Scent of a Woman E8

Even before this episode aired when I saw this photo for the first time, I knew exactly what he was feeling. There is a sense of urgency in this embrace – as if he was desperate to hold onto something he was afraid he would lose and can’t bear the thought of being apart from her. Maybe it’s just the fact that he took this long to admit his feelings and he doesn’t want to go back to being miserable and lost without her. For the next few months, she will be clinging to life while he continues to hold onto love with a strength even he didn’t know he was capable of. Unfortunately, we all know that love alone can’t change the reality of her condition, but I still hope a small miracle will keep them together for her to fulfill her last bucket wish.

*The last time I bawled this much was CYHMH.

**As for that tango scene -didnt it feel a little bit invasive like you were intruding on their privacy? If that was acting, omg they deserve a Daesang for that scene alone. I could barely type cuz my jaws dropped and I never typed before with my mouth open in shock like that. Hands down THE daebak scene of the year. I felt light-headed after and couldn’t focus for a while for the next few scenes. Man their performance really does a number on you and sort of sweeps you off your feet. Collectively throughout Korea and abroad – women fell off their chairs watching that I bet or swore to sign up for tango lessons immediately. 🙂

Since the first episode, I have been trying so hard not to use too many LDW closeups for the main pic, but then he does something to make me forget what I told myself. Safe bet would be this pic will be replaced later with another LDW one. Tonight before the show started, I just wanted to say that I picked up this drama cuz I love this actress. I have only seen one drama of hers (MNIKSS) and two movies (both had Gong Yoo in it), but tons of BTS. In real life, this woman has a great sense of humor. The reason she is able to get along with her co-stars so well is her true to life engaging persona. If you watch NG footage or interviews, she always makes her co-stars laugh. She seems really fun to be around. The character closest to what she is like in real life seems to be KSS. Some actresses put up a facade when they are being filmed or when they are aware a camera is on them- they sit up straighter, speak with more decorum, and act a certain way.  From the very first footage I ever saw of KSA all the way up to now, she hasn’t changed being genuine. She is oblivious to the camera and remains steadfastly confident about who she is and doesn’t feel the need to “act” just for the camera . We’ve been remarking on her drastic change in appearance, but all I can say now is that I’m glad one thing remained the same. Thin or not and external changes aside, I’m grateful that the person she is on the inside has not changed one bit cuz that is the reason I am in this for the long haul.

* I said all this about KSA and then proceeded to insert mostly LDW screencaps. Forgive me – I’m weak what can I say. 🙂


Scent of a Woman E8

After Y says she likes J, E says: shouldnt you go and say that to that man and not me. J takes a step closer. she says that is pointless cuz he has someone he is going to marry. E says let’s go -I’ll take you home. J watches them leave. *pretty sure E looked over at J

the doc says the squid looks fresh (I’ll say – it’s squirming on the plate so I wonder if that was a dead giveaway) Y’s mom agrees. they toast and drink. she puts a piece in her mouth and starts to chew. she makes a face and chokes. he asks what’s wrong -can you not breathe? he runs over to her and tells her to open her mouth but she wont. the doc has to help her by performing the heimlich. he laughs and looks at what she spit out and says “wow-it’s a really big piece-how did you manage eat that?” after that she leaves suddenly and he calls her name

Y promised to pay E back if her mom and that guy hit it off. E: that guy a while ago. she interrupts and says it wasnt him. the person who accused me of stealing and settled it with money wasnt that man. E says sorry for interfering when he didnt need to. she says it’s ok -she feels bad cuz she said some strange things.  she thanks E for today and tells him to go home safely

Y sits and remembers what J just said to her about going to accept the money as soon as the lawsuit ended. her mom comes in so Y asks why her mom came home so early- the mood seemed really good so what’s wrong? did something said he was the best grape so doenst that mean you like him? her mom yells – I dont know – dont make me talk

J is trying to sleep but remembers how Y said she liked him a lot and he sits up and turns on the light.

J says there isnt anything special (in the ideas they came up with). Noh said they didnt have enough time and says one week was too tight (of a schedule). J: manager Noh – when do you think fall starts? noh: september. J: what month is it now? Noh: august. J: dont you think you should work faster. H suggests – let’s just go with the Wando island tour. Noh calls H’s name. H: of course it does bother me that it was Y’s plan but these days Wando follows the vacation trend of well being. Noh: who doesnt know that but last time the director said…. J interrupts and says “let’s do that-that’s the best – proceed with that.” Noh agrees and says he is busy since it is august and he has to plan for September. he stands up but J says he has something to announce. Y has nothing to do with wilson’s ring incident. wilson never lost his ring.

Noh complains about J -why is he like that? why is he telling us about wilson – how infuriating. Noh asks nam to get him some cold ice water. nam:me? so R offers to get it. Noh: would I want to drink water you brought me?  R reminds him how  J warned them not to sexually harass the female workers and Noh says this doesnt count. never mind.

H wonders if J was the person who helped Y out

J has Y called in but says dont say I called her to come

Y gets a call that she is wanted at the office. she asks why but we dont hear the answer

J is standing but when there is a knock he quickly sits down and says come in. Y comes in and he tells her to sit. he asks what she wants to drink but she declines and asks why he called. he says how he wants to use her wando idea and but he doesnt feel right proceeding with the idea of an employee who isnt there anymore. I was hoping you would come back to work.  she declines saying the idea belongs to the company anyway. J explains he thinks she impulsively threw her resignation cuz it was so unfair she was accused of stealing the ring but since the misunderstanding was cleared up – come back to work. Y: no I dont want to go back to work. he reminds her how she said she wanted to work there a long time. Y: I did but even if I go back – I dont think I cant work a long time. thank you very much for even asking. while I was working there I couldnt get any acknowledgement but now it feels like I am getting recognition (for my work)…he interrupts and says- ok I will continue to keep acknowledging your work so come back and work. Y: I am sorry but I will decline.

she gets up to leave but he stands too and asks:why dont you listen? cant you just come back and work? she asks why he is like this to her. I am not your employee so why are you talking like this to me? J: what I said yesterday – I’m sorry I will apologize -so please come back and work. Y yells back: I said I didnt want to. J yells back: you said you missed me! you said you wanted to see my face even once. I will give you that chance.  she asks if he heard what she said and he says he did. I ended up hearing it.  

kang comes in saying he interrupted when J was talking to an employee. J says if it’s not urgent he will go to Kang’s office in a few mins. kang says there is no need he only needs a minute.  when are you going to go look at engagment rings. J says today. Y says she will be going so they can continue talking comfortably. after she leaves. kang asks if that employee wasnt the one who came to meet S during MOU but J says sorry but let’s talk later. he leaves to go run after Y. he misses the elevator. *isnt that the same building where they filmed CYHMH cuz I recognize that huge fish tank.

Y’s mom is helping a customer and saying how the windbreaker will be comfortable to wear cuz it’s lightweight. after he leaves, she remembers that embarrassing incident. she mumbles what grapes. girl asks her to eat the snack her grandma sent her. Y’s mom asks what it is and the girl says those expensive grapes but Y’s mom declines (those grapes are seedless and yummy- if you ever have one you are bound to crave them for the rest of your life.  each bundle or cluster of grapes cost around $20 at peak season and half that when it starts to go out of season)

E remembers how Y said she liked J.

E goes and asks the nurse for patient Oh’s chart. other doc says he is envious of E. even tho you are not charming as a doc you must be charming as a guy. E:what are you talking about? nurse says there is a web toon he is the star of. they show him the website with the cartoon drawings of E. both male docs said it must be nice and the other says he is really envious of E

E goes to see the girl and asks if she is patient yang hee joo. H: you still dont know my name when we saw each other for such a long time. E: that’s not it I am talking about the web toon. what is that – why put those up just cuz you feel like it? everyone is laughing at me cuz of you. H: I didnt do that to do that – I just…E: if you didnt it for that then why did you post those up? do you think or not? that web toon – if the director of the hospital happens to see it -did you think how I would look? do you really have nothing to do in the hospital (to do that)? do you have a lot of time left? take down that web toon right now or else move to another hospital. he turns to leave but Y is standing there by the door

E asks what brings her here- did she receive more money and donate it. she says how her mom doesnt feel good (mood wise) after meeting that other doc. I was just wondering if you knew what was going on. E tells her in medical terms how there was a food blockage which obstructed her mom’s oxygen so a heimlich had to be performed. Y asks him to explain it more simply. E: while eating squid it got caught in her throat and after taking it out, she ran off.  she guesses her mom was embarrassed. he says Y could have asked something like this over the phone and didnt need to come find him at the hospital. she says she has something to give him. it’s for the dog cuz after she made E take care of it she didnt pay any enough attention so she is giving E this. E takes it. Y remarks E was too harsh speaking to H like that awhile ago. E: what did I do? Y: over that web toon she put up -you didnt need to make that much of a fuss (scold her so much). be more friendly to her. she is young and on top of that she is a cancer patient. E: if someone is a cancer patient – are you saying I have to put up with everything? Y: what I am trying to say – it wasnt meant that way…E interrupts: since she is sick – no matter what she does -I have to close my eyes for everything? no matter what happens to others – do I have to just put up with it no matter what. Y says his name. E: dont worry about my business and just pay attention to yours. liking a guy who is going to get married. Y:what? in your eyes I look pathetic huh? E: arent you? E walks away from her

J gets a call. S asks if he left yet. he says he hasnt yet and will leave now

Y goes to tango class. she watches the female teacher (Veronica) dancing with some guy and Y claps when they are done. V says there is no class so what brought Y here. Y says she wasnt in a good mood. she asks if she was interrupting. V says the next class is from 9 so she has some free time.  she asks if coffee is ok. Y smiles and says yes if she is offering.

V hands her the drink and Y thanks her. Y says veronica dances really well and asks how long it would take to learn to dance like that. Veronica says around 6 yrs. Y says she cant do that then. V says if Y has a talent then she can get better in a shorter time. do you want to practice?

J goes to meet S to choose engagement rings. S is choosing other pieces of jewelry to wear on her engagement day. J gets up to the door and cant bring himself to open it. he turns around and gets back in his car and drives off. he calls Y

Y is taking lessons with Veronica and another male dancer. V picks up Y’s phone. J asks where she is right now. V says her name. J tells her to put Y on the phone. V says Y cant come to the phone now. he says ok and turns his car around.

V says Y did well that the feel is really good. Y says that’s good cuz she might have to perform with her friend at a hospital event. V asks if it’s with E and says then Y needs to practice a lot. she asks Y to wait here a short time while they go out and eat. Y says she will wait.

J goes in and Y is dancing alone. J quickly walks over to her taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves as he heads over to her. he suddenly holds Y tight and pulls her to him and dances. she pulls away but he just pulls her back to him. omg…..this is so intense. There is no space between them whatsoever. It’s like their bodies melded into one. There is a lot of close contact and looking into each other’s eyes.

he leans in to kiss her but doesnt -just hovering inches away from her. he whispers -if it’s like this – how are you going to stop having feelings.” J leaves as suddenly as he came in.

* without pronouns he could have easily been saying this to himself as well as accusing her of not being able to do it- as in he could be trying to convince himself “how are you going to put a stop to your feelings” = “how could I stop having feelings for you”

S calls J’s phone. she lies to the salesclerk that J’s meeting got longer and chooses the rings herself.

J is waiting in his car outside S’s home and S pulls up and gets out of her car. she walks over to him. S: are you in your right mind – how can you make a person wait over an hour. that you’re meeting ran late or that there was an accident -you should have some excuse! J says in a calm voice and tells her to break off the engagement and the marriage will be called off too. S: are you crazy? J: if I break it off it will hurt your pride so you break it off and protect your pride. S: I dont have a reason to do that. that marriage – it’s the same no matter who I do it with. J: I am giving you a chance first or else I will do it. S: If I tell my father about this talk -what do you think will happen to you? your entire company could collapse. J: it doesnt matter. do whatever you want

S gets a call from her ex. S:why? he says it’s me. where are you now – if you have time I want to see you. she says he has great timing- you suddenly miss me? why so you can pretend to love me again. she tells him not to call again

J remembers his intense dance with Y earlier. then he remembers their moments in okinawa.

Y looks at her bucket list – numbers 19 and 20

next morning J is waiting inside his car outside her home. he was sleeping in there. Y looks at him and he wakes up and gets out of the car. he asks if she slept well. Y: yes – but you didnt by any chance come to see me did you? J: your right – I did come to see you.  he hands her the box. wilson told me to give this to you but I forgot. he said it used to bring him luck but now it doesn’t so he wanted to find a new owner for it. she asks how he knew where she lived. he says cuz he is the Line tour director. you must be on your way out somewhere. she nods and yes. J: get in and I will give you a ride. I have to leave this neighborhood anyway. Y just stands there so he says: if you dont feel like it then you dont have to get in.

J turns and scrunches up his face disappointed and gets in. Y stands there but gets in and says she is going to an amusement park

(* from here on J becomes a whole other person – playful and adorable)

they walk up the steps. J:why were you going to come here alone – what would you have done if you hadnt met up with me. coming to an amusement park alone is a little weird and today I had nothing special to do. he makes some kind of joke and points to his watch. Y: I didnt come here for the rides. J:what did you come to do then? Y:I came to find someone. he asks who. she says her first love. J: your first love?

other doc asks E if the tango lesson are going well. he tells another doc that if E learns to tango he will be more popular with the girls. another doc says women are strange cuz he thinks they should dislike E for being standoffish. other doc says even if girls dont like guys like E on the outside they fall for bad guys. the guy sings “bad guy” so E tells him to stop. the guy says he is doing this cuz he is envious of E. E gets up and leaves

E sees the girl. he tells her if she isnt going to change hospitals he will change doctors. she says wait a minute

they stand outside and talk. she says-my original dream was to be a cartoonist but my dad was against it saying that I couldnt make a living for the rest of my life doing that. now that I think about it – it might be true. I studied really hard and got into (?) school. but after I got in I was diagnosed with cancer. that is when my dad said “from now on do whatever you want as much as you want.” E asks why she is telling him this now. she says -when I was admitted into the hospital I started web toons and the first thing I thought of was you. how you talked was so hateful so since I hated you – I kept thinking of you. E asks if that is the reason why she put up those web toons to make him suffer (to be insulted). she says no- I like you – I like you but I couldnt tell you. just cuz I like you I am not saying I will do anything – cuz as you know I am a patient. I saw in some book -when you die the biggest regret is not even trying and giving up. so I wanted to at least say it. cuz I didnt want to regret when I die. couldnt you go out on a date with me just once? E:that will be a problem. she says she knew that he would say that. you never had a one sided love so you must not know

E goes back to his office and closes his eyes

Y asks where she can find an employee by the name kwon yool. the guy says that kwon works at the zoo side. she thanks him and goes outside where J was waiting and looks at her accusingly. J asks if she wants to be a cheater/player – why are you suddenly wanting to find your first love. Y: cuz I have something to tell him. J: it wasnt too long ago when you said it was your wish to date me before you died  -then you go on a fan meeting to meet kim junsu, but now you come to look for your first love. Y: first love is different – just like the words – a first love is a first love. J: then what about that doctor? you were smiling at him at the hotel- did you introduce him to your mother -why? Y laughs and says – to get my mother remarried – I asked him to introduce someone nice he knows to my mom and if the two of them meet alone- I thought it might be awkward so I asked him to come along. Y walks away. J mutters alone- still couldnt you not look for your first love?

they go to the petting zoo.Y comments to J: so he (kwon) ended up working here. when he was younger he liked animals alot and was a nice kid. J: if you like animals everyone is nice? Y: of course. she stops and stares. it’s “yoolee.” J says sarcastically: his love for animals is something else. kown is holding up a lion cub for kids to pet and Y says he is still cool as ever.  kwon sees her and recognizes her and asks with his face if it’s her so Y smiles at him and nods. J watches that interaction

J sits to the side while she meets with kwon. J moves closer so he can hear. kwon says he is covered with fur hair. kwon says she is the same and Y says he is too. J strains to hear better. Y says: to be honest I liked you a lot – when you wanted to meet I couldnt go cuz my dad got sick suddenly. I didnt stand you up cuz I didnt like you. that always bothered me so I thought I should one day clear up that misunderstanding and it wouldnt be right to wait any more. he says: Y sorry but I used to like H.

J suppresses laughter. kwon: if I told you – I thought maybe you would bring H along so that is why I said let’s meet. J cant hold it in and just laughs.

Y: then you should meet H cuz she isnt married yet. he says how he is married and had twins last month. J gloats

J is in a good mood and rubs it in and asks why she had to go look for her first love. you should have buried it in your heart. how unfortunate. the weather is really great. since we came all this way should we get on some rides? she says she has fear of heights or something. J keeps blocking her path with his arms and says let’s ride some. let’s ride one that isnt scary. then he just grabs her hand and takes her along.

J is so happy during their rides on the merry go round and bumper cars.

H is there with her sister and niece and her niece wants to ride something . H tells her let’s stop riding cuz she is tired but her sister says hurry and ride it with her or else the girl wont go home. her sister says she will wait here and tells them to go and come back. H asks her niece which one she wants to ride

Y and J are leaving their ride. Y complains her butt hurts. J: but doesnt it relieve your stress? J points out she has a loose strand of hair. he says wait a minute and tucks it back in place, but it tickles her. the little girl asks H- isnt that aunt Y? H is stunned to see J and Y laughing together like that. the girl asks Y if J is her boyfriend-he is really handsome. she asks H: isnt he? H seems upset and says I didnt know I would see you two here. have fun. to Y she says – you too

E is eating alone and remembers how Y said – in your eyes I look pathetic huh? E: arent you? the dog is doing something to some books so E goes over and gives him a toy bone

E sits outside Y’s home

J and Y are in his car. Y thinks about H’s reaction. J asks if she doesnt need to eat dinner. Y says she can go home and eat cuz she made delicious bean sprout soup this morning. J: ok then

E is texting Y saying he was too harsh that day. then he changes it to: I came out for work and ended up in your neighborhood by accident. he sees Y pull up with J. she thanks J for today. J: go in. Y: go safely. J gets a call

her mom is drinking soju alone. her mom gives Y a shot to drink. Y asks if it bothers her mom that much to throw up the squid. her mom: how did you find out? Y:anyone can make that kind of mistake. just forget it and I will introduce you to someone better. her mom says it’s ok – at my age who can I meet. Y says how that guy liked her mom cuz she was pretty and said she resembled natalie wood. her mom is still upset how funny she must have seemed -it bothered her that she was older but she did that – how could this happen

J goes to meet S at a bar. he asks why she drank so much alcohol. if my dad hasnt called me yet, it seems like you havent said that we broke up yet and it’s not possible you are this distraught over breaking up with me. she tries to drink but he stops her. she calls him a bad name. S: “protect my pride? so you break it off” that isnt the reason. to be honest you are afraid. if you broach the topic first and get my dad angry the MOU deal will be over that you took such effort to get and that your deals in america, europe will be cut off -isnt that it? J: think whatever you like. S: as planned the engagement will end up happening. the marriage too- I have no plans to break up. and you dont have it in you to break it off. (you dont have the guts/nerve to break it off) J: I dont know the reason why you are doing this. S: you’re funny when you cant even call it off. S gets up to leave

J drives her home and helps her stand cuz she almost fell. she tells him to let go of her. her ex walks over and S freezes in shock. he says how he kept calling her but she wouldnt pick up. he asks if J is the one she is going to marry and introduces himself. J doesnt shake his hand. S tells her ex to turn around and leave. he says: you told me not to go to your dad -that’s why I wanted to meet you. If you are like this then it will be a problem. I texted you my bank account number. he asks J to take good care of S. he smirks and tells S he will be going (her ex plans to blackmail her now-guess extorting money from her is his only means of making a living so this was the first time I felt sorry for S.)

S turns her face away and cries. J asks who he is. S: the man I put my life on the line for and loved -now he is the man who wants to extort that. the love I wanted to have till I died ended like this. she turns to look at J. S: you are fortunate today cuz you got a really good reason to break off the engagement -tell them -“cuz of S’s complicated past – since I found out about her guy troubles – I cant go thru with this engagement” then even my father won’t have anything to say and you will be safe and nothing will happen.

S goes in and cries

J finds out from his lawyer friend what that ex did -how S fell for that guy and how that ex blackmailed Im – when Im got furious and made a big deal, the ex ran off so S jumped down in front of her apt. the accident reported in NY wasnt one-the real truth was a suicide attempt. his friend says he is telling J cuz J seems to want to break off the engagement.

Y tries to call H but H isnt picking up so she leaves a message. H- you arent picking up- did you have fun today -you must have come with your older sister but I didnt get to say hi -tell her I said hi and good night. Y takes out her bucket list and puts a smiley face on number 19. (guess she puts smiley faces on the ones she completed)

J is working out and gets a call. his dad asks where J is. J says he is exercising.kang says J doesnt have time for that. J tells his dad he wont be late. As he is getting dressed, J remembers what S said to him: the love I was going to have till I die ended like this -tell them – “cuz of S’s complicated past – since I found out about her guy troubles – I cant go thru with this engagement” (* the camera deliberately didn’t pan to his abs – guess they thought that tango scene was enough excitement for one episode – they were right)

Kang asks how many guests will attend the engagement from Im’s side. S’s mom says 20 people. Im says: we want to keep it just within family members so by any chance are you upset about that? kang: that’s not it. kang mentions that S doesnt look like she is feeling well today. S: I couldnt sleep well. Im mentions how she is busy cuz the engagement is the day after tm. her brother comments that J is too late. Im tells him how this is traffic time. kang offers to call but her brother asks if J ran off cuz he doesnt want to get married. S tells kang not to call J -he will come when he can.  Im asks her if anything happened with J. S is about the tell the truth but J walks in. kang asks why J was so late.

Y goes to meet H in front of her house. Y says she came cuz H wasnt taking her call -do you want to drink? H says no cuz she has to go back in. Y: are you mad at me? H: why- you dont know why? isnt that why you came here? it’s true that the director helped you with the ring incident isnt it? Y nods yes.  H says you said nothing happened on the trip but you must have done a good job of seducing him. you must have a surprising skill -skill at seducing a guy. this is so pathetic – you know very well he will be engaged the day after tm -cuz he helped you – you like him and want to cling to him. Y nods and says she likes him. H:what? he is a guy who is on the news regarding who he is going to marry. what are you going to do with a person like that?  Y says how she doesnt want to do anything- she just wants to see him -meet him. H calls out her name. Y:I thought about it – will I be able to meet a guy like  him again – a guy who makes my heart race like this – before I die will I be able to meet someone like that again but I dont think there will be one. H:what are you going to do- did he say he will break off his engagement with E and come to you. come to your senses. Y: that doesnt matter. if there is a chance to see him – I will and if there is a chance to meet him – I want to meet him. H: you are crazy -if he gets married. ok meet him but if that guy throws you away – dont come looking for me -cuz this is the end of our 20 yr friendship. H gets up to leave

Y calls out: they say it’s cancer.(her voice breaks as she cries)  I said I have cancer.  H:what are you talking about. Y:  I only have 6 months to live  -no – now it’s only 5 months. H yells: I said what are you talking about. you are lying. Y breaks down crying even more and says: H – I want to love someone -before I die – before I die

since kang is sitting alone on his side when S has her whole family there, kang says being here right now-his heart aches cuz he had to lose his wife ( in korean he said “sent his wife first” meaning she passed away) Im asks why kang didnt remarry cuz kang has many years left to live. kang says this happened cuz he worked too much. Im asks what they think about setting the wedding date for October.  kang says it doesnt matter when with them anytime is ok. isnt that so? he asks J. J says he has something to tell them. I wont go thru with this engagment – of course the marriage too.  kang asks what J is saying now. Im: wait a minute -he asks J:what is your reason for doing this? J: S is too good for me and there will be someone else who will be right for her. I’ll be leaving now. his dad goes after him

kang runs out after J and yells at him to stop.  J says sorry and kang slaps J. Kang: I will clean up your mess somehow so please (cant hear his words cuz they are slurred) J says “father”. kang: do you want to see your dad die? this crazy guy. kang goes back in

H is crying and saying “what do we do” so Y tells her to stop crying. H: how could this happen- how could you not tell me even. Y calls her name. H asks if Y’s mom knows. Y says she couldnt tell her mom – you know how my mom was after my dad passed away. H hugs her and says what do we do- what do we do – my poor Y. Y tells her to stop crying. H asks: did the director say he likes you? Y:I dont know. H: does he know? Y shakes her head no. H tells Y to go – dont be here with me – whatever you do -no matter what –  I am on your side.

Y waits outside J’s home.  she gets a call. J asks where she is. Y:in front of the house. J: I am on my way there now. she clarifies she isnt in front of her home. he pulls up to his home.

he gets out of his car. he is starting to cry. he walks over to her. They stand there looking at each other. Y: KJW shi – should we date? his tears fall as he pulls her into his arms


no preview

* you know I expected to come undone later when J finds out about her cancer – I didn’t expect to bawl so much when Y told her best friend the truth. H’s reaction just floored me cuz that is what you do – when you judge your friend and disapprove and then learn why your friend is doing something wrong – that is what you should do – you drop your condescension and run over and hug her- you hold her hands and cry with her. be her support cuz aside from E, H is the first one to know the truth and now she can really be there for Y.

** someone asked why J was crying – he just broke off his engagement and endangered his company and let down his father all in the name of love – he didnt think he would be brave enough to do it – even S didnt think he had the nerve- but he broke free and that is why he wanted to see Y right away. He stood outside his car and started to get emotional cuz now he is free to love Y – he gets to do what he wants for a change. He gets to hold her in his arms and love someone probably for the first time in his life. Isnt that kind of happiness something he earned tonight and it’s only right that it should elicit a tear or two.

*** if J really realized Y was dying – I would hope he sheds more than just a tear or two. from what transpired on tonight’s episode, he is still clueless about her condition.


142 comments on “Scent of a Woman E8

  1. Keane says:

    I must request, what did the blind date doc say to YJ’s mom to shun away like so? I knew from her body language she was totally embarrassed the live squid/octopus got caught in her throat, but if the doc played it nicely than speak of such remarks then maybe the date may have gone successful.


  2. ck1Oz says:

    Softy I have been busy this morning.It’s been 100%subbed now for the last 4hrs.Fast huh?

    I am also so traumatised reading the ending spoiler on soompi I am downloading MNIKSS to start watching.This is in spite of watching that drama like 4 times.

    The only consolation is that the ratings almost hit 20%.I know right once they hit above 20% then they appear on KBS tonight or something like that for interviews.I am really looking forward to them hitting above 20%.

    The tango scene is still as intense rewatching it again this morning.I purposely cut a 720p video for upload to viki.God the way they were looking at each other.I was doing the fanning my face with my hand like they do in dramas.It is seriously more intense than a kissing scene.


  3. Wells says:

    her friend H had a change of heart I remember her telling Yeon Jae it doesn’t matter if his engage but now she’s saying all these harsh words. I think she’s a little hurt and maybe a tad jealous (I mean look at him who wouldn’t be).
    OMG that tango scene I only wonder how/if doctor poopy tango will hold up


  4. Fanderay says:

    Oh my goodness. I literally started to think that they were going to rip each other’s clothes off, whether it was scripted or not. Or maybe inhale each other’s faces? That was a seriously intense moment. I can’t believe he just left! I actually prefer to translate his parting line as if he was talking to himself. It seems kind of rude to say that to her and then just leave, but if he’s saying it to himself then it’s more like he’s leaving out of frustration with his own uncontrollable feelings.

    I’m glad that the two of them have openly admitted their feelings to one another, but I seriously hope that Y tells him about the cancer now. I’m going to be pretty mad if she dates him while pretending to be healthy (particularly because he’s given up so much for her). Even though it was heartbreaking, I was relieved that her friend found about the cancer, since I don’t want to just watch her struggle alone.

    I’m also happy that the lawsuit is finally over, so we can move on to the more emotional aspects of the story. In Korea, are people not innocent until proven guilty? It seemed really weird to me that the judge basically said “we don’t have proof either way, so we’ll just fine you slightly less money.”

    E once again completely broke my heart these last two episodes. It kills me that he’s like a nervous teenager in front of her, and that he heroically jumped to her defense vs J, only to be told one minute later that she likes J (I swear I could hear his heart shattering). Even when he was acting like a total jerk to her at the hospital my heart just broke even more for him since it was obviously just a defense mechanism, and his ineffective way of coping with his own shortcomings. The poor man has zero natural confidence, which we’re reminded of constantly (like when she says that she shouldn’t be his partner, and he immediately gives up). He’s FINALLY acting like a man and trying to step out of his safety bubble, but she loves another man. So sad!

    I do love watching J get jealous of E though. It cracked me up when mimicked E’s eyes, while trying to clarify his identity. I love that you used the scrunch-faced screencap Softy. When I saw him do that I practically fell out of my chair and was like “What just happened???” I was so not expecting to ever see LDW with that facial expression.

    I still don’t fully “get” LDW (although I’m improving with each episode). I just don’t connect with his acting or his face, although there are brief moments when he breaks through for me (like in the tango scene). I don’t find the switch between morose and goofy all that believable at this point, although I’m certainly enjoying his goofy side. I think I’m going to start liking him more and more and he gets closer to Y though, especially since I think he’ll become less bipolar, and really find himself.

    So far this is the worst cliffhanger for me yet, and I think I’ll be getting up at 6 next Saturday so I can watch asap. YFFM will be over (booo) so I’m thankful to still have SoaW to look forward to.


    • Fanderay says:

      btw Softy, I can’t believe you haven’t seen City Hall. I’m not even that crazy about YSA or Cha Seung Won, and I loved it!


      • REBEL SOULS says:

        I think the reason why i didnt watch CH was the title (it sounded boring) and cuz of CSW. Before Best Love, I didn’t like him very much – never thought he was that good looking . After I watch spring waltz maybe I will give it a go. 🙂


        • Iviih says:

          Hey Softy, I also didn’t watch CH… the synopsis seems sooo boring.


        • Fanderay says:

          I still don’t find CSW good looking, even though I loved Best Love. I didn’t even realize he was SUPPOSED to be good looking for the longest time. And City Hall really does have the most boring-sounding premise. I only ever ended up watching it because the City Hallers are such a vocal bunch (and now I see why).


          • So3 says:

            OK, I have to add in my 2 cents.

            I missed City Hall for more than a year before watching it (it was broadcasted in 2009 and I only got to watch it last year) – and I was so grateful that I did get to watch it, ’cause otherwise I would have missed such a great drama.

            AND I think majority of people do NOT find CSW good looking before they started watching City Hall (and after watching, I still don’t find him a good looking guy; but he has his charm and charisma on screen)…

            It’s crazy, I didn’t think it could surpass MNIKSS but City Hall did it. A lot of people found the first 4-6 episodes were hard to get through (personally I didn’t); but it’s totally worth the time IMO. The chemistry between CSW and KSA just skyrocketed and then I thought “oh crap is there any other drama gonna surpass it in the near future?”

            BL wasn’t my cup of tea; and before starting Scent of a Woman I had my doubts re the chemistry part (but no doubt re Sun Ah’s acting, heh). Now 8 episodes in, I would say that the chemistry between LDW and KSA is just different and cannot be replicated (same goes to the sparks between CSW and KSA) and at the end, I just made this conclusion that KSA really rocks for pulling great chemistry with her co-stars, haha! 🙂

            One reason I find City Hall so lovable is that I basically love every characters in the story (perhaps except CSW’s father in the drama) – no absolute bad or good guy in the drama, and every actors played so well that you have this sense of satisfaction after watching. They have well-designed scenes (IMO more poignant than Secret Garden, which was produced by same PD and writer) and also very good OST.

            More than a year after watching City Hall I still can’t make coherent comments on it because there can be so much to be said about it 🙂 Sorry for my super long post!!


          • InLove says:

            I watched City Hall soon after it finished airing. I had never seen CSW before. Some people think he’s good looking, other’s not. But he’s really charismatic and a good actor. He’s a very manly man. I enjoyed City Hall. It got a little long towards the later episodes (although the ending was very satisfying for a rom-com!), but I really like the story of a woman who went from a low job to having such a powerful job. Later on I realized Daemul reminded me of City Hall because of the similar storyline, but Daemul was not a rom-com.


            • Softy says:

              Ok so let me get this straight – all you guys think CSW isn’t attractive in real life but charming on screen so I should watch CH just for the chemistry and story? Who is the second lead then? Please tell me it’s someone good.


            • So3 says:

              Second leads for City Hall:

              Arguably I think there are 2 female second leads who are equally important and well-written in my opinion. They are: Choo Sang Mi (kinda like KSA’s rival in the political field) and Yoon Se Ah (CSW’s fiance in the drama, so she’s like KSA’s rival in the romance field). Second male lead is Lee Hyung Chul.
              I will use their surname C, Y and L below.

              Some spoilers below (but it’ll be minimum so I guess it won’t jeopardize your experience when you watch it later):
              I find it refreshing that we do NOT have a second male lead who’s fighting for KSA against CSW. In fact L is the husband of C, and this husband and wife have different political views (isn’t that refreshing?). And for Y, although she’s another chaebol in the drama, the way the character is written and Y’s way of performing her character didn’t make me hate her but kinda respect her as a rival (of KSA).
              *end of spoiler

              I love the way the characters are written in City Hall – they all have their own flaws, but at the end each of them is lovable in some ways. It’s a rom-com in essence; but this candy is nicely wrapped in a political coating, and it’s not done in a superficial way. Must say they chose a rather weak name for this drama – I think at the end it’s about how a woman transform herself, the city she lives in, and eventually a man who may be leading a country.

              CSW has a killer eye acting skill and KSA proved she has the diversity in her acting other than having a great comedic sense. You can feel the power that evolved from her character…


            • lei2010 says:

              i also watched CH but i don’t rem it vividly maybe due to lack of sleep, i marathon watching SoaW yesterday from ep1 to 6, i just slept 3hrs then i woke up to get to work, now my head is spinning around from lack of sleep, but there’s no way i’m going to miss reading softy’s transcap to know more about ep 7 & 8, now i’m wondering what will happen next, can’t wait for sat & sun to come…

              i was really behind watching k-dramas, coz i was too addicted reading mangas now i’m back to k-dramaworld, hahahah… now, i need to dl YFFM…

              btw, i’m also a huge fan of KSA, just wondering if anyone of you watch her other drama When its At Night with Lee Dong Gun, though it didn’t garner a higher rating compared with her other dramas, but i enjoy watching it compared to CH… highly recommend also softy


            • lei2010 says:

              there’s no other guy there for the love triangle but a girl coz CSW is engaged there, (i don’t know the name of the korean actress, but she’s a beauty) although there’s some part with CSW male secretary Lee Jun Hyuk but its mostly bec. he was teasing CSW i think….


    • So3 says:

      Re lawsuit –

      I’m no expert in law but I think it wasn’t a court case that we were watching. They brought it to arbitration so I think it works slightly different from court (i.e. innocent unless proven guilty). The “legal advisor” guy in the drama also said the court thinks both parties seem to bear their part of responsibility and that’s why the court recommended this to be settled through arbitration. Not sure if I’m right or not though.


      • Fanderay says:

        Thanks for the clarification! That makes more sense, although if that were the case I would try bringing to court if I were her. Really though, having your crush rescue you is always going to be the best solution 🙂


  5. So3 says:

    Re what Kang said to J – I saw from some translation that what he said was:

    I will clean up your mess somehow so please just stay like you’re dead (i.e. do nothing and be there like a puppet I guess?).


    No idea how right the above translation is but if this is true – how harsh those words are for a father to talk to a son like that. I feel sorry for J already, and do look forward as they reveal more about his past with his parents.


    • yumi says:

      Well, it seems like that has been kang’s standard instruction to J.

      For most of this drama, J has been playing dead. It’s only when he is with Y does he come alive.


  6. Iviih says:

    About the lawsuit, I’m a law student, and the lawsuit thing bothered me so much!

    How she can be alone at the court – why they didn’t give her a person to defend her? (If I’m not wrong, people can defend themself on Korea, right? But it’s so weird!)

    Also, why the judge was talking as if she would have to pay the money?

    So if someones acuses me of something – without proper evidence – and I have no way to prove that I didn’t it, I’ll be guilty? NO. Of course not. No one can be found guilty without prope/real/solid evidence.

    Without real evidence that Y really stole the ring I don’t think the judge could find her guilty.

    And S didn’t have it, she just knew she went to the hotel that night, and so? No one saw Y stealing it, Wilson was needed on the court as a evidence that she was the last person who visited him and saw the ring, but he also wasn’t there, so based in what proper evidence she was going to blame Y?

    ”Innocent until proven guilty”

    In Y’s case was most like ”’Guilty until proven innocent” – lol

    And didn’t Y quit before going to Okinawa? Why she didn’t say to the judge she quit and then went to Okinawa? I think this lawsuit isse was somehow not very well done… but I’ll take it as if they weren’t in the final court. They were first seeing if a agreement was possible between the parts, to see if they would be really taking a real lawsuit and all. I believe so, and then Y would ask to prove she is innocent and they would hold another court to her show her evidence or to her defend herself.

    Sorry for the little rant.. lol but this was bothering me. Maybe in Korea things are very different from my country law.


    • ck1Oz says:

      The legal system in Korea is vastly different from anywhere.Ppl can choose to be their own legal counsel.This is just a hearing not a court case.However I still don’t agree with the judge proposing she settles.This is a civil suit I guess.

      Hey this is the same country if you are involved in an accident you can claim personal damages off the person who caused the accident.I don’t understand why it’t not covered by a third party insurance instead of making a person personally responsible for the cost of the damage either car repair,funeral costs (this boggles my mind) and physical injury.

      It is also legal to sue your spouse for infidelity and win here.Sorry softy I am not saying anything against the legal system in SK.I am just saying it’s different and I don’t know how fast it will change when social pressures are involved in court settlement.Like divorce cases elsewhere it usually favours the mothers for child custody but in SK it depends on how much $ or pull the father has.Isn’t there a separate police unit with separate powers who are able to prosecute politicians.Even the assistant DA in SK have way different rights and their job scope extends way beyond reviewing the facts but instead they can pass judgement without going to a court case.The legal powers of govt prosecutors are written in English somewhere.I forget where the link is.

      Am I right Softy?


      • Softy says:

        You don’t need to be sorry – I just live here but I’m not a Korean citizen. These laws you mentioned sound about right but I would also take into account this is a drama. That scene with the judge was an arbitration, but Y still should have brought a lawyer with her – I thought the drama didn’t just to make her character look bad. Pretty sure in a real situation she wouldn’t have gone in alone. Same thing with the judge making her pay a settlement with no proof of guilt – would hate to think this country is THAT backward. I also know first hand that if you are rich and your kid gets in trouble with the police – one phone call and your kid is out in the snap of a finger if your dad knows the right ppl – no justice whatsoever. plus there are no safety belt laws- underage children are free to sit on their parent’s laps instead of in car seats – it’s shocking. Also in all my years of living here, I rarely saw a police car doing anything except giving out the occasional ticket. They are never around so you actually have to call them, but in the states they are everywhere all the time.


  7. InLove says:

    Thanks for the recap! Still enjoying this drama. Everyone is doing such a stellar acting job and I can’t wait to see what happens next week. I hope Yeon jae tells Ji wook about her condition once she realizes that he is for serious. It will be very sad. I had to do gather all my strength not to cry when Yeon jae told Hae won about her condition so I don’t know how I’m going to handle it when she tells Ji wook and omg her mother… 😥

    Sae kyung has a chance to step up and tell her dad and Ji wook’s dad that she also doesn’t want to get married. I hope she does that, but I feel like it’s unlikely. She’s just a person who needs to be single so she can get her life and emotions together. Also, Sae kyung’s brother is a jerk.

    I’m excited for next week. Counting down to more SOAW!


  8. Shinta says:

    Sofie, why i have another feeling when i saw J crying?
    I’m thinking that maybe he is in same position with Y.
    He is dying too….!! but, because this story not focus on him but Y, that’s why we dont know.
    But, i have feeling that he is sick too.. that is why in beginning he has no objection when he had to marry the bad girl.
    So, when finally Y disclose her feeling… he is so grateful and sad in same time… because he knows, someday he will leave her…

    wuuaaaa… if my its true… then it will be saddest drama of the year!!!! hiiikkkksss


    • lei2010 says:

      hey… i don’t think that J is sick with a terminal disease, that’s going to be a different story u know… but its ur thinking, what can i do…


  9. eye says:

    well, its still drama.. everything can n cannot be happen. Just 2 ending u can hope: Happy or Sad Ending… 🙂


  10. a present to every SOW fans ^^


    • Softy says:

      Wow where is this song from? It sounds like that group from Iceland – I bet anything it is. Please shares the song name and who sings it 🙂 totally perfect for this scene.


  11. Sabrina says:

    First of all, thanks Softy for your recaps. 🙂 Love KSA’s acting pretty much. CH is worth a watch. Pls do give it a try. She looks great in doing the tango with Rain, CSW and now LDW.

    For fans of KSA, her tango lesson with Rain before Rain concert and city hall.


  12. sunshine says:

    Hey Softy,

    Here’s the latest preview for Ep 9.
    Can’t wait for the weekend!


    • Softy says:

      Thank you – So3 posted this on KDF3 so I already commented there but doesn’t this preview just make your knees weak? Omg I want more like this cuz there are hardly any words spoken but the two of them are electrifying, 🙂


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