Ojakkyo Brothers E34

You wait and wait for a scene that seems like it will never come out for the entire episode and then when it finally unfolds just the way you pictured it, you realize the reality surpasses what you envisioned. That lingering feeling of contentment – it’s enough to sustain you another week to come back for more.

This episode just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Jealous TH is funnier and sweeter than I thought. 🙂

*Click for E35 video preview translation: TH used the old excuse “this is happening to someone I know…” to get dating advice from TP- so adorable. 🙂

SY’s parents go the Hwang’s family and SY’s dad says his wife spoke too harshly at Y’s store. TB’s mom says: since you put it that way I understand and forgive everything.  SY’s mom looks confused: forgive? (I don’t think SY’s mom came to apologize – bet there will be more fighting)

SY yells at TB: Han HR got divorced – even though you know – you are saying you will keep working with her? TB: yes I am. SY: fine then I am going to meet another man. TB: do whatever you want.

TH says to TP : there is a hoobae (person who is younger than him) who works with me and ….TP: is it a girl problem? TH: that hoobae likes some girl and he confessed…TP: did Ja Eun do that? TH (in full denial): why is Baek JE’s name coming out here?

(TH is stalking KJ and J while they are on their date. J smiles and playfully hits KJ’s arm so TH does not look happy) TP voice yells: no matter how curious you are you must be patient and hang in there cuz love is “mildang”. *Mildang is the abbreviated form of the korean words for push and pull. So it describes when lovers want to either test how someone feels, or keep things interesting. So you aren’t always the devoted boyfriend or girlfriend, but you seem nice, interested, and affectionate one moment, and then you cold and disinterested in the next. Like a game between lovers.

J asks TH: did you perhaps come here to see me? TH: no. when TH walks away, KJ said : Wow, that’s really petty.

*Credit goes to Joonni for her great job explaining “Mildang” and filling in the blanks. 🙂

This is what Joonni just commented about OB and I totally agree: The drama is getting better and better now that the love story between TH and JE is moving faster. This drama follows the typical family drama formula, which some might see it as repetitive and unsurprising if they have seen other ones, but my personal opinion on this is that following formulas without being boring is an art. In order to maintain its audience with a plot and characters that feel familiar, the characters and their interactions need to be sincere, and that is what I get from this drama. Sincerity and lots of heart. There is no spite simply out of spite but there is warmth and love, even if there needs to be a lot of growing in character to find or see that.

Fanderay is breaking all sorts of record for lightning fast screenshots. she had them all inserted in a matter of seconds yesterday. Thanks for being so speedy. Can’t wait to read what you write about tonight’s episode. 🙂

Special thanks to Joonni for clarifying the important lines and making these scenes more fun. 🙂


Starts from when J first gets to the home. J: isnt anyone home? everyone comes out of the rooms. GM calls out J’s name. J: have you all been well? GM welcomes her. TS welcomes her and asks “have you been well” and TP says “it’s good to see you again – you’ve been well right? you got prettier. Dad asks what brings her. J: I have something to tell you. Mom invites her to sit. mom tells GM to sit. GM tells J to sit. J sort of glances over at TH and then she sits.

Dad: you can talk – what happened to the farm contract. J: that’s why I came cuz of that – I managed to settle the contract well. I pushed it back 6 months. dad: what do you mean push it back? J: I decided not to sell the farm.  so you don’t have to move now. That doesn’t mean I forgive everything – anyway I am not selling the farm so you dont have to move. GM: is that for real? you arent selling the farm? J: I didn’t do this for your sake GM. I just didn’t want to sell it anymore. Dad thanks her but you dont need to do that. we already finished making the contract for a home so we have to move. rest and eat dinner before you go. dad tells everyone to stand and finish the work they were doing. No one stands up. He keeps telling them to get up. GM stands and tells everyone to stand. Dad tells J to rest for 30-40 mins and watch tv while they finish up. GM tells the others to finish up. TP gives J the remote. Mom offers a drink to J but J says it’s ok. So the mom says then watch TV. J is left alone in the living room.

TS asks mom if they can do that to J -in her situation, it must not have been easy to come to that decision. wasnt dad too abrupt in turning her down. Mom asks if TS thinks that too. TS: of course. J looks overwhelmed. They go over and stare at J

GM wonders why dad didn’t think twice about it and guesses he smells something is up. TP worries and says: grandma J opened her heart and came back to see us -didnt we turn her down too sharply? (he used the phrase “like a knife”) it wasnt easy for J to do that. even if we do move – we should have at least gathered as a family and discussed it, dont we need to do that? didnt you get that feeling too – must we move away? when J said we didnt need to move I was relieved. GM says she did too.

Dad asks TH why he is standing there and tells him to go back up and bring down the stuff. TH resumes work

J gets up to leave, but GM comes out and calls dad, mom, and everyone to come out. GM says to the dad – since J came with a big heart to make that offer so shouldn’t they at least have a family meeting. Mom agrees and says they need to hear everyone’s opinions. TP reminds the dad how they always have a family meeting when it concerns the household. Dad tells GM and everyone to sit again.

Dad calls for a discussion, but says from his point of view, he thinks they should move cuz they already made a contract for the new home. Mom hesitantly says something about how they only paid partial payment for the contract so dad asks what she is saying – if she doesn’t want to move. Mom falters and doesn’t give him a direct answer. Dad says: cant you think about how much your heart suffered? since J is here I shouldn’t be saying this but it cant be helped. When I think about how much your heart suffered I am sick and tired of this farm. I don’t want to live here anymore. You suffered but how do you think I felt watching you. for a few months, you couldn’t sleep at night and suffered inside. You would sit in a dazed like state and if you did happen to sleep it was only for 2 or 3 hours and suddenly wake up in surprise. Of course staying here is better than moving and I know it will be hard to commute to work and back- Also I know how hard it was for J to change her mind and come here so I am very grateful, but we should move. I don’t want to live here anymore. GM: that’s right – what he said isnt wrong. During that time cuz of that contract how many times was this home turned upside down and my back still hurts from cleaning up after each time. when I think about all that fuss. Dad: we should move no matter what. A person shouldn’t live just looking at food, they need to live with pride. If we keep living here off of you that’s not something we should do. I wasn’t saying this for you to listen to J. this doesn’t have anything to do with you so don’t feel hurt by it. J: yes but ajusshi. TH interrupts and says: I think the same as dad too. I think we should move too. After we found out this wasn’t our farm, we knew we had to move. And since we have to – while mom and dad are even a year younger it would be good to get a fresh start (in life). mom quietly mutters she wants to finish developing that new feed cuz the place they are moving to doesn’t have a orchard or yard and stuff. Dad says to her: be selfish when it’s called for. Mom: this isnt greed. We must think of the kids commute too. This is already far but that place is even farther. Dad: we can do it if we have to. Are there just one or two people who have to commute to seoul from kuyngkido? J: but ajusshi I have something to tell you. I didn’t get to say it yet, but this farm isn’t all mine yet. The contract deposit I received from the movie company, I used it to pay back my step mom’s debts so I couldn’t return the contract deposit to them yet. Under the condition that I would pay it back within 6 months, I only received the promise to cancel the contract. Mom: what does that mean? So you have to pay back that contract deposit within 6 months for this farm to be yours? J: yes- it’s not all the contract deposit- I have money from paying off the debt and stuff so within 6 months I have to earn $50,000. TP says: then all you need to do is use this farm as collateral and take out a loan to pay back the debt. J: I cant use that kind of money – I said I would only pay it back using the profits from the farm. That was how I got it down to just paying back the contract deposit without being charged any penalty. TP: what? Using the profit from the farm – have to earn $50,000 within 6 months? J nods her head: yes. J asks the dad: that’s why ajusshi – at most for 6 months – I was hoping you and ajumma could help me by living here. This is what I wanted to tell you. TP: with what ability can we raise the profit from the farm to $50,000? J: for starters, develop duck feed and make some revenue from that and from winter till next spring, do farm experience, and I will enter contests for drawing. Of course it wont be easy work, but I don’t think it’s impossible. Mom suddenly comes to J’s rescue and slams her hand down on the table. Mom: the problem isnt moving. J: please help me ajusshi. I want to get this farm back. Dad: but J how can you earn $50,000 within 6 months?

Mom and dad go into the room to confer. Mom asks dad- do you still not get this? (has it not sunk in yet) dad: what is there to get or not – this isnt a joke. How can we earn $50,000 within 6 months? Mom: I will do it. I can do it. I can develop the duck feed and sell it so it wont be impossible. Dad: why are you like this too? Mom: don’t you know why I feel this way? You think I am doing this cuz I don’t want to move? I owe a debt to J. she still wont look me in the eye and I don’t know what she is thinking in not selling the farm but to be honest this feels like a dream right now. I thought I wouldn’t get to see J for the rest of my life. for the rest of my life I thought I would be someone who sinned and stole and a bad person but J is asking us for a favor so how could we turn down that request? Even if it wasn’t $50,000 but $100,000 I can do it. Do you not know how I feel in my heart?

mom and dad come back to the table. GM asks if mom and dad discussed it well. Dad: mother I thought about it and we have to stay. if I don’t protect this farm who will. We are not moving. Let’s give it a try – death is the worst that can happen. J thanks him and says she really has confidence. Everyone is smiling. Dad asks her: aren’t you afraid of the talk about $50,000? J makes it sound like it’s no big deal. J: I’m the kid who set up a tent on the yard. TP: that’s right, she experience the real wildlife so what could she be afraid of? Then does it mean you are moving back into the attic room? J: well…to be able to work, that would probably be better. GM: of course – go right now and get your stuff and bring it back. Mom says to her: after we eat dinner mother. GM: yes after we eat dinner. TS says to J: welcome back. I am so glad you’ve returned. Dad says to her: seeing you smile I feel good. My heart feels like it’s popped (meaning he is relieved to see her happy again). Everyone laughs.

TP goes over and pets J’s head saying he sincerely welcomes her. But J removes his hand and says: I’m reminding you again but I still haven’t forgiven yet maknae oppa. She pretends to pout. TP puts his hand on her shoulder and says: grandma shouldn’t we have a welcoming party for J? GM: for now let’s get her to bring her stuff over. GM tells TH to go and take J to get her stuff. TH nods and says “yes”

SY’s mom is fuming and gulping down water. Dad asks if she is still mad every time she thinks about it. She repeats what TP’s mom said how Y doesn’t know her boundary (going after a younger guy) and about if a woman turns 40, it’s already downhill from there or something. (I don’t know this phrase in korean). Dad says he heard from Y what SY’s mom said so she went too far too by mentioning a guy needs to have prospects/earning potential and doesn’t have a great education. Mom: what’s wrong with saying that? It’s a fact. Dad tells her not to be like that cuz it makes her look like she doesn’t have class. It would be strange if he has a lot since he isn’t even 30 yet and took care of his parents. Later on those friends (guys) succeed even more. it’s not everything if he doesn’t have spec right now. She glares at him but tells him to go sleep over at SY’s again. He doesn’t want to and says she can go this time if she is so worried. She tells him to go sleep over there again. Dad: what do I say this time? I already used the boiler excuse. She says then say we fought. Dad: what will he (TB) think of me? Fighting with my wife and carrying my pillow over there. she yells at him to just use the boiler as an excuse again that it burst

TB and SY are eating. SY: you must not have any appetite-maybe we should have gone out to eat. TB: no it’s ok. She asks where he went a while ago. He says he went to go meet someone. SY: who? Han HR? he looks up at her so SY says she saw HR in front of the office. she was Han HR right?  TB: yes – how did you know? SY says she saw her picture before and G recognized her cuz they worked together before. SY: You must have been glad to see her. how many years has it been since you met? TB: 3 years. SY: 3 years. Did she come back from America for good? TB says he doesn’t want to talk about it. SY: ok. He starts to talk about ideas but she asks what they talked about. TB: are you curious? SY: no – just eat. He says he ate well and gets up and goes to his room. SY is furious.

TB remembers how HR told him how she misses him and that she got divorced.

TH waits for J outside the house. When she comes out, she stands next to him TH: have you been well. J: yes. Have you been well? TH: not really. J: to be honest me too – not really. Are you ok? TH: yes I am ok. I am sorry for that day – you were really surprised weren’t you? J: no you had a reason to be mad. Did you meet her? TH shakes his head and says “no” TH: should we go? J: yes. They head over to the car.

TH waits on the street for J to come out with her suitcase. He takes it for her so she says “it’s ok” and thanks him. He asks for her backpack too. She gets a call from KJ. TH overhears her conversation. J: yes Kim PDnim. No it’s ok – you can talk. Tomorrow by 10 am? Yes I will be there on time. J laughs and says “I know – of course” TH slams the trunk loudly out of annoyance and jealousy. He is frowning. J glances at TH but smiles and continues to talk to KJ: Yes, okay. I’ll do the homework. No…I’m always thinking (about it). Yes you too Kim PDnim. (* Joonni wrote: Note – the lack of pronouns in the Korean language leaves room for interpretation. For example, one can interpret JE as saying she is always thinking (about someone). I think TH interpreted it as JE saying she is always thinking about KJ). After she hangs up with KJ, TH tells her to get in. J: yes. TH starts the engine and drives off quickly before she can get her seatbelt on and gives her whiplash.

J keeps looking over at TH, but he doesn’t say anything

J stares at N. so you are first ajusshi’s son. Hi – noona is Baek JE. N says hello and his name. J extends her hand and says: take good care of me from here on. They shake hands. N smiles at her (he sure does like pretty women like his dad) J looks over at H and asks if H had been well. H: onyi why has it been so long since we’ve met? J: that’s true- wonder why it’s been so long. H: are you living here again? J: of course. H: then do I have to bring you tissue every morning again? Everyone laughs. Mom tells GM to eat cuz the soup will soak up the rice cakes. GM says it’s been a while since the table is full of people. Let’s be thankful and eat. everyone says they will eat well. Dad says it tastes good. GM makes a comment cuz there is more of the other main ingredient than rice cakes in hers cuz the mom put in more since the GM likes it. GM remarks that’s the mom’s problem – if someone seems to like something the mom keeps feeding that and says all the side dishes have the same main ingredient too. It’s a wonder you didn’t make it with rice, but the mom says she was planning to serve that for lunch. they all laugh over it. MS says how good that is and jokes she wants to come back for lunch to have some too. Mom invites MS to come over any time for breakfast, dinner, early morning cuz MS is welcome. MS: cuz of the ducks right? GM says MS has sharp intuition. J smiles and looks around the table cuz this is what she missed. mom asks J how the food tastes. J quips: it’s edible.

J goes to see the ducks: kids I came back. You missed me didn’t you? she tells each duck something – Oja you grew a lot –Aleah you weren’t sick right? you roam around well.  She touches the sawdust and says she is going to change it out for them since she is back. She goes to get some and remembers how TH moved it for her last time. there are two smaller bags so she moves them over to hide them.

She takes out her phone and texts TH. TH is getting ready to go to work. J: ajussi- if you have time could you move the sawdust in the shed? She gets a text back and smiles but TH replied: I am busy. J: busy? She drags the smaller bags out by herself.

After J changes the sawdust out, she feeds the ducks. she examines the duck feed by sniffing it. she names the ducklings : you are first duck – second duck-third duck-fourth duck-she picks one up and asks: what should I call you?

on her way back to the house, J sees TH on his way out and smiles. she runs over and asks if he is leaving for work now. He ignores her and goes to his car. while he drives to work, he looks like he regrets how he acted.

Mom takes some tea and rice cakes for GM and asks if anything good happened cuz GM looks happy. GM: the more I think about it I feel better. GM says something about how you cant know what happens in life and that for the last 2 or 3 days ago it felt dark and heavy and didn’t want to live. Mom says TH got a lot brighter (happier looking). GM: TH is TH but now that J came back the air in the house in one moment changed. Last night and this morning, the dining table was full. More than that, GM says how the mom looks ten years younger. Mom says how happy she is too cuz “I thought J wouldn’t see me again for the rest of her life.” GM: you raised my TH well. For that only even if I carried you around for the rest of my life, it wouldn’t be enough. Mom: mother why are you like that suddenly? GM: it’s cuz I never looked at you and said it but you think I wasn’t grateful. after going through what happened this time, I felt it again and thought you raised our TH very well. Mom: what are you talking about? You raised TH. GM says there is no need for the mom to try to match the grandma’s feelings (meaning the mom doesn’t need to try so hard to hold back and not let out her feelings out of consideration for the GM), TH tried to please me so you would be more comfortable. You know that too right? Did you think I didn’t know? I’m not 80 yrs old without learning something. Of course that’s how it should be. You are TH’s mother and after I leave, the person I leave behind next to my baby is you. even if I die I wont forget how much I owe you for raising my TH. Mom worries and was about to ask if the GM didn’t feel well so GM says it first: I am not feeling sick anywhere. I am not doing things I wouldn’t normally do cuz I am dying so there is no need to be afraid. I don’t feel like I will go today or tomorrow right away. She laughs so the mom does too. Mom offers some tea.

SY and TB and H are having a meeting about items ( ideas) for their show. The head director comes in and says he has someone to introduce and HR comes in. he says she is the new writer. G says hello to HR cuz he knows her already. Director gets a call and tells G to take care of HR. G seats HR next to TB. SY looks miserable and doesn’t listen to anything G is saying. He introduces SY. HR says please take good care of me. It feels like I am starting over so please help me a lot. SY: yes. G introduces TB but TB doesn’t say anything. HR says they don’t need to introduce each other cuz they went to the same college. G notes that TB doesn’t look happy to meet HR again

G and TB are sitting behind the anchor desk. SY and HR watch them from the sidelines. Director tells G and TB to do well cuz the president will be watching.

They start filming. G and TB are introduced. They start recording. The main anchor says how TB saved a kid and now there are over 2000 fans on the internet café. TB talks about their new program and explains it all. TB is asked if he has confidence to bring it high ratings. He says he does. When G is asked the same thing, he says it’s possible with TB. He is just holding a spoon on a dinner table set by TB. TB seems surprised G is talking like that. Choi and coworker mention how G answered. TB hears that and gets upset

TB looks at HR’s name on the script.

SY is upset and texts TB. She asks to meet on the roof for a short time

SY asks if he is going to keep doing the program Start Together – since it was set from the start for G to do it, there wont be much trouble if TB backed out now. Don’t do it. Quit. TB: why? SY: are you asking cuz you don’t know? TB: yes. I don’t know. SY: cuz Han HR is the scriptwriter. TB: why are you being childish like this- cant you distinguish between what’s reasonable to ask and what’s not. Don’t you know how much I want to do this work? This is something I dreamed about for a long time and it’s a chance of a lifetime and it’s a step to get to out to a bigger world (reach a wider audience). SY: I know – I know but another chance will come. Even if it’s not this one now, you could end up being in charge of a better program next time. there is already talk about you maybe being chosen to take charge of something else. even if it’s not this program, you can succeed with other opportunities. TB: no I have to do this program. For starters, I don’t want to lose and I don’t want to give up no matter what.

SY: are you saying you are going to keep meeting Han HR? TB: I only said I would work. Don’t overreact. SY: saying that you want to work means you will keep meeting Han HR. over work you will have to look at each other and talk so it means you will keep meeting her. TB: Cha SY shi. SY: don’t do it. TB: let’s stop talking –I don’t have anything else to say.

TB starts to walk off, but SY yells: I said don’t do it. When I said it like this, must you do it? TB: yes I have to do it. You know how much I want to do this work so do you have to be so ridiculously stubborn. Are you really the Cha team leader I know? SY: I don’t like you meeting Han HR! quit! TB: I don’t want to. SY: don’t do it! TB: I will do it- I will. SY: ya!

TP looks at Y and remembers his mom’s words about how Y is a lot older –what difference does it make if a woman has everything going for her if she will be 40 soon. Y looks at TP and remembers how her sister said for men you have to look at earning potential/prospects and TP didn’t have anything to offer so why would Y go after him. Y goes over and apologizes for yesterday – my sister went too far. TP says no it’s ok cuz his mom wasn’t any better cuz she brought up Y’s age too. TP says let’s go eat.

Y looks at people eating fried pork cutlets. TP orders that and Y orders fish egg rice. Y stares at TP’s food so TP offers some of his. Y: no it’s ok. TP: you look like you want to eat some so have some. Y: no it’s ok. The calories are too high so I cant and I will get in trouble with my sister. TP: what? Why? Y: that’s it’s embarrassing if you gain weight as you age. When I gain weight my sister throws a fit. TP: I wanted to ask this before too but why cant you do anything at all in front of your sister (he is indirectly asking why Y allows herself to be bossed around by her sister) I’ve been watching ever since we opened the store and I couldn’t understand. Even though there is a huge age gap, she is too harsh in controlling you and you are aren’t able to say one word and have to live being bossed around. Y: it was normally like that cuz to her I was always her younger sister she had to worry about. TP: why? what’s wrong with you. you are pretty , tall, have a good personality, and I heard yesterday you graduated from Parson’s- with those specs, you can walk with your shoulders up and put some strength in them. Y: didn’t you hear what your mom said – (Y mimics the way his mom said it with a southern dialect) “she is a lot older” and on top of that I am divorced. TP: but you have a lot of money instead. All of that can be covered with money. be honest and tell me how old you are. You don’t look 40 yet. She says guess. He says a woman’s age comes out in her neck and hands. She hides her neck and hand but he guesses 35. She is sad. Y: I really look my age? I am really old now. It’s sad enough being old but I cant live eating what I want. She asks if she can eat one of his cutlets. He says of course and to eat a lot and switches food with her.

TS looks at all the unopened emails he sent. He remembers how YJ kissed him on the cheek and then how she slapped him. His boss calls TS and scolds TS for all his recent mistakes and that a complaint came in. nurse says how TS’s patient has been waiting since a while ago. TS goes to take care of his patient. he apologizes to her. She complains it hurts and TS says sorry and adjusts the setting. His boss watches him make that mistake. Nurses gossip and talk about TS. another nurse over heard him talking on the phone. they talk about TS having an interracial 9 year old son even though TS is not married. The boss asks what they are talking about -who has a son

TP gets a package from Christine from the Philippines. He calls TS and says a package from the Philippines came and asks if TS knows who Christine is. TS says she is angelica’s younger sister. TS asks if the address is on there and tells TP to hurry and open it. but he changes his mind and tells TP to bring the package to the hospital right now. TS is happy an address is written on it.

N stares at the box so TP asks: you are curious too arent you what is inside here . N: yes. TP says he is going to the hospital and invites N to go but N says his dad wont like it. N: I wont go. TP : what do you mean he wont like it – come with uncle. it’s ok. TP takes his hand and says follow me – let’s go.

TP goes with N and asks the nurse about TS. She tells TP to sit and wait cuz TS isnt in right now. The nurses stare at N and whisper about him and N saw that. TP gets a call from Y and can’t hear so TP asks N to wait here and walks away to take the call. Another kid sits next to N and calls him Africa (doong doong – drum sounds) and the kid kicks N so N pushes the kid. The kid’s mom asks why N shoved her son. where is your mom? cant you speak our language? She asks the nurse where N’s mom is.

The boss comes over and asks what is going on. the angry mom says find out where the kid’s parent is so she can ask how they taught their son manners. he asks N : who are you? who did you come with? Do you not know how to speak Korean? Didn’t you come with your mother? TS watches all that and calls out. He is my son. N had been crying and looks over at his dad.  TS goes over and hugs N. TS: he is my son. What’s going on? TS keeps squeezing N’s shoulder in a protective way.

When TS and N go home. N takes out his pillow and says goodnight to TS. TS: N- starting from today sleep in this room. Let’s sleep in this room together from today on. N: yes father

KJ is at his office and calls J.”Ja Eun, you know that we have a meeting with Director Yang tomorrow, right? I found some papers so I will go the farm now. Since I’m going there, should we have our first date? Ok. Since it is late, I’ll just give you the paperwork. I’ll call you when I get there.” Team leader knocks and comes in and asks: You postponed the purchase of the farm? The opening ceremony is not far off. If the CEO found out about this.. KJ: I’ll tell father about this. So please follow my orders. We will have a meeting in the morning about the theme park. We’ll take about everything in more detail then. You should go home. Shall we leave together?

*Joonni translated that scene- thanks Joonni 🙂

TS opens the package and reads the letter inside. He looks shocked.

(I apologize in advance for going screenshot crazy with the following scene  – Fanderay)

TH pulls up to the house and sees the shed light on. he is holding coffee. He walks over and goes inside. J is there sketching. He watches her.

TH walks over and asks: aren’t you cold? She doesn’t answer. He hands her the coffee saying it got a little cold. J accepts it and says: I will drink it well. TH: you are mad aren’t you? J: no. TH starts to explain “this morning…” but he gets interrupted by her phone ringing. J smiles and says into the phone: yes Kim PDnim did you arrive? You are already in front of the gate? no I will go out now. stay there. J to TH: I have to go cuz a guest came so I will leave first.

TH holds her arm and says “don’t go. Don’t meet Kim Jae Ha. I don’t like you meeting Kim Jae Ha.” He pulls her to face him, but she looks down as he speaks. TH: I don’t like you meeting Kim Jae Ha – I dont like you talking to him on the phone too. Even more, I don’t like you smiling when you see that punk.  Baek Ja Eun, because of you I keep becoming a pathetic guy. I keep making the same mistakes and I keep making empty apologies- “I’m sorry. I won’t do that again.” But I probably will make the same mistakes again. So don’t meet Kim Jae Ha. I couldn’t keep my promise to you. I wasn’t able to get over my feelings for you at all. Baek Ja Eun, I….I…still like you. J finally looks up at him and meets his gaze.


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*first time during a recap where I squealed – I am not the type but this scene brought it out of me. OMG waiting for next week is going to be torture 🙂

I just realized it’s going to pose a problem for her to work with KJ if TH doesnt like her smiling or talking to KJ on the phone. how is she going to get any work done. TH might as well have asked her not to breathe the same air as KJ. maybe TH thought asking that would be pushing it. 🙂

At this point, other than the 20 date promise, J doesnt have any reason to hurt TH and reject him. she obviously still has feelings for him too. Oh man this 20 date thing is going to be tricky for her. how do you date a guy the guy you like hates without the guy you like getting mad that you are dating the guy he hates. I think I just hurt my brain writing that….whoever the writer was that came up with the 20 date idea has a sadistic sense of humor. Can’t wait to see how they pull it off. 🙂

Did anyone else besides me catch that Joowon has a cold – his voice is husky. plus he looks tired. poor thing, I hope he gets enough rest cuz filming with a cold is not going to be easy in this weather.

Another odd thing I noticed, but now that they are living under the same roof again, what’s with their outfits? what happened to all those flashy leather jackets and fancy clothes? why does TH look like he raided his dad’s closet and why is she back to dressing like a farm girl? did her magic white suitcase finally run out of cute outfits? when they were apart, they were dressed to strut the runway and now that they see each other all the time, we get hillbilly attire. *aigoo* I wish their stylists realized that these outfits do not look so great on headers and music videos that will be around for years to come.


The word “tender” doesn’t even begin to capture the essence of this look he is giving her. It’s closer to vulnerability than anything. After what happened last week, he is beginning to learn that he needs to express his feelings more instead of avoiding and denying. By opening up his heart and letting himself become susceptible to the pain that might follow, he is finally giving himself a chance to grow emotionally. In a way, not being able to deal with his feelings and emotions about not having his birth mother around all those years stunted his developmental growth when it came to expressing his emotions. He reacts like a child – easy to anger – easy to lash out. Once he realized he liked J, he was also quick to want to protect and cherish. Surprisingly, part of me was hoping fervently that he wouldn’t say anything close to “I love you” tonight cuz he just isn’t there yet emotionally. The feelings he has for J are clear and certain, but he still has some ways to go before he can call this love. If you think about it, they haven’t even been on a date yet. More than anything, I want both of them to sit down and have a long chat to share their feelings and thoughts without any drama going around them. I want them both to realize that they have been on the same page for quite some time and neither one is going anywhere anytime soon. There could be a million KJs hanging around, but there is only one person J will ever want to call with that expectant hopeful smile on her face. Once someone fills your heart to that capacity, there is no room for anyone else to cause any uncertainty.

Fanderay’s Comments:

Aww, isn’t the idea of the family working together to earn the money rather heart-warming?  I think it’s going to be great, and I always love watching J with the ducks.
I find TS the least interesting of all the brothers, but I was so proud of him for acting like a father in public!  He probably made N feel like a million bucks when he did that, and I’m actually curious to see what happens to him next since all the obvious stuff has finished playing out.
HR makes me extremely nervous, although I’m glad that TB had the decency to at least be unhappy about her presence.  I didn’t expect him to even make eye contact with SY, so it was a pleasant surprise when they shared looks of misery in the meeting room.  HR was particularly annoying when she watched TB while looking proud.  What does she have to be proud of? She hasn’t seen him for 3 years, and she’s already acting like he’s her man.
I knew TH would be prone to jealousy, but oh my goodness…he is consumed by it!  He’s never even dated J, and he flat-out ignored her over a phone call!  I must confess, I was giggling like an idiot over his priceless facial expressions, and I don’t mind him experiencing some more misery if it’s going to be this fun to watch (for the record, I am NOT a giggler).  It’s sort of cute that TH is so at loss in these situations and runs 100% on emotion.
Obviously I have to talk about that last scene.  At length. My poor heart still hasn’t recovered.  Our little inexperienced TH got up the nerve to bring J coffee and explain himself, and THAT’S when KJ had to call?  The worst part is that J had a massive grin on her face as soon as she saw who it was.  I literally had to pause the video and flail in frustration for a moment. Hellloooooooo Ja Eun! There’s a shy little cutie pie trying to pour his heart out right next to you! Gah.
My favorite parts of the scene were all TH’s little looks.  I liked how he studied J when he first walked in just to admire her, and then kept studying her throughout to gauge her reactions.  Of course once the phone rang his face was just heartbreaking, but I still loved it.  I didn’t squeal, but I did almost pass out from holding my breath the whole time.
One thing I’m really curious about is why J is so smiley regarding KJ.  Does she like him, like the attention, or is she purposely trying to make a point to TH?  She could be trying to show TH that she’s moved on, or she could be trying to make him jealous to see if he’s still interested.  She still doesn’t know about TH’s mom dying, so I’m guessing that’ll be a plot device at some point.  Maybe KJ will be the one to tell her that he’s a stepbrother and that their mom died, which will cause J to run out and chase down TH. I’m grasping at straws now to cope with the suspense.
Seriously, Show, how could you end an episode this way?  It’s torture!!
*I wrote this before seeing Softy’s comments, so I apologize for touching on a lot of the same stuff, but I probably would’ve done it anyways! We constantly talked about TH and J even when they weren’t the main focus of the drama, so any resistance now would be futile.

392 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E34

  1. Anonymous says:

    i just watched the utube version and i have to say that i think TH and KJ fought, KJ said something to TH and J came and tried to break them apart; something happened or was said to make TH walk away in a chock state, still holding his hands in a fighting position..
    SY and TB… still waiting for him to snap back and finally treat that H the way she deserves to be treated!!! they say “love the one who loves you” and it’s not called waise words for nothing!! believe me!!!
    can’t wait for tomorrow! see you 🙂


  2. Zura says:

    We already behaved crazily for every episodes that aired. Wait till the expecting scene, kiss scene to come out… Lol! So the producers said that we should expect kiss scene this weekend? I guess should be on ep 36 if not in ep 35.


    • Me says:

      yes, I heard that too, 4th Dec jaeun-taehee kiss scene…but not really sure!we will see tomorrow…OMG!I really hope that happen…please kiss scene!


      • Zura says:

        On Sunday! Omo! I know I shouldn’t be too excited for now but this thinking of mine already corrupted me.. Seriously, we have been waiting for so long for this scene to come out and YAY! Soon we get to catch a glimpse on JE-TH kiss scene. And because of OB, this Sunday I’m not going to work.. I have a day off just for this! Hahaha


    • Anonymous says:

      by any chance can you let us know where you heard this? is there an article i can read?


      • Me says:

        the producers of OB (chorokbaem) tweet like this:
        [오작교형제들] 특종!대박스포! 태희-자은 첫키스!? http://j.mp/vLG5Cz 35회 태희의 깨알질투, 36회 태자커플첫키스! 키스사진도 없는 오작교 형제들은 무조건 닥본사!본.방.사.수만이 살길!

        if I’m not wrong, 36회 태자커플첫키스! means episode 36 taeja (taehee-jaeun) couple first kiss!

        please, somebody translate this to make clear our curiosity…^^


  3. Sunita says:

    Super Cute!!!! I just noticed the snow falling effect. I like it!!!!!


  4. rainyrain says:

    LOOL while watching the preview , can’t stop imaginig JW being really jealous becoz UEE is having more fun with the other actor and not with him ? I mean since he said he gets jealous for his co-star when someone is kind with him/her when he is acting in a film or drama , just thinking that his jealousy is real and not just acting , hehehehe I know I have a wild imagination 😉

    waaaahhhh a kiss on sunday , that’s great , I wish it’s with both consent and not forced by TH eventhough I know he is not the kind


  5. Anonymous says:

    omo omo can´t wait for the KISS!!!! i think the ratings will explode saturday and especially sunday!!!!


  6. bab0des says:

    btw to those who haven’t watch ep 33 i have the yt link with subs so i’m posting it on soompi


  7. furelise says:

    squeal.. squeal.. squeal… my hubby was wondering what made me squeal so much watching this episode! thanks softy, fanderay, joonni and others. so glad to see joowon admitting he has interest in uee.. i’m living in fantasy land.. haha..

    softy, i was just wondering how you’re gonna contain yourself while writing tonight’s episode recap! and tomorrow too during the kiss.. be brave my dear.. we’re squealing and screaming right behind you…

    softy, thanks for clarifying taepil’s history. 🙂


  8. Anonymous says:

    patiently waiting for ep35.so excited.


  9. nonski says:

    hi softy, just got back from RL ruckus. i missed a lot already… i hope i could have much time and wish that my streams would be working just fine, don’t want to miss THE kiss we have been waiting for. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • nonski says:

      and softy, i love the blog’s new dress for xmas, the falling snow is daebak!

      can’t wait for tonight’s episode, hope nothing stops me from camping early on. and i love the jealous TH. a kiss on sunday will definitely make our weekend!


  10. ninahime says:

    does anyone know the name of the song in the end ??


    • Softy says:

      this has been asked a lot, but i bet as soon as someone finds out they will either make a music video or tell us the name at least. 🙂


      • James says:

        hi there,

        has anyone discovered the name of the song yet? many thanks!


        • Softy says:

          I wouldnt hold out for the song cuz I dont think anyone even has the show on their hard drive anymore. I totally forgot what song came out at the end of this ep too -sorry I couldnt help you out. If there was a clip of it I might be able to track it down by playing it for people and asking around.


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