1N2D S2E9

Daebak 🙂 Tonight’s main pic won’t be JW cuz I have to post TW “making out with SW for a split second.” OMG the most hilarious game ever played on 1n2d. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius and deserves a medal. I couldn’t breathe while watching that scene cuz I was laughing so hard tears ran down my face and I almost fell off my chair. I literally stopped typing cuz my brain shut down from laughter -even had to look away cuz my sides ached. What killed me was the little shiver SG made cuz he doesnt like doing this. So far on 1n2d there weren’t that many games TW was good at, but we found something he can ace. Leave it to TW to not only enjoy this, but be great at it. 🙂

Thanks to Semi-fly for her super fast torrents, Bird for JW clips, and SS for the preview for next week’s white water rafting. That’s JW wearing orange huh? 🙂

Written before it aired:

It’s always been a dream of mine to touch a whale in the wild. To be on a small boat and have the whale swim nearby so I could reach out and pet it. Preferably one of those huge majestic looking ones like the humpback whale so that I can feel so tiny in comparison. As a kid I had to settle for petting killer whales and dolphins so watching last week’s episode sort of brought all that back for me. Dolphins are adorable, but I bet there is nothing like being surrounded by the ocean on all sides and having a whale from the wild come out of the water to greet you. Judging from the preview last week, it looks like TH gets to live out my dream except with dolphins by having them jump all around him. I’ve read some online complaints about last week’s episode being too much like a documentary and all I have to say is did those people watch last season when the guys went out and met up with grandmothers to learn how to make all different types of kimchi. That was such a snore fest that I rather get this “docu-style” any day. Who knew when season two of 1N2D began that this show would evolve and become more than just a variety show. I didn’t think it was possible at first, but this new season is making me feel like I get to experience a whole different side of 1N2D in a fresh new way.


Starts with long clips of last week and some from tonight.

Pilot tells SK to look at his 9oclock (left side middle). SK says if we saw this on the boat, it would have been daebak

At night, the guys are napping at base camp. Except for JM who is singing along to music from his phone. SW wakes up and says I am hungry. TH wakes up and sings along to some music too. SW says this is 2n3d not 1n2d. as SK walks out, he says like an athlete “korea team fighting” so JM asks arent you going to change clothes?  SW remarks you are going to hang in there just wearing that arent you. JM: why arent you taking it off. SW asks if TW’s face is ok (cuz he is sunburned and his cheeks are rosy) someone says it looks like he drank during filming so TW jokes: I had a few drinks (of alcohol). JW laughs. PD tells the guys about the chairs as they walk over to play dinner BBB games. this entire place is decorated with chairs. JW says there are over 2,000 chairs there. SG suggests they sit on them. they pretend to fight and say I came to meet this person. Everyone points out TW’s sunburn by saying why is your face like that.

The guys sit and SG asks PD what is today’s dinner BBB. PD says today’s BBB is they get to eat one spoonful at a time. JW clarifies does it mean if we get a question right we get to eat one spoonful each time. TH says that’s what it seems like. SK asks what do we get to eat. SG says all we need to do is follow what SK does.

Wow there are some great food prepared. There is a big X and O on the ground with four chairs behind them on each side. PD says only the people who get it correct get to eat. after hearing the question, they have to get up and sit on the chair when they know the answer.

the guys are sitting on the ground. PD says “go” when I tell you. (which means select a side and sit after he is done reading). PD reads – all the people on the korean money are all from Joseon times. correct “O” if it’s wrong “X”. go. JW rushes to sit first cuz he thinks he knows the answer. TH and TW are slow on the uptake. TH: oh you meant go sit over there? SG lists all the kings on the money. arent they all from Joseon time? SK thinks they might be another time period. PD says they can confirm the correct answer from the table of food. he says bring out the food table. The food is covered. SG says -that one – the condensation on the cover looks like it just came out of the fridge. SG sends JW the maknae to uncover it. PD says uncover at the same time.  TW and JW go over and uncover it each side’s at the count of 3. JW got 4 spoonfuls of food. that means his side was correct. TW got noodles. With no chopsticks. at first they wonder which one is better and SG points out they have to eat with their hands. But it’s a fake bowl of noodles made from plastic. JW’s side each get one mouthful of food. SK, JW, SG, and SW get to eat. JW says how good it is. SK says the rice has barley (the extra healthy kind) PD says clear the tables.

Next question comes out and it’s for a different type of fish.  The thinking man has his right hand tucked under his chin. if you think that is correct, sit with “O” or if you think that is incorrect, sit with “X.” JW, TH, JM, and SW think it’s “X.” SG realizes it was his left hand. JM is sure it’s the left hand. SK points out the lid is covered in condensation again. JW and SK uncover and the other side wins. SG, SK, and TW win so SW argues there are four forkfuls and only 3 people, but SG says we will share the last mouthful. SG and others say how delicious this is. PD says the winning team can do whatever they want with the extra spoonful. JM offers to do rock paper scissors amongst themselves, but SG offers to give it to the other team if they do something funny so SW does a sexy wave to try to get it. everyone laughs. but SG gives the spoonful to JW. SW asks SG: why make me do that if you were going to give it to him. they ask what that was. SW: a wave. he does it again and others laugh and JW asks: what is this- your arm came out first. SW mutters the things I do for a spoonful of food.

PD moves on to the next problem.  TW guesses before the PD says it. the problem will involve this dice. PD says after tossing the dice,  if you think the number will be even, sit on “O” or for odd number sit on “X.” JW and SG think it’s “O.”  SG says if you guess this correctly, it’s remarkable. JM tries to go to the other  side but there is no room so he joins SG and JW. PD says one person come out and throw. SG points out you have to throw so that it comes out even so the other team loses. TH makes a joke about thowing it so it comes out good for the “hoarse” as in throat being hoarse. SG throws the dice. And it lands on 5. The table is brought out and there are stew and rice for TH, SK, SW, and TW. they all say how delicious it was. SW says I feel sorry cuz this was really delicious

Next one is for expensive grilled fish. PD offers to give 3 times more than the usual amount. PD reads: SW’s height sitting down is taller than JW’s. correct “O” or if it’s incorrect “X.” Move to your seats. JW, TW, and SK sit with “O.” SG points out TW is taller than JW sitting down so SG and SW and JM move to the “X.” TW says but it’s not about me. SG cheers by himself then asks again to clarify cuz he is confused – hyung do we get to eat if you are taller. SW forgot too and asks: my height sitting down is taller then it’s “O” so PD repeats that. SG: so if hyung is taller then it’s “O.” Suddenly JW slouches down in his seat. SK says JW is tall but if he is tall sitting down too then the problem is too easy. TH notices what JW is doing so he tells JW:  straighten your back (meaning sit up normal). JW slouches and lies while smiling: I am sitting straight now. They measure and make SW and JW sit back to back.  JW is a lot taller than SW by 10cm. TW says JW is taller. JW took his hat off to do it. they flatten JW’s hair to see the exact difference. TH apologizes to SW for flattening his hair so SW takes his hand away saying: I cant wash my hair. TH pretends to pull on JW’s neck to make him taller. they make SW and JW sit on a chair to measure by marking the height with a magic marker. JW tries to tell SW your chin is pointed doubled too much so SG says it’s cuz he gained weight (that’s why he has double chin) JW tries to tell SW his body isnt straight – it’s too crooked but SW says this is how I normally am. next they make JW sit and they all talk at the same time. this is nonsense. they dont bother measuring cuz JW is clearly taller. SG jokes it’s 50cm difference. TH wonders what JW did earlier to only have 10cm difference. JW cant see for himself so he asks: am I tall or short? everyone says: you are taller – by a lot. SG, SW, JM, and TH get to eat a lot of fish. They say how yummy it is. it was just recently grilled so it’s delicious cuz it’s fresh. TH meows like a cat.

Next is abalone stew. PD says if you open to a random page in an athletics book and there are more than ten people, more than 10 is “O” and less than ten then “X”. go. JW and JM run over and sit with TW. JW asks the PD – do people count or just the cartoons. he hears illustrations are included.  SG says over 10 is here (where he is standing.) he says there will be over ten for sure cuz they show poses for exercise. but he joins JW’s side.  he said all that cuz he was afraid to get this seat taken. he says there arent that many people in there. there will only be3 people exercising. PD clarifies “less than 9 people is X.” SW: we have to eat this. SK pretends he is lifting weights. All he has to do is turn to a page that has more than 9 people. there are 3. JW’s side wins. SW and SK turn more pages and there are lots of people on them. SW: it’s unfair. JW says we chose well. SG suggests a game and the one who has the least gets flicked on the forehead. but then he changes it to the one who gets the most people. JM gets 11. JW gets 2.  he was afraid for a second but then he realizes the one who gets the most gets hit.  TW tries it and there are 3 – no 5 people on the pages, but SG points out on the computer monitor there are more so he gets 8. When SG does it there are lots of ppl. SK wants to count the arms so SG says no, but SK counts them. then TW points to the dots. SG complains cuz SK is counting the dots that represent the audience. so they decide to leave out the dots.  TW points out that ajumma is pregnant so it should count as one more. TH laughs. SG got 29. SG: how could I pick a soccer stadium. SW says let’s stop but SG says I still have a chance. Next, SK got 25. SG does a happy dance but JM points out you have 29 so SG stops celebrating. TH tries it and there are tons of ppl on the pages. SG counts 2 for one kid so TH complains that kid is bending to the side so it’s counts as one but SG says it counts as two.  They decide to count as one kid. TH got 36. he is miserable. SG: wow- how could you beat me. how could you beat a soccer stadium. SW goes next. they dont count it cuz there is no point. TH lost.

SG gives TH a chair and says “your forehead will get a hole.” SG holds TH’s hair back on his forehead for each guy to flick his head. SK says how TH has a good looking forehead – it’s wide for lots of room to hit. JW warms up his hand and the spot before he hits. TW says JW isnt kidding around. TW thought he was going to slap TH. but JW explains that you have to warm it up so it hurts more. TW jokes it will smell so that’s what you pay attention to (cuz JW is blowing on his hand so his breath smell will transfer) SK asks wasnt it normally it has to be cold so it hurts more. SW backs away scared cuz it looks like it will hurt. JW flicks hard. TH pretends to strangle him cuz it hurt a lot. JW says normally his flicks dont hurt. SG says SK’s hits are no joke. TW is about to go next but SW motions silently he will do it too so they double flick and TH jumps from the pain cuz it hurts. SG points out SK hasnt hit yet.  SK does it too and you can hear the flick. TH falls off the chair from pain. SW says watch that in slow motion – his finger went in and out. TH is seeing stars.

SG is next. He pretends like he is bowling. SW says this must feel like a nightmare to TH. SG says TH has a lot of fans so I will hit lightly. it wont hurt cuz my fingers are short. he hits hard. JW makes a shocked face. TH falls down from the chair.

SG suddenly pulls up a clump of grass and JM and SW wonder if it’s vegetables so SG says dont you know grass. they hit it like it’s a hacky sack with their ankles. SG says the person who hits it the fewest gets hit. SG goes first and hits 2. TH thinks this will all fall off. he hits 3. JW hits 2. SW hits 2. SW says it isnt easy. SK gets 2 but it looks like one. SG says TW cant even hit a real hackysack well. TW hits 3. JM hits 11. lowest number people go again. SW realizes the “know how” (how to do it) is you have to hit it hard and hits 4. The last miss was hilarious. He looked like a cheerleader doing a high kick, but misses. SK hits 5. JW hits 3. SG hits 4. SW says this is fun. JW loses so he asks: is it me? he tries to look pitiful. they all say let’s do this simply. SW says let’s all flick all at once so get into position. they gather around and pick a spot on his forehead. They flick at the count of 3 and JW is in pain. JW, JM, TW, and SG get to eat. They say how yummy it is.

Next game comes out. they say it’s called survival. there are 3 tries left. PD says when you stick those pieces in, the head pops out. if that is correct “O”  or “X” if that’s incorrect. (this game is like operation except if you stick in stuff, when a certain one is stuck in the head pops out). so  for “X” it’s TH, SW, and JM. TH wants to go first. he rubs the piece before he stick it in so TW says there spark will come out so TH quickly drops it and says then I will switch pieces. He gets it in. JW goes next. He asks to look at it and turns it around and sticks one in.  the head pops out. they say he did well. JW puts the head back on and says”bye ajussi” in a cute kid’s voice.  JW’s side gets to eat a lot.

Final round. PD says to go again and the guy who makes the head pop eats alone- a slice of grilled bacon. SG says that’s too lonely for one person to eat so one more person -the one who catches the head that pops out gets to eat too. PD says he will let the person who makes it pop out do whatever he wants for the one who catches.  they do rock paper scissors to see what order they go in. everyone gets their turn. each time they do it others try to pretend catch just in case it pops out. they keep going around taking turns for a while. PD says just cuz you stick it in hard doesnt make it pop.  It’s JW’s turn again. everyone is in a hurry so they say just do it simply. why bother turning it again, but JW does. he puts it in and the head pops out. TH catches it. he has the fastest reflex I ever saw. JW and TH hug twice.  TH kisses the head piece. Someone says TH is really fast.  JW and TH eat the bacon strip with rice. JW cuts it in half but gives the bigger piece to TH. JW feeds TH first and then eats his own spoonful. they ask how it tastes. TH says it’s really yummy. JW says it tastes different from others, it doesnt smell like pig at all. TW jokes: then it’s not pig.

Back in the room, TW is worried cuz he burned his face too much (cuz he has a drama to film). TH puts sliced potato on TW’s face. JM asks if it’s effective so TH says it makes the heat go down. Then TH holds cucumber against his face to press the pieces. SG peels potato slices on JM’s face. SW says it looks like you are throwing away potato slices on JM’s face. TH says it looks like shredded cheese. if you cook it in oven it will be done.  SG jokes tm morning your face will have potato plant growing. SK describes what the dolphins looked like at the last minute – like 30 of them jumped. TW says the potato is cooling his face. TH and JW remove the slices and JM says TW looks more strange. TW worries –what do I do. TW stares at SW so SW asks: who are you. you got strange. TW: I am potato terminator.

Guys gather again for sleeping BBB. SG says whether we sleep inside or sleep outside, we will have fun and make this time fun. it’s time for sleeping BBB. they all spin as they say that. PD says today’s BBB will be in teams. he calls out for the two youngest to step forward and do rock paper scissors to decide teams. SW asks who are the yougest and PS says JW and JM. but JM says I am the same age as SK. SK tries to say he has an earlier birthday (maybe like a couple of months) but PD interrupts and says: SK is like a hyung. everyone laughs

JM and JW do paper rock scissors to pick team members. JW wins and chooses SG. JM chooses TH. SW remarks he was afraid JM would call out his name.  TH shakes his head: I dont think this was it. this is big trouble. they go again and JW wins and chooses TW. SW says to JM: ya to be honest- think about it what will it look like if I am left alone -wont it look sad. SK says I dont you to pick me, but JM picks SK anyway. JW wins again so SW walks over but SG jokes and says wait – let us decide if we want you or give you away. SW: why are you like that.  SW joins them.

First game is a relay race. PD starts to explain how many will start and then increase -start at 2 and 3 then 3 and 4. you just have to return first. the other side has to start 2 and 3 no 3 and 4. He gets confused so SG asks if he knows what he is saying. So instead of a 3 legged race it’s 4. one team has two peole the other 3 then the other team has 3 and the other one 4. They all practice. starts two and then 3 people on the other side. JW’s team has great teamwork. Both teams push against each other to get past as they round the post. They go back and add one more member. JW’s 4 members are slow, but work well together. They push against the other team. JW’s team wins.

This was the practice dry run – but look how TW holds SG and where TW puts his hands.

Next game is to inhale and pass a sheet of paper mouth to mouth till the last person puts it on the dish. Whoever has the most sheets at the end wins. (normally this is a fun couple game cuz you end up kissing by accident.) First is JM and TH – Then TH and SK.  Since SK is last to get the paper, he complains cuz there was some spit on the paper. SG says TH is super fast. JM has too many slips of paper on his mouth so SG says just one at a time. SK almost kisses TH when the paper drops. SW says they are doing well. at the end, SK complains about the spit on the paper from JM. They count how many sheets they moved and there are 12.

SW starts and passes it to TW. Then TW to SG.  Then SG to JW. The sheet of paper drops so basically TW and SW kissed with their mouths open. JM says I think the lips touched. [The way TW is passing that paper to SG looks like he is pulling SG in for a kiss and then passing it. OMG I am dying from laughter. I cant watch this cuz I am laughing too hard.] after almost kissing TW, SW loses focus and can no longer inhale the paper to lift it up. TW is unfazed by the kiss and tells him to hurry. SG’s paper almost slips so JW has to get aggressive to get it. TH and SK are dying from laughter. SW is too slow so TW switches places with him so TW starts off. TW is fast and does it well but SW keeps dropping it as he passes to SG. SW tells SG to do better.  SG and JW have no problems and are super quick. SK says TW hyung is being too racy. (cuz of the way he looks like he is really kissing) OMG – ROFL. TH thinks they were fast after switching. They got 10.

Next is facial masks. PD asks those who need skin care step up. one each. TH wonders who. SK thinks it’s him. PD says the face is important. SG says how JW’s skin is too clean and SG jokes he comes in 2nd cuz of his face so SW says sorry but I think it’s more like 3rd. JM and SG wear masks. They have to make faces with it on till it falls off. JM’s falls off first so they argue cuz he moved his tongue around, but he swears he didn’t touch the mask. Next is SK and JW. They both makes funny faces. SG tells them to say “forehead” to help it fall off. TH makes funny faces watching them. JW’s falls off first. SK’s is still on. PD says JW’s team won sleeping BBB tonight (meaning they get to sleep in the tent and others outside of the tent in the open)

The guys are inside the room. PD says like promised there is no morning mission. They will get breakfast with side dishes too. the time to eat is 5:47am. they will have ten mins to eat then the trays will be taken away. JM points out it’s 2:30am right now.  SW: that means see you in a little while (cuz it’s already late at night now) PD says they will leave at 6. SG says how disappointed they felt not being able to see dolphins today so they will get some hope they can see them tm so they will sleep early. JM asks SK how it was to see them and SK says it was no joke. JM: I want to see them. JW: just imagining it….he doesnt finish his sentence. SG and everyone says the staff suffered (meaning they worked hard)  and they all clap.

TH goes out and looks for a place to sleep. he mutters – now I have to sleep on chairs. He lies down on the chair saying this is perfect but TW says you will be uncomfortable tm. He moves over to a swing and says his legs are hanging off.

JM shaves, SW forgot his towel then asks to borrow JM’s razor, and SK  washed his hair. SK air dries his hair with a towel and he looks like a clown. he says he learned that a hair salon.That is one massive fuzzy hair he has right now. someone should tell him that’s not the best look a single guy wants to show the female audience. at this point, even if he sang, I’m not sure anyone can look at him and swoon.

TH goes and finds a table to sleep on. this is really great-we  should sleep here.  he sings a kid’s song as he takes his sleeping bag out cuz he called his sleeping bag a tadpole blanket. it sounds like that tadpole song TH sang for JE on OB. he mutters he has gotten used to this (sleeping outdoors) and it’s become natural. he gets in his sleeping bag and takes his shoes off. TW sits and watches him then covers up TH’s shoes for him.  From inside the tent, JW is wearing a mask to bed and calls out goodnight. JM: who was that. oh it’s JW. JM looks at him and says you look like the bridal mask. JW is sleeping between TW and SG I think. TH makes room for SK and sleeps on the chairs that are placed next to the platform so JM and SK sleep on the top part. he is so sweet cuz he knew SK couldnt fit in that spot. JM says we have to give SK the middle cuz he is big.

While the guys sleep, individual table full of food is brought out and set by them at 5:47. TH, SK, and JM start eating. Tent guys are still sleeping.

People take the food away from the tent. TH says if JW could, he would have woken up (meaning JW was too tired this time around) PD asks how the food was and TH says I’m done eating. TH puts his finished tray by the tent. SW looks out and sees the table. SW asks if JW ate it. JW says no and wonders if someone ate theirs. he goes out and sips some of the leftover stew. JW wonders who ate it.

The guys stand around and PD says how great the weather is – there is hardly any fog. SG says that gives us hope- whether we see the dolphins or not we have to do our best. They yell fighting and 1n2d

On the bus SG sings. There is a horse on the road (looks more like a colt). SW: this really is jejudo (cuz that only happens there) SG says he seems to be showing us the way – like a unicorn. “Follow me and I will show you where dolphins are”

the guys are on two different buses. JW, TW and SK are on one and the other 4 on the other.

SK is looking out and JW asks: arent they waves? The guys stand looking out. JW uses his hands like a binocular. They play the pororo song cuz he looks like a kid. JW says I can see well.

JM stares at SG through binoculars and says SG really is short.  SW says you look more funny like that. SG says TH looks like a picture – like Indiana jones. (but I doubt Indiana Jones would be caught dead wearing skinny pants)

On the boat, the guys cover their face from the sun and sprays of water. You cant even see TW’s face anymore cuz he covered every part of it. it’s a little too late but guess it’s good they all learned their lessons about sunburn. someone says the camera is ruined so thoughtful JW uses his towel to wipe the camera lens that got wet. (this is why these camera hyungs love him)

TH and JM pretend to make dolphin calls. TH really sounds like them. doesnt he look great here.

they show the airport and TH arriving in Jejudo again. he think if he goes out to the ocean today he will be able to see them. flashback to the guys standing around on the dock and SG said we regret so much about the dolphins so we all decided amongst ourselves that one of our members should come back to film again. TH said himself that he would come down again and we said whoever has a free schedule should come and film together.  TH is on the bus alone looking at the map asking did anyone say they saw them today. He looks out over the water and hears people spot them like this from the road so he takes out his binoculars to look from here. TH: then I have to look – last time I was tricked so it’s hard for me to believe. footage of people on land who actually saw some in the water

TH says this is a program that keeps its promises. a show that does proper after service (meaning they take care of things afterwards) when we say we will find it, we find it. when we say we will show you, we make sure to show you. 1n2d mission’s to find 114 dolphins. to find the dolphins again I arrived in jejudo. he lifts his arms in the air as he says that. after he does that dramatic opening, he wonders arent you going to add a crow flying by. it’s lonely and awkward. even if I fail today in seeing any dolphins, tm SG is ready. after that JM is ready. there are always backups ready, but they will all have the same idea – that I find them. that I will find them today so others don’t have to come. TH asks where do we get on the boat– is it close to here? let’s go then-to ride the boat. what do we do here.

TH gets on a boat alone and shows his wrist camera. last time his vest got in the way and didnt film so this time if i find them, I prepared it to film them. He is on a small speed boat. some guy says you will get wet a lot. TH laughs and says what is this. it’s so cold (cuz of the water sprays). he brought a notebook to write about the dolpin report but he writes “it’s cold”. He sort of sings about dolphins – dolphins where are you. the guide gets a call about a dolphin sighting. TH sits up and is more alert. TH sees them. They are off in the distance. TH:daebak. we found the 114 dolphins. I can see them.” he gets his camera ready. The boat gets next to them and he  snaps away. They are jumping out of the water. TH keeps saying whoa- daebak. Hi. It’s so good to meet you kids. someone says the dolphins are large. TH: the dolphins are hitting us. To be honest- I am a little afraid now (of being capsized). These kids are playing with us, but we are so scared. director – the excitement has gone down a bit. let’s enjoy them now. These kids are playing with us. he lays back and says: this feels great. what to do. omg. It’s no longer surreal. they are going over there. our friends are playing with us. this scene that was so hard to imagine…but guide interrupts and says TH’s hand camera can film underwater so TH says-you should have told me that sooner. this can go underwater. let’s go again (so they can take some underwater shots this time) TH says we will try to follow them. he leans over the boat and sticks his camera in the water and watches them as they swim by. There are lots jumping around nearby. TH: I put the camera underwater so I cant see, I dont know what it’s filming -I am really curious too and look forward to it a lot.  more underwater camera work following the dolphins as they swim underwater and then surface. TH: these kids are having fun. wow. look over there. the dolphins swim with the boat. TH: the kids really must be having fun playing with us- they keep coming. that one is dancing. TH speaks with SG over the phone. TH shows him the view via video and says do you see that. look at him. It’s no joke huh? SG yells when he sees them. TH: this is what it’s like. SG says you did well – you are the best. TH: Thank goodness. Behind me are so many dolphins. SG: how could that happen. TH: hyung now it’s scary.(cuz he could be capsized)  it’s no joke. Anyway I feel like I enjoyed something so great to look at and I only got to see it so it feels a little… SG says you worked hard. TH: hyung see you next week when we are cheery. bye bye. TH narrates and reports: 2:40pm succeeded in finding 114 dolphins mission. this was a very precious memory. Next time I want to share this wonderful experience and show my son and daughter. until then please protect and love our 114 dolphins. please.

Clip of SW talking about how much he likes Jejudo – it’s impressive cuz it has mountains and the sea- Jejudo is God’s gift that He gave us. photos of the trip of all the guys.


I dont care what the critics say about this show – whether it’s too much like a documentary or what have you. as long as these guys laugh this much on each show and have a great time, I am going to as well. I love how each member is always hugging someone. SW put his arm around JW’s shoulder as they were waiting around. JW hugged TH twice when TH caught that head that popped out. During team selection when TH was chosen by JM, you could tell TH wanted to be on JW’s team. That scene was hilarious when JW had to choose among the hyungs cuz you could tell they all wanted to be picked by him. SG hugged him for choosing him first. Bet it was cuz SG fed him that extra spoonful of food. Of course we expected JW to call out TW next. Bet his third choice would have been TH if TH hadnt been chosen by JM. All this to say that I never realized till now that the old cast members never hugged this much in their last few years. Sure when they were on teams and won, they celebrated with hugs and high fives, but after 5 yrs together, there was less and less. Right now these guys are still newbies so maybe all this bromance will wear off after time, but I sure hope it sticks around. Who knows for certain, but for most of these guys, showing affection seems to be built into their DNA.


45 comments on “1N2D S2E9

  1. Anonymous says:

    YAY!! camping!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you Softy. I think 1N2D doing pretty good balance the humour, I really enjoyed last week’s episode… 1N2D Edutainment! 1N2D always give me a glimpse of beautiful Korea.

    Will wait patiently for your recap and screencaps!


  3. SS says:

    Joowon ah….you learn how to prepare a forehead for flicking from your HT, right?


  4. nonski says:

    thanks softy! you bringing us this made me experience the whale watching. i must admit this is readily available for us here in my place but my phobia would have me dead riding those little boats. 1n2d is so awesome that i as new to this variety show already love how it is, i dunno how awesome it was before but i love they show and thanks to you on that note. 🙂


  5. SS says:

    And only Baek Tazza can win you at kai bai bo?


  6. semi-fly says:

    Torrents for episode 387 / S2E09:
    – ohys / 720p: https://www.box.com/s/9a64f579086c80168850


  7. loverz says:

    waaa…love this episode..although I don’t know what they said….waiting for your recap Softy dear…>< Hwaiting…


  8. SS says:

    Thanks Semi-fly for super fast torrents and waiting for Softy’s recap, thanks in advance , Softy.
    Today’s episode is really hilarious. I laugh non-stop during the games although I had no idea what they were saying.
    And it appears Joowon has a self-washing face or body cuz I have yet to see him in the shower or bathroom. He is taking his latest drama seriously huh? He slept in a facial mask all night.


    • Softy says:

      I know – why doesnt he ever wash? only time was E1 or E2 when he brushed his teeth.
      I think JW slept with that mask on cuz he got too much sun and watching how worried TW was about his sunburn probably made JW worry too. I bet the staff had lots of extra masks lying around after the game so he put one on to bed. Poor TW really needed to. I dont watch equator man but I bet his makeup artist had to do some extra work and put on more coverage than usual to cover up that tan. he should have worn sunscreen to begin with – what was he thinking letting himself get sunburned like that.
      During that pass the paper with your mouth game, I laughed so hard I almost fainted. 🙂


  9. bird says:

    Thank you so much Softy and Semi-fly 🙂
    Wave to SS ,Nonski ,Loverz and everybody ,^^
    Poor TW oppa he got sunburn so his face is red. and when SG sliced potato on JM face it so funny, I laugh until my stomach ache.
    It’s so great to see all the dolphins and make me wanna see it with my own eyes ,
    I really want to get that wonderful experience,too.


    • nonski says:

      *waves back^
      uh-oh yeah TW’s face is sooo red.


      • SS says:

        “waves back” to nonski, bird.

        Still laughing as I read Softy’s recap. I think this episode should shut up some of those naysayers about how boring or unfunny season 2 is. Actually who cares, not me. And I have confidence that as these members get together more, we can expect better episodes to come.


        • nonski says:

          actually when i started season 2, i tried looking on some of the prior season and i could i love this cast and i love this show 🙂


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  11. sammi says:

    Can’t wait to watch this episode!


  12. Anonymous says:

    OMG. UTW’s hands. Hahaha.

    Thanks for recap Softy 🙂


  13. sammi says:

    Joo Won even manage to look good with that mask on!! what a near to perfect face


  14. thom says:

    thank you so much softy and semi-fly.
    this episode I lauch so much at begin till the end love the show and how wonderful dolphins I wanna knew which month we can find dolphins at jejudo.
    love all the cast so much. and i laugh so hard when I heard TH laugh. love JW as always.
    poor TW heong got sunburn everyone please take care in summer it strong sunlight.


  15. loverz says:

    thank you for the recap Softy…^^


  16. bbblue73 says:

    Dearest Softy & Semifly…..a bunch of thank you so much for always.


  17. sammi says:

    Best episode of season 2 so far OMG I laughed so hard until I passed out lol during the game thing OMG


  18. bbblue73 says:

    Cute Joowon in his manual telescope, LOL….& more….



  19. SS says:

    Softy, I still remember what you said about how watching 1N2D will give us insights about the real Joowon.

    I was shocked to see Joowon slurping down the leftover soup during breakfast in this episode. He must be one of the most unassuming celebrity I have come across. He also doesn’t bother too much about his appearance. I think he kept his hair under the cap because it’s too long and floppy when it’s not styled so it’s more for convenience that anything else. In Bridal Mask BTS, he even let himself be filmed with his hair pinned up without his police hat. So I am not surprised that in this ep, he let himself be filmed wearing that facial mask to sleep.

    By the way, Softy, I love your screencaps. Super!


  20. SS says:

    credit baidu

    there was no preview today, so here’s some photos of water rafting next week and a very short video clip. Definitely not preview but probably taken by someone in the crew or a fan.

    There was a comment in which TW is to have said someone’s got a better build than he imagine. Not sure who he is referring to. We shall see. However, I have learnt to lower my expectation of Joowon revealing anything more than his face. From the photos, he even seems to be wearing a cap beneath the helmet and he has long sleeves. The only things he bared are his kneecaps, that’s all i can admire now.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Softy and SS.

      I’m laughing like crazy watching the games they played. Next week seems fun. I guess JW must wear a cap because his hair is so soft, the cap help his hair in position. Hehe.


    • bbblue73 says:

      Hello Bird dear, thanks a lot.


    • SS says:

      thank you bird. I always love your cuts! Now I can sleep happy.


    • bird says:

      Hello!! bbblue ,SS 🙂 good night and have a sweet dream ^^


    • Anonymous says:

      thanks!!! now where did JW learn that warming-up-before-flicking thing?


    • Waaa… Bird dear thank you for this cut. Hugs hugs.. 🙂
      Blow kisses & waves to you & also to SS, bbblue, nonski, sammi, loverz, thom and all anons here… muah.. muah.. pyong3x ^__^
      I was going to join the fun last night here after the show, but I was out of breath & blacked out from laughing so hard during “pass the paper with mouth” game & relay race game, hehe 😀 😀

      Thank you Softy for your awesome recaps & screencaps as always. you always make every episode became so special and fascinating to read.
      And thank you to Semi-fly for your Torrents… hugs hugs 🙂


  21. SS says:

    Hi Softy, you are right. Joowon is the one wearing orange in the preview photos. Sigh, I have not seen him in short sleeves for a long time..why do I sound so desperate? I think he is going to take a bath with his life vest on.


    • HAHAHAAA… SS dear, patient is a virtue!! 😀
      Just wait for few more episodes, I believe when the weather is getting hotter, he will jump into the water topless or with thin shirt on with no hesitation..
      Just like you said : He must be one of the most unassuming celebrity…
      Honestly, I’m really proud of his indifferent, even though I was shocked too ^__^


  22. anonymous says:

    Joo Won and his soft hair, no wonder in OB I remember that Kim PD nim praised his healthy shining hair. Heh.

    I love yesterday’s episode, the games they’re playing.. Insane! Bird PD and the team did a good job with the game and the BBB dinner.


  23. Anonymous says:

    “So far on 1n2d there weren’t that many games TW was good at, but we found something he can ace. Leave it to TW to not only enjoy this, but be great at it. ”

    I agree Softy. He’s getting better and becoming more witty now. Haha. I don’t think that Bird PD is fan of games like ‘Strawberry Game’ ‘Multiply Game’ ‘Name the Capitol’ . TW and JM, both worst in those games!

    But, I remember one time when my I laughing really hard when they show picture of famous person/icon. They show picture of PORORO to TW and without hesitation, he said “PENGUIN”. LOL.


  24. enz says:

    man, if i were a celebrity and working hard, i would also want to join this show – its so much fun – it must feel like play to them. like i said before, am so glad joo won got in. for our sakes’ and for his too 🙂


  25. Ann J says:

    Lee Seuggi said he had the best 5yrs doing 1N2D but now he will not be able to live tis kind of life as he’s pursuing his acting n singing career. Thereafter, army life…i think a lot of celebrities wished they could participate in this show too. When UTW first joined the show he was so SHY n DORKY.. but look at him now. Bet he’s enjoying this newfound ‘hyungs/dongsaengs’..
    As forJW (the ‘maknae’), what a better way to enjoy his life and release stress then being with a group of ‘fun, crazy hyungs’ in 1N2D.. Hope he will treasure all the memories like LSG/Jiwon.!!!!
    Even in reality, we can’t even spare our time to go vacation with our buddies.. Oooops… My ‘chingus’ pls be patience, i know..i know i’m still planning our yearly trip!!!!! How about KOREA… Jejudo??? Gaksital drama-site???


    • enz says:

      thats what i think too.. they seem to work so hard and it cant be easy to have fun like us ‘normal’ people – i mean they are constantly scrutinised so its hard to let your hair down. here they get to be somewhat themselves and have lots of fun. AND get paid!


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