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After I watched the Good Morning special, I sat there debating whether to translate it for this blog or not. Then I checked Soompi to see if anyone else had done it and couldnt find one. So I got to work – if anything is going to prove that I care about MP, this should. Hope you enjoy it.
On a lark I translated a few lines last week and then started to stress that maybe I needed to clarify what I had posted cuz I hadn’t translated it verbatim. What they say in Korean, translated directly it doesn’t make sense so I had to translate in a way to make the meaning clear.(see bottom of post). So I ended up translating more of it for accuracy so here is the rest.
A torrent for the special is posted on soompi. Sorry but I skipped K’s (the BEAST member) interview.
For those of you who might care about this, I just wanted to clarify that in real life, SSH speaks informal Korean to KTH. Sometimes KTH speaks informally to him, but for the most part she sticks to formal Korean. She calls him oppa as you can tell from the video. They don’t seem that close judging from their interactions, but that may have to do with the fact that they haven’t been working together that long. If you watch HJW and Hyun Bin, their interaction is much more close and chummy. HJW speaks informally to Binnie and calls him “ya” all the time but Binnie uses formal language to her for the most part. Maybe this can be a dry run practice for next week’s SG special. In the past, specials or interviews were never that great to begin with except the one for Brilliant Legacy. They really outdid themselves for that one. It had the whole cast and they had Kang Ho Dong host it with MC Mong. That is why I was so surprised that they had such an in depth one for My Princess considering it just started not too long ago.
I used what the narrator said to set up certain scenes. During the interview-every pause she or he made – so did I as I was translating so that is why the dialogue seems sporadic and splicy- that is how they talk – hardly any coherent complete sentences -so don’t blame me. It was fun to do though cuz I never translated anything like this before.
Seol is suppose to have a high fever and that is why she is asleep so HY carries her to his room and lays her down on his bed. He has to make her comfortable so he took her shoes off first. since that scene was suppose to be close ups of HY, KTH fell asleep during it. She didn’t even realize it but when they yelled cut she didn’t wake up. SSH tells her she cant sleep so she sits up and drinks some water. KTH says I have to act but I keep falling asleep. While sitting on the bed together, KTH doesn’t believe they caught it on camera when SSH tells her they did. KTH :I am suppose to act sick SSH: you were acting sick then fell asleep. She asks about the size – how big she came out during that scene. SSH says how they filmed her while she slept and she cant believe it and keeps saying “really? I didn’t know” she says weren’t they filming you oppa and he says no you. She explains I had my eyes closed so naturally I fell asleep so what can I do. The guy filming says we know your sleeping habit now – you sleep with your mouth slightly open. She admits she sleeps with her eyes and mouth open and the narrator woman says even tho she sleeps like that, she wanted to keep lying down. A woman comes up and shows KTH what they filmed of her while she had been asleep and KTH says who took this?
After resting for a bit they resumed filming. It shows HY trying to take seol’s jacket off. He starts with her right side and doesn’t make any progress except tugging on it. Both of them are embarrassed about it. Someone suggests to SSH to lift her and take it off so SSH explains cuz she is sleeping how can I do this and he demonstrates by putting KTH back down on the bed and lifting her to sit up. He says that would wake her from her sleep. They laugh. Then he says or should I do this – tapping a sleeping seol awake and saying  “ya – ya-let’s take your clothes off then you can sleep” or “ya- you have to take your clothes off and sleep – (should I do it)  like this?” They keep laughing and other guy says “everyone must have some experience (doing this)”. Then SSH tells her to lie down and he pretends to take it off again and he asks “did this look too strong? Cuz I tried to do it really weak” [it means he came off looking like he took it off too roughly on camera] which makes KTH sit up and laugh and SHH says “oh it’s hot” and he flaps his jacket to get air.
Then SSH asks the director to try it –he tells the director to sit and try it but the director remains standing crouched over and he tries a little bit  -SHH says “you think it will come off like that?” and the director runs off and the narrator says “director cant do it either-see that isn’t as easy as it looks”. She lies back down again and SHH says he will try his best to do it slowly. Then he tries to do it more softly and slowly touching the tips of her jacket and he says “like this? But it’s so strange” and KTH laughs again. Someone yells “start” and narrator says “he succeeded in getting one arm out  but” cuz someone laughed again “NG” .then they yell “start” and this time he gets the whole jacket off and goes off camera.
Now he has to cover seol’s body with the towel and take the remaining clothes off but the narrator says she (narrator) is nervous. TH cant restrain her laugh and gets up and she cant say why she is laughing so hard so SSH asks **”then where? Where do I go from here? From the side where do I go? Can I go elsewhere too?” He laughs and gets up.
When asked about SSH:
KTH says his personality is comfortable and fun so she can joke around and he would probably take it all in. He likes to kid around too and she gives an example of how he popped his head in thru the women’s dressing room to say hi this morning when she was getting makeup done. At the set he keeps telling lame jokes all the time.
When asked why he chose MP
SHH said the biggest reason why he chose this role was cuz he had done a lot of dark/brooding roles like for Eden and movies so he wanted to play a role that was bright (personality) –and personally – I don’t know if everyone knows this but – cool/impressive-wealthy household-rich son-I’ve never played a role like that once –no matter how much I thought about it – I’ve always played (characters with) problems- dark- little bit poor- I wanted to too- ride nice cars-wear nice clothes-just when I was thinking I want to play a character like that –I got MP’s script. After I read the script- it was the one I wanted – the character I wanted to play and the script was really fun-so if I don’t do this drama- I thought I will really regret it-I really must do this I thought-and then KTH got cast- because I thought I really should not miss out of this drama so I decided-and ended up starting-and a lot of people enjoyed it and it was well received-these days during filming – I am really having a great time.
There was a scene where HY feeds seol porridge and KTH says porridge tastes better when someone feeds it to you. later during her break she checks a recording on the camcorder cuz the scene they just shot was done it one take so she was nervous and wanted to confirm the scene came out ok cuz she wanted to do more than one take.they ask if she liked it but she says she didn’t get to finish watching it cuz she didn’t have time.
SSH interview about his co-star
They ask SSH what he thinks of KTH and he says a lot of people think she thinks she is a princess that she only eats [?]-that she doesn’t go to the bathroom-the TKH in real life isn’t like that at all – she is very strong-she is like a guy-eating habit- she is better than me-when we eat together – she eats more than me-people kept building up this image of her saying she is like that and like that and built that image and somehow at some point she got caught in that image -but with this drama – she is at the point where she broke out of it-she is at the start of breaking out of it and now she is having fun acting-when I see her film these days-at first when there was a really fun comedic scene – like that one where she is trying to hold it in when she needed to go to the bathroom scene-that kind of acting – no one could even imagine her doing that –after she showed that and that scene aired – a lot of people liked it so these days she got more greedy about showing that side-she wants to do more so when I saw that side of her I thought this drama – for KTH the actor – this drama can upgrade her – I think it will end up like that – that’s what I trust .
When they interview her about that bathroom scene
she says jokingly:  to be honest -cuz I don’t go to the bathroom since I don’t have that experience I had a hard time.  It was fun – while I was filming- acted using every ounce of energy to tense up my body – was suppose to use spray to show that I was perspiring but since I naturally perspired I didn’t need it –because I tensed my body so much that day –because I acted to the point of becoming feverish –the next day my face [she said “turned over” in Korean but I think that just means she didn’t look as good as she normally does probably –cuz seriously what could possibly go wrong with her face?]
When asked about the towel scene
SHH: it wasn’t a scene where I show off how good my body looks-it was a comic situation so I had no choice but show my body-when there is a scene like that-what do I say-I wanted to show how relaxed I was –eat as much as I want –show my stomach protruding out – I wanted to but –to be honest I wanted to do that but when it came down to it and I had to show that – I was afraid people would say “oh SSH-his great body is gone” (he laughs)–talk like this was sure to come out- so I didn’t want to hear talk like that-to be honest – it’s not easy to have a body like that –even me –(touches his tummy)  right now too- when a scene like that is being filmed –for that scene – a few days before I do some dieting –for the day that scene is shot there is preparation so that kind of image comes out- how can people live like that normally to be honest-it’s not human-(someone asked something off camera we cant hear so this answer is to that question) I didn’t do that at all – normally my stomach sticks out a lot –when I eat my stomach sticks out – I am the same as all of you.
The scene where she sings on the street and acts all cute to HY
they asked her about it “how much did you practice for that dance?”
she says I didn’t practice. The guy says “really?” she says “this morning ..because seol uses [?] – seol doesn’t need to dance well.
“your dance was so pretty and good” thank you for seeing it that way
“did you practice for a day and did it?” I didn’t know what song to sing so I kept worrying over it and this morning – I decided –while watching girl’s generation music video- I did some mind control –that I am girl’s generation –the actual take was not great but the director kept capturing different angles and used camera magic to film it well -I trusted he would.
**Just to clarify why that part was hilarious -here is an explanation:
If you watch that scene where he has to undress her – you see his hand is under the towel, this is what he said about it word for word: “Then where? Where do I go from here? From the side where do I go? Can I go elsewhere too?”
No one is going to understand that without video and an explanation so for the quick translation, I phrased it like this:  “then where do I put my hands – can I touch you anywhere else then?”
If you watch the video, part of the reason she was giggly was cuz his hands probably tickled her, plus factor in how awkward that scene is to film to begin with, but when he asked her that, she probably couldn’t answer cuz what is she going to say? she knows they are being filmed but I think he forgot in all his concentration so that is why she laughs it off. I wish they had continued filming for us to find out how the rest of that scene went. I am dying to know.
*for soowara
I have a feeling this interview was spliced so a lot of good parts were cut, maybe they will show it next weekend 🙂
some of the replies were hard to hear cuz they mubled or something so this is all I could catch
also I still dont know oska’s or sec kim’s real names -sorry
sec kim (SK) gets a call, he complains “ah- really -this being called on a weekend-a weekend. you know who he is right?” audience replies “yes”
Hun Bin comes out and takes a bow
Hyun Bin and oska are there sitting next to him
SK: tm after the broadcast SG is over-how do you feel right now?
HB:for right now-good memories or recollections like this- i dont want to forget them and not throw them away and live
SK:to be honest – in your honest opinion- your happy about it arent you? you suffered too much
hyun bin was about to answer but SK interrupted and kept prodding
SK: just watching from the side- I felt so bad for you I almost cried
[it sounded like he said] I died too [and then some korean popped up]
SK: from what I could see, oska and hyungnim [he mumbled here]
oska:  what did you see (to say that)?
everyone laughs
SK: see? look at this!
HB: even from what I can see -he is 100%
SK: he is -isnt it? there is no one like our president
oska: when I am on set at SG ….
HB: he finishes really fast -because he doesnt have any NGs he finishes really fast
oska touches his knees to shush him
when oska is holding it and BH holds up his tracksuit audience chants for them to put it on
in the next scene he has it on and gives this speech:
…for two months I was really happy and I received a lot of love -from what we could see too- there are a lot of great people with great (singing) voices on our OST for our drama…(someone yelled out something so he switches topic and says) I dont want to go to the film set either
everyone have a happy new year
all the love all of you have given me I will be sure to return it
he bows and
SK: two of you-thank you very much
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  1. soowara says:

    thanks softy ^^
    if u dont mind,can u pls translate this as well?


  2. missJ says:

    omo, Softy ! thank you so much for this clip and translating it ! so happy ! never thought you would go further by providing translations for this clip , bec. you have already mentioned this on the comments for ep. 4 , but you made my day ! I love their shooting …looks like fun ! but I can sense the awkwardness with KTH and SSH …I hope they will get closer as the drama progresses ^^
    have a nice day , Softy ! only a day away from Wednesday ! yaaayyy !
    fighting !!!
    From japan with love


  3. ck1Oz says:

    Bwahaha…I didn’t expect this.MP better deliver.I’m watching ep 15 SG concurrently with Coffee Prince (which I started yest trying to get my mind off SG-it’s not working).I will drop it off on the spoiler section.

    Sigh.Even ep 5 when he is undressing her is not making me happy softy.We are working on DH ep 5 now which if why I dropped by couldn’t remember whether you were doing delayed recaps or not.Guess not.It’s okay.I can wait for the full subs for it.
    Thank goodness Wooyoung and IU is in it otherwise I wouldn’t care what they were about on DH.


  4. nikesma says:

    OMG. The two gifs! Makes me want to rewatch the episodes again T^T

    Anyway, thanks for the translations, softy!
    I’m wondering if MBC’s drama has long preview?


  5. tangee says:

    Dear Rebelsouls
    Much appreciation for posting anything about my “eye-candy” couple. Thank you for showing that you care about MP cuz I think many fans of MP like this as much.

    Danke Sheon, Domo Arigato, Kasahamida…


  6. balletbabe says:

    I think “HJW speaks informally to Binnie and calls him “ya” all the time but Binnie uses formal language to her for the most part” cause she is technically older than HB!!

    Idk, just my two sense!


  7. MJSHinshi says:

    Thank you softy and thanks soowara for suggesting it. I had watched it and wanting to know what is being said so thank you!

    Thank you too softy for MP, can’t wait for tm’s ep!!


  8. misstwilightfan1416 says:

    Are U Still Writing For Dream High? And Are You Going To Write For Paradise Ranch?


  9. mm says:

    HI SOFTY, i know that you decided to dropped dream high already..

    but just want you to know that episode 5 and 6 is really good …. i really like it and im pretty sure u will be enjoy it ,too


  10. xyz says:

    read this fr other website : scenes showed after JW & RI as husband and wife were in the order of what JW wrote in his letter: same bed, same scenery, same book…


  11. soowara says:

    jeongmal gomawoyo softy for the translation =)
    and sorry, I think I’m the one who initiate spazzing on SG here..


  12. anne says:

    hi! have you seen the interview of KTH in win-win? I can’t find a video with english subs. do you happen to know one? please. please. I really like KTH.


  13. Jessica Maria Karen says:

    thanks a lot for translating..although the clip has been removed..but I really appreciate a lot of effort that you do, just for us to understand everything 🙂 thanks again…and have a nice day…


  14. angeliqueC8 says:

    Hi I just want to ask what are the links in youtube after the first NG scene in the bed where TH acts to be sick? Thanks so much for the translation. ^_^


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