Lie To Me E6

Holy moses- if this doesnt help the ratings I dont know what will- one word – WOW!
Suddenly my interest in this drama shot way up:)
Just a little reminder, Best Love will be done live tm over at thundie’s prattle now that 49 Days has ended. So City Hunter will not be done the same night at all.
Doing two dramas in one night almost killed me the past 3 weeks and LMH is not good looking enough for me to continue bearing a striking resemblane to a zombie the next day at work. I am going to check out the first episode tm and if I can make heads or tails out of it, I will try to post on thurs. If it’s chaotic and confusing, then I might wait till fri to post E1 &2 together. Let’s all hope he picked a good drama this time around or else we might be looking at an action version of all his past dramas.
Lie to me E6
SR asks if the other girls want to go to AJ’s home too and they say yes so AJ says she needs to have a housewarming then
when K pulls up to his house, AJ is there. she says:what do we do- we have a big problem.K:we?
the guard stares at them so K takes her inside. K: a housewarming? she asks just to lend the house-she will do everything else. he asks -why should he – she replies: cuz we are married. she promises not to bother him. K: you are bothering me more than enough now. AJ promises to clean up after and he doesnt have to worry about anything.  she also promises he wont have to join them. he says he doesnt want to cuz it’s not in the contract. AJ explains how things happen and cant follow the contract sometimes. K says that isnt his problem.  she takes his hand and says: is there really no way? she gives him a hand massage but he tells her to go cuz it’s late
AJ goes home and asks her stuffed animal-what do I do? that house is perfect- isnt it?  think of an idea
AJ goes out without eating breakfast-she tells her dad to leave the dishes. he wonders if she ate ramen at night. he mutters that he has to eat alone again
AJ meets SH. he asks if it doesnt taste good cuz he waited in line for an hour to buy it. she gives back the ring. he asks if the ring didnt work out-didnt her friends faint?  she says the ring was more than enough (to impress) but now she needs to have a housewarming. AJ:what do I do? AH:what’s the problem – just have one. she says: i dont have a home- cant even borrow K’s home. SH asks if she only needs a home. AJ:what – is there some way? SH: looking at the ring-cant you have faither in me? i am cinderella’s fairy godmother. he tells her to leave it up to him. she pinches him to make sure it’s not a dream. she says she will trust him
K’s aunt sees pics of K and AJ on the boat. she asks if the rumors are true. my K is married to that young lady. her secretary says there is no proof of that.she says she needs to talk to K. he says  YJ is waiting outside.
aunt hugs YJ and asks when YJ came. YJ says last week. aunt tells YJ that she got prettier. aunt asks how long YJ is going to stay in korea. YJ says she is going to stay- she met K. aunt invites her to eat but YJ says next time. aunt orders her secretary to keep an eye on AJ and not do anything yet
SH shows AJ a home where on the weekend no one is home cuz the owner goes to jejudo. (this is his aunt’s home). SH says it clearly that she can have her housewarming there. she asks if he wasnt going to try borrowing K’s home. SH says this one is way better than K’s and her friends will faint when they come here.she asks how she can borrow such a home, but he tells her not to worry cuz he can make it happen cuz he knows someone there in that home. she thinks he is playing a trick and he says he isnt.  she tells him to kidnap K instead. he says that’s against the law. she  yells at him to get out cuz her lunch time is over. he tells her to listen to him but she says “get out-met you for nothing”
when AJ goes to work, she sees SR so AJ hides. AJ calls SH from the bathroom and asks if what he said is possible- it has to be possible- she can believe him right. he says she can cuz he is her fairy godmother.
H gets a call from AJ about: time when K is alone
K is jogging and AJ sneaks up on him. K:how did you know I was here? AJ: it isnt that big of a secret. K: i said it clearly but I cant lend you my home. AJ: i dont need a home like that. even tho you didnt help it all got settled. he asks how and she says it’s not his business.K:then why did you come here? AJ: to tell you this-  dont live like that (how badly he behaved with his home). there wont be a reason to meet again. she bows and says bye
aunt goes to see K.she asks if K met YJ. he says he did. she asks what YJ said. K:did you meet her? aunt: she came to see me today. are you waiting for YJ? K:no. aunt says that’s good cuz her mind hasnt changed from then or now. she likes YJ and thinks she is pretty and cant see anything wrong about YJ, but she cant trade her for SH. since SH just came back, she doesnt want him traveling around again. the aunt is more worried about SH.
K goes to the store and K gets introduced to YJ. the man says K is the president. YJ acts like they just met for the first time and says he is young for a president
AJ goes walking and goes to the same bench where she almost kissed K. she remembers that moment and smiles.
H asks what K wants to eat. K says he doesnt care. so H asks if he can choose where he wants to eat. H takes K to the same place AJ went with K. K asks why they had to come here. H says how he heard it wsa really good here. K asks who said that. H says AJ.  they run into JB. JB tells K that he is AJ’s (the missus) sunbae from school. JB says K must know what is popular these days too. JB recognizes H. JB asks if H’s friend’s problems worked out. JB says if he handled the case he would have gotten a big payoff for the victim. JB asks how H and K know each other and K says H is his secretary. H tells K that JB is AJ’s first love. K:what? H: why are you  so surprised?  K:arent you going to order? H:what would you like to eat? K only orders coffee (the exact one AJ recommended for him the other day).
AJ’s boss is happy and offers to pay for lunch. AJ stays behind and looks up recipies for her housewarming party. minister comes in and smiles watching her work hard.
H tells K that AJ was going to confess to her first love so she killed herself studying but her best friend was dating him without AJ knowing. isnt it too bad for AJ president? K:what is? all she did was injure her pride a bit.  it seems like a woman’s pride is- no matter what happens to the world – they dont ever want to lose. I understand how AJ feels a little bit.K asks how H knows so much details. H says he is on AJ’s side so K asks whose secretary he is. H:this is all for your sake. wonder what she will do about her housewarming-in my heart- I want to lend her my home if I could
SH gets a call about the home
AJ is showing AK and SB pics of the dishes she wants to make and recipies for her party. SB tells her what to make. AK asks who AJ is inviting to make a fuss. SH comes and she tells him the menu has been selected and all they have to do is go buy groceries. SH asks to see her outside. AJ asks them all to help.
AJ points out he said the owner wouldnt be home on the weekend. SH explains that suddenly the owner’s plans changed.SH says he will look into another home, but she is mad. the guitar girl says it looks like AJ and SH are close. AK says it looks like they fought. the girl says they fought cuz they are close
K thinks about what AJ said about not living like that (he is feeling guilty)
K leaves AJ a message :about that housewarming- anyway I have something to say so as soon as you hear this messge- come outside-where I am now is….
then he sees her walking home with SH. SH tells AJ that if he calls and says he will borrow it for a day they wont turn him down. she says it doesnt matter cuz she cant trick them that it is K’s home.
SH:that’s true – that is the problem.SH complains about K not lending his home.
K gets out of his car. SH calls K hyung and AJ asks if K is his brother. K is speechless and gets back in his car when SH tries to explain. K drives off and SH says K has a quick temper.
 SH asks AJ to listen to what he has to say first but she asks if K is his real brother. SH nods and she kicks him
AJ goes to SR’s home. AJ tells her that she cant have a housewarming cuz AJ is really busy. SR says she knew AJ would do this-“not just anyone have a housewarming”. AJ imagined it again and wakes up angry
SH apologizes to K-saying he was just playing around.SH asks if he should hold his arms up as punishment. he explains how AJ did not know that K and SH were brothers.K:does that make sense? how could she not  know? SH:she didnt know-didnt you see how surprised she was? K mutters that he has been tricked by her before.  SH asks K to lend her K’s home-it’s not that hard to do and anyway you agreed to pretend to be married. K:whose fault is all that?  SH already bragged he would lend aunt’s home (but it didnt work out).K:why are you doing that? SH:cuz it’s fun. K: i’m the one married and you are having the fun? I dont want to play in your pranks anymore. SH asks to just let her borrow the home for one day. after K walks off, SH says this is a big problem.
when SH goes home – YJ is there talking to SB so SH hides. YJ says SH bought SB’s first artwork. SB mentions how SH gave him the money to buy this studio when SB didnt have enough money saying it was an investment. he wonders why SH isnt coming. she says if she had called first SH would have run off. YJ leaves and SH watches her while still hiding
SH plays basketball.
AJ waits outside at K’s home-trying to bring herself to ring the bell. she loses courage and says she wont do it and walks off. H pulls up in a cab and sees AJ walking off.
H finds out that AJ and SH knew each other. K asks if H didnt know that. H says he didnt know at all. H asks what AJ said since he saw her outside the house. K asks H if H really saw her for sure outside.H says he is and wonders why she just left. 
K sends her a text- are you preparing well for the housewarming. she thinks he is doing that on purpose and is mad. K wonders why she isnt replying. he calls for her to meet.
K wonders why he was asked to come to an upscale apt building. he hesitates going in and the realtor says he must be the husband. she explains how he must not be used to a home like this (cuz it’s nice). she says she already showed his wife (AJ).the woman leaves them alone to look around.  AJ is laughing cuz the woman said since K must never have lived in a place like this. (cuz K’s home is way better). AJ shows him around. K checks out everything like he would if he really was interested in buying it. she remembers how he told her to button up when he first met her at the hospital. SR calls and asks AJ if everything is going well with the housewarming preparations and says let’s meet tm.
AJ asks K why K wanted to meet. she asks if it looks like a home he would live in.he asks if she is going to buy it, but she says she has to think of a way. K says his home was in a magazine so no one will believe this is his home. she says she has to make them believe by saying there normal home is being worked on so they are living here for a short time. he points out there is no furniture so what is she doing to do. she says she will borrow it.she cant not have a houswarming cuz she doesnt have furniture. if she decides to do something-what is there she cant do?  he asks if a woman’s pride can have no limits like this. look here-just cuz you lost a man to a friend-what are you doing now?
she asks if he ever had his pride stomped on even once-if you havent dont act like you know. he says let’s hear it-that pride. AJ:I know the way I am doing it is wrong, but what is the right way? I cant get married cuz of SR. K:that’s why you are determined to have the housewarming. AJ asks the realtor if they can live for a day and then decide-since it is so expensive-how can they just buy it? even when you buy makeup, they give you a sample. we should at least get to live here for a day. the woman kicks them out.
K asks what AJ is going to do now. she starts to say something but says it’s nothing. K:no if you have something to say-say it. AJ: i dont have anything to say. K: you clearly do.  she says she doesnt. she tells him not to worry cuz she has a way and says something K doesnt understand
AJ goes to meet some man (a hypnotist) and asks to make some guy let her borrow his home for a day. the guy says he cant do that
AJ goes home and SH is waiting. she remembers all his hints that he was related to K that she didnt catch on- she calls herself a dummy for not knowing. he asks if she is going to hit him again
they go and eat. he apologizes for making her feel bad and says he was wrong. she says it wasnt his fault-if she thinks about it she came all this way cuz of him. he calls her cool. she says he must have had a lot of fun during that time. he says a little. she asks if K was really mad. SH says he is really sulking.she accuses him of taking his brother’s side and SH says he is- “his poor brother’s side”.  SH asks her to take care of him and calls her his “fake sister in law”.SH:sorry about the housewarming- I will try to convince my brother somehow.  she says it’s ok-she is thinking of telling SR the truth tm. he asks if she is ok with it. AJ: of course not. SH: isnt there a way- to naturally not have a housewarming.AJ: there isnt a way – unless maybe if K’s home caught on fire. SH:fire? AJ: in my heart- I want to set it on fire.
they point at each other and think it’s a great idea so they sneak in and make it smoky outside so K thinks there is a fire. K wakes up and acts like he is choking. he says he cant live cuz he is nervous. he remembers her asking, SH asking, and H asking to let K lend out his home
 AJ runs out to meet K. he says just for today he will lend it and if anything gets broken she is responsible. she promises to treat it like her home. he gives her his house code. she says he wont regret this and he says he already does
AJ goes inside. she says hello my sweet home. she moves in her stuff and SH helps her bring in her clothes and helps her shop for groceries. she gets instructions how to cook over the phone
K and H are at the movies. H gives K his movie ticket. K: of all things-why does it have to be (this)
H bashfully says he likes “melo”.  K tells him to watch it next time with a girl and buy something else.
 H says he doesnt have a gf.K:then watch it next time alone. H: you’re too much. I came running out on a sunday after getting your text-you think most ppl would do that. K says: watching a melo on sunday with you (??). H makes a sad puppy face so K gives in and says he will watch it. H is happy and offers to buy popcorn. YJ calls K -she asks what he is doing today-is he busy- she bought something cuz it was fresh but it’s too much so she  invites him over for dinner
H and K are watching Jane Eyre but K isnt paying attention to it
SH has a bunch of ppl bringing in clothes, shoes, bags. she asks what all this is and he explains he borrowed them from a friend (bet it is his aunt) . SH explains her friends will check out the closet first so as K’s wife it will be strange if her closet isnt up to par. he warns he is only lending it so she better not get greedy (and want to keep it). she is happy and calls him her fairy godmother
JB acts like he has a tummy ache and he is feverish and feels like throwing up. but SR says she doesnt care what he does outside but he better act his part in front of AJ- he better not get caught and SR orders him to get dressed. JB thinks he is in big trouble
K goes and stands outside YJ’s home
AJ says everything is perfect. her husband isnt here but it’s ok cuz everything cant be perfect. the doorbell rings and K is there. at YJ’s home SH shows up. he asks if she is disappointed cuz he isnt K
AJ asks why K is here and he says “what do you mean why-this is my home” SR and friends arrive and K welcomes friend says how good looking K is-the other one is speechless cuz he is so good looking
her friends go thru the closet and clothes-one says the handbag is “limited”. K guesses SH prepared all that. AJ says she will clean all that up and K replies thru clenched teeth as he smiles and says:of course you have to. SR is miserable until she realizes the clothes size are different sizes-one is a small and another is a large
friends love the house. K offers to help AJ set the table but she asks “why?” so he says how can she ask “why” to her husband. AJ:why are you doing that-it’s scary. K just smilesn and helps set up.  asks what he is doing- he replies “acting- this is the stage and I am a great actor.” K calls everyone in to eat. you must be really hungry-have a seat. friend asks if she should help AJ but AJ says it’s ok cuz she is done. another one asks K that he must help out in the kitchen. K says he hates AJ getting her hands wet. AJ almost drops what she is carrying from shock. K takes the plates from her. SR asks if AJ did all this alone.  AJ said she did but isnt sure about the taste. K tells them to start eating. he pours AJ wine.friends all like what AJ prepared. she says this is her first time cooking cuz her friends came.SR asks K if that is real. he replies it’s true and this is his first time tasting AJ’s food too. K feeds AJ. friend asks if AJ takes separate cooking lessons. AJ says no cuz she doesnt have time. JB says that AJ already normally cooked well. when they used to go to the professor’s home, AJ would make rice cake soup and it was really good. SR glares at him to stop talking. AJ says it wasnt that impressive.
K gives AJ a look. friend says there isnt anything AJ cant do-she works, cooks. SR says everyone does that (so it’s no big deal). the woman points out SR doesnt work. SR says normally ppl who are good at housework -it means they are used to it. JB explains how AJ’s mom passed away early. friends say they didnt know that and asks when her mom passed away. AJ says third year of middle school. friend: so you started doing housework since then?  AJ explains how she split the work with her dad little by little. K looks at her differently. AJ tells them to talk about their lives.
friends talk about how her husband was only nice for 3 months after marriage and that it’s a lie when a guy says he will help with housework when he gets married. K just keeps staring at AJ. she excuses herself and goes to the bathroom.
she wonders why she is like this-she must be crazy. JB corners her and pushes her into the bathroom. JB begs AJ not to say anything about what she saw to SR. she tells him not to worry cuz she wasnt going to-the problem is between them. she promises to keep it a secret and tells him not to worry. he promises to buy her dinner next time. when they come out of the bathroom, JB thanks her and K is standing there.  heK doesnt look like he is happy to see JB and AJ together.JB mutters that there isnt a separate men’s bathroom.  K says to AJ: yeobo everyone is waiting. he takes her hand and leads her back in.
when JB, AJ, and K come back, the friends make a comment about AJ being impressive cuz AJ used to like JB and now she has K. JB sits by AJ and SR glares at her husband so JB goes and sits by her. JB asks for K to sing saying singing shouldnt be left out of a housewarming. AJ asks JB to overlook K singing so JB guesses that K isnt good. AJ volunteers to sing and K says let’s sing together. everyone claps. AJ asks if K can really do it and he tells her to pick. she already did and he says it’s too old and chooses something else. she asks for him to think this over but he tells her to enjoy it while she can. she starts to sing and K sort of joins in. friend makes them put their arm around each other, but they separate again. [omg they look so cute and sweet I am getting cavities just watching] K stares at her like he is seeing her for the first time all over again. so does she. suddenly he drops his microphone and kisses her -like full on make out session-as in that kiss is still going on.
aunt shows up and asks K if he was in the middle of a party
he explains these friends dropped by
and she says she never saw them before
JB sings and cracks up K’s aunt
AJ asks K:why did you act? even if we lie, I’ll do it
aunt suspects there is something between K and AJ
aunt asks someone if K really is dating that girl
K tells P that he promised to protect SH
AJ and K go to the movies
at a bar over drinks
AJ asks K:isnt it lonely to live alone
AJ: do you like a girl 
AJ asks someone: if a serious person suddenly does childish things
why do you think that is
calling to clean something
or suddenly showing up at my home
YJ asks K to start over cuz they didnt really break up
K runs around looking for someone

56 comments on “Lie To Me E6

  1. janna says:

    Softy, you have also brought me back to watching LtM… I was starting to lose hope in the show, but there seems to be a change for the better. First and foremost: the OST is a little more varied and doesn’t make me want to punch a hole in the wall.
    It was kind of weird to have that clip-flashback when there’s only 6 episodes…. look at all those.. three scenes they had together. I’m kidding, but I hope for more AJ + K shenanigans, they need to add more to the reel for the next kiss, and the kiss after. If this show could try to out-kiss the other shows we’d all be happy, right?


    • tangee says:

      “”If this show could try to out-kiss the other shows we’d all be happy, right?””
      yes , yes and YES!! count me in!!


  2. paj says:

    well, you guys must of miss the subtle signs of his physical attractions. When H mentioned about her staying in the hotel with a man he was kind of pissed off. then when she text him about his sizes, he became befuddle. plus the obvious almost kiss under the cherry trees. Then when AJ and Sb came out of the bathroom did it for him to claim her lips. . .could be jealousy because her friends keep mentioning about her first love who is SB.. .The signs were building but if you skim through it you won’t catch the signs of build-up to that kiss. (there are many scenes but i don’t want type out a long post)


  3. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy.How are you this morning.I am writing again that I am not even shy about being shallow.Go kissing…go go go MORE.

    Oh and the gif…hot commodities on viki today 🙂


  4. fnaone89 says:



  5. sky says:

    I can’t wait for the next episode. the kisssssssss was wonderful!!


  6. Mai' says:

    I can’t wait Softy!

    See’ya in two nights and one day (in brazil time zone hehehe)


  7. bella says:

    one word: wicked

    i can’t wait for tonight’s and tom’s episodes..


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