Scent of a Woman E6

Did anyone else notice that J keeps doing something that is a telltale sign that Y is getting to him. Aside from all the looks he gives her, there is something way more telling. Every time he manages to get away from S and who she represents – a loveless marriage- he practically runs away from her loosening his tie as if it was choking him – suffocating him in a world he desperately did not want to fall into. Today, he went so far as to take his jacket off too along with loosening his tie. That suit was a gift from her dad and J knows what it means. Not only will he have his own dad pulling the strings in his life, he now has a father in law who is going to do that too – starting from how J dresses. It’s like J is reaching his breaking point – where he can’t contain his frustrations anymore. Tonight Y stood at the edge of the pool – poised to jump in. She was doing it cuz it’s liberating for her to live like this – doing what she wants when she feels like it – having the luxury of being carefree at the cost of losing it all in a few months. It felt like when she jumped in, I bet a part of him wishes he had some of her wild abandon. That way, instead of being pushed into a world he doesn’t want, he can do what he did in that rain back in Okinawa. He can run away from S and her stuffy family and finally just be able to breathe. And once he catches his breath, he can turn around and embrace the one person who makes him happy to be alive.  

I think I finally figured out what I love so much about this drama – it’s old style romance – like the classics. The tango dancing and the dipping, the music that swells just at the right moment, and the love story that breaks your heart into pieces.  The only thing that glues it back together is the realization that you need to be whole to watch it all over again.

* I just had a crazy thought – watching all these tango lessons scenes, I think we might all end up learning how to dance this – esp me cuz I have to rewatch this over and over while I translate.  Only problem is I have zero interest in learning to tango. there are too many guys who look and act like R in those kinds of classes. *softy shudders at the thought* 🙂


I saw this bts pic at soompi and had to share. In all my years of watching kdramas, I never once saw a co-star be THIS considerate in a bts photo. You would think it would be a better idea just to take his shirt off and hold it over her head so that he could get some tan in the process cuz the army made him pale, but I guess that would be crossing some kind of line. Doesn’t it just make you love him a little more for how sweet he is and how lucky she is to be able to do this drama with him.


Scent of a Woman E6

After Y sees the name on the document is from S, her mom is in a panic asking what to do cuz they dont have $300,000 but Y blows it off and says they dont need to worry about this – it seems like a mix-up. The mom says but it’s from the court -cold they make such a mistake. Y says of course they can make mistakes since all that work at court is done by ppl. also I didnt do anything wrong. I have to do something wrong first before someone can ask me to compensate or not. I will look into it tm and get it settled so dont pay any attention to it. mom- cant you trust your daughter? her mom asks again if nothing happened. she asks if she can trust Y and she says her mom can. she asks her mom if she wanted to eat watermelon. go watch TV and I will get it.  Y goes back into her room and remembers how S slapped her and accused her of stealing the ring

next morning, Y goes to see S but the guard says S didnt come in to work cuz of MOU.

S is meeting with her dad, J and Kang. her brother comes late. her dad tells him he should havecome earlier and wait. the brother introduces himself to kang and J. Kang says it’s nice to meet you. then he asks if J is and doesnt finish his sentence. J introduces himself and her brother speaks informally to J and says: our S doesnt have just a usual personality huh? J: she is a woman who was born not to be average.

J and S make a joint announcement about MOU, V-VIP, package tours, and Saegin Group and Line tour partnership. Y shows up and watches from the back. Im goes up and talks too. Im says this is a great day – at this place he wants to make a happy announcement. within this month J and S are going to be engaged. Please congratulate them. J looks surprised. H looks sad and so does Y. Im tells J and S to say hello to ppl.

S spots Y in the back and walks over. S:what brings you here – this isnt a place for someone like you to come. Y: then instead of this place – should we move to another? 

they talk in private. Y tells her to cancel the lawsuit. S: what if I say I cant do that? Y:why are you doing this to me? S: I have a legit case against you -she lists all the expenses she lost cuz of the wilson incident. Y says that only works if she really stole the ring. S: anyway you shouldnt have handled the matter the way you did. Y: is it cuz I slapped you -is that why you are doing this to me? what about me? you slapped me too. S: let’s just say in the beginning you didnt know who I was and acted out of turn-but after causing all that trouble – to try to seduce a guy, you follow him on his trip -that could happen but now dont you have to know your limits to what should and can do. Y: what? S says she could take back the lawsuit if Y kneels in front of her right now and apologize. Y: what to do- my knees arent attached for me to kneel to someone like you. S: it cant be helped then.  let’s see how much longer you can be so bold in front of me. Y: ok let’s go till the end. I am going to make sure to win this lawsuit cuz an innocent person wont lose. at that time, I wont let you off so easily.(not sure how to translate this but basically) Y threatens she will let everyone know what a rich brat S is. Im is standing with a whole crowd of ppl and asks what they are doing over there. he asks who Y is to be talking to S like that.

 S says Y was an employee from Line Tour who made a mistake and caused damage to our company and for that I sued her and she came to complain about that to me.  Im mutters how one a good day like this they (kang’s side) could let someone like Y come in. Kang asks what the guards are doing and to hurry and get rid of Y.  J says there is no need cuz they are done talking and it’s a happy day. S is quick to agree with him and says J is right. Let’s all go. she tells J to go too. they all walk away from Y and leave her alone. J looked back

Kang says sorry to Im while J is getting fitted. Im says Kang doesnt have to feel sorry it’s the fault of the guards who let her in.  Im tells the tailor to make J’s suits from now on. Im says to make this one the best cuz it’s his first gift to J. the tailor replies that J’s body is so good that whatever clothes will look good on him. Im jokes back that he hopes the tailor doesnt mean he is going to make just any kind of suit.  kang says it’s too hot to play golf and suggest doing something else together. Im says that is a good idea. J says sorry but he has to leave first. Im: why? S’s bro says J didnt look like he was in a good mood since a while any chance is the news of the engagement not something he was happy to hear. J doesnt reply. S speaks up-does he have anything to be happy about? on a day like today you all should have let the two of us spend time alone. you are too much. kang says they were short sighted.

S tells J to act like they get along in front of her family esp her brother. he asks if she knew about their engagement date being set. S asks why he is being like that – like it’s a surprise – we were already set to marry so isnt it obvious we would have an engagement date. J:I would like my father to be the only one who decides everything for me like it doesnt matter how I feel about it (meaning he doesnt want his new in laws to do that too)S asks if he is being this way cuz of that woman from a while ago. J:what? S: it’s just that I dont think you should be upset cuz an engagement date was set. arent you the person who said – since we have to get married anyway – let’s just go do it quietly (without making a fuss) J: ok I will think it over -whether the reason I am an in a bad mood is cuz of the engagement or that woman

J goes out and calls his lawyer to his office. the guy says now that they have MOU – it wont look good for the lawyer to take Y’s side. the office cant defend an individual lawsuit. if they do it will only make the matter worse and in the end it just looks like they want to fight (S) J says he understands and asks him to leave. J makes another call

Y meets with a lawyer. she says it’s too bad about the performance being called off and the losses incurred but she didnt steal the ring. the more she thinks about it the more it’s unfair. he says he understands how she feels. she says over this ridiculous matter, to end up going to court isnt right but she has to reveal her innocence.  she starts to ask for his help but he cuts her off and says sorry but he cant take on this case. Y:why? he mentions they are handling construction stuff for Saegin group (so it would be a conflict of interest)

Y goes to give her mom snacks. Y uses a different voice saying she came to deliver snacks. her mom says Y startled her and she asks about the lawsuit and if it was settled ok. Y says she told her mom not to worry. her mom asks: how could i not worry? Y changes the subject and says eating the rice cake made her stress fly away. she tells her mom to try one. her mom says it’s too big.

J meets with his lawyer friend. he asks J: and not S? J:yes. guy: you said you were going to get engaged with S but you want me to take the other side’s case? J: how many times are you going to ask the same thing? how did you end up as a lawyer when you are like this. the guy says it wont be easy. the guy asks if J is sure the employee (Y) for sure didnt steal the ring. J: she doesnt look like someone who would ever do that. guy: do you like that woman? J: I never said she was a woman. guy: but it’s true she is a woman. J: yes it’s true she is a woman. but it’s not what you think. I am just giving this some attention cuz she used to be our employee. and I am doing this as the director. guy: ok I get it- send her to our law firm. J: I am saying this again but it’s not what you think at all. guy: I said I get it. he is grinning like he doesnt believe J at all.

J waits outside the tango class. he remembers how his dad said to get rid of Y and he feels guilty. he calls Y and she is standing behind him. she lets it ring. he asks why she didnt pick up her phone. Y: I just answered it. he asks where she is. Y:behind you. she asks if he waited for her. J: I looked into a laywer. I will tell you the number so call and go see him tm.  I didnt do it cuz I feel anything for you so dont misunderstand. I’m the director….she cuts him off and says she isnt misunderstanding this. she says let’s go in since it’s time.

R is dancing with the other female instructor as a demonstration and counting off the steps in spanish from 1-8. J looks really confused -then lost-then frustrated. someone mumbles it’s too hard. R says it’s an argentinian tango -after you hold someone in your arms and walk -what you learn first. something Saluda??  “A” step. should we try it with a partner? R says to Y that if one more guy had shown up all the students would have partners. it’s too bad. R dances with Y and tells everyone to start and counts off.  

J is not dancing well with his partner and struggles to match up and he asks her where she is going (which direction). the other female teacher makes everyone stop. she tells J that in tango, the man’s lead is important. she asks J to dance alone (to practice). J sighs and does it. it’s pretty bad. R snaps and says there are only 8 steps -why cant you do that? J gives him a look like “you are talking to your director” so R looks guilty and looks away. J then looks at Y and she looks like she feels bad for him.

R calls for partner change again. Y and J dance. they do better and are in sync. J suddenly stops and asks Y if he just did it right – that was tango just now right? she asks if he likes it that much – everyone did it with one try and it took him 2o tries to get it right so does he like it that much (that he was able to do it) J smiles. they continue to dance. even R says J is doing well cuz he changed partners. J smiles at R.  Y remembers that time when they ran in the rain and when he danced with her the first time. then Y remembers his engagement announcement and that he will be engaged within the month. J is smiling as he dances

E remembers junsu reading the letter – I met her for the first time when I was 9. from then on for the past 25yrs I had an unrequited love for her. E puts his head down. he gets called by the nurse to get off work. arent you going home? E looks at his watch and says he is. E goes home and pulls out a book. he flips to a pic in the book. it’s of him and Y as kids.

J is eating with everyone from the tango class. one woman asks what he does for a living. he says he works at an office. the girl says he doesnt look like a regular salary man – she says his (nice) clothes give it away – she asks where he lives. he says his neighborhood (which is one of the wealthiest in seoul) she asks his height so he starts listing – 184cm – weight 71 – shoe size 275-alcohol/drinking ususally 5 glasses of beer- doesnt have a particular hobby – one son -is this enough? the women are quiet so J is free to look over at Y. Y talks about what she didnt like about her job the most and how she quit and threw her resignation at her boss. the women side with Y and the female instructor says something harsh to get back at Noh. Y says next time she needs to do that she will do as the teacher advised. she says to drink. Y downs her drink. R asks if she always drank so well. Y: I had some sitiuation so I was going to stop drinking, but today I feel so good.

R says each needs to pay $30 to split the check. Y looks in her wallet and realizes she doesnt have the money so she says no one needs to pay cuz J offered to pay a while ago. J looks up surprised. everyone puts their money back in and thanks J. 

J ends up paying and everyone thanks him. Y thanks him and runs off. J tries to call after Y but she is gone. the girl tries to get a ride with J and asks “how far are you going till?” J: to my car. girl: couldnt you give me a ride on your way? the other guy offers to take her so J runs off

J catches up to Y outside and asks: when did I say I would pay. she asks if it’s a waste when he has so much money as a chaebol. he tells her to hurry and save the lawyer’s number on her phone but she says she is going to a second place to drink

she takes him to a rooftop pool. he asks why they came. she faces the pool so he points and asks- you arent thinking of swimming here right? Y: I am going to. she makes him hold her purse and takes off her shoes. she stands on the edge with her arms outstretched. he points like a kid helpless to stop her. she jumps in screaming. he asks if she is crazy. she says she told herself to do everything she wants to do. dont you want to come in? didnt he ever want to swim at night when no one is around. J: never. Y:you are no fun. she pretends to need help out and she pulls him in. J:what are you doing? she splashes him asking isnt it fun- isnt it fun? they splash around

they sit outside the pool. Y: I think about okinawa – it was really fun back then. J:why? you looked like you had fun today too- a whole lot. do you know that you are a really strange person? your life wont be boring – cuz you live doing everything you want to do. Y: doing what I want – getting what I want – I lived holding that in but now I dont want to. cuz I might regret when I die. I should do it tm – I will do it tm – after saying that- I realized tm might not come. J: what are you talking about? he shows her his watch. an hour later it will be tm. they both smile. J: you dont seem worried at all about the lawsuit. Y: I dont want to worry about it. I thought about it but there is no reason for me to worry. I trust/believe that nothing will happen. why – cuz I am innocent. but over this – wasting time -it does make me mad. he tells her to go tm to the lawyer cuz she can trust him. Y: do you like me? J:would something like that happen? Y: then dont pay any attention to it -also from now on dont come to class either.J:why are you saying that suddenly. Y: if by any chance  -if you really want to learn tango – get private lessons cuz that’s what ppl with money do. let’s get going.

she stands up so he holds her arm and asks “what does that mean?” he says how it doesnt sound good. Y: before I die – I thought it would be nice to date (someone like) you once. so I thought of seducing you.

J: if you seduced me – you thought I would fall for you? believing what? do you meet the qualifications to do that (meaning she is beneath his level)? Y: that’s why I am thinking of quitting/giving up.  she says congratulations on your engagement. he lets her arm ago and lets her walk off. omg his eyes look amazing from the reflection of the pool water.

J goes to his dad’s office and asks if he called him in. kang asks if J is in his right mind right now. J: what are you talking about. kang: heard you looked into finding a lawyer. J: rumors sure are fast. Kang: you fool – you think S is suing for money? you think she sued cuz she didnt have money? cuz she felt insulted to be slapped by a (?dishonest?) woman, she did it to show that woman some (?punishment?)- in this situation, whose side are you on? J sticks up for Y and says she was their company’s employee and it’s a matter to prove her innocence. there is no problem in looking into it.  kang asks when J started to be so interested in the company-it’s better if you just protected your position. J says something his dad agreed to and asks how much more “dancing” his dad is going to do to match what S’s dad wants. kang tells J to get a grip on his senses. who are you going to marry?  it’s Im sae kyung. J: I know – the most expensive woman in korea-Im sae kyung. kang gives him opera tickets that S likes the most -do I have to do stuff like this? please dont pay attention to other things and pay attention to S

Y is going from place to place looking into what she can do about the lawsuit. one guy says she need to write out what she feels is unfair and stuff and try to gather evidence of her innocence. the guy says she can do all that alone so have hope.

Y is on the phone with H saying how busy she was all day taking care of stuff for the lawsuit and cant tell her mom cuz she already lied to her mom it was all settled. she asks why H’s voice is like that.  H is whispering cuz she is on a date. Y says-you should have told me sooner – do well and hangs up. I’m like this and someone else is on a date.  

Y pets the owner’s dog saying he doesnt have to worry about being sued. she asks to hold his hand and asks if he has $300,000. the owner comes out and yells at her-asking what she is doing and not to touch someone else’s dog anytime she feels like it. she hears the name of the dog and says the name is cute. he is feeding the dog something strange telling the dog he needs to gain weight cuz the date is coming up. Y turns around and asks the guy if he is going to eat the dog – how he could do that. the old man tells her not to meddle with other ppl’s business and just do her own thing well. he mutters how she is a spinster and her mom a widow again. he says to the dog how it eats well but doesn’t gain weight/any meat. ( yeah I know – ewww)

Y goes in and looks at the calendar. there is only one week left before the dog will be eaten. she goes back down. the dog finished eating so the man goes in to bring him water. she takes the dog and runs off with him/it. as she hides with it, she tells the dog to stay quiet. (that is one cute obedient dog-he didnt bark once)

E remembers how Y thanked him and offered to buy him dinner. he calls his own number and checks if his phone works (omg so cute)  nurse comes and mentions that some gathering about MD anderson is today.

by the elevator, other doc asks E if he isnt going- why. E says he has an appt. the guy says cancel it and go. E says it’s an important appt. the guy: tell me the truth- you dont have an appt do you? he accuses E of not going cuz he is jealous the other doc gets to go instead of E. E gets a call. Y: I said last time that I would buy you dinner. E: you are going to buy dinner? I can buy it. ok then where should we meet? home? my home? ok my home is fine. all the other ppl heard

E is at home practicing how to say – “welcome (come on in) – are you feeling better” with different tones. Y rings the doorbell. when he opened the door, he was nervous and mixed up his words and mumbles – “(your)body (is) welcome” to Y.  (LOL) Y:huh? the dog runs in

she mentions how the dog has the same name as the day he is going to be eaten. she says she felt bad for the dog so she couldnt help it. he is in the same situation as me (set time to die)  -at least I have 5 months left but he only has one week left so how could I just stand by and watch when I know that. E asks why she brought it to him. she says her close friend was on her date and H’s mom has dog  hair allergies and asks just to keep the dog here for a few days till she finds a place to take the dog. E sighs and says to do it that way then. Y: thank you E- I was grateful last time too. she says let’s go out and she will buy him something really yummy.she tells the dog to wait and they will be back after eating. E says let’s just eat here cuz they cant take the dog and he doesnt want to leave it here alone

J is working out and remembers how Y feels in his arms when they dance. another heavenly shower scene. he remembers how she said she thought it would be nice to date someone like him before she dies and thought of seducing him. and that she is thinking of quitting.

wow impressive. E is cooking for Y. measuring stuff and everything. Y gets up and asks if she should do it. she says cooking should be done with (literal translation “hand taste” which means cook by taste)  and asks for the measuring cup so he flinches at her touch and backs up. he asks her to move away cuz this is his kitchen. she remarks he reads a lot and  holds up the book she lent him when they were kids. she says she wondered where it went and it’s here. you had this all this time. she flips thru it and talks about how smart she was to read a book like this when she was 9. she talks about the book – Eliza said the world doesnt happen the way you think. but what doesnt happen as you thought is really impressive. cuz things happen that you didnt even imagine.  E takes the book away and says the food is ready

she says he should become a cook instead of a doctor. he tells her to eat slowly. she says she didnt eat all day.E:what were you doing that you couldnt even eat a meal. Y: there was just something that came up. she says how she is learning to tango. she pretends to dance. she says after hearing the bad news from him, it felt too unfair so she went on vacation. it started off well but the end was terrible -she quietly mutters under her breath “that bad jerk.” at a time when I felt like I was all alone in the world and when I was feeling the lowest- I met a grandpa by accident and danced the tango with him –  in that moment, my heart felt warm and calm . if you ever have time – do you want to learn to tango? there will be an empty spot for a male partner. E: I have no interest in that. Y: you do look like you wont be able to dance well. she mutters again about J saying he really cant dance. E looks at her so she says there is a person like that.

J goes to meet his friends at a club. one guy says its been a long time. J mutters they are the same – still playing as usual. guy says J wedding stress must be big (for him to show up) the other one agrees saying J doesnt usually drink in places like this. a girl asks who J is going to marry. J tells her she doesnt need to know and to come over to him. the guy says J is something else.

Y is waiting for her bus with E. she says he didnt need to escort her. E: you should have told me before i came out. she looks over at him in surprise. E: just kidding. they both smile. do you feel better? she says she feels fine so far. he reminds her she has to come in for a test next week. she nods. she says her bus came and asks him to take care of the dog well. she watches him walk away. he turns and looks at the bus

he goes home and the dog walks over. he pets the dog and sneezes alot

J’s friend is making out with one of those girls who work there. the girl with J says she is bored and asks J to go out. she runs her hand over his tummy. he says it’s no fun and leaves

the owner asks Y if it’s her. he says the dog is gone. Y acts surprised and repeats what he said.  he  asks where she hid his dog. Y says she doesnt know. her mom asks why he is looking for the dog here. he calls out for the dog so her mom asks what the old man is doing. Y says he can look cuz the dog isnt here. he says for them to move out this fall. her mom asks what Y did. Y says she hid the dog at the home of someone she knows. her mom calls her crazy for doing that with someone else’s dog. Y asks what she could do cuz she couldnt just let the cute dog be eaten. her mom asks why Y goes around causing trouble-she will be 40 the day after tm but doenst have a job – doesnt have a husband.  Y yells back how could she be 40 the day after tm. the mom asks for this month’s living expenses. Y says she will give it to her

Y cant get her ATM card to work and the bank teller says Y cant use her money cuz her accounts have been frozen (cuz of the lawsuit). Y: that doesnt make sense – so you are saying i cant access my own money? the teller says it will be like that till it’s unfrozen

Y is crying and calling. she asks how the court could let this happen to the court guy i think-how could they do this without telling her. the guy confirms that she was told. she asks what do I do – I didnt get any money out. her says telling him wont do any good and tells her somewhere else to go to talk to them.

J gets a call from the lawyer friend and says that woman still hasnt come and she hasnt called either. J says sorry but dont worry about that problem. i dont think I should be involved with that matter. I dont need to be concerned with a female employee who quit. J calls S and says the opera is today and he will go pick her up. he has to drop by his home first.

he is on his way home and gets a call from Y. she asks if he can talk now. he pulls over and says yes – what’s going on. she says she has something to say. did he leave work yet. he says yes -come to my home. since you have to talk to me shouldnt you come. she agrees and asks where he lives. he says see you later. he looks nervous

he runs home and turns on the AC and places books strategically. he leave it open so it looks like it’s been read. he lines up his cushions. omg I am dying this is too cute.

he picks out what to wear but the bell rings so he just throws on what he was holding

he says “welcome” and S is there. she asks why he is so surprised. he says he clearly told her he would go pick her up. S holds up the case. S: my dad told me to give this to you.that suit you were fitted for. arent you going to accept it? J takes it from her. she tells him to change into it and come out cuz she is curious to see how it looks

he goes in to his closet and calls Y and asks where are you. Y: I am almost there. it’s really far from the bus stop.  he tells her to go back.Y:what? J: I dont think i can meet you today. I will listen to what you have to say next time.  he hangs up

Y stands outside and sees the lights on. she texts – it will only take a minute so if you are home. then she changes it to – it will only take a minute.  she sees J coming out with S. Y hides. S says thank goodness it looks good on you. (it suits you well). J ignores the compliment about the suit and asks about her car. S Y hides.  she says she sent it so they can take his and go together to be more comfortable. when he puts her in the car, he sees Y hiding. he drives off with S.

they watch the opera and he looks at his watch. he suddenly stands up and leaves. he takes off his jacket and loosens his tie. he throws the jacket in the car. while driving, he gets a call but doesnt pick up. he drives home. Y is still there waiting.

she asks if he had fun on his date. J: what are you? she says she had something to say. he says it must be imp cuz she waited over 3 hrs. say what you want to and I will hear it. she says how her savings have been blocked. she cant get any money. all she has right now is less than $10 but she cant get to her money. he says a few days ago she was very self assured but in the end, did she come to borrow money. she says that isnt it – she wants him to talk to S and ask her – not about the lawsuit but about unblocking her accounts cuz there is no need to go this far …he cuts her off and says: didnt you see her go a while ago? you could have asked her yourself –  what is the reason you are asking me to do this -waiting till this late hour-cuz you thought since you are a woman – talking to a guy would get thru better? he calls his secretary to deposit  3 uk to Y’s account right away. she asks what he is doing. J: didnt you hear? I just told him to deposit 3uk into your account. Y: why? he says now she doesnt have to worry -whether she is guilty or not (of stealing that ring) she can get her own money back. you dont have to thank me.  Y: when did I ask you to send me money? all I asked was for you to reason with that woman. J: now you dont need to go to court. if you just pay her it will end. Y: do you know what paying her will mean? it’s admitting that I stole the ring. also if I pay her off – you think that will be resolved? what about the money you gave me – I dont need to pay it back? do I not need to pay it back? J: dont pay it back then. dont use paying that money back as a reason and hang around me. over something like this – getting involved with someone like you – I dont want to do it anymore.  she tries to slap him but he holds her wrist and says – take the money and go -also dont ever show up in front of me again – cuz of you – I feel like I will go crazy.


no preview

I have a good feeling about this scene. I think J will end up having to explain why he is going crazy over her. Something tells me she wont end up walking home alone.

* I think I have screencapper’s bias – my finger will only click on LDW’s face or body. I didn’t even attempt that shower scene cuz I just knew I would end up with too many to choose from so I decided not to even go there.  It is a miracle I was able to get anyone or anything else – I literally could not click “save” for any of S’s scenes.

*** I caved the next day and inserted those pics.


J doesnt know she is dying, but E does. If E falls in love with her despite knowing what is coming, does that make his love more meaningful? cuz at this point, I dont think J is deep enough in love for her impending death not to matter. Won’t he run scared first and then regret later? she has around 5 months left. It doesnt give J much time to be conflicted. Plus he will be engaged soon. This drama makes me think too much – it hurts my brain.


68 comments on “Scent of a Woman E6

  1. Iviih says:

    Omg Softy read it

    I’m glad that he won’t have to leave the drama, and also glad they revoked his license. Drive while drunk is a big NO NO NO. I hope he learns.

    I’m happy because I’m starting to love his character, this episode he was so cute. Gah.


  2. Iviih says:

    Ooooh and Softy I understand you… about the screens caps..LOL Me too! I stopped taking them because my computer is so full of pictures that it’s a little slow – will have to delete some pictures – nooo *cries* I fear to lend my computer, have so many LDW’s screens caps, his shower scenes LOL they will think I’m a perv…. XD

    You know I’m loving to hate S, she was so loveable and cute on SKKS, and here she is such a Bit**…. she is doing good! Eveytime I see her face I want to slap her so hard……

    Loved this episode, thank you for the recap. Later I pass by to share more thoughts^^


  3. ck1Oz says:

    Softy I wasn’t going to write anymore but have to.LOL the Wookie screencaps. @__@

    Love love love that man.His acting of course.What are you thinking?


    • Fanderay says:

      I’m seriously impressed that there’s no shower screencap. That’s Softy’s willpower hard at work!


      • REBEL SOULS says:

        Forget that – I have zero willpower. I ended up screencapping the shower scene anyway, but still torn about which one to use – which lighting effect highlights his muscles the best? should I use the close up of the beads of water on his face and body? just stick to the head shot? the full shot? deciding could take days….maybe I will open with the one I chose next week for E7 (that won’t be random at all) 🙂


        • Fanderay says:

          I felt just terrible that you had to make such a decision alone, so I took one for the team and watched that scene again (it was really tough).

          I think the best shot is when the camera slowly pans over (it’s a fuller shot) and his head is tilted up with his eyes closed. It’s the also the first shot. You better re-watch it yourself to see if you agree 😛


    • Anonymous says:

      riiight CK…. LOL I’m thinking just the same as you myself 😉


  4. MJShinshi says:

    Ahnyeong softy! admiring your will power — no shower screencap, wow! 🙂 anyway I also think J will change his mind and explain why he’d go crazy because of Y and the tone of that conversation will definitely change in the next episode! I just hope that S will not follow him to his house since he didn’t answer is ph and witness the exchange between the two.. *fingers crossed* I haven’t watched yet just reading the transcaps here and I cannot wait to watch these two eps subbed..
    I seriously thought he’d have put two and two together since Y has been (I think unintentionally) giving him hints that her wanting to do whatever she wants is because she’s got little time left in life to do them. Especially the pool scene when she said “before I die — I thought it would be nice to date you one time..” But since J’s a “daechoon” guy it’ll take another episode or two may be before he figures that out!!
    btw CK…that was me, Anonymous, laughing at just how much we Love Wookie’s acting! haha we do welcome the added bonuses/benefits on the side, say for example…a shower scene, pool scene, etc….ya’ll know em well 🙂

    thank you again softy for sharing this with us non-korean speaker-kd-lovers!! so thorough and quick, I love it — Thank You!


  5. Thank you very Much for the recap, and also for the comments from you readers. I really enjoy’em . Yep so! I was a little scared for the ratings. I thought maybe we are the only one loving it, and that Netizens may not react the same way. But NO. Like us, they’re getting addicted ahah. I’m so happy that it’s successful. Can’t wait for episode 7. (sorry if i made some mistakes in my writting i’m french..^^)

    Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
    2011-07-23 01 13.9 (5th) 15.8 (5th)
    2011-07-24 02 13.9 (8th) 15.1 (8th)
    2011-07-30 03 13.1 (5th) 15.4 (5th)
    2011-07-31 04 12.5 (8th) 13.4 (8th)
    2011-08-06 05 16.2 (4th) 18.5 (4th)
    2011-08-07 06 17.0 (4th) 18.6 (4th)


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Thank you for the ratings, I was curious about them too. In Korea, there are a lot of ppl who seem to love this drama – normally thru word of mouth, if a drama is considered good, then that means ratings wise, it should be doing okay. Don’t worry about making any mistakes – we all do it when we type fast and get excited about this drama and want to say everything quickly. Next time you should add comments about the episode too so there is more to learn about the drama 🙂


  6. REBEL SOULS says:

    *ahem* since MJShinshi is in Hawaii enjoying her surf and sun and couldn’t watch yet and Fanderay took one for the team and rewatched the shower scene and told me which shot she liked, I wasn’t quite sure so I threw in the top 3 choices just to cover all the bases. Just so I didn’t seem like a complete pervert, I threw in a screencap of the cute dog too. To be honest, I was waiting for the 720p Hanrel version to do that scene justice. 🙂


    • Fanderay says:

      Hahah, I just refreshed the page and as I scrolled down I literally gasped at the cuteness of the dog screencap. Then I kept scrolling until I hit the “shower section” and totally cracked up. Somehow I don’t think you’re going to get a lot of complaints 😛

      I just read your comments about whether E’s love is more meaningful, and I can’t decide! In a way, it’s probably easier to fall in love with someone if you know they’re dying. You’re more sympathetic, you’re likely to overlook all their faults, and there’s no lifelong commitment looming overhead. I know that sounds cold since of course if you love someone you WANT to be with them forever, but I think that a “time limit” makes it easier to love freely and with less reservations. I also think that a surprising number of people wouldn’t be deterred by illness if they’re drawn to someone. Humans have a natural tendency to want to support and nurture others, and there’s even a lot of people that crave pain and drama because it makes their lives feel more meaningful.

      I feel like E’s situation is extra sad because he’s pined for her his whole life (I think) and now that they’re finally reunited she has cancer, and he’s the one who had to give her the diagnosis. He’s obviously not brave when it comes to relationships, and it must be hard for him to think it’s worth mustering up any courage at this point.

      J’s situation is pretty tragic too. He has his life laid out for him, and it’s one thing to abandon it all for love, but another entirely to abandon it all for the sake of a few months.

      I don’t have any idea how I want all this to play out. I want J to understand what life is about, and I want E to experience love, but can we have both? Also, why are we all crazy enough to watch something that’s going to be so ridiculously sad?


      • Softy says:

        Now that you put it that way, your last paragraph put a damper on the high I was feeling from this wknd’s eps. I totally forgot what i got myself into. That last line was probably rhetorical, but now I’m worried for both guys, her mom, her best friend, and that adorable dog. How will Y deal with leaving all of them behind? Some of us knew Princess Man was sad and stayed away, but why didn’t we run from this one? I know why I want to stick around. I have every faith in Y to apply the lessons she learned from her dad when he went thru this, and really live for the next five months. I want to see her keep being brave until she runs out and has to lean on her loved ones to continue giving her courage. There is no way she is going to die alone in a hospital. After she finshes her bucket list, she is going to take her last breath in the arms of the man she loves. If for some reason, that doesn’t end up being J, then she will just have to settle for dying in the arms of a man who has always loved her- E deserves that much. If you think about it, it’s not really settling – Y deserves to die knowing how much she has been loved all those years instead of just the past couple of months. Why do I sound like I am on Team E – i think watching Laura’s cute video just now brainwashed me. 🙂


        • Fanderay says:

          I agree with all of that, and I’m glad I’m not the only one confused about the two guys! It’s weird that we want them BOTH to have a dying girlfriend…it makes us seem sadistic or something. I think J will definitely be the one, but that just puts me more on E’s team.

          I think this show will make a mess of us all, but at least it’s inspiring and has some life lessons to share. I never liked the original Romeo and Juliet (personally I think killing yourself for the person you love is more stupid than romantic) so the PM comparisons to R&J made me extra wary. There’s a big difference between a show being touching or sad for the sake of being sad. Part of the reason I liked CYHMH was that I always felt happy throughout the sadness. Even when everything around them was horrible, the OTP was rock solid and managed to find joy in the smallest of moments. I think that SoaW will have a similar feeling, and that watching the characters grow in the midst of adversity (rather than just falling apart) will be quite uplifting. It’s still going to be depressing at the same time, but at least we can all be depressed together 😛


  7. kfan13 says:

    So much has been discussed and I loved the recaps and the pics and the comments and the interpretations all over the blogosphere. Since I desperately want to join in but lack substantiative inputs, I have decided to do a little nitpicking 🙂

    YJ is wearing contacts-right ? She jumped in the pool with the contacts and was splashing water but the contacts were fine 🙂 Any comments ?


    • Fanderay says:

      I’ve worn contacts swimming and even in the ocean. I’ve even body-surfed and surfed with contacts! Glasses aren’t really an option in the water, and blindness isn’t ideal, but contacts actually fare pretty well. I don’t open my eyes under water, but I don’t think I’ve ever lost a contact. I did get one stuck way up under my eyelid, and it was awful, but I lived 🙂

      Speaking of her contacts though, has she worn her glasses even once since getting them? Even in her bedroom? She should!


      • kfan13 says:

        Thanks for clarifying-Fanderay 🙂 I have been debating whether to try swimming while wearing lenses.

        BTW, I love KOLORFUL PALETTE. Any chance you might draw one of these scenes ?


        • Fanderay says:

          Yes! I won’t be painting any shower scenes unfortunately, but I’m definitely keeping my eyes peeled for something colorful and meaningful. I actually love the shot up top where LDW is shielding KSA from the sun, but I’d prefer to draw something that is actually IN the drama. Let me know if you see anything!

          Btw, even though I wear contacts in the pool, I always wear goggles if I’m actually doing lengths. I also use daily disposables, so I’m not sure if the chlorine damages contacts or not (you may want to do a google search before finding out the hard way!). My siblings and I were all competitive swimmers, and I don’t recall there ever being a contact-related problem, although I think my sister once lost one on the bottom of the pool.


  8. ahhhh this episode is so much love for my fave couple..
    i mean, eunsok-yeonjae…. ;AAA;
    doctor youre too cute for words.. hahhha

    here, i made a fanmade from this cute cpl
    [Fanmade] 연재 ❤ 은석 Couple ♫♫♫


    • Softy says:

      This vid is too cute for words – all this time I was rooting for J, but now I feel like E could make her happy too. Have a feeling her mom will like E more than J. I have to admit, I thought E’s unrequited love revelation seemed sort of sudden – one letter being read aloud seems to have opened up a can of worms, but if you see how E treated her from day one, it wasnt all that loving. I can see why Y would not have a clue that he likes her. If I had to tell the person I had a crush on for 25 yrs that he was going to die in 6 months, I would get choked up a bit, but E remained detached and professional. it took a while for the ice to be broken between them. That time they had coffee together right before they got drenched was when he started to let his guard down and act chummy with her. I guess now that E kept that dog despite his allergies and is finally showing his adorable side, I might get tempted to root for him now and then, but something tells me E won’t be having that many shower scenes. If I was that actor, after both of J’s shower scenes, I would refuse to do one. The disparity would be downright embarrassing. I am not rooting for J cuz of his looks only, it’s just that he is the kind of guy Y wants and I am not sure how many ppl would be watching this drama if she thought of someone like J as a friend and went after a guy like E. Seriously, if E dances the tango with Y, I don’t think I would feel anything except a fit of giggles.


      • glad u liked this video..
        ive been a fan since ep 4..
        i love the main cpl, but i love how eunsok’s character developed from the 1st episode…
        yeonjae teached him how smile.. ^_________^
        and his comical appereance in the 6th episode just beyond cuteeee

        im not really familiar with Kijoon, and when i read his bio, wow.. he’s a respectable musical actor~~~!! i just cant believe this… <33


  9. Qd says:

    Can’t wait for next epi today!


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