Ojakkyo Brothers E3 and E4

With a scene like this, how could this drama go wrong? Now that I look back on it, I didnt stop grinning the whole time I watched this. No other male character has ever picked up a girl, spun her around, and threw her down like she was a sack of potatoes on any kdramas I’ve seen before. You just can’t find comic relief like this these days.


Now that I am 40 mins into E4, I realized this isnt the kind of drama you can summarize and paraphrase. In order to get every nuance of each character, you have to listen to the way they talk. It’s like the “flavor” that adds to the main dish. If you rush thru it, you miss out on a lot. Like now -I am seeing for the first time how each character is shaped by how they express themselves. Yes it’s more time consuming to do line by line translations, but what is better – getting the jist of the story only and not really connecting with the characters or feeling like you are getting to know these people on a more personal level. I realize that sounded like an excuse for why it’s taking so long to do these recaps, but I was being totally sincere. 🙂



Although you can’t tell from these shots, this is the main couple for this drama. More importantly, you are looking at the reason why I wanted to recap this drama from day one. Not sure how many episodes I can cover before Wed cuz PTB starts then and my attention has to be redirected to E11 and E12.

What I first liked right away about OB was that there were no babies switched at birth – no one is going to end up related after they fall in love – this just didn’t feel like those other dramas that air around the same time. I can’t stand dramas like that – stories that go over the top. This one is sane enough for me to wrap my head around and grounded with lots of humor and great acting.

I started watching this the first weekend it started and liked it right off, but didn’t intend to recap it at all since you guys know how much I hate to learn new character names. For the last hour I have been sorting thru the names trying to figure out who is who cuz I have a habit of watching dramas without knowing any names and this show is a nightmare with so many characters. All the initials overlap so I don’t know how to shorten all these names. Then I told myself just to do highlights and next thing you know I am doing line by line again. I am like the worst recapper in history cuz I don’t know how to shorten anything.


Ojakkyo Brothers Character list and brief summaries of what’s been happening so far

Park Bok Ja (the mom)

Hwang Chang Shik (the dad)

Grandma – favors TH cuz he is the son of her deceased son. Their scenes together are too precious.

TS- Hwang Tae Shik -1st son –physiotherapist who still hasn’t married so every episode the family always brings that up and you can tell it irks him a lot. In recent episodes he went out on a blind date that turned out well so he is really happy cuz the girl is young and pretty.

The woman living next door with her daughter is TS’s elementary school friend, Kim Mi Seok, but he doesn’t realize that till episode 9. It always bugged him that she speaks to him in banmal, but she did that cuz she knows they used to be friends.  She never says anything about them already knowing each other cuz it hurts her pride that she looks so old that he thinks she is an ajumma when she is only a year older. Also her daughter Oh Ha Na is not her real daughter. The little girl is really her niece, but MS’s sibling died so she is raising HN as her own daughter. Even the girl knows that and asks if she should call MS “aunt” but MS tells HN not to (cuz MS knows how weird it will be for the girl since everyone thinks they are mom and daughter already). The owner of the restaurant where MS works used to be friends with MS’s dad so he looks out for MS. He knows that MS is only the aunt and wants her to get married so he tells the girl to call MS “aunt” around the customers so MS has a chance to meet a man. In E8, MS tells him to stop pressuring the girl to call MS “aunt” and when he tries to set MS up with a guy, MS lies to him and says she has a boyfriend. (She was referring to TS cuz MS likes him, but he doesn’t like her at all cuz he thinks she looks older than him by a lot –plus he thinks HN is her real daughter)

TB- Hwang Tae Bum -2nd son is an up and coming reporter and his boss is (SY) Cha Soo Young.  I should note that she sort of had a crush on him from a while back cuz there is a group photo with him in it that she carries around. She sees how quickly he is rising in popularity every time he reports the news. The head of the news office likes TB cuz he is young and good looking. they had a one night stand when they were both drunk and now she is pregnant. she asked him to marry her and he is still stewing over it cuz he doesnt want to.

SY’s parents Cha Hyun Jae and Nam Yeo Kyung are fighting and at odds cuz the wife thinks her husband cheated on her but later starts to feel guilty when he gets sick

TH-Hwang Tae Hee (Joo Won) – 3rd son is a detective. The dad’s brother died and TH is the son who was left behind when his mom remarried after her husband’s passing. So the dad raised TH like his own kid so that is why TH calls him dad and not uncle.  TH was investigating some smuggling operation involving jewels and expensive watches. He looked into Professor Seo who is linked with TH’s boss – Police chief (Lee Ki Chul) and his daughter (Lee Seung Ri-J’s rival at school and SR likes TH) The chief is evidently part of that operation somehow and bribed the professor into accepting his own daughter –SR- into school but later there is a mix-up and TB reports that J is the one who might have been accepted into school thru bribes so she gets kicked out of school – despite being the school representative and knowing every fact about the school and its history (J proved that in front of some students that there is no way she is the one who would need to be bribed to enter the college since she is knowledgeable and smart.)

TP- Hwang Tae Pil -4th son (the mangnae –the youngest) he quit his part time job and is currently jobless but keeping it a secret and lying to his mom about it. TH knows that truth and uses that to threaten TP to start working part time again and not disappoint their mom when TH discovers TP was going around using TH’s business card and impersonating an officer telling pretty rich girls he meets that he is a cop. TH warns if TP doesn’t get his part time job back within 3 days he is going to tell their parents including the fact that TP was impersonating an officer. TP is really mean and says their mom is his mom and not TH’s and says TH is not his real older brother.

Baek In Ho (J’s dad) and his 3rd wife –Jung Yoon Sook. After J’s dad goes missing in china on a boat accident and presumed dead, her stepmom abandons J cuz the stepmom doesn’t want to take on the burden of her husband’s debt and raising J.

Baek Ja Eun (Uee) –homeless when her step mom skips out and is dating one of J’s dad’s employee. Right now J is living in a work room where she used to make jewelry and accessories.


Episode 3

starts with mom’s discovery that the farm belongs to Baek In Ho (J’s dad) and they have to vacate by the end of the month. The dad had lied to the mom that the farm was left to him in a will by his deceased father’s older cousin –she asks if the dad deceived her. He said it was the only way she would believe.

GM is grumbling and wondering why her son isn’t picking up his cell phone and notices the whole family coming home. She mutters the mom went to drop off side dishes and brought her son back instead. The mom walks right by the GM so the GM starts to complain she was in the middle of talking but her son whispers how the mom found out. The GM whispers back – she knows? So the mom turns around and asks if the GM knew too. GM stammers and tries to deny it but the mom knows GM is lying. For a second you can see just how clearly upset the mom is cuz the betrayal extends not only from her husband to her sons trying to keep it from her but now her mother in law too. Once they go in the dad is overly caring and tells his wife to lie down to compose herself and orders his son to go get the mom water with a lot of ice. But the mom picks up the pillow and hits dad saying – what did you say to me? That you inherited the farm from your deceased relative – and said to me “you better know you met a great husband and you married well.” The dad says he was wrong and shouldn’t have done that and begs his wife not to be so upset cuz her blood pressure will go up. The mom hits him more cuz she doesn’t care about her BP now. The two sons have to hold GM back cuz she doesn’t like her son being hit by his wife. GM yells for the mom to quit –is she planning to kill a person. Son asks his mom to stop too. The dad begs forgiveness and says he committed a sin and was wrong but that pillow stings cuz it has those small beans inside that feels like rocks. Mom hits more saying – it hurts? It hurts? Die – die. So the sons have to hold her back and tell her to hold it in. the mom tries to kick the dad and says she doesn’t want to see his face so the sons ask the dad to leave the room.

TH and his partner arrest some men who are involved in selling fake stuff and they gather them up in a van. They follow a tip that a 24yr old girl they have been after is at work at a shop at Itaewon now selling more fake stuff and they go to pick her up. Earlier, J bragged to SR that she can buy the designer bag they saw in a magazine today but when she goes with her friends to buy it, they find out they have to be on a wait list for that bag so J goes with her friend to buy a fake one. While her friend goes with the girl to the back to look at the better merchandize (the stuff that looks more real but is more expensive) J says she will wait in the store cuz her legs hurt. The girl who works there told J to tell ppl to just look around if any customers come in.  J is in a daze cuz she saw her step mom with another man at the department store earlier. She texts her mom that her dad left ok and asks where her mom is.

When TH arrives with his partner and they ask where the good stuff is J replies without looking up that the good stuff is in storage (in the back) so TH thinks she is the 24yr old girl they are after and tries to drag her out. She tells him he got the wrong person –that she isn’t the owner but he says he hates to waste time and drags her off to the van. She says again that he has the wrong person but he yells at – ya- I told you I hate wasting time – I wont be lenient just cuz you are a girl. She called him – “ajussi”at first then “ya” when she got desperate.

Once they arrive at the station, she says to TH- can you really do this just cuz you are a cop – you made a mistake. If I tell my dad do you think he will leave you alone. What is your name.” the other guy who was arrested tells TH that TH got the wrong person like the pretty young girl said. So TH takes out his anger and frustration cuz that guy stabbed an officer named Noh five years ago soTH beats the crap out of the guy. J gets scared watching that. TH asks if she still wants to make that call and she shakes her head no and shows her hands saying she already put the phone away. she meekly and obediently goes inside the station.

Inside the station she looks at her phone to call her dad but realizes he is out of the country and then her mom’s number but TH is being mean to a guy so J doesn’t call. She realizes she can prove her identity with her school ID but she forgot to bring it. She decides to be sweet and flirty and offers to bring TH water but he doesn’t even look at her and drinks from his bottle of water. She gets down at eye level and says with a cute aego tone– a while ago when I said – “ya you crazy punk”-  I am really sorry.  I did it cuz I was so indignant – today I happened to have forgotten my school ID so I don’t know how to prove my identity but I really…TH doesn’t look at her and cuts her off and says – go back and sit down. She says yes and goes back and sits and glares at him. Then the news reports about the china boat accident so it grabs J’s attention. SR is spying on TH and notices J there too. TH tells J to come and sit so he can fill out his report but J just keeps staring at the tv in shock. The news reports that 3 korean men were on board and her dad’s name and photo pops up. J walks closer to the tv but TH shuts it off. J yells- turn it back on – hurry. TH: you think you came here to play – hurry and sit down. She turns the tv back on manually and repeats – this isn’t possible – she dials her dad’s number and begs – dad please (pick up). TH grabs her phone away so she tells him to hurry and give it back and kicks him. He drops the phone and it’s scratched. She tries to leave but he forces her to sit and she screams – let me go. Then his partner brings the right girl and TH realizes his mistake and he starts to apologize but he doesn’t even get a word out cuz J just hits him with her purse and storms off.

J goes home and asks her step mom – mom dad didn’t get on that boat right? Her mom says –he was on it. J screams- why would dad get on that boat? Her dad’s employee is on the phone with china and yells for them to find the bodies even tho there is a typhoon. J asks what they said. He says cuz the typhoon is too big they cant reach the boat to look for survivors. J: so they stop the rescue-then what will happen to my dad. he says cuz the waves were too high and so much time has already gone by that side is already counting it as presumed dead. J: is everyone crazy? How can they say my dad died. They cant stop the rescue – tell them to continue. She tells her mom –mom saying something to them – they cant stop the rescue. The mom says – didn’t you hear what he said – cuz of the waves they cant get a rescue boat out. J: then what will happen to dad. the mom says – did I drop him in the ocean – why are you yelling at me. The older guy says something about tm but the other one says “if he has died then we have to find his remains or proof of his death” so J screams at him – ajussi are you crazy? Why do you keep saying he is dead. My dad didn’t die –my dad would never die and leave me behind. Mom let’s go to china and go and find dad. ajusshi reserve a flight for my mom and me –I have to go to find my dad. the guy tells her to calm down and listen well –if you go now – you will get in the way cuz the staff will have to take care of you –thru the staff the rescue workers are looking so let’s wait a while. J: but I have to go –please send me – please send me ajussi.

The step mom cant sleep cuz J has the volume up and is not sleeping to keep watching the news coverage of the accident. She tells J to lower the volume so she can sleep but J doesn’t listen so the mom turns it down and says let me sleep. J raises the volume again

GM mutters it’s been two days already – why cant she let go of it and get up. (the mom hasn’t recovered yet from the shock of the news about the farm) isn’t it enough she beat my son up –should she make her old mother in law cook. What did he (the dad) do wrong?  To make his wife happy – he made up a cousin that doesn’t exist – he tried that hard – what did he do that was so wrong. (she basically repeated exactly what the dad said to his sons when he first told them about the farm situation)  TB points out the GM is going too far with that one. She goes on about the mom’s personality-her bad temperament and how she blows up again and again instead of just once.

GM takes the porridge into the room and acts nicer and tells the mom to eat a few spoonfuls to get strength. TS tells her to eat too cuz he heard she didn’t eat anything yesterday too. TP says the person who should starve is the dad and not the mom. TB tells her that within the month they have to move out. You have to hurry and regain your strength, get up, and make plans – there is no time. dad asks why TB has to say that to the mom. TB points out reality doesn’t disappear just cuz she is like that. TB tells TS to go cuz they are late. Before he leaves, TB says to his mom – if you cant forgive dad then it’s ok for you to divorce him but we still have to move. Make your heart firm and eat something. TS tells her to get up and eat too.

TP drives TB and TS to drop them off. TS says their dad went too far this time. TB: was there a time when dad caused trouble that wasn’t going too far. TS: did you look into loans? TH said he has $30,000 in savings and will give it all. TP makes fun of the amount saying it’s nothing at all hardly-he probably saved every salary but that’s all he saved up. TS asks if TB can pitch in the same amount but TB says he cant cuz his savings all went into his officetel (small apt)-I will look into loans for about $20,000. How about you? TS says he went to the bank yesterday and could only come up with $5,000 so TB tells him to try to come up with at least $10,000. TS says he wants to but he has no place to borrow it. TP advises TS to go on a lot of blind dates before they move cuz if they lose the farm – his value will go down. (cuz women look at the man’s home to see if they live well and stuff)  TS: right now it looks like we will be homeless so is blind date the problem. TB mutters that it’s far off till TS is able to get married and that whole conversation stresses out TS and frustrates him too.

J listens to the news and the announcer says there is no more possibility of finding survivors so the victim’s families are giving up hope.

The guy is informing the step mom that J’s dad’s company is going bankrupt –he couldn’t handle certain matters and kept trying to and even if J’s dad returned now –there is no way to stop the bankruptcy and it will happen within the week. He gives her a tip to take the money that’s hers before that happens. She wonders how J’s dad could make the company end up to that point. J comes over and asks for them to go to china. let’s go and find dad ourselves. We have to go – how can we just leave it up to the company staff and stay here just watching. The step mom asks what J can do if they go. Do you know what condition the company is in now. Your dad couldn’t handle things and the company is going bankrupt –your dad isn’t the only one who is going to die –you- me and the company – all of it will die/end. So stop whining and just be still cuz I am not in the mood to deal with you. also shower cuz you smell and I cant stand it.

Dad asks the mom to eat the porridge before she really gets sick. It’s better if you hit me like you did the day before. Instead of that pillow, you can use a harder pillow and beat me till I die -it’s ok-just keep insulting me. I feel like I am going to die watching you lie there like that. I know I am a crazy guy – I wanted to be a husband you can brag about –after a year I was going to tell you the truth –but you were so happy – the way you looked at me was different –I was wrong – I know I disappointed you- but you have to eat something- I will beg like this- he puts his hands together and begs. He says her name and tells her to listen to him. TH comes in and says – mom. GM comes in and says her son said enough explanations (to beg for forgiveness) and sort of defends him saying – what did you do – sell your home –is there anything else you did wrong except for not telling her who the real land owner is. Dad tries to get her to stop and so does TH but the GM goes on about how if they borrowed the land from the friend for ten years and used it well they should say “thank you” and get up and make new plans –is it something to lie around sulking for a few days. GM says to TH: my baby – answer me – did GM say anything wrong. Mom finally gets up and asks GM: mother where should we move to this time. like we did during our eldest son’s senior year when he was studying for college when we got kicked out of our home–should our whole family hang in there in a small one room for a month? Or like when the second oldest was studying for his college exams and our store was sold –when you stayed at your aunt’s home and I kept the youngest and put the second and third in a small place to stay in front of the school –do we do that again mother?  GM: that’s right I knew you would bring that up. If you didn’t belabor the past with the intent to hurt you wouldn’t be park bok ja. The mom takes her head band thing off and grabs her purse and leaves the room. The dad asks where she is going after starving for two days.

The mom goes out and looks at the farm. Dad asks if she is going somewhere. TP comes back and is happy to see his mom.

They go to meet J’s dad but the guard asks if they haven’t been watching the news and tells them about what happened in china and J’s dad-that it happened 4 or 5 days ago. The food company “Jin Shin” that belongs to J’s dad is in chaos cuz word spread that the president is dead so orders are being canceled and stuff. The dad calls his son to verify the news and tells the mom and TP that it’s all true and it’s already over (meaning no hope for J’s dad to survive) The mom finally speaks and asks what happens with their farm then. Dad says J’s dad’s wife wont know about the farm. Mom: she wont know? Dad: she wont cuz she is the 3rd wife. In Ho went thru something bad with his second wife so would he confide in the 3rd wife. I’m pretty sure the current wife doesn’t know –if by any chance he did talk – he has a daughter so he might have told her. Mom: how old is she? Dad: not sure about her age but she is attending college now. Mom: if she is a college student she will be around 23 or 24 –would he tell that to his young daughter? Dad says he doesn’t think J’s dad would tell his young daughter about the complicated story behind the farm. TP: I don’t think her dad would tell her – dad – would you tell me that kind of stuff-that “I kept failing in business so your grandfather who passed away handed the farm over to my friend to take care of it” -this is a really humiliating thing to say (to a daughter). TP says J’s dad might have told some officials if her dad had some disease he was dying of. (since this isn’t a possibility all 3 are suddenly pretty sure their farm is safe) The mom says what TP said sounds reasonable. TP asks if that means no one else knows about their farm. Mom: would there be – if he didn’t tell his daughter or wife who else would he tell. Dad: if that was me – I wouldn’t tell anyone. The mom starts to smile -a suppressed one –  So TP tells his mom to pay attention to her expression (and watch that she doesnt show happiness since she should look upset about what happened to J’s poor dad) the mom starts to smile again putting aside feeling guilty for smiling when J’s dad might be dead cuz she is still relieved her farm is safe.

The stepmom tells J to turn the tv off and go up cuz the mom has to sleep so J offers to turn the volume down. The mom repeats her order to turn it off and go upstairs but J insists the news comes on an hour later – I will just watch that. There is no tv in my room. The mom shuts it off and tells J to go up quietly cuz the mom has a lot to do tm starting from early morning. J: the company hasn’t failed yet – when dad comes back everything will be figured out and it will be ok. The stepmom says J doesn’t know what kind of person her dad is – that he is the most irresponsible person in the world. J: don’t talk like that – if he is that kind of person why did you marry him? Stepmom: that’s right – I must have been crazy. J turns the tv back on so the mom goes back and turns it off and slaps J. telling her to go upstairs. Go up now. Also I told you to wash so why haven’t you. do I have to put you in the bath for you to wash. Look at the living room (cuz it’s in a mess) it smells so much you cant tell if this is a place for people to live or pigs. J: when I don’t know if dad is alive or dead –how could you act like nothing is wrong and eat, sleep, and wash. Mom don’t you worry about dad? for 5 yrs you lived as a married couple. You really don’t worry about dad even a little? Mom: that’s right I don’t –after what your dad did to me –why would I worry about your dad. I married your dad who is already old as his 3rd wife –after what your dad did to me why would I worry about him. If he was going to die he should have died so it’s certain/definite –I cant even collect insurance –even till the last minute your dad is making me suffer so why would I worry about him? So go up – right this second!

J goes up and cries and says to herself – my dad isn’t dead.  Don’t cry baek ja –leaving you behind- he wont die –don’t cry. She keeps sobbing.

GM calls the sons to come down to eat. TB says after his business trip he heard last night about what happened and mentions what happened to the dad’s friend (J’s dad).  dad says he doesnt know what to say about it. GM says her son lived all his life being so nice so the heavens sent them down luck so the dad tells her not to say such things when In Ho ended up like that. she says she wasn’t talking about what Baek In Ho went thru -she was just talking about the farm. TH realizes she is talking about baek in ho – one of the men he was going to question and went to go meet at the airport. TH asks his dad if his friend is the president of jin shin food company. The dad says that’s right and asks why. TH says it’s nothing-it’s a name I saw in my investigation. TB says within a few months if no one shows up with a contract they are in the free and clear like they won the lottery. TB asks TP why their mom’s expression isn’t good (cuz she looks serious) so TP explains she is looking after her expression. The mom says that’s not it – nothing is for certain yet and president baek in ho went thru something like that so how could I be happy. The sons mention all the great food she prepared so TB says his mom isn’t really taking care of her expression well cuz her happiness is coming out from the food (cuz she made a spread that is befitting a celebration) so his mom glares at him. TH says just in case shouldn’t they prepare to move and look into moving centers (people you call to help you move your stuff) so TP gripes at him for ruining the good mood.

At SY’s home, her parents (Cha Hyun Jae and Nam Yeo Kyung) are about to sit down for breakfast. H says how good the food looks and sits down where the rice bowl is but Y tells him that is where SY sits so he scoots down with the rice and soup bowls but she says that belongs to SY. She tells him to get his own ride so he gets up to get it but there isn’t any cuz she only made enough for herself and SY. He gets mad at her saying there is only a certain point till a person can put up with this cuz that incident happened years ago (the alleged affair) so much longer is she going to do this. SY walks in asking if they are at it again. Her dad tells her the mom started it and to look cuz she left out his food. The mom tells SY to eat food and not drink yogurt but SY asks if they aren’t sick and tired of doing this every morning. I’m only watching it and I’m sick of it. Her dad says he is sick of it too. SY tells them to divorce –she cant understand why her dad puts up with all this and she asks her mom if you cant ever forgive your husband –what is so important about what others think that you would continue to live with him –is what others think more important than your life. SY points out her mom’s age and says not much time to live is left. Her mom yells at SY for talking to her like that so SY says that is the problem with her mom – she gets angry when someone says the correct thing. The dad encourages SY saying she is saying everything he wanted to say. SY turns on her dad and says that is the problem with him – with one mistake he lost the respect and trust of his family and it kept tormenting the mom but not once did he sincerely feel remorse towards her mom. mom to her husband: did you hear that? The dad defends himself saying he begged forgiveness more than hundreds of times. Mom retorts: did you beg sincerely? If you did – then how can you be so brazen as to say you are sick of it. SY tells them to divorce – what is this every morning for years –don’t you feel sorry for your lives. SY says she is going to work and leaves. her mom glares at the dad and goes out to talk to SY about how SY talked to her parents just now but SY tells her mom to make up her mind and she will look into hiring a lawyer. After SY leaves, the mom mutters other daughters would take the mom’s side no matter what. When she goes back to the table the dad is pigging out so she goes to the bathroom and takes his toothbrush and swishes around in the toilet bowl and sticks it back in the cup holder. (* my first thought when I saw this was – first – ewwww- second – she didn’t wash her hands when she got toilet water on her hands – then – I wouldn’t want that toothbrush anywhere near mine or my daughter’s so I wouldn’t ever do that)

TS hangs MS’s pants on her door with a note (he had to borrow her baggy pants when that incident happened at the restaurant and his pants got stains all over it). She suddenly opens the door and asks why he didn’t ring the bell but he says he thought she left for work already. He asks for his pants back but she says it’s still at the restaurant. He starts to complain it’s been days so she should have it but changes it to – just bring it back to me in the evening –there is no need to bring it to the house – just put it in the shopping bag and hang it on this door and I will pick it up myself. After he leaves she goes in and washes his pants.

SY is with her boss and TB goes in and joins them. The boss says the reaction for TB is good on the internet. TB thanks him. The boss calls him their hot star. TB: I know but I still don’t have the power to (something with channel) so can’t say I am a star yet but I want to help the station upgrade its image so I will work towards making it a “power brand.” The boss likes his answer. Then he says how SY wanted to partner with TB for planning – he thought they two of them didn’t get along but he was wrong. Since the two of them are one team –the company’s expectation is big-they can catch the viewership ratings and improve the station so let’s hit a proper home run this time. TB does a cheesy kissing up act and pretends to catch an invisible ball and the boss likes it but it makes SY want to throw up. (*or maybe it’s just me)

At the elevator she shows him something to read over and he glances thru it and says with this they won’t get any viewership ratings cuz it’s too predictable. She tells him to come up with a better idea then and gives him 15 mins till they get in the car to tell her. He holds open the elevator before it shuts on her so she looks at him differently like some hero for a second. He throws out 3 ideas but she cites valid reasons why they don’t work. When they get to the car she says his 15 mins is up and just to read over what she gave him. Her car is a mess so she has to clear the front seat for him to sit. She notices his photo sticking out of her book so she reaches back there to hide it. Once she settles back in her seat she says “let’s go” like she is ready for him to drive off so he points out she is sitting in the driver’s seat. She changes her words to “that’s why – I meant I am going to go”

The dad says to the mom – we can feel safe after a few months has passed. Mom: does your heart race when you see someone standing in front of the house too? Dad: it’s only been two weeks and I am like this. A while ago TB called and he said Inho’s company is bankrupt-that he won’t have a home or anything left. Mom: why did you find that out –all it does is make the heart more uncomfortable. We don’t need to be curious – just think there wont be a time when we have to be involved with that side and just stop being concerned. Dad: I didn’t tell him to look into it TB did it.

J goes to meet that older man. He asks if she has been well. J: of course I have been eating well and doing well – from what you can see – don’t I look better. He says there is still no news about her dad. after the accident they went looking at every hospital but he wasn’t in china for that long and she says she understands. He mentions it’s better to give that task to other people who do that kind of work but it costs money so she asks how much to hire them cuz she is about to get a part time job. He says he didn’t say it to mean that (that she had to come up with the money) also I heard you have to vacate your home –do you have a place to go? J: yes I am going with mom. if I am good to mom then she will wait with me for my dad. I have to go to school. As she leaves, he looks at her concerned. (*I think he knows about her stepmom’s affair with that other employee so he didn’t believe a word of what J said about living with her “mom”)

J is trying to get some money out of the ATM but none of her cards work. The guy behind her complains cuz she is taking too long and calls her ajumma and tells her to be considerate to the people behind her in line. She makes a face and then turns around to face him smiling and saying “ok”

J is sitting at the computer unable to pay her school tuition. Her friend shows up and is about to ask about J’s dad but J changes the subject and says how complicated it is to take care of stuff when it’s their last semester. SR comes over and asks if J will be able to enroll (Pay tuition) cuz someone mentioned that J hadn’t paid yet. J: SR-you sure do pay a lot of attention to my business. SR: cuz I am your friend and I am worried. J: I didn’t know you were that worried about me. But if you have time to do that – how about caring about your skin– it’s so stretched out if someone sees they will think you are a professor. J’s friend stifles laughter. J to SR: see you again.

J looks at all the emails she sent her dad that were not read yet. She writes another one. Dad – tm we move out from our home –I never had to leave our home before so it feels weird. But since I am going with mom I am not worried much. Mom wants you to hurry and come back too. So please get strong and come back. She takes a picture of a plant (looks like a young rose bush). You can see the picture right? [flashback to her dad and J planting it. He says how it needs to grow well. She shows the sign she made for it –congratulations on your birthday dad.] Last year on your birthday –it’s the sapling we planted together. But do you know what the flower says : I am waiting for you. you are surprised aren’t you? Ja Eun. She signs off to go to bed but goes back and researches recipes.

J makes her stepmom breakfast and calls her mom down to eat. She knocks and asks if the mom is sleeping. J goes in and looks around. The stepmom packed and left already. J calls her but the phone is turned off.

J leaves with one suitcase, her framed pic of her and her dad, and her plant. When she sees a dad with his young daughter, she imagines it’s her dad and her and she follows them as they cross the street. Some guy runs into her and makes her drop her framed photo so it shatters as it hits the ground. She starts to cry and say – dad- dad. she bends down to pick up the picture and finds an envelope



Episode 4

J walks over to a bench and reads over the contract. She remembers her dad asking – don’t you remember? You came once when you were young – this was originally dad’s but for ten years I lent it to dad’s friend. J hugs the contract and says – I can live now. I can live –she looks up at the sky and says “dad” and smiles

The mom wakes up from her nap and wonders why her dream was like this and regrets napping. GM wonders what this food smell is and calls out mom’s name. the mom says she is coming and runs to the kitchen. GM asks what was burned and asks where the mom’s attention is these days cuz the other day she burned the duck. The GM mutters about what came out in her dream and now the food has been burned (like a bad omen) which makes the mom ask if the GM had the same thing occur in her dream too (meaning both women had bad omen dreams) the GM asks if the mom had it too and both of them deny it happened. TP comes in and asks what they are doing cuz dad called to bring over ice water.

(The mom calls MS “Hana’s mom” but I am going to just call her MS) As the mom walks down she sees MS hang up TS’s pants to dry so the mom goes down to look closer. The mom goes over to the pants and confirms it belongs to TS cuz she bought it at the department store when it went on sale when TP says it can’t be TS’s pants. TP wonders why TS’s pants are here. The mom wonders too why MS is washing TS’s pants and guesses something happened between MS and TS so TP laughs saying -is big brother someone who would do something. the mom says TS just doesn’t have a match but he could do that. TP insists his brother isn’t that kind of guy to do that – that the mom doesn’t know TS well- even if you took him into a women’s sauna, he is the kind of person who would just exfoliate and come back out like a docile person. If TS was that kind of person who knew how to do that he would have acted already and gave the mom a grandchild already. The mom insists TS is at the age to do that – it’s just that he hasn’t yet. It’s not like he can’t do that. She tells TP to call TS and tell him to come home early. TP reminds her he came out to go pick up TS at the subway stop with her. She realizes her attention is frazzled and mumbles about how this is why people who commit sins can’t live (with the guilt). She stops herself and says – what sin? What did we do wrong? TP agrees –we didn’t do anything at all. she says let’s hurry and go to your brother.

In the car the mom tells him about his pants and asks why MS washed his pants. TS mutters the ajumma is really weird-why wash someone else’s pants. The mom tells him not to change subjects and asks what happened for MS to wash his pants and hang it out to dry. TS says he is about to get his feelings hurt – even tho he is late getting married – even tho he is single at his age –how could you imagine I would do that with an ajumma like that. Mom: then nothing happened? TS: what do you mean -nothing happened- instead of pants even if she washed my underwear –how could you imagine something so ridiculous – is that ajumma crazy? Why wash someone else’s pants – and why wash it now when it happened a while ago. TP tells him to stop getting upset and explain – why did that ajumma wash the pants and hang to dry. TS yells that he fell on the spicy duck dish and had to change pants. The mom yells back that it’s one thing to fall on the duck dish but why did MS wash his pants. TS: a while back I went to a duck restaurant to eat and that ajumma was working there. and I had an accident and got the food all over my butt. Mom: is that it – then you should have said that earlier. TP says – I told you mom. he tells TS: hyung I told her that if we took you to that women’s sauna –that you are the kind of person to quietly exfoliate and come back out –I told her not to worry. TS yells: what?! You think that makes sense? TS is literally fuming (LOL)

TH is trying to find a connection between professor Seo and J’s dad and other men and the expensive watches. His partner comes over and says he was looking everywhere for him cuz the team leader is looking for TH. TH says that is why he was hiding out here and to act like he didn’t see him. The guy asks what incident does TH feel uneasy about this time. He looks at the incident file and says how the police chief wanted it closed.TH wonders aloud – why would baek in ho buy professor seo 4 designer watches when there is (nothing to gain from it-my guess). The guy says they were trying to find that out but that happened to baek in ho. TH gets up and paces and lists possible motives and says there isn’t even a single one – (something something) baek inho’s daughter baek ja attends korea university. The guy says let’s go eat. That gives TH the idea that at the same time those watches were received – baek inho gave those watches it was around the time baek ja was accepted into her school when professor seo was there and there was suspicion about professor seo taking bribes at another school but no evidence. Now professor seo moved to korea university. TH concluded it was bribery to get accepted into the school. TH runs off saying let’s go but the guy reminds him the chief wanted this case to be closed.

The mom is bugging TS for saying that now cuz it means MS has been working at a duck restaurant this whole time. cuz she is having a hard time selling her ducks. She asks where the restaurant is and if the restaurant is large. TS doesnt reply and only stares at the woman in front of their home. The 3 of them look at the woman and the mom asks who she is. The woman comes over and asks if the mom is the home owner. Mom cautiously says yes and the woman hands her a flyer saying she just opened up a shop nearby for facial care.  The woman goes into her speech about their special but the mom says they are not the kind of ppl to go there and sends the woman off rather rudely. The mom tells her sons how she saw someone in front of the house before and her heart was thumping fast and TP agrees this is really hard and wonders how much longer they have to live like this (in fear of the owner showing up) the mom mutters it would be nice if there was a set end date. let’s go in.

Suddenly she hears a voice asking – excuse me is the owner at home? so the mom turns around saying she doesn’t need stuff like that – thinking it was the same lady from before but it’s J. mom: who are you? J: me? I’m Baek JE. The mom and the two sons repeat J’s name under their breaths. Mom: who? The dad comes over and asks who it is. J: ajussi –have you been well – do you remember me? I’m JE- BJE. Baek In ho’s daughter. I came with my dad once when I was younger.

They are all gathered inside the house and only TS sort of smiles looking at J cuz he has an instant crush. J says: the home is really cool and nice- the AC isn’t on right? Why isn’t anyone sitting and all standing? The dad says they should sit and TS acts quickly and pulls out a mat for J to sit on. GM glares at TS. J asks him- could you please give me some water cuz I was thirsty from a while ago. TS: ok should I give you ice water. J: I was really wanting ice water. TS smiles at her and tells her to wait a minute and gets up to go get it. J: rather than from looking at it outside – now that I came inside and looked – it’s a lot bigger and nice. There are stairs over there – I will go look for a second. She gets up and looks around. GM whispers and asks why she is looking at each room –maybe she came knowing about the contract. Dad mutters he cant tell if J knows or not. TP tells his mom to act nonchalant cuz they don’t know anything for certain yet. The mom agrees. J comes back and says from the outside looking in – it seemed like a one story home but now that she came in – this home is a two story. So thru those stairs you can go down to the lower floor? Dad: that’s right – I heard about your dad. how could something like that…(he doesn’t finish his sentence) J looks down for a second and says “yes”. Then she looks up and says there is another small stairs too. Are there more rooms upstairs? Dad: there is an attic room but we use it for storage right now. J: so there are 1,2,3 rooms –how about downstairs – are there 3 there too? Dad: yes. Mom: hey student-I don’t know why you are so interested in someone else’s home. J: it’s cuz it is no longer someone else’s home. Now it’s my home. Mom: what are you talking about? J: ah since that talk came out I should thank you first –thank you very much for taking care of my father’s farm so well.  To thank you I was going to buy a cake but I didn’t know where the bakery is around here. Where is the bakery? Dad doesn’t know that word in English so TP translates it’s a “bakery.” Dad says she didn’t need to do that. J: are you preparing well for the move? Have you decided where to move to? My dad said before he left for china that ajusshi would move out soon. I will give you plenty to cover the expense of the move. Since you took such good care of my dad’s farm for the past ten years, I should do that at least. Thank you very much for the past ten years. She smiles at them but no one smiles back. J: when are you thinking of moving by? It would be nice if you vacated as soon as possible. TS comes back with her ice water with a straw even and she thanks him. She drinks it and says – now I think I can live. Last time I came in my dad’s car at night so I didn’t know but today when I came the neighborhood is really pretty. TS laughs like a silly boy and his mom glares at him.

TP goes out and calls TB and tells him to come home right now cuz it’s an emergency. TS calls TH and says – there is trouble – what was coming came. TB: who came? TH: when? TS looks at his watch and says it’s been 30 mins now. TH: did she come alone? TP: yes she came alone. TB: she is still a student but she came alone? TS: she is inside in the middle of talking but she looks really pretty. TH: what? TP looks over at TS in disgust and says: is that the problem right now? TB makes a snarky remark about TS – that old unmarried bachelor and the way he talks. TH: so what did she say after she came. Did she talk about the farm? TB: did she come knowing everything? TS: of course she came knowing. TP: she didn’t come just knowing the usual things – she asked when we were moving and said she would give us plenty of moving expenses. TB: a 24yr old that came alone (said that)? TH: she isn’t just your average kid. (it’s like TS is having a whole different conversation cuz of his one track mind) TS: she really isn’t just your average pretty –when I first saw her I thought she was song hye kyo. TH bangs his head on his seat in frustration. TP is annoyed and yells at TS: ah – really! (as in do you have to say such things) Then the other two chime in. TH: ah big hyung! TB: ah hyung! TH says he will finish up the urgent work and go home early. But did she bring the contract? Did you confirm/verify it? TB: what are you talking about – you should have verified that first. That’s right – if she doesn’t have the contract – none of it matters. Verify to make sure she brought the contract first. Ah today I have a gathering to eat out- ok – I will try to drop by for a short time.

J is sitting with the elders and looks scared. She asks the mom for more water but the mom ignores her. J comments it got hotter being inside continuously and asks the dad to turn the AC on but he ignores her. J then asks the GM to turn the fan on behind her but GM ignores her too. TS and TP come back in so J asks TS to give her another glass of water cuz her throat was parched from a while ago. His mom glares at him and mouths not to get another one so he sets the glass down. J: by any chance are you like this cuz  the moving date does not match up then should I push it back a little for you. GM yells at J for talking about moving so much. J: Grandma. GM: why should we move? This is our home and farm so why do we have to move. J: GM you must not know yet…GM cuts in and yells – be quiet – I don’t want to hear anything so keep your mouth shut. J is scared and whispers and asks the dad: ajussi does GM have dementia? GM: what? She gets up to attack J but the dad and TS have to hold her back. TP yells at J: are you crazy? The mom yells at J for saying that about dementia. J: I am sorry for that. Mom: of course you have to be sorry –how dare you talk like that. GM calls J bad names and says she doesn’t have the right to ask for them to hand the farm over cuz it belongs to her son. J: GM please stop calling me bad names- I’m not those things – I am Baek JE. The mom keeps trying to attack J so J says to her: ajussi must not have told you yet but this farm was originally my dad’s –it was just lent to ajussi for ten years –originally it was my dad’s farm. GM: be quiet you awful girl – before I rip that mouth off you better shut up. J is horrified to be talked to like that. Mom: who said? Who said this farm was your dad’s? J holds up her purse and says : it’s written on this contract. Inside this purse –on the contract –it says after ten years –the farm should be turned over to my dad who is the original owner as promised – my dad, my deceased grandfather, and ajusshi all stamped their ID seals. Didn’t you ajussi? Hurry and explain it to grandma. Everyone is quiet and speechless. J: now do you understand? If you borrowed the farm for ten years you should say thank you but all you did was insult – that was the first time in my life I ever heard anyone call me those horrible names (she said that last part to the GM) it wont work – let’s all verify it right here. I will show you the contract so confirm it with your own eyes. J is about to take it out but the mom says she doesn’t need to. I don’t need to see it so get out. I said get out. If it’s written on the contract you should have seen with your own eyes –until the end of this month – this farm is ours so get out right now. Hurry and get out. GM: that’s right –get out – she goes on and says stuff like poop water and tiger. J repeats those words and gets up. I was about to leave anyway. Since I came here I have a lot to look around and check out. Also GM – I will say it again but I am not all those horrible names (poop water tiger) and I am the national fairy Baek JE. GM calls her more names and tells J to hurry and get out. TS and the dad have to hold the GM back. TP yells at J to get out so J takes off. GM asks where she is running off to and wants to go after her. The mom just sits there. J ran out barefoot and cant believe this happened. The mom tells her to take this too and throws J’s bag and the plant too despite J’s protests. Then the mom throws J’s shoes at her. J runs over to her plant but a stem/branch broke off and she wonders how the mom could throw a sapling that is still alive like that and calls all of them crazy psycho people. She cries and holds up the broken off branch and says – what to do

The dad asks the mom why she did that too (along with the GM) – this isn’t a situation where she can handle it with anger. Mom: you think I reacted in anger right now – if I reacted in anger- do you think you would be alive right now? The mom goes to the kitchen. The dad says to his mom: how could you do mother – how could you start off insulting her like that. It was a situation where it might have worked or not if we took our steps carefully. GM: does it look like I wouldn’t swear – that rotten girl  – how dare she tell us to move or not. GM asks TS to get her some water.

SR spots TH and sneaks up behind him to playfully cover his eyes but he grabs her hand and twists it so she tells him it’s her. TH: oppa told you not to joke around like this or else you will get hurt. She follows him and asks what brings him to school. She holds his arm and asks if he came to see her. He pulls her hand away. She blocks him and asks: oppa why do you ignore my texts? Also why aren’t you buying me dinner? TH: I never promised to. He pushes her aside and keeps walking. She grabs his phone out of his back pocket and says if he doesn’t buy her dinner she wont give the phone back. He says her name and tells her to give it back. SR: when are you going to buy me dinner? Next mon? thurs? she tells him to come collect it and walks off. The partner calls her a pretty girl and TH tells him to go and get his phone back. After TH leaves, the guy mutters that TH doesnt have interest in girls and his personality is not like others.

TH goes and asks to get a list of the professors names in charge of admittance (during that time). Professor Seo comes up behind TH and overhears and runs off to call the chief of police. The chief says that wouldn’t happen cuz he made TH stop the investigation but Seo says TH came to the office and asked for list of Profs. Seo makes a threat that if they keep investigating he wont help/cover up for the chief anymore – if TH keeps coming to see him and asks about the watches, seo wont have any choice but to say Seo got it from the chief. Chief: if you talk like that it will hurt my feelings professor. Don’t worry I will make sure it doesn’t happen again. The chief calls someone and asks where TH is and wants him found and sent to his office right away.

SY is parked outside someone’s door and it’s a mess. TB sighs and goes over to her with the snacks and drinks. He asks how much longer she is going to do this cuz it’s been 3 days. SY says she is going to stay till the assemblyman’s wife inside comes out and gives permission to do the interview. TB cites how another reporter did this last month from another station –the wife didn’t come out for ten days so they gave up. SY corrects him and says it wasn’t ten days – six days passed and caught her on the 7th day. He asks if she knows they only have 2 days left. She says she knows. TB: then when she wont even come outside-refuses to do an interview –with what skill are you going to get an interview within two days-can I ask that? SY: like this –I am going to wait. Till that door opens and the wife comes out. TB laughs: so if you don’t give up and wait it out till the end in the end your sincerity will communicate with her and her heart will open up –do you know how many reporters believed that and waited here? She replies in a question format but it was more rhetorical and statements of fact – how other reporters who waited here gave up easily and that’s why they failed-if they fail here the program has to air (something) why do you not think? TB: you know that well. SY: just cuz they failed doesn’t mean we will. TB gets up and says he cant do it like this. SY: what does that mean. TB: doing it this way 3 days is plenty. Now I am going to do it my way and find something else to report on. he walks off so she yells at him – what are you doing I am your team leader (his boss) TB: fire me if you want –the program will air (something that was mentioned earlier) SY yells: what did you just say? Stop right there Hwang TB. Ya!

TB passes out stuff at a rest stop for cab drivers and says he should be giving them beer but they have to drive. TB tries to find out something about an actress but it doesn’t pan out so he asks if anyone of them had anything interesting happen. One talks about a wife who is cheating and TB says they are not alert enough and says they cant let down their guards (be more on the alert) cuz all the cab drivers are korea’s eyes and ears –you know that right? If something happens –take a video with your cell phone and if anything comes out then call me directly. One guy says something so TB gives him his attention and asks if the guy remembered anything but the driver just wanted to order more food cuz they ran out. TB says of course and orders two more plates.

TB spots a celebrity van going in so he asks the guard who is in it. TB tries to confirm it’s a certain actor but the guard doesn’t talk so TB remarks the guard is doing his job too well and holds up kim tae hee’s movie premiere ticket as a bribe “it was really hard to get” and slips it into the guy’s pocket and asks “who was that?” guy remains silent. TB: come on help me out. Who was that.

SY knocks on the door and says to the wife – I am not doing this to use you to get higher ratings..you aren’t getting a divorce to get money –don’t you feel it’s unjust?

The police chief yells at TH asking why he is going around doing whatever he wants when he wasn’t told to do it. I told you to stop the investigation did I not? Professor seo called and complained. Asking why we are investigating without evidence. TH: there is proof/evidence. Chief: what evidence? He cites something that wasn’t revealed and asks what proof. TH mentions the watches. Chief: what does that mean. TH: after baek inho got the watches- soon after his daughter was accepted into the university. TH brings up the bribery angle and cites another thing to back it up but the chief points out that didn’t pan out. Chief tells him to stop the investigation. TH says he will keep trying to solve (*not sure of this verb- prove?) it but the chief says after what happened to baek inho-how is TH going to solve the case. TH keeps saying he will cuz he finally has a lead and that he has the confidence to do it. Chief: if an investigation can be solved with just confidence –in this world -where is an incident that cant be figured out. TH: if an investigation can only start with clear evidence- there is no incident in this world to figure out. Why are you telling me to close the case. No matter who looks at it – it was a bribed acceptance –if you are afraid of failing and wont look for the culprit there is no point in investigations. I will take responsibility. The chief throws papers at TH. Chief: how are you going to take responsibility –are you trying to teach me now? He calls TH impudent and stuff saying how he used to teach him at the police academy so he was easy on TH thinking of those years and some other stuff. He tells TH close the case again.

His partner waited for TH and asks if the chief was really angry and threw stuff. He must have been really mad. What can he do when our chief’s liver is this small. (meaning the chief is afraid or cowardly) TH says he will go by the academy Baek JE attended and tells his partner to go get the list of professors TH asked for. The guy asks: you are going to keep going? Hyung.

The mom is tearing up the outer layer blanket out of anger (Koreans stitch up the outside cover with thread after they wash it and then have to rip it up like this to wash it-they used to do this back in the days of kings too-it prevents the covers from slipping off- Americans use buttons) the dad tells her to stop doing that cuz he knows she is doing it out of anger. He says he thought about it and asks how about calling her back and convincing her to live with us? It looks like the kid came alone cuz the 3rd wife ran off somewhere so that means she is all alone –for now if we ask her to come live in our house she’ll have a place to stay and we wont have to move –what do you think? The mom keeps ripping. Dad: what do you think- say something. mom: if I say do that –did that girl say she will do that? Dad: I was asking first how you felt about it. Mom: at this age, you are asking me to be the maid? Dad: what do you mean be a maid. Mom: if I have to take care of the owner’s daughter and live with her –that’s being a maid – what is it then. Dad: at that rate the blanket will rip. It would be better if you hit me. Why take it out on the blanket. You really want to beat me up don’t you? she glares at him – looking a bit tempted so the dad leaves.

TS and TP are sitting at the convenience store. TB arrives first and asks why they are outside. TS: go home and you will understand why we came out. They talk about how mad their mom is. TP : why wouldn’t she be? When that brat waved the contract saying (he uses a girly voice) “it was originally our land-cant even say thank you” and said this and that my two eyes rolled over. TS defends her and says: Ja Eun shi didn’t go so far as to wave the contract. TP gets mad: ja eun shi? TS: we shouldn’t go so far like GM and call her names. Also GM did say some terrible insults. TB asks if their GM showed that side of her that goes overboard with her insults. TS replies he thought something was going to burst. TB asks where TH is. TP says sarcastically: he is busy alone – he is serving all of korea on his own. Anyway what do we do younger hyung. TB: one of two things. There is no other way. the first one is to vacate the farm as promised. Other one -it’s a little dirty but kicking up a fuss saying we rather die than leave – trying to get some loans and fight her for it- if we end up going to court –there will be lawyer fees and it will be complicated for the other side so she will listen to what we want to an extent. TS: that is a little…TB cuts in: both are. The plaintiff will feel resentment the defendant will have their pride hurt. TP: is that the problem – it’s better than being kicked out. TS: maknae (the youngest) – don’t be like that – you are the youngest here and the most innocent (*he is so NOT) the dad comes over and asks when TB came and why are they sitting here and not coming in. TB: then why did you come out dad? TS: how is mom? is she a little better? Is she still ripping up the blankets? Dad: I don’t know – if you are that curious you go in. TS: dad why do you always act that way to me? Dad: then who do I do it to? (who do I take it out on) Your mom? or GM? If you feel it’s unfair get married. You cant even get married-sticking to my home and living –if you feel unfair about that then get married now right away. TB: dad why are you being like that too (like the mom)

J goes into a realty office. the lady asks if J is looking for a one room apt but J says she is here to sell some land. J asks if the lady knows the ojakkyo farm and that she is selling it. *the neighbor (who lives next to the hwang) says why is J selling the farm cuz the woman knows the owner well. J thinks to herself that the crazy family went around lying to ppl that the farm was theirs. J says aloud and tells all the ladies there that she is the real owner of the farm – those ppl are just watching over the farm and they arent the owners-“my dad and I are the real owners.” the woman asks: is that for real? the hwangs arent the owners of the farm? J: that is what I said – they just watched over it for ten years.” J asks the woman in charge that she is in a hurry and if she puts it up for sale will it sell quickly? the woman says since the location is only 30 mins from Seoul and lists all the great things about it – if J puts it up for sale it will sell right away. J asks how much she can sell it for and finds out she can get at least 100 million won. J jumps up and down when she leaves.

* this woman happens to be the mom’s rival and they dislike each other.

J goes to celebrate and buys her fav coffee in a large but realizes she cant use her card. she doesnt have enough cash for a large and asks for the smallest size.

the rival goes and tells the mom that it will be hard to move in this heat and reports how the girl who is the farm owner told the realty office that this farm wasnt the Hwang’s. there is a separate owner who just lent the farm and said that the hwangs would move out and the girl put the farm up for sale and left. the mom and the rival fight cuz the woman says bad things about the ducks and stuff and that the mom shouldnt have lied that the farm belonged to her. GM rescues the mom

the mom tells the GM how the girl put up the farm for sale

SY keeps writing notes to the wife. until the woman turns on a radio show and SY listens to the same show and calls to be on the radio show and gets a message to the wife. that SY cant give up even after 3 days waiting for someone cuz if she does that person will live the rest of her life with a misunderstanding. she says stuff that affects the wife.

J tries to call her stepmom and then her dad. she worries about the tuition she has to pay by tm. then she worries cuz she needs to plant the bush. she is hungry and realizes she should have eaten with the money she bought that coffee. she decides to look for a sauna before it gets any later

the dad comes with TS and TP and she says she didnt go cuz she had something to tell him. the dad says he had something to say to her too and tells her to sleep and go tm. she worries the GM and mom will attack her. TS offers to put the plant in the backyard for her.

the dad brings J in and tells his mom that the time is late and decided to send J tm after letting her sleep over. the mom puts on an overly friendly act saying she called the dad numerous times to bring J back cuz the mom felt bad about how she sent J away like that and wanted her to come back. the mom offers to cook what J wants but J asks for something they dont have so the mom acts like she is disappointed she cant make that for J. she asks if J wants to wash up or rest in the attic room and promises to change all the blankets for fresh ones. but J says she will take about 30 mins and go out back for a while and wash up before she sleeps. even the GM goes along with it and gives permission for J to sleep over. *the whole family looked at the mom likes she is a new person they never met before

TS puts J’s plant out back and sees MS. he asks if she washed his pants. cuz she should have given it as is. he yells at her for speaking banmal to him again. she gets mad so she gets the pants wet and gives it to him saying -this was the original condition it was in

TH gives his partner updates on what happened when he tried to look into Baek JE.

J looks for a shovel to plant her rose bush and goes into the storage shed and crashes into things and gets caught by TH. when she hides, he sees her foot and says : hey thief -i dont have time so hurry and come out  -if you  come out within 5 seconds we will go directly to the police station -if you take over 5 seconds -you will be beat a lot and then taken to the station-decide well. 1-2-3-4 -5 -just as he turns the light on she grabs a big tub of water and pours it over him. He catches her in a neck hold so she says – i am not a thief-I was just hiding cuz I was startled.

He lets go and they recognize each other. TH: you – why are you. she asks if it’s his specialty to catch the wrong person – I am not a thief. TH:then why are you here. J: ajussi why are you here? he grabs her arm and says – just answer what i asked. why are you here. J: really- why are you like this – let go-it’s my home that is why I am here. this is my home. TH laughs – are you going to keep kidding around -how is this place your home. she asks if he lives here. is this your home? then if I tell you – you will know- I am baek JE. TH: you are baek JE? J: yes this farm’s original owner baek inho’s daughter. she pulls away and mutters her wrist hurts.

TH gets a call from his dad and he says he arrived and is in front of the house. J remembers how TH cracked her phone by dropping it so she grabs his phone and says she doesnt like debts and offers to pay $70 to fix it and throws his phone against the wall. she retorts: I paid you back with interest. She turns to leave, but he grabs her and picks her up over his shoulder.  J: what are you doing?why are you doing this?  TH: i cant live with debts.he spins her around and she screams.

He throws her on some bags. TH leans down and says to her face- dont do stupid things again or you’ll die. she grabs some boots to hit him with. TH: if you throw that -this time I will hang you upside down by your toes. J gives up.

* since Uee is tall, he almost hit her head on that wall when he tossed her without looking. Hope they only did one take to film this scene for her sake. 🙂

the mom gets tempted to steal the contract in J’s purse



30 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E3 and E4

  1. Iviih says:

    Oh Softy, since you hate the”babies switched at birth – no one is going to end up related after they fall in love” thing, then don’t watch ”A thousand of kisses” *spoiler for those who still are on episode 3 or 4* The second cute couple are falling in love, but his stepmom is the girl’s long disappeared mother! And his half sister (have the same father) is his lover’s sister then (since the girls both share the same mom). They aren’t connected by blood, didn’t grep up together, But still I know this will be a big burden to them stay together 😦 somehow I wish she isn’t the stepmom’s real daughter but I don’t think so…

    Well it’s a 50 episode drama, and for this kind of drama I must chose just one to follow, have to check Ojakkyo brothers! It seems fun, but subs aren’t so fast…. but if you are recapping this then I will have not to worry about the subs… thanks for doing this recap^^


  2. nikesma says:

    OMG Softy! Thank you so much for this! I’ve downloaded all of the episodes of this series, only need to find time to watch it! I’m such a fan of Joo Won since Tak Gu and can’t wait to watch him as a lead! And I’m so glad you like the series! Heee!


  3. nomichui says:

    thanks softy ^^ i”ve been downloading raw episodes of this drama,but nobody”s subbing it so i just limited my “understanding of what”s going on” based on their face expressions xD thanks again,it feels like a totally new drama now that i actually know what really went on.. Oh and i ralso realized my imagination was way off in some parts lol ;D


    • Softy says:

      I read that someone subbed first two episodes so I skipped right over them. Since it’s up to E10 I was hoping to go thru the scene summaries quicker cuz I am telling you – it is gonna get GOOD this weekend I can tell. When I worked on this last night I went about it all wrong – I got caught up in trying to do every line like usual cuz it’s only when you know what the character said that you get how awful or how sweet that person is. I want everyone caught up by Friday so I am going to try to post faster shorter recaps of each episode till I get up to E10 then I will go back and fill in more special scene lines. There are a lot of scenes like that where I was watching and wishing people could understand what they just said cuz it was either funny, sweet, sad, or omg shocking. 🙂 I really love the tone of this drama – it’s also fast paced and not boring at all which is shocking to me as a family drama – even smile you had its slower episode days. I just wish I had followed my instinct and recapped this from the start or in the episode where J confronted her step mom. That way I wouldn’t have all 7 eps to do all at once and could have done it properly from the beginning – but I really did think a subbing team would pick this up. When I went to soompi I was shocked to see only 7 pages worth of info. Such a great drama being overlooked isn’t right so I decided to do something about it. 🙂


    • yossie says:

      Darksmurf has 1&2 episodes done… 🙂


  4. yossie says:


    You’re the best….

    *off to read brb later


  5. jaybee says:

    thank you so much softy…i started watching this drama a few weeks back but couldn’t find any subbed versions past episode 2 so i’ve been watching it raw despite my very limited korean. now that you’re recapping it, it will all start to make sense to me.


  6. ck1Oz says:

    Oh ehm softy.You are a wonder.I am really happy you found a series you like but I am super hesitant about starting a 50ep drama.It’s so LONG.

    OMG I just read your characters summaries.Oh ehm…why why did you decide to recap now I’m starting to get curious 🙂 Viki has it subbed to ep 8 and working on last weekend’s.

    I think I will just live through your transcap.So thanks in advance softy.Love you.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      wait there are subs for this?????????? I thought no one was subbing this. can you give us the link? then I can just start with E9 and 10


      • ck1Oz says:

        Well…there is the good news.Viki is subbing this.
        The bad news…I don’t see any softsubs links.Really.I am not on the team so no idea if they are doing any.The guy doing softsubs is already doing 4 dramas.


        • REBEL SOULS says:

          ok I was so happy cuz everyone would have subtitles faster and now you dashed my hopes again. 😦 I guess it’s good cuz my favorite episodes start from E4 anyway. I am having a hard time translating cuz I forgot how fun E4 is and I keep laughing. I keep wanting to translate faster but what J says to the family and how the family reacts to the news that she is the owner and came for her farm just cracks me up. you guys will see soon cuz I plan to finish E4 by tonight for sure.:)


  7. nonski says:

    Hi Softy, Darksmurfsub is actually subbing Ojakgyo. As of now only Episodes 1 and 2 are 100% Fans Translated and QC Edited. Episodes 3 to 8 are up but they are 100% machine translated only as of to date. Although Episode 3 is 74.80% fans translated but the rest were barely fans translated. Sadly, this drama had a slow progress due to very few fans doing it. 😦 Anyways for some who badly needed to watch it with subs, machine translation is already watchable.


    • Lemon says:

      The subs on Darksmurf for Ojakgyo (even the mostly translated episodes) need serious revision, unfortunately. My Chinese skills are so-so (too many years spent overseas, haha), but I took one look at the fan translation of many of the lines in Episodes 2-3 and they were very badly mistranslated. I’d rather not have said it at all if I wasn’t worried that people would base their understanding of this drama on some of those lines, actually. Also, the translator for it also “edited” each line after translating it, which means there’s no longer the option of using the “only show unedited lines” function. It means I’d have to go through it line by line to fix it and I simply don’t have the time. As much as I appreciate the effort the DS subbers are making, I think people are better off hoping that the missing sections in the subs at Viki will eventually be filled, or following Softy’s recaps.


      • nonski says:

        Sorry about this, I am raising this issue to the admin. Understandably this will happen since there are very few people working on Ojakgyo. Thanks for the info Lemon.


  8. yossie says:

    I really hope that Mom would never do such thing. I was glad when ep 5 showed that Mom was not stealing Ja Eun’s letter, but then I got really mad when (in fact) she did that in later episode. How will her family react if they know she is the one who steals it?


    • Softy says:

      When I saw women’s feet sneak up to J’s room – it had to be either the mom or GM but I already sensed it when the mom eyed J’s purse the first time cuz the contract is inside. Later when they showed the mom took it, I was outraged by how she spoke to J and kicked her out (when J accused the mom of watching J switch out purses and saw the contract- the yellow envelope- the mom denies seeing it)- even the family accused the mom but she denied it so well. Then on a later episode, the mom had a conversation with herself justifying her actions and that is when I realized why the mom felt like what she did was right – her speech was so good. I think her family won’t hold it against her at all – they know how much the farm means to the mom


  9. chiko says:

    thanks for recapping Ojak Bros. It is a funny drama and holds our attention. Sadly. not many viewers picking up on its potential. Gambatte softy!


  10. PJupiter says:

    I’m only a silent lurker, but the news of you recapping Ojakgyo Brothers prompted me out of hiding. Thank you so much! I adore it so much that I’m only relying on my basic Korean skills from the heydays of forced Saturdays at Korean school and watching it RAW. I’m so addicted that I finished all the episodes in one sitting 😉 I’m really enjoying the interaction between Tae Hee and Ja Eun. I can’t wait till it transitions into love!


  11. feima says:

    Hi Softy – will you be looking at “The Musical” *keeping my fingers crossed* 🙂


  12. IBELIS says:

    Softy, I originally had no interest in this drama but for the past couple of weeks you kept singing it’s praises so I thought that I would give it a watch. Saw the first 2 subbed episodes and now have read your recaps. Thanks for the recommendation. So far I am enjoying it. Now off to watch the rest raw and to wait for your recaps.


  13. IBELIS says:

    Sorry Softy, I find the behavior of the O family reprehensible, this girl has lost her home and her father who was her only family. Then they celebrate the fact that they get to keep the farm because her father is dead. When she shows up with a copy of the contract to prove it’s hers the mother steals it and then throws her out, but the rest of the family watches this. Even if they don’t know the mother stole the contract the all know the farm belongs to her. Granted the mother has every right to be angry and disappointed but that should be with her husband and MIL. For ten years they got to live for free on the land. The money made from the farm they kept, so what do they have to beef about.

    If that was not enough the reporter steals information from the cop about her father and reports it like it;s the truth. She is then assaulted and brought in for questioning like a criminal and her reputation at school is ruined and the PT job she had gotten for herself she is fried from. A couple of them felt a little ashamed but not enough to do anything. If after this you could fall in love with one of the sons you are special indeed. I’m sure that eventually they will do the right thing but to me it would be to little to late.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Hi Ibelis
      Of course it’s up to you to keep watching OB, but I feel like you are judging this drama too much based on the actions of one individual. There is a reason why I chose this drama and I think you will realize why too once I explain some stuff. If this drama was anything like you said I would never watch it too. I havent seen E11 yet so this is based on what I know from E1-10
      This is one of the reasons why I need to hurry and try to catch up with my translations cuz you arent getting the full story-there is more to what you are just seeing without subs. on the surface it looks horrible what the family is doing but you have to keep in mind – no one knows yet that the mom stole the contract. they accused her but she did a great job of lying. they arent happy to kick out J at all – esp the dad. he keeps worrying and calling J. the rest of the family is clinging to the fact that without a contract J doesnt have any rights to the farm. I am pretty sure once they find out what the mom did, they are not going to be that generous with their forgiveness cuz what she did was terrible. her speech to herself as to why she felt compelled to steal will explain her side of it. also, when TH informs the dad of what J asked – to split the farm in half, the dad wants to consider this but of course the mom hasnt gone for the idea yet. they realize how desperate J is for money and a place to stay so the dad even borrowed money from TH and TH was willing to let his dad get a place for J with that money. also the reason why J is camped out there it’s all TH. he explained how J had to go through the mom if J ever wants to have a chance of getting the farm. if you think about it – that is smart. if J ends up endearing herself by working hard on the farm and appreciating it for more than just what it’s worth (monetary value) and learn to appreciate what this land represents, then I bet the mom will do the right thing. and for J to learn all that and for the story to get there, they had to make TB the bad guy who steals info from his brother’s office. J had to get kicked out of school for the story to get here. but TH made sure to help clear her name and TB felt awful for his role as well and wanted to help clear her name too. keep in mind the actions of the characters drive the story along or it will be at a standstill so there was a reason for all those things you didnt like. Hope this helps explain some stuff but if you choose to drop it, of course it’s up to you. I just want you to know if I didnt think this drama was worthy, there is no way I would invest so much time to recap 50 episodes.


  14. IBELIS says:

    Thanks Softy that explained a lot , I was so shocked at first because every thing you have ever mentioned enjoying that I’ve seen posted I write down and check it out. Even older stuff and you had never steered me wrong. I will wait for your recaps to catch up I’m sure that’s all I will need.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for your recaps I am so in love with this drama I love all the characters and now with your recaps i can understand what is going on.
    Thanks again for all your hard work.


  16. Anonymous says:

    thank you so much for the recap! btw just wanted to let you know that ep 5 subs are out and 6 7 are almost done too! : ]


  17. Oxa says:

    Thank you so much for recapping this show!!!
    I was desperate for subs, I don’t speak Korean at all but found it really enjoyable.


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