1N2D S2E4

For a while there in the last months of season one, I forgot why I began watching this variety show cuz they seemed to have lost their way a bit. They did their jobs, but it’s like they forgot to have fun. Without Ho Dong as their anchor, the rest of the five seemed to be drifting along just biding their time till season one was over. Tonight’s episode really reinvigorated interest in this variety show cuz it had been stagnating way too long for months before March 4th. It’s like this new cast came to an idyllic pond that was just sitting in the sun waiting for someone to come along and play in it. With whoops and hollers, each new member of season two jumped into the water and made ripples and splashes everywhere. Now we are all finally drenched in the joy that 1n2d brings. After each episode ends, it feels like we are basking in the sun waiting to get dried and thinking about the great time we just had. It’s official – the spirit of 1n2d is back and here to stay.

*Thank you Semi-fly for dropping off torrents. 🙂

I busted a gut laughing tonight during the highkick scene – omg TH is a riot. Hold onto your hearts ladies cuz JW sang tonight. 🙂

It just dawned on me that this new cast hasn’t done even one opening on the steps of the KBS building. Not that I am complaining cuz I love this location they are showing tonight. It reminds me of the first friend’s episode except they got to sleep indoors I think.  Curious why they decided to make even the winners all sleep in a tent outdoors in this cold weather. For those two that have to sleep in the cold, I feel sorry for them cuz I bet the temperature really drops at night here. Really curious why SG and JM are shirtless and pretending to hold a protest and then in the next clip they have TH stripping off his pants. Maybe they are checking out what kind of long johns he is wearing cuz they look super warm. I remember the first night Kim C showed off his super warm sleeping bag, all the guys wanted to buy one. All I can say is I can’t wait till the weather gets warmer so this new cast can start playing games where losers have to jump into the ocean or lakes. Those were my favorite scenes in the past. Not for the reason you think, but just to see who are the instinctively nice guys. In the past Mong, Kim C, and Seung Gi were the quickest when it came to getting towels for the unlucky person who got dunked. Kim C even took off his own jacket to put around SG cuz no one had been quick even to grab SG’s coat for him. Then again Kim C always did stuff like that – quietly tended to the guys without any fanfare. This time around that role seems to have been filled by SSK. It still surprises me that even if you add a new cast of guys, despite their personality differences; each one finds a role to fill within the dynamics of the group. Maybe that’s the beauty of 1n2d and its secret – watching how these group of men come together to bring out the best in each other and themselves.

Episode 4

Starts from the guys saying TH said if he thinks about long time ago he might cry so when TH joins the group SG jokes: did you think about the past? it looks like you cried and came back. JM adds maybe it’s cuz they said JJ is getting married. TH’s voice from the movie says he buried a time capsule here. they ask how long it’s been. TW asks if the tree got older then TH. and TH says it seems bigger than back then. SG asks where JJ was so TH points out where where the two of them were standing when they filmed that scene in sassy girl. TH explains they filmed the shot and when the characters got older they showed a few years passed so TH walked down that way.  They show a clip from the movie. SW tells TH to say something since he came here after a long time. They gather and TH says at yukeesahnamul, we are making a really good memory here -a second memory personally so thank you very much. they yell 1n2d.

They are in the van and taken to the basecamp. SG makes suggestions to call. JW passes out something to eat. as they walk along, SWsays it’s cold so they all run for it.

There is a campsite next to a stream. The guys go inside and nap. SG tries to call Miss A’s Suzy but cant reach her. he calls Bora from girl group sister. SG asks where she is. she says I am filming. SG says uncle is filming 1n2d and someone wants to see you and asked to speek to you so hang on. SG gives the phone to JM who says hi Bora. JW tells TH who JM is talking to so TH gets up and says sister bora? SG says TH wants to say hi and gives him the phone so TH tries to memorize her number. SG tells her TH is trying to memorize her number.  TH says sister bora like a fan but switches to a manly voice and speaks formally to her when he says hello to her too and asks cant we speak on video. TH lies down saying:  woah 1n2d is daebak. SG says if 1n2d goes on a fun trip with a girl group who do you want to partner with the most on the trip so TH gets up and dances to her music and singing “dont do this stuff.” And she chooses TH so TH thanks her. JM yells “sister fighting.” SG says miss Suzy called. she is on the phone so TW gets up suddenly all interested. SG says into the phone “1N” and she finishes “2.” SG says uncle filming 1n2d now. he asks asks the same question to her about if 1n2d went on a special trip with girl group, the uncle you want to partner with and make food and play games with -out of the 7 – just one. he starts to list names but she chooses TH. everyone is like “what is this” but TH pops up and does a happy dance. JW laughs the loudest again. SG tells TH to say hi to her. TH: suzy I am going to go too the day after tm. SG asks her to choose someone you would never go on the trip with -you rather die than go with that person and she chose “JM.” JM falls back in shock but gets up and says “ya it’s JM oppa-what are you calling me JM for?”  SG asks what her reason is and she says cuz he doesnt talk much so they wont be able to converse and SG adds be honest – he doesn’t have charm too huh. the other guys says Suzy fightin. but JM asks “is it cuz you are young or you dont know.” SG says bye – see you at filming. SG says two votes for TH. so far two girl groups chose TH.  SW calls someone so they all ask who and SW says: I dont want to say the name yet-first if I can reach that person. a woman says hi. SW asks her : So yeon -are you not busy? (the actress from Iris kim so yeon) JM guessed who she is and told SG. SW explains he is filming 1n2d. she says she knows and congratulates him and he thanks her. he says it’s a hard question and asks her to choose one out of 7 and she says “of course JW shi”  so JW is really happy and kicks his legs up in the air. TH laughs and says JW liked it a lot.  SW says this time it’s a harder question, who does she not want to choose out of the 7 and she asks according to image so SW agrees just based on image and she chooses SK so JM does a happy dance cuz it’s not him. she tries to say she likes them all based on their personality. SW tells SK how So heon thinks that if she does a lot of gags that SK would take that seriously. SW tells her how up to now, JM kept getting chosen least fav. they all yell “1n” and she ends with “2.” TH calls bo young and says it’s dad (the girl who played his daughter in speed scandal – the one who made a scary movie with JW). TH explains to her how they are getting votes from actresses now and asks the same question to her to choose a member that she wants to play games with and she chooses JM and JM does a crazy happy dance. SW: this doesn’t make sense. JM says I love you Bo young shi. SW says she is really nice. JM asks her to tell him about her attractive qualities/charm so he can return the favor. TH tries to motion to JM that he spoke into the wrong end of the phone. SW says she doesnt know this program cuz she is liking someone who is mismatched. TH tells her it’s a harder question – it doesnt mean she doesnt like this member but someone she thinks she might not get along well with – he asks her to choose that member and she chooses TW. TW screams and asks: why me? what’s wrong with me. SW asks what her reason is so she says at first they might not be able to converse. TW is hopeful and says: that might mean it’s cuz she likes me. TH says next time he will go over and visit her set. if 1n2d offers make sure you comeand she says “yes dad” JM tries to say bye too. TH says “1n” and she says “2” and hangs up.JM tells the editor dont do anything strange to what Bo Young shi said about me and put everything on the show (without editing it). JM starts to make a speech to her that he is grateful so SW says it sounds like JM is giving an acceptance speech. JM continues: I was always your fan starting from your CFs. TW calls someone and says hello so it makes JM stop and look over. TW called his sister the actress and singer. she says “why” SW says TW chose someone who is too much on TW’s side. TW says he is filming 1n2d now so she laughs so he says don’t laugh. SW says to him – you are more awkward now. TWasks her if she came here on 1n2d on the actress special to choose-which member do you want to take you away. TH: what if she doesnt say him. she thinks for a split second and says “JW ee.” JW gets up and does a happy hop and thanks her. TW asks for the reason is cuz JW is pretty. TW asks how about the person you dont want to show up. JM adds: you dont like that person. SW: this makes me nervous. she chooses her brother. the others laugh. So TW says I shouldn’t have called cuz now I got two votes. TH thanks her. they yell “1N” and she yells back “2” they all say thank you.

The guys are outside and SG tells them to sit down. he says they need to do 1n2d voiceover cuz SK said he didn’t get to do it properly and wants to redo it. So SG says they will do it again. TH: again? So each guy does it again and TH explains how you have to do it like this pointing at the camera. the staff asks if they raise their hands to vote but TH says do that after you watch everyone’s. after TH does it, SG asks what about moving your legs and TH asks “didnt you film that?” TH says I go along with what feels right. he does it again with the leg action. SG says old people will like that. then JM does it next. JM says instead of like everyone using their fingers to say “1n2d” he wants to do it with his legs and kicks his leg up once for 1n and both legs  spread apart and up for 2. So TH jokes “from next time you wont be able to come out” and SW worries it’s not appropriate for whole families to watch. SG says whoever thinks of something just raise you hand and do it cuz if they wait for their turn then SK will be last again. JW gets up saying I want to hurry and do it. JW explains how he is going to do it – to bring to life the 1n2d so SG says it’s already cool. JW does his loud “1n2d” again with force like he is pushing on the “2” part so everyone copies him. SG comes up with a new way too. TH changes it and makes it cuter. SW is next and he wants the camera to film like it’s shooting from far away. he does it like he is signaling for help. everyone says it’s strange. TH and SG hide their faces cuz they are embarrassed for SW. SW tells TW to go next. TW: I really don’t know how to do this. SW: did anyone do this cuz they knew how. TW gets up and says next time let’s not do this. let’s do this for the last time. He says 1n and does a head roll and says 2. JM and SW says it was ok. SG says that was healthy (cuz it’s like exercise) Next it’s finally SK’s turn. SW points out how nervous SK must be cuz he waited a week to do this. SK says I want to mix everything that came out.  SG tells him to do what is comfortable. someone says do it longer then. TH, SG, and JM show him which ones they did. SG and others yell out stuff and calls him ballad something. TH advises SK to go after the plane passed by but SK does a variation of everyone’s so everybody hides their faces in the tent except JW who tries to help SK get up. SK is still on the ground kicking his legs in the air. SG says cuz of the plane (going by over head) it might not air on the program so do it again. TH says this time let’s not go in the tent. make sure you hold it in. SK does it again and everyone laughs and puts their head in the tent again. SK is really embarrassed and puts half his body in. SG asks :where do we use this? they giggle some more. someone says SK really does this with a lot of effort. SG asks out of the 5 or 6 he saw, is there one SK can do the best. something you can express well. he suggests that SK do it again but this time do what TH suggested like he burned his fingers and SG says from here on that way will belong to SK. SW thanks SK cuz when SW did it, it was hard for him. SK says he will do it like it’s real – like he burned his finger. after SK does it they all hide their faces again. SK is still on the ground. TH is still laughing hard. I am going to die. I cant breathe. They say SK is first place. they all agree to do SK’s version all together and make SK do it again

PD says today’s dinner BBB theme is outside so to match that they get to eat grilled bacon. Plus ramen, rice, and kimchi. SW points out they have to solve math if they want to eat bacon. They look at the game board and SG tells them to think about which one they can do well. no one says anything. SG suggests going for 3 packages of ramen to begin with. TH goes over and chooses one and it’s water H2O and NaC1. TH offers to do this one cuz SK doesn’t know how to write it (SK thought this was something to solve). TH has to choose from two water bottles and figure out which one has water instead of salt. all TH has to do is drink it. they remind him there is 3 packages of line on the line. TH chooses and tries to sniff so SW asks why would salt have a smell. They tell him to drink it so TH drinks-it’s water. He won the ramen.

SG says they need bacon so go for 14 strips of bacon. PD says without jumping, they have to kick their leg up and hang it on the rope to succeed. so SG wants JW to do it but PD says they all have to at least once. PD tells them they are not allowed to jump at all. SK argues it’s taller than SG. SG walks over and brags how high up he is in taekwondo and easily kicks and reaches. SK tries kicking up and misses so JM says you cant do it this way. SW asks if you only need to do it once.  PD says in the middle if someone fails they are eliminated. JM goes first and makes it. PD says it’s better if those with confidence go first.  SW had to take his glasses off and cant see the rope but he makes it. SG says it’s easy. SW brags it’s nothing at all. he tries to find TH to tell him that but mistakes each guy for TH cuz he cant see their faces. SW:I did it at my age.  TH says hyung age is not the problem now -it’s whether my leg is long enough. SG argues: I even did it. what is the difference between you and me (cuz TH is taller) TH tries it and they all say he can reach it, even though he missed. SG tells him to stretch. PD announces two people succeeded so far. SG tells him to focus. Next is TW and he makes it. JW is next. SG and SK says it’s too easy for JW. SG says focus even if it’s easy. but JW suddenly doesnt go at the count of 3. JW noticed “the rope was raised” and calls the rope holder out on it. JW says it was here and went up to here.  SG says if they raise it, that is cheating. the guys say it’s too easy for JW. JW makes it. they ask if SK had confidence and someone on the staff says SK can go way past it. SK says more than you think my legs are not flexible. TW argues you made it go up a while ago. SW: hyung (Meaning himself) did it too. SK makes it. SK says he was nervous. TH is next and tries it for practice, but misses. SG goes next and makes it.

only TH is left. SG tells him to sit. They grab his legs to stretch him and TW does something to TH’s thighs. then they move TH around like a rag doll and tells him to raise his leg up to there.  TW suggests taking off his jeans for more stretch and laugh at how funny he looks (plus those argyle socks). SW says dont take it all off cuz it looks strange. TH takes off one pant leg and SW says tie the loose one to the side. TH kicks and makes it, but staff misses it and didnt see it. TH offers to take his pants off completely. poor TH is standing there in his thermal underwear. TW gets an idea and tells SK to give up his ear muff so TH can cover his private part. SK lets TH use it. OMG so hilarious. TH makes it so everyone hugs him. TH says let me put my clothes on but they throw him up in the air to celebrate. SK says let him put his pants back on. SK stands with him to the side covering for TH while he puts his pants back on.

Next they go for kimchi. SW thought they could do it as a group, but PD says each one of the 7 have to make it through this round. each person has to guess the right capitol for the country. now SW thinks it will be hard. the guys huddle and practice. TH didnt know what the capitol for canada was. First is TH and he says I am nervous. he gets America and guesses Washington correctly. Next is Greece and JM gets it wrong. Jm tries to ask for another chance but they lost the kimchi.

They go for rice next and choose exercise and next they will go for seasoning. They think JW can do this well but PS says they have to do sit ups in relay. each person has to do 10 situps for a total of 60 within one minute. JW cant believe it so he asks : how many? one person per second? PD replies one person has to do 10 for a total of 60. SG says they can do this. SW holds their legs and TH goes first to practice.TH asks how it needs to be done and PD says your elbow has to touch your knees when you come up.  At ten they have to hurry and move out so next person can do it. SW rolls TH away to get him out of the way. SW wore his hat like a turban so SG talks to him funny and makes up words that sound like that language. SW says this isnt the time to joke. focus. SW wants everyone to count together. TH goes and he is fast. TW is next. SK is next. JM is next and SW is having a hard time from holding them cuz it hurts. SG is next. Last one is JW. SW collapses.  PD announces the time and they barely made it at 57 seconds. they all hug and SG says clap for SW hyung. SW: we have great teamwork.

They play other game and wins stuff like salt pepper sesame oil. this round is for sausages. PD says this is the last one. all 7 have to finish within 60 seconds to succeed. if they get it wrong they start over from the first person. They have to say something really fast and emphasize the last syllable that was spoken as they say it. SW never did this before. They do a practice by saying jump roping and SW doesn’t get it and cant see the difference. So SG does it slowly to show him and SW says this is too hard. so they make him practice. They put him second. PD gives them the line they have to say and JM is already messing it up. TH goes first and does well, but SW gets it wrong. He messes up twice. SG starts to argue it’s too hard and SW argues it’s my first time doing this so it’s too hard. SG says if JM succeeds give them some other line to say. JM does it and it’s hilarious how he messes up. TH laughs so hard he has to sit. SG asks for another chance. And begs on his knees for JM to do it right. TW and SK try to help JM, but JM keeps messing up and cracking everyone up. JM finally gets it right. PD agrees to change the line and PD messes up saying it-the line was Shawshank redemption in korean. So SW says even you cant do it in one try. SW says dongsangs trust me – I get how to do this now. he does it, but SK messes up so SW does it again. then SK does and so does JW and then TW and TH does it the best and so does SG and JM is last and actually does it. PD announces they made it in 59 seconds. TH is shocked and says we succeeded?

They start to cook and behind SW it starts to snow. SW eats uncooked ramen. JW comes over and says he brought rice and TW feeds him. JW makes a face that it’s delicious. then they feed TH. he has drool on his face so SW asks what that is. TH says there are a lot right now but he thinks hot paste and lettuce to make wraps are missing so he asks is there a way somehow. they argue that they did this for 9 hrs and JM says TH did even a high kick. TH thinks taking his pants off was ok but he might get in trouble for the other thing. so PD offers a chance by showing one of the games writting on the board. SW says you are good at math. TH looks at him in surprise and asks: I do? if they solve the math problem the PD will give them the side dishes. TW keeps feeding JW in the background. TH looks at the problem and laughs. he says it doesnt look that hard, but it’s the first time I saw this. SK goes over so they think he will solve it, but he says I was just looking. then SK asks if the staff has the answer and he will give it a try cuz he doesnt remember how. SW says it will be fun if SK ends up solving it. TH thinks it will be -1 or 0. JM asks if SK wants to say it’s -1 so JM randonly yells out that answer and everyone is in shock that JM got it right. Even JM is in shock. JM brags it’s easy. They decide to use the card the problem was written on to block the wind. they mix hot paste and rice and they say it’s delicious. TH is blowing and about to eat his spoonful but JM says the rice is undercooked.

PD says there are two people who have to sleep outside. In the old 1n2d the cast used to interact with the staff so the staff is given the choice to choose among them. TH: that’s going too far. SW thinks it’s like a popularity vote. PD says from now on till 30 mins later let’s meet then. ping pongs are passed out to staff to vote with. they just need to choose the name of a cast member they want to vote for and stick this in their box. SW starts his plea and says the weather is cold and his knees arent well.  TH goes around and says “please take care of me =meaning I am asking for you to do me this favor.” JM and SG start to protest saying even if one person has to sleep outside all of them will sleep outside. it’s no fun. SW starts making the rounds trying to garner votes – he says you should understand me cuz our ages are similar. you should understand how I feel. please take care of me well.

JW goes up to the camera man and says does your shoulder hurt. He massages the man’s shoulders. SK bows to some people saying please take care of me well. TH gets in the way. TW, JM, and SG are singing trying to protest sleeping outside by saying they shouldnt have it. SW goes up to a man and asks if he still has his ping pong. the man says yes. so SW butters him up saying I like his looks. TH asks where other staff is and JW guesses inside the room. they head over

Everyone goes to one camera guy and TH walks in saying everyone is working hard. JW massages the man’s leg while TH massages his shoulder and head. the guy says why only do this to me there are others around and they all have ping pongs. someone says first you (then the others)  JW uses a lot of aegyo leaning on some guy’s shoulder and the guy squeezes and pats JW’s knee.

JM, TW, and SG are in the tent chanting we will go together. They give each other massages when they hear the rest of the cast is giving staff massages

SK is singing to the staff to win their votes. JM hears that and says “what? he is having a concert without being paid”

JW goes and puts his arms around the shoulders of a female staff member and says I’m #7 (the 7th box) I’m JW- I really don’t want to sleep outside.

TH goes to each staff and says please choose me – save me once.I really dont want to sleep outside today. as he walks down the hill, he tells the camera guy to watch his steps – he offers his hand in assistance and thanks him. he goes over to some people and says “save me. just save me once. I almost died last week.” TH hears the 3 chanting in the tent “go away”. SG says if even one person sleeps outside we will all go out and sleep – they chant about solidarity. JM gives a speech about protecting their own. TH asks what if one person gets caught. SG: then all of us will sleep outside. they chant for PD to go away.  TH: think carefully saying that -if one person gets caught then we all have to. (I see one staff guy from the old 1n2d team)

SK offers to take some plates and helps the guy carry it

JW keeps going to around to another female staff and holds her arm and says “I am JW-you know right?” and smiles at her so she is flustered. SW tried to get some votes but PD says those people are sleeping. SW sees coffee and thinks it looks delicious – why do I have so many things I want to eat when I come here to film.  what is that person drinking. it looks delicious

TH goes to sound guy and warms up the guy’s hand and says turn off sound for LSG, KJM, and UTW. TH: turn off all their sound – you dont need it. I am the best out of all of them.

SG and JM start stripping and gives a speech how they wont turn back and will show them. JM was going to take his shirt off but changes his mind. So SG gives him a warning look and makes him. TW kept his shirt on. they chant they will show that they wont move no matter what

SW comes over and asks what they are doing in the tent. He sees them chanting and laughs. SG tells TW to take his shirt off but he shows his feet sans socks. They hand SG a guitar and he starts to make up lyrics but just gets up to “we”. SG gives a speech -even if you think we look ridiculous and no matter how much you mock us – we wont back down. But he tells JM let’s put our shirts back on cuz it’s cold

while the cast is inside the tent so they cant see, PD says it’s time for staff to vote. he asks if the staff has gathered. Each staff member goes to the 7 boxes and makes their votes by dropping their ping pong in the box of the person they selected. SG yells out we trust you all. JM: me too.

PD tells them to come out and count each ping pong in their box with confidence. JM goes over and starts to count. He thanks all of them. He got a total of 9. SG goes next and he has more than 9 so he already beat JM so SG says “at least it’s not me” so JM goes back to chanting “let’s sleep together.” SG pretends to hit him. SG got 13 votes and thanks the staff. JM chants “let’s go together.” TW feels around and there is a lot of sound in the box so he starts by thanking them. I didnt know you treasured me like this. thank you.  He got 13. PD says at this point JM is last. TH starts to count and flicks the ping pongs at the staff so some catch them. he got 17. TH: thank you. SW is next and he says there are more than you think. he only got 4 and pulls all of them out at once. JM: there is no way (that’s all) and then SW walks away so they all laugh. JW holds onto SK’s arm and laughs too. they wonder how SW garnered his votes. Next JW and SK count together. JW got 5 so far. So did SK. They have to beat JM’s 9 so JM kept saying you cant. Both guys keep counting. JM keeps chanting: you cant. SG keeps counting and JW and SK have 9. JM says it’s the same right now. SG says if they each have one then JM sleeps outside. SK and JW both have the 10th one. JW has 13 and SK has 12 total. SG asks if JW has 14 so JW looks inside and says like a kid “there isnt.” JW smiles and thanks the staff. SG announces the staff voted and SW and JM sleep outside. SG and TW pull away from JM cuz now he is on his own cuz he has to sleep outside.

the five guys are in the tent and someone says turn the lights off please. SG says how there is ambience (cuz of the light outside hitting the tent and making a glow) they say how nice it is and that it makes them sleepy.

outside, SW says doing it like this – it seems like ice. Cuz they are sleeping outside with just sleeping bags and plastic covering their sleeping bags to keep them dry cuz it’s snowing. JM says it’s snowing and it’s pretty. SW: you just think it looks pretty? you arent worried? after a second, JM says I dont think this will work.  PD says they will give plastic overhead cover since it’s snowing sort of like a tent. SW thanks him. JM: if it wasnt snowing we could have just slept as is. SW says how considerate PD is. JM says I have something curious – why did you suddenly jump into doing a variety program. Cant hear SW’s answer but it was something about how he didnt know and he came this far. JM tells him to sleep well and so does SW. SW is restless and comes out. camera guy asks why he cant sleep. SW says to be honest this is my normal style (not being able to sleep) -last week was weird. last night I didnt sleep a wink and came here. camera guy says you will be able to sleep later. SW: I think that will happen. He goes back into his sleeping bag and sleeps.

Next morning. Snow has covered everything. JM is sitting up in a daze. SW gets up and puts his socks on and wipes his glasses as JM shakes the snow out of his sneakers.

JW wakes up first and is sitting up. he waves at TW and TW grins and waves back. Someone’s hands is sticking out so TW shakes it and goes back to sleep. I think the hand was SK’s. cuz SG slept in the middle and TH was next to JW. JM says look at the snow and hits the plastic cover to knock them down.

When they are all indoors SW pulls out 11 heat packs he put on his body to stay warm saying “since it was my first outdoor sleeping I prepared a lot.”

On the bus SW asks JW to sing a song related to snow since it’s snowing. JM suggest “song flower” (from that drama-i’m sorry i love you). JM has the music on his phone cuz he was going to practice singing it. SG announces: JW will sing. JW: yes.  SK tells JW to sing it while looking out the window to look cool so JW sings for them and opens the curtain to look out as he sings. SK is the first to say “wow.” SW and others say how nice it is and someone says “I told him to do it to be funny” (meaning JW is too good and took this more seriously. SK says this is the ending part (that goes up high). SW asks SG: isnt this song difficult. SG: it’s difficult. SW: wow. JW sings it well but they cut to the closing. *softy silently cursing the editor for cutting away to closing scene cuz I bet he sang a lot more*

They all stand right outside of the viewing deck. SG says we came cuz we heard there is a view that is breathtaking. it snowed at our base camp and thought this is the perfect place to do the closing – that there is nothing else that is more beautiful. that is how we ended our meeting. PD says you will know when you see it. SW asks the PD if he saw it and PD says yes I did. all the guys are holding hands and SG says you cant open your eyes no matter what. only open them when I tell you to. SG leads them out to the edge down the sky walk and tells them not to open their eyes. SW says it makes him afraid for no reason. someone else wonders if there will be a dog. they say how the floor feels weird like an ice rink and SW worries they will bump into the railing. they all held hands and TW let go of TH’s hand to hold onto the railing so TH says why did you let go of my hand. SG tells them to stand where he told them. TW feels the hair in front of him so SK says “it’s me.” SG says he will introduce the view and makes them open their eyes at the count of 3 and yells “Look”. They look down and it’s beautiful. everyone’s mouth gapes open in awe. Then they get scared cuz that platform is made of plexiglass so they can see through to the bottom. TW says this is really great and SW says what an honor this is. everyone says how beautiful it is. SG says this is the most beautiful view. JM is scared so SK offers to hold onto him.  SK remarks about the pretty color of the water. SK thinks when it’s spring and flowers bloom it will be even better. SG says you can look at everything all at once. JM says come and visit this beautiful place Jeongsun. They yell 1n2d.

Nell song was played during this scene.


no preview

but JW’s recent music video comes out -the one with LMH from Moon

* After watching this episode, I was thinking what I wouldnt give to be on the 1n2d staff and get to stare at JW for two straight days every other week. I would sneak him food every chance I got. and maybe TH, TW, and SK too. I think JW got a new stylist cuz he is dressing better and better each week. SW needs another stylist cuz I swear that black he wore is for ajummas. every time you watch a market scene, those ajummas wear those hats. I can count with two hands how many grandmas in Korea own that same hat.  🙂

It’s been a long time, but I actually wouldn’t mind going on this trip for real cuz it’s really pretty.

This is the song, but JW sang it better. 🙂


110 comments on “1N2D S2E4

  1. Enz says:

    Softy, love How you began this recap. Am so looking forward to this variety show. Just got to watch the first episode yesterday and objectively, it was dull. But as I said before, it’s harsh to expect it to just gel and take off from the word go. Am glad it is all coming together now. Excited!
    Thanks always for your recaps

    Btw, who is LMJ that you hope will be in the new hong sisters drama?


  2. joonni says:

    I didn’t expect TH to work so hard during this show but he really is. I’m loving his all-out effort and sincerity in this show. So cute for an ahjusshi.

    Joo Won sounded wonderful but nobody sounds better than Park Hyo Shin, Softy, nobody 😀


  3. nonski says:

    i heard a lot of worries for this second season of 1n2d, with LSG leaving the show and most of the original cast were also leaving, that this might not live up to what 1n2d was before. as a new follower of this show, i can safely say, even if i hadn’t watched most of the previous episodes that this season will be rock solid. we’ve only in to the first 4 episodes but i am already so drawn in it. initially because of JW and then TW but now i came to love all of them. TH is so hilarious he is rocking each episodes with all of his complaining, he makes complaining so cute. and they make it that even with the new PD, they showed us they can run the show themselves, even without further prodding. 1n2d fighting! softy fighting!


  4. Yesterday was my first time watching 1N2D Season 2 in KBS World… I have watched the episodes where LSG was still around, and I watched their farewell episodes which were very sad… Anyway, I watched yesterday and could feel how nervous JW was, but I enjoyed the show… I think all the 7 members tried their best to bond… And I am proud of our JW… When I read Softy’s recap, I still cannot imagine how this show would be, as I cannot put the face and the initials together, except for JW only… The others I only know the guy who played in Hotelier (until now I am not sure what his name is!)… and Uhm TaeWoong as he played in SIU with JW… Then yesterday I learned about TH (Cha Tae Hyun) since Softy’s recaps showed how he must be a funny guy.. 😀
    OK, I will learn more about 1N2D…. 😀 Thanks Softy for the recaps…
    Thanks Bird for the MV…
    I want to read Softy’s recap from episode 2 now… 😀


  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Softy.

    Owh boy… CTH is so damn funny. Check it when he glimpse at LSG’s phone and try to memorized SISTAR’s Bora telephone number… LOL!


  6. After I read again Softy recaps, I found something really funny during the phone conversations with girl idols & actresses in tent…

    TH (ahjussi) got 2 votes from 2 young girls and JW got 2 votes from 2 noonas (or ahjummas?? haha :D)…
    What a cute combinations ^__^


    • SS says:

      I just love the song JW sang, how I wish he sang the whole song.

      Got curious and listen to the MV by original singer. Objective first impression without having a clue as to who the singer is : I thought he sang it rather flat(not in pitch) but i mean of emotions. But hey it really suited So Ji Sub. It’s got that ultra manly, gravely, raspy feel. Then I googled Park Hyo Shin and am utterly amazed that the voice belonged to someone so young. I think he sounded better live than in the MV and he has a truly unique voice. I found a duet of him and SK in YT. I am now even more thrilled that SK was impressed with JW.

      Joowon’s version is sweeter and I think if the whole version comes out, he could bring more lovey feel to it. Plus, I can totally imagine him in the MV with his singing. This guy makes my heart ache.

      Joowon may not be the most handsome, best actor, best singer or most popular but he is like 99.999999999999999999999% all those and more. Why else am I so besotted, like never before?


    • bbblue73 says:

      Hello yanna dear.
      LOL, TH ahjussi, he is a guy like to be with coz he is so funny & bubbly. Young girls like to have some fun, laughing & screaming & etc.. even by just looking on his facial expression., whereas our JW is such a sweet, lovable, caring,gentle & cute, so mostly noonas/uni (like me,haha) love that kind of personalities/characteristics from a man, like our JW. LOL……!!!!!!!


      • SS says:

        You are half right bbblue. Agree, young girls like to have fun and scream in company of the likes of TH.

        But JW makes noonas/ahjummas like me makes me giggle and smile like a chesire cat. I have definitely screamed many a times too although never outside the gents.


    • LOL.!! @ SS dear. I always love your sense of humor 😀 😀
      On your comment : Joowon may not be the most handsome, best actor, best singer or most popular but he is like 99.999999999999999999999% all those and more.
      That makes his total score is 101%… haha… Daebakk!!

      bbblue dear, I agree with you, me too am a noona/eonni (no ahjumma yet :P)!!
      I love his charming personality (I really like this term :)), his mature attitude and everything you mention above, but I found something a bit bothering me, he has too many “aegyo” >,,,<


      • Sorry ladies, please don’t smite me!! >,,< 😛 😛


        • SS says:

          dun worry about it Yanna, we ladies got one less person to jostle with.

          Going by how physical his aegyo can be as seen in this episode of 1N2D eg putting his face on ahjussi’ arm and holding on to it(actually i am amazed how the ahjussi totally bought it, even patting and squeezing JW’s knee!), hugging female staff, laughing into SSK’s sleeve, Joowon baby, you can aegyo me any time.

          By the way, not everyone can get away with aegyo. Think UTW..hmmm…eewww….


  7. […] 1N2D S2E4 Recap by Softy at soulsrebel/CADENCE […]


  8. triangrl says:

    ahhhh I MUST KNOW!!!

    the ending song in the background when they’re on the skywalk is nell?
    what is the title or link to it?! bc i love it!
    i’ve heard the song somewhere else and i can’t figure it out..
    THANK YOU!!!


  9. Enz says:

    I was just thinking it’s so great for joo won to have this 2d1n .. It’s looks like such a fun respite from work, even though it IS work. And with all these hyungs around him who have been in the business for longer than him, they and the show may help anchor him and keep him grounded and sane against the madness like we witnessed in the video.

    We don’t know him, of course, but he does look like such a sensitive soul and us being noonas and ahjummas, we can’t help worrying for him, can we? 🙂


    • SS says:

      Thought you sent in your resume already, Enz? Agreed, right? you cover the back and me, the front. Yanna and umi can position themselves in the toilet(their favorite hangout).

      btw, are you the same person as enz? just wondering cos it’s Enz and enz. You could sue each other, you know?


      • Enz says:

        Good spot ss!! As a good bodyguard should be, always alert.. Luckily I do not have to go through the legal process as Enz and enz are one and the same . Except Enz is using iPad which automatically caps my first word and enz is the real me that cannot even bother with caps on my pc!! 🙂


      • LOL..!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀
        In the toilet/gents??!!! What a perfect location, for an ambush??!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
        Either one doesn’t matter with me (sounds really pervert >,<) … hahaha….


        • SS says:

          Yanna darling, I thought you and umi were planning to stalk JW in Korea and toilet was one of the hotspots? Or was it someone else?

          Poor JW, it just struck me that day that he probably can’t use the urinals anymore(do they have these in the gents in Korea?). I think he has that type of look that even men will take a second glance, and I dont mean in a gay sense.


          • enz says:

            i have a vespa, so can make a quick getaway – ss, we sandwich him to protect him on my vespa – altho me alone i only dare go at 70km/hr, so with three of us, maybe even those running may catch up with us. maybe yanna and umi can run alongside like those secret service protecting the us president! :p


          • LOL!! Yes.. yes.. indeed, that was my pervy idea planning to stalk him where ever he go even to the gents (LOL!!! Pardon my pervy mind) if we are available to go to Morning Calm Village on April 28th 😀 :D. But unfortunately we can’t go!! 😦 😦 ^__^

            @Enz…. Geez… I’m laughing really out loud!!!
            Imagining us as Female Body Guards or Female Secret Services special for Joo Won on a “VESPA” !!! What a yammer!!!! 😀 😀


          • umi says:

            lol!!! SS and Enz dear..you’re so hilarious…omo I can’t imagine if you two are jw’s bodyguard..I’m sure you’ll be very very busy protect jw..poor jw..the fans and the bodyguards all give him a heart attack!!! lol…


            • Enz says:

              In my alternate world as a bodyguard, joo won will suddenly catch my eye in my vespa’s mirror and suddenly notice the monkey that used to protect his back.. Her freckles and imperfect teeth will intrigue him and ss will then be relegated to protecting his back and I get to be in front now. Hahah


  10. SS says:

    It seems like the Korean media is all flushed with news of Joowon’s singing in 1N2D. Our talented Samora has been lauded and praised for singing a ‘not easy to sing’ song and made more newsworthy that the ballard king SK was impressed.


  11. Eva_Dew says:

    Uee with After School sang Snow Flower too, in Japanese as their 3rd anniversary song hehe 🙂


  12. Eva_Dew says:

    sorry forgot to put the link 😛


  13. enz says:

    joo won should have used the hwang taehui intense stare to get votes. if i were a female staff and joo won grabbed me by my shoulders and stared into my eyes intently and said “enz, dont make me sleep ya ya tonight. its in your hands.’ i would gulp and have that deer caught in headlight look that the kdrama girls have perfected and after i am able to stop the flutters in myocardium and the shakings of my hands, i would quietly obey him. sssiiigghh….


  14. nonski says:

    Really love listening to Joo Won singing! He has a really nice voice.

    want to share this cut i made of Joo Won singing, i uploaded it and you can dl it from this link:

    i super love the part when SK was doing the 1n2d shout, haha, that was just uber funny esp when the guys keep hiding their heads inside the tent. love also when TH was doing the rope kicking. these new set of 1n2d are just so happy with what they are doing in the show that it gets us viewers infected. haha. and joo wonie is so capable in everything. he does the rope kicking with so much ease and love it that he pointed out that the staff raised the rope, hehe. SW is sooo funny too. 🙂

    and that place in the ending is just awesome! i was also quite scared when i saw it was a glass they were standing on. *shivers*


    • bbblue73 says:

      Hug hugs huggies nonski dear, thank you, already in my treasured box.


    • Nonski… Saranghae yo!! *big hugs*
      Cheongmal kamsahamnidaaa….
      By the way, do we need to create account in the web?


    • Omiii….
      I am literally crying! He sings so beautifully!!! Ohmiii… Oh dear GOD… How could there be a guy so perfect like him??!!! BTW, I know the song!! I wasn’t clicked eventhough Softy had explained that the song is from which movie… And I am doomed to see everything without being able to listen to it! And after I downloaded from dearest Nonski’s link… And listened it on my BlackBerry although I need to run inside the store room and almost hit by a pack of papers on top of me as I was trembling as if I am doing some sins or affair… Then there he was… sings SO BEAUTIFULLY with that clear voice of his… Ommoo…
      More than words I LOVE YOU, JOO WON shi!!!
      And I love you all JooWoNies Pyong chingus…
      My world seems brighter and more beautiful now!!!


  15. flo says:

    OMG..am i the only one who is keep listening the snow flower song?????
    i,ll become addicted with this song..especially JW’s version..he sang this song with his sweestest voice and i noticed his sang snow flower with his whole heart..look at his facial expressions..his eyes
    i dont understand the lyrics but is it a sad song??coz JW’s eyes looks so sad when he sang this song..
    OMI Joo won shi..you makes my heart aches


    • nonski says:

      hey flo, heads up, i made a cut of his song and have it ready for you guys to download.


      • flo says:

        OMG..OMG..thank you sooooooooooo much dear..i looove you muaaaahhhhh
        fying to kisses you…………………….
        Joo won ahhhhhh…more than everything sarangeeeeee


  16. Ann J says:

    OMiiiiii, just when we started to enjoy our sundays again, KBS PDs are going on strike… Will they pull the ‘brakes’ on 1n2d!!!!! OMG, joowon dear, will miss yr cute-dimples…, pls..pls don’t do this to us. Its toooooo…. much to bear!!!!!!!!!


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