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I was pretty sure nothing would ever stop me from recapping, but I was wrong. The wake of the tragedy on April 16th that has gripped a nation and brought it to its knees is just now starting to leave its ripples on all our hearts. Clinging to hope of survivors and then grappling with the truth that they never even had a chance to survive is crippling this nation’s faith in its government and officials. In light of the tragic events that have unfolded, I just can’t bring myself to enjoy dramas the way I used to in the past. Before, I was religiously dedicated in bringing the fastest live recaps no matter what occurred around me. During City Hunter and You’ve fallen for me, I managed somehow to gain access on my iPad using my personal hotspot on my iPhone to continue recapping during floods and loss of internet.  I even worked through holidays and breaks. Maybe it’s because I live in Seoul and Ansan is only an hour away by car, but all this is happening too close to home and our hearts. I didn’t know a single person on the ferry, but it hasn’t stopped me from caring about the families they leave behind and praying over the souls of the departed. I don’t know if there should be some sort of extended moratorium for dramas, sitcoms, and variety shows, but there seems to be one in place with me out of respect for the grieving families. Right after finding out about the status for my YFAS Director’s cut DVD, I realized all those kids enjoyed that drama too just a few months ago and it choked me up. It made me see that even as strangers, I had some things in common with them just through shared interests and it made me cry all over again. I have no idea when I will be up to recapping again, but I only know I shouldn’t force myself right now. If my reaction is tears to everything then it’s a safe bet I won’t be doing a good job on paying attention to what’s on the screen. At least I can drop these snippets for SLA knowing that I’m not leaving you in a lurch. Viewers have written that subs for this show is quicker than usual for a cable drama and I already checked and people on Soompi were already doing live recaps there on the thread.  Two new dramas Doctor Stranger and You’re All Surrounded are starting soon, but I can tell you already it won’t matter how great they are. Everyone has their own pace when it comes to getting back on track in their lives after witnessing a tragedy unfold and I’m about to find out what mine is. I hope everyone will be patient and understanding until that day comes. Thank you.



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April 21st: Due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy, SLA is being preempted with news and other programs this week. There is still a chance this could change for Tues, but I can’t recap. Ever since this tragedy began on Wed, I have been watching the news losing sleep waiting and hoping the rescue would move faster. I thought the cranes would make the nightmarish wait be over for parents, but rescue is still slow going. I noticed that CNN and all the other news affiliates don’t know all the many stories of heroism that came out of this tragedy, but there are enough to make bereaved parents feel proud through their sorrow and loss. What really moves me are the personal stories and messages. Parents wrote on the internet “like a miracle, you were born so please return to me like a miracle.” Prayers, hope, and faith are the only things these parents are clinging to each minute. It makes you think if love alone could have lifted that ferry, it would have been done already.

waiting in the rain

Korea is a nation in shock -everyone is grieving vicariously with these parents. Even though we go to work and school, it’s like we are going through the motions of living. Food doesn’t taste as good, laugher quickly fades, movie theaters and shopping areas are unusually quiet, and it feels like there is a pall over everything. Families and schools are canceling their vacation trips or school field trips. I bet parents are having a hard time trusting their children to come back safely from anymore overnight school trips. When people were interviewed on the streets, the public said that they want this ferry disaster to be a wake up call and a warning to prevent this from happening again. To fire every staff member who isn’t properly trained on ships, trains, subways, and planes and replace them with those who are qualified and capable. The whole time I was watching the news, I kept thinking hindsight is coming way too late for those kids. Why did the knowledge of the negligence of the ferry company and owners have to come at the cost of so many innocent lives.

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Too many people dropped the ball the day the ferry sank and failed to save those helpless passengers trapped inside. First a handful of the crew neglected to do their jobs. They forgot their duty and responsibility came first over saving their own lives and left all those kids helpless and stranded. Then the coast guard and rescue workers took too long in getting more people off that ferry while they had time. They had almost the whole day, but didn’t get enough of them to safety. Video footage shows that a handful were breaking windows and saving some people, but how about all those children still huddled inside. The crew must have known where the majority of the passengers would be at that time and should have gone in and alerted them to come out on deck and jump if they had life vests on.  Most of those kids would have listened and saving even a few more lives that way would have been better than not having a single survivor ever since the ferry went under. Footage showed that those who jumped were treading water till the boats picked them up. There should have been more kids in the water then more nearby boats and ships would have come to their aid. A fisherman said he rescued only 25 people with his boat, but he had room for more. For days after, the coast guard only recovered the dead and no survivors. That is no way to run a rescue operation. It was a misnomer to even call it rescue since it has only been recovery from day one. Cranes should have been brought in faster and utilized to lift that ferry even partially. They were being overly cautious when time was running out of survivors having any air pockets left. With today’s technology, you would think they would be able to handle such a disaster better than this. Despite the murky water, how hard could it be to feel around to place hooks and safety lines to attach to the cranes. For days on end, divers only recovered a few bodies at a time. It’s frustrating to know they had so many divers on hand, but only a few went in at a time. The government failed those doomed passengers by not reacting quickly enough and getting help from American military or anyone else they could reach out to in order to get more cranes, ships, and disaster experts on the site to manage this whole rescue operation. From the start, whoever was in charge of the rescue operation dropped the ball and their best just wasn’t good enough this time. To add insult to injury, once the corpses were recovered, they even sent them to the wrong funeral homes. Just how many more ways are they trying to show their incompetence. It doesn’t matter how many indictments are issued or how many resignations are given since all of that comes after the fact. This tragedy has become a blemish on Korea and its inability to protect their children. It makes you wonder if all those souls in heaven are looking down with sadness and disappointment

mem cranesparents

The empty spots on the gym floor where the blankets have been folded up belong to the parents who have left after identifying their children. The rest of the bodies will be recovered by Thurs and in the following days and weeks. There has been a temporary memorial set up with photos of all the hundreds of children who have died. They set it up as soon as divers informed the public there were no air pockets at all and only corpses floating in the submerged ferry on the third and fourth decks.

When the camera panned over the gym floor and the blankets, I couldn’t help but notice some were folded up, while others left alone. It reflects their innate personality – even in grief, some took the time to fold before they left. Maybe it was a habit, maybe someone nearby folded it for them just to have something productive to do during their anguishing wait. I bet some of these parents met as strangers, but ended up consoling each other this past week. No matter how disparate their backgrounds, one thing they all had in common was that their children were loved -not just by the parents and family, but even by strangers all over the world praying for them.


Written April 15th:

They did it before with A Wife’s Confidential so it’s a proven fact that JTBC is really great at making affairs seem justifiable and even manages to give you so many reasons to gloss over the fact that it’s wrong so that you find yourself rooting for the affair. When it comes to Joon and HW, there is no marriage to salvage here cuz there hasn’t been any love between them for quite a while. Maybe around the time they brought in separate beds – that might have been a clear indication of where this marriage was heading. The distance between them grew wider with each passing year when they decided to sleep apart. If what HW did felt wrong, she would have regretted it after that first time, but judging from how happy and content she seems lately, I think it felt right. She deserves to be loved – not just for what she can provide financially, but for who she is. Joon fell in love with a different person back then. HW is not the same woman anymore. Joon has been blind to her good qualities and doesn’t appreciate her, but SJ only sees the goodness in her.  YW is having a dalliance with her younger boyfriend for all the wrong reasons, but HW is cheating to live for the first time in her life. It might be funny to say this about an affair, but HW’s conscience is clear cuz loving SJ is not a fling or something momentary. It’s going to uproot everything she has ever known or felt and make her world a better place. That’s why when she factors in all the pros and cons to continue her relationship with SJ, instead of thinking about what she will be losing, I hope she considers what she will gain.

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SJ is told by HW’s assistant that he is going to get a new suit for his performance from president Han and just to accept it without any pressure so SJ asks if HW knows. while SJ is being fitted for a single breasted suit, president Han tells SJ -I said that you should get double eye lid surgery but Manager Oh was against it. she must like your face.

SJ and HW practice together while Joon watches them. when they are done, she asks Joon – how was that. do you want to hear the finale again. Joon says no it’s ok the way it is. he tells SJ how much improved. Joon asks about the music and HW tells him who will be bringing it. Joon tells SJ – see you tm at rehearsal. HW tells him -see you at home. Joon leaves the practice room

when they are alone, HW hands SJ a handkerchief and says you will need it. are you trembling/nervous. SJ says a little. HW: you said you enjoyed it. go and sleep early. he says if I don’t do well – I think I will feel like dying.  HW: even if you did – why would you die over it. SJ: all of this is a chance/an opportunity you made for me while going through all the dirty work. she reminds him that is my duty.

next day Joon goes through what SJ has to do on stage and to bow to the audience before he performs. HW watches them from above then leaves.

SJ comes out dressed in his new suit and gets compliments from the others.

HW gets a text. SJ asks where are you. she leaves the office

SJ waits and she arrives. he takes out the handkerchief she gave him and wipes his face. Dami comes in and SJ asks why did you come already. she says how she has to leave soon. she compliments him and takes a photo with him kissing his cheek. he tries to pull away. she doesn’t like his hair and wants to put some wax on it but he doesn’t want to. she feels a little sad thinking of his mother. Dami tells him to just throw away the flowers girls give him.  he agrees. HW watches them hug and goes back out. Dami runs out and HW walks away without going in. she goes in and speaks with the man in the recording balcony.

Dami runs out and sees Jang with that girl Dami bullied. Dami tells her how she is friends with Jang and SJ. Dami tells Jang to come to SJ’s home later. the girl leaves mad at Jang.

SJ gets a text so Joon tells him -you should have turned it off in advance. SJ: I will just read this one. Joon: focus.  HW texted: I am somewhere I can see and hear you well the most. SJ smiles reading it.

SJ goes out and bows as the audience applauds. his performance begins. SJ looks over to where HW is in between when there is a lull with the orchestra.

HW gets emotional and walks out remembering what SJ texted: if I get an encore – I will play this thinking of the letter you sent so know that.

YW’s boy toy says how SJ and HW doesn’t match. YW says if you see them playing together you know.  he doesnt want to go to the after party for the performance even though YW tries to get him to go.

Joon gets compliments for SJ. everyone goes to the after party. her assistant asks about HW and is told she will go there.

HW is laying on her sofa when there is a knock. SJ goes in and sees her. she sits up. HW says I thought I would die cuz I couldn’t breathe. SJ says I kept looking for you. HW: so did you find me? SJ: I did so that’s how I was able to play. she tells him to sit and says let’s watch the parts you were funny again. she brings over the laptop and they watch his performance. SJ laughs as they hold hands watching the video. They sit together relaxed like a couple, leaning in toward each other. she rests her head on his shoulder.

YW asks the other pianists if SJ is any good. but his visual is nice. she asks if HW is here yet. someone says we are waiting too

SJ and HW sit together on her sofa as Joon goes to her office. he opens the door and goes in but they are gone. He goes to the security office and asks to confirm something.

SJ takes her someplace safe – some storage area that is dark. He opens the curtain and says this is the place where I first saw you. back then you weren’t Oh HW and just a person in the world. someone too far away. it seems like a 100 years passed. she says how they crossed a river. he leans in and puts his cheek against hers. she closes the curtain.

Joon searches all over for HW and SJ. SJ kisses her and they almost fall out on stage but manage to keep kissing behind the curtain. Joon opens the door and looks for them. They are still making out when they knock over a coil and it makes a noise and Joon hears it.

YW is told to text HW and when she looks at her phone she quickly leaves. the assistant is about to leave to go look for HW, but is told not to.

Joon gets a text and drops his phone and picks it up. YW texted and told him to hurry -as soon as you find HW – tell her to go to hannamdong cuz he is being investigated (meaning her dad is going to be questioned and interrogated). Joon screams out for HW and says to hurry and go to hannamdong cuz the police/investigators are there (for CEO Suh) they are looking for you. please go. HW and SJ stop kissing and listen. she starts to cry and SJ tells her I will take care of it on my own and helps her get back up. she leaves first and SJ stays behind.

HW goes to her office and gets her bag and checks her incoming calls. she rushes out, but stops at the door and calmly goes back and looks around then gets in her car and drives over to YW’s dad’s place. Joon drives off  too

SJ walks up the hill to Suh’s home

Dami hides and sees the garage door closing when Joon gets home.

SJ hides outside and looks worried for HW

YW’s dad dresses and says I have to dress like this for them to send me away quickly. (meaning let him come home quicker). He tells HW to take good care of YW if it takes a long time for him to return (meaning go to jail). YW tells him how it will end quickly.

CEO huh says I will sleep overnight once there and come back

after her dad left, YW tells her step mom to stop acting.  YW gets dragged out of the room.

president han asks why she couldnt reach HW. HW apologizes and says how she fell asleep in the office. she offers to stay with her but president Han says no you have your personal life.

when HW goes home, Joon asks what happened – did you know I went looking for you. HW: I didnt know. Joon: then how did you know to go there. HW: I saw my phone. she leaves the room. Joon throws his glass and shatters it. she stops but resumes climbing the stairs.

SJ sits on his steps at home looking worried.

next day in the office president Han asks the assistant if HW is dating these days.


no preview


I’m not sure if I can keep up these snippets for much longer – watching the two of them sneaking around and cheating is giving me heart attacks cuz they are pretty reckless and could get caught at any moment.



SJ runs out just in time to see her leave in a cab. He sits and reads the text she sent him. “I’m Oh HW, I’m going to work. this is my personal phone so save the number under a different name. I like your home- although I was afraid when I went in alone yesterday. It was dangerous (the steps)  cuz it rained – it was slippery. with each step, I debated should I go back down. but even in that moment I thought I shouldn’t fall cuz if I break my leg I would have to lie to people. thinking of that I was extra careful. that’s how I went safely up the stairs and passed through the dark and dirty/messy passageway. It was really nice. If I pass through this -that I could go into your home. I turned the lights on and almost cried. this is a home. this is what home is like. I was always standing somewhere and working wearing heels-  it felt like the entryway was giving me permission so I thanked your mother and went about comfortably here and there on my own. but since no one can know about this – even though I go around lying – I shouldn’t make you do that too.  so I should be more careful. that’s the childish thought I had.  you should be very careful too. is this more childish?  SJ cries reading. she adds how she ate a ramen that was there – in case her eating woke him she went to the roof. It’s been so long since I ate so deliciously. it made me think of what you said – while practicing till your shoulders felt like it would fall off – enjoying it till the end – loving the best you can. what that meant – it felt real.  I sure do live strangely. so now your home and a kid like you – I can’t say I love, but I will learn from you. so SJ – even if you don’t know English and German well – in this world it’s necessary -hide it well and protect yourself – I will deal will the dirty work -that’s my duty. I rambled a lot huh? after stretching your fingers and feet now – eat breakfast. She cries in the cab after putting on her makeup

Dami finds out that HW is professor Kang’s wife.

Joon tells SJ how SJ has to practice a lot with HW from here on cuz SJ has to be ready by end of May and Joon will check in on him.

SJ texts her on her personal phone: I’m going there now. They meet in the practice room. he goes in and asks are you ok? she asks if he is coming from school and mentions how she had to take note of what others might think since she stayed out all night. SJ brings up how they are going to meet all the time now (cuz they have to practice together). she mentions wasn’t professor kang angry? SJ: he left before he could get angry. SJ confides – I made a mistake. HW: how? SJ: I thanked him. she laughs then points out – we can talk later. you know there is a camera in the practice room right? (meaning they can’t do anything out of the unusual). inside here let’s just focus on work. SJ: I will. HW: then shall we practice but SJ excuses himself and says hang on a minute and goes to the security office and asks to turn off the camera in room 3 cuz it gets in the way while practicing- explaining how he cant practice comfortably for hours while someone is watching. guard tries to say it’s on all other practice rooms and others do it, but SJ doesn’t leave so the guard calls and gets permission. YW’s step mom finds out SJ asked himself so she gives permission and says what can we do – turn it off.

HW is impressed SJ thought to do that (ask for the camera to be turned off). he says I should do that at least – right now- since I don’t have the power/ strength to deal with the dirty work. just doing what I can. she wonders if he was moved by her letter. he says how it’s imbedded in his head. HW: that’s not why I wrote it. SJ: you confessed about life to me.  she playfully hits him with a cushion. SJ: don’t mess with me – I will burst. HW: what? SJ: a lot of things. HW: tell me one at a time. SJ: first – when we are outside I cant hug you. even when there are no cameras around. she laughs then says: that’s not the only thing -I cant buy you nice clothes. (she looks sad for a second cuz she realizes how true that is – unlike YW who gets to buy her boyfriend anything she wants to express her love, HW will never get to) SJ gives her back her essence and says you left this behind. HW: I made a mistake, but couldn’t I leave this at your home. he realizes it’s true and tries to take it back. HW: never mind. you should practice.  he talks about something he read thinking it was about music. the female lead who wasn’t married lived with some man. HW gets serious and says to start practice for real now. she is going to teach in a different way -one day doing this and other days she will teach him herself. she leaves him to practice on his own after listening to the recording she made(she made a gift of this to that other pianist) and says to do it alone. here or at your home – whatever you want. SJ: are you getting off work? HW: yes. I am going. he asks if she is going to her home. she says yes and leaves.

Late at night while Joon is asleep, SJ texts so she goes out to meet him. she says this is cheating you should have refrained. SJ hands her the helmet and asks to go around just once so she gets on the bike and they ride off. when they are riding, HW asks to go to his home so he agrees. they go inside and he locks the door. then he starts to kiss her and leads her off camera. they sit outside on the steps near his roof having beer. he has his arm around her and asks what are you thinking. HW: habit. SJ: that I would become a bad habit? HW: no. suddenly his friend Jang ho dropped by and calls out for SJ so they panic and she tells him – you go out – I know where to hide. if you get caught I wont leave you alone.  hide my shoes first. SJ: yes.

SJ calls out I am going out – hang on a minute. Jang: what are you doing. SJ: I was outside on the roof. Dami is with Jang too so SJ asks did you come too. Dami: yes so why. Jang: what are you doing and not opening up. Dami: is someone there? SJ: no. he hides HW’s clothes and shoes. after he opens the door, SJ asks what is this suddenly. Jang: why is your teacher coming? SJ: let’s go out -my treat. I got my scholarship. but they brought food so they go inside. a cat screams and startles HW as she hides. Jang goes out to scare the cat away. SJ yells out not to open it.

SJ tells them – I have something to tell you. Jang: you are being a little serious. SJ says to Dami -you aren’t a woman to me. you know that too. Dami: I know, but if you have another girl I will beat you. Jang says to her – it’s not like SJ did anything to you that he needs to take responsibility for. she tells him to be quiet. she says to SJ:  I know you didnt do anything to me and I kept going after you by myself. she talks about the first time she met him -when she had been beating up some kids how embarrassed she was when she locked eyes with him. she tells Jang: I yelled at him and threw stuff but he didn’t leave. SJ: I was watching cuz you were so weird. I only head rumors about you and it was the first time I saw you do it for real. Jang says how cool she was back then. Dami: it was hard on me. you think it’s easy? (she talks about how she turned over a new leaf that day) it’s not easy to meet someone who changes you. even if I paid you back my whole life I wouldn’t be able to. “this is the only kid for me.” after thinking that way and seeing – what is there that I can do for you except for making up my mind to like you.  SJ says I’m grateful for that too and thanks to you I was comfortable going to school but you can stop now. if you get hurt, it will be hard on the three of us. I only have you two as friends and can’t lose you guys no matter what. Dami says ok and drinks. Jang: what is this – after settling it like this it’s over?

the two of them leave and as they walk out, Jang says how he thought she would go more crazy mad. Dami asks to go somewhere and drink some more. SJ goes out and looks for HW. he tells her to come out. she asks are they gone. SJ: they left. she goes in and washes up. SJ: so this is what it’s like – getting caught. she asks him to close the curtain so she can use the bathroom. he says to do her business comfortably cuz he wont listen. she thanks him and asks him to call her a cab using her phone. he looks at her two phones. next day she misses a call from YW cuz SJ had her phone. he forgot to put it back in after calling the cab.

HW is called in to see YW at the beauty shop. YW wants cash but HW says to ask YW’s dad for that. Dami notices HW going in to see YW.

later on after YW leaves, Dami bows and says hello to HW and thanks her. HW: why are you greeting me? Dami: You are professor’s Kang’s wife aren’t you? HW: how did you find out. Dami: my boyfriend is Lee SJ. HW: oh so that’s it. I know professor’s Kang’s pupil. Dami: when SJ kept talking about his teacher, I was wondering who it was. thank you again and please take good care of him. I will meet you again.



in the preview HW says I am somewhere I can hear the best.

SJ: I will play this – while thinking of the letter you sent.

SJ points out the first moment he saw her (as he peeked out from behind the curtain)

*I have a feeling – somewhere down the line, when Dami finds out HW and SJ are in a relationship, Dami will be the one to tell Joon (not knowing he already knows). Dami is not going to take the news of the affair well at all.

[JTBC] 밀회.E08.140408.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-52-16]

This is weird to admit, but I actually cried tonight. When HW thanked his mother for SJ, it just choked me up inside. Then when she told him not to place her shoes facing out cuz she is staying for a while, it reminded me how much a small insignificant gesture like that can carry so much meaning. Even with the most trivial things, he wants to make her life a little better so imagine what he can do with his heart.

About how SJ has a habit of turning her shoes facing out so she can slip her feet into them, I have a little story about why that gesture just gets to me. Years ago while living in Seoul, my roommate and I had some church friends over to our home. A really young pastor came to our gathering with the woman he was dating at the time. She was quite a bit older than him so she held back in their relationship since she knew his parents would want someone younger for him to marry, but he would go out of his way to prove to her with every little gesture that she was the only one he wanted. As they came inside, after she took off her shoes and went in, he hung back and pointed her shoes outwards and left his alone. I found out later that his small thoughtful gestures was what made her have a change of heart. They got married and are living happily as far as I know, but I will never forget that feeling I had watching him turn her shoes facing out. I knew that’s the kind of person every woman should hold out and wait to marry. Someone who puts her first always would mean his love could be counted on. Every woman deserves that and shouldn’t settle for anything less.

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SJ sits and remembers the rude way YW spoke to HW saying how she should stop running personal errands for her stepmom.

SJ goes online and chats with the hyung (cuz he still doesn’t know it’s HW and thinks she is some random hyung he met in a chat room) SJ shares: it’s been a long time hyung. Just in case you were here I logged in so I am leaving a note – during all this time a lot of things happened but right now I will just talk about my feelings. with one word – I am so outraged. my woman is being bullied/tormented by someone strange. over something I don’t know about – her hands and face have injuries and if there is nothing I can do – what meaning is there that I love her. HW reads the note and replies back – the goddess has been reduced to just a woman. SJ: cuz I was there when it happened, I think I got more angry. if I ask her to meet now in this situation will she get more angry. she replies you are a little bothersome – do whatever you want. SJ texts her – I have to meet you. I will go to the lesson on the weekend but I cant wait till then the way I feel right now. I wont ask anything – I will just stay by your side. I wont even get a motel room -cant you just come to my home. dont you like my home?

Joon is outside SJ’s home and checks inside to make sure SY is alone and HW isnt there. as Joon leaves, Dami shows up and SY reminds her – I told you to call first before you come. she goes to the bathroom and asks if he has ramen. he doesn’t so she asks him to go buy some. aren’t you hungry?  so he suggests eating out.

HW pulls up to his home and hides in her car watching SJ leave with Dami – he had his arm around her shoulder

Joon went to YW’s place and she says why are you like this. I said I have an appointment. Joon: are you going out to dance? YW: whatever it is. Joon: just go out. I want to drink and get drunk. she calls HW and asks what are you – why is your husband suddenly barging into my place. isn’t this ridiculous? HW yells back cant you do that much at least and hangs up.

SJ and Dami eat at an outside street vendor place. he is eating quickly so Dami tells him to eat slowly. she shares how she corrected how she feels and wants to do it properly (making things work with him) to match dreams with him she is going to study (beauty school I think). how she shouldn’t always try to kiss him and stuff. she speaks about her boss and how her boss got started. Dami continues to share her plans about what she should do to go till the end with him. SJ was going to tell her not to do that but changes his mind and doesn’t say anything

some man knocks on HW’s car window and tells her not to park here and tells her to leave. HW drives off and cries on the way

next day she sits by the window. SJ arrives for his lesson with HW. the maid welcomes him. he goes inside. HW goes in and he bows to her. she asks – did you have fun on Friday? dont you have a dream? dont you have passion/ambition? others who don’t have your potential -is it ok to just let it go to waste? SJ: what did I do (wrong)? HW: what did I do?  why ask me that. she pushes him and asks don’t you know that better? if you are going to be like that why come here. why dont you just live the way you have been. the weather is nice so why dont you go around and just play with that girl. he holds her back from shoving him and says: so you came (to my home) -didn’t you? HW: yes I went there. not cuz I wanted to go but I passed by it so I went. you two were holding onto each other as you went.  he makes her sit and says I get it. it’s good. HW: what’s good – what do you know? SJ: since you came, it’s good. and I know that you are jealous so I like it. It’s daebak. also -I feel safe so I will ask. HW: what? SJ: who is that woman to insult you (torment you).  (referring to the way YW behaved towards HW) HW: how was something like that tormenting? SJ: I felt like a fool. if you watch that in the movie the male lead goes crazy in that situation. HW says that’s why they are all fools. SJ: why?  HW: I told you. earning money through deliveries, buying cup ramens to eat, paying your cell phone bills, electricity, gas -instead of those things – playing the piano well and living with the scholarship is way better. SJ: that’s true. she tells him not to pay attention to what’s going on at her job. SJ: what about you. HW: so those people feel good – to spend money and earn money -helping them do that is my job.  she asks him if he knows about those things and tells him to read some books. one day in the middle things will work out for me. I’m an elegant slave. SJ: then is that woman at the very top? HW: the top is not her – it’s money. no the real top is- if you have money you can live well without anything upsetting you till the end. she cries and he cries watching her so upset

Joon is driving home

HW asks if SJ is crying. with tears in his eyes, he denies it. HW: even if you didn’t know or even if you knew it’s the end. her hair fell from shoving him so she fixes it

Joon parks the car and doesnt go in. he checks her car and looks through receipts. when he goes in he sees SJ’s sneakers. he goes over to the practice room and just barges in. he asks what are you doing and not practicing. she says I was scolding him. he doesnt have passion/ambition or anything. why do I have to exert energy over a kid like this. she tells SJ: in front of your professor how about saying something. what do you plan to be? Joon tells her how they should manage SJ’s plan and schedule fist, but she yells back I told him already but he doesn’t get it. SJ says I was wrong. I didn’t do enough. I will work hard. Joon leaves the room. HW sits down and talks about what to prepare and the DVD.  SJ: one day Mozart said suddenly I wont take requests from the patrons. I will just write (compose) what I want. and after doing that they said he died early. he got into debt and fell ill. she tells him not to think nonsense. even if you earn a living with the rich people’s money -you can do what you want.  SJ: but you cant. HW: I said you can. she moves closer and talks about what he has to do before april 31st of next year and asks if there is any piano parts he memorized. SJ lists some like Schumann but he didn’t learn enough and isn’t prepared so she gets mad and leaves the room. SJ cries.

she goes and gets some CDs. she yells – tell them all not to play around. the music is the answer. the music starts and they sit and listen.

when the music ends, HW asks why do you like this? SJ says it feels like the music showed me some end. HW: then you just need to show that. that’s how you get money away from the wealthy.  she asks when his school lessons are so he tells her his schedule. the days he doesn’t have class she wants him to bring the music and come to the office. he stares at her so she asks “what?” SJ:  that I love you -(couldn’t understand this line) then he says “cuz you live so scary.” (meaning how much she suffers) HW: you just do well. dont act like you know. keep your appointed time. she leaves the room

SJ is at home and prints out music.

SJ goes to the office and is told to wait for HW. secretary calls HW. SJ is told to go to the practice room so he leaves

HW is waiting in the room and is on the phone about the location of the piano. SJ goes in and gets ready with his music. she hangs up. he comments he likes the way the piano is situated. she tells him to warm up. he just stands there so she asks what. he asks are you better. HW: I told you. you just do well. he sits and she tells him to start with the intro. pretend there is an orchestra and play. he doesnt start so she asks what are you doing. he starts to play, but she corrects his tempo cuz he might play earlier than the orchestra. she goes into teacher mode and corrects his mistakes.

SJ plays and suddenly HW yells are you exercising your fingers right now. she yells about how there is no point to emotions if he plays like that. not even scared of her yelling, he simply says how cool she was just now when she played that. how he liked the way she played. she tells him to go out and wash his face with cold water and come back.

SJ splashes his face with cold water as ordered and sits and texts the hyung online. HW reads what he wrote from the practice room. SJ wrote: hyung on my first day, I think I will die. she keeps getting angry. we are practicing but the was wrong. she texts you are lucky/fortunate cuz she does that for you. he says I know that too – i cant breathe (feel suffocated) – it feels like I did something wrong really big. I caused that by talking too much. he quotes what she said about being an elegant slave. it hurts me to hear those things – so how would she feel saying those things herself with her own mouth. HW: she does what she has to. it’s the same as coming out in front of you.  me the one you believe to be a goddess is truthfully living as a slave. she showed you all that. SJ: what should I do. HW: do what? if you know all the truth – she will know that. SJ: really – who cant say that things?   should I take out my heart and show her? she asks did you think that she might have a complex. SJ: should I just carry her and run off somewhere. the secretary comes in to tell her that YW came so HW tells her to order lunch for SJ and leaves

HW goes back upstairs and YW is there. YW says I heard Lee SJ is recording. HW: don’t pay attention – you must be busy over the company stuff.

SJ goes back in and calls about the lunch and HW tells him it’s for him to eat and then practice. that’s how YW finds out HW is teaching SJ. YW teases how nice it must be to spend time with a young kid instead of her husband. HW: shut up. she tries to get up and yells if you are going to insult why should I listen.  YW yells you should be helping me now. that is why I gave you the promotion so why do other things. she asks when her step mom asked to buy so much stock so HW says ask her yourself. so YW yells at HW again and throws a file at her feet. HW tells her -find out more in detail – use your head so YW counters should I show you that I use my head.

Joon meets with some man – I think he is some kind of fortuneteller or something. Joon shares it’s the student my wife and I teach. my wife has to meet him a lot. the man asks so you are afraid she might have an affair. Joon: no not that – he is really talented but since he had a rough life I wanted to raise him well. I just wanted to see if my wife and I match him well.  YW texted Joon – HW and Lee SJ are alone just the two of them in the practice room – arent you furious? Joon texts just sleep if you have nothing better to do.

the man says to Joon that the student (SJ) is not like most people – he is very impressive. he is really good for you. Joon: what about my wife? the man says what sort of type she is. he points out that as husband and wife they aren’t that great so Joon says defensively:  I never thought of divorce even once so the man says you should never do that.  Joon asks but what about with that student. the man asks why do you keep thinking that way. trust your wife. she places her work over a guy. but more than that- don’t send this student anywhere else. this student will make you successful -way more than now.

Dami overhears some customers talking about SJ and his teacher the professor’s wife. Dami remembers how SJ said that HW was different from the professor .Dami calls the other male friend and asks him to ask Yura what kind of person the professor’s wife is. am I stupid to ask SJ that?

after SJ finishes, HW tells him just to do this much for today. she points to what he wrote and asks are you joking around? SJ: do you not like it? I did it for you to smile. HW: if you keep this up, you might speak banmal to me. as she is about to go, she tells him to turn the lights off when he leaves. SJ: cant you think about my feelings (my heart) a little. there is a site I go to often, some hyung on that said – don’t need stuff like specs (good credentials) and just live enjoying music.  I think that’s love. to make you enjoy till the end. I want to do this piece like that too- practicing till my shoulders fall off. He names the specific piece – when you first hate it -later one day it makes you feel great.  that’s the best way to love. (he names another piece) She just says see you on Thursday and leaves

she goes back to her office finds his jacket on the couch

SJ walks home and realizes he left his jacket behind. he calls and says i left my jacket and keys behind again. I am alone in front of my house. what? now? he runs upstairs and HW is there inside his home.

she is sitting on his bed wearing his clothes. when SJ stoops down towards her shoes, she says dont turn my shoes around (a considerate gesture he does so that it’s easy for her to slip her feet into). I am going to play(visit) here a little today before I leave. while I came in I said to your mother “thank you.” she shows how she is wearing his clothes and asks how does it look? do I look like a girlfriend? he asks would you rather wear my mom’s? HW: then instead of your girlfriend – it would be your family. what I said is correct. don’t argue.  SJ: if you get caught you lose.  HW: I fell for you when you ran away. he laughs and says how sexy she looks. HW: then are you just going to stand there. SJ: when I go outside and come back, I need to brush my teeth and wash my hands first

Joon asks the guard if HW finished with her student. the guard says she left a while ago. Joon checks his iPad.

Joon remembers what that man told him – to trust his wife and how successful the student would make him.

They don’t show the two of them – the camera pans around his home as they speak. SJ: I might not be able to do it well. HW: why? you said you would make me have the most fun. you said that was love. SJ: ah really – shouldn’t have said that. HW: is it really your first time? SJ: thinking about it – I don’t think it is. HW: you have to think about that to know? SJ: that day -after we listened to Liszt –  when we hugged. I’m sorry. HW: that’s when you guessed I wasn’t a player huh? SJ: a little. HW: I might not be able to do it more than you. SJ: I will decide that. are you ok? if you are uncomfortable – tell me. HW says no (it’s ok) and cries

they are sitting by his bed and drinking. HW: You said you dont drink. SJ: who said that? HW: when did you learn. he shares how he learned to drink in high school by his home room teacher. they poured beer and soju into his mouth. how about you? she says how she learned to drink. I think I was forty ever since I was born.  when you are forty I will be 60. he shows her a photo (someone named Maria who has to do with Mozart) and says you will end up like this. HW: to look like that at 60 how does she have to live. SJ: you will be more beautiful. HW: that could happen – it will cost time and money. but on the face – the expression is half. thoughts experiences stuff like that. SJ: I think you will always be cool. cuz your brain is sexy too.  HW: don’t you feel anything when you say stuff like that? SJ: is it weird?  HW: it’s like a lie. SJ: then what feels like it’s real (the truth) she repeats the lines he said to her. stuff like that.  SJ: then how about this. HW ah. she playfully kicks him so he jokes – my woman’s foot is weak. he picks her up and puts her on the bed again and gets on the bed with her. they giggle and play around

SJ is playing the piano as she lays in his bed listening.

in the early morning, HW changes back into her clothes and leaves. she takes a call and says I am leaving now. SJ gets out of bed and sits down again.


no preview


I like that the affair scene happened off camera. Even if it’s cable, it still reflects Korean society’s prudish nature when it comes to stuff like this. Kissing is one thing, but showing them in bed together raises too many eyebrows. Not to mention she is a married woman with children in real life. Pretty sure there is only so much her husband can stomach before he draws the line. I bet acting with someone so young and good looking like YAI is all that her husband’s ego can handle. 🙂



Is it just me or does it seem like HW’s life is crumbling around her. With everything falling apart, her only visible lifeline seems to be SJ. It’s like everyone is out to make her miserable except for him so her troubles seem to be driving her into SJ’s waiting open arms. Not the worst refuge if you ask me considering her other option. Her own husband doesn’t take her side or care about her injury and here is SJ acting like her knight wanting to protect her with just one quick eye witness of her mistreatment by YW. SJ’s reaction is the normal one for someone who loves her and I think she realizes that now. Her eyes have been opened to what she deserves in life and love and there is no going back.


SJ drives as HW sleeps. when they are stopped at the light, she moves her hair out of the way and that’s when he notices her band aid and bruises on her hand. he pulls over and she wakes up asking if 2 hrs already passed. SJ: no I just drove for 40 mins. this place is janung. she says then we can go back after a little while. SJ: why did you get hurt? she tells him jokingly she got hit by stars. never mind if it’s not funny. SJ: instead of going to your place- why did you call me? HW: cuz I felt like it. sometimes my home is like the office. you got and get something to drink and come back. SJ: ok. he gets out and goes to the convenience store and gets some water. he checks his wallet for cash then goes across the street to a motel. HW watches him go there and panics in the car.

after SJ checks out the cheesy motel room and asks the guy for a clean plain room (with no extra weird stuff), he goes back out to the car to get HW, but she drove off already. He calls and says I got the room. there is nothing strange and it’s clean. you said home was like the office so I just wanted you to rest. HW drives and says I’m sorry – I was wrong. I shouldn’t have called you out. I’m running away now cuz I dont want to go into a place like that with you.

HW goes home and Joon says you are late. He asks for tea so she takes it to him. He asks about her cut so she lies I ran into something. he tells her to be careful. someone will see and think you got hit while fighting as a married couple. I’m saying watch your actions. (he is saying this to her cuz it’s what he wants to say about her relationship with SJ but cant since he isn’t supposed to let on that he knows). HW doesn’t turn around and asks what is that you want to say? Joon: what do you mean what do I want to say -Just what I said. She tells him she got hit by YW. she leaves and he follows her out

Joon: so are you getting mad at me right now? HW: I didn’t get angry. Joon: then why is the way you spoke like that. HW: what about the way I spoke? Joon: if someone hears, it sounds like I told her to hit you. HW: if someone sees. if someone hears. to you that’s what is important. she shows him her cut and says how she should be getting comfort from him now and shouldn’t be getting this sort of treatment from him and how she shouldn’t have gotten hit by the piece that was thrown at her. he yells back – who told you to do that. cuz you have to manage rich people and wanted this and that so you took this on.  if you don’t like it then quit. HW gets sarcastic and says I will quit then we have to give up this home and your professor position and go back to the time when we didn’t have anything. if we could do that I would like it too.  she walks off. he yells you go back (to how you were). after she leaves he mutters – you must want to do that.

HW is sitting by her desk and SJ texts: my house key is in my jacket pocket and the jacket is in your car. I’m outside in front of your home now. so she goes out to her car and gets his jacket and his keys. SJ waits outside while she quietly puts his jacket outside and closes the door. safe behind her door, HW texts him – you should have taken care of your stuff on your own. SJ texts I dont know what I did wrong – it’s not like I said let’s sleep together.HW: you don’t know? did you think I would just willingly follow you? SJ texts: I told you. you said your home was like the office. that you cant even rest at home so what else was there that I could do (for you)? HW: was that all? you expect me to believe that now? SJ: I mean everything 100% (I’m being 100% honest). HW: what is it that you really want (the truth). SJ: everything – all of it. cuz I love you, I wanted to sleep with you at some point but not a while ago cuz you said you  were having a hard time. she realizes she misunderstood him and goes out, but he is gone

next morning Joon apologizes. she says I got mad too. have breakfast cuz I’m eating out. Joon asks with whom. she says (YW’s father). he asks can you make it to SJ’s audition. she says i cant.

as she drives, HW calls SJ and tells him-what are you – why didn’t you do your morning exercise? if you said you would do something you should diligently keep your word. SJ: I avoided you cuz you are angry. HW: avoid what? did you master your audition piece? she mentions tips on how to audition well -something about his cadenza and to play it passionately (hot). did you get that? why aren’t you answering?  are you sulking. or are you pretending to be sulking? are you daring to do mildang (the push and pull of love) with me. SJ denies it and says how he understood about how to play the piece.  about mildang – I never did that before and dont want to. she yells just do well on your performance and hangs up. HW mutters: what does he know. SJ starts to text but changes his mind

YW’s father wants to have an affair with a different woman than his wife and confides in HW that he wants to go somewhere for a month with that new woman. his wife finds out about it when the ring is discovered and accuses HW of knowing that SY is pushing another woman for her father and thinks HW would help with that. she tells HW to take care of the matter and leaves

when Dami drops by SJ’s home to check if he did well on his audition, he asks her to call before she drops by cuz his teacher might be here.

SJ was awarded the scholarship and took photos. He comes out after signing the paperwork. when he sees HW, he waits for her. She tells him to go if he is done. SJ asks who that woman was a while ago. HW: didn’t you hear? the director of the art center.  SJ: why is she like that to you? HW : you don’t need to know. just think you are learning about the world. Joon overhears them talking and doesnt interrupt and just listens from around the corner. SJ confesses: everything I felt upset about since yesterday was totally erased. instead, right now I am really furious. (He is angry at the way YW treated her). so HW pushes SJ and tells him “just go.”


SJ: It’s good that you came. I know you are jealous. so I like it.

HW: don’t you have a dream? don’t you have passion/ambition? (me) the goddess you think is living as a slave.

SJ: will you think about it a little more? I want to live enjoying music. that’s what I think is love.

HW comfortably hangs out at his home.

[JTBC] 밀회.E06.140401.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-57-54]

It’s so scary how quickly emotions can get away from you – not just that your thoughts and feelings go beyond your control and you start to lose your grip on them, but as if they were never in your control to begin with.

slab slabh slac slal slasyaip

This guy photographs so well it’s uncanny. He was born for the camera.

[JTBC] 밀회.E06.140401.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-57-32][JTBC] 밀회.E06.140401.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-57-44]


Joon points out to HW “in front of you SJ smiles and must feel comfortable. he isnt scared of me right? why did you agree with him a while ago. She says I think the same as you. Joon is unsure about the girlfriend and wonders maybe he should buy her a meal. HW says you are going too far ahead. you are saying one thing and then another – saying how it bothers you about the girlfriend then saying you want to buy her a meal. Joon says how he doesnt know how HW feels inside and asks her to speak her mind. HW asks to be let off on the street to meet Ji Soo and them (her friends) she tries to invite him to come along but he doesnt want to and just drops her off. she calls Ji Soo and says you and I are meeting now so dont forget. be my alibi. i’ll call you later.

HW went to SJ’s home and waits outside for him. she asks do you like it that you are home. he asks how she came here. she says I came by cab. I wanted to say something and it’s not like we can meet separately at another time. he asks why not. she wants to sit and talk but no other cafes around. so he says there is only my home. so she follows him up. she says how it’s really dark up the steps. he says it’s cuz there are no lights. he takes her phone and lights her way. she points out that he was going to move out but came back. he says how she has to close the door. he goes in to wash some towels. she looks around and stays by the door. he gives her the towel to wipe her hands after holding onto the railing to come up the steps. then he cleans the floor as she watches. she says just to do enough and I will go in. she steps inside and he gives her a box to sit on. she asks can I sit on it and invites him to sit too. he goes and washes his hands to go make her some coffee but she says water is ok. he takes out his phone to recharge it.

HW starts and says what I had to say was first you have to set big goals. lightly go pass the audition. go to the site confirm the schedule. she goes on about that other young pianist (SJ had watched play through the curtains) and his schedule for europe and what he will be playing. SJ already missed the cut off deadline so SJ has to go out for it next year. SJ cuts in and says you told me that I was different from them and more special. In front of you I am not a young kid. if you say these things – sorry but I don’t feel that you are like the professor. HW: it worked. I said those things so you would feel bad. to mean you should set goals and compete.  SJ: it looks like you are trying too hard to appear like a grownup to me. I can do well. HW: what? SJ: not cowering. HW: what does that mean. SJ: cuz my feelings for you are 100% honest/sincere- you don’t need to lie to me. I have nothing to fear – of course I have to hide it from others since I want to protect you. that’s why I can do even better. since you came to my home today I have confidence and I feel proud. so my confidence feels ok. you dont have to worry a lot and act like the grownup too much. all you have to do is love me -there is nothing to be crazy about cuz of course I love you more. she laughs as he feels frustrated.

Joon paces at his home and sits and waits as the maid gets some fruit and snacks ready for him to take. she asks what to tell HW if she asks where he went. Joon says tell her I went to go meet a student and she will know who.  Joon is headed over to SJ’s

HW: why are you enjoying this so much. don’t you know how dangerous your feelings are? SJ gives her something to read as he goes through some boxes to move some music over to the computer. she tries to tell him to listen to her instead of doing other stuff. she reads what he wrote in the margins and laughs about it so he gives her something else to read saying this is funnier. she reads what SJ wrote as a kid: English is hard – cuz there are too many words that are pronounced funny.  my face gets red. today I played Mozart’s sonata all day until night.  mom said it was loud as she did the dishes. but after listening she said it was strange. she asked why it was sad. I think so too. (he wrote about how he gets certain feelings from playing). HW turns and asks what his mother was like. your progress must have been cuz of your mother. she could feel music properly.  dont you have a photo? he takes his phone and shows her a pic of his mom. HW says she was beautiful. SJ says how she always got hurt and was clumsy and got duped. HW: she raised you well. SJ: I didnt do anything bad compared to my friends and didnt curse much either. cuz I heard so much nagging from her. I loved my mother a lot. HW: thinking of your mother dont go after me. mothers cant endure their sons doing that.  if she knew you liked someone 20 yrs older she would have been really sad. SJ: why? HW: it doesn’t make sense. she would have wanted to hit me and humiliate me. he ignores her and asks how she wants to listen to his piano music -with head phones or without so HW says don’t change the subject. SJ just says I chose a few pieces I played and starts playing the music aloud. Joon arrives and listens to the music from outside. HW cried listening to the music. HW: did you play stuff like this too. he pronounces Tchaikovsky weird cuz he doesn’t know how and shortens the name so HW tells him to say the name all the way so SJ does. HW: play this for the audition. SJ: was it ok. HW: of course. She holds out her arms and says come over here. I will hug you once. Joon stands outside and watches. SJ slowly says I will hug you. he goes down as she says I have to go. listen well to what I said today about your goals. SJ gets closer and hugs her. Joon stops watching and leaves.

SJ keeps hugging and doesnt stop. she cries and puts her arms around his waist. SJ gets a call and goes over to take it. it’s from Dami. she asks are you at home. why didnt you call. you are dead today. I just got off the bus now.

SJ goes down and asks to borrow the motorcycle. he is giving HW a ride home. he tells her to hold on tight. when they arrive at her home she says this is why kids like riding this. SJ: should I take you around one more time for a ride? HW takes off the helmet and says go to your girlfriend now. he says how close his home is from hers (30 mins away by running). I will come early in the morning to practice and go quietly. HW: practice at your home. i will send a piano from the office to your home. regarding problems with school professor kang will contact you.  dont call or text me – only I can do that. she goes inside.

Joon sits and waits. HW: I am here. he asks if it was fun. she acts like it is the same as before -talking about SY. he asks what SJ should play for the audition. he suggests one- something Spanish so she points out that isn’t your taste. Joon: what difference does my taste make. it’s more important what he can make appealing. they will go crazy over it.  you bring up the idea (of playing that piece to SJ). HW: you do it. she leaves the room. he gets up and watches her go up.

she sits on her couch then looks out the window at SJ who is still on the bike looking up at her.

later on she recalls what SJ texted. going to your home from my home then back to my home -if I run -I think it will take 40 mins. I will go around once every morning.  if by any chance you wake up by 6:30 am look down out your window.

Joon drinks alone and looks upset. I bet he is conflicted about what to do – he cant let SJ go cuz he needs him but on the other hand how could he stand by and let this affair continue.

next morning SJ kicks the punching bag then runs to her home. he runs by while HW sits and stairs out the window. Joon comes over so she stops looking. HW: did you sleep downstairs. Joon: yes while watching soccer.   what are you doing. HW: I was staring at the blossoms. I will go wash up first. Joon looks at her text – SJ texted: I am passing by now. Joon stairs out the window again looking for SJ

*boy that was careless – if you are going to have an affair – shouldn’t locking your phone be priority?

SJ gets back the piano that he sold before. HW and Joon bought it for him.

SJ texts her – I received the piano. I dont know how it came back to me again. it looks like you watched everything about me.  it sounds great now. listen. HW puts on earphones and listens to him playing.

HW goes to get her hair done and speaks friendly to Dami. HW tells her why act so stiff – aren’t we close. you disclosed your troubles to me so I liked it. Dami: I was really grateful too. have a seat. HW: speak comfortably when it’s just the two of us.  what happened with that matter. Dami says it worked out well. I think this gives me luck. my boyfriend was released. HW: that’s good. I felt bad cuz I couldn’t be of help. Dami: just that you listened to what I said I am grateful. HW: so that’s why you look so relieved.  Dami: it must be. but as soon as he came out, he went directly to his professor’s so it made me mad. I couldn’t contact him so I went to see him in the morning. he was sleeping in a nice room so it made me mad when I had been worried a lot and couldn’t sleep. we hit each other and had a bout. what is good about him is the professor told him to live in his home but he declined and came to his home.  his home is really run down but he says he likes it. I am proud of him so I accepted it all. now I am going to properly be with him. since he said he will play the piano again…  HW cuts in and asks are you saying you live together. Dami says I am going to act like his wife in advance even if we have the wedding later. HW asks her to cover her face (while her hair is being washed)

HW asks the stylist to straighten her hair but the stylist talks her out of it considering her age. HW: I like you cuz you are honest.

HW gets a text from SJ to type 1 if she is busy and 2 if she doesn’t like it. so she smiles and tells the stylist she has an appointment and will do the “coating” later cuz the woman asked if she had time.

Dami waits politely for the rude girl to come down the stairs then trips her and threatens her to be silent. that was the rude girl who put chewing gum on her forehead.

HW goes in and hears a girl in the bathroom stall crying and saying I was wrong onyi. the spoiled girl runs out of the stall upset. it was Dami threatening the spoiled girl who mistreated her. Dami was bullying her into submission. HW goes into the stall to use the bathroom

during her meal with a friend HW cries and says my body is starting to sag here and there -even if I hope to –  how can I beat out a 20 yr old (meaning she cant compete with Dami and win). the friend asks you still haven’t told me what yesterday was about – why do you need an alibi for? is Kang Joon having an affair with a young girl? did you go to meet that girl yesterday? to quietly sort things out?

SJ remembers how HW said dont call or text me – I can only do that. he plays the piano a bit and goes back to his phone. he suddenly gets a call from Joon. Joon is driving and says I heard the piano went to you. I told my wife to get it. cuz that piano was from your life (meaning it had meaning for SJ). how is it? you like it right? I made that special request to replace it with the best. SJ thanks him. Joon had asked so SJ replies I am alone. I was going to sleep now. Joon: sleep well and let’s talk again. they hang up and Joon remembers how HW said to SJ – come here I will hug you once and how SJ said I will hug you. *Joon contained himself so well. no trace of jealousy, anger, or resentment. makes you wonder if he has a spine.

(I didn’t cover translations for last night’s scene where YW brought her boy toy over to meet with HW so he can share his business ideas with her like it was a formal meeting cuz I found the scene ridiculous. YW is treating her boy toy like he is on some pedestal and wants to financially back him and even came up with a silly company name together so she set up that meeting with HW and expected HW to follow her decisions to let him use his ideas for their new business ventures. HW told YW she would only follow through if YW’s dad instructed her to. so tonight during their game, YW’s dad instructs HW to help YW with her company. but HW said under a certain condition so YW accuses her of daring to act like the director and loses it and throws those tiles at her face. the step mom tells HW to go to the hospital and get her cut looked at tm so it wont scar. She is pleased cuz YW’s dad could never turn down YW, but he got to see for himself how rude his daughter is and sent her away)

SJ texts – I was curious and am worried – if you aren’t busy and don’t dislike – why you dont reply. he finally gets her call. SJ: yes teacher. she is sitting in her car and says “SJ ya. do you know how to drive? SJ: yes. HW: can you drive well. SJ: I can. HW: then will you come out now cuz I need a safe driver. SJ goes out and sees her in her car. she gets out and moves over to the passenger side. she says to go anywhere for two hours and dont make me talk. SJ: yes  -being still – I can do it well. HW: that’s great. he starts the car.


no preview

Wow – I never expected her husband to find out so early on. Not sure that’s a good thing or bad. cuz I have a feeling he is willing to risk his marriage by keeping SJ as his “find” and advancing his career and reputation. It sort of feels like he weighed his marriage in the equation only as an afterthought – not as something paramount like it should be. HW is taking a different approach. When it comes to this affair, she is weighing everything in her life into the equation and considering SJ as well. She already told him how his mother would be sad knowing he liked someone older. HW knows this is wrong, but I think her feelings are starting to escape her control. It certainly doesn’t help that SJ is not showing any signs of restraint himself.


[JTBC] 밀회.E05.140331.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-13-21]

By taking turns crossing the line, they are both going to end up on the wrong side of it if they keep this up. Why do I feel like these kisses are revving up their engines so this romance can speed along and not cruise at all.

[JTBC] 밀회.E04.140325.HDTV.X264.AAC.720p [Alicia][23-52-48] [JTBC] 밀회.E05.140331.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-13-43] [JTBC] 밀회.E05.140331.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-49-38]


HW knocks and goes in to tell SJ not to drink alcohol cuz he will make mistakes. SJ: ok. HW: you are nice. the professor is in the practice room to hear you play so hurry and go. up the steps and the door on the left. you remember right?  SJ: I have something I’m curious about. HW: ask the professor. he has plans about you. SJ: no -something to ask you. HW: me? SJ: why were you angry at me that night. HW: what? she closes the door and asks him – where do you think this place is now?  SJ: how could you not remember? Flashback to the night of their kiss. HW asks are you a kid – don’t you think? how can a person live saying everything he wants. SJ: I thought about it a lot – I even practiced what to say first – I don’t know hard words much -I researched (on the internet) what foreigners said -I wrote it out in Korean and read it out loud. I practiced to myself a lot so I could say it well. I am really confused. when I was having my hardest time-when I wanted to give up on myself and wanted to die -you rescued me and told me to play the piano again and read what makes my heart waver. that was really strong. that’s when a man kisses. you accepted that. so that is why no matter how afraid I am or scared I could never erase that from my memory, but you suddenly said you couldn’t remember and don’t know about it so i was so really dumbfounded. by any chance do all husbands do that and ignore. HW: what did you say they do? SJ: sorry. I couldn’t think of the right words. even if the professor is here so it cant be helped – couldn’t you just be honest with me. she says you sure have a lot to say – come out. she goes out with SJ and tells Joon how SJ fits into Joon’s clothes well. Joon says SJ and I match well from the start. on that night too I put my  clothes on him and made him run away. Joon tells him to drink but SJ turns down the alcohol. HW gives SJ juice to drink. she tells them to call her instead of the maid if they need anything else. Joon tells SJ that it’s better to drink with grownups and learn how. Joon makes him drink wine with him. HW leaves with the excuse that she is tired.

Dami gets Joon’s number through SJ’s friend from Joon’s student. she texts Joon saying hello – is this professor Kang’s phone? I am SJ’s girlfriend Park Dami. I heard you took SJ in so if that’s true, thank you so much. please let me speak to SJ. I will ask this favor. I am really sorry if I was wrong and sent it to the wrong person. it’s cuz I was so frustrated.

HW starts to type “you have the wrong number.” but she stops and says what am I doing. Then she starts to type ” I am Kang Joon H. I am having an important conversation with Lee SJ right now,” but she seems to have deleted it.

She goes down and tells Joon to check his phone cuz SJ’s girlfriend called. she asks if SJ is drinking too. Joon says no. once she goes in Joon deletes Dami’s texts. Joon goes back in and says it’s the end for you if you cant control problems with girls. in your head it should be just music music. you will certainly pass the audition so do well.

HW remembers when SJ said “that’s when a man kisses.” HW tells herself – how is he a man?

HW goes out and up to the room where they were drinking, but SJ comes over. she thinks he is lost so she tells him how to get to his room. she asks did contact your girlfriend? the professor -it must have slipped his mind. she texted the professor that she is worried – it’s too late tonight so be sure to call tm. I relayed her message to you. SJ asks if he should play for her instead cuz before she had said he talks a lot. HW: I did. but will you be ok? wont you be tired? SJ: no. she agrees and says then it’s been a long time so let’s hear it.  since I am your teacher. She goes in and notices he cleaned up and praises him – you did well. she worries his hands are out of practice from not playing all that time. there is no other way except to play a lot to release the stiff hands. he says sorry my girlfriend texted. HW: it’s ok – don’t worry about it and just play. SJ: we never slept together. HW: I didnt ask. SJ: just in case you thought weirdly. HW: why would I? for what? SJ: I did. the professor calls you HW and you use the same (bed) room. HW quickly kisses him and says happy now? should I do it one more time? don’t play (joke) around. I acted scary just now to send you away. don’t cross the line (don’t forget your place) and repent. got that? she starts to leave, but he back hugs her and says I will just play -just listen.

SJ plays the piano for her. then she joins in and they play together.

Joon is in bed sleeping and can hear SJ playing the piano. he wakes up to drink some water and mutters “he obeys well” and goes back to sleep

when they stop they are both laughing. SJ hugs her again and again. he says let’s do it one more time. she says just this much for today.

HW leaves the room and goes to bed. SJ plays the piano alone.

next morning Joon says “that kid practiced at night”  the maid said how SJ went in (to sleep) when she came out so Joon realizes SJ played all night. as he leaves for work, Joon tells the maid not to wake SJ-I will call later in the afternoon. Joon tells HW to make reservations for a personal shopper so he can buy some clothes for SJ and himself. make some time in the afternoon. HW says it will be hard for me (to make it) cuz I have to go to the office but I will make the reservations for you. Joon says you have to select the clothes. Joon tells the maid to hide SJ’s shoes so he doesn’t run off and not to let anyone in who comes looking for SJ

HW and Joon drive off separately. HW notices Dami coming towards their home. she lowers the visor to hide her face and leaves.

Dami tries to get the maid to open the door but the maid wont saying the owners aren’t home. Dami says she texted the professor many times but he ignored her texts.

The maid calls HW to ask what to do about Dami if she should let her in so HW says yes let her in. she must have been so worried for her to do that. be polite to her. if she didnt have breakfast yet, serve them breakfast together. instead of bread, give them rice and grilled fish. leave the door open a little in his room -nothing much will happen, but they are grown and they aren’t kids. HW realizes she shouldn’t be saying such things so she quickly hangs up by lying that she has another call coming in.

Maid says to Dami – they said not to wake him. Dami: I will just see his face quickly and go since I have to go to work too. but Dami throws her backpack on him and wakes him up. she tells him how he should have called. he explains I didn’t get my phone yet – when I do I will call then. go for now. she hits him some more and says what do you mean go. just cuz you live in a nice home by yourself- is that all? it doesn’t matter about me huh? they tussle some more cuz he is trying to keep her quiet. the maid leaves the door open a crack. Dami cries and says how much she missed him and how much she worried. SJ tells her to stop. she keeps crying and says how much they went through together.  SJ remembers all the tough and happy times they had together – going through his mom’s death and stuff. she complains how he doesnt think of her at all.

the maid calls them to eat so Dami and SJ eat. she scratched his forehead and neck during their tussle. Dami says to think of it as a kiss. are you going to live here? SJ: I dont know. she asks “if you do –  can I sleep over when I come to see you?

SJ takes out his stuff from a box like that book and his wallet. He takes down his socks that hung overnight in the bathroom to dry. (when he first came here, he had washed his socks cuz they stank and he was embarrassed)

Joon’s assistant calls HW cuz the professor’s meeting with parents ran late and the secretary has to go so he tells SJ that she will be coming. SJ is sent inside to wait. HW arrives and asks about his clothes. SJ: I changed into my own cuz my belongings came. she asks about his scratch marks. why do you have cuts? you have another one. (she noticed the one on his neck too) SJ: while I fought with my girlfriend. HW: i know she came by. is that how you fight. why fight? SJ: cuz she was happy to see me. HW: the professor thinks you shouldn’t have a girlfriend yet. SJ: how about you. HW: not me – it’s good you have one.   if you follow me around all day saying “one more time”  then it will be annoying. (HW had to tell other women she was talking about the piano cuz they overheard) SJ grins and remembers how he asked her to play together one more time but she told him just this much for today.  HW: why laugh? SJ: cuz I like it. anyway I am going back home today. I brought my bag too. if I like you too much wont it all be caught? even if it’s a  little cowardly -until the end, I dont want to be caught by my girlfriend or the professor. HW laughs and says: it’s fun. Joon arrives and asks what is so fun. HW: he is fun. Joon asks him – did you rest well. SJ: yes. Joon: let’s go.

they go to a room where SJ tries on various nice outfits. HW sits there and imagines Dami and SJ making out in his room. SJ says to Joon: it’s really ok. Joon: I’m not ok. try them on. are you going to come to the audition dressed like that? Are you going to go around school like that? SJ: I don’t know about that -I will just go (declining any new nice outfits). Joon: where? SJ explains I haven’t let out my home yet so I can go back anytime.  SJ’s words to her is repeated: if I like you too much – wont I be caught. Joon says to HW : he said he would go to his home. HW says to Joon -I am in agreement. it’s a good idea.  we have to make him comfortable. SJ: thank you. HW says to Joon: send him. She tells SJ to go. Joon yells what is this. why are you like this?


wow- preview shows their relationship progresses in leaps and bounds

SJ: if by any chance you wake up by 6:30 look down out the window

HW tells SJ: don’t call or text me. only I can do that

SJ: there is nothing to fear – I clearly love you more.

HW gets hit by YW so she confides in SJ and talks about how upset she is

SJ: I will hug you.

[JTBC] 밀회.E03.140324.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[22-22-01]

What he said about her online is what she had to process in real life – sooner or later, she is going to run out of excuses for letting her thoughts flow to him so often.

[JTBC] 밀회.E04.140325.HDTV.X264.AAC.720p [Alicia][23-43-18]

Not to get everyone’s hopes up – this is a fair warning that I am not doing complete recaps for this show. Even though I don’t want to memorize a long list of names and initials again since I don’t really care about all the other characters that much, I still feel bad for everyone who has to wait days to see subs. I also decided to finally make a post for it so I can share bits of translations and readers have a place to comment and talk about the episodes. Plus my side widgets were getting ridiculously long lately with SLA thoughts and translations.

Can I just say, I’m starting to wonder what is up with Kim Hee Ae cuz in real life, she seems perfectly happy in her marriage*, but she continues to select roles where she is pushing the boundaries when it comes to affairs. This is the third time I’ve seen Kim Hee Ae in a drama where her character is involved in an affair. First one, her character instigated the affair and stole away her best friend’s husband. She gave him back later on, but his marriage never recovered and she never got her friendship back (deservedly so). In A Wife’s Credentials, she also became involved in an affair, but this time with her son’s teacher’s husband and the bad part was she had become friends with that teacher so the affair really took a toll on her conscience. In her defense, her husband in that drama was a total jerk and didn’t deserve her or her wonderful son. But the real problem was the other guy’s marriage wasn’t that terrible and both sides had children so that complicated the matter a great deal. It’s one thing when children aren’t in the picture, but it’s a whole other story when innocent children’s hearts get broken in the process. I must admit, I had initial qualms about a show where characters willingly chose to break up their respective families by cheating, but ironically, it was A Wife’s Credentials that changed my outlook regarding affairs. It made me realize sometimes you need to be brave enough to stand up for what you want and choose happiness instead of being complacent in a loveless marriage- even if it means a lot of hearts get broken along the way. The only way to make it up to your children for shattering the life they know is to be happy with your new found love and prove that your choice was the best one for everyone involved. So far I’m not feeling that confidence here. I think both HW and SJ are going to get swept up by their emotions and after the affair is over and the air clears, I am wondering what they are going to be left with. Instead of the other way around, something tells me SJ could love her for the rest of his life, but I wonder if HW has the confidence to keep him by her side. Already in the preview, she realizes she can’t compete with 20 yr old Dami so that makes me think HW is still unsure of herself. SJ fell for her self assurance and talent in music, but he has yet to see this other side of HW where her insecurities might creep up and make an appearance. I also think losing his mother might have played a role in all this. He is missing a parent figure and HW keeps treating him like a kid so that has to add to it. It’s still too early to speculate about the ending, but I think this affair will result with both parties gaining something they needed that could only have been achieved by knowing each other. SJ will become a much better pianist and make a mark in that world. HW will gain more confidence in who she is as a person. In the meantime, am I the only one feeling a bit sorry for Joon HW’s husband? For whatever selfish motives, he acts like he cares about SJ and wants him to succeed so I’m not sure Joon deserves being cheated on. He is going to end up paying dearly for taking SJ in since Joon practically brought home the temptation that is going to uproot his marriage. On the other hand, this same actor played her polygamist brother in law in A Wife’s Confidential so I still have residual hatred for that character so this sympathy I am feeling for Joon comes and goes.

*Just to clarify, I never met her husband and children, but I met KHA on the steps of her duplex one day a few years ago and just had a short conversation. We were introduced by our mutual acquaintance who was her neighbor and their children were close friends. Her sons attended an international school in Seoul so that is why I wasn’t surprised at all when she spoke English so well on Noonas over flowers since I was already aware that she could speak it. I didn’t even know her name back then and only remembered her from one drama and countless SK commercials and ads. She had just come back from a facial and I clearly recall how thin she looked wearing all black with her skin makeup free and shiny. She was very sweet and polite with an aura of confidence that just seemed very natural.

As for YAI, I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m telling you, it’s going to take YAI’s continued great acting in SLA for me to even try to erase the nightmarish memories from Fashion King.  So far he is doing a great job in making his role as SJ come alive and be so sympathetic. Ever since SKKS and Wandeuki, I knew YAI could act really well, but it’s been a very long time since he got to showcase what he is really capable of -who knew a role like this could be it.

I wrote this on a post for 49 Days cuz I recapped late that night since I went and met YAI. Here is what I wrote about that encounter. I was going to just link it, but it’s pretty short so I decided to cut and paste. It’s funny how time makes you forget so much or is it maybe indifference. Truth be told, too many visions of Joowon, KSH, and KWB are clouding my memory.

As for the YAI event, I got to see him for 2 hrs, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. It was held in a movie theater and it was packed. I sat right across from him 5th row so I could see his face pretty clearly – to tell you the truth I have no idea what that was for – they showed 15 mins of his dramas and movie clips and then some boring female reporter asked him questions and he answered. (that reporter had a soft dull voice that makes you want to fall asleep the second you hear her talk and she asked the most drawn out questions that practically answered the question too and he called her out on it saying she didnt leave him much to answer. They seem to go back a while cuz she interviewed him before so he knows her well. Almost died from boredom during their Q &A, but staring at his face kept me awake.  The whole thing lasted 2 hours and towards the last half they took questions from the audience – I didnt raise my hand cuz for the life of me I had nothing to ask. Poor guy was so tired, but he was a trouper and signed autographs and took pics with 3 fans that were randomly selected by him at the end. In real life, he is just like any other celebrity except he doesnt guard his words that much. He spontaneously laughs a lot, shakes his right hand like he has a nervous tic , and tugs on his right earlope so much the reporter said it would fall off so he finally stopped. He is just as good looking in person as LMH, but YAI didnt dress up. He just wore a casual black tee with a white vest over it (which he later removed cuz the place was warm) with weird “Aladdin” black pants. Not as skinny as I pictured him and his face isnt gaunt anymore like when SKKS ended. Guess he has been eating regularly.Maybe it was too surreal for me, but nothing is sinking in yet.
I just keep remembering how he made the oddest facial expressions and yelled out (to vent his frustration maybe? to wake himself up?) a few times cuz he was incredibly bored out of his mind. At one point an eyelash got into his contact so he was like winking and making some hilarious faces. His manager sat two seats away from me and hung on YAI’s every word like he thought it was the most interesting thing to listen to YAI talk. Plus next to the manager, some girl sat with him and another buff guy who might be the bodyguard. YAI did mention he had a friend in the audience so i think it was that girl. He also commented in a sort of half complaining half amused way that there wasn’t a single guy in attendance here in the audience. He totally missed one or two cuz there weren’t many – but there were some. When it was the audience’s turn to ask questions, YAI let the other female reporter choose so they took turns picking people. He always chose the most oddest looking women to call on-not once did he call on anyone attractive or young. In the end, he promised to have a fan meeting soon and took off so fast that no one had any time to bug him for pics or an autograph.
After this experience, I realized I am not a legit YAI fan. All of these women were die hard fans who brought gifts, carried around his photos, made his pic their background on their cells, made posters, talked about YAI the whole time they were waiting, and some even came as early as 11am and by 2pm there was a huge crowd already. (we got there almost at 5)
This thing started at 8pm-seating tickets were passed out at 7pm and you had to jump thru a lot of hoops and questionnaires online to get your name on the list (my friend just knew someone so she got us on it). Seeing all his crazed fans who looked at him so adoringly, I felt bad cuz I could never do what they do- I can’t make my life revolve around some celebrity. That is why I didnt raise my hand to ask any questions. Compared to them, I didn’t think I had the right to take up their chance to ask a question. The fact that I couldn’t think of one was beside the point. Would I ever go to one of these things again? Not a chance. I understood like 20% of what he said – everything else went right over my head. The guy has being abstruse down to an art form.  But he sure is a cutie. 🙂

[JTBC] 밀회.E04.140325.HDTV.X264.AAC.720p [Alicia][23-42-46] [JTBC] 밀회.E04.140325.HDTV.X264.AAC.720p [Alicia][23-44-06]


HW leads SJ inside and takes him to a room and tells him to wait. She goes to make some tea, but the maid comes out and tells her the professor (Joon – HW’s husband) called a lot and that he will be home soon. HW lies and says “no” when the maid asks if there is a guest and tells the maid to go in. HW checks her messages and Joon asked why she didn’t pick up. That he left the kids with Jo and he is leaving now (to come home. Joon had gone on am MT – membership training with the other teacher and some kids). She calls him back and apologizes for not picking up the phone and asks where he is. Joon must have yelled cuz she moves the phone away from her ear. She explains you said you were coming in the morning so I didn’t pay attention to my calls. Afterwards, she nervously goes in to see SJ. She asks why are you here? didn’t you leave? I wouldn’t have brought you into the home at this late hour. I’m sorry – I don’t remember. when I drink alcohol, I normally get drunk quickly and sober up quickly. go – if you are going to play piano again then call or else don’t contact. I am treating you well (showing you attention) cuz you have potential. should I call a cab for you? SJ: no. HW: what did you ride over here. SJ: the pick up truck. HW: then go on your own quietly. SJ: I feel sorry to professor Kang. I normally don’t have interest in someone else’s woman. she quickly slaps his cheek lightly saying – what do you mean someone else’s woman. I am your teacher. SJ: I made a big mistake. without drinking alcohol and being sober. (that was his indirect stab at her cuz he knows she is lying to cover up for what happened between them in the garage) HW: you don’t have to tell me -I don’t know about it. she opens the door for him to leave.

The next day when SJ is alone and cleaning, he recalls their kiss and how HW said “I am sorry. I don’t remember.”

In the car while HW drives in the snow, she tells herself “I don’t remember it at all.”

SJ gets a text from HW and she asks did you go (home) ok? he ignores her text. she waits for a reply text but doesn’t get one so she sends another “You can reply to what I ask.” He ignores that one too.

Right then, SJ hears the ballet class starting. The bad piano music gets under his skin after the frustration he just went through with HW. SJ goes up and barges into the ballet class and yells at the woman to quit (give up) playing. SJ: if you are human, you should get better (at playing) even a little. the woman says you are crazy. SJ: if they hear this crap every day anyone would go crazy. she yells you are crazy – what do you know? if you are crazy then you just don’t need to listen. SJ: do I live blocking my ears? do you want to go through the same thing (have the same thing happen to you) – every day at this time. she yells for someone to report this crazy guy.  the other teacher runs to grab her phone to call the police. SJ: instead of talking about reporting – just do as I tell you. he rights the upturned chair and tries to get her to sit down so he can teach her, but she pulls away saying where are you putting your hands you crazy guy. SJ: just do as I tell you. she screams and next scene shows SJ being dragged away by cops. He gets in trouble and put in jail cuz he sort of went berserk and tried to forcefully show her how to sit up properly like he had been taught by HW by grabbing the woman’s arms, but he just ended up looking like a psycho. SJ tells the cops that he doesn’t have a guardian when they ask. When his friends come to visit him, they tell him how they went to the hospital first after getting the call about what happened so they can pay compensation to that woman but she is claiming to have injuries and mental stress. Dami adds how that woman looks perfectly fine though with no mental stress whatsoever. Dami tells SJ how he should  have begged forgiveness no matter what. SJ has to pay $7,000 in compensation but SJ doesn’t have that kind of money. his friend asks SJ to ask that professor to help him out since he liked SJ and wanted to raise him (help him grow musically) and send him to college, but SJ refuses to get any help from Professor Kang to bail him out of trouble cuz SJ remembered how he told HW that he feels sorry to professor Kang.  I normally don’t have interest in someone else’s woman. then how she had lightly slapped him and corrected him that she was his teacher and not someone else’s woman. His bruised ego and pride wouldn’t allow him to make that call so  he tells Dami and the friend to not make that call no matter what. He opts to stay in jail.  They try to convince him and tells him to come to his senses but SJ says I really mean it. The guy friend tries to ask a rich girl if her dad knows anyone with connections to the police, but no luck. Later on, Dami asked HW for that same favor when HW came into the salon to get her hair done. HW likes Dami cuz of her great scalp massages and asked for her by name.  Afterwards when HW was leaving, Dami broke down and asked her for this favor to help her boyfriend out cuz HS seemed friendly and probably knew people with power (connections to get the police to let SJ out). Dami never said his name but gave clues about who he is by saying how he is a great pianist and almost went to college, but his mom suddenly passed away. that he is a nice guy, but is getting all the bad breaks in life. Dami also said that even though they never slept together, she plans to get married with him (so that is how HW knows that Dami likes SJ a lot). HW picked up on all the facts that Dami was talking about SJ cuz Dami told her how the professor said how good SJ was at piano and the professor and his wife came to see SJ at his home and was going to select him as a student, but now he will end up in prison. Dami begs -if you help – I will repay you for your kindness for the rest of my life.  HW tells Dami – I will look into it but don’t expect anything. anyway feel better.  So HW made her secretary look into it and found out it really was SJ that Dami was talking about. HW used her head and left her husband’s number for the police to contact so her husband went and pleaded SJ’s case to the woman SJ insulted and explained how SJ is his most precious pupil and maybe the pressure he gave him was too big so SJ was being treated for mental stress. the cop asks are you saying he was a patient. Joon lies and says yes. Joon says he didn’t even discuss with me and left and something like this happened. he is a nice kid and I will take all the responsibility. the woman says I didn’t know that and tells the cop to let SJ go with compensation so Joon makes the arrangements. when SJ comes out of jail Joon goes over and hugs him. Joon: what is this – you disappeared without a word. your heart must have ached over what happened to your mother. I understand how you felt but you shouldn’t have done that. you know better – you could have extended your hand to me (asked for my help). In the car on the ride back, SJ fell asleep cuz he couldn’t sleep well with everyone snoring all the time. Joon looks over at him and grins like he is bringing home a cute new puppy. If only Joon knew that puppy was about to steal all his wife’s affections from him. when Joon brought SJ home, Joon reminds SJ that he is a patient and to rest here. that SJ’s hands must be out of practice from not playing during all that time. SJ tries to say he cant stay but Joon says it wasn’t sane to assault a person and that he already paid all the compensation to that woman and the charges will be cleared. just leave it up to me. SJ: I don’t want to. Joon: what? SJ: It’s right to turn you down for paying the compensation too but after staying in jail I got scared and accepted it gratefully, but I can’t – it’s not right… (SJ is reacting to feeling guilt over HW) Before SJ can give his reason, HW pulls up in her car. Joon makes SJ face her and says to her “honey- look who this is.” SJ and HW pretend that they haven’t seen each other in a while. SJ: it looks like you have been well. She asks Joon – what’s going on? Joon: I went and got him out. his fingers must be itching. HW: how – what happened. SJ: I will tell you. HW tells SJ to go in and Joon says he is at that age. let’s go in and talk slowly over beer. Joon continues to lecture SJ about life as they go in.  The preview clearly shows that things are going to escalate once SJ and HW spend more time together in close proximity. We are talking about hugs and back hugs.

E5 preview:

SJ: I will do it properly (I don’t know the exact word, but I think something to do with his music -like that test he was going to do to qualify.)

HW: you take good care of the kid Lee Sun Jae (meaning manage him well)

SJ: are all husbands like that?

HW watches Dami across the street from her car and says what’s the point of expecting/hoping – how could I beat out a 20 yr old?

Dami asks SJ: can I come to see you and sleep over?

SJ asks HW: how about you teacher? (he probably asked how she felt about him)

HW replies: don’t joke/play around

SJ grabs her in a back hug and says:  all you have to do is love me.

[JTBC] 밀회.E03.140324.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[22-19-09][JTBC] 밀회.E03.140324.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[22-19-30]


HW gets a message from SJ again online – he still thinks she is the hyung who told him to go to the hospital to get treated. He tells how he is getting better and shares stuff about HW cuz she pretends she doesn’t know the professor he is talking about and the wife. SJ types out her name and says search her on the internet – her specs are no joke. but what kills even more is her charisma, it’s the first time I saw someone like her. she is scary, strict, and fun but my mind is blown – even her feet are pretty. (he knows from taking off that mouse trap under the soles of her feet when she came to visit his home) He continues to type about how he fell for her scent of a woman and how he almost fainted. From this online conversation, she totally knows how infatuated he has become over her.

I like how HW used the lines in that book by underlining the words she wanted to say to him: “with my teacher’s letter, I am going back to school. ‘come back -you are my most gifted  pupil’ -there was no place for me to stay/live, but I practiced anywhere. whether it was the music hall, library, friend’s home, I wasn’t picky. wherever I had to go, I wasn’t uncomfortable about where I slept. even when I imposed and stayed at my teacher’s empty apartment studio, I slept under the piano.”
SJ looks at the photos in the book and breaks down in tears. It wasn’t enough he lost his mother, his opportunity to showcase his talent, his piano, and home, but turning his back on playing the piano was making him lose all control.

When SJ goes to meet her, they have two separate conversations again – he is talking about his own feelings for her like how he tried to get over her, but got drawn in again while she thinks he is talking about his talent. Maybe that kiss will finally make her get on the same page as him. Here is that scene:

In the garage as she is about to close the door:
SJ: it’s me.
HW: who?
SJ: Sun Jae.
HW: It’s you? yes it is you, but you look different. Did you grow some?
SJ: I don’t know about that but it seems I have changed a little.
HW: did you get the book?
SJ: yes
HW: did you read it? how was it?
SJ: it made me waver. when I had cut everything off (meaning “gave it all up” – it’s implied that he is talking about his feelings for her and not the piano)
HW: as long as it made you waver then that’s good. I sent it so it would cuz your talent is such a waste.  you are having a really hard time huh?
SJ: no. I am doing so well so from here on don’t send stuff like that.
HW: you shouldn’t lie to your teacher.
SJ: yes it’s a lie but it doesn’t matter cuz it’s all hell anyway.
She feels bad for him and touches his cheeks.
SJ: don’t do that. He hugs her and says “cuz I am going insane.” after he kisses her she invites him inside.

In the preview, she let him sleep over in her guest room and asks why are you here? sorry but I don’t remember. (since she was drunk the night before when she invited him in, I think she is pretending she doesn’t remember)
SJ: I feel sorry to professor Kang cuz normally I am not interested in someone else’s woman.
she lightly slaps him and says “what do you mean someone else’s woman – I am your teacher.”
SJ yells about leaving him alone
SJ: I made a big mistake
HW: You don’t have to tell me cuz I don’t know.


160 comments on “Secret Love Affair snippets

  1. KDaddict says:

    Thanks for changing the wallpaper to white chrysanthemums, as flowers for the departed. Wish there was sth we could do, but there is nothing! It’s not like we could donate to RedCross for a disaster relief.


  2. mamaswee says:

    My heart goes out to everyone involved, the victims, families, friends, survivors and rescue workers. It is absolutely heart breaking to see the families waiting for news.
    Softy, my tears keep falling when reading your post. The media here does not cover much of the tragedy, bits here and there and certainly nothing of what you have written.


  3. iviih says:

    Softy, I also keep watching news and reading all info I can, this is just so sad and tragic. I’m praying for those students and everyone suffering. Everyday I check news to see if a miracle happened but just sad news I get. The heros story also were heartbreaking, rip.


  4. Softy says:

    Recent news footage here shows the temporary memorial that was built overnight with all the photos of the deceased high school students and teachers. Families and friends walk by and leave flowers under the wall of photos of kids in their school uniform. By putting up all those photos, it’s a gentle reminder to accept the loss of hope that any survivors will be found ever since the divers informed the public that there were no air pockets found. Some of the students who survived are being released from the hospital today to resume their lives the best they can. They will be given trauma therapy and medication if needed to help with their recovery. They have the prayers of their nation and the world to encourage them to heal mentally and emotionally.

    Only those who have endured great loss knows how these parents, family, and friends feel. Trying to pick up the pieces of your life – wanting to feel normal once again, but feeling guilty when you actually do. It feels like time and everything else should have stopped the moment a loved one dies.

    That captain and those handful of crew members who will charged with murder will pay the highest price for surviving and living. They should be brought to the dock and gym to continuously hear the cries of all the parents as they mourn their children. It will ring in their ears and in their conscience for the rest of their lives. The days of living normally is over for them. Their inaction will cost them their souls. I’m glad the captain and the handful of negligent crew didn’t die. I want them to suffer through this and the days ahead. I want them to see firsthand and witness all the pain and grief they caused to so many families. It’s the price of their crime. Every moment of every day they will have to live with what they have done. The words “ferry – high school students – ship – sinking – rescue – duty – honor – responsibility – murder” will carry more weight than it used to. Each time they hear it, they will feel that same stab of pain in their hearts. It’s the sort of remorse that comes with guilt and penitence. An entire nation will grieve for those 300 innocent lives lost for years to come, but no one will pity the guilty when they die one day. As punishment, I hope they live a long life.


    • conjie008 says:

      Softy my dear, I fully understand what your going through
      To lose a Family member & Friends is a very devastating situation.
      I can only comprehend my situation in 9/11, when NY got hit.
      As Korea mourn it’s future losses, lets hope that it will rebuilt it’s self..

      Thank you for always sharing..your sentiment thoughts & this site


    • KDaddict says:

      A friend of mine lost her young son (in Vancouver). One morning she got a call from school that he had the flu. He was dead by late afternoon. It turned out to be meningitis. She has never been the same since. Even now, years later, she talks about ending her life, but feels too sorry for her husband if he has to carry on alone. I fear parents of those on Sewol might be the same way.
      Looking at the captain, why do I suspect that he isn’t capable of feeling guilt, remorse or grief? If he understood the value of those young lives, he wouldn’t have done what he did, or behaved so callously afterwards. If he didn’t value them then, will he come to know their value later? Look at the captain of the Costa Concordia. He hasn’t show ANY regret at all even today. Some ppl have a stone for a heart.

      May the parents, relatives, surviving students and teachers, and the whole nation find ways to heal themselves and each other.

      Softy, I send you loving thoughts and gentle hugs……


  5. Softy says:

    I never imagined something like culture and ingrained obedience could end up killing so many, but that’s what happened here. In Korean society, kids at that age have already been taught to obey elders and do as told so they didn’t question and only complied. In an emergency situation like that, I bet those children fully believed the crew would rescue them if they stayed still and not move. Video footage inside taken with cameras show that the children obeyed. They trusted people who had no right giving orders to “remain still” since they weren’t even properly trained for safety and evacuation. Once the water flooded in, I bet that’s when the kids realized their fate and that they wouldn’t make it. All this time, I prayed they didn’t suffer and death was quick, but the divers described the corpses of the children having cuts, broken fingernails, and broken fingers…until the very last second these children clawed and struggled to climb to the surface. They knew their parents would be devastated and tried their best to go back to them. I think when the parents learned this fact, they went through a fresh new hell all over again. As if death wasn’t cruel enough, these poor kids suffered and then drowned. It makes you wonder just how many times these parents’ hearts can be broken over and over again. Peace is something elusive now cuz they will feel troubled for the rest of their lives. Losing your child too young is one thing, but losing them like this is a whole other hell.

    All day long the news kept going to that memorial and showed us the faces of all those children no longer alive. The longer you stare the more you start to see. At first you notice the minor details that some had glasses, some had long or short hair, some curly, some smiling, some scowling, some chubby, some skinny, some freckled, some you could tell their personality just from how they took their photo, but pretty soon all you see is a blur when your tears obscure your vision. Suddenly you look at those kids and see a generation of potential that has been lost. They could have grown up to become great contributors to our society – enriching it with their talent and passion. Then you realize that some were an only child, while others left behind siblings. These kids were mostly high school sophomores and juniors – some older and younger, but still teenagers. One grieving father said that both of his children were on the ferry. Most of these parents are in their fifties – for some it’s too late to have more children. I keep thinking about those parents when they go home alone without their children- not only will their hearts feel empty, but also their lives. How can anything fill up that sort of void? Won’t their pain just continue to echo in their hearts?


    • startulle says:

      My Dear Softy,
      Now I’m a little worried about u too, it is very stressful when u witness this tragedy and aftermath so close to home everyday in the news, its hard to handle all the emotions, so u take care of yourself too , cause the nation needs to be strong to support all those families in their grief. Sorry if my english is not that good, my heart and prayers go out there, I’m lighting a candle too.
      Like KDaddict…I’m sending loving thoughts and gentle hugs.


  6. Dot says:

    Softy, this is such a tragedy…
    It reminded me of a tragic bus accident here 2 years ago when 12 year-old kids were returning from a school ski trip and the bus hit the wall in a Swiss tunnel. There were many who didn’t survive. And I still remember the shock and grief of the whole country.

    What I find here the most horrible thing is the total failure of the high rank crew… I still can’t believe it… and the more I admire that young crew member who saved so many and herself paid the highest price…

    My prayers for all the families….


  7. KDaddict says:

    The parents:
    1 mom blames herself for urging her daughter to go on the trip; dads blame themselves for not having told their children to defy orders, to go on deck, to jump; for not being there to save their lives, for not having served a better breakfast the day before, etc. etc. Moms are simply too distraught to speak on tv, and simply wailed, “How do I go on without you?”
    How many of them will attempt suicide? And those who find the strength to carry on, how will they carry all that pain and guilt for the rest of their ageing lives? Will there ever be any resemblance of a normal life again? Likely not. In Korean culture, psychological counselling is not popular. It’s really too gut wrenching to think about.

    The marine company bought this ship and added a whole deck to it, adding to its wt by over 100 tons, in order to add 100+ berths to its carrying capacity. It boggles the mind that it can be done. Aren’t ships designed for certain tonnage and capacities? SK is not some 3rd world country where ferries routinely capsize. It is right that they are looking into illegalities in the operations of the shipping company, but it also begs the question that how those things were possible in the first place. It’s such a big shame that it takes the loss of so many precious young lives to expose the dirty underbelly of SK bureaucracy.

    May their innocent souls rest in peace.


  8. enz says:

    I am at a loss for words. I don’t know that if I would have wanted to know how much the poor children suffered in such graphic details. I already know they must have and then if I as a parent were told the details of how they tried to claw their way out etc, I think I would die again every single time when the thought arises.

    thanks for giving us this space to share your grief. we really feel for korea right now and understand how no one there would feel normal for a while. a lot of grief and soul searching must be going on.

    take care of yourself softy.


  9. Swee says:

    Take you time, my dear Softy, as long as you need, everyone needs time to heal and at different rate, so do take care of yourself and until you are ready to come back, we will be right here waiting.


  10. sal728 says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings during this upsetting time for so many familiar with the details of the tragedy. I completely understand your position. I pray for the healing needed for so many, you included, and ask you continue to be patient and honest with yourself about what you can and cannot do. We remain faithfully here, your friends by your side.


  11. KDaddict says:

    Korea is a nation in mourning. Credit card spending is down after the accident. Frivolous spending and frivolous fun just feel wrong. Drama belongs under the latter.

    Japan had a similar ship that capsized in the same way in 2009. All 29 on board were rescued. Japan learnt from that accident and toughened its maritime laws and regulations. Unfortunately Korea did not learn from it. Must things hit so hard and so close to home before notice is taken?

    IMO what makes Softy a great KD blogger is her empathy, with chars. She understands them better than anyone else bcos she feels their pain. So I’m not surprised that she empathises so much with the grieving parents. I see her humanity in this and love her more for it. Bless her heart.

    I’ve wondered about KD bloggers who keep chugging along after this tragedy w/o missing a beat.


  12. conjie008 says:

    There are so many different people who think differently as to the extent of grieving love ones, acquaintance and others..especially if it’s close to home.
    Just the empathy of others will convey a portion of that sorrow in all different ethnic back ground to it’s knees. At this moment Korea is in’s losses and it’s future society. “Give them space for their grieving & healing purposes”
    Also understand that for those people who jump at the chance of getting back at reality & a must for them!! ask??!!! As much as you grieve & try to understand, those kids & adults have “Loved life & LIVED life at first…before meeting their destiny or faith”. You’ve given them your respect for what they have endured and the process of grieving. But to honor the dead, you must start and pursue living your life and what life has to offer you..
    What has gone wrong will take it’s place and people will learn from it, but to dwell into a depression will not help others and will deny to go on living their life.. the life that was meant for them..
    As much as I’m passionate about this site, it’s given me insight of what Korean society is all about. Do not condemn other, just because they are trying to live life..

    I apologized for the long comment, and I hope you won’t condemn me for it..


  13. raindrops1 says:

    Dear Softy,
    Although some time has passed since I last commented on your blog, I’ve continued to faithfully check your blog for your posts. As I’ve stated on other occasions, I love reading your thoughts and just having an opportunity to read your wonderful writing. I thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Ferry Tragedy as you give a different perspective than what I’ve read on other sites.
    My heart breaks for all of the students who lost their lives and the families that lost their loved ones. It is very tragic that a trip that I’m sure brought excitement and anticipation of fun and enjoyment turned out so tragically. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected. When events like this occur is definitely makes us stop, take in, assess, react and grieve. At this like this sometimes things take on less urgency and meaning than they used to before. Softy, take as much time as you need. I’m sorry that just a terrible event had to occur. Know that there are many of us like myself who are thinking of you and sending lots of hugs. We will be waiting when you are ready. A big virtual hug your way.


  14. KDaddict says:

    The country is still in mourning, as the following article tells. Trips are cancelled everywhere, domestic spending is down. But the Big 3 have announced that Variety shows, which have been preempted so far, will be back starting May 1, except for Music shows and comedy. So there are signs that some things are coming back. It’ll take time and a lot of government effort on different fronts to make things right.

    I read that Kim Soo Hyun donated 3 M won to Danwon School. His costar Park Have Jin, 2nd male lead Man from Another Star, made a contribution to UNICEF Korea to help the children. They’ll need much counselling. While there wasn’t anything anyone could do while the ferry was sinking, in the aftermath, donations can help do some much needed work.

    Hope Korea finds its zest for life again soon. And Softy too.


  15. MJShinshi says:

    Hi softy, I have been thinking of you after reading your first post about the tragedy of the ferry. I pray along with you for those families left behind that they will somehow find peace especially in remembering the good memories of their loved ones. I hope you will too find peace after all that’s happened there in S Korea. I’m pretty sure it is safe to say that I speak for every Cadence fan that your health is more important than your transcaps/live-recaps, although we Do love your fast efficient work in feeding our kdrama addiction. I remember those days of storms/flooding and no power yet you still were able to provide your live recaps! Please take care softy and know you are much appreciated and loved by your fans. Time is not permitting me to watch live and camp out as I used to but I do come back once in a while to see what you are up to and check out what shows you are watching and recapping so I can follow along. 🙂

    A couple weeks ago I visited thundie’s and joonni’s and found out about each of their own health battles. It seems like after watching Scent of a Woman I was more aware of just how many people are battling cancer! I hope they are faring well or as well as they can be.

    May you get the much needed rest you so deserve at this time after years of catering to our need for translations of so many kdramas! Do take care now softy and Big big bear hugs for you dear.


  16. KDaddict says:

    Dear Softy,

    How are you doing? Are you alright? I hope you are sleeping and eating right, and taking care of yourself.

    I read from the above comment that thundie and joonni are having some health problems. Cancer is often very curable these days, tho chemo can be tough. I don’t know what joonni’s issues may be, but you need to be strong for you, and for the both of them.

    Thinking of you, and sending you a virtual bouquet!


  17. Softy says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m okay and so is Joonni. Neither one of us is sick or anything. She hasn’t found a drama yet that has captured her interest enough to devote for recaps so that’s why she hasn’t posted lately. I’m still feeling the same way as a few weeks ago, but I wanted to keep everyone updated. I must admit I haven’t finished SLA (saw only up to E10) and can’t believe it’s already ended. I still haven’t watched a single new drama yet. So many new ones started all at once so I downloaded You’re all surrounded and Doctor Stranger so far, but haven’t gotten around to watching any of it. Not feeling any sort of urgency to watch them, but have them downloaded just in case I want to one day soon. Same for my director’s cut of YFAS. It’s just sitting there unopened. I keep remembering that boat scene when MJ went to rescue SY and I get a lump in my throat that prevents me from pressing “play” on the DVD.

    I meant to move the news about Sewol to another post and leave the Secret love affair snippets alone, but I didn’t know what to write for such a post. When I think about what to write for that, I keep getting morbid – like wondering if those kids would have liked any of these new dramas if they were still here. I keep thinking that for a lot of things – would they like the weather these days cuz it’s so warm, but still cool in the evenings- would they have liked that new Hyun Bin movie or thought it was too bad his good looking face had to be covered with that unwanted facial hair – more importantly, would they feel comforted by the fact that a nation is still grieving for them still and most of us would have done anything to help them. At least up in heaven, they can look down and see all those protestors stepping up with their grieving families to demand that the government take responsibility for the ferry disaster. They were kids so a part of me thinks they wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to all the perpetrators. Kids are good like that – they always want to see the good in people and are quick to forgive. That’s why I’m glad their parents aren’t like them and will do everything they can to receive justice for their immeasurable loss.


  18. Han Ni Dae says:

    Where are your other recaps? Are you not going to recap anymore? So sad.


  19. startulle says:

    I hope you feeling much better!


  20. Softy says:

    It’s been a year since the Sewol Ferry tragedy, but it still feels like it happened yesterday. So many conflicts unresolved and grieving parents still feeling like their government let them down. Last year on April 16th, 304 people died and left behind grief stricken families to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Except there is no way to move on when you lost so much. I keep wondering how their year has been. Time has marched on, but it doesn’t lessen the emptiness their arms still feel since they can’t hold their children anymore. How do you fill the hole left behind after 15, 16, or 17 years worth of memories and love. For some families, they had to live the last year without the joy of having any of their children around. I can’t imagine how they can recover from such devastation. Any parent could relate to such a loss so that’s why on Thursday, over 10,000 people gathered for the vigil to mark the first anniversary of the tragedy. What should have been a quiet memorial ended up showing another ugly side of the Korean government. Why did the police have to handle the protest so heartlessly? There was no need for chemical irritants or violence. Why add insult to injury by harming family members of the victims of Sewol? If those kids could look down from heaven, I wonder how much more pain they would feel watching how their families have been mistreated the past few days. While I was out near Kwanghamun today, the public mumbled complaints about all the traffic and chaos due to Sewol protestors, but do you know what? Those mumbled complaints died down very quickly when they realized one true fact. If any of their children died on that ferry, they would be playing a more active role in the protest right now. It didn’t matter that we had to walk over ten blocks because buses and cabs were turned away and roads were closed off due to riot control. As everyone got out of their cabs or buses to trek to the subway station after the roads were partitioned off, I kept looking over to the police in their riot gear standing guard lined up on the sidewalks. It made me wonder how many of them hated their jobs these past few days. I’m sure doing your job as part of the mob control is no easy feat, but when compounded by your guilty conscience – I bet that made their jobs even tougher. They know these protestors are mostly angry relatives of the victims and totally in their right to feel outrage towards the government so you have to wonder how much they hate themselves for having to restrain and keep control over them. I bet if the protestors were made up of high school students the same age as most of the victims, the police would never have dared to use any force or violence at all. In their eyes, it would be like restricting the voice of the victims themselves. That very long walk to the subway station gave me a lot of time to think about what’s happening. My thoughts kept going back to the surviving families and parents of those poor kids who died. There is a reason why no one dared to complain aloud about the hours worth of inconvenience due to traffic since nothing can compare with the hellish year the victims’ families have endured. Ever since last April, they have been trying to move on, but broken hearts do not mend when so much has been unresolved. Just like these families, I don’t think Korea will recover from this for years to come. Judging from how the government handled the vigil on Thursday and protests on Friday and Saturday, I would say it’s making the recovery process an uphill battle.


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