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In that last scene from E22, S didn’t start crying yet, but tonight it showed that he did. I just knew S would cry cuz you can’t have that kind of friendship and be okay finding out your only friend is your enemy. Even though the plot calls for K to stay alive at this point, I think S stopped K’s death for reasons other than what he stated. Aside from wanting to catch Yang and Dong Jin, I think S wants answers from K. S needs to find out at what point K stopped seeing S as a friend and someone to exploit for his own cause. I am also really curious if S hates K so much for being Gaksital or for being the man that D loves. Last week I was only concerned about what S was going through discovering K’s real identity, but now I am curious about K. How will K grapple with the news that S knows the truth about him. It was one thing to keep up pretenses of their friendship, but once they both know the other is aware, how are these two going to handle it. I was pretty sure last week that S would never kill K himself, but now I’m not sure I can say the same about K. K has more to lose than S at this point so I wouldn’t put it past K to push aside personal feelings and go through with his duty. If S gets in the way, I really think K would find it in him to take down his friend. His heart would break in the process, but K would still go through with it I bet.

Thanks to Semi-fly, Sparkskey, and Yanna.

written before it aired. I wonder what would have happened this week if there was no extension.  With five more episodes left after tonight, where is this story headed? How will they end this? I can already picture Gaksital standing on a rooftop with the Koreans cheering as a last scene. I don’t think it will end with his death. That’s too much of a closure for a drama like this. The hope he represents has to live on. If that means another Gaksital will take his place, then for everyone who has been following Lee Kangto’s story, it’s going to be too cruel. I doubt this drama will end with Kangto going into retirement and letting another guy take his place as Gaksital. I feel a tragic end coming so I am going to brace myself for the next few weeks.

now the cute version of what happened right after director yelled “cut” – JW playfully grabbed his hand. wonder what he said for PKW to grin like that. these guys are going to totally miss each other after this drama wraps.

*the new comrade’s name is Ahn -the one with the short hair that brough K to the hospital


Starts from Gaksital standing in front of the truck and then fighting off the officers. Then Ahn jumps down and shoots the officer and frees Song. they run off together. Then that samurai shows up and fights Gaksital. he pretty much wipes the street with Gaksital. he lets gaksital run away

Gaksital walks down the alley and collapses. S comes over and takes his mask off. In his head he says it was you. it was you lee kangto. He remembers K calling S a bast*&%. are you crazy-have you gone insane? you finally caught her but you are going to kill her? do you want to catch Gaksital or not. Then when S said you are gaksital, K denied it saying I love this girl. Then how K accused S of putting up a show and using K as bait. S says how could you do that in front of me. He remembers gaksital killing kenji. Then holding a sword to taro’s neck. S cries and his hand shakes holding the mask. Samurai walks over. He tells S to move over and raises his sword to kill K. but S puts the mask back on. S stops him from killing K.

D is pacing in the room. she picks up the phone but leader Jo says you already called. If you keep doing that it gets dangerous for the comrades. She says sorry but why am I so nervous-they should have called by now. He says even if it’s hard just be patient. She says ok I promise to be patient. She leaves the room

In the hallway H is standing there. they sit in the room and D asks what’s going on. H gives her cash, passports, and tickets and China will be dangerous cuz of the war. for now go to Japan then leave for America or Canada – somewhere safe. D: what are you saying now? H: leave korea together with K. D asks what that means? H: somehow I ended up loving K -a korean. of course I had an order to kill him myself with my own hands. for the past two days, I kept wondering if I could really kill him with my own hands so this is the decision I came up with. D thinks in her head “she hasnt guessed that young master is gaksital has she.” H says if you don’t take K and leave, I have to kill that man. D says what do you think my relationship is with K to do this. you are mistaken about something so leave now. H: do you really not want to leave with that man? With this money and tickets you can live happily without any concerns. D says in her head- everywhere he looks, there are so many tormented people so now he is someone who cant take that mask off. that person’s cause and what that means – I respect and love him. H asks do you really have confidence not to regret. D says anyway I get what you mean so go well. She opens the door for H to leave.

H walks out and gets in the car. She cries in the back as Jun watches her

S and the samurai go back to meet UH. S bows before him and UH asks what happened. S says as I guessed K is gaksital. UH: lee kangto? samurai says yes that’s correct. It was that Korean that saved miss 5 yrs ago. UH says if Lala knew K was Gaksital and wasnt able to kill him, if she was hiding who K was, Lala is still a Korean. Samurai asks for the kill order. S is surprised to learn that H is Korean. samurai says H used to be the gisaeng who took care of chairman. S thinks back in his head when he had asked UH permission to kill his daughter. S says I brought it up cuz I thought UH wouldnt kill his own daughter (meaning since H is not really his daughter then UH probably would kill her). UH asks did you kill Gaksital but samurai says S stopped me before I could. S says the moment I found out who he was, I wanted to kill him limb from limb but if we kill him then we cant catch Yang and dong Jin. even if we kill Gaksital, if Yang and DJ stay alive, then (flashback to the fake gaksital blowing himself up and that woman Anna saying S would never find out Gaksital’s identity -even if I die I will protect Gaksital) S finishes that the Koreans’ spirit to rebel will stay alive. S makes some patriotic statement about pulling up the roots and making the Koreans bow to the Japanese empire. UH is impressed and tells the samurai – that S’s belief is the future of Japan.  UH says to S- keep it a secret from Lala that I know the truth that K is gaksital. S says you have to promise something too- that you will let me take K’s life myself. UH laughs

D goes to the clinic and S watches her go inside.

K is lying in a bed. Ahn is sitting by his bedside. D comes in and asks what happened. Ahn says I had to save song so I couldn’t help gaksital. I went back later and he had collapsed. Don’t worry he will wake up soon. She tells him to leave and I will stay here and he says I have to go to song anyway. please take care of him. He leaves. She sits and takes K’s hand. She touches his hair and face and cries.

Ahn comes out and S watches him go. S follows the guy. Ahn senses it cuz S is not subtle at all. Ahn guy runs off. S loses him

The club waiter goes in the room with water and calls out to the mirror (hidden room is behind it). Inside the madam opens the door. Ahn washes off song’s wounds.

When the madam comes out of the room S walks in. she says it’s good to meet him. He says bring drinks and don’t let anyone in. he goes in the room with the fake room. The waiter greets him and S tells him to leave. The two guys inside stay quiet. Lee jr comes in and greets the madam and waiter. They ignore him. The madam goes into the room with S. lee jr joins them and is happy to see S. who is this? I would’ve forgotten your face. is K doing well. S yells at the madam didn’t I say don’t let anyone in. lee jr talks about their past –about the 3 of them – S, K, and Lee jr. how the 3 of them suffered in the cold and rolled around, ran, and stuff to get what S wanted. he keeps talking even when S said “get lost” twice. So S punches Lee jr and holds a gun to his head. S says –you laugh you bast*&%? what? Friend? You think I am a Korean. S leaves angry

waiter nods that S really left so madam walks over to the mirror and says you can come out now. They come out and madam says you don’t have to worry about him (lee jr). Lee jr is in shock

*why did she suddenly trust Lee jr with this secret? I dont get it. doesnt she know who his father is? what made her think Lee jr was trustworthy at all

K wakes up. D asks -young master – are you alert? do you know who I am? K: Boon – how did I end up here?  She explains that comrade Ahn brought him to the hospital. K sits up and remember the samurai. K wonders why did he suddenly show up there where I was helping Song escape.  is Lala thinking of killing me or was it kishokai. She says Lala came to see me. She wanted me to run away with you and gave me passports and money. I turned her down but no matter how much I think about it I am nervous. doesnt that woman know you are gaksital. she said she had to kill you. K says don’t worry. D says that woman tricked me many times but this time I felt she was sincere. It seemed like she genuinely worried about you and likes you. K says how he saved a Korean girl a few yrs ago from the japanese and that girl was lala. D: She is a Korean? He takes her hand and thanks her for turning down H’s offer. D: of course. I said I would always be together with you and follow you till the end.  he touches her face

H goes in front of her father. Jun angles his sword and eyes the samurai. UH says I am thinking of accepting Sato hiroshi as a kishikai member so should we try to get him in like you wanted. She says no you cant, I didn’t think ahead. He asks why not– like Taro said cuz of the possibility that he is gaksital. she says yes after the truth that S found out new info, he the chances of K being gaksital got bigger so we have to watch him more. Jun gets his sword ready to pull out any second to protect her. UH tells the samurai it isnt time yet. he lets go of his sword so Jun pushes back his sword too. the two guys leave H and her dad alone

Song and Ahn go inside dong jin’s secret place. song and DJ greet each other. DJ says gaksital saved you he kept his promise. song says sorry for making it hard for you. Ahn says it’s been a long time. DJ hugs him and scolds him for bringing yang in a dangerous time. Ahn says you two have to meet – you have to meet that’s the way for us to live. DJ says of course I have to meet him. He must have something major going on to come. They listen to the radio and it’s in English. japan has increased their number of soldiers to china to one million. but despite the surge its army just barely seized several major ports and railways pushing it deeper into the pit of conflict. DJ says America and england will jump into this war. in the end the time we have been working for is coming. ahn says that’s why yang wants to meet DJ – to do that. So DJ says where do I go to meet yang

Yoshi gets mad at S for losing song to gaksital cuz he was supposed to be used to catch yang and DJ. S says sorry. Yoshi asks are you not going to tell me till the end. it is an order – tell me what your plans are. S says sorry so yoshi hits him. yoshi says I wont forgive this stuff. so S tells him -dont do anything you will regret I will catch and bring all of them to you – yang, DJ, and gaksital. if you do this, how are you going to face me then. yoshi says you have that much confidence. S says there are times when you shoot a person and cant kill them. but a prepared plan can kill even those you cant see. Yoshi says guys who say things and dont take responsibilty for it are trash and I am the kind of person who has to get rid of trash. S: i will be careful

S goes down and asks-didnt K come- why don’t I see him. Lackey says I haven’t seen him since yesterday. let’s just fire him.  S says don’t do that he is our family.

K arrives at work. S watches him from his office. S thinks in his head-  he is going to show up anyway – how should I use him. K knocks and comes in. K says sorry – I was in a accident yesterday. S asks what accident. K says I got hurt but nothing to worry about. S says you should have been careful. How is it going with gaksital. K replies -like you said to, I am investigating people around Park.  S says don’t you know? gaksital saved song yesterday. K: he did? S: Like I guessed DJand gaksital are connected. I don’t think we should investigate separately- we should do it together. Why? dont you like it. K says what do you mean not like it – if we can help each other we should do it together. that’s how the chance of catching them gets bigger. Abe says it’s time for the morning meeting

Yoshi talks to the officers. He talks about how song was taken away from them by gaksital yesterday. this is all cuz you cant behave like japanese.  S speaks up and says it’s not – the problem is how they demote or promote at will for no apparent reason. for the sake of the officers I think sato hiroishi should be reinstated.  it angers yoshi so he hits S. yoshi asks if S wants to be demoted like K too.yoshi calls and end to the meeting and leaves. K goes over and helps S stand up.

Yoshi tells taro how S spoke up to him and wanted K reinstated in front of the officers. taro says that wouldnt happen. yoshi: you think I made this up. I heard S got to his position through nepotism. taro gets upset at that.  Yoshi says he cant put up with S just cuz he is taro’s son. he basically says control your kid and leaves

S’s nanny comes over and asks taro about her granddaughter-nothing much is happening to her right. Taro says I told you not to speak about it anymore. She shows a letter that was misdirected and asks about her granddaughter so he warns her he could send her away so she says sorry I was wrong and leaves

The governor is talking to the group. Like taro and yoshi and the rest about the war and how worried he is. Taro says what’s there to worry about – we have koreans. he says to start a draft and start accepting koreans into the army so Yoshi gets mad and says how can you give guns to Koreans. what if they use it for their resistance movement against us. taro says to train soldiers it takes 15 yrs -right now our japanese men are all dying so is there any other answer than koreans. yoshi says we cant even catch gaksital so how can you think of giving them guns. what are you going to do if those gun carrying koreans become gaksital. taro says you just have to make them work for us. Governor says taro is correct. Governor orders them to announce it now (this is about recruiting korean men for their army)

Taro is meeting with the elderly couple and lee and his wife and yoshi to talk about how they are going to turn korean men into soldiers for them. Yoshi says you have to teach them Japanese history. Others say don’t allow Koreans to speak their own language. lee’s wife says there is rumors that yang came to the capitol and you cant even catch gaksital. Yoshi gets insulted and says she could be arrested for passing around baseless rumors and leaves

Leader jo meets with Yang, DS, and the woman. Jo says the rumors that yang came keeps spreading. it’s dangerous you came so what will happen if the rumors persist.  Yang says the Koreans here are suffering and it’s hard for them to live. it’s like a fresh new hell. when my comrades are suffering living here, how can I stay outside just to live. how will that move the hearts of our comrades. he talks about the war in china and japan and how pretty soon the korean men will be dragged away. DS says even students are being dragged away. Yang lists the comrades who died. Those young people lives – for the sake of paying back the debt of their deaths- he says how it’s his wish not to let even one korean die in their war just cuz koreans are poor and helpless

S meets with K. S says seeing how Gaksital took away Dong Jin’s group member, Yang is already here. Yang wants to meet Dong Jin. But the problem is we don’t know who gaksital is. he points to names. yang, DS, someone who knows gaksital’s connections well. (the middle name among them). S: D is the important key to catch all of them. I have to investigate D dont you think. I am really going crazy. somehow I have to make D open her mouth. You saw too- how she was going to go into the nail crate herself. torture doesnt work. What method do I have to use to make D talk. K: not sure- is there a way to do that? S says we have to find a way to make the words “mansai to the empire” come out of D’s mouth. they smile at each other. S says he is going to the motel. He stands to leave and pats K’s back as he goes out. K sits there and closes his eyes tightly and opens them.

D is on the phone with K. he called her to says S is on his way so avoid him but she says why should I. if I avoid him S will suspect you or my father more.  he begs: listen to me. he says use leader Jo or Baek and avoid S. but she says if I am gone S will start by tormenting leader jo so don’t worry about me I will take care of it myself. She gets off the phone and goes to her room  just as S came in and saw that. he follows her into the room. They sit across from each other. he remembers when he asked her – why does Gaksital always show up around you and her lie about how she thought that was strange too. she thought gaksital was the young master she met and parted with when she was young but seeing how he wont show his face and leave without a word after saving me I was mistaken. S smiles and says aloud “should I find him?” D: what are you talking about? S: the young master you want to meet. It will take some time but if I make up my mind it’s not like I cant find him. I will do my best to find him and I want to see what kind of guy he is.  She says it’s ok I don’t want to impose on you. S says cuz of him you wont give me your heart. she says do you think you can buy my heart? he gets up and leans over her. he says I wont give you up even if you die. I wont give you to anyone. He leaves

K is on the bus. D comes on and sits next to him.he asks what S said. She says S only came to ask if my dad contacted me. K: he didnt bother you. S: even if S bothers me it wont work on me. K: you are going to always be resilient like that from here on too right? she says of course. Whose daughter am I. he thanks her and takes her hand. One of the officers was on the bus and saw that. he follows K off the bus but K runs away. The guy goes into angel club. K watches him go inside and takes a cab.

K goes to meet Yang and them at the tailor shop. They wait till dong jin shows up. DJ arrives with song and Ahn. DJ bows in front of yang but yang makes him stand. He hugs DJ.

UH talks to the kishokai group and talks about the war and how they will make japanese the national language and to prepare korean men to serve and train them.

Yang talks to his comrades. how he cant live cuz of the japanese. cant endure it.  cuz it’s better to die. so he made this plan for 3 yrs with his bare fists. DJ agrees they couldnt stop hearing manse.  Yang says I came here to do this putting my life on the line. he said he is going to have a revolt so DJ says with the combined strength of your group and the young men who follow me, we can move up the date of the revolt. Yang says I need your strength. DJ says how he already started preparing knowing this was getting closer. Yang says how the japanese will start dragging our men away for their war. our young korean men -dragged away to be shot by their guns -we cant let them die like that. K says to prevent that they need to set fire to the general register office (where they keep all the records of IDs of every citizen). DJ says that’s a good idea and wants to put some men on it. yang thanks him. DS asks to help DJ. K: I have a good idea. How about making the enemy fall into turmoil/chaos at this time.

The officer reports to S and apologizes. he only confirmed K and D meeting on the street cable car. S hits him and says if you make another mistake you will die by my hands. Lackey comes in and says gaksital set fire to the register office.S looks for K and K is there on cleaning duty.  Then abe calls out gaksital set fire to another register location. Then another one says gaksital set fire to another register location. K looks at S like he is surprised. S asks where there isnt a fire at the register and lackey tells him one. S orders everyone to that location and tells K to follow him as they head out

Ahn is dressed as gaksital and set fire at the site so officers start shooting. S asks K: what are you doing – go and catch him. K goes and pretends to attack Gaksital. DJ’s men wearing handkerchiefs covering their mouths throw knives to help out gaksital. S shoots at them. He goes after kim and fights him. he removes the handkerchief. S drags him over and sees Gaksital beat up K. K is on the ground and S shoots at Gaksital but he runs off. S looks on the ground at K who is passed out.


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    Please!! someone translate this please!!


  27. Softy says:

    I’m doing this from an iPhone so can’t do word for word cuz I can only watch then type from memory but taro said something about making new IDs/register for everyone. Madam tells Lee jr “your father is selling off the country to live.” D tells K- I think S knows you are Gaksital. S tells H-I told you I had something to say. K tells someone- there is no time. You have to make S believe you. (not sure about that last line though)
    The imp part is D warns K that S knows K is gaksital but I wonder how she found out – maybe spy girl told her


    • umi says:

      softy dear, thank you so much for the live recap and preview translation… I’m relieved to read about D warns K that S knows K is Gaksital…


  28. dreamgirl says:

    what is the news? rara leaving Gaksital for new series? pls update anyone. I really dont want to see her leave. Better if they drop the lead – Mokdan. really dont like her. No match to the main character – played by Joo Won


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