Scent of a Woman E7

During this scene, J stood off to the side and listened to everything Y said. I lost track of how many times in this episode she kept saying “before I die,” but no one is actually hearing her words. It made me realize we say “I’m dying” all the time in our day to day lives just as an expression. To us, those words are meaningless, but it carries a burden of truth for Y. The weight of that fact made her break down and her friend was there to hug and comfort her. In that moment, you could see J fight every impulse to be the one Y could lean on literally and figuratively. In the next scene, he took action to make her tears stop and that was something that left her speechless later. If she needed any more affirmation about J’s feelings for her, she is about to get her wish tm.


I chose this photo over the hug pic cuz I love his natural smile – he isn’t posing for the camera and just being himself. A candid shot like this one makes him look young and carefree.

If I remember correctly, the movie version of Scent of a Woman got the name for the title from what Frank said to Charlie. It’s about appreciating a woman and what she means to a man. That makes sense for this drama as well cuz J is starting to realize his feelings for Y and his growing attraction seems to be escalating faster than his brain or heart can process.


There is an interview on with the guy from the Spy drama – the north korean spy – LJW. he was asked if  it’s been a while since he came out to han kang(river) and he said he comes here often to exercise. she jokes she should come here to exercise too. she says he is getting a lot of love on the spy drama. since he was an army soldier -there was a lot of comfortable things about playing a soldier. it helped him a lot to understand the character. she says how he said he would repeat the army if he had to. he says this is a good chance to explain that – he could go to the army again but it’s not cuz it was comfortable or bearable so dont misunderstand.  she asks him about which girl group would make him happy or something and a subway train goes by and interrupts his answer as he was explaining – instead of just saying I like one girl group…when I was in the army I did an interview – I interviewed Rainbow and promised to buy something good to eat so when there is a good chance… she talks about his rival eric and asks about LJW and eric’s attractive qualities so the screen goes by quickly and he gives different answers -i have no confidence to beat him-  I can beat him – dont know that – let’s just say I lost.

he says his acting is still lacking but he is putting in a lot of effort -they talk about his ability to act with his eyes and shows a clip from the drama. she asks what he thinks about the mood of the interview today.  he says it’s good. she says to say that it’s good with his eyes. he just looks at her like she asked a weird question so she says it’s not good. he jokes the audience just now held their tummies laughing.

I dont get this next part but they show a funny picture of him in sageuk garb and call him professor LJW. he says this seems like he is talking strangely cuz he likes lecturing/discourse (like when a professor holds a lecture) -when asked what he wants to talk about today – he says “I want everyone to be happy – you can edit this part out if you want it’s ok”-  they fast forwarded the rest of his answer saying how they edited this part out cuz his lecture was too long. she says how romantice this was listening to his lecture. he jokes it will all be edited out cuz it wasnt fun.

 she says he is a little odd but cuz he is honest that is what makes him attractive. she asks when he debuted. he says around 2003. lines were – “how was the coffee”- “now” he didnt say them but jo in sung did in their CF together. for a winter CF,  LJW had to grow his beard out and grow his hair long so ppl didnt know he was a korean. so he tells everyone that was him. they show a clip of a row of guys and the girl asks ppl to find LJW. she asks if he wants to be an MC in a variety show. he said he likes variety show but didnt answer about the MC part

The girl says there is talk that he is Korea’s Tom Cruise and says he resembles Tom so LJW laughs and says “me?” she says his eyes, nose, and lips are similar

he was asked how he liked riding the cruise boat and he says it was refreshing. (about the interview) “I worried a lot and was shaking but you did well (the interviewer) and the staff was great. I will work hard towards showing a good side of an actor.”

to be honest I dont know how to express myself well so my fans will be disappointed – so these days I am trying really hard – you know that right? during that time – I was sorry.

he made a heart with his arms and asked for a moment and turned away from embarrassment 🙂

* I dont have the torrent for this “entertainment weekly” show but it’s the one from KBS so look for the date 8/13 on torrents at semi fly’s link

Scent of a Woman E7

After J tells her he is going crazy cuz of her, she asks what that means. J: what do you think it means? go. he turns to go in so she calls out for him to hurry and go in and make a call not to deposit the 300 million won. I’ll be going

J goes in and sits on his sofa. As Y walks away, she looks back.

Y got a drink and S rings the bell and comes in and slaps him. she asks what he is doing. you asked to see that show. he smiles. S: you are smiling? if you do that you could be dumped by me. J: it would be better if you did that.  S:what? J: are you having fun being with me? S: what’s having fun? should we go to an amusement park holding hands. you think that will be fun? then (let’s) do that.

Y takes a cab and remembers how J said he is going crazy cuz of her. Y tells the driver to pull over when it gets to $8 (she forgot she didnt have any money) and gets out and walks the rest of the way

J is having a meeting and he doesnt like any of the ideas cuz they have been done before or some other reason. J:arent there any new items? R comes up with one-a tour of Wandoisland-it has a good chance of being a hit. J says it’s a good idea and asks for something so R says he didnt make this plan.J:then whose is it? R: Y made this plan a while back. J gets mad and yells at R – why are you bringing up Y’s name here when we have to come up with a new item plan but all you can bring is an idea from an employee that quit? Noh says there is no problem cuz she came up with this before she wrote her resignation and it belongs to the company. J calls his name in a stern voice – I am sure you clearly told me that there wouldnt be any more times that we need her help. before they leave J says he wants to tell them one warning -no matter where no matter what situation – male employees cant sexually harass female employees no matter what -if I hear even one strange talk/rumor-I wont stand still for it. of course female employees cant do that to male employees as well

nam says how cool J is and the other girl reminds her how nam said she wouldnt be interested in J anymore since he is marrying S

Y sees a pic of Wilson and draws on his face. H comes and asks if that means Y doesnt even have money to buy drinks. she lends Y $1,000. she explains it is all she can give in her situation. Y: thank you H. H: are you ok? Y nods. H says how Y’s name came up during the meeting and J got really mad saying “why are you bringing up Y’s name” and warned the employees. so all the girls made a fuss how cool J was. Y asks how H’s blind date went. H doesnt really answer saying it’s the same. she sees Wilson’s face and asks if he is that guy -the one who accused Y of stealing. how can he be a pianist with his pig hands. Y laughs. Y notices the pic and the ring and looks at the name of the interviewer. she remembers how wilson said he wouldnt play the piano without the ring

Y calls the interviewer and asks for wilson’s contact info. she gets directed to Lasso music label. she speaks english and asks to speak to wilson- she finds out that he is staying in Sidney. she asks where he is staying in sidney (her eng is pretty good)  she leaves a message – her name and that she was his guide.

SW reports to J that he got the deposit back (that 3 uk) this morning. J says ok and tells him to leave but J changes his mind and tells SW to look into the wilson incident again

that dog is destroying E’s home and E steps on its pee. E asks another doc if he has ever raised a dog. the doc says yes so E asks the guy to take the dog but sees Y waiting so he says never mind

Y asks if E is getting along with the dog. she says how cute and sweet natured the dog is. E changes the subject and asks if she came to get her blood tests- see you later cuz I have a meeting. 

The director of the hospital (an older doctor) mentions that E didnt attend the dinner gathering last time and accuses E of not wanting to be sociable and sort of says he is stuck up. director says how E is last for everything. he keeps chiding E till the other doc reminds the director why they gathered-for an annual event. the director says how he is learning to play the saxophone for that. he asks the other docs what they are preparing. each doctor mentions what they are working on-taro cards, 7 of them are preparing an acapella. the director calls on E and mentions how E didnt attend last year with the excuse that his tummy hurt. arent you thinking of doing anything this time? E doesnt reply. the director tells everyone to do something special this time since it’s to celebrate the hospital’s 50th anniversary. he asks doc yoon to do something totally different from others – something like dancing and Yoon declines saying he has no skills but E volunteers to do it. director asks what E knows how to do.

E goes to his office and Y comes in. he asks if she had any side effects and she says she didnt. she asks if the test results came out and how is it. he says it’s all normal. he says the first phase went well and they can keep going. Y: that’s good cuz these days I had a lot of things on my mind (things that needed my attention)  so I was worried. E:what? Y: it’s something I cant discuss cuz it’s complicated. E: if it’s complicated you dont have to tell me. Y: then I’ll be going. she stands but he calls her name.  E: I did something that even I cant understand

R asks J if he is going to sueno and to go together but J says he isnt going. R: do you have an appt? J: I wont be going anymore from here on. R wonders if he was too hard on J -telling him he couldnt dance

J drives home and remembers how Y asked him not to come to tango class and to take private lessons if he really wants to learn

Y takes E to class. one woman guesses E is Y’s boyfriend. Y says no he is her childhood friend. the girl say it’s good cuz if the director comes they have enough men as partners. R says J isnt coming from today on. girl asks why and other other guy says it’s cuz J doesnt have skills. one woman says it’s a waste cuz J was charming

E watches R and the female teacher dancing and counts the steps and memorizes it. R asks if E can do that. E: me? now? the female instructor touches E and gets him to put his hand on Y’s waist and hold her hand and pushes him closer to Y.

E isnt breathing and is acting stiff. Y laughs and tells him not to be less tense. R yells for them to start. E is kinda good. R compliments E saying he has a knack for this. Y mutters how someone took 20 times to learn this. she tells E that he did really well.

R whispers to the female instructor  how he complimented E cuz he was afraid E would run away. what is the point of memorizing well when there is no feeling at all (in his dance) but the female instructor says no- E has a feel for this.

J is at home and watches the tango scene from the movie scent of a woman. J practices alone. he closes his eyes and imagines Y dancing with him. They dance really well and very close.

he had his eyes closed and now opens them when the music stops

E says it wasnt as hard as he thought. she says how scared he was after he went in. she says he does a lot of things well – cook, dance, and of course studied well. he tells her to get in the cab first but she tells him to go cuz she has some place to drop by. she asks about his partner -for the performance – you will need a female partner but the driver gets impatient so E doesnt get to answer and thanks her for today. E looks back and watches her cross the street

Y remembers how R said J isnt coming from today on.

Y looks at her bucket list and mutters she has a lot to do but there isnt one thing she did properly- that the lawsuit is taking up all her attention and she wont be able to do what she wanted. she calls S a name

Y gets something by mail. she takes it to a clerk in legal aid. she says how a court date was set and asked her to attend but she doesnt know what the letter means. the guy says the judge/ court said the amount from the other side was too high and it might get lowered to $200,000 or  $100,000. she asks if that is good for her but he says it still means the judge/court still thinks Y should be held responsible and the other side deserves to be compensated so Y has to still pay that amount (over $100,000)

J and S are having dinner with their dads. Im says he is happy that they went to the show together and are getting along so he called them so he could buy them dinner. S tells her dad: we arent getting along well. J said he doesnt have fun with me. I think he tried too much to match what I like during our date. so now I am going to try matching what he likes. Im: you should do that. S smiles at J. Im asks what J thinks of the menu Im chose. J says he likes it. Im says other hotels are thinking of getting ride of traditional korean restaurants but I dont think they should. he goes on about how he chose the right wine to go along with the korean food and foreigners seem to like it a lot. S gets a call. she talks into the phone about how she was asked to go lower on her settlement and receive 100,000. E: I have no plans to negotiate. I will take this lawsuit all the way till the end. that’s what that woman said too. J looks at her

after their dads leave, S asks what they should do now- he doesnt seem to like classic-should we go see that gag/comedy show we didnt see that time? or should we eat ice cream while walking on the street. J: were you always this kind of person? S: what does that mean? J: you dont have to go that far and do that to that woman. your inheritance is probably at least a few thousand uks. (millions of dollars) S: that’s what you have fun doing? she says she is planning to take lawyers and step on Y properly so if J wants to get in the way he can. how is that – does that sound like fun? I will leave first today.

her secretary says she is being too sensitive these days. you dont need to pay attention to the lawsuit yourself. S: I know that- not sure if I am taking the anger I should be directing at J out on that woman.

Y is trying to reach wilson. she says she left a lot of messages. are you trying to avoid my calls? if it’s not that then please take my calls. i only need to confirm one thing. a man says hello so she asks if he is wilson. the guy says he is wilson’s manager and she can tell him. she says she saw the pic where wilson was wearing the ring so I was wondering if he found the ring. he asks why she thinks it’s the same one. she says it looks the same and she remembers it well and wilson said he would never play the piano without it. he tells her -didnt it occur to you that wilson could have had another ring with the same design made. please dont call again regarding this matter. Y reluctantly agrees

his manger says isnt it better to tell the truth. wilson yells back: how can I do that when things got this out of control (the problem got this big)   – how can I say now  “I am sorry – to be honest that ring was stuck to my butt” – I cant do that- why did I have to wear this ring and do that interview?

Y is waiting at the lobby so J looks over at how sad she looks and takes a step to go over to her but H calls out Y’s name and asks what happened. Y: H- I might have to pay over 100,000 right away-the money I saved for over ten years -it looks like it will all be gone – how could this happen to me –  I lived every day without being greedy till now but why do I end up like this with stuff like this happening to me all the time – i never expected to win the lottery or meet a rich guy cuz I’m in a position where I have to pick up 10 cents from the ground- so at least -shouldnt I get to live? what do I do?  she cries and H hugs her.

J watches Y cry and walks on

SW reports how it will be hard to determine what happened with the CCTV. J: the ring could have been lost in the room.  SW says how the hotel staff looked everywhere -checking the sink and toilet. J asks if that means they cant do anything about it. SW says just in case he brought these. he shows J the pics of wilson wearing the rings and says one pic was taken in a 2010 interview and the other one was taken in London recently this spring but the rings are the same. J asks for wilson’s number. SW says it’s on the last page.

J calls wilson and introduces himself as the director of Line tour that wilson used when he came to korea. J says he has to ask something about the ring. wilson gets defensive and yells – why? do you have proof that that ring is that ring? I made a new ring – that ring is a new one. J says the name of the ring designer (Jacques Fred something) and asks if that same person made it this time too. wilson quickly says he did-Jacques made it – I told him to make the same one.  J says – so you dont know then that Jacque passed away a year ago. wilson says omg -Jacque died? J: that is why in the end – that you lost the ring….. wilson hangs up on J. SW asks if the call was broken off. J tells SW to look into a flight to sidney

Y is crying and looking at her bank  book. her mom jokes if you stare at it every day are they going to give you more interest? she tells Y to come out for a minute. Y asks why and wipes her tears so her mom wont know she had been crying. her mom says let’s eat potato pancakes. 

Y brings a plate of them. she complains that all her mom needs are potatoes and the batter to make it but since she cant do that – why get her daughter to make them. her mom says she knows how to make it but it tastes better when Y makes them. Y asks if her mom doesnt think about getting remarried.  her mom says she doesnt want to cook and do laundry for someone and at her age if she dates it will be her loss. Y: still when there is a difficult time – isnt it better to have someone rather than being alone.her mom:why would I be alone when I have you. you said you wouldnt get married – did you change your mind? Y: mom arent you lonely? her mom asks why Y is acting like this cuz it wasnt too long ago Y was against her mom remarrying. Y: if there is someone good around- you should seriously consider it. her mom looks at her funny so Y tells her to eat cuz it doesnt taste good when it gets cold

Y and S meet with the judge. S brought two lawyers. judge asks if Y came alone and she says she did. he mentions how there is no proof Y stole the ring so he thinks 300,000 is too much so he thinks compensation of 100,000 is better and not take it to trial. but Y says she cant do that cuz there is no proof she stole the ring. S’s lawyer says how Y didnt do her job well -she knew wilson was muslim and gave him pig and caused all that trouble. Y says that wasnt her fault. the lawyer says how after she caused all that trouble she didnt even go to work for the next day so she says that has nothing to do with this matter.  judge tells them to be quiet – they didnt come to fight.  judge says he wants Y to pay the money if she doesnt have proof she didnt steal it. S says how Y didnt apologize and didnt feel any remorse for what she did so I started this. S says she wants Y to apologize and admit she was wrong – S will follow the judge’s suggestion and settle. there is a knock at the door. wilson shows up. he says there is no meaning for this. judge asks what that means. wilson says he never lost the ring and holds it up

SW calls J and says how the lawsuit was called off. J asks about the frozen account and SW said it automatically was unfrozen. J says he did well. J is relieved to hear the news

Y and wilson are sitting together. he feels awkward so wilson complains how tired he is after taking the 11 flight from sidney – “to be honest I cant be this tired before my performance the day after tm” and wonders how he will be able to do it. he talks about the tea and how it tastes good and how he should by some before he leaves. you worked at a tour company so you should know a famous place where I can get some. Y cries and says how could you do this. he says how everything  was figured out. she cries and yells how she was accused of being a robber and how hard it was on her. enough to want to die – it was that difficult for me – do you know that? he says sorry- I will sincerely apologize. she says he is too much – all he had to do was tell the truth that he found the ring and none of this would have happened. when she called he could have told her the truth and this wouldnt have happened.he yells back at her not to do this (scold him) so much. he says how he couldnt sleep at all after that happened cuz it tormented him. Y: if you were that tormented then why did you avoid my calls? changing your mind and coming to Korea suddenly -what is the reason you did that? wilson: that guy threatened me -that bad guy. Y:who? wilson: the director.Y: what do you mean the director?

S hears that J brought wilson. she thinks J could have gone to sidney cuz of work but her secretary says J didnt have work there. he says how wilson’s side will compensate for cancelling the performance and stuff. she tells him to leave

Y walks and remembers how wilson said that he was tricked by the question J asked – wilson looked into it and jacques didnt even die. how he was caught in J’s web of lie. I also didnt know he would fly all the way to sidney himself. Y: KJW went to sidney? in person?  wilson: I offered to call the court myself but (J) said how could they confirm/prove that my voice was wilson

Y goes to J’s house but S goes in before Y could call J. Y goes back with her fruit basket.

J says S should have called before she came. S: were you going to sleep? J: cuz I tired. S: why? cuz you went to sidney. J:what is that – did you have me followed/investigated? S:are you interested in that woman?  do you know how humiliated I was at the court? in front of that ridiculous woman, I was a laughingstock- cuz of you. J: it wasnt cuz of me -it’s just that it was revealed that woman didnt steal the ring. S: you were still meeting her? it didnt end at just meeting in japan accidentally -were you still meeting here? why arent you answering me? J: it bothered me. S:what? J: you have never been poor have you?  cuz you didnt have a dollar today -being afraid that you might starve -you dont know that do you? S: are you saying you know that? does that make sense? J: if you were going to have me investigated you should have done a better job and seen what kind of past I had. I’m tired so leave. S: are you going to continue being bothered by (pay attention to) that woman? he says how he wouldnt have had to if S didnt make this matter so big. from here on I have no reason to care about her since the lawsuit is over. he tells her to go cuz he is tired

her mom asks if Y got a present. Y says no – I bought this to give as a present but wondered what meaning there would be in giving something like this so i brought it back. her mom asks how grateful Y was to buy something so expensive. it was something really worth being grateful for-what should we eat first? her mom says the mango

Y goes to see S. Y says how great the office is – it’s spacious and could run around in here. Y: how are you going to apologize. S puts down the envelope. Y asks how S can be so predictable. S says she can predict what Y would say- “you think I came for money?an apology is first -kneel and apologize” Y: no – what will I do with an apology that doesnt even have a fingertip amount of sincerity -money is better. Y takes the envelope. S: even after accepting that – you wont go to J again right?  cuz you are so poor he must have felt sorry for you so that’s why he paid some attention to you (he said) -using that as an excuse-I hope you dont go see him again.  Y: cuz I dont want to keep running into you so I was going to end everything with this but I dont think I can. S: if you cant what are you going to do? Y: I am going to get revenge. if I dont – it will be too unfair so I cant die. S: you think you have the strength to do that? Y: you dont know what strength I have. I’ll be going now

J says he wont see wilson off to the airport. wilson says ok cuz that is a bother for him anyway. wilson asks J to give this to Y. (he hands him a ring box)  i should have given it to her yesterday but I forgot. J: I dont think I can do that – I dont want her to know my part in this incident. W: but I already told her all of it yesterday. J says this like a whiny kid :why did you tell her that? W: you should have told me sooner. it’s almost time for my flight so I dont have a chance to meet Y. he puts the ringbox in J’s hand asks him to do it as a favor. W:arent you going to meet anyway? she already knows that you helped so I am sure she will go to you to thank you. as you give this to her – brag a little cuz didnt you do all this to look good in her eyes? to look good in my wife’s eyes, I did a lot of things too. one time I moved a piano to the beach and performed for her there – although the water came in and I almost died. wilson puts his hand on J’s shoulder and says “she seems like a good woman- I wish you happiness.” J looks at the ring. Wilson’s ring is stunning

J says – it’s not a proposal so isnt a ring overdoing it? he remembers how wilson said Y will come to thank him for his help. J was going to call Y but gets a call from S

they are eating. she asks about when he is going to go see something for the engagement and he replies when you want (I think) S says how Y came to see her this morning. she said she didnt need an apology and asked for money so I gave her a lot – I thought you should know too.

Y pays H back with interest. H says she wasnt even expecting to be paid back. she says its good that it worked out well anyway. Y asks if H knows any nice guys. H: now that you feel at ease you want to go in a blind date? Y: not for me – my mom-I want to get her remarried. after I went thru this incident – i realized it weighs on my heart to leave her behind alone

Y almost calls J but remembers seeing S go into his house

older doc tells E to pay more attention to his patients. the doc asks if E is learning to tango well saying how that old doc is looking forward to it. try to curry some points with that. if you look good in his eyes – who knows you might be able to go straight to MD anderson. try to do well.

E sees Y. the older doc says he will use it for good. she asks him to do that. he thanks her and tells her to go safely.

Y tells E that she suddenly came into some money and donated it cuz there might be patients who cant afford to be treated and to use it for that. E says since she saw the head of the hospital it must have been a great deal of money. Y: yes of course it’s a lot of money- it’s money I got from being slapped mixed in with being accused of stealing. without an apology and settling it with money -I wasnt going to accept it cuz it hurt my pride but I just accepted it. (she says something like a chaebol who has a lot of money) what if I took that money – i just have to use it for good. anyway it feels good cuz I did something good. E says he has a favor to ask of her. Y:what? he asks her to be his partner. she says she isnt good enough to perform yet. E: well then it cant be helped. I better get going. Y: ok – I will do it. can I ask a favor too

J calls and asks his secretary if there were any calls for him,. she says there wasnt any. J:not even one? she says : there werent any – by any chance where you waiting on one? he says never mind and tells her to go back to work. he almost calls Y but doesnt . he asks for R to come to his office.

R asks if J asked for him. J says he was curious about how the Fall/Winter new items were going. R says they are working on it and will have it done by the day after tm like you said. J: I did didnt i? R: yes then I will be going.  when R is about to leave – J stops him and asks how the tango class is going these days. R:what are you asking about? J: after I dropped out -there was one less male partner so that made me worry about that.  R says it’s ok and how Y brought a new student. J: a new student? R: she said he was her childhood friend, his face looks is clean cut and he dances well. J: is that person by any chance a doctor. R says he didnt ask. J asks: he wore glasses didnt he and his eyes were like this (J pulls his eyes back cuz E has small eyes) R says yes and asks why J is asking. J says it’s nothing and tells him to leave

SW and J go to the hotel for work. some woman is there to greet them and says let’s go to the meeting room

Y drags her mom for a blind date. her mom says she doesnt want to- if Y was going to make her do this she should have said yesterday so she could have put cucumber slices on her face. Y says her mom is pretty without having to do that-her skin is tight and if someone sees they might think her mom is Y’s older sister. her mom asks if her hair is ok and Y says it is. Y repeats if her mom likes the guy order a grape drink. if she doesnt then order orange.

E and his older doc boss are there. E keeps drinking water. the older doc says E seems more nervous than him. how many glasses did you drink so far? older doc comments – who knew E would introduce him to a woman. do you know you got strange these days? E: I did? the doc says “is it them?” they look over.

Y comes with her mom and E’s heart beats faster looking at Y.  

the other doc makes E stand up

they say hello to each other. the man says it’s nice to meet you and tells her mom to sit across from him. the older doc says Y’s mom looks like natalie wood. she mentions a movie she was in so he says you know who that is. she says of course I do. he says how pretty she was and that she was an actress he liked a lot. you look a lot like her

J is working and asks how something is going. the woman says something about 100% penalty for recheck ins. J signs something

Y says she and E came too since she thought her mom and the doc would be uncomfortable and awkward meeting alone just the two of them. the man says they didnt need to do that. Y’s mom kicks Y to leave. the guy says how he saw a lot of movies at some place. Y’s mom: you did?  she kicks Y again to leave so Y says sorry for interrupting but I think we better go now. Y’s mom: you want to? Y: yes let’s go (to E)

Y and E leave and she says sorry for making him come along cuz it doesnt seem like he had to. he says it’s ok cuz he was done with work anyway. she reminds E again how she asked him to keep her cancer a secret. E says he remembers but why is she still keeping it from her mom but he doesnt get to finish talking cuz Y gets a text.

the elevator door opens and J is there with SW.  Y is happy cuz her mom texted a better grape than just regular grapes (it’s the expensive yummy grapes that are larger than regular grapes) cuz she told her mom to text grape if she likes her date. Y guesses her mom really likes the guy but what J heard in the elevator is that her mom really likes him (him meaning her mom’s date but to J it sounds like her mom really likes E) E smiles and says “that’s good/that turned out well”.

J asks if they arent going to get in. E says they are and Y and E go in. J keeps staring at the back of Y’s head and remembers how junsa said that E had a one sided love since he was 9 and then met his first love after 25 yrs at the hospital.

E says it’s good your mom likes (him) – without the pronoun it sounds like her mom approves of E. J remembers how Y brought E to tango class. J calls out her name and asks to meet. E asks who J is and she says the director from where she used to work

J says if you heard from wilson shouldnt you have said at least a word of thank you -you waited for hours when your accounts were frozen but since the matter was settled -now you dont need me anymore. is that it? as soon as the lawsuit was cleared up, I heard you went to accept money. were you in that much of a rush? Y: yes I did go to accept money -it was so unfair what I went through so I felt like I should at least get some money. why? cant I do that? J: so after accepting that money- you came here? you werent someone who could afford to come to a place like this. you came and found me cuz you couldnt put up with ….J doesnt get to finish cuz E tells him to stop. E asks J: are you the person who slapped her, accused her of being a robber, and settled it all with money? Y calls his name. E: the money she got from you….Y tells him to stop. let’s go. she tells J they will be leaving

J stands there and goes out and watches E and Y. E: who is that guy to talk to you like that? why didnt you tell him where that money came from? you should have told him and clear up the misunderstanding – why did you have to be misunderstood like that? Y: I went to the front of his house cuz I wanted to say thank you -no-  I used the excuse to thank him cuz I wanted to see his face again but I couldnt do it – I wanted to see him so much but i had no choice but to turn around and go back. E asks what that means- do you by any chance like that guy? Y: I dont want to but it’s not working – she cries and says : I like that person so much.  



the girl from the hospital tells E how she likes him and asks for just one date

Y tells J that she didnt come to play – she came to find someone. J: who? Y: my  first love. J: your first love?

Y tells E that he spoke too harshly a while ago. E: stop carrying about my business and just worry about yours  and dont go around liking a guy who is going to get married. Y: in your eyes I look pathetic huh? E: arent you?

E to J: are you in your right mind? you should say you were in a meeting -had an accident-you should have some excuse! J: break off the engagement


43 comments on “Scent of a Woman E7

  1. Jewels says:

    Whew…. I had such a busy summer, and now I’m in Brazil on vacation, but I did not forget to catch up with SOAW before commencing. While here on vacation, it is so good to read Softy’s recaps.

    Thank you soooooo much for your hard work. After a week I’ll be back to my regular routine, but for now Softy….you feed my passion for this series.


  2. Moi says:

    Im super hooked & very much thankful
    To this drama! After city hunter, i was having a hard time looking for
    A great drama to watch & this is it! I hope the main lead will gain a bit weight just like how he looked like in MY GIRL 🙂


  3. Monet says:

    Am I the only one who wishes for Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah shipping? they really look good together on screen. . . and was hoping it will also continue off screen. 😀


  4. janu says:

    Super grateful for all your hard work. Can’t wait for ep. 8! Kamsahamnida!


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