Secret Garden E13: “Transcap”

When I saw this in the preview, it made my heart leap with joy. Then when I saw how it happened, I grinned the whole time I was typing cuz he was being such a child about it. How he kept popping in to make all those silly requests, just looking for an excuse to spend even a second longer with her. At the end of E12 by the fireplace, when he looked into her eyes, I thought that scene was amazing and wondered how they would top it and they did with this scene. I think it is the most adorable moment, especially when he chants. It made my heart ache for him cuz the tighter he held on, I wanted him to never ever let go.
12/27 updated: white fox filled in blanks for us

This whole episode is daebak – there isnt just one or two this time – it is literally every freaking scene

You guys are going to need tissue so prepare yourself.
How can one episode be so perfect in every way imaginable? normally I start with the great scenes
I tried that tonight and gave up cuz I was confused about which scene deserved that merit more
I am calling it now -no matter how this drama ends- cheesy ending with mary poppin’s umbrella
with both of them flying away or even with a death, time jump, memory loss-any of the things I hate about dramas- all is forgiven for episodes like these- I promise 🙂
To think I almost didn’t watch this drama scares me now. Crazynyt had to practically beg me to give it a try way back when it began. I would have missed out on so many great scenes, but the most precious one is tonight when JW holds tight to R and chants “Kimsoroo.” Since I’m not a coffee drinker, normally it takes me over an hour to open my eyes and adjust to being awake. OMG that scene was so amazing I woke up without any grogginess at the crack of dawn (ok I know for most people that would be 4 or 5am but to me it is 7:30am.)
Now I get why so many people love kdramas so much. I never knew it was possible to fall deeper in love with a drama with each passing episode until now. Whenever my sister would be glued to her screen watching her current drama addiction, not paying attention to me her visiting sister, I used to get so annoyed. I kept saying “is a dumb drama more important than your only sister?” and she would say “of course not, but right now unless you are in this drama or this house is on fire, I won’t be able to do anything until I find out what happens in this next scene.”
Now I get how she feels. There is nothing that would keep me from watching this drama tonight-not even the fact that it is a major holiday. I hope my sister doesn’t read this or else she is going to rub this in my face for the next year.
SG E13: Transcriptions
Nuzzle scene

Right after the last line, JW says there is an empty room next door and gets the cushion in his face.
then when JL comes in, JL pulls JW down away from R and JL sort of sleeps next to her so it is the same as the trailer

but there is an added part where JW tries to scoot up slowly and ends up facing her butt for a split second pause to pretend to sleep when R and JL look over at him and then JW resumes inching his way all the way till  he is right in between R and JL
I swear JL smirked in that scene- the man couldnt help himself like the rest of the world
this scene caused a collective smile everywhere
JW is cuter than a puppy in that last shot when he cuddles up to her smiling

JL comes out and R is waiting for him for their hike
R mentions how great the air is and JL asks if she isnt tired and that she should have slept more
R: I’m fine – I wont get in your way. I brought the water
JL worries cuz the roads might be slippery and she is already ready for that and says “let’s go’
JW comes out wrapped in a blanket and says: wait-where are you two going?
they ignore him and start walking away from him
R asks JL “are we going all the way up to the top of the mountain” and JL says “if we can” while JW yells out “where are you two going?” How many times do I have to tell you I’m not the kind of person you can ignore?”
As they are walking, JL tells her if this is too fast to say so but she says it’s a piece of cake
JW is out of breath and tries to follow along asking them to slow down and go together
R tells JL to speed up their pace
JW  keeps asking them to go together and asks what they are going to do up there only the two of them
* omg watching JW suffer along reminded me of all the mountains I was forced to hike up – man I know how he feels -at least he had love as a motivation to continue- all I prayed for was quick death or a resort with a spa at the top
on the mountain top
she tells JL how she likes winter mountains
face is cold – body is warm – walking up is hard so if you stop you’ll freeze to death so you have to walk and walk again till your heart feels like it will burst
that is what she likes about it. if you keep walking you are sure to get to the top
* those are all the reasons why I hate it 🙂 she is one strange monkey
JW the faker scene

when they come down JW is huddled over
he stands when he spots them and yells “what took you so long? I almost froze to death
they continue walking down ignoring him
JW: how can you just go? look here- I cant walk
they stop and turn
R: why cant you walk? why?
JW: I sprained my ankle
so why did you try to pull ahead of me-it happened cuz i was chasing you –
here- cant you see how swollen it is? here

JL roughly grabs and twists JW’s ankle here and there to check if it really is injured saying with a maniacal face “here?”
all the while JW screams “it hurts” and R sighs

that whole scene comes out where JW leans on R but he does it a lot more
like putting his hand in her pocket like a couple
leaning on her face cheek to cheek
pretending to fall and hug in order not to lose balance
while JL yanks on JW’s jacket to pull him off of R
all the while R keeps shoving his face away and pulling his hand out of her pocket and finally asking him “you really want to die?”
JW: what did i do?  why are you like this to a patient
JL says hold my bag, it will be better if I piggyback him
but JW says: wait – oh – how strange – just a while ago it was killing me-while we were coming now it’s fine
R: you were making it up?
JW: it hurt up to a while ago
so R kicks JW and JW yells “really! when are you going to correct this habit?”
R: no leg wouldnt break if it were kicked ten times
then JW keeps hopping up and down yelling “it really hurts!” and falls for real and gets hurt out of camera shot

another scene of oska dancing during rehearsal- this time he didnt do it for long thank goodness
the singer (baek ji young) makes fun of the way he dances and she says she cant do it cuz the way he dances cracks her up and she mimics his girly moves
the singer asks oska if he got botox on his pelvis
B: should i bring Tacyeon(*)? will you learn from him? (*2PM’s member)
oska: i also want to do with sandra(*), not you! (*2NE1’s member)
B: you know how many fans she has? do you want it to be your farewell stage?
oska gets frustrated and yells out the inside joke “ya- just cuz your OST these days are selling well can you look down on me?”
she says “even when you werent popular you looked down on others”
oska: that’s why i’m great. i’m consistent. i became popular. however i don’t act humble.
B: i guess i betrayed the country in my past life, seeing i’m doing like this with you. just practice quickly!
oska gets a call
he had texted seul’s friend and asks to meet her
she says: is that true? so you broke up without knowing the reason?
oska: she turned down my proposal and left with (the actor’s name) to study abroad
she tells oska the truth that seul and that actor did not go abroad together
they only departed together at the same time
after staying in florida for two months, she went on to toronto, london and after traveling around like that for a while she stayed in swiss for a long time-about a year so I went there to ski
oska: is that true? she really wasnt with (actor)?
friend: I told you she didnt
to be honest –  you were too much
oska: me? what?
friend: you dont know? men are really like this
if the person I loved acted like that in front of others, I wouldve wanted to die
that’s right- seul wanted to die too
oska: what are you saying?
friend: seul tooks some drugs (that seul tried to kill herself over it)
oska almost cries and says: what was it- what did I do that was too much?
tell me – even just the jist of it
how could I say that – just hear it straight from seul
she says since she isnt seuls closest friend she doesnt have to right to say it
oska asks you werent her closest friend?
she said that seul has no friends
and that fact oska is to blame too
cuz to seul oska was everything – but for oska- out of everyone (he has) she was just one
he cries a bit from guilt
oska sits in his car and watches seul walk by
the friend’s voice says: when you wanted to meet seul you always got to-but when she really needed someone she was alone-because of your popularity
to be your lover, she always had to hide herself. at the age of when she was prettiest in her life.
oska is really torn up inside

TS goes to see seul
seul finds out from her worker that the worker downloaded the song
the girl finally confessed and the girl hands in her resignation over it
but seul doesnt fire her over it since it is a mistake
TS overhears the whole thing
then oska comes marching in
(*white fox* it was explained in ep9. the worker used seul’s laptop at the meeting to download some video via p2p and she didn’t notice folder where oska’s song had been saved was configured to be shared.
so other peers could download the song from seul’s laptop. — though to me, this plot doesnt make sense technically. )
oska keeps peeling chestnuts
while she asks what he is doing
she confesses that she was responsible for the download and that she would compensate for it
he tries to feed seul chestnuts
saying she used to like roasted chestnuts long time ago
seul: it wasnt me- in our memories there was no roasted chestnuts
who did you do that with and now you are trying it on me
Oska to seul: it really wasn’t you? I thought about it for a long time.  this isn’t it either…
Why did you date a bad guy like me? What did you like so much (about me)? I’ll think about it some more. One by one – I’ll think over it all. I’ll think about it and figure out why you got hurt by me. I’ll be going now.
cupid tells JL that because of his meeting tm, KJW cant move so he told R to stay behind-it was all because of her he got hurt and since he is injured he shouldnt be alone
Jl says if everyone is in the car let’s leave
JW being manly scene

JW is lying on his side on the sofa
R: are you really hurt?
JW moans
JW: is that something to say to someone who almost died and came back to life?
why did you hit me then?
R: then go to the hospital
JW: I want to but if it isnt my personal doctor i cant be treated
if I show up at a hospital news flash will break right away on finance news and stocks will drop
hurry and give me first aid
R: am I a doctor?
JW: when i looked at your body, it was a hospital complex indeed.
if it was to that extent, even if you cann’t get a license, shouldn’t you be able to reduce the swelling at least?

R: where is it swollen? where?
he lowers his pants to reveal the tops of his boxers and she shrieks and turns away
R: you’re really gonna die
JW: why are you like that? when you switched bodies with me you probably already saw it all
R: I’m not that kind of person-hurry and put your pants up
JW: fine but in exchange answer truthfully to what I am going to ask you
that day when you met chae hyung late at night-what did you two do after you met?
R; we ate skins why?
JW: are you an employee of a hog raising association? why do you keep feeding skins to others?
did chae woo young eat it?
R: yes-unlike someone he didnt melt it -he chewed it and ate it – like a man
she gets up to leave
JW pulls her down next to him on the sofa
JW says “what?” I was really like a man just now
R: you are lying about your injuries arent you?
JW: my body hurt- it must be sprained
R: yeah I bet
she walks out and he pops up and asks: where are you going
R: i’m going out for some air so dont move an inch and lie still
JW: go together
R: thought you were hurt
JW: because I’m hurt- dont you know about rehab?
he grabs his jacket and walks out ahead of her
The best walking scene ever

As they are walking JW turns to R and says her name: GRI
R: why?
JW: your action has a scent of a lavender.
R: what?
JW:  your presence itself is a miracle to me.
R squints her eyes and says: crazy (guy)
JW mutters under his breath: (cupid’s name) this being-really
their steps start to match up
JW confesses: in the past, there were times when I walked with you like this
you kept appearing before my eyes
so the two us walked like this

(flashbacks of those scenes when she walked in step with him)
without saying anything they walk and stop at the same time
all the way down hill
R says in her head – some quote from the book

she looks at him as she recites the lines:
there are some things regarded as fantasy just because they exist faraway.
the world of stars is like that. As is often the case with too beautiful people, they disappear easily.
while looking right at his smiling face she narrates in her mind:
from the book i read because i wondered about his true feelings, 
there was a passage that long settled in my heart.
it is now i realize how beautiful a person he is,
and how far away he is from me.
he will disappear some time or other.
as is often the case with people who are too beautiul

Looking for any excuse scene
R is in her room
JW opens the door suddenly
R:dont you know how to knock?
JW: uh- i dont know-there arents that many doors where I need to knock and go in
wash my feet for me- my back hurts so I cant do it
R: are you asking me to wash your feet?
JW: bring me some water I am thirsty
R: (the distance) from the living room to the kitchen is closer than this room
JW shrugs his shoulder
then he comes in to ask: change the channel on my TV it is boring
R: ya!

JW comes with a pillow this time
R: what now?
JW coming all the way in holding that pillow: I’m going to sleep in this room
R: what?
JW: why? i can’t? normally people need scandalous/disgraceful incidents to get close
R: have you really gone crazy? Are you not going to leave?
JW: with everything else you act obviously and conventionally
 so why are you pretending to be refreshing (unconventional ) at a time like this?
If you go to an island, the boats stop running
If you go to a hotel, it’s the last room
At a country estate, there is fireplace scene as it grows late into the night…
Pillow gets thrown at his face
JW: Ya!
R: fine – you sleep here. I’ll leave. I will

JW follows her out and she runs back in and locks it
JW knocking : open it – are you not going to open it?
open it while I am saying it nicely or else I will break it down
R: break it down- it’s your door- not mine

tries to open it goes up the stairs but spots a pen and paper clip so he tries to pick the lock with the pen tip first then the uncoiled paper clip
JW gives up in frustration: fine – you wont open it huh?
okay I got it -make sure you lock the door tight and sleep
since you wont know when I will break/sneak in

then he makes walking step sounds
JW pretending: oh- director lim-you didn’t leave yet? Did you leave something behind?
R falling for it and coming out: director?
JW: I was right when I said you’re not smart and have to do physical work.
R: get out!

JW grabs her and puts her on the bed and starts to cling/hold tight so she cant break free
JW: let’s sleep, I’m sleepy
Let’s sleep-he closes his eyes
R still struggling to get free: are you really crazy? let go
let go while I am saying it nicely
ya- i said let go
he pretends to snore
R: fine I will give you a chance
on the count of three get off of my body
even though you won’t be able to escape injury, i won’t send you to the threshold of the death.
he hugs tighter
R: fine – if you stop now – i wont accuse you of any sin-I swear- i really wont hit you
JW: if you keep talking I am going to jump you

she finally stops struggling and just stares and stares
he slowly opens his eyes and looks at her
they lock eyes

then he hugs her closer and chants kimsuhanmu
over and over again
* I love how he chants it the second time with more emotion like it is tearing him up being so close to her- holding on for dear life – knowing all the while that so many factors would pull them apart
i never knew there could be so much desperation in a loving embrace

next morning she wakes up alone
she goes out and see the car is there and she looks worried and looks around for him
JW had gone to his meeting and he shows up with the construction guys
JW: did you get all your stuff together? can we leave right away?
R: yes
JW: you drive
R: me? why?
JW holding out the key: i’m hurt- my back hurts
R: liar
JW: I’m not making it up
I have to hurry up and go to seoul and go to the hospital
R: dont try to deceive me – I wont fall for it
JW: it’s for real- I said last night I was in that much pain but you just slept so well
enough- I am really hurting-let’s hurry and go
she asks kinda worried “you’re really in pain?

the doctor feels JW’s back and says: if it is in this condition the pain must have been great
it would also be difficult to walk properly
R’s jaw drops
she asks JW: it wasnt a made up symptom?
JW: what did you just hear?
JW to the doctor: you would call it a miracle that I survived huh?*
doctor: that’s true-thank goodness since you met Heo Joon (referring to himself *HJ:a great doctor in Joseon era)  if you get some acupuncture done now and get regular treatments you’ll get better
JW alarmed at the size of the needle: wait – you’re going to stick that in my body right now?
doc swabbing the spot- sticks the needle in saying: yes -like this
JW: ack! you should have said 1,2,3 and then stick it in
R: what kind of man acts like such a crybaby?
JW: acting sick?
JW instructs the doctor to write up medical certificate
this woman caused my accident and made me fall/roll
meet my lawyer tm and you’ll see how dark your future is going to be so prepare yourself
R: do you really have a lawyer?
JW acts like he is in pain again
it also works like this: *you would call it a miracle that I am alive huh?

jwm meets with doc lee
jwm says she has suspicions but no evidence so she wants doc lee to answer her straight
doc lee tells her to ask then
jwm asks about JW’s med and what it is for, how long he has been taking it for, how serious his condition is
doc lee tries to get out of answering saying: I told you the last time that by medical law
a patient’s personal information cannot be  …
jwm tells her to shut up
JW: from the moment JW was born- he has never been a mere individual
whatever happens to JW affects 30,000 employees of ROEL group- dont you know that?
doc lee says his condition is not that bad for the mom to worry
jwm: I’ll decide that
doc lee: I am the doctor
jwm : if you’re that good -is that why you let everyone nearby find out? what are you going to do now?
doc lee looks guilty ( cuz people like his mom found out about JW taking the meds)
sec comes in: sorry to interrupt your conversation
the president has been injured
jwm: what?our Joo won? where? doing what? how much?
then she hears JW got hurt from her secretary while JW was with R at the resort
jwm: what ? they went together there? this *girl is really…
* obviously she used the “b” word here to refer to R
R: from now on you should be really careful.
cuz you got used to it to some extent, it is the stage you may make a mistake.
you know, right? the most probable stage the accident could happen cuz you’re too confident in your shallow skills and are being frivolous.
oska: being friv.. frivolous?
R: isn’t it easy to understand? today’s (key) point is “always have doubts about your skills.”
oska: that’s what i am doing best! among singers having the discography of 7 albums, see who else doubts about their skills as much as i do.
R: it is the problem cuz you only doubt. now isn’t it the stage you should admit?
oska: since the last time you’re my anti-fan quietly. are you an anti- of intellectual type (*tactical) ?
R: shut up. wrap up with stretches. 100 PTs,  50 bunny hops and sit-ups… cancell! let’s not do that.
oska: why? i like it most. please grab (hold my legs).

oska drives R home
oska sees the sec waiting in the car
he tells R to go somewhere nearby and no go home till he calls her – not to come in no matter what
(oska knows jwm’s mom is here inside at R’s house)
he runs inside and she calls after him: what’s going on?
Going too far scene

Ay is with jwm
jwm looks around and sayss: i knew they would be here like this
JWm has already spotted the box of JW’s underwear and reacts like she saw a snake and recoils from the contents
oska barges in
AY says: isnt that oska?
oska to jwm: why are you here? come out
jwm: why are you here? are you by any chance meeting/dating this? (she meant AY when she said “this”)
oska louder: hurry and come out! why are you here?

R comes running in and stops short in shock staring at jwm: what did you come here for
jwm looking at R and oska: what is this situation now? have you been together and now coming in together?
jwm to oska: what are you doing with this?
oska: aunt you are writing another novel
it’s not like that so let’s go
he goes in and grabs his aunt to take her out
but she pulls away with such force that he pulls back in surprise
jwm to oska: you stay put
jwm to R: you went to jechung with JW-is that right?
what kind of “girl” are you?
you said it with your own lips- that JW wont even do for a short time
to not let  him anywhere near you even a step
you acted like you had pride
how dare you turn me into an oversolicitous mother?
even if you live with nothing – you should at least have credibility
how can you always stab me in the back like this
oska: aunt! stop it! what did R do that was to blame?
instead of doing this here let’s go home and torture JW
jwm empties the box of boxers on R’s head
jwm: is this something that can be resolved by torturing JW?
who did you dare to let in this shappy house?
have you gone crazy? cuz you are hiding behind JW’s back
do you have nothing to fear?
R: you are mistaken- what you are thinking never happened
jwm: if that never happened- why are these here? do you wear these?
this is why those who have grown up without parents are bound to show sign of it.
did your parents teach you this?
if it is hard to make it on your own to squeeze money out of men
oska: how could you say such a thing?!

R starting to cry: what did you say just now?
jwm: i didnt say anything wrong
you’re the one who did things that warrants insulting your parents
R quietly says: take that back right now
then she yells: Take it back right now!
jwm: who do you think you are raising your voice to!
R: KJW likes me
I’ve come to like KJW
but now I rather die than meet him/I will never meet him even if i die
R: he is not a man i could never forget even if i died despite my parents got disgraced. he’s not worth it.
My father.. he is a great person who saved a lot of ppl’s lives risking his own life. so he is not someone who deserves hearing those words from you.
so take back what you just said
take it back!
jwm: why should I? I can say more and do more
Oska: aunt – please – let’s go -stop now and go
jwm: what are you doing? let me go!
oska forces jwm to leave and drags her out

R drops to her knees bawling- saying over and over “like a beggar (miserable)” -R cant  stop sobbing and AY holds her and bawls too
oska comes back in and sees all this
sec kim notices how much pain JW is in cuz of his back injury and JW says sec kim looks too happy that JW is in pain
sec kim is in the middle of lying saying he isnt when he gets a call
jw tells him not to go anywhere and answer it right there
sec kim says it is his mom but it is AY
sec kim tells him that AY called to say JW’s mom was just there and caused a hug ruckus
jw says “my mom went where?” and he tries to call R but her phone is off
as JW rushes out he tells sec kim to text him AY’s cell ph number

JW goes to her house but no one answers
he goes to action school but no one is there too
Confronting more than just his mom scene

JW goes to see his mom
JW: why did you do it? why?
what did you say when you went there? what [kind of horrible things] did you say?
did you by any chance make her cry?
jwm: what if I made her cry? what if I did?
JW: how could you go all the way over there!
you told me so that should have been enough
she says talking to him might not work so she had to go
jwm: at least she is in her right mind
JW:what do you mean by that?
jwm: you are taking psychiatric medicine for your mental condition
that’s why (doc lee) drops in and out cuz of that -isnt it? how could you hide something like that?
do you want to see me die? you should have at least told me
JW: it is not to the extent that I needed to inform you
jwm: that’s what you think
is this america? a person who is being treated for psychological treatment -do you think people will look at it as normal?
what are you going to do if rumors start about this- how are you going to handle it?
what are you going to do about your relatives, grandfather,…mr park who are eyeing your position
JW: I’ll handle it on my own, I’ll take care of it. just dont ever go see that woman again or call her over here
jwm: i want to do that too as well- I do
do you really like that “girl” that much?
she said she wouldnt see you
she says you’re not worth it
but you still like her to death?
JW: did she say that? did she say that with her own mouth?
that she wouldnt meet me?
jwm: what? if you like her that much – then try it
if that really is what you honestly want – then do it
do everything you want with that “girl”
JW: what does that mean?
jwm: does it look like you are fighting with me right now?
you’re fighting with yourself right now
I’m saying the choice is with you right now
if that girl is that important then go
the money you have, power, status, everything you have lived with till now -if you can throw it all away -make a clean break and go-then go
(you think) if I have a child, (she) will give me permission
time passing will be like medicine
absolutely not
if you come only with your child I may be able to accept you again
but that “girl” will never cross our threshold
even if I die she cant cross over
I’m going to write it like that in my will
so if you are full just with love, then choose that path!
she walks out

JW stands there paralyzed by her words – or the truth in her words and he cries
*wow that last line was kind of well put – evil as she is the woman can be eloquent

AY is taking care of R who is in bed still upset
Ay asks if R is hungry if she should make her something to eat
R wont let AY open the door
Ay says : why? you’re such a fool
JW calls and he can hear her cell phone
he begs her to open so they can talk
so he can apologize or beg
are you really going to be like this?
let’s just talk
GRI open the door
dont you hear me saying open the door?
he uses her name “Ra im -ah-just look at me”  but she still doesnt open it
she stays up all night just sitting there in a dazed state
Go back to your fairytale scene
next morning she comes out and he is still in his car
he comes out and walks over to her
JW: I told you i would do everything
waiting here in front of your house for eight hrs is not even hard for me now
it was really cold at night-you didnt know huh?
look at me (she wont look at him directly)
i thought about it all night
how i should apologize – i dont know
(now she stares right at him)
R: you dont know how ?
why? cuz you have never apologized to someone like me who doesnt have anything?
everyone knows how to but why dont you know?
everyone says it in their lives but why cant you?
where ever I go i say i’m sorry but why dont you even know how?
you have a very impressive mother
at every moment she put me standing in your lavish living room
now -in my own home where i open and close my eyes daily -she *made me stand
she has to live there breathing, eating, and joking
recalling what she suffered the other night at every moment
“so dont put on airs cuz you had to stay up all night”
also leave/get out of  my poor reality and go back to live where you lived – in your fairytale life-prettily
and walks away from him crying
he stand there in shock but finally turns around and watches her as she walks off
*she said in korean”made me stand” but she meant verbally attack her

jw drives up and oska is jogging
oska ask where JW has been and if he is just now coming in
JW asks if he got the invitation -that tonight is the v- vip christmas party so he wants oska to come and show is face around
oska asks can you talk about work now
Jw says if oska shows his face around he would buy oska’s concert tickets – like a lot – the amount of his staff
oska asks if R is coming to the party
jw responds saying “seul yoon will probably come since she is a v- vip member
oska says that he and JW are like name brand goods on the outside
but inside their lives are defective
seul and her friend talk about the party
the friend asks if seul is going
seul says she is
the friend asks if seul still likes oska
Ay and sec kim get ready /set up for the party
sec kim asks if R is ok
R narrates more scenes in eng for the audition
I think JW just took some med again
they show R doing action practice
and JW calls and doesnt get an answer
R gets complimented for her action stunts
Being heard scene

R is at action school and hears and sees JW pull up
she calls and tells cupid that KJW will come in looking for her so she begs cupid to lie and say she isnt here without asking her why. she requests cupid to do this
JW to cupid: she really isnt here? you promised to help me-tell me the truth
did she ask you to tell me she isnt here?
cupid:it’s not cuz she said to tell you she isnt here
it’s cuz she has a reason to not want to be here
so JW yells up: GRI! listen well – I know you can hear me -right now you are being cowardly
if you think I will give up/back up now-give up those thoughts right now
I havent even started yet
I havent heard your answer
you know hiding wont solve the problem
it would be better like last time if you threw me
just throw me!

R apologizes to JL for the disturbance
JL: i dont know what is going on but hiding like this-isnt it the worst way (to resolve this)
JW: have to see each other’s faces to do something
if you;re not gonna meet me at least answer the phone
JL: he isnt saying anything wrong-if he keeps coming to look for you-that will be a problem/make it more complicated too
R crying says to JL: I’m sorry
oska is lying down sighing and JW’s voice says: Seul will come probably since she is a V-VIP member
JW is at his party and he texts her
she reads all his texts one by one
where are you? just let me know where you are
answer your phone huh?
you really arent going to see me?
is this your best-are you sure?
I’m worried so please call me-I’m begging you
she goes to him
*Im sorry but this set decorator kinda sucks- the decorations on the tree and even the party looks cheap and gawdy-nothing about it screams lavish or extravagant at all-it makes me cringe cuz this scene could have been way more beautiful

she sees his party from outside
she sees all the glamorous people and JW is there smiling and mingling
she watches him
and remembers what he said about if she cared a little she should look at how she is dressed before coming to meet him
she realizes she cant go in cuz she isnt dressed for the party
JW spots her she thinks and she hides behind a tree
she looks at him kinda sadly
(love her coat here – looks warm and pretty)

she is still hiding behind a tree when JW comes out and calls her cell phone
she doesnt pick up
he doesnt see her walking away
oska runs into her
he asks: when did you come? did JW invite you?
she says she picked an inapprpriate day to come and will just go
he stops her by holding her hand saying: didnt you come here to see JW?
you came all this way so go in
R: no – next time
he feels how cold her hands and face are
oska: how long have you been here outside-you’re frozen solid
for now- let’s go to my home and drink something warm first
let’s go and he drags her away despite her protests of : today I’ll just…wait….wait
R drinks something hot
oska: are you a little better now?
forget what my aunt said and dont pay any attention to it
she normally says severe things
did you keep standing outside a while ago?
did JW tell you not to come in cuz it’s embarrassing?
R: no he doesnt even know I came
oska: if he doesnt know you should have told him
go with me
he takes out his cell phone and starts dialing so she says in a hurry
R: no today my dress code doesnt match
oska: we can just match it then
when you meet JW say it with brashness “I came here to see you”
oska into phone to his coordi: it’s me prepare for hair, makeup, outfit and come right away
he checks looks R over saying:
height about 166-7 cm size 44
she has long arms and legs
waist (he tries to see her waist and she yells out)
* TongJja: not curvy/slender (def: the whole mass)
(RI gave oska a dirty look for an instant)
oska to R: look forward to it cuz today I am your fairy godmother
JW tries to call R again from the party
seul comes up and says something to JW about how the party atmosphere is better this year than last year – he mentions how she would know that is is better than last year since he knows last year the invitation wasnt sent to her
Seul: i  know that too. but since I came this year. (*she means her coming is the very reason the party is better this year than last year when she didn’t come.)
JW: ah! (*sarcasm of course)
she looks around and he says “hyung isnt here yet and might not come
she says she wasnt looking for oska but how many other women in the room looked better than her
“whereever I am I want to be the queen”

JW’s eyes widen in shock so seul turns to look and her mouth drops open
R shows up on oska’s arm – she is dressed so well seul’s eyes are about to pop
and JW stares like he cant believe his eyes-he looks more angry than anything else

oska tells seul he is in the process of remembering and one day he will remember it all and how he will return it one by one
To JW: if i meet you i know am going to have to go through more hard times in the future
they kiss on the dance floor-holy cow in front of people
jwm’s voice with AY coming home with a box: after ruining your friend’s life- is it ok that you are just happy?
at her house, when JW is kneeling in front of her: R’s voiceover to JW: even now- can I only be a little mermaid to you?
R to jwm: i cant break up with your son
this is all for your son’s sake

66 comments on “Secret Garden E13: “Transcap”

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  2. ItadakimasU says:

    Merry Christmas!

    hmmm… i think i just saw JW in RI’s eyes when she tells JWM that she’s gonna stick with JW for his sake… they might have the second switch there… -____- sigh

    angst angst angst!


  3. wanzhaf says:

    You are beautiful softy! I know i can count on you. Been here so many time just to make sense when watching the raw. This episode really touched me, it is so painful to see GRI crying so broken heartedly, just like watching LSJ crying while backhugging KYH. Sobohomom2, you are right in saying houstontwin got a life. Majority of us is practically living in SG. What with holiday and all. Looking forward to tonight. I also think that they swapped when GRI was talking to JWM, coz thats when she’ll be so forceful.


  4. Balletbabe says:

    Wow this was such a good ep! I was awwwed, I cried and squealing like a fangirl ^^! I’m such a sucker for dramas that take me on an emotional roller coaster! I think this drama is now part of my top 5 all time fave k-dramas!!!


  5. Anon says:

    You are so right, every scene was great, even the ones with JW’s mom, just because of how RI and JW were in them.
    I also think they will swap in next ep, but I hope it isn’t simply because it rains nor that the switch will last that long.


  6. sane says:

    thank you soooooooooo much for doing this so that people like me who don’t speak korean don’t have to wait 5 days for the subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. ck1Oz says:

    I came back for the is still good the 3rd time round.Thank goodness I am going out now so I don’t have to suffer waiting for ep 14.Bring it on..yah.I might just forgive the angst to come just because of ep 13.Unless JW starts saying nonsense again.Sigh.Or squee…I don’t even know 🙂


  8. shirley says:

    now i am thinking .the scene when he hug her in the bed with such “sorrowful” eyes not being able to do more . lol in fact he really was in pain and cant do much more at that moment when he grazed into her eyes and see that she is finally watching him like how he wanted her to watch him lol but his back hurting so much ..keke the back pain can be really a killer cant really move much –; he was reallly suffering


    • toohearts says:

      Yes… he was…and he was enduring (the body pain)…however he doesn’t want to let her go ’cause he can physically fold her close in instead of just his imagination… I really loved that!!


  9. mq says:

    thank you for the transcap! I couldn’t bear to watch the part where Joo-won’s mom tore apart Ra-Im with her evil words (it is scarier than vampires jumping out of dark), but needed to know what she said, so this transcap saved me!!


  10. satsuki says:

    thanks for the transcap Softy! again, you’re the best!
    enjoy your holiday dear.. 🙂


  11. toohearts says:

    I didn’t have access to computer all day… After your intro, I know I miss so many good scenes in this episode 14. I am trying to catch what I’ve missed. I guess this episode is even more exciting than the previous ones!! I am so GLAD!! 😀 😀

    Going back to read your live transcap, Softy, and thank you so much!! ^^


  12. We Yumi says:

    Merry Christmas Softy.

    Thanks for the lovely present.

    While watching the raw, during the scene where RaIm was watching the party from outside, I thought we had switch to another Hans Christian Andersen folktale. It seemed like the Little Matchgirl for a second, until I remembered that the Little Mermaid also had a yearning to be included scene.

    I must say that Hans Christian Andersen wrote some sorrowful stories.


  13. toohearts says:

    I’ve read your live transcap while watching the raw, I want to say I LOVED IT!!!!!! It is getting better as we move from scene to scene…. I feel JW is so cute!! Hahaha~~ how he tries to crawl back in between RI and JL… And how he makes an effort to be close to her for the morning hike!! He doesn’t give up at all… And I can feel how “happy” (I dont know if it is the correct word to say) when JW and RI are walking side by side… it is the scene that says so much implicitly (the emotions of the two) just by being there (two of them together)… I really loved that!! And how sad JW is in the bed scene with RI (he really want to hold on to her and not let her go – even though he was having pains)… Does that mean that when the second time body switch, JW in RI’s body – that is why “RI” is having a spinal cord injury? or that is something else that is going to happen to RI?

    OMG….about the preview for next episode……there is a KISS! I guess RI finally has the courage to stand up for the person she loves (loves JW back) and by saying in front of JW’s mom! You go, girl!! I really hope that Oska & Seul can work out their differences and misunderstandings.

    And I like the pace of the story… not draggy in the relationship between JW and RI… Let’s continue to move forward!


  14. mimiko says:

    3 words: I LOVE YOU !!!!!
    omg ! I never knew you could do that!
    I was like dying ! just to know what the heck they were saying. I couldn’t do anything the whole day except imagining what they were talking about ( not that their expressions don’t reveal much ) but I’m sooo thankful to you !!
    oh well, gotta wait few hours til ep 14 ! Im so excited


  15. secret_garden_fan says:

    Long preview of Ep14 is out on viikii! Don’t understand a word but they look like they are dating officially!! Swoon…


  16. Anonymous says:

    Like this series and i love Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin very much. I wish they’re play series futher togerther. I love this song also. thank you for MV .


  17. Eri says:

    I think the woman Oska was practicing with was Baek~~~something…the singer?

    This drama really cracks me up!


  18. m0use says:

    Wow, thanks for the transcript/recap. I have not watched the raw ep 13 yet but I got teary-eyed when reading your transcript of the the JWM’s bashed R’s parents. I don’t think I would stay by JW’s side after all his and his mom’s insults if I were here…but I guess this is dramaland after all.

    …I’m going to watch the RAW now, can’t wait for the english sub. and ep 14’s dance floor kiss. Keep up the good work Rebel!


  19. Cadiyimcadi says:

    Hi Softy,
    Hope you had a great christmas… I thought you might not have trans as it was christmas but I watched and read the your trans at the same time. You are great.. I love this drama every episode was great but thisss one was daepak. Can’t wait for tonights episode. In the last secene of Ep 14 preview the confrontation scene between R, JW and the Mother. I am sure at that point R has already switched bodies with JW, the way R is talking to mother is exactly how JW responds to his mum. How God How I hate that stuck up mother of JW and hope Grandfather and his new wife side with JW and R and help them out.

    Thank you again Softy for the trans and keep up the good work that we all look out for each week.


  20. nikesma says:

    Being manly scene:

    The walk scene:

    The cuddle scene:


  21. Blusamurai says:

    Thank you for this blog someone mentioned it on Viikii i’m glad i can go to a place where we can read and discuss the show without reading contrived manufactured intellectual B.S. like on dramabeans.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      when I read what they thought of this scene I was shocked – I could not believe they went there and caused a wave of backlash single-handedly with one post -errr- make that two posts now. I don’t understand people who cant just simply enjoy dramas and not make it all about something it isnt
      I respect other people’s view and perspectives when it is warranted. Not when it stems from issues they have regarding a certain matter and make those personal issues spill onto a perfectly innocent scene. There is a lock to that door. If Ra Im didn’t want him popping in so much she would have locked it. If he really had been the cad that people are making him out to be, she would have broken every bone in his body without batting an eyelash. There is no excuse to take such a lovely scene and make it about something it isn’t. I am sticking with my original perception of this scene and seeing it for what it was- a moment when two people who have been slowly falling for each other recognize who they mean to each other as they gaze into each other’s eyes. Nothing more and nothing less than that.


      • rita says:

        Thank you for this, Rebelsouls. Honestly.
        I have been one of those who had the misfortune of reading aforementioned comments, and I felt a deep annoyance.
        Not only because, as you very rightly point out, there is no excuse to ruin such an endearing scene and make it into something that never was, but also because it shows some people just watched the show without seeing it.
        And like it often happens, when the main commenter starts raising an issue, dozens of others follow like sheeps.

        To be even clearer, I have been the victim of a stalker, and I can assure you: the ONE AND ONLY feeling you’re dominated by is fear. Pure and simple terror. There is no room for even the slightest spark of interest or attraction.
        I find it offensive and preposterous to put a romantic, sweet scene filled with longing on both parties on the same level as “assault”, “violation” (do they own a dictionary?) or coercion.

        Therefore, thank you for having kept some good sense here. I have enjoyed this episode immensely, and am glad to see others did the same.


  22. mey says:

    thank you for waking up on christmas for this. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  23. WhiteFox says:

    in [going too far scene], i noticed JW’s mom was looking teary for an instant when RI said ‘he isn’t worth it’.
    it piqued my curiosity about her own story with the husband cuz i don’t think he was a stereotypical chaebol guy. was it intended or was she moved by HJW’s acting and lost control?


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