49 Days E2: Live

Someone pinch me cuz this feels like a dream- I love this drama so much it scares me. Everything about it is perfect – there is a lot of humor in this – more than I expected. When S comes on the screen-his banter with Y/J keeps the show light and fun. I just want to say they are hilarious together. J is definitely a handful and S keeps rolling his eyes in exasperation at the things she does and says – OMG I love their scenes.
The other thing I love is that 3 ppl have to cry for Y – not J. That is going to be so tough-no one hardly even knows Y so getting ppl to genuinely care about her and cry for her is a serious challenge. Already I am guessing it will be H for sure cuz I think he will fall for Y and the stalker dude maybe.
* Interesting news for Smile you fans
the couple got married for real!! Chun Hee (from family outing) married the girl who played his gf on the drama in real life-she is 4 months pregnant and 9 yrs younger than him. awwwww
have to add J’s other friend with the short hair that works at the bakery
cant use S cuz I am using it for the scheduler so will use her last name initial “P”
for those of you wondering why I call “H” instead of his name “Kang” – it is cuz on soompi it was spelled “gang” which didnt seem correct so I went with his last name initial. yes I know I tend to get creative with these character names but I swear I really am trying my best here
49 Days E2
after J looks at her new “body”-she cries. Then suddenly she notices how tattered the clothes she is wearing is -and her dirty hair -asking when did she wash her hair. then she notices her bruised face.
she goes to the bathroom, notices there is no shampoo. she looks for skin lotion after washing up-then checks out the closet and pulls out some shappy underwear. she walks outside and wonders what kind of woman doesnt pay attention to her appearance that much.-doesnt have a single lipstick
she scares herself seeing Y’s unflattering reflection at a store window
then she checks out the body more in the reflection
she mutters aloud- (he) said Y is 28 yrs old -this older sister is a lot taller than me -has longer fingers-body is slender and pretty
then she looks down and says : going crazy – I totally like a beggar-how can I walk around looking like this
she looks back at her relfection and sees S staring at her
Y/J excited to see him exclaims: it’s you scheduler-when did you come?
S: why are you like this?
Y/J: look -it’s me- SJH
S: what did you just say? SJH?
Y/J: that’s right – I am SJH…and clamps her hand over her mouth
S leaning in close: yesterday – I clearly stipulated 3 rules you must  follow for 49 days
flashback to previous night
J: 3 conditions?
S: first- you cant tell anyone the truth that you are SJH
J: what? but i am SJH…
S: even tho you are SJH- you cant reveal that you are SJH
it’s not enough that you dont say it
you cant even feel that you are
J: if i dont say that I am SJH-how can I get 3 ppl to cry over me?
S: if it was that easy – why would you have to go thru borrowing someone else’s body?
if you appear in front of ppl who love you and ask- would they say I dont love you?
J; that is true
S: if you dont follow this rule- you will automatically have to get on that elevator
end flashback
S: but you decided to ignore that stipulation?
Y/J: I wasnt ignoring it- I just forgot for a second
the second and third – I remember it all
second- you can only use Y’s body when she is sleeping
that time is from 10 am to midnight-right?
S: your IQ is only two digit huh?
no matter what happens-you have to arrive at Y’s house BY midnight
J: what happens if i cant return to that woman’s house by midnight?
S: if you are even a minute late
a day from 49 days disappears
J: how can that happen?
S: that is our neighborhood rule
J: what is the third
S: the money you need you have to earn and use
J: you want me to earn the money I use?
S: I am warning you but while you are borrowing Y’s body
you can do anything bad or anything unfair
and whatever you do – you cant do anything to inconveience Y’s life
J: i got it so stop now
how can a guy nag more than my mom
S: look here- in my neighborhood there is no such thing as taking sides (and some other things) with a man or woman
J: look here – I dont have any interest in your neighborhood
S: what?
J: i have no reason to go to your neighborhood and I wont even go there
you clearly said that even as early as tm- if 3 ppl cry over me -that means they love me right?
S: i said if it is from  3 ppl who truly love you
J: what if it is over 3 teardrops? I thought about it but with me
aside from my mom and dad- ppl who truly love me is at the very least 3 ppl
no matter how much I try to reduce it down – I cant to 3
so I think there will be 5 or 6 ppl
then if it is more than 3 ppl-is there an incentive?
S incredulous: what? incentive?
(she makes some kind of outrageous suggestion)-like letting her live 2 0r 3 years longer for each additional person
S cant believe the stuff that comes out of her mouth and says “wahaaa” and something like how unlucky he was to get someone like her
J taps him and says : if you dont really know – try calling (she points up to God)
S screams out : ya!
present day Y/J looks guilty and fidgets with her fingers
Y/J: since you arent my mom or dad-friend or bf
S: so
Y/J: since you are a scheduler …
S: so -what?
Y/J: that’s why-since i said I was SJH to you
shouldnt you just count that as a mistake?
S: that’s right
then were you going to act like you arent SJH to me?
Y/J gets mad and yells : ya!
S hands her a phone
S: take this
Y/J: it’s a cell phone
[with a scary red skull -iphone to be exact-heaven must be loaded]
mr park from SG’s voice says : 48 days and 3hrs and 25 minutes are left
Y/J: what is this?
S: the days left for SJH
he shows her what buttons are what
one of them is a panic button- a direct button to call him
he warns it is only to be used for extreme emergency situation
she takes it out of his hand saying: it looks just like a cell phone
he hands her a wad of cash saying
this is for you to use till you get a job- I am lending it to you
before the 49 days are over-make sure you pay me back
whether you leave this neighborhood or remain
she counts it and says : 49 dollars?
he turns saying that is all and good luck and gets on his bike
she asks why he rides motorcycles-like before – cant he just go around appearing anywhere he wants like the speed of light-what kind of scheduler lives just like a person?
S: it is my way of doing things – to enjoy being a scheduler a hundred times over
she repeats his words
he turns on his engine and tells her not to pay attention with his business
and just go cuz she must be busy to collect 3 teardrops
she asks how he will know that she received 3 tears
S: it is right there on your necklace
she touches her neck and finds it
he tells her to put it in there if there is someone who truly cries over her
he starts to go but she yells “let’s go together” and
tries to hitch a ride to the hospital but he takes off saying
a scheduler’s habit not to get involved with humans
he takes off
she grabs a cab and goes to the hospital -cab fare $9.50
she sees her dad yelling at M
dad: how long are you going to stay like that?
told you to go home and get some sleep
M: i’m ok
dad: you should at least change clothes
M: i will stay by J’s side
Y/J keeps saying “oppa”
dad: do you think she is dreaming?
M says he wishes J was just dreaming
he repeats she will come back
her dad says she will come back cuz she feels sorry to M
Y/J says “dad” and “oppa”
J is in bed eating after being rescued by M [except they dont know him yet]
her mom says what would have happened if J didnt meet him in the mountains
her dad says you should have at least asked for his name
J says she was in no condition to do that
her dad says he will put an ad in the paper
J: we are looking for a young man who rescued our daughter in the [mountain name)
her dad insists not repaying his kindness is not being human
her mom says the ad in the paper is too much
her dad says the guy saved his daughter’s life by piggybacking her down the hill
J says cuz he piggybacked her – she was a lot less cold-and less scared
another flashback
J is at the movie theater waiting for IJ
IJ cancels cuz she forgot she had to go on a blind date today
J reminds her IJ was the one who offered to make it up to her by taking her to the movies and stuff for the incident in the mountain
Ij says then she will cancel the date
but J says the date is more imp than the  movie
she gets up and says :are you kidding right now?
at the same time M does
next to her M is on the phone with his back to her saying into the phone:
how can a man watch a movie alone
J remembers his voice
she tells IJ to have a good blind date and hangs up and gets close to him
she notices his scar from rescuing her
she asks if he remembers saving her
end flashback
Y/J says sorry to M saying -sorry for giving you this pain after you saved me like that and loved me
she remembers her pendant and looks thru the door again
she asks why he isnt crying
he must have cried so much yesterday so he doesnt have any left
a nurse comes over and Y/J lies that she was looking for some place
the nurse sees the bruise and tells her the to go to the first floor for treatment
Y/J gets treatment for her bruise
she buys shampoo and lipgloss
she spends $29
she stares at the bakery where her friend works
asking for the manager
the girl says the manager isnt coming in today
J’s short haired friend -P is trying to get IJ to get out of bed
she said she made porridge for IJ
since J’s dad is in that state so at least IJ needs to go into work
IJ is still sad about J and cries but gets up saying: I should
she keeps crying so P yells out :did J die?
IJ says she didnt even imagine J would end up like that
P tells her that IJ needs to help J’s parents and take care of them
and stay by J’s bedside
Y/J listens at the door wondering if they are at home and where they all are
she guesses they are at H’s place and goes
H is gripping some chain thing with his eyes closed
H is suppose to be in high school
(but boy does he look silly wearing a school uniform- guess the director thought sticking a ski cap on your head shaves 10yrs off your age)
H fights with some other boys who he doesnt even know
J comes on a bike blowing on a whistle
(her hair is in pigtails – not sure if it is making her look any younger but she def looks silly cuz who wore pigtails in high school-on top of that – she is wearing sweat pants under her skirt )
she breaks up the fight and the guys say they need to go cuz if she catches them they will get in trouble with their dads
they go away on their bikes
she goes up to H asksing if he was ok- he must have been alarmed by those guys
he asks who she is
J mutters that she told them not to bully weaker kids but they wont listen
H gets insulted by the weak kid comment
she says cuz he is from seoul – he doesnt know but he cant win against country kids like her so he needs to be careful
H gets mad for her interfering
she says she learned from her dad to take the weak person’s side and help them out
and brags that she is first at some kind of self defense training so that is why those kids avoided her
he walks off telling her not to interfere next time or she is dead but she asks his help in getting her bike back
end flashback
H bangs his head on the counter
he goes down and slaps a waiter on the side of his head
for calling him the owner/president
cuz H had told him not to call him that and calls the guys a lot of mean names
then he gripes about other stupid stuff
then he goes after the chef asking why the guy is staring at H
Y/Jruns in and he walks past her
she was looking for her girlfriends and doesnt see them
the waitress asks how many are coming and tells her to sit and wait
Y/J was going to leave but she smells the food and her stomach growls
so she has some pasta
the wait staff comment on how much she eats
the only thing she leaves in her bowl is a basil leaf
she says : now I can live
she is tired and sleepy
she only has $4 left
waitress says eating without money means she is acting criminal
Y/J contests that and the waitress says should we call the police and ask
Y/J  says not to do that and promises to work and pay off her meal
the waitress says :who says?
Y/J: the owner I guess
H is listening in on this conversation
Y/J: I was so hungry and I cant put up with being hungry so didnt think
about the money and ate- and it really wasnt on purpose
chef walks over and says the owner said for her to just go
Y/J walks out thinking that H has a good side
she promises not to forget this favor when she goes back
she realizes she has no money to get back
she remembers how S said she had to earn her own money
she looks thru the want ads
she thinks there is nothing she can do
she goes back to H
and asks for a part time job
then she can pay him back for the meal too
he says he doesnt need any workers and she doesnt have to pay him back
she says she knows that and brags about where she graduated and how she studied hotel management (or something) and worked at seoul hotel for 2 yrs
he repeats he doesnt need any workers
Y/J says she is in a situation where she really needs to work here
H: this is a situation where I dont need any more staff so do you want to work for free
she says she cant work for free
she chases him out and asks to let her work for just 48 days
he thinks she is kidding
Y/J: just think of it as saving a person’s life
wait – it doesnt have to be 48 days- even a week is ok
cant I work for just a week then?
she makes up some excuse
he notices her fidgeting with her fingers
then sees her dirty shoes and bruised face
and gives her $200 in check – in place of the job
he asks if she is hesitating taking it cuz she wants more
she refuses the money saying her dad told her never to accept money for free
(she yelled that out using a mixture of formal and informal language cuz she started out with informal but last syllable ended with formal)
she walks off muttering H is awful like that but a waiter calls her back
Y/J goes back up and asks “why?” when she sees H
H: your name
Y/J: what?
H: what is your name?
she gives Y’s name
H: from 11am to midnight- hourly pay is $4
when you come tm bring your resume
she is happy and thanks him
she asks to borrow $2 for transportation fee
she gets on the bus and falls asleep
she walks to Y’s place muttering why Y’s health condition is like this – like she never exercised
she is exhausted
she wonders where to hide the shampoo she bought
she finds decent clothes and stuff in a box and is happy and hides her shampoo in there
she is sleepy and changes back into what she had been wearing
as soon as she lies down-J’s body is ejected
J watches Y sleep
and goes to her corner tired but suddenly she isnt tired at all
it is 8:40 she wonders what to do
J cant open the door
she wonders what to do cuz she wants to go out
S is at a rock concert dancing
he gets a major vibrating sensation like electricity running thru his whole body
when J calls asking for him to save her
she is holding onto the cell phone pressing the skull wondering
why it is taking him over 3 mins but he still isnt there
is he on his bike taking a break
he is there suddenly and startles her cuz his reflection appeared on the phone
S: what’s going on? he looks around
he asks why she called
she says to ask him to open the door
he cant believe she called him for that and replies sarcastically
S: no way you interrupted my precious personal time to open just a mere door-I’m wanting to believe you didnt do that
J: to me it is an emergency
i have to go out but i cant open the door
S: you didnt know you couldnt open doors? you didnt know you cant touch!
J: how can this happen? i am a spirit now
I should be able to walk thry doors or walls
why am I like this?
he says she isnt totally dead yet so she isnt a spirit yet
she points out that M walked thru her
S explains from the humans in her neighborhood’s point of view-she is considered dead -that is why
you cant understand that? is that too hard?
J: no – now that i heard that- it seems right
what you said is correct
S repeats what he said earlier about her
he looks over at Y sleeping
J points out how Y doesnt look so good as she sleeps
Y stirs in her sleep
J is afraid Y is waking up
S: since your body came out she is back to her usual condition
J grabs his arm and asks him to hurry and leave with her cuz she doesnt want to be here with Y when Y wakes up
S pulls his arm away and tells her again that a scheduler doesnt get involved with human stuff
and how J as someone borrowing the host body for 49 days has to adjust to life with a host
S disappears
she calls out “ya”
he reappears
S: i am not going to help you so dont look for me or call me -also- dont page me
he is gone again
she thinks he is cold
Y wakes up
she watches Y make noodles
Y changes clothes and goes out
it looks like the same outfit
J follows her out and tags along
she watches Y from across the street
J gets on her own bus for free and likes this one thing about being a spirit
* this is the brown eyed soul song ppl are talking about that is playing here
lyrics are “i can erase it – i can forget it-no matter how much i think about it – the tears- you didnt say anything – since you left-   it’s ok if you come back-it’s ok if you come back-  i love you still – please – please-nothing happened-nothing happened- if after this night you wake up-you’ll come back again”
she goes to the hospital
M is still there standing by the window looking out
J:oppa – is this really me?
she tells him she is scared to see herself like this
he turns around to go back to her bedside
she blocks his eyes and tells him not to look at her
whatever feelings he has for her will diminish
he says: J-what should i do?
J: cry for me
it was just one day today but it was too long
you give me one teardrop first
and tell IJ and P to hurry and think of me and cry
dont hold it in
the guy who rescued Y comes to the convience store
Y says welcome and he asks for a pack of cigs
he slides across $2.50 before she even says how much it is
he asks if Y feels ok-is she dizzy or feeling unwell
if her head hurts she should make sure to go to the hospital
Y remembers how he saved her
she asks who he is
he says : you dont know me? for 6 weeks -at this same time every day- I came to buy cigs
she asks how much was the hospital fee and hands over $20
the rest she promises to pay back tm
he says he paid for cab too
she said she will pay him back tm -also next time dont interfere
so he says he will come back tm with the receipt
J crouches outside waiting for Y to come home (she must be freezing in that flimsy dress)
mr park’s voice announces 47 days 3 hrs and 29 mins are left
when Y goes in to sleep
J washes up and goes thru the box for a hair dryer
she borrows better clothes
H and his staff are surprised to see such a change in appearance
girl asks if Yis the younger sister of the girl from yesterday
Y/J: no – Y doesnt have a sister
H asks if she brought her resume
she hands it over
Y/J starts her job
she spills drinks and drops things-really clumsy-she keeps saying sorry to customers
she dropped a knife and wiped it on her apron to give it back to the customer
H and his staff look on in horror
J’s mom is throwing a fit-at her husband
she asks how could this happen-what sin did her daughter commit?
what did she do that was so wrong for something like this to happen to her
the dad tells her to calm down
she gets mad at her husband -saying what were you doing while J was like that
you are her father-what were you doing?
the dad apologizes
mom: why did she have to have an accident there?
she mentions how J was scheduled to have a massage at another location so why was J at that highway and got into that accident
M hears this and he looks alarmed to hear it
she wonders if this girl is not her daughter
how could her daughter look like that
she says her daughter doesnt look like this (WT freak kinda reaction is that for a mom)
she says this girl is not her J
IJ and P take care of J’s mom
P tells her that if the mom doesnt at least eat one bowl they will get in trouble with J’s dad
IJ goes into J’s room
she looks at pics of her and J
she turns and sees the wedding dress
she holds it and cries
her dad yells at M to go
cuz now M is starting to smell cuz he hasnt washed and was wearing the same clothes
M says he will go and shower and come back
her dad tells him to rest, change clothes, eat, and go to work cuz her dad is going to stay here for now
Y/J is falling asleep wiping the table so the chef asks H if he should let her off from work
M walks in so Y/J pops up to greet him
she asks if M wants to eat cuz he looks like someone who hasnt eaten
H sits with M and asks how he left the hospital
M asks for strong alcohol to drink
H worries cuz M hasnt eaten
M asks for it anyway
when H gets up to go get it, Y/J pops up and asks if she should get him some potatoe something
(guess it is something he likes so he looks up)
she introduces herself to M saying she just started yesterday
M says thanks for taking care of him but he wants to be alone now
Y/J looks concerned at M while he drinks a lot saying he doesnt need to do that
H watches her watching M and looks annoyed
M gets a call from I think IJ but he ignores it
Y/J brings M some milk
she tells him to drink it and that everything will work out
H gets up and tells the chef to let Y/J leave work for tonight
M says to H that J cant end up like this -this cant happen
H reassures him saying everything will be ok
M says this cant happen
Y/J is waiting outside
H and the driver bring M out who is too drunk to walk on his own
as H tries to put M in the car, M almost falls so
Y/J runs over and tries to help M get in
but H brushes her aside
they glare at each other sort of-him at her for helping and her at him for not letting her
H is about to tell the driver to take care of M
but she sticks her head in the car and says it
he asks what she is doing
that was my friend’s fiance-are you interested in him?
she says she was just  trying to be friendly to the customer
H: so you wait an hour outside?
she looks at the time -she has 40mins to get home
he tells her from tm on….
but she runs off yelling she is late
she has 5 mins left to change put away everything she wore when she arrives at Y’s home
then one minute
she changes and lies down and it is midnight
M goes home and stares at pic of J
he drops it and it breaks as he collapses on the couch
H goes to the hospital
he walks over to J’s bed and says something sarcastic about how good she looks now
when she is usally busy bragging
he said it cuz she is hooked up to oxygen and stuff
he takes out a vase and one pink rose
he leaves just as J runs in
she doesnt see H leave cuz she is happy to see the door open so she can run in
she looks at her dad
she says who is old fashioned enough to stay by someone’s bedside
her dad’s head is crooked as he sleeps so she tries to support his head but cant touch him
she tries to hold his hand
she tells him to wait a few weeks
M, IJ, and P – there is no way they wont cry
but ppl dont cry as much as I thought
I thought ppl would cry all day thinking of me
she holds the teardrop pendant
her dad wakes up and looks at the monitor that keeps track of vitals
she notices the pink rose
at work Y/J tries to copy how someone else pours water and ends up spilling next to the customer
H gets up and cleans it apologizing to the customer as H wipes the guy’s leg first and then the table
H gives her a dirty look and drags her away but she wont go
he teaches her how to do it right-pouring water
setting the table and stuff
she claps that he does well and asks how he can do it so well
H says he learned it just from part time jobs
he says he didnt major in hotel management
she says that she went thru some tough times so she wasnt paying attention
H: what did you go thru that was so hard that it made you forget how to pour water?
Y/J: it’s not just that – it was cuz I took such a long break
and I am not that bright so I guess I forgot a lot
he asks if she really worked at a hotel
she says that is right
H: no i dont think so- you are someone who never even held a tray
Y/J: that – that – that is cuz I was in a car accident
I had some memory loss
H: you lost memory?
Y/J: selective memory loss
there are certain memory loss from the trauma of the accident
if you look it up on the internet
it comes out a lot in dramas
H orders her to go right now and get proof she worked at seoul hotel
if you dont want to – just quit
Y/J: i’ll go get it
H:within the hour
Y/J: how can I go to Seoul hotel and come back in an hour?
H: take a cab
she says she doesnt have money for a cab
H takes out his wallet
for working yesterday for 12 hrs and 20mins -including today for 30mins
here – $52
H calls out for a stopwatch from the other waiter
she says :wait a second -wait a second
as she tries to quickly take her apron off and run out
he shakes his head at her
she goes to seoul hotel to get proof she worked there
someone recognizes her
Y bows to her
the woman asks why Y is like that -treating her like someone she doesnt know
Y/J wonders why Y is living like a ghost when she worked here at such a big hotel
she watches the waitstaff-how they carry drinks and serve them
and sees M walk by
she follows him and wonders where he is going
she walks over to the elevator he got on and reads the directory
she wonders if he is going to a restaurant
but she sees that he has already passed the 10th floor but restaurants are on the 5th
IJ comes over and stands next to her
and she almost calls out her name
Y/J notices that M is going to the 18th floor – it is for rooms
she follows IJ up the elevator
Y/J presses 20
IJ presses 18 too
Y/J follows IJ
M comes out looking around and takes IJ’s hand and goes in with her
Y/J cant believe it-she walks down the hall to their room in a daze
Y/J stands outside their room and asks herself -how could this happen
flashback to J choosing a bridesmaid dress for IJ and asking the salesclerk for permission to wear the bridesmaid dress out and come back
when her car stops at a light
she spots M in the car with IJ
and M kissing IJ’s hand and holding her close
in the car – she cries and mutters :this is ridiculous-she repeats to herself that she saw it wrong-and that this cant be happening
she remembers M asking her to go to some place for an outing and heads there
as she drives she keeps saying: that cant be happening-does this make sense-
SJH-what are you doing right now?
how could you do this terrible thing (suspecting them)
it is M and IJ
she says it is better to ask them directly
she dropped her phone so she took off her seatbelt and reached down  for it
she had been dialing when she saw the guy on the bike and swerved to miss him
Y/J remembers all that and falls to the floor outside their hotel room
she sits there crying and shaking
Y/J says about H- if I lose you too- I am really alone
M says that thankfully J’s dad cant pay any attention to the land  problem so i have to find it
Y/J asks S accusingly – you knew all along- why i got into that accident -you knew!
S says he has no interest in that
Y/J: now what do I do?
S: 49 days is not that long of a time
M asks Y/J is she remembers him and she replies coldly-do i need to remember?
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    OMG i think i will love J/Y character !!!!


  6. Tari says:

    Nice to know the rules that we’ve questioned on the first episode. So J only gets to borrow Y’s body while she’s sleeping, it’s gonna be interesting. I’m also excited about this Softy. Nice to know that you like it too.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      you have no idea how much I love doing this- after all those slow boring episodes of Midas- this is like a breath of fresh air. I am in trouble cuz now this is all I want to do- I swear if this was on five days a week- I would gladly do it with a smile 🙂


  7. blue says:

    Softy, I’m with you on this one. I think I found my new crack drama!


  8. toohearts says:

    I really enjoyed reading your transcap! As the story evolves, it is like a magnet and I am hooked already!!! There are so many questions in my head that I want them answered, but I know patience is the way to go… Looking forward to next week’s episode!! Thank you, Softy!! ^^


  9. Anvesha says:

    Interesting story!!! And how much I wish Jung Il Woo was one of the leads!

    Wait. Chun hee really married her?? Wow.. I loved the couple.. She is pretty 🙂 good luck to them!


  10. kcomments says:

    Ahem…Softy, first time comment here, really appreciate what you’ve done for us -Kdrama lovers. Haven’t seen the vids yet, only checked on the recaps, all I could say is Reaper…Reaper Boy, aww yeah!

    Not in the mood to get addicted just yet, will wait and see and might marathon it later^^


    • Softy says:

      Hey – glad you dropped by 🙂 I could never wait that long – just waiting a week is killing me. I don’t mind marathoning dramas I never knew about, but when I know it is this great right now – I have to jump in. Part of the fun of drama viewing is enjoying it with so many ppl – the fervor and love for the drama just enhances the exp so much more. I love when everyone gushes about an episode or just reacts to certain events – having different views and insights and sharing them makes it so much more fun.
      Btw – my skks directors cut should be coming soon – remember how much fun we had then? 🙂


  11. atriniriggie says:

    You been pinched !!!!!
    Now pinch me back because I feel the same way you do about this drama…..
    I’m thanking you and the drama gods for taking me away for a brief moment 2 days a week from my crazy, always busy life to enjoy this hopefully great drama…. thank you drama gods and thank you too


  12. Jewels says:


    I thanks so much for the transcap. I just finish watching episodes 1 and 2, and I totally agree with you! LOVE THIS DRAMA. I love the concept, the beginning reminded me of Ghost, and visions of Patrick Swazye flashed through my head (may he rest in peace). Then I had visions of the drama “Who are You” which I really enjoyed watching. We are only on the second episode, and we already have the premise of her distraction while in the car that lead to her accident, which shocked me, and I did not expect that. I hope what we saw at the end of episode #2 is not what I imagined.

    Can’t wait to see where this drama takes us. So far….. so good.

    P.S I just concluded a marathon run of the TW drama “Sunny Happiness” …OMG that drama was SO good, it kept me captivated. It was an absolutely beautifully done drama and the story was fantastic. When I concluded watching SH, I already made up my mine to re-watch it just because it was…. THAT GOOD!


  13. Keera says:

    Thankss! Today I just start this and I´m definally in love! The story is diferent and funny! Remember me something between Gumiho and Secret Garden ♥

    Waiting for wednesday!


  14. ajjahh says:

    it’s TODAY !!! epside 3 and i’m waiting it like crazy……… *sigh


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