Ojakkyo Brothers E39

This moment of realization must have been hard for TB to face. He not only neglected SY by not going with her to her doctor’s appointments, but his unborn child as well. Holding tangible evidence of that neglect is enough for him to wake up and realize he can’t just coast by with mere words promising that he will do the right thing – he has to back it up with action. I feel awful that SY’s words tonight is going to stamp out some of that resolve TB gained to prove he can do better. Like I said before, it’s always one step forward and one step back with these two cuz there are too many interlopers in their lives. If only there was an easier way for TB to meet SY eye to eye so that he can finally show her and the baby exactly what he is capable of. Cuz we all know, when TB makes up his mind to do something, he doesn’t hold back. I can’t wait till SY is finally reacquainted with the TB she fell in love with. I bet anything that the three words SY wants to hear the most from him will be “spoken” with actions. You just know he is going to do stuff that makes “I love you” ring out so loud and clear that even his baby will sense it.

Our other favorite “couple” is back – J and the mom smile at each other again.

Just in case you couldnt see his tears – here is another one

I must admit – I cried cuz you can sense his heart is breaking with remorse that he wasnt attentive before now. But then I thought about how much harder it’s been for SY to go through this pregnancy alone. She agreed to the contract marriage in the first place to have him by her side, not just the shadow of him.

Thanks to Joonni for all her contributions


SY tells everyone –I’m sorry we have a contract marriage – we aren’t a proper married couple yet – after living together for a year, we decided to see then what to do about our marriage. TB calls out her name but she keeps going. SY: that’s why we still haven’t registered –within that year, if there is someone else we like we can meet them –so this person has the right to meet HR. this person did nothing wrong. TB’s dad: what? SY’s mom: what did you say? Her dad: a contract marriage? Meet someone else if they appear? TB stammers out to her dad : no father – SY said it so that it was misunderstood –it’s not that we had that kind of marriage. He tries to explain further but her mom yells at him to shut up. SY’s mom: be quiet cuz I don’t want to even hear one more word from you. be quiet. She tells her husband – let’s go – for now let’s leave from this place. Dad: let’s go – SY follow us. He tells TB’s parents that they will be leaving now. SY: I am sorry mother and father –today I will just go back. She bows and leaves as TP comes in.

TP says he is home. TB says to his dad: father I will tell you everything. his dad tries to hit him so TP stops the dad. dad tells TP to let go of his arm. TP: father I don’t know what’s going on but please be patient. Dad yells at TP to let go. The mom tells the dad to be patient (hold it in). TP asks what happened. The dad yells at him to let go and scares TP. Dad calls TB a bad guy. Dad: what did you say to me before you got married? What did you promise me with your own mouth? But what? A contract marriage? You go around meeting HR? TP is shocked and looks at TB.

Outside the home, SY keeps calling out mom but her mom tells her to shut her mouth –don’t say one word. Keep your mouth quiet and go home. If you weren’t pregnant, I would have beat you to death. So keep your mouth shut and go home. Her dad tells SY to get in the car.

TB sits with his family. The dad says speak clearly and don’t beat around the bush. who thought up this idea. TB says: I proposed it first and SY agreed. We had a year-long contract marriage. Dad tries to attack TB with the fruit plate so the family stops him. Mom asks the dad to say it with words. Grandma says no matter how angry you are say it with words.  Dad asks if they planned it from the start and had that kind of wedding (throwing salt on it) and not inviting all the coworkers – was that all cuz of that reason? TB: no it wasn’t at all. it wasn’t to do a fake wedding at all. Dad: what did you say? TB: it was a proper wedding. And I was dutiful in my married life till now. I can say that with confidence without any shame. Except for the fact that at first I didn’t have any feelings and I got married cuz there was a baby. If by any chance if one side was unsure of this marriage that we would cleanly end our married life. that’s what we agreed on – that was the meaning behind the  contract marriage.  Grandma: in the end that means let’s live together for a year and break up. It is correct that it’s a fake marriage so why are you saying it isnt. TB: it wasn’t for that meaning grandma. Before I got married, my heart was pure-I didn’t know what kind of woman SY was – that I had to get married – I was just afraid of that. But I didn’t think about breaking this marriage after a year. I participated in this marriage life dutifully and I will continue to do so.  Also I have no plans to break up this marriage grandma, father, mom. dad: you feel that way but bring HR into the work and the two of you meet? TB: HR came to start together as a scriptwriter. So that is why I quit start together. Mom: so that’s why you quit start together? TB: yes that’s why I quit. You know how much I wanted this chance, but I still gave it up. For SY’s sake – for my dignity and my family’s sake. Mom: did you have to go so far as to quit. What kind of brat is HR -for what reason did she go there to work knowing fully well that you were there at the station. TB: I never met HR deliberately  – I met her mom by chance today – my mother in law saw that and misunderstood. I never betrayed you father and mom- I tried all this time to keep my promise to you father that I would live well.  I never did anything to feel ashamed for. Dad: starting from the truth that you had a contract marriage was a betrayal you punk. Grandma agrees. Dad: is marriage something to treat so lightly? does how a person live seem like a joke to you and something to treat lightly? after doing that – don’t you feel anything at all when you look at us? Didn’t you feel sorry to your mom and me since we believed in you? go right now and kneel in front of your in laws and apologize a hundred times and explain that it happened by chance and make sure you don’t run into HR anymore. Got that? TB nods yes.

SY’s mom asks: what did you say? By doing that – that’s how much you to hold onto TB –not contract marriage but “live together for a year and break up” condition – that’s how you did that marriage? SY: if I didn’t then I would have made you live the shame of having an unwed single daughter raising a baby alone. The baby that was born from a miracle (I think she said she wanted it to be born free of any of that stigma in this world but not sure of the wording SY used) More than anything I liked TB. No matter what I had to do I wanted to hold onto that person. I am sorry mom – I am really sorry dad back then I had no other choice. I believed his words when he said he would do the marriage dutifully  – I wanted to believe him. In reality he did the marriage life dutifully –before Han HR showed up – our marriage didn’t have any problems.  SY’s mom disagrees and asks how could there be no problem in your marriage when you used separate rooms ever since you got married till now. I never saw him once buy his pregnant wife what she wants to eat and I never once saw you hold hands to go the hospital together. The mom points out that she didn’t once see TB speak nicely and be good to SY’s parents cuz that’s what a husband does when he likes his wife so how could there be no problem. Dad asks: what were you thinking to cause this childish trouble – how could you do this not fearing what will happen- you think your mom and dad wanted this kind of marriage for you?  SY says TB quit the show. He gave up his emcee position and gave his resignation –the situation mom saw today was something that happened by chance and it’s a misunderstanding. Mom: at the office his wife works at –he is the kind of human being where he meets his past girlfriend and her mother –you want to continue till the end to hold onto someone like that. SY cries and says again it was just by chance. Dad: your mom and dad know that much – we know he isnt that base to do that but don’t you know what we want for you? your happiness – not you pretending to be happy. In reality to receive respect and warm love –your happiness. Her mom says SY is not their daughter anymore cuz SY lost her mental (is out of her mind). SY keeps crying

TH and J are walking. TH: you are cold arent you? J: I am cold. he starts to take his jacket off so she quickly stops him saying: I am not cold – I was just saying that. I really am not cold. He suddenly holds her hand first and asks with his eyes if that’s ok. since she doesnt protest he grips tighter as they walk.

They look at Christmas lights and J says how pretty it is. J: I am curious about something – when did you start liking me? TH: I don’t know I don’t remember. J: You cant remember stuff like that? TH: then do you remember? J: Of course I remember-aren’t you going to ask me? TH: I am not curious. J: why aren’t you curious about that. TH: I am not curious. As long as you are next to me like this. ah I am curious about one thing. J: what is it. TH: Even when you were young were you this cute?

J smiles and takes out her phone and shows him a picture of her as a little girl. He looks at it and his dimples come out in full bloom. he says she was cute. They keep walking holding hands.

* am I the only one shouting “I want to know!!!” cuz I can sort of guess J’s answer but I really am curious when TH started liking her – what a fuddy duddy for not telling her. and the rest of us. Now I am going to sit around trying to guess what he would have said.

SY goes home. TB comes home with his bags. He asks what she was thinking – how could she bring up contract marriage in that situation. SY: if I didn’t then I couldn’t cover for you (protect him). I did it to protect you. TB: you think that makes sense now? If you say that, it will protect me?  SY: No – to be honest I did it on purpose to get you in trouble. It was so unfair that I suffer alone so I wanted you to go through it too. TB: what did I do that was so wrong? I quit start together even. She accuses him of meeting HR still. Her mother showed up at work and called you Hwang son in law. TB: who is meeting HR? I never met her. HR’s mom suddenly showed up and shocked me. It was something I couldn’t help too. SY: don’t yell. Did you forget that I am a pregnant woman? Even though you never even once went with me to the obstetrician’s – like most fathers you should have put your ear to my stomach and says “let’s hear what you sound like” –even though you didn’t show any interest at all – you probably didn’t tell her (HR) the truth that I am pregnant. TB: why are you being so stubborn? Who is the one who turned down the person who wanted to go with you and just left on your own? I went after you to the obstetrician’s but who is the one who wouldn’t let me into the examination room? SY: aside from that one time –even just once did you have any interest? How many months along the baby is- if its growing well – if it started moving- if it has anything that it wants to eat. Have you ever asked? All you think about is Han HR. in your head –there is only one thing – just Han HR. there is no Cha SY and there is no baby in my stomach. We haven’t even given it a nickname. It’s almost 5 months but our baby doesnt even have a nickname yet.

SY goes to her room and cries while TB stands in the kitchen.

Mom says she cant put up with this each time she thinks about it. she complains what kind of feelings did HR have towards TB to come to IBC -why does HR keep blocking TB’s path that he is on.  Dad says the problem is not HR it’s the contract marriage they did. Mom says the contract marriage was something between SY and TB and they could have worked it out and that SY revealed it only cuz HR kept hanging around TB -why else would SY reveal that. mom worries about the job opportunity TB missed out on: how hard he worked to get that opportunity – how bitter TB’s heart must have felt when he had to give that up. that kind of chance is so hard to get. dad: why do that marriage.

J is in the shed ready to mix the duck feed ingredients and looks around for the mom. She sits down and gets to work and mom shows up. J asks: why are you so late? mom: it just turned out that way. you should have started – did you wait?  J asks if anything unpleasant happened. Mom says something upsetting happened. Mom asks why J was so late coming home last night– are you dating. J: no. mom: don’t date -dont meet just anyone and date around-  don’t get married too – just like now grow your potential (earning ability) and live alone. Mom uses old fashioned words to say she isnt just saying this and that if J ends up with the wrong guy J could suffer the rest of her life. she calls kids a source of worry and says husbands are enemies (LOL) and they really “smell” (cuz they make trouble). mom gets back to work and asks: what do we start with?  J asks:what happened? did you fight with ajusshi? mom: you dont need to know -you are so young so what could you do even if you knew what was upsetting me. the mom goes back to work and asks if they should start with the charcoal powder. J says: I thought about it. she gives an idea to divide the ducks and feed each group something separately so that they can test out and see which group turns out well. mom says that’s a great idea. the mom lists 5 different types of ingredients (charcoal powder, mugwort, red clay, green tea, garlic) and suggest testing them all at once. J: all five at once? Mom: yes, even with five, it might not work out. She says that ginseng (another possible ingredient) is too expensive, so even if ginseng worked out, it would be a problem. Mom also says that it is impossible to expect $5 per duck. She asked her neighbor and found out they are able to charge that much because they give the special and expensive feed. Mom asked around more and found out that maybe they can regularly get half of half of $5. So Ja Eun says: So we have to succeed to developing a good feed so we can raise the sale value of the ducks. mom: it must be nice to be young. you arent scared at all. what you said is correct. let’s make sure we succeed. let’s start.

they mix the feed and smile at each other as they work.

TB goes to SY’s parents and kneels in front of them. Her mom says it’s unbelievable – you have such strong pride but you are kneeling in front of us so does that mean you feel like you committed a sin to that extent (that you would kneel). TB: yes I was wrong. that we are spouses thru a contract marriage, I can’t make excuses for cuz it’s the truth. but i can say with confidence that all this time while I was married, I did it properly (not sure of this word but he was trying to say he did what he was supposed to do) After we got married, not once did I think about breaking up this marriage. from here on I will be more …to SY ( he was going to say he will treat SY better)  but the mom cuts him off and says it’s too late. mom: I will make our SY get a divorce. I wont let her live with you. you think I went to your home without thinking of that.  She gets up and tells him to leave cuz she doesn’t want to see his face. She goes in her room and the dad says to just go for now cuz TB has to go to work. Dad says go and he will drop by the office and they can talk again then. he tells TB to get up

TB goes back home and lies down. He asks himself – why? what did I do that was so wrong? He sees a book about maternity stuff and flips through the parts SY marked. He finds a CD and listens to it. It’s his baby’s heartbeat. There are pics of the sonogram and he reads SY’s notes to the baby. “the first time I met our baby – baby I am so happy to meet you. even though I am scared and trembling – mom can do well right? even alone, our baby who is growing well – mom is really grateful and I love you. You are my angel who came down from heaven. baby – next time I will say hi with your dad. what would be a good nickname for you?” TB remembers SY’s words about how it’s been 5 months but their baby doesnt even have a nickname. TB holds the pics and cries

TS goes to a job interview at a hospital and leaves. He is told the decision will be made 3 days later.

TS goes to see MS at her work. he says you are busy huh? i went on a business trip and dropped by for a short time. he hands over her favorite bread. someone calls her so she tells him to sit. he says dont worry about me and work.

TS and MS eat lunch together. He asks if it’s always so busy cuz she didnt have time to even drink water. She says how someone quit suddenly yesterday so it’s more busy. TS: they quit? then should I help out. MS: you? TS: yes after work at the hospital, I can work at night from 6pm to 11pm. MS: you wont be too tired? TS: these days I have less patients so it’s ok and you helped me out a lot. I should pay back my debt at least once. I will help you dont worry. MS: ok if you do then I will be grateful. TS: what do you mean grateful – what’s that between us. He asks how much the hourly pay is. She asks hourly pay? if he wasn’t helping for free. He says he wants to do that but he doesn’t want her to feel burdened. She says she isnt burdened at all. TS: still being accurate about the pay – wont it be more comfortable to give me work? MS: ok – work 3 days and we can talk about the pay then. She says she has to buy stuff for H and to come along with N to prepare for N’s school.

TS and MS go shopping with N and H. TS can’t pick a good school bag so MS tells TS to step aside and she selects one for N.  MS asks if N likes it and he smiles. TS tries to pay but MS says she will. TS: it’s ok. MS: I will pay. she tries to give her card to the salesclerk. but TS says it’s ok and gives his card.  Salesclerk says what difference does it make which parent pays -whether the dad or mom buys it it’s the same. how could you two live so amusingly – it’s like you two are friends. TS was going to reply and says “look here” but MS says it first. what do you mean married couple? who is a married couple? how could he and I look like a married couple?how ridiculous-  cant you see with your eyes? just hurry and ring up our stuff.

SY goes to work and people clap for some woman. They call her team leader and SY looks upset

SY goes to the market and talks to people asking about their business and tries to get some scoop for a story but they say they are busy and to just go. SY sits and rests her feet. She touches her stomach. She remembers how her dad said they only want her happiness – for her to receive warm love.

SY goes to eat alone and sees a pregnant woman eating with her husband and how attentive the husband is to his wife. She asks for her food to be wrapped up to go

J goes to KJ’s office and the secretary says the president is with KJ inside. J says then she will go and wait in the studio. KJ’s secretary asks J: cant you just sell the farm – cuz of the farm, our vice president is in a difficult position.

J goes to her studio and remembers how KJ was slapped by his dad for stopping the construction of the theme park. then J remembers how TH told her the person who gave birth to him remarried with KJ’s dad.

KJ comes in and says: I am a little late aren’t I? a guest came suddenly. He sits down and says: Let’s begin. She shows him what she worked on. he says she worked hard. You must have worked through the night. J: Kim PDnim –can I ask about one thing? From before, I was curious. She asks – why did he go along with her request not to sell the farm. cuz she heard he was in a difficult position over the farm problem. I am grateful but you are in a tough position. KJ: cuz I like you – I like pretty woman. You know there are still 19 dates left right? He says he will read the paperwork in his office and come back. He leaves the room.

J hears his phone ringing so she goes to give it back. The secretary is inside with KJ and the door is partially open. (the secretary must be close to KJ cuz he calls KJ “hyung.”) The guy says he doesn’t understand why KJ is helping Baek JE while he is disobeying the CEO. KJ says, “Why? Do you want to say also that I am an ungrateful person who isn’t thankful that my parents adopted and raised me?”The guy responds, “Why are you like this? So cynical? So unlike your usual self?” KJ says: “What’s wrong with that? I’m an adopted kid. Doesn’t being cynical suit me? JE’s phone rings so KJ and the secretary knows J is outside and heard everything.

J says “I am sorry I didn’t mean to hear on purpose, I just came to give this back. I am sorry. KJ jokes and says: if you look so remorseful I can’t get angry. You are putting on an act right now on purpose aren’t you? what can be done now – since it turned out this way, I will tell you everything. A while ago you asked me why I listened to your request- the biggest reason is cuz of my mom. my mother wouldn’t have liked that the farm was purchased like that so I wanted to block that. Second (reason) is cuz of you. J: me? KJ: I thought I had to give you back your family. the chaotic family that made you feel good that you missed. The breakfast table that was loud but warm. For someone else it’s such a normal life that they would yawn over it, but to someone who never had a family, I know very well how precious that is. The last (reason) is that I have a problem I need to figure out (settle) with officer Hwang. I will speak truthfully –if it’s possible I would like it if you could help. Officer Hwang wont discuss it with me at all. I have mother’s keepsake that I must give to him. Can you help me?

TP, Y, and worker lock up the store for the day. Y says they worked hard and is about to go. TP asks if they should go drink beer since they had a profitable day. She asks: you and me? just the two of us? TP: yes – why? are you by any chance uncomfortable cuz of what happened that day. She remembers the kiss. And Y says she isn’t uncomfortable at all. why should I? let’s go. let’s have a glass of beer. He asks for the key so he can drive

TP asks her to go in first and he will make a call and go in. she says ok and goes in.  she sits and waits and TP appears on stage singing a song I think I know but he isn’t that great at singing so I am not sure if it’s the same song. The audience gets roses ready and waiter has a cake and makes a sign and everyone stands when Y does and they were about to give her the roses but she left abruptly. There is a firework display on stage with a drop down banner even. His friends ask what is going on – if TP was fired – what is this? let’s clean up and leave. TP runs out after Y

TP calls out to her. Y says she will leave first they can drink beer next time. TP stops her and says: I have something to say. She says talk next time. TP: let’s date. go out with me. I like you. Y: do you mean it? TP: yes I mean it. Y: not me – I don’t want to date you. so that is why I am going to fire you now. I will include your pay up to today and will deposit it tm. During all that time you worked hard. She tries to leave but he stops her. TP: you like me too. Don’t you? Y: who likes you? I don’t – I don’t like you at all. TP: not at all? Y: yes not at all.  during all that time, you worked hard. she leaves. He asks himself – what is this – did she just reject me? was Hwang TP just rejected? I was rejected? Me?!

D tells TH to hurry and eat. D looks at the newspaper article about someone who was captured after committing a hit and run. D wonders how he was caught. TH remembers how his dad told him about TH’s real dad’s accident and how it wasnt just a normal accident-that it was a hit and run.

J goes to the shed with warm can coffee drinks. She reads TH’s text – he said to meet at 9 in the shed. He comes in saying how cold it is and says she came early. He says let’s sit and pulls a crate over so he can sit next to her. she pulls out a drink and says it’s still warm and hands it to him. He thanks her and holds it up to his neck and says it’s still warm. She asks what case/investigation he worked on today. He says he was working on drug smuggling. She asks if his original dream was to be a policeman. He says originally he wanted to go to law school and wanted to become a prosecutor/lawyer. J: then why did you become a police officer? TH: when I was a senior in high school, my family’s financial situation couldn’t afford that and there is no tuition to go to police university/academy. J is impressed asking – you came out of the police academy? you must have studied really well. He sort of brags and says:  should I say studying was the easiest. he snorts back laughter. she mutters under her breath : I shouldnt have bothered asking. TH: I can hear everything (you say) She says he must have been upset cuz he had to give up his dream. TH: I have no regrets – instead of saying i gave up my dream, I just modified the path to my goal. TH asks if she had a good day. J: yes. she talks about after the last meeting, she worked on the O duck family synopsis and cuz of that she didnt sleep yesterday and totally suffered but she was told what she worked on was much better -the evil enemy character is better and overall the characters improved.especially since the director praised me, I felt really good. TH: you must have liked that a lot. what else? J: also…. She remembers KJ saying: the last thing is I have a problem I need to figure out with officer Hwang and if it’s possible, I was hoping you could help me. TH : did something happen. J: no – nothing – that was all of it. They hear mom’s voice to be careful cuz the feed will burst. and the dad saying open the door. TH and J panic and hide and knock over a basket of garlic stalks.

Dad complains how it’s heavy as he puts it away. Mom wonders why the garlic basket was turned over. Dad says leave it alone cuz it’s cold. She picks it up and puts it back. She says let’s spread some sawdust here before they go but the dad keeps saying do it tm -it’s hard work – hurry let’s go. mom: ok then. she changes her mind and says just do it now. J leans towards TH some more. the dad says to do it tm cuz it’s hard work. mom: ok then do it tm. They leave.

J and TH look at each other and stand but TP shows up and calls out for the mom so TH and J quickly crouch back down. TP: she isnt here? he barely missed seeing them. TP leaves

After he leaves, J and TH laugh in relief.

(That whole hiding scene is adorable.  If you watch carefully, it looks like they shot it quite a few times. In some of the long shots TH has his hand on J’s back, but not in the closeups! Also, J looks like she’s trying hard not to laugh at times. -Fanderay)

TH goes to his room and his dad is in his room. TH: were you looking for something? dad: you came home early. The dad was looking for a Q tip. TH gets one out for him. dad: was it in there? TH: here you go dad. The dad touches TH’s face and says he looks good- is work going well. TH smiles and says yes. TH asks about the accident 26 years ago. dad: your father’s accident? TH: yes -you said it wasnt just any accident but a hit and run. why weren’t you able to capture the person who committed the crime.dad says how it happened really late at night and there were no eye witnesses – Thankfully there were skid marks and other evidence left from the suspect’s car. so the officer in charge carried that evidence around trying to look into it but it was hard. But suddenly the officer in charge was switched.TH: suddenly? dad: yes. when I think about it now – there is regret leftover. If the police handled the case properly they could have caught the culprit. TH’s mom  even went to the station, saying that she will find the perpetrator herself and she got the list of suspects. She wrote a letter to each one asking them to confess. But of course no one did and no one was ever caught. TH asks which police station it was.

* I wonder if that’s the keepsake TH’s mom left him – that one piece of evidence so he can find his dad’s killer since the mother couldnt. what a thing to pass on to her son. but I bet she knew TH grew up to be a cop so that’s why she left it for him – it has to be.

TB is at work and looks at his phone. he is about to text SY asking where she is and about dinner. HR comes in and asks to talk for a short time. SY brought her food and came just in time to see them walking out together.

HR says sorry for yesterday – cuz of my mom you were in a difficult situation werent you? TB: no it’s ok. She says she heard he quit Start together – was it by any chance cuz of me? was it cuz of what I said when we went on the MT? if it was cuz of that, what happened 3 yrs ago (she was about to say she was going to apologize to him) but he cuts her off and says he didnt give up that work for someone’s sake – I decided that for me. cuz I ignored my wife too much. I am going to be a dad next year. my wife is 5 months pregnant. Cuz of work I didn’t pay any attention to my wife so that is why I quit. until the baby is born – all the things I didn’t do till now as a husband – I am going to prepare to be a dad. so you dont need to feel bad about it – it was a decision that had nothing to do with you. don’t be concerned about what happened 3 yrs ago and don’t be sorry cuz of me anymore. HR: ok. TB: ok I will be going first

TB stops by a baby’s clothing store and looks at all the baby stuff. He picks up a baby doll and holds it like it’s a real baby. He chooses a pair of baby shoes and writes a note to SY about their baby – for the first time SY and TB will be saying hello to their baby together, he thought about it and suggests a nickname (but we dont know it yet cuz he didnt say it aloud)

SY sits alone in the dark and eats. She remembers how she asked TB if he loved her and how he didn’t reply. She cries as she eats. It’s like she is eating just for the baby’s sake. she has trouble swallowing.

When SY goes home, TB comes out of the kitchen and says you came – what about dinner? He says how food is almost ready and he bought what she liked -some crab dish. he tells her to wash her hands and come. She says she has something to say. TB: I have something to say too- what about if we register for marriage. if it’s ok with you, I would like to.  It would be good if we did it before the baby is born. For that – there is a present. He gives her the gift. TB: Open it. SY doesn’t and just says coldly: Let’s break up-let’s stop and end this.  let’s end it. we were a contract marriage anyway. Let’s cancel the contract. Let’s end this.


No preview

*I am a little concerned about where they are going with the whole TH’s birth dad’s hit and run accident. Why bring that back up now after all these years? Please don’t let that have anything to do with KJ’s adoptive dad. That would be the exact kind of drama twist that would not be welcomed in this one.

It seems like this drama turned into a mystery that needs to be solved. as if all the love lines werent complicated enough, the writer throws in this wrench about the accident 26 years ago. Reading everyone’s guesses are so interesting. some of those have to be correct. 🙂

** Fanderay is out of town so screencaps will be posted tm so I will add just a few tonight. 🙂

Fanderay’s Comments:

I’m going to preface these comments by pointing out that I wrote them in a moving vehicle with a 16lb dog on my lap (feeling slightly carsick and cross-eyed after 10 hours of knitting).  I didn’t get to sit down and watch the episode in one go with full attention, so I apologize if I missed anything important (or say anything incomprehensible!).

TB and SY make quite the pair. On top of all the obstacles that naturally stand in their way, so much of their strife seems to be caused by their similarities to one another. Both are stubbon, and both expect the other to behave they way they want, without having to explain what they want.

For example, has SY ever communicated to TB how important the hospital vists are, and how badly she wants him to be there? As soon as TB went to the hospital he realized on his own, but I doubt he’s the only man who would overlook that type of thing. Instead, SY wants him to give his support completely of his own volition, and she ends up more miserable in the long run. She’s not the only girl out there who wants a man to do something without being told (and understand why it’s important) but I find it especially tough to watch this type of thing play out when a baby is

involved, and they can never get back the time that they lose.

Similar to SY, TB wants her to trust him without having to explicitly tell her all the details, and he has never gone out of his way to clearly explain his situations (like the ones with HR) pre-emptively. This of course just causes more distrust, and I don’t think it ever seems as sincere to clarify your actions after they have caused conflict.

It’s sort of ironic, because they’re both striving so incredibly hard to become closer, but they manage to stand in their own way even more than third parties like HR and SY’s mom do. I suppose it’s hard to communicate well with someone that you had to suddenly marry after a one-night stand, but I think that once they learn good communication (with each other!*) their problems will practically disapper. Even though they don’t seem to  know it, it’s easy for us viewers to see that they’re on the same side, and want the same things.

*I said “with each other” because I thought TB explained things very well to his family, and I wish he would say that much to SY in one sitting!

Because of their terrible communication and stubborness, all sorts of wrong assumptions are being made. TB assumed that SY and the baby were fine, and that he was doing enough while she was unfairly suspicious of him. SY assumed that TB didnt care about her and was just thinking about HR all the time. Both were wrong, but every time they try to clear the air, it’s too little

too late.

I think it’s intersting that SY has told her parents how much she’s always liked TB, but not TB himself. It’s probably an issue of pride, but it makes me feel like she’s been living a bit of a lie. I think TB is under the impression that this marriage was for the sake of their baby and their families, so I’m not sure if he’ll be angry or pleased when he finds out the truth. Will he think she was selfish and just pursuing her own interest, or will be flattered, and prompted to confess his own feelings? Hopefully he finds out from SY herself, instead of her parents.  I don’t think that SY would be so upset if she didn’t have feelings for TB, so it doesn’t seem completely fair that she’s so hard on him when he doesn’t even fully know why.

I don’t blame the parents at all for expecting more from their kids, but I think part of the reason TB didn’t do more to act like a proper son-in-law was that he wanted all of his actions to be completely sincere. He didn’t want to hold SY’s hand to look like a proper husband; he wanted to wait until he wanted to hold her hand, so that it meant something. If he just went through the motions,they would never really grow as a couple, but unfortunately his actions do look pretty bad in the eyes of SY’s parents.

Even though I’m perpetually frustrated with SY and TB, I’m also perpetually heartbroken for them. Oddly enough, even though I get more frustrated with SY at times, I also feel worse for her (although I still feel terrible for TB!). I can’t wait for them to figure everything out so I can see them happy together. I bet they’ll be adorable!

Softy was definitely not the only one shouting that she wants to know when TH and J started liking each other. That scene was wonderful wonderful torture. TH is getting borderline sappy (“were you always this cute?”) and I kinda love it. I smiled extra big when I read Softy describing TH’s dimples as coming “into full bloom”. If his dimples make her think of flowers, then she definitely must have been swooning!

I looved how honest KJ was with J, and that doing the right thing (blocking the farm sale) is more important to him than allegiance to his father. It’s a bit sad that he understood so well how J felt about losing the only “family” she has ever known, and I hope that J and TH recognize how badly he needs some support. I was particularly pleased that he flat-out asked J for help with TH. I was hoping that she would help mend things between them, but I didn’t expect her to be given such a clear kick-start by KJ.

Even though I think she’s lying to herself, I was borderline happy to see TP rejected. Of course I don’t want him to be rejected long-term, but it was very satisfying to watch him experience something he thought was reserved for “lesser” men. I’m guessing TP will show up for work to discuss it all more with Y, and I’m curious to see if she’ll be strong enough to not let him work again. If TP stays fired, it probably won’t take long for Y to realize that she’s not very good at business on her own.  Also, TP is so incredibly tone deaf that his singing seemed even sweeter.

I was admittedly hoping for TH and J to talk about their mommy issues, but I wasn’t at all disappointed since we know J is thinking about broaching the subject, and because there was so much cuteness. It’s sort of comical (and endearing) that keeping their relationship secret is such a big deal. I’m sure they fear disapproval and family complications, but it’s not like they have any major issue to overcome (like birth secrets or a massive class difference). I keep playing through possible scenarios of how they’ll be discovered. Will they be busted, like they almost were in the shed? Will TP rat them out? Or maybe KJ? Will they get down on their knees holding hands and confess? There are so many options, and they all make me grin. I try not not to imagine the prospect of TH asking to marry J, or proposing, because then my grin might break my face in half.

I have no idea if that sort of thing will ever happen, but if it does, TH’s shy akwardness will make it adorable.

I thought the only mystery to be solved was going to be the one regarding J’s father (whatever happened to that btw?). I don’t mind TH having another important case to figure out, but this late in the drama there is a 99% chance that the person who killed his dad is a character we’ve met. Other than KJ’s dad, who else is there? My fingers are crossed that it’s someone not linked to the familes (like the corrupt police chief from earlier episodes) since that would seem far less convoluted. If it is KJ’s dad, I hope that his motivations are very clear, and that there’s more to the story (that caused TH’s mom to marry the same guy, etc). No deus ex machina please! So far the writing for this drama has been fantastic, so I’m optimistic.

I wrote everything above (about SY and TB) before the final scene, and the final scene just drove it all home! When SY saw HR with TB she assumed the worst, and TB once again assumed that his actions weren’t being watched by SY or misinterpreted. In his mind he is doing the upright thing as a husband and father (I melted a little when he was so straightforward with HR and was so scared but excited at the baby store) but meanwhile SY is hurt because she wants TB to care and has no idea what’s actually going through his mind. I’ve never before seen two people who are on the same page be on such completely different pages! I realize that doesn’t really make sense, but

it makes sense to me! Maybe I should say that they’re on the same page, but in different languages. If I could volunteer as an interpretor I would!


228 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E39

  1. nure says:

    soo sad im crying for TB and SY


  2. priya says:

    Fanderay, So you are back. As usual i adore you comments.
    Softy, I was waiting for you to clarify TH’s words. Thanks a lot.


  3. suararaa says:

    When Sooyoung said to her mom, ” The baby that was born from a miracle ” , I think it’s because Sooyong had ovarium cancer before and need to be surgered,and her ovarium was uplifted. She probably think that she never got pregnant in her whole live, but she’s pregnant. So, she said that baby is miracle.

    This is the first time I’ve comment on your blog, though i always reading ojakgyo brothers’s recap here. I think, ep 39 is the most heartbreaking episode ever… I’m crying while I was reading Sooyoung’s part: when she was quarrel with Tae Beom, and her parents, when Sooyoung eat alone in the dark..

    Reading this recap make crying like a crazy…thumbs up for your hard work… I’m really anticipated the next episode tonight….


  4. Sebbe says:

    I’m actually scarred that J’s father was involved in the car accident.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I really hope SY and TB work things out, I watch this drama just for them so they can’t slipt up, now it time to turn the contract wedding into a real wedding. After that I’m sure the writers can find other areas to bring out conflicts.


  6. Iprefernottosayit says:

    Is it just me or is TH getting much more better looking then before? He keeps smiling now! JE took care of that well! And thanks so much, you’re really fast! I keep checking back for updates! 🙂




  8. teresa n says:

    anyone watching padam,padam? this is not my kind of drama but the quality is awesome! i can’t resist


  9. sohoo says:

    KJ father do it, he want to take everything belong to j father i thing he envolved in lot of thing maybe he is j dads partner or friends with the chif police u remaber the story of the pen and the shop in japan !!


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