Mashcaps: Arang E4

What a difference a day makes in this drama. This show just shifted into high gear from poignant to daebak in under a few mins.

I must be crazy in love to do a full recap.


bang wool -B

Eun Oh -E

Dol Swe – D

Joowal -J

LSR -arang’s real name

E wonders where Amnesia went. then he sees B running past. she prays and says I did nothing wrong. E calls out to her and scares her. why are you like that. didnt amnesia come here. she says she came and went. he asks where. she says arang went to the afterlife. this time she really went. she is a crazy ghost. she even said goodbye to me and went. I think she went insane. she threatened the reaper to let her meet the jade emperor.

on the way arang explains she was in a hurry and did that. she asks if he can die too. she learns he can die as well. where do you go when you die. he says i just disappear. she asks when he became a reaper. around my time or did you have a previous life. he doesnt reply so she calls out I cant endure when I am curious.

they get to a river and he says that’s the afterlife. once you cross you cant come back. he asks if there is anything left undone here. she says I didnt get to say goodbye and came. just keep your promise. a boat floats over. he gets on and tells her to board. they go over a massive waterfall. she is underwater and then suddenly she isnt. she hears E’s voice call out “look here amnesia” When she opens her eyes they are in a dark area with caves. there is a ghostly figure that scared the crap out of me so she asks the reaper – did you lie? the figure says something but I am too chicken to press rewind.

B tells E that arang is in hell. cuz what arang did threatening the reaper makes you go straight to hell. E asks how do you know when you dont even have any psychic abilties. she says it’s all in the books. he asks what hell is like. she says there are ten types of hell and describes each one. now I am suddenly rethinking recapping this so late at night cuz it’s scaring me even more. she says how each one is terrible. there are ones where you are fried, sawn in half, etc. there are a variety of hells. he asks is there anything i can do from here. she says what can a person do in her stead.  why do you want to go in her place-but you cant. i dont know if she can handle that hell. even though she looks tough inside she isnt.

D peeks in on the body and says -how did a young and pretty miss end up a victim like this. heard you dont have a mom or dad too. it’s not cuz I am greedy to become a magistrate but seeing you like this my heart aches. suddenly men rush in to get the body so D fights them off. the guys say move aside cuz it’s an order from (J’s dad). D says I have to protect this place. he tells them they should be ashamed. a fight ensues. D gets beaten but he says this is mine. you can only go past me if you step on me. the guy says to a crazy person a knife is the medicine. he says he can kill D and goes after him.  call him crazy. before he can stab for real E threw his shoe at the guy to stop him. E asks one of the bangs to get his shoe. E looks around and says I knew you would do this. what are you going to do fight me? the guy says I could and holds out his knife. so E points out the guy has the support of someone high up but the guy isnt high up. if something bad happens to me do you think my dad will go after your boss or you. so stop glaring, lower your knife, take those guys, and get lost. bang takes the man away. E calls out -hey punk -you have to bow before you go so the guy does. E: ok see you next time. D hugs E and E says you did well you protected her well.

that servant guy gets something thrown at his head by J’s dad.

E sits next to the body. he says look here amnesia. what do you want me to do for you.

next morning he tells the bangs that he wants to have a wake/funeral rites for her so prepare for it properly.  the other guy says it’s going to cost a lot so why do it. E says invite everyone. the guy says she doesnt have family or friends so who do we tell. E says let all the people in the village know. tell them to come and bow their heads. after the others leave E says aloud -amnesia this is all that I can do  -rest comfortably. after your funeral is over I am going to leave.

the servant tells J’s dad this isnt something you should get directly involved in. I will go again and this time I will do it for sure but the man doesnt believe the servant. bang comes and tells the man that E is going to have a 3 day funeral. they get an idea to make E regret doing this. there is a note posted about the funeral but the people are too afraid of J’s dad to attend. one was thinking of telling E but the other said you will get killed. they talk about how strange it is that her corpse was not decomposed after 3 yrs. J stands behind them and reads the poster. no one shows up for the funeral. E says even after 2 days not even an ant came. how did you live in a village like this. it was good that you didnt go and meet that master (J) that time. he said he didnt even know your face. does he know how to judge a person’s character. did you really go there – to hell? the servant bows to E. D asks if he is really going to leave right after the funeral. E: yes there is no more reason to stay. D says thanks to you that miss can rest comfortably in heaven. but how can there not be even one mourner.

a girl walks over to where E is. D is muttering about how heartless this village is. E comes out and D goes back in cuz he forgot something. E comes face to face with arang. she leans in and says is your mouth stuck together. he keeps saying “you.” she says it’s good to see you again. D comes out and says let’s go master. he sees arang and asks who are you. did you come to attend/mourn? that’s when E realizes D can see her too. D goes closer to her but E pulls him back. E tells D to go ahead. what are you standing around for? D walks away muttering- it’s been a long time seeing him like that. who is she for him to be that way. who is she to have a face of someone who died and came back to life. what is their relationship. with a woman…a woman? wait a minute. without me knowing did he get a woman? bang calls out what are you going and not hurrying along. the funeral procession has started and they are moving her body.

E mutters – you -afterlife- hell- how did D see you? she asks how did you know i went to the afterlife? ah cuz of B? he asks what happened to you.  she is happy and asks: you looked for me? you worried about me? I thought you …he suddenly grabs her arm and asks what are you? arang: I became a person.  he checks her neck and touches her arms and stuff so she asks why are you like this. he grabs her hand and says come here.

he drags her inside. E: what are you talking about? that you became a person.

flashback to the cave. the scary thing flies away and there is a bright light. they both walk towards it. she is flying holding hands with the reaper. she lands on a pedestal. she asks where is this place. someone calls her name. Jade asks what is the reason you wanted to see me. she looks up and jade is there with hades. jade gives her his most charming smile. hades leans over and smells him and asks what did you spray? jade says something about a scent to welcome a young girl. arang looks right at hades and says I finally get to meet you jade emperor old fogey. Jade says it’s this side. so she looks at him and drops the frown. she is surprised and asks: jade emperor old fogey? jade: leave out the old fogey. where do I look like an old fogey? arang: old fogey- you think I will be fooled? just on the outside you are normal. repear tells her to be polite so she asks do I look like I will be polite right now. jade says it’s ok. keep going. she says I came cuz I had something to ask you. I want to know why I died and ended up in the ground like that. jade: huh? you did? arang: you didnt know? you are the jade emperor. jade: just cuz I am the jade emperor how can I know everything? do you know how many people I have to take care of? how can I just show interest in you? what’s so special about you? arang: still… Jade says if you are feeling indignant then we will discuss it. he tries to whisper to hades but hades pushes him off and says we already decided a while ago so why pretend to dicuss. just keep your promise to me. hades says looking at her sin she should go to hell right now but due to jade’s desperate request we decided to give you one more chance.  he says this is the first time since time began -we will return you as a human. reaper and arang are both shocked. jade says your question-on your own – find the answer. hades says if you dont find the answer you will be dragged away to hell. you wont be able to get out of there no matter how much time goes by and suffer. he asks even if you end up regretting what happened here today will you do that? arang: I will.

she stands between them as jade works his spell and says stuff like -yin and yang- when you are dead you live -live and die – for that sake -he takes back the dead heart. they throw white and black smoke at her and she swirls in it and turns into a blue and while ball -like a pretty christmas ornament. jade says it worked. hades says what worked. from here it’s the problem. from here. but jade says dont worry I trust my feelings. jade says to arang: now I will send you. the truth you didnt know that tormented you-go and find out the truth. he throws her into the sky and she lands in the water on earth in a blue light. it’s like she is born again. she swims to the surface. she calls out -are you crazy? you should give me clothes. she walks out and steals some clothes from a ghost. the ghost asks are you a person or a ghost. arang knows her by name and says watch over this well.

arang goes out and wonders – am I really a person now. she goes over and asks a kid- hey kid can you see me? he says yes. arang: how am I? he says you are pretty. she is happy that people can bump into her now. she sees the notice about her funeral and is touched the magistrate had her funeral.

present time. E asks so jade emperor sent you as a person? she says yes. he says so you can find out the truth about your death yourself. she nods yes. he laughs so she asks why. he asks why just you. arang: I dont know. i must have seemed that pitiful. to be honest I am really pitiful. she was about to say let’s work together to find the truth behind my death but D calls out to E. they said hurry and come.  everyone is waiting for you. E says tell them to go ahead. D says what do we do when we go ahead when there is no magistrate. arang asks where are you going. and guess LSR’s funeral. D asks what are you doing in the room. I am going in. but E holds the door and says dont come in i will go out. he tells her not to move from here and dont go out no matter what. D says I am going in so E says no I am going out now.

as they walk away D asks who the girl is. E: I dont know. it hasnt been settled yet.

Arang goes to her own room and looks around. she says I came back. she looks in the mirror and makes faces. I really became a person. really.

Jade gave her a time period – 3 full moons. hades: until then if you cant find the truth, you will go straight to hell.  arang: how do I know if I found out the truth properly or not. jade says if you find the truth I will ring this bell. he holds up a tiny bell. arang: are you joking? what is that. how can I hear that sound. that tiny bell turns into a giant one. jade says to remember this. he can ring this and bring her back to death i think. hades says he already picked out and prepared a hell perfect for her in advance. why- cuz no matter what you do you cant solve this problem. arang: what if I do. then are you going to make it so none of this happened and let me live on earth? jade says let’s think about that at that time.

arang looks up and says you gods -you think I cant do it? why give 3 months – one is plenty. I am different from that girl LSR. I wont just stand around being a victim not knowing anything. I will find out the truth in a blink of an eye and make you ring that bell as much as you want.

hades says to be honest that girl’s truth is not important. do you really think what you have planned will succeed?  jade says it’s worth doing once. hades says I thought you planned something impressive but it’s not. that girl will end up going to hell. that means you will lose this bet. if you lose make sure you keep your promise. jade: of course. now tell me – if you win, what do you want?  Hades: your body. jade looks terrified. what? hades: if I win, you give me your body and I will give you this body. we are switching. jade is in shock. what? he composes himself and says ok. if I win, what are you going to do? hades: if you win? what should I do for you? he says in his head – put the piece down there. put it down. jade almost does but takes it away. jade: I will tell you at that time. just promise you will honor it. hades agrees. hades is happy he won so jade says since you won something is dying somewhere. what is it this time? a war? disease? hades says what is there to do if everything lives. they have to die for something new to emerge from the place of the dead.

J’s dad’s servant gives away spoiled food. the poor people thank him even though it’s rotten. the dad thinks it’s a waste to give it away and keeps one cuz it looks normal. wow he is cheap. the dad gets a letter and is happy cuz after the funeral the magistrate is leaving right away. J walks in and the dad asks the servant loudly so J can hear – when is spring. isnt it tm.

the dad looks up at the sky and J comes over. dad says tm is the day darkness swallows light. if you dont find that girl by tm what did that person say he would do? will he make you pay for just one mistake. dont worry too much. J says you dont have to worry about  that. dad says that’s right. you just do what you have to well and I just have to do what I need to do. dad says your fiance is having a funeral. are you going to go there.  J says you should go cuz she was almost your daughter in law. you should pass around some rice wine cuz it’s way better than passing out rotten food. dad gets angry and says what.

J walks out

Arang runs out and decides to wear a guard’s disguise. she says I cant miss my own funeral. why? cuz that is where I am going to start looking for my truth. sato told me not to come but why should i follow that since no one will know. dressed like this they wont recognize me. she decides to run cuz she has to hurry

during the funeral, E wonders if everything she said is the truth. since D could see her then she isnt a ghost. did she really become a person. D says in his head – just look he is thinking of something else. what is he thinking of. is he thinking of that girl a while ago? who is that girl. E looks up and asks – how could that happen jade emperor

bangs ask each other. the magistrate clearly said he would leave after the funeral right? yes everything is going back to its rightful place. what if he doesnt go-doesnt he normally go back and forth. be quiet this time he will go for sure. it looks like that.

arang runs and realizes she didnt ask where the burial would be. there is not a single person passing by. where did everyone go. she runs into J and almost falls back so he catches her. they stare at each other.  his ring glows red. she pulls back. arang: you surprised me. thank you. she is about to leave but asks are you on your way to LSR’s funeral?  tell me where it is. you dont know? it cant be helped. J was speechless

arang runs and says why is it suddenly raining. she finds the funeral and runs towards it. J runs after her

E thinks to himself after remembering what she said. you came back to find the truth. that turned out well. you find your truth. I will find my mother who might be inside your truth. then I shouldnt be standing around like this here.  he turns to go but sees her running over. the bang guy hits her and says why are you standing there instead of shovelling dirt on the coffin. she says I wont do it. they fight with each other. she asks why he is telling her what to do. she turns and sees the grandma servant crying. arang guesses who she is. she turns her face away cuz the grandma would know her face. she turns and sees E. she looks down and wonders why he has that expression on his face. did he recognize me? what is this. is he coming this way? bang hits her and says she looks familiar. he makes others look and says is this guy new. she pushes past and tries to run off. they yell catch that guy.

E runs off after her too so D wonders where he is going. everyone is chasing her including J. E runs after her and says I knew she would cause trouble again. she hides and mutters they should have caught LRS’s culprit sooner. they see her and give chase again. J jumps on roofs and chases her. arang is cornered by J. she says he is that young master from earlier. he says -you. but  she sees E and tries to jump over the wall. she asks for J’s back to step on and climb over and says hurry I will pay you back for this favor. he lifts her instead so she is perched on the wall. he says how could i just get on my knees when I am a nobleman. she gives him a great smile. he asks if she is from around here. she says yes as you can see I am an officer. she looks up and sees E so she jumps down the other side. E and J face each other. J says we meet again. E nods back. they face each other



E says she really doesnt know her fiance’s face

E says to her – let’s combine our strength and find your truth and find my mother too

E holds out peaches so she is afraid and says what are you doing. E: you said you are a person now.

some voice – I think Jade’s says it finally started

some woman says to J’s dad- should I save you or Joowal?

J dresses in black and tries to stab a sleeping arang in the middle of the night

E yells out amnesia


Is it possible for your heart to break during entire scenes from start to finish. Turns out the answer is a resounding “yes.”

This scene is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. As she runs across the field by the water, she cries and asks “why do I have to be there looking like that- why did I have to die?” You feel every emotion she is feeling in that moment. Watching how Arang survived all this time fending for herself –starting out so fragile and then learning to become tougher through the years, you can’t help but agree with her cries “what did I do that was so wrong? Why are you doing this to me?” Until that moment when she saw her own dead body, she probably never asked herself those questions. She was too busy evading capture and trying to make it through each day until she got some answers about who she was and how she ended up like this. I bet that is why Eun Oh was sent to her. He is the only one who can help her get her answers, but more importantly, I believe his love will be the Jade Emperor’s way of making amends to her. I love how Eun Oh talks to himself and says “she needs me. who knows where she will cause trouble. Until she regains her memory, even though I don’t want to, I have to stay with her.” It’s like his emotions are dictating to his reason and trying to come up with some sort of justification for staying to help a ghost. It only took the first episode to hook me in and now this third one has me riveted and on the edge of my seat. Looks like I fell pretty hard for this drama and I doubt it’s going to let me go anytime soon.

Arang is crying over her dead body. She looks at her own face and asks: Is this how you looked? Eyes looked like this. nose looked like this. and mouth looked like this. you were pretty. But why were you in such a cold dirty place? Why did you just stand by like a victim and let that happen to you? what happened? Who did this? even if I don’t know you should know. you don’t know? why don’t you know dummy. Why don’t you know? she wipes the tears from her face and says: wait. I will find out for you.

She goes to the rooftop and looks up to pray to the Jade emperor. Arang: I dont know how to do stuff like praying. still – listen to me. You can look down from up there so you can see everything.  what happened to that girl. Just tell me what you saw. Please tell me. (she puts her hands together in prayer position) Up to now, everything I did that was bad, I was wrong. I was wrong to curse. If you just tell me, I really wont do anything and obediently go to the afterlife. ok? ok?! you arent going to talk? she insults him so the jade emperor jumps.

Hades tells the Jade emperor not to do anything-when arang comes she is his. but Jade says she said she would come obediently if I tell her. Hades says how could she try to strike a bargain but jade says that wasnt making a bargain it was prayer. We said I would listen to a few earnest prayers but Hades argues cuz you act like that- it causes problems and I have to clean it up afterwards and I always end up the bad god and you the kind benevolent god. Jade asks – you thought of stuff like that?  Hades clears his throat and changes the subject and says “was that a prayer. it was a threat. how dare she threaten a god.” Jade laughs and says: so you thought of stuff like that. Hades: just saying that is what they say.

During that last part, when arang and the reaper are about to fall into that dark hole, arang kept asking the reaper to let her meet the Jade emperor once and she will follow the reaper. she wants to ask the jade emperor something. reaper asks her – do you know how dangerous this is-you could fall in too. she says it doesnt matter. I have nothing. but you are different. you have a high position so you have a lot to do. he asks why do you have to go this far. arang: even if I tell you, you wont be able to understand.  while Arang and the reaper are going through that, when they were both about to go into that hole, Hades was winning the game, but then Jade starts to win. Hades wants to win the game so he makes a bargain with Jade to give him one chance to win. Jade asks then what are you going to do for me. then Jade gives the order to the reaper so the reaper tells arang I will do as you want. (let her meet Jade).

in the preview she got to meet the Jade emperor. I think she was given a human form or something cuz she comes out of the water looking more human. reaper shows her the river and says once you cross you cant come back.

Just wanted to remind you that I am currently doing live Faith recaps over at Joonni’s. Wanted to leave a direct link in case some were wondering where Faith went and wanted to join us.

As for the other shows TTBY and Arang, like I mentioned in comments, doing two recaps in one night almost made me keel over and I practically hibernated Fri and Sat night trying to make up for the missed sleep on Wed/Thurs.  So until Bridal Mask is over, those TTBY recaps will have to be put on hold. Right now I am more hooked to Arang so if I am going to lose sleep, I rather it be for Arang.


22 comments on “Mashcaps: Arang E4

  1. nonski says:

    thanks so much softy and happy you are still doing 2tbu even if it not on the same night… you know i always am following your transcaps. off to joonni’s now!


  2. Anonymous says:

    dramacrazy is not working…


  3. faranak says:

    thank you so much for your hardwork,you’re great, :* 😉


  4. flo says:

    wooooww thank you Softy for the screencaps and the short recap of Arang and the Magistrate
    i think i’m absolutely falling in love with Arang..the show is getting better one episode after another
    argghhh LJG is sooo good in fighting scenes, and his acting skill is great & better
    and the main couple..awww can they get any cuter? i just falling for them in the first episode..LJG and SMA have a great chemistry..omiiii my heart was beating faster whenever i saw their cute was a long time i didn’t felt this after the wonderful world of taeja couple ( and yes..they are still in my minds )
    oooooootookee i think i falling in love with wed-thursd nights because i fall for the3dramas in the sametime for different reasons….


  5. chokichoki says:

    Yay! I didn’t realize you actually recapped Arang. I’m soooo happy. Thanks Softy. This drama has such a great pace will all the conflicts and mysteries being revealed although I did find some of the monologues unnecessary. And I agree with flo. I love seeing LJG and SMA together. I hope they’ll be as memorable and heart-tugging as JW and Uee.


  6. nonski says:

    Softy dear you made one soul happier reading your post! weeeeeeeeeeeeh~~~~
    i am so in love with this drama… lols, insanely so cuz i can’t believe that i did what i did last night. i watch both BM and Arang (with few people around me laughing at what i am doing!) I cried with Arang when she was running there in the fields. It was just getting to me to my core. And by gosh, ain’t Jun Ki rocking his role? I love how believable it is for us to see that he is slowly falling in love with Arang – a ghost. Seeing him convincing himself, trying to make sense of his feelings and actions. Can it be tonight already!

    Thanks so much for doing Arang! (TTBY is getting awesome too!)


  7. nonski says:

    some of 2tbu GIFs


  8. chokichoki says:

    Hi Softy! Thanks for the full recap. Would love to read your afterthoughts on the drama, though. 🙂

    I had such a heart attack watching last night’s episode and as I was just about to recover, bam! came the preview. I wonder what’s going to happen. I do hope that Arang won’t be fooled by Joowal and then starts falling in love with him or something. That is if she recovers from that stab. Of course she won’t die again, right? Sigh..

    This drama is such a roller coaster that it takes you in such a frightful but thrilling ride and leaves you wanting for more when it ends.


  9. Enz says:

    Am an arang fan too 🙂 but epi 3 just got subbed yesterday but somehow it wasn’t working earlier in the day.. Hope to get to catch up tonight ..


  10. ms auggie says:

    Thanks a lot for recapping Arang and Gaksital so fast! Big hug 😀


  11. Marie says:

    Hi Softy,

    Thank u so much for this awesome recapping. Its so funny that the drama’s you like, happen to be the exactly ones I like too.

    I had a question: Can you please translate this character decription of Eunoh’s mom? Me thinks she is the Shaman being held captive by JW.!/2012/08/mbc12arang-and-magistrate-added-ep-1.html

    Thank u so much 🙂

    We will all appreciate it (we= soompi members 😉 )


    • Softy says:

      Hey Marie
      first I dont read and write Korean at all- I only speak and understand at a middle school level. the only time Korean showed up on this blog was when Fanderay wrote it cuz she can read and write a little. I was out all day yesterday with friends who could have translated this but when we all tried to access this page from an iphone it would not go to this page at all and just went directly to the main page with all the dramas listed. we tried on each phone and got the same result. sorry I couldnt help you out but i think someone on soompi already got it translated. 🙂


      • Marie says:

        Oh OK 🙂
        Wow seriously your Korean is so good. When I read your recaps, I always thought you were Korean :O. My compliments 🙂
        And thank you so much, I will look into it.
        Have a nice day 😉


        • Softy says:

          wait – I am Korean American – just like JB, GF, Joonni, and Blue. it’s just that I am not as fluent as them cuz I didnt grow up speaking Korean or watching any Kdramas. I started speaking a little bit of Korean from college so I got a late start. I think the year coffee prince came out was when I started getting into kdramas but it was like 3-4 kdramas per year. After this blog started, it’s been like double or triple that. 🙂


  12. nonski says:

    thanks so much for the full recaps on Arang! i could just imagine how scared you were when the scarecrow gatekeeper appeared.

    Arang by far is the most awesome of all the fall dramas. hehe.

    Softy i am so rooting for our OTP. i am already afraid of the ending. i just really hope Arang would be truly back from the dead and become human after this ordeal. And how convincing is Eun oh for falling to a ghost now even before he turned into a human.


  13. Anonymous says:

    need transl. please. thank you so much!!!


    • Softy says:

      Thanks for sharing this. Sorry I didnt get to this all day till now, but Joonni posted translations on her blog under E4 recap at the bottom.
      This was left at 5:50am when I was sleeping then I had to go to work. I cant translate when I am outside cuz I’m on an iPhone so it’s hard to type each line out accurately. by the time I got home late tonight I realized it’s almost air time. If you leave these preview clips on Joonni’s blog, I bet one of us can get to them quicker in the future. 🙂


  14. flo says: dear Softy..thank you so much for the full recap of Arang
    Arang is a great drama,great story, great actors/actress and great cinematography
    i enjoyed the OTP loveline’s progress..i’m soo excited to see Eun oh was slowly step by step falling in love with arang..and LJG’s facial expression when he saw arang after he was thinking arang in the hell was so priceless!!
    i didn’t feel arang fall for him yet,maybe a little bit, because her personality is cheerfull& she likes to smiles to everybody,,but i found it’s more interesting
    about JW’s character. i think he is a mysterious person, and his ring?..awww so many questions, Hwang tae pil is a little bit weird in arang, and he is pairing with cha soo young’s appa as his father..
    can’t wait for the next episode, but i must prepared to another shocked scenes,coz when i watched the last episode..i was so scared to the death when i saw the scarecrow gatekeeper appeared
    and depend on the preview for episode 5..there are alot of LJG&SMA scenes together..^____^


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