1N2D brief recaps


Christmas perfection … seeing stars circling over my head and feeling faint cuz of these photos, but still giddy.

Thanks to Bird for video and torrents, SS for pics, and Tigger for all the raw video links each week. 🙂

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-44-24]Another year of 1n2d is almost ending and I never thought I would be watching a variety show for this long. When this cast sat around the fire talking, I realized this has always been the heart of 1n2d – brotherhood. It doesnt matter how many seasons this goes on or how many cast changes, once you have this bond, it doesnt end. Just look at Lee Su Geun with Kang Ho Dong on the award show presenting together. You can’t take away what they have just through separate programs – they are bonded by their shared memories over the years. Next month there will be a wedding on this show and it reminded me of when SG got married and then had all his kids. TW is next so this show will hold a very special place in his heart cuz the most important moments of his life are being aired here. I love our season two cast and hope 2013 holds a lot more significant milestones to come for all our guys.

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-16-55]

The guys all went to a sauna together so we get to see “more” of JW so this has got to be my favorite episode. What a great Christmas present this is for all of us.

LOL – so glad there are “like minded people” cuz the pics you left are perfect SS. heeheee. 🙂


KBS Entertainment Awards


*Our JW won! In his speech, he said “hello I am JW. I want to thank God first and thank my family. while filming my drama, there were a lot times it was hard, always when I came on the 1n2d team – it gave me strength. (he thanks Bird PD and the other directors and all the staff) my hyungs who are like family. he lists all the 1n2d hyungs by name. thank you very much. in 2012 – I got brothers who are like family to me so I was very happy. even in 2013 – as an actor, as a variety entertainer, I will show you a lot of good sides. thank you.

uee jw kbs

Then Uee and JW came out together to present for scriptwriter. JW: hello I am JW. Uee: hello I am Uee. it’s good to meet you. JW: as MC of music bank and an actor in Jeon woo chi you are getting a lot of love from the nation so I am envious Uee shi. Uee: thank you. congratulations for getting newcomer in variety award. JW: thank you. Uee: these days on 1n2d, you seem to be suffering a lot cuz of multiplications -what is 7 times 8? JW: 50. Uee: what? JW: being wrong on purpose – you know right? they both laugh and JW says if you ask suddenly like this anyone would get it wrong. Uee: ok I get it.  she tells the 1n2d members “1n2d oppas – please take good care of JW oppa.” she goes on to intruduce the scriptwriters for comedy. then later the 1n2d scriptwriter won for show program writer so 1n2d guys danced behind him during his speech while Uee laughed and looked embarrassed for JW.

during their filming the guys gathered to do this skit. SW starts off by saying we are the guys that have one thing every audience member doesnt like so living with this misunderstanding we want to tell every audience member right here and now – please dont misunderstand.  each 1n2d member stepped up to say something. JW says cuz of his nickname lots of people think he is ignorant. SW: they could do that. JW: to be honest I am really smart – but cuz of variety, I am pretending not to know. JM asks “what is 4×8” and JW says “14.  next is “5 x (times).”  TW steps up and says I am dog feet. on 1n2d I cant do games well, everyone keeps saying I am dog feet cuz I cant do sports of hackysack well, but look carefully. he takes his socks off and shows his feet and says I am human feet. the guys look and say he really does have human feet. SG steps up and says as you all know, I am a short guy. listen carefully to my words. who is saying a short guy doesnt have charm? if a short guy doesnt have charm or if a tall guy doesnt have charm – I will show you right here. JW and SK go over so SG can put his arms around them as they carry him off. TH says you are cool. SW: you have charm. next TH steps up and I have no idea what he is talking about – something about him being childish but I dont get the joke. next SK steps up and admits “yes I eat a lot” in a quiet voice. LOL. SK: to be funny I ate a lot and gained weight. he says how something doesnt fit now and he is on a diet. next year I will have a chiseled jaw and comeback as a ballad singer. dont misunderstand. he eats something as he goes back to his spot. SW says that really looks delicious. JM steps up and says I am a singer too (cuz people forget that about him I think) SK hugs him.  it makes CTH laugh like crazy. SW steps up to say something. SW: I wanted to but JM says dont so SW keeps walking. JW and SG do the ending by SG asking him what “5x 6 is” and JW replies with a straight face “32. next is 6 x.” they all laugh.

jw kbs

Even though it’s called the newcomer award for variety, I just realized JW basically got an award for cuteness – isn’t that like unprecedented? Leave it to this guy to break into unchartered territory and come out the other end adored and well received with an award in his hand.

some of the other 1n2d members won awards as well, but the thank you speech that made me bawl like crazy was Lee young – the one who hosts Taxi. I kept crying cuz if her friend choi jin sil could have seen her now, she would have cried with Young. their friendship went beyond death cuz Young still visits CJS’s gravesite. Young: first I want to thank God for not giving up on me till the end and watching over me. thank you for giving me this big award last year too. I want to say this again, a while ago I was at the same table with Kang Ho dong and he whispered into my ears “when I was recording again for the first recording and taking in the air of the studio again, I liked it so much” he told me.  to be honest when I came back on the program again and was able to go around in this dress,  you dont know how good that felt. how good it felt when you all laughed. long time ago I used to hate when people laughed just cuz I was fat.  so I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to show that I could make people laugh with my brain and not my body. but after trying it making people laugh with my body was more comfortable. like Shin dong wook I tried to make people laugh with my brain but it didnt work out well and it was hard. she lists the comedians around her – the makdoong is 40 but he runs all the errands like getting cigarettes. these 3 men are the ones who lent me their shoulders. they showed me that I am not alone in the world and that we are going together. when I have a hard time they lent me their shoulders to lean on. so I want to thank these 3 men. I am so grateful. they are 3 years younger and shin dong speaks banmal to me so that is why I couldnt forget you. she goes on and thanks her staff – the PDs and scriptwriters. she says how her parents must be asleep cuz they sleep at 11pm -mother and father thank you. I wasnt able to have kids, but I am holding onto the awards KBS gave me. she goes on and makes a joke about her brother – how thanks to him she cant be tired cuz he keeps making debts so she has to keep earning money. the debt isnt that big and I can pay it off soon so I can pay it off more quickly if KBS gives me other shows. thank you so much everyone. I did this so all of you can do it too -life is really warm. thank you.”

Quick recap for tonight – will add more translations and pics tm

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-00-37] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-11-22] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-13-03] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-17-45] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-18-29] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-23-25] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-35-06] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-42-13] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-42-31]

SG says the fact that it’s snowing means the weather is not cold. others agree and say how pretty it is. SG yells it’s the first snow. it snows early in kangwondo. later JM says the snow started suddenly and ended suddenly. the guys make a fire and fans it like crazy. SG jokes a person could fly away if they flew at this speed.  JW puts up girl group photos on the outside of the tent. why he is doing that is beyond me cuz it will fly away for sure. SK starts cooking and makes spicy grilled potatoes. SG eats with the tips of a hanger. TW and others say it’s delicious. tastes like spicy rice cakes. SW calls it spicy potato cakes. TW asks what made you think of making this. SK says there are no spoons or chopsticks so TH makes some from twigs wrapped in foil. JM says I made you some SK so SK thanks him. SG makes a giant spoon. SK continues to cook but tastes the leftover ingredients as he works. then he does a lot of taste tests. JW makes eggs then they add ramen seasoning. SW cut off the top of a water bottle as his spoon. SW says it tastes good and asks for the name so SG makes one up. SG goes around and feeds the guys from his giant spoon. someone says whatever you make it tastes good. SG keeps pretending to be speaking something italian. more food is prepared. SW remarks somehow we made food – it’s uncanny. the guys start eating. JM mentions eating while it’s snowing. JW slurps up his food with a rice scooper. SW says this is so good. everyone likes the taste saying it tastes like spicy fish stew cuz of the tuna. SW says what JW is eating with. TW is using a lid to eat with.  TH eats boiled potato while SK eats boiled eggs. Bird PD is caught by SG asks isnt that our egg?  JM points out bird PD is eating the boiled egg so SW says to him you should have said something if you wanted to eat it. Bird PD keeps eating. the guys say how cool and beautiful the falling snow is.

after they eat they sit around and ask what is next. someone on the staff asks what are you going to do tonight so JM says sleep. TW says we should sleep if there is nothing to do. SG: I want to shoot pool. SK: sauna. SG and others say that sounds good to sit in hot water. SW: that is good. cant we do that. like in the army when we are allowed to leave for outside for a short time. cant you let us look around the town here. bird PD goes for it cuz next thing you know the guys are playing a game to see who gets to leave for a while. only SK is last so he wins.

SK got allowed to leave the island and waves to the others. the guys say it’s strange. probably cuz SK looks like his boat is disappearing into pitch black darkness. when SK lands he goes and buys some medicine for SG’s runny nose. awww so thoughful.

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-35-06] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-42-13] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-42-31]

Bird PD says it’s time for them to experience the winter. The guys have to split up into two teams  so it’s 3 and 3 so the guys realize that is why SK was sent out. PD says one designated person on the losing team has to take off one item of clothing. JM says if we all fail and all we have are our underwear so do we take that off too? PD says make sure you dont fail. JM: it’s not my fault if it (his nakedness) comes out on the show. SG says we came for our health but I have a cold so if we finish this game will my cold go away? SW pretends to cough and be sick. the guys do RPS -rock paper scissors saying “are you on our side?”

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-52-19] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-56-50] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-59-33] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-02-54] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-04-49] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-16-47] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-22-03]1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[17-02-28] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[17-03-37] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[17-08-56] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[17-18-57]1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[17-30-35]

SG, TW, and JM are on one team – the old 1n2d members together and SW, TH, and JW on the other. PD says one person has to be the designated one to take his clothes off. SG chooses JM. JM says again how he could take it all off so SG says it’s ok. (*omg that is so NOT ok). they decide to do RPS and TW loses. JW’s team does RPS and TH loses. SW wants to have team names and asks how about the good looking team for us? SG comes up with their team names – a mixture of all of them – the married one the new husband and the bachelor. PD says he is going to ask questions and they have to take turns answering and giving different answers. first one is listing songs with a person’s name in it. TW names a song called a young lady wearing red but he didnt give a name so it’s wrong. TH’s team names songs so TW is told to take something off. TW takes his hat off and just puts his hoodie up cuz SW said it’s cold to take hats off but TH gives the idea of putting the hoodie up. it’s JW’s turn and he looks worried so TH tells JW it’s ok cuz  hyung can take it off. Bird PD asks for the names of some singer’s hits. TW messes up on his turn and wonders what is wrong with me. he takes his gloves off. TW uses his built in hard warmer sleeves. (these are so cool and handy cuz you can never lose them since they are sewn as part of the sleeves. Geum Jandi wore a red one with a hood on BOF when she went to meet Jun Pyo on that bridge – that is the one I looked everywhere for and drove myself crazy) Bird PD asks for names of food names that end with “noodle.” TH cant think of one and takes off his hat cuz he has a hoodie. Bird PD asks for names of food items on a Chinese menu. TW cant think of one so JW’s team feels sorry for him. TW takes off his jacket. PD asks are you cold. TW: i’m not cold. PD asks for fish names that end in “chi” and after JW answers PD stops the game cuz he thinks the fish TW said isnt a fish so they look it up and it exists.  SG’s team argues the fish JW said doesnt exist but SW sticks up for him and says it does exist. they check and it does. SW argues why are you saying it was wrong when JW likes that so much. he ate that ever since he was young so JW laughs cuz SW is overdoing it. For punishment they make bird PD take off an item of clothing -his hat. They say if he messes up like that he has to continue stripping each time so Bird PD agrees. suddenly the visiual of imagining bird PD in his underwear is giving me nightmares. The old 1n2d never intimidated Na PD to strip when he messed up, but then again Na PD rarely messed up. I think Bird PD is too easy to push around. when PD took his hat off SG said his hair is messy. next PD asks them to list places that end with kwangukshi. TW cant think of anymore so Bird PD says all the answers came out. so it’s not TW’s fault he couldnt answer so the guys make PD take his jacket off.

meanwhile SK is pigging out on fried chicken.

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-24-59] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-26-16] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-27-26] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-56-58]

SG checks and the temp is 4 degrees now. the guys have to list KBS programs next and TH cant think of one so his jacket comes off. next they have to name soccer players and JM gets one wrong so TW beats him up. JM is quick to take off TW’s last outerwear so TW remarks that JM likes taking his clothes off a lot. TW tells Bird PD to hurry and ask the next one cuz PD is taking too long. PD asks for them to name Korean baseball players and SG gets it wrong so TW takes off another layer.  now TW is down to just his pants and shirt. TW is so cold he says “It’s really not cuz I am rude, but I will put my hands in my pocket” (cuz in Korea you aren’t supposed to put your hands in your pocket in front of elders so that’s why kids in classrooms aren’t allowed to do that in front of their teachers and it wouldn’t be good to do that on camera as well since elderly people watch 1n2d on tv. It was so sweet of TW to ask if he could even though most people would do that just out of necessity) They play a round of calling out a number and having the other team stand up and match the one you yelled out. SW stands when TW calls out one so TH has to take something off. SW says sorry to him. SG tells JM to hug TW to keep him warm. After TH lost his coat this round, SW hugged him to keep him warm. this time the other team has to play so TH calls out one and JM stands so TW has to strip again. TW gives JM this look that says “are you freaking kidding me?” TW wants to take his shoes off but SW thinks it would be too cold. so TW asks can I take my socks off then cuz he is wearing two layers of them. he giggles cuz he still has the other pair on. Bird PD says next round is survival RPS. TH beats SG and TW but loses to JM. then JM loses to SW right away. TW takes off his other socks. JW stood behind TH and backhugged him to keep TH warm. Bird PD says since TW has a lot of clothes left to shed- how about betting 3 items in one.  TH counts the item of clothes he can take off and is ok with shedding 3 – I am even ok with ten.  bird PD asks if TW has anything to take off if he bets 3 so TW says I have things to take off. JM wants him to take more off so TW retorts then what should I do pull out my hair? (meaning the fuzz on his skin) the guys laugh at his frustrated sarcasm. the guys agree to up the anty and wager 3 items of clothing each time. bird PD says this is round of survival mook choo pa. JW goes up against TW first. the game gets controversial over time cuz TW and JM’s frozen hands make funny poses. JW asks what is wrong with your hand hyung? TW’s hand continues to shake like crazy from the cold. TW loses. TW looks worried. JW doesnt think he can beat JM. JM asks TW you have faith in me right? TW says he does but doesnt sound sincere. JM’s hand keeps making poses in between paper and scissors so TW yells out what it was meant to be in order for them to continue and not lose. JM finally wins and beats out JW. JM loses to SW. it’s time for TW to strip. TH asks didnt you wear long johns? TH: so if you take off the shoes, shirt, and pants you only have long johns left? TW asks the PD “what do I do after I take this off – do I keep standing here?” the staff guy says “yes until the last round.” TW gives him a shocked look and says: without clothes on?  they let him huddle by the fire to get warm first. TW starts to strip. he looked too pitiful stripped down so JM says sympathetically “but hyung is about to be a new husband.” TW says I am worried- I only have two clothing items left. if i take my top off there is no place to hang the mic but if I take the bottom off I only have my underwear left. what do I do?  TH says hyung take off your pants and clip it on your underwear.  They all laugh. TW jokes then I have to say hi like this (talking to his crotch area) so everyone laughs hysterically. SG tells TW to take his pants off and hands him a big flat circular pan to cover his privates. TH wont stop laughing the entire time. JM lifted the pan away from TW’s privates so TW yells why did you lift that up? for the last round SG wants to bet 10 and he will strip too if he needs to. Bird PD calls out the last round of game “RPS minus” and gets an exasperated look from TW. TW complains he cant do RPS (rock paper scissors minus) cuz he is pantless and needs one hand to cover himself so SG holds up the pan covering TW’s privates while TW uses both his hands to play RPS against TH. TH cant compose himself from laughing so hard – he looks like he will pee from all that laughing. TW beats TH then goes against JW. JW beats TW and SG and loses to JM. SW is the last to play and beats JM. JM looks to TW to take something off so TW says what can I take off? SG tells JM to take responsibility for losing. JW tells JM to take all 10 off. Bird PD tells JM to take off 9 and leave one for TW (his shirt cuz at this point, TW has nothing else to take off except shirt and underwear) So JM strips down 9 items and leaves one for TW to take off his shirt so TW asks bird PD –then do you just want me to wear my underwear at the end. JM tries to shield his privates behind TW’s pan, but TW needs it more so they tug on the pan back and forth. TW tells him there is another pan so use that. TH falls to the ground rolling around in laughter.  TW gets clever and asks JW “it’s ok to hang the mic on my necklace huh” and strips his shirt off. JW holds the other heavy end and stands next to TW the whole time he is pantsless. Bird PD laughs and tells TW to lower the pan cuz it was held so high you could almost see TW’s underwear. JM wants to bet the rest – 15 items of clothing and TW agrees too like a mad man. TW can barely talk cuz he is so cold. The game ends. TW does the closing for the game session through chattering teeth. He can barely get the words out. He tells the audience be careful of catching a cold. 1n2d. he lowers the pan as he does 1n2d and flashes the people in front.

JM and TW dress again and members huddle around them to help – like SW warms up JM and TW’s face with heat packs while TW gets dressed. bird PD wonders what SK is doing now

SK comes back from his outing. JW asks did you earn a lot of money hyung? SG asks it was better there than here huh? SK : no I missed it here. it didnt seem like the mountains. it wasnt that great. Guys wonder what to do now. Someone says how about sleep.

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[19-08-37] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[19-09-04]

They continue to sit around the fire. SW says how about sleeping BBB for standing here and sleeping. TH says it’s boring cuz they aren’t doing what they normally do.Bird PD says the individual hand held camera guys (VJs) have to leave cuz just the basic film crew has to remain.  TH thinks of an idea – instead of our sleeping BB – since we all have our own VJs  – we can play a game and have the ones that lost stay behind while winners’ VJs leave. SW worries cuz his VJ is the oldest. TH says let’s eat sweet potatoes and whoever blows the whistle fastest wins. Each guy starts eating their sweet potatoes. It’s too hot. JW says start from the skin and scrape and eat as you go along. JW finishes first. Then SG. Then SW. SK shares his potato with his camera guy. Then TH feeds his. They send off their camera guys. SG says the ones who were supposed to leave must be irritated now cuz they have to stay.  the guys say goodnight to the men as they ride off

The members sit around the fire and talk. TH says tears formed when he heard SK and TW doing their rehearsal for the concert cuz TW couldnt sing well. SG gets tears in his eyes from the smoke. He says how TW got to confess for the first time on 1n2d (about his future marriage). SG jokes around he cried ten times here today – since it’s cold he didnt want to go anywhere else. SG says TW did 1n2d the longest out of the new guys so he should have more memories. TW says yes I got to confess and everyone congratulated me. SG says it’s not time for JM and JW yet but SK should hurry and have kids so we can bring our kids on 1n2d. for the sake of the program have some kids. JM: I can have many. they all laugh. SG says this is the end of 2012 cuz we started in Jan. it’s already been a year. SW says it feels like just yesterday cuz everything feels fresh. like when I hit my head on the boat ceiling. others says how they couldnt sleep the first time they came on. SG: while we were filming we asked will this turn out well. when filming ended we wondered did we do ok? and now we came all this way. they ask how it was for JW. we are curious cuz you are the maknae. JW: I like it cuz I have hyungs I can be proud of. wherever I go friends envy me and wherever I go I can proudly talk about you all. I felt confident like I had support from you all so it was nice to have hyungs like that. SK says it’s like a documentary today. SW: while living – and I lived a long time (someone adds you lived really long) so they laugh. SW continues: I thought luck was different but my biggest luck was meeting you guys. I have feelings similar with JW – I felt confident and think you are my biggest luck. Bird pd says “even though it’s cold, go to sleep comfortably and there is no morning mission. Surviving the night and not dying is the morning mission. Boat will come to get us at 7am so we just need to take that boat and leave.” SW tells TW to do the closing- the last highlight of outdoor sleeping. “We will meet you tm morning still alive. 1n2d.” the guys split up into tents – 4 in one and 3 in another. they call out goodnight and you guys worked hard. They complain about how cold it is. When the members are inside sleeping, bird PD is eating the sweet potatoes by the fire.

In the morning there is loud snoring. SG had a cold the whole time on this trip so I think that is him. Bird PD calls out the boat is coming so wake up. JW wakes up first and gets the hyungs up. he woke TH next to him first.

The guys come out of the tent and look bloated. SG and SK are last to wake up. SG tries to drink but the water is frozen. They ask what the temp is now. PD says 7 degrees. The guys say something should have been laid out on the floor under the tent cuz it was too hard and cold during the night.

The boat arrives to pick them up. odd music choice. the song “it’s raining men” plays, but it’s only one old guy on the boat. The man says JM’s face is bloated. The guys get on the boat. SK looks kinda handsome bloated.

The guys arrive on land and the crew is there to greet them. They walk up to the bus. Inside the bus JM asks for the phones.So does TW.  JM: I’m curious about the world. Bird PD returns their phones. JM asks did you touch my phone? bird PD says no way. The guys check their many messages except for TH. JM got a text from a friend who said he is getting married. (I saw JM’s friend at a restaurant before) JM: why are there so many weddings? The guys sleep on the bus.

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[19-24-37] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[19-24-47]

They get to a place to eat and SW sits alone and waits for others to join him. They sit in a row saying how cold it was back there on the island. their eyes are all poofy. Food is brought out. JM asks are you just giving it to us. the PD says yes cuz you suffered a lot. They all get stews with side dishes. The guys are laughing and happy now. They crack eggs into their stew. TH eats his yolk whole. SW says it makes me nervous when you guys are nice to us on the show. TH wonders if they will be sent back to the island after playing “getting off work”

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[19-29-45]

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-45-18] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-45-36] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-45-54] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-58-47] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-58-56]

After breakfast, the guys walk out and go down some steps. There are signs that it’s a sauna/bathhouse. the sign says $2 for adults and $1 for kids. JW says the place looks clean.  Bird PD asks you have to change clothes right so I will ask your stylists to prepare a change of clothes. JW finds his belongings and says it’s mine. Bird PD wants to reduce the number of cameras to respect their privacy and just leave the VJs cuz if they film too much they might film something by accident like certain body parts. Camera shows the guys jumping into a hot sauna. JM plays a game and stands so the camera has to stand with him so no private parts are shown. The camera shows JW and others showering. Meanwhile bird PD and the staff took the guys clothes and stuff away and left a box of outfits and underwear they want the members to wear. SK checks the lockers first and says there are no clothes – just a letter. The guys put on the outfits. SW calls the others in the sauna and said there is a big problem. You have to put this on and there is a mission. JM comes out wearing a towel and reads the letter. JW looks into his locker wearing only his boxers. The guys dress in the funny suits and make poses. They walk up the stairs and notice the bus is gone. There is a black van now for them to drive around in. There is writing on the back of each outfit so JM asks JW to read what his says.

*I just realized when I saw all the boxers laid out that their stylists not only knows what their underwear looks like, they select them like they are the guys’ mothers. I find this fact quite disturbing. they are grown men – couldnt they keep track of their own underwear? on the other hand, I am seriously considering a career change if I can get JW’s stylist’s job. if not, at least LMH’s or Hyun Bin’s stylists’ jobs.

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-18-20] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-20-01]

In the van, SG asks what they have to do – to get their stolen clothes back. They roll down the windows to get clean air. The guys pull up and there is a huge crowd of people screaming. They take pics of the 1n2d members. SW yells at bird PD says what is this. bird PD says if you do the mission well we will give back your stuff. The guys have to sing the song they did at the concert in front of the crowd. But some of the members messed up so they don’t pass. They start over. They do better this time and succeed in their mission. Bird PD gives their shoes and hats back. TH does his jeon woo shi pose for the kids and they go crazy.  The guys get back in the car.

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[19-37-48] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[19-37-57]

in the car SG says just wearing socks feels different – i didnt know socks were so precious. Next mission they have to take photos of certain stuff. Like a dog walking on two legs, cow sticking his tongue out as if to say “mee-lohn”, etc. SG asks where can I find a dog walking on two legs so TW the dog expert says when you go in front of it, it will reach up to you and stand on it’s hind legs. just dont get bitten. Each guy splits up and looks for what they have to take a picture of. TH asks where there is a cow around here. JM calls out for birds. SG goes looking for a dog. He finds a cute one standing on two legs so he takes his pic. SG thanks the dog for making this so easy for him.  JM takes a pic of some birds taking flight but misses. He asks if he can take pics of chicken flying. He tries to talk some chicken into flying for him, but they ignore him. He finally finds a flying bird and takes his pic. He says there are a lot of birds. TH goes looking for his cow. He takes a pic trying to feed one to get a shot of the tongue sticking out. He talks to it to eat like you would to a baby to try to get it to eat. Cow doesn’t cooperate. JW takes a cute pic with a grandmother. she looks confused as to why she is doing this but doesnt seem to mind too much.  SK takes a pic of a mom kissing her kid. SW takes his pic of some lady. TW tries to get all the members to take a pic tossing him in the air. They have to do it a few times but they get the shot. The guys get more of their stuff back.

1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-45-14] 1박 2일 시즌2.E273.121223.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-45-30]

They get to the last place. Bird PD says you suffered all day so just look around the view instead of doing a mission and there will be a final highlight when you get to the top. The guys walk up and look around saying how pretty it is. color of the water is the best.  They cross a rope bridge. JW says this is my first time coming to a place like this. it would be good to go rafting here on the river. The guys get to the last top and there are clothes laid out for them. bird PD asks does it feel like you got ten yrs younger on this trip? SW: looking at the view it felt I got younger, but now I went back to my age this morning after breakfast. SG says when you go home you will all have good memories but TW says when I go home I wont watch this one program (cuz of all the stripping he did).  SW leads the closing and describes where this place is on the map. TW says it’s the belly button of hanmando. TH: if you come once you get 10 yrs younger. The guys join JW for the closing line and say “come visit (name of this place). 1n2d”


They do the opening in the rain in front of the KBS building. They play games with 1n2d staff split into large groups and have a race to see which team gets to the final location first.

Last week’s episode

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-29-47]

There is such a thing as a Christmas miracle cuz JW was hatless for the first hour and had the special camera closeups that makes him have a nice glow. This is the first of their winter suffering episode and so far nothing has changed about the spirit of 1n2d except now there are a lot more flashes of dimples. Happy Holidays everyone.

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[01-25-37]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-32-24]

I was late in posting cuz I got caught up with all the great screencaps of JW during the opening. I love how young and adorable he looked tonight.

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-44-24]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-43-54]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-31-58]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-50-29]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-50-21]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-49-51]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-49-12]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-50-07]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[00-43-22]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[01-14-35]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[01-29-12]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[01-25-47]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[01-23-54]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[01-29-28]

The guys mimic what Jong did last week and point and hop as they do the opening and clap about how well the concert went last week, but you can’t hear any applause sound cuz they are all wearing gloves cuz it’s so cold – minus 7 degree Celsius. SG says the important thing is it’s Christmas next week. Then SG goes on about how the writers have to buy tickets for SK cuz SK is having a concert, but the tickets aren’t selling out after SK started doing 1n2d. They ask SK why his tickets aren’t selling out like he used to in the past so SK explains I think a lot of people forgot I am a singer. SK copies what Jong did with the finger point and hop and entices the audience by saying I prepared a warm time for you this weekend. SW asks Bird PD how much longer are you going to leave us alone to shoot the breeze – don’t you have to jump in somewhere. So Bird PD explains where they are going -Yanggu. The (fresh) air and water is so good it makes you ten years younger. SG adds there is a huge billboard that says you will get 10 years younger when you go there so SW says then I will be 34. SK calls out SW’s name (instead of hyung) cuz it would make them the same age then (both 34). SG tells the others –just for today, let’s go like we are ten years younger. He asks how old JW is now. JW: 16. SW jokes then we cant take you around with us (cuz that would make JW too young). The guys joke about how young SW must have been ten years ago, but SW says there isnt much difference with now. SG asks SW what he did when he was 34 so they show a clip of SW in his 30s – some show called “flick the lighter on.” then a clip of JM 10 yrs ago. the guys ask what JW did when he was 16. SG guesses what grade he was in. JW replies sophomore year of high school –when I got my dream of becoming an actor. SG asks weren’t you 100 kg back then? JW:90kg. TW asks how tall were you back then. JW: not that tall – about 160cm. within two months I grew around 10cm or so. SG says you grew 10cm within two months – it took 30 yrs for me to grow this much. SK says within a year I grew 7cm –then 8 cm- then 9 cm -8cm – 7cm so I worried what if I pass 2meters. SG can hardly believe it saying that’s ridiculous. Bird PD says since it’s winter – the concept for this trip is for the sake of health, a project to become healthy in the winter. He stumbles over his words so SK says he is embarrassed about what he said. PD clarifies we are going to give the audience a proper taste of winter. TW asks if we do this then will we really be healthy during winter? PD says yes. TH jokes warningly “just wait if I catch a cold.”  Bird PD explains the place they are going to be staying – people cant live there. so SK asks aren’t we people? Bird PD: it’s too the extent where just 1n2d can stay there. SG: for at least a day we can stand to be there? preview clip of the guys paddling and suffering in a remote camp. SW asks must we go there to find our health? PD says yes. So SW tells the others let’s go then. We should find our health. Bird PD explains the race they are going to start from now. So they can be fed properly for the last time. if you succeed in this race, they get a delicious stew/soup. But if they lose they get ice rice.  Divide into 3 teams and will have to succeed in a relay.  First team has to succeed for the second team to be able to do it. second team has to succeed for third team to succeed. There are 3 cars. The PD is going to take their phones till they succeed in all 3 missions then give it back. TW asks cant we just keep them and not use the phones but PD says no. (awwwww lovestruck TW doesnt want to be away from his phone cuz of his fiancee) JM tells the PD not to look through his phone so everyone laughs. The guys end the opening by saying you could get ten years younger or ten years older if things don’t go well.

SW and TW are in the white car, SG and TH in the red, and SK, JM and JW are in the blue car.

In the car TW and SW talk and worry they might not be able to do the first round well. SW says there is nothing that is easy for us no matter what we do. They talk about TW’s wedding preparations and SW asks if it’s all done. TW says invitations are coming out this week. SW asks how they chose the invitations. TW says we chose some off the internet, but I had work and didn’t have time so she went alone to choose them.  SW says you should have gone with her. TW says I am trying hard to go with her to the hospital appointments. When I go it’s so strange. SW: it’s surreal huh?  (they are discussing the fact that his fiancée is already pregnant) SW talks about how the baby’s breathing sound is so loud and the heartbeat. TW says he went twice and the last time the baby got so big and moved his body around. I was so surprised.

TH and SG say there is no need to rush over there cuz they have to wait for the first team to do well. What should we do at the market cuz there aren’t that many people there now. Maybe since today is Friday there might be a lot.

JM asks about something the other two aren’t sure of and it stumps them. SK says it’s not fish more than likely.

TW and SW are told their mission is to piggy back the other person blindfolded and the one carrying has to ring the bell. They cant let their bodies touch any of the trees and they must ring it within one min. TW thinks this is a good thing cuz the one on the back can be the eyes for the one carrying. TW said you can carry me but SW chooses to ignore that. Since they can talk to each other they think they can get this done. At first SW thought he had to hit TW’s cheek or move his head in the direction he wants him to go. They think this game is going to be ok, but they don’t get there are a lot of trees in their way to get to the bell. TW ends up carrying SW. TW tells him I trust you hyung. They begin and right away SW tells him just go straight. SW moves TW’s cap in the direction he wants him to go or turn and then says go straight. they get to the bell and ring it. their first try they get one minute 44 secs so they fail plus they bumped into the tree. they thought they made good time but it wasnt.

SG talks about how fast time went by in 2012. on 1n2d time goes by quickly.

SK says the first team should be more at ease cuz all they have to do is just get through the first part of the relay with effort.

the team SK is talking about is taking another stab at ringing the bell on time. they got 53:66 sec. SW: we did well. we are the ace. they call the second team and say we are done. hurry and do yours. this was nothing. they get cards and a hint about a location to figure it out.

TH and SG pull up to the market and point out the food. SG doesnt want to get out of the car and asks for a hot dog. he gets the call that first team ended already. TH and SG suddenly get out and run muttering how first team ended really quickly. SG and TH have to get 10 items – starting from the first item, whatever the last letters/korean characters of that word is the next item starts with those letters. their first item are the baskets they are holding. the last letters of the word basket is hard so they cant think of anything that starts with it. they go in and ask a lady and realize they can get a “knitted” item of clothing. then they get the next one. this is hard to explain cuz of the korean characters. they keep complaining about how hard it is. when they get an item they think ahead of the next item they would have to get if they go with that choice. so they learn to plan it out better.

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[02-22-23] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[02-56-30] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[02-56-54] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-06-09] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-07-30]

meanwhile JW’s team gets out and looks around. they look at a map and JM asks should we go to all these places since we have a lot of time. SK: there is no need. why should we? we have time left. he asks the PD to buy them chocolates. the 3 of them huddle and eye the young PD.  JM whispers to SK the PD is new so he might not know (that the PD is not supposed to feed the members). JW just keeps laughing nervously. SK says to the PD: you cant think of the old 1n2d. JM: yes it has to change now. The PD doesnt go for it. SK says when the weather is better families with their kids should come here to show them the plants and stuff. and walk around the park. JM: it’s not good to come in the winter. SK: there isnt anyone around-not even one.  when they pass by we should be saying hello but there is no one. JW notices they have to climb up now so JM says let’s not go anymore. the 3 try again and tell the PD, you should give each of us chocolate (SK says that). JM adds every time we go up somewhere high we eat and then go up. JW joins the corrupt hyungs and says: we did that last time we climbed the mountain. JM: didnt you see that? the screen goes black as SK takes a stand and refuses to take a step without the chocolate.

meanwhile TW and SW went again for the fun of it and got 43 secs.

TH and SG continue collecting their items. the people help them out in finding where to get the items they need. some woman feeds TH at the market. he says hello to people and shake hands as he runs. they take out all their items and show them to the PD. they succeed. SG says we have plenty of time – we have an hour left. the girl PD calls the third team’s PD, but he is busy playing addition with JW’s team. the members win cuz the PD gets 8 plus 5 wrong. he hides his face in shame as the 3 celebrate. The PD isnt picking up his phone during this. the call goes through so SG tells JM to hurry and do it. JM asks “do what quickly” so SG gets sarcastic and says what do you mean what? we succeeded so what do you think I mean when I say hurry. are you going to do homework quickly? hurry and do it – hang up.”

SK’s team should have been nicer to their PD cuz now the PD explains the mission SK’s team has to do.  a speed quiz – the hardest part is they have to get 3 random people and get them to get 5 quiz questions right in 30 secs. SK complains there is no one around. I said that a while ago as we came up. it’s 11:18 and they have to finish by 12:30. they decide to climb up to find people

TH and SG are munching and get the hints for the location. they try to ask the men near them and one guesses a place right away. SG figures out what the guy means and they leave. It’s a funny name – a place that means belly buttons.

SW wonders why the 3rd team isnt coming. TW notices the map and sees the location hint they were given. they have to go to an observatory.  so they go there now. in the car TW is so surprised they are doing so well.

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-32-13] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-37-04] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-39-57] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-40-22] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-42-20] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-42-32] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-48-51] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-49-59] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[03-56-24]

SK’s team climbs up and remarks no one is around. he realizes after they finish their task they have to go all the way to that location so they dont have much time. they spot two men who work here.  JM asks how many of them there are. the guy says 3 and they are at the office. SK explains the situation to him about what they have to do in order to eat lunch.  the men who work there cooperate and gather to do the quiz. SK holds up the cards as JM gives the clues and JW claps when the guy gets it correct. JM gives the wrong clues and mixes up gas range with the other kind so his guy doesnt get 5 correct within the time limit. next JW holds up the cards and SK gives the hints and his guy does well. JW has to go next, but he says he is scared. SK says you can do it. JW gives the clues and does well. JM has to go again and struggles. he barely gets it. the last hint he gave was for roasted sweet potatoes and the clue he gave was “sweet potatoes that are roasted.” they get their phones back and the hint for the location. SK asks for the time and JW says we still have some left. SK guesses it will take ten mins to go back down. SK tells TW what cards they have and TW tells them where to come.

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-17-01] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-18-13] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-25-52] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-29-01] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-32-32] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-36-47] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-41-12] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-41-21] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[04-41-30]

SG calls TW and they inform each other of the location. TW says if we see the film crew there then we got it right and then he spots the cars for the film crew. SW says I am proud of us. next TH and SG show up. SG shares how he showed the clues to some man and he figured out the clue right away. SG and JM talk on the phone and SK tells them we might not make it there on time. we are really far away. we will try to get there on time. TH and TW try to look for the hidden flag inside. SW notices some sign and realizes they arent in the right place. some guy tells them where they have to go and it’s 20 mins up if they walk. they call JM and tell them what happened and where to come. JW calls and says we are running up now. the 3 of them run like crazy. wow that is far to run. they have 4 mins left. SK and JW have to wait for JM to catch up. SK says there are no more hills from here on so hurry. JM struggles and runs. the other 4 are running too. TW and SW spot the flag first.  Bird PD is waiting there and says not much time is left. they have two mins. TH and SG yell at the last 3 to hurry and run. JM is struggling and gets there last and they all pull the flag together. PD says it’s 12:33. they are 3 mins late. SG makes them hold hands and act like they succeeded in the mission. they compliment each other and say you did well. SW says to Bird PD we admit we didnt hear you say the time we had to be done by at the start.  each team has something to tell you. TH and SG say how they should have called the 3rd team right away after they succeeded but the PD was late in calling. what was the reason for that. Bird PD says I dont know that. SW: who is in charge of/responsible for this program? how can you say you dont know? TH finds out the name of their PD who called and the one who got the call on JW’s side. SW argues after 2nd team succeeded the call should have been put through right away to the 3rd team so why wasnt it done. he screams at the poor PD so the guy walks away. SG says I am about to cry.  why wasnt the last team able to have time to walk up – why make them run up? why make them suffer running up. Bird PD says dont get worked up. he explains he heard the call was only 2 mins late so SG wants them to check their phone for the exact time the calls were placed to confirm. Bird PD goes through each call time. 2min33secs. JW gets all lawyer like and in an official sounding voice, he gives the exact time of the duration they did their mission.  it wasnt just 30 mins it was 30 mins and 59 secs. the guys all clap when JW says that. Bird PD looks uncomfortable. SW asks him to be the judge. Bird PD says JW “was correct and to be honest I felt guilty when I said it was only two mins difference.” since they have to go through a lot more in the future the PD declares they succeeded in their mission. he explains about this location and TH realizes why it’s called the belly button. it’s located exactly where the belly button would be if korea was a person. they pose for a photo but TW gets the name of the place wrong so they have to do it again and then yell 1n2d

on the walk down TW is talking to his fiancee so TH comes over and asks if she is hyungsoonim (hyung’s wife) so he gets on the phone and says hello to her. he has a conversation about the sonogram pic with her.  “you can already see something in the photo? (meaning the baby in the sonagram) There is no way you can already see something. you can see the baby’s arms and legs move like a fly huh. that’s right. it’s the time when it’s totally cute. after the call he tells TW that she kept saying there was something visble in that tiny blot. I told her there wouldnt be anything to see, but she said “but I still see something.” TW shows him the sonagram pic and TH says it does move.  my kid moved around a lot. TW says you probably did too but TH says I didnt. I asked why does he resemble my older brother so much and they said he took after his mother -my wife did that.

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-11-23]

the food is prepared. why is the music from ET playing? as the guys eat, bird PD tells them not to worry (about what’s coming up later) and eat a lot. SG asks if they need to dress warmly. he is told to be sure to do that.

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-24-28] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-27-14] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-28-06] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-29-35] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-29-44] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-31-52] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-32-39] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-47-46]

the guys come back on camera after their meal looking like colorful snowmen. they are padded up and layered in so many outerwear. SW looks like an older asian chubby Chicken Little. the guys laugh at him and SG jokes hyung have you been working out? SW complains bird PD gave them too much fear. SG asks how can these people do the show when they look so uncomfortable (cuz everyone is padded up too much) JW is the only one still missing and is last to join the group. Bird PD tells them about today’s basecamp. not many people can be there so the staff will be reduced.  it will be really cold and there is nothing there at all. nothing to eat and no place to sleep. they have to take just tents and something to eat. SW asks if they are dressed ok – no one overdid it? Bird PD says only SW overdid it a bit. PD says we prepared some provisions you need, but we cant just give them to you. we prepared a game you really need. that yellow finger pointing game SW thinks Bird PD is bad at so SW grins. they do a practice run. SK tells JM a tip – dont look at the end of the fingertips. SG makes JM and JW go first. JM shakes his head like crazy so JW tells him hyung there is no way to do this well. JM just goes with his crazy head shaking method. JW looks adorable doing this cuz the tip of his tongue is sticking out. their best time was 54 secs. there is a line behind them and a truck nearby with things they need. SK goes first and grabs a lot. mostly cooking items. TW brings over logs for fire. SG runs inside and throws things outside to the ground then grabs some stuff. SW picks up stuff from the ground.  JW kicks stuff over to the line and throws and then grabs food. TH grabs a box asking what is this and sweet potatoes fall out as he tosses. he comes back with nothing. time ran out but JM tries to grab a roll of tarp. TH wonders where he used up his 5 secs on.  the guys survey their loot and say they have plenty of sleeping bags, tent, potatoes, eggs, rice, and a place to pee into at night. SG warns them only to pee into it and nothing else. they tell JW to make the rice well since he is good at it. the guys are told the staff here arent going with them. stylists and managers stay behind.

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-48-15] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-53-23] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[05-54-56]1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[07-05-11]

on the bus ride they find out how long it will take to go there and they are the first people to step foot on that basecamp. the guys joke about what kind of creatures could come out. they walk over to the canoes and the man from season one who introduced them to their basecamp is waiting to give them paddling lessons. the guys pair up and paddle down the river. TH keeps resting and letting JM do all the paddling. JW takes his hat off and rests for a bit.

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-04-01] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-20-31] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-22-19] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-25-07] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-40-21]

they get to their location and SW asks is this all of it? the place is empty. TH: is this america? screen says welcome to hell. when they get on land Bird PD says this is basecamp. SG leads the guys in the “we arrived” cry by saying how no one has ever come here before. PD says this isnt an island. there is nothing beyond the hill. PD asks for them to let him keep their phones so they can experience the wild so TW’s face registers he doesnt like that. JM just says aloud “that would be big trouble.” others ask why. JM says my mom will be suspicious. so PD gives them one last chance before he collects the phones to make a call to people who might suspect or whatever. the guys take out their phones and start calling. Sk speaks jondae and says I arrived ok but it’s strange. we came to some island like place. SW calls his wife and says they are trapped on some island and the phones will be taken away. “they told us to say goodbye for the last time to people we wanted so I called. take care of the kids. I will stay alive and get out. work hard.” after he hangs up Bird PD asks if he called his wife so SW says “then who else would I ask to take care of my kids. you are strange.” SG calls his son and asks what were you doing? the kid says I was reading a book. SG: you were reading? if there is something you wanted to eat then tell mom ok? [how bizarre.  his young son replies in jondae to SG.] SG says to him “dad came somewhere really far away so I cant call you anymore so I will call tm. I will buy something delicious tm and go. let’s play monster tm. love you.” his son says I love you. someone asks what playing monster is so SG explains I put the blanket over me and pretend to be a monster and the kids go wild.  he asks if he should turn his phone off. JW and TW are looking over TH’s shoulder as TH talks to his kid on video. TH says this is uncle TW.  the kid says hello uncle TW. the other kid is the boy’s friend. the kid’s friend calls TW “ajussi” so JW laughs. TW offers to buy a toy for TH’s son. TH tells his son to talk quickly. the kid just hung up. TH says that was my last call. guess I better leave a text for him. Bird PD takes their phones and says you should hurry and set up camp. so SG tells the guys to lay out rocks around the pit for the fire. they can use their logs to make the fire. SK and JW are going to lay out rocks and dig the ground to make the fire so JW can make rice. SG teaches them how to set up the tent. JM collects rocks and says I am going to strain my back. JM walks by and tells TW the tent poles were set up wrong. TH collects a lot of firewood and chops with a hammer. he calls out for matches. SG made the fire. SK stands there looking at the boxes of food and repeating stew and rice. SK wonders how do this and starts cutting up potatoes on the box using foil as a clean area to cut on. JM asks what he is doing so SK says grilling potatoes. SK looks up and says it’s snowing. music plays and a pretty song about christmas eve and snow comes on. the guys look up and watch the snow swirl around them. they say “this is the first snow of the season.” “it will be a white christmas.” “this is so cool.” JM says how the snow is coming down hard. SG thinks it looks like someone is making the snow come down like this. The guys seem happy to see the snow and say how pretty it is. Guess it feels different when you are there cuz from here it looks like the start of a blizzard to me. SW says whatever you are doing, if it rains or snows, it’s a really good sign. JM agrees as ominous music starts to play. End.

1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-42-57] 1박 2일 시즌2.E272.121216.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[06-44-05]

preview shows TH laughing his head off and TW is standing there naked except for his underwear and JM is shirtless in his long johns. there is a big round pan covering their private parts. JM tries to pull the pan away so TW tries to hold onto it. JM makes a bet with Bird PD for the last 15.

Next week’s Christmas episode is going to be hilarious. Sort of glad JW didn’t end up getting naked cuz he would freeze his butt off. I feel so sorry for TW cuz I thought he was on a roll these days, but I guess his luck ran out on this night. At least this trip will be very memorable for TW and JM. It’s so cute how TW is wearing his mic hanging from his necklace as JW holds the heavy part. You really have to admire TW for going all out to bring on the laughs. It’s safe to say 1n2d season two has a strong growing audience thanks to these 7 guys and their willingness to endure the embarrassing all in the name of entertainment.  Your fans are very proud of you – best of luck in the new year guys. 🙂


66 comments on “1N2D brief recaps

  1. anon says:


    I never expected he will gets it! So proud of him. The gag is hilarious especially Joo Won, SSK and Jong Min. Hahahaha…

    Yes. Finally, Joo Won is topless in 1N2D 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you Softy, OBsessions and all readers… Success to your blog in the coming year and will be camping here for our Joo Won’s new drama and 1N2D!


  2. SS says:

    Wishing Softy and all my friends here on Cadence a Merry Christmas!

    More goodies, I just can help gawking at this man…..

    credit as tagged, posted on soompi by stearly


  3. nonski says:

    *swoons* that is one of the most wonderful pic of JW *squeeeeee* *faints* *gets up* omgeee!*faints* *swoons* *gets up*

    thanks so much dear for this post and big thanks to SS, Bird and Tigger. 🙂

    I would also like to take this opportunity to greet everyone a Joyous Christmas! May it be filled with so much happiness and may God bless us all abundantly. 🙂

    special greetings goes to all OBnians… SS, Bird, TIgger, flo, yanna, bbblue to everyone here. 🙂


  4. mayamayou says:

    Yeay! Joo Won wins! I love him even more after reading your translation, Softy (he thanks God first, so that made me admire him more.. 🙂 ). I giggled with glee when he gives his speech because someone in the audience has a banner of him impersonating Jeong Jun-hwa. I loved that picture.

    And finally a topless Joo Won on 1n2d. Can’t wait to watch it! 🙂

    Btw, Merry Christmas to you Softy and everyone here!


  5. SS says:

    Softy, I totally agree with you. One of the reasons why I enjoy 1N2D so much is the bonding and the friendship that these guys have struck. Here’s a picture of them at the awards show.

    also I am so happy to see Shin Hyun Joon hugging Joo Won here. I didn’t see it on the show itself and I was wondering if they had any chance to congratulate each other and well this pic just show how loved our man is.


    • flo says:

      thank you SS for the pictures……our baby is absolutely adorable ,..
      and i can’t wait for the KBS Drama awards,next week^_^
      Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to you ^_^


  6. flo says:

    awwwwwwwwww..JW’s picture..oMG…*faints*….*drool*
    he is totally cutteeeeeeeeee beyond words ^___________^
    thank you sooo much for the pictures
    to everyone here, especially for Softy ” Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year”


  7. SS says:

    Good news! Joo Won is performing Judgement Day with the choir and tenor at this coming KBS Drama Awards night on the 31st Dec. They will be re-enacting the final scene!

    I have been dreaming of this for months! What a great Christmas gift!!!


  8. sayha alee says:

    Dearest Softy and fellow OBnians esp SS, Tigger & Bird, thanks sooo much for your coverage, pics and videos on JooWon/Uee at KBS Entertainment Awards. I was so pleased that JW, SW, CTH and scriptwriter of 1D2N won an award. Congrats 🙂
    Looking forward to Softy recap on our cutie JW new drama next year. Yippee :):)

    Wishing everyone here Happy Holidays and A Happy and Wonderful New Year 2013 ^_^
    Cheerios & GBU to all OBnians.


  9. Enz says:

    Am late to this.. Thanks for the recaps softy. I saw the video of the gag but didn’t know what they were saying. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and happy new year to all. May 2013 be full of health and happiness to everyone.


  10. ck1Oz says:

    Wow I am late but it took me so long to read the post. It was all the fantastic photos of Joo Won.Thank you.


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