Ojakkyo Brothers E44 plus long BTS

Sometimes these main pics just choose themselves. It’s like the scene itself screams out “this is the best part of tonight.” I had a tough choice though cuz I loved TB and SY’s stairwell scene too. If tonight’s episode is any indication of how OB is going to set the pace for the new year and future episodes, can I just say they knocked it out of the park. There wasn’t a single dull scene and every little fervent wish we ever had for our OB couples came out. I am also including J and the mom too as part of the couples and now we have a new one with grandma and Guksoo.  It’s just astounds me how this drama makes me fall in love with it all over again with each new episode.  What a great way to bring in the new year.


A new BTS of OB posted by Doinysia. Longer clip has been added by DP and Zalapaoii  – Thank you 🙂

BTS clip translations:

There is a question on the screen  (my guess is which couple is the best on OB) so JooWon answers: isnt it TH and JE couple? Uee giggles. Joowon asks her: that couple is really good-how about you since you’ve been watching well. Uee:  I like them. JooWon: been having fun watching them but I am the youngest. Uee: but you are the tallest. Narrator says TH and J couple’s love elicits the most interest from the viewers. Joowon is doing some kind of shuffling dance that he is showing  Uee so she sort of mimics him too. Narrator says she heard they have a special filming today so they went on set.  Uee: I am soooo looking forward to it cuz oppa sings so well so it’s so great that I get to hear it live. Joowon: there is trouble. Camera guy says to Joowon: you must feel burdened. Joowon: there is burden and also it’s not like I got to practice singing for a few days –since it’s cold I cant think of the lyrics –my mouth is frozen too so I will do my best. Narrator says today’s shooting is an event to serenade J. narrator asks Uee: how did you feel in that moment while listening (to him sing). Uee says she was moved –it wasn’t a scene where I was supposed to cry so much but I was touched so I think I cried more–I think I was really moved by it and it was great hearing him sing – he is so good at singing. She gives him a thumbs up.

Uee: I liked it a lot. Cuz I have the interest of both guys. Jwoon: for me I really feel the jealousy I am supposed to feel in the role and filming it as is (feeling that). Narrator asks how are TH and J couple for real on set? She says for Uee’s sake, Joowon keeps an eye on the monitor (meaning: to check everything is going ok or was shot ok so she doesn’t have to do another take). Uee stands there saying how cold it is so Joowon walks over and touches how cold her hands are and buttons up her jacket more. narrator says they are busy taking care of each other on the set normally –in the drama, maybe there aren’t acting? (while Joowon was buttoning her up I think she was muttering it would be harder to take off later when she has to film but he just shook his head and kept buttoning)

Uee: he jokes a lot and since TH oppa is the only one I can comfortably ask –when I first went on set to shoot, I didn’t even what “1,2,3” so he taught me a lot of stuff like that. Uee: it’s going to be a love that makes your heart ache soon, even though we are a couple that just got started –my dad will show up and I don’t know what will happen exactly but I think it might become a love that makes your heart ache.

MS and TS have an NG for their almost kissing scene so TS complains she spit on him. The comedian who acted as TS’s blind date used her whole body to wiggle and squirm and gave him strange stares so he laughed and there was an NG. SY had an NG cuz her lines got jumbled. TS got an NG cuz his lines were jumbled. The king of NG’s that the actors chose as number one is….RSH (TB) he is playing a reporter so he has a lot of lines about the news and he gets an NG for forgetting his lines, his tongue got twisted so NG, TB says sorry cuz he did it without looking at his lines so there is second NG for forgetting his lines. TB asks if he should do it by reading his lines (like from a promptor or cue card) and goes again. just when they thought he was slowly and naturally saying his lines…but he couldnt see the lines so 3rd NG. then a person walked by behind him so a 4th NG. and he succeeded in his 5th try.  LOL – poor guy. 🙂

This is the full version posted by DP and Zalapaoii and some scenes from the above clip are included here.

Until now what no one has asked and what no one could hear –the truth behind the actors from OB –more fun than the drama –the real charm/ attraction will be revealed now. Last month on the 29th, we went to the Ojak film set. As their popularity rises the actors laughs don’t stop. Even though they have tight schedules their bare minimum is their best. Joowon rubs his un-styled natural hair (OMG he looks like Guksoo’s twin brother). Narrtor: What is the mood of OB set?

Joowon: it’s good but already it’s sad. Thinking about how there isnt much left. TP: it feels just like the day before yesterday when we were all sweating together to film (in the summer). Narrator: like a real family on a picnic, the actors who divide and eat the food (on set)

Narrator describes what kind of police officer TH is and says TH and J’s love is like romeo and juliet, romantic comedy for TB and SY, old romance for TB and MS, age difference love (younger and older) between Y and TP-out of them who are the best couple? All the actors choose TH and J. SY, MS, Joowon, and the dad choose TH and J.

For the tent scene when TH went in there and passed out. Narrator says after watching TH sleep, J’s heart started to race and beat fast. Uee: I think I had feelings for TH oppa a little bit that’s why I let him sleep there. from what I think – if I didn’t like him then I would have dragged him and kicked him outside but instead of doing that – seeing how I let him sleep there, didn’t JE have feelings for TH oppa. Narrator: like Uee said, in the end the two people started to love and j smiles whenever she sees TH and TH who was cold/brusque in front of girls, he finds himself continuing to be concerned when it comes to J. How are they now? Joowon: they started to love each other and changed a lot. TH used to be brusque and aloof and not show his emotions/feelings but now in front of J he has become more cute and Uee says J became more mature while dating TH oppa. Joowon cracks a joke and says: “I made her go for moral education classes” meaning that’s why she matured so quickly. *Thanks to Sparkskey for translating that line.

Narrator says KJ came out and added fire to TH’s jealousy. Narrator just describes the clips as they are. For the scene where TH fights the loan sharks, narrator say officer hwang TH was there by her side. if it’s for her sake, even his life isnt a waste (meaning he could die for J) For the scene where J wraps his injured hand in bandage: in front of TH’s love, J’s frozen love began to thaw. They confirmed their feelings with their first kiss. It became the choding (childish) kiss or “freeze” kiss

They go to show the ducks who star in OB. Duck owner says normally they are dirty and looks yellow and brownish but the ducks on the show are white so they give the ducks baths in the morning before they film. Also they chose ducks who are docile and listen to people well. They tested to see if they listen to directions well and all of them do so the narrator says they all pass to be able to film on OB.

During that scene where the dad gets mad about finding out TH and J are dating, he slipped and fell as he got up so there was an NG and the GM cant lift her head from laughing so much. Outside the film studio, there is hot rice cake soup waiting for the actors. TP staff prepared rice cake soup for the new year’s and TP says personally he wants to give the soup to grandma. J leads the dad by the arm to go eat and he asks if Uee is the one who paid for this but she says she didn’t. for the Ojak team who has been like one family for the past few months. TP tells the dad that TP paid for all this so dad says so maknae paid for this. On the busy film set the ojak family gathered together to eat. GM says she doesn’t like to eat rice cake cuz it means they are one year older. Dad adds “me too. Let’s just eat this deliciously.” Some guy asks how they like the soup and GM says it’s delicious and I didn’t know TP paid for it. Dad says the nation’s goddess Uee has paid (for a meal) before too. Uee explains how her fans sent food during an outdoor shoot. GM says the dad’s fans said they would bring food too but GM said don’t do that so they all laugh. Narrator says they look comfortable like one family now. Uee asked who are his fans and GM says the dad has a lot of fans – all ajummas. Uee explains how lots of people don’t call her by her real name and call her Ja eun. And when they ask about her drama’s storyline she realized we really are popular. Joowon says there were people who didn’t even give him food when he ordered it but now they give more and other times there are people who pay for him and then leave. These days when I go to restaurants more good things happen, I eat a lot, and have more to be thankful for. GM: that is why OB is good –also it’s good cuz of high ratings –the entire family –from the grandma all the way down to the grandchild living together –this is that kind of drama that shows that –these days there aren’t that many homes that live with grandmas and there aren’t that many homes where they put the elderly first. When you watch this drama – when they gather to eat –the GM has to say first – did everyone come? Ok then let’s eat. She has to say that for everyone to pick up their spoons. (Uee and Joowon nod their heads in agreement at the same time) GM: just looking at that one thing, that is why this drama has a lot for people to study and learn from since these days people are forgetting they need to respect their elders so it’s a drama where you can learn a lot so it’s a drama where the entire family can gather to watch-that’s why so many audience members probably love it. Joowon and TP call Guksoo over. Narrator says watching the uncles take care of their nephew and the grandpa, great grandma, aunt, and uncles it looks like a family. Dad tells Guksoo how youngest uncle paid for this soup and to say one word (of thanks). GM asks him to say it in english. Narrator says it’s time to ask questions the audience has been curious about. They randomly select questions and hold it up. Uee answers: for real? I really wish we were all family members.  Dad asks his question – who is the cheapest out of OJak family. Just say it’s me. GM asks what her question is – who has the same image as in the drama and who is the opposite. Grandma picks herself. Dad says he will guess what the right answer is. The person who is the same as the drama image is me cuz I do the same thing. Act according to my temper. The opposite is my wife kim ja ok. (the mom). guksoo reads his –during filming  who is the one who makes the most NGs. GM asks: who is it? Guksoo says Ja Eun noona. GM says it’s not J. Uee owns up that she does make a lot of NGs.  And says other actors help her a lot. TP holds up his question about who acts the most conceited (thinks highly of themselves-girl who acts like a princess) so Uee points out “am I not the only girl? Cant we get rid of this question?” TP says to her: you are thinking of the person I am. GM asks who is the conceited person?  Uee is surprised cuz she thought they meant her but GM says no and hints who it is so TP asks if she thinks that too and is about to say who but GM says isnt it SY’s mom? isnt she cuz she always comes out with her hair bands like flowers even when she goes to her in laws. TP says he was going to say his mom. GM says so you were only thinking within our team. TP explains how the mom during script readings always wears nice clothes and looks cool and stylish he thinks she should do that, but the mom wears peach colored feminine pants. Off camera someone asks about who is the male conceited person and TP and GM say it’s TB. TP: he looks in mirrors a lot. Joowon imitates TB saying he looks in the mirror and touches up his hair. He knows how to do that and wears only things that fit hyung’s style. TP: it’s almost coming to the end so it’s sad – sad to part ways. Hope that we end well and leave behind a good project.

Best action scene was when the dad hugged his son and made TS fall down. Then says Joowon was the best for being the officer that chases after his suspects – he ran and fell down and flew (jump scene)-hung on the car and show such daring acting. But the best action star the Ojak family actors chose is…MS says it’s Uee. SY: Uee. KJ: Uee. Narrator says could this loving young lady do an action scene well? They show Uee fighting with the other girl at school and acting drunk and destroying the farm and at the police station. Sy’s mom and SY get chosen for yelling and screaming. SY’s mom: I do yell a lot but my character’s personality seeks perfection so from a mother’s heart’s perspective everything doesn’t seem right so there are a lot of things that make her furious so she had a lot of things to yell about. Narrator asks who is the best at crying acting?J’s sadness from losing a father. SY’s shock from having to divorce. TH finding out his birth mother died. TS’s life being complicated by a child he didn’t know about. Out of all these Kim Ja Ok’s cried the most. Narrator says the scene where the other actors chose as the scene they cried the most is -when the mom goes to her deceased mom’s gravesite and tells her what she did to J. feeling the guilt of stealing the contract. Uee says good luck in the new year, dad says earn a lot of money. TB and SY say whatever you do hope you are happy. TS: OB airs till feb so…Uee finishes and says please love us a lot. We are asking for a lot of your interest. Guksoo and his mom say: OB fighting. GM asks everyone to love OB a lot until the last scene-happy new year in and may you receive a lot of luck in 2012. TP:happy new year. Joowon: thank you. they all wave.

Sparkskey’s E45 written preview

Mom gets a shock when she hears from Dad that the culprit of the hit and run was Baek Inho and can’t sleep because of this unbelievable news….. On the other hand, GM treats J very well, like a grandaughter-in-law and pushes her to get married to TH quickly.

TB meets HR and tells her the person he loves is SY and says this will be their final farewell greeting. SY still treats TB very coldly but when she experiences sudden stomach pains, she calls TB urgently

Sparkskey translated E44 video preview – Thank you 🙂

J back hugs the mom. J: Ajumma! mom: Why are you like this? J: Because I’m happy -that GM and ajumma like me. Trying to distance herself from J,  mom makes up an excuse: I have to go wash up.

mom: what should we do about those kids? we have to tell them to break up right? Dad: Of course they’ve got to break up

TB: What do I have to do? SY: As I’ve said before, it’s too late. TB: Do you really not love me? SY goes to her car and doubles over in pain: TB-sshi, my stomach really hurts

Thank you Bird for the fast video clips, gifs, and pics. Thank you CK for the tent clip. 🙂

Special thanks to Iviih for posting video clips all this time right after the episodes aired. Now that you have spoiled us, we are going to feel your absence more acutely for the next month while you are away on vacation. Have fun on your trip and rush back to us as soon as you can-we will be missing you. 🙂

This is my fav pic of them. How could these two not have won? Even when they are just walking along, you can see how they are the perfect drama couple. Despite this one setback last night, I think the KBS awards did well to recognize how great OB is and I want to thank everyone on this site who almost broke their fingers from voting so much. You guys made it all happen so congratulations. 🙂


Yes I know this is not from OB. I didnt even watch Me too flower, but I love this screencap so it’s my background tonight. I have this thing about leaves – totally love it and collect anything leaf patterned. 🙂


J goes down the stairs to the subway station where she saw her dad and looks at each homeless person on the ground and then men who walk by who she thinks is her dad. She sees her dad walking ahead of her so she makes him turn around but it’s not her dad. then she sees another man who looks like her dad but it’s not him. J crouches down and just sits like that.

Mom asks the dad: why are you like that? why get angry suddenly at the kid. how stunned the kid must have been. if she did something to deserve to be scolded and got yelled at then it’s one thing, but she could make that kind of mistake. just cuz she did that, did you have to be so harsh with her? didnt you think about the kid’s pride? dad: I said let’s move – why arent you listening to me? mom: why is the talk about moving coming out again here? dad: from the beginning I didnt want to stay on the farm like this (under this conditions) I forced myself to live by putting up with something I hated, but when I saw you get sick I totally lost the desire to continue. you dont listen to my words so now I ended up disliking J too. mom says how he should talk so she understands – it’s not kid’s play so what is he talking about suddenly. he says he is the head of the family so if the head of the family says “let’s go” once,  why cant she listen to him without any backtalk and move – just this once. mom: did something happen? is that it? She asks if he caused trouble again. dad:what? mom: tell me–what is it? I have to hear it out to decide to move or not. dad says never mind. that didnt happen so forget about it. he gets defensive and says he didnt do that (cause trouble)

TH goes to the subway station looking for J and sees J sitting on the stairs with her head down. He goes over and calls her name and she looks up. J: ajussi. He asks why she is here like this. J: cuz I didnt have any energy but now I am ok – since I saw you ajussi now I think I can live. up to a moment ago I thought I would die.  He asks if anything happened. She says I saw my dad – it might have been someone who looks like my dad but I lost him so I couldn’t confirm it. I kept waiting in case he came back but he didn’t come again. ajussi – my dad is probably alive right? TH nods yes. J: It’s real right? TH helps her up and says he is alive for sure. J cries and says: ajussi I miss dad so much. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. i never got to say farewell. even if it’s the last time it’s ok but I want to see my dad’s face just once. To me – my dad is my dad and mom – he is my entire family so I want to tell him not to worry-that his daughter Ja Eun is really ok – that she can live well on her own – I have to tell him so that my dad can….

she breaks down in tears so TH wipes her tears and hugs her and let’s her cry on his shoulder.

(*I love that we can see TH’s dimpled reflection in this shot! -Fand)

J is sleeping in the car with a blanket over her. TH looks from outside and knocks on the window. She rolls it down and he asks if she slept some. She says yes and asks what he had been doing. He asks her to get out of the car for a bit.

TH: let’s have a end of the year party. he set up a tent next to the car. There is cake inside with lit candles on it. They sit inside. He says he was originally going to do this tm while listening to the *New Year’s bell ring, but he just quickly set it up today instead. Since she had a lot of difficult things happen this year, he wants her to shake it all off and put it behind her to greet the new year well. Next year you will turn 25 right? Is there anything you want to say? J: this past year, there were so many things that happened that I couldn’t even imagine. Lost my dad in the accident. That’s how I ended up coming to the farm. Since I met ajumma and you ajussi –I don’t think it was all bad. But I hope I don’t have to experience both the hardest and greatest things all at the same time again. TH nods and says: it will turn out like that. J: ajussi – just in case – if one of us ends up getting tired of the other or end up disliking the other –make sure to say “I am tired of you” and says our final farewells and then break up. No matter what happens, without saying anything and leaving like my dad-let’s not do that to each other. TH nods and says: ok I promise. J: me too – I promise. Should we blow the candles out. TH grunts yes. She says somehow it seems like a waste(to just blow it out without doing something).

(Thanks to Joonni and a friend for some clarifications. *TH was talking about the end of the year event – on the 31st a bell at city hall is rung at 11:59 and people reflect on the year they had and think about how to better yourself for the new year)

J asks TH to sing for her. TH: huh? sing? I can’t sing. J: it’s ok if you cant sing well – please sing for me. it’s the end of the year party and at the end of the year party you normally sing a song. TH: ok but I really can’t sing well. He sings “I will raise you up” in English. She leans her head on his shoulder as he sings.  when he gets to the line “I am strong when i am on your shoulder” J’s teardrops fall. It starts to snow outside as his voice continues to sing into the night.

(OMG they got him to sing – this is a miracle-Softy feels like she just died and went to heaven)

TS remembers how MS yelled at him to just worry about himself since he is jobless. The mom calls TS and Guksoo to eat breakfast. N says he is done (packing for school). TS: let’s go eat.

Mom asks TS: since last month – cuz you have Guksoo – didnt you say you would deposit the living expenses? TS: yes. mom:last month it came in once but this month it didnt come in. didnt your pay date pass? TS says he forgot and will deposit it today. good thing you told me cuz I almost forgot.  He asks GM- can i ask you for a favor? later when Guksoo gets out of school, could you go to bring him home? GM:me? TS: yes it hasnt been that long since Guksoo started school so I thought for the time being it would be good to escort him. GM looks at Guksoo. Guksoo says: I can come home alone. Mom says she will do it if the GM doesn’t want to. GM says: it’s ok – he (TS) is saying an old woman has nothing to do at home so she should at least do that. I get it – I will do it. TS: grandma that’s not why. GM: I said it’s ok – as exercise it would be good to go slowly there and back. dont worry and go to work. TS thanks her. TS tells Guksoo to come home with great grandma after school ends. Guksoo says yes. J smiles and pats his head.

GM asks TH again when he is going to bring his girl around since a few days passed. mom says not many days passed since that talk came out. GM: those few days seem like months and years to me. I can’t sleep. TH says: grandma then should I come with her tonight. J looks up aat him. Mom: really? TH: yes it’s ok right? even tho he was asking his mom and GM, he sort of looked at J like he was asking her. J sort of quickly blinks yes but TP noticed that.  GM says why ask – of course it’s ok. mom: is it ok. did you already ask that young lady in advance? TP: he already asked. mom: you already asked? wait – maknae do you know who that young lady is? have you met her before? J looks surprised that TP knows. TH looks at TP sort of annoyed. TP tries to cover his tracks and says: no I am guessing. would TH hyung not ask that and make that decision. mom: I thought you had met her. I am so curious how the young lady looks.

When SY leaves her home G is waiting for her. she asks what brings him here. He says he came out too early from home and drove around and ended up here. He tells her to get in and go to work comfortably in his car

TB wakes up and lies there in bed.

TB turns a corner and sees SY with G. G was telling her the weather got colder. SY: yes. she sees TB. TB turns and leaves

SY goes into the meeting room and HR is there. they sort of bow to each other silently and they sit across from each other. HR: I am sorry. I think I made a mistake to you. I wanted to apologize – if I knew that person’s wife was you… SY interrupts and says:  now it’s not –Han HR shi- we divorced so you don’t need to feel sorry to me anymore

SY’s mom is stuffing her face. Dad asks if she ate all of this. dad: stop eating you will get indigestion. Mom: I am hungry. even if i keep eating, I am hungry. at least with food, let me do what I want. He says no if you keep this up, you will get sick. stop eating and get up. let’s go out

He takes her shopping and tells her to choose whatever she wants and holds up clothes asking how about this. it’s pretty. She goes and randomly selects clothes without looking at it and ends up choosing a lot.  She still looks sad

* someone asked why the mom was cleaning and crying yesterday and people are going to wonder why she is like this now. my guess is that she feels empty. she realizes what she thought she wanted – getting SY away from TB – is not really something that sits well with her. the mom played a part in taking away her daughter’s chance of happiness so how could the mom enjoy life when she knows what’s ahead for her daughter – a long road of raising the baby alone without a husband. the mom knows how miserable SY must feel right now so the mom can’t enjoy anything and is trying to fill her life with something to distract her from her misery like cleaning, overeating, or overshopping.

Y looks over at TP and remembers how he said “those are the words I want to say to you.” TP remembers how Y said “I love you.” he looks over at her and she looks away quickly. She goes to the back. TP goes in there too and she asks what he is doing now. Stop right there – are you going to keep crossing the line like this. you clearly said you would keep within the lines. Did you forget. I am the owner and you are the manager. I am the owner and you are… TP smiles and reaches for the items he came to get. TP: what are you imagining? He walks away. Y calls out: what are you saying I imagined? She is embarrassed and calls herself crazy

A customer comes in and TP welcomes him. TP asks if he is looking for something, but the guy says he wants to look at some hiking wear and will choose on his own. Y comes out and see the man and drops the clothes she was holding. The guy calls out her name and goes to her. he asks when she came back to korea – I didn’t know at all. She says its been a long time. he asks if she had been well. She says yes. He gives her his card and says call and he will buy dinner so they can clear up their misunderstanding. she doesnt take the card so he leaves it on the table asking her to call.

Y starts to cry. TP asks who that man was. She says someone she knows and tells TP to work. she starts to walk off but he holds her arm. He asks who he is – her former husband? She tells him not to cross the line cuz it’s not something he should be concerned with. TP lets go of her arm. She says she is leaving first- sorry.

GM walks with Guksoo and neighbors says hi to her. GM walks quickly ahead. Guksoo walks behind her and people whisper about him. “that must be him. Is the rumor true? They Ojak’s eldest son “caused trouble” with a Philippine woman. (another way of saying he got her pregnant) I bet the old woman’s roof collapsed around her.”  GM listens to all that and walks back to Guksoo and says why cant you walk faster- let’s go- hold GM’s hand. Guksoo smiles and intertwines his fingers with hers. She walks along then looks down at their hands. She is surprised and let’s go and tells him to hold her hand again. He interlocks his fingers with hers again and she is surprised by it. GM says “omae” and holds his hand close to her. GM: Let’s go it’s cold

(*Who else is happy that this weekend the stylists remembered how great TH looks in big collars and black? -Fand)

TH is waiting for KJ at his work. KJ asks what brings TH all the way here to come find him. TH asks for the evidence from the accident. KJ: ah – cuz of that. Ok. I should give it to you, but there is a condition. He asks to be included in the investigation. TH asks: why? What does that accident have to do with you? KJ: why doesn’t it have anything to do with me when it is connected to mother. Mother felt indignant a lot over that. If you don’t want to then never mind. KJ starts to turn away, but TH says ok but if you get in the way of the investigation I will kick you out right away. KJ: then should we start today

They both go to meet Bong. TH says hello to Bong. Bong: I have nothing to say so go back.  TH: I am not asking for a lot. anything you can remember is ok. Bong ignores him. KJ calls someone and says you have a gathering today don’t you?

A lot of people come to eat at the restaurant. KJ helps serve while TH is wiping down spoons and stuff. KJ’s friend orders more food and soju but KJ tells him to drink beer and orders 5 bottles. KJ tells them to order some take out and give it to their parents as they leave. KJ calls out to Bong to wrap up 4 to go. KJ goes to some other guys and tells them what to order. TH watches all that. TH is helping wipe down spoons from the side. KJ asks Bong if KJ helped with some business today. (brought in some revenue) Bong says of course he did. Bong asks what KJ’s name is. KJ says his name. KJ sneaks in a question asking was there no evidence from the hit and run accident. Bong: why wouldnt there be -there was a deciding piece of evidence.  TH interrupts and asks “what was the deciding piece of evidence” so Bong says that is all he will tell today and walks away. KJ uses an old phrase to say how TH shouldnt have gotten in the way cuz KJ could have gotten more info from Bong

J and the mom go to a huge duck farm and look around. The mom holds onto J’s arm. They meet with the farm owner who has a successful duck business. J says how clean and well taken care of the duck coop is and the ducks all look healthy. Mom says: of course – this place’s ducks are well known for being so good- the meat is so delicious there is a rumor that there is honey in the feed.  J asks if the woman cant tell them what the woman puts in her feed. The mom smells the air and says she smells some “suh” but the woman doesn’t say anything.  J explains: we are in the process of developing a feed so couldn’t you give us some tips? woman compliments J: your daughter is really pretty and nice. J and the mom seem taken back cuz the mom says “what?” the woman asks: isn’t she your daughter? Isnt she related to you? mom lies: yes it’s true she is my daughter. [They play up the whole “mother daughter caring about each other” angle to elicit sympathy from the woman] mom holds J’s arm. Mom: She is so nice so she follows her mom around like this and helps me.  If I want to pay this nice kid’s tuition I have to succeed this time in developing the new feed. J adds: mom’s wish is to succeed in developing a new feed and her wish is to be able to raise and sell ducks with her own hands just once. Mom explains how she wasn’t able to sell any for a year so this kid lives in the duck coop morning and night. J tries to look pitiful. Mom: No matter how she wanted to succeed in developing the feed to make her mom’s wish come true. Mom looks at J as she says: We have to succeed this time no matter what. J puts her hands together and sort of gives the woman a begging look. the woman says she doesn’t just use one ingredient. J: what? So you put in two or three at the same time?  the woman shares that tip and smiles at the mom and walks off. J and mom smile at each other.

J and the mom are eating together. J says it looks good and tells the mom to eat a lot. She pours some water for the mom. Mom tells J to eat a lot cuz it was cold so J must have been shaking from the cold. J: I wasn’t cold – I wore the red thermal underwear you bought me ajumma. J pulls up her sleeve to reveal the red thermal underwear underneath. Mom looks and asks: you did? you wore that?  From here on make sure you wear that as you go around. J: now even if you told me to take it off I cant take it off –it’s so warm. She tells the mom to eat. Mom tells her to eat too. Mom: are you really going to be my daughter? J looks at her and shakes her head. J: no I don’t want to. (cuz that means J cant marry TH) mom looks sort of hurt but says: you don’t want to? I didn’t say that cuz I liked it anyway. They eat. But the mom asks: you really don’t want to? J: yes I don’t want to. To be honest…the mom cuts her off and says: it’s ok – I don’t want to either. She motions for J to just eat. J looks worried for a second but continues eating. She notices the mom’s handbag and how the straps are about to fall off.

TH is licking his spoon. He is with J. TH: instead of couple rings, you want me to buy mom’s bag as a present? J: yes. TH: why? J: what do you mean why? A son is getting his mom a present so why say why? Sons really are useless. TH: that wasn’t what I meant. J: cuz ajumma’s bag is too old and tattered. I was going to buy it for her, but I am still a student and don’t have much money. if you buy it ajussi, ajumma will like it more. TH: I;m ok with that but will you be ok? You wont feel sad? (about not getting couple rings). J: if I did then I wouldn’t have brought it up. TH: ok. He looks down and it’s almost gone. TH: ya! J looks down and says: you said you didn’t like sweet things ajussi. TH pouts and says: but I eat ice cream

*man I am bummed there wont be any couple rings. but it’s nice of J to think of the mother first.

The dad goes to visit his younger brother’s memorial. Dad: CH ah- hyung came – TH is doing well. He resembles you so all his life he didnt cause trouble. 26 yrs ago we should have caught the criminal who killed you. hyung didn’t have any strength so I wasnt able to catch the criminal and lost him. if I did that then I wouldnt have lived looking at In Ho’s face. and I wouldnt have lived ten years on his farm. You were looking down from heaven over everything weren’t you? then you should have told hyung. how could you make me live off the farm given by the culprit who killed you? even in my dream you should have come to find me and tell hyung that I shouldnt have stayed in that guy’s farm. dad wipes his tears.

GM shows up and he asks what brings her here. she asks why he is here cuz he didnt say at breakfast that he was coming here. dad says he had some business nearby and came here and he suddenly thought of CW. he asks why she came. GM says she had a lot to tell her second son – tell him about how TH has a girl and to tell him about Guksoo.  dad: about Guksoo? GM says the way Guksoo holds hands is exactly like CW. she demonstrates and holds the dad’s hand the same way interlocking her fingers. GM: like this. dad: Guksoo does? GM: yes I was so surprised. this must be why they say you cant deceive blood. She tells her second son – mother came. she touches the glass. GM: have you been well. mother got older huh? our TH has a girl. After 30 yrs he finally has a girl. If TH is like you – I wonder what kind of girl he will bring. What happened with Guksoo- did you teach Guksoo to hold hands like that to get me to open my heart to him? if things work out, I think I can get married TH off by next spring. if I can do that I can confidently go to you. She touches the glass and says – my poor baby – wait a little bit longer and mom will go to meet you soon. She cries and wipes her tears

MS is at work and TS shows up. TS tells the boss: I came. boss asks what brings him here so early. TS uses the words MS said to him the other day and says them to the boss. TS: cuz I am jobless. since I dont have anything going for me so I want to stop boasting and want to live looking towards the future. I can work full time right? the boss agrees. TS thanks him.

TS’s former boss comes with some nurses. The guy says he wondered what TS was doing after quitting the hospital so TS was working here. TS tells him to go in. guy tells the nurses to go in. nurses say hi to TS so TS welcomes them. The old boss asks what is good here to eat and asks TS to recommend something. TS says everything is good. guy: if you say it like that how can you do business. he orders servings of duck for four people and gives TS $10 and asks TS to buy him some cigarettes. MS sees that and goes over to him saying sorry but there is no smoking in our restaurant and servers here do not run other errands. He tells her to stay out of it and says he knows TS well. he tells TS to keep the extra change and buy snacks for his Philippine son.  MS gets angry and yells: I said he wont do that so why are you like this? guy asks why she is yelling. can you behave this way to a customer? MS yells at him to get out now cuz they wont serve racist customers like him. he gets up and faces her. he says : what? what did you just say? racist? he starts to act like he will hit her so TS stands between them and tells him to stop. the guy says move and lunges and TS steps out of the way and the man falls. the guy accuses TS of doing that on purpose and grabs TS’s collar. TS yells: you still havent come to your senses huh? you dont even have the right to eat ducks. they struggle and fall down knocking over some leftover food. MS pours some soup over the guy to get him off of TS.

TS and MS pour each other drinks. TS laughs and says he ended up wearing her pink pants again. She says she told the dry cleaner to finish cleaning his clothes quickly so it will be here soon. TS: I am really pathetic huh? I thought about it and everything you said is correct. i looked at a tree that I couldnt climb. she was right about him crawling on the floor without a name/title or something. MS: no I was so angry yesterday so I just said anything. to be honest you are cool. out of everything I saw you do all this time, right now you are the most (cool). it probably wasnt easy for you to accept Guksoo but you did well so I looked at you in a new light. I thought you are an impressive person and like kids say ” you are the best.” TS: that was all thanks to you.  if it wasnt for you – back then I would have jumped into that river. MS retorts: what a lie- you think you could have jumped into a shallow river? TS mentions how she came then to save him. if I think about it there are a lot of things I got from you. if it wasnt for you what would have happened to me. i couldnt have managed alone. thank you kim MS. MS: if you know that’s enough. TS: but there is not one thing I have done for you – never bought you anything good to eat. She says no that’s not true and tells him to wait. MS: why is there nothing you did for me? she takes out her headband and holds it up. MS: There is this. TS:  you didn’t give it to H? MS: how can I give away something I got as a present. to be honest -it’s the first time I got something like this. I like it a lot.  she puts it on and asks how it looks – is it on properly. TS: I said it’s too small. are you crazy.

TS leans over to adjust it. MS: is it caught somewhere? he tells her to move the hair and she yells out it hurts. They stare at each other and almost kiss but her phone rings. he thought it was his and says it’s not his phone. It’s Hana. TS yells out hello to Hana. TS calls his son and asks where Guksoo is

TB texts and says he couldn’t pick up cuz he was in a meeting – I am doing well so don’t worry. Choi gets a call from SY. choi: what? rolled down the stairs? hurt really bad? what hospital is it? TB takes the phone and hears SY’s voice: at Hyunnin hospital. TB runs out of there in a hurry and knocks over some guy’s stuff. TB says sorry and runs off. HR watched that. He asks to take some guy’s cab cuz his wife is hurt. as TB runs out of the cab, driver calls out to him

TB runs in and SY is sitting there. she is on the phone saying it’s not that bad enough to worry about. they said will be ok. TB runs over and asks : are you ok-are you hurt anywhere? what happened? what did the doctor say? why stairs…why are you wearing high heels around – I told you to stop wearing them. SY gets called for other girl worker who was hurt – it wasn’t SY.

Driver comes and gives TB his phone back that he left in the car and asks who is sick for TB to be so preoccupied like that.

TB goes to tuck in his shirt and stuff after running like that. he washes his hands and sees his shoelaces are undone. He looks in the mirror and seems like something registered in his head.

TB runs out and looks for SY. He sees SY walking down the hall and goes after her. he calls out her name. SY asks what’s going on. TB: if I love again, I thought I would love like tm is my last day- I believed love is like that. That it was hot like your heart would burst and fall for someone like your crazed (like you don’t know what’s going on) so no matter how much I worried about you- paid attention to you – missed you – liked you- I thought that wasn’t love. I didn’t fall for you so that I was crazed or with a passion that would explode. SY: stop. She starts to walk away but he continues: so I was unable to recognize that the body-heat/warmth that you exude was that warm- I was unable to recognize that. But now I know. Now I can answer you. I love you –I love you – a hundred times or a thousand times I can answer you. I love you. I love you Cha SY. he cries and looks at her. She looks at him and says: it’s too late. I will be leaving. TB calls out: It isnt late – I will prove it to you – we haven’t ended yet. She keeps walking. * another way to translate that line was to say “so I was crazy not to realize that when you are in my arms, that your body temperature was that warm, I was crazy not to know” but I prefer Joonni’s translation posted above.

J gets ready and puts lip gloss on. she looks at her dad’s pic and smiles.

GM asks TH: tell me why isnt the young lady coming? mom asks if the lady is scared cuz TH asked her to hurry and meet his family. (J comes downstairs) GM is frustrated and tells him to hurry and talk. TH looks up at J as she stands there. TH says to GM: to be honest she is here. mom looks around. GM: what do you mean she is here? She looks around. TS asks if she is in front of the door – where is she. TH looks up at J and says “it’s Ja Eun.” Everyone looks up at her. GM: what? mom: Ja eun? TS: Ja eun shi? Guksoo looks up at her. J sits and says it’s me GM and ajumma. GM asks what is going on. GM keeps blinking and asking “yes I heard- what is this?” mom says : even though we were in the dark – we were really in the dark.

GM and mom finally get it and laugh and high five each other grandma style. TH grins. TS yells out J’s name in surprise and he congratulates TH. TP says to J: congratulations. TP asks if GM likes the future grand daughter in law. GM says do I have to say it with words that I do. J smiles. GM asks the mom: how about you – there is no need to say it is there?  Mom jokes she needs to think about it some. everyone laughs again.

TH and J smile at each other. GM asks TH when they started -when did they start locking eyes on each other. J blushes.  TS says to GM if you ask like that J wont be able to answer cuz she will be embarrassed. TS asks J in another way when she started with TH.

The dad shows up and GM asks why he is coming now so late cuz something big happened at home. dad asks what. She tells him to sit and says the girl TH is dating is J. mom repeats the girl TH was going to bring is J. GM says all they need to do is set the date now and sets the wedding for this spring. there is no need to push it back – it’s this spring ok? TH says: grandma this spring is a little…how about around fall. Mom: I thought you would jump at the chance (to marry early) is fall ok? mom asks if fall is ok with J. dad yells : don’t talk nonsense- what marriage? He tells his mom not to talk like that – how old is TH to marry already. GM: TH is now 31. dad: age is not important. Marriage is not something just anyone can do it just cuz they feel like it. Mom asks why he is talking like that. He yells at her : how come you dont listen to me – did I tell you not to exert your energy on the feed or not? you arent all well yet so why go around to someone else’s farm? He yells at J: are you in your right mind or not? you go and see a duck farm with someone who is sick? are you going to take responsibilty if ajumma gets really sick? how much longer do you plan to take advantage of ajumma over the farm matter. everyone holds their heads down in stunned silence. mom calls out to the dad “dear – TS’s father” but the dad leaves the house in anger. GM asks the mom what’s going on – if anything happened. Mom says no- she will go outside

The mom goes outside and asks the dad : why are you like this? what’s going on? tell me. there must be a reason why you are acting like this – why yell like that so that everyone cant hold their heads up– even tho I want to understand I cant – why are you like this these days – always asking to move and yell so the kid cant lift her head. J didn’t ask me to go to the farm – I made a fuss and made her go to the farm. tell me. say something.dont frustrate a person and say something.  Dad says In Ho killed our Chang woon. (his brother) mom: what? what did you say just now? dad: the person who committed CW’s hit and run accident is Baek In ho. baek In ho killed our CW.  Mom asks what? He repeats J’s dad baek in ho killed our CW. The mom almost faints from shock and falls back and sits crouched down.  She looks up at him from the ground in shock.


No preview


I forgot what real love feels like, but this is it. It’s when you can let down your guard – feel safe and consoled just from hearing the voice of the person you love when you are troubled. Sharing this kind of vulnerability can bring them closer together more than any declarations or other romantic gestures. Watching J cry here made me realize just how much they need each other – maybe more so than any other couple. Without each other to lean on, I don’t think they can stand on their own anymore. They have come to depend on this security within their love. Watching how their love progressed to this stage makes it all the more difficult to see them in pain again. If I have one wish for this drama, it’s so that her dad is cleared before the grandma learns about what J did. the domino effect of destruction has been set into motion tonight when the dad confided in the mom. she will react like any mother and choose to protect her son, but turning away from the daughter she thought she could gain is going to make it difficult for her to fulfill her duty as a mother to TH. Then when the grandma learns about what J’s dad did, she won’t be able to see J as anything but the daughter of the man who took away her second son. It makes me wonder if the drama has to go to such lengths to fill in the remaining episodes. Isn’t there any other way to spare these two any more pain? Wouldn’t it be sort of cruel to separate these two at this point over something that may not even be true? I have faith in this writer to do the right thing, but I fear the kdrama formula that dictates characters must make idiotic sacrifices in the name of love.  Just like this drama has done before, I really wish it would break with tradition and find another way to keep these two in each other’s arms. If only wishing could make it so.

TH singing to J tonight was like fan service that the writer wanted to reward OB’s faithful viewers with. That scene couldn’t have been more random, but like the way this drama always manages to do – it makes the mundane so beautiful with its sincerity and simple charm. As J’s tears fell as she listened to him singing, I almost cried too.

Last night was tough for me – recapping the award show and then working on translations pushed back my hours so I barely got any sleep. That’s why there were no comments from me despite the fact that I loved E43 cuz exhaustion kicked in. Before the episode started tonight, I wondered if I had the energy to work thru the night again, but then each scene came out and I got my answer. When it comes to OB – it slips me into a “drugged state” with all its wonderful touching scenes – always just one right after another. It’s like every line I translate, I feel the power and impact of those words first and as I type the words, the meaning sinks in. There are so many wonderful lines tonight and I don’t think there was one dull scene anywhere. I don’t know about you guys, but each night as I recap, I take note of how many scene “highlights” there are. I used to call them “daebak” moments. OB never seems to run out of them and tonight was a screencapper and music video maker’s dream come true with the singing and all the other great little scenes. I have never had so much faith in a drama before to resolve the problems well.

* I forgot to mention that I still dont think J’s dad killed TH’s dad. from earlier episodes, her dad didnt seem like the kind of man who could do that and still look at his friend in the face. her dad might have messed up his personal life and his business, but he doesnt strike me as a man who could commit murder and be able to look at his daughter’s face without feeling remorse. I really hope her dad was not part of the cover up cuz that is guilt by association. I still think the blame lies with the chief or someone else like the driver (Hong). That is why I really hope TH and J do not break up over this misunderstanding. Knowing J she is going to defend her father till the end and her pride in trusting that her dad is not the kind of person who would kill and run away will probably be the thing that comes between her and TH.


Fanderay’s comments:

This was the perfect warm and fuzzy episode for New Years Day, even if it was the calm before the storm.  I honestly don’t mind any amount of distress the writers want to through in TH and J’s direction, as long as they’re together!  I know that’s wishful thinking, but CYHMH sort of destroyed all my preconceived notions regarding kdrama plot, and now a part of me is stupidly optimistic, even though I know better.

I absolutely loved the family’s reaction to J being TH’s girlfriend.  None of them had to mull the situation over for even a minute (other than the dad of course) and their enthusiasm really showcased how much they love J.  Even though I think J’s father is innocent (I still blame the chief!) I hope that some of the family members don’t hold the dad’s “crimes” against J and still root for the relationship between her and TH.  Assuming that TH and J themselves are ok with the issue! I hope that TH’s reaction is to assume that there was a mistake in the investigation and to pursue it until he absolves J’s dad of guilt.

There was lots of sweetness this episode. It’s sad to see couple rings sacrificed but I love that TH and J are working together for the benefit of the mom and the family (it’s like they’re already married!).  Plus this now opens the door for TH to surprise J with couple rings, and I think we can all imagine how cute that would be (there I go with the wishful thinking again…has the new year made me delusional?).

I won’t even care if TH and J never kiss again if we get to keep watching them lean on each other like this.  TH looked like he was memorizing and analyzing every detail of J’s face at the subway station (he had Shrek cat eyes!) and I don’t think I will ever get sick of parking lot-tent-singing with cuddling and cake.That bit of dialogue between TH and J about breaking up if one gets tired of the other did get me worried though.  I feel like that conversation was included for a reason, which makes me wonder if TH (or J) is going to break-up without being truthful about the reason (like I mentioned yesterday).  One of them will probably find out about the accident first, and try to protect the other from the truth by pretending to just be tired of their relationship.  Please prove me wrong show!  You’ve proven me wrong many times before.

KJ’s interest in J is also rather ominous.  Would the writers bother with his affections if TH and J were going to stay strong?  I guess my optimism was short lived!  The prospect of KJ getting his hopes up regarding J already makes me sad for him, but I can’t see J ever putting her heart into another relationship, even remotely.  Gah, nevermind; I have no idea what’s going to happen!

I’m so happy that TB finally understood the depth of his affection for SY, even though it made me want to shake SY. What? It’s too late? Is there a three month deadline on love that I don’t know about?  I suppose she just has injured pride and hurt feelings, but after a one-night-stand the chance of creating a happy family with parents that love each other is practically non-existent, so she should be rejoicing! Maybe she’s convinced herself that she doesn’t love TB anymore, but hopefully her head clears soon because I want to see them nerd out over their baby together!

I actually feel rather bad for SY’s mom, because even though SY is a big girl and made the decision to divorce TB herself, I think that her mom feels responsible.  Whether or not separation was the right decision, that’s a pretty huge choice to have responsibility for, and until SY is happy I’m sure the mom will continue to stew. SY’s mom didn’t get a divorce when she felt like her own husband had betrayed her, so she probably feels guilty about convincing SY to do something that she herself didn’t do.  I think she stayed with her own husband because despite her grudge, she loves him, and deep down she probably knows that SY feels the same way about TB.

I think it’s sort of funny that KJ is better at TH’s job than TH is (at least when it comes to getting information out of people) although I don’t completely buy that he wants to investigate the case just on his mom’s behalf. I think that he’s still trying to create more of a bond with TH (whether he realizes it or not) and I hope that a bromance gradually develops now that they’re partnered up.

I loved that the oldest couple almost had their first kiss while wearing pink pants and a childish headband.  It’s funny that back when this drama started I could care less about TS and MS getting together.  Once again the writers have done a great job developing their characters, and I’m continuously surprised by how much I care about pretty much everyone.  I still have favorites, but I’m definitely invested in all the brothers and want to see them all happy.

I hope everyone had a great New Years and I’m already excited about the coming year of dramas.  Happy end to the holidays everyone 🙂


501 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E44 plus long BTS

  1. London says:

    I agree with all of u who think the dad is so stupid, I mean if u think about it if JE dad did kill TH dad then how could he ask his friend to look after his land for ten years and look him in the eye, I mean THs dad is so judgemental about everything grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  2. sara says:

    what I hate is how will TH aunt face J after she broke them up and they get back together.J needed time to forgive what happend befor, and now, how should J forgive her again and that stupid old unlce.I hate him,why should his friend to that to him?hello?isn’t it a little bit to early to judge it?I hate to say this but I think J will say”I am tired of you”,to TH not the other way around and of course TH finds out the what’s going on and can’t believe it.J maybe is on her way to find her father or she trys to investigate on her own.


  3. startulle says:

    Forgive me Fanderay for posting this but as soon as i listened this song immediately reminds me J and TH and the challenges they will face, hopefully their love will be stronger and wiser for TH’ sake, i believe somebody framed her dad and i wish they wont tell anything to grandma till the truth comes out! It’s too much heartbreaking situations….will i survive this weekend?!

    Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up Lyrics

    when i look into your eyes
    it’s like watching the night sky
    or a beautiful sunrise
    well there’s so much they hold
    and just like them old stars
    i see that you’ve come so far
    to be right where you are
    how old is your soul?

    i won’t give up on us
    even if the skies get rough
    i’m giving you all my love
    i’m still looking up

    and when you’re needing your space
    to do some navigating
    i’ll be here patiently waiting
    to see what you find
    cause even the stars they burn
    some even fall to the earth
    we’ve got a lot to learn
    god knows we’re worth it
    no, i won’t give up

    i don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily
    i’m here to stay and make the difference that i can make
    our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use the tools and gifts
    we got yeah we got a lot at stake
    and in the end, you’re still my friend at least we didn’t tend
    for us to work we didn’t break, we didn’t burn
    we had to learn, how to bend without the world caving in
    i had to learn what i got, and what i’m not
    and who i am

    i won’t give up on us
    even if the skies get rough
    i’m giving you all my love
    i’m still looking up
    i’m still looking up

    i won’t give up on us
    god knows i’m tough, he knows
    we got a lot to learn
    god knows we’re worth it

    i won’t give up on us
    even if the skies get rough
    i’m giving you all my love
    i’m still looking up


    • Narra says:

      Wahh… never heard this song but the lyric fits TH and JE.

      I remember that TH and JE never mention to anyone about their true feelings in detail, not even to TB. TH never mention about him rescuing JE from the loanshark and how he injured himself.

      He also never mention about the keepsake that his mother left for him… Its only between TH and JE.

      Uee said in the interview recently that their love will bring ache to people who’s watching.. Awwwwww… I think that their Romeo and Juliet love story are more painful than the one in Princess’s Man (hehe.. Don’t smack me).

      In my K-Drama history (my opinion), the most painful love story are the one from Winter Sonata :-)))… But I guess the love story between TH and JE will become the number one in my list now…


    • juemusst says:

      It’s a beautiful song. I can see TH serenading this song to J….



    • Softy says:

      You can post any lyrics you want – no need to apologize 🙂


  4. Qua Trang says:

    Here is the good quality Preview from KBSDrama: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FiKZzSA2Io


  5. Anonymous says:

    uee is soooo cute ❤


  6. rika says:

    I don’t really know how to show pictures, but here is one of the cute one of them both.


    • Softy says:

      I finally had to watch the video for this to realize he was just helping her up but she was startled and didn’t get that and held her hand palm up – I think that’s what made both of them laugh. 🙂


  7. flo says:

    Uee and Lee jang woo are new MC- for KBS music bank. its their first performance together on Music Bank
    i,m live streaming KBS music bank right now..
    uee soo cute., they are cute & sweet ,BUt i can’t stand uee with another guy except Joo won

    ok..my dear uee keep your distance with lee jang woo and dont betrayed our TH..ok!! ( he..he..)

    i think there are 2 peoples who are the most jealously, right now
    first of course our cute dimples Joo won and second Eunjung from T-ara ( lee jangwoo’s partner on WGM )


    • Uee is such a hard working girl, she has so many CF, performances, drama series and then this hosting! I can’t imagine her bank account, hehehe! but I do hope her health is fine, I don’t want her to fall sick, even Joowoon, he will have another drama after OB and its on my watch list, he is going to be a super hero! yes!!!!! It will be cool and sexy, I do hope they will not over do the mask, or why the setting is olden times, I hope to see him more in a suit, kicking bad ass, hay~~ anyway I have so many drama looking forward to.


      • Qua Trang says:

        That’s news on the next project for JW actually put me in agony! I fell in love with City Hunter this year, so much that I don’t want to compare it to anything. I hope the new drama that JW will be in will be so so so different from this year City Hunter, or else, it must be phenomenon to watch. Otherwise, I will be crying for JW, as I love him way more than Lee Min Ho. So I am very worry and don’t know if I will keep an eye on it. Why all my crushes have to pick their next project something I don’t want to follow??? First Park Shi Ho and Kim So Hyun both pick sageuk, my no no no, now JW picks something I am dreaded even to talk about… They want to test my fangirl???


  8. mrschunnie says:

    Thanks a lot for BTS and the translation, I’d lost without you girls….Thank you…. and more BTS please… especially the Taeun Kissing scene LoLL (pervy me ^__^)

    Even the other casts know that the best couple in OB drama are Taeun, but why they didn’t have Best Couple Awards? Ugh… KBS so weird!!!

    I like the position seats in dining table, TH seats side by side with J, so nice, just like husband and wife (in the other drama, like MoM Dead Upset, with big family like Ojak family, the married couple sit in the edge of the table together like TH n J). And they called the other by the name in OB drama, not their real name. Like Uee called Joowon with TaeHee Oppa…. owww she suppose called him like that in drama. They called the kid with Guksu (IDK his real name :D)

    And Joowon so care to Uee, I want Bf like him….. ^_____^ They are so good together. I hope they can be real married couple but in next 10 years, like Jang dong gun n Go so young. Let them chase their carrier first and after they settle, they can married n be a real couple. Ugh… so random, sorry for that.

    Ok, prepare my heart to sad love story of them. But yeah, I hope the story line still great n let the writer-nim give us a surprise story, not like usual K-drama formula. Can’t wait until tomorrow, but afraid to, coz the sadness more close. Thanks for Softy and the gank. Happy belated new year ^____~ to all OB fans.


    • Jenni says:

      yes..that’s true..even choi jin yoong ( aka cha soo young ) pick Ta eun couple for the best couple on OB .
      aigoo ..( ahhh come on dont bringing again my sadness about best couple awards..you know it’s almost one week..i finally forget about that..and now after i watched them on BTS, and how much i love them.. how much they suit to each other., my heart bleeding again )
      sorry guys coz, i dont know i already crazy over this couple..he..he


      • mrschunnie says:

        Not only you dear, I’m already on level worshiping Taeun couple hahahh…. never before ^^
        I’m still upset until now, why they didn’t get Best Couple awards. They’re so good, back and on screen. They gonna be my best couple ever ^___^


    • happy says:

      i think the position seats in dining table ( when Joo won & Uee seats side by side ) on BTS only set for the interview not in drama, it was Joowon and Uee who sat side by side not TH and J


      • mrschunnie says:

        Sorry, their chemistry so natural that’s why I can’t differentiate it LOLLL…..But it’s so good if in the drama they seat together like that ^_____~


  9. Selina says:

    I am so excited for Joo won’s new drama even if he was not it, it would not matter for me. The drama seems very interesting and it is refreshing to watch something different then all the typical drama’s nowadays. I am not saying the Korean drama’s are not good but sometimes it is really refreshing to watch for example Japanese drama’s like ‘proposal daikusen’ or ‘Nobuto wo produce’. Plus I must say I really prefer the japanse version of boys over flowers ‘hana yori dango’


  10. Eza1710 says:

    Awww Mom…. please don’t make TH n J separate…. You have to remember how J forgive you after you stole her documents. I hope mom still stay beside J and still support TH n J. Poor TH n J, hope they still together coz the problem still uncertain, I’m not sure J’s Dad killed TH’s Dad coz probably they know each other. I hope writer-nim not give the story like usual k-drama formula, I still hope she will give a surprise and not make us disappointing. Can’t wait until tomorrow ^^


    • Selina says:

      I am really curious what according to you the k-drama formula is ahahha?


      • mrschunnie says:

        K-drama formula just like Jaeun know first that her dad killed Taehee’s dad, may be dad or mam tell her about it and they ask J to leave TH. She don’t want to make TH sad so she said she tired of him and want to separate, just like a hint she gave in the tent. Of course TH confuse n try to find why J leave him suddenly. J use KJ to make TH believe that she really want to leave TH……. and so on… and so on… Or Grandma use her sickness to make TH n J separate after she know that TH’s dad killed by J’s dad….LOLLLL….. It’s just so drama right? That’s why I really want writer-nim give us a surprise, not just usual story. But I believe this writer-nim, she already got the Best Writer in KBS drama awards right?


        • Anonymous says:

          Oh I hope it’s not like that…btw just saw some clips where Joowon sang ost BFF, big bang and dance like wonder girls, omo he is so cute and funny and of course very talented..:)


  11. Anonymous says:

    finally it’s saturday! but it feels like i need to suffer first before i ‘m allowed to enjoy today’s episode since i need to attend a 7-hour class first…
    so i hope something good happens in today’s episode… i don’t think i can stand double torture in a single day…


  12. juemusst says:

    I noticed in TH & J relationship, TH seems to be the one having his 2 feet on the ground, hardly reacting, never jumped at any incidences with J (except when KJ is in the picture :)). TH will be in dilemma as he has been investigating J’a father and will have to make a decision when he is back in J’s life, topped with J’s father involvement in TH father’s hit & run case. Maybe J are torn between the love of her life and her father, and seeing how she is in earlier eposides, chances are she will choose her father over TH.

    Dont get me wrong, I love J. But as mrschunnie explained, I am praying hard this is not gonna be another Kdrama scene. Pls Mrs Writer, proove us wrong …..

    The waiting is killing me. I will be on standby at 8 pm malaysian time today to read softy’s written story. TQ softy, from the bottom of my heart …


  13. Curiosity says:

    10mins more and it will be showtime!


  14. Curiosity says:

    Hello! Where is everybody? No comments since 6 hours ago. Are you guys in another link? Hello…o…


    • Jaya says:

      I know . It’s so quiet . It’s so unusual .


    • Softy says:

      I dont get what happened here. I feel so bad for you guys – I promise I was not late today. I got here just in time and posted about five or ten minutes before the show aired I think. Pretty sure I posted at least ten minutes ahead of time. I always make sure the post is visible from the main page. I wonder why you guys didn’t see it. Maybe the Moon embraces the sun recap got in the way or something. sorry you guys felt left out. 🙂


  15. HALFTWIN says:

    it’s so weird… i feel like i’m i a deserted hallway. it’s already 6:45 in my country which means 7:45 in Seoul. 10 mins. before OB… and i haven’t seen any comments… LOL… gosh i’m so bored and tired b’coz of the laundry. i wish i can stream live… but my brother will be piss off (playing dota). just gonna wait for the recap. HAPPY OB SAT. NIGHT!


    • Curiosity says:

      First scene it’s about ahjumma returning home but not telling the guys what she has heard from the father. Then the hwang brothers gathered over beer to tease and congratulate J and TH on their relationship. Quite a cute and funny scene. Then amidst the celebration, TB recalled his with SY. SY is also thinking about what TB has confessed to her. She looked at the baby shoes but don’t know what she is thinking.


  16. Curiosity says:

    I guess it’s too painful to see J and TH breaking up so the OB fans are not tuning in?


  17. Curiosity says:

    Show ends. Can’t believe I am talking to myself throughout. BYE!


  18. Curiosity says:

    Oops, my nickname on another com is NYbash.


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