First Impressions… and more

Started A million stars falling from the sky- Kimura Takuya has a way of restraining his laugh then just bursting out in a smile and it’s so intoxicating-only up to E3 so far but I have a feeling I am going to “marathon” this tonight. Bloody Monday is next on my list.
Thank you so much for all the suggestions- I can’t wait to start downloading and watching them-you guys are the  best 🙂
I’ve noticed that people have been leaving comments asking me to translate something here and there and I just wanted to say, as long as there is a video with it, I am more than happy to oblige. Just keep in mind though that if it is too boring and pointless, I probably won’t bother. If there is anything worth noting, that is what I will translate.
After translating for “Taxi” with Hyun Bin, I realized there are a lot of variety shows where stars are featured and they never get translated. Like last week, they had that Korean swimmer guy who won the gold medal on a talk show and it was a really fun interview. Bet no one bothered to sub that. Too many great interviews get left behind so I want to make sure there is a place for you guys to ask for requests. Please keep in mind that if the actor featured is tall and good looking the translations will be done more thoroughly and in a timely manner. If it features a female actress, I will resort to paraphrasing and summarizing the gist of it. I can’t help that cuz I doubt I will be hanging on her every word like I would for YAI. Another blog takes care of all his interviews so I just go there and read them 🙂
Also for those of you who expect me to upload new previews or trailers for MP or any other drama, this is not soompi. Sorry, but I do not go around searching the internet for info like that. I’m like you guys and I go elsewhere to find them or wait till a kind soul uploads it on comments.
Paradise Ranch
After watching a trailer someone posted, I went in with an open mind and watched it tonight. Actually I should say started, but ended up muting it as soon as her face hit the pile of “I don’t even want to know which animal left that” – it seemed to me like a clear indication of where this show was headed so I decided to hop off this train and catch the next one -Duo. When it is really good, I will go along with soul or body swaps, gumiho’s with nine tails down to one, and even opposite gender impersonations that fail on sight.  But I have a breaking point when it comes to dramas and Paradise Ranch hit it early on with that scene. When she hoisted it in the air with glee, my brain just went “huh?” So sorry for those of you who were hoping this drama would get picked up for transcaps, it’s not going to happen.
On another note, for those of you like me going thru SG withdrawal, pick up another great drama and it helps ease the sense of loss somewhat. Someone left a comment about a Japanese drama called “Pride” so I looked it up and downloaded it. All I needed to know was that it was about hockey – I happen to love ice hockey. Then I was pleasantly surprised to see that the female lead was the same one from the other Japanese drama I love called “the flowershop that doesnt sell roses”. What a coincidence that two out of three Jdramas I’ve watched both have her in it. She even came out on a few episodes of the American drama called “Heroes.”
For anyone who loves subtlety and underrated poignancy, “Pride” has both. I loved it so much I would have learned Japanese to transcap it live if it was still on. What I relished the most about this drama was that it so different from Kdrama. There is a slower pace so that we can indulge in digesting each line or let the significance of the scene sink in. The dialogue is direct and to the point and it isn’t glossed over with so much effort to impress. The simplicity of the story packs as much punch as any fast paced drama.  It’s refreshingly nuanced and the language-the translations I read – were just beautiful.
Having watched only three Japanese dramas total -third one was ISWAK to prepare for PK- I can’t say I know Jdramas all that well, but so far the 3 that I have seen makes me want to watch more. It is too bad their dramas are so short – they are always 11episodes.
Does anyone have any more to recommend?
I am starting to regret dropping DH. The preview for next week has me sitting on the edge of my seat. Kim Soo Hyun’s acting chop is emerging and I love when he does drama, even more than when he does comedy. Man I should have hung in there till E5 cuz after that one, I would have stuck around for sure. Posting E7 (page 74) on soompi tonight was a chore. I can’t easily go back and press edit and add stuff like I wanted-it kept freezing up on me. What to do-I can’t pick it up again on this blog when none of my other two bloggers are remotely interested in DH – so there will never be screencaps unless I find some myself and that is going to look like amateur hour-it wont be lined up right or anything. I’ll be lucky if it is right side up and not sideways like the last time I tried to upload a picture on my own.
I can’t believe it got so much better right after I dropped it – Duo is coming up soon so I can’t do 3 dramas so I am stuck – drats -I blame all this on Kim Soo Hyun for not coming out more in the earlier episodes. If he had been on all the time from day one, there would be no dilemma. 
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78 comments on “First Impressions… and more

  1. ck1Oz says:

    LOL.My head was spinning with the JD recommendations.I had no idea so many of you watched JD.

    Softy I started Fated to Love You a Taiwanese 24 ep drama.The guy is not hot the girl is silly but the pace is breezy.I am giving it a whirl because so far I haven’t met anyone who disliked it.Concurrently I am rewatching SG.

    PR…I am waiting to give my opinion.I am uploading it every week but not even tempted to follow it.If any of the team reads this I am so dead.

    Okay since therer so many of you who watched JD-only 1 of you said Code Blue.I am interested in it.Should I start it?

    Also there is a JD something about a girl married an older man who died but he had 4 sons.She falls for one of the adult sons?I have no idea what drama it is but have been trying to get the name off anyone.None of the JD group on viki knows the name.

    Thanks in advance softy.Major spoilers for MP.I will be waiting with bated breath tomorrow morning for the transcap.


    • Show2007 says:

      As of Code Blue…LOL…If you like Yamapi, you will like it. Especially Season 1 and all the Specials. I think we are both SG lovers and you like Fated to Love you, I think you should watch Pride, Operation Love (Puropōzu Daisakusen – another one by Yamapi), Ryūsei no Kizuna (Great acting and twisted ending), Nodaime Cantabile (If you like classical music and want to have a good laugh – feel like watching a live Anime …) well that’s my recommendations so far….


      • Show2007 says:

        Forgot to answer your Q. are you talking about Atashinchi no Danshi ? This drama is about a homeless girl who met a Older, Strange and Rich man (they got married in paper only) and she becaome the mother of 6 childs (they were all being adopted)…is it this one…and one of the son will fall in love with her (actually 3 of them but she like the older son)…is it this one?


        • ck1Oz says:

          OMG thank you.I think that’s right.You have no idea how many ppl I asked.Thank you.Of all the places to get a JD answer.

          I first started subbing on Yankee kun which totally threw me off all the short episodes.

          So far I like Hotaru 2 and Hana Yori Dango.

          I would give Atashinchi a go.I think I liked one with the Goth girl.Something about 4 boys trying to teach her to be a girl or something?LOL.Sorry not very good with JD.I should ask around more but all the Jap subbers are watching Korean dramas instead!

          Between PR,MP and DH plus Strong Heart my schedule is completely full.If I stop working on them maybe I will have more time for KD.I am still trying to get to My Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.

          I would watch Nodame Cantabile to see what it’s about.I like classical music yes but don’t know what it’s about.

          Thanks again.That question has been driving me batty for the last few months.

          One of my hoobaes is managing a drama called 99 Americans.I have no time to watch but I heard it’s good.


          • Show2007 says:

            Okay, I think I know the answer, the JDrama you are talking about is “The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge) a.k.a Perfect Girl Evolution. I love the manga and I like Kame but if I am the PD, I will pick another actress tho…Well give it a try and see if you like it…(To me is a fair show)


            • nikesma says:

              Well, I think she’s fitted as Sunako, really. YamaNade is the best!

              I see no one mention H2! WHY?! I ended up rewatching it and like it even MORE!


  2. song-in says:

    omo, I loved Pride! it was years ago, how come you haven’t seen it, hahaha.
    after SG, i resumed Queen of Reversals, and i’m surprised, it’s getting better and better. Hwaiting, Yong Shik!

    i was thinking of watching Paradise Ranch despite the fact that the title reminds me of those plots in Mills and Boon novels before. After your post, i don’t think i’m going too. besides, i really don’t like ranches and horses and stuff like that. : )


  3. dalaushu says:

    Yeah, I watched Pride too, the story and casts are great.
    I like to watch both K-drama and J-dorama.
    J-dorama is relatively short. They have different feelings, different culture, and many types of stories. Aggree with what others have mentioned:
    school rom-com: Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango
    music rom-com: Nodame Cantabile (favorite all the time)
    office rom-com: Hotaru no Hikari
    detectives: Galileo
    law: Hero
    medicine: Code Blue, Iryu Team Dragon 1
    Recently just finish watching Nagareboshi…great drama with Aya Ueto and Yutaka Takenouchi which speaks more on family meaning.


  4. chocolatebonbon says:

    Dear Softy,
    Firstly, hallelujah for your blog!
    I don’t know if it will be your cup of tea, but –“There is a slower pace so that we can indulge in digesting each line or let the significance of the scene sink in”– on this line alone, I thought I’d humbly submit my J-drama recommendation your consideration: Nagareboshi (i.e., “Shooting Star”).
    The story is far from sensational and the actors may lack “star power” (by the current standards), but Nagareboshi is so moving that I feel it definitely deserves more audience and recognition. The best virtue of this drama imho is the quiet, unhurried view it gives us of the characters and their daily lives. Takenouchi Yutaka delivers a nuanced and restrained performance, but it is Ueto Aya who is a revelation here. Not quite the masterpiece of the decade, but it comes seriously close at times. I hope you’ll give it a chance – as in, try not to give up until you reach episode 4!


  5. mamaj says:

    I would just like to recommend “A Million Stars Falling from the Sky”, a JDrama starring Kimura Takuya, the same lead star of “Pride.” It’s a mystery-romance that really got to me. I agree 100% when you say that JDramas have such beautiful dialogue. This one really has it!


    • mrmz says:

      Totally agree with “A Million Stars Falling from the Sky”, it got to me too
      Characters were amazing, even side ones that you’d think they’d be insignificant in the beginning


    • Softy says:

      I guessed from e5 about how they were related so it sort of ruined everything after, but how it ended still shocked me- but not in the good way. Omg. Call me stupid, but I like happy endings. This was such a beautiful drama, but ever since the part where the rich girl did “that” in her desperate attempt to get out of the engagement- this movie kinda got away from me. I am going to watch the endings first from here on out.


      • nikesma says:

        I haven’t watched this! Because of you softy I’ve downloaded tons of Jdrama. I have the cds but they’re all at my old house. I ended up rewatching a few of them. :O


  6. martha says:

    One of my favorite Dorama. So sweet and funny. Kekkon Dekinai Otoko . I have watched it twice. The main character is a wonderfully stuffy and weird guy – played by Abe Hiroshi. I watched the Korean version (The Man Who Cannot Marry) first and it’s pretty good but this version is better.


  7. Mosquito says:

    For J-drama, I strongly recommend One Litre of Tears (1LOT). HOWEVER, however, a word of caution, it is not recommended to watch more than 2 or 3 episodes each time (or even more than 1 episode for some), you may have trouble getting out of your house to work/school the next day – trust me, it is a highly charged, emotional but meaningful drama. You will appreciate your life so much more.

    Go ahead, shed your tears~

    p/s – sorry if someone has already recommended 1LOT because I didn’t read all the comments.


  8. Anonymous says:

    try Summer snow. its old and wonderful


  9. kstwylah says:

    awww.. i missed visiting this site. After SG ended I got so busy, but am happy there’ a lot of talk about pride, i really enjoyed watching it.and am now thinking of rewatching it. thanks too for the other jdrama recommendations.


  10. dfl says:

    Glad u liked Pride! 🙂 It’s my favourite Kimutaku drama of all time, and I smiled at your “I loved it so much I would have learned Japanese to transcap it live if it was still on.”. Because I really did go learn Japanese because of it!

    Another rather “poetic” J-drama I really liked is “Love Revolution”. It’s very very old, but I liked all the little symbolic tokens/props and subtleties in it. Hope you would watch it and like it too!


  11. baidu123 says:

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