drama, cosz really few dramas airing now interest me. Need to check our the Wind and Iris too.


    • lili says:

      I disagree on Faith low ratings being the fault of the main couple…
      Lee Min Ho had certainly more chemistry with Kim Hee Sun than with any of his other past ladies, I would even say this is thanks to the romance that this drama has not dropped any further in numbers…Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun shouldered this drama on their own for the most part when pretty much everything else was falling apart…The soundtrack too was one of a kind, best OST of 2012 imo.


  13. joowonforever says:

    I am hating this.

    I so love joo won and everyone can see he is really trying hard. They are not maximizing his talent; be it in the any scenes or the action scenes.

    It is still a light romantic comedy, so I do not want to expect too much. But I think the ratings will suffer.

    Whatever happens, I will stick with it till the end. I just hope everyone who loves joo won and his talent does.

    Let us all do this for Joo Won ❤ .


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