You’ve fallen for me E5

This guy continues to be my favorite thing about this drama and he came out a lot today.


SH stops the car cuz he saw the kiss too but resumes driving.

S wishes Y a happy bday and says he will be going

Y gets in the car and takes the necklace off.

New song plays – lyrics: since i love you – look at me -since I love you – come to me

K goes home and touches her heart: is this broken? why is it like this?

Sh says to himself: this is the first time I was jealous of a younger guy. he takes out the necklace box and goes to Y’s home. in front of her door he gets a call. he was about to say he arrived just now but she talks first and says sorry – let’s have wine next time. she says she doesnt feel well. he says something came up and wasnt able to go so it worked out well so let’s do this next time. she says sorry. he looks thru her window. he tells himself: SH you have great timing (he was being sarcastic)

next day K goes to buy coffee and asks to get it in a hurry. Y shows up to order coffee. Y says K did well yesterday and was much better than the previous day. Y offers to pay but K says she will pay for her own.

K leaves the coffee for S and complains that he is always not there.

S shows up and smiles at Y. K watches from above and remembers S kissing Y. SH shows up and sees Y and S. Y asks to meet with S for a minute

Y puts the necklace down on her desk in front of  S and asks him not to do stuff like this again. I’m not that free with my time to play along with a young kid’s joke. S: what if I said it wasnt a joke. Y: to me it is a joke. I told you that I didnt like you waiting and following me around. the person i need is not some young kid who lives for his dream but a grown man. S: do you really think of this as a young kid’s joke? then isnt there no reason for you to be so serious now.  can you honestly say that you didnt show me even a little bit of interest (korean phrase “a finger’s worth”)  she replies that she honestly didnt waver even a little. she puts the necklace in his hand. Y: if you understood you can leave. S turns and says: no matter what you think professor – this is my heart and I will do what I want. she says his name so he turns and looks at her: one more thing -I’m not a young kid.

when he leaves he sees the coffee K left for him but he keeps walking

K is playing her instrument and says : so what if that guy likes someone. when she leaves she sees the coffee still there – if he isnt going to drink it then he shouldnt make me get it-this punk

S is holding his necklace when K barges in. ya Lee Shin – what are you? who said you could play around with me just cuz I am your slave. S: what is this? she says he shouldnt have made her get coffee if he wasnt going to drink it-if you dont drink it up before the end of the day i wont go on any more of your coffee errands. she leaves.  

S goes after her and says: whether I drink it or not – it’s up to me. all you have to do is what I ordered you to. K:what? S: also dont come complain to me again. he turns to leave but she asks: do you like professor jung?  S:what? K: do you think that makes sense(it’s possible)? S: what doesnt make sense about it? K: that… S: what doesnt make sense? K: the professor is a professor and there is over a 12 yr age gap. S: from today on – dont be my slave. you’re fired. dont run any coffee errands – dont do anything at all. also stay out of my business. K:what? S: get lost. K yells at his back: fine – that’s good for me – let’s make this clear – you are the one who said it first. dont take it back later (dont change your mind later). S goes back in and looks at his necklace. K walks off and says :who said they would miss that-how funny

SH plays a really cool song for the flirty teacher. she asks if he made it himself. he asks if it’s not good but she says it’s really good- the ending evokes a feeling. he says : first start off with a guitar solo -solo for the lead too- and combine with gukak- what do you think? do you think it’s doable? she says the first guitar solo is important. he agrees and says it needs to start by making an impact. she says S could do it even tho he isnt a pro and that he is the best out of the others. SH says he doesnt think S is that special

S’s band and the rest of K’s rehearsal group are waiting including SH and the flirty teacher. she says S wont be that late. SH looks impatient. S shows up. S says sorry for being late. SH asks how could a guy who is sorry walk in so slowly.

after they play, the teacher asks how it sounds and SH says it’s better than he thought. she says it’s cuz they havent practiced yet so it doesnt sound right but after practice it will sound great. SH looks at S and says: it doesnt sound right yet. especially the guitar. teacher says the guitar performance was good but SH says it wasnt. S asks what was wrong with it and SH says he cant say exactly what. S plays it again better. S: was it not good this time too? SH says it will probably get better. Sh calls it an end for today and says everyone worked hard.

S waits for SH outside. S: director from next time on – point out exactly where and what part wasnt good. if you tell me the way you just said – I cant understand you. SH tells him not to act up

SH goes to the hospital to check KY out from the hospital. SH asks where KY is and bud says KY is sleeping and asks what SH plans to do. SH says let’s go.

SH wheels KY to the playhouse: even if I have to do it like this – I will make sure you go up on stage. SH orders the other two to lift KY to his seat. SH tells KY to stay here for the time being. eat on stage and sleep there. KY: if I do this will something change?  SH: i’m going to make it change-no matter what happens you have to do this musical for sure. i’m going to make sure you do – I am going to make you stand (on stage) again. KY: for whose sake do i have to do that?  do you feel like you wronged me? bud asks if KY wants to be hit. KY: you didnt so please stop paying attention to me. Sh tells bud to watch over KY well and if anything happens to contact him right away. bud asks if SH is leaving. SH: yes cuz I have to drop by school for something. bud asks KY to think about how much the director wants KY to come around by doing this.

SH goes to meet Y. he asks if she feels better. she says she is ok and says sorry. SH: anyway I couldnt go either so dont pay attention to it. he notices she isnt wearing the necklace. she says how she changed something and to watch during rehearsal tm and if he doesnt like it she will fix it again. he mentions how S likes her. Y:what? S: he already told me off – not to act out of line with you. Y: he pities me (or maybe it means “sympathizes” and mistakes that as love- he is too young so he cant distinguish it from love. SH asks if she doesnt mistake S’s feelings for her. Y:what are you saying? SH: exactly what I said. is it just S being in a one sided love. she asks if he is being jealous of S right now. SH: yes I am jealous. it’s late – I shouldnt have interrupted your work. go work and i’ll be going

K’s group stops for snacks. they talk about how SH acted strange a while ago cuz S played well but it looked like SH made up his mind to pick on S. K: he must have had his reasons. B: if S’s mood isnt good – doesnt it mean it will be harder on you being his slave? K says it;s ok cuz she isnt his slave anymore. other girl asks why and other one offers to finish out K’s time. K asks if those girls dont have any pride. B says they dont

S plays the guitar and thinks about how Y said she didnt have time for a young kid’s joke.

K runs down the hall saying she is dead cuz she is late but she stops and looks in on S (who is looking out the window). from outside the door she asks: what are you doing – arent you going home? K gets a call from her grandpa- she says she is leaving now and practice ran late. she gets yelled at so she says she will go in a hurry.

S rides by and sees the coffee. he goes up and reads the note -something about making her run an errand she didnt need to i think-  and he leaves it. but he turns and drinks from it and chokes

S sees K waiting for the bus. she is asleep. she gets on the bus and ppl laugh at her. she notices a post it note on her forehead and starts to say “who did this” and then sits quietly.

when S gets home his sister and mom are looking at something on the computer. she explains how someone she knows had to suddenly move overseas so she is thinking about moving into their traditional home to live. she asks what S thinks and he says ok. J asks him to think it over seriously but he says he doesnt have any interest and doesnt care where they live so they should decide. mom warns she will do what she wants then

S remembers Y saying she needs a grown man and not a young kid.

K goes to get that coffee and remembers how he told her not to be his slave and stuff. she says aloud she wont do it anymore. she picks up the cup and is surprised that it is warm. S wrote a note that it was for gukak major -K – and that he spit a lot into it. she takes out that post it note that was on her forehead and it’s the same handwriting – it said be careful of this stray dog -it’s ferocious so dont mess with it. K laughs and says: that was Lee Shin

T calls bud over to ask about Ky cuz T heard KY was injured. T asks if KY is ok and bud explains how it was a minor fracture. T asks which hospital KY is so T can go check on him. but explains how SH took KY to SH’s theater.

SH says they are going to listen to the leads today. HJ and K will do the female lead and male ….the other teacher speaks up and asks S if he wants to try it. she asks if he knows the song. SH: after losing your dream,  love, and everything – it’s a song you sing while feeling that-try singing -sing it feeling that you desire to stand again. JH cheers HJ on. B cheers K on. HJ sings then S but after K sings- SH stops her. he tells her not to just sing cuz she was told to – she has to feel the lyrics and sing.

afterwards, B complains she is hungry. K says the rehearsal was too long. JH runs by saying how hungry he is and tells the others to hurry. B says let’s go together and runs after JH. K thanks S for the coffee. he says he spit in it. she adds that he spit a lot. sorry for last time and talking out of line. S: it’s ok. K: i was a little angry and I didnt know…  S: if you are sorry finish out the remaining time as my slave. K:what? S: you still have a few days left. K starts to say he is unfair for taking it back but agrees saying a promise is a promise. S: since we are talking about it – you could clean the band rehearsal room. K: cleaning? S: to a servant – cleaning is perfect. S: make it clean

K goes in and is shocked at the mess. K berates herself for giving in just cuz of one cup of coffee and agreeing to be a slave again. K strums his guitar saying :LS is a fool. she looks up and sees S. he comes in saying: this must suit you – if I didnt tell you to clean you would have felt let down.  K lies that she wasnt smiling cuz she liked this – it was just cuz she thought of something funny B said. he tells her to tell him what was so funny that made her smile so much so he can hear it too. she tells him a joke about ramen and sesame oil -“I’m laughing already” but he says the punchline. he asks if that is funny. K:isnt it funny? he says” I thought you were just lacking in singing but it’s also your humor. K: what? S: with the singing skill a while ago you dont have a chance against HJ. he tells her to clean something else before she goes. she mutters he has a talent for making a person furious. she yells just wait and see I’ll be the lead.

mean girl says the director is crazy cuz he is trying to do whatever he can to put him (KY)on stage. another girl says she heard that the director kidnapped him (KY) and trapped him in the theater. HK walked by but stopped to hear. so the girl asks if HJ is curious and wants to hear. HJ:who does? she keeps walking. the mean girl says HJ really hated KY.

HJ goes to see KY. she asks if he can at least walk. KY: what are you doing here. HJ: dont you want to stand up there one time. (she is looking at the stage)according to the director – someone like me is a long way off. there still arent any kids who are as good as you. or you can just keep trembling and being intimidated.

SH comes across a CD and takes it to KY. SH: I wont ever give up on you. until you stand – until you sing for the stage’s sake -I’m going to torment you till the end. if you are annoyed and frustrated – then come up on stage with your own feet. then I’ll end it for you. watch with your own eyes how happy you are for the stage’s sake. SH plays what he recorded. KY on the screen asks if SH is really filming this and SH denies it. SH asks how KY feels about performing on broadway. KY says it will be the best. SH:who knows – after about 3 yrs -that you might stand on broadway. it will turn out well. no I will do well and take you to broadway. KY laughs so SH accuses him of making fun of him. KY denies it.

K is practicing the song

SH goes back to school and watches Y thru the window

KY is still watching the screen. KY calls SH- the future broadway director. SH: imagine this KY – for the sake of broadway -the minute you stand there was the lead -your heart will race and you wont be able to stand properly -can you imagine that? KY’s voice: dreams come true. KY reaches out his hand and uses his crutches to hobble over to the stage

S waits for Y. he says he will escort her to the parking lot.  she tells him not to follow her. Y: I told you that I didnt have free time to play along with a young kid’s joke. stop while I can think of it as cute. he holds her arm. S:how much older do I have to be to be a grown up? 25? 30? she tells him to let go and tries to pull away but S grabs on. K comes out and sees this. S: you must have forgotten but I am a man – with just that much strength you cant pull away from me.  Y keeps trying to get her wrist free and calls out his name. S: please -just look at me – look at me! she tells him to stop – I am sick of you doing this. dont follow me- do I have to get this angry for you to understand? you are not a man to me- you got that? she leaves him there crying. he turns and sees K standing there. she looks away. he goes to his bike. K tries to call out his name but he just keeps going

SH asks what K is doing – standing there looking out of it-why – did something happen. K asks if she can ask one question. he says ok and what that is. K: what is your relationship with professor jung. SH: are you curious? K:yes


SH and the cafe owner are spying on Y while she is practicing. SH tells him to go home and he will buy a meal. other guy says he doesnt want to he will buy so SH should leave. how could he leave the best girl behind. SH pushes him saying they will get caught and asks the guy to leave again. they get caught so Y asks what they are doing. guy says they are seniors and theator majors. SH lies and says the speakers sounded weird and it needs to be looked at.

SH is staring at Y as she is eating. he asks if she doesnt have friends cuz she eats alone.

SH and Y are drinking together so the other guy cries as he spies on them.

end flashback

catharsis owner is telling B and some kids about SH and Y. B asks what happened next – did they break up? he asks if they are curious and if they want to know he will tell them if they order another appetizer. they complain and asks him to finish his story. he asks what JH wants to eat. JH says fruit. then asks what happened with Y and director. guy says how Y is every make students ideal/fantasy girl but she was an ice princess-there were lots of guys who couldnt confess their love and gave up -but one impressive guy names SH was able to thaw her out. JH asks what the owner (madame gu) did. he goes on to say Y was chosen by the famous NY jazz ballet.

SH is driving K home and she gets a call from her grandpa. she is asleep. SH take her to her door and explains to her grandpa that he is sorry that she came home so late. she tells SH that it’s ok and to go since it’s late. but grandpa asks what SH is directing. Sh tells the truth that he is in charge of the 100th anniversary show and his name. she lies to her grandpa that for the show there are performances from this and that – and SH is the director for the gukak part. arent you director? she speaks with her eyes to get him to go along with the lie and he does. grandpa asks how old SH is. SH: 33. grandpa says SH isnt too old.  so K whispers ” grandpa”. then he asks if SH’s parents are still alive. SH says yes and that they live in the country and moved recently. grandpa: when you have time stop by our home and have some tea and go. K says that the director is a really busy person. then she tells SH he should get going since it’s late. SH says he will meet the grandpa again next time. after SH leaves. grandpa approves of SH even tho he is older. she asks what he is talking about and to go in. grandpa says this guy is better than the other guy last time. K: this guy and that guy are ppl who have nothing to do with me so please stop paying attention to it.

S’s mom and sister come out of the home next door. (OMG K and S are going to be neighbors) the lady explains the home is old but they remodeled the interior so it’s comfortable. S’s mom says she knows and asks if they can move in next week. the lady says yes cuz her family is leaving during the weekend. S’s mom asks J what she thinks. J says it’s better than she thought. the lady thanks J.

S walks by K without saying anything. K remembers how Y said to S that he wasnt a man to her

HJ, S, and K sing. K sort of looks at S as she sings. B says K did well. mean girl says she could sing to that extent too. SH says they worked hard and says this is all for today. S leaves and K looks at him. K tries to follow him but HJ stops her saying it looked like K practiced some. K says thank and tries to go again. HJ asks if she ate ramen and slept cuz her face is swollen like bread. K:what?  K looks but S has already gone

S lies down on the grass and holds the necklace and remembers how Y said she was sick of him and not to follow her around. he almost throws the necklace but doenst

KY goes to see SH at school. SH: KY what happened. KY: like you said I want to try once. i might run off again but it should be better than regretting right? SH says K did well.

KY sings on stage. I totally love this song even more now

someone comes in so Y says sorry I will be done soon (she thought it was the guard) but it’s SH. she asks what brings him here at this time. SH: to see you. she says she sincerely thinks it’s a good thing about KY. SH: I think I still like you a lot YJ-getting jealous of another guy – I want to stop doing that now. she cries. Y: what are you saying – it’s late – ahjusshi  will come to lock up. SH: let’s start over – I love you YJ.he hugs her.

S watches them hug. K calls out to S to wait a minute. S: move aside. K: you havent left yet -want to go eat with me or ….  S: I told you to move. K: didnt you know this would happen? if you kept up your one sided love – did you think the professor would one day turn around and see you? S: do you like me? K:what? S: if you do this – did you think I would like you instead of the professor?  she says his name. S: whoever you like or not –  I have no interest -so you too- stop being interested in me. he pushes her aside and leaves. she cries.



S says to Y: you got what you wished for – you found a grown man

Y says to S that she is happy when she is with that person (SH) – but you arent it

K holds the coffee and wonders where S went

Y: now go back to your place

S tells K not to follow him. K asks where he is going

the catharsis owner tells Y and SH that S’s dad passed away not too long ago and that S and his younger sister have different fathers 

S shows a picture of his dad to his sister and asks if they look alike. she asks who the man is

comments from other lost draft that I moved over here

ck1Oz-Thanks softy for the recap.Today was such a mixture.I was going to say CH was funny but there were quite a few poignant moments.However it is a good drama.
On a frivolous note…wonder if LMH will get comments that he looks cute in a blue gown and play a Dr in his new role :-)

jae- thanks softy for CH recaps! you are the best (^^)p

angel esguerra-omo he will tell nana taht he likes her! waaaaaa
thanks softy for the recap..
will wait for yffm recap..
many thanks!
maraming salamat!

trina- hrmm… camping out waiting for YFFM… Please let us know if there is a HOT Shower Scene… LOL… ^^

ck1oz-Oh man please don’t tell me it’s you :-) There is only ONE person in the whole wide world like you. I would eat grass if you’re not her.

trina -LOL… am i her or not… that is a question for the day…

neny924 says: YFFM fighting! I can’t wait!

kcomments-OMG… Romance Town ep19, so good and so sad, check it out Softy! Can’t wait for the finale tomorrow.
CH and YFFM fighting!

honey -Thank you! As usual ur the best

m_s- softy busy doing heartstring now :D
scent of a woman startin today?


Ehm.I forgot CH was on today softy.I am on Drunken to love you.You should watch it it’s quite good.

Oh for your info…we have numerous shots of Lee Dong Wook (scent of a woman) in swimming shorts.I am giddy with delight :-) Love Korea and their need to show off abs.His body has definately improved. ck fanning herself

nikesma –Woot! I’m catching up with this series!


15 comments on “You’ve fallen for me E5

  1. Fanderay says:

    It’s because the post date is set as April (why does wordpress even allow you to change the date?)


  2. bengbeng says:

    ii was so worried, i felt that there was a glitz. i’ve been waiting for the YFFM recaps and can’t sleep till i finished it. it’s already 3:16 am here, but i waited patiently. Now i’m rewarded =)


  3. dorie says:

    Thank you for your recaps. It makes the waiting bearable 😀


  4. nikesma says:

    It was fine after you transcap CH though. Did you go to publish tab and change the date back to july?


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      omg I dont know how this happened – but I checked my original and it said july on it too. I have no clue why the other one switched to april suddenly – I keep trying to switch the dates but it just wont work and it keeps saying scheduled to publish so I gave up wasting more time and made a new one. this has never happened in the 8 months I have been doing this – almost went out of my mind with worry cuz I thought I lost 7hrs of work.


  5. RR says:

    thank goodness for those soompiers who simultaneously posted your blog when someone requested for a link for a recap,hahaha..this is my first time visiting your site and im so happy and thankful for the quickest recap for you’ve fallen for me/hearststrings..some scenes are more heartbreaking now that i have an idea what they’re saying…ahhh,the agony and hearbreak of unrequited love..poor kyu-won and lee-shin 😦


  6. V says:

    Ugh, Shin, what the hell? Forcefully grabbing a teacher and refusing to let her go even when she asks and tries to shake you off? I’ve already been finding Shin quite stalker-like and this is simply the last straw. I want to know why the hell the writer wrote the male lead to be like this, because I find his character’s behavior towards Yoon-Su absolutely deplorable, and being a lovesick puppy/hapless college kid is not any sort of acceptable “excuse”. Ugh, why, drama, why?


    • Areli says:

      Totally agree with you V… dont get it really… I guess that happens when you’re immature. Shin needs to grow up and thats what being a man is all about.

      By the way, thanks a lot to REbelSouls for an amazing recap to all hearstrings thirsty recap fans!


  7. Cherry says:

    I’m with you Softy! the best thing in this drama is KY. i was reading as you were recapping- and i was getting more and more disappointed because there was no mention KY – UNTI he came up! YAY!!! i’m slowly losing interest – not to the point where i will drop this drama, but if i have to watch Shin and SH moon over dancer teacher one more episode i’m going to start fast fowarding. this whole episode and next seem to be shin and Y , SH and Y. Com’on writers – more with the singing – especially KY singing!!!


  8. Jomo says:

    OMG, Softy, I feel your frustration. There really isn’t anything worse than the disappointment of seeing your hard work disappear + the time lost having to redo!!
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you !
    for taking the time to give us our trans-crack.

    Not sure how I feel about Shin now. I used to think he was a just a jerk. Now I have a distinct feeling that he is A JERK! SH is still my favorite, maybe because of my soft spot for him in Life is Beautiful.

    City Hunter is moving along nicely on all fronts. I can see they are softening us up on Fake Dad. I wonder why now, and if that bodes well for him being redeemed. It is probably because Kim Sang-joong who is playing him is such a sweet heart IRL that can’t have him be a complete sociopath. LMH got a rest in today’s episode. He was able to lie about and take a load off. I keep reading that he isn’t sleeping because of this show.

    Anyway, softy, FIGHTING!


  9. Cherry says:

    i got a sinking feeling ky is not going to be a love interest to anyone – not even our KW. sigh at least i don’t have to watch his heart break …. unless shin get the lead part.


  10. honey says:

    Sorry to hear that you had to repeat your hard work. I understand how frustrating that feels. I am really amazed that you recap both series in one night. thank you for feeding ur addiction 😉 Aja!


  11. ck1Oz says:

    Oh softy.Poor you.You would worry and worry.Hope everything is smooth tonight.
    I will have to watch tonight.Actually 3 as all 3 dramas have exciting things.Gosh how would a Korean viewer decide.I mean it would reflect in their ratings system.

    CH is definately my 1st drama to watch once the torrents links come out.Thank you softy for the recaps.


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