Rooftop Prince E19

Tonight’s episode is my reward for having faith. This writer really came through. hands down the best episode so far. I cried through it all. If love was ever palpable through a tv screen – we all felt it tonight between these two. 🙂

Oh and that second kiss was pretty perfect as well. pics are on the bottom of the page thanks to Semi-fly sticking with us and leaving super fast torrents.

Thanks to Sparkskey and kayana20, here is the written preview for the final episode: “Thank you for loving the Crown Prince all this time.” Lee Gak and his gang of 3 arrive safely back in Joseon and return to the palace. Intending to reveal the truth behind the murder of his princess bride, he installs a special investigations team within his imperial guards and summons her family to court.

Thanks to Teng In for video preview:


Bu Yong’s dad says to Joseon Taemu :did you say the crown prince was alive? didnt you say you killed off the crown prince. G orders the guards to look all over Hong’s (Bu Yong’s) home and find Bu Yong. some guy reports to Joseon Taemu that Bu Yong read that letter so Joseon T orders them to catch Bu Yong and if she doesnt comply, it’s ok to take her life.

Written before it aired:

I bet when Micky was sitting there shooting his ramen CF, even for a second when he had a quiet moment to himself, he was thinking about these past months. Maybe he thought about all the changes that came with this drama and its ramifications on his life, both personal and private. More importantly, how he will continue to be affected and benefit from its rewards. Fans of SKKS knew Micky could play a sageuk character pretty well, but for me, it was the first time I realized how he could pull off comedy convincingly.  Part of me hopes those tweets he shared that gave away some spoilers were done on purpose. Sort of like an “oops – didn’t meant to, but glad it’s out there to ease some of the mental turmoil last week’s cliffhanger gave all RP fans.” Even though I’ve commented over the weekend about having my doubts about if RP writers can pull off a miracle and keep G and H together, I still have complete trust in the writers.  What gives me this blind faith? All those great past moments leading up to this one. If I had to list everything I loved about RP, it would take forever. First and foremost is that RP paved the way for other time traveling dramas that came in its wake. QIHM is doing great partially thanks to the fact that RP was so well received. Without RP, people would have turned away from the notion that a time traveling drama premise could work. They would have dismissed it as ludicrous unless RP’s appeal turned them around and made them actually give it a chance. In a way, RP set the precedent for all the others to follow like Time Slip Doctor Jin and Faith. However, what will always set RP apart from all those others is its consistent humor. RP had a lot of heart mixed in with a lot of humor and that was its best quality. Then when you throw in all these cute characters to boot, you have what completes the equation for a kdrama keeper. Speaking as a fan of this drama and translator, one thing I will always be grateful for was this RP experience showed me how much joy there still is in recapping when you care enough for a drama you love.

After the dust settled from the bomb Fashion King detonated last night, I realized something. It’s been a long time since I felt this shell shocked by a finale gone awry, but my one consolation was that I wouldn’t have to endure this during RP’s finale tm. One major factor is that I was never fully invested in FK’s characters like I am with RP’s. There is a huge difference in accepting a less than desirable finale if you don’t actually care that much about the show’s characters. When Moon ended, I knew for certain that the lead couple was safe so I only had to worry about the other characters. With this drama, I know there is a possibility of G and H not staying together, but then spoiler pics floated around and gave me hope for a happily ever after. I refuse to believe RP will disappoint its audience. Why do I have such unwavering faith in RP? Cuz everything this drama has given us these past weeks would more than make up for any helter skelter ending it throws at us. Loyal fans can take anything from this writer cuz she hasn’t steered us wrong yet. That in itself deserves some credit. This writer has earned her right to give us a finale she thinks befits her characters. So call me crazy for wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Sort of wish I had that same faith for K2H’s writers, but they dropped the ball once too often for me to feel the same security. All I know is they better keep my favorite bodyguard SK alive or else I am going to go berserk later on tonight when I get to watch E19.


옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-05-55]

Starts from H running and calling out “your highness” looking for G. then G chases after S and T starts his engine and heads towards G. S hides in the grass and watches. G says her joking is going too far. H runs up behind him and sees the car headed towards G. H calls out your highness and makes him look at her. he smiles and waves. She runs towards him as the car speeds up. She pushes G out of the way and gets hit and thrown – she lands in the water. G gets up from where she pushed him and sees her in the water. T drives away and picks up S on his way out. G calls out H’s name and sees her body floating in the water. Flashback to Joseon that morning when he had the same reaction seeing the princess face down in the water. G: it cant be – park ha. Park ha. He goes into the water and turns her over. Her face is bloody. He keeps calling out- you cant be – no – park ha

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-06-46]

H is rushed to the hospital. G watches her be wheeled in

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-07-04]옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-07-21]

Scene changes. G is sitting on the bench with H’s head on his lap. G:  I wish I could remember your face in the sunlight forever. H: I wish time could stop right here. H smiles at him then closes her eyes.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-09-33]

S is pacing outside a home.  she remembers what happened to H and says: what to do. T comes out and asks what S is still doing outside. hurry and go inside and get some sleep. She worries that H might have died. He says it already happened. dont think of unnecessary things. hurry and go in and rest. for the time being things will be hard. S: what do you mean it will be difficult. T: I am trying to get a boat. we are going to go abroad. any place is ok as long as the two us live happily. S: we are going abroad? T: as soon as I get a boat, we are going to leave right away. He goes to buy something for them to eat and tells her to go inside. After he is gone S gets a call from G. she asks what happened with H. he says let’s meet and talk. S: where are you now?

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-10-38]

S and G go to the hospital and stare into H’s room.  S starts to cry and shake. G watches her reaction. S cries and turns away.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-12-13]

S walks out but G stops her and asks hear me out. if you leave H like that, she will die soon. when she got hit by the car, her liver was damaged a lot. if she can quickly get a (living donor) liver transplant, she can live. when I called you, it wasnt to ask who hit H with the car. I am asking for your help to save H. you are her older sister. S: we don’t have that kind of relationship. She tries to leave but he says – Hong Sena shi – I have something to give you.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-15-40]

G and S talk on the rooftop of the hospital. G: do you remember when I asked if you believed in reincarnation. in a former life too – you were related with H (you were sisters). S: what are you talking about. If you are going to say something strange I will be going. She starts to walk away but he holds onto her saying wait a minute. and his hand disappears. S: how can this be? G: Now that you saw this- will you believe what I say now. In a former life, H threw away her life to save your life. yesterday too, she knew you were up to no good and didn’t call the police and ran over. not just for my sake but for the sake of saving you too. cuz you are here sister. it makes me think how awful a connection there was for the two of you to be reincarnated again as sisters.  Right now there is only you who can save H. you have to end that bad tie. all of that depends on you. he hands over her home key and phone memory card and says these are all the evidence to put you away but I don’t need them anymore. Just save H. he walks away

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-23-14]

S walks down the street in a daze and remembers how she turned her back on H when they were kids and let H be taken away in that truck – then all the mean things she said to H about not being related by blood – just sisters according to the law. so dont show up in front of me. then how G said in a former life they were sisters. Then how jang said I have two daughters. Injoo – the one I looked for. and her older sister- who is you. then how G said H didnt call the police yesterday even though H knew S was going to do something bad and just ran over. to save you cuz you are her older sister.  S cries and falls to her knees. she sits and cries on the street.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-25-36]

S comes back and T yells at her -where did you go without a word.  where did you go? we are leaving on tonight’s boat so get ready. S says I cant go. T: what are you saying now. S: I just came from the hospital where H is. H needs emergency liver surgery cuz of yesterday’s accident. There is only me who can save H.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-26-56]

G runs to the hospital with the guys. G: what happened.  The doctor says the patient’s condition worsened. She needs that surgery in a rush. C: park ha noonim. M: park ha shi.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-27-17]

T calls and says he heard H needs urgent surgery. but what to do cuz right at that time we have to go abroad. G asks what is it that you want. T wants G to hand over everything that belongs to TY (the company and stuff) and disappear quietly in front of me.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-28-55]

G and T meet. T: did you bring what we talked about.  G hands it over and says you can confirm the contents. T says what is there to confirm – we should trust each other. G promises not to get T in trouble for all the things he did. I promise. T says if you go to the hospital and wait, S will be there in time for the surgery. T drives off

T drags S into the car. T: hurry up and come. S: why are you rushing like this. He says she cant be late for the surgery time. get in.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-30-40]

But he goes a different way. S asks where are you going. the way to the hospital is that way. T: if you are doing that cuz you are nervous about the two of us living abroad then dont worry. from that imposter, I received everything from grandmother’s inheritance and the company. S: what is this. you already got paid for helping H -then what about H? you have to save a life before you go. T: come to your senses. he shows her the envelope and says: this is the money that can make you happy-this is the money you want. there are plenty of people who can save H at the hospital besides you. S gets a call from G. T tells her not to pick up

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-36-21]

G is waiting and Y and C show up. G asks if they found S.  they shake their heads no. G: something is strange.  isnt there anywhere else we can look.  M runs up and says he checked at the office and found out the home T was staying at. G says go there now

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-36-52]

They go to the house and look everywhere. Y says no one is in the rooms. C says looking at the kitchen it hasnt been long since they left. M says they arent on the second floor either. let’s go outside and find out if someone saw which direction they left.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-39-19]

Without letting T know, S calls G. G picks up and hears her talking with T. S: Taemu shi -where are we going now. I have to know where we are going. T says we are taking a boat to China and then a plane from there. S: we are taking a boat? at this time. T says I found the closest harbor from here. S: do we have time for me to buy some shoes and things. T: we leave at 7pm. G runs to the car and drives off.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-43-23]

T drives to the docks and pulls S out of the car and shows her the boat they are going to take. a man on the boat signals to them. S says she wont go with him. He says we only need to get on that boat and go. G drives up. T: Sena did you call that punk. why did you do it? She slaps him and says come to your senses now. Stop it now. T drags her away so G yells let go of her hand.

G and T struggle. T: let go of me. T calls out to S as S gets in G’s car. T tells her to get out but G tells her to hurry and leave. T: let go. Other guys drive up and G tells them to hurry and take S to the hospital. hurry. The boat leaves and T runs over calling for the boat to wait. G goes after him and beats T up. They fight some more. T runs off and G loses him.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-02-45]

T is hiding with a plank and beats G up with it. right before T hits him, T gives G a chance to talk. T: do you have anything to say for the last time? G asks: why did you kill TY. T says if you know that truth-  you will really have to die here. should I tell you? T tells how he was on a boat with TY in NY. but that punk messed with my pride. we fought on the boat and TY fell in the water cuz of my punch, but I didn’t want to rescue him. in my heart, I always wanted that punk gone.  No one knows I met TY in America so now you have to disappear too. T is about to hit him but G evades the hit and they fight some more. the police arrive so T runs off. it looks like he was headed right towards them but he is surrounded on all sides.  The cop arrests T and cites T’s crimes -attempted murder. T asks if there is any proof. G hands over to the cop the evidence. A recording of T admitting to his part in TY’s accident. Cops take T into custody. T: let go.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-07-05]

S goes into surgery for H. S holds her hand and cries.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-10-36]

In the hospital room, G stands over H as H wakes up. He asks are you alert? Do you recognize me. She asks if he is ok. G: you silly girl – how could you be worried about me at a time like this. while you were asleep I wasnt even living. Don’t do something like this again. from here on, if it’s for your sake, I will do everything. she holds out her pinky. He asks what this is. H: if you don’t keep your promise – you are dead. He pinky swears and says I promise. H: stamp. they bump thumbs.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-10-48]

G asks Pyo to take care of the company till TY wakes up. I will ask you as a favor. Pyo: for taking the place of the deceased chairman’s grandson, I am so grateful for us, you were the real Yong TY.  They shake hands

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-11-20]

S is with H in her hospital room. S says it’s good you recovered quickly. I am sorry. H: unni thanks to you I am alive. Thank you. S says I am on my way to the police. She holds H’s hand. S: be healthy. S turns to leave but H calls out: unni I will wait for you. S turns and smiles at her.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-12-20]

Jang and S’s mom meet with S in the hospital lobby. S: I will go alone. jang says whatever you did wrong as your mothers we can understand it all and accept it. we are on your side. Her mom says you saved H’s life so you already paid for all your crimes. the police will agree too ( meaning maybe be lenient). how can you worry when you have the two strongest moms in korea. dont worry. S breaks down in tears. both moms hug her.

* I bawled like crazy during this scene.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-12-36]

G meets with the 3 guys. M: we dont have that many days till we return to Joseon. C says we want to repay H for all her kindness and help to us all this time. Y: that’s what I am saying. G worries cuz the hospital bill came out to a lot so is there a way for us to help.  M suggests all of them working part time jobs starting from tm. C: H getting hurt- suffering all this time – it was all cuz of us so we should take responsibility. M asks how about getting H a store. Y says that’s what I meant to say too. G: a store.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-13-03]

There is a sageuk scene being filmed and the 3 guys are extras. The action scene doesn’t go well so Y offers to do it. he does a great job so everyone claps. C plays the gayageum on the street for money. he gets flowers and money. M types up a script for Y to star in. Y gets famous and his pics are taken.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-15-29]

The guys hand over a lot of money to G. G pays some other guy in cash for the store. The man mutters about getting paid in cash. Y kept a huge stack of money for himself so C notices and makes M look too. They get H’s store ready. They put up the sign for H’s new cafe

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-15-42]

In the car the guys congratulate her for getting discharged from the hospital. H thanks them. C says I was too busy today so I didnt get to eat anything. I should eat this. he eats a hamburger. M: do you have to eat that now in this tight space. Y: it’s so tight in here I cant unfold my arm. H says I should have sat in the back. should i trade places with someone. M: it’s ok I sat up more (meaning scooted his butt up to the front more to make more room for the others).  They go through a tunnel and suddenly M says C disappeared. G stops the car and everyone is shocked. G calls out C’s name.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-17-41]

they go home and M says what to do cuz C was wearing shorts. Y and M decide to get their things ready in case they leave too so M tells G to do that as well. G tells them to calm down and not overreact. Y notes C has disappeared from their group photo

H sits outside on the bench. She takes out her phone and adds a photo of G and her and sends a text and video message to G.G is in his room and gets the text. He opens it up and sees her invitation message- prince I am inviting you to get a taste of the night air. her video message: hey dummy, I am waiting so hurry and come. G smiles

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-19-53]

G meets H under their tree. She takes a deep breath and calls him Yi Gak shi. H: all you have to say is “unng” Yi Gak shi. got that? He asks why she is calling him that cuz it’s awkward. H reminds him he is only allowed to say “unng” (which means yes)  H: you like me don’t you Yi Gak shi. G: unng. H: I like you too Yi Gak shi. G: unng. H closes her eyes and asks: please marry me. he stares at her in surprise. H opens her eyes and asks: marry me. I am proposing to you- don’t you know proposal? to ask someone to marry. Don’t they have it in Joseon. all you have to say is “unng” He doesn’t answer and says follow me.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-21-30]

G takes her to her store and opens it.  he turns on the lights and says this is my answer. H: what is this. G: you are someone who has to live here and I am someone who has to leave. from here on you have to have your own life. (meaning she has to make her own way in this world). Park Ha – for your sake, I prepared this store for you.  She cries and says who asked you to do this. he says how C left. I dont know when I will leave…but she interrupts him. H:  that’s why let’s do it– let’s live like others. Do others who are going to get married do it cuz they think they will live 100 years together.  I like living with you even if it’s one day at a time. G: why are you being stubborn like this. H: according to you every marriage has a sad ending. knowing when they will part ways. thinking we are going to separate and not being able to do anything just worrying – let’s not do that. I want to do as others do.   if it’s our fate to stop in the middle –that cant be helped. He says why do you want to make such a painful memory. H: why is that painful. I just want to have a memory of marrying you. if I am going to marry, I want to do that with you. G: I want to see you live well here. at least so that I dont have to worry how you will earn a living.  H: my heart wont be full  so what difference is it if my body just lives well.  I can live well earning my own living without your help. I lived my entire life that way.  let’s just get married. G: don’t be stubborn. H cries and leaves. he calls out her name

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-22-03]

H is doing laundry outside and Y and M spy on her. M and Y are both carrying heavy backpacks. they report to G. M says they are worried about H. cuz she keeps making work to do all day long. Y: when her body isnt well yet. Y asks if anything happened between G and H. G asks why the guys are carrying so much on their backs. Y: since we don’t know when we will go back to Joseon, we have to be prepared. M gets on his knees and asks permission to ask: if G is keeping his distance with H cuz G doesnt know when he will go back to Joseon. Y kneels and says that’s not what a man should do

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-23-22]

G sits alone and remembers H asking him to marry. H: thinking we are going to separate and not being able to do anything just worrying – let’s not do that. I want to do as others do.   if it’s our fate to stop in the middle –that cant be helped.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-26-22]

G suddenly runs back to H and throws down her laundry. G: how much are you going to burn me up inside for you to feel better. she picks up the laundry. G yells: ok. Do what you want. if that is what you want, I will follow your wish.  H: do what I want? you dont even know what’s in my heart.  G: dummy. I am saying let’s get married like you want.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-28-08]

H turns and faces him. G smiles at her. she sort of jumps into his arms. He picks her up and swings her around.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-28-24]

G takes her to the pond at the palace.  he says in joseon I used to like this place the most. the ground we are walking on now is the ground I used to walk on. that water I am looking at is the one I used to look at. then and now – what hasnt changed is this place here. H: but you know we should be busy preparing for the wedding right? G: there is one thing that has changed since then. it’s you. In joseon you weren’t this loud. she stops walking and pouts.  He smiles at her and says: Then and now – you are pretty. G pulls her close and kisses her. people pass by so he says let’s go.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-41-53]

He shows her some other place that is the same. She says of course the palace is the same – we don’t have time for this. cant we come here next time. He looks around and takes her to a spot and looks under the rock. she asks what he is doing. hurry and come out.  He takes out something. He shows her an old fashioned circular thing that looks like a ring but smaller hole (sort of looks like a Certs breath mint) she asks what he has – did you get it from there. can you do that?  he says it was orginally his so what’s wrong with it. he says what it is –  it’s the thing that holds the head band thing from his time.  He hid it here 300 years ago when he was a kid running around playing with a girl.  she says it’s surreal. He says it’s for marriage – a wedding gift. G: so it means 300 yrs ago I wanted to give this to you. H: then it’s a present I received from you after 300 years has passed. she takes off her necklace and puts it on as a pendant. he asks what she is doing. She holds it up to her neck and asks -how it looks. he says it’s good. she asks him to put the necklace on her. he does and says it’s pretty. He says now that they have this wedding gift, let’s go look at the wedding hall. she says how he prepared well- you reserved a wedding hall?  She says how available wedding halls are hard to get cuz of all the reservations.  but G says M and Y looked all over seoul and found a wedding hall. let’s go.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-42-29]

M and Y walk down the aisle with G and H. G asks the guys if their bags aren’t heavy. Y: it’s bearable. M: I feel like my back will break but I have to take as much as I can. Y asks if H likes the wedding hall. H: how did you get such a nice wedding hall. Y: we didnt get it, it’s cuz you are lucky so that’s why we got it.  H says but there is some other place I want to get married instead.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-45-44]

They all get in the elevator and suddenly lights flicker on and off and M and Y disappear. after they realize that, H and G hold hands tightly

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-47-23]

G and H eat holding hands and G feeds her. she says this place is good. We should have come more often. G: while we are eating – should we let go of our hands. doesnt your arm hurt?  But she says what if you suddenly disappear. If you are uncomfortable you can let go of my hand. G: no it’s ok. They continue holding hands. she feeds him

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-48-09]

G and H are lying in bed facing each other holding hands. She wonders if the guys went to joseon ok. G: they probably did. H: Would be nice if they called. G: dummy. She says: saying dummy is mine. that’s what I call you. dummy. G: I was grateful (for all this time). H: don’t say that. G: I was sorry. H: don’t say that. G: I love you. H: say that again. G: I love you. H: say it again. She cries. G: I love you. she hugs him.

H  and G are dressed for their wedding. H gives him a necklace. He says he doesn’t need it but she says I cant be the only one who receives. She puts the necklace on him. H: how is it? G: it’s nice. H: keep it close to your heart always. He promises to always keep it close to his heart.

The rooftop is decorated for a wedding. They stand together under the arch. H starts their vows. H: I take Yi Gk as my husband. G: I take park Ha as my wife. H: to always love each other.G:  treasure each other. H: until the day we die. G: we will always together forever. G and H both say together: we promise (vow). They hold hands. G leans in to give her a long lingering kiss.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-57-30]

He suddenly starts to disappear. He nods his head and she nods back crying. he fades away as his hand reaches up to touch her face. He starts to cry and then he is gone. She is left alone. H cries and asks aloud: have you gone? can you not hear my words? I should have said goodbye. like a dummy I couldn’t say anything. I should have said go well. Suddenly the wind picks up and flower petals fly away.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-59-13]

(*this last shot killed me. H went from being a woman alone in a private paradise with the love of her life, to just a girl completely alone in a big grey city. Visually it drives homes that the illusion of a happy life with G has just been shattered. Couldn’t they just kiss and be surrounded by pretty flowers forever? -Fand). 


no preview

I cant imagine how much harder it will be for H now to feel so alone. she lost some people who not only filled her life, but one filled her heart. how do you deal with that emptiness.

There arent enough words to express my gratitude to this writer. even if she messes up tm – which I highly doubt – I am still eternally grateful for this episode. as I typed up what was happening, I couldnt believe how everything fell into place. it was just too perfect and it sort of scared me. Even though I was crying buckets for poor H at the end, I knew there was still hope for her so I am going to exhale tm night when she gets reunited with G. that just has to happen for this drama to end on the highest note possible.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-55-39]

Fanderay’s comments:

It’s hard to know what to say after that episode, even though I loved every minute of it. Do I think it was sweet? Was it depressing? I guess it was both, and there’s no doubt that it was an incredibly fantastic episode that tied off a lot of loose ends.  It was very satisfying to see everything come full circle, but now I feel almost empty despite feeling so full (which I guess is natural after all that crying). I’m still finding it hard to believe that G and H will never see each other again, and equally difficult to stay un-weepy while thinking about it. All that sweetness makes it even harder.

I’m glad that I gave up on making serious predictions about this drama because once again I was surprised at every turn. I thought that H would survive, but I never would have expected a liver transplant, a proposal, or a wedding! The best part is that none of it even seemed rushed, and I once again have to give credit to the writers for putting together such a great story with such a deft hand. I’m not sure anyone ever expected Rooftop Prince to turn out this way, and it seems far too inaccurate to just call it a rom-com anymore. It doesn’t really fit into any genre, so I guess I’ll just call it Wonderful.

My hatred for T definitely peaked this episode, and not because he’s a murderous jerk. I’m used to that sort of behavior from him by now, and what really bothered me was the way he acted like he owned S (not to mention her liver) and tried to keep her from redeeming herself. It’s bad enough that he’s a completely depraved and wretched human-being, but trying to make S into the same type of person somehow seemed worse than murder.

I was happy that  G once again outwitted T, but even happier to see S finally come around. That actress has done a wonderful job of showing us her struggle every step of the way, and I completely buy her redemption. Everything about it was perfect, from her last-minute phone call to G, to the hand-squeezing in the hospital, to the tearful hugging in the hospital lobby. I think a lot of us were rooting for her to make some good decisions, and it was even more satisfying than I had imagined.

I’m grateful that we should get to see a fair bit of the three boys tomorrow because I wasn’t ready for them to disappear just yet. I always thought that we would get to see them as soon as they got sent back to the past, and I’m already dying to see how they’re all doing. It was sort of hilarious watching them make all that money so quickly, but by the time they were setting up H’s store I was already a mess because I knew it was their goodbye. They may not love H in the same way that G does, but they still loved her and would have done anything for her, and her life will feel extra empty without them.

The romance between G and H was so epic tonight that it was borderline cruel. I think I cried through all of it. The kissing, the “I love you”s, the snuggling, the necklaces, the proposal, the fighting, and the wedding were all just perfect. What probably got to me the most was the way they gripped each other’s hands, and wouldn’t let go, even to eat. How hard must it be to enjoy each moment, when you dread that each moment may be your last together?

That last scene was especially gorgeous, and worth the tears. I’m not happy to see H and G separated, but that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? Life isn’t easy (especially for these two) and no matter how sad their separation is, a part of me is still happy that they were able to experience something so wonderful together, in the midst of tragedy and conflict. For once I was happy to not get a preview, or a scene to hint at what’s to come. I just wanted to bask in that final bittersweet moment, and fully appreciate the ending of their time together. I’m not ready for new beginnings just yet, and it was a smart choice to leave those beginnings for tomorrow.

I don’t know what will actually happen tomorrow, and I don’t really care. I look forward to the episode and can hardly wait to watch it, but I already feel so satisfied with this drama that I know the finale will feel right too. It’s really just a question of what beautiful moments we’ll get to see, because I know there will be plenty of them. I wish I had more to say because this drama deserves it, but it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed after such an emotional episode.  At this point my only advice is to sit back and enjoy the finale as much as you possibly can. Dramas this unique are rarely so poignant and well crafted, so I plan to make the most of it.

옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-05-51]옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-08-04]옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[10-08-42]옥탑방 왕세자.E19.120523.HDTV.H264.450p-HANrel[11-23-58]


239 comments on “Rooftop Prince E19

  1. florie says:

    thank you for you recap during all this drama only one episode left.
    i have to say i cry like a baby but you right this episode was perfect and all the drama that i watched for sure G and H are my favorite couple.


  2. Anonymous says:

    how come all the shows tonight had kissing scenes? I seriously can’t sleep or work now and I have to stay up thursday night with the rest of my class to meet our deadline… I still have butterflies in my stomach because of QIHM, shock because of K2H and an indescribable feeling because of RP…
    nearly 3 am now, otteokhe!


    • Anonymous says:

      I thought I’m the only one up until 2 am reading the quick recaps of these three dramas!!
      thanks a lot, Softy.


      • Amelia says:

        I read and re-read Softy’s recaps at least 5 times then watched it till 2 .30am and now , my eyes are like that of the goldfish after the tears and tears and tears.. how can this episode be sooooo perfect!!! It’s daebak all the way!! I’m so thankful to the writer for having successfully make us feel like some hopeless romantics!
        Like the comments from many of u,everything about this episode was so perfectly timed, not rushed and fell into place one by one. No words can express my love for Yoochun and his acting and it has also made me rooting for them to be real life couple! Gosh!!!
        Can’t wait for Micky’s next project..Meanwhile, I’ll just make do with reading up on his activities etc etc etc etc


        • nonski says:

          ikr! i want them to be real couples… haha just look at the tenderness they look at each other and how micky handles hjm with care… 🙂


  3. Ligia says:

    A thousand thanks, Softy, right from the bottom of my heart. So beautiful…
    And thank you, nonski, you owe us another box of tissues…….


  4. yone says:

    I can not stop my tears …… hiks hiks ….. …..
    but actually I’m not willing to see the kiss scene, I’m so jealous ….


  5. Feima says:

    Softy – i am devasated – i just watched K2H and my fave guy is gone *bawls* – what am i gonna do now OMG!


  6. shee says:

    i’m so jealous. park ha accept too many kiss from yoochun. aish. . .
    but i like yoochun’s acting in this drama. he has many expression and i like his smile. nomu nomu joha.

    i hope he will acting in another drama and give me many surprise. haha
    yoochun saranghae. xixixi


  7. chunyenz says:

    Long time I never crying and laughing until teary because of drama. But this drama makes me laugh out loud in the first episodes and now this night episode make me cry like a river. When I saw they disappeared one by one, I start to cry, but thanks God, G is the last to dissapeared. The moment when they separate is so beautiful, plus those long kiss, full of passion and feeling, really touchy.
    They know for sure what is the end, they have to separate, it’s really hurtfull love but they stay together until they really separate. This already touch my heart and I know this drama will long stay in my heart because the love story so beautiful and touchy. Not just because my forever bias is the main actor, but the whole story so beautiful and of course become trendsetter, as the first drama (from this periode) which tell the story about time travel love, than continue with other drama which have same plot.

    I give high praise for the writer-nim who make good story line, not too push, even sometimes too much coincidence, but the flow still make sense so…. Ok, I can take it. Like fand and softy said, I still have big hope to this writer and believe her will give us good end even it’s hurtfull.

    I guess G and PH still separate in their own time, live their life alone as they keep their promise to be together till they died. May be that’s why PH cried after she read the history book about G, she already know what will happen to G. But why PH don’t tell it all to him until they separate. I hope writer-nim won’t leave that part and still remember to tell us, the viewer. How about…….. PH pregnant of G’s child, hmmmmm…… What the story become? Sorry that’s only my thoughts, but I think that would the story more interesting LOL……

    So the girl who floated in the pond is Boo young right? If that’s right than where is Hwa Young? If G meet again with his princess than his feeling will change just like that? I think Hwa Young already made alot of sins before finally she killed her own sister. How they can reveal all in one episode? Really mix up feeling. Want to watch it soon yet I don’t want go separate yet with my Crown Prince. This drame will become a legend like SkkS drama. People still talk about SkkS drama even those drama already finish 2 yrs ago. And those kind drama so rare. I bet this drama one of them ^^
    This drama really change Park Yoochun from idol actor become real actor. Glad he paired with Hajimin who already has a lot experiance in drama. They make good and equal chemistry. I don’t want this drama end, but yeah, I always cheering this drama until the end, tonight.
    Thanks for softy and fand for the recap, I love all your comments, and your comments about PYC too, my forever bias ^^


  8. RF says:

    Personally i thk this is a bittersweet story. Not all stories hv gd ending. To Love does not means must together. Thk they would adopt Time Capsule romance. Remember he put childhood thing in d hole. He may use that method to communicate to her. He bring her to his favourite pond. So these place would be where they communicate. Who know G was the person who planted the tree and it became their favourite dating spot (the tree scenery we always seen).


  9. sparkskey says:

    Preview for the final episode!
    Thank you for loving the Crown Prince all these time.
    Lee Gak and his gang of 3 arrive safely back in Joseon and return to the palace. Intending to reveal the truth behind the murder of his princess bride, he installs a special investigations team within his imperial guards and summons her family to court


  10. vzmeiin says:

    Thank u ^.^

    Haven’t watch this ep… It’s wonderful


  11. Sunshine says:

    Hey Softy!

    Ditto to everything you said. Loved this ep, and was crying throughout as well.

    P.S. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that SK was just put in witness protection program since Club M is so powerful, it would be the only way to save him, and stage his funeral. ( here’s to hoping, because we all adore him!!!)

    Thanks so much for the recap!


  12. jalz says:

    thanks for recap full roftop prince ^_^


  13. kayana20 says:

    Ep 20 Preview

    Thank you everyone for watching Rooftop Prince all this while! In Ep 20, Lee Gak and his men will meet back in the Joseon Dynasty safely, and return back to the palace. LG will investigate the murder of the Crown princess and sets up a special investigation department, and arranges to meet all of the Crown Princess’ family…

    그동안 옥탑방 왕세자를 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다.왕세자 이각과 3인방은 무사히 조선에서 만나 다시 궁에 들어가게 된다. 이각은 세자빈 살인사건의 진상을 밝히려 의금부에 특별수사본부를 설치하고 세자빈의 가족을 소환하는데…


  14. Smalltank says:

    I’m sure many of us will have RTP withdrawal symptoms after tonight.. T-T


  15. jennlo says:

    i cry the whole episode too…. softy… may i noe wat is QIHM??? but i m happy wif tis episode… at least.. they haf real and deep kiss n they get married… though they nid to be seperated.. but at least they manage to get gud memories for each other… glad that the writer dint bring J4 all together back to joseon instead bring back one by one… that make them being more precious to each other n try to get more gud memories together…. at last… tis episode is DAEBAK!!!!


  16. in case any of u want 2 watch the preview~


    • Softy says:

      omg thank you for posting this. I never imagined that it was some random girl who died in that pond. that was a twist I never expected at all.
      Oh man this is going to be GOOD tonight:
      Bu Yong’s dad says to Joseon Taemu :did you say the crown prince was alive? didnt you say you killed off the crown prince.
      G orders the guards to look all over Hong’s (bu Yong’s) home and find Bu Yong.
      some guy reports to Joseon Taemu that Bu Yong read that letter so Joseon T orders them to catch Bu Yong and if she doesnt comply, it’s ok to take her life.


      • chunyenz says:

        So the woman who died in the pond was not Booyoung or Hwayoung? So surprise…..
        So both of them still alive? I guess Hwayoung have an affair with TM in Joseon era. Only one episode, how uri Jeoha will solve all the problem?
        Writer-nim, please…. We need great touchy happy ending…….


      • Amelia says:

        This is so smart!!! Hats off to the writer!! So at least now, prince will be actively protecting bu yong! Oooh.. But that doesn’t say anything about G and PH


      • nonski says:

        omg! Softy RP never cease to be amazing, till the end. how is it that, if i may speak for everyone, i almost thought the ending would be just some sort of send off and all happy and everything, then bham! we will still be given a lot more that what we’d hope for. so a lot of speculations that there is a TM version is really going to be true later 🙂 yay! i love you RP!


      • Reideen says:

        I was wondering if they were going to leave her dead (and the guys just solving the murder) or if they were going back in time (to safe her)… hahaha this IS so much BETTER! Woot woot!
        Well I’m rooting now for a happy ending in the past and present! =)


        I would like to thank you for giving us such a detail and wonderful recaps all the time! Thank you~


    • Amelia says:

      Thanks so much for the posting!


    • beppu10 says:

      Hi folks! Am camping here tonight 😀 Omo, so there is INDEED a Joseon TM! And the sisters are alive! WaaaaaH…I don’t know what to expect now.


  17. 파우린임 says:

    Wonderful episode. Was crying like mad and I LOVE the part where the song switches from the female version of the song to the the wedding scene, It was timed so perfectly and you could feel that it was their song… now I wait for the final episode.
    Seeing the preview, it makes me feel that Lee Gak is not truly happy to be back. I agree with those who say that LG is not TY and BY is not PH. The equation is that LG and PH fell in love. How horrible it is to feel that you are looking at your true love everyday (LG to BY) and maybe (PH to TY) but they are not the same person inside (soul wise). So how??
    I know the writer and PD won’t let us down ! But better prepare some tissues just in case.


  18. ditu3ka says:

    Taemu looks great in Joseon attire, better than in modern clothes :-))

    I think G will change the future by his actions in Joseon so H won´t have any memory of him as those things never happened to her and she will meet TY and live happily ever after … or maybe not :-))


  19. summerlamb says:

    Wowee, what an episode, this would be my first time posting in the RP recaps, but i have been, watching RP from the get-go, just this eppy, was as the inki saying here goes,…DAEBAK!!!


  20. Ligia says:

    And what if… BuYong is dead and the girl with the veil is actually ParkHa? The way “BuYong” looked at him and the way she called him made me think she’s in fact ParkHa.
    I still believe ParkHa will follow the prince in the past and everybody will think she’s BY, but LeeGak will recognize her, perhaps because of the jade button he gave her.
    I can’t wait for the last episode. It must be a happy ending!


  21. arashifanpop says:

    Thank you Softy for your recap. I would’ve felt terrible if I hadn’t been able to understand what went on in this episode. To wait longer would just kill me.
    When H cries saying I should’ve said something to you, I thought it was better left unsaid. That little nod to each other said volumes. Carried so much more meaning than pages could’ve said.
    I too feel that they would be re-united. It probably has something to do with the pendant she’s wearing. Probably another eclipse and she will be borne off to Joseon. Ahhh…..that would be like a dream. I am very sure that they will be together. So, I can sleep well tonight.


  22. Anonymous says:

    i really love this korean drama…it’s the best of time ever….love to watch it over and over…


  23. wenwen says:

    ,the guy is so cute…and the girl so charming..


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