Uncontrollably Fond: E17

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Everything is coming out in the open -not just feelings, but hidden agendas, threats, and intimidations, but more importantly revelations. Joon Young finds the courage to speak the truth and he manages to do so in a way that no one expected. I had my doubts about how Joon was handling his scheme regarding JE, but now I see his actions for what they were all along – clever and honorable. By exposing JE and her crime, Joon had no choice but to expose his own. He fell on that sword knowingly and with full knowledge that it could turn Eul away for good, but he did it cuz it was the right thing to do. In a way, Joon behaved like an honorable prosecutor the way Choi had dreamed of becoming, but never had the courage to become.


Starts with Joon calling out for his dog then calling Gook to learn that Joon sent his dog to the countryside. He asks about the alarm set on his phone for statute of limitations left 13 days but Gook doesnt know what it is

Joon narrates: my doctor warned me -as my illness progressed that my memory would fade. no that wont ever happen. I ignored the warnings of my doctor thinking God wouldnt be so cruel.

JE hugs him and tells him she took off her ring and came – now can I come in?

Joon narrates that god didn’t forget and was cruel -only to me and Eul

JE asks why he isn’t welcoming her and is looking at her like he doesnt know her.

Joon remembers rescuing JE and hearing from the lawyer that the hit and run driver was Yoon’s daughter and how JE told Ji tae’s mom that she will give up on Ji tae and how the lawyer told Joon that it was too late to go after the culprit cuz there is no evidence or witnesses and no way to capture her.

Joon narrates: I will capture her no matter what method I have to use so you guys just watch

Joon smiles and says you came earlier than I thought. JE says I haven’t eaten yet and asks for him to cook her ramen.  he says yes and looks at eul and then lets JE in

Joon narrates so that’s why – more than the cruel God – I will become more cruel. the door slams and separates Eul from him

JE asks for a kiss

Eul walks away

Joon narrates – more than the pain I gave her mine was a thousand times more painful – more than the torment I gave her-I was tortured ten thousand fold more

choi asks ji tae- you know the man JE is seeing right? but Ji tae says I dont know. the door bell rings

Yoon compliments the fish saying it’s like the one he caught in the past and has lots of luck with food. then he makes a cheer for their two families to end things. everyone with ears already knows. how his daughter was stood up on her engagement party by her fiance. Yoon is giving someone else the position meant for choi. choi’s wife tries to tell him he shouldnt take back what he said but choi tells her he wont help her on her construction projects next year. Yoon asks ji tae who he chose over throwing away his daughter. I am asking cuz I am curious. choi’s wife says then why did JE go to that guy then? I was curious too. you must not have known. JE has a man and ran to him after leaving my home today.  Yoon asks do you have proof. she shows him photos of JE with Joon. Yoon asks who he is. she says a celebrity named Joon. choi is shocked

the uncle gives Joon’s mom a hat to wear. she asks if it’s a present but he lies he picked it up off the street. she says it’s new. he says someone must have a lot of money cuz he threw that new hat away. she doesn’t want it cuz someone threw it away and tells him to give it to someone else. he admits no one threw it away. she asks if he paid for it and bought it. he says yes. she asks to give to me? he says yes. so wear it. she asks again if he really likes her. he says yes then changes his answer and says no – would I be crazy. he notices eul sitting on the ground so the mom goes over asking  what are you doing here? eul says I started walking and ended up here. just act like you don’t know and go. I am sorry. the uncle says if you want to change Joon’s heart you should be in front of his home.  it doesn’t matter if you sulk here.  Eul says I know – right now I am not in my right mind. excuse me for being an imposition. he says if you are sorry then you shouldn’t do things to feel sorry for. it’s only making it hard on Ok.  Joon’s mom tells him to go. she asks eul – are you crying? Eul: no – I am so shocked that tears wont come. the mom asks why are you here like this? have you eaten? Eul: no. the mom invites eul to her home

Joon gives JE tea. she asks why Eul was in front of his home. girls who have nothing must not have pride. when a man pushes them away like that – why would she come to seek him out. Joon: do I have to explain her heart?  JE: no. he says to stop talking about her. the bell rings. she asks who came at this time of night – not eul again?

Joon goes to the intercom and the man says that Yoon wants to meet Joon

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Joon dresses in a suit and says I will go and come back, but JE says I think dad knows you and I are seeing each other. don’t go – my dad is very scary.  Joon: it’s ok I am not scared. I will handle it. JE: he isn’t someone you can go up against. she takes his hand and says  I will sort this out and come back to you. leave it up to me. I love you. I don’t believe I am like this either but I sincerely love you. he hugs her and tells her – ok then – don’t be late – if you are too late I will go and find you.

Eul finishes eating the ramen. the mom says I was going to give you food but you insisted on ramen. eul: someone said Joon is cooking ramen for her so I suddenly craved ramen. his mom asks Joon made ramen for someone? eul: yes for some woman. his mom asks Joon has a woman? eul: I think so. mom: crazy guy. who is that woman? eul pours soju and says a really cool woman. has a lot of money. her family is impressive. really sexy and smart. a woman who is nothing like me. she is about to pour the soju again but the mom says this is my alcohol that I brought to drink. Eul didnt realize she had been drinking alcohol. the mom asks did you think you were drinking water? Eul: yes. I cant drink alcohol – I will cause trouble again. the mom offers to split her alcohol cuz she is curious how crazy eul will become

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Joon stares at the drawing of eul on his window glass. he takes out his camera and records himself. I dont know when or how I will lose my memory so I am leaving this video. he lists facts about his mom and her info. that she raised him out of wedlock. that he doesnt have a dad – from the start he didn’t have one. he puts down the camera but then he records about choi being his father and choi’s facts then how choi doesnt know of his existence. while he was a prosecutor he altered Eul’s dad’s hit and run. he gets a call from his mom. he asks what’s up for you to call me this late at night. did you call cuz you missed me. I can go there right now

his mom puts eul in his bed.

Joon rings the bell and comes in saying the leg on your table is broken? you don’t have anything else broken?  how about your washer? he checks the table leg but his mom says Eul is in your room. Joon: you said the leg of the table was broken. his mom says cuz I thought you wouldnt come if I said Eul was here. do you have another woman? you said you couldn’t live without her so why meet another woman? the one you really like is Eul so why meet another girl? he rushes over and covers her mouth. his mom says why? cuz she doesn’t have great parents like that woman? isn’t educated. no money. no power. so is that why you are looking down on her? then look down on me too. he takes his coat to leave but she tells him that Eul had been sleeping for a while. she hadn’t slept a wink for four days so I made her drink alcohol. she said she turns into a dog when drunk but all she did was fall asleep. I wanted to see how crazy she got. the mom suddenly stops smiling and says I have urgent business at the store and will be back so watch her.

함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_001193507함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_001206662

Joon goes and watches her sleep. before Eul can fall off the bed Joon makes sure to catch her with his body under her. he holds her in his arms.

his mom texts that she will play at the sauna with some ajummas and if she is late she will sleep there and go home so go home on your own

함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_001322824함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_001328213

he puts a pillow under his head and gets more comfortable and falls asleep with her in his arms.

in the morning eul is sleeping alone on the floor

Joon goes home and lays on his sofa

eul wakes up and looks at his stuff and smiles. she finds the flier she posted looking for witnesses to her dad’s accident. Joon put his number and crossed out hers. the mom knocks and asks did you sleep well? what about Joon? eul asks if Joon came here. the mom doesnt answer about Joon and just offers to cook soup for her since Eul is a guest. the mom sees the fliers on the desk and tells her that Joon did the best he could – even that law school that was hard to get into. that hard test too.  he passed them all. but he gave it all up.  he isn’t like his parent and has honor and ethics so you cant resent him. if you keep insulting him you are a bad girl. she tells eul to wash up. eul asks again if Joon really came here

the bell rings and Joon opens the door to see choi. choi asks to speak outside cuz the view is nice

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choi asks what is your goal/objective. you brought the usb and threatened me. it’s not like you didn’t know JE was going to be my daughter in law. playing that nonsense joke. what is it that you want? choi reminds him how it wouldnt be a problem to step on someone like Joon. Joon asks are you making a threat right now. choi says you started the threat first. he asks if Joon is going to keep this up. Joon says you started this first. someone who was supposed to be a prosecutor what illegal things did he do. did you forget already?  choi warns if your objective is to bring me down – aim that knife only at me and not let my wife or family get hurt. just aim it at me.  but Joon says no your family will have to get injured and hurt the same as you. how much of a sin it is to have you as a husband and father. choi grabs him and says I will warn you one more time – it’s easy for me to bury someone like you. while I say it nicely – stop here. don’t mess with anything that’s mine. Joon tells him just bury me.  before I topple you – you should topple me first. before I become worse.

JE texts Joon wait just a little bit and I will go to you soon. but her dad takes the phone away and slaps her as she asks for her phone back. he asks if she decided to live recklessly just cuz her engagement was called off.  she tells him -no – she lived recklessly but now she wants to live properly. her dad cant believe she is getting involved with a celebrity but she says I love him.he makes me happy.  her dad calls and reserves a ticket for her to leave for America today and don’t  think of coming back till he calls. she says I don’t want to – I wont leave but yells for her to leave if he says to. he reminds her she isnt in the right state of mind to make rational decisions like back then ten years ago. someone knocks and announces Ji tae

Ji tae comes in and asks permission to speak to JE so her dad leaves

Ji tae says I know i dont have the right to say this but find another man-not joon. there are lots of cool and impressive guys that will run to you. she says what will you do if I say Joon is the best out of the combined total of all those guys. cuz of him I hardly remember you now. she asks him to step aside cuz she has to put on a suicide show right now -if her dad keeps trying to pull her apart from Joon that I will die in front of my dad.  Ji tae warns her that Joon came after her cuz he had an objective and wanted to use her.  He isnt interested in you -Joon wanted to get revenge on my father

Eul gets a call from her sunbae Yoon PD to meet now

Haru finds out from nari that the daughter of the restaurant next door is after Jik and if things go well Jik can eat all the meat he wants. that the daughter will inherit the whole place and it will be like winning the lottery for Jik. so haru admits she didn’t reveal this to Jik all this time but brags she can talk to her mom and even get him a hundred buildings. nari says Jik has to meet someone rich cuz he suffered cuz he didn’t meet the right parents and sister.  haru tells her how well Jik can live with her and whispers to nari and says I am KJ group’s daughter. nari doesnt believe her so haru shows a pic of her family. you saw a lot on tv so now do you believe me? Nari backs away and looks upset. Haru says just act the same way you always did to me. nari tells her to leave but haru says chaebols are the same. we have three meals and drink water when thirsty. Nari tells her to delete Jik’s number right now and never text or call Jik from here on. she drags her out saying go before Jik arrives.

Jik arrives and haru tells on Nari saying she said we wont work. nari tells him to break up with haru so he asks why suddenly. haru: what are you – you aren’t even his sister. nari yells at her -if I was his sister all your hair would have been pulled out. nari tells Jik to break things off before Eul finds out. right this second

haru cries outside and wonders why nari wants them to break up. he says don’t worry cuz I wont break up. he wipes her tears and says I wont break up with you no matter what nari or my sister says so don’t worry. he hugs her so she reminds him that he hugged her tightly just now. he says that’s why dont cry cuz I dont know what I will do. she insists on crying all night

JE sits in her car and remembers what Ji tae said – Joon wasnt interested in her and had an objective and was using her and that he was trying to get revenge from choi. JE drives her car and aims for Joon and stops before she hits him

he gives her can coffee and they sit together. she says I heard something from ji tae that I cant believe. but if you say it isn’t so I will believe your words. tell me it’s not true. tell me that Ji tae is lying. Joon tells her the truth – we didn’t meet by accident. I went after you with an objective. to make trouble for my father who abandoned me. what Ji tae said that you cant believe -is this what he said?  she tells him how he is putting her in a tough situation cuz she said she would trust his words – I told you to tell me it wasn’t so. he warns her run away quickly cuz you don’t know what I will say to deceive you to hold onto you. don’t look back and hurry and run away

Yoon PD meets with eul and warns her that Nam wont stand for it if she appears even more time when they film Joon’s docu. she jokes should I get facial surgery so no one will recognize me? he gets a call from Joon. after he hangs up he tells her joon told him to let Eul film tonight instead of the PD

Eul films Joon sitting by the water in his backyard with a beautiful table setting. he asks her to relax her face (her frown). if you don’t want to hear it then go. she says I dont get it yet but what are we filming today. he says my first bucket list. proposing in front of the camera to the woman I love. Eul: are you really not going to the hospital? Joon: it’s a really important day for me so do well. if you are going to continue making that face then call the PD back. should I call him?  Eul gets defensive and says: what about my facial expression? she makes her face smile with her hands. happy now? who is the person you are going to propose to? Joon: Noh Eul. are you really not going to relax your face? KJ director Yoon JE . she says I will drink some water and come back.

함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_002501391

she gets water and tries to pour but breaks the glass and says that he is really cruel for making her film him proposing to another woman

Joon sits and remembers calling choi’s wife and introducing himself and saying whatever happens I will have JE. what you guys want – starting from now -I will take it away one by one

JE sits in her car and watches Joon. she gets a call from choi’s wife. she asks if JE ended things well with Joon and to come back and marry Ji tae. JE says I dont love Ji tae anymore. the wife says do you get married for love.  JE: I will hang up now but choi’s wife says ten years ago when you hit someone in the hit and run – there was CCTV footage of that scene. I was going to delete but thought there might be some use sometime. JE: that’s a lie. the wife says if you dont believe me then come and watch it. JE warns if that goes out into the world, I’m not the only one to die, assemblyman choi too will.. but his wife cuts her off and says that they should pay for their crimes, but points out that it would be worse for JE’s dad for covering up the murder his daughter committed than for choi to cover up the real culprit under Yoon’s threats. whose flowing blood will hurt more. come back JE – I will wait

JE notices a car parked behind her and someone watching her

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Joon: you didnt run away? JE asks Joon how far his objectives extended for choi – how far would you have gone if you didnt get caught. Joon says to marry her cuz he wanted to take what his dad didn’t want him to have – to steal that from him. JE: you would have married someone you didn’t love cuz of your dad? Joon: hearts change. you came to me to get revenge from Ji tae. even now when you know it all that you’ve been deceived, you are falling for me. don’t have lingering feelings and hurry and run away. he turns to leave but she grabs him and says he is a pro and knows a woman really well – let’s go together -your goals and the goals I want might be similar. let’s go together. whether I will forgive you or kill you – let’s talk about it after it’s been tabulated.

JE arrives and sits down with Joon. she explains she was late trying to avoid tails (sent by choi’s wife). She asks if this will actually air. Joon: I dont know cuz the PD today wavers often. Eul walks over and Joon asks JE – if you dont like it- should I change PDs? JE says no it’s ok I like her. Eul bows and says I will be filming today. JE asks for eul to film her well so she looks pretty and photoshop wrinkles.

Ji tae drinks and the ajumma scolds him for not coming for so long and says he looks cool and sexy but he says bad things about himself. his friend comes over and says there is big trouble and shows him something on the phone about Joon that shocks Ji tae

M and Gook and the worker see what’s on the phone about Joon and says I cant believe this.  Gook comes over accusing them of acting flirty but M says there is a big problem. Gook reads the article and asks who wrote this. his dad tells him to go to Joon right now. the uncle already read it and tells M to ask Nam what is going on.  M worries about Joon cuz this is all over the internet but her dad tells them not to say a word of this to Joon’s mom but she is already behind him. she asks what happened to Joon

Nam reads the article and says Joon’s name and faints

Eul gets a call during the proposal and says sorry. she continues filming Joon putting the ring of JE’s finger. Eul: can I ask some questions? JE: as much as you want. Eul: it must not have been easy to decide to do a public proposal  -what is the reason for doing it in front of the camera. Joon replies: it was my bucket list but Eul  cuts him off and asks JE to reply. JE: I decided on Joon so I wanted to let them know that no one should make me waver or threaten me.   Eul asks if the two of them really sincerely love each other. JE: of course. Eul asks Joon to answer. Joon says of course. Eul: when did you start loving her? starting from exactly what day what month what year? he says i dont remember exactly when it started. she asks how could you not remember that? Joon: then do you remember the moment you fell in love? what year what month what day that was? Eul: of course. 3-15-2005 at my neighborhood playground. my brother was teased for not having a mother and was crying when that person said to him:

함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_003102020

flashback to Joon speaking to a young Jik: stop – why would a young man cry? when I was your age, kids teased me for not having a dad but I never cried. Jik: why? Joon: cuz what those kids wanted was for me to cry like a baby. I never wanted to do what they wanted. Jik wipes his tears and says I wont cry anymore too like you. Joon claps and calls him cool.

Eul watched Joon with her brother. she narrates: after that day -no matter how much kids teased him – my brother became a kid who never cried. after that day I fell in love with that person.

Eul asks him: how do you love? Joon says I don’t know the purpose of that question. Eul: before you met Yoon JE, didn’t you have a woman you loved? Joon says yes I did. Eul: did you love that woman? Joon: I dont remember. Eul: you dont remember? Joon: yes. when I start a new love,  my personality is to erase my memory of the past cleanly – without leaving a speck of dust. eul shuts off the camera and says sorry and asks for a 5 min break and leaves. JE says you are scary. he gets up and walks over to the camera and says how nice it is. JE asks if they can start over when everything is tabulated. Joon pressed record while pretending to admire the camera. he goes back to the table and asks what was your dream? it was my dream to become an impressive prosecutor like my dad. so that one day I could go and find my dad and get praised for growing up well like him even without him.  JE: didn’t you resent your dad for abandoning your mom? you said you wanted revenge. Joon: my father doesn’t even know that I was born. so I studied to death and even passed the bar exam but one day I found out the truth about my dad. the father I respected the most in the world in truth was corrupt, cruel, and scary – willing to do anything for his ambition.

eul sits and takes deeps breaths.

JE asks what did your dad do. Joon: a person who calls himself a prosecutor covered up a hit and run accident.  got rid of the CCTV footage, tampered with witnesses, changed drivers and made him lie, fired the lawyer who wanted to reveal the true culprit. JE drops her glass. he asks if she is ok. she says I will go to the bathroom so he asks should I go with you but she says no it’s ok.

Eul comes back and sees it’s still recording and wonders why it’s on when she stopped it. she asks if Joon touched it. he hands her a computer and headphone and tells her to from this moment on – watch this monitor and dont take your eyes away. eul asks what he is saying

Ji tae goes to his mom and asks if this was her project. to say that Joon did drugs-is this your doing.

Joon’s mom makes M read the article on the internet referring to Joon as Mr. A – a top star who did illegal drugs in clubs and had parties with women who didn’t know and more terrible lies. the uncle says this isn’t Joon. who would do this to Joon? just wait till I catch him

choi is informed that the police will begin to investigate joon for drugs. was this the only way? he is your blood after all. choi looks guilty

Joon hands JE her phone and says your dad called. she thanks him and says prosecutors are people too and are cowards sometimes and waver and make mistakes. everyone lives like that. but Joon says not prosecutors I know. that they use their dying strength to uphold the ethics and honor they believe in, even if their families are destroyed. JE: so cuz of that you used me to get revenge against your father? Joon confesses the man who died in that hit and run accident was my girlfriend’s dad. when my girlfriend tried to reveal the truth about her dad’s death…

함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_003631278함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_003609028

Eul watches and listens as Joon says “calling that person my father – to protect my father -I killed my girlfriend.”

함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_003625841

he stares at the camera and says “I killed that girl.”



Joon calls out – Eul -you saw that well right?

JE yells – did the two of you plan this and played around with me?

police come to his home to take Joon away for drugs

Eul: it must have been fun for you guys

Joon’s mom says it’s all nonsense – it’s all lies

Joon is taken in for taking drugs and questioned but he laughs

Ji tae yells at eul: what is responsibility. Eul: what does that have to do with me – what do you want me to do.

ji tae asks his parents: is there no way to stop you two

Eul says to JE: I remember the face of the one who killed my dad in the hit and run

JE begs Ji tae -help me –  I am scared

Jitae says to choi: please cheer me on father so I can win

choi tells Joon: leave for another country with your mother. Joon: what happens if I say we wont leave?

Eul tells JE: I will air that footage. JE replies Joon will get hurt too

Joon collapses in front of choi

Joon says this is my first and final bucket list

a truck crashes into a white car

함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_000709401 함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_000750895 함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_002688686 함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_003015707 함부로 애틋하게.E17.160831.720p-NEXT.mp4_003652504

5 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond: E17

  1. allenif says:

    Thanks again Softy.

    I still haven’t watch the last week two episodes waiting for something good to happen first hence I’m relying only to your recap 😉

    So Joon is still in his revenge plan and no lovey dovey scenes of him and Eul yet. But I’m glad that at least Eul now knows why Joon is ignoring him and his purpose of getting closed to JE…. finally. Well, It’s high time coz there are only 3 episodes left, right?

    Woah! Eul now knows too the reason behind her car accident Will she forgive Joon easily knowing he is dying? I guess and hope she will.


  2. MJShinshi says:

    wow I did not see that coming Joon, great plan!? JT is right there is no end to his parents’ doing.. I’m sure Eul did wake up in the middle of the night and saw she was in Joon’s arms, probably gave her some strength to stand through filming that proposal, cruel yes very much so to Eul so let’s see how tomorrow’s ep unfolds with the drug charge..

    thank you softy!


    • MJShinshi says:

      oh yes allenif is right also tomorrow we’ll see how Eul will take this new knowledge of the usb and her accident and JE, well not sure if she was outed as the one behind Eul’s dad’s hit and run…


  3. Marie67 says:

    OMG not another car accident please. I’m fed up with those. Give me just Eul and Joon lovey dovey moments.

    Thanks Softy!

    PS do you watch Moonlight drawn by a cloud?


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