Rooftop Prince E2

I love this cuz it speaks volumes about who is really in charge. G might have ruled his country back then as the Prince, but now H holds all the reigns to control these four cuz she can feed and shelter them. Just with one warning look she can already get the guys to back off. Maybe cuz these guys seemed to lack a mother figure in their lives, but they are pretty obedient for four full grown men. It’s funny how some harsh words from S can cut H to the core, but H has no problems dealing with these pesky stragglers from Joseon.  I was kind of hoping she would ease into it more, but S’s character is not even going for the subtle kind and is just going full out evil right from the start. That is why I wanted S to get her comeuppance, but then I got confused what that was. I get that the love line is H and G, but who is the second male lead we are supposed to feel sorry –where is the MJS in this picture? Tae Yong? Cuz for the past two years, even if he survived that accident, there hasn’t been a word from him. How can the second male lead syndrome kick into effect if it’s basically the same guy but different era. Doesn’t that mean T will never make a play for H or end up falling in love with her cuz tonight he just seemed like he wanted to get rid of her since she is an eye witness. Then that means S will never get jealous of H. Unless S dumps T and goes after the bigger catch – G. Just when I thought I had a lot of questions last night, here come some more. I have a feeling finding out the answers to my questions will be one fun ride.

Thanks to Semi-fly’s fast torrents, I was able to get these cute screencaps.  🙂

This is a character after my own heart. Whipping cream after a shot of soju is not my idea of yum, but whipping cream on pretty much everything else is so I was literally drooling watching them enjoy using up that can. In the preview G discovered ice cream so it seems this guy has already developed a sweet tooth. He better be careful cuz they might not have counted calories back in the day, but that track suit is going to feel a little snug if he keeps that up.

This is like the prettiest screencap ever from a flashback scene.

Just when I thought I was safe and in the clear, I had to go and read the recap for King2Hearts. Those trailers really did nothing for the drama, but the real deal seems to be a gem. There is one glaring oversight that no one but me seems to be bothered by: how could Seung Gi and that old guy possibly be brothers onscreen – isn’t there like a 25 yr age gap visibly and numerically? The child actors look like they would be 5 yrs apart in age at most. I still don’t regret choosing Rooftop over K2H cuz this one is more entertaining throughout whereas K2H has its moments – mostly when Seung Gi is on screen. If only I could live without sleep or rest, then I could do both, but the reality is even one recap takes up all night. Just look at the bags under my eyes the next day for proof.

Character list – not sure if my brain can go back and forth keeping the names straight when they show what happened in the past and also throw in flashbacks within that as well to really trip me up for good measure. I wonder if the editor for this drama gets confused too. I bet we make the same “tilt head to the side and frown” look from time to time. 🙂

G= Prince Yi or Lee Gak =present day name Tae Yong= Micky Chun

H= Park or Bak Ha = past name Boo Yong = Han Ji Min

T= Yong Tae Mu=Lee Tae Sung

S= Hong Se Na=past name Hwa Yong = Jung Yoo Mi

M= Song Man Bo=Lee Min Ho

Y= Woo Yong Sul=Jung Suk Won

C= Do Chi San=Choi Woo Shik


옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[09-21-23]

Starts from when she asks who they are. The guys just stare at her and she says don’t come close and leaves her home. They follow her out.  G and others look around the rooftop at the city lights and walk over to the edge ignoring her. they just keep staring in shock. G asks what those lights are. He asks her where is this place. She says -what do you mean where is this- are you asking cuz you don’t know- it’s someone else’s home. Y yells at her to speak respectfully to the prince and bow right now.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[09-22-05]

She asks if they are crazy. G asks is this heaven or hell. are you a ghost or a human. She says he is crazy. dont play around. if I scream all the men in this neighborhood will come up and you guys are going to be in trouble. Y says I will stab her (with his sword). but G stops him and says wait. G says that little girl bewitched us. you little thing. he orders her to take back her spell that bewitched them. She asks where they are from and offers to take them home. The guys huddle up and have a group discussion. M think it’s dangerous here and suggest going back to the palace to safety. G says a while ago we were running away in the mountains. Y thinks while they were unconscious they were moved here. G says to her : you little thing. listen up. find a way to the palace and I will save your life.I will go back to the palace. Y announces into the air the prince is going to leave.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[09-25-35]

She takes them in her truck and as they sit in the back they keep looking around in shock. G is sitting up front with her holding onto his seatbelt

She breaks suddenly and they all lurch. she asks if she just needs to go to kyungbokgum. G: did you say kyungbokgum? H: did you not hear. kyung -bok-gum. he asks if she is trying to be rude to the prince right now. that the place burned down cuz of the japanes and hasnt been rebuilt. so how can we go there. she makes a snarky comment so he says: If I had it my way, I would tear your lips apart but I wont do that right now.  take me to chungbokgum.(a different palace). H: yes.

They get dropped off at the place and the 3 in back look queasy from the rough ride. G doesn’t know how to open the car door so she has to do it for him. C escorts G out of the truck. She laughs at them and mutters their pretense of being from the old days is serious. she rolls down the window and tells them -it’s enough now – I get that you are struggling-  so go home -even if it’s difficult, if you look there are a lot of things to do. live earnestly. sanely. fighting. M checks out the back of the truck and sees the license plate.

G asks M if this is the right place and M verifies it is the front gate of chungbokgum. G: let’s go in. C yells for the door to be open. it’s the prince. open the door. Then G says the same thing. I said open the door. he bangs on it. Police arrive and shines a spotlight on them. cop tells them you cant be there-  move away if you are finishing filming. what are you doing now in front of the door. hurry. now. put on a show why dont you. he shoos them away and Y, M, and C get confused and say “this way” “no this way.” They move around in circles. Police yells for them to hurry and go – ya prince – the four of you-hurry and go. Ya -get out.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[09-53-58]

The four end up in the middle of the street with cars honking at them. They get yelled at by drivers as they try to cross the street. second driver with cap was cute. The same cop pulls up and yells at them -ya I told you guys to go home if you were done filming. what are you doing – hurry and go

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[09-55-44]

H installs new locks on her door.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[09-56-43]

G is standing under the convenience store awning to avoid the rain. He watches some students eating ramen. He looks hungry. Students move away from his gaze. His stomach rumbles. He goes inside the store. He tells the salesclerk he “will pay for the food tm when the joseon bank/treasury opens. Not just for the cost of the food but way more than that. so give me some of those noodles.” Girl keeps saying “hur” so he gets mad and orders her to hurry and give him the noodles. she says daebak and calls the police.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[09-58-19]

G gets kicked out of the store.The same cop shows up again and asks “is this a candid camera or what. what are these people.” He tells the other 3 to get out of the squad car. G asks were you guys not able to get food too. They bow their heads in shame

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-00-04]

H is at the market working. She makes deliveries

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-03-23]

The four of them are in jail. that same cop comes in and finds them and says – “these people – really” Cop asks why they were jailed cuz he chased them away early in the morning. other cop says the 4 tried to go into chungbokgum as soon as it opened this morning without any entrance tickets so the call came in that they were trespassing. cop says these people are really funny – wearing those clothes that look real. Cop asks for their names and date of birth. Each guy says their name but gives out other info like their rank. only M gets it right by giving his age as 21 along with his name. G doesn’t speak then finally says “I am the prince – just know that.” cop writes something down- that they are trouble making kids. Cop says they cant take one step out of here till he knows their guardians contact info. I am not kidding around right now. The four guys watch another cop eat so this cop goes over and eats the food asking is it good – let me eat some too- dont be so selfish. M asks what a guardian’s contact info is. The cop speaks like the olden days and says in Joseon speech that contact info is address, phone number, or even this – a car’s license plate. this is what a guardian’s contact info is.  M looks at it and asks to see the license plate again. cop hands it to him so M remembers he saw H’s plate number

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-05-36]

H is at S’s home and no one answers the bell. Suddenly a slipper is stuck between the door so H goes in with the bags. She says she will leave some groceries and go. T comes out wearing a towel and asks “didn’t you take the keys.” She says I was just going to leaving some food for unni and go. S shows up and H says sorry excuse me to T and to S “unni-sorry- I will call later.” H runs off. S wonders how she came in. S asks if he opened the door. He asks who she was cuz she called S unni. S lies -just a donsang I know. I helped her with something so she is trying to be good to me. (overly nice.) she works at the store and makes deliveries so she brings those things often. you will be late for work so hurry

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-07-16]

T is about to drive away and remembers seeing H at the apple stand and how she saw his face as she asked if he was Korean. (now there is a witness that he was with G so T is worried)

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-10-39]

M is writing down with a marker what he saw on the license plate. he uses the pen like a brush so it’s more like he drew what he saw. M shows it to the cop and says look – this is the guardian’s contact info.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-13-19]

H goes home and the 4 guys are there again. She asks what is this – why are you doing this to me. the cop comes out and says excuse me – are you Park Ha. H: yes. He asks if she knows these guys and she says yes. Then she says I don’t know them. He says you just said you knew them. did these people come out of your home? H: yes, that’s true but…it’s not that they came out of my home – listen to what I am saying -when I said they came out – what that means is….but the cop just leaves. he says I understand. work hard. he leaves. she tries calling him back but he drives away.

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H looks at the 4 and mutters I am going crazy. She heads inside but C starts to faint so M says wake up. why are you like this. It’s cuz he didn’t eat for two days. They try to look pitiful so H falls for it.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-14-50]

She cooks for them. She makes omelet (fried) rice.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-16-26]

They don’t eat it so she asks why they aren’t eating since they said they starved for 2 days and was going to faint. M says to G: how could we dare to eat with you. M orders a separate table so she says there isnt one. G says no it’s ok – today the situation is urgent so let’s just eat. They eat with their plates on the floor while G eats from the table like a normal person. H mutters: you sure are showing me a lot of sides of you. everyone listen well. after you eat that food you are going home. don’t come back again. I mean it. if you do, I will be angry. I am really curious. where do they sell clothes like yours.  While she was talking and getting them water, they finished eating. G asks what this food is called. H: omelet (fried) rice. They repeat it. G says I am happy for the first time after coming here. the owner knocks and says I have something to say so will you come down. H says I will go down there right away. H leaves the guys alone. The guys lick their plates, but G just spoons up stray rice and smiles.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-20-02]

H goes down stairs and to meet some new neighbor. The owner says a new roommate came for Becky who lives on the first floor so she wanted H to say hello. Becky says her former roommate Natasha went back to her country and it was really hard living with Natasha. H says hello to the new girl Lady Mimi and says her name is pretty. Mimi seems psychic and talks about the guys who are around H who are great and that H is good at judging guys.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-23-34]

Y is trying to open a water bottle. C says you have to open that so we can give it to his majesty. Instead of twisting they are pulling. M tells Y to hold tight and I will pull it off. M falls back on the remote and turns the tv on. The character is holding a bow and arrow aimed at the audience so Y protects G saying it’s dangerous. he attacks the tv and sees the girl character held hostage so Y kicks the tv. H heard mimi is a web toon artist. Becky asks if she makes cartoons you read on the internet for free. mimi says she is sensitive when she works so she asks for peace and quiet. H says the home is so quiet it will be great for her to sketch. Just as Y breaks the tv. then the rice cooker’s voice comes on and M orders for the voice to come out. G says drag her out. they realize it was the rice cooker so Y destroys it. M falls down and knocks over the heater. Owner tells the girls to tell her in advance if they need to nail anything in the home and be careful of fire. H says there arent any kids to play with fire so how could a fire start to easily.  Just as H’s curtains go up in flames.  M finds water in the toilet bowl and put some in his mouth and sprays the fire and makes Y drink it and spit water on the fire. M slips and makes the bear talk. it says  “I love you” so Y asks where are you hiding. M throws the bear into the air so Y sort of kills the stuffed bear. the stuffings float down.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-27-30]

H comes back and sees the mess and screams. She puts out the fire first.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-28-13]

She stands there looking at the four guys covered in white powder from the extinguisher. All of them try to sneak away but she calls them by saying wait.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-29-44]

She motions for them to come here. Y threatens her. she says-you said you were important people in high positions but you get some food from me -wipe your mouths and try to leave. you made a mess of my home and try to run away. She says to G: Is that what someone high up does. huh? tell me. G asks M what she means and M says she wants repayment. G says as the prince he cant hear stuff like he is disrepectful and irresponsible. G asks her: what should I do for you

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-31-16]

The guys are stripping off their clothes inside and through the crack in the door, H takes their clothes and shoes. she tells them to do as she taught them – organize the home and use a rag to clean the floor and turn the shower on and take a bath and wait obediently. I am taking your clothes so do whatever you want and walk around in your red underwear or not. if you touch anything else or cause trouble, I really will call the police. you went to the station last night. you remember it dont you. Should I call the police. They stick their hands out and say no

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-31-45]

H is at the dry cleaning. she calls the police to find out if anyone reported anyone missing -like crazy people – were there any reports of four of them escaping. there werent any. the guy looks at the clothes she has from the guys and asks where did you get these sageuk attire. She asks why he took those out – they arent for dry cleaning. She just wants him to keep them in his storage for the time being. he asks why she doesnt do that at her home – why here. she asks if he knows the story of the fairy and the woodcutter. The man hid the fairy’s clothes so she couldnt fly back to heaven. She says those clothes are for collateral. it’s so people wont run away since they dont have clothes. he asks if she is the fairy in this scenario and she says I am the woodcutter – one who is going to torment the others. she says tm she will drop by and give him some veggies. he thanks her.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-37-01]

The four guys are wearing tracksuits with their hair down. she asks if they arent going to zip up. she guesses they are acting like they dont know how. She teaches them how to zip up by demonstrating on G’s zipper. she says watch me and follow what I do. hold this and insert here and hold this part and pull it all the way up.  G feels awkward cuz she is so close. M did it by himself. She helps Y and then C. G tries to sit so she asks why he is sitting. He asks why

She makes the guys work by lifting the vegetable onto the truck bed. Only G is not working. She adds up the amount of money they owe for damages. tv $300, rice cooker $100, curtain $100, heater $60, stuffed bear $50, something $30, and adding up everything that was broken $80- total is $720. that is what you ajussis owe me.  M: then how much do we have to work to pay off all that money. H says to him – at least I can communicate with you “green ajussi” (cuz M is wearing green) each time you guys work it will be $30 each and since once person is not working (she looks at G)  so the 3 of you will be $90 so if you work hard 8 times you can pay it all off. G asks where his clothes were hidden cuz he doesnt like the tracksuit. H ignores G and tells C “yellow ajussi” dont drop the lettuce. C drops it again so she says why is a guy like that. G gets close and says: dont you hear what I am saying? he says take me right now to my clothes. she says until you pay me back all the money I wont give them to you. she yells at yellow ajussi for dropping the lettuce again. H walks off. G mutters I will have that girl beaten

S asks what’s going on for T to want to have lunch in front of the office-what are you going to do if someone sees. He says you like this sushi place so eat up.  did that dongsang this morning not say anything? S: no she didnt – why? T: cuz I didnt get to say hello properly and she left in a hurry so it bothered me.  S:I told you we arent close so it’s ok. why is it bothering you. T: it’s cuz she is familiar looking -maybe we lived in the same neighborhood or if she studied abroad in the states so S says H lived in the countryside all her life and went to school there too. also it hasnt been long since she came up to seoul – there are a lot of people who look similar. he tells her to eat up

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-41-23]

The grandma is hospitalized and tells the doctor her head hurts so much like it will break. if this body was going to die it should just do that -why torture the person. he says the how pain signals to cure the the disease. she will feel better after sleeping with the IVs. after that they will continue with the test. grandma tells S (her secretary) not to inform the aunt cuz if she comes to the hospital, it will be noisy

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-42-43]

H teaches the guys how to use wooden chopsticks and how to eat cup ramen. They don’t do it well so she says just eat. They hear music from her phone and are startled. she mutters it’s confusing whether they are acting or if they are for real cuz they do it so well.  She gets a call from S. S asks to meet at night cuz she has something to say. H asks what time at night cuz she has contract work for the store. S asks where H is and finds out H is close by so S says you arent that far. I am at the hospital cuz of work right now. come here. H says I will be there in 30 mins.. S: call when you get here

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-45-04]

H tells the guys to wait here and dont move cuz she will be back soon. G says I am tired so I want to go back home and rest. She mutters-what did you do for you say you want to rest. does hateful things. dont go anywhere. when I come back and I dont see you then I am getting in the truck and leaving. G mutters he wants to have her tortured (like on Moon with the two big sticks)

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-48-10]

S brings up what happened this morning when H came to the officetel. H says there is no need to talk about that or explain cuz we arent kids and are grownups. I lived in america too so I am a cool woman. S says I didnt call you cuz I was ashamed that a guy slept over at a place where a woman lives alone.  H explains she had some leftovers after her deliveries so she dropped it off. sorry from next time I wont invade your privacy. S says it’s only been two years since we met again so arent we getting too close. all this time i felt sorry for you so I didnt say anything and was just going to overlook it, but when people ask who you are it’s a problem for me cuz I dont know how to answer. you must feel the same about that. you and I are separate people with no drop of blood mixed between us (meaning they don’t have any blood ties) according to the law. so dont call my mother “mother” and try to get close. if anything happens to you, you will try to get help from my mom. then what to do then. it will be a waste to help and it will feel uneasy not to help you. what you said a while ago is correct. just be cool and keep your distance and just say hello once in a while. not sure if hearing this is going to hurt your feelings, but if I speak indirectly you dont understand it. do you get what I am saying? H: unni did I do something wrong. S: if you did something wrong, all you would need to do is better from here on but that’s not what I am talking about. It just wasnt meanst for us to be, but the problem is forcing it to be. H: unni  you are speaking too harshly. S: what I said isnt incorrect and it wont be that bad for you. think it over carefully and let’s try not to disappoint each other (meaning dont let me down by not listening to me)

G is walking by and sees S through the window. He remembers his wife. He calls out princess (wife). S walks away and he tries to chase after her from outside yelling it’s me – princess. He runs into the glass and falls unconscious. The other guys rush over to him

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-50-23]

H is upset and then gets up to see the 3 guys running towards G. she wonders what is going on again

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-50-35]

G wakes up at the hospital and calls out for his wife. He walks around looking for her. guys follow him out

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-52-27]

Outside the 3 guys are kneeling in front of him. G asks them -what to do about this frustrating feeling. what do I do. it really was the crown princess. I wasnt wrong.  Would I forget her face. she was dressed like these people but it really was the princess for sure.  Are you thinking I am going crazy. H says i dont know who princess wife is but look for her next time cuz there are things to do right now. She holds his nose and others try to stop her but cant cuz she gives them a warning look like “back off.” G says I cant endure anymore. he threatens her and she grabs harder

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-54-05]

H says to G: red ajussi – since you wont tell me your ID number so i have to pay but I am going to get repaid for the hospital bill too. She tells him to follow her but the 3 had better stay here and not move an inch. G grabs his nose in fear again. she drags him to a waiting area and tells him wait till a person (nurse) comes out and calls “whangtaeshi” (meaning king and ajussi mixed together) then go inside and take x-rays of your nose. no you will say you dont know what an xray is. just go in and do as the person says and come out. After you are done stay here and don’t move. got that.  He mutters he really saw his wife and stands again so she makes him sit.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-54-53]

The grandma is riding by in her wheelchair and sees G sitting there. she stops the nurse to go back to where he was. He isnt there. she looks inside the offices looking for her grandson. Nurse tells her to calm down. The grandma looks around and cries.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-56-49]

Grandma sits with T and his dad and the grandma calls her aunt. (the grandma speaks formally to her cuz the woman is her sister in law and in Korean that is what you call her). S is there cuz she is the grandma’s secretary. The aunt says everyone is gathered so tell us what you said to me earlier-did you see Tae Yong or not at the hospital.  Grandma says it couldn’t be him cuz he looked right at me and so how could he not recognize me. how would he show up at that hospital. Maybe I am too ill and imagined it. I admit I was stubborn and made things hard for people. I admit it. T’s dad says T will come into this home and live here and take care of her. T says: grandmother I will come into this home and live here. In TY’s place, I will take care of you. I will try hundred times more to be better than TY. the aunt says to T: you thought well. then she says to the grandma – mother this time dont say anything and follow what I say. the aunt tells S to call movers tm and take out all of TY’s belongings so T can move in. S doesnt answer so the answer says answer. Grandma nods in consent so S does the same

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-58-39]

G says how could we handle a world we jumped 300 yrs ahead to. Y: I think we should go back to joseon as quickly as possible. G: even if we want to there is no way.  M thinks since they came through this rooftop home, even if we go back it will be through here. C:I think so too. if we leave this rooftop home, it wont work. G asks are you saying this rooftop home is the way to joseon. they say yes we think that. G says: We came here while in pursuit of the one who poisoned the princess. today during the day I saw the princess. also this is the place we can go back to joseon so there has to be a connection. so I am going to make this rooftop home my residence so know that. they yell yes your majesty. H says why are you being loud – hurry and come in and sleep cuz you have to work early tm.

the 3 guys sleep to the side together and G sleeps a little bit down from them alone. G cant sleep thinking of his wife. H cant sleep remembering S’s harsh words. She goes out and G is standing there. he asks what’s going on. H: yellow ajussi and blue ajussi are taking turns snoring so how can I sleep. why arent you sleeping? G says it in a hard way so she asks what he said. G says it more simply: my heart feels frustrated. H thinks about it and it feels like a waste cuz she finally stopped drinking alcohol (meaning she gave up drinking but she has to now cuz of him). she retrieves her hidden stash of soju and whipping cream. She tells him what they are when he asks. she when you are feeling frustrated this is the best thing. she holds up the soju. he says he missed drinking. she gives him some and tells him to drink. he says the alcohol tastes strong. She makes him open wide and puts whipping cream inside. He says it’s sweet. She drinks and eat some whipping cream. he makes a snarky comment about how she eats – that it doesnt look good. She gives him another shot. He puts too much whipping cream into his mouth. So she laughs and then tries to teach him. She gets it all over her mouth so he laughs.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[11-05-38]

she remarks they drank the whole bottle. He leans in close and says your face is on fire. (Cuz of her flushed cheeks.) H: normally it’s on fire after just drinking one shot. He holds her cheeks with both hands and says be still. she asks what he is doing now. G: it’s nice. He leans in close and says it’s nice to do this cuz my hands were cold. she pulls away and says: you arent even older and you just do whatever you want around me. How old are you let’s find out ages. He says I am 300 yrs older than you. she promises not to tell others so be truthful – did you really come from joseon. He nods yes. H: daebak

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[11-07-29]

H: when you wake up in the morning and before you sleep. you have to brush. She teaches the guys how to brush their teeth. They all swallow it. she says dont swallow. C says try inhaling so they enjoy the minty freshness. she shows how to use the toilet and flush. M remembers how he put that water in his mouth and gags.

She shows them how to use the microwave and turn the range on. they clap and warm their hands

She teaches them how to cross the street. Stop when red and go when green. when she yelled out red, since it’s G’s color he pretended to stop them from going. M says follow me when the light turns green cuz he is wearing green. they do the famous Beatles crossing the street walk. She shows them how to take the bus. They give G a seat first. The guys aren’t wearing shoes so H makes the driver stop the bus. They left the shoes on the street curb when they got on the bus. She shows them money and how they have to pay to buy something. you have to look carefully cuz there are a vareity of bills. this is one for $10. they see the picture on the money and says your majesty and bow down-even G

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[11-12-44]

S’s mom calls H. H tells the guys not to go anywhere and stay asks to borrow H’s truck. H says you can. but why? Mom says cuz S needs it to move and the mom was going to but plans got changed. she asks H to do it. H hesitates cuz of what S had said about keeping distance. H asks cant someone else do it. the mom says there isnt anyone else so that is why she is asking H. G ends up on the escalator and doesn’t know what to do and others help him and get stuck on it too. M asks her to hurry and stop this.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[11-13-09]

H takes the guys to the grandma’s home. H rings the bell and says we came to move the stuff. She tells G they need boxes and tape to move so she will hurry and get them so wait. G: ok. H: dont go anywhere and stay put.G: I said ok. she asks the 3 of them to go with her to buy it and leaves G behind.

The housekeeper opens the door and escorts G inside. She says to take the stuff from this room. G goes in the room and looks around. He looks over and sees his face hanging on the wall. He is in shock. He looks in the mirror and sees his own face and it’s the same face as TY’s.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[11-16-03]

Grandma comes in and says before my TY’s belongings go out I have to look at them one more time. she is startled to see G and calls out TY’s name. she goes over and hugs him saying my baby.

H arrives and wonders where “red ajussi” went. I told this guy not to move. She tells them to hurry and take the boxes up. S drives up with T. H looks at T and says hello. T quickly goes in. S asks why H is here.

T goes inside and grandma comes down with G saying our TY came back. G turns his face and looks at T. T is in shock. They look at each other



G yells out for Y so Y takes off running into the home to protect G.

H complains what is this – cuz of how G talks so he yells at her and she offers up her mouth for him to tear her lips like he threatened before.

When TY’s clothes get thrown out, H goes to the recycle bin and holds up clothes to see if they fit the 4 guys. They change into clothes that are outdated.

H teaches the guys how to read. either M or Y’s voice says dont you think it’s better to live here than Joseon.

G doesn’t want to work so H threatens: If you don’t pick strawberries I am kicking you out of the rooftop home.

I actually guessed his line before he even said it cuz that is what I would say in this situation. Plus it’s too soon for him to have any romantic feelings towards her drunk or sober. What also had me grinning was the fact that with his hair pulled back like that, it makes you stop and wonder which one is the girl. 🙂

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-28-31]

Fanderay’s comments:

I think I had a smile on my face for this entire episode. Even the “serious” moments were funny just because of the ridiculous track suits and hair. While I was taking screenshots I noticed that you could probably watch this episode 5 times and notice something new every single time. All four boys are hilarious in their own way, and are always up to something in the background (like C raising his eyebrows at H in a “hey baby” kind of way when the cop drops them off).

I have to give major kudos to the writers for thinking up all these scenarios that probably really would happen if some joseon boys jumped into the future. I hope that they don’t get acclimatized to their surroundings too quickly.

All I expected from this episode was the boys bumbling about, and that’s all I honestly wanted, so it was a big surprise that the plot managed to move forward so much too. I was curious what would happen if G was expected to inherit a company, but I didn’t expect the grandma to see him nearly this soon. I didn’t expect him to see S or T this episode either, and now there are about a million possibilities for where it’s all going to lead.

Apparently H is as good at remembering people as I am, because besides not recognizing T, she also hasn’t recognized G’s face (and she’s certainly had a good look!).  It’s a complicated scenario, because if it’s decided that G is TW, then G will inherit the company (which T doesn’t want). If it’s decided that TW is dead, then T could be implicated for murder if H remembers them meeting (also not good for T!). T is basically trapped, and I have no idea what strategy he’s going to use to get out of this mess.

In a way I think it’s sweet that G cared so much about his wife, and never resented that he didn’t marry H. It also makes the modern setup more interesting because usually the female second lead does all the chasing (and in the nastiest way possible). If G stands to inherit the company though, is S going to start pursuing him?

All in all, what we have here is a great setup with great characters and a very healthy dose of humor. This show is off to a great start and I really hope it keeps up its momentum.

옥탑방 왕세자.E02.120322.HDTV.H264.720p-MonG[10-53-24]


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  1. Lilik says:

    i like this… thanks you your recap…


  2. sparkskey says:

    Ep 3 written preview
    President Yeo mistakes the Crown Prince for the missing Taeyong and is happy but Lee Gak shakes her off. Taemu starts private investigations to find out Park Ha’s whereabouts. Crown Prince and Park Ha travel to Chung Cheong Nam Do to pick strawberries because they are half price there.Park Ha gets mad at the Crown Prince for being so unperturbed when he can’t even pick strawberries and screams at him to leave her place the moment they’re back in Seoul


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      Thanks @sparkskey
      Can’t wait until tonight, otokeee…….
      camping here….


    • SS says:

      Thanks sparkskey. So glad to see you here. I am a late starter on this one. This show is now my weekday favorite. I tried watching K2H but somehow couldnt get interested whereas this one hooked me immediately and sealed it in the bag in episode 2


  3. Episode 3 in just a few hours! 🙂


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