1N2D brief recaps

해피선데이.E416.1박2일 - 가사도 섬마을 음악회.121209.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[07-56-21]

No matter how much these guests complained about the rain and cold, how much do you want to bet they wouldn’t exchange this experience for anything. Not many old singers get to suffer through these conditions and end up feeling so close with 7 other guys so quickly. The hardships they endured are fleeting, but they will soon learn that the memory of this time together with the other members will last – hopefully as long as those songs they composed. As Jong said, “there is a warm feeling about 1n2d.” Amen to that. None of us have ever been on these trips, but we get to vicariously experience their fun with them. If we have this much fun just watching, can you imagine how great they must feel to get the opportunity to take part in person. I hope every minute of this trip is cemented in their hearts so that if the chance ever comes again, they will gladly jump ahead of the line to come back.

해피선데이.E416.1박2일 - 가사도 섬마을 음악회.121209.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[22-47-56]해피선데이.E416.1박2일 - 가사도 섬마을 음악회.121209.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[22-42-04]해피선데이.E416.1박2일 - 가사도 섬마을 음악회.121209.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[22-25-01]

On season two of 1n2d so far, the guys have kissed more than once accidentally during games and there has been a lot of skinship in a brotherly way, but tonight was the first time I ever saw anyone put his hands on someone’s butt like that. I still cant figure out what his reason was other than just to feel how “cushion-y” it is. Who can really blame him for that? Seriously though – was it to try to gauge how far up it was from his cuz he is so much shorter in height? If so, why not just touch and remove your hand –why linger for so long? Maybe he was trying to feel if it’s going to hurt getting bumped by it. It’s something I am going to try to figure out for the rest of this recap – any guesses out there?

해피선데이.E416.1박2일 - 가사도 섬마을 음악회.121209.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[02-03-09]해피선데이.E416.1박2일 - 가사도 섬마을 음악회.121209.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[03-42-10]

The guys do the opening for sleeping BBB. SG points out “it’s raining outside today so in this situation we cant sleep outdoors so since the ten of us suffered, cant you let us sleep here (indoors)? Bird PD says they need to experience this so SG asks the guests “do you want to experience this?” Sang replies “at my age what is there that I haven’t experienced?” so the guys all laugh. Sang “what else do you want me to experience now?  JM: that is so true. SG jokes anyway you don’t have to worry about Jong hyung. They show clips of everything Jong went through on this trip. Bird PD says for indoor sleeping they can sleep here but for outdoor it has to be under that tent outside. So SG points out how during their performance rain seeped into that tent and they were told to hurry and get out of there. bird PD says they will divide teams.   SW and Sang will choose their teams through rock paper scissors (RPS). SG points out whoever wins will get to choose the best members. SW says from his experience up to now and what he has learned, if he is on the same team with SG and SK there is 100%  chance of winning. But when teamed with TH and TW, SW hasn’t won even once. H asks who is the weak link at games so SW says TW. Sang wins RPS so he chooses SG.  SW takes SK next. Jong and others say “I am ok” but the two do RPS again. Sang wins again and chooses JW saying “after I came today, I fell for JW” so he calls JW over. SK tells SW let’s choose TH hyung and let him sleep indoors cuz of his drama, he is having a hard time.  SG says TH could have been chosen by the wrong team and end up sleeping outside. SW wins RPS and chooses TW. JM goes over to Sang’s team. Only Jong and H are left. Jong says why do we have to be last and make us feel bad? H: think it over carefully. SK: if we have a game where we need to use strength like butt wrestling, H hyung could get hurt. H: if we do butt wrestling it will really sting. (meaning he has a bony butt so it will poke them and hurt). JW laughs. Sang wins RPS and has to choose between Jong and H. Sang says “I cant compare between these two,” but he quickly calls Jong over. Bird PD says the first game is survival addition –six rounds of it.  the 3 guests are pretty bad at addition cuz none of them got their answers right. As soon as H gets his answer wrong, he goes to a corner and gets into penance position – on his knees with his arms raised. SG jokes like he is talking to a kid who “can you go to college like that.” everyone laughs. H adds to his humiliation by saying he pronounced “14” as “sheep tha” (it’s supposed to be “sheep sa”) Next round Sang misses again so H is really happy. Sang sits on his knees. Next TW loses so he joins H and sits on his knees too. JM got the answer right but forgot to give the next math problem so he is out. Next JW got his answer right but messed up giving the next math problem so he joins Sang and JM and gets on his knees too. SG misses 3 plus 1 cuz he said 5. Only Jong is left. He gets TH out. now only SK and SW are left on the other team. Jong does well but stops the game asking a question. SW asks can he be allowed to do this? so Jong explains: it’s cuz it’s hard on me. They let it slide and give him a water break. Jong keeps saying he sees everything as numbers. Jong gets SW out. now it’s only SK and Jong. SK gives him the same problem that SW just lost on and Jong gives SW’s wrong answer. JW gets up to cheer up Jong.  H body hugs SK out of gratitude for winning and SK spins him around the room. Jong says “from what I can see, one has to be tall” to look down and intimidate the opponent like SK did to Jong. SG points out H only played for a minute and rested for 30 mins cuz he was the first one out of that team.

Bird PD says next game is survival butt wrestling.  Every time the older guys come on screen old music from Joseon era comes on. SG says during this game if we lose then you can sleep indoors and we will sleep outdoors. Since it’s survival, even if one person wins all the way through it doesn’t matter. The camera pans to everyone close up and the guests look older and older as the night goes on. TH goes against Sang first. As TH moves his hips around, Jong tells Sang “you show them.” JM: if we lose it’s the end. Sang is out on the second bump. Next is JM and TH. TH says last time I lost to JM. Both knocked each other off balance at the same time but TH took a step before JM hit the ground so JM wins. JM’s team praises him for hanging on and trying not to hit the ground before TH.  Next H goes up against JM and everyone starts laughing before anything happens. SG jokes to JM as soon as you hit him he will go flying up in the air. SG asks someone to catch JM cuz he is determined to hang on and not hit the ground even till the end so JW moves into position to catch JM when he goes flying. H even takes his socks off in preparation. He jokes he wants to pinch JM’s butt. I have no idea what H is doing with his butt but it’s hilarious. He sort of looks like someone who is about to do a hand stand with his arms up but changes his mind every second. It finally works and he knocks JM out. His team goes crazy and hugs him. Jong yells at JM “you lost to him?!” H goes up against JW next. For some reason as soon as they stand back to back, H puts his hands on JW’s butt. JW thought he was trying to hold hands or something but H placed his palms flat on JW’s butt. SG was in front of JW coaching him saying “don’t kid around. You are our team’s ace.” H starts out strong and tries to knock JW off, but on his first try, JW makes H go flying across the room. it’s hilarious. Next is TW and JW. JW knocks him out too. Then it’s SW and JW. They shake hands but SW tickles him on the ribs and makes JW giggle. SG calls them the two aces.  They keep moving their hips more than anything else so H cracks up. TW compliments SW’s hips. Sang gives JW the signal to push so JW and knocks SW out. next SK gets ready to go up against JW. SG reminds JW if you lose we have to go outside. SK and JW get in position and stand back to back. SG steps between them and says we will either win or sleep outdoors. SG looks like a sausage between the bun cuz of tall JW and SK. Sang keeps an eye out to alert JW when to push. He gives the signal so JW shoves. SK almost loses his balance but his shoulder knocks JW out so JW gets back in. SK apologizes for that. they go again and SK keeps trying to push but he says he cant reach JW (meaning his butt wont reach JW’s). JW just goes for it and knocks SK out. JW’s team tries to pick him up and toss him but he is too long and heavy.

해피선데이.E416.1박2일 - 가사도 섬마을 음악회.121209.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros[23-04-19]

Bird PD says the final one is survival quiz. For all the smart people who came so they make Jong and H go out first.  First question is what does the cartoon character Dooley not have on his face. H guesses eye brows. Sang says hair, but it’s wrong. H guesses ears and gets it correct. H’s team cheers. SG says to Sang “hyung you should do at least one thing” meaning Sang needs to contribute and do one thing well. So Sang agrees and says all I did so far is just make the team. Next question Sang gets the answer India correct. His team praises Sang. H asks for a question like a while ago (something easy he can get). Third question H gets right. JW is up next with H. JW isnt feeling confident. SG says JW already did a lot for their team. JW takes a guess and gets it wrong. H takes a blind guess and gets it wrong as well. Someone says it’s similar with what H said so JW goes again and guesses. H calls out he knows the answer so Bird PD moves on and calls on H. JW feels ignored and speaks up in his kid voice and says why didn’t you say “thang” (sound for wrong) for me? Everyone laughs. Bird PD says thang off camera. Bird says I didn’t read the problem out till the end. He finishes the quiz question and H gets the answer right. H’s knees hurt from sitting on them so he sits like a girl and makes everyone laugh. H gets the question right. JW looks like he has no idea what the answer is. Next JM goes up against H and JM jokes about beating Yonsei University and Korea University graduates cuz Bird PD graduated from Yonsei and SK from Korea University (in previous games JM beat them).  SW tells him now JM only has to beat out a Seoul university graduate (H). TH calls JM a myungmoon university killer (myungmoon refers to the top universities in Korea). bird PD asks the question about a king of France. When H gives an answer, JM doesn’t know it so he just blindly goes along and chooses one number up from H’s answer. People explain it to him so JM changes it to a lower number. next question H gets right. Bird PD gives the next question about the name of a cartoon character’s wife’s name and JM celebrates before he even gives his answer cuz he is so sure. JM says to H “it’s 100%” so H tells Bird PD “he said it was 100%, that’s wrong right?” (as the answer) but JM meant he is was that certain. He gives the correct answer and rubs it in to H. TH jokes to H “hyung if you lose to him next week you have to show your diploma to prove you graduated.” Bird PD starts to read the next question “in starcraft game…” and JM goes crazy already. He gets the right answer. TH goes against JM now. TH says “against the myungmoon unversity killer, jungmoon university is better” (cuz TH didnt go to a top university).  TH does really well against JM. Next Jong goes up against TH and gets some answers right. Jong beats SK too. Then Jong does better than SW. SW says Jong is too quick. As soon as Bird PD reads off the question Jong gets the answer so quickly. Jong just has to beat TW now. TW looks intimidated. His team says it’s ok. Question is about the lead character in a cartoon that has a tail so TW yells out he knows the answer and gets it correct. H goes over and back hugs him and kisses his ear.  Jong says I didn’t know. Why would a grown up know the answer to something like this. Bird PD says next one is about English cuz it’s winter. What comes after November. Jong answers December and gets it right. SW tells his team to give TW a hug so they do. SG and JM change the lyrics to a popular song and say Jong was born for the sake of letting them sleep indoors. LOL. Last question is asked and Jong gets it wrong. SG’s team warns the PDs not to give TW any hint. TW has a blank look on his face and guesses “snow” and it’s correct. Even his own teammate thought it was wrong at first. His team goes crazy.

The team that gets to sleep indoors is lying down already. They are sleeping at a school in one of the classrooms.  Jong is leaning against the wall looking really tired. Sang comes over so SW and others say what to do (cuz Sang is old and a guest but he has to sleep outside along with Jong and the rest). TW asks if Sang cant just sleep inside. Sang says it was just that one question. (cuz they could have gotten to sleep inside then) Arrow points to Jong. The guys talk about the rain and how it’s not stopping. They walk out with their sleeping bags to the tent. Bird PD explains about where they were going to sleep but it got destroyed by rain so they are taken to another tent. SG gets sarcastic and applauds the staff for wanting them to sleep outdoors no matter what the situation. Jong: do we really have to go this extent to do 1n2d? JM says to him “you came to 1n2d today and did everything before you go-even sleeping outdoors.” SG says Sang didn’t have to suffer through anything major, but he still had to suffer through the bad things. Jong tries to make the PDs feel bad by saying the two older people got kicked and have to sleep outdoors, but Sang points out it would be selfish for them to get to sleep inside. they say 1n2d and get ready to sleep. SG points out this will be a good memory for them. Jong: it’s great. 1n2d makes you feel warm. SG tries to help tuck Sang into his sleeping bag. They say goodnight to each other. Jong and Sang yell out sleep well to JW. JM asks the PD to close the door as he leaves cuz it’s cold. JM sleeps the closest to the entrance along with JW. Then it’s Jong, then Sang, then SG. Cuz of the strong wind and rain the guys wake up. the tent does not look steady cuz the poles are shaking like they will collapse. the sides of the tent blow up making them even colder so the guys wake JW up, pack, and move. They go inside and say there is no place to sleep. SG gets the idea to sleep in the hallway in a line formation. Sang sleeps at the head as the eldest and JW at the bottom. JW claps for the camera to mark the end of filming and then waves at them before resuming sleep. Jong makes a last sarcastic comment about coming on 1n2d properly (meaning at the right time to suffer this much).

JW wakes up before the others. He looks perfect while others look dead tired. H comes out and asks why they slept here. Jong says it was no joke – the tent almost broke. There are food and drinks set up. the bottom of the cups are marked cuz 5 of them have something gross in them and the other 5 are green tea so the guys drink feeling afraid. SG says H looks like Darth Vader cuz the way he is breathing into the cup sounds like Darth Vader when he breathes through his mask. JW makes a face as he drinks.  the 5 guys who finished the nasty drinks get to eat the yummy spread. SW asks for sang and Jong to get to eat as well. Jong: how else will we remember 1n2d? Sang pretends “I cant remember.” It works and they get rice and kimchi. SG asks for a side dish that is supposed to be good here and gets Sang to sing –asking for that side dish. The PD gives it to them and they say how delicious it is. SK says the rice is the most delicious so far on 1n2d.

After breakfast the guys are dressed warmly and told to go for a walk. JM points out a dog to TW. The guys admire the green onion farm. Bird PD says we will start “get off work BBB.” SG asks if someone will be able to go home from here now cuz there are no boats. PD says they will choose two guys to leave work and the way they are going to do that is for them to stand or sit. SG counts down to 3 and the 4 on the left stand while the rest sit. So SG’s majority six wins this round and the other 4 are out. the 6 go again and SG warns not to give any hints. SK accuses him of doing that the most. JW uses his musical voice and counts down and yells out “1,2,3.” Only SG stands so he is out. the losers call out to him to join them. SG asks if the other five cheated and planned this. camera rewinds and shows Jong gave TW the hint. JW counts down again and this time SK is out. next Sang is out. there are only Jong, TW, and SW left. Jong says “let’s not look into each other’s eyes” (so no one can cheat) JW counts down and SW is out. Jong and TW hug. Ever since TW announced his engagement, his luck on 1n2d has changed. He is winning more on games. TH says this is the first time TW finished work first. Jong says TW is good at this. SW asks Jong to say something cuz he had said there were bad memories on 1n2d. Jong says even when things aren’t working out well, the uncanny thing is, at some point in time, something good will come your way. Those of you who are having a hard time now don’t give up easily. TW jokes “after saying this he will go out on the boat and end up coming back.” Everyone laughs. Jong says “everyone believe in the icon of success Jong” and does his hop with finger pointing. TW asks PD when the other members will leave. PD says after about an hour. He goes on and explains apologetically the closest boat time was 9:30am. Jong says it’s 10:10 now.  Bird PD says there will be another boat at 11:30. TH laughs like crazy through the entire conversation. TH teases Jong about the speech he just gave. Jong changes his speech and says “everyone who had things continue to not work out, give up.” he says it with the hop and finger point again. Everyone is laughing.

The guys continue to walk. TH walks with a kid who performed last night. TH says your friends must not study much. the dust on the books flew up when I took a book out. you don’t read any of those books do you? boy asks where the books were. TH says the books in the classroom. Kid says we read the books outside. TH takes a photo with the boy and says look carefully at this picture cuz when Jeon woochi does well and “thakchis” come out, it will be the bomb for you. The moment thakchis come out this picture will be worth a lot. *thakchis are those round pictures of the cast that you play with by hitting with another piece to make it flip over – like the ones that came out on YAB during the park scene during HTK’s birthday. TH hugs the kid again and asks what he wants to become when he grows up. kid says a chef. As TH leaves he tells the kid not to forget about Jeon woochi.

On the bus ride, SG jokes for Jong to start getting paid $100 an hour cuz he is filming overtime. Bird PD gives him a juice box. Jong: I wanted to drink that a while ago. TW: aren’t you going to give me one? PD hands him a box. Jong says with this you can film me for ten more mins.  SG looks out the window and says how pretty the beach is. Someone says it’s prettier than yesterday. The guys get out to look at the water up close. They wrote 1n2d on the sand and pose together.

Bird PD says from this beach four more can get off work. They have to do ten elephant turns and play soccer. Jong and TW get to sit this out so Jong takes pics. TW says that sounds like fun. TW and Jong do the practice run and spin ten times in the elephant position and Jong has to kick a ball into the net to make a goal while TW blocks.  Jong gets the ball in so others say how good he is. H and Sang pick teams after rock paper scissors. Sang wins and calls out JW first saying I’m going to keep choosing JW. Others say how Sang keeps liking JW. H picks TH. The teams are SW, H, TH and JM and the other 4 on the other team. H is the goalie as Sang tries to kick it in. JW tells Sang “hyung you don’t have to kick hard.” The two guys spin but Sang spins slowly like a grandpa while H is fast so he ends up falling down and rolling his body to block the goal before Sang can even get up.  Sang manages to stand long enough to kick the ball in. he falls back down after the effort so SG and JW pile on top to hug him. H is still on the ground so Jong calls out to him. TH and JM check on him and ask if he is ok. H sits up and says I think I will vomit. Sang says see I am not the weakling. They switch places and this time H is the kicker and Sang the goalie. H spins far away from his original position so SW says you will end up in the water. Sang spins and falls to his knees and protects the goal with his body on his hands and knees. H kicks right through the gap in his body and scores. H falls back from the effort so TH and SW pile on and hug him. Next is SK and TH. SK kicks the ball but TH blocks it away. Next SW spins, but loses his balance and pulls on JW’s leg so JW falls down. Then SW pulls down SG as SW tries to kick the ball in. he misses the goal entirely as SK keeps guard. Jong says to SW the older you get the more balance/orientation you lose. SW: it’s not easy. Next JW is the kicker and JM the goalie. SG says how JW does this well. JM spins quickly and dives his body to block the goal. JW kicks it in above his body and scores. SG piles on top of JW to hug him. Sang pats JW’s head. SK pats his legs. The score is even. Next TH is the kicker as JW guards the goal. JW blocks the ball and gets hugged by his team. They won and get to go home early.

JW’s winning team goes over to join Jong and TW. H tries to join them too. SG says H will end up going home by one today. Whatever he does, in this situation he wont be able to go. H asks are you really leaving? They reply we are really going. Earlier TH found out from the kid the last boat is at 4pm. TH throws out an offer to Bird PD. If the four of us get dunked, couldn’t you let all of us leave? Jong and others like the idea. TH says since the next boat is at 11:30 if we hurry and go in and get our heads in –all four of us. how about it? SG and others agree that sounds good. H is the only one who is quiet and just watches Bird PD intently. PD thinks about it for a second and says ok. As soon as H hears that his head droops. TH quickly strips down to his basic layers and says there is no time- hurry. JM and TH are in their long johns as H argues I don’t have any change of clothes. JM and TH are told to take their socks off. H stands and watches them go in the water. Jong tells H to hurry. SG calls TH and JM crazy. TH runs and heads towards the water and has a change of heart. he says I cant do this. he runs back so JM runs back with him. Jong says you have 20 mins left till the boat so hurry. TH runs back to the water but goes back calling out for JM. He drags JM with him and shoves JM in first. Then TH goes in. the guys on the land say there is no time and urge SW and H to hurry as JM and TH come running back soaking wet. H throws down his hat in anger and says I said no dunking. He starts to undress along with SW. SW yells if you don’t do stuff on variety programs they make you out to be the weird one. ya I’m ok but will you be ok since you are a musician?  The guys are busy telling them which clothes to keep on as JW picks up their discarded clothes off the sand. H loses his balance taking his socks off so TW catches him. H looks around for Bird PD and says “I told you I really wouldn’t do this.” SG and Jong say there is no time. SG tells SW to splash some water on H’s chest first (before he goes in) but SW says he looks too weak. SW holds H’s wrist and runs toward the water. The guys on the land are laughing and Jong is enjoying this too much. H keeps looking over his shoulder as he is led into the water. Everything is in slow motion. Tragic music plays as Jong claps and laughs. SW and H get in knee deep and start splashing each other first. Then they hug and fall in together. They run back but this time H is running faster than SW like a man on a mission. TW puts the jacket on H first. JM asks isnt it refreshing? H coughs back in reply.  The other guys pick up the clothes and shoes and follow the guys who are wet. SW asks if H is ok. H nods yes. Jong goes and puts his arm around H and says everyone you saw a toy that fell in the water. As H goes inside the bus, Jong says to SK “I think we did something we shouldn’t have” but Sang says H is (truly) a man.

Inside the bus TH tells H to take everything off. Jong says H’s underclothes didn’t get wet. TH says the front of him got wet so it wont do. SG says to H: you have skills hyung. How could your clothes not get wet after swimming? SW explains he is light so he just floated. Jong says this is the first time I saw H struggle over something this much. H finally finds his voice and says when I watched 1n2d, when it came to dunking, I thought in that situation, I wouldn’t do it. TH: but there is no way you cant. H says how it’s cold. SG asks what time was the last boat planned for this get off work mission. Bird PD says 4:30. SG asks Sang “don’t you have any regrets cuz they all went in” but Sang says not at all. Sang says how he suffered enough last night.

The guys are on the boat and SG says we are on our way home after finishing the concert at “gasa” singer island. There are still some regrets left cuz of the rain it seems like we didn’t get to show them everything. SG asks H to start off and say how he feels inside about being on the show together. H says I felt like unfamiliar with some of the members but after speaking banmal together with hyung today, we got close so I am very happy. I hope you will please continue to make 1n2d cool and fun. I sincerely thank you for inviting me. Sang: it really feels like we got close so later if I come don’t say “who are you?”-including the director all of you worked hard. I wont be able to forget this. Jong brags I think this all went well thanks to me. For making so many people laugh. If you invite me again next time, I will give more laughs impressively. He hops and points again as he says that. SG says if you do that once again it will become popular. Jong: that’s too bad (cuz he wont be on the show anymore). SW thanks them and says we will invite you again next time. H is the only one out of the 3 that says it’s ok. they all laugh.

When they land Bird PD gets ready to clap (for the camera to mark the spot they started) but Sang asks to clap once so they let him. The guys mill around and SW says to the guests thinking about filming without you guys next week is sad. The other members agree. TW invites them to his wedding. SK asks H and Jong to perform at the wedding. H and Jong agree. TW is happy about it. SK says I sing too but how come you didn’t ask me. They say to each other “thank you – goodbye -you worked hard.”  SW suddenly speaks jondae with them and shakes their hands saying see you next time – the cameras have been turned off. cuz the cameras aren’t turning off SW says let’s go or else they wont end. Sang says let’s go and eat somewhere. They clap and say let’s go.

Song plays as past footage comes out.

SG says instead of us being moved, we were more moved by the islanders. Watching how they clapped and cheered us on all the way till the end in the rain gave us strength. Sang talks about the energy he felt being on this show. Some of the song lyrics are “there is no way to stop time that flows by.  since we are still right here, let’s have a small song festival… will remain in our hearts….as we look back, even though we are empty handed again, if we had fun through the hard parts….”More footage of the trip is shown and it ends with a photo of the guys making the 1n2d pose.


*next week will be a new post for the next trip.

Last week’s episode on 12-2:


This episode was a ratings winner for so many reasons and music may have played a big part, but so did our cutie. Out of all the performances, JM and JW’s skit was the best. The reaction from the audience and the band was hilarious. I bet anything Uee got a big kick out of JW’s performance of her song. I got carried away with the screencaps again, but in my defense, everything was so great I didn’t want to miss a single shot. Highlights for me was watching SG step into Kang Ho Dong’s role so easily and doing such a great job leading the concert. TH the performer gives his all even though it means getting soaked on a freezing night just for laughs, but TH the father is the one who melts everyone’s hearts as we watch how sweet he is with his children. What can I say about SK’s voice that I haven’t already raved about except to say I totally forget his goofy persona on the show the moment he sings like an angel. Judging from how well the concert turned out, I bet that audience would agree that the spirit of 1n2d is still alive and kicking up a storm. All the other Sunday variety shows can just eat 1n2d’s dust from here on.

I know there are more important things to emphasize like the concert, JW looking way too cute dressed as a girl, or how disturbing JM looked break dancing dressed as a girl, but I just couldn’t get over the fact that we got to see JW shirtless again. I tried to hold back on how many times I clicked replay so I wouldnt feel like a pervert and only took like 10 screenshots of it.  This might be the only episode where I didnt have mostly JW’s screencaps, but it’s still like 70% JW. Bias – thy name is Softy.

I fast forwarded the video and saw JW and JM’s performance and couldn’t help wondering if they would need therapy after this cuz I know I do. I wonder what JW’s mom thought of her son looking like that. Bet she is taking back her wish for a daughter right about now. I never thought I would see the day that JW would be in drag. Someone please wipe this image from my mind. I can guarantee there will be very minimal screencaps for their performance. *ok so it turned out he looked cuter than I thought so there were tons of pics.


Starts with TH singing a trot song alone and others join him. TH is singing I’m not sick, I’m not cold. When Jong sits next to Sang, Sang kids with him “I will never do TV again with you.” They show a flashback to when the 3 of them gathered back in Seoul. H is there waiting and asks I am the first one to come right? Bird PD asks what his family said about H going on 1n2d. H: they worry inside. whether I will do well- whether others will make fun of me. Cuz my family knows my body and what it’s capable of. Thankfully when I told them Yoon Sang was going too they said thank goodness (cuz H wont look as bad then) they worry. Jong shows up and asks why H dressed up. H explains today his friend’s mother passed away (so he came from a wake and that’s why he is wearing all black). Jong asks the PD what they have to do so Bird PD tells them about how they have to start and come up with the concept for the concert. Jong says how H said stuff like that all the time – how he wanted to do something like this. instead of worrying about if H will do well once he gets there, I worry if he will make it up there ok. H bursts out laughing.  Jong: cuz H is weak, he will throw up and we ride boats too don’t we? Then he will throw up. Jong suggests they show reality and have them wrestle like 60 yr old men. H laughs and says Yoon Sang is here. Sang says something about trot music and wipes his nose so someone off camera says you already have a cold right from the start. Sang: I had a cold for 3 weeks now. It’s troublesome cuz I said no matter what I shouldn’t show a runny nose (on camera.) Jong says but older people don’t realize they have a runny nose even when it’s dripping down. Sang agrees and they say it’s worrisome. Bird PD goes on and explains how this is the first time they gathered musicians to make a band for a concert. Sang and Jong say how H is doing the master (composing and being in charge of everything) and he should take responsibility if the ratings don’t come out. H shakes his head no. Bird PD asks aren’t you curious where you will be going? He points out the map behind them and explains the location. Sang points and says it’s almost at the end (way bottom.) bird PD says it’s called “singer island” and H finds it on the map. Sang asks from 8:30am do you film all day?  Bird PD: yes we film till the next day. Sang: this is my first time doing real variety. Jong: I’ve done variety before but H likes doing variety at the studio. He never had to do it standing up that often. It will be hard on him cuz he never had to do variety continuously standing. Sang says how this is dizzying for him cuz he hasn’t prepared mentally so I will just work hard playing bass in the back during the band part. Bird PD says how Sang has to talk first and stuff so Sang says I will only reply to people when they talk to me. Bird PD explains how “the members met yesterday and held auditions. They made teams on their own.”







Clips of SW, TH, and SG listening to trot performances. Then SK and TW together trying to come up with a ballad. SK asks if he knows how to sing a certain song. SK plays it for him and sings along. Someone asks if there are any songs JW likes. JW: there are a lot. I like Orange Caramel. JM and JW come up with a routine by imitating dance moves from a girl group. Bird PD shows all the members a list of 30 popular songs and asks them to choose one for the ending (closing song). the guys choose a trot song that the elderly would enjoy. Back to the trio in a rehearsal room. Jong says let’s start with a trot. Sang suggests a song. they ask each other about the music notes and start playing. H comes up with a funny thing to play for when SG emcees. H says this is embarrassing but Jong says how H needs to commit to it and make a funny face to go along with the funny music. Sang asks about the camera aimed at his face so Bird PD says it’s a wide lens. Sang says you cant shoot my face from the bottom up, the camera has to aim down on my face. Jong says Sang’s (face) has to come out well. Sang: you cant film/shoot me from the bottom up – cancel all the previously shot footage. They adjust the camera and aim directly at his face. Sang says how he noticed a while ago when he saw the monitor and wants to look good even if he comes out for one second. (LOL- wow this guy is vain for a singer.) TW practices his ballad while his puppy licks his fingers and chin. TW says this is hard – this song isnt easy. SK is in the car on his way over to TW’s. SK: cuz his wedding is coming up the lyrics are getting to him. He is practicing very hard, but he said he cant sing the song well so I will go and confirm. SK goes and helps TW sing it. TW shows him the parts where he gets confused. SG and SW are practicing how to introduce certain parts of the concert with jokes added in like “KSW it doesn’t hurt show.” SG will hit SW and say does it hurt and SW will say it doesn’t hurt so “it doesn’t hurt show.” Then SG comes up with “I’m not cold show.” SG wants to throw water on TH and say it’s “I’m not cold show.”


TH is on camera with his baby daughter next to him. He points to the camera and asks her “who is this?” she stops sucking on her finger and breaks into the cutest smile. He tells her to say hello but she goes back to sucking her thumb. Next, while TH sings his trot song, his daughter sits on his lap and claps along.  Meanwhile his son drew “1n2d” on TH’s feet with a face. He messed up drawing the face so TH keeps asking what is this. the kid laughs and says I messed up on the ear. He runs out of the room saying how the ink is permanent and wont come off. JW is singing along and writing down the lyrics to the song he is going to perform. He is sitting and practicing his dance moves by watching a video of the girl group perform on his white Sony 17 inch laptop. *how cute -he is watching Uee sing and dance. He must have watched this a lot to memorize all the moves. I wonder if this is his room in his home or his office. Then he goes out to the living room to practice the dance moves. (There is no way this is the same home as the one they showed when he first came on this show back in March cuz that apartment was old. Either that or the interior was all renovated cuz this place looks brand new. Just look at the floor and moulding. This guy likes a clean look cuz he kept the cloth to wipe down his laptop and most people only do that if the laptop is still relatively new. I love white products and he seems to as well. his phone is white and there is also a white TV to match the ceiling and door frames.) JM practices the same dance moves in his home and says “dance is all about concentration.”


All the guys are gathered in that room and it continues from last week here. they are practicing their song and SG does that bit about “KSW it doesn’t hurt show.” SG and TH pretend to hit him and ask does it hurt. SW shakes his head no. SG says it doesn’t hurt. JM and JW rehearse their dance. Some woman says in banmal that JW practiced a lot. SG asks if TW is practicing cuz TW has on headphones and is listening to his ballad. TH says to TW do well on this song hyung cuz it will be daebak. JW is sitting next to him listening to his song while TW leans on him. Then SK and TW practice. Sang asks for the back page of the music sheet but Jong says it’s only one page so Sang smiles sheepishly. His first time speaking on his own and he made a mistake. He smiles like a little kid. H goes over how they will start off the concert. SG comes up with the 7 of them “sticking out their hips idea” to the beat of the music and having SW do that last thrust at the end. Everyone dies laughing.  The guys do a dry run. The trio sits this out and watches as the 7 guys adjust their routine.


The guys pile into a bus and SG says this is the last rehearsal. SG says what if the elderly don’t show up. JM says there are 150 of them so they all have to come. Jong says 100 should come. SK asks if it’s raining. They are told it is. JM worries about the elderly getting rained on cuz they shouldn’t. H says pronunciation is more important than singing. I’ve experienced it. if a really exciting song comes out, you have to run out and drag the elderly out. so they can dance and participate. The 1n2d crew sets up for the concert. The guys walk over and worry about the reaction for the ballad. Cuz the elderly wont know the song. TW: even if I get it wrong they wont know. Bird PD introduces two more musicians who will be joining them so the guys welcome them. H introduces the blue jacket one as the drummer on sketchbook and the other as the master – the one in charge that leads H’s show sketchbook. He is responsible for sound and the lead guitarist. The band starts their final rehearsal. Then they start from the top and rehearse the whole show. TW forgets some of the lyrics as SK coaches him along. Bird PD and the staff have a meeting. The guys get fliers with their pictures on it for their concert to pass out to the elderly. SG says we prepared but what if they don’t come.  They used really old photos for SK, JM, and H. The guys go house to house passing out the fliers and invite people to attend. JW: hello. Are you home? Please come if you have time. JM introduces JW to the young girls and say “be sure to come and play.” SK and TW pass out fliers too asking people to come by 7pm. SK goes over and speaks with a dialect and tells people to come later to the concert and dress warmly cuz it’s cold. The woman asks about SG so SK says everyone from 1n2d is here. some people came really early so someone from the band sings and entertains them. Then SG makes an announcement throughout the village about the concert and where to come by 7pm. “We hope a lot of you will attend and have a wonderful time. 1n2d.” Some lady runs out and hugs JM and JW. The guys get into makeup and change of clothes. JW sits and puts his legs together to put on his yellow stockings but JM puts his green ones on one leg at a time while standing. The band changes clothes too and gets ready. Everyone gathers and says it’s time. a lot of people came. Jong asks the master H to speak. H gives a speech about how thankful he is to be able to take part in this and how they did their best to prepare up to now so I hope we do well. 1n2d!


There is steady rain in the background as SG announces the start of the concert. The band starts to play and the audience clap along. Some ajumma already has her groove on and dances to the song like it’s a trot. SG greets the audience and introduces himself. He says hello to the people in the way back. Then he introduces the band. He jokes about a kid in the front who has the same hairstyle as Kang Ho Dong and the little boy loves it. SG says while they were in the waiting room they decided to do their best cuz everyone came out in the rain today. SK and TW peek out from their tent as SG says “We will start the first performance. Please give a warm welcome to these two men. One man is about to get married soon. He wasn’t able to propose properly to his beloved “wife to be” so today he will confess to her here. for some reason Sang is smiling like crazy like it’s happening to him. Camera goes to TW’s face. SK says how hard TW worked. He worked so hard but what happens if it doesn’t come out well. TW says I forgot the lyrics. They go outside and everyone applauds. TW starts to sing and messes up a line so Jong notices and tilts his head to the side.  SK sings along with TW to help him out. Someone said TW was trembling but TH jokes maybe he is crying. he looks like he is crying. SK takes over and sings the next part and my crush for him comes flooding back. Man I missed his singing voice. After they are done, they introduce the next performers using their 1n2d nicknames: KSW,“it’s ruined CTH,”and “liar LSG” singing trot. The 3 guys come out and sing. In the middle of singing TH and SG break gourds over SW’s head and ask doesn’t it hurt and SW replies it doesn’t hurt. Then they hit him with sticks and do their routine again while Jong fills in and sings the trot song. then TH takes his trench coat off and strips down to a tank and swimming shorts to do this “I’m not cold” routine. SG keeps splashing him with water asking isnt it cold and TH saying it’s not cold. TH gets inside the big bucket and dunks himself.  SW and TH say this is the it doesn’t hurt and it’s not cold show. SG strips down just to his swimming trunks. He goes inside the bucket and dunks himself. Then they get SW to go inside and they dunk him fully clothed just as the song ends. SW comes out saying it’s not cold at all. was that fun? The audience yells out yes. SW: do you want to go inside this? SG: if you aren’t cold then come over here and try this. SW says again how it’s not cold just as SG throws more water on him. Then SW pours water on the back of SG’s neck as he introduces the next performers. TW and SK kept laughing from inside the tent watching them. SG: the two of them are very beautiful girls. They are very pretty and sexy singers- Orange caramel.


The ajussi (s) and men in the audience stand up in anticipation as JM and JW take the stage dressed as girls. Camera freezes on JW’s face and there are flowers on the screen, but on JM there is rain and thumbs down. TH runs inside the tent saying how cold it is. SG is changing clothes and asks if SW is ok. JM and JW continue their dance routine and lip syncing their song. the audience loves it, but Sang looks confused and isnt sure if he should clap or not. A grandmother loves the dance routine. SK says to TW that JM really likes this. TW: he is pretty. they both laugh again as JM turns his head to the music so each time his head moves, his wig sort of does too so SK says “JM-what to do.” Camera goes to H’s face and shows what he looks like when he is infatuated with pretty guests on his show and he is giving that look to JW right now. Not sure if I should laugh or say “ewww.” JM forgets he is wearing a dress and breaks out his dance moves. JW does a sexy wave too and then goes out to the audience to shake hands with people. JM follows him and tries to kiss a boy, but he rejects JM so JW goes over to do it too but gets rejected with a hand shoving his mouth away. After they are done JW asks if the audience is cold. They say they aren’t cold. JW thanks them for coming. SG comes over asking they danced really well didn’t they? Audience says yes. SG: our maknae JW is really pretty isnt he? They yell yes. JW takes a bow. SG says JM suffered a lot. JM says I was trying to kiss a kid but he stopped me.

*Uee would have been proud cuz JW did a great job dancing like her. plus it was sort of like she was there with him since she was one of the voices singing the whole time.

SG asks if the audience is having fun. They yell yes. SG starts the random singing portion of the show. he explains the audience can sing whatever song they want and the band will follow along cuz there are 3 people sitting in the band who will know the lyrics even if the older audience and SG dont know (he is taking another stab at how old the 3 band members are). SG asks if Jong is ok. Jong jokes: I’m not sitting for the sake of performing – I’m sitting cuz it’s tiring.  SG calls out the first lady to sing. then another older man sings. after he is done, he says the musicians he loves the most and wanted to see are those two -Jong and Sang. poor H looks left out.


inside the tent the members are changing clothes into their suits. we get to see shirtless JW for a split second. this episode is turning into one daebak show. another woman takes the stage and sings. the guys are dressed in their suits waiting to go on when they hear the woman asking SG “I did better than UTW didnt I?” so the guys laugh inside the tent.  SG compliments her singing and says she should go out for that singing show. he asks her husband if the man can spare his wife for a week cuz she will have to be in Seoul that long, but the woman says even a month is ok. she yells “I love you dear” to her husband. next another man goes on stage and sings. SG introduces the kids as they come on stage to perform. after they finish singing SG asks which member they like the most. one kid hesitates so SG eliminates him. the next boy says he likes JW. SG says to the audience dont you want to hear the band (Sang, Jong, and H) perform as well so they yell yes. Sang says it’s so good to meet you. he goes on and says how good it was to be recognized by that man a while ago. I just came to play bass guitar, but you remembered me. 20 yrs ago I debuted with this song so I will play it for you for a short time. it would be nice if you remembered what song it was. he starts to play and sings. the older women seem to know it and sway to the music. next Jong plays his guitar and sings. SG awarded the daesang to that talkative woman.


the members take the stage and ask the audience to say 1n2d together. then they start their finale song. JW breaks out his musical singing voice. at the end the guys bow and say 1n2d – thank you. the guys go to the back and tell each other you did great. the band takes photos with the people and sign autographs. a woman says to the camera -cuz these celebrities came here and made it fun – it was so fun and feels like all the stress has been relieved. a grandma says how fun it was. she shows the gifts she received. another grandma is asked who she will remember the most and she says “always Lee Su Geun first.” A guy says he just came back from his honeymoon and came here to say hello (to his parents or in laws) so I’m grateful I got to see 1n2d concert like this. the people do 1n2d and the last woman says 1n2d is the best.  Sang says how fun it was to perform with those kids cuz this place doesnt have that many kids. H: for giving us this time to laugh together through this concert and music with these members and musicians, I am sincerely grateful. Jong says today was very special among the variety programs he did. the other guitarist says how hard it was to come here but through our performance we were able to give happiness to those people so I am very grateful. SW says to bird PD cuz we did so well to everyone’s satisfaction so you have to give us food. H jokes just now I left you two albums amount (of performances).  they all laugh.


BTS footage is shown.


I cant hear him clearly but H says something about how many bad things he suffered through today for the first time since he was born. SG explains we want to send them home so is there no other way to send them. Off camera SW says there are no boats. Woman PD says they suffered a lot and offers to make them ramen. SK asks for 6 each – of rice and ramen. SG says just ten ramen total. H says it’s not good to eat too much so just make 12. The guys sit around waiting for the food by playing jenga. SG offers to tell the guests when the flicks really hurt if one of them happens to lose. H goes for a tricky one so SG says hyung just get hit and let’s start over. the tiles fall. H braces himself and nods for JW to go ahead and flick him so JW leans over in slow motion to flick his forehead with all his might. You can hear a loud “Thwack” sound and H falls down in pain as H’s song plays. SK and TH laugh. SW says JW is in pain as JW shakes his hand out cuz it hurts from hitting so hard. Next round more guys join in. Jong goes for a tough tile and says this feels like the building owner who knows his building will collapse. The guys laugh. He gets his piece out safely. SG goes next and gets one out. he says there are no more solutions. JW takes his hat off to concentrate and gets a tile out. TW gets one out. JM unbuttons his shirt to take his turn. SK comes in with food as TH gets one out. it’s H’s turn again. SW tells him to just get hit once, but H gets one tile out safely. SK doles out the ramen portions for each guy. Jong’s turn is next so he goes as the others start eating. It’s SG’s turn but it doesn’t look good for him cuz his chances aren’t good so TH tells the others it’s the end -prepare to flick. SG loses so they all flick together. as they all eat, TH points out their guests ate ramen for breakfast too. For a skinny guy H eats well and asks for more ramen. Sang is sitting in the corner after eating so SG says if someone looks it seems like you didn’t eat. Sang joins in and eats the leftovers. It’s still pouring outside so SG says since it’s raining no one can sleep outside today.


Preview shows the guys and the guests playing sleeping BBB games like the butt pushing one that SW does well.

E268  11-25

New guys mean we get a whole different vibe from 1n2d tonight. Maybe there is something in the air, but there sure was a lot of love on this show. Mostly stemming from the respect and awe the 1n2d members feel towards their guests. You can hear it in their laughter, sense it in their first initial awkwardness, and feel it from the start that this group bonded in a very short amount of time. Even though JW doesn’t let the wide age gap affect his friendship with SW, it’s a whole different story with these newcomers cuz a few are either older or around the same age as SW. Like SK said, if you add up the ages of one new guy with SW, they total over 90yrs. That’s not a leap that even “aegyo boy JW” can jump over so easily.

Normally I put like 3 or 4 episodes on one post, but I got carried away and put over a 100 screencaps on the last one so I had to start a new one again.

Guests were song writers/composers/singers: Yoo Hee Yeol (from the band Toy and his show sketchbook), Yoon Jong Shin (from family outing and other talk shows), and Yoon Sang (composed a lot of hit songs but I just dont know most of them.) I referred to them as H, Jong, and Sang on the recap to keep their names simple.

Starts from TH peeking into the room and asking what is this – why isnt anyone here?  this wouldn’t happen. I heard JW arrived. He is told to come in so he does and right away bird PD says your hairstyle changed (Korean euphemism for “your hair looks funny” cuz his new hair style is a fly away half perm.) Someone laughs so TH replies “but I went to the hair salon after a long time not going.” (Meaning he tried to look good today-he seriously needs to think hard about changing stylist cuz no one should have to pay to look like that.) He starts to ask about the drinks to see if it’s related to any games and stuff. He is told it isnt so he drinks it thinking it’s safe, but still feels suspicious. Bird PD explains we wanted to offer coffee since everyone is busy and made time to come here. SG comes in with TW and JW. He looks at TH and says “is it you TH? I thought you were the female writer.” TH is on video chat with his son so JW tries to say hi to his son. TW makes comments about TH and how he looks tired and how he resembles someone (cuz of that new hairstyle.) TW passes out the coffee and starts drinking.  SG sips his and pushes it away with a face saying to bird PD “you really shouldn’t do that.” TW asks what’s wrong and SG says it’s nothing. TW sips his and gets up cuz of the bad taste. That’s when TH realizes the drinks were mixed – half were all coffee and others were something nasty that looked like coffee. JW asked how many were bad tasting and learns it was half. SW heads inside asking we aren’t going to get kidnapped from here right? TH’s idea is to spread out the drinks right before SW comes in. everyone stands and greets SW and JW reaches over and touches his jacket saying in jondae you look really cool. SW asks if they can just drink the coffee and takes one. He drinks and throws it away like some kind of mafia boss making a face cuz it’s so gross. He grabs another one and it tastes bad again so he tosses it again. Everyone laughs. JW says these two aren’t bad tasting so they move them and give one to SW. SG says hurry before SK comes.  SK is eating something as he heads inside. he says I like it cuz we are gathering for a meeting. The others quickly wipe up the spills and sits down before SK arrives. JW greets him and says you’ve come. Good timing -there is a drink for you. (cuz SK is going to need a drink after his snack.) just as SW says it’s weird drinking coffee without BBB, SK tastes his drink and spits it out in the trash. Everyone laughs. SK doesn’t have time to complain cuz JM arrived. The others wipe up the spill again before he comes in. everyone tells JM he is late over 20mins and TH asks shouldn’t there be a punishment for being this late. JM reaches for a drink and makes a face after tasting it saying “it’s really salty – what is this.” TH lets JM drink his normal coffee. SK asks the PD “you didn’t gather us to do this right?”Bird PD explains all of you are busy and we asked you to gather cuz there is only one month left of 2012 so before the year ends we wanted to have a free concert. He explains where they are going and how they have to take a boat to a place called Kasa “singer” island. There will be about 150 people there attending. So for their sake the guys are going to prepare music. PD says just think of it as you going and singing for them. PD wants them to do 3 types of things – a ballad by SK, a dance, an emcee, then a trot by TH. SG asks about the rest so bird PD says the rest of you are going to do an audition to pick team members. SW complains this is the first time he had to audition since 89 so it’s been 23 yrs. TH, JM, and SK are the judges and the rest of the 4 have to audition.

Embracing his role as Lee Seung chul as a judge on some singing contest, SK does his best to channel an attitude like Simon Cowell from American idol and makes criticisms about the ones auditioning and even spoke banmal to SW on camera. The 3 are in the room and other 4 are waiting outside. JM calls out who is first and SW says UTW, but TH says KSW come in first. Cuz they know SW didn’t want to go first cuz he isnt ready and feels nervous. SK welcomes him in banmal and they ask him to introduce himself so SW does. The 3 waiting outside can hear everything inside so you can hear TW giggling and laughing outside so SW asks can they act up like that?  the judges say it’s ok. SW talks about his skills. Dance, ballad, *trot, but SK interrupts and says wait a minute- you look older – how old are you. SW replies about how age is just a number but JM looks down at the paperwork and says “you were born in 69” so everyone laughs. SW says “it’s just a number.” TH says to SK “he (SW) will give a lot of people hope -for older people.” SK asks him if he has anything prepared so SW says a song. they tell him to start so he sings some song for kids so TH jokes “it’s trot.”SK: what you want to do and what you do well could be different. JM asks to see him break dance so SW says I only know the basics and does some Michael Jackson moves. TH says “it’s no joke” so SW breaks out some more moves that makes SK laugh out loud. So SW adds on some moon walk. The judges deliberate and give him 3 rejections. They say sorry next time. SW says I have a request. The next ones to come in are my hoobaes (people younger than me) so don’t spread any rumors about this please. Thank you. he bows and leaves so SK says he is so polite. TH: what a waste. SK: he was too old.

*Trot is old style Korean music that hurts my ears cuz I find it painful to listen to –just think of it as really old country music for Koreans that the elderly enjoy.

Outside SW tells the others about how his wave affected his audition negatively –how he is better if he starts from the right hand, but the judges made him start with his left and the guys all listen to him like he is being serious. the judges call in TW next and marvel over his looks. TW says I am UTW. I came from Oksu dong and I am raising 5 dogs.  SK: why did you come out? TW: I want to become a star. SJ: have you been to other auditions? TW: this is my first. I thought this is my last chance before I turn 40. SK suddenly yells out wait a second his noona is Uhm jung hwa. His noona is a celebrity – the singer and movie star. TW: noona told me not to mention that. TH asks which one he wants to do – ballad, trot, or dance so TW chooses ballad or trot. SK asks him “come closer and do it so I can see better.” So TH tells SK “just take your sunglasses off.” SK: it’s my concept. he tells TW to start so TW sings and they all encourage him and say he is good. SK passes him but the other two don’t so TW thanks them. He asks if the other guy before him was eliminated. He takes a seat as SK calls for the next person – “let’s look at some young blood this time.” JM calls out for JW. The judges ooh and aww over his looks and says how good his visual is. JW gives his name and TH reads off how JW did musicals. SK: he has talent then if he did musicals. TH asks him to sing something from altar boyz so JW poses and sings one line and they all pass him before the note ends. off camera JW chose dance. TH calls him a diamond. JW says the person coming after me said he is a celebrity.

SG drew on his face with a marker and SK calls him inside. SG comes in rapping and dancing. SG says I came from LA and I’m Lee (I cant tell if he said the Korean word for “role” or just pronounced “rocker” funny.) he dances by moving his body like he is having spasms and says I prepared for this a long time. I do this as a habit so don’t pay any attention to it. all 3 judges hold up “X”. SK: did you graduate from a school in LA. SG: yes I graduated from LA. JM: how far did you get in your education. SG: for now, I graduated middle school. I cant speak English. I played with Korean friends. SK: what style of music do you want? SG: I like doing dance, ballad, and trot together. TH asks please show us so SG says it’s your first time hearing so don’t get surprised. I will dance and sing ballad with trot. While he sings a ballad and dances, he keeps taking off his hat in between to make it trot cuz his hair is parted to the side like old trot singers usually do. The guys are dying of laughter. SG asks what are you going to do about the old guy outside? He is still waiting. Camera goes to SW outside. SK asks if the other judges decided and this time TH voted for SG so he makes the cut and joins JW and TW. SG goes over to shake his hands saying thank you so much. I am really your fan. TH touches his drawn on mustache and jokes back it really is a pen (Korean word for fan is pronounced like pen.) SK calls SW back inside.

SW goes in and asks why do you keep talking about age. There is one thing I didn’t get to show you a while ago. they apologize and ask him to show them. SW sings again. The judges say how well he did. SK: you have a vocal for rock (music.) JM: is there a dance you can do like idols? TH: do you know what idol is? SW: I have two kids. (Korean way of pronouncing idol sounds like “i-dor” and in Korean that means “two kids.” These fathers keeps repeating this same lame joke often on this show.  TW laughs really hard. TH passes SW. TH: if you come over to our team we are “two kids” team. SG: why? I didn’t get married yet. You want me to work with this ajussi? He points to SW.

As JW got out of his van, he was listening to music and did a cute little dance while sitting. then he snuck up on TH and back hugged him.

JW dances in his seat when his van door opens. Man he looks adorable here. he came out talking about getting facial treatments. TW goes over and hugs TH. Then JW sneaks up from behind and back hugs TH. TH is startled till he realizes it’s JW. The guys laugh at SW cuz he looks like he was just woken up. they ask if he had been sleeping inside. SK comes over finishing up another meal or snack. How is this guy not fat cuz he eats constantly.  The guys do the opening and SG says the ride over to this place took over 6 hrs cuz they came here slowly. since people like TH desperately needed some sleep, he was grateful for the long distance trip and says “I slept well thanks to you. please let’s go to places far away so I can at least sleep in the car.” SG says TH doesn’t act like he is tired even once today. Cuz more than likely he stayed up all night (filming.) SK asks aren’t we taking a boat to the village on the island. Shouldn’t we have met at the harbor. Bird PD says before then there is something important to do here. SK asks hopefully “breakfast?” but Bird PD says we are having that festival and if only we perform it will look like there isnt much. SG: why think that way. SK: will other performers come? JM starts chanting for SNSD and TH for Bora.  Bird PD says there are special guests so the guys ask women or men? SG: it must be women since the 7 of us are men. Married guys worry saying they will get kicked out from home. Bird PD drops hints about the guests so the guys start guessing it’s some maestro. Bird PD says the guests have debuted as professionals at least 20 years ago so SG says they are old.  TH: what is this. he asks how long it’s been since SW debuted and he replies over 20 yrs. Bird PD says those people think music is strength. JM guesses Lee seung chul but JW says someone like him wouldn’t come out here. SG guesses Beethoven. Screen goes dark and we hear voices. One says this is no joke seeing how he is wearing ski clothes. Another voice says I’m wearing shoes you wear when it snows. Then there is grandpa coughing. Among the 3 guests, only H is shown. H points to where they are going. How he gathered kids as soon as he got to the island and played with them. The woman PD says so it’s been 20 yrs since then. SG admits we did think we were lacking to do this (festival) on our own. SK says cuz we didn’t have enough time so they brought them so we don’t have to worry.  Bird PD says first guest is coming. H arrives. SK recognizes him right away. JM and SG say H isnt someone who does variety programs. TH asks him to introduce himself. so H says sorry for bringing in an unfamiliar face. he goes on and gives his name and describes his show a bit. SK jokes about H’s thin frame -everyone you cant see it cuz he is wearing thick clothes but he is wearing about 8 outfits.  he weighs a total of about 39kgs. H jokes back “right now SK is bending his legs this much.” SK says how H claims SK’s shoe size is 340, but his is 240. (SG went on to list some music that H composed and how much of a hit they were. one would have been as popular as Psy’s)   H goes down the line citing stuff about each guy. he has always been a fan of SW’s. he saw TW when he was drunk with his head down. he met JW once at an office of a fashion designer for men’s clothing. JW tries to remember it so someone asks you dont remember that? SG explains from JW’s perspective when he saw you hyung, he probably thought you were the designer. H says I saw JM on sketchbook. JM: cuz I am a singer. bird PD gives H something from his sketchbook PDs. they prepared a manual for him cuz he was coming on 1n2d. they gave him heat packs, earmuffs, etc. and a card. TH reads it and H’s PDs wrote that H’s special quality is that he is weak. he could die if he slept outside or was dunked in cold water. please be careful so he doesnt freeze.

they ask for the next guest to come out. SK looks over JW’s head and JW sees who it is and says you are correct. Jong comes over and SW greets him. Jong says I dont do shows like this. JM says during middle school if this song wasnt around there would have been big trouble. the song title is “taking off the uniform.” JM goes on and says how popular that song was. Jong looks at the camera and says it’s been a really long time meeting you. HY will do most of the music today. SG asks about Jong’s first impression of H. Jong says how when he first saw H, he thought H could fall inside the piano between the gaps when he pressed the keys cuz he was so thin. he was only bones, but he could actually press down on the keys and beautiful melody came out. SG asks H for his first impression of Jong. H says even though he seems thin now, he tends to have a belly. his body shape is round. so I thought I was looking at a halibut (cuz those fish have a big gut). they joke his belly is full of fish eggs. everyone laughs.  SG says that was the most fun description of someone. SW asks how they ended up coming on 1n2d. Jong says I liked being part of this band. I’m the leader of a band today. ( the 1n2d members practiced something already and it was composed by Jong’s band and the members first learned about it now.) last guest is asked to come out and it’s Sang. he seems shy. his hit songs are played and SG asks how popular were your songs in the past. TH asks: dont you get sad talking about the past. Jong makes a joke about which president was in office back then and everyone laughs. H says back then Sang’s hairstyle was cool cuz it was greased back, but now he looks like the (soccer) player Kim B. there is more joking I dont get.  SG asks about age so SW says Jong and I are the same age but SW’s bday is earlier so Jong calls him hyung. H and Sang are similar in age but he calls sang hyung so SW says let’s just all consider ourselves friends. SG praises SW for not being picky about age differences. but Jong says when I first met SW, he said hello I am an early 69er. SG says at this age level, no one bothers with who is the sunbae. SK says when the two of them shook hands their combined age was 90. everyone laughs but SW goes over and hits SK.  SG says during 1n2d if anyone adds “shi” to the name it becomes very uncomfortable so for that time like siblings we will call you hyungnim. is there anything else you want to be called? Sang says no it’s ok. Jong jokes “he likes to be called professor.” Sang denies it like a kid. they talk about the name of the band that was already named. I have no idea what it means. but H says “if the band sound doesnt come out right then it’s his (Jong’s) fault.” bird PD says the island they are headed for is behind them so everyone turns to look. they do the 1n2d shout out. everyone copies the way Jong said “I will show you” with the finger point at the camera and a hop forward.

afterwards they mill around and shake hands with the guests. jong hugs SW and says it’s been a long time. JM tells Sang to think of me as your singer hoobae. Jong and SW meet when they film together cuz they worked on two projects so far. (interesting – similar age but SW looks way younger.) SG tells H no one told us who was coming. Sang calls out to Jong and pretends to beat him up. Jong explains “at the start you have to lay everything down” (as in lay all your cards out so people know who you are.) TH wonders if they can all fit in the black car. TH gets in the back and so does Jong so TH asks why are you sitting in the back hyung you should ride up front. H asks TW: are there cameras wherever you go? TW: yes. the guys pile into the car and I thought they forgot JW, but he is driving. there are different conversations going on at the same time. H asks TH what time he sleeps during filming. SG and TH tell H “between 1 and 2 or even as late as 3am.” H: then when do you wake up? later on, H says in banmal “JW shi is driving. how old are you JW shi.” JW yells out in jondae: I am 26. i watched every sketchbook starting from the beginning. H: wow you are deeply into music. Everyone prattles on like ajummas in the van about food, dogs, etc so TH says “since there are 10 instead of 7 there sure is a lot of talking.” H says from what I know, they (1n2d staff) were going to bring on one more musician but then it wouldn’t be evenly be paired off. (Guess the PDs wanted to have 4 guests total, but an odd number wouldn’t work for the games.)

*since Jong has done Family Outing and other hosting shows, he sort of took the lead with SG and kept the conversations flowing while filming. aside from how nicely he was dressed here, you couldnt tell it’s been a long time since he did a show like Family Outing. Back then he looked homeless most of the time cuz he was worn out from not sleeping well or playing so many games. H also spoke and joked a lot and Sang was the only quiet guest. Sang may be the oldest here, but his mannerisms are very child like I noticed.

They get out of the car to get on the boat but it hasn’t arrived yet. SG asks what time the boat is for and suggests eating lunch then boarding since they have guests. How can we not give them breakfast or lunch. Even if we don’t eat at least feed the guests. jong plays the old guy card and says how he has to eat regularly. Bird PD says since there is a lot to do today, since they didn’t even eat breakfast yet he will give them breakfast. The guys get suspicious saying the PD wouldn’t just give the food without some sort of condition. SK goes over and sees the meal boxes wrapped up in black plastic bags so they all think something is strange about the meal, but nothing is wrong with the food. SG and others ask for soup. Jong asks for ramen and SG says they are going to give ramen to us. Sang starts to eat, but Bird PD says there is only 3 or 4 ramen so they end up playing a game of hacky sacks -5 against 5 and the winners get ramen with their meal boxes. they pick teams and divide up. SG goes over the rules. you cant catch the hacky. if you catch the 3rd one you get to go again 3 more times. they do rock paper scissors to see who goes first. SK beats JM. TW goes first and only gets one. JW was laughing and was about to hug someone to laugh with but Sang was standing there so JW didnt do anything. his team tells JW to hit 2 so JW says no matter what i have to do I will get 2. JW says my shoes are big. he starts and gets only 4. TH and his skinny pants only gets 3. someone who is blind said his pants were pretty. SW got 9.  JM’s jeans are too tight for his legs to move so they make him take his pants off cuz he has long johns underneath. JM says I will only hit 100 cuz it could get boring for others. he got 2. SK got 4. so his team leads 17 to 6. Jong says if I do well I will break my character. for ten years I kept this clumsy character. H took his jacket off so others ask why. jong jokes H always takes his clothes off when he is overwhelmed/full of nervousness. jong says the difference to win is 11. SK says your shoes have high heels. after all that talk, Jong only gets 1. sang offers to hit only once. they tell him to do his best. he only gets two. SG does really well so H moves into his space to intimidate him but SG keeps going. he gets 21. now it’s 40 to 7. H goes last so SG changes the rules to give him more advantages, but H doesnt need them cuz he is really good at this. he got 9. but he is so out of breath and he keeps saying “it’s hard” but no one is listening. H goes again saying pretty soon I will be tired. someone says you already are tired. he hits 3 and catches it so that he can go some more. he is playing this like his life depends on it. this time he got 16. he falls to his knees from exhaustion.  someone says you should go home now. jong says there is no place to use you. so final count is 32:40 and JW’s team gets ramen.  SG says H is the ace on that other team.

they sit around and eat. SG offers H one chopstick of ramen if he can hit the hacky ten times. he has to do it more than once but he finally gets ten so he eats some ramen. there is hardly any left so someone gives their ramen to him too.

on the boat SG says you made our song but you have your own songs too. we should hear them as well. H says Sang keeps not wanting to sing his so they ask why. sang says cuz  it seems too much like a singer from long time ago. Jong says but you are a singer from long time ago. Sang laughs. H says you want to hear him sing right? they all clap. SG leads others singing Sang’s old song so Sang sings some of it. SK: when did you write that? Sang: when I was 21. Jong asks for a ballad time so they all start singing more of Sang’s songs and Sang sings along. JW doesnt seem to know these songs. next they get Jong to sing his old song about taking off the uniform. they call out the songs Jong and H made for other singers that were hits and get them to sing.  Jong wrote a song for TH called “no one knows” and TH and Jong joke that no one knew that song. H says TH’s ballad “I love you” stayed on the charts the longest and was the most popular. but JM says it wasnt so SG asks him to sing a song from JM’s group and his solo album so JM sings.

right before they get off the boat, bird PD says they are going to tour around in an open car. SG says how nice the weather is. there is a truck bed the guys have to sit on so SG says the older people sit in the front. H winks and motions with his face for Sang, SW, and H to sit up front leaving Jong to sit in the back with the others. JM and others say how cool singer island is. they hike up to the top and H asks about sleeping in tents. SK: (sleeping in) the tents are ok.  others say how cool/refreshing it is. SK asks arent you working out too much (doing all this) so H says I am overdoing it now. he complains about his thighs so someone says it’s cuz of the hacky sack a while ago. the guys admire the view from the top. H asks JM to teach him about how to make the best reaction to the view so JM shows him one and H tries to do the same thing but cant. he ends up making a scary face that startled me. they all take pics

SG asks Sang how he is doing. Sang says I looked at H’s expression and thought I am better off than him right now. (cuz H looks so tired.) jong says H is the type that likes cheongdam dong the most drinking coffee on a terrace. SG: shouldnt you do sketchbook outdoors once? H: no.

they get back in the car. Jong and SG are talking about how short their legs are even though they stretched them out and how it wont even touch TW on the other side.  JM asks Jong for a song – something like kangnam style. the guys drive up to the next spot and say how they should go fishing. they say how pretty and cute the spot is. it’s like a man made beach. SG walks over saying we arent the type to just to look at the water – should someone go in. JW says it feels like some other asian country. Jong says when I watch 1n2d a beautiful location becomes a disaster. H says when the PD first approached me, I only said one thing.  you remember this right? bird PD says I do. H: I said I would do everything else, but let’s not do going into the water. he (PD) asked what is the reason for that. I said I dont like it. he asked why dont you like it? so I said it’s awkward. SG: the important thing is dont think it will be you doing it. out of the ten of us, it just doesnt have to be me so why dislike it. Sang argues: but the PD didnt say anything at all (about getting in the water.) SG: but for a long time that’s what we did. if there was water we went inside. jong: if there is a mountain you climb it. SG: if there is an ocean you go into it. if there is delicious food you eat it. SW says you seem to have confidence. Jong: I never got caught (meaning he never lost a game and had to be “it” and go in the water.) JW: what if you get caught today? (no one answers him cuz SW asked another question) SW: you seem to want to do it. Jong denies it and says I wont get caught. SG says anyway as long as it’s not me it’s good so what difference does it make. they all agree to just one person going in the water. SG: are there any objections to this? Sang stays quiet so SG jokes let’s make two people go in. H lies and says I like it so much. SW explains how they already divided up the team in the car on the way here. like older guys and younger guys so they are divided 5 each. SG asks 5 on 5 chicken leg fight but Jong says nothing with strength required. SW agrees to the chicken fight despite his team’s objections. H pretends to get mad at Bird PD saying I told you no going into the water.  SG’s team gets ready to battle it out. first person out has to go against the other team loser. Jong asks for a stick and draws a perfect set of circles. his years on family outing is coming in handy here. SW serves as referee.  SG says whoever falls that’s the end. SG hops over to TH but TH yells out dont come over. someone says just standing there they will fall over. JW eyes JM and hops over just as JM says JW doesnt obey. JW tells SG to go out for JM. so SG, JW, and SK go for JM. SG hops over to TH again so TH hops away saying why are you like this. SG starts to lose his balance so TH helps that along and shoves him and topples SG. SW says it was fated. TH runs around so happy high fiving everyone. he looks really cute and boyish in that ski hat cuz his perm is covered up. SG says how his foot was caught in the sand hole so that’s why he fell. the older team go next. Jong grunts his way over to Sang like an old man and tries to knock him down but Jong ends up losing balance and falls. quickest round of chicken leg fight ever. everyone dies laughing. H is so happy it’s not him so he hugs Sang and throws his arms up in the air in victory. poor Jong stays face down in the sand where he fell from humiliation so SK points him out to H and Sang. replay of Jong saying how he was never caught and didnt have to get wet. then how he grunted and toppled over. Jong finally gets up and says how he was going to push that hyung (Sang) but cuz of the incline I fell over. SW asks Jong to decide how to compete against SG so he chooses wrestling. they wonder if he can wrestle and SG says he is good at it.  JM says how Jong got second place in wrestling with other celebrities. SG and Jong get into position. SW: why is this so much fun. their builds seems similar too. both are pretty good so it goes on for a long time. jong goes for the leg but SG keeps his footing. JM tries to coach SG along, but SG just flips Jong on his back and wins. everyone is too busy laughing so SW goes over to Jong and says he is our guest. he helps Jong stand up along with H and Sang. H cant stop laughing. SW says to Jong: you said you dont get caught. the guys say how Jong flew over (onto his back). jong says to the PD: this isnt the variety picture I was thinking of.

I don’t know if TH was just tired from filming, but he kept doing this. hanging on someone’s arm like this resting. In the back of that truck, he was the only one sleeping too. Like the guys said, TH should just own up to being tired from filming, but he never complains about it.

SW walks over and puts his hands under Jong’s clothes to take his mic off. JW helps him as Jong says it’s not going to be good to show my body. I have fans so I shouldnt do this. Jong strips down to one shirt. JW holds his sweater for him. they tell him to say fighting and then go in the water. Jong says to the camera: everyone who will be watching the singer’s festival show tonight at 7pm, I dont think I will be able to perform. everyone laughs harder at the joke. jong says 1n2d and gets ready to go in. past clips of members jumping in the water plays.  Jong’s feet touch the water’s edge and he says how it’s cold. SW says let’s sing for him so Sang leads everyone and sings Jong’s song “taking the uniform off.” as his song plays Jong slowly wades into the water like on his death march. he gets waist deep and JM shows him how to splash backwards into the water. but Jong says the water will go up my nose. JM says for him to do 1n2d and then splash but Jong says 1n2d and clenches his whole body and goes down in slow motion till only his head is left above water.  everyone dies laughing again. Jong comes out of the water and says I wish Sang and H went into the water and got treated cuz it feels like healing. SG says there are more chances tm. he uses his body to repeat what Jong did and says it’s a new way to go into the water. out of all of them, it’s the first time someone said I am going in and went in like that during a submerging. SW asks the PD to give Jong chocolate so he gets one. he eats it on his walk over. Jong says I was never caught (to be “it”) on other programs, but it happened here. H shares with JM about the chicken leg match: I was determined to win even if I had to die. even if I had to cheat since it’s cold (to go in the water.)  JM: but then Jong fell down suddenly. H: I was so surprised then.

in the shower a topless Jong tells his stylist to wash something. then he tells the camera guy to leave cuz I am going to take everything off. *JW has been on this show for ten months and still hasnt had a “fun” shower scene, but this old guy gets one his first time on the show. aigoo. didnt need to see so much skin from him this early in the morning.

while the guys are resting, H plays the guitar and impresses the others while JM pretends he is the one playing, but his facial expressions are overkill. SW asks JM: you know what this song is right? JM: a sad song. everyone laughs cuz it’s that famous song from the OST for that drama with won bin, hand towel, and song hye kyo. when the song ends, JM has a dramatic look on his face and says how hard it was playing that.

clips of the guys preparing for the concert


My impressions on tonight’s episode: I don’t know if it’s cuz he is getting married in a month, but TW looks younger and more handsome these days. Or maybe cuz the 3 guests tonight were so old so they made TW look young -coin toss either way. Also there should be an age or body type limit on skinny jeans. Like if you have more than one child, you just should not wear them at all or if you don’t have the body for it. I love you TH, but I’m looking at you as I say that. Please leave the skinny jeans to JW from here on. My poor eyes cuz I tried to screencap you in them, but decided not to as a favor to others so they don’t have to go through the shock.

During the hacky sack game, that special camera came out where they look really perfect – each shot is crisp and clear and I swear you can even see their pores, but there weren’t any close shots of JW with it. Too many guys to film so JW got lost in the background. This is also where I noticed that Jong wore too much makeup – more than all the guys put together. Sang looks like an older version of SK –like he could be SK’s dad.

I am proud to say I can literally pick JW’s voice out of a crowd. when the guys were talking all at once, JW’s voice stood out cuz by now I know exactly what he sounds like. his voice is softer than most and has a baby tone to it. you just can’t miss it. I just wish all these hyungs heard him cuz most didnt even notice when JW tried to add to the conversation. on previous episodes, JW sang along with old songs so I dont get why he didnt sing along with any of these 3 composers’ songs. Does JW only know music for old people and more recent ones and nothing in between? cuz that was the gap he was in diapers? maybe he learned trot and other old songs for his parents and grandparents and learned recent songs cuz he is young and just skipped over everything else. I just felt like he was overshadowed by these 3 older guests and his appearance on this episode barely made a blip aside from all the dimple flashing. I am so tempted to use that quote from Dirty Dancing here: “nobody puts baby in the corner.” Truer words have never been spoken.

I still remember the first time I heard a Korean ballad. Even though I had no clue what the lyrics were saying back then, I kept wondering how one guy’s voice could be so achingly beautiful. I fell in love with the songs first then I found out what the singer looked like later. Some looked nothing like their voices, while others looked exactly like they were born to sing ballads. Case in point: SSK. Last week in the preview I told you 3 old composers came out, but today I was surprised to learn one of them was a singer for Toy (a group I thought was sort of weird in how they dress), but still loved their music. His famous song came out on Can You Hear My Heart (it’s the song Woori kept singing to Dong Joo). His name is Yoo Hee-yeol – the guy who has his own talk show “sketchbook” that I went to watch last year. Turns out among the 3 guests tonight, I only know songs from two of them – Yoo Hee Yeol and Yoon Sang. The third one Yoon Jong Shin I only know from Family Outing and various talk shows and didn’t even know he was a music composer till tonight. Looking at all their names I am now wondering why there are so many “Y”s in them. It’s interesting to note that when they were casting for 1n2d season two, Yoo Hee Yeol was one of the guys asked to be on the show, but he declined cuz he is new to variety programs and didn’t have the confidence to do one well. Makes me wonder if SK took his place -thank goodness for that cuz I can’t imagine this show without SK. I thought it was interesting how the regular members did their best to make the 3 guests feels welcome and the whole episode seemed like one giant hug to make their guests feel good about coming on the show.


58 comments on “1N2D brief recaps

  1. SS says:

    Thanks so much Softy. It’s unexplainable but everything someone well-respected likes Joo Won, I have this immense pride swelling inside me, and I just about to burst with joy. There is something truly attractive about Joo Won whether you are a woman or man. Some called it charisma, others call it star quality…..to me, it’s his sincerity and goodness that draws people.


  2. DANIA says:

    thank you so much softy for recap… anyone here know live streaming kbs ???…..


  3. Tigger says:

    Hi, remember to tune in “live” next Sat (22-12) for the 2012 Entertainment Awards which will be on from 9.15 pm to midnight (KST) … 1N2D guys have been nominated for the following awards: (i) KSW, KJM & UTW – Excellence/Best MC; (ii) CTH & SSK – Best Entertainer; and (iii) JW – Rookie male MC (source http://www.nemopan.com/6780681) … Hasn’t been easy for them to take up the S2 challenge so I’m really very glad that they have been acknowledged for their hardwork … In a separate article, our ‘bbong’ LSG is up against Yoo Jae Suk & others for the Entertainment Daesang … Wouldn’t it be great if they all win in their respective categories 🙂 … Kang Ho Dong will be there as presenter … What a night it’s going to be … Take care, everyone.


  4. Tigger says:

    For those in China, M’sia, HK, S’pore, the Philippines & Indonesia with KBSWorld, you can re-watch the 2012 Entertainment Awards on Sun (23-12) from 11.00 am to 1.40 pm (local time) (source http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/schedule/weekly_schedule.html) 🙂


  5. Tigger says:

    Dailymotion links (credit jongmn koyote blog) to watch the 16-12 trip – Part 1 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvzbbz_1y2y-yy-yy-yy-yyyy-yyy-yy-121216-hdtv-xvid-baros_webcam and Part 2 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvzbdj_1y2y-yy-yy-yy-yyyy-yyy-yy-121216-hdtv-xvid-baros_webcam … Stay healthy and have a great week ahead.


  6. Anon says:

    Owh Tigger, thanks.. You’re so quick.
    Excited to see our Joo Won and the rest of the members from S1 and S2 🙂

    Not expected him to win in the Entertainment Award yet but I want him to win for his acting during the Drama Award…

    Good luck Cutie!


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