Ojakkyo Brothers E43

There is something I have been waiting a very long time for on this show and it has nothing to do with our main two couples. It has to do with two other people who needed each other more than they ever knew and now that they are back in each other’s lives, they continue to bring each other such happiness. J lived all this time without a mother not knowing what she missed out on and the ajumma never knew how good it could feel to have such a caring daughter around after having sons who don’t even realize the little sacrifices the ajumma makes for the family  like wearing lotion samples to save money and carrying around a tattered handbag. Only J’s quick eyes notes all that and takes steps to do something about it. She started with a dishwasher, but now she wants to do more for the ajumma. I am sure the ajumma will appreciate all the things J does for her from here on, but I can’t help but think there is just one word both women need to hear and say that will be more meaningful than any gift. Once it’s spoken, it will linger in the air between them as they realize how perfectly normal it sounds as if they were always meant to say it to that person or hear it from that person. Just thinking about it moves me to tears and I can’t wait for that moment when J calls the ajumma “mother” for the first time. I have a feeling neither one will be able to see each other through their tears.


Thanks to Bird – we have this. 🙂 hmmm… where is JooWon’s other arm I wonder. why couldnt he just put his arm around her then this pic would have been perfect.

E44 written preview translated by Sparkskey on the bottom of the post.


The detective explains why the case closed so suddenly. He lost the deciding piece of evidence- one day when he went into work – it disappeared suddenly and since he didn’t have any other proof/evidence so there was no way to continue with the investigation and someone high up didn’t want the investigation done. Dad asks why that person high up didn’t want the investigation done. Bong says he doesn’t know that. I guessed the person I was looking into had some connection with the person high up who didn’t want the incident investigated. Bongs says that the evidence left behind was a turn signal light thing and he found five cars that matched the evidence left behind. Only one of the five had no alibi, and after asking around at auto body shops, he found that the one car he had suspected had indeed come in for repairs (for turn signal light and such) the day after the incident. And right after the day he found that out, the evidence disappeared. Bong is 99% sure that the one suspect is the one who committed the crime. Dad: who is it? Who is the criminal? Bong: Jin Shim food’s president’s son – Baek In Ho. Dad says: who?! Who did you say?! Bong repeats again: Jin Shim food’s president’s son Baek in Ho

*Thanks to Joonni for clearing up this scene

J gets a call from TH. TH: you arent mad by any chance right? She says no cuz she is the one who said she wanted to reveal first. TH: that’s good – I knew you would but just in case I  worried. J says she was trembling and embarrassed thinking about how the whole family will know. TH: me too – when the family finds out – what that will feel like -I cant guess.  She says there is something she wanted to do when she got a boyfriend. TH:what is it- tell me. J: but you might not like it. TH: I dont know what it is but I will listen to it no matter what (meaning he will go along with it no matter what)  She says get couple rings. He asks why she thought he would hate that. J: cuz I thought you wouldnt like to show affection in that way. He says no, it’s something that he wanted. J: really? TH: Ja Eun ah. J: yes? TH: to be honest during all this time – I was like a boring old kid (young people who seem old) and just lived the way things were set. so the way I express my feelings is inexperienced and lacks so calling your name like this without your last name, I didnt want it to be awkward -Ja Eun ah – cuz of you – I thought for the first time that it was good that I was born. Let’s make sure to go get couple rings together. J: yes. TH: Thank you for coming to me. (Meaning thanking you for wanting to marry me)

The dad asks the officer for a favor. even if my son officer Hwang comes to see you, please don’t tell him what you said – please I am asking this as a request

Dad leaves and stands outside.

J goes to the duck coop and mom is already there. J: you came out already? J says she was going to do everything before the mom woke up. Mom says what’s going on – she told J not to come out anymore for the time being and just work hard at what J is doing,  but J says the mom worked for the last few days alone so J can only feel comfortable if she comes out once every few days. J: you havent fed them yet right? I will feed them. J tells the ducks to eat a lot. the mom doubles over in pain. J asks: why are you like that? are you feeling unwell somewhere? mom says says her stomach hurts suddenly. J: your stomach?where does it hurt. mom says : I am fine.just work. J: are you really ok? you dont look well. I can do it alone so go in and rest. mom: I said I was ok. hurry and work. we are running low on feed so we have to make more. J: I know- I can go to work later today so I will do that on my own. she urges the mom to go in and rest but the mom doesn’t listen and says J is annoying her so just work.

The dad looks at a picture of his younger brother and hears the mom calling him for breakfast

GM says already a few days passed so when is TH going to bring his young lady.  TH says a little later cuz they haven’t dated that long yet. TS agrees and tells GM that since TH hasnt met the young lady that long if TH brings her home the young lady will feel burdened. GM uses a cooking metaphor saying if you season it too long the soup will dwindle. mom says TH is probably already passed that stage cuz would he reveal who the lady was if he was still in the early stages (all that to mean he is serious about this girl and not just dating around).  GM keeps asking TH to say what kind of young lady she is. TH: she is pretty and kind. TP: how pretty is she? as pretty as J? mom: is it easy to be as pretty as J. TP: mom – she could be as pretty as J. TH elbows TP to be quiet. mom says it’s ready so turn off the stove and bring it out. J comes in with the food. J announces it’s what GM and dad like the most (some fish dish) GM asks why they are having it for breakfast. mom explains it’s hard for everyone to gather at dinner cuz even maknae goes to work. since the only time they have to gather is breakfast so now the mom is thinking of grilling meat in the morning too. everyone laughs. J says to her that meat is going too far (overdoing it) but fish is ok. GM says it doesnt matter if it’s meat or fish and says let’s all eat.

GM compliments the fish having a lot of meat on it and how good it tastes, but the dad doesnt look happy. the mom tells him to eat cuz he is the person who would wake up even when he is sleeping if this fish is around. he tells her not to pay any attention to him and he will eat on his own. . J urges him to taste it cuz it’s really delicious. dad wont even look at J. J asks if N likes the food. N says it’s yummy – did you make it noona? J says : that’s not it. TH laughs the loudest. dad stands. mom asks where he is going. dad says he suddenly thought of a call ne needs to make. The mom says to make the call inside the home– why go out to call when it’s cold. dad goes out. J eats and smiles and TH smiles at her and eats too.

TB is in the editing room. Choi asks if TB stayed overnight again -even though you like work you are still a newlywed so you should go home.  Choi starts to ask about how cha team leader – he changes it to sister in law – how is she at home?  TB tells him to be quiet and let’s go to the sauna

SY looks at herself in the mirror and says – SY the choice has already been made. don’t think anymore if it was the right choice or not  – from now on focus on making the choice you made the right one. She talks to her baby bump and says “isnt that right baby? my baby who is good – let’s be happy with mom”

SY goes to work and TB is in the elevator. She gets in. some girl gets on the elevator too and congratulates them on their marriage

TB and SY walk into the meeting. Choi congratulates SY and they all clap. SY says thanks and to start the meeting. Choi talks about a audition program with foam so SY shoots the idea down by asking: will that work? choi: it probably wont. SY says next and looks at TB but moves on to the girl just as TB was going to talk. TB stares at SY

SY’s mom is organizing her kitchen. The dad asks why she is doing this when she organized the living room yesterday. If she keeps this up she will wear herself out. He tells her to sit and rest and he will do it but she says she will do it and then starts to cry. He helps her up and offers to wash for her.

J is doing dishes and the mom is in pain. J goes over to her and the mom keeps saying her stomach hurts suddenly. J asks how it hurts and mom says it hurts so that she cant straighten her back. J says let’s go to the hospital I will call a taxi. Mom: what hospital over something like this – just go and lay out my blankets so I can lie down.but J says no cuz she doesn’t look well. let’s go to the hospital. mom: I said I didnt need to so why are you making me repeat the same thing. J sort of yells at her saying: why are you like this ajumma?you’ve been in pain since early this morning. your face is white from pain so that you cant straighten your back right now so why are you saying you wont go to the hospital. why do you keep pushing your body like that and abusing it. go to the hospital. I am calling the cab – you have to go with me. She calls a cab

Dad rushes to the hospital. He asks what happened. J explains the mom’s condition. She has Acute pyelonephritis (*a potentially organ- and/or life-threatening infection that characteristically causes some scarring of the kidney with each infection and may lead to significant damage to the kidney (any given episode), kidney failure, abscess formation (eg, nephric, perinephric), sepsis, or sepsis syndrome/shock/multiorgan system failure.) J says the mom was treated and now her fever is going down and the pain will subside. You were really alarmed weren’t you- I don’t know how alarmed I was too  (meaning he must have been surprised to hear that the mom was unwell) even though she was like that, the mom refused to come to the hospital. Why doesn’t ajumma place more value on her body/health. Dad: why did they say it happened suddenly?  J explains how the mom was overworking herself for the last few days developing the feed. Dad: why make the ajumma do that work – that is something you should do. Is ajumma who is old your slave? He yelled so other people stare at J. J says sorry. It’s work I should have done. I am sorry I wont do it again. He says he will stay and for J to go. J: then I will be going ajussi. She gives him the mom’s wallet and said they had to pay first but J didn’t have enough money so she took out money from the mom’s wallet and this is the receipt. He doesn’t take the wallet so she leaves it there on the bed. J: I will be going ajussi. dad goes out and asks what transportation she is going to take. He tells J to take a cab cuz the weather is cold and gives her cab fare and said J worked hard bringing the mom here all by herself. J: no ajussi – what do you mean I worked hard also I have money. she says she can go pull out some money at an ATM but he tells her to take the cab fare. She does and thanks him. She says sorry again – I wont ever push work I should do on the ajumma again. I will come home early after work

Dad sits next to the mom’s bedside. She asks if he is sleeping. He asks if she is awake -how is your stomach where it hurt – your fever went down a lot. mom: I am ok. She says hospitals are good cuz she thought she was going to die but now she feels like she can live. She asks where J went. He says he sent her away to go to work. dad: I told you to not work too much with the feed. why dont you listen. they say you ended up like that cuz you overworked and didnt take care of yourself. She asks if he is was worried something would happen to her. she asks how his face could look more unwell than hers. you really must have worried. she says not to worry cuz she is still too young to have anything happen ( like dying). I just get sick once in a while. and I have a girl who is beside herself with worry. and you look so scared now.  I didn’t want to come to the hospital but J got mad and forced me to come here. Mom says that must be why others raise girls cuz they are so warm and caring. mom says how that is different from sons. I said I am really ok. now it doesnt hurt. She says seeing him like that reminds her of when she had surgery for appendicitis after they got married (and she came to his home to live). in that in law’s home, the new bride couldnt even say a word that her stomach hurt and you were gone and couldnt talk to the in law’s family. after being alone in pain, when I almost fainted, brother in law carried me on his back and took me to the hospital. at that time when I finished my surgery and woke up, the look on your face was just like this. your eyes were sunken and you look dark like you stole something. do you remember? dad: of course I do why wouldnt i? stop and lie down and sleep. if you keep talking it will just be hard on you. mom: back then brother in law saved me. he was afraid something would happen to his sister in law so he ran that long distance so fast – you couldnt have run that quickly probably. now that I think about brother in law, I miss him. He must be watching us now from way up there – wonder if he will thank us for raising TH well or be sad that we didn’t raise TH well.  Dad tells her to lie down and sleep some more cuz she still has a fever. lie down and sleep and I will go get some air.  he leaves

MS and H are waiting for N. MS asks if N is dressed warmly and zips his coat more. TS comes out too. MS: you are going too? TS lies that he took the day off from work and thought he should go too for N. TS calls out H’s name and she takes his hand. he calls out N’s name and N grabs his other hand. TS: let’s go.

They go to the museum and H asks MS who Tu tang kang is.  N explains how he is the most popular king out of all the pharaohs in Egypt. he goes on about how back then they buried a lot of valuables with the king but robbers stole most of the valuables but it was discovered that Tu Tang’s coffin was the only one that was safe and untouched. they say inside there were over 3,000 masks. MS is impressed and says “wahhh” but H just walks away peeved cuz she thinks he is showing off and says “must be nice for you (to know so much)” TS just laughs and rubs N’s head and gives N the thumbs up.  TS takes pics of MS and N together. TS comments that H looks like she is pouting. TS asks someone to take a pic of the four of them. They look like a family

They are all eating and MS asks how the food is (MS prepared a lunchbox) and TS and N say it tastes good. H brags there isnt any food her mom doesn’t know how to make-she makes everything well. TS: really? you must like that so much. he repeats her words back to her. must be really nice for you. H giggles. MS gets a call from someone and wonders who it is. MS: hello- yes I am Kim MS. ah yes – hello. please wait a moment.

MS goes out and takes the call. she says today is her day off so she is outside with her child. MS says : see a movie this weekend? I dont know what is showing. I will think about it. after she hangs up, TS was there behind her listening and startles her. TS: flower basket asked you to see a movie this weekend? MS: why listen in on other’s call? none of your business. he says he is saying this cuz he is worried about her but the flower basket guy isn the right one. MS: why are you like this? TS: dont meet him. got that? She asks if TS is interested in her. TS:what? who? me? you? how could you joke like that? She asks why he is interfering then whether she meets the flower basket guy or not. what difference does it make to you to get involved? TS: that you might get hurt as your friend I am doing this cuz I am worried for you. dont dream big and get hurt. MS:what? He tells her to come to her senses and find someone who suits her. dont even look at a tree you cant climb. MS: even if I do not suit him- would it be as much as you and YJ? even if i am dreaming too high/too impossible would it compare to you? you are the one who dreamt too big.if you cant climb, you shouldnt have stared and you are the one who got hurt. TS: Ya! why is that talk coming out here. who are you to bring up YJ. MS: what if I do. why cant I? you are the one who started about getting hurt. TS: I said that for your sake. cuz you are my friend and I worry about you. MS: just worry about yourself. you are jobless so who should be worrying about who. just worry about where you are going. who are you to interfere and tell someone to do this or that. what? you are worried that I will get hurt? as long as it’s not a guy like you, I can do well. you dont have a single thing going for you, but you act like you do so as long as it’s not someone like you, it’s good.  The kids heard all that fighting so MS gives TS a dirty look

TH goes with D to meet Bong M. TH says hello and asks if the man is Bong M. TH introduces himself and says he left a memo last time. D introduces himself. Bong asks what brings them here. TH said he is here to ask a few things about the hit and run accident 26 yrs ago at choondong intersection. Bong says he doesn’t remember. TH: I heard you were the original detective in charge. Bong says he doesn’t even remember what happened yesterday so is he crazy to remember what happened 26 yrs ago. I don’t remember. TH says he heard that Bong was an outstanding detective that didn’t like unsolved cases and was an detective to the bone. Please try to remember a little bit. TH says he heard that while on the trail of finding the suspect’s car, the detective in charge suddenly changed. What was the reason? Was there no evidence/article left behind? Anything is okay, please tell me as you remember. Bong says TH heard wrong and that Bong isn’t that kind of person. Bong says to leave cuz the restaurant is open for business soon. TH: today I will leave for now but I will come and see you next time.

*Thank you Joonni for clearing up TH’s lines.

The chief shows up and hides and watches TH and D. D thinks this wont be easy. TH: that’s what it looks like. Let’s go. Chief watches them leave.

J is trying to make a pitching pose. KJ comes in the studio and J says it’s good he came in and asks him to make the pose for a baseball pitcher right before throwing cuz she is drawing and doesnt know how it should look. J shows and says the pitcher stands to his side but how does he hold up his leg. KJ makes the pose that he is about to throw. she says that’s the right one and asks him to hold the pose while she sketches quickly. Then she makes him do another pose – a throwing one this time and sketched that. she asks him to pose as a catcher -an umpire. he makes the pose. she says it’s good and thanks him. since he is helping could he help with a few more. she already drew it but she wants to make sure. she makes him do a bunch of poses of a speed skater – racing, then falling down.  he does them all. she makes him do one more – a twist and he doesnt know how. it makes her laugh. KJ: this time you were joking werent you. She thanks him and says he was a lot of help. KJ: you are all done? J: yes for today. She says she has to go for the day cuz she has an appt. he asks what appt. she says to meet ahjussi (TH) but he says : you cant – I was going to have a date with you today. you know you still have 19 dates left right? let’s do it today. J: I said I had an appt.  KJ: so you want me to step aside-I dont want to.

J sits in the middle between KJ and TH and J looks worried. TH doesn’t look happy. KJ makes a comment to TH about how TH should spend more money on his girlfriend than buying cheap food like soondae mix (spicy sausage made from pig intestines). TH: what did you say?  J says to KJ: what are you talking about – I asked him to buy me this.  I really love soondae mix. KJ says to J: I dont like it. TH says to KJ: you can leave. there is not a single person here who will be sad that you are leaving. KJ asks if J likes some other old fashioned dish. J says yes she really loves it. KJ: then I will try this. KJ says he went to the station and met up with D and heard that TH is investigating a hit and run accident these days – is it related to your dad’s accident. KJ says he has something from the mom. TH asks for it. KJ says he doesn’t want to. TH doesnt answer. KJ: if you are I have some evidence. mother had it with her. TH  says you should give it to me. KJ: do you need it? TH: I need it. KJ: I dont want to. TH: isnt it her keepsake then shouldnt you have to give it to me. KJ doesnt answer. J says the food looks ready to eat.  J gives TH an apron to wear but he smiles at her and says he is ok but J rubs his collar and tells him to wear it cuz if he gets any red pepper sauce it wont wash out well. KJ saw her do that. TH takes it and puts it on. J gives an apron to KJ and asks if he wants to wear one too. KJ: give me one.

J asks TH – did you contact ajumma. TH: yes on the way here I did – she was on her way out of  the emergency room and on her way  home. J: she already did? that’s good. today I should go home early. she touches his shoulder and says: if you dont have anything special go home early today and buy something ajumma likes. KJ watches her hand on TH’s shoulder. TH wonders: what does mom like.  J is surprised TH doesn’t know what his mom likes. how totally disappointing.  TH gets defensive and says: it’s cuz she eats everything well. strawberries. that time she really enjoyed it didnt she. J: then when you go home today make sure to buy strawberries. TH nods yes. KJ watches J and TH be close. TH and J laugh when TH says the food looks yummy.  KJ throws down his chopsticks and tells them to eat a lot cuz he cant eat anymore. he gets up and leaves

TP and Y are at the mall and walking out from a store that TP says has the most revenue around here. Y says there were endless customers. TP explains cuz advertising was done well. There is a contest to give away a bike so TP and Y go over to watch. Couples have to guess stuff to win it. Girl asks her boyfriend what is the prettiest part of her face and her bf guesses wrong. Guy asks his gf who is the hottest girl group but the girl keeps guessing boy bands like big bang and super junior. The guy keeps saying there are 8 members and it’s a girl group. TP says they really aren’t good. Y agrees and says the questions are easy. When the announcer asks if there isnt another couple who wants to try and is about to award the bike to another couple – TP and Y raise their arms at the same time yelling “wait a minute.” TP asks Y-should we go out. Y: yes – should we try? At first they don’t do that well cuz Y cant get any answers. TP says it’s an animal that moves clumsy like Y and has long legs and arms. Y guesses a dear and some other animal – I think she said giraffe. TP passes. TP: a movie star that is good looking – has big eyes. Y guesses jang dong gun, kang dong won, lee byung hun, TP says the most famous line “how much will it take” but she keeps guessing wrong – song seung won. TP repeats: how much will it take. Y cant remember the name. TP passes again. Announcer says the time keeps passing but TP keeps skipping.  Then they start getting stuff right. TP: the name of my big hyung’s son. Y: guksoo. TP: what you eat instead of fried cutlets. Y: fish egg rice. TP: ok. TP: where did I go when I ran off and wash dishes at a restaurant? Y: busan. TP: what I did to you and got turned down. Y: confessed (how you felt). TP: confessed. They both realize the answer and look sort of sad for a moment. They only have one question left and 30 seconds left to answer.

TP reads the card and doesn’t talk. Y: what’s wrong TP shi – hurry.  TP: what dating couples say often. Y: sweetie? Announcer says no. Y: dear? Oppa? Announcer says no and there is not much time left. TP: what you say when you confess – 3 words. she doesn’t want to say “I love you” so Y says: thank you? I am sorry? let’s eat? Announcer says they have 15 seconds left and it’s a little stronger than I like you so TP says : what I want to say to you right now. Y looks at him and says just in time: I love you. the audience claps.

TP is walking the new bike. He asks if she wants to ride. She says no and then yes. She rides on the back as he peddles

TB is meeting with some guy about a couple corner program and SY comes into the room. The guy asks if director Goo didn’t tell them cuz SY and TB are doing this together today.

TB calls Goo and asks how could you introduce us to this corner. we cant do this cuz we aren’t a married couple anymore. we cant participate in this. but Goo yells that they said they would wait and see for 4 weeks and hangs up on TB. The guy comes out and asks if there is a problem. TB says sorry but we cant do the program. The guy gets mad saying they cant back out this late. He asks SY to help so she says she will do the show but don’t ask personal questions too much. She tells TB to go in cuz they cant let the program have empty space.

SY and TB are on the radio program together. The radio DJ asks them to introduce themselves. SY and TB say their names. The DJ says they surprised everyone with their marriage and guest are already calling in. DJ asks how they have been after revealing their marriage. SY says she is grateful cuz so many people are congratulating them.

They take calls from listeners. DJ asks if K has a problem. Caller K says: I have a bf I promised to marry but I found out today that before he met me he lived with another woman for 5 yrs. I am so upset so what should I do? SY: did your bf not mention that even once? K: yes. SY: I think it’s better for you to break up. What you are upset about now is -more than the truth that they lived together- is the truth that he kept that from you. K: yes that is correct.  SY: once a faith has been broken it’s hard to overcome that. Cuz you cant put together a cup that has been broken and use it again. K: that’s probably true. SY: that is why K –from here on don’t meet a man who deceives you …TB interrupts and adds: the man didn’t deceive you. was there a point to tell you the truth about living together. SY: isnt living together 5 yrs the same as being together. if you two were going to get married then he should have said that in advance. TB: did the man keep meeting her till now? Is the woman involved someone he is still meeting? He isnt. The two of them have already broken up. He met you after he settled his feelings cleanly (with the other woman) and if he is doing his best right now. Then why does he have to tell you. what did the man do that was so wrong. SY: he gave K a scar (hurt her painfully) from K’s position, if he thought of her, it was a problem he should have revealed sooner. If he settled it cleanly then why bother hiding it? DJ tries to tell the two of them to calm down but TB keeps going: he didn’t tell cuz he cleanly settled everything. He didn’t think of her and didn’t have any leftover feelings for her so there was no more need to bring her up. So he didn’t feel at all that he needed to tell her. SY: the two of them didn’t just love – they lived together. For 5 yrs they ate and slept together and lived together so hiding something like that – from K’s position –that’s plenty to feel scarred by. TB: whether it was love or living together –why is that important now. Him loving you (K)- cuz he went through all that experience and broke up –isnt that what made him the man he is now. Why feel scarred alone and push him away and make him into the bad guy. To say it precisely – it was cuz you didn’t have the confidence –isnt that why you feel scarred? Cuz you didn’t have the confidence to win against that experience/memory so you feel scarred alone – give up on your own –in the end – you say “ it’s cuz you were the one who did something wrong” and put all the blame on him. DJ is told to end this. But TB continues and gets emotional: what did he do that was so wrong? Why say he did something so wrong and turn him into a criminal. Did he cause trouble? Did he commit a crime? He didn’t – all he did was just love someone once so why does he have to be punished for that. Why? Why? DJ says she will put some music on for a while.

G heard all that in the car.

TB drinks alone. He calls TH. TH asks if TB drank and asks where he is. TB:sshhh-  listen to what I have to say – do you know how much of a funny woman cha SY is – I never once saw her make rice in the rice cooker for breakfast-you think that’s all?  she always farts or burps but I never – never once did I nag and I put up with it. even when she threw a rasberry cake at me, I put up with it (held it in) – why? why did I put up with it… TB doesn’t finish his sentence and calls SY a “bad girl-she only thinks of herself-bad cha SY”

TB goes to the IBC sleeping area. He sits on the bed and cries

J is making some porridge.

mom:what did you say? move? dad: yes let’s move. He explains no matter how much he thinks about it –  there is no possibility of making $50,000 within 6 months -no now it’s 5 months. he goes on to say since they are grown up so they should feel embarrassed doing all this cuz of a young kid like J (meaning they are grown ups but they have to use this opportunity given by J).  let’g give up and move. Mom smiles and asks: are you like that cuz of me? She is pleased cuz she thinks he is thinking of her and saying that.dad: i am not kidding. i said let’s move. mom: why? cuz of me? dad: what have you been listening to – I have been explaining this whole time. He says he doesn’t like seeing her do useless things and cuz she got sick, he is starting to dislike seeing J. mom says she understands how he feels. J knocks and says the porridge is ready and asks if she should bring it here or do they want to eat it outside. Mom says eat outside. J: yes then hurry and come out. it’s all ready. J asks if the dad wants some too but the mom says the dad doesn’t like porridge  “we can just eat.” J: yes.  The mom tells the dad she will be more careful (about overworking) dad: I said let’s move. I mean it. mom: I know I know- I know how you feel so I will take better care of my body and be careful. dont worry. she goes outside.

The mom and GM are tasting the porridge. Mom asks if J really made it. J: why? Does it taste weird? Mom smiles and says no it’s good. i have nothing else to teach you. mom asks what the GM thinks. GM says J is ready to get married now- I thought you were a young kid with a runny nose so when did you grow up this much. J says thank goodness. she followed the recipe but didnt have any confidence. GM compliments J for making a porridge so well J never ate before. GM says to the mom: you must be happy. that J rolled in from out of nowhere and is like a daughter like to the mom. mom agrees and says she is a lucky park bok ja. she jokes and says should we put all four sons into the truck and trash them and live like this just us together. GM agrees and jokes along saying she will throw the dad away and the 3 of us can live together. mom laughs and agrees saying she would like that.  J agrees and says she likes that idea too. GM tells the mom to eat and gain strength and she tells J to turn the tv on cuz it’s time for her drama. J turns on the tv. GM tells the mom to take better care of her body and health.

J watches the news footage. OMG there is a subway interview shown and J sees her dad walking around in the background talking on a phone. J cant believe what she is seeing. she says in her head “dad?” GM asks what J is doing cuz the drama is on. she takes the remote away but J grabs it back. GM: why is this kid like this – I told you the drama started.

Dad comes out. GM grabs the remote but J yells at GM  “I am watchin the news now.” J grabs back the remote and puts the news back on. Dad yells at J: what are you doing now? why are you being so rude to grandma. how can you steal that remote from grandma’s hands. J tries to explain: it’s not that. Dad: if that’s not it then explain. exlain why it isnt. GM tries to calm him but he keeps yelling: explain. I told you to explain.


No preview

Sparkskey translated the written preview for us:

J cries as she lingers around searching for her dad. TH brings her to Seoul station. Seeing J crouched in a corner crying TH can’t bear it any longer and hugs her tightly to comfort her

GM asks when TH is bringing his girlfriend and he says tonight for dinner. GM and Mother wait expectantly

Fanderay’s Comments:
It seems like the big mess between J and TH’s parents is finally converging, and I’m very apprehensive!  The scene where the dad went and stood outside faded to black!! I literally can’t remember that transition ever being used in the last 42 episodes, and it was rather ominous.
I feel like pretty much anything could happen now. Maybe the secret about the accident will be kept for a while and TH and J will have a few more episodes of bliss, or maybe everything will go up in flames and everyone will have moved off the farm by next week!
I’m most curious about how J, TH, and the mom will handle things.  Will TH and J stay loyal to each other?  I think that it’s most likely that the family will find out about their relationship before they find out about the accident, in which case the family will probably try to tear them apart. TH is obviously very sensitive about his parents, so hopefully he doesn’t let himself be swayed regarding J. It also seems possible that the Dad may take TH aside and only tell him the truth, in which case TH may break up with J without telling her the real reason why (since it would hurt her feelings to hear about her dad).  J would of course be incredibly hurt and not understand why TH would breakup after wanting to marry her, in which case she would maybe turn to KJ (she doesn’t really have anyone else!).
I want to know how the mom will react because she seems to view J as a daughter now, and if that’s really the case, then she shouldn’t turn her back on her under any circumstance.  I still don’t fully trust the mom (in terms of her potential to break J’s heart) but I want to trust her and these upcoming events could really prove her love for J.
I think it’s pretty cute that TH is actually such a sappy romantic.  Everyone seems to expect him to have sentiments that match his gruff exterior, but it’s becoming more and more clear that he’s just developed that exterior over the years to protect himself emotionally.  It’s sort of sad that all this trouble is brewing now that TH has finally exposed his marshmallowy center.
I loved that posing scene between KJ and J.  KJ was so deadpan while so into his posing that I couldn’t keep the smile off my face (much like J!). KJ rarely has an expressive face, and he somehow makes that quality endearing. I’m glad that he’s still a bit pushy with TH too. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of watching scenes with the two of them.  Their sullen glaring makes me giggle. I did feel quite heartbroken for KJ when he got up to leave though. The two lovebirds were pretty overtly excluding him from their cuteness, although I was pleased to see that TH looked like he felt bad when KJ left.  Progress!
Speaking of progress, I was not expecting that scene between TP and Y.  As soon as I saw his face after reading the “I love you” card I was thinking, “Omo omo, he loves her!” And then I was thinking, “and he knows it!” And then, “She knows it!” It was pretty much the most awkward way to confess ever, and I thought both actors did an absolutely fantastic job. TP looked ready to cry, and it’s hard to believe that he had the courage to do that, even though he has a fairly brazen personality.
I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s episode (what a way to start the New Year!) even though there’s a healthy dose of dread mixed in with the excitement.  I’m so happy that J now has TH there to support her, much like she’s been supporting him all this time.  I may cry buckets if the two of them are separated.

Sparkskey was so sweet to take time out from her travels to translate an interview from Uee and I wanted people to read it here since most people don’t visit Everything OB anymore. There was also an interview with the actress that plays the grandmother and she mentioned JooWon so I translated it.

Uee interview Translated by Sparkskey from: http://news.sportsseoul.com/read/entertain/996925.htm

“Uee (24) has been on the receiving end of the nation’s love. Her face glows brightly and she has been living as Baek Ja-eun on KBS2 “Ojakkyo Brothers’ for the past 5 months. As ratings climbed past 30%, she literally became the nation’s younger sister. The orange earmuffs she wore in the show became a ‘real-time search word’ and even the elders greet her with words like “Hey sexy. Aren’t you Baek Ja-eun?” These are special days for someone who debut as an idol star.It’s been 4years since she debuted in 8 member girl group ‘After School”  and since then her acting career has taken off powerfully. We meet star Uee born in the year of the dragon (t/n: next year is the year of the dragon in the 12 zodiac cycle)

Ojakkyo Farm Mascot. “Since I’ve been pushed down by Gooksu, I’m now leftover rice” (meaning she’s ignored now) Thanks to the 4 brothers in the Hwang family, Ojakkyo farm was always boisterous. Snobby materialistic Ja-eun appeared on the farm and through the farm family, learned what familial love is like and became a lovely, mature young lady. As filming started in summer, past autumn and is now moving towards winter, she says she has matured a lot in a short time as an actor too. “As I was the only girl with 4 oppas, everyone took really good care of me. I had the chance to learn not just the basics of acting and movement on set, but the proper mannerisms as well”

She was the mascot on set but recently due to the appearance of child actor Gooksu (Park Huigeon), she explains that it’s a pity cause she’s now been pushed aside by him. “Previously, when we filmed eating scenes, I was always seated next to Teacher Bokja (Kim Ja-ok). Now that Gooksu has appeared, he stole my seat overnight. Taeshik oppa (Jung Woong-in) places all the delicious side dishes in front of Gooksu. I’m now considered ‘leftover rice’ that is about to fall off the table. Haha”

Stuck with the label “Singer-turned actor” she worked many times as hard as others but in previous dramas she used to only worry about the script. As she filmed Ojakkyo Brothers it was the first time she felt really comfortable on set. “I think I’ve matured 2-3 times as much as an actress. Have I become more of an adult since this is a weekend drama? Haha. At first I felt really stressed filming with such great seniors but now I feel sad that has ended. I’d love to film this till Gooksu gets married”

Dating Joowon? “Haha. We’re so close maybe…….” Uee’s luck as an actress came successively. She gained favour as a top star Yoo Hyei in her first drama – popular Hallyu project SBS “You’re Beautiful” (2009). Then she took on the lead actress mantle with her second drama, cable tvN’s ‘Birdie Buddy” playing a golf player Sung Misoo. Her third drama “Ojakkyo Brothers” has been 1st in weekly viewer ratings for 19 consecutive weeks, joining the ranks of a gukmin drama (nation drama). You can attribute her continuous hits to her luck in picking projects, but her rapid progress in acting can’t be ignored.

Yet, she waves it all off saying she stil has a long way to go. “I still don’t have the basic. During “You’re Beautiful”, the opportunity came so quickly that I didn’t manage to do the proper preparations. Even up till today I’m still learning from my acting instructor. I think I’m getting more and more ambitious as I act in more projects. The seniors manage to just go straight into the scene together with the cue sign. I want to learn how to grasp the character’s emotions just as quickly too”

Her partner in the show, Joowon, is also her senior at university. 185cm Joowon and 171cm Uee. When I told her “I really wish you guys would date since both of you are so well matched in height and in personality”, she burst out laughing. “Our personalities are really similar since we are both of blood type O. Since we’re always joking around together, when it was time to film our love scenes, it was so awkward I wanted to die. Even on the day when we filmed the kiss scene, the managers went crazy trying to take pictures. We were just very awkward as asked each other what should we do.”

This is the age where she would have a lot of interest in dating. Who is her ideal type among the stars. “I have always liked guys with single eyelids. Like Gong Yoo in ‘Crucible’. I became a big fan after MBC’s ‘Coffee Prince’”

I asked Uee about her wishes for the new year. “Every year on the first day of the new year I’d type “To be happier” on the front screen of my handphone and save it.I’d wish for everyone around me and I to be happy. And for me to have a pretty love after the After School unnis have been settled(?)” (t/n: hahaha her usage of the word was weird)”

* This is Softy – my guess was that in that last line,  Uee probably meant she will start her relationship after her older members all settle down with relationships.  Uee is really a stickler about manners and always makes sure the older members eat first and sit first and stuff like that, but I didnt think she would go so far as to wait around till they date first too. 🙂

Narrator says KYL – Kim Young Lim (the actress who plays the GM) and Joowon are overcoming over a 40 yr age gap and became comfortable like friends. They even share coffee to drink. Joowon pours some into her cup from his big white thermos. YL says she likes coffee but Joowon likes coffee more. (In an interview he said he drinks more than ten cups a day and is totally addicted) She holds up his large thermos next to her cup and says her cup is enough for the day but his thermos isnt enough for that day for him. Since he likes bitter (black) coffee she mixes it with hers and she drinks it well. They both talk at the same time as she touches his face so I couldn’t hear what either one said.  KYLsays when the role/drama started – she became the Ojak grandma and not KYL so when she sees him, she doesn’t see the actor JooWon –she really does see TH (thinks of him as TH) –her grandson – she keeps feeling that. So when she sees him normally, she feels bad for him and coddles him (favors him) and wants to pat him (on the back). They show the scene where she slaps him. Joowon says how she thought she hit it too well so she kept saying sorry and put ice on it (his cheek). KYL says her hand is small but it stings (has a bite to it) when she hits someone’s cheek, she hits hard. It’s good that there was no NG and it was over in one take – if there were lots of NGs then he would have been hit a lot. Narrator says no matter what the situation, YL acts with sincerity and so her affection to her hoobae (younger actors) is unlike others. Joowon: when I hear her voice, I cry or get angry. Even during rehearsals she doesn’t just take it lightly (meaning she works seriously). For the scene with Uee and YL, YL tells Uee to “sit where you can be seen well by the camera cuz it doesn’t matter for me.” Uee talks about YL -how beautiful YL is – cuz in the beginning there were like 5 or 6 scenes where Uee had to shoot it by herself with no one around – “doing it on my own burdened me and I worried but she knew that and came to me and said ‘you worried about that didn’t you – come here and sit next to me’ and read everything from the first part to the end – I want to keep what she does and keep it in my memory.” Narrator says how YL takes care of every person from the other actors to the staff. Narrator says today on set there is nervous tension cuz YL and Uee had to shoot a crying scene. As soon as the director gave the OK sign, even though it was a hard scene and they worried, they finished it in one take. Uee hugs her after the scene and narrator says hoobae Uee is showing her thanks to YL. As they leave the set, Uee helps YL step down and YL confides to Uee “If I cried I thought you would cry more so I didn’t cry much.”

There are some more links for this interview on Everything OB.


KBS award show (sorry for the typos but this was done live)

during the red carpet interview – Joowon says he is nervous but will use the other two emcees (skills) and do well.

he looks sooooo good and at ease – not nervous at all.

The other guy emcee asks how the girl emcee -Han HJ-  wants to meet Joowon again and she says in a drama as Joowon’s girlfriend so the guy asks what the age difference is between her and Joowon and the girl says she doesn’t want to answer.

The two kids come out and the boy says he had a kiss scene in a drama –he knew he was going to have one of those but not so quickly. Gooksoo came out from OB. I didn’t know he was nominated. the kid who plays Goosoo won!! he said he didnt come out that much on the show so thank you- he said he loves his family and stuff. awww

some comedians come out and act out famous scenes and lines from drama – the guy asks why is there always a glass of water in front of rich people who behave this way and throw water in this situation and why does the person who got hit with the water have tissue in front of them but never use it to wipe the water from their face. and then he says during action scenes they fight like this all cool but in real life they would fight like this (like boys – rolling around on the floor telling each other not to bite)

Song Joong Ki comes out cuz he won the popularity award last year. he says something about how acting well is important too and stuff. there are four winners – the PM guy and girl, KSH, and Han HJ – the other girl emcee.

KSH said he didnt dream he would win this – he feels great and will work hard from here on.

park shi woo says he is nervous cuz it’s the popularity award – I will put sincerity into my acting.

next award is newcomer award so micky comes out with that WR girl with the funny hair. what is up with micky’s hair? it’s so high. joowon is nominated. KSH, Joowon, and the guy from man of honor. lee sang woo

KSH says I am happy this moment came. he says he loves his parents and aunt and some other hyungs and older actors and PJY and other people who filmed dream high. he cries and says it was an honor. please watch for ten more years and I will become a good actor.

JooWon says: hello I am Joo Won.  he says he cant cry cuz he has to emcee. he keeps clearing his throat. I am really thankful. first I want to thank God for giving me this award which is an honor. (he clears his throat and says I’m sorry) first my Ojak family -he names director, writer, and also my family – they are telling me to hurry – my family – he lists names of his OB hyungs and my partner Uee.  I am really thankful. also my family – he lists more names of hyungs and a noona and sang bong me who always watches over me. he names some more people. I am really thankful. and everyone in my fan club who always cheers me on (encourages me).  he breaks down in tears and says “for my parents who always cheer me on-thank you I will work hard” (Joowon had to rush his speech cuz they told him to wrap it up quickly cuz he gave his speech last)

next is female and Uee gets nominated. uee wins with suzy. suzy thanks them for giving her this award. for all the staff who suffered you worked hard. I will work hard. thank you.

Uee says hello I am Uee. to be honest I really wanted to get this so thank your for giving this to me -first to my parents and family who are watching – her management company president – her management family- my members – friends in my fan club I am thankful. ( she lists other people who are always by her side helping and thanks them) -the people who made it possible for her to get this award- she thanks the OB family, writer, director, actors for OB and staff. since i work as a singer at the same time, I inconvenienced a lot of teachers (older actors she calls “teachers”) for being understanding -my Ojak family -teachers, sunbaes, partner Joowon oppa Sung oppa. thank you so much. It is my goal to become a person who can give love. I will try hard to be a person who can pass on love next year too. thank you. she cries.

the other emcee asks if Joowon stopped crying. J: did I cry? he says sorry (for crying) and the guy asks if Joowon has anything he wants to say cuz J was too busy clearing his throat earlier. Joowon says that Uee already said it when she thanked the OB staff and family.

she said when she saw Joowon cry, she thought of when she won that award and asks Joowon what actors these days need and Joowon introduces writers award.

OB writer won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  JooWon hugged her when she came on stage. she keeps saying thank you. from last year, she worked on this with the director and thanks them for being so good to her when this is her first time working with KBS. she thanks the actors and says she will do well for the rest of the drama.

emcee guy says the first half is almost over. new couples from dream high two, WR, and JGS’s new drama come out.

Joowon reads stuff out about the award and the designer. then the best supporting actor. TS won!!!

the guy emcee asks what was hard to film as actors and HJ said she cried cuz she was cold in her drama. JooWon said he had a hard time cuz he was hot – when he was in a chase scene for a culprit – he ran for ten hours. Joowon said it was hard but the actress who plays the mom was laughing so the camera goes to her.

they show kiss scenes and mention dream high bus kiss – if it was done wrong he could have fallen out of the bus (window). then for crying scene they show KSH crying on his knees in the street. KSH won that crying  award.

next is netizen award. brain couple wins. Joowon mentions how dream high two is already getting a lot of attention from netizens.

the other guy emcee steps down by himself to announce best couple award. there are 5 total. PM, SY and TB, dream high suzy and KSH, other couple from PM, and brain couple – what the – where is Uee and Joowon?????? why didnt they win????????????? TB says he sort of guessed he would win when he heard there were 5 couples. emcee says how SY just got married so SY says her husband is good to her.

Joowon is standing alone and says : all the couples look so good together so I am envious. I was looking forward to the best couple award a little so it’s too bad.

he reveals the new KBS dramas. they show clips of WR and LDW comes out and says it’s really fun.  then dream high two couple comes out. then JGS introduces love rain.

the guy from Smile donghae and WBDS beat out 4 old guys for best actor I think. he says he will become an actor who gives a lot of love.

they say this is the end of part two – what the – there is a part 3????

KSH comes out to sing “dreaming” – wow he looks really really good . ok this was worth a part 3. he gives flowers to Suzy. oh man why couldnt Joowon sing on OB ost so he could give Uee flowers like this. KSH messed up a bit – he lost his voice for a second cuz he didnt get enough air. aaaaww so cute.

HJ says KSH not only acts well but sings well too. Joowon introduces TB and that scary gumiho drama actress. she congratulates TB for his award. he says he was waiting for her to say that cuz that was the first time he won a couple award. he says he watched her gumiho drama well. she says she likes OB and likes the couples. they are about to announce best actor in a miniseries. both brain guys get nominated and two others I dont know at all. the guy from baby faced beauty daniel choi. daniel and brain guy wins.

emcee says how there is magic in dramas cuz cab drivers in dramas dont take money for fares. some guy comes out and does magic.

they talk about how KBS has been around for 50 yrs and Joowon says how back then it was done live and they couldnt have NGs and stuff.

main actors come out. park shi hoo – other guy from PM – jung guy from romance town – some guy from a drama I dont know and sung chung from man of honor. shouldnt park shi hoo win? I didnt see PM but he looks like he did well on it. for actress – moon chae won. park min young- yuri from romance town – han HJ from thorn something – girl from PM.  girl from PM and park min young win.

emcee guy says they have 4 mins to kill till midnight

emcee asks what the other two want in the new year. Joowon says to give love. he asks if there is any role Joowon looks forward to – some tough guy role or romantic role. Joowon says what kind of role he wants to play but will work hard doing whatever role he is given.

emcee asks Joowon to give a hint about what to look forward to since OB was extended and Joowon says everyone will be happy. it’s almost midnight. Happy New year!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone goes around shaking hands and stuff.

TB gets nominated and 3 other actors. TB lost to some guy who needs to shave and get a haircut cuz underneath all that I think there is a good looking face somewhere.

OB’s mom gets nominated – her name is Kim Ja. and SY gets nominated. they get nominated with some other women I dont know. I really want the mom to win. yay – she won!!! TS gives her flowers. Joowon goes down to help her up and congratulate her. she says thank you for giving me such a big award. she thanks directors and stuff. her Ojak family – her sons. she thanks God.

Moon Geun comes out with the guy who played her step dad in cinderalla’s sister. he says – has my daughter been well. she says yes and asks how her dad has been. she says he looks younger. so cute how they call each other daughter and father. the same actors from the other awards come out again including brain guy, park shi hoo, etc. Park shi hoo wins. he looks really happy. he says this is an honor. he thanks some older actors and for making a designer drama, he thanks the writer and director and staff and actors from PM. he feels like he took a step in his path to becoming the actor he wants. he wants to share this happiness with his fans. for the actress, OB mom gets nominated again, then that actress who won for smile dong hae, moon chae won from PM, park min young and baby faced beauty actress – jang nara. Moon Chae won wins. park shi hoo hugs her and she bumps heads with him. LOL. that must hurt. she says thank you. doing well and working hard is a given but since everything ended well I am able to stand here. I was able to see what I lacked and she goes on and on. she thanks a bunch of older actors and Shi Woo oppa.

they show clips of past daesang winners and talk about the nation’s daesang winner.Joowon introduces the two people who are going to award this. that guy from midas and tree with deep roots and some old guy. old guy asks if he knows how many dramas came out in the past year. 61 dramas. did I hear that right – there were that many this year? the brain guy wins. wow long speech

Joowon comes out with the other two and say happy new year. it’s a good thing Joowon was an emcee or this awards show wouldnt have been this good. I love how he wears his heart on his sleeves and cries – he gets so emotional during award shows. so cute. once he starts getting so many of these awards every year, I dread the day he stops crying over them. hope that never happens cuz that means he has been changed by his fame. this fan hopes he stays this humble and sincere.


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  1. Bird says:

    This is from Joo won ‘s twitter:
    감사합니다^^뭐 정신도 없었구.. 그래서 감사인사를 다 못 드렸지만 제 맘 속에는 있어요^^ 앞으로 더 발전할 겁니다^^ 새해 복 많이 받으세요^^ 감사합니다!
    and this is from the co-mc twitter


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    and this is from Uee twitter:

    I think Joo won and Uee both are thank you for the award and happy new year?


  3. Gabi says:

    I was thinking of something. Maybe, just maybe(just in my crazy head)… The girl that called will stay with the boy she love and follow what TB said. And in another ep the same girl will call and thank TB and say he was right and so on. Then SY will realize TB feelings and *tada* HAPPY TOGETHER ^^ hahahahahahaha


    • singaporegirl says:

      hopes so.. hahahahaha. i got the feeling G after hearing the broadcast will try to back bring SY-TB together. & TH will also help by console SY. maybe this is their directors plan, sent them together to do couple report..


  4. Love Joy says:

    Hello OB fans, Happy New Year straight here from UAE, I watched the Burj Khalifa Fireworks here in my cousins place, and it was fantastic! Anyway I love reading all your comments rather than reading Softy’s recap. LOL! hehehe! since I think 12 hour back I was stalking this blog and reading your comments. hehehe! but I’m so happy that OB won some awards last night, and I’m very proud of that! and now finally finished reading Softy’s recap, I’am more excited in the progress of the story of our main couple as well as my fav TB and SY, well at least they are honest to their feelings right now, especially TB. I remembered when they’re just starting their marriage life, they tend to hide their feelings, but now even there is a misunderstanding at least they’re very open. I’m excited for tonight’e episode, hehehe! because its 2:20 am here at my place.
    Again, happy new year everyone!


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    midnight in tunisia ( and some african and europeen countries ) HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of u , wish u all the good things in 2012 🙂


  6. Connie says:

    TB is made out to be the bad guy and he did nothing wrong. It was his MIL that started misconstruing his relationship with HR. SY meets her old boyfriend for lunch and her mother does not say anything. Heaven forbid if TB did the same.
    I think the father taking out his anger on J is too much. She is not to blame for the accident. J always knew her father was alive, but why is he living in the subway station did he lose his memory?
    So sad to watch TB crying, he is trying hard to make amends and reunite with SY.
    TP is really adorable. Love the way he tries hard not to look at Y but cannot help himself. They do make a cute couple. Probably her sister will try to break them up as she did with TB and SY. That woman cannot stand another person’s happiness.


    • Lita says:

      no..i think J’dad not losing his memory
      J’dad is the one who walking around in the background talking on a phone NOT the one who like a beggar who live in the subway station
      softy explain on her recap..


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    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERY OB FANS..I am so glad that JOO WON and UEE won rookie award..I will be watching over them in the future but somehow I cant imagine them being paired with other actors and actresses. Anyway cant wait for tomorrow’s episode..there wasnt many scene of TH and J today..hopefully there will be some tomorrow..Happy new year again to everyone!!!!!


    • Lita says:

      me too .. i am very happy they won rookie award,espcecially for Joowon he really deserve this award
      and i can’t imagine then being paired with other actors and actresses too..coz they are so good together..always in my heart they are my best couple


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    Daddy Hwang…please don’t hate Ja Eun for her father’s crime… She’s innocent… Even she was being lied by her father too… poor Ja Eun….


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    tonight is the night! i just hope this will be a happy episode~ let’s start the sad scenes next week, yeah. (= cheer up jaeun! i hope dad realizes soon enough that he’s being mean.

    happy new year everyone!


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    is there any video preview about today’s epi
    ahhhh eagerly waiting for the scene where TH hugs JE to confort her , this will be so sweet and touching , I’m so in love with TH now , his love is so tender and I’m fan of that kind of love


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    hmmm… Where is Joo won’s other arm I wonder…????

    he..he.. my dear softy i like your comment


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    I don’t know if anyone already put this video here before or not, I found this on YouTube. Uploaded by ASFVariety5

    JooWon looks so handsome & cute and UEE looks so beautiful & radiant, her skin looks like porcelain in my opinion 🙂


  14. Samantha says:

    I really want Uee and Joo Won win ‘The Best Couple’. I vote them like hell but they didn’t win?? So upsetting 😦


    • my4ever77 says:

      Yeah, we all are very disappointed!! 😦 Even Joowon looked disappointed too, so that’s mean he was expecting so bad too like we all did & I think he knows, him & Uee look good together as the best couple. I think he really does have a special feeling for Uee *wink wink* 😀 ;D


  15. flo says:

    plz guys dont mention again about the best couple..coz so upsetting
    i fell very disappointed they didn’t win, i;m feel so bad., when Joo won said he was so bad too, i was crying so much,it was hard to slept…
    but now i have possitive thinking, i will supporting them no matter what, maybe latter….
    for us the all OB fans they are the best couple forever..


    • Lita says:

      dear flo.. omo..don’t cry anymore dear
      at least our Joo won and uee win for best rookie actor/actress..
      and i remember from an interview Joo won really want win a best rookie actor.


  16. shirubang says:

    i’m sure there’s other award programs coming up, let’s hope they win best couple there (=


    • NYbash says:

      Yeah, and better still, best real life couple. Guess Joowon has some feelings for Uee so he dare not put his arm around her like what buddies would do. The more one refrains from doing a friendly act to the opposite sex, sometimes it means he is hiding some feelings from that person.


  17. Jaya says:

    I’m a bit confuse . Why did TB cry ? Was it because he feels sad and blames himself for not protecting the marriage and for doing wrong to SY or he cried because he was mad at SY for only thinking bout herself and not understanding his position ?


    • Anonymous says:

      I am clueless too and wonder why SY mum cried too? Did she feel bad that she instigated the break-up of her daughter’s marriage or she just felt sad that her daughter has to be a single mum?


  18. Anonymous says:

    so TH will tell the family about his relationship with J soon right? maybe even tonight! i hope TB decides to come home for a while cuz if ever GM and Mom will have doubts with TH&Js relationship, TB will be able to explain that TH’s feelings for J are real. after all, TB was the one who pointed out TH’s feelings.


    • Jaya says:

      Yeah . And I hope TH will explain to TB that he has feelings for SY too . I mean TB was the one that made TH realise that he loves J . TH should do the same and make TB realise what he feels about SY .


  19. priya says:

    My guess is that TH will get the investigation records that his mom has kept before he comes to know about J’s dad being the culprit from Dad. It will help him find the truth that Chief is the real culprit. Only thing is TH will take time to prove the truth. Untill he proves the truth Dad will be aganist TH/J.


  20. Samantha says:

    i bet tonight’s episode will make Ja Eun, Tae Hee break up in the end or maybe the time Tae Hee introduced Ja Eun to the family, the Tae Hee’s father will tell everything in front of ja eun. ohh, can’t imagine they’re going to break up 😦


    • flo says:

      yes..samantha i’m so nervous for tonight episode..
      ican’t stand if they really break up..omg so..sad

      BTW i loove the scenes between KJ and JE..KJ so funny and he is so jelouse with the Ta-eun couple..did anyone notice KJ getting handsome by the episode,BUT JE not for him
      she always belong to our cutie dimples…


  21. kimcheejoy43 says:

    I miss Je Ha and Ja Eun having cute scenes.. good thing there was that “pose” scene and it was really funny.. hoping some more scenes of them when Ta-Eun couple would end their relationship… just making this clear: I’m also a fan of Ta-Eun couple but I really miss seeing Tae Hee get jealous <3<3<3


  22. Samantha says:

    i love to see Tae pil and Nam yeoul couple, they’re sweet? right now, they’re didn’t really officially couple right???


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