Rooftop Prince E15

*OMG I cant believe what happened tonight. even my heart attacks were having heart attacks. what a great episode with all those action scenes and date scenes. and we get a shocking video preview too – it sounds like Jang found out about H based on what she said over the phone and to S’s mom. G looks so different wearing glasses – so cute and dorky at the same time, but poor H. Did you see the look on her face? G doesnt get to live with her anymore.

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Written before it aired: Now that G told the others that H is the crown princess’ younger sister, maybe they will finally realize why they landed in H’s home instead of S’s. Obviously they will piece together that they were sent here from Joseon to discover the belated fact that G was supposed to marry Bu Yong and not her older sister. I’m curious how they are going to pursue that angle about discovering who killed the crown princess since G is no longer emotionally invested. The million dollar question is with 5 episodes left, when are the four guys going back to Joseon and what will they learn once they get there. Even though I am half expecting it, I will be devastated if it turns out that Bu Yong was in the lake instead of the crown princess. Cuz that means G will mourn twice – once for the person he thought he loved and lost and now again for the one he found and had no idea he would lose.  As for S, I can’t wait till the truth wipes that smirk off her face as she schemed to take everything that belongs to H. For once I want this character to have a human emotion and feel a pang of remorse for treating her half sister like crap all these years.


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Starts from G saying that crown princess is secretary Hong and Hong’s younger sister is H. crown princess’ younger sister is bu yong. And then when he told H that her name means lotus. and they say lotus is bu yong. H calls out to him “hey prince” so he says “park ha -you are Bu yong.” He walks closer and covers the lower part of her face with his hand. G: there is no mistake – you are for sure Bu yong. H: why are you like this -who is that. He says Bu Yong was the crown princess’ younger sister. you were Bu Yong H: I was in Joseon too?

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G: yes that means you were there in Joseon too. I was with you in Joseon. It feels like meeting a friend I havent seen in a long time. It’s so good to meet you. H: so you are saying we met in joseon. G: we didnt just meet – we were really close. you were Bu Yong. H: my name was bu yong. What kind of person was I in Joseon. G: bu yong didnt dare to stare at me closely. and kept her distance following me around. H: why? why didnt i get close and kept my distance? G: didnt i tell you Bu Yong was the younger sister of the crown princess. for the sake of the crown princess who came to the palace when she was young, she came along too. that was who Bu Yong was. Bu Yong told me fun rumors or stories from outside of the palace. even those things were the same things others already said, it was more fun when she told it to me. I had fun making riddles to give to people and even though I made the puzzles difficult, you always gave me the answers and inspired me. flashback to G telling Bu Yong: you wont be able to solve it easily this time. G: Looking back on it now- I spent more time talking to you than the princess. when I was talking to you, I felt really good. anyway, you are really different now from back then – in Joseon you were a smart and refined instructor. H: I knew you were going to say something bad about me. anyway, somehow it feels good to know were were together in Joseon. G: I feel like I solved another puzzle finding out you were Bu Yong.  didnt we say we are going to see the cherry blossom fireworks later on tonight. H: yes. I prepared 5 dinner boxes. let’s leave together in a little while. He points to her and him. G: you and me – let’s just the two of us go.  She runs off saying he is a dummy. He chases after her and says-why aren’t you replying.  let’s make sure just the two of us go. he sort of begs with his whole body so she laughs.

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They go inside and the guys are watching tv. M says they are showing the variety show that G likes. But G says I am tired so I’m going to sleep early today. Y mutters it’s early so why sleep already. H turns off the tv and says they should turn the tv remote off once in a while. read some books during that time. Y: yes Park Ha shi. C asks aren’t we going to see fireworks by the river tonight. H: we cant go today. C: why? H: I have an eye infection and my eye doctor says I cant stare at shiny sparkly things. the fireworks will be shiny. it will hurt my eyes cuz it’s too bright. She turns off the lights and says the electricity bill comes out too high and tells them to sleep -you must be tired so sleep early. she goes in and leaves them looking confused.

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Jang meets with S. S manages to cry as she asks “can I call you mother. I didn’t know I would get to meet you so suddenly like this mother.  Jang says I was shocked too. S shows the ring and says: last time you gave me this and left for Hong Kong. Jang: yes. S: did you sense then that I was your daughter.  Jang: i must have without me realizing since I took the ring off (to give you). S: now that I think about it – I must have felt something when I received this ring. after that I kept thinking about you. jang calls her Injoo. she tells her how her name Injoo is made up of parts of jang’s name and the dad’s name. [S goes along with that lie since she doesn’t know the truth] S: I remember hearing that from dad. since I heard that many times I remember that. Jang thinks in her head “S that’s not it- that name Injoo was made by mistake from spelling pearl incorrectly (Korean word for pearl is Jinjoo). S: what’s wrong? Jang says she is tired and wants to go up to her room to rest. S: I held onto you too long. you have to hurry and rest. I will take you to your room.

S looks around at the room and thinks to herself: it’s ridiculous that someone who can stay in this suite is H’s mother.  I will take everything that belongs to H. Jang asks S – is there anything I can do for you? S says no there isnt- I just want to see you often. Jang: ok see you tm.  go safely. S : yes mom -rest comfortably. S walks away smirking

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G is waiting at the bottom for H to come downstairs. She is wearing a dress. He smiles. He asks why she is late. He looks closely and asks if she put on makeup. She denies it. H: I look the same as a while ago-what are you talking about. what makeup. he takes her hand and says let’s go.

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They half run and half walk to the place where people are sitting waiting for the fireworks. H says let’s sit. it’s really different from the ones we lit on the rooftop.  The fireworks start. H points to it and tells him to look. G disappears and then reappears. H didn’t see that cuz she was staring at the firework. G keeps disappearing and reappearing.

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She says how pretty it is and he says it’s really amazing. She leans her head on his shoulder and enjoy their time together.

*they really have this event every year by the river to celebrate the cherry blossom season, but some of these look like computer graphics or maybe it was pre-recorded cuz how can you film all this within 20-30 mins since that’s how long the fireworks last -plus there are way more people than that. new song comes out.

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C wonders why G ordered them to do this.  M and Y read and memorize the phone book while C embroiders. Y says it’s better to garden cuz reading book is awful.  M gets up so C asks if he is done memorizing all the phone numbers already. M: dont make me talk.

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M goes to G’s room and says we will go inside. I read and memorized the entire phone book so I will be tested now. M says I will pull back the cover and realizes G is not in bed. M:omg.

H and G walk back holding hands and spot the 3 guys there. G let’s go of H’s hand. G takes her hand again and the two of them walk away from them really fast. The guys speed walk and chase after them.

H buys 5 cans of beer and asks how much they are.

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C repeats: H is the princess’younger sister. G: yes. M: then does that mean H was reincarnated too. Y says all this is unusual. H comes back with beer for everyone and tells them to drink the cold drinks. they stare at her so she asks why. Y says we heard from the prince that you were in joseon with us. C: I didnt see you like that but heard you were a precious daughter of a nobleman. M: however it happened, it is good to meet you. H: me too. hearing that we were in joseon together,  it somehow feels like we’ve known each other from long time ago so it feels good to meet you again. for that reason, let’s toast. They cheer

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Jang wonders why T and S are lying to her and how do they know about my daughter’s behavior.

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G and the guys are pacing. Y asks what G is thinking about so long. M says the sun will be up soon (it will be morning) so you should sleep. C says the more you think and think -not thinking is the best thought I think. G says it doesn’t make sense (the front and back do not match). secretary Hong is the crown princess and H is Bu Yong for sure. I thought the princess was a good person but here in this place she isnt. C tells him there was a rumor that when the crown princess’ younger sister was chosen to be the princess, the princess scarred her sister’s face on purpose to take her place as the crown princess. G yells why are you telling me that now. They beg for forgiveness. G: if that is true, the crown princess had the same temperament whether back then or now. now I understand.  M says then you should sleep now but G says back in Joseon the princess and Bu yong were sisters for sure.  but here why is H and Hong not related by blood. it’s bothering me. if there is anything bothering you tell me everything. C says in joseon you were married to the princess but here you love H.  M: instead of the crown princess’ why did we drop into H’s rooftop home. that’s what makes me the most curious. G repeats how the princess died eating the poisoned persimmon and we came to here to find out the truth about her death. so we should clearly have dropped in the princess home so why did we drop into her sister H’s home. there is something to H. there is something there

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Jang is buying H and G a meal. jang says I was grateful for last time. I dropped by suddenly and imposed a lot. H: no it’s ok. how are you feeling now?jang: I’m better thanks to you. i dont know if this suits your taste since it’s not as good as your seafood stew H.  G: that’s true – I dont know about other things but H is good at cooking. jang: it’s not just that she is good at cooking. last time at the hospital she took care of her mom so well. H explains it was cuz I lived apart from my mom for a long time somehow so now I want to be good to her. she suffered (emotionally) cuz of me. jang: where is there a child who doesnt worry their parents. you are nice to know you should take care of your parent’s heart. so are you resting now? (meaning taking a break from working) H: yes a while ago I was working at a company in the countryside, but cuz of someone I had to quit and come back up. H glares at G.  G: that’s why i’m taking care of you now. H: you are totally over using me like a servant. G talks to her like a prince and asks if she wants to be punished. watching H and G bicker makes Jang smile. jang says they look good together.  she feels good when she  watches them. makes me keep wanting to be with you two.  H and G smile. Since H isnt working jang asks H to be her secretary while she is in seoul.H: really?

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[08-56-39]

T shows S some brochure about a pottery event and tells her to go with Jang and make good memories today. S: dont worry cuz last night i studied up on pottery. he tells her to make lots of similar interests with jang.

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G tells jang that H only drove trucks so she drives roughly. jang: then I should be sure to wear seatbelts. G says H isnt quick to understand so if you ask her to do something – keep it short (meaning H isnt that bright) H is getting upset at him and says “really.” (as in cut it out) G ignores her and tells jang: H is different from others and when she is hungry she gets really angry (as in mean).  H tells G: I will talk to you at home about that. jang jokes and asks H: are you angry right now?  are you hungry? should we go and eat again? H laughs and says: why are you like that too.  G leans in to say more – he starts saying “a long time ago” but H tells him through clenched teeth “really why are you like this” she warns “just say one more word.”  T and S show up and leave when they see H with jang

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[08-58-24]

S yells at T “how is H with jang. if we leave them alone like this – what if H finds out she is jang’s daughter. I really dont like that brat H. I told you to get rid of TY- you said you would take care of TY.   why are you making me work and you arent doing anything. T: come to your senses. why are you like this. it’s not like you. T: we have to figure out what happened.  T tells her to call H and find out what’s going on

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[08-58-50]

H takes the call from S. S: where are you now. H: outside. why? S: I wanted to ask you to do something. are you busy?  H: yes starting from today I am going to be  a secretary for someone I know. S: secretary? H: it’s just a title. she lives in another country. I am going to help her for a short time while she is in korea.

* wow she looks really pretty in this screencap – like a doll even. 🙂

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jang gets a call and takes it. T calls jang and says you were supposed to meet S today werent you. jang: yes I was. T:  S just called me now. she got into a car accident and cant go today.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[08-59-36]

Jang says goodbye to H. it was fun today. H: I will see you tm. Jang asks if there is anyone named park injoo among S’s friends. H says I don’t know. and asks why jang asked. Jang says never mind.see you tm

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-00-16]

S gives jang flowers and says -mom sorry for not keeping my appointment to meet during the day. She says arent the the Calla lilies really pretty- that T bought them for S to give to Jang.  Jang: he did. S says T is a good person and he is always good to S. and he helped you and I meet like this.  shouldnt we should pay him back somehow. Jang: how do you want to do that. S: this is my first request to you. could you vote for T as the CEO tm at the shareholders meeting. Jang: it’s what my daughter wants so I have to do that. if it’s the right thing to do. S thanks her

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-01-01]

S tells T that jang said “she would do everything if her daughter wants it. she will vote for you tm at the meeting.  he says you did well

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-01-14]

next morning S’s mom made a huge meal. she tells S to drop by for a short time to eat breakfast. S hangs up on her. the mom says she is so rude. i thought that brat was nice for a few days. H offers to eat two bowls of rice. the side dishes are so great I could eat 3 bowls. the mom asks if H is going to be (jang’s first name SJ’s) secretary from today on. H says while aunt is in korea, I am going to be by her side and help her.  Mom tells her to be good to SJ (jang) H: yes.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-02-11]

Jang and S eat breakfast. S says how it’s like a dream to be eating breakfast with her. this is all thanks to T. you didnt forget that you are voting for T today did you.  jang: is there anything else you want. H shows up and hears S calling jang mother. S: mom I like you a lot.just that you are here makes me feel confident – I dont want anything else. jang: I will get ready and come back down. eat while I am gone. S: yes. jang wordlessly says hello to H as she leaves

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-03-02]

H goes over and tells S : you’ve gone crazy. who is a mom? S: whatever I do – what does it have to do with you.H: poor mother. all night she made all your favorite dishes to feed you without knowing you are calling a stranger’s mom “mother and making up stuff.” S: are you lecturing me right now. H throws water at S. H: come to your senses.  how well can you live driving a nail into your mom’s heart. S tries to throw water on H saying “how dare you” but H throws it at S again. H says-after you hammer in a nail, even if you take the nail out, in that place a dent is left.  you will leave a scar. if you are that embarrassed of your mom – don’t be her daughter. I will do that.

Jang gives H paperwork to submit to the meeting at home shopping in her place. H: ok.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-03-34]

The meeting starts and they each vote for T or TY to become CEO. T’s dad votes for his son. Pyo votes for TY. another vote for T.then one for TY.  another for T.  It’s a tie so T’s dad worries what if Jang doesn’t come. each guy has 4 votes. H runs in and says wait a minute. she brought jang’s vote. Jang voted for TY. Pyo stands and claps then chairman claps. Pyo shakes G’s hand. H smiles at G. T’s dad is angry and leaves. T is confused

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-04-18]

Jang asks S are you upset I didn’t listen to your request. S says I want to know why you voted for TY. jang: you aren’t Injoo. Did you think it would be ok to lie like that. I dont want to talk anymore. Leave

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-04-57]

T’s dad slaps T and says are you going to disappoint me like this.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-06-29]

H asks G why he had to go so far as to become the CEO. G: didnt I tell you that I would perform all his duties as TY. I have to solve the mystery behind the princess’ murder but also I think I have to solve the accident behind TY’s death. don’t worry. He tells her to smile cuz she doesn’t look pretty when she frowns

G stands by and waits while H works. H asked the woman for the product by next week. he walks over and asks if she is done with Jang’s errand. H: yes. I told you I would end quickly so why follow me all the way here. G: who is following.  I am checking to see that you do well

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-07-23]

H sees an accessory stand and says this (ring) grants wishes. He asks if she believes in this stuff cuz it’s all fake. She asks him to buy this ring for her. she asks for his hand and puts a ring on his finger saying that she will buy him his ring. He thinks men shouldn’t wear rings. She says normally when you are dating they each wear this. G: is that so. They both wear their rings and hold out their hands to look

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-07-57]

H stares at her ring and asks what wish he is going to make. G: I said don’t believe in it and you are still like that. he watches her make her wish. She looks over and G is almost invisible. She looks scared and cries. He reappears then disappears and then reappears.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-08-17]

She hugs him quickly and doesn’t let go. He asks why she is like this suddenly. She just holds on tighter and cries.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-09-13]

Y, C, and M sneak into T’s office. They look at the paperwork. C remarks the desk is nice and wants an office like this to work in. M tells him to stop talking about random stuff and hurry and find out why T went to chicago. Y senses someone in the room when he hears a squeak so he asks who is there. Pyo turns and faces them. pyo asks what their indentity is.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-10-26]

Pyo meets with G and the guys. he asks what G’s real name is. G: it’s correct I am not TY.  how long did you know I wasn’t TY. pyo: since the moment I found out the truth that the real TY is alive. G: you are saying TY is alive? Pyo: he is in a coma and just hanging on with his life. G: then why didn’t you tell people I was a fake. Pyo says even though you are  a fake, you wouldnt harm the chairman and I needed you to deal with T so I acted like I didnt know. G: you are clever. Pyo: you are investigating why T went to Chicago now arent you.  G: yes. Pyo: From here on I need you and you need me. G: please explain in detail. Pyo: T is bringing the real TY  here to seoul from Chicago. G: what? TY is coming here?

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-12-30]

T comes out of  the airport to meet TY who is being brought by ambulance. The 3 guys are there watching that and Y is driving. He trails behind the ambulance. (wow he would make the worst spy ever cuz he makes it too obvious that he is tailing the ambulance) C and M are acting like back seat drivers. C: you are going to lose them like this – stick closer. when Y gets too close, M says you will hit them – stay back a little so Y yells at them to be quiet. the ambulance drove off to the rights so C tells Y that.  M yells stop the car – we lost the ambulance. Y pulls over and stops. M: you should have driven better. what do we do now that we lost the ambulance. C: now we dont know where T went. you should have stuck closer to the car. M: if the car drives off to the side, you should have made a right turn quickly. Y yells and mutters: do you drive with your mouths.  Y locks them out of the car. C: dont do this. M: what are you doing. Y drives off alone. they chase after him

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-13-59]

The ambulance pulls up to a hospital. T gets out watches TY’s get wheeled in on a gurney.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-15-02]

M and C chase after Y and catches up to him when Y pulls over. M: are you crazy. are you in your right mind? Y tells them -from here on dont drive with your mouth. C: this isnt the time for this. we have to hurry and find out where T went.  M says I memorized the license plate on the ambulance, but I don’t know where to ask. Y tells them get in the car. what are you doing.  hurry and get in the car. as soon as everyone is inside, Y hits a yellow blockade a few feet away.  They all get out of the car. M holds his sides: are you really crazy. C: why are you like this? my neck. Y says call the police and report it. say an ambulance hit us and drove off. you said you memorized the plate number. C thinks that’s a great way to find out where the ambulance went. M: you are clever. C and M complain why make us get in the car if you were going to hit the blockade. why make us get in if you were going to make up a fake accident. Y: to make it seem real

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-15-17]

T stares at TY and calls his dad to set up a meeting for later on today to depose the CEO. his dad starts making calls to people to depose the CEO cuz they discovered something important to reveal about the current CEO

Pyo runs in and trips and falls in the lobby. he calls himself a dummy for falling here

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-16-25]

H is looking at the graffiti art and G follows behind her –like stalking her. they go to the steps that looks like it’s from PTB. She sits up front and he stands then sits behind her.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-17-44]

There are street performers and H watches them while eating ice cream. G watches H from around the corner and smiles. He puts down his jacket on a bench and calls her. he asks where she is. i’m gonna be a little late.  H: I’m in a car headed there so it’s ok. He says how he will get there in 5 mins. H: I will arrive in 5 mins too so come slowly. G: if you get there first. eat ice cream and wait. H: ok. G: dont just sit anywhere with your legs stretched out. be careful and stand while waiting.  She looks around and asks where he is – you are looking at me right now aren’t you. G: don’t be mistaken that I am always looking at you. she sits back down and tells him to hang up. he tells her not to cross her legs just as she does it. she asks where he is and looks for him. He gets a call and says hello. he looks stunned and quickly leaves

G is running to his car. He gets in and drives off

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-19-29]

H is still looking for him and finds his jacket. It has his handkerchief inside the pocket.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-19-51]

T’s dad asks you are positive this time aren’t you. T: yes father. his dad says how he will tell them so you just act according to your plan.  T: ok – like I requested, prepare it.  T’s dad: ok. Leave

G is driving and so is T. G gets a call but he ignores it. he turns the car around. So does T.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-20-46]

H called G. she looks worried remembering how G disappeared in front of her.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-21-49]

G pulls up to the hospital. He parks in the garage. C is dressed as a female nurse and Y as a male scrub nurse. C tells him to go up. G: did T not arrive yet? Y: yes. M is watching him

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-22-23]

M sees T arrive and calls C. C says how T arrived at the hospital just now. Y decides to stop him but G tells C to tell M to go and stall.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-23-25]

T brought a video crew. M goes over to T but a grandma stops M to ask something. M tells her to ask someone else cuz he is busy. but she keeps asking for directions so M tells her to ask the reception desk and misses T cuz he got into the elevator

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-25-13]

T’s dad greets the stockholders. The chairman and pyo arrive.Pyo calls T’s dad “dung” and says you want to depose the CEO – let’s see what nonsense you are up to.  T’s dad says this will be your last time in the company so look carefully. Chairman calls T’s dad a bad name.T’s dad says to another man you should have chosen a better CEO in the last meeting and this wouldnt have happened

G watches as the guys move the real TY and put him on a gurney for transport (they are taking him somewhere else). Y and C stare at TY then at G. G stares at TY and looks uncomfortable

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-27-26]

T walks down the hall with the video crew. back at the office the meeting starts. Y and C leave just as T arrives. G goes back in the room when he sees T. C covers TY’s face as they pass T and the crew. T looks over and stops them by saying wait a minute. He picks up the name tag that C dropped and hands it to C

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-28-31]

T is about to go into the room and M says you are here. you should have taken the prescription. for your stomach. come follow me. T: dont you have the wrong person? M: Aren’t you the patient Kim JS? T: no. M: sorry. that’s strange. T gets suspicious and worries and goes in. he sees G lying there and looks relieved.

T’s dad says we are starting the meeting to depose TY as CEO. Chairman calls him a bad name and asks what the reason is. what is the reason for deposing him. T’s dad says we can connect to where T is right now via video.  look. T’s face comes on screen. T says hello to them. the person currently in the CEO’s position in real life is not TY.  That person is a fake and a charlatan. the person behind me is the real TY. the men start asking how this happened. chairman asks where is the CEO now – where is TY now. T’s dad says he wouldnt be here now – he must have run off.  T points to G and says he is my cousin TY- the one who went missing two years ago. in real life, he is in a comatose state, but he is my cousin TY for sure. they say his brain and chance for recovery are almost impossible, but he cant let a charlatan use the company and would want to reveal the truth. that’s what my younger cousin would want. We should depose the fake from the position as CEO. G sits up in bed and calls out “Tae mu hyung.” T looks at him in shock.

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-30-29]



G pretending to be TY asks: Why am I here. (G quickly hides his ring under the cover cuz he forgot to take it off)

Pyo tells G: for the time being stay at the chairman’s and until this is all over, dont tell anyone.

H worries G left for Joseon

H says to Jang: my mother will feel sad huh?

Jang meets with S’s mom. her mom says: she is your daughter- so why feel sorry for your daugher going back to you.

S overhears Jang on the phone. jang says I met my daughter and I am going back to hong kong with her

Pyo: the real TY came back

G pretends to be the real TY  and walks past H like he doesnt know her. he calls out to T: hyung – let’s go together.

T asks: do you remember about the accident. G is pretending to be TY tells T: are you talking about when met in America. It terrifies T.


Every episode has a scene that stands out the most and tonight it was when H watched G disappear right in front of her. She didn’t tell him what was going on – she just clung to him -desperate to hold onto him for as long as she could. A while back he promised her he would give her great memories and so far he has lived up to that promise. But just like she used to conjure up good memories to get through the rough times, does it mean once G is gone, she will have to do that again. Pull up one memory after another to feel better cuz I have a feeling after experiencing the real deal, I don’t think H can go back to just reminiscing. She needs to hold onto the tangible G and not just his memory. I bet that was her wish tonight cuz I know it was mine.


Fanderay’s comments:

G and H are so adorable together it makes me positively giddy. H’s little laugh at the end of the scene when G takes her laundry basket (they’re talking about the fireworks) is so natural that I can’t help but wonder if it was even scripted. Softy mentioned a few episodes ago that they seem to be crushing on each other a little, and I have to agree!

Their happiness and the way they run around together makes them seem   like kids (in an endearing way) and I love that H was so happy about having a counterpart in the past.  The speed-walking chase scene  was hilarious (kicked off by M’s OMG) but I was relieved to see everyone on the same page and working together (finally G knows about the princess’s real personality!).

It’s absolutely terrifying when G starts to disappear, and I can’t help but wonder if there’s more to it than just falling in love with H and realizing that his destiny with Bu Yong was stolen away by the princess. It seems like he’s already completely in love with H and knows it, so maybe his feelings for H also tie into solving the murder somehow? When H actually saw G disappearing I was ready to burst into tears, so I’m dreading the moment it really happens, but I’m thankful that she at least knows how precious every moment is now.

I feel bad that S is unknowingly destroying her relationship with her bio mom, but it was still incredibly satisfying to see her take those glasses of water to the face. It was equally satisfying to to see her and T outmaneuvered by Jang, and Jang really did handle the situation perfectly. She surprised them with the vote instead of giving them time for a Plan B, and she didn’t even reveal that S is her daughter and kicked her out without an explanation (smart!). It probably won’t be long before S finds out anyways though, and I bet it’s not going to be pretty.

G and the boys did some good maneuvering themselves this episode, and I’m not sure what T could possibly plot next to come out ahead. I’m guessing T will assume that the imposter G ran away and that the current TY is the real one, but it’s likely that he’ll eventually learn the truth (again). I’m not sure why G doesn’t immediately blame T for trying to murder him (maybe he needs more evidence?) but I’d certainly try to get him out of the picture asap.

I don’t think that H believing G disappeared is really a cliff-hanger, but I’m hoping it’ll force them to discuss the issue and address the fact that they probably can’t be together. I’m still trying my best to warm up to the idea. I have to remember that Bu Yong loves G, and that TY was interested in a girl for the first time when he saw H (which we all know would have lead to love). Those two deserve to be happy too, but it’s hard to convince myself that G and H could easily swap counterparts and feel the same way as they do now.

I’m rather curious to see what the boys do with vegetative TY. It doesn’t seem like he needs life support, and he probably can’t stay at the hospital now, so does that mean he’ll go to Rooftop? Perhaps when G finally disappears, TY will wake up and H will find him there? That would be sweet, although we may all be crying too much to notice.

Despite the odd guess here and there, I’ve pretty much given up trying to predict what’s going to happen, so I’m just enjoying the ride (and I’m enjoying it immensely!). There aren’t many shows that so successfully mix comedy and light romance with serious drama, and I feel a bit like H because I’m trying to appreciate every moment since I know that all too soon this drama will be gone.  Thank goodness it’s 20 episodes, or tomorrow would have been the end!

옥탑방 왕세자.E15.120509.HDTV.X264.450p-MonG[09-08-31]


161 comments on “Rooftop Prince E15

  1. Anonymous says:

    has anyone checked out queen in-hyun’s man?


    • Reideen says:

      Yes! Love it! It’s a great drama as well! ^^…. Same theme (time traveling)… totally different plot! Wonderful!


    • Reideen says:

      Kim Bung Do is such a perfect gentlemen! He’s sweet, calm, collected, smart, skilled, patient, adaptable (to his new surrounding), quick (learner), honest, loyal, tall, handsome, chivalrous, PERFECT!… I’m in LOVE! (again… hehehe everytime I love a drama, I fall in love all over again with the characters)


    • Reideen says:

      I’m saw the latest ep… which is 7 (SO GOOD)… no subs yet, but you can find recaps of the drama… (total ep: 16)


  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    haha! thanks softy for the recap! love M’s omg, and those 3 catching mom and dad sneaking out on a date!!! the run-walk is killing me!


  4. Sherie says:

    Thanks Softy for ur super fast recap of ep. 15,it was awesome. Just like everyone else I’m savoring every single scenes of Micky Y. and Han J M. I’m not ready to see it end yet. Luv the Joseon Rangers.


  5. hahaha! they watch running man~ ❤


  6. houstontwin says:

    Thanks so, so much! I can’t get through Wednesday and Thursday without your recaps!


  7. semi-fly says:

    I’m going to share this little ‘I wonder” moment with you guys let know if it sounds crazy or if anyone else has a similar moment regarding the series (as of now):

    What’s the likelihood that everything that’s happening to Lee Gak & Co. is all an elaborate dream/story being told to him on his death/recovery bed in the past [given that he was initially running away from someone/thing and jumped a precipice]? We know that he and Bu Yong were exceptionally close almost to the point she was a pseudo-bride and that it was her that constantly feed him riddles/told stories. So this story, if you will, could be her way of helping him solve the murder [admittedly since it took him a while to figure out Bu Yong = Park Ha it would justify it being a rather long and drawn out story ], explain what kind of person Hwa Yong really is, or her way of telling him what kind of a person he is to her.

    To explain away the random vanishing/phasing in/out of existence I’d say that he’s coming around from the dream or his health is returning to him but he’s not yet fully conscious or healthy enough to become conscious.


    • Softy says:

      hey semi-fly
      Good to hear from you. 🙂 you finally posted a comment. for a while there I thought you werent even watching this drama or something cuz normally you would have left comments like you did on OB. that is a cool theory and I read variations of that too before, but yours is way better. on the one hand that would explain a lot, but on the other hand, I would hate for all this to have been a dream. it would break my heart and give me flashes of past dramas that did that. between now and the finale – if there is any sense of this theory panning out, will let you know first since you dont get to watch this till later on that night. 🙂


      • semi-fly says:

        For argument sake let’s say it’s not an elaborate story and it’s “real”. How do you perceive the story should end? If at the end Lee Gak solves the mystery isn’t he supposed to go back to his rightful time/place? Wouldn’t that be kind of an awful ending in itself consider he would leave the love of his life in a place he can never return and it’s not very likely that in that place/time he’ll simply start anew with Bu Yong and cease to mourn for the former Queen [as much as we loathe Se Na now her past self was deeply loved/cherished by Lee Gak]

        I’d like to think that once Hwa Yong got what she wanted she become someone docile, though still very watchful of Bu Yong [as evident in the first episode when Lee Gak posed his unanswerable riddle] and isn’t anything nearly as menacing as Se Na is now [it’s probably just a bit of misguided wishful thinking on my part]. It seems peculiar that I’m trying to justify Lee Gak truly loving Hwa Young while trying to rationalize what may happen if this isn’t all some elaborate story that’ll allow for history to right itself.

        As it stands I would honestly hate it if Park Ha were to end up with Tae Yong outside of their chance meeting two years ago they have nothing really holding them together unlike Park Ha and Lee Gak whom have genuinely grown to depend on each other and have fallen head over heels in love with each other.


        • Softy says:

          Yes – I am with you 100% – if H ends up with TY, I will go nuts. she belongs with G. that is why the ending sort of makes me nervous.I have no idea how they can resolve this issue of keeping H and G together and still have him go back to Joseon. even if the princess really died and not Bu Yong, having G fall in love with BY anew still bugs me.
          the good news is in this episode, G learned that the princess wasnt a good person like he thought since C told him the rumor about how the princess scarred her own sister to take her place since her sister was originally chosen to be the crown princess so there is no way G harbors any residual feeling of love towards the princess. based on the first episode, I dont think the princess was any nicer to her sister once they were grown. she seems jealous still cuz Bu Yong diverted so much of G’s attention away from her. There must be a reason why the writer brought TY back to Korea other than for T to oust G so I guess it’s true what G assumed. once G goes back, TY will return to normal. but then what. I wonder if the writer is going to hold back all that info and save it for the last episode. that would be sheer torture. 🙂


          • semi-fly says:

            I’m kind of reminded of the movie Dave wherein one character who bares a striking resemblance to the sitting president is asked to take over for him. At some point in the movie Dave questions his handlers as to what happened to the president and they reveal that he has had a heart attack (or stroke and is now incapacitated). When things get out of hand both for Dave and his handlers Dave concocts a plan to have himself replaced by the now incapacitated president (fakes a heart attack or something). A short time later the president dies [of his original aliment] correcting everything that has happened — in a nutshell].

            Why I bring this up is that going back to my initial thought and now somehow allowing Park Ha and Lee Gak to remain together in the present is for Tae Yong to die and for him (Tae Yong) to be transported back to Joseon in place correcting the imbalance between the two periods. The only issue I would have with this is what would/could we do with Man Bo, Chi San, and Yong Sul? Would they stay behind serving Lee Gak now Tae Yong or would they return to Joseon and mourn for their King and simply vanish from history?


            • Softy says:

              woah – that is so cool. great comparison. I saw that movie on cable once. I remember how sad it was when Dave realized what happened to the real president.
              I love your idea about TY dying and going back to joseon to correct the imbalance but I worry for the 3 guys. plus as much as I love G, I sort of hoped TY wouldnt die. but if someone needs to be sacrificed, better TY than G. I think the 3 guys should go back with TY’s body since they miss their home so much, but I would prefer for them to stay here since they adjusted so well. if they do go back, I can picture M inventing all these gadgets he learned about here and making a load of money. C would brag about all the things he has seen and done here. Y would just miss H a lot. 🙂


            • Darrelski says:

              I think with Park Ha read in the history books will be crucial in the plot development. Coz she already read what was noted down in history on what happened with the prince and the 3 sidekicks.


        • Kayana20 says:

          I want LG and Ty to be the same person just different personalities because of circumstances. Love the theory semi.


  8. Anonymous says:

    OMG ! Its so cool ….. =D
    I want jang know park ha is her daughter ,, =))
    I cant wait for next episode ! :3
    Waa, I love this..
    I can feel that Park Ha will get good memories from now. =D


  9. London says:

    I have a new idea, what if when the boys go back to josen and the one that dies was the crown princess. So when YG and his fellow ducks came to 2012 TY went to josen and meet BY and fell in love with each other, now TY is back but in a coma he found out what happened so thats why hes back. So when YG and ducks find out what realy happened when they go back they tell BY. Then some freaky magic happens and BY and PH can change places so PH can become BY and be with her YG and ducks again, so BY can become PH get surgury done to her scar so she can be with TY.

    AND THEY ALL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER (except SN, TM, TM dad & grandma they can all rot in hell for all I care)


  10. wanzhaf says:

    Wow, its fun to read Semi-fly-Softy’s conversation. All in all, i agreed that its a waste to invest emotionally if its TY-PH to end up together, its not fair and it broke our heart. As the end is nearer, with LG keep on disappearing, i dont even what to think about how they are going to end it. TY is also adorable, nice guy who all in live at first sight. If TM didnt push him back then, we are sure to see TY-PH love story. But it happens… thus we see LG-PH deebak love. All i can say is that i an going to cry rivers if our fated couple is no more fated.. Another 5 ep and i am really sitting on hot coals. Sigh…..


  11. karenkasimir says:

    The perfect ending for me is for Yi Gak to stay and be with Park Ha, and Tae Yong to travel back to Joseon and be crown prince and end up with Bu Yong 😉


    • cherry says:

      yeah! i’m not emotionally invested in BY and Ty!!to me they are different from park Ha and Yi Gak even if they are their reincarnated self.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Something that my family has thought of while watching this is that since TY is the reincarnated version of G in modern days, could it be that due to TY being in a coma wakes us with all of the memories of his past life as G. This would include his time with H, thus she wouldn’t really lose G and they would still be together in the end.
    Could that work?


  13. Written preview 16:
    Lee Gak’s heart aches for his reincarnation – Yong Taeyong who is in a comatose state and promises to right the injustice Taeyong has suffered through. Park Ha cries because she thinks the Joseon gang of 4 have disappeared and gone back to Joseon. President Jang meets with Park Ha’s/Sena’s mother and asks for permission to bring her daughter to Hong Kong

    Sorry I’ve gone MIA, it’s the whole job hunting madness ):


    • Softy says:

      Thanks Sparkskey for the preview – I figured you were busy and would make time for us when you could. We missed you. Best of luck with your job hunting. 🙂


  14. cherry says:

    sigh… i think i know which line they are going to use to end this wonderful drama. its going to make me crazy and a little bit disappointed but its the most “logical” path, and the writers are hinting at it too with this episode. both Park Ha and Gak will be in their respective time period with G being with BY and H with Ty… why? bc when G and H discovered H’s reincarnation of BY, he started to refere her as BY, and BY as H. therefore when he goes back he will see BY as park Ha. its just that in my mind – BY and H are two different people, they have had different experiences in their life making up who they are. how can u fall in love with someone, and say u love another withthe same face??!!!


  15. kimcheejoy43 says:

    does anyone here have a picture of the preview of episode 16 were Yoochun have glasses???… because I really love his look there!! <3<3<3


  16. 6002princess wanna be : ) says:

    Dear Softy and Semi-fly,
    Thank you so much for kindly sharing recaps and files. You are my angels !!!

    Rooftop Prince has been better and even much better each episode!! Last night episode was exceptionally more Daebak.!!! ^ ^ I believe that we will enjoy and love this drama more and more till it ends.

    Up until last night episode, with HINTS from the preview for ep 16(without a trace of F3))
    These are my guess…

    I guess that in tonight and next few epidose, we will get to learn that F3 plus real TY will be taken back to Choson. I think the “believed died Crown Princess” was actually her sister-BuYong. TY will remained vegetative and taken care in Choson. Soon he would be faded away from the awareness of history, which fits the history of the poor short lived King who had lost his soul mate. G will, twice, impersonate TY but in the more vibrant character and of course, Gyeonggi dialects : ) OH!!! I will miss his Sagug accent!!

    I think, in the end, when things are settled, he will reveal to PH (probably in the famous and highly awaiting scene at the intersection) that the believed TY is actually Lee Gag. So PH will lovey doveybe with both of real LG and impersonated TY : ) 🙂 Double prize…..


  17. chunyenz says:

    Wow… Uri Crown Prince so so smart…. Proud of him….
    This is the best episode, sweet scene, funny scene, thriller scene in one episode, daebakk!

    When H saw G dissapear, I like coz she did’t say anything to G, just hug him tight and just show that she really don’t want to loose him, so touchy.

    I think this episode is the peak of this drama, when G finally know how his Princess done something bad to her sister, how he realize he talked to his sister in law Boo young more often than he talked to Princess and he thinks he’s happier with his sister in law than with Princess. Why they drop in H’s rooftop and why H include in this mystery. The puzzles become clearly and reasonable. Salute for the writer-nim.

    I really enjoy this drama. First I never can guess what’s next episode will lead us to. Second, the story so different from other K-drama, still love story but not sad or too comedic. Third, PYC’s mature acting, he can become G, TY, new G, and now become G who pretend as TY. And he can make all characters so alive and has different aura. He is so good…..he can proof that he is an actor, not just “popular” idol turn into actor. So proud of him. He pick the right drama, really suit him and can make his acting ability increase.

    Can’t wait for tonight episode. Ow and honestly I’ve got goosebumps when I saw pretend TY got up from the bed LOL… ^^

    thanks softy and fand, see you again tonight…..


  18. Lin Cheng-Sy says:

    OMO can’t wait for tonight’s episode. ep15 was so exciting — i was screaming like crazy! SOFTY, love the screencaps and thank you so much for the wonderful recaps. what to do without you? i’m getting antsy over jw’s Bridal mask and gong yoo’s Big. loads of thanks to fanderay, semi-fly, ginko and sparskey. i’m not asking much — just want a deliriously happy ending for our attic prince and park ha. can’t believe their lovely chemisty. there’s something there, eh? yuchun and JYJ guys are all growing up so fast. >sigh sigh sigh<


  19. Paul says:

    The perfect ending for me is for Yi Gak to stay and be with Park Ha, and Tae Yong to travel back to Joseon and be crown prince and end up with Bu Yong .


  20. Adel says:

    The ending is killing to watch the next episode.


  21. Rngy says:

    It’s great how I found this blog on google. Your caps are so detailed, I’m so satisfied I don’t have to watch it. LOL. And I must say, your theories are unbelievable. You guys could be writers! XD Just wanna say that the ending really scares me. I have my own theory, but I don’t think I can share it. LOL. More power! ❤


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