You from Another Star E21

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Because of the Edward Tulane book MJ keeps referring to, we think that this story is about one man’s journey of growth and realization about love and people, but it’s actually two. The drama doesn’t draw attention to the rabbit’s original owner that much, but she mattered just as much as the rabbit. She is the one who planted the concept of love by caring for the rabbit so sincerely and unabashedly – not expecting anything in return. It was enough for her to just bestow love and that’s how it was for SY. During the whole time MJ was gone, SY was able to make it through each day basking in the warmth and comfort of MJ’s love for her. She has learned that the strength to wait and be patient comes from her love for MJ. Even without his presence – each of their shared memories and photos reminded her of what she needs to cherish and that in turn helped her hold onto that hope that he would return to her one day. Just like MJ told her – she followed most of his last remarks for her, but there was one she never intended to keep. She would always look up at the night sky and look at stars to think of him. Cuz that is who he is to her -someone who came into her life and made it brighter with his characteristically charming grandpa way of speaking and behaving, someone who is way more intelligent than her who doesn’t act condescending and can teach and guide her in life so she can always keep learning from him, someone who has the ability to take her breath away with just mere words and actions, but most of all, DMJ is the only man in the world she could ever love this much so there was nothing that could ever stop her from remembering. Trusting he would return to her one day is was what sustained her and looking up at the stars was her reminder to never forget even for a moment how much he meant to her.

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Written before it aired:

This was the episode we weren’t supposed to get so I think that’s why my expectations are running high. We finally get to know if the extension will bring this show to its complete fruition or leave  a slight bump in our overall enjoyment. I’m curious if this drama can pull off the impossible – to come up with a satisfying finale that can top all the wonderful previous episodes. I had to think really hard about the last one that I loved and it took a lot of brain power recalling all the dramas I watched searching for a good ending without any slight hiccups and I could only go back as far as OB to find one. How sad is that? The best scene of this show already began last night when MJ finally said aloud for SY to hear that he loves her. The fact that he said he loved her when she didn’t even know about it in that stopped time is what is going to floor SY. I’ve been dying for him to tell her about how he already said that so it was very gratifying to see her reaction. I’m not sure if a face can actually blossom, but in that moment she seemed to for real. It’s like the realization of his love for her all this time elevated her spirit so high that her face just radiated. How perfect is that since it is their wedding night. Let the wedding and honeymoon commence.

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I am so going to miss screencapping this face – I think I used up like a third of the memory on WP just for this drama alone. That is some record for just one show.

A special thanks to Joonni for all her help during the flashback Joseon scenes, MJ’s lectures, complicated jargon for medicine, law, science, astronomy, and pretty much any lines or words that made me go “huh?  what the heck did they just say?”  You are heaven sent and an angel – I owe you big. 🙂

By the way, Joonni was considering the next drama on SBS cuz she likes Micky, but recently she had a change of heart and doesn’t know if she wants to commit to recapping for 16 episodes cuz all the political and presidential terms seem complicated she said so she is still undecided about that upcoming drama. I forgot what it’s called to be honest – it has a 3 in the title I think. I know I don’t want to go anywhere near it cuz the premise bored me to tears. I was considering the SBS drama that follows that with LSG and Go Ara that starts in April, but I first have to see if I like that new cable drama that starts in two weeks with YAI and the actress from A Wife’s Credentials. I have loved a lot of cable dramas recently so that is the only one that has piqued my interest. If previous cable dramas like FBND, I live in Cheong dam dong, Monstar, and AWC can be that great then I have high hopes for this new one. Only problem is I’m still not fully over what YAI did to me in Fashion King. The guy really really made me suffer through that drama so by the time that Jang Ok Bin drama aired – I was far from forgiving him and letting him out of the doghouse (not to mention the fact that it looked super boring). That’s why I decided to just check out the first episode to see if YAI has any chemistry with her and if I love it, count me in. Only problem is it’s harder to get torrents quickly for cable dramas so the recaps wont be as thorough since I can’t hang around all night waiting for torrents. First let me check out the initial two episodes and we can cross that bridge of whether I will commit to recapping when we get to it. 🙂

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I have a secret that I’ve been holding onto ever since this drama began so I might as well disclose it now. Even though I still don’t know his real name nor will I ever bother learning it, I used to have a crush on the actor who played Lee JK. He does a lot of musicals and there was one posted everywhere throughout Seoul a few years back so I would see it on the sides of buses, subways, buildings, billboards. Everywhere I turned there he was looking really really handsome from that partial side profile so I developed some sort of absurd “poster crush.” Each time I saw that photo of him, it would make me swoon. Don’t ask me why – I wouldn’t be able to explain it to you – maybe I needed glasses. Anyway, then I found out he acts on dramas, but never bothered to watch any. For some odd reason I got over my crush the minute I saw him walking and talking on TV. He looked better on the poster to me – not moving and just looking good in that profile.  I just can’t explain why I was so drawn to him and I’m just grateful the crush was fleeting and that he is a super sweet guy and a great singer from the interviews I’ve seen, but it certainly was disturbing to watch him play such a psychotic character here. I kept saying to myself “his looks changed a lot. what in the world did you see in him to like him so much back then. let’s not tell anyone about that poster crush- it’s best to keep those things to yourself.” Now here I am telling you guys. The secret is out of the bag so I finally feel better now. I felt like I was deceiving people all this time by not posting any photos of him for the recaps on purpose -I just didn’t like being reminded of my former crush. Tonight was the only time I posted his photo I think. Now you know the reason why you didn’t see any of him before. 🙂


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MJ says the greatest superpower I have is to stop time. SY: you know how to do that? MJ: of course. i am a way more impressive man than you think. I stopped time many times – inside that time you didn’t know about –  I said this  “I love you Chun SY.” when time resumes (flows) and I say this I thought everything would flow and disappear so I said it in that stopped time “I love you chun SY. I love you.” SY says the you I’ve known in my time and you from the I haven’t known –  I love you. she rests her head on his lap and closes her eyes as he pets her hair.

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MJ narrates: 400 yrs ago when I came to an unfamiliar star – there was a rule that I kept from the start till now. if it’s difficult to endure/bear when you lose something – not to have it from the start. I am going to leave at some point and when I leave I cant take anything with me –  whether it’s objects or people – I thought let’s not cherish or love. I kept that rule well, but in the last 3 months everything crumbled.

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while lying in bed in his arms, SY: tell me – when did you first like me?

MJ says in his library: maybe it was when we first met on the elevator or when she barged into my house drunk. starting from that time that I dont know the exact moment – I liked her and wanted to have her. I began to be afraid that I would lose her. for her sake – what is it that I can do my best? I am thinking of that now. my final fate started. will I be able to beat this fate/destiny?

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they stand on the balacony and look up at the night sky. SY: it’s the first time seeing so many shining things in Seoul. it really is true about having a meteor shower in 400 yrs

people on the street listen and watch the news report saying that NASA has announced that the comet Deep South has strayed from its orbit and will pass close to earth, creating a meteor shower. people take photos of it cuz it looks like falling stars.

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SY asks should we make a wish. MJ says those are like rocks. to tell the truth what was the most ridiculous while living on earth is people making wishes on rocks. she asks so are you not going to make one? they put down their cups and she closes her eyes and makes a wish so he closes his eyes too.

a mom tells her kid to make a wish but one catches on fire and moves away from the others and makes them scream. one strays away from the others so a guy asks did you see that – it looked like a UFO. the girl says have you ever seen an UFO and resumes taking pics of the sky

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-56-39] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-57-00]

the UFO hovers over a tree and lights flow down. *YJ would love this ET moment

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-58-08] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-58-35] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-58-44] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-03-53] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-04-56] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-05-27] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-07-20] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-08-42]

MJ opens his eyes and sees his hands disappearing. he looks over at SY as she makes a wish. his hands come back so he reaches out to touch her but stops himself. he calls out her name – chun SY the one I love. (SY keeps her eyes closed but tears fall as she listens so she opens them) MJ: it’s cold so don’t wear deep cut outfits. you’re prettier covered up. like I said last time you cant do any kiss or back hug scenes and no passionate melos. don’t be sick. don’t look at bad comments on the internet. don’t sing alone pitifully and cry. don’t eat alone. don’t drink and go into just anywhere drunk. she cries listening and looks away from him. MJ: at night don’t look at the sky and do stuff like goodbyes or farewells. you cant see it from here but I will look every day from there where you are here – every day I will look at you. every day I will try to come back. she is sobbing still looking away from him. his voice breaks saying somehow I will find a way to be by your side for a long long time. I will be sure to do that. but if I am unable to come back – forget it all. all of it. still with her back to him – she asks how could I do that. how could I forget. am I really a dummy?  how could you say such irresponsible things. huh DMJ – answer me. answer me DMJ. are you there? she turns and he is gone.

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she calls out  – it isnt yet right? how can you just say what you want and leave when I didnt say bye. how can you just say what you want and go? dont joke around. please come out. come out!  please.  she crouches down sobbing

MJ’s body disappears in the forest

in the car ride over Bum wonders if SY and her mom will accept if they go. Ahn says I don’t know about SY but as soon as her mother sees this – it will be game over. these bags are so expensive.  Bum says SY noona is cool but her mom holds grudges. Ahn: was I too harsh during all that time. Bum: a whole lot. Ahn: no no she will like them.

they show up at SY’s home and Ahn holds up the new bags and Bum holds up the fruit basket. she shuts the door on them so Ahn stops the door asking why are you like this. accept these first – they are all from the new line.  the mom says i already sold the bags I already had cuz I was having a hard time (financially). Ahn: you did? then it’s good -I will fill up your empty dressing room. her mom asks why don’t you get the point of what I am sayng? where were you the last 3months when we were having a hard time. she shuts the door but Ahn stops her and says how everyone in the country is sorry to SY.  they are really really sorry for mistaking her for Han’s accident. the number one search on the internet is “I am sorry chun SY” this kind of chance wont come again. let her hurry and make a come back at this time. if she is going to make a comeback then do it with be honest there is no one who knows SY as well as me. she says president Ahn and Yoon bum shi – i dont need any contract money or new designer bags -just do something about SY. for the past few days she doesnt eat or sleep. she wont leave manager’s doh home or come out of there. I don’t know where he suddenly ran off to but I don’t see manager doh anymore.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-23-44]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-25-25]

in his house SY imagines MJ taking the cup from her and pouring water into it for her while telling her – just cuz I am not here – you cant go around touching anything you want freely –  I told you what you broke last time – that vase was signed by teacher H.  she says ok and takes the cup from him but it’s empty and no water is in it.

at the court Yoo stands up and briefs everyone about JK’s crimes citing the dates of the offenses as well. the defendant Lee JK trapped Yang (the ex wife) for 7 yrs in a mental hospital by colluding with the staff there and then after this truth was discovered he kidnapped her. that JK was suspected by the police for being the perpetrator for Han’s death. he wouldn’t admit he was the culprit, but his personal assistant bore witness to everything as the truth so the police see Lee JK has the perpetrator of the crimes. then Yoo lists some other allegations (like what JK tried to do to SY). JK.  HK and his dad watch the proceeding. JK’s lawyer stands and says we have nothing else to say and it shocks JK cuz his lawyer is accepting it all and isn’t putting up any sort of defense or get him released on bail. JK looks over at his dad and the dad looks stern

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JK meets with his dad and asks what happened – I know you are disappointed in mebbut everything will be revealed soon. I have nothing to do with all of this. first send HK far away. dad: then? JK says everything will be blamed on my assistant.  come to a financial agreement with his parents cuz they are poor. the dad interrupts and says everything -all the inheritance that is under your name I gave to charity. JK says that’s good cuz it will make me look good to the public. but the dad continues: also for your sake – I don’t plan to do anything for you. you will be punished for the rest of your life in prison. JK says father the moment I start serving out my sentence – didnt you think about what would happen to the company. the dad says i will step down and entrust everything to some young CEO. JK: I don’t know what you heard from HK, but it isn’t something you should decide so easily. it’s what you earned working hard all your life.  dad says that’s so. for the sake of earning a living all my life, I didnt know I raised a monster in my home. and that monster caught and ate my child and I didn’t know that. when you were younger while fighting with your friend – when you caused his accident and half blinded him – I just paid off the family with money. the dad breaks down in tears and says it’s all my fault. I didn’t know you did that to Han Kyung (the eldest brother). JK asks did HK say that?  that I did that to hyung? you believe that? that audio file was fabricated. HK made it up to get my position. you cant be deceived. just get me out of here and I will show you proof that HK lied about it all. the dad says stop now- it’s all over. JK says why did I come in here so obediently? if you do this to me, it will be a problem. You can’t. I still have a lot to do. guards take him away as JK warns I will get out on my own.  with my own power. you think I wont do that? don’t get in the way. got that? don’t do anything.

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SY looks at photos of MJ and her. then she reads their text messages to each other and see the one he sent. she remembers when he came to the hospital and asked if she saw her text. how she told him there isnt any.

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HK drops by to deliver food -chicken and beer (but he shortened the words for both and put them together sort of like chickbe). he turns on the light and asks what she is doing in the dark. SY: how did you come. HK:: your mother called. why are you staying here. let’s go home now. SY: i dont want to. HK: where is that DMJ you are waiting for. when is he coming. why did he go. I clearly told him if he goes and leaves you alone I would take that place. I told him that so how could he go? SY: HK ah – that person did his best for my sake. what I cant bear now is that I realized that too late. I didnt get to do anything for him. I didn’t even get to say bye properly for the last time. he is doing his best over there -he told me to wait so he is probably doing his utmost over there. he might not be able to come back but I wont forget – I wont forget him at all and wait diligently. HK: if you are going to wait – eat while you are doing it. cuz I was asked a favor too. she looks at him and says “a request”

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-09-22] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-10-26] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-11-09] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-13-19]

MJ told him I might go somewhere soon. if I leave SY alone I worry about you the most but I also feel the safest too. so I will ask a favor. HK: what? MJ: be sure to stay by her side. HK: even if you dont say that – I will do it on my own. who are you asking a favor to.  MJ: but I am just asking you to stay by her side not saying you should barge in and sit there. HK says I will do that on my own too. like you do – I will protect/watch over her my way.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-15-32]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-15-46]

SY asks really? did he say that? HK says yes so eat. your mother is worried a lot.  i bought porridge too so want to eat that first? why?  she looked and suddenly goes over to the plants and says it came back to life. HK: what did? SY: he must have arrived ok. he must be ok now. he must not be hurt/in pain. HK asks what are you talking about? she says there is something like that. she tells the plants dont be hurt now – I will take care of you well

HK comes out and is on the phone with her mom telling her that SY ate the porridge well so dont worry. he hangs up and says that bad guy

YJ is cleaning the telescope so SY says what is this -these belong to DMJ so why do you have them? YJ: MJ hyung gave them to me. SY: these? you? why? YJ grins and remembers

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-23-42] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-28-23] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-30-08] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-35-37]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-31-02]

flashback to YJ drinking choco milk and asking hyung – why did you call me. MJ:  i am going on some trip. YJ asks is it that trip that I am thinking of? do you need a bike? one with a basket in the front (like the one the kid rode in ET) YJ holds out his finger for the ET finger tip touch. MJ: not that. anyway I think it will be a long trip so I want to ask you a favor. YJ: yes say it – no matter what kind of favor. MJ: while I am gone obey your sister well and don’t upset her and do as she asks. YJ: that’s a little hard even if it’s your request. MJ bribes him: didn’t you say you wanted the telescopes? I will give it to you. YJ : both of them? MJ: both of them. YJ: if my sister wants me to die I will die. MJ laughs and says don’t make it hard for your sister and protect her well by her side.  YJ nods yes and says: thank you hyung. can I hug you just once hyung? MJ says “no -not ever” but YJ pounces and hugs him

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-21-18]

SY says what is this – he asked this guy and that guy to take care of me and left.  YJ asks when does MJ hyung’s trip end? where did he go? she doesn’t answer.

the assistant says that SY’s phone is turned off today too so the director gets mad  and says what is this – she said she had personal problems so I gave her two weeks. just cuz her popularity is on the rise again these days her old bad habits are coming out again. I should just fire her. Saemi hears that and gets up to speak to him.  Saemi is getting involved on SY’s behalf but pretends to be thinking only of herself and casually says -are you going to fire SY? you thought well. there were articles that there were people waiting for SY here and there (to work with her).  also the public’s reaction too – everything seemed to be gathering on SY’s side so to be honest it didn’t make me feel great.  so just first SY at this time – somehow you can manage with just me. would the movie flop? the director backtracks and says  I didn’t mean I would fire her -just that I want to fire her. cant you reach SY? you are friends with her. saemi says no we are not close.

Bokja is at the hair salon and the stylist asks what should I do for you. Bokja says to make it shorter. the stylist says shorter than this? Bokja explains that as she cuts her hair she is cutting the ties with the guy too. there was a guy I was doing the push and pull of love by myself – but of course there was no push and I was just pulling pulling pulling.  he is with the friend I trusted. I helped give her all that dating advice. they turned out well thanks to me.  the stylist says what an awful girl so Bokja sticks up for SY and says there is no need to go so far as to call her an awful girl. stylist says since you cut your hair each time you broke it off with a guy – there is no day to grow out your hair. SY sits down next to her. Bokja: what are you. SY asks the stylist -cut my hair too – no shave my head so Bokja says you cant – you think just anyone can have short hair? you have to have this style when you have confidence. you cant.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-49-03]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-50-14]

at her home, SY is laughing really hard. Bokja asks is it that funny? SY laughs and says it’s hilarious – it’s so like DMJ I’m gonna go crazy. Bokja says I cried so much that night holding onto that jar of folded cranes. (the one she tried to give him but he thought she was selling it and said no thanks)  SY: I wonder what his expression was like. do it some more. tell me more things about him. Bokja says I don’t have anymore – that was it. SY starts to cry and says tell it again then. the doorbell rings and it’s saemi. saemi asks why SY is like this so Bokja whispers cuz of DMJ. she tells SY the director said he would cut you if you dont show up tm too. this is the schedule for filming tm. do I have to do these things? SY asks her – dont you have any? you met DMJ too – don’t you have any fun stories about him- anything is ok so just tell me something about him huh?

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-53-57]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-01-33]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-02-27]

SY lies in bed and calls out DMJ – come to my room. the door opens so she sits up but it’s just saemi. she asks what are you doing. are you really chun SY? SY asks how long will it take to not hurt when talking about him. how long will it take. will a day like that come?  saemi: when you think  – you wont hurt. SY: what are you saying? saemi: right now all of you is thinking only of him and there are no days when you don’t think of him. not thinking of him is more hard.  but at some point – you will randomly think of him -ah I was thinking of something else just now and thought of him. when that time comes it wont hurt. cuz sometimes you can have other thoughts.  SY asks how long does it take to be like that?  saemi says 15 yrs. SY: are you joking? saemi: it took me 15 yrs. now it doesnt hurt. SY says it must have been hard for you. if it really takes that long how will I live?

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-03-26]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-04-41]

SY says into the camera in his library. what saemi said is right. right now – instead of thinking of that person –  it’s harder not to (think of him) so i go alone to the places we went together, reflect, miss him, and look for a trace of him. I am waiting for that person. (she went back to jejudo alone to all of their spots) also that day came – our 100 days that we promised. the appointed place – Namsan tower

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-02-50]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-11-08]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-11-34]

she sits and waits alone looking eagerly at the door. suddenly someone sits across from her. she looks at him accusingly -as if she is daring him to be an apparition again, but it’s MJ smiling at her so she cries and smiles back with so much love in her eyes. then he is gone.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-12-33]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-13-05]

she goes out to look at their lock then looks up at the sky

SY:i think it was starting from then. before then I thought I was mistaken -but then I felt like I really saw him.  I saw him -DMJ, but this doesn’t make sense. maybe i am gradually going crazy

SY meets with Jang and Jang says it’s the same for me. I don’t know what is happening to my senses. last time …

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-17-41]

flashback to when Jang was watering MJ’s plants saying you must be all well now. my heart feels at ease too. MJ calls out his name so Jang gets up and turns to hug him but MJ is gone

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-24-27]

SY says I was acting so strange so I went to the hospital – they said it was due to acute stress from grief. cuz he went somewhere I wouldn’t be able to see him again – it gives the kind of stress when the person you love dies. so probably DMJ must have been that kind of person to you too.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-34-19]

his mom is cleaning when YJ goes over and shows her the photo. YJ: mom the thing I discovered was a new asteroid. I discovered it through MJ hyung’s telescope – it was an asteroid that I was the first to discover. at first I was wondering what is this but then I kept seeing it so I took down the data (location and stuff) and reported it to the International Astronomical Union, which gave the asteroid temporary number for identification purposes. Mom asks what are you saying-I have no idea what all of that is so is this is a good thing. YJ replies of course it’s good since I can name the asteroid I discovered. Mom suggest her name for example but YJ says no, it will be Do Min Joon star. Mom is peeved- what is that – why name it after that alien or scam artist who ran off after stealing your sister’s heart? YJ says hyung is only traveling. Anyway, I hope the asteroid gets officially recognized- they say it takes about three years.

forward 3 yrs

time passes and SY’s photo is back on the billboard.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-36-11]

YJ is being interviewed for the asteroid he discovered. Reporter: You, Chun Yoon Jae, are the 21st person from Korea to discover an asteroid. Only after three years since the discovery, you’ve officially been acknowledged by the International Astronomical Union, and you’ve been able to name the asteroid. Are you currently a college student? Chun Yoon Jae without batting an eye replies: I’m in my third year of trying to pass the college entrance examinations. Reporter doesn’t know what to say to that. He just says that it is known to take a lot of expertise to be able to write up about the asteroid; it’s difficult for the layman but how was it possible for him. Yoon Jae replies that his mentor, the person he respects the most, gave him a lot of help. Reporter is about to ask if that person is the same person that asteroid is named after to which Yoon Jae replies: yes, you’re right, the name of the asteroid is Do Min Joon.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-39-10]

YJ says you should watch your shop – why follow me? Bokja is acting as his manager and explains it looks better to have someone taking care of you to make you seem important. She is going to take YJ to his next interview.  she takes a call from the reporter and says we are leaving right now. after she hangs up YJ says let’s go then but she pulls him close saying how her shop is doing well and for him to grow up well like this and come to her but he says I don’t want to live my life so recklessly and walks off. she thinks he is doing the push and pull of love

Yoo and Park are eating together and Park asks did you hear? Lee JK is giving up on his appeal. Yoo: yes I thought it was strange that S&C group didn’t do anything (no support or backing) and left it alone. there is a report now that the people he killed keeps showing up. not too long ago JK said he saw DMJ. park says he is really crazy

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-50-31]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-50-56]

on the set SY is resting when HK comes over with a short hairstyle and says the reaction is really great already. SY says i heard a strange rumor. I heard your company funded half of this project. HK says that could happen -my company invests a lot. SY: could this be a coincidence when it has already been five projects. every one of my projects your company invests. HK: really? it was the fifth project. I don’t manage that at all so I had no idea.  instead of a coincidence – isnt this fate.  staff comes over to thank HK for doing everything without any condition and for all the food trucks he sent every time. the jig is up so HK just smiles at SY.  SY: you don’t manage it? it was a coincidence?  HK tries to say how all her projects do well so it was worth investing.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-52-42]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-53-26]

SY suddenly sees MJ in the crowd and goes over to find him and calls out for him crying so HK hugs her and says stop. she keeps saying MJ’s name. HK: it’s ok -calm down.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-55-42]

at her home SY is getting her makeup done. the mom comes in with the dad and asks what happened – why did you cry on set. why did you do that in front of an important scene. her dad asks are you ok. the make up artist tries to say you cant cry but SY keeps crying. SY says dad I miss him. I miss him. I want to touch him. I want to be with him so I feel like I will die.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[07-01-42]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[06-59-49]

at the night of the premiere saemi walks the red carpet with her costar, but then SY arrives in white and there is a huge ruckus. SY is smiling and waving in a white dress tied at the back that shows off her stunning figure.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-25-54] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-26-24] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-27-23] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-27-48] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-28-05] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-30-09] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-30-27] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-31-37] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-31-49]

time suddenly stops but SY is the only one moving. she looks around and sees MJ walking over to her. he takes off his coat and puts it over her shoulder. he says I told you not to go around wearing low cut outfits like this. she touches his face and asks DMJ? he says yes it’s me. it’s me. he touches her face to wipe her tear. she hugs him. he says i am sorry – i was too late huh? (as in I took too long)  she looks at him and he kisses her. time resumes and people go crazy taking their photos as they keep kissing.

*I guess he finally got over that allergic reaction to saliva now

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-10-59] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-12-15] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-12-31]

they are doing the interview together in his library. MJ: did I come back for good. how can I explain. SY: he did return but then he disappeared soon after

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-14-06]

that night of the premiere, SY opens her eyes and MJ disappeared. SY and everyone looks around

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-18-06] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-16-45]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-19-49] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-20-05] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-21-02] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-22-05]

MJ: when I left this place three years ago, I was sucked in somewhere. Namely a wormhole. After returning to that place and recovering everything, I tried to come back, since I didn’t need that long time in that place; I just needed the short time on earth. After succeeding for the first time after many tries, the time I could stay (on earth) was 5-10 seconds. that night was the first time I succeeded though i couldn’t say one word and had to disappear. SY says I didn’t see wrong – I wasnt crazy then (when she thought she saw MJ at namsan tower on their 100 days anniversary). MJ says the second time I succeeded i was able to speak one word but too bad it wasn’t to SY. it was when he appeared in front of Jang and called out his name. MJ: I tried many times even after that, and failed many times. Even though I succeeded, unintentionally, I made someone shake in fright. MJ appeared in JK’s prison cell. JK: you. MJ asks did you lose everything completely. money- family-honor – your people? i came to confirm it. MJ disappears again and leaves JK rattled.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-22-51] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-23-09] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-23-18] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-23-26]

MJ: The important thing is that the time I am able to stay here is lengthening little by little. SY: Yes, that is the important truth. He has been here 1 year and 2 months this time around.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-23-35] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-24-07] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-28-34]

they sit in matching white couple chairs at his home side by side as he reads the edward book. she says i am completely happy. she looks over and MJ disappeared, but she is calm about it and smiles. she has her faith that he will come back one day for good to keep her company

MJ’s voice says: long time ago -it was miraculous but there was a rabbit who found his way home



별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-30-27]

SY is doing the interview alone and says: isnt it hard when he suddenly disappears? of course it is but cuz of it – I can love him more. thinking the person in front of me, it might be the last time so that moment feels very precious

she is sleeping alone at night, but when morning comes and she opens her eys and MJ appears by her side and smiles at her saying I came back. she goes into his arms and he cradles her head.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-32-01] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-32-50] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-32-59] 별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-33-18]별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-30-18]

*To be honest, I wanted a finale that would have scenes that would make JJH’s husband question why he agreed to let her film with a hot young star and raise his eyebrows wondering just how much his wife was going to test his patience and guess what? We got one. I’m so glad JJH can be a professional about it and not just stand there and let KSH do all the work – she is one of those rare actresses that actually kisses back and actively participates in the kiss.  I bet her husband couldn’t even bring himself to watch that kiss scene on top of the steps. That was full on deep kissing and if there were more than one takes -the kind that makes lips feel sore. It comes pretty close to the Christmas make-out scene in Secret Garden. Not that all the bed scenes KSH and JJH had these past weeks was anything that would make her husband feel comfortable about, but I bet after a certain point, he stopped rolling his eyes each time she had a kissing scene cuz we got plenty of those in this drama. Bet he is glad to get his wife back all to himself now.

별에서 온 그대.E21.END.140227.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-07-18]

Honestly – I have no complaints or qualms about this finale – wanna know why? cuz logic wasnt part of the equation from the start for a fantasy drama about a famous star falling in love with an alien. You leave rationalizations, facts, and logic at the door and also give a wide berth for sense as well. You need to give this show more leeway than others since the concept was pretty farfetched to begin with. If anyone feels like something was missing like their wedding, honeymoon, their 7 daughters, if MJ ages or not, etc- that’s what imaginations are for. The drama did the lion’s share of the work so we can at least do the rest and just use our creativity to envision what kind of life they will have from here on. I think we should count ourselves lucky that we didn’t have to see a scene where SY said bye to MJ as he floated up to his ship. Seriously – that was the scene I dreaded. Thank goodness I didn’t have to swear under my breath the entire recap over something dreadful as that. I got everything I wanted from this finale: tears flowed like three or four times- when MJ said everything right before he disappeared – all those truths about her that proved just how well he knew her by now. Through the pain of separation – SY struggling along on her own -finding the strength to hold her head high and keep her promise to MJ to wait. When she broke down in tears in front of her parents and said how much she missed him, when she walked alone to visit all the places they went to, when she bravely sat alone waiting in that restaurant knowing he wouldn’t come through that door, but unable to keep herself from wishing anyway, and when she laid next to his side as he read and still managed to keep smiling after he disappeared cuz she was secure in the knowledge and reassurance that he will return again. That whole time she was struggling and missing him, MJ had been doing his best as promised to come back to her and he succeeded – little by little. It must have been equally frustrating for him in that wormhole trying his best to get back to her and failing so often, but he never gave up. They both had a purpose to be together again so they each did their part -she waited while he made the effort. This entire episode showed how love can help you endure and cope. That’s what is lasting – not anything else.

So I’m saying goodbye to this drama with a grateful heart. I’m going to buy the director’s cut when it comes out and enjoy it all over again with no reservations. It was a joy to recap and a lot of fun to watch. That’s the experience I am walking away with and I already know how hard it is going to be for the next few weeks as withdrawal sets in, but at least when I look up at the night sky from here on, I will smile thinking of this show.


127 comments on “You from Another Star E21

  1. Softy says:

    Thank you so much sal728, StephK, Swee, Hikary, Nonski, ‘Eun, and everyone else for clicking cuz this is the most I’ve gotten since FBND. Even Joonni clicked while I was telling her all about this tonight over bubble tea. I was right in the middle of telling her when she did it and told me how many there were already. Imagine my surprise and delight. This was THE best way to say bye to this drama till the DVD comes out. Normally we always celebrate the end of recapping a drama with a toast, but now I feel like celebrating again just for this. Thank you all for going out of your way to show your support. 🙂
    I talked Joonni’s ears off trying to convince her to recap Secret Love Affair with me on her blog, but there is a slight chance she might pick up Micky’s new drama Three Days next week if she loves it – hope they have lots of action scenes and shower scenes to entice her (just not any of the president of course cuz no one needs to see that). If she doesn’t then we might collaborate again like for Faith if she loves Secret Love Affair and I would do the live recap and she goes in and fills in some more with photos. Three Days starts first so we will know by next week if she decides to pick it up. Otherwise we have to wait till mid March when Secret Love Affair starts to see what happens. If she decides not to recap it, I will if it’s really good. 🙂


  2. KDaddict says:

    Hi Softy,
    I feel really bad to hear that you spend the hours between midnight and 6am working on these recaps, and then have to go to work the next day.
    As a matter of fact, I came here shortly after the ep was over, and found the recap ready and in ship shape. I understand that you want it to be perfect, being upset when someone cut and paste your draft. May I offer a friendly reminder out of love :
    the first 80% is not so difficult to achieve, but we hit a zone of diminishing return as we strive to inch towards perfection. IMO, your near-best as plenty good enough, because you are a talented writer and have so much passion for characters in your beloved dramas. So please get some sleep on the nights of recap, for your health’s sake.

    I have a ‘wonderment’ about this site. Everyone thanks Softy, which is as it ought to be, but why is it that people rarely talk to each other to discuss the drama Softy is recapping? We can do both, right? 😀


  3. First of all, thank you for recapping this show. I only have the courage to watch an on-air show only if you recap that drama too, your recaps are always beautiful. Please keep up the good work but don’t overwork yourself.

    First time comment here cause I’m so glad I got another person who thinks this ending is a happy ending. I like the ending and wonder why many people are complaining about it. I guess I didn’t get the ending I wanted and although I still feel that something is missing here (SY can get a dog or their wedding picture hanging somewhere in the room) but I got an ending I asked for (anything but an open ending) that’s enough for me to be satisfied. The production team knew they shouldn’t raise your hope too high, the last OST by KSH and the rumors were spreading hours before the final episode explained it, they succeeded making fans panic about sad ending haha. I certainly know they will not land a sad ending but the rumors about a drama in a drama hits me hard. I even prepare the tableflip meme to post facebook later in case they actually give me that rumored ending LOL I’ve been having withdrawal syndrome lately. I miss seeing CSY-DMJ the casts the feeling of waiting every Wednesday and Thursday (thanks god it’s over!)

    I haven’t watched any drama of JJH neither KSH before (don’t count The Thieves), YCFTS is the first one, tbh I completely ignored their gap of ages/denied the truth that JJH is married whenever I see them on screen. Their chemistry worked so well and every move they made just makes my heart fluttered. Too bad that I probably won’t see them again as a couple and my ship will sink right after this drama since JJH is married, which makes me feel sad sometimes because the later effect this couple gave me is too strong.

    I learned that Korean dramas never have a perfectly happy ending, you can only say it’s good or bad and how far the writer can take you or how many things they let it sink. And I understand that there are many circumstances that can’t let the writer give us anything we want to (time, filming sites, editing, leaking,…) Usually I don’t really care about it cause I don’t often watch on-air shows and I’m fine with a powerful sad ending if the writer can’t pull off a good happy ending, just that an open ending/forced happy ending are unacceptable (like Rooftop Prince and My GF is a Gumiho). I appreciate this writer because she allowed us to imagine our own happy ending for our couple, she didn’t kill anyone to save DMJ neither make up a stupid reason for DMJ to stay, she gave both of them time to prepare for the better. I’m amazed how she connected all the details and the lines in previous episodes and lead to the final. This ending is full of tears but it gives me the inner peace that CSY will always wait for him and DMJ will always try to come back to SY, they’re fine with it then why aren’t we?

    Please let us know when you got the Director’s cuts, looking forward to it. 😀


  4. ylksh says:

    Hihi Softy,

    It’s my 1st time leaving a comment here.

    Thanks so much for your beautiful and touching recaps. They made me tear and my heart ache. They made ponder and gained insight at a better level.

    From this drama, I discovered two gems in acting, JJH and KSH. I’ve never seen any of their previous works, but after YFAS, I’ve watched ‘The Thieves’ (replayed the kiss scene umpteen times), ‘The Berlin File’ (ermmm…not quite my cup of tea but somehow or another, I managed to finish it due to great acting from everyone in the movie) and Running Man episodes with KSH in them. I’ve watched the first episode of ‘Dream High’, it was just okay for me. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish the entire drama.

    I’m from Singapore. There’s many newspaper reports on YFAS, JJH and KSH. The popularity of the drama and the leads are just explosive! ^_^

    Acting wise, JJH nailed the comedic elements of her character and basically kicked them out the galaxy. She’s super hilarious and wacky!

    For emotional scenes, I found myself relating better to how KSH cried and emoted, compared to JJH. There’s just this raw and real feel to KSH’s acting.

    I also realised that KSH’s nuanced acting makes me more attentive to what he’s trying to show. Compared to actors and actresses with an open acting style, I feel that the way that KSH portrays his characters, it’s looking at viewers at a more intelligent level.

    I also like how he changes his acting when he’s talking to different people in YFAS. I can observe that he talks gently but firmly to JJH’s brother, just how we might talk to teenagers who are at a rebellious stage. He speaks to Lawyer Jang and JJH pretty much the same, sometimes with a confidante tone and sometimes in a harsh way. While talking to JJH’s mum and dad in YFAS, his voice is a little softer and more respectful. It can also be seen in his non-verbal gestures and the way he sits. Hehe even though technically, he’s much older!

    In the final, one scene that touched me besides the scene where KSH bade farewell to Lawyer Jang, was the one where Hwi Kyung appeared when JJH was pinning for KSH in the dark and he came over with chicken and beer aka chic-maek in shortened form of Hangul. I felt that he was like a streak of light that always shone during her bleakest (literally and figuratively) times, it was the same when she had an accident from the wire stunt last time. I cried at this scene. ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ

    For KSH, I felt that while TMETS propelled him to national fame, with YFAS, he gained international fame. He’s definitely in a different league from many other actors and actresses of around his age group.

    Something I noticed while watching YFAS, I saw that Park Hae Jin actually has bigger eyeballs than the two leads, I find it ironical but cute! ^___^

    For me, I felt that JJH and KSH redefined the meaning of acting, onscreen chemistry and kissing in k dramas, hehehehe!

    At the beginning of YFAS, I couldn’t quit connect with the supporting cast but they slowly and surely grew on me. My favourite characters are Lawyer Jang and JJH’s mum. I also love actor Uhm Hyo Sup who played JJH’s dad as I loved his acting in ‘Gu Family Book’. He had a short but memorable stint there.

    The heartfelt conversations that JJH and KSH shared in the drama felt so real, they didn’t feel that lines in a script.

    Thanks once again Softy, I hope that this comment of mine isn’t too long.

    Now that almost everything is out of my system, I feel much better.

    Thanks to everyone in YFAS who has brought us this unique drama.

    Lastly, I declare this drama my favourite one of all that I’ve watched.

    *off to rewatch episode 3*


  5. conjie008 says:

    My dearest Softy,
    You & Joonni are the star that capture all the essence of what Kdramas are all about.
    Kdramas will exist, but you & Joonni will solidify it’s existence in the internet world.

    What this drama has taught me & all of us is that “love ” does exist in “forever after”.
    In our our heart in unconditional way or form, it’s never perfect from the start & thru it all, & even towards the ending. Yes, sometimes it can be cruel for all others who experience it all.
    Love will test you in every being of your body… thru time & time again.
    Endurance will solidify the existence of who you are and what love means to you, the capabilities of what it stands for…and the destiny of your travels.
    But no matter what, love will exist in many ways..or form..
    All love drama has it’s unique way of showing us a true love and ever after,
    we even mesmerize it in our dreams, but this drama show us the duration of self- sacrifices & unconditional way of waiting for that moment & to cherish that moment w/ your significant others no matter what the outcome maybe.
    I applaud the writers/director and specially the Actor’s/Actress’s who maneuver thru this unique way of showing us that “love” is all in the universe and it’s existences..
    Even thought it takes a life time or maybe a second life-time to really find your true love and destiny…and to for see the outcome..”of what maybe out there”…

    My many “Thanks” for everyone’s existence 🙂


  6. Swee says:

    I just read that SBS will be releasing ‘never seen before epilogue’ today on their official homepage
    Can’t wait for it…this is such sweet surprise and treat.


  7. Adela says:

    maybe a good news ladies 🙂

    “Man from the Stars” PD Would Like a Second Season

    “Man from the Stars” PD Jang Tae Yoo recently gave a jolt of excitement to all fans by commenting about the possibility of a second season!

    On March 3, director Jang Tae Yoo made an appearance on the SBS morning show, “Good Morning” and spoke about the recently ended “Man from the Stars.”

    Director Jang showed a positive attitude on the possibility of a second season of the wildly successful drama. He commented, “I talked with the writer and we think the series can be continued.”

    He continued, “Do Min Joon during the Joseon era, Do Min Joo during the Japanese Colonization, Do Min Joon during the early 70s… Cheon Song Yi actually might not be his first love. If there’s a chance, I would like to try it out.”

    Soompiers, what do you think of a sequel or prequel to “Man from the Stars?”

    Credits: Soompi


    • Summerose says:

      First off, thanks again Softy for recapping this wonderful series. I don’t buy a lot of DVDs but will definitely buy this one when it comes out.

      I’m one of those who was ok with the ending. I felt it was still a happy ending. They are together, right? I’ll just think that DMJ has a business trip every now and then. haha… And after watching the extended version of the epilogue, it just cemented it for me.

      As for a sequel/prequel, if it’s not CSY and DMJ, I don’t think I would like that. For me, it will ruin their love story. I would like to think DMJ only loved CSY and no one else. If there will be sequel, it should be a continuation of their love story.

      Ok, I’m off to re-watch it again. 🙂


  8. sal728 says:

    I’m with you, Summerose, in not wanting to see DMJ with another woman. Although a prequel might be interesting as a special, I can’t see another 11 weeks of plot line capturing our interest until the 21st century rolls around. And anyway, we all want to see their kids, dogs and dynamics as a married couple, dealing with their lives. Just imagine those kids! Wonder if the powers come with the genetics! It’d be a blast to watch and there’d be plenty of comedy for CSY to execute. But JJH will probably never agree to it, so I’ll bet nothing comes of this director’s musing.

    No girlfriends, I’m afraid we got our wonderful drama already and that’s it, period!

    Till the next Softy or Joonni recap, I remain faithfully your fellow YFAS fan!


  9. Pam says:

    I’m in withdrawal. 😦

    A million thanks to Softy for so diligently recapping one of my favorite dramas of all time!

    I am so content with how this drama ended.

    And I would be very disappointed if a 2nd season was made and did not have both leads back!


  10. Softy says:

    Joonni told me the great news that the director’s cut DVD could come out as early as April or May. She will keep me posted on where and when we can order it as soon as that info is available. Meanwhile here is the OST to listen to along with dialogue from certain memorable scenes. 🙂


    • Ty so so much Softy!!! I hardly wait the dvd 🙂 also ty very much for the beautiful video you shared with us! I wish you a lot of health and to become one of the k drama writers so we can be near you then too! Hugs


    • sal728 says:

      Oh, what a lovely stroll down memory lane, visiting out lovely couple. Thank you for posting this, Softy. It blessed me. xo!


  11. Ruth says:

    i swear when time froze and DMJ came out from the crowd my heart stopped beating. Beautiful moment


  12. Softy says:

    Park Hae Jin was on one night of entertainment (the program on wed night 3-12) and he was recording the commentary with the director for YFAS’s director’s cut DVD. He shared a behind the scenes story about when he supports SY and helps her leave MJ’s home (the night she went over there drunk). someone pointed out that Park Hae Jin and JJH’s legs are the same thickness (super skinny) and kept telling him repeatedly until the drama ended to gain some weight.
    Park Hae Jin is a lot funnier than I thought. It was so cute how he pointed out when he is eating with a woman, he would ask what do you want to eat and she would tell him “anything” and then proceed to shoot down each suggestion by making negative comments until he says the food item she feels like eating. he said wouldn’t it be better just to say what she wanted to eat from the start? why say “anything” and make things difficult. (he must have dated a lot to know that)
    About his character HK, he said “to be honest – I wanted HK to die by JK’s hands. to stop SY from being killed by JK, for HK to die in her place.
    originally he was going to play JK. he would have played the character more warmly he said.
    The most hilarious part was he doesn’t have much facial hair so he doesn’t have to shave often and just tweezes the stray hairs. 🙂
    He doesn’t have a girlfriend now, but wants to get married before he is 37 at the latest. he wants to propose where it’s just the two of them and just be entirely sincere/honest and propose.
    I sure hope there will be more commentary with the director and the other actors like KSH and JJH too on the DVD.
    *By the way, I super love the director. he is so sweet, cute, and tiny. 🙂

    *On Fri march 14th, Joonni looked up the info for the director’s cut DVD and so far there will commentaries only from the supporting cast and the director. That means KSH and JJH won’t be doing the commentary. The info also lists how many discs there will be, possibly a journal like the one MJ wrote in, and it seems a script might not be included (like it was for QIHM’s DVD set). Will keep everyone updated with more info once it’s released.


    • Swee says:

      Thanks Softy for sharing. I think PHJ knows women, most of my girlfriends like to say ‘anything’ too when it comes to food when all they want is actually salad. I miss your blog, YAI’s drama is starting tomorrow, hope you are recapping it. Thanks


  13. Softy says:

    You can order the director’s cut from YesAsia now, but it’s the most expensive director’s cut ever. It’s also only for international sales – that means not from Korea or Hong Kong

    “This edition includes photobook, contibook, postcard and unreleased soundtrack. This version also comes with bonus gifts: drama setup book, interview book, Do Min Joon diary, random postcard, two posters, mouse pad, bookmark and bonus disc.
    Note: Product content is subject to change without notice.”
    (This is to warn you that they might leave out an item or two from this list if they run out)

    When I got my director’s cut for YAB, that mouse pad was the only useful thing. I used it so much after a while it was hard to distinguish between faces on the group photo. 🙂


    • sal728 says:

      Wow, $179.00!! Despite being tempted to charge it, and wanting it more than I can express, that number is just too high for my means…but thanks for the link and for following through on your promise to keep us in the loop, Softy. Man…you said it! The most expensive D-cut ever!!


  14. Softy says:

    I know – the cost is outrageous. I don’t get why they are charging so much either since both KSH and JJH didn’t participate on the episode commentaries. Really afraid they won’t have that many interviews with the two main stars. As soon as the drama ended KSH got super busy doing his overseas fan meetings and JJH did a lot of new photo shoots for various brands and new CFs (I see her face everywhere these days on numerous billboards) They weren’t even in the same country for very long so I don’t get how they could be interviewed together for this DVD. It’s coming in the mail by April 23rd for me so as soon as I receive it, I will start posting translations for any of the commentaries and interviews of the supporting cast that is interesting or fun. I’m looking forward to any sort of additional footage or thoughts the director has to say cuz I really love how he let JJH’s character just be free and didn’t hold back in letting her express her comedic self at all. 🙂

    I’m so glad I live in Korea cuz it’s way cheaper here cuz there is no additional shipping costs. In Korean won it was only 121,000 (around $112) so it turned out to be cheaper than my other ones – I think YAB was around 138,000 won. So was SKKS and QIHM was more expensive too.


    • conjie008 says:

      Hope life is treating you kindly.. 🙂
      It’s true all the director’s cut are expensive. I’ve notice that because my friend Geri & I had to split the cost on QIHM and all other dramas that we’ve watch. Some were worth the cost..some were not!! 😦
      Have an awesome day


    • sal728 says:

      So you could buy it there in Korea, and not utilize this YesAsia site, right? Maybe your version isn’t English-subbed? (And that’s also why it was cheaper?)

      In Japan, whenever I’ve bought special Hollywood movie DVD packages, I’m at a disadvantage because the goodies disc and the packaging is all in Japanese, and even some of the narration is only in Japanese. I know you understand all spoken Korean, but have trouble with the written, right? Being raised in the states, you must feel like me and wish it were all written in English. Will your D’s cut version have written Hangul on it? That’s not a drawback for you?

      You wrote, “…as soon as I receive it, I will start posting translations for any of the commentaries and interviews of the supporting cast that is interesting or fun.” So does that mean you are thinking of uploading the various interview/ “making” clips to Cadence and offering translations for the Korean? Maybe I am reading too much into your words, but it sounds like you are offering to share some of those goodies for those of us who can’t afford it?

      If so, that is really an exciting prospect and makes me want to swim over and give you an enormous hug in person! If not, I apologize for jumping to conclusions and no offense, please!! Either way, it is fun to look forward to seeing what comes. Sure hope it is worth the hundred-plus dollar price tag! As always, thanks so much, Softy! ❤


      • Softy says:

        The one sold in Korea is the same as YesAsia and will have Eng subs as well. It’s cheaper here in Korea like I said cuz there is no shipping costs. box set DVDs weigh a lot so I bet that is why it costs more to send overseas.
        I don’t know how to upload DVD cuts so I meant I would just translate – not post videos with them unless someone on Soompi uploads them. So basically the only thing I can share about the extra features “goodies” is what they said. 🙂


        • sal728 says:

          Cool! Anything you can do is welcome!! ❤ You never know, there might be clip uploads on YouTube or Soompi, which can be shared eventually, too. Let's hope for the best! Thanks for caring, Softy! xo


        • MoniW says:

          Hello Softy :). I doubt you will ever see this reply as you posted your comment over a year ago now… but here’s me hoping 🙂 – Did you ever get around to posting your translations on the Director’s Cut DVD (interviews and the like)? If so – how do I find it? If you don’t wish to reply that’s absolutely fine – let me just express my total gratitude for your recaps (for ALL of the shows). YFAS is my only 3rd Korean drama (after The Winter The Wind Blows…and It’s Ok That’s Love…) and I very much enjoyed YFAS and your recaps. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. Your effort is very much appreciated.


          • Softy says:

            Don’t worry I saw your reply. 🙂
            You are correct, it’s been ages since I promised to translate, but truth be told, I totally forgot about it. I bought two box sets of Director’s cut and it has collected inches of dust – I never even opened it. Has anyone on soompi uploaded any cuts from the interviews and stuff yet? Let me know if there are any particular interviews you want translated and I’ll wipe the dust off of mine and finally open it and post the translations for you. 🙂


            • MoniW says:

              OMG! Softy! I am speechless that you replied! I was so certain that you wouldn’t that I haven’t even been checking this page (I only had a peek for the first 2 days after my post)! This is SO, SO kind of you to even offer. Especially since you must have well and truly “moved on” since YFAS has finished. For me it has only been a week or so since I have watched the final ep. so I’m still “grieving”. I’m from Australia and it is very hard to get your hands on Korean TV Dramas DVDs here apart from watching them on a streaming website. Amazon doesn’t ship Korean dramas here so thank God for YesAsia! I confess that I have only ordered the Director’s Cut DVDs to make sure I got the “Korean” version (otherwise I was petrified I would get a dubbed DVDs and also I was limited to what I could buy because of the zoning). Sure, it wasn’t cheap (especially as Aussie dollar isn’t doing very well at present!) but I am so glad I bought it. Don’t laugh but I was even impressed with the beautiful box it came in and the little YFAS goodies they added. It’s such a pleasure to have little extensions of some scenes (like MJ and SY moving into their house in the finale, or in episode 20 when MJ and SY are play-fighting and he flips her and kisses her, there is a cheeky smile from MJ at the end of that kiss that wasn’t in the original, priceless!).

              I admit I haven’t yet checked if someone has posted the translations to interviews or special features on Soompi but I very much plan to now that I have finished watching YFAS. Because I am an avid spoiler-hater I go to great lengths to avoid interviews and previews until I have finished watching a drama. Do you know how absolutely wonderful it is to watch a show and have every scene unfold in front of your eyes and not to know what will happen. It’s like going on a journey that the writer/director intended for you to take. I would gasp or sit there in tears because a scene would move me so much and I had no idea it was coming. Mind you, I am a bit of an idiot because of that and please don’t laugh but would you believe that for about 5 episodes I didn’t even know that there was an “epilogue” at the end of each episode (!) because I would switch off the screen the moment the episode would finish in fear of catching a glimpse of a preview. It wasn’t until I was reading your recap of ep5 and you kept talking about the “lake kiss” and I wondered what you were referring to lol… I then cautiously watched the episode again and finally “caught on” lol… Serves me right!

              So yes, I will definitely look through the Soompi thread on YFAS to check if anyone has posted anything on the Director’s Cut DVDs before troubling you to translate for me (I am still stunned that you would offer to do so with your busy schedule and all the recapping that you do! That is super kind of you!). I haven’t watched all the extras DVDs yet so I don’t know what exactly is included (well, I didn’t want to torture myself knowing I won’t understand what they’re saying lol). One segment that I have watched and was curious about was the segment “BestPlus” (?) which appears to have the Director talking about (maybe?) his favourite scenes? And I hope to find out what KSH and JJH said in their interviews as well although I suspect their interviews would have already been mentioned or quoted in other articles and interviews.

              I saw that Soompi was “re-locating” to another location and last week only a temporary page was set up in English so I hope that everything is now running and that I can access the old pages.

              Thank you very much again for everything. Your posts and insights are mind blowing.

              Liked by 1 person

            • Softy says:

              Let me know after you check soompi and if there aren’t any translations I will take out my DVD and watch those parts for you and post what they said.

              I’m not currently recapping because I cant make it home in time and I’m too busy on Fri and Sat to recap Producers even though I love the show. 🙂


  15. Swee says:

    Hi Softy, I dunno where to leave my comment re YAI’s secret Love affair as you posted your thoughts on your home page.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and brief recap of the eps, I enjoy reading them. This drama reminds me of another drama you recommended -A wife’s credential, the pace and colour and subject matter, an affair. For me, this is the drama that gonna showcases YAI acting chops, we know he can act but not given the right role.
    Looking forward to tonight’s ep 4.
    Btw, thanks for keeping us updated on YFAS, would love to read your take on the DVD.


  16. Ama matilda says:

    I just like this drama as much as you do, did i say like, no i love it


  17. Ama matilda says:

    I just like this drama as much as you do, did i say like, no i love it thank u


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