Rooftop Prince E16

Sparkskey shared written preview for E17 – Thank you so much 🙂 :

Lee Gak rushes over to Taemu in order to save Park Ha and ends up handing Yong Taeyong’s handphone over. Taemu makes the handphone ‘disappear’ once again. President Jang calls Sena and tells her the story of her search for her daughter. As Lee Gak ponders over the fact that his Princess Bride and Buyong were sisters, he comes to the assumption that Park Ha and Sena might actually be sisters…

Thanks to Semi-fly for helping me fly solo tonight by leaving her super fast torrents so I could post some screencaps before I began translating. 🙂

They should rename this episode “one step behind the truth” cuz it happened in almost every scene. All they needed was to make one more move and the truth would have hit them in the face, but something would keep them from getting there. at this rate, E17 is going to be filled with realizations left and right. missing mystery puzzles will be flying all around and the answers to some of our most puzzling questions will finally end up materializing. Only 4 more episodes left for RP to seal its positive imprint and set the precedent for all the other time traveling dramas that will follow this year. The question now is will it be the most memorable. My money is riding on it finishing strong. 🙂

Written before it aired: Be careful what you wish. They showed so many cute scenes lately between our lead couple so I should have realized why. The writer was preparing us for E16. It’s been ages since we’ve had a video preview so I was pretty stunned last night when one aired. Part of me wishes there was no video preview cuz it’s been torture all day thinking of all the things that G impersonating TY would mean for tonight’s episode. I really hope all of this happens in quick doses and they find a way to get around it. For starters, G has to move out the rooftop and live with his grandmother again which is going to be a major problem if he “flickers and disappears” since that will give the poor woman a heart attack, G’s Joseon accent is gone and is replaced with glasses, the trio can’t be around since they are known accomplices so I have no idea where G is going to stash them, H will be kicked out the rooftop home probably but even worse than being homeless, she has to watch G ignore her, Jang told S’s mom that she is going to take “her daughter back with her to Hong Kong” but which one will it be – S or H. My money is on S cuz I don’t think Jang found out already that H is her daughter. Which means S finally finds out she really is Jang’s biological daughter. Wow those were just some guesses off the top of my head, but I can’t imagine what else is in store for us tonight. This is the most loaded episode of RP yet and the anticipation is running high. Normally I end a recap overwhelmed by all that has happened and never had to start one feeling this anxious. *Shaking in trepidation*

Sorry for sporadic screencaps – going solo tonight cuz Fanderay went on a trip. unlike hers, mine tends to be more biased so expect more of G and the guys and less anything regular.  So far it’s like 98% all G. you know what the rest of the cast looks like by now anyway. 🙂


Starts from when T said that the real TY was behind him and reveals TY’s condition. After G sits up in bed and calls out “Tae mu hyung” the chairman faints so the men say call an ambulance.  T and G stare at each other. T: Tae Yong ah. G: why am I here? G looks down and notices what he forgot to take off. he hides his ring under the blanket. T asks are you alert – do you know what happened. Do you remember me. G: my head hurts. he holds his head. T: ok I will call the doctor. T walks out stunned and G looks up.

The trio takes the real TY in an ambulance and rides off in it as T comes out.

H stands alone and waits for G clutching his jacket to her. it’s late at night so she goes home and wonders where he went and why she cant reach him by phone. she wonders if he left for Joseon like this. she runs home and the lights are on. she calls out “your highness” and then calls each guy by name. and checks their rooms and calls out “your highness” when she gets to G’s room. She cries and says no is here. no one is really here? you left? You went back to Joseon without a word.  She sits and cries on the stairs

At the hospital Pyo tells G to go to the chairman’s home for the time being after being discharged from the hospital. these kids will hide and stay in my home so dont worry. don’t talk to anyone or contact them till this is over. if we get caught, it’s the end of the company, our plans, and us. pyo asks if the others understand that so they nod yes.  G tells him “yes- dont worry -we dont talk reveal secrets easily” so pyo says dont speak like that in front of people. speak like TY. C says how G practiced that as a joke so he will do well.  G speaks like normal and says “i said don’t worry” but pyo says practice more. pyo gives him glasses TY wore and tells him to wear it. Pyo: you just have to do well as we planned. he tells the trio to be careful not to be caught. M asks if they cant contact anyone. Y: park ha will be worried. Pyo says no you cant -no matter what. He looks at G and says the same (not to contact anyone no matter what)

Pyo drives G and says you should meet your grandmother first. G asks where the real TY is. pyo:TY? G wants to meet the real TY first before he goes to chairman’s home.

Pyo drives him there and tells him to go in

G stands over TY and says “Young TY you are my reincarnation so how did you end up lying there sleeping. did you feel it was unjust to be asleep so you called me here? It looks like I am staring at my own death so it hurts my heart. what you feel indignant about, I will resolve it for you.  I will take your place and do the things you should be doing here if you were alive. Until you come back I will protect your position well. So get better and wake up. he puts on TY’s glasses and leaves

Pyo asks what G is going to do with T and suggests chasing T out of the company for what he did at that meeting, but G says I need him so leave him there at the company. Pyo: you need him. what does that mean. G: for the sake of finding concrete proof that he killed TY, I need T. I need to keep him close by within reach so that I can use him. pyo: how do you intend to do that. G: if you set fire to a fox hole, the fox will come out on his own.

G meets with T at the company lobby. T asks if it’s ok to come to work already but G says it is hard to walk around but the hospital told me to keep moving. G: the coffee scent smells good. should we have come since it’s been 2 yrs. T: ok

they sit and drink. G says how he missed the taste of coffee. I would have felt it was unfair if I died and didnt get to taste this again. right hyung?  T asks when he is going to start work at the company, but G says hyung I have no interest in working at the company. didnt you originally take care of the work. T: that’s true but you might have changed your mind. G: after the accident,  I have been lying down for 2 yrs so why would I change my mind during that time. it’s the same as always. T: do you remember how you got hurt in the accident. G: that’s what I dont remember – it’s so frustrating. T: how much of it do you remember. G: what do you mean how much of it. T: before you got into the accident, how much do you remember. G: are you talking about when you and I met in america? T gets alarmed: do you remember that? G: do I remember that? then we met in america? you said we didnt.  you said you didnt meet me in America. I said I didnt remember meeting you in america. T: oh ok. G: hyung -before the accident, it’s true that you didnt me meet huh. T: yes that’s correct. we didnt meet. G: anyway it’s nice to meet you again and talk like this. do you still play squash again. let’s play sometime. T: ok. G: it’s nice.

H tells Pyo the 4 of them havent come home without a word. and all 4 of their phones are turned off too. Pyo says I am worried the 4 didn’t come to work too. H: I came cuz I thought maybe they contacted work. what could have happened – maybe they are in an accident. but Pyo says with certainty:  no there was no accident for sure. H says if for sure they werent in an accident, does that means he knows something. But he says the real TY showed up and after he showed up, the 4 disappeared. It’s unusual, but at the same time all 4 of them. H says they went back to joseon. For real.

H walks by T and he turns to watch her go. G comes along and sees her and calls out to T like he doesn’t know who H is. G says let’s go together hyung. He walks over to T and leaves with T. H stands there crying

G gets to a safe place and runs back and watches H walk out of the building. He calls out her name quietly

T goes to his office and stares at a note that was faxed. It says “murderer.liar” and T recalls the previous time G pretended to be TY and said “hyung you are a liar. If you say you met me you are a murderer. T remembers G’s words – between those two which are you. those two people are the same person – a murderer and a liar.” G comes in and asks what it is. T says a fax came in. G says you are busy as usual. I shouldn’t interrupt your work and go buy some books to read at the bookstore. T: ok. G leaves. T mutters -this punk – where is he hiding and threatening me. T rips up the fax

G goes to rooftop home and goes to his room. He gets out TY’s phone that he hid under the bed. When he goes downstairs he sees T came in. G quickly hides. When T goes to H’s room G quickly runs out. H comes out of mimi’s and they miss running into each other by a second

H goes inside and is shocked to see T going through their stuff. She asks what he is doing now- what are you doing now coming into someone else’s home without permission. He asks do you know where the 4 people who live here went. She says I don’t know too. he says we have been duped by them too like you so we have to capture them, but H says I haven’t been duped.sorry, but please leave

G goes to Pyo’s officetel and the trio are there. G says I brought TY’s phone and hands it to M. prepare for the next action. M asks if the fax they sent went through ok and G nods yes. C asks if G confirmed that no one followed him. G nods yes. C says how nervous he is. suddenly the bell rings and scares them. Y says the pizza came and goes to the door with the others. the pizza delivery came and G tries to eat some, but C stops him and asks are you going to eat too. cuz this is only enough for 4 people and there wont be any left. G tries again and gives up. G: I wont eat.  Y asks when they can go out. C says they came in such a hurry they dont have clothes to change into. M says none of Pyo’s clothes fit them cuz the size is different and it’s all bow ties. G says you are suffering a lot. let’s all go out and buy clothes to change into. they guys are happy. G tries to eat a slice and the guys stop him again. Y gets angry cuz G made him drop a slice on the floor.

The guys go shopping with G. G holds up a shirt and says this will be good. he buys them matching t-shirts. G: let’s go. then he buys them matching sneakers. G: how is it now. They say they are happy with it. G: let’s go

S meets with T and wonders why Jang is like that. she asks if anything happened cuz T isnt paying attention. T: no what’s going on. S: Jang – what do you think is up with her. T: park injoo – she is looking for her daughter. don’t let her find H.  if having lied to her becomes a problem,  use me and say I told you to. we still need to keep up a good relationship with her

S tells jang: just cuz T told me to do that – I shouldnt have agreed. I am really sorry. she returns the ring. S: you were 100% good to me so I am really sorry. Jang asks : just tell me the truth about this – you know where injoo is dont you? where is she. S says I don’t know. jang: you really dont know. S: yes I am sorry. jang: then were did you hear that story about putting her on top of the stomach. that was true about my injoo.  S says I heard that story on the radio

H goes to the company and hides when she sees G walk by. He take his phone out of his pocket and the ring rolls over to her.  she picks it up and cries. she says you are dead

G goes upstairs and H pulls him into the stairwell. she cries and says – you dummy. He hugs her. G: I missed you. H: you thought I wouldn’t recognize you? G: now that I met you my heart feels really comfortable.

They sit together and he says I have to go now. H says I shouldn’t come here to meet you huh. he nods yes. H: I will go first. He stops her from getting up and leans in and kisses her. G: thank you for believing in me. H: dummy. I will go. G: go safely. H stops and gives his ring back. H: You are really going to die if you drop this again one more time. He takes it back and nods yes and smiles

G goes to T’s office and looks around. He finds the picture of H’s family phto, but only catches a glimpse of the end of it of her father. He remembers what H said about her dad tearing out the picture of her mom cuz he hated her for leaving and abandoning a young baby. T comes back in so G pretends to be doing something else. T asks what he is doing there. G says while I was waiting i was looking to see what you were working on. T: if you are curious – ask. a delivery comes for T. it’s M in disguise. he asks for a signature. G asks what that is. T opens it. T: I dont know who sent it. G says grandma wants you to come home for lunch. She has something to say. T finds a photo of T and TY taken in NY inside the box. G: what’s wrong hyung. T: it’s nothing. G: are you ok? T says let’s go out to eat, i’ll buy lunch but G says didn’t you hear what I just said – grandma wants us to go eat lunch at her home. T: oh she did

G goes with T to the chairman’s home. G: we came grandmother. Chairman welcomes them and tells them to sit.  she says it’s good to see TY and T together getting along. she asked T to come today to forget about the bad stuff that happened and look at the future. Aunt says a delivery came and it says a picture frame is inside. should I open it? T panics and offers to open it in the kitchen. But aunt says just open it here and opens it. there is a photo of a puppy. G asks who sent it. chairman says I dont know who sent it. G says I am hungry. let’s go eat. they go in to eat lunch

in his car, T gets a call from G from a payphone. G asks did you get the package ok. T: what are you? where are you now? G: you chased me out. T: what do you want. G: think about what I want. G hangs up on him.

T goes to track down the number of the payphone. It’s close to rooftop home. T: this is where he was. that mouse like punk.

T goes there and yells “come out right now.” H says what are you doing. He asks where is the scam artist. Tell him to come out right now. she says I told you he isnt here. T goes in. H: look here – where are you going? T yells for him to come out. T pushes H aside and breaks stuff. H yells why are you coming to someone else’s home and making a mess. He says you are keeping in touch with him arent you? tell him not to hide like a mouse and show up in front of me right now. G watches him from across the way and almost goes there to help H, but stops himself. he whispers H’s name and makes a fist.

H is sitting on the ground surrounded by the mess. She gets a text from G. his name is saved as “dummy” H goes out and sees that T is following her

She takes the subway. T keeps following her. the train arrives. She jumps out just as the door closes and loses T. after the train car passes, G is standing on the other side. They smile at each other. he waves to her.

They go and sit. She asks if that’s the reason why he asked her to bring her family photo. He says how he found the same pic and is curious why T has that pic. she asks if her mom’s face was there in that photo. G says I wasn’t able to see it clearly cuz it was covered.  She asks him to take a pic of her mom’s face. G: ok I will try. He says be careful about T cuz he will keep following you around, but she says don’t worry I am strong. G: I do worry. before I saw you as someone who was as strong as a guy, but now I only see you as a frail woman so I cant help feeling uneasy.  (*wow that sounds sexist and sweet all at the same time) She tells him to worry about himself but he says don’t worry about me. They hold hands

H tells S’s mom about the photo. the mom says there is another picture? H: yes where could that pic have come from? the mom says of course from your mom’s side. they both realize what that means so the mom says if you do well then you could find your birth mom. who has it? where did they get it? H says I don’t know yet. I am going to look into it now

H shows T the photo and says you know this photo dont you? T: what is this? H: you know-  you have the same pic. T: who said? H: Tell me where you got that pic. T: what are you talking about. H: this is my pic from when I was 1. T: i have no idea what you are talking about at all. H: Tell me where my mom is. He says tell me where that con man is first.  She takes her pic and gets up and leaves

*wasnt that sort of risky for her to confront him like that. what if he put two and two together and realizes G is the one who told her about that photo. good think T sucks at math cuz I dont think he pieced anything together yet.

S complains to her mom that the mom knows S doesn’t eat dinner so why call her over. Her mom says how she was feeling low. S doesnt say anything so the mom says when a person talks you have to reply. S asks why her mom feels down. mom: I think H is going to find her mom. S: what? Mom: it turned out well huh? H found someone who has the same pic as her. of course she needs to find her bloodline but I feel like… S gets up and leaves mid sentence. mom: are you leaving. S: yes. mom: but i havent started yet -hey you brat.

S meets with T. he burns the picture.  S watches him.

H meets with jang. H: if I tell her I am looking for my real mother my mom would feel sad huh. Jang says yes she would. H: she would huh? when I came from america to korea to find my dad, when I thought I was alone after my dad passed away, my mom accepted me.  should I not find my birth mom. jang: do you really mean that. H: to be honest – no. Jang: your mom who gave birth to you must feel something too.  I wish my daughter would find me. instead of just one side looking really hard, if both sides look, wont that make our hands touch faster.  H: when I didn’t know about my real mom at all, I wasn’t greedy but knowing there is one person out there who is my bloodline I want to meet her once. Jang: if there is a chance to find her you should

G goes to T’s office and looks for the pic again but it’s gone. He says H’s picture was here for sure

S’s mom meets with jang. Jang says I want to take S with me to hong kong. S’s mom: hong kong? Jang: I promised she could stay your daughter for the rest of your life so I am sorry. but S lied about being my second daughter in front of me so I had no words to say. Her mom says sorry for not raising her the right way. Jang says don’t say that. you shouldnt feel sorry, I should be sorry.  I am going to stop finding my second daughter now. instead as her mother, I want to do right by S. you are giving me permission right? I am sorry. Her mom says she is your daughter so why be sorry that she is going back to being your daughter. If that’s for S’s sake. bu what did S say. Jang: I didn’t ask her yet, I had to get your permission first

S goes to meet jang and overhears Jang tell her husband – it’s me. I met my daughter. And I am taking her to hong kong with me. S panics and wonders “what is this- did she find out H is her real daughter”

S calls T and says there is big trouble. T: what happened. S: jang found H-what do we do? T: what are you saying? calm down and talk. S: jang found her daughter. it’s been revealed that H is her daughter. T: who said that? S: I heard directly from jang herself. What do I do now. T looks over at the trucks being loaded and gets an idea. S: what do I do- Say something. if we leave this alone. H will become jang’s daughter. T tells her to calm down cuz he has an idea. look into how jang found out. S: what are you going to do. T: do as I order. i’ll hang up now

H looks at her family pic and gets a call from T. he says let’s meet cuz I have something to say. H: do you have anything you need to say to me. T: it’s about your mom. I understand if you are upset about how we met yesterday. I wasn’t able to be nice to you yesterday cuz of my personal feelings. H: what about my mom. T: you can meet your mom. let’s meet and talk. H: really? T:you are looking for your mom so I thought I cant act like I don’t know cuz of other matters. H: where do I need to go.

H waits at the side of the street for T. he pulls up and tells her to get in. he drives off.

T seems nervous. She asks where he is going now. He says to where her mom is waiting. H: mom is coming out? are you saying I am meeting my mom today. T: yes. H: Where is she? where is she waiting. T: she said don’t say anything and just bring you. so please understand. he pulls over. she asks why – is there a car problem (something broken) He says a sound came from her side of the car.didnt you hear? H: no i didnt hear anything. He gets out saying I will check for a minute before we go. He takes out a plastic bag with a chloroformed cloth and opens her door. he tells her to get the car manual out from his side and puts the cloth over her mouth and makes her pass out.

he drives her to an abandoned junkyard. (he is going to put her in a freezer truck)

G is looking at the photos taken by T and TY and G sees H in the background in the photo. He says this is H for sure. can something like this happen. H was there.

T stares at H in the back of the truck and takes out her phone. he takes a photo of her in the truck and sends it to G. G looks at it and gets up. He can barely say her name. he calls her number. T answers and G asks who are you. tell me who you are. T: it’s me. G: yong tae mu –you scoundrel-  what are you doing now. T: why are you like this. calm down. G: if you lay a finger on H – you are dead- I will kill you. T: why are you like this – so scary. I dont want to mess with her either since it’s tiring. G: where is that place. put H on the phone. T: be quiet. I give the orders from now on. G: if something happens to H, you will die. be warned.  no matter what happens, I will kill you. T: dummy. you don’t have time to waste like that right now. she is going to turn into ice in that freezer truck. G threatens to rip him apart. T: Why did you joke and kid around with those pics. Bring the phone with the pics and come right now.

G drives over there and remembers how Pyo said if we get caught, it’s the end of the company, our plans, and us. then he remembers how T said H would turn to ice in the freezer truck

T looks at H and closes the door and locks it. he leaves her there and drives away.

H wakes up and yells and hits the truck door asking is there anyone out there. hello – there is someone inside here. isnt anyone out there?  hello – save me.

G stops the car and sits there.


NGs are shown

At first I was shocked G stopped that car, but now that I think about it, I can forgive him and he can still redeem himself if he does a good job of thawing her out cuz she is going to be frozen by the time someone rescues her. he will probably make her more of that bitter medicine to drink, but I am hoping he keeps holding her tight to warm her up faster. that is the only way I can forgive him for this last scene. what I dont get is why not call the other 3 to come and rescue her. wouldnt that have been smarter. none of them would have hesitated for a second.

also one more thing I am curious about – why did T leave? he told G to bring the phone with the pics inside so why drive off. doesnt that mean T asked to meet G at another location and not where H is? does that mean T meant for H not to be found until it was too late. whoa – this guy is scarier than I thought. he has tried to kill TY, G, and H so far and he is going to fail again, but aside from the fact that he never succeeds in killing anyone, you have to hand it to him for being so diabolical as to keep trying. This guy really doesnt let setbacks slow him down. if it wasnt for the fact that he is trying to kill people, this would be an admirable trait.

Fanderay’s comments:

This episode was intense! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, afraid that G would mess up, and desperately hoping that H would find out the truth (thank goodness she did). It’s fun watching G play his new version of TY, which is much less kingly (and looks cute in glasses!). Somehow his friendly demeanor makes him seem even more sinister when he’s messing with T.

With all the close calls (not to mention the bluffs, like the pizza delivery) I couldn’t get my heart out of my throat, but there was still plenty of humor and sweetness too. Over the last few episodes the three boys have really been developing their own unique personalities, and it’s hilarious watching them “disrespect” each other and the prince when it suits their interests.

My favorite part of this episode was G’s behavior. He handles T like a pro, but is pathetically weak when it comes to H. When he ran back to see her I knew he didn’t stand a chance of keeping his identity secret, but he caved so fast he must have set some sort of record. When H found the ring I thought she would use it to prove she knew who he was, so I melted into a big pile of goo when she didn’t even have to show it to him and he didn’t even attempt to deny his identity.

Of course I practically ended up regretting their reunion because it’s classic kdrama-fare for two lovebirds to let their love be their downfall. I felt sure that they would get caught since S and T need something to give them an advantage. I’ve been worried the last few episodes that S and T would be pushed to dangerous extremes if they kept losing so many battles, and it’s finally happened!

S may still be redeemable, but T has attempted to murder two people now (he’s not even good at it!) so I think he’s a lost cause. H is a bit of an idiot for getting in a car with him though, no matter how badly she wants to meet her mom.  Getting in vehicles with people you know to be sleazy without any details is generally a bad idea.

I’m a bit confused about how the current situation is going to play out. What was G thinking at the end there? And why does he seem to think that he’s caught? The person who was pretending to be TY was the one who was in love with H, so can’t G just play two characters, and pretend to be newly-awake TY as well as a runaway imposter who wants to save H?  As far as anyone knows, H only knows G by the name of TY, so it’s not like her cell phone is any indicator.

I think it’s safe to say that H isn’t going to die a horrible death in an ice truck, but as per usual, this drama has presented us with quite the tangled web of intrigue. I can hardly wait for next week to see how this will all be resolved.


135 comments on “Rooftop Prince E16

  1. grarshdfksfjl, i loved everything and then suddenly, this episode took a drunken dive into continuityfail-hell, this whole episode was so ridiculous in so many scenes, dunno whether the writers just gave up and the director was sleeping while he did the blocking or something but COME.ON.

    1st scene: oh yes drama dudumdum-seriousness we must be careful not to let anyone see you guys together or find out the truth and tralala it really doesnt matter that as we’re talking about the importance of this we are all gathered in full force in the freaking hospital room itself for a meeting that could easily be done over the phone or a computer
    im just surprised samsung didnt jump on the chance to force another awkward appearance of their galaxy series that honestly iv never seen celebs in korea actually use as their real life phones on things like reality/variety shows, its pretty much unanimously iphones as far as iv seen and this goes even for super junior who are the freaking ambassadors for galaxy s last i checked (as in even if they do own a samsung galaxy whatever as part of the endorsement, the phones they use as their own within reality shows are invariably iphones)

    2nd scene:Hiding behind a glass display should be perfectly adequate as i long as i stay very very still in front of the guy whos coming to raid the place…nuff said.

    3rd scene: you know what, heck care about all the scenes where we’re scared to be discovered, lets go for a gratuitous not even long enough to make it worth it shopping scene!!! ALL together!! i dont get it, even if they wanted to squeeze in yet another blaring plug, this time for uniqlo, have they never heard of online shopping?

    and sigh yong tae moo ah yong tae moo, talk about your one dimensional villains… half a dot has more depth than this character and i dont care that that doesnt make any sense lol its really too bad that such good looks have been wasted on such bad acting
    i can deal with irrational face shuddering and eye twitching as your staple drama villian attributes but how is it that a scene of you plotting and carrying out the potential murder of a girl can flatline so spectacularly in terms of any actual emotional significance in your face, and dont bother excusing it away as you being so far driven that you’ve become a psychopath, iv watched Dexter(woot!), you cant bullshit me that you were doing any ‘acting’ at all


  2. alove says:

    I’d like to throw this out there and suggest that maybe Yi Gak stopped the car because he realized her death needs to happen…. that maybe it was Bu Yong that actually died in that pond in Joseon.

    Just maybeeee.


  3. Lee Gak rushes over to Taemu in order to save Park Ha and ends up handing Yong Taeyong’s handphone over. Taemu makes the handphone ‘disappear’ once again. President Jang calls Sena and tells her the story of her search for her daughter. As Lee Gak ponders over the fact that his Princess Bride and Buyong were sisters, he comes to the assumption that Park Ha and Sena might actually be sisters…

    Dropping off the preview for 17 this time 😀 Thanks Softy for your wishing me luck, I need as much of it as possible right now


    • Kayana20 says:

      Did you see the spoiler pictures?G is so in love with H!He was backhugging her and probably telling her about her relation to Se-Na.I kinda am over the Ceo Jang storyline for the fact that in keeps interfering with solving the riddle and death of Bu-Young.Why did she die that night and who schemed to make it happen so it seemed like it was the CP?I hope G backed up those pictures on his laptop to bring T down.How dare he try and freeze Bak-Ha to death.I really hope they finsh up the CE0 storyline I am sick of Se-Na on my screen.The hate she has for her sister is sick and pathetic.Why take everything when this is the one thing in her life she has since she keeps destroying or lying to ruin it.I cannot wait to see the preview hope it resolves a lot of mysteries so we can just focus on Whipped Cream Couple next week only.


      • dib says:

        how can i find the spoiler pictures??? in what website? thank you


      • Hahaa Whipped Cream Couple is such a cute name! This drama should really just stick to the cute since they don’t do that well for the villians/birth secrets part.
        Did you see their tweets? So cute

        Chun: Dong Taemu…. Where is Park Ha?????
        Taesung: You still haven’t left? Now isn’t the time for you to be relaxing…

        Another one of Taesung’s tweets
        “Went to the convenience store… The part timer working there took one look at me and flinched..I felt it..”I’ve done something wrong”…


        • kecik says:

          lol… taesung is a good actor till other people felt scare at him. to be honest, i really like him. hehe. the pic he/TM took with TY at bar on first episode so cute. his smile looks so innocent. ^_^


    • one_nee says:

      then lucky he has save the pics in his lappie rite? it was in this eps, in scene where LeeGak zoomed in the pics he viewed in his lappie, and noticed ParkHa in the background =)


  4. nonski says:

    just posted on soompi but a very short preview


  5. kai says:

    waiting for ep 17


  6. japarus says:

    Yes Seol! Protect your missy! Hwon, I want some remorse from you when you realize the one you’re trying to brand is our Yeon Woo.


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