City Hunter brief live recaps

I love this bench and its location – quiet, scenic, and perfect for these two to share conversations away from prying eyes. If a drama ever needed a second season, this one certainly does and if that ever happens, I promise not to drop it again. 🙂
This drama had a rough start for me and then I got busy with other recaps. Halfway in, I came back full force only to be derailed by an unexpected storm. The comments for these can be found with YFFM recaps. Some people wanted me to keep these recaps even tho they were rough live translations so here they are in reverse order.
Lately each scene with Y and the president makes me feel so bad for the two of them. There are only two more eps left and we won’t have these sweet bonding scenes soon when one or both of them find out the truth about each other. I can already guess the pres is going to be filled with pride cuz the more time he spent with Y, you can tell he wishes he had a son like him. Y knows who his two fathers are and doesn’t even toy with the idea that he has a third. You can see the level of respect and admiration he shows the president, but I wonder the minute he learns the truth- what is going to flash thru his mind.  If you think about it, the president is the one who let that first domino fall by going along with the decision to retaliate and set everything in motion. Y is where he is today – the road to this revenge cuz of his own biological father. Here he is protecting the memory of a man he never knew, assisting the only father he does know, and now he has to confront his own biological father’s past deeds in a showdown that is going to be epic. The only thing that could complicate matters worse is N’s instinct to be the president’s human shield. These last two eps just may turn out to be more drama than any of us can handle. 🙂
This is an odd thing to say, but LMH’s long legs are quite an asset when he is fighting -they are like weapons all by themselves – to distract us in wonder and awe and knock out the bad guys at the same time. 

City Hunter E18

J asks why Y came here. Y says this isnt the time to talk about that. chun’s L (lackey) says so you were the city hunter (about Y) J and YJ fight off the guys. Y asks if J is ok cuz he is hurt so Y says they have to go to the hospitalchun is on the phone saying his Haewon wont collapse. chun’s L says he has to tell chun about who the city hunter is -“it def was that guy I saw from that girl’s home “but he has to take care of something first before he gets in trouble and drives to N’s house I thinkwhen E and the tall guy are talking about how Y knocked YJ down in that judo move, N defends Y saying she knows from teaching him but he works out so he learns fast-plus she brags she is a great intructor. E wonders if that’s why the tall guy is like that and cant do anything cuz E isnt a good intructor. he asks maybe Y got lessons separately during the time he quit. he complains Y doesnt have a loyalty for doing that. E gets up to go ask Y and he gets up to ask where Y got lessons. when N goes home she wonders if something happened to Y cuz he did that in front of all his coworkers. behind her chun’s L is there and holds out a knifedoctor tells Y that he treated the wounds that were urgent but J has to be careful with his left shoulder for the time being and has to rest and they can talk after the test results on the injured leg. Y gets a call but he ignores it. then he picks up. chun’s L says  “was the city hunter’s name YS” – he complains how hard it was to bring N here and he almost used all his energy and how he wanted to just kill her in the middle of coming here but he had to be patient. he puts N on the phone and she warns: YS-you cant come here-it’s dangerous here so dont come – I’m ok so you cant come – you got that? Y tells chun’s L : if you mess with N you are going to die by my hands.the guy says he changes his mind quickly so if he wants to he could kill her now. Y asks where he is. he gives the location and says to Y that Y needs to see N’s face before she dies. Y tells J’s lackey to take care of his dad.Y drives and runs to where N is held in a tank. while he is tapping on the glass the guy comes over and holds a device – if he presses it N will drop into the water and drown. he tells Y “you know what will happen if I press this right? KN wont be able to come out of the water forever. put on the handcuffs” and once Y is cuffed-the guy punches Y a lot. the guy releases N into the water and Y beats him up and gets free and tells her to wait. he runs up and dives in after her.

Y asks if she is ok – if she can breathe and she says she is ok. he says let’s go to the hospital first but she says it’s not that bad-I’m fine.Y: i said let’s go. N: dont touch me. Y: you almost died today. N: you should have left me to die – why did you come to save me. dont you know me at all? just cuz you didnt give me an answer – did you think I wouldnt wait? I am going to wait for you for the rest of my life. Y: are you going to make this hard on me. N: let’s go together – I dont know where the end is but if we go together it wont be lonely -i wont let you be lonely anymore. now if it’s not you, I can’t. (meaning he is the only one for her now) Y: just wait a little bit – now I can see the end. she leaves

N remembers all the past with Y. I am going to wait – said he would come back – that he would come back after it’s over.

Y: wait just a little – I will finish all this and come back alive

Y has chun’s L tied up. Y explains to M that the guy is chun’s lackey – since the guy has seen Y’s face, Y had to bring him. Y asks M to feed the guy and watch over him. Y offers to let M use the credit card again. lackey’s phone rings. Y picks up and says chun’s name. chun:who is it? Y: who do you think it is. chun: city hunter. Y says he will feed and take care of his lackey so dont worry. chun says:i dont need him-  kill him or not it’s up to you. it might be better if you killed him to shut him up.(the guy heard the whole conversation) Y: if you do that will you have anyone left around you. let’s meet soon. after Y hangs up, he says to the guy: it’s nothing you should be shocked about-he even threw away Lee who he knew for 30 yrs so did you think you would be any different. Y tells M he is stepping out for a while. M asks what the guy wants to eat. the guy glares at M.

M complains how the guy glared when M asked what he wanted to eat. M gives Y the handkerchief the mom gave him. Y says how chun tried to kill J. M asks if J is hurt and Y says he is in the hospital.

Y reads up on haewon contruction and what it has to do with his dad.

YJ goes to see the woman who was in the hospital with her son. he introduces himself and says he has questions about haewon chemical plant. he asks if she is being released but she says she is being kicked out of the room cuz she returned the money chun gave her. she says how city hunter helped by stealing the contracts chun forced ppl to sign and she was too grateful to CH. she plans to win against the chemical plant . she asks about threats and if it can be useful for her case. he gives her his card if she needs his help.kid asks how to meet CH. kid says he wants CH to come and help his mom. he gives YJ 10 cents to give to CH and help his mom.

YJ goes to meet with his boss. YJ’s staff worries that CH will bring the bad guy to them again and embarrass them again before they catch the bad guy.

D says she is thinking of quitting her job. she wants to move to a cafe closer to YJ.

J is trying to leave but the lackey says he cant – he could have died if it wasnt for Y. he tells J to leave it up to Y cuz J is not well. if you are going to exact the most cruel revenge in the world-why arent you telling me even who the 5th person is. J says he will after they take care of chun and orders the lackey to contact all the ppl chun will be calling for help.

chun gets bad news about his company (what steve lee did) and tells his secretary to reserve a flight for LA.

E sees the paper and asks if haewon is going to be ruined. she worries cuz her brother works there and was going to get married and already reserved a wedding hall.  Y shows up and E asks him to explain about what happened yesterday (with YJ) boss asks what Y’s relationship is with YJ. Y says there was a minor misunderstanding cuz Y knows YJ’s ex-wife.  E worries D will be shocked when she finds out YJ is divorced. tall guy asks where Y learned that move cuz maybe they will give the tall guy a discount if he tells them Y told him about the place. Y tells the guy to just learn from E. E says the move Y used yesterday was something he couldnt have learned. Y changes subject and asks about the tea.she starts to say how her skin got better from drinking it but the tall guy interrupts and says she is more bloated now and has to pee a lot from drinking so often. boss says the pres wants to see Y

Y goes to see the pres. he asks if Y has time after work. Y says he can help now if it’s a computer problem. pres says it’s not he wants to take Y somewhere nice where the pres goes to clear his head and he wanted to show Y. they agree to meet up after work

YJ reads how haewon group needs a lot of money.

chun is trying to buy time with some guy but that guy is with J right now.chun calls another guy and J is there with that guy too.

chun tries to another guy but guards block chun from going in. the man inside is with J. (J is blocking all the men chun could get money from)

chun goes in and sees J eating with all the men chun was trying to reach. J tells chun that J gave up already (on his investment) chun gets on his knees -please save me. chun offers to hand over confidential records. J acts like he doesnt know what chun is talking about and says chun must be in a lot of shock and has him dragged out.

pres takes Y fishing. N is one of the guards there. pres: when I was younger my dad taught me to fish – I wanted to bring my son but he went off to the army-thank you for coming with me. pres gets a call from chun. chun says he is in a hurry and asks for a lot of money for haewon. he says how others are avoiding him when pres says chun could get that money on his own. pres says in korea there are a lot of ppl in chun’s situation- some have to endure bankruptcy while someone knows the pres and gets help (meaning chun)-sorry but i cant help you. chun: if I am ruined do you know how many ppl lose their jobs. pres says he is busy and has to hang up. he tells N’s boss not to give him the phone if chun calls back. Y offers to get some drinks and pres sends N with Y to go get some drinks for the guards too. when he is alone, pres says :why cant he stop his greed.

Y tells N to go and he will go alone.  No goes back alone. her boss suddenly pulls a gun on Y as he came back with drinks. Y asks why he is like that. N’s boss says it’s nothing. N says to her boss that he seems more nervous today. he claims not to have heard Y’s footsteps. 

M watches the news about haewon. Y says mergers and acquisitions for haewon will be hard so M worries about all the employees

N’s aunt is worried about that too. next is haewon chemical. YJ says to prepare a flight ban (flight restriction) for chun.

Yj goes to see Y. YJ says what J did – bring down chun. YJ: but there is something i am worried about – those employees and their families. I dont want them to go thru hardships and be sad. Y: you sound like N’s daddy long legs. YJ: i dont know why but I thought the CH would think like that too. Y: I am not the CH so how would I know that. i’m busy and my girlfriend is waiting. YJ gives him the coin and says if by any chance you find CH, will you give it to him. some kid said he was CH’s fan and asked to punish the ppl who made his mom sick and to help his mom. Y: then you should find him and give it to him-why give it to me. YJ: I am going to help those ppl with the law. Y: then do a good job helping – i have a girlfriend waiting. Y goes up the steps to his home.

introduced by chun’s secretary, Y goes in as a fund manager to meet chun. Y says something about haewon chemical. chun says haewon chemical is their cash cow.Y tells chun to sell haewon chemical to him. Y puts down the coin (10 cents) . chun acts offended but says he will sign the contract

patients read how haewon chemical’s president chun gave 51 percent of its shares to the employees admitting to being at fault for their health conditions  and paying for their hospital bills and compensation. they can get better and become part owners. she says CH sent this. Y’s mom hears that

J’s lackey says Y must have done that -buying it with 10 cents. J says those men cant end with just the law and has to die.

N’s aunt reads that haewon was bought for 10 cents.

YJ is mad cause the flight ban was not put on chun. YJ worries that chun will leave. he finds out chun is on a flight to LA. YJ orders the flight not to leave

Y is at the airport. chun calls his wife and says let’s meet in LA. he is determined to come back from LA and get his plant back. Y sees chun pass by.  Y gets on the elevator with chun and his bodyguards. Y knocks down all the men and sort of takes a drugged chun out.  

YJ is waiting with the police. he sees CH but it’s him. Y made M put a message on the internet – if you want to meet me come and wear a mask. from CH. while the police were taking away the ppl dressed as CH, they find chun’s body on the sidewalk with the dog tags around his neck

YJ and Y have a car chase. YJ shoots out Y’s tires and walks over to him. YJ holds the gun to Y’s face so Y grabs it from him and aims it at YJ. YJ steps closer and pulls off Y’s mask.


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Since YFFM was not aired, I ended up deleting this post and saved the comments for CHE18:

mizweng said:

July 21, 2011 at 12:34 pm

hi softy…camping again…excitement is at maximum level in CH…too bad about heartstings but you’re right, psh health is more important…hoping for her speedy recovery… thanks in advance, my angel in disguise…hehehe :)

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    so there won’t be any heartstrings episode tonight?

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    When will be ep 8 aired????? 

  • i think next week maybe, because PSH is in the hospital due to the car accident… GET WELL SOON SHIN HYE!

  • Thank you for the CH!!! I’m glad Y told NN to wait and NN will wait for him. hopefully next episode the prosecutor will help Y. 2 more episodes to go. I hope this drama will not have a tragic ending. After all the angst, cliffhangers etc… They should give us a nice finale. I was also looking forward to YFFM/heartstrings. I hope the actress will have a speedy and full recovery from her accident. Just when S is starting to like K. Thank you Rebel. 

  • ahhh, THANKS HEAPS for the recap on CH!! omg, so intense, loving it! its really a TOP drama. 

  • Thank you for CH recap. i hope no one dies at end. 

  • I just came softy.Thank you for the recap.Ep 17 was so bad I actually live streamed today can’t even wait for the torrents.OMG how good was it?I loved loved it although some parts had me laughing.
    The cliffhanger..this show just kills me with the endings each time.Why don’t I ever learn? 

  • Thx :) 

  • thank you softy aka soulsrebel… ^^
    next week is the last 2 episodes ? hiks… it’s too fast!
    I wish for satisfiying aka happy ending for YS & KN ^^; 

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July 21, 2011 at 4:40 pm

car accident? wow poor girl hope she’s recovering well…..their show is really moving along nicely.

Beng-beng said:

  • sad that i won’t be seeing ep 8 of YFFM, i really pray the PSH just needs some rest and nothing serious untowards happened to her. But looking at the end of the rainbow, would this mean there will be an additional episode for YFFM, just like what happened to Coffee Prince? 

  • richhappiness said:

    July 21, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Thank you REBEL SOULS for the recap of City Hunter.
    It’s kind of sad that it’s gonna end next week. But it will always be another part of the All-time-favorite-dramas people would watch over and over and over again.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you have read this article about Park Shin Hye.

    She returned filming on July 19, 2011. I think there was no delay on the episode airing, was there? 

  • richhappiness said:

    July 21, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    I’m sorry about the date. I was mistaken. The accident was July 19, 2011. She returned to set on July 20, 2011. Also they said the filming schedule was not affected. So, we’ll see about that..:D

    I am just glad that she and the rest of the people involved were not greatly injured and that they were all in good condition now. Thank God for that!

    Also since they said that the airing of their episodes are not affected, this will be good news for us viewers, don’t you think? 

  • richhappiness said:

    July 21, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    ok, so i saw this site:

    And you are right… they will be airing special episode instead of the episode 8.

    We’re hoping for PSH’s fast recovery..:)

  • This was the most completely Batmanny awesome episode EVER!

    The whole thing was like a mini movie, actually.

    I actually cried for Fake Dad J this time watching him get beat, then get up, then get kicked in the face, then get up. There were some moves that were so cool I rewound 5 times to watch again.

    And the end? How sexy was that! I just kept saying “HOLY SH^T!” over and over as YJ got closer and closer * Sigh * he undressed the City Hunter and laid him bare. Wow!

  • hey BB, it’s weird not having you waiting around for YFFM recap while you are at work :) As for hoping for additional ep, since they aired that recap special instead, more than likely there won’t be another one unless the ratings go up.CP had high ratings remember? DH had one even tho it’s ratings were around 11% cuz it was really popular. YFFM ratings are not looking too good right now. since PM started, I was worried about YFFM and hoped PM wouldn’t steal any more viewers away. This cancellation couldn’t have come at a worse time cuz of that new drama starting. let’s keep hoping for the best for YFFM :)

  • Nah, YJ didn’t quite catch Y being the City Hunter. Reasons:
    (a) Y is just one of the guys going there to “meet/see” the City Hunter as they all received the message saying if one wants to meet CH, wear a mask and go there.
    and (b) it was YJ who told Y that “if you see the CH, give him the dime” from the kid. So, Y just simply did what YJ asked him to do: to go see the CH to give him the dime. :)


when pres asks if the book is what Y was looking for, Y denies it saying he was just passing by and looked to see what was here. president asks Y to give him some time. when Y knocks over a stack of papers the pres says there is a lot of things cuz he has to read them all after he learns about the computer stuff. Y: all of this? pres explains he didnt want to be the kind of pres who just stamps things -he has to know what’s going on so he can help the citizens. Y suggests using help from an aid but pres says that guy is busy and doesnt want to give him more work on his salary. pres wants to learn how to load a pic on a blog he made and Y shows him and the pres does it. Y says the pres is a fast learner and if D took after the pres. even by half she would have studied well. pres tells Y to check out his blog. he talks about how D was egged cuz of his anti fans and he didnt have time to go see D at her work and neither did his wife. Y:since she didnt say anything about quitting doesnt it mean she is doing well. I’ll drop by for some coffee. pres thanks him for doing that.  pres asks Y to come attend something at lunchtime. Y says that isnt a place he should be included but the pres says since Y is the pres computer guy of course Y can.

N takes out a gift from Y’s mom. hand stiched handkerchief. N calls and thanks her.chun says J doesnt look well. J says a robber came to his home. chun asks if J caught the robber and J said he will soon cuz he took an imp item from him. chun says it’s time for J to meet the pres later tonight. chun’s lackey comes in as J leaves. chun orders J killed after they take money from J.D is trying to get Y to go to the gathering. Y sees J show up.J says hello to the pres. pres is stunned to see him. J says it’s nice to see you. N is one of the pres’s bodyguards. D takes Y to the luncheon.N’s boss comes over and asks Y what he is doing here. Y explains that the pres invited him. there is construction sound. J keeps eating like nothing is wrong. N gets shot with a paint gun while trying to protect the pres. he asks if she is ok. she says she is and asks if he is ok. N gives the pres her new handkerchief from Y’s mom. the flowers on it makes the pres look up at J.Y stops J and says : she (N) is someone who doesnt have anything to do with me now. you could have died trying to put her in danger. since you read the confidential file before it was stolen -who is the 5th person?N’s boss looks for the source of the paint gun. he goes and apologizes to the pres. for letting something like this happen and not doing his job better.pres asks N to stay behind and asks about the handkerchief. he asks if she made it but she says she got it as a present from someone she knows. she asks why he wants to know and he says it seems like someone he knows. she says it isnt cuz the person is a regular ajumma. he looks at the handkerchiefN calls and asks Y’s mom and says the pres asked who made it. N asks permission to tell the pres. but Y’s mom says dont tell him it was me. after hanging up, Y’s mom tells herself – he was just asking (in passing).she goes out and sees chun and his lackey.

she has a flashback to when chun told her to abort the baby (“that baby cant be born into this world – get rid of it”) she says the baby is hers and she will raise it. chun: a woman who works at a bar – are you trying to ruin Choi EC’s path (to his future)? he is about to abandon (throw his family away) cuz of you right now. she says eung chan doesnt know so she asks chun to keep the secret. chun says he cant stand by and watch his friend be ruined. he gives her money to abort the baby and disappear -that’s what she can do for the sake of EC’s path . chun: dont show up in front of me again- i cant guarantee your life.

* pretty sure chun just threatened her life right there- and her husband (Y’s dad) did not have a previous family so the baby’s father has to be the president -his korean name is choi eung chan (CEC)

Y’s mom says she cant meet him (chun) again.

J talks to Y’s dad’s pic. he asks for the guy’s understanding. even if you cant understand – I cant stop this revenge

M goes to see Y’s mom. he explains who he is. he says he came to give her something from Y. it’s a photo of Y’s dad. M says Y was sad looking at the pic and it would have been nice if the dad was still alive. she asks M to give Y a handkerchief saying his mom made it

tall guy runs in saying he heard an incident happened and worries about the bodyguard and the boss asks if the guy likes a bodyguard but the tall guy denies it

Y goes out for a break and sees N walk by. she remembers how he asked her to let him go.

pres watches a movie and J is sitting next to him. pres asks him not to reveal the ppl. J says he planned this revenge for 28 yrs and will reveal what he wants. one rotten fruit cant spoil the whole batch – i have to take out the rotten fruit first.

YJ tries to figure out why J is with chun at that restaurant. he figures out chun is getting money for one company to put into another. his boss comes in to say YJ has been demoted. he tells YJ again to step back and tells YJ to pack up. aunt comes in with info about city hunter and chun’s chemical plant and hands over the document to YJ and not his boss. his boss gets mad at all of them.

D gives Y coffee. he tells her again he stopped drinking coffee. she says even tho she cant study well, she wants to make her way in the world well so her dad can worry less about her. Y: now you’ve become less of a young child. Y asks about N-how is N doing? is she ok?  YJ shows up. Y: are you a stalker? getting a little tired of this now. YJ:I came to drink some coffee. D asks who YJ is.  D gets knocked down so YJ helps her up-he asks if she is ok. Y berates her for not being careful.  she gives the coffee to YJ. she says her teacher is too harsh but YJ is treating her softly. YJ thanks her.  Y asks why D is giving his coffee to YJ. D says he said he gave up coffee. D finds out YJ is a prosecutor when E wonders why he came here. D calls YJ “the flower guy” and asks if he is a prosecutor – it means he is really smart huh? E asks why – is she showing interest-what about Y? D: love moves – I like guys who are sweet/considerate. teacher is too abrasive to women.

YJ talks about chun’s company and what role steve lee is playing. Y says it’s a good thing he didnt invest in that company’s stocks. YJ takes out pieces from the jenga game saying if something collapses – other things collapse too.  YJ says his suspicion about steve lee to Y-that steve lee is like this piece. (the piece that makes everything crash down). Y leaves.

N asks D to make her some coffee that D has the most confidence in making. D asks if YJ isnt handsome. N says she is in a hurry and looks over at YJ. YJ just stares over at N

N takes that coffee to the pres. she explains how D made it. he thanks her.

YJ waits for N after her work. N: what can we say to each other? she tells him to act like they dont know each other. YJ: I didnt get to formally say I am sorry. that day I know how shocked you were. cuz of my dad- I needed time to clear up a misunderstanding. I know it’s not important to say this but I am sincerely sorry. N: it’s not your fault. I know your heart wasnt at ease. every day while you were living – I was probably like a thorn caught in your throat- I know all that.  that’s why I am grateful you acted like my daddy long legs. YJ: I dont know what to say. N says  she  cant forget what YJ’s dad said about her parents -for dying and being in a vegetative state-how that’s good- how can someone be so impudent – so cruel. I’m thankful to you but when I think about your father-I dont know what to do. she cries so YJ puts his hand on her arm and says I’m sorry.

N goes to drink soju with the vet. vet says N is acting cheerful. vet guesses that N found out that Yj is daddy long legs. vet says she knew from a long time ago that YJ was daddly long legs and whose son he was. she wasnt trying to hide it but YJ was her first husband. he was sorry that N had to suffer cuz of his dad.Y takes out his bullet necklace and his mom’s ring.  he gets a call from the vetvet says sorry for calling him but N seems to have a lot of things that are bothering her and drank alone and passed out. she thought it would be better for Y to take N home. is something going on? N said she didnt have anyone to talk freely to about her problems.  Y carries N home across the bridge – all the way to her bed. Y says looking at her: what made you drink? was it cuz of me?i’m like a dummy huh? I told you to let me go-but I cant stand it-  i cant send you to some other guy but I cant leave you by my side either. N- dont be hurt.pres asked chun about J using J’s korean name. chun says he is dealing with steve lee. pres tells chun to step away from J but chun says a pres doesnt have the right to tell him that. they argue. pres tells chun not to mess with YJ – and that the pres will reveal with his own mouthYJ is packing like his boss wanted. N’s aunt says sorry. ppl ignore YJ when he bows at them in greeting. he is about to drive off when his boss comes and stops him asking what kind of support YJ has. YJ is surprised cuz he is back at work. (the pres made a call)Y goes to meet the pres. Y heard the call and asks if it was about YJ. pres asks if there are 10 hrs left till a test- you have to study for both math and eng- what would you do. if you study both you will not do well in both. Y says only choice and focus/attention is left. pres says that is what a president’s office is like – always choices and attention. in that moment it’s hard – what can I do for more ppl to be happy. my decision doesnt just determine koreans futures. Y gets more lessons about using computers and smart phones to print stuff. pres asks for his daughter’s pic to be printed. Y: you seem like a good father. pres says Y’s dad is better cuz he raised Y well and has such a successful son. pres thanks Y for his helpJ’s lackey gives Y some paperwork. a schedule of meeting and stuff. Y asks why he is giving it to him. the guy says he cant understand J. he explains how he had to put money into boxes of kim.chun gets a call and he is desperate cuz he has to get money by the end of the day or his company is in trouble. he has to come up with a lot of money. J shows up. chun tells him to go in first cuz chun has things to take care of. after J leaves chun says : you are done now.chun and J meet with some men. chun lies that the pres supports this and the men said they would consider it since the pres said that. J says he has kim for them as gifts (more bribe money)Y looks for the bribe in the lockers but it’s not in there

YJ and his aid are walking by and notices the guards are knocked out. YJ guesses the city hunter did this. Yj goes to look for him. YJ calls and finds out Y isnt at work and stepped out.

the two men that were bribed are having a spa day and J says he put the gift in their cars instead of their lockers.

J’s lackey keeps saying he doesnt understand why J is delaying. J says isnt today your mom’s memorial? he tells him to go but the lackey gets a call about a gas leak at the office from chun’s bad guy- J says he will go and take care of it

YJ goes to see Y’s coworkers and ask if Y didnt come back yet.

Y shows up at work and is on the phone with J’s lackey. the lackey reports to Y what’s going on with J. Y hears that his dad went to take care of a gas leak and remembers how that is how they almost killed YJ so Y tries to leave but YJ says if he does then this is going to look like Y is the city hunter. Y flips YJ so E wonders when Y got so good at that.

J goes to his office and men show up with sticks. J fights them off but he gets hit a lot. chun’s bad guy watches. he holds up a knife to J’s throat. Y comes in and saves his dad but they are outnumbered.



N is kidnapped

Y into the phone: where are you now? if you mess with N- you are dead.

chun tells J that he will give J the guy he wants

kid gives coin saying: if you find city hunter hyung – please give this to him

YJ: I wont lose to city hunter this time- I see the end now

Y: KYJ – come to the front of the police station by 4pm

voice: killing you will be better

Y yells into the tank N’s name

This is a visual representation of what I like to call “the great divide” concocted by all drama writers nearing the end of a series – it never fails to show up around this time rearing its ugly head and separating our two lovebirds temporarily. Issues that existed throughout earlier episodes are now suddenly important enough to place front and center and warrant a breakup. I really don’t mind as long as we are compensated with a great makeup session 🙂 With these two-I’m betting there is a lot to look forward to.

Even with his eyes partially open he still looks this good-in real life he looks even better 🙂 courtesy of nikesma

City Hunter E16

YJ says CH sent him a video text message and it seems chun is out to kill him and is grateful to CH for worrying about him. Y: if I ever do get to meet CH, I’ll tell him that YJ is really grateful. YJ – you look tired so sleep well  Buchai – CH used that name when he was  in the triangle -even tho time has passed – I’m sure he didnt forget that name. Y: i told you to bring evidence if you want to capture me-clear proof that I am the CH. YJ: dont worry I will capture you (?)-see you again BuchaiY staggers home and M takes care of himY gives M all his bank accounts and the lease to his home and N’s home. M:why are you giving it to me? Y: from now on you take care of it. M says he doesnt want to and Y should. Y says with that money M can go live in his hometown comfortably – dont shop too much- and check in on N often and take care of her – and my mom too – I leave her in your care. M asks why Y is acting like someone who is going far away. Y: i lived forgetting who I was for a minuteN talks to herself and wonders all he had to do was agree to go- did something happen to Y.

Y shows up and startles her. she says she locked the door and he opened it and came in (so she didnt do anything wrong like not locking it). she asks if anything happened earlier. Y looks serious. he asks if she can trash that breakfast table and (something else – maybe he meant the judo belt). she says she inherited from her mom and dad and has to always take care of it for life. she asks if he ate or wants a drink and offers food. Y: how long are you going to live holding onto memories of ppl who arent next to you? N:why are you like this? Y: if you live you will end up liking someone -I never imagined that even once. but when I thought about hard it would be for you if something goes wrong with me-I cant endure that. I dont want to leave any memories of me with you – I like you but I dont have the confidence to let you go- so you let me go first. he takes his bullet pendant off her neck. N says why are you like this . Y: you know -who I am – how I lived -even after a minute or a second what could happen. she says if he feels pressure cuz she said she liked him- she offers to take that back -act like you didnt hear or you can ignore it . Y: I cant do that now. I told you I liked you -this is my first and last request. N: I dont want to – you are not the kind of person to ask something of someone -I wont listen/go along with that request. Y: go along with it – please.  – if I come find you first- dont accept me – if we run into each other by accident -act like you dont know me first-you have to cut me off- I am sorry –  for making you know me  it’s making you waver. now I know clearly why my dad told me not to love. he leaves and she cries

N tells herself to stop crying- let him go – that person is having a hard time – it’s better that you are having a hard time than that person

YJ stares at a  pic of Y’s mom. N’s aunt gives him some choco. aunt explains that N feels the same way as the aunt and is just having a hard time and isnt contacting YJ. YJ gets mad about some guy who said that J was part of the triangle but the guy is gone

J’s lackey says something about the 5th bad guy. J says he has a king card and is hiding it. the lackey asks why and J says cuz the last one has to be handled by Y

N and E run into Y. N avoids him and leaves first

chun meets with J. chun tells J about his troubles with his workers. J asks if that is why chun wants to borrow J’s money. chun says he thinks it’s a waste to give even 10cents to those ppl. chun asks J to be his strength/power.

chun meets with president. chun complains those how his company is going down. president asks if chun insists on getting his workers sick. chun threatens and says if the president doesnt help him out, – I think he just threatened and hinted to turn the president over to CH…not sure

N brings cleanser and stuff for Y’s mom. N says she hoped the mom will hurry and get better to live happily with Y. the mom asks if N wasnt able to see Y these days. N lies that Y is busy. the mom thanks N for being by Y’s side

as N leaves, nurses and doctors run over to the sick mom’s room. her son is outside. N says since there are a lot of doctors his mom will be ok. he sees his mom thru the window. kid asks if he can buy something shiny for his mom and asks N to go with him

chun goes shopping and Y takes pics. the scary guy notices Y I think

N picks out a gift for the kid’s mom. the clerk wont accept the change as payment- putting it down so N tells her to just take it. Y goes in and gives $10,000 and tells her off saying she should have change and that she shouldnt be that way with money being biased with change or bills  and the girl apologizes to Y so he tells her to apologize to the kid. Y says he will take the kid and asks N not to come to the hospital

chun’s lackey goe to the kid’s mom. he says the other 6 already signed their names and she is the last one (cuz she said she wouldnt betray the others cuz she agreed to stick with them) he warns her again it’s good for her son and makes her stamp her name. he says money will be in her account. Y and the kid hide and watch. Y listens to the guy give orders to take care of the protestors outside the factory

some men go and beat up all the ppl with bats while chun’s lackey watches. Y/CH goes and beats up the guys in black. Y/CH fights the lackey. Y gives a message to chun

chun hears the lackey got those signatures stolen and gets mad.

the president’s daughter looks for her dad’s gift. the girl worries about those girls she fought at the singing room. D worries those girls might show up cuz she has a lesson with Y today at the cafe

N and E take D to the cafe to meet Y. those girls show up and throw eggs at D. N uses her body and gets pelted with eggs. E comes and chases the girls away. N asks if D is safe and not hurt. Y asks if N is ok. N says she is ok and goes in to clean up and tells E to watch D.

Y is teaching D and looks over at N and her cut on her face.

Y says he will find his dad’s pic cuz she says she doesnt have any. she asks if anything happened and asks him to tell her. she says she wonders why J lied and said to her that Y was dead. he says he will tell her later when she is better. he says he will be busy -wont be able to come and M will be in his place.

Y comes out and says : mom just cuz a person likes someone – it’s not all happiness.

kid comes over and asks Y to help read the book cuz he cant read yet. Y reads to the kid about elephants. he talks about the animal but thinks of N and says she is strong.

chun is with J and Y takes picsof them and has an idea for prosecutors to meet other prosecutors. CH sends pics to YJ

next to chun and J’s group – Y sits nearby to hear.chun gives the two men gifts of kim. YJ comes in and asks what they are doing. YJ yells at the men. one of the men insults YJ’s dad. YJ makes them leave behind the gifts. the men turn on chun and asks if chun did this on purpose. both men leave angry. chun asks why YJ did this. there are money bribes in those boxes. YJ brings up the 83 incident. YJ says he thinks someone survived it and asks chun : dont you think even one person survived? J sits quietly.

boss comes in and scolds YJ. boss tells YJ to step away from chun. YJ says CH sent the proof to him to capture those bad guys. boss tells YJ to step away from chun again.

N gets some new assignment from her boss – to protect the president. cuz she protected the daughter when eggs were thrown at her and for other good acts in the past.

Y is eating with the president and D. Y is taking out the beans in his rice and D says if her mom saw the 3 of them would hear her nag. her dad says to keep it a secret from her mom. D tells her dad she is going to give up on college. with her grades she can only go to a bad college. she says she wants to work at a cafe- she only worked for short time but she wants to be a barista. she says she only wanted to be tutored cuz she liked Y but she doesnt think she can get into college

president talks to Y alone. he says how Y was straightforward from the start telling how his daughter wont get in to college and that it will be hard. president asks to eat with Y again

N runs into Y. without looking at each other, he tells her to put medicine on her face and take care of it. she says she will do that.

Y takes out the broken pic, looks at it, and goes out.

N is sitting at the same spot they sat at. he walks over to her and stops. he turns to go but she calls out to him. he tells her to stop there. he says she doesnt need to come here too and remember their past memories cuz he will do that alone- he wants her to be happy and cheerful. she says he made her this way so she cant be cheerful and it’s hard for her to laugh/smile. he says he regrets a hundred times a day-why did he have to meet her- why did it have to be her-I told you to go back to when you didnt know me – go back and meet some other guy better than me-live happily each day-  forget someone like me and live happily. he walks away so she goes to him. she asks -is that all you can say-to break up – to to let you go – to forget you – to disappear from your life – I could understand all that but you shouldnt have said that to me-   how could you tell me to meet another guy? he says it will be hard for her right now but with some time. she says he is really cruel. she offers to wait for him to finish his work- so cant you come back to me? then I will forget everything you just said- it’s not hard – cant you just tell me once that you will come back to me. if you dont tell me now – later when you come back to me I wont accept you- so please just tell me you will come back to me right now. he doesnt and walks off

 YJ finds out about the man who gave the book to J. they go to his home and he is barely conscious. he mentions steve lee’s name to YJ

J’s lackey asks why J is going this far. the guy is starting to have a conscience. J says the last guy is someone they cant even compete with or something. J: if you cant go with me then stay out of it.

the lackey calls Y and gives him imp info about the book. he offers to buy Y some time and to hurry and go to J’s office.

the lackey pretends the car wont start

J finds out the lackey did it on purpose and guesses what he did

Y almost has the safe open and YJ comes in and asks if they should look at it together

J says Y cant see that yet

Y asks YJ what he wants to see. Y lies that he came to get a contract he made with steve lee. YJ says all the stuff CH did so far. Y says again he needs proof and Yj says it’s in the safe. J comes and asks what the two of them are doing in his home. he sees the safe open. J asks if YJ brought a warrant to go thru his place. YJ says he wants to reveal why they have fake identities and stuff. when he opesn the safe it’s empty

chun’s lackey stole the book. chun says he did well. he wants steve lee to be investigated. cuz he could be the one who survived and came back from the 83 incident. the lackey mentions Y’s mom and chun orders him to find her. he says she is his last card.

J tells Y and YJ not to come to his home like this.

Y and M talk about what happened and Y guesses chun stole that record book and killed the guy who betrayed him. Y says he wanted to see that book with his own eyes and M guesses cuz it’s cuz of Y’s real dad. Y agrees and says he was curious. Y asks M to look into buying a picture frame from the home shopping (to copy the picture of his dad from the records and give to his mom) M says he will buy the best one. Y warns M not to buy anything else

lackey says sorry for what he did. J says it’s better that someone disappears rather than Y finding out. J remembers the back of some guy’s head as he was talking to the first bad guy. Y goes to find that book with his dad’s pic in it. suddenly, the president holds it out and asks : are you looking for this?



On CH- loved the couple fight between Y and M (ahjusshi) – oddest bromance but the most adorable.  

There was a cute interview with LMH on an entertainment program just now -he complained about dark circles and not sleeping past 3 nights so he only gets to sleep in the car going from one location to another. He was here to do a photoshoot. the interviewer asked him how he poses so well now compared to when he first started. he says now he does it like an actor and just makes natural poses but when he first started out, he tried to move his body a lot and “forced” poses which made the photos look very awkward. Then she asked which scene in CH he remembers the most and he said that basement fight scene where he fights sang gook (J’s lackey) and some other guys. He shot that after 4 days of not sleeping and he really felt like hitting someone (LOL) so he liked shooting that. LMH said after 4 days of not sleeping, the first day he is tired-second day dizzy-third day very irritated – and on the fourth day he feels dazed, numb, and out of it.

Instead of calling Chun Jae Man the 4th bad guy – will go with “Chun” since J is taken by Jin Pyo

City Hunter E15

After YJ grabs Y’s ankle, YJ passes out. Y calls for an ambulance.

chun’s secretary comes in and says their guards were found passed out and asks if she should call the police but chun says to check the CCTV to find out who did that. he guesses CH showed up and left but he was one step late cuz the 83 incident was buried like this (there is still a fire in the trashcan cuz he burned those records)

J meets with the same guy chun met. the guy says what he gave chun was a copy/fake and this one is the original.  (record of the 83 incident). J gives the guy car keys cuz he put the cash payment in the car. the guy says he is telling this to be helpful but YJ called him a few times over this record cuz YJ is looking for it.

J calls Y and says how YJ looked into the 83 incident and that YJ knows who J is and warns Y to be careful cuz YJ is close to finding out about both of them. Y says he wont get caught cuz he will protect everyone that belongs to him . J: you have big dreams – what do you think you can protect each day you live in danger. you love – protect love-you think that will happen the way you want?  Y swears he will survive this and protect everything he loves. 

Y checks the CCTV and finds out that chun’s lackey messed with YJ’s car. N comes in and surprises him. he asks why she keeps coming in suddenly. he reminds her how he works using chun’s secretary and other women. she says he has to leave now to not miss his mom’s visiting hours. M comes back home. Y asks if he is ok. Y says how he is going to the hospital to visit his mom with N.

Y asks his mom if she has an appetite after her procedure cuz he heard most ppl dont. she says how N is pretty and nice. he says how she isnt pretty at all and is too strong cuz she just helped some kid get change from under the sofa and how N wanted to help and lifted the sofa for the kid. she talks about the kid’s mom (how that mom got sick working at a chemical plant). then she says she has something to give him. she gives him her ring his dad gave her. she tells him to give it to N. he says they arent like that but she says she wants him to be happy.

he looks at the ring when he goes out and sees N sleeping. he sits next to her and looks at the ring. she wakes up so he hides it. he asks how she can sleep just anywhere so well. she said she thought about it and wont help him with his work but he has to be careful. if he needs her help he can ask cuz he wont find a better partner

YJ wakes up at the hospital. his secretary/coworker guy thinks YJ tried to kill himself. Yj says it wasnt like that. the guy says YJ kept getting texts. YJ sees CCTV footage of the bad guy messing with YJ’s car ( Y sent it to his phone). YJ guesses chun is behind this. YJ says look into the person who called for help. YJ remembers seeing a blurry Y

Y helps some guy translate cuz the guy is sick.Y translates to the nurse how the guy has a tummy ache and other symptoms.  YJ and his aid watch Y and N together and guesses Y and N are working together cuz N stopped the guy from going after Y last time. YJ guesses that Y is the son of one of the men who died in 83.

the president goes to see YJ’s dad. YJ shows up so they go to drink at a pochangmacha. YJ says how he could have stopped his dad but he couldnt and couldnt catch the CH too. the pres talks about his friends and stuff.

when YJ goes home the vet is there and says sorry for coming in without his permission – it was cuz his secret number (house code)  was the same. she brought him fast food to eat. she says how he must feel lonely. she asks about his dad-he never liked her so she didnt get to go see him yet. she holds YJ’s hand and says have strength.

M bought some fast food cuz he cant cook right now. he says Y needs strength for his procedure. M talks about after all this is over.

Y looks at the ring but hides it when N comes in. she says the tea she brought will help with his blood something. he says he has to wait for the result. she says she likes him. he asks how she can say that so easily. he offers to take her home but she says it looks like he has a lot of work.

YJ listens to the recording and wonders what kind of person Y/CH is

N and her coworkers talk about CH whether CH is good or bad. they point out all the good things and bad things. N speaks up and says she cant trust chun’s words.

the pres’s daughter has tons of pics of Y. E says the girl is a stalker. girl says she only took a few pics. E almost says that Y likes her but stops. girl lets N have the pic where Y was laughing with her. N goes to see Y but hears he stepped out

Y is following chun’s lackey. Y gets a text that M used the card again

chun visits the sick woman who is with her son (the one N helped) she says the ppl who worked with her is also sick. she says he is right that she worked at the factory knowing it wasnt safe. she says she will keep living till something. chun threatens saying how she wont last that long and her child will be an orphan. he says he has insurance for her so her son can go to college and he will hire the kid when he graduates. he wants her to write one statement to say chun’s factory wasnt at fault- if she doesnt write it she has to leave the hospital tm. he will send his lackey tm to get her statment.

chun complains how it’s a waste to give money to women like her-that even giving $3 to her is a waste. Y listens to everything. chun’s secretary shows chun some statement and gets mad cuz that statement will make his factory look bad. chun tears it up and throw it in the trash. the kid is happy to find 10 cents and asks chun to move his foot. chun calls the kid a beggar so the kid cries saying he isnt. Y asks why the kid is collecting the coins. kid says to buy his mom a gift. Y goes thru the trash and kid says going thru trash means he is a beggar. Y laughs

Y takes it home and asks M to tape it together. M says how N is here

N put up a pic of her and Y laughing. he tells her to get rid of it. she looks over his shoulder at the chemical plant where the kid’s mom worked. she says how ppl who work there dont know when they will get sick (but they always do). N gets too close so Y pushes her away telling her to go. he broke the frame so she gets mad saying his personality is strange. Y remembers J warning how protecting Y’s loved ones wont go as he plans.

N helps M tape together the torn paper. Y asks if she didnt leave and she says she couldnt leave M to do it alone. Y takes her with him

Y says sorry for earlier but I dont like my pic being taken. she asks for the pic later and he says he threw it away. she finds a gold trash tie and puts it around her finger saying it’s like a ring. Y gets a call that he is a match for his mom. she congratulates him

 YJ finds out backstory about Y. where he grew up and his school (MIT)

nurse brings music for Y’s mom to listen to cuz the nurse thought Y’s mom would be bored. the mom says that song is from a long time ago and wonders how the young nurse knew about it.

 nurse goes out and tells J how the patient liked the song (J sent it) and he finds out how Y is a match.

N tells Y’s mom not to worry and rest. the mom says after meeting her son after 28 days and getting to live cuz of him so she cant lift her head (from shame). N says not to talk like that and go on vacation with him and eat lots of good food with him. the mom says N should go with them on that trip. she starts to cough. the mom asks if Y didnt give N a ring. she says Y must be shy/embarrassed. (So now N knows about the existence of that ring)

Y is changed into hospital gown to get his procedure done. he says it isnt his style. she says how she has a present for him. she asked the doc and nurse to let Y sleep in the same room as his mom. he thanks her. she almost mentions the ring but doesnt

Y and his mom are sleeping on the same bed holding his hand. she says she is happy – cuz of him she can get her illness cured and she got to meet him. she sings the song his dad liked the most.

YJ meets some guy named who knew john lee from high school. the guy’s name is david. david says how john had to quit and then later died in a plane crash. david brought his school album to show a picture of john lee so YJ looks at it

YJ figures out that everything about Y is john lee’s background but Y isnt john lee. they call john lee’s mom and asks why her son’s indentity is still active when john died. she explains how some korean man from thailand contacted them and gave a lot of money to use her son’s identity

Y asks if N finished taping togther the ripped papers. she found on the internet about how the chemicals were moved and leaked during rainy days or something. he calls her bear nana again. Y watches his mom sleeping.

E has to guard the pres’s daughter during her part time job. E wants to make money. girl thinks being a barista is a good idea cuz Y likes coffee. she makes E keep it a secret from her mom that she is working here. M comes and orders coffee and offers to buy E something to drink or eat. E orders juice and waffles and girl says M’s card has been stopped. all his cards dont work so E offers to pay. but the tall guy comes and pays. M is embarrassed

M goes to see Y and Y tells him to do research into the chemical plant. M asks why Y cut him off. Y says he told M not to use the card anymore for home shopping. M argues that he bought stuff for N too. Y tells him not to use N as an excuse. Y says M has to live on a weekly stipend for household expenses. M says Y changed. Y yells at him to stop doing homeshopping

 M packs his bags to leave complaining he used the card for N’s sake and not his. M ignores Y’s call. Y says he isnt going to let M use the card again since he isnt taking Y’s call. N calls Y. he answers calling her “bear N.” (LOL) she says M is at her home and problem occurred cuz M left Y’s home and came with his bags. Y gets up and leaves the hospital

M complains to N about Y. how Y changed – that during their time at triangle (in thailand)there wasnt anything M wouldnt do for Y but now Y doesnt feel the same about M. Y comes and asks what M is doing and to hurry and get up so they can leave.  M says he doesnt want to and cant live with Y anymore and cant take care of his household like this. Y argues he trusted M and left it up to him but M always used the card too much – did you think about the stress you put me thru? M asks what Y promised him – how Y would do everything M wanted and would let him do as he pleases but now Y makes M do weird stuff like clean windows from a high place . M says he wants to go back to the triangle. Y: where are you going – you know I cant live without you. M:what do you mean you cant live without me. Y puts his arm around M and says again: i cant live without you. I was wrong. M says he was doing it for Y and N. Y says he understands and he was wrong. I will let you use the card again – then it’s ok right?  N tells them to fight like a couple at home. Y hits M saying what is this – so embarrassing. M tells Y to carry his bags.

N says M took a cab home. she asks if Y is ok. he says he doesnt feel good. she says he has a fever. he pulls her down to lean on her shoulder and tells her not to move till his fever goes down. she asks how it was living (in thailand) with the triangle and that he is in trouble cuz it’s hot there but cold here. he says he lived in the states too.she looks at him. with his head still down, he asks if she is staring at him right now. Y: you never lose a chance to look at me. do you like me that much. N says I like you. Y: how can  girl confess to liking a guy so brazenly. she asks why he doesnt say it – why doesnt he say he likes her. she tells him to tell her but he says he cant tell her he likes her and not to count on it.  N: did I really want to hear it? I was just talking. I have pride too. instead, you have to listen to just one wish of mine.  I’m going to think of one that is the hardest for you to go along with.

after she goes out she tells herself: it’s not like you didnt know- let’s not feel hurt

Y is dressed as CH. he looks in the mirror:  I have to live like this so how can I tell N that I like her.

Y goes to the chemical plant and puts a scrammer on the cameras so all there is static. he fights off a guard. Y is here to get samples of the chemicals. they figure out the other guards are missing so they gas the place and Y steals a mask and fights off the guy and gets out.

Y pulls over cuz he is coughing and cant see straight. N calls him. she asks him to go somewhere and make a wish for his mom to get better quickly and that she is going to make reservations at a cafe so he cant change his mind -she asks if he is listening to her but he dropped the phone.

Y is trying to go up the steps and YJ says he is late cuz he was waiting. Y says he told him to call before showing up. YJ says Y doesnt look well and Y lies that he went clubbing all night and the air wasnt good. Yj says he got the tape from CH  about YJ’s parking lot incident. Y says he will tell the CH if he sees him and relay YJ’s thanks. Yj tells him : you look tired so sleep well – Buchai



YJ says he can reveal at this place that Y is CH

Y fights chun’s lackey

Y says to N: I dont have the confidence to let you go – kim nana I like you

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ck1Oz-Thanks softy for the recap.Today was such a mixture.I was going to say CH was funny but there were quite a few poignant moments.However it is a good drama.
On a frivolous note…wonder if LMH will get comments that he looks cute in a blue gown and play a Dr in his new role :-)

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trina -LOL… am i her or not… that is a question for the day…

neny924 says: YFFM fighting! I can’t wait!

kcomments-OMG… Romance Town ep19, so good and so sad, check it out Softy! Can’t wait for the finale tomorrow.
CH and YFFM fighting!

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Ehm.I forgot CH was on today softy.I am on Drunken to love you.You should watch it it’s quite good.

Oh for your info…we have numerous shots of Lee Dong Wook (scent of a woman) in swimming shorts.I am giddy with delight :-) Love Korea and their need to show off abs.His body has definately improved. ck fanning herself

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CH finally had the moment I waited for, but it seemed like Y reacted more to almost losing M the other day. Maybe if he didn’t cry so much during that, he would have had more tears and emotions leftover for today. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved it but I wasnt moved to tears like I expected to be. What I am starting to appreciate about CH is the dialogue. That scene between Y and his dad – wow – you almost believe every word Y said -sort of like you wanted him to say all those things to get a reaction from his father. I bet Y earned some brownie points from good ol’ dad for that. It’s just too bad that Y has to go to such lengths to get his father to listen. Communication between these two is proving more difficult as time passes.

City Hunter E14

After YJ’s dad falls, YJ goes over to his dad but doesnt touch him. Y is in his car upset and asks himself what he is doing. he gets a call from J. J asks why Y went back to save YJ’s dad when Y was determined to kill YJ’s dad cuz then there is no meaning to what J did..Y goes to see J. Y: did you control me? by hitting M with YJ’s dad’s car. J says he couldnt get that car so Y asks if J did it himself -hitting M. J:wasnt it affective? he says this is what he wanted – to get Y to kill the bad guy by “putting fire in his eyes for revenge” Y: you hit M – did you want to do that to make me kill a person? J: if you want to stop me – with your own hands – let the bullet catch in their hearts-with your own hands. J says this is how Y can protect the ppl he cares about. Y: I thought about who is precious to you -who is it? but it  was just one person. Y grabs something to stab himself on the hand. it was me – the one who is precious to you- does your heart hurt too? you have to hurt. no matter how much you want me to – I cant kill anyone. I realized that for sure today.  that your life and mine are different. that killing (feeling) is dirty.YJ’s dad is brought into the hospital and N is there too. YJ begs the doctors to save his dad. he goes ou and N doesnt say anything and walks away. YJ looks at the recorder he left in his dad’s pocket.  YJ got a text from his dad saying he was sorry.Y is sitting with M. N asks if his hand is hurt. Y yells at her to leave so she doesnt end up like M. he says how his dad did this – hurt M – it wasnt YJ’s dad- it was my dad- for his revenge’s sake- he is going to keep controlling me till the end. to my dad I’m not even a son or (?just someone to do his work-like a puppet) N: I’ll be by your side. Y says:i dont want anyone to get hurt cuz of me -i dont want to lose anyone – if I dont see (stay with) them that’s the end – all I have to do is just be patient (and not like her and resist her) do you know what I did? I made M like this…even when YJ’s dad was dying …I didnt do anything and acted like I didnt see …… she hugs him saying she knows how Y feels – how she wanted to do the same thing and kill YJ’s dad for taking her parent away- she wanted to pay him back the same way- when she was lonely she did it even more – you didnt do it – I did it – if you didnt do it I would have – so dont be tortured cuz I will feel more sorry

YJ plays the recorder and Y’s conversation in the car with his dad comes out – how his dad begged Y not to hurt his son – and YJ cries.

Y goes to the hospital to check on YJ’s dad and runs into YJ. YJ attacks Y and threatens Y. YJ tells Y not to get caught by someone else.I’m going to catch you

YJ tries to go back to work but his boss wont let him. YJ says if he doesnt catch the city hunter he is going to quit. he goes back to work assuming his boss gave permission

N goes to see J. J asks how she knew to come here and she says it was on Y’s navigation. J asks why she came. she asks him to let Y go – so he can live happy and live like a person – she mentions how J used her and M and hit M with the car. and how J wants to use Y like a puppet.  J says she knows too much about J and Y. even tho she came in easily she cant leave like that. she says threats wont work. dont you love Y? how can you do that to someone you love and make him do something so cruel? how much more does Y have to fall apart for J to stop . J pulls a gun on her and says he can kill her now. but she says he can. J says it’s a waste to kill her now. N: dont make it harder for Y anymore. i wont leave you alone either – I will do everything to stop you.I came to say that- will go now cuz Y is waiting.  she leaves. J seems a little impressed-he is smiling

one of the bad guy -4th guy- says it would have been better if YJ’s dad had just died. he talks it over with the stalker guy and the stalker tells the bad guy to leave the country but the bad guy says he is expecting a visitor

Y gets mad at N – told you not to go around by yourself. she says she left him a note. he asks if she is ok about knowing about YJ and his dad. she says Y must have known and kept it from her and she should have seen the clues

the bag guy goes on tv and gives a press conference.  he says bad things about the city hunter saying how CH is betraying the country.

J watches the news and realizes the guy on tv is the 4th guy. his lackey gets mad that the criminal can talk like that. J said he can meet the 4th guy as steve lee. he made dirty money from drugs for the sake of using it on those guys and dirty them.

Y says who is the 4th bad guy calling a criminal. nurse comes in and says M woke up. Y asks if M is ok and how scared he was cuz of M and thanks him for living-thank you for not leaving me alone. M says he found Y’s mom and tells Y where to go

Y goes and his mom is lying in the temple place. the lady at the temple said how sick his mom is and his mom wouldnt go to the hospital cuz her son knows she is here and might come for her here. the woman tells him to hurry and take his mom to the hospital

Y goes in and she turns and looks at him. she says “my baby- my son” there wasnt a single day that I forgot you- for not recognizing you at once – how upsetting it must have been for you -my son – I’m sorry. she touches his face and cries and he finally says “mom” and hugs her.

his mom is getting treated as they wait for Y’s test results. Y lies to the doctor and asks to keep his mom’s name a secret cuz the patient feels like she is in danger and that’s why she didnt want to be treated -just think she has a stalker and might try to come find her. Y offers to pay the bills in cash. the doctor agrees to it and says he will make it so that it looks like a foreigner came to be treated here.

Y tells his mom to stay in the hospital. she says she will cuz now she has a reason to live, but she wants to go out for today. he says it’s dangerous now. she says if she stays she may never leave the hospital (meaning she could die) -it might be her last time. he tells her not to say such things. his mom says: I met my son after 28 yrs- it’s cuz I want to feed my son food I made with my own hands -if I leave without getting to feed my son once- i dont think I can close my eyes- instead of living one more day – I want to feed by son-I want to watch you eat well just once. 

Y takes her home and she says she is ok after getting her shots at the hospital. she tells him to wait outside. she says how ppl say the bean paste soup she makes is delicious. Y says sorry for thinking you abandoned me – I came to see how well you lived after abandoning me -but seeing you defeated with your disease made me mad – if you threw me away you should have lived well – why are you living like this -since I cant hate you if you are dead – I thought I should save her – I wanted to save you so I could hate you all I wanted – that’s what I did – I am sorry. she cries and sits next to him. she says she is sorry. for not protecting him – for not knowing him first – and meeting him when she is sick- she promises to live. let’s live happily for a long time. he touches her face and hugs her. Y: yes mom.

J’s lackey watches all that and doesnt report to J.  J shows up. J is mad cuz the lackey didnt listen to J’s order. J says he will forgive this one time but not next time. lackey says sorry and leaves. J watches Y and his mom. he says: will  you two understand me.

Y’s mom feeds Y and he takes out beans from his rice. she says he is the same. he guesses his dad didnt eat those too. he says how good her food is -better than M’s. he explains how M is like a mom, older brother, and an older sister. she asks if J raised Y. Y: he was ambitious when it came to me so he made me study- exercise- he wanted me to be good at all of it. Y says J’s leg ended up like that cuz of Y. while saving me when I was in an accident. she says she is grateful to J-  he didnt put you in danger?  Y: would he do that. Y asks how his real dad was like. she says how he was like a man and warm hearted. he saved me and saved you. she asks how Y hurt his hand. he lies and says he hurt it while exercising. he says something and she asks if he is going thru something and to tell her. he says how good the food is and N shows up and watches them. she takes a pic of them eating and leaves

J looks at a pic of Y’s mom.

the 4th bad guy is talking about how he needs money and his secretary says there is someone who wants to invest – steve lee. he asks if she is sure and she says she checked his background

Y goes to see M. Y says sorry for not being by his side and asks if M feels better. M is worried about Y’s mom. Y says he paid her bills in cash but no matter how much he hides her it’s a matter of time before she is going to be found. Y is planning to take her to america to save her. N: you are going to leave? Y: I have to save my mom

N gives him a drink. he asks if she isnt scared being around him. she says how YJ’s dad will wake up and he says she is in danger being around him. she says her feelings are her own and so he doesnt need to feel responsible. 4th guy and J comes to the hospital so Y and N hide. Y tells her to go wait in the car.

the 4th guy talks about his VIP hospital ward to J. the bad guy’s secretary is the girl who likes Y so she smiles at him when she sees him

Y asks if J is going to invest in this hospital.J says Y doesnt need to worry. Y says dont get in my way. J says Y is being more impudent and says watch how you avenge revenge – like how I do.

N worries about Y’s mom and thinks they should move her but he says it’s safer with her here. she says she has to go home to take care of her dog  and it’s not danergous and she has to go back to work. she says just cuz I go home- dont forget how good a partner I am and be sure to include me. he makes a remark about his fridge not being empty now. he goes in to her place and lies down. she asks how he can say stuff to her for going into a guy’s room and then go into a girl’s home (when she lives alone) and just lie down but he says it’s his home cuz he bought it. he asks if she is ok staying here alone cuz it could be dangerous. N: to me you are more dangerous. she tells him to get up. but he holds onto her. Y:what did I do? N: why are you like this again?he says something about checking how much he had in his bank account – she’s expensive. she hits his shoulder to make him let go.Y: you just hit my shoulder.  he asks how much it was to touch the shoulder and says it’s $100 and asks for her to pay up. she argues she didnt touch. she says she will make him coffee instead. Y: is coffee $100? everything about you is expensive. she says she thinks of him when she makes coffee now. he says he stopped drinking coffee. he tells her to lock the door and says he is leaving. she wonders why he is like that -is it cuz she didnt pay him $100. when he gets outside, he worries – she thinks of me when she sees coffee – she cant/shouldnt do that.

YJ is eating and ppl avoid him. omg poor guy.

YJ finds out that 4th guy is meeting with steve lee. YJ says something about Y’s mom

Y is back at work so the girl (D) runs by N who yells that she is back. D asks Y to teach her again.  Y’s boss says that for the time Y didnt come to work the boss counted it as vacation days Y says then he wont be able to go on vacation and has to see bikini clad girls in the summer or else his will hurt and he wont be able to live. D offers to wear it and go to the beach with Y so E says D cant go to the beach cuz it’s hard to protect the girl and says let’s go to a pool and E can wear a bikini too so the tall guy gets jealous and tells everyone to go work.

N gets a text from Y- pay me the $100. she texts back that she wont rip him off and asks if Y saw his real dad’s face cuz it’s in the albums.Y looks thru some books and his real dad and J are in it. YJ shows up and asks if Y is looking for this (the album he came to see)Y asks why YJ came to see this. YJ says he is really curious about what happened in 83.

YJ goes to see J and uses J’s real name. YJ says what happened in 83 and how J survived and asks why J lied and acted like someone else. J says he is cleaning laundry- J tells YJ to investigate what happened in 83.

N takes Y shopping. she is making him choose something instead of the $100. she makes him choose a necktie. she says he has to include her since she bought him a tie. Y:how many times do I have to tell you for you to understand – do you have extra lives? she reminds him that she does jeudo 4th level. he says fine- I’m going to work so she cant regret it if she goes along. she says ok.

N watches Y go into a hotel room with the 4th guy’s secretary. she gives Y info about what her boss is up to tm. she asks if Y is going to make her happy and Y agrees but she passes out- think he drugged her. he steals her ID

Y is leaving and N goes up to him. she asks if that is the same secretary they saw at the hospital.Y: you are smart. N: how can you go to a hotel with some girl you saw once?  she asks what he did to get that girl. he says how he went to the same gym as hers and the girl fell for him. N: dont use that method and use me. why are you abusing your body? he says all his informants were girls. if you are going to keep doing this – drop out cuz you are getting in the way. I am saying it again, but I could do more.  she offers to drive him cuz he must be out of energy, but he turns her down

4th guy goes to see YJ’s dad and acts all nice in front of YJ’s mom. he tells YJ’s dad to wake up and acts like a friend

4th guy runs into YJ who was on his way in. YJ mentions the 83 incident and an interview.

 YJ gets a call to come to his home officetel. he leaves his phone behind

Y goes and takes down some guards. he calls the secretary and says he came to see her. she offers to come down to see him for a second. while she is out he sneaks in. he bugs the room where the 4th guy and some other man is meeting. the 4th guy tells the other to keep this secret and the other guy knows what will happen if he talks. 4th guy was about to set fire on the record book (it’s a record of the 83 incident I think) but a call interrupts him. he says into the phone to kill YJ and make it look like a suicide and he will wait for the evening news. he starts to set it on fire again. Y leaves to save YJ. Y calls YJ and finds out YJ left the office cuz of a gas problem at his home and left his phone behind

YJ checks his gas control and finds out no one called about it. when he goes to his car someone knocks him out and locks him in his car with the gas on. he cant get out of the car. Y is looking for YJ.

YJ presses on the car horn . Y knocks on the window and tries to call out to YJ. Y breaks the glass and gets YJ out. Y checks for air and is about to leave but YJ grabs Y’s ankle. YJ cant see Y’s face clearly cuz YJ is still drugged and out of it.


no preview

* for a split second I was afraid Y was going to need to do CPR on YJ 🙂


As for City Hunter, LMH has grown in leaps and bounds when it comes to his acting lately. Who knew a certain incident tonight would unleash a new side of him and push Y over the edge -so far out there that he actually identified with his father. Now that is a scary thought. Once you go that far – how are you ever supposed to regain your balance and step back to the safe side. Good thing he still has the voice of reason packed in a five foot four inch frame to bring him back to the fold.



After N gets trapped in between the doors, J rides up and Y breaks the glass and shields N from being shot by J. J doesnt shoot though. Y asks if she is ok. she asks if that wasnt his dad.Y explains how he decided to turn over YJ’s dad’s money against J’s wish. Y tells her how even if his dad gets in the way, he is going to protect his way/method and the ppl around him – her, his mom, and M. she makes him promise not to save her next time she is in danger. since they were lucky this time- both of them were ok but they dont know what will  happen next time. she doesnt want him to get in danger cuz of her or  hurt cuz of her. and she really doesnt want him to have a hard time cuz of her. Y tells her to stop.  she worries that he almost died cuz of her. he tells her to stop (talking).M asks if the two of them fought and she says they saw J at the mart. M asks if she is ok saying J is the kind of guy who would steal a baby from his mom.J says he is going to make Y that way ( like when he fought back for his surrogate mom)

N asks Y to talk.Y: do you only think of yourself? is it ok as long as you are ok? if you are in danger how can I act like I dont know?  she says every day is a war for him – and she knows that in between he is tormented so how can she lean on him – how can she ask him to protect her too- she wants to become  someone he can lean on -become stronger – so she can protect him. he asks her what she ate to be so strong/resilient. N: you just thought “that girl is cool like that” didnt you?  Y:what? N: right now – you thought ” I know how to judge a girl well” didnt you? he dismisses her and says leave if you are done talking- how can a girl without any fear just walk into a guy’s room. if you say that again I wont leave you alone. she tells him to stop being mad

YJ’s dad tries to talk to reporters and lie his way out of trouble. it worked.

Y is about to go insert another bug and N asks to go along but he tells her to stay put. N sneaks into his car and says she isnt good at watching over the home and makes him drive off with her in the car.

YJ’s dad orders N and M killed

M goes to find out about Y’s mom and where she might have gone from the woman who used to know her.

Y calls off some workers that were on route to go check over YJ’s dad office and N says Y is a good actor. (they are going to pretend to be those workers)

N’s aunt is worried about N cuz no one can find her and tells YS.

YJ is called off the city hunter case cuz of YJ’s dad. YJ asks to be put back on, but his boss says a bunch of stuff and asks if YJ really did not know that his dad had that much money at home.

Y and N pose as workers. YJ calls his dad’s office and finds out his dad is out of the office and says he will go and wait there then.

Y and N do the bug  check of the office like before. the secretary watches over them and N distracts the guy while Y switches out the book with the bug in it. N asks for a drink of water and leaves the room

YJ shows up and N spots YJ going in. Y is still in there. YJ sits and waits for his dad. YJ sort of stares at the back of Y’s back. he starts to talk to Y and gets close and N calls YJ. she says she cant hear him and makes him leave the room. YJ says he heard she wasnt feeling well and asks if she is in a lot of pain. she says her arm is better but she still cant hear him. he goes out and she tells him to tell her aunt that she is well. he asks if she is staying with her uncle. she sees YJ’s dad coming in. Y pulls her aside. Y sees YJ’s car plate. Y tells her that she should have turned her phone off and not to take calls she doesnt know cuz they can track her.

YJ tells his dad to turns himself in. the dad says its his money. YJ asks if his dad is going to deceive his son as well as the others. his dad keeps saying he didnt do anything wrong and YJ tells him how a mom died and the father is in a coma. the dad says it will be hard for the coma patient to wake up. wow the dad is talking crazy. he says he forgot that accident from ten yrs ago- he was just unlucky back then. YJ says his dad should have died at that accident so he doesnt have to hate his dad this much. YJ asks what happened during that year when all those men died -83? why is the city hunter after his dad.

Y watches that whole conversation. it’s not just audio but also video bug. N brings coffee but Y doesnt show her saying the camera is weird when she asks to see it. she brags that YJ will do his job well.  

YJ asks his staff to find out Y’s mom. his staff isnt going along so YJ says he will take care of finding the city hunter by himself

YJ goes and asks about Y’s mom. the neighbor says how Y’s mom lost her baby when the baby was taken after a month and that he was born in 83. she says someone else asked too. (it was Y)

YJ sees Y standing outside his mom’s place. YJ is talking to himself. and figures out Y was in his dad’s office. YJ goes back to his dad’s office and talks into his phone so Y will hear and go to a location to meet Y’s mom

YJ asks a nun to tell some guy who is coming to meet YK and direct him into the church. she agrees.

YJ says to himself – hurry and come Y.

the nun asks if Y came to meet YK (Y’s mom’s name) and takes Y into the church.

Y doesnt fall for it and doesnt go in so YJ goes to see Y and asks where he is coming from. YJ says Y has dirt on his clothes – from the playground he is guessing and says CCTV from tollgate will prove where Y is coming from. YJ texts his dad to turn himself in or something big will happen

M finds some buddha looking thing on something and goes to the temple. he drops his phone into the water as he washes up. he sees some lady and asks if she saw Y’s mom. M explains he isnt a bad person. he explains how Y’s mom is sick and needs to go to the hospital. he says her dad is looking. the woman says Y’s mom doesnt have a son. M explains ppl think that but she does and he grew up in the states and has a doctorate and I think he said Y’s name. M goes and checks her room and the woman says Y’s mom comes and goes and doesnt know when she will be back. M leaves Y’s phone number and asks the woman to tell Y’s mom to call as soon as she gets back. the woman promises to do that. M sees some green tea they sell.

YJ goes to where Y is working out and YJ says it might be hard to believe but he is a member at this gym too. Y tells him not to act like he knows him. Y says YJ was found out by N that YJ is daddy long legs so when is YJ going to come out and tell N the truth and say whose son he is (that YJ’s father is the one who killed her mom). YJ says that’s not something for Y to get involved. Y: there has to be a limit to playing with someone.  arent you doing too much giving the sickness then the medicine. making her trust you as daddy long legs and then later realizing that you are the son of the enemy who killed her parent -how do you think she will react when she learns that? have you calculated that? YJ: you are talking like you know N better than me. Y warns him to make a clean break from N-if you really want to be a daddy long legs. YJ: is that why you saved her? at the studio. you let you the person you were after get away and saved her. the city hunter did. Y says he already told YJ that wasnt fun and YJ must have a bad memory.

E gets a call saying some man came to find her so the tall guy follows her outside. it’s M-he brought her the green tea. she thinks Y sent it to her so M mutters Y didnt give it to her

Y asks N if M told her where he is going cuz M isnt picking up his phone. Y gets a call (from E I think) that Y sent some green tea bought at the temple and that his uncle went to a location -N worries cuz that’s where YJ’s dad sent his men to look for N.  Y asks into the phone when they separated (when his uncle left). just now. Y tells them to enjoy the tea. N asks to go with Y

they spot M walking along. and a car runs over M. Y and N run over to him. Y looks at the plate number and it’s YJ’s dad’s.

M is taken to the hospital. Y cries and says “open your eyes – wake up” and the doctor works over M -Y cries and begs “dont die.” dcotor brings back M and he is ok for now. the doctor says they have to open up M to check but he could still die during surgery. Y tells the doctor to save M.

Y and N are taking care of M. M gets a call and Y shuts it off. N says she knows how Y feels cuz when her dad was in a coma she thought a hundred times a day – if she wasnt a helpless student-if she could drive-  she would have been able to do the same thing to YJ’s dad. the way Y’s eyes looks like now is the same as hers back then. Y says he understands how his dad feels. he leaves asking her to take care of M

(*as far as I know – cell phone and ipods work again after being in the laundry or dropped in water as long as the chip dries up – usually with the help of a blow dryer)

Y punches the glass as she remembers M getting hit by the car

YJ’s boss says YJ is getting an award for what he did in the past.

YJ’s dad’s secretary gives the dad an invitation from YJ

N calls her aunt. she says she is ok. she hears how YJ cant work cuz of city hunter and the prize he is getting

 YJ asks what his dad is doing here. his dad says cuz YJ invited him. YJ panics (cuz he didnt send his dad one) and tells his secretary that city hunter is here. YJ tries to tell his boss but the boss tells him to go sit cuz city hunter wont come here. YJ presses record and slips the recorder into his dad’s pocket as the dad is talking to someone.

Y looks at the car plate (YJ’s dad’s)

N goes carrying flowers.

YJ is giving his speech about how prosecutors have to protect truth, etc. behind him a screen is revealed. and that conversation between YJ and his dad in YJ’s office is played. YJ closes his eyes and just listens.

N is shocked. YJ just stands there as his dad is revealing all that he did. N hears the dad say how unlucky he was that day of the car accident. the dad gets up to leave. the boss wonders who did this – is it the city hunter. YJ goes after his dad. he runs into N. she asks if what she heard is true – if he is the son of the man who killed her mom and did that to her dad. she asks if his dad committed the crime and YJ felt bad and acted as her daddy long legs. she cant believe she was able to live till now gaining strength from his cards and encouragement and didnt know who he was. what was it – was it pity or feeling guilt for a crime.he says he will explain later and apologize but she says she wont accept it. he says he will take anything she says to him later and wont avoid it but right now he has to go find his dad. Y is in the car when YJ’s dad gets in the car. Y tells him to start the car unless he wants to die  in front of his son

YJ’s dad asks where Y wants to go. Y says it will be fun for the dad to get caught by his own son. the dad says dont touch my son tho. Y: if you are a real father – what can you do for your son’s sake. the dad stops the car and runs out.  he goes on the bridge and Y slowly follows him. the dad drops the evidence and papers fly so he tries to catch them and ends up hanging on the edge of the bridge about to drop. Y just stands and watches and Y walks away from YJ’s dad. Y remembers how his surrogate mom died for him and J lost his leg to save Y from the land mine. but then he remembers what N said about what she wishes the city hunter would do

N said to Y: not to kill him cuz he killed – hope the city hunter captures him and turn him over to YJ and reveal what that man really looked like (reveal his duplicty). Y drops his knife.  YJ pulls up and calls out “dad” and Y runs back and tries to hold YJ’s dad’s hand but it’s too late. YJ’s dad lets go and falls on top of an oncoming car. from YJ’s point of view it looked like Y let him go I think


no preview




After N passes out, M runs in and finds Y holding N. M asks what happened with N-is she dead? he calls the vet and says he is going there right now and asks if she is there.

M closes the blinds and the vet gets to work on N. Y asks if N knows what’s going on. vet looks at the wound and says “a gunshot again?” vet says N lost too much blood-blood pressure isnt good- and says go to the hospital right now cuz it’s dangerous. N says she cant – vet says it’s an animal clinic and not for saving ppl and doesnt have what she needs to treat N. Y says use his blood cuz he is O- vet says that will put him in danger but he says he’s ok – just save N. Y is giving N his blood and during their transfusion she tells him not to worry cuz she is strong. vet puts something in N’s IV to make her sleep.  they hold hands.

Y talks to M while holding N’s hands. M tells him to rest cuz he just gave blood and he might faint. Y:what kind of girl is she? why does she have no fear- looking at her she is just a girl-she doesnt give up -M says she is strong that is how she lived alone all this time. Y:  can she live well without me? he says he doesnt think he can give her up now.

Y carries N home. he says she has to stay with him cuz that bad guy kidnapped her. Y says she cant go to work too. M calls and says N was hurt and wont be able to go to work. he lies and says he is her uncle. M asks what kind of porridge she wants to eat. Y says give her just anything – “the only reason why she doesnt eat is cuz she doesnt have anything” meaning she eats everything. M tells him to be nicer to her cuz she is sick. Y: dont you know me? I am being really nice to her right now. N asks why M did that back then. he explains how he was threatened. he promises to put his life on the line to capture the bad guy. she asks who he knows Y and M explains it and how Y saved him. M: when Y went to korea i asked him to take care of you cuz you weighed on my heart. M goes up to make her porridge

Y says the money hasnt moved (cuz he left a tracker there) M is reading his home shopping book and realizes there is a bug in the light. he points to it so Y will know too.

J’s lackey says if N took the bullet for Y then their relationship is more serious than they thought

Y goes to meet his dad. he stands outside and listens. J says I told him not to fall in love. it cant be helped. if he cant cut off the relationship – i will have to help him. I will get rid of N (meaning kill her). J asks about Y’s mom. lackey says he cant find Y’s mom-he checked all the hospitals. J says find her before Y finds out she is gone. lackey worries about the mom and asks if J didnt go too far lying to her that Y was dead. she already had shock from her illness. Y had to grow up apart from his mom cuz of 5 men. so he should be allowed to meet his mom.  J admits he stole the baby from the mom. the lackey asks why J stole Y and lied to him about his mom. Y heard and walks over to his dad in shock. you said she threw me away. why did you do it. J says it was Y and J’s fate. J: if I didnt bring you 28 years ago I would have lived a normal life. the moment I wanted to  forget about my revenge and live my own life. I looked at you and kept remembering the men who died in front of me. Y: you are saying destroying my life  like this is cuz of the revenge. I didnt want to live like this – I will never forgive you even if I die. J says they still have work to do and not forget that. Y : i will get my father’s revenge on my own. you said we had to go to war I wont avoid that war. J: you cant beat me. Y: no you cant beat me. he threatens that if J even touches M, his mom, and N,  if you even touch the finer of the ppl who mean the most to me I will put my life on the line and wont leave you alone (meaning he will kill his dad) this is my last warning.  J: you still call me dad tho

Y goes home and remembers the time he spend with his mom so far

N says she is going home – if she isnt safe there she will stay with the vet. she is going to borrow his clothes and send thru mail. he can throw away her bloody clothes. she asks him to go back to work cuz he liked working there and not avoid it cuz of her. now I will disappear from your life. I promise to go back to when we didnt meet. saving your life is me paying you back what I owe so dont worry about it.  he holds her hand and begs her not to go. she shakes his hand off and walks away. he goes after her and back hugs her.

J swears to get revenge for the dead men again

the lawyers dad hears about N and where she works from the guy who shot her

Y says N has to change her dressing. she asks if he knows how and he says he learned how cuz he has to learn to do a lot of things if he wants to live. she asks how he grew up. she asks who else was there as his friend besides M. he says there was -someone like you who eats well and was strong and loved it when I touched her. N says she likes to eat and is strong but she doesnt like skinship with the exception of a situation like now. she worries about his mom and asks if he knows where she is cuz his mom only has a month to get treated. he says he will find her. she says she hoped his mom is well till then. Y says he is done changing her dressing.  he threatens to kill her if she interferes like that again without any fear.she asks if that is something to say to his saviour. he tells her to stay here (cuz that bad guy is looking for her and M) dont go out and make things more complicated and listen to me. she says she heard from M that the lawyer’s dad has all that money and offers to help cuz she has her own reasons to bring that guy down (what he did to her parents) and asks Y to include her cuz that man is her enemy too. N says she wont let Y be in danger by himself anymore.

she brings him a drink. she looks at his work and asks to work with him. she says she will look for his mom and asks him to hack into hospitals and asks for his mom’s bday. she says he wants to help and he pulls out her chair and let’s her help.

Y’s boss and coworker and N’sbodyguard friend shows up at Y’s home. Y tells N to go hide.

Boss says he doesnt want Y to quit. boss says how good Y is at hacking. Y says he wont change his mind and the boss says he wont leave till Y agrees to come back to work. M comes in to bring them wine and has a crush on E (the girl guard). the boss asks M what he thinks (they think M is Y’s uncle). E asks Y to tutor the president’s daughter. the tall guy offers to tutor the girl for the time being.

E wants to look around the home but Y says she cant. Y has to keep hiding N. when they leave M gives them food to take and he gives E the most food. M promises to talk to Y (to go back to work) tall guy is jealous.

J tells his lackey that they have to steal all that money from the lawyer’s dad. J says it will be fun to see father and son in that predicament (cuz the son has to capture his own corrupt dad)

M asks if Y is going to keep working for the revenge. N asks why Y’s mom and dad are like that and living separately. Y tells M that he thinks they are going to move the money tm.

lawyer’s dad goes to address the students who are demonstrating and acts like he is helping them out -saying how they should be studying and not have to do this and asks them to forgive (I dont know this word= whoever they are blaming). he tells them not to be sick and have strength.

the lawyer’s dad finds out someone plugged something in again in his office and the assistant says the cleaning woman keeps doing that so the lawyer’s dad fires her cuz there cant be a phone line or internet in his room at all.the lawyer’s dad is having toothache and makes an appt. Y poses as someone dropping off teeth. the lawyer gets a bug placed in his tooth. he is told someone wants to meet him in person about some donation

the mom is staying at a monastery. she says she has to go to seoul for a little bit

lawyer finds out Y’s mom is missing.

N texts Y to stop by the vets and pick up her clothes. Y goes and the vet is being questioned so Y goes and shops for N- clothes to wear around the house. the clerk says those arent for wearing around the house. N gets all the new clothes and asks how she can wear these at home. she says she told him her clothes were with the vet or he could have gotten them from her home, but he says how he couldnt get her clothes cuz the vet was being questioned by that guy (and the guy was looking for N). Y tells her to just wear them and points out he bought stuff to cover how she doesnt have any volume ( up there) so she will like those clothes. she says how Y is like her daddy long legs. she asks if he knew the lawyer was her daddy long legs. she just found out a few days ago. she thinks it might be good to get help from the lawyer and if he knows she was kidnapped he would want to. Y asks if she doesnt know that the lawyer is after him. he sort of calls her out on not picking up things fast. she argues ppl can make mistakes. M comes and asks if what he is holding is a soap or shampoo. M asks if she wants to use it. she says she does, but her shoulder hurts so she cant wash her hair. M offers to wash N’s hair, but Y asks why he is washing her hair. M yells at Y to do it then. M: you can just do it so why yell and stuff.  Y grabs the soap and tells M to wash his own hair. N smiles

as he is washing, Y remarks that he is doing some odd things while living. N points to the front of her head saying wash this spot more cleanly. he says ok. she says it feels cool cuz he gives her a scalp massage. he looks at her so she asks what he is doing. Y says he is just washing her hair. N throws suds at him and they play. (who knew getting shot would lead to theses scenes-for a girl who cant wash her own hair she sure throws those suds pretty well.)

Y is listening to something and N goes and asks if Y bugged the bad guy. Y says he put it on the guys’ body.(the tooth)

lawyer’s dad meets with Y’s mom. she gives him a lot of money that she saved up all her life with her small business and money she received from someone in america. she says the secret number is on the back of the bank account. she is giving this donation for kids who cant afford college. she gives her name and Y hears and runs out. she says she wants him to quietly help kids who are in financial stress. when she leaves he grins and pockets the bank account and opens his safe and puts some money on his briefcase. he throws some money at his secretary

Y’s mom is walking out. Y is standing by her and they dont see each other. he misses her

Y goes home. M asks if he found his mom. Y says he went too late. Y says they have to steal that money from the guy. M says Y really misses his mom. she asks him to explain the situation but he tells her to hear it straight from Y

Y pretends to be shopping and takes pics of the lawyer’s dad on his shopping spree spending cash everywhere. Y hears about sending a container to the guy’s house tm

lawyer’s dad starts to box up all the money at night by himself. his son comes in and sees the door open. he looks in and sees his dad boxing the money. he says “dad-what happened -what is all this money ”

N gives Y more drinks and offers to listen and give Y a break. he wont let her touch his headphone and tells her to rest

father and son are talking. son asks him to turn himself in and give the money back to the school. dad says he doesnt want to. why should he? son says cuz the dad needs to protect (?) son begs him to let the son help his dad. dad says his son has to do his job. the son leaves. Y heard all that. Y says tm is D-day

Y,N, and M pull up and says the money is in the container. N asks what he is going to do with the money. Y says return it to the kids. Y says if he steals that money his dad will come after him

the 3 of them gas all the guards. N takes down on of them on her own. Y opens the container and sees all the boxes of money.

as Y drives away with the container his dad and his lackey pull up along. Y calls M and says his dad is following and do as planned. M blocks J’s car.

J does the same thing and blocks the road with his car and Y speeds along and aims for his dad. Y breaks and gets out. J says he has to take the money. Y says he is going ot return the money. J hits Y with the cane. in a battle someone has to win. J gets in the container truck and Y lets them drive off. J pulls over and checks the back and its empty. J laughs.

lawyer’s dad is pissed cuz his money was stolen. he grabs his head in pain.

M switches out the license plates on the cars and Y and N are inside counting money. M says Y is smart. M sits in the pile of cash. they mail boxes with money inside and sends to families saying it’s the tuition for the kid from the city girl wonders why she didnt get her money yet when others did.

M offers to make anything they want to eat. N says fried chicken so Y and N go grocery shopping. N nags Y to eat vegetables. a lady calls Y, N’s husband. as they leave, they drop some tomatoes and N goes to get it. the doors close and Y cant get to her. J rides up on a motorcycle towards N


no preview


These are some quick translations for City Hunter. I don’t know many names so you guys might want to fill me in if you know. 🙂 I did CH first cuz I couldnt take my eyes off the screen. I am tempted to recap this one live.


N got thru security by lying her mom was one of those injured ppl.after Y and N get out of the building after she saves him from being found out. bridge scene. Y: When did you know? N: when I almost fell at the studio- when I saw your eyes. Y: you knew and acted like you didnt know? N: I couldnt tell you – if you knew you would avoid me more. Y: I am warning you but dont get involved anymore in my work. N: how can I do that? you save me twice. he slams her against the wall with his arm on her throat: do you have many lives? I warned you not to get involved in my work anymore. what you see is who I am. if you dont want to die- erase everything you know about me from your head-go back to when you didnt meet me or know meN thinks about when she shot him and says “how much it must have hurt him”

Y says to himself “Erase her (forget about her)- for her sake”

N goes to sit next to Y on their bench. (what is it with dramas and benches lately-but I love this one)Y: you must not have taken my warning seriously from before. she explains she said that earlier cuz she was worried. Y: I told you not to bother about it. I lived for the sake of my goal/objective -if you get in the way- I wont forgive you too. N:I am not afraid at all. even if you threaten like this it’s not scary. nothing has to change just cuz I know your secret.  cuz you are the same person I knew from before. Y: dont be mistaken. from all the sides of me you saw -do you think there is any truth among them? N: you know that better than me.You saved me -with that injured arm- with that hurt shoulder-you saved me. he says even if it was (her partner-the other female bodyguard) I would have saved her. he says how she was just someone to use for him and doesnt need her anymore. by tonight pack your stuff and move out – I don’t need you or your home anymore. she asks if he would have saved (that second bad guy) then that means you didnt kill (other bad guy). I can trust that at least right? the Y I knew – I can trust that right? Y: Don’t make me regret saving you

He tries to quit saying he wants to work with elsewhere

The lawyer’s lackey reports to the lawyer that he wouldn’t have lost Y if N didn’t get in the way and tells the lawyer that the woman’s husband died and the year of his death

Lawyer goes to meet her and asks about her husband and the circumstances behind his death. She answers that she doesnt know much details, but sees Y’s dad and stops talking

When she goes back to her room, J is there. Y’s mom tries to convince J to let her see her son, she says she could die and asks to see her son just one time. He lies and says he is dead-was in a plane accident. She says he told her that he was alive in America.  He says he lied then and shows her a newspaper clipping saying those bad guys killed her son. Forget about everything and just cure your disease-I will help you. She says she just lived to see her son. He says he will move her to another hospital so those guys cant find her and that he wants her to live well

J orders the other guy to help her pack and move her to the other hospital. the guy feels uneasy about doing this-lying that Y is dead when he is alive. J says if Y knows the truth now about his mom he will only waver in his resolve (for revenge)

M (aka ahjusshi or Man duk) shows Y a handwritten statement M wrote to clear her father’s name just in case anything happened to him. M explains how the work they are doing is dangerous so just in case he dies, he didnt want N to suffer her whole life with this injustice so he wrote that to help nana clear her dad’s name. M worries that even if he made grammar mistakes it wont detract from being viable right? Y says he told N to clear out of her apt so that she would forget about him and to make his dad believe Y.

J’s lackey goes and gets the mom a soda and she slips away just as Y comes in. (she ran away cuz she only lived to see her son’s face but if he is dead then there is no point to try to live)

Y asks his dad what he did with his mom. J says they found about his mom and came to speak to her. Y asks where she is and J says he moved her. J orders Y to kill the lawyer’s dad with Y’s own hands or else if Y doesnt listen to the dad, J will kill Y’s mom. J gets a call that the mom disappeared. J lies to Y and says the mom arrived at the hospital he moved her to. Y asks where that is so he can go. J threatens that in his mom’s condition she has only a month and if she doesnt get treated -she wont have a chance to live. the dad says if his leg wasnt like this he would have gone thru with the revenge himself ….if Y turns down what the dad ordered, Y has two things to lose – the mom he hates but wants to save- or his girl. J says the choice is with Y. Y says those ppl have nothing to do with anything so dont mess with them.  J: if you follow what I want then I will do that.

The lawyer’s dad says he missed the days when he used to go fishing with his son but he doesn’t know why they ended up like this –apart. The son asks if his dad has regrets and the dad says he doesn’t.

J’s lackey goes to Y’s home and puts a bug in the apt while M is cleaning his china.

The president wants to reveal what they did but the other men don’t want to.

Y is packing up and his boss begs him not to go. his boss says he wont process the paperwork and just to take time off.

N hears about the wallet that Y was going to give his girlfriend and finds out Y quit his job so she runs after him. N: it’s not enough you push me away you quit too? she sort of lectures him asking if he doesnt take working here seriously for him to quit so easy-cuz she worked so hard to get in here. I will forget you -I will go back to when I didnt meet you. I will disappear from your life – I came to say that

N gets M’s written statement along with the bank statement with proof of the bribe by mail and goes to see her aunt. That is where N sees the quote from one of the lawyer’s notes to her so she figures he is daddy long legs. He lies that he just likes that quote. She asks point blank if he is daddy long legs and says how much she wanted to meet him and thank him cuz for the last ten years she was comforted by him. She shows the statement she was sent and says she wants to clear her dad. he promises to do what he can to help her. She thanks him and says she will never forget his help.

The lawyer goes to his dad after getting the letter explaining how the city hunter sent him these letters of two men who were guilty of doing bad things and says now he got one for his dad. the dad says he never did anything bad and never broke the law. The son says how he saw 10 yrs ago how his father bribed and threatened his way out of his crime. The dad is shocked that his son witnessed that and that is the reason why his son hated him all these years suddenly after that. The son informs the dad that he got evidence of his father’s crime from ten years ago.

M gets taken while he was visiting his mom’s memorial and so does N. someone sent Y the text “XYZ” which Y told M to use in case of emergency – it will mean M is in danger and those last 3 letters of the alphabet means he has nowhere else to go.

Y gets taken and N and M follow. M goes to get the police and she stays and cant bear to watch Y being beaten so she goes in and fights. but one of the bad guys aims his gun at Y so she blocks and takes the bullet. Y asks her “why” she got in the way and she says “You saved me -twice – did you hurt this much too? Y: dont say anything – dont say anything at all. N:did you hate me? It would be nice if you said you didn’t – I wanted to thank you. Y: why did you have to get in the way and get shot? N: it’s good that it wasnt you. she closes her eyes.


can I just say “dang ….they sure do know how to end an episode” – good thing she is already staying at the vet’s place cuz she is homeless thanks to the guy she just took the bullet for. maybe the vet can save her too – it looks like another shoulder wound


I seriously started to recap this – I got over 5 mins worth done and then the scenes with all the past drama dads came out and in that instant I knew…I don’t want to do this. Even if LMH came out shirtless in every scene or made out with the lead actresses – I still wouldnt pick this drama up-ok-well-maybe just one or two eps just to see why that was happening. anyway sorry if some of you were disappointed, but I warned this might happen. I had to check out the first episode just to be sure.
More valid reasons…and highlights I didnt realize I had done till I was doing them
Just to lay it all out there- here is my first and foremost reason for deciding to drop it so soon. I never read the comic so I don’t know where to lay blame, but there are some serious issues with plagiarism here. Whoever wrote this script watched Clear and Present Danger and decided to do a Korean version. Some guy orders a secret team to be assembled to retaliate. Men with special abilities who had other menial jobs as covers are gathered to undertake the mission. They are all gung-ho to embark on the mission. [I don’t know if it will play out exactly like the American version, but if it does I will be even more glad I dropped it. Nothing irks me more than when Koreans take a perfectly good story that has already been depicted and do their own version of it and it just ends up being mediocre at best.] Never mind, I just watched it past the 20 min mark. They did exactly what I already said would happen cuz Clear and Present Danger had very similar scenes, only they did it well and this one made me cringe cuz I had Titanic flashbacks during it-at one point I really thought he was going to kiss him or something. LMH has not even shown up yet onscreen, unless you count his birth, but I am out.
Another reason is I can’t take this seriously at all. It’s not connecting with me on any level. The lead guy (SJ) kidnaps his best friend’s baby – wanting his friend’s wife to have a fresh start without the child since her husband died saving his life. wow-that is so NOT how you thank a friend for saving your butt. Then he hauls the baby to some jungle and raises him with a bunch of ppl who make and distribute drugs. SJ actually goes so far as to kill one of them cuz the worker was distributing those drugs to Korea and SJ told them that they could sell the drugs anywhere except Korea. Then he is all mean to young YS (LMH’s character) and wont praise him for shooting well by saying YS needs to shoot the head, neck, and chest. YS calls SJ “dad”. Later when YJ finds a photo of who he thinks might be his mom, SJ tells YS that his mom is dead and forget her. He tears up the picture after the kid begged to just let him look at the pic.
Then YS grows up. He saves a fellow Korean (the first one he has seen) and brings him home and gets hit by SJ. SJ says the man would have died there or here so what difference does it make. SJ asks the guy what he can do and the man says he can cook. YS pigs out saying the food is the best. SJ asks the man what his name is. the guy says BSJ so SJ tells him that the moment BJ runs away, he will die so he should just stay and cook. YS finds a pic in BJ’s pocket and asks if the pretty girl is his daughter. since the dad and daughter’s last names are different, YS guesses that she isnt BJ’s daughter. YS keeps wanting to stare at the pic.
 BJ almost gets shot by SJ for telling SJ to sleep lying down instead of sitting up. YS explains his dad always sleeps sitting.
next day, SJ ties YS’s surrogate mother (who raised him since he was a baby) to the target post. SJ is going to kill her cuz her husband ran away with drugs so SJ orders YS to shoot at her. YS argues that it isnt the woman’s fault and wants to save her. YS begs SJ to learn how to forgive, but SJ is determined to keep his laws and points his gun at her. YS blocks him and agrees to shoot at her and if he hits all the fruits near her, SJ has to forgive her. So SJ lets him and YS makes the shots.
YS goes to his room and stares at the framed photo of KNN, BJ’s daughter. YS asks her pic-does it make sense to shoot someone precious? since you are living in Seoul-bet you are happy there.
Then the other rival drug gang shows up and shoots out the place. YS goes into instinctive mode and protects BJ. Then LMH has his action sequence (slow motion and all) and just like what I said would happen-he gets shot at and there aint a scratch on him. his surrogate mom runs out to save him and he yells at her not to come near and she gets hit. not even bothering to seek shelter from the bullets, he walks over to her in a daze and just as the men are taking aim at YS, SJ and his men come and start shooting the gang. 3 of the gang members run off. YS shakes her and yells at her to open her eyes-he gets up and says he is going to kill all of them. SJ tries to call him back, but YS is already running.
one of the men step on a land mine and gets blown up. then YS steps on one. he tries to shoot the bad guys but YS ran out of bullets. just as YS is about to get shot, SJ comes and shoots the remaining two bad guys. SJ slides his knife under YS’s foot and just as the mine blows up, SJ pushed YS out of the way enough to get blown up in YS’s place. YS piggybacks SJ (who is missing part of a leg) begging him not to die and takes him back home. the doctor wants SJ to take the drugs so he can stitch him up since SJ is losing too much blood, but SJ asks for a knife. SJ orders YS to take out the bullet in his chest so YS does it. SJ tells him to listen carefully cuz what he has to say is about YS’s real dad. SJ says 17yrs ago, they were betrayed by (that guy who ordered the team together)  and 20 men died. your dad saved me and got hit by the bullet for me-reason why I live- to avenge your dad who saved me-YS-you have to live -for your real dad (and something something). YS asks if that is why SJ trained him so hard -so YS can get goes to work to save SJ
YS sits and stares at a taped up photo of his mom and dad.
in his delirium,SJ tells YS’s dad not to die and says sorry to YS’s mom and says he couldnt help it
YS asks SJ who killed his real dad. SJ says there were 5 of them. YS: if I kill all 5 of them-can you and I go live somewhere again where no one knows us? i’ll just ask one last thing. is my mom still alive?
SJ says she is alive.
YS goes out and tells BJ :
I’m going to change now-that’s my destiny.
YS arrives in seoul. in the car he gets a call from SJ. SJ asks if YS arrived and YS says he just got here. Then SJ tells him who the first person YS needs to find and says not to forget his dad’s death.
YS makes the driver pull over at kwanghamun and gets out. he closes his eyes and remembers what SJ said: dont love anyone -if your objective is  found out- you and everyone close to you will be hurt
KNN is standing there nearby

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  1. regena says:

    thanks softy 4 the run down of ep1. I saw the raw didn’t look so interesting as u said, but ep2 looks like theres more potential don’t give up on this drama as yet


  2. kcomments says:

    Aww….wow you lasted till the end? And summary too!
    Jeez, even though I’m not a fan of the original manga, I grew up with it, I mean that time who wouldn’t know the City Hunter, Ryo Saeba? I adored him as a serious womanizer, sleazy but good fighter, comical yet serious in crime thing.

    Your recap had me smiled, specially fighting sequence cuz first time reading Softy in action ^^ Don’t bother if you don’t want to continue, I saw recap on soompi, not on CH thread, but under header ‘City Hunter’ up top. I, for one, decided to drop it even before the episode ended, but I will tune in tonight cuz want to see what kind of CH– LMH turns out to be, for curiosity sake.
    Will come back and tell you about first episode, gotta go *run for Kang Fu Panda 2*
    Couldn’t believe still on iPad talking to you -_-! *run to the theater*


    • kcomments says:

      Phew! back here after RT, CH.
      Last night when watched ep1, the opening scene,music, filming were purely grand and wow, felt like watching epic war movie. BUT then it went on and on, some scenes so dark, *yawns* not connected to the characters at all. I thought are they making the birth of Batman/Robocop or what? What if he grows up not live up to this legend? Korean CH looks like a problem child with melo crying here and there, not CH I knew, so when my live streaming went off, I didn’t bother and let it be gone. However, tonight did look better, LMH more like human and cool, otp looked cute. LMH needs to work more on action/spy scene tho. The thing is I enjoyed the otp but not interested in their jobs, so not sure will follow every week. ^^

      Off topic, really have to share with you, –Kang Fu P2, must see, highly recommend in 3-D! This is the first animation ever that I’m so proud that it’s made in 3-D. Best DreamWorks animation ever, with Intel processor provider. I literally jaw-dropped thru the whole hours, couldn’t believe how awesome it’s turned out to be, hilarious screenplay with sharp words.
      I know how much work they have to put into creating animation ( comp backgrounds), just think how many dots to connect to creat a straight line, and how fast the connection process has to be for us to see a really smooth line (lots of mathematics bts), and we are talking about characters movements! in Kang Fu fighting! Awesome awesome job here, I sat thru like 10mins credits at the end, hundreds of animator’s name, cuz really appreciated their hard work. If you see ‘UP’, do you know how much work in there to make those colorful ballons move in the wind? Lots of maths in there. It’s worth the price, all I’m sayin ^_^ hehe, how many word counts this time?
      Thanks Softy for your kind on CH.


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      Looks like DB can help you out- both dramas are recapped there.She seems to like city hunter. RT is a little slower, but still – it’s only like a week off. I haven’t even seen this wks episode so will check it out tm- if it’s good I might do quick highlights only. Otherwise I need to rest up for CYHMH 🙂


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        At least, if can you tell us whether GW knows it’s SG or not, that would really help cuz I’m not sure what’s going on, (RT ep5-6). Hope there are some clues in the converstations of the episodes. Just a really short answer will do, Thanks.


        • REBEL SOULS says:

          it’s totally ridiculous but no one recognized her as SG cuz she wore an outfit that cost over $18,000 (jacket was $10,000 and skirt was $8,000) and had those hair extensions and to GW, she gave a different name too and phone number. at the end of E6, she told him she liked him and asked if he didnt like her cuz she was a maid. this show is odd for sure. her face and voice didnt change, but we are was supposed to believe everyone thinks she is totally different person. the hilarious scene was when the neighbor guy carried her out and GW and him argue about who should carry her hm-neighbor says he is old and his back hurts so GW should cuz he is younger and she is his maid, but GW says he worked all day and neighbor says that even tho he played all day-that’s harder. she kicks him to let her down. she is mad cuz both dont want to take care of her and argue about who should carry her when she didnt even ask to be carried. when GW carries her, the other guy says a girl shouldnt walk barefoot, she mutters that a maid isnt a woman and her mom told her that a maid is not even a person since they dont get the respect most ppl get. GW says he is going to carry her 10 more meters but the guy says carry her to the doorstep and he will carry her the rest of the way. she mutters to GW that she liked it better when the other guy carried her so he glares at her.


          • kcomments says:

            Thanks Softy for taking your time on this. Me too, cracked up at that, they carried her like a rice bag or sth. As for this new lady thing, first I thought GW knew it’s SG, that waving coffee coupons was what give away, but then EP6 no clue, that’s why have to resort to you hehe. After ep6, I thought he really didn’t know, then again, it couldn’t be, the maids could feel her resemblance i.e. voice, shoes why couldn’t GW? He’d recognized her after three yrs apart. I still think there is sth more to this. And holy cow, I didn’t catch the last part when watching live, so she said she likes him? now GW is in dilemma rich gal or poor gal.
            This show starts to creep on me, you can’t take big gulp to enjoy it tho, just sip it little by little, gives you feel good aftertaste.^^


    • thundie says:

      Oh, Celine, Softy can’t recap Romance Town because she’s already recapping Best Love and she’s under strict orders not to recap two dramas on one night because it’s extremely bad for her health. She needs to sleep.

      Right, Softy? 😆


  5. MJShinshi says:

    softy, I cannot believe…oh wait I can believe it — you recapped ep1 of City Hunter!! dropping it will hopefully get you some sleep on Wed/Thurs 🙂 I love Tom Clancy’s work and like Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin more than Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan so that’s too bad CH isn’t doing good off the bat. It’s alright by me since I never planned on watching CH but may be some time way later or not after LTM and BL. If they’re not doing right by Clear and Present Danger then that’s it for me. thanks for trying tho..hope you get some rest…CYHMH is almost here! yay 🙂


  6. chasen8888 says:

    I support your decision not to recap this show Softy, and though I have watched both episodes I have some major issues with it.

    1. The adoptive father is a drugs dealer and perhaps arms dealer as well. He had the gall and hypocrisy to say that “It’s okay to distribute drugs to anywhere but Korea”. Does anyone have any idea as to how bad that sounds? It’s a known fact that drugs and weapons dealings has resulted in the loss of millions of lives worldwide. It is a very insulting and hypocritical statement plus although he wanted to make money for revenge, there a lot more legitimate ways to do so. It’s like all other people lives do not count. Lee Young Sung was raised on death money. Yet he is to execute a revenge on his father’s killers, though target 1 is no saint what makes him/adoptive father any better than them? When I read the sub to that scene, I was angry, I was also angry at his occupation as well but that statement bothered me a lot.
    2. The adoptive father gave out orders and speaks in his language all the time to other people who don’t speak and surprisingly yet understands and follows those orders so well. Have to give them props for being multilingual by hearing.
    3. I believe that a country should have faith in the institutions that they built particularly that of education, why does it appear that only USA has good schools for Koreans? That in itself is not right it’s like saying all our schools are faulty and therefore once the person has been educated from the USA they are way much better. That is a bias which should not be accepted especially when you have quality people in your own country and then the English spoken by that person does not give the impression that they have been living or being educated there for over 2 years at all especially to us English watchers/speakers. Being educated from overseas to me does not mean that the person is better at all; it just means they had the opportunity to get educated elsewhere. If there is a problem with their schools especially colleges – fix it.

    That’s it for now and thanks softy.


    • IBELIS says:

      chasenn888 I agree with everything that you said about this drama I’m in full agreement with what you said about the schools. I just wanted to add that I don’t think going to US schools is about them being better it’s about them being different. When you compete in a world market you have to understand your competitor. Education and School in general is as much about the social aspects as it is about the books. You can’t understand how westerner’s think and make decisions just from book’s you learn that from your interactions with them and your social contact with them. What better way to learn then at their universities and collages. At the larger and more prominent U.S. universities you will interact with students from all over the world thus allowing you to have clearer world view. In a lot of drama’s the son’s and daughter’s are heir’s to global companies so it is believable that they would be sent to do their graduate studies in the U.S. or Europe. Not because the school’s are better but because they offer different environment in which to study .


    • alexe says:

      I am totally with you here . Furthermore , so many stupid thins in this drama and a not so good acting .


  7. Softy says:

    I actually watched the 2nd ep just to see if I was wrong…..boy what a waste of a good looking lead- if there was just one redeeming quality about the story or even if any of it made any sense…but when you see all the ridiculous stuff like how he has a Ph.D at his age from MIT when he didn’t even go to a regular high school and was basically tutored, was bought a U.S. Citizenship and has a random driver’s license from Texas (bet he doesnt even know where it is), all the money he has comes from selling drugs and he doesn’t feel bad about that at all, he treats $5,000 as change and pays for her dad’s surgery but won’t give money to starving kids, carries around so much cash and checks in his wallet that it borders on stupidity, and all that is just the tip of the iceberg for the lead- all the other characters just added their own inane back stories and made it worse. omg I could go on forever about why this show made me cringe every few seconds. It’s like one nonsense after another. I dont even want to get started on the revenge part – it’s beyond lame. His time would be better spent seeking a soul for his fake dad cuz the man doesnt seem to have one. I don’t understand how this drama managed to get 10% ratings-seriously- is everyone watching it on mute? cuz not listening to what they are saying would actually improve the show- I know I was tempted. The only thing that made me smile was 4 actors from brilliant legacy came out on e2. I gave this drama a fair chance, but for the sake of my sanity and conscience, I am sticking with my original decision. While I was writing this, I noticed chasen 8888 posted and we had similar complaints 🙂


  8. kcomments says:

    Well, just to be fair to K-City Hunter, I think in episode2, LMH held his own quite nicely. As I was watching the episode, he acted more and more like in the manga, it’s like he’s shaping up to be CH, may be I could take this drama as the birth of the City Hunter, which he will eventually become by the end. Tho, his job didn’t look interesting to me (the president’s daughter? Blehhhhhh!) , his relationship with Nana is somewhat similar to the manga which I love. However, the mistake of all gotta be the premise –the Blue House, the MIT grad, too prim and proper to my liking. I think I won’t be following but will watch all at once, so that I have the choice of fast forward as I see fit. ^^

    Some say, you shouldn’t compare, well it is an adaptation right? And CH is in my blood, even if I try, I will subconsciously anyway. One thing for sure, LMH is damn hawwwtt to boot! It’s like waves after waves of this pretty thing until my eyes sore, seriously!


  9. Kat says:

    I haven’t watched this drama, but except for the fact that Lee Min ho is in it, I just didn’t feel the urge to watch it for some reason. I find that with most dramas something makes me want to check it out or something kind of puts me off…. maybe it’s a vibe thing. Also, I saw the poster for this drama and something just didn’t peek my interest for it.


    • Kat says:

      OK, I just watched ep. 2, haven’t seen ep. 1 yet though. It sort of reminds me of “a man called god” that came out last year with Song Il Guk. Plus some other action, thriller kind of drama. They seem to have spent quite a lot of money for this, I guess mainly b/c of Lee Min Ho. The guy can act and is an eye candy but as for how the drama goes…. we’ll see. Personally, I’m hooked on Lie to Me and Best Love right now, plus NHK Tiga drama called Gou, so adding another one might be a bit much…


  10. Ace says:

    The only similarity to C&PD was the fact that the men were betrayed by those in authority. I’m a big Tom Clancy fan (and stories similar to the genre) and I did not think of that at all while I was watching until you mentioned it and I was like, “What? Where?”

    I’m sorry that you did not like it and would not continue with the transcaps.

    Anyway, for those who liked it, JB & GF @ dramabeans are recapping this and they have a different take on it.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      I wouldnt have bothered to mention the reference unless there was more than just the betrayal-the whole set up was the same starting from the retaliation to the execution of those men. I dont remember all the character names from C&PD but i know when i see striking similarities-the guy that is later going to become president -choi is the one who wants the retaliation and is also the one who later wants to save the men he set out to do the task – so basically he is playing william defoe’s character from the american version and also the sinister president’s aid’s role as well since choi goes along with the kill order. so here is the break down of all the similarities: ordering the retaliation, getting a band of men together, having those men all excited about their mission and being patriotic and chummy, then have them undertake the mission, then have the orders to retaliate revoked thereby coming up with the decision to sacrifice the men, choi -like the defoe character-completely against this and wants to save his men and bring them back alive, but is helpless to do anything about the slaughter, and then having one man survive on CH but I think 3 or 4 survived in C&PD. even some of the dialogue and arguments are the same. The only difference in CH was that two of the men happened to be best friends and wants to get revenge for all the men who died. defoe’s character just wanted the men in charge out in the open and hold them accountable for their actions and helped jack ryan bring the men responsible to justice. Aside from the fact that CH managed to do all this in less than half an hour and the american version took it’s time and did a better job, the glaring similarities are there. also I already told celine that DB was recapping this when I replied to her post on the 26th.


  11. will says:

    can u say something about baby face beauty. im really curious on ur say


  12. Crystal says:

    May I ask why did you just do transcap for ep1 of city hunter?


  13. Crystal says:

    Seriously wish that you could to live transcap for city hunter !! :/


    • Softy says:

      DB is already covering it and I couldn’t do this one live cuz I did Best Love over at Thundie’s prattle – both shows are on at the same time.I can’t do two things at once 🙂


  14. QuaTrang says:

    I nearly got a heart attach when I could not find CH recaps anymore on your site: Dramatalk category has gone!!! I found them back in YFFM category but CH has been cut off!!! There is a new category for CH but only one post! I was frantically searching your site for the recaps and jumped with joy when I found them all here! Gaahhh, it is just a re-arrangement of your home and I am happy that you didnot throwing things away! Especially not this precious thing call City Hunter!!! Even if they are live recaps, even if you said you did them rough and even if not all episodes are covered, I love each and every one of them! They are part of my wonderful (and heart breaking) encounter with City Hunter, and without them my experience won’t be complete!

    Thank you, Softy, for your wonderful recaps!


    • Softy says:

      I kept them for fans like you who wanted them – too bad there is no way to transfer over all the great comments for each but at least you know where to find them 🙂


  15. anyonghasaeyo! nice blog. i love city hunter so much.


  16. Anonymous says:

    part two pleassssssssssssee……….more more and more…………my dvd has scratches already. please have a part tw……hVE MERCY HUHUHU!


  17. rayray says:

    hi mr lee min ho yuor su berry berry hanszam amm i love u su much im ur fanz


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