Lie To Me E5

This drama is zipping along and it’s pure harmless fun so I am so happy that there arent any pitfalls. It’s a refreshing change from everything. I know this is an odd thing to say, but aside from scenes with AJ and K, my other favorite is H-the guy is a riot and always manages to crack me up.
Lie To Me E5
after K asks her to marry, he explains: not a real marriage, but just pretending to be married. I’m ok with one or two months. since you said it was your wish to be married to a guy like me, it didnt make me feel at ease (turning her down). she laughs and so does he. K: you like it that much? she says he should have asked if she had a change of heart first-since he knows her messy situation he should reveal his. she wonders why he wanted to act like he was married – he wasnt going to say he felt pity for her right-she isnt a fool. K:forget it if you dont want to. she says ok cuz marriage shouldnt be decided like this.
AJ:we have no more reason to meet right? you said you would sue- do what you want. then goodbye.
she counts the steps as she walks away hoping he will call her back and he finally does
she finds out how imp Chen and his wife are to K. K tells her to open up and be honest and asks if she is a corporate spy. she asks for him to write out a contract -even tho it’s a fake marriage for a short time- they should list boundaries they need to keep . he says she is mistaken- but for the time being they should just stay the way they are and be quiet. she says he is the one mistaken and of course they should  write out a contract- what if she went around telling ppl she was K’s wife and advertized about it. he reminds her she already did that. she says that was a mistake. she insists they should make a contract so both sides can write out what they clearly want
AJ writes what she wants – for K to pretend until SR leaves and AJ until the couple signs the contract. she tells him to sign it.she asks what if ppl ask why we are hiding it-he says stay quiet. he says then ppl will think whatever – like how his aunt is opposed. she says why would his aunt oppose. he asks why that matters, but she says it does and decides to say her dad opposed.
he wants to keep a copy but since she wrote it she keeps hers and reads his out for him to have a copy.
she tells him to call if he is going thru anything difficult and he yells out he isnt going to do anything. he looks at the contract and asks himself-what did I just do
AJ is eating in bed and her dad says he is going to a wedding. he asks if she has nothing to do on a sunday. she looks at her contract and says now she is a married person. she remembers how SR taunted that not just anyone can get married. AJ calls SR
AJ goes shopping and looks at colognes-saleclerk asks if AJ is shopping for her bf and AJ says it’s for her husband. she smells it and says “the scent of my man”. SR shows up and AJ says this is what being close is but SR says she didnt just come cuz of AJ-it was cuz SR happened to need to buy some things.they go clothes shopping.
AJ pretends she got a call from her husband and tries on lots of clothes. they look at sheets and AJ says her husband her have sensitive skin. AJ keeps calling her husband and asks what color he wants and it is driving SR crazy
H tells K that he did well after H reads the contract. K thinks she wont stay quiet and docile- he cant trust her. H wants K to use AJ cuz Chen got along with her so K should take AJ along to meet the chinese couple but K doesnt ever want to. K only didnt want to tell them the truth for now and doesnt want to deceive them on purpose. H says they cant just stand by and do nothing and lose when their competitors are doing worse. H says K should stop suing AJ now. K asks why he should. H is surprised and asks if K is still going thru with it. K tells him to look at the contract  and how it doesnt say K cant pursue legal action. H tells him- you know you are shameless right. K yells out H’s name
SR is buying her husband dress shirts and stuff. she asks if AJ isnt going to buy for her husband. AJ wonders if he needs dress shirts and salesclerk asks for K’s size and AJ doesnt know his size and guesses 95-100 or 105. 
SR asks how AJ doesnt know it. AJ lies he gets his secretary to buy it and AJ doesnt need to bother with it cuz he isnt an average person. SR says AJ should know since he is her husband. SR asks the clerk for 37 or 37.5 and AJ wonders what that size is for.YJ helps out AJ and explains it is the neck size in centimeters. YJ says if AJ knows her husband’s waist size she can know his neck size too. AJ explains how she never bought men’s clothes except for her dad’s and that it’s a pain to buy her own clothes even
*YJ’s job is to decorate store front window displays so that is why she happened to be there
SR buys AJ a pin that SR knew that AJ wanted to thank her for going to the hospital with her.SR bought it cuz AJ liked the one SR had. SR asks if AJ likes it.  AJ thinks to herself that SR is a ghost for guessing right- it’s a problem cuz I like it you brat.  AJ says it’s ok and thanks her. SR asks why AJ doesnt wear a ring -is she saving it. so AJ says it’s a bother.
SR says JB offered to pick her up and brags that JB takes out the trash without complaining. he says SR should have more to praise him for but SR says that’s all. he asks if she went shopping and she says it’s all his. he carries the bags for her. AJ has to watch them be loving. as AJ watches SR leave, AJ says that SR is announcing to the world she is happy.*that hairpin costs around $300
SR says she knows why K’s aunt opposed the marriage cuz AJ has no sense and just look at her clothes and car. JB asks if there is a law that says just cuz you are rich you have to spend money to look it. SR says she cant stand to see someone who has money and doesnt look like it. JB: you dont even like AJ breathing huh? JB says SR doesnt need to meet AJ if SR doesnt like her that much. SR almost causes a car accident when she tries to hit him. JB mutters how he almost died going around with SR.
AJ goes to the cafe and asks AK if she knows her dad’s size.AJ thinks that knowing a guys’ size means you love them.K is playing golf with the chinese couple. AJ texts K and asks what size he wears. he gives the phone to H and hits the golf ball into the water and sand pit cuz he got distracted by the text.
P tells a worker to give a room that freed up to someone and he guesses the couple had a fight. P spots YJ going into the hotel.
H asks why K lost to Chen during the golf game. K says he didnt do that on purpose. K blames AJ and H hops around all curious about what K was going to say about AJ. K asks if H knows his size and H lists everything : 37-107-31-86-110-275 K:what is all that? H: neck size, chest size, waist size,arm length, leg length and shoe size. why? is there another size I dont know? K:why do you know so much details? H says he doesnt know either. K was going to text his size to AJ but changes his mind. K gets a call from YJ who says she is back so K runs out and takes the stairs cuz he is too impatient to wait for the elevator. flashback to a long time ago when K ran up to meet YJ on the roof. when she showed him her ring and asks if it suits her. he runs over and hugs her. they look really happy
K runs up and YJ is waiting on the roof. he notices she isnt wearing a ring. he asks when she came. she says last week. he says she looks healthy and she says he does too.
AJ complains K doesnt have manners cuz he didnt text back. SH shows up and she asks if he knew that chen was a president of an investment bank. SH says he did. she mentions how that man was important to K. she asks if SH is a corporate spy and warns him not to act like he knows her cuz she cant be involved in white collar crime since she is government employee. AJ leaves and SH laughs
SH goes after AJ.SH: a corporate spy? am I that impressive?  she asks how he knew if he wasnt a spy. SH says she doesnt have sense and tells her not to think and the answer will come – he hints that K and him have the same last name.she doesnt get it so he wonders how she passed the civil exam. he tries to talk but she keeps telling him not to make her talk. he says anyway it seems like she settled it well with K. she tells him they decided for the time being to leave things as is. he congratulates her being a married woman. since she got her wish shouldnt she be celebrating. he says she needs to spend money on him.
AJ and SH go to a singing room. he asks if she didnt settle it well with K. she thinks she shouldnt have done this cuz it’s not what she thought she wanted. he asks what she had in mind about being a married woman.
she imagines meeting friends and complaining about how good her husband is to her and not letting her get her hands wet and taking out the trash without complaining. she also wants to leave earlier than her friends saying her husband is home. and she wants to pick out his dress shirts with confidence cuz she knows her husband the best. AJ sounds envious of SR so SH says he doesnt know marriage but he thinks SR cant like everything about marriage.
SR is doing laundry and finds lipstick on JB’s shirt. she throws a fit. JB asks for water and gets up and goes to the laundry room where she flooded the room with soap water so that he fell and hurt his back.
SR is driving angry
YJ and K go to the canal. she says seoul changed in 3 yrs. he asks about her work – he heard she works in displays and admits he heard news about her. she says she tried not to hear news about him on purpose. she found out he became president when she got here. he asks how long she is going to stay and she says till next month but after that she doesnt know. he says it must be hard for her, but she says it’s fun. she asks how his work is-does he like being president.
K says it’s the same-except both his shoulders got heavier. she mentions how he is the same and talks about his personality is a cute teasing way so K lets it slip out that she is the same as SH. she asks how SH is and he says SH came back to korea.
SR goes out of her car and looks out over the canal
K asks if YJ is tired from walking cuz she stopped.YJ: I wanted to find someone first- someone better than you-i looked really hard but there is no one better than you. she touches his face and thats when
SR sees them with YJ’s hand on K’s face. SR is happy and says AJ’s name
SR calls AJ and says she will go to AJ’s work and AJ says she is busy. then SR says she will go to AJ’s home. so AJ goes to meet SR at the canal
SR says AJ came fast tho she is busy. SR hugs her and says she didnt know AJ was going thru such a hard time. AJ asks why she is doing this. SR says why didnt you tell me-how hard it must have been for you to go thru this alone. AJ tells her to talk so AJ can understand. SR acts all worried about AJ cuz her husband is cheating and asks if AJ didnt know.  AJ says that’s nonsense cuz he only knows her. SR says she knows what’s in AJ’ s heart- how AJ might think he is cheating cuz of AJ.SR says it’s not AJ’s fault. AJ says he isnt cheating. SR says she saw him yesterday at this very place with the other girl. AJ says SR must have seen wrong. SR says the two of them seemed like it was going on longer than a short time. AJ keeps yelling SR saw it wrong.but SR says she saw with her own eyes really well. SR says what difference does it make if AJ is married to K when he is going around cheating and she smirks
AJ goes to K’s hotel all upset. she goes in and warns K not to go anywhere near a woman. chen is in the room with K. AJ says sorry and leaves. K drags her out of the elevator.
K asks if she is crazy -how could she come here. she says she was mad and is sorry but then she yells at him that he shouldnt be yelling since he is the one who did something wrong. K asks if she is senile-did she forget what she just did.AJ: were you a guy who cant live without a girl? K:what? AJ says her friend saw him with another girl. how can he meet another girl when he is married to AJ. K:who got married? AJ: dont even look at a girl. everyone knows you are my husband and she cant forgive cheating.
H asks K if he is ok and K says he should have just sued her-what is he doing with that woman.
AJ tells herself that all men must cheat and have roving eyes and sees-except for sunbae (JB). Just then the elevator doors open and she sees JB with another woman and he was acting lovey dovey with the woman.
SB watches AK reading a book and smiling. SH comes in saying he is hungry, but SB doesnt want to feed him.  AK says she is hungry too so SB makes something good for her and SH. SH asks why AK didnt get married since she is pretty. she says she used to but someone opposed. he asks if that was AJ and so AK said she gave up cuz AJ was so awful and wouldnt let her marry her dad. AJ’s dad comes and says dont talk bad about my daughter. SH asks if SB is rivals with AJ’s dad
AJ sits and thinks about how she caught JB cheating.
P pulls up when K was leaving. she asks if he is ok and says she saw YJ.
K goes home and thinks about how YJ touched his face. he gets a call and he doesnt want to answer cuz it is AJ. she asks what he is doing. he asks if she drank and she asks him to come out and meet her. he says why should I and she says cuz he is her husband right now.
K goes out to meet her. she yells at ppl that her husband came.he tells her to get up, she tells him to sit and orders more beer. she asks if he isnt going to drink. he does. she thinks he wanted to drink too. he tells her to apologize for what she did during the day (interrupting his meeting) but she says she did that cuz of what he did (supposedly cheating) so he should apologize. AJ:do men cheat? K:who cheated? AJ: not you -i’m talking about other men.  K:what other guy are you talking about?
AJ: at the hotel, I saw some guy cheating. he isnt her husband and is someone else’s husband. whether he cheats or not has nothing to do with her but she doesnt know why she feels this way and cries. AJ:I’m really funny arent I?
AJ cant walk so K tells her to walk straight. she claims she is fine. she tells him:dont you ever cheat! he tells her to be quiet cuz ppl are staring at them. AJ: cheating is really bad. K:and doing this is ok?
AJ: if you do something bad you will get punished.
she walks out to the street and gets run over almost so K pulls her to him and ends up hugging her. he asks if she is ok, but she throws up on his suit. he has to wash it off while she passed out in his car. she wakes up in the car and wonders where she is.
she remembers throwing up on K. she gets out and K asks if she is running away. she asks why would I and lies and says it’s late.
she goes to a pharmacy to get medicine for waking up from her alcoholic stupor and realizes how awful she looks with her makeup smeared and asks “who are you”
AJ goes to sit on a bench. K comes over and sits.
she asks why he didnt leave. 
K:after sending you off alone -if  something happens
I’m not that worried but if something happens to you
I will be the first suspect
AJ says it feels like he is supporting her/backing her up
K:just think of it like you put your life on the line
she asks if he is cold and that he looks more sensitive than she thought
K: cuz of someone I am wearing wet clothes
AJ:i’m sorry
K: of course you should feel sorry
do you still like that guy
K:  the cheating guy-didnt you cry a while ago cuz you still like him
she says its not cuz she likes him- she is upset
it doesnt feel good to be disappointed by someone
ppl change whether for good or bad but since he is her first love
couldnt he stay cool like she remembers
K: no – that will agonize you too
petals fall down around them
they smile and look at each other
she says in her head:
today is the end of my first love
K looks at her lips
she looks at his
and K leans in so she closes her eyes and then opens them and so does he
they straighten up
and they flick away the petals
next morning K remembers how he almost kissed her. he gets a call from AJ. she asks if he is awake and asks to meet. she will text the location. he wonders why she is telling him to come and go
he goes to meet her. she says he came qickly. she offers him her macaroon
and offers to buy. he says I’m going crazy. i think you are mistaken but last night cuz of the mood….
she says you think i would just overlook it? she wants him to add on the contract that he will be careful not to be seen by other ppl with another woman till the end of the contract
she agrees to sign one too
he asks if she asked to see him over that
AJ: of course – other than this – is there anything else? hurry and write it
she makes him add that and sign
they go to their separate cars. AJ:dont worry-i forget everything I do when I am drunk
SR tells all her friends that K is cheating on AJ. friends think it is shocking news. SR says all men are the same and they say her husband wouldnt. they ask why SR is saying this and she says cuz she feels bad for AJ and wants them to cheer up AJ. they wonder if SR really does feel bad for AJ.
AJ aplogizes to SH for making him wait. he asks what favor she had to ask him. AJ wants SH to help her find a ring-not just any ring but a ring that the moment you see it-it takes your breath away.he asks how she is going to pay. she is using the money in her account -the loan she got. he asks why she wants to use that for the ring. AJ says it doesnt matter cuz she was going to use it to pay the compensation. SH asks why when SR’s husband is cheating. if her husband is cheating-then isnt it game over?  she says she doesnt want to act the same as that girl.  SH makes a call and gets AJ special treatment to look at rings. she asks if these are better than the ones they looked at and he says it doesnt even compare. she starts to do the math in her head but he tells her not to worry cuz he made it so that she could borrow a ring.she cant believe she gets to borrow this and he says if you are like him.  she calls him a genie and he says he is cinderella’s fairy godmother. he puts it on her finger and she says it feels weird cuz he is putting it on. he finds her a ring-the shinier one with more diamonds
AJ goes to see SR and says she came suddenly and couldnt buy anything nice and hands SR a cake. she shows off her ring. the friends are there and ask how AJ could get married without telling them.
JB comes in with flowers and AJ and JB exchange awkward glances. the friends invite JB to stay but JB says he has to leave again.
JB goes outside and wonders why AJ is here. he tries to listen in on the door
friends says they are jealous of how SR lives.then they notice AJ’s ring. the go crazy over the ring saying just the setting cost is outrageous and that it is blinding. AJ says it’s not anything to brag about – it’s just unique. friend says the ring is pretty and AJ is too. SR asks when AJ is going to have her housewarming party
SR: you have to have a housewarming party
AJ asks K to lend his home-he says that wasnt in the contract
AJ: do we just have to follow the contract?
SH:what’s the problem – just have it
AJ: i need a home
SH: all you need is a home?
K’s aunt sees photos of K and AJ
aunt: my K married with that girl?
YJ tells the aunt she met K.
K tells SH to contact YJ cuz she is back and asked about SH
SH says he will
AJ finds out that SH and K are brothers
SR tells JB that she doesnt care what JB goes around doing but to pretend he is happy with her in front of AJ
SH finds AJ a house and she thinks the house is perfect 
but K shows up

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  1. ssen68 says:

    awww softy n
    you are awesome :p


  2. omo15 says:

    phew 🙂 yay! Softy’s here..thank to read first..


  3. andreana says:

    thank you!your so fast!


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    thank you very much….you are really great!!!


  5. rainyrain says:

    thankuuuuu so much , thestory is becoming more and more interresting 😀


  6. jae says:

    Thank you, softy! ^^
    I think the story is a bit slow and not so focus on K and AJ only.
    Next, I hope it will be better! My patience to see YEH everyweek ^^


  7. IBELIS says:

    Thanks softy , you are super fast. You must write while you are watching. again thanks


  8. crystal says:

    thank you thank you thank you so so much. You just save my night, hehehhe i am so happy with this ep. But i do want K to fall in love with AJ first, not the other way around


  9. sakura says:

    thanks for such a fast translation!!


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    You’re faster than a speeding bullet!
    Thank you so much for the recap, now I can run off and watch it raw.


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    thank you, softie. you;re a live safer.


  12. Brigid says:

    Thank you, Softy!!!!


  13. MelP says:

    Love it!!!!
    So quick and fun, it’s a delight!


  14. Gonggi Couple says:

    This is getting good. By far, ep. 5 was the best so far.
    This is first episode I really enjoyed.

    They need more scenes together.
    When they are together, there’s some awesome chemistry.
    The beer drinking scene was awesome. Yoon Eun Hye was very charming in that scene.
    Kang Ji Hwan was very cute in many scenes. They really are charming together.

    Out of all the romcoms out there, this drama seems to have the best acting performance so far. The facial expressions of the main leads are very entertaining.
    Now, if only it will continue to get better.

    Bonus: What’s up with the OSTs?


  15. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks softy.Ep 5 is definately better.I laughed at quite a few parts.They definately need to have K and AJ have more scenes together.

    H is cute he is so chirpy and bouncy.I was smiling at his ‘yes yes eager beaver look’

    See you tomorrow.I hope AJ has to move into his house.The chemstry ramps up whenever they are together.

    The cherry blossoms in the park scene.Beautiful.


  16. Anvesha says:

    This has somethig that BL doesn’t have.. Like the slowly falling in love scenes because in BL I feel like suddenly DJ likes AJ.. And at the same time, in this one the other plots are Taking up too mug screen time and we can’t see our main leads often..


  17. Sarahdylan says:

    thanks os much… for your time doing this…


  18. Mai' says:

    thank you softy for not giving up “lie to me”…
    We need a refreshing drama to keep us happy =)

    thanks again!


  19. Chiquipea says:

    Thanks so much for the quick transcap Softy!


  20. MJShinshi says:

    is he starting to have some attraction…he’s remembering the “almost kiss” and fuming about it next morn’ while she’s all business like—no meeting, no eye contact with other women!! love it 🙂 can’t wait for the house hunting with SH and being caught by K! thank you softy!


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