49 Days E1: Live

Finally, a drama came thru and I had fun doing this. S is likeable from minute one – this is going to be such a great show. Read it is over 20 episodes which scared me at first, but now that I have seen it- I already want an extension. Thank you drama gods for hearing my prayer and making this a winner-what a relief. I was in a drama slump lately, but this one had me on the edge of my seat.
If you think about it – it is only fair that Y has to lend her body to J. It is Y’s fault J is in this situation. At some point soon, I want Y to know what her actions caused – she needs to know she caused that 14 car pile up and put J into a coma. If J is in Y’s body- when will Y ever know that? Also- wonder how J will react when she learns that her accident was the end result of Y walking into the middle of the road. Wonder who the 3 ppl will be that cries over J.
This drama is like city of angels
(cuz of angel of death and if S happens to fall in love with J then it is exactly like the movie)
meets love actually
(cuz H is in love with J and IJ might like M)
with some “Who are you” concepts thrown in
and it all equals = possibility of being my next favorite drama of all time 🙂
M= KANG MIN-HO (Bae Soo-Bin)=J’s fiance
S= SCHEDULER (Jung Il-Woo)
J= SHIN JI-HYUN (Nam Gyu-Ri)
H= HAN GANG (Jo Hyun Jae)=loves J
Y=SONG YI-KYUNG (Lee Yo-Won)=J uses her body
IJ= SHIN IN-JUNG (Seo Ji-Hye)=J’s best friend
P= PARK SEO WOO (Bae Geu Rin)=J’s short hair best friend
49 days E1

Starts off with a city of angels vibe as S sits on the edge of a rooftop playing guitar and stuff.

J is in a car with her friend IJ -they are stuck in traffic
J is worried she will be late for her engagement ceremony
IJ tells her to get out of the cab

H is given a tux to wear to the engagement
H complains why he has to wear that
the man says H will be late to the engagement
so H needs to hurry

J is running and laughing cuz she thinks this is fun-like they are in a movie
her heel gets caught in a grate and the heel is broken
J starts to cry so IJ takes off her shoes and gives it to J to wear
J asks what about you?
IJ walks barefoot
Ij tells J to hurry but J says she keeps stepping on the dress
so IJ hitches it up to J’s waist

H gets something on his shoes and wipes it on his pant leg so now the back of his trouser leg is dirty

the engagement already started with J and M bowing to everyone
IJ is wearing shoes too small for her so she folds dwon the back
J notices this from a distance
her dad is asked to speak
he starts by apologizing for making his daughter’s engagement so extravgant when times are hard these days
everyone knows this but my company and son in law …..when H walks in and interrupts
J says – he is coming now?
she fidgets with her nails again
the dad continues how he gave M a big project and wanted him to finish that first and get married- but they didnt know how long it would take- a year or two so they had the engagement now

M asks H how he could come so late when the engagement is over
H asks if he can leave now
J asks how H could leave first when he came last
she tells him to say congratulations first and go
H congratulates M and ignores J
M is called away so M asks H to hold J’s hand cuz of her dress
H says how could he hold someone else’s fiance’s hand
J walks off and says she didnt want to anyway
M tells her dad how he met H while getting his MBA
so M wants to entrust H to do some work for him
and the dad worries H wont have much experience if he is the same age as J
M reassures him and says H got an award in college
her dad gets a call – he is asked to come now

Y is alone eating at her home
then walking down the street to her part time job at the convenience store
a guy comes in to buy smokes
she doesnt even look at him
but he sort of stares at her
J’s dad comes home drunk and asks his wife about J
mom says J was tired after the engagement and crashed
he goes up and stares at his sleeping daughter
then he pets her hair

her dad tells the new couple to get married right away
both of them complain saying they just got engaged yesterday
her dad says he didt think far ahead
before M gets more busy with work
M should have gotten married and not engaged
M says – but they already got engaged
her dad asks if M doesnt want to marry J
M says – you know that would never happen
J says there is too much to prepare
her dad insists on a spring wedding -pointing out
why are they making such a fuss when they are always together anyway
mom tells J that her dad wants to hurry and make M his family
so that H would comfortably do something with a resort
so J asks if her dad wants her to get married in a hurry cuz of company business
her mom gets defensive saying is business important to her father
J is first- the mom is second -the company is third – in order of priority
doesnt she know that?
J says she does but M was really surprised by the turn of events

M shows up at the bridal shop with pink roses
she asks what he is doing
he says why he is doing this – cuz of her father and how her dad set the date
when M didnt even get to propose-
so he gets on his knees
they go to meet with friends -at a place called heaven
H is there with IJ and some other ppl
J is upset cuz there is no food on the table
she complains how her friends told her everything was ready
when she had called them
M turns her head to the kitchen and a guy holds up a plate of pasta
so J is happy cuz she is hungry
H reminds the chef – did he take out (something) and the chef replies he put twice as much garlic too (guess that is how she likes it and H knows that and made sure of it)
H tells the waiter to hurry and take the plate to J

J eats alot while everyone stares
M smiles watching her eat well
her friend asks M if he knew when he saved J that he was fated to marry a girl who eats this much

IJ and J go hiking
it starts to rain
J gets lost somehow and call out for IJ
she doesnt have her cell so she just waits and cries in the dark
M comes and rescues her
he gets a cab and calls an ambulance
he says he wants to go with her but he has a meeting in the morning
he tells her to take good care of herself and helps her into the waiting ambulance
end flashback
J says -isnt it like a movie
how M carried her on his back on his way down
and she wondered if he was a person or a ghost
Ij looks uncomfortable so J asks – you still feel guilty huh
cuz of you – if I had died
IJ says J isnt someone who would die like that
J says if it wasnt for M -she would have died
H seems jealous

J is with IJ and her friend
IJ marks off what they did-the dress-wedding hall-sent out invitations
bridesmaid dresses are left-she tells them to choose tm
J is clumsy and almost spills wine on her wedding dress
she suggests her friends wear this on their wedding day
instead of borrowing it- it will be good if they all got married wearing the same dress
IJ looks at her room as the other friend says how J is turning the room IJ used for something else
J says while she is on her honeymoon -her mom is going to change it out
J tells IJ to try on the dress
but IJ says she doesnt want to cuz she will feel sorry to M
J points out it isnt like IJ is going to be the bride wearing this
M texts her and says it’s time for her to sleep now
her friend wonders how he knew J would still be up-he is like a ghost
J replies there isnt anything he doesnt know about her and texts back that she will sleep now and for him to sleep well

at 3:40am, Y is mopping the floors
Y gets held up by robbers
they knock out the camera
and one asks for the money
so she reaches for the register but he says he already knows everything and came
and doesnt want the register cash but the full money bag
he holds a knife up to her waist
she wont give them the money
the other guy asks what he is doing (cuz he is taking too long)
but the one holding the knife says Y isnt flinching at all
the other one comes over and calls her crazy and beats her up
ignoring all their commands-he finally asks if she wants to die
she calmly tells the guy to go ahead and stab her
the police come

at the police station
she is there with the two robbers
the officer asks how could she stall with two guys all by her side without any fear
why she didnt just give the money when the guy pulled out the knife
no reply from Y
she is bruised from the scuffle with the robbers
as she walks out of the station

after working out together, M and H eat breakfast
M gives him instructions about the project and designers
H says if M cant trust him then he should hand it over to someone else
M asks why H doesnt start a company on his own – with this talents…
but H interrupts and asks if he has to do that-being a groomsman
M says H doesnt need to
M asks H if he found the woman he wanted to find when he got back to korea
M wonders why H cant find one woman
and asks if he should help H find her
but H says M doesnt need to

J and her friends arrive somewhere and H happens to be there so J runs over to him
H tries to walk away quickly
J goes up to H and says : we want to get congratulations from our most beloved friends on our wedding- you are M’s favorite younger brother and my friend
H: i am not your friend
J: why arent you my friend? we went to the same school
H says they only attended together for only a few months and even then
that makes them classmates – not friends
even if I was your friend- i wont be a groomsman
J:why wont you?
H says he already told M that he wouldnt so she should leave
she asks if M said H didnt have to
he tells her to go
J asks if he is still angry about what happened back then
she asks how could a guy hold that against her for so long
she forgot all about it
if anything she should be the one who should be upset
he says she is still the same and gets mad and says he doesnt want to cuz it is her

she asks if he is rude once-is he rude for life?
and he replies-yes
after she gets married-he will treat her as a sister in law so they are done talking
she fidgets with her fingers
he walks off but turns to watch her walk away

when she gets back -her friends ask: he said he wouldnt do it huh?
J says he is bad-how could he be like that if he was a friend
IJ: do you want to do that to H?
the other one asks dont you remember how weird it was between you for a few months
J says that was a long time ago
IJ says : just cuz you say you are friends-what is that
H doesnt think of you as a friend
so why are you acting like youre friends
who acts like a friend alone?
J: if we were friends once – he is a friend
the other one asks: he doesnt like you -dont you dislike him?
J: i dont dislike him
IJ: you are like an angel
J: i often despise him but i dont hate him
friend says: when someone doesnt like me i dont like them -that is what being human is so why dont you dislike him?
J: it’s just like that
she quickly tells IJ that IJ will be late for work and J is busy today
so she takes the bag and runs off -promising to pay for it later
J asks M if he said it was ok that H wasnt his groomsman
M says H doesnt like being around ppl so would he like standing in front of so many ppl
and that H was like that in the states too
J has a hard time believing that H cares what other ppl think
M says H doesnt look like it but he has been hurt a lot
J: so that is why he didnt want to do it
M tells her not to worry about his friends for the wedding party and that he would take care of it
as she leaves M picks up her cell phone and asks if she didnt forget something and gives it to her

M meets with J’s dad about business
IJ is J’s dad’s secretary

J picks out a bridesmaid dress for IJ to try on
she gets in the car to take it to her

Y is still looking glum
she pulls out a black top from a box

S is on a motorcycle
he looks at his watch

Y is on the bus holding a single rose

some guy follows Y off the bus
S rides by on his bike
he stops the bike and looks at a pic of a guy on his cell
he says it’s 5 mins till
and waits

Y sits by the road
holding her rose
she is imagining a chalk outline
guess that was where her bf had died
she is near the middle of the road
she runs out into the street on purpose -to kill herself
truck swerves to miss her
some guy grabs her and saves her
she faints (no clue why cuz she wasnt injured at all- just everyone else involved in the accident)
OMG she caused like over ten cars to crash into each other

the guy who bought the cigs was the one who saved her
a guy on a motorbike swerves to miss the stalled truck and his bike slides to a stop
J swerves to miss running over the biker and crashes into the parked truck
she flies out of her car thru her windshield
guess she didnt wear a seatbelt
M is meeting some men- he tells them he is getting married after a week so he wants 4 days off from work before the wedding
A guy leans his head out of his car- this is the one S was waiting on
S looks at his cell phone pic of the guy and looks annoyed cuz the man didnt die on time
that guy in his car gets a heart attack
J is on the ground
she stirs awake and opens her eyes
there is a crowd of ppl trying to get into her car
they knock on the window and ask if she is ok
J walks over and sees that it is her
she pushes someone but her hand goes thru that person
she says this isnt it

she spots S on his cell
he is looking at her while talking into the phone
she calls out to S
an ambulance takes her body away
she looks over at S but he is gone so J hops into the ambulance
in the ambulance – paramedics try to wake her
J watches and cries – calling out for her dad

the guy who rescued Y is called away
he had been by Y’s bedside
J cries looking at her body

Y wakes up and sees J
she remembers what she did – trying to kill herself

J’s dad (and M) come looking for his daughter
J runs over to them but they run thru her
J screams and falls to the floor
her dad calls out her name as he sees her lifeless body
Y watches them and takes her IV out and walks out
J’s body is wheeled into surgery
her dad and M are not allowed in
M calls out to the doc to “save our J”
she keeps trying to hit them to get their attention
but her hand keeps hitting air
as if their is a protective shield from her being able to touch anyone alive
J mutters it is driving her crazy
her mom comes
she asks if J is hurt badly
her dad says- J has to have surgery and then they will know
her mom collapses and M catches her
J sees S and remembers he is from the accident site and runs after him
Y walks by S
J cant open doors so she waits till someone comes out and then slips into the room
where S is

S is standing by the bedside of the man who had the heart attack
she goes up to S
and asks if he knows her-if he saw her back there
S yells: Ya – SJH – why werent you paying attention while driving
the man is pronounced dead
his “body” gets up
his family cries
S bows to him and tells him that he did well all this time  (lived a good life)
and says “let’s go”
the man asks where he needs to go
S tells him to follow him and opens an invisible elevator door
S bows to him and the doors shut as the man smiles
looks like the man went to heaven
J asks what this is and who is he (S)
he tells her to follow him
she looks back and the door disappears

S looks at her closely
she asks who S is – the angel of death?
he replies that is old fashioned- in these modern times- how could she use that title
he says he is the scheduler
a human being is born with an assigned amount of time
there is a reason for that but i will get into that later
and that it is his job as scheduler to escort that person when that person’s time is up
J insists that is what an angel of death does
so S gets offended and says again that he is the scheduler
she yells back- whatever – cuz it means she is dead
S: that’s right – you are dead
J: then did you come for me back there
is that why you knew my name?
S says that wasnt it – the person on his schedule was that guy
you saw right? that guy who left a few minutes ago
i was waiting for that guy
he was suppose to die from a heart attack while driving
but cuz of the accident- the heart attack came on later
it’s a case us schedulers hate the most-when the schedule gets messed up
J: then why am I like this? why isnt anyone coming for me?
S: because you werent scheduled to die today
S: you werent meant to die today according to your timeline
J: I wasnt scheduled to die today?
S explains how in rare cases – there are troublemakers
like today – people who try to commit suicide
why dont they wait their turn
they are going to die when it is their time
J yells: how could something like that happen?
S says she startled him (by yelling)
J: how could someone die when it isnt their turn
S says that is why this happened
she asks again how could this happen
then she gets calm and asks
J: you are lying huh? I’m not dead right?
she looks at him
yes this isnt it – how could there be an angel of death that looks like you?
S: who said there isnt a scheduler who looks like me?
have you met someone who died and came back to life?
even if there was – they wouldnt be able to remember us
J: i am not dead – i cant be dead
i am having surgery now
i saw it with my own eyes- me going into surgery
is it possible for someone who is dead to have surgery?
S: you think it is possible to see yourself going into surgery?

H thinks about how he said he didnt want to be the wedding party cuz J asked
her friend comes running in asking why he didnt pick up his phone
she says J was in an accident

her family is gathered around her bedside 
the mom wants to know why J doesnt wake up
J tells S – see- i didnt die
S tells her to keep her mouth shut
her nervous habit is to hold out her hands and pick on her nails
IJ comes and sees J and cries
her other friend and H comes in
H is in shock
the doc comes in and gives them bad news-she is in a vegetative state
everyone cries
her mom collapses
J tries to run in calling out “mom”
but S holds her back saying she isnt suppose to interfere here
her dad says- she had surgery tho – so why?
S says to J- you saw right?
J cries

outside -while walking down the hallway
she asks what is going to happen to her now
S: follow me
J: where are we going?
she stops walking
she doesnt want to cuz she remembers what happened to the other guy
S tells her she wont have to get on the elevator so just follow him
she runs away in the opposite direction
he blocks her and says 
why does everyone react the same way all the time
I told you – you dont have to get on the elevator so
why did you run away
J: you think I am going to believe that lie?
S: lies are something human beings do
in your eyes- do I look like a person?
J crouches down and says “save me”
S: you are asking me to save you? dont you know who I am? let’s go
J: I dont need you. who is above you?
S: what?
J: you said you are just a scheduler
so how can I trust your words
there has to be someone higher in rank than you-either God or Buddha or whoever
S: that’s right – I am just a lowly follower who does what he is told
but despite that – i am in charge of this- i am responsible here
J: i get married in a week
my mom and dad have only one kid – me
wasnt suppose to die and killed me
so it’s too unfair
S: unfairness can happen anywhere
so someone like you who feels this is unfair- I wont make you get on the elevator by force
J: you mean that right?

he says he has been a scheduler for 5 yrs
this situation like yours came up 2 times before so yours is the third
J: two times?
S: that case when it isnt your time to die but
because someone else did something wrong
you end up losing your life
in that situation -there are two solutions
you just have to decide between the two
J: what are those?
S: one is accepting and moving on to the afterlife and leaving this world
J: are you joking? that means I have to die
S: one person chose that
if there is no more future in this lifetime
they chose to start over in the next lifetime
they got on the elevator with their own feet
S leans in close
who am I? someone who lies?
J turns away saying she gets it so dont come close and tell her what the other person did
S: they took the second option
J: what is the second one?
S: within 49 days find 3 ppl who love you sincerely-then you can go back
J thinks that will be easy – it’s not like it’s 30 ppl – it is just 3 so who in this world cant find 3 ppl who love them?
S points out that it wont be that easy cuz each person has to drop real sincere tears
J replies: you saw back there right?
counting her parents and friends-there is more than 3
he says parents and siblings dont count
she wonders how he will know what is real tears
he says if the person loves her for real-the sincere tears that fall while thinking of her will be the proof – 100% -3 teardrops
J:that’s all? you saw a few mins ago
how M and all her friends cried
S: just cuz they cry and tears fall
you think that is all of it

he takes her to a wake
she asks why they had to come here
he tells her to look closely-at the tears from the ppl who are crying
there are women crying and he points out the difference in all their tears
one is crying out of pity
another is crying to console cuz her friend died so soon
third is forcing herself to cry cuz none will come on their own
he spots a real one – one who is 100% sincerely sad about the person who died
she asks is that person someone who sincerely loved the person who passed away
S: yes – she is the deceased woman’s sister
he says the guy next to her is the dead woman’s husband and he is getting a lot of insurance so even tho he is sad he is thinking of his secure future
then he points out two more ppl who are not sincere with their tears
S ends with this statement: human beings are complicated
he asks how J feels
she says it is strange
S points out her personality
he asks if she is going to do finding 3 tears
she says of course she will-why wouldnt she
she is different from that other deceased woman
S says he doesnt need to hear her explanation
cuz J’s decision is hers to make
he says to follow her
she says- he keeps telling me to follow him

he takes her to Y and gives her background to J
he reads off his cell phone
starting with Y’s name-age 28-raised in an orphanage -where she graduated
quit her job at a hotel after 2 yrs
was jobless for a year
then got a part time job here at the convenience store
while S reads off info -J was repeating it and trying to memorize it
so she asks him to write it down cuz it is hard for her to remember
S ignores her and keeps reading
from 2am till 9am Y works
J is surprised that she did remember all of it
J asks if she has to borrow that woman’s body
J doesnt approve of her clothes and hair
he says there is a reason why it is Y
there is a connection
she asks what that is
he yells again-what was J thinking when she got into that accident
J says she doesnt remember
he tells her to keep listening cuz there is more
J goes to see her family
she tells her parents to wait a few weeks
she tells M to wait too
cuz she will be back

Y is at home lying down
J watches her
S told J to wait till Y fell asleep-his voice narrates these instructions
dont be fearful or afraid

J walks over and hovers over Y’s body
her body disappears into Y
Y/J blinks and opens her eyes
she sits up
and then stands and looks into the mirror
she starts to speak and says “I am SJH-I am SJH”
and smiles really big with tears in her eyes
Y/J doesnt like how poor Y had been living
S tells her to put the tears into the necklace
Y stares at someone and asks why that person isnt crying
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  1. martha says:

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    First time I’ll be watching a drama live right from the beginning, thank you for transcapping this!


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    I can’t wait for the raws! I hope this drama is a really good one. Softy – thank you for your hard work.


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