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Here are all the videos, interviews, and links related to OB that keep getting lost in comments. Will keep adding videos and stuff till the drama ends.  All of these were posted by fans of the show. Thank you everyone for sharing your talents, links, and love for OB. 🙂 Oops – some parts might seem a bit JooWon central. I actually had to fight the impulse to post more. Don’t look at me – blame the dimples.  🙂

Our wish has been granted. There is a new, very recently filmed BTS interview with the two main couples. It shows you how TH and J are like in real life and KJ comes out too!!! Only TB was interviewed -bet it was cuz the actress who plays SY was getting married. Translations are inside.

*Mischa has just left us an early Christmas gift from 200032SH – watch this for what really happened in that car. Warning:will cause minor heart attack and constant grinning.  Seriously – you HAVE to see this – click on it now and thank her later.  🙂

New BTS clip translations:


Starryleaf made a youtube link:


The narrator (NAR) says the popularity of OB is probably cuz of the couples’ charms. actor who plays TB comes out and says TB and SY couple. Joowon comes out and says: why are you asking what is obvious. TH and J couple.

NAR says normally TH shows overflowing charisma but in front of J, TH changes into an innocent/docile person. And recently he found the courage to confess he likes J. but J’s answer to this confession was vague – “yes. Go” to TH who never once dated, this was a harder problem (to solve) than a math problem. From that day on, he officially started stalking/following J around and showed up wherever she went. That was Hwang TH’s way/method of loving.  NAR asks Uee: how did you feel (about him following you around)? Uee laughs and says: I am sick and tired of it. Joowon is standing behind her so camera guy points out the way Joowon’s eyes are looking now so she turns and looks back and says to Joowon “I told them I was sick and tired of it-will you stop following me around?” and Joowon looks hurt and says: you said you were sick and tired of me? Oh really (like how could you) he comes closer and says : how could you – girls are like this.

NAR: but the way TH and J look on the film set, they don’t look that tired of each other. Uee is laughing as Joowon says something to her. Uee talks with Joowon standing right behind her. Uee: he is really innocent cuz he doesn’t know how to love so he just follows (me) around, when he gets angry – he gets mad. Doing these things I think they are really Hwang TH’s charm (attractive qualities)

NAR: did TH’s innocent charm get through? Not long ago TH and J couple had their first kiss. The “freeze kiss.” (they show footage of the kiss) Joowon: a lot of people said it was a “choding=childish” kiss – cuz there was no movement. He laughs and so does Uee. Joowon explains: for TH it was the first time TH kissed someone he loves so there is was no need to move a lot so he did that “childish” kiss. Don’t junior high school students these days do that? Uee turns around and asks why he is making this rated R during this program. Joowon gets defensive and says what’s so rated R about light kissing. NAR says cuz this isnt just any kiss.

NAR says how there is always someone who causes waves for the couple. He introduces KJ as the one who is feeding fire to TH’s jealousy. KJ explains how TH is his younger step brother so there is jealousy. I also really like J cuz of her bright side (bubbly personality)  (he means KJ has feelings for J) Because these two people are so in love I wonder “is it ok for me to get in between them”

NAR talks about the scene where TH asked J for a date (for lunch) but got turned down like this. TH is not someone who is going to stand still for that. He chased her all the way to the sauna and competed with KJ to see who can drink more persimmon vinegar. NAR says sarcastically: what’s so hard about that. the two of them sure can drink sour stuff well –the two of them are impressive.

Uee: often when I think about it – they aren’t fighting over me –it seems like they are fighting over their pride so since I am in the middle it puts me in a difficult situation. Joowon adds: I can understand TH – for real (he looks into the camera and asks the camera guy this) – will you think about it once? Do you have a girlfriend? Are you married? If you have a girlfriend and that girlfriend goes to a zoo or sauna with another guy…Uee interrupts and says how Joowon is always doing this – asking other staff about their opinions about his actions. Joowon keeps talking and says: in that situation most men will be angry. Uee says to him: look here – I am doing an interview. NAR tells Joowon to calm down cuz he got too worked up. LOL

NAR: there is another popular couple on OB – TB and SY. With a mistake made in one night, they are having a baby and had a contract marriage. But after getting married-they slowly got to know each other and are having feelings of love. That happiness after marriage didn’t last long cuz TB’s first girlfriend from ten years ago appeared. TB’s heart that started to waver…TB  ended up working on the same team with his first love/girlfriend. TB: women really didn’t like it but men understood a little bit. To be honest, to the woman going thru this, of course she hates it and wouldn’t like it. NAR agrees: it’s totally annoying. SY can’t hold in her anger. They show the cake in TB’s face scene. NAR:  he got cake in his face. How did TB feel then? TB: of course she could do that. It’s a good thing it was a cake and not something hard. If that happened i would have got hurt. Normally when you get cake in your face, you imagine the face will look white but it looked like blood so it was very startling. NAR says not too long ago something more shocking happened when SY’s parents came to TB’s work and saw TB with HR in the office together. How SY’s mom recognized HR. NAR wonders if there will be another bump in the marriage. TB guesses next week I will get hit. What I am looking forward to is – as a man there is some sense of responsibility and I look forward to showing a more dependable/reliable side but since there is so much of the drama left, so I don’t know for sure. NAR: can these two’s love overcome with trust/faith. The two couples that are more fun than the drama – we will look forward to this week’s OB.



It’s super short but still cute. In the first one Joowon says: of course if they give it to me I will be grateful but I want to win Best Male Newcomer since I can only receive that when I can (meaning while he is still young and starting out)- I will thank the director and I will say “everyone – I love you” on the second one Joowon says they filmed the kiss scene on a rainy day – I think the ambience was good -I felt it’s nice to have a kiss scene on an overcast day too and not just on a clear day.


A HEART  by  FIX _ 가슴아 (오작교 형제들 OST Pt.5)  Ojakgyo Brothers OST Pt. 5

Kim Jongwook – My heart  
As I look up at the sky I say,
“I wouldn’t exchange you for anything.”
My heart tells me that
you are beautiful; you are everything to me.
I am now so far away from you.
I’m afraid you will forget me.
Because I only have this threadbare love left,
I am sweeping away my broken heart.
My foolish heart is desperately calling you.
“To forget you now, to erase you now, because I can’t see you anymore,”
this torn love is crying because it is hurt.
If I can see you only see you once more time,
this scorched love
would disappear like dust.
In one part of this pain,
I see you tear stain and
my foolish heart desperately calls out to you.
“To forget you now, to erase you now, because I can’t see you anymore,”
this torn love is crying because it is hurt.
If I can see you one more time,
even if I fall, I can smile.
“My foolish heart, you can’t see her anymore.”
“But it’s okay, I want to wait like a fool,”
There is nothing left in my scorched heart.
If only I can see you one more time.
One more time.
*Translated by Joonni: I tried to say true to the lyrical structure of the song for the translation but to make it easier to understand, here are some notes:
-“To forget you now, to erase you now, because I can’t see you anymore,”
this torn love is crying because it is hurt.
Rearrange these two lines to: This torn love, that is hurting, is crying out to me to forget you now, to erase you now, because I can’t see you anymore.
-threadbare love “Threadbare” as the person feeling that his love can’t give anything to the person that he loves.  People in love want to be able to “give the world” to the person that they love but the narrator in the song can’t do that.
-“My foolish heart, you can’t see her anymore.” (The narrator is talking to his heart. The heart in this song is personified.)
“But it’s okay, I want to wait like a fool,” (The heart is responding to the narrator.)
I posted both of these translations so you can read for yourself how different they are.  The one below was translated by a guy so the tone is sooooo different – so detached and not so emotional. That’s why I prefer Joonni’s version. 🙂
I look up at the sky and tell myself
There is nothing I could replace you with
My heart speaks to me
Beautiful girl, you are my everything 
I’m so far apart from you now
I fear I will be forgotten
All I have is my worthless love
I’m sweeping away my hurting heart  
My longing heart calls for you desperately
I need to forget you, erase you, I can’t see you again
My torn love is crying out in pain
If I could see you just once again
My burnt love disappears like dust
A small part of the unforgettable pain
And when I see the traces of your tears  
My longing heart calls for you desperately
I need to forget you now, erase you, I can’t see you again
My torn love is crying out of pain
If I could just see you once again
I could smile while I faint  
My longing heart cant see you now
but if it’s ok, like a fool I want to wait
my burnt heart has no remains
If I could see you just once again
Once again

translated by Oliver but slightly rephrased by Softy

This is the latest creation by Svetik for episode 35 and 36.

Priya posted their twitter

He follows Eugene also, his co star in Kim Tak Gu. I have been following him for sometime. Unlike other stars account where their agency tweets on behalf of them, he does it himself. I found it pretty nice. This is his account…


And Uee’s


Gifs from Ginko – couldnt you just stare at them for hours on end? 🙂

You can find more here : http://photobucket.com/OB-cadence


Come to Play : JooWon and SIU cast


torrent from semi-fly: http://www.box.com/shared/slvmxrkh9fxtej67zvti/4/95398870/1108279775

Starryleaf provided this for us:

I found a direct download link (MU) while googling.  It’s uploaded by kpopella.com and here’s the link:

CTP.363.111107.avi @ 682.18 MB http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IR5XNMUE

Translated by Pickles:

from what I understand, at about 11:56 MC Yoo Jae Suk introduced Joowon and said he pretty much became a star the minute he had his debut in Baker King Kim Tak Gu. And our joowon says very humbly and a little shyly that, “yes.. it may be seen that way.” Then the MCs said his period of anonymity wasn’t very long. And joowon says, “Honestly, compared to others, I have not really experienced a long period of time where I was unknown to people so I don’t really know what it feels like. But in future I may not do very well too.” Awwww so humble! ❤

At 13:40 Joowon talks about his taewoong hyung. He said that taewoong always likes to text even when they are right next to each other on the filming set. He will ask questions like, “Oh was today’s filming tiring? What time will filming end?” The texts are not about any secrets too. Hahaha taewoon and his phone.

At about 15:45, MC Yoo Jae Suk asked joowon what is he most interested in at the moment. Then joowon ponders for a while. Uhm Tae Woong immediately said, I know! UEE! Hahahaha, then Joowon got very shy and embarassed. He goes on to say that he is currently filming a drama (our beloved ojakgyo!) with UEE. He said that normally when he films a drama or movie, he will take more interest in his co-stars. Just like when he was filming the movie, he paid alot of attention to his Tae Woong hyung. And he even gets jealous when others are very close to Tae Woong hyung. So now, that’s the case with UEE.

HEEHEEEEE omg I was really squealing when I heard that!!!! Hahaha he totally didn’t deny that he has high interest in UEE! :D  Wahahah may not be romantic interest of course, but it makes the fangirl in me soooo excited!! :D

At 16:27, Joowon also said that his alcoholic threshold is very low and he can’t really hold his liquor. So he gets a bit nervous when he has to go for drinking. If I heard correctly, he said he is trying to train his threshold and drinks about 2 glass a day. But he hasn’t been very successful with that. Heheh omg drunk taehee is soo cute, I think drunk joowon will be super funny tooooo!

At 22:08, Uhm Tae Woong said that Joowon likes to sing a lot. Sung Dong Il also complimented that joowon sings very well. Then the others asked him to sing a little now. And omgggggg, he belts out this line from This Is The Moment (Jekyll and Hyde) with his AMAZINGGGG singing prowess! *faints* Everyone on the show was really impressed too! Then they mentioned briefly about him being a musical actor, and the female mc spazz over him for a while. Hehe.

At about 45:40 MC Jae Suk held up a card that says “Passionate Love”. And joowon raised his hand to say that’s his!!! Hahah, then the female MC says, he’s at the right age for that. Then MC Jae Suk asks “perhaps, is it with UEE?” Joowon gets all embarassed, “No no that’s not it.” During 1st year in high school, he watched the Romeo and Juliet musical. After he watched it, he fell deep into the fantasy and wondered if he could love like that as well, even though its not a real story. Then the mc asks if he has dated before. And he says “Yes I have, but it wasn’t that type of love like in Romeo and Juliet.” (AWWWW what a romantic at heart!! <3)

Then the female MC asked about his ideal type. As he said in many interviews, “The most important thing for me is that she is good to elders.” (meaning that she’s respectful and polite to elders)  And the MCs are amazed that he has such thoughts at his young age of 25 (korean age). Then the mc asks again when was the last time he dated. And he said about 5 years ago. Everyone in the studio got shocked that he has been single for so long.

He continues by saying that he felt more pressured to earn money for his fees. As he was doing musicals, he felt guilty if he gets distracted and do other things. So he didn’t get a chance to date. “If I miss her, I won’t be able to see her,” he said and that makes him feel sad. *faints again*

Then the MCs asked him about now, and he said, “Now that I have a little more freedom, so…” wahaha then UTW interrupts and joked that, “you’d be free when you’re about 60, so date then.” Joowon said he really didnt have such time in the past. Awwww.

Anyway, the MCs said “So that’s what you want to ask (the book) right? Whether you would be able to fall passionately in love.” Anddddd MC YJS announced that the book said yes! Specifically, the words were 등잔 밑이 어둡다. Ok, its a bit hard to explain that cause its a korean/chinese proverb. For those who know chinese, its about the same meaning as 燈下不明. It literally means that its the darkest right below the lamp. So it implies something like it is the hardest for the person (in this case, our joowon) closest to it (in this case, passionate love) to know. *cue: ooooooooooooooooooh!!!*

Hahahah then Lee Na Young, gets really excited and said that she is “below the lamp”. But MC YJS says that the person “below the lamp” may not be here, but she may be in your drama!! Hehe, then UTW says, “So it’s… UEE?” Hahahahahah. MC YJS says, “Anyone will say it’s UEE too!” hehe then they tease him further by saying when they talk about UEE, his whole face gets brighter, in contrast to when Na Young claiming that she’s the lamp. HAHAHHA. But in any case, the MCs asked him to interpret it for himself. YJS says that though this book may not really be true about the future, it can give you some strength and hope, “So call her (as in UEE) now!” HAHA.

Then they asked him what are some of UEE’s merits. Joowon says, “Actually we’re senior-and-junior in university. Since then, she has always been a very hardworking friend.” And at this point, UTW teases him again, “You’ve been watching out for her since then right?” LOL! Joowon gets lost for words for a moment and they continue teasing that he can’t lie well. Anyway Joowon continues, “She’s really hardworking. Even when she entered this drama, all the veteran actors really adore her. She’s not just any other young girl…” And UTW teases him again, “So she’s good to elders too?” (which is joowon’s ideal type!!!) HAHAHA, UTW really loves teasing him. Joowon continues, “That’s not it… Seeing how much the veterans love her, she’s must really a good person.”

Then UTW suggest that they get Joowon to ask the book another question, whether things will go well between joowon and UEE. And everyone eggs him on to try! Ahaha but to make things less awkward for him, they asked him to ask “is the person below the lamp Lee Na Young?” And the answer that the book gives is “A rival will appear!” HAHAH. Everyone wonders who the rival will be, and MC YJS chants, “UEE! UEE! UEE! UEE!” hahahahahha!!

*BTS of OB


On part 2:54 the reporter talks about Uee’s real dad who is a baseball coach. She talks about –ever since she was younger when she went to baseball games she saw famous people come out and throw the first pitch so she asked her dad to let her do that but he explained it’s not easy to be one of those people chosen to throw the first pitch. Then there was a good opportunity and she got to throw the ball during a game between Doosan and Heroes (her dad’s team). She felt strange cuz she wore her dad’s jersey which had his name and number 81 on it. After she finished she called her dad and he said he was proud of her. her dad did a separate interview and the article said her dad said that he likes it better now that he is called Uee’s dad instead of (her dad’s name) Kim Song’s daughter

4:41 Uee says at first J was too direct/honest so –she wondered if she could express that well cuz the real Uee holds back and doesn’t say what she wants and is the type to hold it in but J –even over something little she talks back to the grandma – so at first she struggled and worried a lot – but now she is acting more like J so her manager oppa is having a hard time

5:57 Joowon talks about how the scriptwriter called him and said it’s going to start (his character’s interest in J) and he will move her heart. on the drama set with Uee and Joowon, Uee says oppa is still brusque with her at this point still. Joowon laughs and says as he was filming –to be honest he was sort of rude so Uee asks him “you admit that?” and he says “I admit it-even when I was filming it I thought I was rude” Uee tells the camera guy that she used aegyo to get him to buy her something but he hasn’t bought it. Camera guys asks “what didnt he buy” so she says iced caramel… and tells Joowon he should have said it faster – camera guy asks Joowon why he doesn’t do something for her so Joowon replies: you saw a while ago that I carried her in (they show clip of him carrying her in from the rain) Joowon: I thought my arms would break off. Uee makes a funny face behind him. Uee: I could feel oppa shaking –it was really hard for him so I feel really sorry to him right now. We worked really hard.

9:41 Uee shares a story about her mom and her real sister going to the market and someone saying her sister resembles someone and the ajumma said – oh yeah that ojakkyo farm’s baek JE- so since she called out J’s name and not Uee, her mom thought that was unusual.

Uee talks about J’s fashion – how the outfits started out as sophisticated young lady style but after J moved into the tent and lives there- Uee and her stylist talked about how they need to change how J dresses to show the different lifestyle. Even the hairstyle started off with waves but now they just tied it on one ponytail or in a bun on top to reflect how J works and probably tied it up quickly

They talk about J’s ajumma outfit (those colorful baggy pants are called “mompae bahji”  and Uee explains she borrowed TH’s mom’s clothes. She called it Ojakkyo style. The actor who plays TS calls Uee “JE ah” and compliments her saying it suits her-that even those clothes look good on her. but right after she leaves the room, TS says –to be honest it doesn’t suit her  -that older people need to wear it – also she is too long (her legs) Joowon laughs.

Joowon laughs and says she likes wearing it too much – saying cuz it’s so comfortable. He walks over to Uee. “It makes Uee’s legs look long. When they aren’t that long.” Uee asks him: me? My legs? My legs are long – he is like this for real. Joowon laughs and looks down at her legs. Uee: I really like these pants. Joowon: she likes it too much. Uee: these pants look really comfortable don’t they? Camera guy says :whatever you wear, you look pretty. Joowon must have said something cuz Uee points to Joowon and says “liar”  so Joowon laughs.Uee: waaahhh he is lying while filming. Joowon covers his face with the script laughing and says:what do you mean lying while filming. Uee: he is like this. Joowon puts his hand on her shoulder and asks: I’m supposed to lie while filming? J pulls away pretending to be hurt and says jokingly “let go”

Joowon says : since there is a lot left from now on… Uee finishes his sentence: it would be nice if you loved Ojakkyo till the end. Thank you.

There are four more subbed parts on the above youtube page if you don’t want to download. All 5 subbed parts are posted on Thundie’s JooWon’s post.

JooWon on Happy Together with Baker King cast member – Links provided by Starryleaf 🙂

Here’s the rar:  http://www.mediafire.com/?mrdj5c6ckbd2nv8

The rar has 4 files: 2 Happy Together singing cuts (640×480); 1 Win Win singing cut (1280×720 downloaded from youtube.  Dimension weird despite watching in 2.35:1 cinemascope so might need to manually change the aspect ratio while watching)

As for full show of Happy Together, here’s the MU link:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=75XZGNPG (kpopella – this place has lots of stuff).

English hardsubbed (KBS World) here:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GCF4OT1P (pikeyenny).


Hello I am this week’s “Rising star’s” main lead Joowon-it’s nice to meet you. the girl interviewer says he debuted in Kim Tak Gu as Ma Joon and caught the audience’s eyes and this time he acted in a screen role. She goes on to say this is his first movie-special investigation unit-  and he is the lead-she asks how he feels now cuz he is headed into his movie premiere. Joowon says he is nervous cuz his face is going to come out on a big screen and he hopes everyone has fun. She talks about the movie and his role as a criminal profiler and there was action that stops your breath and says she wants to hurry and see it. She show the two buns she prepared for their date. he comes out and says hello. She says it’s good to meet you and that she is excited so he pumps his arms in the air too to show he is thrilled as well. She says she prepared the limo and he says he saw it before -that it passed right next to him. (me too I saw it like 3 times so far-softy)

Inside the limo, she announces they are riding in it. After they clap, he explains he was on the highway after filming and this car passed by him. It was really long so since he saw it right next to him it looked gross cuz it was too long. But the inside is nice. He says how he wanted do something like this a lot so he is really nervous today. She talks about his first movie role in SIU. He talks about his role – a criminal psychologist for the FBI. She asked how he prepared for his role. He says he started by reading a lot of psychology books and criminal psychology books. She asks what he thinks about her personality. He taps her leg playfully and thinks she is putting on a show cuz he doesn’t think she talks like this normally (when she isnt interviewing stars) but she says she talks like this normally too. J: even in your average daily life? he mimics her voice and claps his hands together and asks if she talks like that “oh Joowon shi”? I think the next question was about box office sales and he guesses 300,000-400,000 so she makes a remark about how it’s not like that these days so he raises it to 600,000.

She talks about his role in baker king where he left an impression of having overflowing charisma in his acting. She asks if he really had skills in baking cuz he baked for the role. J: I like cooking a lot so ever since I was young, my mom treated me like a daughter since she had two sons. At first I really didn’t like that – I was like “why? when I am a son” but then I watched what my mom was doing and looked over her shoulders and made an effort to be like a daughter. Learning to bake was really fun so I thought, since I am learning (for his role), let’s learn it properly so even when I was filming with other teachers/actors, I continuously kept making bread in the corner. After I made them I passed them out to the staff and shared with them. I did that by myself continuously. The staff told me later “you should have a bakery later.”

She talks about the kiss in baker king and remarks about Eugene’s curved back cuz of the force of his kiss. J watches the scene and says he was really trembling/shaking that day.  It wasn’t just touching lips –you had to think about the camera angles and had to look like you were doing it well – I thought “this isn’t easy to do, it’s not just doing it like you normally do it.” She asks how that is and he says “to demonstrate/show love.” Girl: you must have done it a lot of times (that kiss in the drama) J: I think I did it 7 times but each time right after I had to get slapped on my cheek. They show the slap scene. She narrates he was almost in big trouble for kissing the wrong way (cuz it was a forced kiss).

She talks about his weekend drama in OB and his partner Uee. Joowon watches the scene from the convenience store where Joowon and Uee played the hard version of rock paper scissors. He says this scene was real (no pretending) J: I was doing whatever I wanted cuz I didn’t know it was being filmed. She says they look like they seem close. J: yes we are close. She says she knows he is Uee’s college sunbae. J: yes I am a year older than her. the girl says she searched him on the internet and his name came up with Uee. She heard that he invited Uee to his movie premiere. J: at that time I said I was going to go film Ojakkyo and starting from the director to Tae Woo hyung – everyone made a fuss. Tae woo hyung said make sure you bring her (Uee). Then after I came back from filming Ojak, he said “why didn’t you bring her? is that all your capable of?” he kept saying that to me. So after filming the movie, we met up after a long time and do you know what the first thing Tae woo hyung said? “what about Uee? (as in why didn’t you bring her along)” so I thought “how could he do this.”

The girl says she searched him and found out he looks like Top and resembles KDW alot. J laughs and says he seems last then. J: I heard in high school that I looked like KDW. Suddenly I became popular in school so I was like “why?” and they said other school kids knew me too so I was like “why? Why?” and at the time there was the movie Temptation of Wolves that KDW was in and to speak honestly, I watched it a lot. When I debuted, cuz of who I resembled there was an issue and I received a lot of help so I am very thankful to be honest. She asks if J thinks to himself: I’ve become really popular – I have arrived (become a hit)” J: these days when I pass by on the street, a lot of people recognize me  -when I pass by, they say “it’s so and so,” but even now there are still people who say “oh KDW.”  J and the girl both laugh. J: there are still people like that and I met someone like that yesterday too.

They arrive at a place and ride bikes and it sets a date mood. Girl says it’s really nice. J: this is my first experience riding bikes with a girl. The girl freaks out over that and almost runs into the wall cuz she is so happy. He tells her to be careful. She asks if he came to places like this and he says he always came cuz of work and not to rest. Girl: but this doesn’t feel like work right? J: yes it doesn’t. she makes a comment about being his girlfriend and he yells out “call” which means “I am game” so they sit on a swing and she holds onto his arm and she narrates : he looks like he is having a hard time sitting with his girlfriend (meaning he doesn’t look too happy) she has to actually tell him to smile.

They walk by the water and she says it’s an honor to be with him and he says it’s an honor for him too. She says standing by a place with beautiful view reminds her of “dugeum” and she narrates before his debut, he did musicals. You are curious about his singing talent right? He clears his throat and sings really loud. She claps and says “it’s daebak –you are really good.” J: I think I taste blood (cuz he overdid it) She wants to have a memory of this moment and asks to take a picture. So cute how he poses.

They sit in the restaurant and she says the view is so great that even if they don’t eat she feels full. J laughs and says: but I am hungry.   She says then let’s eat. J: Food is tasty/delicious when I eat with someone good. She takes that as a compliment and asks: am I a good person? J nods: yes. Girl: I heard your last (dating) relationship was 5 yrs ago. Even now you don’t have one right? J: yes. Girl: aren’t there times when you are lonely? J: when I finish filming and go home. After filming and I look at my cell phone and no one called-that’s when. Girl: oh I hate that. She says she heard his ideal was someone who treats adults well (respectfully) J: that is just the normal (basic requirement). It’s cuz I think these days that is deteriorating too much (not showing respect for adults) whenever I see stuff like that I get very angry. He laughs cuz he thinks he shouldn’t have said that. Then he goes on and says height –short or tall doesn’t matter. Someone who matches their face and personality well. Do you know what I am talking about? Girl: I totally match. J continues and says cant be too much/overdo it so she there is a dark cloud over her head cuz that’s not her. J says: when someone suddenly drops by to see me – suddenly she will come into my heart so it can’t be helped. Girl:  oh I see. I am curious what you thought of being on “rising star” today with me. She whispers something in his ear to coach his answer. J: the most important thing is cuz I was able to be with you noona. She thanks him. J: please love the movie SIU a lot and continue being happy. Thank you. I love you. she says it was a fun date with Joowon.

Uee’s Guerilla date

the guy keeps saying how cold it was that night.

the host asked how she felt now that the drama ended – sad or relieved

she says her subaenims (older acters) said she would feel sad and relieved at the same time after the drama ends, but she just she feels really sad

she said she went somewhere where there are a lot of mothers and fathers and they dont know TH so they called out that person is JE so she said hello and introduced herself as ojakkyo JE since they dont know her real name

some fan lost his shoes while following her. the host says do rock paper scissors with me and if you win you can hug Uee. host asks Uee if that’s ok. she says yes. the fan wins and gets to hug her. he says noona I love you.

host asks if Uee is happy and asks her to dance. so she does. the male fans attention were focused on her wave that they havent seen in a while and for a moment they forgot how cold it was.

she was curious about her future so they went to get her taro cards read. inisde the taro place – question was when will she get a boyfriend- it’s not now. she will find some guy with a lot of earning potential between July and Sept. host says whether you believe or not you should look forward to it Uee shi. (isnt that when Joowon’s mask drama should be ending -heehehee)

they were inside Uee’s van and she said the president of her company sent it to her to use so she can change clothes inside of it since there were lots of times when she needed to do that inside this van during filming (the guy was acting silly like he was shy being in the car where she changed so he had that girly reaction like a kid)

the next part is Q and truthful answers:

Q: went to a club after I debuted

A: no – only for performance but she thought she was going to go crazy cuz she wanted to play so much. when the song came out she wanted to play cuz she is 25yrs old so this doesnt make sense (that she cant play) since she isnt a high school student or something

Q: then before debut I went to a club before

A: I did – we danced a lot and said let’s practice and work hard at the rehearsal venue.

Q: more than likely she brings in the most money out of the after school members

she agrees cuz she goes to a lot of shows and stuff (ads)

when asked if there was talk that she could date JW she says “that would be nice but I am an idol. (not sure of the name here) still wants to work. this is what I said but it didnt get overlooked easily. A lot of sunbaes told us you have to see what happens after the drama ends. but that person started working on bridal mask drama with (his next co star) so the host adds “he already met some other woman.” Uee: now you know. (she mumbled the rest)

at the cafe she is asked if she ever dated a celebrity and she said X – no. but she was asked but she never dated one. she asks him why he didnt ask how many. Uee: at first when the text came in I changed my number and then someone else texted so I changed my number again. she thinks maybe she might have overreacted cuz that person only wrote “hello I am so and so and I am watching you act well.” and she changed her number. she asks if that means she was asked out – cuz now she isnt sure. the guy says that could have been cuz that person couldnt have said from the start “i like you”

Q: there is a celebrity that resembles my ideal man. she says yes and it’s hyun bin (*softy says “get in line sister”) so they make her say something to him (and other marines) so she says hello I am after school Uee – (this line is tough to translate into english – it literally means “put down your strength”- it just basically means “dont work too hard” army/marine oppas or “have strength to endure”) she says this is her first time saying this

she is asked if she could break off from after school if she does well as an actress  but she says no. I want to stick to them till the end. I want to hang in there and graduate.  it would look like she gave up in the middle of it if she stopped. the guy asks if her dreams while she was practicing (to debut) was this kind of dream. she says she got a lot from the drama cuz she didnt know it would go over 30% she didnt even expect that. also after school members said they get more work cuz of her.

she said she had fun and wants to do this interview again.

Download links for OB and for live streaming:


click on 2TV and a separate pop up with live streaming comes on. It doesn’t work for Chrome but it works for IE.(Internet explorer)




you need to get kbs2. Right side of the page.





from KBS itself, but need to download




Raw links: KBS OB site





177 comments on “Everything OB

  1. Yeni Ulloa says:

    Since it’s all about OB… and more XDD I’d like to share my newest video ^^

    Hope you like it♥


    • Lita says:

      totally i loove this MV..thank you very much.. this is a amazing MV, and i loove the song, i love a sentence on the lyrics; ” Men are helpless too, when it comes to love”.yay so sweet.
      and my dear softy, you must posting this mv on this weekend episode for sure..please
      thank you


    • scarafone16 says:

      I loved it, and yes ” the lyrics of the song made me cry”, eventhough it is about a “love story” but the verses about how faces and words fade away made me remember my late sister! not so different from the love in the scenes since what made me cry is losing the opportunity to express my love for her! thank you !


    • starryleaf says:

      This fan-made MV is miles better than some official MVs I’ve come across.

      The editing & mixing of so many footages from equally many episodes is no small feat.

      Only word to describe this MV – “Excellent”.


    • ck1Oz says:

      Wow I was so engrossed in the video because it was a story. The timing is just right and the scenes so well chosen. I remembered but re watching it felt all the pain of those weeks of separation. Man wish we could…so we know how to post this on the KBS fan websites for the Korean OB fans to enjoy?

      Thank you very much for doing it.Loved it.


  2. Softy says:

    This totally made me cry – was it supposed to be so moving? it’s like you captured every pivotal moment of their relationship and blended it into the music. I was dreading the end cuz I didn’t want it to stop – it’s amazing how you caught in mere seconds every emotion of that scene. I want more people to see this so I am posting it on this weekend’s ep. Thank you so much – I literally loved every frame. 🙂


  3. my4ever77 says:

    I found this article in HANCINEMA about Joo Won & OB extension.
    They said : Initially Joo Won had been cast for the role of Lee Hwon but had to step down due to the extension of his current drama, KBS’s “Ojak Brothers”.



  4. 40% last sunday for Ojakgyo Brothers !!!! It’s doing great !!

    – Best viewer rating by episode

    1. KBS, ‘Smile, Donghae’ – 50.5% (11/4/4)
    2. KBS, Sports ‘Korea:Japan’ – 48.4% (11/1/25)
    3. SBS Sports, ‘(ISU)’ – 46.9% (11/4/30)
    4. KBS, ‘Happy Sunday’ – 40.7% (11/1/23)
    5. KBS, ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’ – 40.1% (11/12/18)
    6. SBS, ‘Secret Garden’ – 40% (11/1/16)



  5. BRuby says:

    I love everything about OB….thanks dear….*wink*…


  6. gabi says:

    Choi Jung Yoon: twitter.com/jjungchoi
    Ryu Soo Young: twitter.com/SIENAROLL


  7. Jenni says:

    i do like everything about OB..it’s like TH & JE’s couple world
    all MV, BTS everything about them.
    Ojakgyo brothers fighting…
    TH & JE shippers fighting…


  8. Miss Q says:

    I hope I posted this question at the igt place. I actually have a question about the age difference between TB & SY. In E5 TB said that he is older by 2 years from SY. But during the later episode when SY Wwas talking tonher mother when mum found out about the photo, she said that TB was her junior and younger than her. So who is older actually?


    • Softy says:

      I thought all this time cuz TB came to work later than her so that’s why SY said he was her junior -not cuz he was actually younger. Not sure which ep said it, but I thought they were the same age or he was a year older. That is why TB speaks to her informally when he gets angry – if she had been older all this time, he wouldnt have done that.


      • Miss Q says:

        Hi Softy, thanks for the clarification. I thought as much about the language. What little korean culture I understand korean are very respectful of their elders especially when addressing them.

        The conversation between SY and her mum was in EP13. She said he is younger by a year. I assume that they were talking about age. Now what TB said during the drinking session something about if you look at age, he is 2 years older, makes more sense to me.

        Again thanks.

        Merry Xmas and happy watching ep41 and 42 this weekend.


  9. ibty100 says:

    i don’t know if you’ve seen this or not but i was wondering if you’ll be able to translate it? thank you. this is the first time i’m posting anything… i hope it works.


  10. Anonymous says:

    hi softy..i found new BTS for OB..can you please translate it..UEE unnie is so pretty!! ^^


  11. sparkskey says:

    latest news of OB extensioin: it will be a 6~8 episode extension. So we’ll either end at ep 56 or 58 to end in the middle of feb.
    I find it worrying that they haven’t even settled on the number of episodes for the extension though, the number of episodes would affect the pacing and if not paced well, aliens might actually come to kidnap the OB family as a last ditch method of creating unneccessary conflict haha


  12. Softy says:

    for full video ;

    when the GM says dont keep filming me too much cuz I have no makeup on – Joowon laughs and says we are all fresh faced so she hits his back and says “you are good looking so what do you care. a pretty guy like you.” GM explains why she didnt want the cameras on the other actors and says she didnt want to inconvienence everyone else there. narrator says how GM worries about others but the actress that plays the mom said “not me” (as in dont worry about me) so everyone laughs.

    This whole interview is about the GM’s life and it’s so sweet. the woman she met up with later used to be the GM’s fan but they became friends. GM says that happens often – fans become friends with the stars and they grow old together. the friend was buying something for herself and thought of the GM and bought her one too. the GM gushes over it saying she loves it. GM says how her friend is pretty and looks more like a celebrity/star than herself. awwwww. they met up at the 63rd building and ate lunch and then had coffee at Beans and Berries where I go often. 🙂
    this is starting to break my heart. most actresses want to look better when they go for hair and makeup but she goes in and turns into a grandma. they ask if she doesnt want to take on younger roles so she doesnt have to play a grandma but she says she likes grandma roles better cuz she has played them ever since she was young. meaning her face just looks older so she played those roles a lot and she feels more comfortable – younger roles make her pay attention more to her appearance so she doesnt like it. she goes on to say she doesnt like it when people say she is pretty (cuz she knows it’s not true) “I know my level – why call someone pretty when that person isnt pretty.” In her 50 yr career, half was playing grandma roles. She was cast first for OB two months before all the other actors.


  13. N says:

    hey Softy, you are so completely awesome for translating all these BTS…
    i found one more, do you think you could briefly translate it?
    it focuses mainly on JooWon and the GM! yay~!


    • Softy says:

      It’s super cute so I might add this to E43 recap on Sat as well. thanks for sharing the link – I love BTS like this – makes me feel so close to them like I am getting to know them on a personal level. 🙂

      Narrator says KYL – Kim Young Lim (the actress who plays the GM) and Joowon are overcoming over a 40 yr age gap and became comfortable like friends. They even share coffee to drink. Joowon pours some into her cup from his big white thermos. YL says she likes coffee but Joowon likes coffee more. (In an interview he said he drinks more than ten cups a day and is totally addicted) She holds up his large thermos next to her cup and says her cup is enough for the day but his thermos isnt enough for that day for him. Since he likes bitter (black) coffee she mixes it with hers and she drinks it well. They both talk at the same time as she touches his face so I couldn’t hear what either one said. KYLsays when the role/drama started – she became the Ojak grandma and not KYL so when she sees him, she doesn’t see the actor JooWon –she really does see TH (thinks of him as TH) –her grandson – she keeps feeling that. So when she sees him normally, she feels bad for him and coddles him (favors him) and wants to pat him (on the back). They show the scene where she slaps him. Joowon says how she thought she hit it too well so she kept saying sorry and put ice on it (his cheek). KYL says her hand is small but it stings (has a bite to it) when she hits someone’s cheek, she hits hard. It’s good that there was no NG and it was over in one take – if there were lots of NGs then he would have been hit a lot. Narrator says no matter what the situation, YL acts with sincerity and so her affection to her hoobae (younger actors) is unlike others. Joowon: when I hear her voice, I cry or get angry. Even during rehearsals she doesn’t just take it lightly (meaning she works seriously). For the scene with Uee and YL, YL tells Uee to “sit where you can be seen well by the camera cuz it doesn’t matter for me.” Uee talks about YL -how beautiful YL is – cuz in the beginning there were like 5 or 6 scenes where Uee had to shoot it by herself with no one around – “doing it on my own burdened me and I worried but she knew that and came to me and said ‘you worried about that didn’t you – come here and sit next to me’ and read everything from the first part to the end – I want to keep what she does and keep it in my memory.” Narrator says how YL takes care of every person from the other actors to the staff. Narrator says today on set there is nervous tension cuz YL and Uee had to shoot a crying scene. As soon as the director gave the OK sign, even though it was a hard scene and they worried, they finished it in one take. Uee hugs her after the scene and narrator says hoobae Uee is showing her thanks to YL. As they leave the set, Uee helps YL step down and YL confides to Uee “If I cried I thought you would cry more so I didn’t cry much.”


    • ck1Oz says:

      Thanks for the link. Oh man it’s heartwarming. I felt the warm fuzzies 🙂 That is a great BTS, I can’t get over how glamorous she looks in real life.

      It’s nice huh to have more experienced actors to be around you and teach you the props although JW and UEE seem very respectful. They would be together 7+ months for this drama at 58 episodes. Add in the pre filming before the start date that’s a long time. Even relationships don’t last that long. Keeping my fingers crossed that UEE/ Joo Won would be closer in Uni because of this and maybe start something? LOL.


  14. sparkskey says:

    Hey Softy!
    The hotel I’ll be moving to will have no wi-fi so I won’t be able to translate anything for the next 4 days so I’m leaving this interview behind as a new year present (: Translated from: http://news.sportsseoul.com/read/entertain/996925.htm

    “Uee (24) has been on the receiving end of the nation’s love. Her face glows brightly and she has been living as Baek Ja-eun on KBS2 “Ojakkyo Brothers’ for the past 5 months. As ratings climbed past 30%, she literally became the nation’s younger sister. The orange earmuffs she wore in the show became a ‘real-time search word’ and even the elders greet her with words like “Hey sexy. Aren’t you Baek Ja-eun?” These are special days for someone who debut as an idol star.It’s been 4years since she debuted in 8 member girl group ‘After School” and since then her acting career has taken off powerfully. We meet star Uee born in the year of the dragon (t/n: next year is the year of the dragon in the 12 zodiac cycle)

    Ojakkyo Farm Mascot. “Since I’ve been pushed down by Gooksu, I’m now leftover rice” (meaning she’s ignored now)
    Thanks to the 4 brothers in the Hwang family, Ojakkyo farm was always boisterous. Snobby materialistic Ja-eun appeared on the farm and through the farm family, learned what familial love is like and became a lovely, mature young lady. As filming started in summer, past autumn and is now moving towards winter, she says she has matured a lot in a short time as an actor too. “As I was the only girl with 4 oppas, everyone took really good care of me. I had the chance to learn not just the basics of acting and movement on set, but the proper mannerisms as well”

    She was the mascot on set but recently due to the appearance of child actor Gooksu (Park Huigeon), she explains that it’s a pity cause she’s now been pushed aside by him. “Previously, when we filmed eating scenes, I was always seated next to Teacher Bokja (Kim Ja-ok). Now that Gooksu has appeared, he stole my seat overnight. Taeshik oppa (Jung Woong-in) places all the delicious side dishes in front of Gooksu. I’m now considered ‘leftover rice’ that is about to fall off the table. Haha”

    Stuck with the label “Singer-turned actor” she worked many times as hard as others but in previous dramas she used to only worry about the script. As she filmed Ojakkyo Brothers it was the first time she felt really comfortable on set. “I think I’ve matured 2-3 times as much as an actress. Have I become more of an adult since this is a weekend drama? Haha. At first I felt really stressed filming with such great seniors but now I feel sad that has ended. I’d love to film this till Gooksu gets married”

    Dating Joowon? “Haha. We’re so close maybe…….”
    Uee’s luck as an actress came successively. She gained favour as a top star Yoo Hyei in her first drama – popular Hallyu project SBS “You’re Beautiful” (2009). Then she took on the lead actress mantle with her second drama, cable tvN’s ‘Birdie Buddy” playing a golf player Sung Misoo. Her third drama “Ojakkyo Brothers” has been 1st in weekly viewer ratings for 19 consecutive weeks, joining the ranks of a gukmin drama (nation drama). You can attribute her continuous hits to her luck in picking projects, but her rapid progress in acting can’t be ignored.

    Yet, she waves it all off saying she stil has a long way to go. “I still don’t have the basic. During “You’re Beautiful”, the opportunity came so quickly that I didn’t manage to do the proper preparations. Even up till today I’m still learning from my acting instructor. I think I’m getting more and more ambitious as I act in more projects. The seniors manage to just go straight into the scene together with the cue sign. I want to learn how to grasp the character’s emotions just as quickly too”

    Her partner in the show, Joowon, is also her senior at university. 185cm Joowon and 171cm Uee. When I told her “I really wish you guys would date since both of you are so well matched in height and in personality”, she burst out laughing. “Our personalities are really similar since we are both of blood type O. Since we’re always joking around together, when it was time to film our love scenes, it was so awkward I wanted to die. Even on the day when we filmed the kiss scene, the managers went crazy trying to take pictures. We were just very awkward as asked each other what should we do.”

    This is the age where she would have a lot of interest in dating. Who is her ideal type among the stars. “I have always liked guys with single eyelids. Like Gong Yoo in ‘Crucible’. I became a big fan after MBC’s ‘Coffee Prince'”

    I asked Uee about her wishes for the new year. “Every year on the first day of the new year I’d type “To be happier” on the front screen of my handphone and save it.I’d wish for everyone around me and I to be happy. And for me to have a pretty love after the After School unnis have been settled(?)” (t/n: hahaha her usage of the word was weird)”


    • ck1Oz says:

      You left me in a puddle of awww…. that’s so sweet love with the translations. Man that was a LONG article you translated. Thank you so much.
      Happy New Year!


    • flo says:

      she said : dating Joowon?? : we are so close..maybe..
      may be start something??? and it means there are possibility they will be dating in real life ??.
      .i will pray for them..


      • mischa says:

        me too…i really want them to end up together for real!!!!


      • jenni says:

        she said that???
        omo..she wouldn’t said that if there isn’t something between them, right?
        their chemistry on the screen so strong and natural..no wonder coz
        in real life they have a similar personalities.


  15. Bird says:

    Thank you so much sparkskey, Happy New Year 🙂


  16. za says:

    i will also pray for them..tall and perfect couple!!!he3…


  17. sparkskey thanks for the hard work during holiday season! Reading this piece of article made me grin the whole time! hehehehe! I really wish that they give a chance together in real life. If I’m one of the staff in OB I will take pictures as much as I want and hang it on the wall in my bedroom. I really like to see those photos of kissing, hehehehe, plus they are super embarrass filming those sweet scene…..hmmm maybe there is undercurrent running around their bodies while they are holding each other, that is what I called attraction. I really wish that OB got 16 episode extension! hehehehe! so they will spend more time together, and there will like a wedding night scenes*sorry my imagination got wild* LOL! so in no time these two love birds will be for real!


  18. ojakgirl says:

    Am i the only one who doesn’t like TH’s haircut? It is so messy n make him looked unfresh…..come on the hairstylist!! I guess it started from ep 33 till now … (T^T)


  19. Iviih :) says:

    Not Sure if anyone posted this video, But Joo Won singing and dancing is so cute hahahah


  20. Mysense says:

    I love everything about OB … Happy New Year all….


  21. kiki says:

    i recently today came across this…keke please help translate this for me…i wanna know what taeun were saying…they are too cute together….softy…please dont work too hard too…<3 i love this site<3


  22. rika says:

    I just wanna share a site where the subber is fast in subbing ojakyo brother. (: I don’t know if i’m allowed to though. Heh


    Do delete if this post is not appropriate yea :/


  23. Anonymous says:

    I think I am the first one to post it here:


  24. Yeni Ulloa says:

    Softy, Do you mind erasing the comment that I posted under Ojakkyo Brothers Recap 50? Please? I just realize that it was very fool of me to even post it XDDD I’m Sorry XDDD
    And as I said it before… Here is my newest MV ^O^ Hope you like it!!

    Happy Lunar Year!!!


  25. Freda says:

    I love u guys to the max for this site. I cant seem to tire of seeing OB over and over again especially Joo Won and Uee parts. So I’ve got a big big favor. If anyone can sort make a video solely with scenes of TH and J only. Would be great right, just the two of them. Ok I know it is a tall order but do it only if it is possible. Thank you so much. I’m from Singapore.


  26. startulle says:

    Thank You to all again for the translations……….i feel soooo Happy again! 🙂


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  28. […] Traducción al inglés por Cadence en su blog.  […]


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