SG “Taxi” & Live “Transcap” of the Special

I am done with most of it, but still not clear how to explain the NGs so people will get why it was funny. It would take too long to set up each scene and explain so I only added a few explanations here and there. As for the SG special overall, my take on it was that it wasn’t that disappointing. Listening to all the actors, I was glad I watched this and I think it was worth a read if you are a die hard SG fan. For those who were always on the fence, there isn’t a special out there that would fill the void of missing this drama or wanting more answers to questions that can’t be asked anymore.
In a way, posting the “taxi” interview with this was a good idea cuz HB covers a lot of extra info about SG too so reading both makes this whole SG experience more complete I think.
To be fair, they barely had time to put the special together and I guess I was just too grateful they had one cuz I think all great dramas should have them when they finish airing. If they only had one for SKKS or MGIAG, I would have been in heaven. My SKKS director’s cut dvd is on its way so maybe I can share some of the interviews and specials from that too since no one ever bothers to sub those. They didnt sub the YAB interviews and they were really great and so worth sharing.
I decided to translate the “taxi” interview cuz it is soooooo fun and then do the special later on when it airs. I was only going to translate the good parts of the taxi interview, but I liked everything he said
so this is the full version of part one
Part Two airs next week
Some background info first. HB is really close with Jang Dong Gun and the taxi driver guy is best friends with Jang Dong Gun too so HB and this guy know each other well. That is why HB acts so familiar around this “hyung (older brother).”
also there are 3 people talking so I am going to focus on HB and whoever is asking the question and ignoring any other side comments unless it is interesting.
I don’t know the two hosts names -*just found out the woman’s name is Young but since I left it out thru this whole thing I am too lazy to insert it-still dont know the guy’s name.
The woman who is wearing the tracksuit jokes that either HB will laugh or spit on her when he sees her in the tracksuit. The woman and the driver both count down to meeting him as they drive up to HB who has been waiting on the street for them to pick him up.
As they pull up HB claps and the woman tells the guy to introduce her – as GRI. Once he sees her, HB laughs and she says the line HB says about the tracksuit and how it is made and stuff and she ends with it’s cold (to wear it) but he says his was warm (to wear). The difference was hers is a fake and his was real so he had lining but she doesnt. She explains how celebrities are wearing the tracksuits now and even a dog and she calls the dog over and he is wearing one blue shiny tracksuit too. HB picks up the dog to check out its suit.
The woman says she was worried they wouldnt be able to film with HB on the street cuz people would know him, but no one is recognizing him. Since it’s cold outside they ask if he has eaten yet (he hasn’t) and they usher him into the cab and tell him to ride up front cuz he will come out better on the camera. (HB looks like a kid who is a bit lost-so cute and adorable.)
Once they get in the guy keeps thanking HB over and over again. The woman makes a comment how HB is skinny so the cold should affect him more (she isn’t skinny). He says the cold gets to him esp. since he has not been well – he mentions how he went to a specialist today so she says even tho our audience wants to see you- let’s take him to the hospital right now. The driver kept going “really?” cuz he though she really wanted to- but she says she was joking. They all clap cuz she says HB really suffered a lot and did well on SG. She says how happy they were cuz of HB -KJW- how women who still havent married even at an old age (spinsters) dont like to go home on weekends cuz all they do is sleep. She asks HB to introduce himself and he asks which camera and she says out of the 3 he can move it or pick one up and put it close to his face if he wants and talk into it and if he likes one they can give it to him. HB starts talking about how much love he received -that he spent a happy few months cuz of the audience-he doesnt know how to return it all- even tho he has to leave us for a while -during that time he will become more strong- he will pile on more (? experience?) and return with a more cool image to pay back the love he is getting now.
She says to HB that they are going to ask questions so if there is one he doesnt want to answer, he should do this-give each other this signal – for example she asks the driver -you are married now so if a more pretty woman than your wife appears and makes you falter  -he starts chanting “kimsuhan”
HB starts to laugh and she finishes saying if you say that then I will know you dont want to answer and move on to the next question. She says she will start now and asks “when you go to a sauna…” and HB immediately starts “kimsuhan”. Then she asks “the best kiss…” and he says again “kimsuhan”
and then she says “the woman you are dating now” and HB does not hesitate and says “I have one” and she is alarmed saying he was suppose to say “kimsuhan” and he asks “why”-the driver says “a lot of people know that is true” and she explains HB’s manager sent her a text saying “dont say it like that so” that puts us in a difficult situation so HB says: in that case “kimsuhan” and they all laugh.
HB says it was hard filming cuz there was a time when he stayed up for 5 days straight and it has caught up to him and he still has scheduled things and there is no end it it. She asks what schedule – like does HJW ask you to keep meeting her and he says no he has to film for ads and do narration for that africa thing and the two movies he made before SG -he names those two movies- and he says one starts 2-24 so he will be busy promoting those two movies – she interrupts saying people are looking forward to that film he made with the chinese actress after SG ended) – he goes on and says how packed every day is cuz he has to do all that before he leaves. she says even tho it is all over – can I ask some questions I wanted to ask personally (like she wanted to know this ) while I watched it -and he says she can (OMG they drove right past the galleria while they were filming this part)
she says people went crazy over the ending-when everyone went to jejudo and went on the bike race – after GRI screamed -I thought something had happened but they just overlooked it-so at that point I was curious – “at that time she died-this is GRI’s imagination” I thought of it like that so can I ask? HB says “of course you can ask- what we thought when we acted was that she wasnt dead –that situation was made so that we would go there to that place – it was to go into the situation the father wanted us to go into – it was for that purpose. She says “oh so that is what that was – even tho we all saw the happy ending-as an actor did you like it?” HB used a word I dont know but I think he said the ending was the best that it could be or something cuz so many people speculated about it and that the script writer went thru a lot and had a hard time so he clapped for her to say she did a good job.
She says she spoke to the writer this morning so if HJW heard this HJW would be sad-the writer said that KJW – that character was too much to bear but because HB played him the character was loveable and the fact that Hb was going to the Marines was a good thing cuz the writer’s first love went to the Marines too and that 7 yrs ago and HB met the writer Hb had told her that he would be going to the Marines.HB says he doesnt remember that far back but she said it came out in the papers too. the driver says Hb said that a long time ago and Hb agrees that for a long time he considered at one point the airforce (I guessed from the uniform they showed) and the police academy and if he didnt become an actor he would have gone to 707 (Major terror mission control elite unit, unit 707)
She says since HB had to go see a specialist for his health condition and he is a man – as a woman HJW must have been hospitalized then. HB says this is embarrassing but he apologizes his body is like this right now -and the driver said HB’s weak health condition would be a problem if it interfered with filming but the drama has ended so why does it make a difference now if HB gets some treatments for energy-but HB says this program is what the audience is watching so in front of the camera he has to work so showing this side of him is his mistake and fault and he asks everyone to understand. The driver taps HB and says dont think that way and the woman says if you got married early-you wouldnt be going thru this right now (both guys laugh) she continues not to some skinny girl like GRI but to someone chubby (she names two chubby celebrities)  someone who will stay home and just take care of her husband and make him some warm food – then she looks at HB says “who cooks for you?does your mom make it for you now”. HB says these days his mom does but there was hardly a time when he ate at home cuz he ate on location or at the filming site -she complains that the food managers give is obvious cuz managers take out all the meat and good stuff and feed the rest to the actors and HB laughs a lot at that.
The driver says your parents must be happy -even tho they have always been-and she adds parents are happy cuz you received a lot of love and you acted well but I bet they were surprised when you acted as a girl -the driver says he tried it so it isnt easy -then he says to HB “you remember talking with me (when you were acting like a girl) and I said to him (HB) – “you’re a girl huh?” and she asks cuz he did it so well?  the driver says HB sounded just like a girl. he asks HB “have you acted as a girl before?” HB says he didnt then changes his answer to yes when I was in kodonghackyo -freshman year when I was in a drama so it wasnt a big deal then. The driver asks what it felt like to act like a girl. HB says it was really hard -acting as the other gender- I thought it would be hard -even when I was doing the reading I didnt feel it  -but when I stood in front of the camera to act -the more I acted the harder it got
The woman in the back says “you think just anyone can be a woman?”
HB-the way women act and speak-I felt that they are always careful and putting a lot of attention-she asks “women are uncomfortable huh?” and HB says it seems like it -like there would be a lot more discomfort than a guy-the woman says like when they laugh they have to cover their mouths-she asks to act like a woman – is there anything you studied in particular? HB replies that he watched HJW as GRI a lot -even when they stood in front of the camera together or between scenes and tried to capture GRI’s experssions and behavior.
then they talk about the driver and when he acted as a woman – in some movie with lee jung jae-
then she asks when men act like women there is something they find the most difficult to do and HB says for him it was to bring his knees up to his chest and hug it ( like the way he sat on the bench in the jejudo scene). she points out that he did it tho and he said he had to so somehow he did it. she asks if his legs are thin -more than hers-and he says his would probably be thicker (aww so sweet of him to lie) She points out that she can bring her knees up to her chest but the rest of her is more like a guy.
The driver says HB looks soft and gentle but his entire body is all muscle and brawn. She says then I’ll ask something inappropriate and asks HB to take his clothes off just once and HB looks out the window and says “kimsuhan”
The woman says she was surprised that HB could do gagman kind of acting like on the drama where he had the wig on with the huge mole on his face for tha damo scene. The driver says he wasnt surprised by that cuz when HB is hanging out with them – he does that and makes all the hyungs hold their stomach from laughing so hard. HB says when KJW did that in the damo scene – KJW did it to show for GRI’s sake, that he would do anything for her> the director said he wanted the first reaction from people to be laughter (when they showed KJW with the mole and wig) and so he went like that to the set with just the wig and mole and as soon as the director saw HB, the director said “should we take the mole off?” cuz it was too much. So HB said “if you want laughter -leaving it on would be better” so they shot it like that. But for HB the funniest part was when he has to watch GRI do the fight scene and his voice narrates while he watches her. The scene was suppose to be beautiful to him but when he saw himself on the screen with the narration he thought it looked odd.
the woman interrupts to ask HB to say “you are doing a good job” to the traffic cop in front of them since HB is going to the army and stuff. The cop leans in and shakes HB’s hand but he also shakes her hand and she says to HB – “even tho you are popular-to a man- there is only a woman”
They talk about how since he was in the car like this – this would be the only time he would be able to shake that officer’s hand and say hello.
She asks which one is HB’s favorite gag man and HB says she is and she is flattered that he remembers a show she was on and the act she typically performed on that show since HB is 30rs old now and he wouldve been young when she performed it. Their age gap is 15yrs she figures out. Then she asks which make male gag man he likes and he says he cant think of one cuz he has no interest in men.
Next she asks about HB’s kiss scene with oska. The driver said he has kissed a guy too and they show that scene. She asks HB how he felt when he got to script for that kiss scene. Hb says he didnt react at all. “was it cuz you were playing GRI?” HB says that was it too, but it wasnt a kiss where there had to be some kind of feeling/emotion so it was a kiss born out of an accident so he didnt worry in particular and even when he was filming it -he was comfortable -and the woman sneaks in – “more than with GRI?” (meaning HB should be more uncomfortable with GRI cuz she is a girl) and HB doesnt even think and says “yes” and she is laughing but both men say “because GRI is comfortable”. The driver asks who was more comfortable- oska or GRI and HB says GRI.  She tries again and asks how he felt when he kissed oska. HB says he didnt feel anything so she says then that means the opposite would be you felt something for HJW and he says that wasnt it. “what I wanted to say was when a female actress and a male actor kiss -before we shoot that scene – there is this awkward feeling- but in that scene with oska there wasnt any of that. Our lips met and we laughed and played and did another take – and so it was comfortable for that reason. She asks how oska felt and Hb says he felt the same way as me.
she says “he said he didnt feel anything at all” and HB says “yes-he said it was too comfortable”
They are almost at their deistination but she wants to ask a question she has been saving up this whole time and it is the bra scene. HB says he learned to put it on on the set.she asks who taught it to him. the staff women around him taught it to him. after he put it on, he pulled the straps once (and made that sound) and everyone laughed immediately and there was a NG. (the last thing they laughed over I cant hear what they are saying clearly)
before they get out of the car-she says I heard actors have a hard time letting go of the character they played for a few months after and she say we do that too -we are still immersed in that character-so we are asking these questions to make it last a little bit longer-you understand that right? for that we will buy dinner. They get out of the car.
As they go up the stairs she keeps talking about the tracksuit and she asks if his had lining and he says again that he did so he was hot when he wore his and right now she is freezing cuz she doesnt have any lining.
Inside the restaurant she said people are saying about the tracksuit that 
1) Italian craftsmen made it
2) that it is a designer brand and costs over $1000 o
3) that HB’s stylist made it by hand. HB confirms his stylist made it.
HB motions to her to sit like a gentleman and she says that if she was thinking of her gags in the 80s or 90s she would sit on his lap and she pretends to which makes HB laugh a lot and he says “if you had done that I would have stood up immediately.”  
The guy says he feels bad cuz now that he is looking at HB he can see that Hb doesnt look well-that he lost too much weight. Hb says he is ok and that he lost weight on purpose for the role-he lost 8kg so now he is less than 72kg cuz he lost more weight since then. The guy says he saw HB in between filming and he told HB to stop losing weight cuz he looked like he could use his chin to pick up fruit. The woman stands and asks for fruit so they can use HB’s chin to try to pick up fruit.
she asks again if the tracksuit was scripted but it wasnt-there was an explanation so the stylist made it from that. The director wanted something that stood out as soon as you saw it-it looks funny but if you find out about it- it’s really expensive and has quality. They talk about the various tracksuits that came out during the drama. All of them were created from the stylist’s imagination. She says that even tho KJW was suppose to be a chaebol-what made him loveable was the way he thought like an average person- cuz no chaebol would go around showing people the label. She asks if he ever tried to show off a label on his clothes and he says he hasnt. then she asks what he thought was the best brand item he owned and he mentioned a pair of Nikes -the sneakers Michael Jordan wore. She apologizes cuz she didnt phrase her question the right way. The driver guy laughs and says he has never seen this side of her before cuz her questions for HB are failing -then there is korean on the screen in slow motion -and OMG I have never seen HB laugh like that before- dimples come out from everywhere on his face.
 the next question is about KJW’s home and HB says out of the many buildings his house was just one of them and the one next door was oska’s and the interior is the way it looks now. she says a lot of people would go look at it and he says normally no one is allowed into the area but once in a while people would find a way to sneak in. she says even tho it is a filming location -did Hb like it personally. HB says what he liked was that it was spacious and not confining (and because she didnt go and interfere)  but on the flip side because of all the reflections it was hard to film cuz they have to get rid of those and the ceiling was two or three times higher as the place they are in now so everything they said it would echo or vapor would come out of their mouths. Hb says vapor came out more at oska’s house cuz it was newly built and not at KJW’s house.
she asks what HB’s real house is like – she wants to know and she knows a lot of viewers are curious too so she is asking this -even though HB might feel like he wants to pull his hair out -she is asking tho she feels like giving blood and selling it (that is how much she feels bad for asking I think)- and the driver says there are 8 cameras and none of them are on him(they are all aimed at HB) and now finally one is on me. she asks again about his house and he says it is an average house-she asks if he lives with his parents or alone and he says right now we live together -but before he lived alone. he says it’s been a while now – since he was in college-so he lived alone for a long time for 8-9 yrs. she asked if he cooked by himself and he says yes.what is your best dish that you can make? HB says fried rice and the driver echoes that HB cooks well. HB: when i was young when my mom didnt have much time the quickest thing she could make was fried rice so from a young age – he watched how it got made and got good and it wasnt hard to make it tasty – as long as the kimchi was tasty-kimci fried rice turned out well.
she says she interviewed people for 20yrs but this is the first time she worried that her breath smells with HB and he laughs and she gets up to go gargle but HB grabs her hand to stop her
she cleans her teeth at the table with the cloth napkin
HB says for vegetable fried rice he puts in a lot of paprika-have assorted vegetables in different colors and butter is needed first-then stir vegetables into it after it has been cut and add rice to it and then a little bit of salt. they pretend they are tasting it and she asks him to feed her and she pretends to put the  whole thing into her mouth. You can see HB holding hands with her again.
the guy says he knows that HB likes music and HB can sing well so he asks “what happened”
HB laughs and says he is ashamed-the guy says he heard that after HB recorded it he went back late at night alone  to redo it cuz he didnt like it
HB: if no one knew that song I wouldnt have done that
so I didnt want to offend anyone
since it wasnt my song originally
she asks about his personaility how he doesnt like to make things difficult for people
he says he doesnt like regret
so when people first worked with him – all his assistants got tired a lot cuz of him cuz Hb checks each and every thing
the guy says Hb is the youngest but he doesnt act like the youngest
 so all the hyungs (meaning him and jang dong gun and other hyungs HB hangs out with)
think Hb is [in korean he said “kid who seems old” and in english it is] “an old soul” 
she asks how he sees himself -if he has that side
HB says he didnt do things he should have at a certain age
she asks for him to give an example”my friends have done this but I havent”
HB says he hasnt been to a club
she says not even once?
HB says he did once but it was a place where everyone gathered together so he went in for a minute and came back out
so he doesnt have a time when he thought “i should go to a club and play” and actually do it-not even once and nightclub…..
he never got to finish his sentence cuz she got up and slapped the young waitress hand while she was pouring water and sais “why are you wearing such a short skirt and going back and forth in front of HB?” and HB smiles and stares at the waitress (wow lucky waitress)
she asked HB if he noticed it and he said he didnt
he just now noticed cuz she pointed it out
she tells him to look again
she accuses him of noticing saying while she was staring at him his eyes seem to go back and forth  
HB says he was busy talking and asks for the cameraman to rewind the tape and HB says again he didnt
she asked for hot water for HB and he thanks her
she says “noona knows what a man or Joo Won’s heart feels so think of her like a mom”
the driver gives her a small plate of salad and she says they should give it to Hb first and he should take some first and she then she takes the WHOLE plate (HB got like two pieces of lettuce only)
while they are eating HB says he likes eric clapton’s tears in heaven
the driver guy corrects her cuz she had guessed hey jude a beatle’s song as eric clapton’s so she gets upset at him and says do you have to say stuff like this in front of HB? that she wanted to look good in front of him and the driver laughs and says “you wanted to look good but you took all that (salad)?”
she says she wants to speak honestly -if you have someone you love on the side and a pretty woman passes by isnt it natural for men to stare at her -have you never done that? HB says it’s different from person to person
then she asks bluntly: then what is the reason why you keep looking at me? are you trying to have it your way?
HB says he was taught to look into someone’s eyes when he talks to them
she says”that’s why you’ve been looking at me-it wasnt cuz you were drawn to me?”
the driver says “you misunderstood” and HB dies from trying to suppress his laughter
she keeps asking “not even a little”
and he says “there is a little bit that is different from what I thought-that he heard that she was a lot like a guy and stuff but what he saw was that she was very lady like “
she says every guy is different with their perceptions and HB says he saw that other side of her today.
a phone rings and she says “call came in”  in the same tone as “text came in” so both men correct her and said in the drama it was only “text came in” not “call came in”
the driver asks why she doesnt know this and I think she said she only saw the last episodes or highlights (not sure -what is “yong -ma-mee?”) and HB dies from laughter
There is a part two to this interview on 1-27
The SG special will be transcribed after the broadcast cuz they are talking too fast
and this isnt humanly possible
HJW and HB narrate their characters words to each other and switch it to the audience
R’s voice: I am telling you ahead of time
you are the first and last honored audience to receive
SG’s lead characters  KJW and GRI letter
I’ve never seen a more impressive audience than you –
we received the audiences love and lived in a magical world
what I saw I hope you saw too
if we can be together like that -if it is that much- let’s say we are together
the love you gave us was more than enough to move us
will miss you a lot
secret garden – dont forget us-not tomorrow or the day after
HB : for 109 days – living as KJW I was really happy
thank you for giving so much attention and love
like the LM -dont disppear too fast into bubbles – I hope it lasts forever
HJW: during that short time- (?) I fell in love deeply – I hurt a lot-I did all those things so I am still (?) 
oska: I didnt know it would turn out so well because it turned out so well and received so much love so thank you very much
seul: it’s been a long time since I did a drama so thank you for giving us so much love so thank you very much- why am I shaking so much?
during each line they showed clips from the drama to match the lines
Mr Park narrates at the LOEL dept store where I am director
There is a chaebol president that is not my style and his name is KJW
He was born to torture me and he is an evil president
and that president -there was a woman he fell in love with at first sight
her name is GRI
she has a refreshing high kick
he met his match
the president who always does his best
even with love he did his best
where did he learn to do such acts that elicit goosebumps
however there were some things you couldnt do in the name of love
starting from the action school director Lim J. S. who has been watching over R for a long time
to the cousin the hallyu star oska
jealousy emerged right away
however to the president and R – whether it was something to fear or be grateful for
a fate tied these two together
after drinking the liquor they got from the mysterious garden-the next day-surprise
then he narrates about the swap
and how KJW’s signature changed and he ended up the most hurt victim
cuz the signature he practiced so hard to copy had hearts at the end of it
the rain fell and they changed back again
and the president’s one sided love became deeper
but how there was strong opposition from jwm
then one day while filming a movie R was in an accident
and fell into a coma
and do you know what the best choice our president made was?
switching with R forever
KJW-is that really your best?are you sure?
their love moved the heavens
the rose liquor released the magic
and those two returned to their bodies and woke up
but fate kept playing with them
and our president’s memory went back to when he was 21yrs old
and R said “I dont care”
but our amazing president got back all his memories
and more scenes that cause goosebumps
they should have kept certain behavior hidden
anyway they had kids and lived happily
please dont forget director park
* this is a rough translation so please dont quote me anywhere
and no subbing this please
HJW: during the elevator scene I told HB that he was impressive/cool
I really wanted to save him
Seul: the scene i remembered the most was the xmas party kiss scene
jwm says when JW sent me flowers-it still affects me now
oska when HB went up from the sit up to face HJW-and the two of them staring  at each other -that was really cool
then the top 10 scenes-memorable ones
10-kiss scene with eyes
when JW and RI stare at each other lying on their sides when she was wearing the bumble bee hoodie
HB: we had more time to act – to talk –  so when we were shooting -it was really comfortable so our comfortable “eyes”came out on the show
9 seul’s sad confession scene 
seul admitting her love for oska during the MV scene in jejudo
she says it sounded like a song’s lyrics
so I was really greedy (to get it right)
someone asks was there a lot of NG’s (for that scene)
seul says very quietly “no”
and oska says “waaaa- she is too much-because of her – I stood there many times –
she did well but it just took a long time
8 for the  sake of the person he loves deciding to die  and oska crying over his younger brother scene
oska: HJW was asleep during that
I was standing over her crying
we went back and forth about 3 or 4 times to shoot that
she slept with her mouth open like this
HJW: while I was in a coma and lying down on the bed –
during almost all those scenes I slept
am I allowed to say this? since it was suppose to be a moving scene
when he said “come tomorrow come today ” to be honest -during that too – I slept 
also I will reveal one sleeping scene about HB
at the resort, while we were playing around there was a scene where he hugs me
so I looked up at him blinking – like I was falling for him -while I was acting that
I was falling for him- HB was next to me sleeping
7 HB’s showing his character’s claustrophobia elevator accident scene
HB: not too long ago, the director said after shooting the second elevator scene
you are the best actor for elevator phobia cuz as soon as I put you in one you act it out so well
6-when the two of them were making sure of each other’s feelings romantic party kiss scene
5-JW’s last love confession to R-in the car forehead scene
HJW:  the car from the back -them leaving -while holding her after saying he loves her
 that scene was the most poignant, sad, and beautiful i think
4 a prickly man’s sweet kiss-romantic foam kiss scene
JL : if I had one I could have done it well
seul: envious
TS: while I was watching the drama I was rooting for them
oska: they should have put some of those in for me I thought every night
Hb: the night before I stayed up all night and went to shoot that
we were both tired and in that condition we shot that
we forgot about it and didnt know so many people would react like that
for the audience a bonus scene -kiss scene highlight
jejudo kiss scene for JW and R
and oska and seul
and JW and oska
and forced kiss between JW and R and
when R kissed JW
and during their first night kiss
and sec kim and AY kiss
sec kim: when we shot that scene
it was strange but I asked HJW “in how many takes did you shoot?”
she said they did it on the first take but we did it a lot of times
AY: we did that kiss 28 times
HB: sec kim came and asked the writer ‘did you write this in cuz of my interview?” 
and the writer said “that was true” so I thought the writer sure is something else
oska: so that is how that scene came about? that sec kim is impressive-that kind of
thing he should have let me know too
sec kim: thank you for the xmas gift-to the writer
3  heart is broken and crying like crazy-  R’s sad [?]scene
when R tells jwm to take back what she said about R’s dad
2 JW’s touching farewell letter scene
when JW narrates his last letter to R and cries
Hb says they shot it a long time using the moving camera and kept circling the room with it
(to get all the angles) and he kept crying till they yelled “cut and ok”
it was cuz of the content of the letter-also cuz I wrote that letter myself-
and I felt everything 100%
1 made every korean’s heart beat -[?] confession scene
the sit up scene
 HJW: I felt more flutter (nervous excitement-when you feel like you are falling for someone) by that scene than kiss scene
HB: there was some nervous excitement and some fatigue cuz in reality-to shoot that -more than what was shown during the drama – I had to do a few hundred sit ups so it was hard
sec kim: that scene – even if you didnt see the drama or the screen-if you just imagined it on your own
it evokes nervous excitement -and you want to try it
AY: I watched it together while holding my breath- each time he sat up, I kept holding my breath while watching it
cupid said every guy there was all full of envy-even the people on the set
HJW was asked since when were you pretty so she answers
when I started being pretty was -can I say it with my own lips?
from birth 
(she laughs at herself and says)  I’m sorry
they show all the NG scenes
when she fed JW pig skin she fed him one that was too hot so NG
the rest you can tell why it is funny
when JW had to carry R out of the hospital bed
the first few times he did it without any problem but after a while he couldnt lift her
HJW: at that point it was the start so he said I was light and then later he said I was heavy
HB explains : when a person doesnt have energy left – it gets heavier
in that scene-R wasnt moving at all so it was heavy to lift her and carry her out
because of that she was heavy-but she wasnt heavy at all
in the scene where JW holds the hat up over cupid’s head
he makes cupid laugh by saying the hat suits him
NG parade
JW wasnt suppose to snap his bra straps after he put it on but he did so NG
during the scene where oska sings he repeated the lyric here I am in korean twice -back to back so that is why he slaps at the keys
in the scene where R’s heart is suppose to be hurting cuz of JW
HB was lying there kind of snoring with his mouth open so she points and laughs
and in the jejudo scene where they say to seul that it is a mistake HJW sort of spit into HB’s hand so she apologizes to him
dialogue NGs that feel like they went to hell
[I dont know how to explain their mistakes so it is funny
but they messed up words or mixed them up or slurred them or forgot them
or said something similar]
they ask who made the most NGs -oska won
HJW and sec kim said his name without hesitation
but phillip tries to cover for him saying he had a lot of long lines
and seul says he was loveable even when he made NGs
he really is – his mistakes and what he says after them are hilarious
then when phillip makes his mistake it was cuz he got confused he said
kiss scene NG’s
in the snow, during that kiss scene the director can be heard saying “roll” but Hb doesnt so NG and the narrator says not all kiss scenes can be sweet
oska and JW kiss scene
you can hear the director or someone telling them to turn a certain way and when the two guys go the wrong way the director says “the opposite direction”

they did a lot of takes
the narrator says “there is no end – how long are they going to do this?”
more NG’s cuz they added sounds or lines
they interview people for their fav lines
is this your best -are you sure
oska says he used it in real life when he went to a car wash that was owned by a younger person he knows and they forgot to clean a part so he said “is this your best” and he says as soon as those words came out kids burst out laughing
sec kim : is that your best? are you sure? then it must be your best so do it that way
stitch by stitch and all the variations
it was said whenever he thought of GRI, when he missed her
HB says he didnt know what kimsuhan was and he later
asked the director and he told HB
there is this way of talking so HB memorized it and used it
good leader of society
“text came in”
the director gave HJW options so she chose that one
in real life she says her phone is on vibrate
they cover some of oska’s funny lines
oska: when I got the script and had to act it out – i got goosebumps
SG awards
mr park over flowing charismatic voice
cupid gets for bringing JW and R together
sec kim-for crying so much or snapping back at JW
R’s dad  (he is in the new drama Duo)
sec kim wins the award
you’re really giving me this award?
when I went to the sbs daesang awards I touched the one other actors received
this is really mine right?
thank you for  being crazy enough to choose sec kim
even in the future I will continue to be crazy
speaking another language
phillip lee
seul and her crappy eng
JW speaking pretty good eng
oska speaking japanese
phillip wins
he doesnt know if he should accept since eng is comfortable for him
but he will accept it with gratitude
wonderful body line=HB
seul amazing S line
phillip lee shower scene (I forgot about it)
winner is seul
she says she learned that no matter what happens a woman has to protect
her appearance so thank you for honoring me with this award
no clue what this category is-i think for causing goosebumps
sec kim and AY couple for the aego she used to describe how cute she looks in uggs
HJW for the goosebumps she made with her aego
oska for his aego and dance
grandpa and his new wife for their goosebump romance
oska wins and he asks if this is a hidden camera and says thank you
Pak ji young
son ye jin
pak ji young wins
she says she was trembling cuz it was her first time
and oska praised her talent for doing so well her first time out
and thanks everyone on the set that day who supported her
and said she will return this honor( of winning) to them
a guy asks: HJW filmed a lot of great kiss scenes with a lot of
handsome actors so how much did she like it with HB-which ranking?
HJW says she cant believe a student asked this question-that it wont do.
HJW: this time around Hb made it very comfortable-in scenes where I am falling for him-I filmed it like I really was falling for him- I liked it
as for what the ranking is – it is a secret
another guy asks what she would do in a real situation where
she was going to marry a chaebol but the mother in law was like jwm
what would she do?
R says just thinking about it – her breath catches- it would be too difficult
in that situation- she repeats she would break up
someone asks if oska is an easy guy
oska smirks and says: oska seems like an easy guy from his
perspective but yoon (his real name) is not as easy guy 
another girl asks how similar oska is to his character
he said “*” was similar-cant say it was exactly the same-only that is similar 
I thought “*nung-gur-maht” meant getting old but I think it’s a word I dont know
some (crazy girl cuz who wants to hear this again?)
asked seul if she can speak eng well in real life and to show her one more time
seul smiles and wonders if she can remember the lines
and she says a few from the script (my poor ears)
she asks that they cut that part from the special
she says in real life she doesnt speak eng like that
she says it wasnt her pronunciation and gives examples
a girl asks if HB wears sparkly tracksuit in his normal life and he says he doesnt
he says it would be funny if he said it looked good
a kid asks HB to say something to KJW
HB: KJW – to Kim crazy tracksuit guy-you received a lot of love
I also want to praise you too
living for 4 months as KJW I was happy
and it was fun and also I think you will become a character
I can never forget for the rest of my life
so thank you very much
they show filming sets
seul gives a message to oska:
for the 3 months we were shooting the drama
that I got to film with such a cool oppa
it was really fun-oppa you did really well
and in the next project – dont make any NGs
oska gives a message to seul
because of oppa -you laughed a lot
and I feel sorry that you had to act (?)
take care of your body well and use your great body
and I hope you become a top actress-fighting
HJW’s message to HB
for doing this with me I’m very grateful
I was really happy and for a while
I think I will miss it
and because you are going to the marines
take care of your body
stay healthy
and come back well with
a more impressive look
I hope to see that 
come back healthy and safe
I always thought how grateful I was while filming
and even from now on I think I will be thankful
one of the reasons why I was able to make KJW character
it was complete cuz RI was next to him
all I can say is how grateful I am
thank you very much
Thank you for loving SG and for loving KJW so much
even tho it is late -have a happy new year
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45 comments on “SG “Taxi” & Live “Transcap” of the Special

  1. ck1Oz says:

    Major terror mission control elite unit, unit 707″.

    Hi softy.I just popped by after work and quickly skimming your recap before I downloaded the Taxi ep.

    How are you?My brain is mush from work all week and DH and MP.I don’t know how you do it.Just 2 episodes of a drama a week is enough for me.

    We suddenly have a few new Korean subbers for MP who are terrific translators.The funniest thing about MP- we have 3 oppas turned up on viki’s MP.

    Another thing to while away your time.Just a recap from DB who you don’t need to go.However just posting a story from Open Thread for you.Coming up…..


  2. ck1Oz says:

    How to Stalk Korean Men 101

    1. Arrive at Wal-Mart for bandages (or soap, any common item will suffice, the more dramatic, the better) for your daughter’s double-fractured hand.

    2. Notice Korean male, 5’7″ – 5’8″, mid-20′s, short black spiky crew-cut, button-down oxford white with burgundy stripe, grey suit vest (buttoned), expensive saggy-bottom jeans, leather loafers, walking across parking lot.

    3. Giggle due to saggy bottom jeans and theory that Korean males try to hide their bottoms.

    4. Wish that your girls could actually see a real Korean male in East Texas.

    5. Have Korean male notice you’re giggling and look at you funny, being a short, fat, middle-aged ajhumma giggling in broad daylight behind him.

    6. Make necessary purchases and return to family van, prepared to say you were caught out at giggling at the Saggy Bottom Syndrome of Korean Males.

    7. Recount stories to daughters, to hear these responses: a) I saw him and thought, “He’s Korean”, but I didn’t get a good look at his face yet he looked like he’d be cute AND b) I didn’t see him, which door did he go into to? Which one will he come out of?

    8. Agree to wait the extra 15 minutes in your schedule so daughter who didn’t get a look can “maybe” get a look and daughter who did get a look can confirm or deny that there is a Korean male living in East Texas and the level of cuteness that he may possess, also, noting to see if he is or is not dimpled.

    9. Wait an extra 5 minutes because daughter cannot stand that she didn’t see him, too. (Note: now behind schedule.)

    10. Agree to circle the parking lot one last time (in for a penny, in for a pound) to give daughter one last chance at seeing the Fabled Korean Male in East Texas and for Dimple Maven daughter to get her fix or be disappointed for the rest of the day.

    11. Gasp as YES, he appears, just as you are circling, and the screams in the van drown out Super Junior’s singing and surely carry to outside Korean Male, who looks up, grinning.

    12. DIMPLES: confirmed.

    13. SAGGY BOTTOM JEANS WORTH $200: confirmed.


    15. Number of daughters ecstatic: TWO.

    16. Remark by son: Why don’t we just move to Korea?

    17. Number of people that my daughters told about Korean Male in East Texas: six.

    18. Trying to explain this to any other group: ZERO. ♥


    • MJSHinshi says:

      Too hilarious ck! I’ve recognized Koreans in mall by the way they say Elevator since they’ve said it enough times in SG 🙂 Son’s remark too cute, at least he didn’t roll his eyes while saying that, right? LoL East TX…wow..I know there are a few Korean students in Houston and even some of the girls mom follows since it’s daughter’s first time in US n away from Korea. How sweet is that? Just mom won’t stay long tho eh!?

      Ok why am i crying again watching JW cry?!!!! Softy, Fighting!! And thank you tons…vielen dank!


  3. ck1Oz says:

    I found the mediafire link because the original video has been blocked by SBS.Just do me a favour and keep this here as I’ve unlisted it.I’m a viki uploader and really don’t want my YT a/c to be lost.Thanks.


  4. MJSHinshi says:

    Aaawww softy, nö worries..Even I who can’t understand what they say think they speak way too fast!!!


  5. Sara says:

    omo love you softy….have been wanting to know Taxi’s conversation and it looks so fun and our dear Joo Won looks comfortable and happy answering question…my addiction is bad where I laugh when he laugh even when din understand a word….hope you’ll be so kind to translate the sequel too and looking forward to the special


  6. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks softy.The show was so fast didn’t even have time much to peek here.

    Sigh.It was wonderful.I’m going to rewatch it again.I didn’t realise how many daebak scenes they had in 20 episodes.

    The sit ups scene still made my heart flutter.What a word.Flutter.I was totally fangirling and dying again.


    • missJ says:

      I felt the same with their sit-up scene … it makes the heart flutter ! that scene will make history in Kdramas …
      In fact , all their “staring at each other ” scenes were daebak … i haven’t even done that with my hubby , keke… it’s kinda cheesy in real life , don’t you think ? hehehe…but watching them in the drama made me go “aaawwww!!!”


  7. dedee says:

    First of all thanx for all your funny- in a good way-recaps they are like temporary medicine until the subs come out thanx a million times.
    this the first time writhing in the web world regarding my k-dramas so I have a request or more like a suggestion about this new drama paradise ranch it seems like a great story with a good cast if your are considering a new drama give a try .
    here is one great preview of it :


    • Softy says:

      Have to say, this was not something I was remotely interested in but now that I saw this, I will watch the first episode. I don’t care for the two lead guys, and this girl was in a millionaire’s girlfriend with hyun bin so I know her acting skill- but just never saw anything else with her in it. Wow this was one long preview – kinda almost showed the whole drama there- guess it was smart cuz it got both of us tuning in.:)


  8. dramacafe says:

    As always! Thanks so much softy!

    I love the Taxi episode but the SG Special is another story.

    I’m like so disappointed with the SG Special! I even rushed back to the hotel instead of going night market shopping just for this.

    SG Special, is this the best?! Are you sure?

    I’m so looking forward to all those NGs for all their cute scenes like the sit-ups, cappuccino kiss, the bed scene kiss etc.

    Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love SG and I appreciate all the additional efforts of the main cast specially HB & HJW that despite having been deprived of sleep they were still so professional as to film their commentaries but OMG! This special was barely tolerable!

    Just want to add that what’s making me so damn frustrated at the SG Special is that HB & HJW took time to film their SG Special comments and the production didn’t do a good job making this SG Special memorable for HB, HJW and the rest of the SG fans. it felt to me like HB & HJW’s effort in filming this was taken for granted.


    • Softy says:

      Yeah I agree they shouldn’t have edited it so poorly – you can tell their responses were cut short but having rushed to prepare this after working so many sleepless nights – stars and crew- gonna say the editors were just as tired so I for one want to cut them some slack.
      Sounds like u r in Korea – you really should check out the night shopping at doota in dongdaemun- it is totally worth it.


  9. dreamer3201 says:

    thank you sooooooooooo much…

    for the live transcap of sg including the special…
    for the taxi, which i thought no one is interested in translating and almost lost hope T.T …looking forward to the part2..^^

    thank you, thank you, and thank you


  10. enabalista says:

    HJW says stuff to HB
    how happy she was
    she is going to miss him
    to stay healthy in the marines and come back well
    HB to HJW
    he was thankful
    meeting KJW was wonderful but
    it was complete cuz RI was next to him

    Aww they are so sweet to each other! Esp the last part about meeting KJW was wonderful but it was complete cuz RI was next to him.. AWWW Im gonna miss them gonna miss this show!!!



  11. lisSA says:

    thank you so much softy..

    still not ready to say goodbye to SG..


  12. Tigger says:

    Thanks very much for all the SG transcaps which are always done with so much heartfelt diligence. I wish you joy, a hundred times returned, for each time you have brought happiness to us readers. Will wait patiently for next week’s translation to part 2 of HB’s appearance on Taxi. I have a soft spot for Taxi’s co-host, Lee Young-ja, who also acted in the k-drama, The Last Scandal of My Life, with the late Choi Jin Sil. In real life, they were also best friends. Kim C appeared in one of Taxi’s episodes shortly after CJS’ suicide and sang a very touching song with his guitar to LYJ who couldn’t control her tears. Very glad to see that LYJ has moved on and laughing nowadays.


  13. anna says:

    thank you so much for the translation, softy.
    I already laughed a lot watching those NG, but it’s even more hilarious now that I understand what was being said.
    I love their last messages to their respective partners in the drama.
    and also, happy to see those BTS, those NGs, how they seemed to be very comfortable around each other. it’s a real big void to fill, SG…


  14. through the looking glass says:

    thanks for doing the transcap!


  15. ck1Oz says:

    I came back softy.Thank you so much.I would never have known the tidbits if you haven’t translated.

    It was funny reading about them sleeping.However objectively that doesn’t sound very healthy.

    I love your translation for Director Park’s summary for SG,the sit up scene (where all the guys were envious),the foam kiss(1 take and they couldn’t even remember cos’ they were tired) and HJW’s speech at the end (how sad and final was it.)

    I enjoyed reading the Taxi interview very much.Even if you can’t do one next week.Can you pop by with some comments on MP if HB discuss anything SG/very personal details.It’s very difficult to find any info you don’t read or understand Korean.

    Thank you very much again.I will see you Wed.


  16. Ela says:

    Softy, thanks so much for the transcap for Taxi (as well as all the SG ones)… I’ve been hoping someone would sub it, but your transcap did the job perfectly! The interview was hilarious… can’t wait for Part 2! =)


  17. missJ says:

    As always , Thank you Softy for these translations …. I feel your love for SG and us viewers … I will always have a thankful heart for all the things you are doing for us … I enjoyed reading the Taxi interview , though I wish I can see the video as well … I just watched the raw of the SG special and I enjoyed watching it … I missed the cast so I will rewatch SG one of these days … it was truly a one drama of a kind !
    See you on MP transcaps , Softy ! God bless you and take care always !!!
    Fighting !
    From Japan with love


  18. Mia says:

    I am so confused. Are these all NGs/outtakes? Or are they just pre/post-production stuff?


  19. Elvie says:

    Thank you for doing all the live transcaps – much much much appreciated.

    I laughed so hard on the NGs – each one’s message to their respective partners were great. KJW and his shiny tracksuit would definitely the talk of the town for a long time. Winter Sonata has been in my number 1 best 10 list of k-dramas – I am now putting Secret Garden on that spot. Brilliantly written -and directed. There may be flaws but not noticeable because the flow of the story was so great – and was acted well too. One thing quite noticeable is the strong chemistry between the lead stars.


  20. Cadiyimcadi says:

    Thank you again Softy for translating Taxi and SG Special … What we’ll do without your translations I don’t know ..

    Have a nice weekend


  21. Cadiyimcadi says:

    Miss J you can find the taxi interview on

    I got this from the soompi’s secret garden forum….

    heyyy Softy sorry if I am breaking the rules by giving out links


  22. fp says:

    As always, thank you very much for the transcap. I enjoyed the SG special especially the NGs ~ HJW’s NG are cute.

    … and nothing beats HB & HJW undeniable chemistry in this drama.


  23. starbreez says:

    thank you so much!

    gosh, would you ever consider transcapping the YAB interviews? (or maybe they’ve been subbed somewhere already)


    • Softy says:

      I was going to back then when YAB thread was still alive, but I was daunted by the task cuz there was so much to translate and I doubt anyone cares about it anymore. Plus my hands are full with current dramas. So sorry-maybe some day when there is a lull in dramas


  24. Anon says:

    Thank you for recapping both the special and Taxi. I wish the cast sat in the same room instead of commenting individually, but I guess I should just be happy we even got a special.

    And I was happy when I read that you will be writing a summary of DH and posting it on Soompi, thanks!


  25. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by 2ne1(✿ ♥‿♥)ilove, 폰치 ♥ 준호 . 폰치 ♥ 준호 said: Secret Garden “Taxi” & Live “Transcap” of the Special […]


  26. rainyrain says:

    softyyy thankuuuu
    I watched both taxi and SG special , I was thinking ” ahh seems funny but can’t understand anything ” but thanks to you I can understand what they were saying .
    but lemme say that I was a bit disappointed with the SPECIAL , I thought we would have more new NGs like for the situp scene or when JW was blackmailing her not to go to the audition if she doesn’t take a shower with her I’m sure she burst out laughing at him when he was mimicking her ” yah ” , I wish also they showed that elevator scene when 21-year-old JW was trying to save RI’s dad , I so woshed I could see how HB was shooting that scene which is according to me is one of the best scene in the show inwhich HB showed how a very much skilled actor he is .
    I’m gonna miss SG and I’m gonna miss Binnie/JW very much .
    I wish the MS will be a fruitfull experience to Binnie and as HJW said to him I wish he will come back healthy and fit a even much more handsome than he is already .


  27. Mai says:

    Softy, I just wanna say thanks for the last 2 months together enjoying Secret Garden \o/
    I still feel like I’ve lost something very important =/

    I also wanna know where can I download the interview with HB in Taxi, if it’s possible.



    • rainyrain says:

      Hi Mai , u can find the torrent of taxi on soompi secret garden forum , there u can find all the download links u need and want 🙂


      • Anonymous says:

        thanks rainrain ^^
        i was looking for some direct link cuz I don’t usually download by torrents…

        But if it’s the only option then I’ll give a try =)

        hugs from brazil o/


      • Mai says:

        thanks rainrain ^^
        i was looking for some direct link cuz I don’t usually download by torrents…

        But if it’s the only option then I’ll give a try =)

        hugs from brazil o/


  28. aikawaringo says:

    Hey Rebel Souls, can I get your permission to make softsubs for Secret Garden Special using your english translation? 🙂
    nice to meet you anyway.


    • aikawaringo says:

      Ah sorry, I didn’t read your “* this is a rough translation so please don’t quote me anywhere and no subbing this please”,
      okay, i won’t take yours, sorry for interupting.


      • REBEL SOULS says:

        I wrote that cuz I didnt want it posted all over the place cuz I am not 100% correct all the time cuz Korean is my second language- it bothers me that I can’t get every word or line right and seeing blanks in subs just makes my work seem so amateurish-after hours and hours of hard work and getting most of it right-I dwell on the few mistakes or blanks -it never fails to depress me. Sorry – I am sure there must be better ones out there somewhere.


  29. aiza1229 says:

    tnx 4 translating hb taxi interview. love hb so much >.<


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