My Princess E6: Live “Transcap”

I have no idea what to make of this episode cuz I didnt understand like half of what they said. You guys try listening and see if you hear any normal words at all. They used all these hard korean words I dont know to talk about what she needs to study etc – man talk about torturing a translator-at one point I just sat and stared going – is any of that Korean? I can tell you one thing – there is no way MP is going to continue winning the rating war with these two episodes. It is like when you hear about a yummy cake and you finally get it in your hands – it looks good from the outside so you think it is bound to taste just as good. the initial taste is hyped up by expectations so it really does seem to taste yummy – then you take a few more bites and the taste settles in your mouth and you have to reach a conclusion – the hype was better than the reality. What we all expected from day one has caught up to us. Or maybe my expectations are too high after SG and my perception is warped.
*I may have spoken too soon. Now that I am rewatching and listening more carefully – this episode does have heart. There are some really adorable scenes here and there -it was just hard to notice when I was trying desperately to comprehend at the speed of light.
when I first heard about MP I was happy that Ye Jin was in this cuz she was the only person I knew and liked cuz I watched her on “family outing” for years. I never knew she was an actress till she quit the reality show to do a drama a few years back. Now week after week watching her play evil – I keep wondering where the funny odd woman went who chased after chickens so well and gutted fish like it was her every day task. She brought so much laughter to FO so I dont get how she can be so mean here. It is really upsetting. Guess that means she is a better actress than we thought cuz she has me convinced her character needs to be taken down. I want LS to kick her butt to the curb already.
Thank goodness Y already lost J tonight.
My Princess E6 Transcription
It starts from the night before when she imagines HY tucking her into bed and then waking up with him there.
she sees him but doesnt flinch
until he speaks then she is surprised
he introduces himself
she is startled and sits up with the blanket around her
HY: is that all?
LS: what is?
he gets up and walks  closer to her bed
HY: arent you going to yell/scream?
arent you going to throw the pillow?
do you really trust me?
then he leans in even closer right in her face and says:
or do your eyes normally look so moist when a guy appears at the foot of your bed?
[you are so into being the princess that the look you are giving is when you see a prince coming to your rescue]
why? am I too handsome this morning  or are you glad to see me?
LS: how did you get in here?
HY: not how but why – you should be curious as to why i am here
LS: it’s obvious – kidnap- terrorist-threat-extortion-etc-arent those the reasons why you came here?
HY: then why arent you screaming?
LS: because it’s the first day
once I say I will do something I try my best to do it
I said I would be the princess so i dont want to cuz trouble from the first day
so could you please leave quietly? before i call someone
HY: now you sound like a princess
LS: doubt you came to say that
HY: i came to see your face for the last time
from now on things between us will change drastically
he gets off her bed and calls “:we are done talking -please come in and prepare the princess”
LS: you didnt come in secretly? the court ladies just let you in?
HY: of course
because from today on I am responsible for you
The president, chairman, HY and LS are all gathered in the room
the president explains that since LS decided to be the princess he called HY
HY introduces himself using some of these words – just know sure how many of them:
imperial household department under the special division of the foreign office – he is in charge of the princess education and protocol training
LS: there is no way that the princess you are talking about is me right?
HY says of course and that he starts from today too (living there too)
she yells that he cant
she startles the president and chairman
she explains how there was a scandal about them so he cant live here with her
more than because of the fiance goosip there were bad rumors  that daehan group was using royalty
then they will all think the rumors are true
president: that is why the two of you have to live together
HY says he will explain it like this – cuz he is responsible for taking care of her it happened that he had to lie about being her bf to protect her and says this is a better way to quell the rumors
the chairman agrees to what the president is suggesting
LS looks defeated for a second then comes up with an idea
LS: wait a minute -what if I refuse?
LS says HY is too dangerous -she changes the word to handsome – to teach someone so I dont think I can focus at all -couldnt we get another teacher instead?
the president says it will be harder to find a better teacher than HY so he asks the princess to give in and accept HY
and her smile fades again
chairman asks what HY is dreaming up and why he came into the palace
HY says he doesnt want to live like his dad-it’s worse than death
living after having money family friends taken away
so I want to do everything you want grandfather
C says he isnt affected by talk of HYs dad
grandpa says he doesnt feel sorry to him or his dad
if I knew it would end up this way I should have told you sooner why your dad turned out like that
before I die- you wont be able to do anything
HY: you wanted to say that so you called me in here
I said I would do everything you wanted
I will do everything for the princess so
why do you have to be so cruel to your own family-how much more?
grandpa: now it’s all in your hands
do what you want
let’s see how we end this
LS follows HY around tell him to do something else
like clean or laundry -how does he expect to teach her
he says she isnt thinking ahead
there is no one else who can teach her like him
she asks what qualifiies him and he says cuz he grew up like a royal family
she wonders what he can teach her-how to invest in real estate-avoid taxes
she guesses the only thing he can teach her is language and asks how many he knows
HY speaks chinese spanish german french japanese comfortably but he isnt going to teach her those
he gives her a schedule and it starts from the next day at 6am
she doesnt seem to like that it starts at 6am (other than farmers – who would?)
* this scene around the fountain almost made me pass out from how fast they spoke and the stupid camera work made me dizzy – that is all I caught – the rest went right over my head
she doesnt wake up on time
they cant get her out of bed
YC says it is time to get up – that HY was here
but LS keeps mumbling she wants to sleep a little more
HY stands by and listens to all that
he motions for OC and YC to leave
he puts an alarm in bed with her
she asks are you trying to kill me
I thought you do well when you set your mind to it
but you cant even do this one thing and get up
LS points out that on the schedule there are no lessons at 6am
he says she has to have a level test since it is the first day-
why? since you have to take a test- you want to die?
LS: but why are you speaking informally to me?
HY: ah – there is no one here to listen
she says she wont learn from anyone who doesnt have
teaching qualifications
HY says he has them
LS flips through one diploma or certificate after another
LS: you really had teaching quailifications?
did you pay for them?
YC and OC both back up HY’s credentials
about how famous he was during college for being a chaebol tutor
and OC says he has an MBA and CPA and for teaching eng
LS asks them if HY told them all this
YC says he would never reveal stuff like that and that he is modest/humble
they both looked him up
LS has a hard time believing that
she says there really isnt anything he cant do
she wants to leave too and says not to come see her again
she tries to walk off twice but both times he holds onto her wrist
she says “let go”
and he says if she was a princess she should have said “move aside”
she says let go again
he says all the princesses he met up to now were all confident or was it self assured
they never even once put their head down
he points out how she asked for a receipt from a man she just met  so how can she be a princess
so he is trying to go along with it and help her so why does she not want to
she says she doesnt trust him
HY: is that the only reason
she says that is imp to her
he points out other things :
how  important is it?
more than the president counting on you
more than the entire daehan group’s fortune
more than all the koreans putting their trust in you and fighting for you (not sure of this line)
but all your saying is you dont like the teacher so you wont study
she says you are going to keep bothering me arent you
he says yes even as we are studying I am going to keep bothering you
so if you dont let me do this after that I will do something worse
so it would be better if you just took the test quietly
he gives her the exam and times her giving her an hour and a half
the test is written in English
she complains that he told her she didnt need to learn English and he explains the writer is korean
once she picks up the pen he tells her to “have fun”
after she is done- he corrects it
she watches him draw a slash through each wrong answer and she comments these days they put checkmarks next to the wrong one and says he must not watch Cfs
she misses everything
LS: if you are done grading it then give it back
she tries to grab it but he takes it away from her reach and says :it is all wrong so what is there to see?
ya- this kind of thing does happen-it cant be easy to miss all this
I think he also added a backward compliment about her skills in doing so poorly cuz she managed to do the impossible-like she should have gotten some right by accident
he packs up the exam and says: I am so shocked that I have to rest today so let’s meet tomorrow
she chases after him
LS wants him to give the test back
he keeps saying no-that he has to give a detailed report on it
LS: who are you going to show my exam to?
HY: isnt that obvious -who assigned me here?
she finds out her test is going to be shown to the president
she cant believe the president has nothing better to do than
look at her exam
HY: what do you mean he has nothing to do- this vote to reinstate the monarchy is such a huge problem in Korea. I bet when he sees this exam he will rethink the vote
* the reason why he sang was something to do with the lyrics and what she said  but I dont get the joke
even while he is having lunch she is trying to grab his portfolio
HY: ah-really – princess- how much longer are you going to do this? except for during lesson time, please leave me alone. I’m asking you as a favor
OC and YC look on – baffled
LS keeps asking for the exam back
he pretends he doesnt know what she wants in front of OC and YC
HY: what are you talking about-what? ah- is it by any chance that “bread” from a while ago
she claps her hand over his mouth cuz in korean he was about to say the “o % test” which has the same pronunciation as “bread” in korean
LS: no that’s not it – what bread? i dont like bread
you eat the bread alone
shall we go in and have a little chat
she leads him into the room
she turns around and tells YC and OC :from now on I am going to be alone with Park (title)
if there is a sound dont open the door
if you dont hear a sound dont open the door under any condition
and go far away
LS begs: please give it back
I’m embarrassed
does this make sense?
if it was that important you should have told me ahead of time-so unfair
I didnt even show my mom my test sheets even once while growing up
so why are you showing this
he holds it out of her reach
and he teases: you really cant reach it? and sticks his tongue out like a kid
she gets on the bed
HY: why are you going up there?
she leaps for the file and falls on the ground
she pretends to have injured/sprained her ankle
HY looking worried: really?
LS: why did you move out of the way?
he gets down and puts the file on the ground
in a worried voice he asks : did you really sprain it?
she sees the file and grabs for it : why isnt my exam in here?
he pats his breast pocket
:it’s here- I knew you would do that so I took it out
LS tossing the file: wahhhh- this trickster
pretending all this time to be holding it
this is why i cant trust you
fine – I cant leave things like this
I am not leaving here cuz I feel wronged
she jumps on the bed and lies down in a sexy pose
HY: what are you doing now?
LS: until you give me the exam back I am not leaving
I wont leave
I’m going to sleep here
and if you wont give it to me till the very end
I’m going to take over this room
if I take this room away from you -you wont be able to be a teacher
HY: you think that is a threat
LS: it is
HY: I dont think it will work
dont regret it
HY jumps on the bed next to her facing her
she yells and turns away for a second then rolls right back and faces him
she says something like: if you come next to me you thought I would scream and pull away like that?
you’re really funny
he rolls over on his back but she kicks him telling him to move away
she kicks and slips off the bed and almost falls
he catches her
they realize what position they are in
they quickly get up
she is about to leave
HY asks arent you going to take the test with you?
he says he if she is later than 6am tm-it goes straight to the president
she has all 3 alarms set and she checks one to make sure they work
she cant sleep
she checks info on the internet : cuz of a man my heart keeps beating so i cant sleep
then she changes it to something else
she works out
she was gargling water
and K jumps up beside her and she gets startled
and spits it on his face
he makes her milk with honey
she gives him a spoonful too
she doesnt wake up
HY waits and finally goes to her room
all the court ladies try to stop him saying they will wake her
but he doesnt listen and goes right up to her bed
he whispers into her ears: princess what you are imagining you wish was real but ….
in her sleep she murmurs “professor” and puckers her lips like she is kissing someone
HY doesnt look happy
HY carries her off over his shoulder saying he will wake her up from her nightmare
he threatens to put her in the fountain
LS says you are trying to scare me right- I am fully awake now
he says she should have said that sooner
he says doesnt it feel cool
after he dumps her in the water
the ladies in waiting scream for towels and 911 (or 119 in Korea)
after changing clothes
she runs in and asks for the test first
he says he already sent it
LS: are you crazy you bad jerk….
HY: jerk?
LS: you promised to give it back and didnt keep your word
she asks how he sent it –
thru fed ex or quick service or did he scan and send thru email
she begs him to cancel/delete it
he gives it back
HY: what? are you grateful?
she asks: this is the original right? this isnt a copy right
Hy says from now on
she needs to learn properly from here on
she has to wake up at 6am
she has to run 30 laps every day
and says how many hours a day she has to study
LS says he is crazy cuz she isnt a high school student studying for college entrance exams
he warns if she keeps resisting he is going to a something version- my guess more intensive and rigorous
she asks if he really is going to turn her into a princess
have you really given up on me?
HY: are you asking that cuz you think that will happen for real
YC runs in and says G is here to talk to the princess about the press conference
Hy looks serious as LS flips thru a book of photos
G gives her a list of ten reporters and tells her to memorize their names and faces
she asks if that is all that is coming to her press conference
he says there will be more
LS says she wanted a lot of people when she cleared her father’s name
G comes and tells her during the upcoming press conference
they are not going to take questions about her dad
she was counting on clearing her dad’s name and is upset
she wont have the chance
she asks why
HY says it was the chairman’s way
Hy excuses himself so G can talk more freely without HYthere
on Y’s last day her staff tells her not to forget about them
OC comes on her day off with her daughter to see Y
OC says the last time Y saw the girl was when the girl turned a 100days old
Y tells the girl she grew up well
Y says to the girl you must miss your mom cuz you dont get to see her much
the girl says her mom gets to live with the princess and she said the princess was really pretty
the mom lies and says when did I say that – she isnt pretty at all
Y tells her she shouldnt have come on her day off and not to act like she knows Y at the palace when they run into each other
OC says she knows and promises to be careful
Y asks how LS is doing
OC reports that HY came to teach LS  but when you look at them – on the one hand it looks like they fight or they seem close
HY and SW and some men drink
when it is only the two of them
Hy says SW doesnt keep his promise well
Hy says when you sent me the info about the article regarding (LS’s dad’s name) I specificly asked you not to reveal rumors that are not 100 percent true (without proof)
SW says you have to reveal something to make it become true
like when you break an egg – that is how you know if it is raw or not
HY used hard words so all I caught was
when HY asked SW to lift the ban on no flying for LS
HY gave SW some time to do it
there is a guy who calls SW (some job title)
HY says that guy’s position is going to be HY’s soon
SW wants to know what HY means by that
LS tells chairman that she is leaving for a while
he worries that she was hurt about the reporters and says if that is the reason she wants to leave then he will find another solution
she says she was upset about that
she also admits she had problems memorizing the ten reporters names and faces
she wants to get their help
she says she has confidence to come back on her own
chairman wants her to go with guards
but she says she will just take YC
J gets a call from Y
she wants J to follow her her next job
LS visits her friends at J’s office
they keep telling each other how much they missed each other
she asks J to buy her something to eat
she keeps watching him eat
he says it isnt lecture time so stop staring at my face and stare at the side dishes
she says she was waiting for the right time cuz she wanted to ask him for some advice
LS asks why J left her and went home at the hospital last time
J says he wants to ask that first-if everything went well with HY that day
she tells him how HY is teaching her now
how the president came and assigned HYthe job so she couldnt say: i dont need it
and she wonders what HY is up to for real
J: anyone should be curious about what is in their heart
she complains how she wasnt allowed to clear her dad’s name and she wanted to discuss it with him
so that is why she came to see J without any notice
he asks her why are you worried when you have an instructor next to you
she guesses J but he says PHY
J: you said he was your instructor
As LS stares at HY while he works she remembers J’s advice
J’s voice narrates: finding out exactly
for what reason he is really by your side and
how much capability he has is the best solution
Get lessons from PHY and use him as much as you can
HY goes over and says he heard she went outside
LS says she came back from seeing her professor
he says dont talk about Nam Jung Woo in front of me
LS: why not?
HY: if I said dont do it dont do it
and I told you
If you dont let me teach you lessons I’m going to do worse things to you
every time you ignore what I say- I am going to do something worse equal to that amount
so dont cry about it later
LS: why are you like that? where are you going?
mong jr tells the other men: dont leave a single one
and take all the stickers off
why did you stick so many of these
who did all of this?
HY calls mong jr over to take one off his slippers
mong jr asks HY  to sign the paper and this all goes back to HY
Hy gets a call from Y
HY asks what the special occasion is for wine
Y tells him how she is in charge of the royal asset and wanted to be congratulated by him
she says she doesnt know how much she can do but she will do her best to help HY
he says they can work together and see each other often
hy tells her how he is teaching LS and that the president assigned it to him
she asks if that isnt good for him-that it’s too cruel to him
he says he asked for the post to be near LS
Y offers to make him pasta and leaves the room
he says he will look forward to it
Y gets a call and he picks it up for her
Y goes to meet J
J: you came earlier than I thought (you would)
Y: I was about to give up so when I got your call I was surprised
J: i wanted to talk about the royal foundation (becoming the director)
Y: there is no way you purposely called me to turn me down right
J: I’m going to do it- it is a good opportunity and I can do what I like to do
if it wasnt for you – I wouldve said yes right away without deliberating
Y: you’ve changed some – if you were going to do it anyway
must you say it in such a hurtful way?
J: that little comment hurt you?
then how do you think i felt these past 10 yrs
Y: J
J: you never even thought about it huh?
you think only about yourself too much
and (something negative like doing whatever it takes-maybe ruthless)
so you probably never thought about stuff like how I felt huh?
if you were going to run away it would have been better if you kept running forever
why did you keep showing up?
why did you keep showing up and make me come to this point
Y: you said you would do the (job title)
J: yes I will
Y:I know you are mad at me-so you can act like this for a short time
but you’ll regret it
after you say these things to me -how do you expect to face me (look at me)
J says :
why cant I face you
you are not my woman
and I feel nothing for you
you really are nothing to me now
I’ll be leaving
she sits there stunned after he leaves
he goes home and puts their photo face down
Y still sits there crying
HY waits for Y to come back and drinks wine alone
LS is in bed writing
i dont know if she is studying or doodling
LS’s mom and her sister come to visit LS
LS runs and hugs her mom and waves at LD who looks peeved
LS asks how her mom came here
the mom says they told her to come and visit if she had time
mom: is our princess eating well?
LS: of course
they are still hugging when the mom spots HY behind LS
the mom asks where the bathroom is
HY takes her
the mom asks HY if there is a quiet place to talk
she pulls him over to a corner
mom: I was curious if you were doing well
I shouldnt be calling you Park son in law
I heard about the situation
HY: mother – I was sorry about that
she says she was happy even for a short time
when will I ever get a good looking son in law like you
he says since she called him son in law -she can continue
she asks him to take care of her princess
she gets some cash out and tries to give it to him
mom: there is no one I know here –
while you are here I will ask you for a favor to take care of her
he tries to give the money back saying it’s ok but she shoves it in his breast pocket
Y comes in and interrupts
HY is surprises to see her and asks how is it that she is here
she introduces herself to LS’s mom
she says she asked the mom to come today to settle
the princess family registry
the thing that wipes LS from the mom’s registry
HY doesnt look pleased and the mom is in shock
LD is looking around when LS runs up to her about wiping her from the family registry and asks if
their mom knew about it
LS nods her head
and LS is upset saying
what do I do- I feel so sorry to mom
i didnt even think about this
how do i tell her that I cant be her daughter
LD tells her to do it well
she says that if LS doesnt do it well – people will think their mom didnt raise her right
and their family will be looked down on
let’s not hurt each other and live
you sure are lucky
starting from the orphanage
whether it was parents or college I had to work to death to get one or the other
but everything comes easy for you
Y gives her mom some paper
Y: these are the last documents
she explains if the mom signs it the princess goes back into her real family’s registry
(and she wont belong to her mom’s family anymore)
LS is already bawling next to her mom
the mom asks if she signs LS will become the real princess by law
Y: that’s right
LS keeps crying
the mom picks up the pen but her hands are sweaty so she puts it back down
the mom asks Y
I dont know if I can ask something like this but
when my daughters get married I was going to give them insurance and (dowry is my guess)
LD tries to stop her mom
mom tells her to sit still cuz it is better to do this clearly before it is all over
the mom continues
I’m not that educated
i was worried that you can make another person with just a registry
after I die my daughters will be getting the insurance
my princess will definitely receive it right?
LS: mom why are you talking about stuff like that?
mom: that’s why – if you had discussed this with me ahead of time
I wouldnt be so nervous right now in this situation
she makes a comment how the two girls only talk to each other about these things
the mom says even if i didnt give birth to you two
i know that you two are still my daughters…I know but….
she says to Y
she is not a son – how can I *leave one daughter behind like this and leave
but how can she separate from LS like this
the mom asks HY to take care of her princess
and he tells her not to worry
after her car drives off
HY says “i’m sorry”
*in korean she used the verb “pull off ”
LS keeps saying mom and crying in her room
HY is outside and hears her
but doesnt go in
next morning he goes into her room
she is still in bed -sitting up and looking numb
he says let’s study
he says I was wrong(I did something wrong) -to your mom -not to you
let’s study
she walks by him
he asks where she is going
she says to study
they research stuff about her dad
They are recording LS
LS records her introduction
over and over again
HY doesnt like how she is saying it
after each take -he says “again” and makes a comment
he says: you are not trying to hit on someone
he asks are you going out for miss korea
he says: i have nothing to say
then he says: confidently – like a princess
she reads from the cue cards
the rumors about daehan group’s PHY and me dating are not true
that person is on the foreign office royal committee so he is always next to me so all he did was protect me
and my father was the last heir to the throne and i think she said his name
HY shows her a pic of her adoptive  father
something about how he sold off a fake antique which is being blamed on her real dad
he asks if she knew about it and she doesnt
she asks how that fake thing could be in her house
he gives her a choice to make her real dad a thief or her adoptive dad a thief
she has to choose which one is more beneficial to her cuz he has to release it to the reporters
Y asks to see LS with another woman
the woman is a designer and LS is here to choose a dress
HY comes along too
Y offers to take LS down to the main part of the store where all the clothes are
she just wanted to be alone with LS tho and that is why she offered to bring her here
once alone just the two of them
Y asks LS: (the clothes ) they are pretty huh?
LS: yes
Y: enjoy it as much as you want-while you still can
LS doesnt get what that means :what are you saying?
speaking informally all of a sudden she says:
whether you walk out on your own two feet or we drag you out
you have to leave the palace
There are people who hate the sight of you
we dont know when the chairman will collapse
in the palace there is not a single person who will take your side
if it was me – [?]-when I thought I stayed enough- I would quietly disappear
if the monarchy vote doesnt get passed -dont you worry about what will happen after?
LS is stunned
the designer comes in saying everything is ready
princess we made you wait too long didnt we?
le’t go inside
the deisgner tells her staff to prepare LS
LS stares at Y again
the preview came last and YC comes running in to tell HY that the princess has disappeared

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  10. ck1Oz says:

    Sageuk-thanks for the names for the Court there must be another title.


    • Sageuk says:

      You’re welcome. Do you mean the older court lady’s title? She introduced herself as sang-gung si-jang, Sang-gung (you know this from all the sageuk) is court lady, si-jang would be the head/chief of a team/group/department (?). Direct translation for “si” would be “room” as a unit in the organization chart. Not sure about the exact equivalent. I speculate she might be colluding with Y or a spy for Y. We’ll see.


  11. somuchsoju says:

    Oh, Softy so sad to hear that the last two episodes didn’t keep up with perhaps, cuteness of the earlier ones. But I myself will have to watch the Ep 5 and 6 subbed first. Who knows, I might have a different feeling.

    And oh my, the preview isn’t helping much with the scary tone it is taking.

    I also think ratings will drop after seeing the real-time graph. Aisssh.

    Once again, thank you so much for helping us understand each episode on time. 🙂


  12. alice says:

    i still think it’s cute much better than the much more hyped MSOAN. But thank you for the transcap.


  13. MAR says:

    Love your new header. The one with Won Bin and MP . Now i need to watch Autumn in My Heart again. Seriously, its been decade how can they still look the same or even better. Can i ever get over Won Bin and SSH. Nope : )

    Back to MP………. My internet connection is so damn slow. I am so tempted to pause my torrent, and watch else where.

    Thank You Softy, i have no idea how many time i have read your recap.


  14. J says:

    I like this show.

    It’s refreshingly straight-forward and does what it says on the box so far – which I really needed after the SG roller-coaster.

    So kudos to you, Softy, for taking the time to translate despite being unsure.

    Like you said, perhaps when you get to grips with the language your interpretation will change. I was wrong-footed by reviews of SG a couple of times and then when I finally watched the episode with subtitles and could see the acting I could make up my mind about what was going on myself.


  15. Taber says:

    I can’t believe she let her mother signed the release. I feel so bad for the mother, they say blood is thicker then water unless you Angelina Jolie.


  16. nikesma says:

    ” this scene around the fountain almost made me pass out from how fast they spoke and the stupid camera work made me dizzy – that is all I caught – the rest went right over my head”

    That’t the only problem I’m having with MP. The camera works n editing -.- It changes so fast it makes your eyes @_@ Someone should really complain to them. ^^; If they think their new ways is cool and works, well, they’re wrong… =.=


    • Anonymous says:

      me too, that camera work almost made me sick!

      But our OTP is starting to feel something just not sure what…? is what i’m getting from princess not sleeping after the awkward moment resulting from compromising position in which they found themselves. 🙂 they are so comfortable with each other already that they just go into each other’s bedrooms without any second thoughts or nada..


  17. balletbabe says:

    OMG can someone please make one of those moving icons of the scene when Hae-Young is holding onto the exam and refuses to give it to Seol and he does that little dance (I was ROTFLMAO when I saw this)


  18. missJ says:

    thanks you so much , Softy !
    Ep. 6 was better than ep. 5 … I love HY and LS interactions .. …other scenes , not so much … I hope it will pick up next week .. I still love this drama , though …
    Softy , fighting !!!!
    From Japan with love


    • Anonymous says:

      i know it’s starting to be like MSOAN, where it’s only interesting when HY and LS are on screen together (at least this wk’s eps)…hope it won’t be, plotwise tho..


  19. Lala says:

    This drama seems interesting and I’m glad you’re transcapping it…..but….I’m still on Secret Garden mode so I’ll watch this after it ends….For now, thanks for your awesome transcap,as always…


  20. […] My Princess E6: Live “Transcap” I have no idea what to make of this episode cuz I didnt understand like half of what they said. You guys try listening […] […]


  21. sobohomom2 says:

    Perhaps someone already pointed this out, but I think that Y is planning to stick it to HY, just as she did with the professor. Her plan is to control control Daehan’s financial empire (aka royal wealth).

    Y got her foot in the door by claiming that she wants to support the monarchy, but after she forces out the princess, she’ll become CEO: just like she stole the professor’s research and claimed it for herself. She wants to keep HY by her side, while stealing everything away from him–just like she expected the professor to continue to love her, after she betrayed him.


  22. mercy says:

    desperately waiting for ep 7 long preview…..will u please upload once its released?


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