Rooftop Prince E1

I totally forgot how great Micky looks in sageuk attire, but this smile brought it all back for me. After 5 recaps so far since Sunday, my brain should be fried, but this episode was the jolt of caffeine I needed to make me sit up straight and pay close attention to every word. From start to finish, I just got great vibes from this opening episode and judging from the preview, it’s just going to get even better tm night cuz the comedy will come into play. Even though I haven’t checked out the competition yet and haven’t seen Seung Gi or Equator Man, in my book this is already the clear winner.

OMG I am in love with this drama already. It has traces of Women in the sun and other makjang dramas, but in smaller doses so it’s more fun to watch. I was thrilled to realize how much I loved it already just from the first few minutes. That rarely happens these days. This drama is a keeper. 🙂

Thank you semi-fly for dropping off torrents – you are my lifesaver. 🙂

Written before it aired: To say I am highly anticipating this drama is an understatement. I have been looking forward to this for many reasons and surprisingly one of them is the second female lead Jung Yoo Mi cuz I loved her in Thousand day promise. She made her character fresh and angelic without any self-pity.  There have been a string of new dramas that have aired that I missed out on, chose not to watch, or passed on recapping, but this was the only one that consistently stayed on my radar. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of SKKS, but loyalty to that drama is not what brought me here. I have no hidden agenda or curiosity to see if Micky can pull off another solid performance like his SKKS days and I count his effort in Ripley as a mere hiccup in life’s many misses. Basically I just want to get some answers for the many questions I had after watching all the trailers. I really hope I enjoy this drama cuz it’s been a while since I recapped a romantic comedy and I need that more than anything after the tear fest on Moon’s finale. It’s almost scary how much I want this drama to be fun cuz even though it’s impossible to duplicate the fervor and excitement of recapping SKKS again, I always felt like this drama had the potential to rekindle just a little bit of that. Even if it couldn’t live up to that expectation, I hoped it would establish itself as a great romantic comedy that made us forget about all the comparisons and just enjoy it for what it is on its own merit.

It’s unprecedented to start recapping a new drama with a heavy heart, but when I read that Micky’s father had passed away on March 14th and Micky went back to work on set two days earlier than expected, tears already started brimming over. Whether this drama is another hit for him or not, sooner or later he is going to break down in tears knowing his father won’t be around to celebrate or commiserate at the end of the series. There are times like this when the character on the screen blurs with the actual person and it’s hard to separate the two so I am already rooting for this drama to succeed. Not just for the acclaim Micky will get after Rooftop ends, but just the fact that working on this drama will be a merciful distraction from the pain and bereavement he must be going through. I’m sure Micky knows that his father passed away knowing his first born son is doing well in his career and will take very good care of his mother and younger brother, but knowing that won’t be able to comfort the little boy inside who lost his father.  I just hope this drama gives Micky the outlet to work through his pain so that one day he will be able to look back on this drama with a sense of pride and no longer associate it with the time of his greatest loss.

Korean names continue to be the bane of recapping a kdrama series for me. There better not be more regular characters cuz this is already a list that is too long for me to keep track of. You don’t even want to know how long it took me to memorize all the names on Moon and how quickly I forgot them all.

G= Prince Yi or Lee Gak =present day name Tae Yong= Micky Chun

H= Park or Bak Ha = past name Boo Yong = Han Ji Min

T= Yong Tae Mu=Lee Tae Sung

S= Hong Se Na=past name Hwa Yong = Jung Yoo Mi

M= Song Man Bo=Lee Min Ho

Y= Woo Yong Sul=Jung Suk Won

C= Do Chi San=Choi Woo Shik

extra plus  – the granny from brilliant legacy and 49 days is on this.

SY’s mom from OB is here too-headbands and all.

I think I am in trouble if this drama continues to flashback to the past so much – what do I call them cuz I know a mixture of their names in the past and present – half are names they use in the present and half are past. oh man that means I have to memorize more names (*thud – softy bangs her head on table*)

E1 recap

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-20-59]

In the past: Starts from late at night when a cat is on the rooftop peering down as a man is seen running across the courtyard.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-21-44]

G wakes up and looks next to him and no one is there. he gets a drink and calls out is anyone there. is anyone awake. Is no one there.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-23-04]

An aide runs over and G hears his footsteps. G goes out and asks what is going on. aide says your majesty – the princess. G tells him to speak and then runs outside. Guards take their post. G runs like crazy towards the pond. There are people there already.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-25-14]옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-25-33]

G stops and sees a body floating face down in the water. He takes a few steps slowly and starts to cry. He calls out her name and keeps heading towards her. guards stop him so he yells at them to let him go. He keeps calling out for her and asks what happened.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-30-30]옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-30-39]

The camera goes to her body in the water then present day G’s body floating in the water

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-38-07]

flashback: Young G the prince is with his father the king and ministers. The king makes a joke about who the prince’s friends have been so far and asks what kind of girl the prince wants. Prince G: I want someone pretty so I would want to see her every day.  They all laugh

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-39-28]

Young girl (past life S) is looking in the mirror and her younger sister (past life H) comes in and says how the king ordered the selection for the crown princess and their house is rumbling with talk cuz their father has been chosen and one of his daughters will be selected. S says if father has been chosen – that means between us – doesnt that mean one of us will become the crown princess. between the two of us who will become the princess. little girl says of course it will be you unni. just thinking of you becoming the princess makes me happy. thanks to you unni I will get to look around the palace. Older sister promises -when I become the crown princess I will invite you to the palace every day and feed you lavish food and put you in nice clothes. little girl wonders what the prince looks like

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-39-49]

The girls are with their dad and mom. the dad says you two have already heard so you should know-the choice for the crown princess came to our home. the mom tells her older daughter to be careful until the final selection is done even when drinking and walking. cuz it’s up to her and everything is riding on her becoming the crown princess out of their family. The family is shocked as the father chooses the younger sister’s name to be submitted to be the crown princess. the mom asks him did you just say the younger girl. he says yes cuz he thinks she will fit what the prince wants. The older girl cries and is upset. the dad tells her to help prepare her sister to be the princess. she cries and says yes father. The little girl is worried and looks guilty.


옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-41-04]

Present day young H is with her dad and young S comes with her mom. she asks her mom to order the same ice cream. The man orders it for her. the mom says we are all going to live together now. The mom tells young H to call S her unni

*their parents are getting married but each already had a child so these two girls will be siblings through marriage, but in the past version, the two sisters had the same parents.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-44-10]

The mom is spanking young S for not watching the kid better when they were at work cuz young H got injured (she burned her cheek) and there was almost a fire. the dad says thank goodness the house didnt catch fire-how could the kid try to boil ramen alone. the dad yells at H not to touch the gas again or else she will be in trouble. mom spanks S again for not watching the kid well

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-49-45]

The girls are outside at the store and S puts items into her sister’s backpack. They get caught by the store owner. he asks if this your younger sister-open her bag. S says -what about my sister. he says open the bag. S: I dont want to -why- I said I dont want to. you can’t. he spills the stolen items out. S asks the girl – what is this. H says I dont know unni. S scolds: Did you steal this. Are you a thief. answer me – are you a thief. Young H says it’s not me- I don’t know what’s going on.

in another store, S does it again and frames her sister for stealing but this time the father watches her and saw everything. so he spanks S and tells her not to do it again

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-55-50]옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-56-09]

S left young H in the back of the truck sleeping and opens it and was about to call out her name, but she closes it after she throws the milk inside. the truck drives off and S watches it leave. Young H wakes up and looks around and sees the milk. She remembers how her sister said I would buy milk so stay here. she calls out for her sister but S just watches her. then S turns around and walks away.


옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[10-59-59]

In the past, younger sister is getting dressed up but the mom wants another outfit. she asks the older sister what would look good to tie the girl’s hair. S chooses one but the mom says wants S to bring what she got as a present last fall so H tries to talk her mom out of it by saying that belongs to unni – this is pretty enough. but the mom says no cuz the prince wants a crown princess who is beautiful. the mom says you have to be beautiful.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-10-17]옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-10-15]

Little girl goes over to her sister’s room while S is ironing. girl says she is going in. S says come in. Girl says let’s eat dried persimmon. S says I wanted to iron this myself for you cuz it was wrinkled. girl thanks her and says during the day you were upset about the hair tie weren’t you. S lies and says no I wasn’t – I am ok.  S remarks tm is the day you meet them for the first time. time has already passed so quickly. H says she is sad cuz not many days are left till we have to say goodbye. like we said last time I will invite you to the palace every day so we can eat good things together and divide all the good things.  (like clothes and stuff). H tries to feed her sister one of the persimmons saying eat this while you do that. S tells her to eat first. H says no you eat first.  S pushes her away saying I told you to eat it first. it drops to the floor so S gets up to pick it up still holding the hot iron. S takes that chance to pretend to trip on her hem and fall down and ends up burning H.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-11-01]

The dad is mad and asks how could you let this happen. what were you doing. the mom says what do we do cuz that scar will be there for the rest of her life. what do we do. he says be quiet. he says he is going to submit the older girl’s name instead

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-11-11]

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-11-44]옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-11-33]

Young S gets married to the prince. H watches from outside with her face covered up and cries. She has a huge burn mark on her cheek.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-19-09]

Now H is older and has her face covered as she embroiders roses and a butterfly

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-20-55]

G is with S and he says the butterfly was deceived too. cuz S embroidered so well the butterfly thinks her flowers are real. that it looks like the butterfly she embroidered can really fly away. He recites some poem about roses and flowers and a bride passing by a window. he asks S to continue reciting. She cant so her sister answers from the side and recites that “the bride asked her husband -is the flower pretty or am I pretty.”

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-21-26]옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-21-22]

G turns his attention to her and recites “the husband was joking around and said the flower is prettier than you.” H continues and says “after the bride heard that the flower was prettier than her she stepped on the flower stem” so H responds “she said if the flower is prettier than me than sleep with the flower at night.” G says H isnt even married so how does she know a racy poem like this. H says sorry and said she didnt know so G laughs and says it was just a joke. it is fun to tease you sister in law. S is jealous and steps in and says she is curious about which flowers bloomed elsewhere so G orders everyone to go there.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-21-43]

as they head over, S starts to talk about flowers over there but G turns to H and says I made another riddle for you. this time you wont be able to solve it easily at all. if you bring back the answer within two days, I will give you a big prize. you understand? she says yes. G: what is dead even when it’s alive and alive even when it’s dead? H repeats it. G asks if S knows that riddle and she doesn’t. he says you wouldnt know – you dont know.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-43-54]

G orders the body of the princess to be covered when it is taken out of the water so no one can see her looking bad. He forbids anyone from entering their room from here on and wants it guarded. dont let any cup or plate be touched. he starts to cry and asks who in this country dared to take the life of the princess. I swear I will find out who murdered the princess and tear their body apart. whoever helped that murderer I will take their lives as well.

The court mourns her and there is a platform made to pick up her body.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-45-01]

G cries on the embroidered butterfly and his teardrop brings it to life and it flies away.


옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-46-08]옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-47-58]

Present day G  is reaching for a yellow butterfly and sees H selling fruit. He laughs when he sees the butterfly land on her shoulder. He quickly sketches her. some kids steal some fruit so she yells at them and says you are dead and throws an apple at them but it hits G on the head and knocks him back. T comes over and asks if he is ok. She runs over and asks if G is ok. she heard T speaking korean so she asks if they are korean. he says yes. T says G will be ok. she says sorry. T points out kids are stealing her fruit so she chases the kids calling them thieves. T asks G: are you ok? G: yes why are you so late.

*present day G’s name is Tae Yong, but I already wrote G everywhere-sorry. 🙂

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-49-02]

T and G are at a bar drinking. T says it took 2 hrs to get out of the airport. G asks if grandma is well. T: as long as you dont make life difficult for her. they see H working there as a waiter there. T points out it’s the same girl that hit you on the forehead and calls her the apple girl. G shows T the sketch he drew. T asks do you know her. G says no – while waiting for you I saw her and she was pretty. T says that’s the first time he heard G say a girl was pretty.

T overhears as a coworker asks if H has the day off tm to see a movie. H says she changed shifts with someone so she has the day after tm off. So T goes back and tells G that apple girl has a day off the day after tm. ask her to meet.  G: how did you find that out. T: cuz I am skilled. you said she was pretty. ask her to meet. she is coming. G chickens out and says he is reserved a yacht to do some sketch of NY harbor and invites T along

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-52-17]

H gets a call and says – it’s for real? there is no mistake? she tells her coworker that she is going to korea. Other girl asks did you find your lost father and H says yes they tried and I found my father. I just got a call from Korea

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-53-32]

T is steering the yacht and gets a call from the grandma (the chairman). He tries to give the phone to G saying it’s from grandma, but G says don’t take the call- I will call her later.  T:how can you not take the call. G knocks it out of his hand and says: I said dont take the call. T gets mad and says: this time she said to drag you back to Seoul. G: just tell grandma you couldnt find me. T: grandma – no I should call her chairman. it looks like she decided to retire from the company. G says why does she want to give it to me when I dont know how to run the company -if it’s about working at the company there is uncle and you. T: she said the company belongs to your family – not me or my father. G: why are you like this -we are all family. it’s not fun to talk about that. T: you and I are only half cousins. I only have the right to be your cousin by 50%. the chairman is your grandma -she isnt my grandma. I cant call her grandma – i never called her that. my father is a thorn in the chairman’s eye for the rest of her life. cuz her husband had an affair and had that child my father so the company belongs to your family. G: why are you like this. I said it was no fun. you dont have to say those things. T steps in his face and says: then dont make me say this by taking a plane for 14 hrs to run this errand.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-07-13]옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-07-37]

G says stop and pushes him. T punches him. G hits his head and falls into the water but T doesn’t try to save him.  He wipes his handprints off the steering wheel and puts everything back where it is. T throws G’s phone into the water cuz it had pics of them together. T dives into the water and swims towards shore.

* T and G are half cousins – not brothers even though G calls him “hyung.” Only G can inherit the company from the grandma since he is her grandson – unless G dies I guess

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-09-36]

T lands in korea and S is there to meet him. Behind him H arrives too.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-10-00]

In the car T hugs S. she asks why he is like this suddenly. He says just be still.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-10-59]

The grandma hears the news about G that he is missing. she asks what that means that G is missing. T says it cant be called missing yet. she says T said that G was missing just now. his dad explains T only said that cuz he couldnt contact G even for 5 days while in NY  so it would be better to report it the police in NY. Someone asks T: didn’t you speak to G over the phone before you went to NY. T says I did but G didn’t show up at the appointed place. his phone was off and didnt come home and there werent friends to ask. grandma asks what to do – nothing bad happened to him right. The guy says he will send someone to America cuz this sort of matter they need to leave it up to officials so grandma says hurry and do that.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-12-00]

H is at the police station and an officer asks if she is BH -the one who came from america. she says yes. he says the DNA test matches. she asks where her father is now. The policeman says he could reach her in america but couldnt reach her father. she asks you still cant reach him,  is my father avoiding me and trying not to meet. they say when it’s time to meet some avoid it. is that it. the man says that’s probably not it cuz her dad wanted to find his lost daughter and put her info in the DNA data base so he wanted to meet his daughter.  but right now. She asks why-what about now

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-13-00]

She goes to her dad’s funeral and cries.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-13-56]

S is getting scolded for not coming earlier to the funeral. where were you all day. S says she had an emergency. mom asks if she works so much at the office – why dont the coworkers attend the funeral. S says it’s cuz I am a Hong and father is Park so is there a need to announce that to the office (meaning she has to explain why they have different last names since in korea you take your dad’s last name and mother keeps her maiden name.) They go in and S sees H crying. S asks who she is to cry so much. Who is she? S recognizes her and asks her mom who is she again. The mom says you dont recognize her – it’s H.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-18-50]

H comes out wearing black. The mom tells H says it’s not the proper time to be happy about finding her after 15yrs so let’s talk after the funeral. do you really not remember at all? If you were 9 then why didn’t you remember your dad’s name and the address. how could you not look for your father. H shows her scar and says she got injured. it was a huge scar but now it’s smaller. it was a car accident so all she remembers is staying in the hospital for a long time. mom: so you were in an accident. I wonder where you got into that accident. her mom tells S how when they lost H back then, the dad and mom had all these strange ideas of why it happened but it was cuz she was in a car accident -that’s why they couldnt find her. S: mom is this a time to talk about that. The mom tells H to take care of the guests by passing out feed and lining up shoes cuz they dont have a lot of family so work is piling up. S asks H: do you really not remember. I played with you a lot when we were younger when my mom and your dad went to work at the market I watch over you at home. H: I don’t remember at all. S: is that so. anyway it wasnt nice memories.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-28-14]

In the past:  The king is meeting with G and ministers. G insists it’s murder. They say what would be the reason to murder the crown princess. G: We have to find that reason. her dad says how the princess had a habit of walking at night around the palace when she couldn’t sleep. that it was an accident and she must have slipped and died. G says that isnt possible cuz even if she went for a walk at night aides would have followed her. if she fell in then why wouldnt they rescue her. some investigator guy comes in and says how they found the aide who taking care of the princess that night. she had been hiding so they captured her. G asks what she said. the man says how the princess couldnt sleep that night and went for a walk. while the aide got distracted elsewhere when she came back the princess was already dead. that aide was scared and left the palace. king says the aide deserves death. the guy says but the aide is already dead. king asks how she died. the man says while they were transporting her, she was stabbed with a knife by some men who attacked. her father says the aide got the punishment she deserved and wants this to be resolved with this. The king says to do that. he is not well (he looks sick)

*this father is not reacting like a father at all. if your daughter is murdered, shouldnt you want to find out what happened like the prince, but the father just wants this to be put to rest. that makes me suspicious. Plus since the king agreed with him, G has to gather his own group to investigate

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-28-44]

G’s voice talks about M – his name and age as 21. how his illegitimate birth prevents him from holding any public office position, but he is smart and doesnt forget any information. G lists all the things M knows and says there isnt anything you dont know. G says how M found the culprit who committed murder last year and captured him -did you do that. M: that happened. G tells him there is another murder case now.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-29-42]

G’s voice talks about Y just as Y is about to be beheaded. how Y killed the person who killed his mother and did bad things to his sister. then he killed that person’s 7 guards. G asks why Y learned to use the sword. Y says to protect the citizens and the country. G: I am the country so can you protect me

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[12-42-06]

G’s voice talks about C. C is dressed as a woman and peeing in a men’s bathroom. C goes to see the prince and bows before G. G says how C came to the palace as a young kid to become an eunuch and got kicked out for being close with court ladies. as part of one of the gisaengs, C knows about what happens with men and women and knows everything that happens anywhere even inside the palace bedrooms. there is nothing you dont know. what do the rumors say? was the princess in an accident or killed. was it murder?

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-10-09]

G assigns each guy tasks they are good at. M to investigate what happened that night with the princess. Y to get info from palace maids. The four of them walk to G’s room. He talks about that night and how he had drinks with S. There is a reenactment of that night. Nothing was different that night. he was discussing stuff with S. Before that, H came by. I told her to come as soon as she had solved the riddle. G asks what brings her this late. She says she solved the riddle. He asks what the answer is. (we dont get to hear her answer) G: She got the right answer and after she left I drank one more glass of alcohol and fell asleep. When I awoke early in the morning, I couldn’t see the princess.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-12-19]

*these screenshots are from the flashbacks to the guys investigating b/c that’s more interesting that just watching them talk to G

G is looking out over the water. M comes over and says if the princess ate poison – (how he followed the steps to the pond and timed it) it’s possible she walked there. for the poison to take effect and spread through her body it would take that long. after she arrived here, cuz the poison spread through her body, it’s possible to say that is when she fell into the pond.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-11-34]

Y says how he looked for the man who sells poison, but he was dead already. and the poison he deals with was usually powdery. G: a white powder. M thinks it was the dried persimmon. it was the dried persimmon from that night. the white powder on the persimmon would have been hard to detect as poison with the eyes. G: you mean they sprinkled white poison on the dried persimmon.  C runs over. G tells him to hurry and say what happened.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-12-55]

C overhears people talking about the death. how there was talk that it involved poison. how the princess didnt just pass away by accident. more talk about poison and then C is grabbed and pulled inside.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-14-34]

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-15-25]

C reports to G there was a witness that night who saw the princess. G: what? who is that person? C says I found out where that person is. G says  -where is that- let’s go there right now. The four of them run  the stone turtle’s head moves. then they ride on horses.They are in the woods. G asks are you sure this is the right place. C says it is. that person said this was the place for certain. Arrows fly through the air and almost hits G. then assassins show up. Y protects G. they ride off into the dark and head towards a cliff. all the arrows miss them and fly past.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-16-23]

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-16-42]

They jump the cliff and the four of them fly off their horses and through the air as the moon gets swallowed up in darkness by an eclipse.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-18-08]

Present day: S shows up and stands there. The mom says if H opened her store within 2 yrs after coming to korea-isnt that daebak. H says how it’s only a small store. S comes over and says the mother should have rested if she broke her arm and leg-do you have to work? mom asks if S did anything for her after she broke her arm and leh. H says to S – you should have called if you were busy and I would have taken mother home. S:what is that. then you should have called sooner. S says let’s hurry and go cuz I am tired. after I drop you off, I am going to sleep. the mom tells H to clean up well and go home and rest. mom tells S to come over and help her. H tells the mom to rest and tells S to go safely. mom says to S- hold me properly.

H goes home and gets some water to drink. the four guys appear and are sitting there. she drops her glass and asks who are you people.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-20-02]

The 3 guys protect G. She grabs a skillet and asks who are you- what are you?



G’s voice says something about how to handle a world that they just jumped 300yrs ahead to.

G asks: where is this place. policeman tells them to leave if they are finished filming. G asks what are those lights.

H asks if the men are crazy.

M says dont you think it’s better to live here than josun?

H says to the guys- you cant come here. the 3 guys bow and say your majesty to G

G opens his eyes in the water

G’s grandma cries and hugs prince G thinking he is her grandson

G sees S and calls out her name

past G ends up in current G’s bedroom and sees current G’s face for the first time

at first I wondered why G didnt recognize H as his wife’s younger sister, but it was cuz past H had her face covered the whole time he knew her. I really hope that this whole time travel sets everything right and puts past G and H together right along with the present day couple. 🙂

Possible spoiler so dont read unless you want to know: Last night Fanderay planted a seed of doubt in my head so I wanted to share it. she doesnt think that S is the one floating dead in the water cuz they never once showed her face. she suspects it might be the younger sister or someone else. So I tried to go over what the motive would be for S to kill the younger sister other than jealousy and why would S want to live in hiding and then it dawned on me. S could lie and return to the palace and act like the victim. someone kidnapped her and she got free. while they abducted her, they murdered her younger sister and put her body in the water face down to look like S had died. Sooner or later they will have a flashback to the scene where the face on the dead body is revealed and it will have a scar on the cheek. the father found out and wanted the murder covered up to protect his child cuz he suspects his older daughter . I sort of believe this could be true cuz G was there when they drank and stuff so why would S be the only one to eat the poisoned persimmon. wouldnt G have eaten some too. that makes me suspicious even more.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[13-15-36]

Fanderay’s Comments:

I’ve been excited for this drama for quite some time now, so I’m thrilled that it’s finally here. I’ve watched a lot of good dramas over the last few months, but I’ve definitely been feeling an itch for a good rom-com, and I think this drama could be just what I need.

If I’m completely honest, this episode did feel a little all over the place, but I like where things are going. Under normal circumstances it’s already hard enough to introduce all the characters in the first episode of a drama, and I think this one suffered a bit from having to do it all twice while jumping between times.

The opening was good, and rather dramatic with the mirrored dead-bodies (I didn’t realize that there would be a modern-times version of G too). I soon found myself impatient for young H and to grow up , and then I wanted to see the king with adult Park Ha for longer, but found myself suddenly kicked into a world full of bubbles and butterflies, with quite a few scenes that screamed “watch this because it is setup!” Setup is all well and good, but it was executed in such a way that I didn’t feel too invested in what was happening. That being said, I sort of agree with the writers’ stance to just bulldoze through all that intro content and get to the good stuff, instead of spinning it into something more elegant, but ultimately longer. They could have easily spent two episodes on everything that was covered, so I’m happy that we’re already getting into the real shenanigans tomorrow.

Once the boys were all together I practically cheered, and I love that they don’t have a long history together. It will be funny enough watching them cope in modern times, but it’ll be even better while seeing them get to know each other too (since they seem like a rather eclectic bunch). I’m already cracking up at the preview for tomorrow (sageuk hair + matching track suits = priceless).

I think that the chemistry between these boys is going to be key to my enjoyment of this show, and so far it’s looking surprisingly promising. At first I was a bit dubious since they seem to all be different ages and not have much in common, but I think that’s what’s going to end up making it great. They will probably all have very distinct and exaggerated personalities, and I bet it will be incredibly entertaining to watch.

I also rather like that Lee Gak and Park Ha don’t have some ridiculously dramatic love story going. They seem less like star-crossed lovers, and more like two people that are intrigued by each other, and have been brought together by a very (very!) strange fate. Hopefully this means that Lee Gak won’t simply chase her and try to convince her that they love each other in the past, but will instead find himself falling more in love with her while he tries to figure out his life in modern times. I wonder though…will he even recognize her right away? It seems unlikely since he’s only ever seen her with a veil.

When Softy and I first discussed this drama I told her that I wanted to do it, but warned her that even though I adored SKKS, I thought that Mickey Yoochun was a bit stiff (he was probably also just terrified to be starring in his first role). Now he seems much more comfortable and relaxed, and absolutely everything — from his yelling to his smiles — seems more natural. He also looks a heck of a lot better in modern clothing and hair than he does in a sageuk get-up, so lets hope he doesn’t spend too long in transition.

I’ve only ever seen Han Ji Min (the actress who plays Park Ha) in Padam Padam, and she was utterly fantastic in that role. She was one of those actresses that I expected not to like, and ended up loving, so I was thrilled when she got picked up for Rooftop. I was a bit worried about her transitioning to someone more than 10 years younger than her Padam Padam man, but she’s already made herself seem younger and less mature, and I have no doubts that she’ll be very believable.

Of course I’m also happy about my other three boys from Moon/Sun, OB, and Deep Rooted Tree, and thought it was sort of funny that young Bo Kyeong was also poached from Moon/Sun. I didn’t think it was possible, but her evil has grown! I’m curious to see if S is as nasty as an adult as she was as a child. If so, we’re in for a rough ride!

Despite some of the awkwardness in this initial episode, the set-up definitely worked because I’m already psyched for tomorrow’s episode, and my fingers are crossed that it will be as entertaining as I hope. All the right elements are in place, and I see no reason that it shouldn’t be great.

옥탑방 왕세자.E01.120321.HDTV.H264.540p-SHINs[11-19-29]


77 comments on “Rooftop Prince E1

  1. Kayana20 says:

    The backstory is this. Prince G was supposed to marry H not S. He thinks he is in love with H but no since they switched he is in love with the idea of her and S knows that. I already do not like her and would not be surprised if present day Park-ha starts to remember everything.Wow burning someone because someone likes them more.Just sad.I love Ha Ji Min and she shines already.I cannot wait to laugh at her and the F4.Also the age thing she looks no more than 29 when she is in her 30’s.Her playing younger is easy since she can look young. RoofTop Fighting! Thanks softy for the recap.I need to change my icon on soompi now.


  2. Iviih says:

    Ep. Raw :


  3. Jewels says:

    Thanks so much Softy for your recap!.


  4. Rose says:

    I absolutely adored the younger Ha. Very bubbly. 🙂

    I guess the episode felt a little all over the place because they chose a non-linear way of story-telling for this drama. Weird, but I have come to appreciate it.

    I am so looking forward to hilarious moments between the F4 guys. Yong Sul has been my favorite eversince the trailers were released but it looks like the others are equally charming as well.


  5. cherry says:

    i can see i will love this drama – if they continue to execute it the way if played out today. i just dont get why Modern S hates modern H… if they knew each other while the parents dated or were real sisters i can see maybe why she would be jeolous of H but its like she decided to hate H the moment she set eyes on her in the cafe…. makes no sense to me. I mean there is jeolousy – and then there is making a conscious choice of abandoning a 9 year old and turning ur back at her when she is calling for you for help…


  6. deedee810 says:

    Hey Fanderay Just read your comment there always good lol…..Han Ji Min she also played in Yi San and Jewel in the Palace did you see those 2?


  7. Iviih says:

    OMG Softy, I feel so bad for Equator man! Because it seems King 2 hearts got 27% of ratings!

    And rooftop got behind it and EM got very very behind it…

    It seems rooftop also was on the most searched in the korean websites….


    • Iviih says:

      Oh wait, it appears to have a confusion, some says 27%-30% but others said it almost got around 20% at the end of the episode… but was between 16-14% while RP and EM were around 10%.

      Hope the later info is true because I think they should give a chance to the others dramas before the ratings get so crazy and low or high…….


  8. Iviih says:

    Okay, so now the ratings for the dramas are:

    King 2Hearts, episode 1, ratings by AGB N.K: 1
    Nationwide: 16,2%
    Seoul: 18,8%

    Rooftop prince, episode 1, ratings by AGB N.K.:

    Nationwide: 9,8%
    Seoul: 11,3%

    Equator Man, episode 1, ratings by AGB N.K:

    Nationwide: 7,7%
    Seoul: 8,2%


  9. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: I so happy you recapped “Rooftop Prince”. I watched it raw and felt they covered a lot of the characters and background just n 1 episode and like yourself and Fanderay I am ready looking forward tomorrow episode and the comedy from this drama. Thank you very much!!! Have a good one.


  10. Mrschunnie says:

    I’m back… Parking here after long time vacum as OB drama finished. I even not finished the Moon-sun drama, but I already in love with this drama. Park Yoochun is forever my bias, I miss Lee Sonjun and the truth that I can meet Lee Sonjun and present Yoochun make me double happy. This drama is like a dream come true.
    And the story can give me a goose bumps, the unreleased love in the past (they can’t be together coz the evilish sister) and the unreleased love in the present (TW alredy died before he realised his love) can be together and make a new fate. It’s like a long fairytale, and fate is fate nobody can’t change it. Ugh… It’s so great, I’ll cheering up this drama until end.
    The truth that Yoochun back to filming this drama a day after his Dad’s funeral finished make this drama even special for me. Thinking that his heart still full of sadness, he has to make a rom-com drama and make us laugh. It’s so ironic. But we can see how profesional he is and he always do the best he can, all out. I told you this not because he is my eternal bias, but a lot of news, fanaccount or even the crews who work with him told about that.
    Thank you for recaping this drama, I’ll be cheering up RP from beginning till end. Today ep must be a lot of funny scene, camping……. ^________^


    • flo says: dearest Friend mrs. chunie..can i tell everyone you’re the most hard core fan of Mickey.
      i ever knew..he..he…welcome back dear..
      SOFTY..thank you for the recap…OMG i already falling in love with the story
      and Chun?? i like him since he was on SKKS..i,m so excited..


  11. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy everyone. Can I just say how much I love this episode already.

    This is in case Sailor Enigma comes by. The song lyrics for the song when Tae Yong is in present day New York. From heartofcrystal @

    The words we had as we looked at each other
    The words only we knew
    I can’t erase them,can’t throw them away
    It seems as though I can’t forget
    The streets which I have looked around in a long while
    the good memories of passing these streets
    come back to me again and again, so I stop walking
    I came back here after a long journey
    because I long for that time
    It still comes back to me even if I live on pretending that I forgot
    You are such a person, you are in a corner of me all the time
    The time we spent together and the memories
    surround me like the stars
    How about you?

    Cos’ I love that song already. Softy I hope all those computer icons don’t come out when I save this message 🙂


  12. semi-fly says:

    I honestly couldn’t help but think about the answer to the riddle.

    Since we don’t get to hear the answer and it’s obvious the answer isn’t something morose or abhorrent and well I’ll also throw out he’s probably not suggesting something like Schrödinger’s cat [i.e. a paradox], it’ll be something overly simplistic like morality, faith, [human] desires (not necessarily related to the seven deadly sins), wisdom, or even love (given the reaction we do see I’m already discrediting this but we’ll see).

    I’ll admit I wasn’t really that fond of the episode. I’ve had my fill over the whole revenge genre and seeing how we’re basically tossed into a sibling rivalry on the off I do hope that the crux of the story will be less angst and more about finding ones soulmate/other half.

    Getting back to the riddle I’m actually kind of curious how it seems that Park Ha (old) appears to be educated while her sister seems to take after a rather shallow stereotype of being ‘just another pretty face’ with no want or desire to better herself but at the same time appears to be just smart enough wherein she knows what she wants (Crown Princess) and how to get it (maiming her sister). Though admittedly using this kind of logic on the Park Ha (new) doesn’t quite fit as the reason seems to be the standard jealousy bit but at the same time I’d say there’s more to it than that.


    • Erin says:

      The answer to the riddle I believe is butterfly. You see the butterfly starts life as a caterpillar and then it hardens in the Cocoon and finally turning into a butterfly. Because of this transformation from a busy caterpillar to a butterfly the caterpillar is alive when it is dead and dead when it is alive. As for Schrödinger’s cat, I believe that would be too paradoxical an answer. Although the cat is simultaneously dead and and alive, it is only so until the box is opened. And with how they keep referencing the butterfly throng out the show, I believe it is the more obvious choice.


  13. sofico says:

    Thanks for the recap!!!
    Anyways, I am not sure, but I think Bu yong is Han Ji Min and Hwa Yong is Jung Yumi (so its backwards). It made me confused when I read here, but I’m fairly sure this way is right.

    Again, thanks!


  14. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy & Fanderay.

    I’m an OB addict and for the past few months I’ve been watching only one drama i.e. Ojakgyo Brothers 🙂

    As OB ends, I still can’t move on and keep lingering here at your OBsessions page 1 & 2. Haha.

    But, now… I think I will watch this drama :-). Not sure if I will go crazy with Micky like I’m crazy with Joo Won now because I’ve watched SKKS and I kindda stucked with the second lead syndrome, YAI 🙂 and not so fond of Micky (but he’s doing fine for his first acting debut in SKKS).


  15. rillakm says:

    Aw thank youu. And thanks goodness this shows doesn’t dissapoint us and just like what we expected to turn out. Anyway, are you going to recap king 2hearts as well? Cos it’ s just as good as this or I honestly think king 2harts plot is more interesting heheh. Whatever both are good, but still am looking forward for you recap on that show too. Thanks before


  16. goodday123 says:

    Softy, I read your spoiler, and I think your logic may be right, since the dead body’s face has never been shown. Through I’m hope the prince must have looked at the face when they took the body out of the water. I sure hope it is not the younger sister, since she already endures a lot but who knows, I guess we have to watch the drama to find out hehehe


  17. semi-fly says:

    I hate to say it but Fanderay’s theory may be right. It would kind of explain why we see the embroidered butterfly come to life. We saw several scenes where Park Ha was embroidering a rose, the butterfly, etc.

    I’d like to kick myself for not thinking about it myself. I must have watched that scene 3-4 times.

    So we’re kind of left wondering did Tae Yong in fact love Se Na or has he always in love with Park Ha (kind of like an homage to The Moon That Embraces The Sun)? Sadly with the theme, at least in the first episode – well as I’d like to see it, conveying jealousy/hatred I’d probably venture that it was Se Na who may have been involved in her death (I mean if you can maim your sister I doubt it’s a stretch to add a bit of poison to one of your sisters favorite treats, right?)

    I wonder if anyone will start to suspect Tae Moo in the death/disappearance of Lee Gak? I mean the woman that picked him up at the airport was flabbergasted by his actions and if the family is half as determined to find out what happened to the heir apparent as Tae Yong was/is to determined who may have killed whoever was in the pond they’ll eventually turn to him as a suspect.


  18. Ginko says:

    Thank you the fantastic duo Softy and Fanderay for your recap and thoughts.

    I can’t say I’m in awe of the first episode, but I like it already. I watched it raw and felt a bit overwhelmed with the full plot in one episode, but overall it was good. I love mystery so I’m happy that RP’s satisfying me in this aspect.

    Micky Yoochun indeed has improved a lot since his SKKS. Here he acts more natural and relax. I love him in sageuk, and his modern date is not bad either. Always love bright Han Ji-min, and so do the casts.

    Softy, regarding your deducted SPOILER, I’m with you on this. Lee Gak and Park Ha cross their fate, modern Lee Gak was murdered, there’s no way the victim in the past murder was someone else but past-Park Ha. And they didn’t show the princess’s dead face, her father’s reaction was too suspicious, it’s probably he was covering for his older daughter.

    @goodday123, regarding your question if the crown prince looked at his wife’s face when her body was retrieved from the pool, I guess he might have a final look later on her funeral. But thing happened before the funeral! I guess modern Lee Gak will become the Joseon prince, and when he looks at the face, he’ll recognized the “apple girl” in NY.

    Oh, things are getting interesting 🙂


    • dee says:

      I think modern Lee Gak/Tae Young is alive, but not change place with Joseon Yi Gak. Because it will hard to explain where the other three.
      I believe that Tae Young is alive somewhere in US, and will come back at later episode when the situation getting hectic with doubt of Lee Gak as Tae Young.
      And Tae Young will end up with Park Ha, and Yi Gak will be back to his time, solve his wife’s mystery and have a revelation that his Park Ha is actually his wive’s little sister.


  19. IBELIS says:

    Softy thanks for the recap

    I was like your friend, my thoughts were if you don’t see the face how do you know who it is, the same goes for present day G. If you don’t have a body you can’t say they are dead.

    Since present time is 300 years later couldn’t they just go to the library and see what history said happened in the past, or would that be cheating.

    As for the riddle, I thought it was love, someone on another site suggest memories.


  20. Hajar Zain says:

    Reblogged this on Doktor Gila.


  21. dee says:

    I think I agree with you. Maybe that body didn’t belong to Princess Hwa Young. But I kind of disagree with you that the body belong to Bu Young. Probably the body is the lady servant who was reported dead. And, as you said, Hwa Young is alive somewhere and later comeback as a victim.
    The Yi Gak investigation lead to Bu Young as a culprit, the dried persimmon and white powder.
    So the time traveling’s purpose is to prevent Yi Gak to accuse Bu Young as the killer.
    Maybe, maybe … -since park ha, sena, tae young are exist in modern world- Tae Moo probably exist in joseon era too. The witness, maybe? Or the man who help Sena planning all of this?
    I guess episode 1 is full of hints, that probably will be clear after later episodes..


  22. Reideen says:

    I think the princess is still alive… she killed her sister… you never see her face of the one in the water. The princess was jealous of her sister (she afterall could figure out the riddle etc.)… I think she ran away… Maybe I am thinking too much (but that is what my gut is saying…)


  23. flowergurlz says:

    where can i watch or download the past episodes? coz i missed them before.. please help.. 😦


  24. Ligia says:

    it’s a very good site. they post there every ep on the same day and the next day it’s subbed.


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