1N2D brief recaps and KBS awards

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[21-31-03]It’s almost time to bid 2012 goodbye so 1n2d has something special for us tonight so I made a brand new post. Plus my end of the year review post will make it 360 posts so far for this little blog. It didnt take very long for us to fall in love with season two’s cast so I hope we will never have to see a third season in the future. Praying for no cast changes in 2013 and hoping for a scene where SK and JW sing together. That would be a dream come true. Best wishes for these guys in the new year and to all my readers and 1n2d fans, thanks for all the support and encouragement over the last two years.

UPDATED: finally posted the recap for 1-6

The 1n2d recap for this week was delayed cuz I recapped Alice E10 on Sunday night and Flower boy next door started Mon the 7th and I recapped that as well. Sorry for the delay, but it’s not humanly possible to recap two things on the same night.


1박 2일 시즌2.E275.130106.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-23-56] 1박 2일 시즌2.E275.130106.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-24-05] 1박 2일 시즌2.E275.130106.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-26-25] 1박 2일 시즌2.E275.130106.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[20-38-39] 1박 2일 시즌2.E275.130106.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[21-20-41] 1박 2일 시즌2.E275.130106.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[21-22-06] 1박 2일 시즌2.E275.130106.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[23-13-40] 1박 2일 시즌2.E275.130106.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[23-36-59] 1박 2일 시즌2.E275.130106.HDTV.KOR.H264.720p-ohys[23-46-18]

The winners go and feast on seafood. When it’s time to pay Bird PD calls JM over.

Bird PD says they prepared something cuz it’s time to look back on 2012. They have a small present for them – an album. SW looks at a photo and says TH started doing that even then –  the look on his face was eager to steal the flag SW already pulled. SK shows the photo of his face smushed up against the plastic and asks is this a present – you didn’t have to. SK looks at another photo and says I am the only one who is weird – look at my hair. SW says these pics are moving. JM says looking at the pics make me think of that saying memories remain in your head and remembrances are kept in your heart so SG and others say isnt that supposed to be switched? Bird PD says there are more presents to they say “again? why do you keep giving us these?” Bird PD says first to Kim SW – every time he films he always says this so JM guesses “insults” but what Bird meant was that SW always asks for sweets. They give him a box of chocolates for the first present of 2013. SW: thank you but what will the audience think? He asks permission to save this up and eat during filming from here on. bird okays it so SW says I can eat this for about 4 months. Next is TW so SG thinks it will be a present for his honeymoon but SK thinks it will be a dog. Since they don’t know if his baby will be a boy or girl they got half boys and half girl’s baby shoes. Next is SG and TH says it’s really light. They all laugh cuz it’s heels for his shoes so he will look taller. SW says you will be 5cm taller so SG says even with 5cm added I’m still only 167cm. next is TH and he says mine is heavy. SW: why did you give him so much? JW: it’s no joke. SW: what is this? bird says it’s cuz TH is filming his drama. He got a neck pillow, sleep mask, socks, aroma therapy candles, etc. so SW yells isnt this showing favoritism too much- it’s going too far- anyone can see all this is more expensive than chocolates. Next is SK’s. It’s really light. Bird PD says it’s what you need. JM and SG look in it first and say you’re feelings are going to be hurt. scroll with messages. SG and SW suddenly feel better about their presents. JM got a chart on Korean characters and JW got coals/charcoals to be less timid and more daring. SK says I feel better after looking at the coals.

Bird PD says today’s sleeping BBB 3 against 3 and one will play the role of referee and get to sleep indoors. SK says this might determine the fate of the rest of the year – if you win the first game on the first day –you can sleep comfortably on 1n2d. SG says since JM hurt his back, if he has to use it, it might not be good so let him be the referee and sleep outside. JM was moved until he heard sleep outdoors.  SG starts to feel bad so he says should we let him sleep indoors since he is sick, but SW says I have a cold. TH acts like he has a headache and SK says my concert is coming up soon. (SK held a special concert) TW says my wedding is coming up. so SG says if you just sleep outside there is no problem. JM doesnt have any wiggle room to say no. Bird PD asks JM to make the teams so JM says they already are – the left and right team. JM was in the middle so he just  divided them up the way they sat. first game is to scoot along on a cushion till they pass the finish line. JM says don’t cheat. You can lightly fight with your body but you cant pinch or high kick. SW: if SK hits my shoulder I think I will fly away. JM: you have to avoid it. SK wins. SK: it’s too hard. Next is TW and TH. TH wins. TW shows how he did it and says it just goes back to where I started so SK shows him how to do it right. JW and SG go next.  SK tells JM: hyung has to do a concert (meaning so I cant sleep outside). SG says I will finish within 5 secs and JW says I will finish within 4 secs. SG wins. JM asks how many seconds was that. then he says they didn’t time it. Bird PD says pillow fight. You have sit on top of cushions and have a pillow fight and if the other person falls you win. So you could fall and lose too if you hit and lose your balance. You have to do rock paper scissors to see who gets to hit. SK says how about if the winner stays on and make it “survival”.

SW and TW go first cuz they want to save their ace SG for last. SW says it’s better to get hit. He hits TW and loses his balance and loses. Then TH gets out TW. Next is TH and SK. After TH gets hit on the head, TH tells the PD – my headache disappeared. SK makes his team scoot back cuz he wants room to swing his pillow and gets TH out. they decide to jump and get on the cushions at the same time – and if you don’t make it you lose. SG and SW do that cute dance and say “after two months pass it will be warm spring.” But the guys start by sitting and starting. They both do really well until SK says I will end this and hits SG hard. SG falls off and SK goes over and hugs him. SK did that each time after the game ended – he would go and pet the head of the person he hit. Next game is to blindfold a team and the other team have to avoid them. It’s called the zombie game. It gets cutthroat cuz once they catch you they bite. during the first round SG pretends to be one of them so his team can get past through his arms. JW catches on and smells his hand – the one he held with SG and says “from the smell – it’s SG hyung.” (How in the world do you know someone’s smell from their hand?  This guy is scary good.) SG pats JW’s butt and runs off. JW: oh so you are going to mess with me and go? TW grabs both SW and SG and makes SW yell from pain while JW and SK grab TH. it took 3 mins 14 secs for that round. the guys are all sweaty. SG jokes I have some skin caught in my teeth.he goes and tells SK to put on his wipers cuz SK’s glasses fogged up. now it’s SW’s team to be the zombies and he tells his team say when you catch someone. SW says some guy keeps hitting my butt and running off. it was TW. SW runs into a beam and hits his head. they keep mistaking their teammates as the prey. then SW thinks he caught one for sure but it’s JM. JW gets caught by SG and TH. TH bites his leg while SG bites his arm.  JW calls surrender. JW shows the bite mark he got from SG. 8 mins 34 secs so JW’s team gets to sleep indoors. SG: i am hot so I rather sleep outside. JW says let’s let them sleep 3 hrs outside and 3 hrs indoors. bird PD says they have to wake up at 5:30am for the sunrise and they will get breakfast without a BBB game. TH gets suspicious that something will happen afterwards.

inside the tent, poor TH coughs cuz of the cold wind so SG asks did you catch cold? he should have slept indoors. cover your neck with a muffler. you caught a cold. the guys get woken up around 5:40 to brush their teeth and wash up. they wait around for the sunrise but it doesnt happen and they realize the sun already rose cuz it’s bright. they pretend the sunrise happened and say how cool it is. SG: when you start something anew there is a nervous excitement, let’s keep that and do our best in whatever we do so that we can get a lot out of it. to gain today, tm doesnt wait . everyone happy new year. as they bow on the ground they say how cold it is. they say how hungry they are as they walk back

as they sit down to eat the seafood feast SK asks are you giving us so much cuz it’s the first show of the year and want us to work hard? Bird PD: wherever you go we gave you a lot. SK thinks that over and doesnt seem to agree. SW asks do people normally eat sashimi at 7 in the morning? Bird PD: if someone gave it to me I would eat it. JM: I dont know what the reason is for giving us this but I will eat it well. the guys all say how yummy the food is. Bird PD points out SW said how can I eat sashimi in the morning (cuz SW keeps eating it) so SW says he prefers this.

after their meal Bird PD asks if they ate well. SG says it’s been a long time since I ate two bowls of rice. to get to eat without any contests or games. TH wonders why did they give us so much breakfast and we are indoors. the others say now it’s coming out. Bird PD says there they are going fishing and it takes 6 hrs.

to see who has to go on the boat they have to play a quiz by calling people they know to guess the answers to their quiz. the guys take out their phones and SW asks can we send a text now (to warn them) but SG says take your hand off. SW just wanted to check if he could call them so early in the morning. he calls the guy from gentlemen’s dignity – the one who was married to the rich woman.  SW comments he always uses his own song (as ring tone). TH asks he sings? SW: he was a musical actor. but the guy doesnt pick up. he calls the guy who played the king in dong yi. next he tries the guy from Taxi. SW skips over the hard questions and gets 5 total. thank you cuz if you didnt get a lot of these right I would have been dragged off to take a boat so there would have been big trouble cuz I would have to go catch fish. the guy asks are you going to use me like this? SW: that’s not it – you have to help me like this. say something to the audience. the guy says thank you for loving 1n2d and for all the 1n2d members to stay healthy and hope you treasure them. hope 1n2d continues to succeed. the guys thank him. SW thanks him and says I will call. SW looks at his phone and says he is sad  he got through only once. SG points out it’s sat morning so calling at this time is sort of overdoing it. TH calls his costar from speed scandal -Bo Young. SG: I am your fan – good to meet you.  TH starts quizzing her -what do you call that thing women write in in english. she says diary and gets it right. TH: what is our director’s nickname. she says bird.  she gets a hard question about computers correct. she got so many so TH says you got so many right. there is no one else but you who got the best timing for getting 7 right. JW calls his second oldest brother on OB. JW ends up passing over so many of the hard ones.  SK calls some comedian guy and doesnt seem to do well. SG calls a funny looking old guy and the guy misses a lot so SG gives up and says “sunbaenim I will go and get on the boat.” TW calls lee bo young. he quickly explains what’s going on and says if you dont do this well i have to get on a boat so she yells wait a second. he starts quizzing and she does well. he got 8 right. JM says he will call Na Young shi so others are shocked cuz she is a top star but he says Kim Na Young shi (the funny woman).  during the quiz, he gets frustrated and yells at her. SG and JM end up on that boat.

the rest of the 5 walk back and bird PD tells them where they will be resting. they look at the view and say how cool it is. JW says in a place like this normally a small dog walks by. the guys spot some bird tracks in the mud so SK jokes our PD went back and forth. LOL

there is a camper waiting for them. the guys all say how good it is. SK: is there anything in the fridge? they see how there is a bed on the second tier but TH says there are cameras everywhere.

the guys sit around and wonder if they cant have snacks and coffee.  bird PD asks should we give you some snacks and shows them where to find them. SW: what is this. why did you prepare them and not give it to us? you should have given them to us sooner.

the guys pigged out on snacks and are lying around when a message comes on. you are all trapped now. TW checks and says it’s locked. SW: why are you like this to us?earlier Bird PD told them we are going to have breakfast. that’s when he locked them in. TH yells out the window “what is this?” Bird PD says when the other two return they have to play a game and then find out the secret code to set them free. the hint is inside every day there is ? hidden. the longer it takes to find out the code the later they will be going home. JW thinks he saw something earlier and checks the fridge. then they all check other places for the numbers. the guy say SG and JM came back. SG: I came out too much on the program these past two days. SK and others call out save us. SG: they cant come out? TH: hurry and come here hyung. SG: I dont think there is a particular reason why I should. TH bribes him with a choco pie saying hurry and come here. SG goes over and asks where did you get this. TH: there is a lot here. SG guesses  that they have to chase the staff as they run off. they end up playing a game of keep away. SK calls out if I guess the secret code it’s the end right? Bird PD: yes. SK: 2013. SK thinks he got it right but he didnt. JW thinks it’s the stuff here. they guess it’s the pie. SK says since it’s pie – 3.14? SG and JM are still playing so SW says the kids are suffering so much. TH tries to escape thru the window so Bird PD says you cant do this. SW tries to grab Bird PD saying why make those guys suffer so much. SK tells SW to hold it in. TH: we all know it’s 3.14. SG and JM come back. SG comes over. SK: are you ok SG hyung? SG: one number is 7 and there is an x.  SK: we think it’s 3.14. TH thinks it’s 3147 or 7314. neither is correct. SK says 2198 cuz he multiplied 314 by 7. it’s correct and they are set free. TW jumped for joy and hit his head. the guys do the closing and say come and visit.

2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-49-39]

Happy New Year everyone. Here are our stunning winners…

Thanks to Nonski for torrents, Tigger for links, and Bird for video clips.  Since I cant add too many pics cuz I went overboard with JW’s again, the speeches wont be in order. FYI: UTW’s speech for the PD award at the end of Part one is hilarious and cute.

red carpet

I didnt watch SBS’s award show tonight yet, but compared to MBC’s, KBS did a great job. MBC’s award show was boring and had too many silly moments for the most part, but so far this one is very entertaining. It could just be my bias talking though. I also thought JW and Suzy looked great presenting together. I really wanted her to be his co-star for his new drama so now I know what I missed out on.  I must say, I really admired JW for bowing and introducing himself each time he took the stage. Half the people didnt bother to bow, but he did it properly each and every time. Plus, when he mentioned the stunt double who passed away before Gaksital aired, I was moved that he included him in his speech. Stars receive these awards for their acting or what have you, but there are some like JW who seem to have earned it with a lot of hard work and perseverance. I would like to think that’s what the audience is awarding – his dedication to his craft.

2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-33-55] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-34-05]2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-10-54] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-13-36] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-16-03] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-16-49] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-19-02]

JW’s opening performance was amazing, but way too short. I wanted more. I loved how he got to introduce the 3 emcees. I dont know the older guy’s name yet, the younger one is on School 2013 – Lee Jung Suk). The 3 emcees introduce themselves and they have same or similar initials so it reads like some kind of code “YJS YJS YYJ.” The older guy called her mother cuz she plays his mom on their drama. He says “you aren’t the mother I usually see –the dress is so beautiful and you are so beautiful today mother.” She asks you mean that right? He says of course I do. The kid says I don’t know if this isnt proper to say but the dress looks really good on you. if it’s ok could you spin around once (to show off the dress) but she explains I cant turn around – the back is the same so there is no point in turning around. I heard (some talk) in the back that when you found out I was doing this both of you were surprised. Instead of a young beautiful actress you got an old and scary actress. Both admit they were a little surprised. The guy says but I will look forward to how you do today (meaning he will “anticipate” how she does). She says I wil; try to fulfill your expectations.  In 2012 by participating in KBS dramas I received a lot of love from all of you, but being entrusted to host on this last night of 2012 is scary so I am trembling a little and nervous. I will work hard. The guy singles out SJK for nice guy, UTW for equator man and Kim Nam joo his wife on their drama. The kid says we are going to look back on 2012 dramas with them so you will have more fun and be moved more than any drama. The guy says let’s see on the screen what projects there were in KBS dramas. There is a montage of dramas from 2012.

The concept was to have 3 hosts who are in their 20s, 40s, and 60s and it was adorable. Too bad that 40ish guy had to keep repeating that all night and that poor kid had to laugh about it each time or there would have been dead silence. The older actress Yoon Yeo Jung who played the grandma in CYHMH was so adorable cuz this was her first time to host and you could tell she wanted to do this again. She might be in her 60s, but the way she walked and talked made her seem like a kid. How cute was “Guksoo” from OB presenting the awards. Our TP from OB, Yun Woo Jin won for the drama special Ordinary Love and his speech had me bawling by the end of it. His voice broke towards the end and his eyes filled with tears as he was swept up by his emotions. “First of all, thank you so much for this great award. Ordinary Love is a project that gave me a lot. I dont think I can forget it for the rest of my life. I will always carry this in my heart as a treasured memory for the rest of my life. Personally, this is the first award I ever got after starting my life as an actor so I am very happy. with my loving family I want to share this happiness. (he named PD, director, and writers) I want to share the happiness of this award with you. also to my father who left me so much, I want to dedicate this award to you.” His father passed away while he was filming Arang so knowing this made me cry so much for his loss. The same thing happened last night when Micky won his award. he shared his award with his father who passed away before Rooftop started filming. Micky said how he hadnt seen his father in ten years cuz he had been ill and that he missed him.

2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-16-40] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-17-57] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-18-04] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-18-51] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-07-55]

The gag concert skit is next with the 4 guys.  (This is the skit the 1n2d team did a variation of on KBS entertainment awards. It’s where you stand on the box and speak openly and bluntly)  The first guy says we each have one quality every woman hates. They are going to change up their routine and one by one, go after the actors in front who are getting so much love from the viewers. (he warns the actors) Don’t avert your eyes and be nervous. They begin their routine asking “why does everyone hate a guy who isnt popular, a *country bumpkin, short, and fat. From here on don’t misunderstand. Each one steps up. first one is the guy who isnt popular. Not too long ago I went home to parents home and it had been a while and normally my mother would have been happy to see me by saying “oh did my son come? You should eat” but she just said “oh did you come” and just kept watching the tv. So I looked at the tv to see what she was watching and inside the tv was SJK. Mom! SJK is someone else’s family’s son and I am your son so when your son comes home how could you keep looking at someone else’s son? Do you like SKJ that much. what is he for you to like him so much. I kept hearing so much about Nice Guy so much so I watched it and he isnt nice at all. what’s so nice about him? He is always deceiving people and threatening them and to avenge one woman he uses this one. But the funny thing is all the women who come out on that (drama) all like SJK (cuz of his looks). I will say one thing to Park S and Moon C. a guy’s looks aren’ important it’s his heart –the heart is important. from what I can see Lee kwang soo is a really good guy (that tall one on running man and nice guy) there is no one like him. So why is it ok for SJK and not for LKS? From a guy’s perspective – whether it is LKS or SJK – it’s all the same. SJK is my hoobae’s hoobae.  Then he says to SJK this didn’t mean anything- let’s get along, and says “fightin –you are the best”with a smile.

Next guy steps up and his accent is pretty noticeable. He says his name and where he is from. A few months ago I was watching Gaksital, JW was wearing a mask and doing action scenes and he was cool. So I said to my stylist – hey if I wear a mask could I look (some word I don’t know) and she replied with a negative comment so he felt insulted and said “what is different about JW and me? To speak frankly we have similar height and build. JW’s fans don’t agree so he yells at them to be quiet. To be honest if I put this mask on –you cant tell if it’s JW or not. He asks the fans “can you tell if it’s JW or not?” and they yell yes so he says “other than you no one can tell (the difference)” He goes on and says when he wears the mask women faint so the audience doesn’t believe it and he says there sure are a lot of JW fans. They say JW is good at changing his voice but to be honest I am better at that. he recites the line from gaksital. of course since I use satori (southern dialect) it does give me a way a little, but still to speak frankly what difference is there between JW and me.  The other guys reply “face – there is a huge difference.” The guy yells why bring up face when I wasn’t talking about it. he ends by saying don’t misunderstand (and then I think he called JW a top star, but with his accent I have no idea if I am correct) *cuz of his funny southern dialect he is considered a hillbilly.

The cute guy steps up and says “when it’s flower boy – it’s SJK, SJK means popularity, and my height “give up.” (*this sounds funnier in Korean). A few months ago I was eating with Park Ji sun at a restaurant and watching tv and they were showing “you who rolled in unexpectedly” and when she saw Park JS (the lead character on that drama), she was like “I like YJS so much.he is so thoughtful and nice. He is always making sacrifices for the sake of his wife, is there no man like YJS? The comedian yells “there isnt. It’s all just acting.  Last time he came on Happy together and talked a lot. While he was blabbing on he said strange things and laughed over it. these days cuz of his CFs he is always doing this fantastic dance (the routine that actor does on his CF) Of course when you see him on tv he looks upgraded (he turns to the actor asking are you really a considerate husband at home? The guy says I try to be. So the comedian yells “that’s acting too.” When he goes home he does that “fantastic” dance. The comedian says of course YJS is good to her, but the writer is there and wrote it like that. he asks the writer “with my looks, how about if a play a hobo on “you who rolled in unexpectedly”? I can do the fantastic dance. He messes up and is about to direct his comment to the wrong actor so the big guy behind him reminds him this is a live program so do well so the comedian asks “wasn’t this a recording? It was live? Sorry.

The last guy steps up and acts like someone said he looked thin so he pretends to be happy and then says don’t lie.  He explains what he does on the gag concert and how he plays a range of comedic roles without regard to age or anything all of it so once in a while when I look in the mirror, sometimes when I see myself I am really beautiful, cute, and sexy. People laugh so he yells back “I said once in a while – one out of ten times.” I’m really good at my job, but now I have a great rival – SHJ from OLL spouse. He was acting while pretending to be a woman and he was so good. He uses a certain tone and mimics SHJ and asks if the tone is correct. The comedian says how good SHJ was at acting like a woman, the acting was good but the face was too exotic/foreign – too Arabic too Dubai. To look cute you need dimples but all there is now is nose. It’s too high. Your reaction is good. There are a lot of us who can do the comedy and dressing up as women so hurry and go back to being a cool guy. Why? Cuz you have to get married. Next to you is UTW who is 6yrs younger than you and he is getting married in Jan. you have to as well. The comedian shifts his attention to UTW and says how great a job he did acting with his eyes – no one can follow that. congratulations on your marriage. As soon as you were set to wed you became a father too. Congratulations but what about your noona? Noona has to get married too. Is it ok for just you to get married? Get your noona married off. Among the hyungs I know there is a good hyung – good looking  and all but he just doesn’t have a job –if you need, I will let you get in contact. Anyway cuz of all the actors and staff here, Koreans were able to laugh a lot and feel moved in 2012 –let’s all applaud. You all did well.

2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-52-11]2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-20-29] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-50-04]2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-53-26]

JW won twice so this is his first speech: “For receiving the popularity award – something I didnt even imagine I would get, I feel overwhelmed. In front of me there are so many nominees who are more talented than me so I am humbled to receive this award. First, through gaksital I was able to learn so much and it was a role I got so much out of (he lists directors and writers from Gaksital) More than anything, our Gaksital action team suffered so much. also the actors who worked with me, HJH hyung, KW hyung, Chae won noona, SY-ee, thank you so much. Gaksital was the best (*) for me. to my loving parents – thank you. to my Sim entertainment family (his agency) – thank you very much. thank you everyone. Have a happy new year.” * something that sounded like brightest sun

2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-23-24] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-03-33]2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[05-59-06]

Presenting the newcomer award with Suzy. JW: hello, I am JW – the one who just said hello a minute ago. Suzy: hello I am Suzy. JW shi aren’t you too busy today? You performed, got nominated, and now you are presenting. You seem to be really busy. JW: more than me – you seem to be. I’ve been watching (your career) well – drama, movie, and performing as a singer too – it’s not an exaggeration to say 2012 was Suzy’s sky. Being next to men’s “first love icon” Suzy shi, TW hyung, HJ hyung, and KW hyung seem to be very envious (of me). The hyungs all laugh. Suzy: the reason why you and I received so much love, I think it’s from the energy of receiving KBS’s newcomer awards last year. JW: that’s correct. To see who will take away this good energy this time, let’s meet the male nominees for newcomer award. Looking at the male newcomer nominees (he lists 3 names) there are a lot of actors who are singers like you. please announce who will be the winner. Lee Jung Suk (the guy from School wins with that other guy from Jeon woo chi) Lee Jung Suk’s speech: To mother and father – thank you very much. (he lists directors and writers and thanks them) among some of my drama lines, there is a poem called “weed flower.” “You have to look closely to see that it is pretty, you have to look for a long time to see that it’s loveable, you are like that too.” I will become an actor who becomes loveable the longer you look. Thank you very much.

2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-24-06] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-24-45] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-24-51] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-26-59] The looks on these two guys’ faces just cracked me up as they watched SJK up there on stage during best couple Q&A.

During the best couple scenes when they were all up on stage, the guy who was the emcee YJS stood next to kim nam joo cuz she was his wife on the drama but the woman hosting this part is his real wife. He explained how he really wanted a couple in their 40s to win best couple so this is nice. Isn’t it dear? He called his drama wife “dear” so he apologized to his real one. She replied “which yobo are you talking about? You are too far away so I couldn’t hear well.” He says just act like you didn’t hear then. Then SJK is asked if he said his ideal was HM (YJS’s wife who is standing next to him on stage).  Is it true? SJK: yes sorry YJS sunbaenim but it’s correct. His ideal woman jokes you have high tastes. All the kiss scenes from Nice Guy is shown so the woman says why are there so many kiss scenes. Normally it’s easy to just do it once or twice isnt it? SJK nods yes. But she says you did it so many times.  She lists all the names of the kiss. Which kiss did you have the most confidence in? SJK: which one did I have confidence in? I had confidence in all of it. the kiss that remains in my memory is the one we filmed in Japan –personally that’s the one that remains in my memory the most.  The woman asks what is the point you remember? He says that was our first kiss to film and the location was so pretty so that’s why I remember it a lot. They ask Moon Chae so she picks the same kiss. And the kiss I did remains in my memory. Since actors could fall in love during filming they are asked if they had that kind of feeling. SJK: Since I was paid (to act) so I tried to focus on work first. The woman makes a joke at her husband and says there is someone over there who didn’t concentrate on his work. She asks Moon what kind of style SJK is cuz this is her first time collaborating with him on this drama. Moon says on our drama he came out as a nice guy, he does seem nice and he came out as a bad guy too on the drama. The woman asks if he had to choose one of them to marry for real which one – park S or Moon C. which style draws you in more? he chooses the woman questioning him so she thanks him and says he has high tastes. Then she says she heard about the famous back hug and makes him do that to her. The wife is asked what the nation’s husband (YJS) is like for real at home and the wife says “he is ok. I have two sons so I just think I have one more so it makes my heart feel at ease.” Her husband changes the subject and asks why do we all have just one award for each best couple. He is told they will get another one after the show. He was worried about how to share that one award so he kept thinking about that. his wife says how much her husband was greedy for the best couple award more than any other award.he said he had to be sure to get this award and asked me when I came out to present, even if his name wasn’t on the card to call out his name.

2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-46-24]

Park KW speech: thank you I am PKW.  For always cheering me on – my family mother and father and loving sister KS and my fans – thank you. (he names gaksital pd, directors, writer, and all the staff) and here with me SHJ sunbaenim, JW ee, JY shi, Han Chae shi – thank you very much. and all the rest of the actors – thank you. if I got this award by some chance there was something I wanted to tell you, in our drama, other than the actors who are attending here, there are a lot of extras and production crew so I want to share this award with them. From here on I will do my best and work hard and work towards achieving that. thank you.

2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-08-57] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[03-10-16]

UTW’s speech for drama PD award: I didn’t even know this award existed and didn’t even think of it so I am so surprised and grateful to receive it. it’s a really impressive (cool) award so thank you very much. the person who received this award, next year wherever there is a drama he wants to do he can take this and just show it to them and it would be nice if they let him be the lead. (JW cracks up laughing) thank you so much for a cool award. I will work hard. Thank you.

SJK’s acceptance speech from Part two: I don’t know what to say, but I am so grateful. Every time there is an award, I am moved but I am shaking so much so I’m about to cry. I sincerely thank my fans. This is so nice to receive an award. My head is turning “white” (meaning blank). A while ago my friend Kwang soo didn’t get an award so he looks like he is making an indignant expression right now so I will share this award with my friend. (It was the running joke all night that his friend, that tall guy, didn’t win so SJK kept joking around and rubbing that in his face)

Right after the netizen award speeches are done, the emcee Yoon Yeo Jung asks if someone old like her can win those netizen awards. The guy says you can but you have to appeal to the young. Is there anything you do well that stands out? she says what do I need to do – i’m being the emcee – something I never did before and a few other things. Anyway all you netizens, there is someone called YYJ so please remember me. The kid says you cant just say that with words you have to do stuff like this. watch me and follow after me, “all of you netizens please take care of me well, pyweeng pyweeng (he makes that cute face).” It’s your turn now. But she smiles and says I wont do it and I just wont get that award.

Daniel and JNA present together. D: we met last year (meaning worked together) and we meet again. N: yes we met last year and now we are meeting at school. They both say they are watching School well and when he laughed, he snorted (omg he is so goofy. LOL)  D: when I told people around me that I was working on another project with you, they asked if you were coming out as a student so that must mean you still look young (baby faced) huh? She literally said “hur” right in the middle of him saying that. then he makes a lame joke I don’t get and ends up apologizing for telling that on a live program. Then she gets all embarrassed cuz the director of their drama told her to be sure to tell the audience to tune in and watch School every week on Mon and Tues. Then of course she wins the award they are there to present and he is the one who announces that. this happens all the time on these award shows and it makes me wonder why they just don’t avoid this awkwardness by having someone who isnt nominated present the awards. Seems easy enough to me. I love how she speed raced through her acceptance speech quickly. She mentioned the cast (the kids in her class), directors, PD, “Nam Soon, my loving family and my staff –I don’t know why but I suddenly cant remember their names –you always suffer a lot so I am so grateful. To be honest after starting School, the character gets so down suddenly so it was really difficult, but being the support by my side, I want to thank choi Daniel.” Then she ends by saying she wants to share this award with her manager and some other people she named.

I love how UTW laughed nervously like a little boy. He says how much of a lucky night he is having. “Thank you for such a great award. For being able to hold hands with Equator Man is a wish come true for me. For writing such great lines (he names the writer) for not giving up all the way till the end till it was completed (he names the director) while I was working on the project I was really happy. Also to all the cast and staff, thank you very much. he says his female co-star’s name and says even though you were best couple with someone else today. Also to (YJ) who is in the army, thank you so much. (then he thanks some people at some center that helped him make something in the drama I am assuming). To my loving family, my fan club, our UJH (his noona) who is always beautiful and strong, (he names someone else) thank you very much. last of all, our margunee (his baby’s nickname maybe) who is in the tummy now, Yoon (his future wife’s name) – for rescuing this old bachelor, I sincerely thank you a lot. Have a happy new year.

2012 KBS 연기대상.2부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-16-42] 2012 KBS 연기대상.2부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[21-20-22]

Shin Hyun Joon: I want to thank God first for allowing me to make a good project together with good people. To be honest I did Gaksital too and I was very happy to have been JW shi’s hyung. In OLLSpouse I was KJE shi’s husband, but today she went to America and couldn’t attend with me. She played a playboy husband role and made me miserable and today as well (*he means for not coming with him to this award). I want to thank KJE shi. I don’t really like guys but there were a lot of scenes where I love HJS shi. to be honest it was really difficult, but now that the project is over, I miss HJS shi the most. I love you HJS shi. In the project the one who had the most heartache Han Chae Ah shi –thank you very much. thanks to Han chae ah shi – I was able to really have fun filming.  (he names and thanks the other cast who played his mother and stuff saying) it was an honor you were by my side. for running to my side during cold weather to the film site, thank you. To all the staff who loved and treated the actors better than their managers, thank you all. (he names and lists the directors and writers) To my loving mother and father who prayed for me –thank you. (he thanks his management staff) my manager Kim KS  who is my friend –thank you. last of all when I wanted to act the most, it was sophomore year of college. for being the first to cast me – thank you director Lee. I will become an actor who acts with honesty. Thank you very much.  Before he leaves the stage, the emcee asks him to do something he did on the drama so he does it.

2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-23-53] 2012 KBS 연기대상.2부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-36-25] 2012 KBS 연기대상.2부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-39-41] 2012 KBS 연기대상.2부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[02-39-57]

JW’s second speech for best actor in a mini series  (Acting Daesang) : I want to thank God first. (he names the directors, producers, writers, and people responsible for casting him and thanks them) and all the actors who acted with me. it it wasnt for those actors, I really worry if Gaksital would have been able to proceed well. For the first half, thank you so much HJ hyung. because hyung was there it was a big strength. also to my Sim entertainment family (he lists some names) for always being by my side when I have a hard time or feeling sensitive and being accepting of that. while filming Gaksital, it was very tragic but one stunt double passed away. I want to give him thanks. from here on too, I will always work hard to become an actor who “smells human.” also to my mother and father at home who always cheer me on, hyung, and hyungsonim (sister in law) thank you very much.  thank you everyone. (he bows deeply)

2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[05-42-23] 2012 KBS 연기대상.1부.121231.HDTV.H264-YaYa[05-43-43]

Only sane guy to wear an overcoat. I watched the red carpet and kept saying in my head “are all these women out of their minds not wearing a coat cuz it’s like 12 degrees Fahrenheit out there. Aren’t you freezing? that white stuff on the ground is not fake people – there is a reason why all the fans are wearing five layers.” I got frostbite just watching them trying to walk normally in the cold. Korean celebrities are just plain crazy – just to look good in photos, they risk catching colds. Forget the 7 inch heels, that’s what you call suffering for fashion. I could never do that in a million years. I wouldn’t even make it out of the car. Even if I had JW’s arm to hold onto, I would seriously have to consider sprinting towards the main entrance and leaving him behind. Plus the first thing that gets red on my face is my nose so no guy is worth looking like Rudolph on camera.

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[01-15-15]1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-39-11]

*This recap is a bit tricky cuz I dont know the names of any staff and they paired each 1n2d member with like 2 or 3 staff so there are guys everywhere. I will recap as I watch and add pics later, but dont hold out for any good ones of JW. it rained all through the intro so his hair got wet so he wore hats most of the time.

OMG the MBC drama awards is cracking me up right now. poor YJG (jin gu) is caught between his two costars from Missing You and TMETS and it’s so cute the way he keeps going back and forth.  Kim Jae won is the emcee for this so he is grabbing my attention. I missed the first 30 mins or so. this award show is so bizarre cuz they make the stars do some silly stuff. KSH, Micky, and everyone is there. A lot of my fav dramas aired on MBC like Arang and Moon. KSH and YEH won the popularity award so far. second half is starting soon. they make the drama couples do cheesy lines from their dramas or a script. best couple award goes to lee junki and SMA but they arent there. then YEH wins the hallu star award for missing you. her speech was about how she didnt understand at the age of 16 why she had to travel around so much as a girl group member, but now she knows it was all for this – to do well in acting. the guy from May queen Jae Hee won the best supporting acting award I think. cuz the old guy from may queen won for best acting. (why doesnt Jae Hee have a last name?). he beat out a lot of actors in sageuks. his speech is all over the place. this award show is making me realize there are a lot of dramas out there I never heard of. micky. JIW, and YSH got nominated along with the old guys on king2 hearts -the one who played the king and the bad guy. micky’s hairstyle tonight looks funny – very ajussi- ish. Jaejoong says people i like a lot are on this list of nominees for acting daesang. he reads the name and says micky won.  Micky says the flowers are heavier than it looks so I almost dropped it. the weather is cold so hope the staff and cast do well till the end. thanks for giving me such a good award at the end of the year. i will work hard. thank you. then the actress who played the princess in king2hearts won for female acting daesang. she wants to share this award to her partner on the drama for making her character shine so bright. he seems really touched by her words. that strange guy goes around the room again scaring people cuz you can tell they dont want him to come anywhere near them cuz he makes them do silly stuff. he makes Micky sing cuz his character on missing you sang so bad. the guy says you can use this as an excuse but it’s been a while since you performed with your group huh. but micky says it was filmed early in the morning so the acting (singing poorly) came out naturally. Kim Jae won acting daesang for may queen. he said I lacked as an actor so I thought what can I do best. so i worked hard hoping to one day earn the audience’s love. he thanks his cast and fans for their support while filming may queen. hey micky’s brother is in a drama again cuz you can see him in the background of one of the female nominees. the lead for may queen won for female acting daesang. the way koreans pronounce may queen sounds like “making” so it’s sort of funny cuz they repeat it so much. as she goes down the cast list to thank, she forgot the name of the person right in front of her face. micky presents with the actress who plays LSY’s mom. he says how pretty she looks cuz other men will look. she speaks to him like she does on the show and he calls her girlfriend and mother so it’s cute.  she reads off the winner’s name and says I wished he could marry my daughter and calls out the name of the actor on horse healer Jo SW. he is grateful for this role, but the scripts come out late and there are late night filming so he wants to hurry and finish this project and go back on stage. he says some stuff and mentions again how he wishes they would send his scripts faster. omg the next nominees are KSH, SSH from dr jin, Lee sun gyun, LSG from king2 hearts, and lee junki. the winner is  someone ajummas like him a lot – KSH. KSH hugs and shakes the hand of his costars and then goes on stage. KSH: to my mother who i love a lot -my father- my big aunt. my keywest agency. his lists his directors and writers. all the staff who suffered in the cold – thank you. to be honest, I am a little scared of this award. what i noticed the most from living – what I have and what I can show is very little, but words like “you are doing well – you are being good” – that difference is so scary. i wont forget this fear and try my best all the time. thank you.”  he choked up a little at the end. next the female nominees are announces and HGI wins. she hugs KSH first. HGI: this award feels heavy cuz SH cried – he suffered a lot in the cold with the staff. I am so thankful to the staff who are like family. i lacked during Moon so it was hard and wanted to run awway but looking back after a year, i realized I had a good experience as an actor so I will look back on that good experience and work harder. I will accept this award for working hard and work even harder. thank you.” kim Jae won says to KSH: dont be afraid cuz noonas will take good care of you. Suzy presents the award for best drama with the grandpa actor from my princess and king2hearts and Moon wins.  the cast goes up on stage with the director. wow he looks different not wearing a hat and parka. I remember how much he cried on the last day of filming. kim jae won asks some actors to say something and KSH trips over his words. HGI says I forgot to mention my husband a while ago so there would have been big trouble when I went home. she mentions how he is at home sick and tells him not to get sick from here on. the 2012 MBC acting daesang daesang is Jo SW. the guy from horse healer. he beat out kim jae won and KSH. JSW: what should I say. (he keeps talking while looking at Kim jae won till Jae won makes him stop) I thought I would die while filming. he lists the other actors he beat out. i wonder if it’s ok for me to get this award on my first drama so my shoulders feel heavy. he thanks the fans holding up his placards. he thanks his staff, director, and cast. he talks about his drama – about loving animals and you can feel how warm people hearts are and how the smell of a human being is nice. how they live. for the people who are having a hard time, I hope this drama gives them encouragement. he ends his speech with time leftover so they make him talk more. he feels bad for that older actor Ahn the most for winning the award instead. he calls his costar -Lee Yo won his sunbae -even though at school she was his hoobae cuz she has been acting in dramas longer than him. (he even makes a remark about an article in the paper about him looking old like an ajussi.) i learned a lot from you. i was moved by your work. let’s make a great drama for the remaining time.

I just googled Jo SW and he was born in 80. wow he really does look older than his age cuz I was guessing mid to late 30s. End of the award show so back to 1n2d now.

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[00-48-48] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[00-48-56] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[00-49-24] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[00-49-57] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[00-51-01] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[01-11-19] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[01-11-43] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[01-11-54] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[01-12-53] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[01-15-27] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[21-29-15] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[23-10-09]

The guys do the opening in front of KBS. This is the last filming for 2012 so SG says to the members you all worked hard. he bows to SW cuz he is the oldest and others follow his lead. TW jokes SW is in his 50s now and gets hit by SW. SG brings up how they had difficulties and all worried if they could keep going. JM jokes about how much insult SK must have gotten after coming on the show the first time. they all laugh. JM: but now he is different. SK says variety doesn’t suit me. SG talks about deciding to stay on for season 2. how JM cried and stayed up all night wondering why things werent going well. how TW went back and forth between doing this second season or not. SW says as much as we had a hard time the audience accepted us well. dont we look good now? they all thank the audience. SG congratulates SW for his variety award daesang. Then they show clips of JW and TH winning too. They huddle and talked about how 3 of them won awards and stuff. Bird PD says since they are finishing up their filming for 2012 and it’s the last one for this year so there is something special. They bring 2 round cases over and tell them to open it. it’s two different ones – 2012 and 2013 cuz once it passes midnight it’s a new year. bird PD asks where do you think we need to go.  the guys guess where they are going, but TW says “a buffet.” PD explains where they are going today. to make it special, they are going to leave with their (staff) family. The guys guess scriptwriters, audio, and camera guys so Bird says today’s concept is race for meals with their staff. they just have to go and find the designated location first. the last one -the 7th one-  has to pay for  the meal for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. SG says we will take care of our own meals. Bird PD says the trip will be done by the leader/group rep but for example if team Jomyung wins then they all get to eat. SK thinks they will need like $5,000 to feed everyone. SG says from what I can see just looking at speed, the VJs are fast and the camera directors overall. TW thinks the staff will know everything so they have an advantage but Bird PD says the teams have been already chosen. we had a meeting and took them out (the ones that know about what’s going to happen for the race).  There are a line of 7 cars waiting for them. Looks like they will be broken up into smaller teams. to make 7 teams the guys do the ladder to see which group they go with. there are teams of camera guys, audio, lighting, etc.  The guys break off and go greet the staff – their team members. SG thinks it’s great that he is doing the race with the camera guys who worked on the show the longest. TW tells his team we just need to succeed. dont worry if we are last then I will pay. JM goes and listens to his voice. the guy with SK tells the other guy to stop filming cuz he is on the team now. SK: leave it up to me now. they all line up and say the line is really long. JW starts to introduce his team – two hyungs and one guy his age. TH says there is no need to do that cuz they are all famous people. a lot of these guys came out on season one. SG says one guy is in charge of two programs 1n2d and running man so which one would you choose if you had to pick one. the guy says I wont do camera work. next is the VJ team, SK’s.  SK introduces his team and the first is the same age as SK. the third one is the most experienced- the fastest, healthiest, and hungry. SG’s team says their name and the colors match except for SG. JM introduces his team. then SW’s team. SW: we think driving is the most important cuz it’s a race.

the guys line up and bird says the race is going to start now. they just have to arrive at that place first. they are going to have a simple game to see who gets to leave first. so they are leaving 5 mins after each other so the last team leaves 35 mins late.  first game is “noonchee game.” SK wants to go first but SW does. each guy counts off and starts. SG’s team ends up losing first and leaving 30 mins later. TW and JW’s team are left. JW sort of cheats by standing up slowly. his team wins. SG’s team has to wait 30 mins so he asks for the team reps to buy coffee for everyone and calls over SK, TH, and JM. they play a game. JM loses so he has to buy. TH goes over to say hello to some actor I dont know who came to do a radio program. he says hi to SG and SG asks him to come with them for the day since he is here. the guy asks where they are going. SG takes him outside to meet up with SW. SW wants to take him along when TH lies he is going with us. SW says the guy got ugly and asks werent you chosen as the ugliest so the guy swears on camera and it has to be edited out. bird PD says JW’s team left so the others like TH and SW ask he already left without saying goodbye cuz he is young. next Bird says TW’s team can go. JM tells him to go slowly. SG and the others drink coffee.

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[01-54-13] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[01-54-40] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-02-40] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-02-53] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-03-33] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-03-54]

in JW’s car a guy says only on days there are 1n2d filming the weather is like this (raining). someone asks what did they say they would give us if we come in first. JW: full course meal. so the guy says we have to work hard then.

in TW’s car someone asks how TW met his wife. TW: through a blind date.  she must have fallen for me. they all laugh

in SW’s car he remarks the guy (in front) came out looking ok on camera. the one in the back says that guy’s face is getting redder little by little. they all laugh. SW: it’s ok for me to drive right? they say yes as long as you dont get sleepy. SW: i’m not sleepy, but you guys are better at driving than me.

in SK’s car the guy normally filming makes the other one adjust the camera angle so they laugh cuz he wants to look good. SK remarks why does it always rain when we do 1n2d. there are no days when the weather is good.

JM goes next and gets a message to leave but he doesnt know how to start the car. he wonders if they should use navigation. he asks what the men’s ages are. the bald guy in back is 31 so JM says I thought you were a hyung.  the audio guy in front is wondering what that sound is under his chair so JM says you are sensitive to sound (cuz that’s his job).

the guy on TH’s team thought there was no car door (for the back) so it makes TH laugh. the guy was trying to crawl through the front seat to get to the back cuz he didnt see any door.

TH gets instructions to make a right and then a left. the guy in the front is in charge of cameras and says we can turn off this camera if we want so the others laugh.

SG’s team are dressed alike and announce they are starting. it would have been nice if it didnt rain.

SW’s team discuss how to get there and decide to follow the navigation.

the first mission is announced. all 4 have to get the right answer and they will be given allowance to buy lunch. even if they fail they get another chance 5 mins later.

TW asks who chooses these questions and one of the writers is in the back seat so TW tells him to think of something. were there any ideas you came up with.

JM quizzes his team on capitals and asks for Canada’s and the guy in front says without even thinking about it “Vancouver” but the guy in back asks isnt it Ottawa?

TH’s team fears that other team cuz they came up with a lot of problems (quiz questions) and one of their many simulations could come out.

some guy says it isnt the time for SK to sing.

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-13-34] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-16-04] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-21-46] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-23-32] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-23-59] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-24-42] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-28-14] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-32-55] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-34-36] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-36-08] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-41-08] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[02-41-35]

JW arrives and says I will get out. he goes and gets his quiz question about the name of a mystery book from England wrong. the answer was sherlock holmes but he said Conan (even though the question said it was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). he seems shocked to be wrong. he goes back in the car and says I must be a dummy. it’s not what we thought. why did I say it was Conan. he gets another question about Joseon era and gets it wrong. he hears that dreaded “thang” for incorrect so he says “it’s thang again.”  when he comes out for the next one he says this time I have to get it right. guess he got it wrong again. as JW sits in the car looking down about missing so many questions, the young guy in the back says during the time we solve these questions it will be lunch time.

JM’s car pulls up along side TH’s car. TH asks where he is going. TH thinks SW will come along next. they decide to follow behind JM cuz he pulled ahead of them. the guy in the back is filming even though he is off the clock.

JW is acting like a baby and doesnt want to get out of the car and hides his face. the guy in front says they said come out. JW goes and they say fighting as he gets out. JW says I dont want to go out. he is asked to be or not to be that is the question – what famous line is that from? JW thinks and says Hamlet and it’s right. he is so giddy he does a happy dance. he has to suck on a lolipop while the others get quizzed so he doesnt give away answers. they win allowance for lunch but they have to use it all to get the next destination.

JM is asking if Rome is the capital of Greece. (oh wow JM – dude after being on this show all these years, havent you learned that yet)  The guy corrects him and says for Greece it’s Athens. they say “fighting – let’s eat.” JM goes out and comes back in quickly. JM asks the director why arent you calling on the next person so the director says cuz you got it wrong. they have to wait 5 mins for the next question. JM says the problem was really hard.

TH complains they should let them stay inside a car and not outside in the rain like this to be quizzed. he gets his first question as his team says watch the shape of her mouth carefully. TH gets the same question as JW and gets it right. he almost said Conan (like JW). next guy goes and the two remain inside. one wants to go first ahead of the last one cuz of nerves it seems. they get their answers right.

JW’s team walks over eating hot dogs and he says did someone arrive? JW: there are a few here – they must have gotten the answers right.

TH gets money and is told he cant have any leftovers not even ten cents or it’s a fail. he must spend it all. he spots JW’s team and thought he was SK. JW’s team is running cuz they will lose their lead. JM’s team sees the first team leaving and then TH and assumes he already got all the answers. TH asks you guys didnt get all the answers yet? he runs over to them to say they already got it right.

TW’s team gets the answers right. so does SK’s.

JM’s team says the problems are too hard. they are told it’s the same for all the teams. but JM’s team doesnt believe that cuz the man smiled as he said that. his team does searches on their phones. JM gets the second one right but the other guy misses again so back in the car they go to wait another 5 mins.

SG’s team does somewhat better cuz the older guy misses the answer by one syllable. TH comes over and laughs asking who got it wrong?  the old guy looks guilty and smiles.

SW’s team says they are nervous. he says we have to eat. they get the hamlet answer wrong. the guy even guesses Socrates.

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[03-25-29] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[03-26-08] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[03-27-59] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[03-38-59] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[03-44-41] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[03-46-27] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[04-01-24]

JW asks if TW hyung is 6th so the guy says TW hyung is 6th – yes he did RPS at the start. JW: for sure TW hyung and SW hyung are in the back right now.

SW’s team finally makes it through. TH’s team thinks it’s possible for them to make the top 3 cuz there are 3 teams in the running right now and there is no need to get first place.

the guy on the radio says SK is filming 1n2d right now and asked for his team’s names to be called out. he lists their names and says “fighting. you are suffering a lot. do you hear this?” SK’s team replies yes we hear you.

SW’s team gets a flat tire and has to chang it.  the guy who missed all the questions does it. TH’s car sees the flat.

next mission is announced. they can make another team stop.

SG and SW talk on their phone and SW says did you hear we got a flat?SG: while passing by I was surprised. SW tells him to go ahead and do the game and dont go after us cuz we are last. we have to feed our kids. TH tells someone not to come after them and they should be after JW and TW’s teams. JW says it’s been 30 km and no competition yet. please please. they are first so far.

TH’s team pulls up and wonder why the PD isnt saying anything. she says JW’s team just now stopped you for 2 mins. TH: already? he got here already? TH: why us? she says it’s now 2:26 so you can leave at 2:28. his team guesses JW is first place right now-maybe he thought we are in 2nd place.

Bird PD says JW’s team has a chance to make another team stop (by playing that game where you stand up and if the number called out isnt the number of people who stood they win).  TH takes it as a compliment that JW thought of them as competition. he keeps trying to call JW but he wont pick up. he must have set his mind on being first. the guy says if we get caught twice and have to do this then it’s the end for us.

TW’s team arrives and says we can do this if we listen well. they win the right to stop a team for 2 mins. bird PD asks which team they want to stop. TW asks can we stop the team right behind us. he tries to think who was after us. they say JM. in the car TW said to him we are on the same side – you know that right?  cuz we communicate well. JM: we are on one team -who should we make the last team? JM gets a call to pull over and stop for 2 mins. by TW. JM is shocked.  this is a betrayal. I said if he betrays me I would cuz a ruckus at his wedding. i said that on camera.

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[04-03-23] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[04-06-30] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[04-09-51] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[04-18-52] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[04-19-17] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[04-21-38] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[04-21-56]

TH says just cuz we feel wronged, it wont matter if we catch JW who is in first place. the guy says other team will catch him. TH: we need to catch 4th place so they cant come. the guy says we have to catch 3rd place. just then JW calls and asks did you call? TH: who do you think is here for you to catch us? (meaning the lighting crew who has the power to make JW look good or not). JW: why? TH thinks he is putting on an act.  The other guy says I am going to make you look dark on camera JW. TH says you just caught us but JW says I didnt. I didnt arrive yet. we are stopped in the middle of the street and havent arrived yet. TH says they said you stopped us. but JW says we still have 40km left so we havent arrived yet. TH: are you not JW? JW: I am JW. TH: we just got caught by you just now and had to stop and they said you made us do that. JW: no I didnt do that. we are stopped. TH: that’s strange. he wouldnt lie like this. ok for now. JW: ok. he hangs up with TH and a slow smile spreads. TH calls the director and says didnt you say JW just caught us? the PD verifies that so the guy next to him says TH you are the most innocent (among the members). TH: just wait – how could he lie like this.

at the toll gate TH asks how many teams passed by so far. she says two so they figure one was JW and the other TW. now that they have proof, the guys in the car react to the fact that JW lied.

JW says TW hyung must not have stopped us. just then they pass TH on the other side and TH’s team guesses JW is leaving after the mission. JW laughs and says I’ve been caught (in my lie).

TW’s car passes SK and SG in 4th and 5th place. cuz JM fell behind now SK took his place.

SK calls JW and asks are you first? JW: no. SK: who is first? JW: TW hyung. SK: did you arrive yet? JW: no I havent yet. SK: why not? JW says he has 6km to go so SK says you are similar with me. so TW hyung is first so who is second? the guy next to him say look at the car ahead-they must have finished. SK looks and says into the phone to JW: why are you leaving in this direction? the guy says you cant trust anyone. SK calmly tells JW to prepare to stop. after they hang up,  SK says this kid changed the most during the year.

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[04-52-25]

TH arrives and tells Bird PD that one program ruined a kid. JW is really bad. it felt bad enough that he caught us but when I called and asked why he caught us he said he didnt know anything about it. even on the phone you could see his expression. wow how could he do that. TH’s team plays and wins 10 mins so Bird asks which team they want to stop so TH says of course JW. that punk. be sure to tell him our team did that. the guy on TH’s team says even if we lose let’s catch JW.

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[04-58-52] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[05-01-17] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[05-03-46] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[05-03-53]

JW is asked to pull over to a safe place so JW says we are getting stopped. he rolls down the window and says they (TH’s team) must have played a long time since it took so long to pull us over. he is told that he has been stopped by TH’s team for 10 mins. JW: we gave them 2 mins and got 10 mins. JW pretends to cry and says to the camera TH hyung I was wrong (to do that)

SK’s team arrives and SG’s team watches them. Bird PD calls out 5 when there are only 4 guys. SK wants that to count as 3 mins so far but Bird says no – sorry. they go again and lose and get 9 mins. Bird asks which team they want to stop. SK thinks SG will stop them and SG says we are going to catch TW hyung- I can promise that. SK: should we go after JW or TW hyung.  let’s throw them away for now.

TH’s car gets asked to pull over to a safe place. they are told they have been stopped for 9 mins by SK’s team so TH’s team laughs in disbelief.

on the road SK’s car is asked to pull over. SG had promised not to catch them so you catch TH. but SG’s team chose SK cuz SG told the old guy to choose. SK asks if SG’s team stopped them and they did for 8 mins.

Bird PD says the next mission is to wear the same clothes and take a pic so SG’s team already has the same raincoats on and wants to take it now but Bird says you wore that from the start so it doesnt count. SG and them argue. where is something like that? SG offers to take them off and put them back on then. since they match raincoats Bird wants them to match for one more thing. SG wants them to all wear their black jackets underneath and one old guy in a red jacket tries to grab a younger staff guy’s black jacket but bird says not here. on the road so leave. they run to the car and try to figure out who has another black jacket.

JM pulls up and sees SG leaving and says catch SG hyung. catch the one in front. JM’s team plays and wins 7 mins and choose between SK and SG. JM says we can catch up with SG so we need to catch SK. he chooses SK.

SK says 5 mins passed so far but the PD says JM’s team added another 7 mins to stop you. since they are standing in front of a place that has uniforms he thinks their photo with them dressing the same is taken care of.

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[05-27-15] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[05-39-27] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[05-55-51] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[05-57-31]

TW says no one is stopping us. they must have stopped each other. they pull up and ask to borrow guy’s outfits for the sauna for a short time and take their pic. Bird passes them and tells them where to go next.

SG’s says hyung we only need to match top and pants so the old guys strip off their pants right there and take a pic in their black long johns. he yells what is this (cuz it’s embarrassing. Bird gets their pic and says I said it had to be the same clothes not just same color. so SG yells they wasted time for nothing.

TH wonders if TW caught JW.

SW’s team is last.

TH drives away saying this is annoying cuz we were trying to catch JW.

JW and JM’s team are looking for clothes that are alike. they ask around for uniforms. SK tries too and asks for a large size. how can I fit into a size 27 waist? I’m not a woman. the pants only goes up as high as his thighs. he barely fits into the top. he thanks SG (for making them stop here). they take their pic. Bird says they succeeded and gives next location. JW’s team spots a gym. SG spots a taekwondo place and put on their outfits. Bird says they succeeded. TH’s team gets their pic taken and Bird passes them too. he was trying to say you have to pull up the flag there but TH hung up on him by accident. TH is on the phone and says we got caught twice. and I caught JW for ten mins. there is no need to catch JM. TH asks who was in the white car that just passed and the guy says SW hyung. TH: what to do cuz he is just now arriving. TH calls SW and tells him who to catch now.

SW’s team plays and wins 11 mins and they choose SK to stop. TH had told them which game they will play when they get there. after that they have to wear the same clothes and take a pic. he tells them exactly where to go to get uniforms. you have to catch SK hyung. got that?

SK was on the phone with a hyung and says TW hyung is calling so I have to take his call, but suddenly his car is asked to pull over again. SK is told he has to stop for 11 mins so he says into the phone – KSW 11 mins, KJM 7 mins, and LSG stopped me for 5 mins so hyung you cant catch me. SK calls SW and asks what are you doing hyung, but SW hung up on him.

TW says no one is competing against us. then they get lost in the backroads.

JW’s team comes out wearing same outfits and they pass. the chubby guy complains the clothes are too small.

while SK waits sighing over and over, SG passes SK. SK’s team yells cuz they saw LSG go by. SK waves at them. SK says he really dislikes LSG.

TH’s car passes SK too so SK’s team says another one is passing by. they all yell again. SK: we were winning. we were doing well.

SG sees TH’s car coming up behind them. TH sees SG up ahead too. SG drives fast to the location and tells the others to get out quickly. they all race out of their cars and run. one guy from TH’s team push the other out of the way but SG says you have to have all 4 anyway. but they all went the wrong way so they backtrack and run to where the flags are. TH gets there first while SG’s team guy holds back one of TH’s. they are 1st and 2nd so SG says why did we fight. they cant believe this so they say “what happened. the others are hiding somewhere. but TH says we are really first. next TW pulls up and sees TH and the other team. his team runs over and joins TH and SG.  TW asks if one flag is left. SG says TW is 3rd.

clips of the seafood feast they get is shown.

in the car JW says I want to eat squid.

SK’s team says another one is coming behind us. JW says the white car ahead. should we catch them? SK tells his team members not to take the camera when they get out of the car. the driver says “dont need the camera – going to throw it away” so SK gives him this “are you crazy look cuz you are the VJ”

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[06-25-47] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[06-27-12] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[06-27-23] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[06-31-17] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[06-31-34] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[06-33-20] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[06-38-18] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[06-45-46] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[06-46-03]

TH and SG cheer on SK as they race against JW’s team. the guys cheat and try to pull each other back. they grab the flags and SG tells them not to fight over it. SK is 4th and JW 5th. SK basically calls TH’s team dirty for playing dirty. do people need to watch this unsportsmanship like behavior on a weekend variety program. what is even worse is just cuz they cant do well they want to hold onto someone else’s ankles. his team guy pulls him away as TH says SK held onto ankles first. SK yells at his teammate when he says to stop so SK yells “what is ok – let me go.” TH says everything started with this kid. and holds onto JW. JW: why? what about me? SK yells at JW “hey liar come over here.” SK’s teammates are still holding him back – this time from going after JW.  TH says how JW tried to catch them. JW just laughs.

SW thinks they are last. TW is calling JM on speakerphone and before Jm says hello you can hear the navigation voice. TW asks why arent you coming? SG jokes how can the navigation answer the phone first?  they all laugh. just as TW asks JM “why arent you coming – hurry up,” SW’s car pulls up. JW tells SW to hurry and come. SW does a head count as others say you arent last. SW asks where is JM. they say JM hasnt arrived yet. SW thinks it’s a lie. SW hears TH is first and he is 6th so SW gets happy. SW: why? where is JM?

JM asks we arent last right? his team doesnt think so.

TH: it’s a good thing it wasnt SK (that he didnt win) cuz it would have cost a thousand just to pay for all the squid he eats.

JM arrives and looks around confused. SG and SW asks what was going on.  let’s hear what happened.  JM doesnt have a clue so SG says let’s talk about that inside. SG: without eating just the basic setting costs $1,200. for 50 people. JM: we decided to do dutch pay. they all laugh. the PD says there is time left till they have to eat so he asks the staff who participated today to say a few words. they help over one of the older camera directors and SK asks can you introduce yourself on your own? SW says you look more tired than this morning. the guy says I feel like I am going to die. today those guys lied so much.  anyway it was a fun day and I will eat well. SG says someone has been scarred by today and pulls over the old guy on his team and explains how he is almost 60 and took his pants off for the picture. but the response was we failed. the old guy argues with Bird PD saying that wasnt right. I took my pants off, covered the privates, and was so embarrassed on the street. Bird says only the color was correct but not the clothes. the guy argues but you said just the color so Bird denies it. SG asks him to say a few words so the guy says it was hard. Bird says you suffered. they all clap and end.

1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[07-00-06] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[07-01-03] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[07-09-55] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[07-10-08] 1박 2일.121230.HDTV.H264.360p-XTX[07-10-17]

then next scene the guys are standing on a beach. TH says everyone went back to work cuz the staff is behind the cameras again. the camera guy says this is way more comfortable. the 1n2d guys start. SW says they arrived. he says how it’s awkward cuz their teams went back to their places. SG: from the game today I felt like whether a kid or adult, there is a spirit of competition. while watching Yang director taking his pants off, I wondered does her really need to go this far. the man says when you get older you do that more. Bird PD talks about this location. SG says we came here to finish up but the weather is like this (foggy) so please be understanding that it cant be helped. SG says we will use our best CG (computer graphics) so it wont be obvious and they hold out their arms and CG draws in a beautiful fake sunset. SG says the sun is setting so TH asks is it really going to drop like that? JM says there is a saying for 2013 “today is the youngest age so I hope you work hard.” SG makes a joke about SW being the oldest. SW says we arent the real leads of 1n2d it’s the staff. to end 2012, let’s take a commemorative photo. scenes from the past months flash by. then they take a group photo with the staff on the beach


preview shows the guys rough housing during a game where they yell. there is choking and biting. someone puts their hand under JW’s shirt and makes him laugh. someone bites SW where he shouldnt be bitten – upper thigh I think.

SW sticks his head out the window and asks Bird PD why are you making us suffer so much?

* Can I just say, I really dont like how this show has changed JW. never believed he could lie like that to his close hyungs. poor TH must feel so outraged. SK took it in stride a lot better. it’s not like JW could hide his lie for long so I think he only did it for fun. hope TH doesnt hold a grudge for long.

This episode was more fun than I expected cuz the staff going a little crazy was fun to watch. they got so into the games and mission so you could tell they were having a blast. I really hope 1n2d continues to be this much fun in 2013 cuz then Running Man will be out of the race for the number one spot for Sunday variety programming.


55 comments on “1N2D brief recaps and KBS awards

  1. Anonymous says:

    Softy, thank you for the teaser translation. And also for your thoughts regarding this new drama of Joo Won. When I first saw the teaser, I did a double take and then I have to rewatch it again, coz he pretty much looks funny, annoying, hot and totally different from the previous characters that he portrayed. Now I have to compartmentalize my mind and put Joo Won’s characters in their respective places so as not to overlap it.

    For me, seeing him as Gillro is a bit more easy, since watching him in 1N2D, he always manage to make me laugh and if SS will know who I am, she will tell me to behave here. 😀 I also just want to see this drama solely because of Joo Won. I just hope the script will not disappoint us coz if the script is not good, then everything will go downhill no matter how good the actors are. Besides, I do like watching comedy and having Joo Won as the lead actor is a bonus, or should it be the other way around.

    Thank you for recapping, translating, etc. Joo Won related stuffs. I think this is one site that I do like going to.


  2. Tigger says:

    Hi, links to watch the 06 Jan episode — @ http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2087023681 or via Dailymotion (credit jongmin koyote blog) Part 1 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwileg_1y2y-130106-hdtv-h264-450p-rifu_webcam and Part 2 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwildd_1y2y-130106-hdtv-h264-450p-rifu_webcam … Stay healthy and have a great week ahead, everyone 🙂


    • bbblue73 says:

      Thanks a lot Tigger.
      Yayyy it’s not easy to stay healthy under this unpredictable weather. Evenhough i love winter but below 10 is grrrrhhhh i hated the most. But to watch your given link keep me warm & surely sweating to read as Softy’s recap + screencaps posted later on. *wink*


  3. SS says:

    Move Over 007, there is new HOT thing in town……….Agent Han Gilro


  4. cuteMo says:

    So that’s the meaning of the coal they gave to Joo Won.

    Thanks for the recap Softy!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Softy, thank you very much for the recap! I look forward to it every week and very appreciate your hard work.
    Thank you for all translations about Joo Won.



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