My Princess E5: Live “Transcap”

While translating I just had a thought – these two gifs of SG on the right are going to be replaced tm with MP – please crazynyt leave the top one up and just switch out the bottom one – pretty please?
There was a definite change of pace as far as cute moments goes-LS and HY were together much less than usual so that may have something to do with the slower pace of this episode. It can’t always go full speed ahead cuz then there wouldnt be anything left to look forward to- even the preview was shorter than usual.
Either the broadcast caught up to filming or they decided not to give away so much info from now on – except for the almost kiss scene coming up either at the end of E6 or maybe they will stretch it out to E7. Doubt they will go thru with it cuz
A: according to drama rules it is too early
B: no way does it make sense to move that quick when they are still in the fighting stage
C: if MBC wants to hold onto the ratings – they are going to have to throw the kdrama rule book out and rewrite history
Yeah I don’t know any names of court ladies – cant keep track of that stuff – need to find a name I can remember cuz MC Mong guard is too long too – can I call him mong jr.? and the court ladies OC and YC
for the older court lady and the younger court lady?
like i said time and time again- I suck at memorizing korean names- so much to the extent that I have angered friends cuz I couldnt remember their names for months when I first met them.
The only bad part of transcaps for me is this part- all these names that come with each new drama. it is such a headache. I’m sorry but these transcaps come with the good and the bad. the good is that I am faster than others. the bad is that you have to scratch your heads a bit to figure out who I am talking about.
I went online tonight and noticed that the comments on MP special had more to do with SG withdrawal than the special itself. Maybe I should have posted it as “spaz space” -actually I am doing it now too cuz I am suppose to talk about tonight’s episode and all I want to do is share with you a special I saw on Hyun Bin. It talked about his personal life and career span and let me tell you, he has always been this good looking. You know how some stars as kids look nothing like who they are now- even YAI – well HB looks better if that is possible. I wish I could get a video of that special to translate for you guys – you will fall in love with him all over again after watching it. I am definitely going to transcap the SG special this weekend if anyone wants to tune in – we have to say goodbye to SG properly. 🙂
My Princess E5 Transcriptions
she looks around and grandpa asks if she likes it and she says it is too beautiful
she didnt know a place like this existed in korea
he says after it was built for her the princess – for a long time so no one would know about it they hid it-it waited for the new owner
omg a blue butterfly lands on her shoulder and goes flying into the house on its own while everyone watches it fly by
(dont tell me that isnt computerized)
chairman says the butterfly had been waiting for the princess for a long time
[oh good lord please-dont butterflies have short life spans]
they go inside with an entourage of staff trailing them
there is a fountain in the main entryway (foyer)
she says the place is big
he says it is spacious for one person to live
he tells her to rest comfortably here
within a week there will be a ceremony in her honor
LS: to be honest – I still dont know about being the princess
she says she came cuz she was mad about what ppl said about her dad
and she knew the chairman would be the only one who could stop it
G says she is waiting – her mom is here
LS runs over to hug her
but the mom acts weird and stiff and backs up
she calls LS princess and uses formal language
LS: mom what are you like this?
mom: what do I do? i didnt know you were a princess
i thought it was best to raise you like a kid I gave birth to
LS crying: what are you saying mom?
she hugs her mom tightly
mom asks chairman for permission: can I hug her?
he nods
the mom crying hugs LS back: my baby – my baby seol-ee-ah- my baby
grandpa asks G what is going on with HY?
HY is staring at something
his coworker or someone says
“you didnt get a call? it was decided in a hurry this morning
there is a lot of reporters waiting insisting on taking your pics
headline is “chaebol heir who is in love with a princess…..”
pics are taken of HY
reporter yoo comes over with a camera
HY says something about lax security or something letting in any reporter
but Yoo says he only writes stuff he can back up with sources
Y meets with LD
Y verifies that LD is LS’s older sister
Y tells her she will be uncomfortable for the time being cuz of reporters
cuz they found this is where the princess used to live
Y says there will be guards to help them
LD wants to know how many since there are customers here too
and also for how long-if she isnt going to help all the way till the end
then dont bother
she says she doesnt like someone giving and then taking it back
Y gives LD her business card and tells her to call her if she needs anything
LD goes to put the business card away and finds the sachet
the look on her face says she has an idea
LS and her mom both blow their noses at the same time
and the mom holds tight to LS’s hand
grandpa explains how difficult it was to find the princess for 20yrs
and he begged over and over that she was still alive
mom says while she raised LS the mom wondered who LS’s real mom was like
cuz LS had qualities unlike others
LS says embarrassed to her mom
what are you saying- how was I so different from others?
the mom says LS was brimming over with charisma and something else about how her personality couldnt stand it if she saw something bad
and studied hard so her mom never had to tell LS to study
chairman: she did?
LS: it kind of sounds like a little bit of it happened like that
mom: in this whole world is there another daughter like this?
i’m really blessed I thought -and (it turns out) my daughter was a princess
the mom and LS cry again
LS walks her mom to the car
the mom promises to be back to visit soon
she tells LS not to cry and do well
LS cries watching her go
C asks if she wants to go back
LS says her mom will cry going home alone
she asks to go back and pack some of her stuff cuz she came here too suddenly
he asks if she has the confidence to come back here
he says you wanted to clear your father’s name but you can only do that as the princess
if you dont want to-then it cant be helped
he tells her to decide to leave or stay here
G says to chairman that LS went to sleep early cuz she was tired
Y comes in
C asks what she wants to have
he knows that she went thru a lot to find all the royal stuff so
he wants to give her something before he loses all his fortune
she says she is satisfied with bidding his wishes and keep working for him for the rest of her life
he says he wanted to give her the museum
but she says that isnt what she meant
he asks again what she wants
Y wants to be in charge of the royal family’s assets
so HY wont get in the way of preventing the princess from taking reign
chairman thanks her
G asks her why she offered to do it
what is in your heart to take on that role/to do that job
she says cuz it makes the chairman happy
G tells her to tell him in the morning that she cant do it
but she says no
G: why are you like this? this isnt a position you should aspire to
Y: dont stop me
because I dont want to throw away my position as your daughter
LS looks around her bedroom
and meets two women – her personal staff-court ladies
OC older court lady and YC younger court lady
(who looks familiar – saw her in another drama but dont know which one)
LS asks to be alone cuz she is tired
she sits on the bed and looks to the right
she gets up to walk over then she looks to the left and leapfrogs over the bed to get to the closet to check out the clothes and shoes
she tries some on
she falls and says the shoes do not fit
LS texts her friend about her first night -how her body and heart is 39.5 temperature
the friend worries LS is sick
she asks the other older woman doesnt that mean a person will die?
the woman says human beings dont die that easily
J comes in and hears from her friend that LS went into the newly built palace
he asks what else she said and the friend says she thinks LS might be hurt by the internet news
J gets a call and he is wanted in the dean’s office
Y goes to see J’s school to meet with the dean or head of the school (dont know job titles like his)
she gives him a framed picture of something
then meets with J
he says he is fine the way he is – if he is a professor at the age of 32 without money or “back” (support/sponsor) then he has done well
Y: what do you mean you dont have “back” (support)? I’m here
he asks her to use her “back” to let him meet the princess and get her palace address
she asks why he needs to meet her
J says “family (business or matters-not sure of this word)
* in korean “back” means connections to get jobs, promotions, get out of prison, etc
mc mong guard (mong jr.) comes with men to HY’s home
they have his housecode i guess cuz they just let themselves in
mong jr shows HY a document and says all this is on the list
it is part of the fortune that belongs to the grandfather and everything is in the chairman’s name
HY says he understands and sends them away but they start to scatter
when mong jr says to start
Hy yells:am I someone in debt- why put stickers?
mong jr: it doesnt look good huh? but we have to do this so it looks obvious like we worked
HY says he is asking cuz he doesnt understand -the house def counts
but the rest I bought with my own money
so why are you doing this?
mong jr says the card HY used to buy these things changed from something to I guess something with daehan cuz now his stuff counts too
mong jr says wait a second and puts a red sticker on HY’s mug
and then on HY’s house slippers
another guy brings over HY’s suitcase
mong jr hands it over to HY and says feeling bad for HY : it must be so hard to move out in the middle of winter so please go safely
HY says mong jr’s real name twice and asks is there a hidden camera
right now
mong jr says all heart broken that they are going to lock the doors-arent you going to leave? do we have to use strength?
HY throws the document at him and takes his red sticker and puts it on mong jr’s forehead and says “i’m leaving” then he screams and says “ahhhh -really!”
cuz he cant believe this is happening to him
he takes his suitcase and meets Y
she hands him a packet of info about his families homes and property
it is a list of all the assets
that goes under the chairman’s fortune so I guess it will be reclaimed
he asks why is it so thick
she asks him where he is going to stay from now on
he says the pyung chang dong house is empty-he sees it on the list and says “guess I cant go there”
he reads off cheondang dong apartment, something kimpo, jejudo resort
he stops and says ” this is going too far -this is really not right – this jejudo resort was a bday present when I was 8 yrs old-it’s mine so why do they get to donate it just cuz they feel like it?
Y: you dad gave it to you as a present
it used to be under your dad’s ownership but it changed over to the chairman’s
HY: what?
LS goes shopping with her entourage of bodyguards including mong jr and YC
-people who see her keeps complimenting her saying she is pretty
LS bought her mom and sister’s stuff only so YC complains she isnt buying anything for herself except for one hair tie (or was it hairband)
LS explains that her house is going to be quiet without her so this was her way of making it up to them
HY is dragging his suitcase around and stops to buy underwear
and LS shows up so he hides
behind a mannequin wearing a bra and panty
he wonders “why is she here”
but she spots him
awkward moment for him cuz he was holding men’s underwear and touching the bra on the mannequin at the same time when he was spotted by LS
LS: what are you doing here?
HY: why did you come here?
he lies and says he is here to check how the store is running
and she says he and that mannequin look good together
she leaves saying she is busy
HY’s cards dont work
he catches up to LS in the elevator
once inside he shoves her with his hips
he gets a call
HY meets with the president and HY asks why the president
joined to restore the monarchy
HY points out all the reasons why it’s not good and the president sort of agrees with him but it’s too late for the president to do anything about it
the president asks HY how he would settle this problem
the president and crap forgot that guy that went on a one hour hunger strike-was it SW?
they are with reporters and both of them are giving blood
as soon as the reporters leave SW asks for the needle to be taken out
the president says since you already started just leave it in
but SW says next time you do it by yourself
to be honest are we close? we are not in a situation where we should be lying side by side
the president asks if he is going to continue going against the restoration
the president tells him the princess is in her palace
SW complains and says this is why he cant approve and the president says it’s not like we can hide her somewhere since everyone knows
the president says you shouldnt have released the scandal about LS’s father
he warns him not to mess with LS again
LS asks her staff if she looks pretty cuz J is here
LS is so happy to see him
he said he heard she was sick
she says how could she be when she is in heaven
J: you’re the same as always
she says some stuff I dont know then asks why he came here
J: cuz I wanted to see you (can also be translated as cuz I missed you)
LS: do you mean it?
wait – dont answer – since you said that suddenly it is hard for me to
process it
J says from here on in her life there will be a lot of things she will find difficult to process plus she is going to be lonely
and he cites history and other kings who went thru that
even tho you are princess wont it be similar? and if you want to talk about being royalty (or something) come talk to me and not ( i think he said HY’s job title)
your voices are too loud and what are you going to do if rumors start
LS is moved and says: professor
she gets a call from HY
LS: hello?
HY at the convenient store shopping: where are you?
LS: why did you call? we shouldnt be doing this now
HY: if I wanna call – it’s up to me – where are you now?
LS: after I came into the palace I made up my mind to forget about you
so dont call from now on
HY: what? I cant believe this
anyway I asked where is that place
LS: there is no way – you are wanting to come here to see me?
why are you like this – really
please just let me go now
HY: if you dont hurry up and tell me I am going to cause trouble
LS: is there any trouble left for us to make?
HY: of course there is -it’s obvious what trouble a man can make-
I’m just going to marry you
LS: marry?
she hangs up on him
HY:hello? this wants to die-hanging up the phone…
LS: he must be crazy…
she asks J to be excused for a minute
HY is paying with a $100 check for some inexpensive items like newspapers and magazines and the clerk smirks seeing his pic with LS and tells HY to wait for change
she calls HY back
LS: why didnt you hurry and pick up your phone-where are you?
HY: why?I’m talking with a reporter now
I”m about to reveal that I am going to marry you
LS: why are you marrying me?
HY: you might not understand this well but the scandal between us has to get big to be useful to me
why? should I not reveal it? you dont want me to?
then leave the palace. anyway you decide -I’m busy now so hanging up
LS runs into the room yelling professor -it’s urgent-go – go-go
while he stutters “what is going on”
she drags him into a room
LS orders her court ladies not to open that door even if they hear something or nothing at all
OC asks YC you heard the princess talk on the phone -the person she spoke to was a man right?  why is the princess acting like this?
she tells J to help her get out cuz HY is going to release news that he is going to marry her
J and LS sneak out
she says no one will see but he says stay low cuz of CCTV
while unloading groceries
K spots her leaving with J
when he sees J covering LS with a blanket
he assumes she is being kidnapped
when they are clear she takes the blanket off and puts her seatbelt on
and thanks J
J asks what she is going to do once she finds HY
J suggests she get help from the palace people instead
K chases her on his scooter and tells her to get out of J’s car
that is is dangerous-she keeps telling him he is in danger
and K says that is not important
because he kept chasing them by driving along J doesnt focus on the road
J drives straight into a road block
they go to the hospital
J is fine but LS is in bed with a nose bleed
HY drives up and rushes in
the doc: nothing is broken
she says but I’m bleeding
(she holds up the tissue she rolled up to stop her nosebleed)
he says : with car accidents – you cant know right away (what is wrong)
you dont have a certain place that hurts right?
she keeps inisting she is hurting
HY runs in and asks what happened
the doc complains that he hates guardians cuz they never come all at once
always one by one( so he has to repeat himself)
he says to LS: you dont need to stay over night in the hospital
but if you insist -he tells HY and J the guardians to sign her in
and he leaves
so HY complains to J why he had to bring her to this kind of crappy hospital
HY to LS: what happened?
LS: you came as soon as I called
you didnt talk to the reporter did you? right?
HY: did you get in an accident on purpose to stop me from doing that
who is to blame (for the accident)
J says “let’s talk outside”
HY to J: from what I hear she was riding in your car when she got into the accident
to LS-HY says I told you not to get in a car with this guy-
(meaning J)-how many times did I tell you?
LS: why are you doing this to professor
you are the one who told me to come right away so all he did was help me
HY: watching you his side- you seem fine
he pulls on her injured arm to get out of bed
and she screams out in pain
J pulls HY off saying : what are you doing to an injured kid
HY feeling bad: ya- are you really hurt?
LS: I think my arm got pulled out
J asks are you ok? does it hurt a lot?
LS: nods a lot
HY: ya- what do you mean your arm got pulled out-
I didnt even pull it with much force -you are pretending to be sick
(you are acting like a cry baby)
J tells him to go out and he tells LS that he is going to sign her in and for her to rest
she nods
HY says before he leaves: I didnt use any force
HY starts to fill out the form
he asks for another pen cuz ink doesnt come out
J says “that’s ok I’ll do it” and takes out his own pen
HYsays she came to meet me and got into the accident so he will take care of it
and grabs J’s pen out of his hand
J takes his pen and the form back and says “it’s ok I said”
HY takes it back mumbling J doesnt get much salary and says he will pay for it
J takes it again saying he is the saving type so he can handle her hospital stay
and asks HY what right do you have to pay? do you have a reason you can right down (cuz on hospital forms you have to write who you are as in family -husband-friend-etc)?
HY thinks about it for a sec: me? fiance?
J laughs and says :what?”
HY: let’s stop this – I have a favor to ask
he says he has some things to tie up with her
so please give us some space
if you trust me and do that
I can end being her fiance today
Hy takes the pen back and finishes filling out the form
K comes over to spy for her
still lying down and pretending to be sick
she has the blanket pulled up to her nose
she asks what HY and J are saying”are they fighting like crazy?”
K asks”the ahjussi that just came -is he your fiance?”
LS:i said he isnt
she sits up and takes the tissue out of her nose and says she is going to end it today
K looks at her and asks: noona are you really ok?
you dont look well at all
LS: that’s not the problem right now
for starters what is your name?
K: just call me gunny(but we are going to call him K) and you can speak informally too
LS speaking informally for the first time and using a lot of aego: should I? then gun-na-noona has something to ask of you-are you going to do it for me?
he gives her a puzzled look
K is dressed as LS in bed
YC cleans up around the room picking up clothes
she rattles on about how handsome the professor is
to be honest this is a secret but the entire staff is asking about
who is the person who came to visit the princess
they are making such a big deal out of it
those girls are so ridiculous dont you think so your highness?
K sticks his fingers out and waves at her to go
YC guesses and says LS must not feel well “so should I leave”
he mutters yes
and she thinks she isnt well cuz her voice is strange and tries to see her face under the blanket “look at me your highness”
but K struggles to stay under it
she leaves saying please rest then
he listens at the door to make sure she is gone
he wonders if he did the right thing
LS is still in the hospital
HY is by her bedside
she cries in her sleep and says “…I’m hungry”
at first he leans in cuz he is worried thinking she is crying for her dad but as soon as he hears her saying she is hungry he snaps out of it
she wakes and opens her eyes
LS: what’s wrong- did something happen?
HY: what kind of sleeping habit is that? talking in your sleep”hungry”…
LS: when did I do that and starts coughing -on him
she asks for water
she wants him to feed her the water
HY: you were at the palace a short time but you picked up a lot of bad habits
LS: that’s not it I really cant move anything at all
in the impact of the crash I must have injured my shoulder cuz I can lift my arm
he lifts her head and feeds her the water
she says she thinks she can live now
she wipes her mouth and tears
he says I thought you couldnt use your hands – so what is this? your feet?
LS” explains that she hurt her right arm
he leans in and asks: you are lying about being hurt huh?
she says think what you want-if you want to think I am faking go ahead
she rolls over and coughs again
then she rolls back over and gets his attention
he says “what?”
all of a sudden she farts
that was her way of asking him to take her to the bathroom
(like it would kill her to use words – she has to make it audible-
hope that is one of the lessons on the agenda-controlling body function etiquette)
when she comes out of the bathroom, he takes her IV bag and carries it for her and he asks: do you feel more relieved?
she sees a frantic mom and crying baby being turned away cuz
there are no beds-the mom says there is no other place to go cuz this is the closest hospital
the nurse says if you are in that much of a hurry try another emergency room
the mom says the kid’s fever is too high so just until the fever goes down
nurse keeps saying there are no beds
LS asks HY they are doing that cuz their is no empty bed huh and he agrees
he says let’s go in
but she says “wait a minute” to him and raises her hand to get the nurses attention
LS offers to leave-to be discharged- cuz she isnt hurt at all she says
when they come out he asks “are you ok? it’s cold so hurry and get in”
when they are about to get in the car, she doesnt look well
he smiles watching her and says you are not trying to hint I should open the door for you right?
he gets in but she doesnt: what are you doing?
he gets out and cant see her :where did she go?
she fainted and is lying on the ground
he says she needs to go back in
she says no there are no beds in there
he says is that something to consider now
he takes her in his car to take her to his place
he carries her in
he puts her on his bed
he checks her fever
he takes her shoes off
then cold compress to wipe her sweat
and then to lower her fever
he takes her jacket off
then puts a towel over her and takes her clothes off
she is wearing his robe in the next shot
he sees the bruises on her arm from the accident
when he wipes her down with a washcloth
he sleeps by her bedside on the floor sitting
he checks her fever in the morning
it is lower cuz he looks relieved
G reports the princess is with HY
should we go get her
grandpa says he is going in person
LS wakes up and sees the compress
she goes out and HY made her rice porridge
he asks if she slept well and to come sit
he puts a bowl in front of her
she tries to lift her arm to eat
but she can barely lift it
so he takes the bowl and feeds her
she asks why he is doing stuff he never did before (like be nice)
she tries to take the spoon back but he says it is cuz she is hurt
he asks where she bumped her shoulder to have bruises like that
she suddenly realizes and asks: how did you see?
she looks at her robe: did I change into this?
he continues feeding her
HY: you dont even remember how you got here
so do you think you were in the right frame of mind to change into that
she worries he saw
HY: I didnt see anything
LS: really?
HY: there was nothing to see anyway
LS: you saw you saw
he keeps feeding her
LS: it is suspicious
HY: what is?
LS: you want something from me dont you? and it’s really a doozy
they say something about food and feeding and trust
HY: I wish you would trust me
LS: what do you want me to trust?
HY: my apology
even if you dont accept it I wish you would believe it
the talk about your dad-doing that wasnt right
I’m sorry
after the meal they go to the living room and
she looks around and sees the red stickers
:what are these? arent these repossession stickers
HY: why are you surprised
this is all what you did
LS: I did? there is no way – are you talking about the fortune donation?
he tells her to shower and come out so they can talk
LS: what talk?
HY: because I was nursing you back to health we didnt get to talk at all
i’m going through all this so do you think I was going to just send you back to the palace (not sure about this line -heard it like 10times but that is what it sounded like)
hurry and wash and come out
he turns the TV on
after she is done
she is about to go out and spots a stack of newspapers
under it she finds a news report
the one about her dad
she sees it all
she looks pissed
she goes out and asks what is this holding up the papers
she says it is the same
i read it all
it is the same as on the news at that place we ate at
he asks do you think I was behind all that?
she asks what else he has planned
who would do stuff like this to prevent the monarchy
is there anyone else besides you who would do this
he says there are lots more who would stop her
even if he stopped she cant be the princess comfortably so give up
she asks: was everything a lie? to stop me from being the princess?
HY: listen well
I was sincere when I worried when you were sick
I was sincere in my apology about your dad
but what I hate the most is my biggest sincerity is that you quit being the princess
do you understand what I am saying
she leaves
he goes after her
grandpa shows up
he says the president wants to meet with her
she turns and looks at HY and leaves with grandpa
she meets with the president
he says he wanted to meet her
she says she wanted to see him too
she chose him as president
he says she isnt just beautiful but smart (I think)
he says she went thru a lot
he says once she decides she has to realize responsibility follows
grandpa asks where she is going back to
it is time for her to decide
she walks back into her palace
and into her room
changes and goes to bed
(that is one tiny bed for a princess)
she imagines HY sitting on the bed petting her hair – OMG
he puts his hand on her forehead to check for fever
and he covers her with her blanket and tucks her in
she closes her eyes and sleeps
she wakes up
he is sitting on a side coffee table at the foot of her bed leaning on
an armchair dressed in a dapper beige suit
he says hello princess I am Park HY from the foreign office
someone on soompi said this about his job title:  imperial household department under the special division of the foreign office – he is in charge of her education and protocol training
Hy goes up to her while she is in bed and gets close and asks : arent you going to throw a pillow
she gets a test about royalty
she keeps trying to get a peek at her scores
HY carries her off
LS’s mom pulls HY aside and says “please take care of the princess”
J tells Y that she means nothing to him now and takes the photo of them together and puts it face down
LS and HYare on the bed together and she kicks him with her feet and she almost falls off the bed and he catches her – they are in a compromising position

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    Sorry about the spazz for the MP BTS translation.I’m watching MP raw and popping by here.However even if you are not transcapping DH can I say you should watch it as a viewer only.It’s getting quite good and funny.I am doing some editing but we don’t have enough Ko-En subbers so ep 5 and 6 are not fully subbed yet.However you should watch it.This is an unbiased view as I was not on board for DH as well previously.

    I can see Lee Dan is going to be trouble already.

    When you translate later may I ask you for the name for the first court lady?We couldn’t catch it from the preview.All I have is that the 2nd lady who is Court Lady Shin.

    Thank you.


  8. Erika says:

    This is the 2nd drama I watch after MSOAN.glad you do the transcap.look forward for this….its getting me so curious in each glad weds has come and tomorrow too.


  9. ck1Oz says:

    Princesses do ribbon cutting etc.Why is she at a dept store with like 1 doz bodyguards?


  10. kara elayne says:

    @ck10z – hey, sis! Nice seeing you here too! Hahaha! I’m glad we’re watching the same drama again.


    • ck1Oz says:

      LOL.I am definately on for tomorrow…dicha see the last scene?

      Omo…come pop by viki,I’m on for Dream High,My Princess and Paradise Ranch.I’m reserving my weekends for rewatching Secret Garden.Binnie is my avatar 🙂

      We’ve finally uploaded the subbed ep 11-20 Sungkyunkwan Scandal legally after all the licensing issue as well.

      Hope you’ve been well.


  11. Li Lian says:

    Thanks immensely. This is indeed very enjoyable. Love the pace and the bickering between the star cast.


  12. nzh says:

    OMG OMG thanks a lot this is really great since i can’t watch it directly!!!!!!!!
    thanks again


  13. kara elayne says:

    @ck10z – I have a very long drama watch list already, and I just don’t have the time. Good thing SKKS finished before I get too busy. I want to see Secret Garden too. Also Dream High. Is Paradise Ranch good? I want to watch it because of the story, and not because of Changmin, hehehe!

    How come when I go to Viikii, most of the videos there are not available in my region?


    • ck1Oz says:

      Ehh….MP is available I think in the US.Viki has to pay for the rights but not rich enough.Sigh.Still in negotiations.However MP and DH both have softsubs.Can’t take over softy’s blog.Just pop by and email/PM me under the same name..and I’ll answer you 🙂

      SSH just looks good in every angle.I’m trying to work out if the writer is trying to make him nasty or not?


      • sansukini says:

        Dream high is getting better every episode. I’m loving Sam Dong and the music already.

        I’m glad you’re watching MP Kara_elayne. try Dream High too. I’m not sure I’ll watch Paradise ranch when it open, but I’ll try cos I’m not really feeling anything special from the previews. Might be another HTTG, but hoping for the best.


        • kara elayne says:

          That’s next on my list, sansukini, Dream High. I have too much videos to watch and so little time. Yeah, MP is my first drama after SKKS, so imagine my glee when I saw Prof Jong and King Jeongjo in reverse roles at Episode 2, hahaha!


      • kara elayne says:

        Sis, errr, I dunno where to PM/email you, you have Twitter? I am @kara_elayne there.


  14. darcy5 says:

    So fast. Thank you!

    and I see Big Bang! Love it.


  15. mojaslatka says:

    Somehow I’m losing the connection of My Princess while my addiction to Dream High is escalating. I must be mad. But honestly, I didn’t feel connected to this epi(just reading it) or I’m just missing something. I will read this again and watch raw tomorrow to see if my feeling right now will change. Hopefully.


    • sansukini says:

      I’m not mad for MP but I like it a lot. The OTP’s too cute and they give me a lot of laughs but I’m a little wary of the evil sister and the evil second lead.
      I think Dream High’s better than MP, maybe because of the musical plot, and I love their performance of Genie and that Winter bday Song, Sam Dong’s musical genius plot is a little bit meh, it doesn’t make much sense but it’s okay.

      I’ll still wait for MP every week. It makes for a good watch and I love the OTP


  16. reverie says:

    can;t see it live tonight…. therefore…thank’s a lot for you recap….


  17. soowara says:

    thanks softy!! =D


  18. somuchsoju says:

    Endless thanks, Softy!

    It looks like MP has slowed down with the cuteness in this episode. Anyway, I do hope it’s back on track tomorrow!

    P.S. I LOLed at your GIF request/bargaining! 🙂

    Take care and we’ll see you again, tomorrow!


  19. Keera says:

    Thanksss!!!!! I found you with SG but I´m totally in love with MP! And these transcription are my salvation every wed and turd xD

    Yay, he´s really cool!


  20. […] My Princess E5: Live “Transcap” While translating I just had a thought – these two gifs of SG on the right are going to be replaced tm with MP – please […] […]


  21. nikesma says:

    :OO!!! The gifs.. NOOOOOO!!!! Urm… maybe you can put at the side one gif of each series (daebak of all daebak scenes) you transcap here! I want SG gifs to be here forever!
    Ehehehe. Just a suggestion =p~

    Neway, while I was watching HY tried underwears, I have a thought.. do men actually try underwears like that? ^^;


  22. missJ says:

    hmmm… yeah , I agree with everybody after watching the raw .. somehow this ep. was lackluster compared to the previous episodes … not so many interactions bet. HY and LS …I also hope ep. 6 will be better , as they will have many scenes together, and bring back the cuteness and funny moments …thank you Softy , for the transcap …your effort is vey much appreciated !!!fighting !!!
    From Japan with love


  23. MAR says:

    Love everything about MP. Can’t wait for the next ep. Please please watch Ep 6 preview. HY chicken dance is priceless. SSH is driving me crazy.

    As for comparison with DH, don’t know about the drama. It’s fun but i am not emotionally connected yet. But…. it did introduce me to 2PM. I am so loving these kids and i kinda feel guilty about it. For God sake i am 27 and i have nephew their age. And i am in love with Ok Taec-Yeon. “Sigh”. How come i did not see this side of Taec in CS. Jason aka Woo young (my apology i know his name is not spelled this way) is so much lovable and cooler and fun in his real life persona. You have watch their Happy Together Episode. Watch all the part. It is must watch.


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