You’ve fallen for me E6

This sure isn’t anything like Dream High. The weight of this episode just hangs in the air and lingers scene after scene. What I noticed yesterday and today is this writer does not give the audience any credit for having short term memory. I find myself having to type the same lines over and over again like 5 seconds after a character says it. I sort of counted how frequently it happened and then started predicting when the next one would occur. Flashbacks are one thing, but when a character reflects on what was said just a few minutes ago this often, I have to wonder if this writer knows the meaning of the word “belabor.”  Don’t get me wrong, I still find enough to love about the story to keep going. As I watched her miss classes and put aside her priorities to stalk S, it reminded me how foolish young love can be. Right now her actions are guided by her heart and once logic catches up to it, that is when things will get really interesting. For some odd reason, I found the scene where they are both standing under the shelter of the awning very poignant. K was mimicking what he was doing without being conscious of it – he extended his hand to catch the rain and she followed along. It seems like she chased him throughout this episode – literally and figuratively. When is it going to be his turn?




After S leaves, SH and Y come out holding hands. K watches them and says about shin: that foolish guy.

S goes to see his dad. he asks what happened to S today. dad:did something not good happen today? S:yes. dad: girl problem? is it serious? he hands S a CD to play. his dad plays and asks if it sounds ok and S says he likes it.

S goes home. his mom asks if he ate and he says he did. she says they might be able to move as soon as next week so if there is anything he wants to put aside he should ahead of time. she asks if he is sick cuz he doesnt look well. he says he is fine. she asks if he still goes to learn guitar these days. S says he does. she asks if the teacher talked about anything else. S: he said he liked girl- she was his friend’s girfriend so he stole her away. mom:what? he told you that? S:he still seemed to like her. mom: dont go there again – I will look into finding you another guitar teacher. S: I dont want to. mom hesitates and asks do you know who that person is? (if S knows that he is his dad) S: I know so leave it alone. she says his name but he says he is going to sleep.

K thinks about what S said to her -if she thinks he will like her instead of the professor- and K calls him a “bad guy”

K tells her grandpa to have his meal and says she has to leave for school. he asks why she is going so early today. she says she has some work and to leave the dishes or he could do them. grandpa: the good guy is yours and I always do it. he sees store bought dumplings and calls her name.

K runs to campus with coffee. S watches SH drop off Y at school. Y thanks SH for coming on purpose to give her a ride when he is busy. SH: i have manners huh? she agrees. he says he will drop by somewhere and asks her to have lunch together. she agrees and says see you later. he pats her on the shoulder and tells her to work hard.

K sees S’s bike and guesses he already came. she goes to find him. K:where did he go?

S is waiting for Y. S:like you wished – you found a grown man. what do you like about that person? his ability (earning potential) ? looks? she says this talk is uncomfortable and to go. S:why? are you worried someone will see? Y turns and faces him: fine – what do you like about me? S:everything – all. Y: I do too- I like all and everything about that person. if I am with that person I am happy- not you S. I am not the person you made (built up in your head) so stop and go back to your place. S: ok I will do as you want. I just have to forget you right?  I’ll do it. I will give up on you. S leaves

K walks by and says his bike is still there and wonders where he went cuz the coffee is getting cold (looks like S the stalker now has his own)

S was lying on the grass looking at his necklace and finally this time he throws it.

K realizes she was late for musical practice and leaves the coffee by the bike

KY goes to see T. KY says he decided to join the practice today. T asks if his leg is ok. KY says it is and that he’s sorry. T: I dont know about SH but I dont believe you. KY: ok T: anyway since you decided to start again – work hard. and dont betray the person who believes in you. KY says he will and leaves

K runs over to B. B asks where K went cuz she missed class. K asks if today is practice and B says yes and they were about to go in just now. K: that’s good. B: what is? K: it’s nothing. other girl yells it’s S. K turns and sees him and wonders where he is going – she calls out his name. K tells B to explain it well to the director but she is leaving

K chases after S. where are you going? arent you going to the musical practice? S: dont follow me. K:where are you going? it starts to rain.

Bud helps KY get to practice. mean girl asks if bud is starting practice from today. but he says after he watches. he asks if everyone knows KY. lackluster response. JH runs over to KY and asks if he is practicing starting from today. KY: it turned out that way. JH says he is happy. then he points to Hj and asks: isnt she pretty -she is my natasha. HJ: who said I was yours. JH: as you can see – she has some (personality issues *my guess) but she is still cute huh?but whispers to KY that JH might be a little nuts and not to take him seriously cuz it will give him a headache. bud tells them all to stretch till the director arrives

SH tells T that he has practice and has to leave soon. T says KY stopped by -that T has to admit SH has talent for convincing ppl cuz KY couldnt perform for years. SH: what is it that you want to say? T: I am still opposed to KY as always but I am going to act like I dont know. since you want it so much I will overlook it. but you cant use K. SH:why? T: as you know HJ is the school president’s daughter so give up on splitting up the solo. also in case you are mistaken -a school needs money. if we sell your name (his reputation) more (?) will come in so that is why we are leaving it alone so dont make things complicated and do as your told. SH asks if T has something against him – that the responsibility for the musical is on him (not T) as the director. and the only responsibility T says he has is his name on  the paperwork. so I will decide what to do with K and take responsibility for her. so you dont worry about it. he leaves and T tries to call him back

SH goes in and asks why they arent practicing. bud says they cant cuz K and the lead guitarist arent here. and the professor just left. HJ says K is a problem. SH calls K and yells -where are you?

she is chasing after S in the rain and talking on the phone with SH. she says sorry but something came up. I will only miss today director. SH: you better come right now or I will cut you from the musical. he hangs up on her. she asks S how far he is going to go cuz it’s raining. he shakes off her hold on his arm. K: just cuz you got rejected by a girl -does the world end? S:what? K: do you know how you look like now? pathetic and petty-quite something to see- not just professor jung but I would have rejected you too. S:stop it. K: how much longer are you going to be so pathetic? S:that is why I wont do it. K:what? S: i gave up (on her).I said I wouldnt from now on. he turns to walk away but goes back and carries her instrument for her.

they stand under an awning and both hold out their hands to catch the rain

S’s family is moving in. K is inside cleaning the floor complaining and wondering what her grandpa spilled cuz it’s not coming out. grandpa asks what is so loud cuz he was trying to nap. she says next door is moving in. he is happy at the thought of eating some rice cakes when he hears the word “move in” (traditionally Koreans usually pass out rice cakes to their new neighbors to announce they moved in and to be friendly) K: who passes out rice cakes these days when they dont even say hello (when they pass each other) grandpa says those are ppl who dont know their manners and he insists that ppl who move into this neighborhood should go around to the elders and say hello first. K: that is just what you think grandpa.  J calls out and asks isnt anyone here? J asks if they have a hammer. grandpa: who is that? where did you pop out from? J: we moved in next door today-I kept calling but there was no answer and the front gate was open. but do you have a hammer. K: a hammer? she remembers J’s face on the back of S’s bike. grandpa calls J rude cuz she should have said hello first when she saw an elderly person. what is your name? J says her name. grandpa: are you a student? J: do you have a hammer or not? grandpa: we dont have one. J: if you didnt you should have said that sooner. she knocks over a potted plant. K says that one was something her grandpa likes the most. grandpa calls out to catch J. J takes off running.

J runs home and tells S that a grandpa is chasing after her. grandpa comes in asking where did she go? K hides behind her grandpa and says let’s just go. J is hiding behind her brother. S asks the grandpa what happened. grandpa is holding a stick and tells J to come out and stand in front of him. J says she doesnt want to. grandpa says if you break someone else’s precious potted plant you have to say sorry and not just run off. S’s mom comes out and hears all that. K holds her grandpa’s arm to go so he pulls her off saying “let go” and she ends up standing in front of S.  S points at K and says “you” and J does too and says it’s that girl who looked like a squash. isnt it oppa? K makes a face and says hi to S. grandpa yells at J for calling his granddaughter a squash. S’s mom asks if the grandpa is lee dong jin. he says he is. she says her name. i dont know if you remember me. grandpa repeats her name and remembers back to when his son brought her home saying she is someone he is going to marry (OMG) grandpa asks if she is the singer from the band. did you plan to lure my son and ruin his life.

S’s dad (SD) calls K’s dad (KD) . SD says if you heard the rumors I am not doing well (dying). KD: I heard- so? SD: I have something to say. KD: say it. SD: it’s something i have to say face to face. KD: i have class so it’s hard to make time. SD: you probably know but I dont have much time. I will wait- try to come as fast as you can.

J asks her mom how she knows that grandpa. the mom says a long time ago (cuz of work I think she said). J says they were wrong to move here cuz next door is the strange grandpa and pumpkin like girl -oppa if that pumpkin clings to you tell me and I’ll crush her. her mom tells J to watch how she talks. S looks at an album cover of his dad

K goes to her room saying her day off is harder. K thinks about how S moved in next door and looks at what she was wearing. she is embrassed she was seen like this a little while ago and says she is ruined.

next morning she peeks in at S’s door and he opens it and comes out. he asks what she is doing there. she explains how trash day is on wed and other news about the neighborhood. he looks at her so she asks why. S: did you wait to tell me that? K: who waited? how ridiculous – I was about to go to school. she turns the wrong way

T gathers some professors and meets with some guy in charge (no clue who that guy is) T says he wants to split up the show to two teams. today is the day they have to decide to do this. the professors are in agreement and T told the school president. the guy asks if T is doing this cuz of SH cuz the guy will break SH’s legs if he has to in order to get him to listen. T: dont be mistaken – I am not doing this cuz of personal feelings-it’s for the sake of the school. as soon as the school president gives his permission, they will proceed. after T and the rest leave, the guy says SH should have listened.

K is meeting with SH. he asks if she thinks the musical is a joke. cuz she got along with the director does she not take him seriously. K: no. SH: dont you know everyone is (anticipating?) -he says ppl are looking to see how well she does -how well SH does- everyone is watching.she says sorry and he says if she misses one more practice she is out. she starts to leave but he calls her name. he tells her to relax her shoulders as she goes cuz it doesnt look good. she says sorry again and leaves. Y comes in and asks if SH has time. he tells her to sit. Y says K must have been scolded a lot cuz she looks like she has no energy as she left. SH: she wasnt paying attention so I scared her a bit. I told S to come too but he isnt coming. they talk about the musical

Y asks what SH is going to do about the lead. he says he has to decide. Y says personally she hopes it’s HJ. SH:why? Y:HJ can dance well and sing well too. SH: is that so. S shows up and walks past them. SH calls his name- didnt you hear that I said to come with K? S: I had a class. SH: if the leads dont show up dont you know they cant practice? K is the same – if you miss practice one more time -you are out of the musical. S says ok and bows and goes.

KD goes to see SD. KD says it’s been a long time. SD asks if it’s been ten years. thank you for coming. KD: what do you want to say after all this time. S grew up well. JY (S’s mom) raised him well. KD: so? SD: I cant live much longer. please take care of JY for me. KD: how can you say that after all this time…SD: there is only you -you have to help her by her side. KD:why should I? SD: you are a teacher. KD: you think that makes sense? SD: you still like JY. you kept your distance cuz of me – I will get lost now so you can do what you want. KD:how dare you say that to me. why? you lived all this time acting like you dont know and felt guilty for what you did wrong. SD: if I say that will you listen to me? KD:what? after all this time – after making her life and my life like this -being sorry now is a human. listen well – dont pay attention to JY or S -if you are going to get lost – do it quietly like this. after KD leaves, Sd shakes a lot and has a seizure

as S walks in, KD leaves. nurse tells S he cant visit today cuz SD just had an episode. S asks if SD’s condition is bad and she says he was ok until a while ago. S waits around and asks if SD is better. nurse says S cant visit today. S gives her a notebook and asks the nurse to ask SD to look at it when he wakes up.

S goes home and J says she is hungry. he offers to make her ramen but she says she is sick of it and mom didnt make any food. she asks the squash next door to make some squash pancakes. S:what? J: what’s wrong with that – she is your slave. he tells her to order something if she is hungry.

J goes over and lies to K that S wants to eat squash pancakes. K complains he is using her for lots of things. J tells her to hurry and make it and bring it over. K:who said I would make that – but does S like squash pancakes?

K makes some and her grandpa asks why she is doing that at this late hour. she says she was just trying it out and he asks for a dish too.

LOL – she gives her grandpa the ones she messed up on and gives J the ones that look perfect and pretty. K looks around and says – so this is what it looks like. she asks about S and J says he isnt going to eat it. K:what? he is the one who ordered it. J: when did I say he ordered you to -I just said he would want to eat it. K says her name. J: squash – do you like my brother?  K:what? SD comes in asking what smells so good. K says hello. J says K unni made it and she seems like a nice unni. SD says K did a great job making it and it looks good. K says it wasnt a big deal. she gets a call from her dad. her dad said he is out in front of her home so she says bye to SD.

K meets her dad at a cafe.she asks what brings him here and he says he met a friend. K:what kind of friend is it that you came up to seoul on a weekday. he says someone he used to know from the past. he says he has a gift for her. he gives her a CD. she mentions how the ones he gave last time were broken so she has to hide it better this time. he asks if that arrogant guy (S) is doing well. she says he got pitiful. she says he got dumped by a girl he likes.  KD:then it’s a chance (for you) K:what chance? when did I say I liked him? he says to make it work well and not regret later. she insists it’s not like that. will I end up regretting? KD: you end up regretting. she asks what and he says it’s nothing. she asks if he is going to sleep over and go. he says he has to go back. she asks him to sleep over since it’s been a long time since she saw him.

S plays the guitar and remembers what his dad said – how he liked someone -tried to forget her but kept thinking of her. S thinks of Y.

K says hi to S and says today is the last day. the contract to be your slave – in case you forgot and asked me to do something tm. it’s only till today.and tell your younger sister too. S: ok. he turns to leave and turns around and asks if she can help him find a necklace. K:what necklace? he says where he lost it. she asks what it looks like. he shakes his head and says never mind I dont need it. dont look for it. after he leaves she says :necklace?

she gets her group to look for it with her. (so sad and cute at the same time). B asks if it was really lost here cuz no matter how much they looked it’s not here. K says it was lost here for sure. a girl finds one and asks if it’s not this one. K:it might be. they ask what it looks like. she says the shape is shiny. they ask what that means. B: you said it belonged to you. K: it is mine. she turns and wonders :what does it look like?

S gets a call. he goes to a wake with his mom. in front of the door, she says let’s go in. he knows it’s his dad from the flower banners. he goes in and sees his dad’s pic. his mom tells him to bow. as they leave, his dad’s new wife asks to wait a minute. she says that his dad wanted her to give this back to his student -S. and his music notebook is filled in. she also asks him to accept his dad’s guitar. S’s mom tries to say something but the woman says they have no use for it even if they keep it. she puts it in S’s hands

when they get home, he asks if those ppl knew who S and his mom were. she says they do. S asks if alcoholism is hereditary. his mom turns and says : it wont happen to you – ever – it wont happen to you.

S is looking at his dad’s album cover. J comes in asking what he is doing. he holds the album up to his face and asks: do we look alike? J:who is it? S: someone who used to be a guitarist. he died from alcoholism today. J: but why would an ahjussi like that resemble you? S doesnt say anything. J: is he your dad? mom is drinking alcohol. the two of you are acting strange today.

S’s mom says she wishes it would rain hard. she imagines SD is next to her. she says she cant stand the sight of him and cries.

K’s dad goes to see S’s dad. “go well”

S plays his dad’s song

K’s group says they didnt see S -he missed practice-  and wonder if something happened. B asks if K doesnt know cuz she lives next door. K says she didnt see him and wonders if he went on a trip. B sees JH and the band. K goes over to them

K asks JH if he knows if anything happened to S. he says how S told them not to tell anyone. K:what is it?

madame gu tells SH and Y that S”s real father passed away not to long ago. gu says he doesnt know the details but S and his younger sister have different fathers. and that his dad was a guitarist. gu says he doesnt know if S will come to perform today or not and his business has fallen last few days. Y remembers how S said he met his dad.

S is crying after looking at his dad’s music notes. S’s mom comes into his room and asks if he isnt going out today too. if there is anything you want to ask – ask and I’ll answer. were you disappointed that he wasnt someone impressive. S: no. she says his name. S: i dont know what I am curious about yet. if I get curious I will say it. he leaves with his guitar. she asks where he is going. he says to his part time job

S plays and sings his dad’s song alone (without the band) while crying

K looks for the necklace and finds it and says it’s a girl’s necklace. B comes and says S showed up at catharsis.

gu says S just left after his performance. she asks when he left and gu says just now so if you go out you can meet him. she is already gone. gu finishes – probably. K runs past B who is out of breath

K calls but his phone is off. she wonders where he went. he goes and sits where K and him stood under the awning before

Y drives by and sees him. she remembers how gu said S’s real dad passed away. she goes out and puts an umbrella next to him. it’s raining. hurry and go home. she turns to leave but he holds her wrist. he is crying and hugs her. K runs over and sees them. K cries and her voice narrates: S is crying – I wanted to run and tell him before anyone else – are you ok? you will be ok. right now S is in someone else’s arms -not in mine but someone else’s arms.


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    Crossing my fingers that the post is going to be okay tonight. FIGHTING, softy!!


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    Thank you!!! I feel like everything is wrong in this episode for NN and YS (because I love for them to be together)… I really want them together till the end. Hopefully the last 4 episode will make up for the heartbreak of NN. Although I know that the last 4 episode will be harder. So sad for this episode. 😦


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    She needs to judo-kick his ass and maybe his head too, to put some sense into him! The part I don’t understand is why he keeps going back and forth with her. She’s been in the same amount of danger, pretty much, since they met, so why do this to her now? Plus, the misery he’s putting them both through is way worse than the damage that the “potential danger” currently imposes on them. So mad at YS!! Better be 4 eps of groveling and then make-out… I mean make-up scenes coming up!!


    • ilovekimjunsu says:

      I don’t think it’s only about her being in danger anymore. Sure he wants to protect her and keep her from danger but now he’s seeing more clearly how much danger he’s in himself. At first he decided to let himself back into her life because he could protect her but now with the risk of him dying, he doesn’t want her to fall in love with him because then imagine how much she would suffer if he were to die. Thus, he’d rather just make a clean break from her life….as much as I get this, I’m with you. There better be more make-out scenes in the next few episodes XD


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    Thanks 🙂 as usual ur effort is greatly appreciated 🙂 u rock!


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    i’m a YFFM fan vs. CH, so i was happy to see at least a rough draft this early. But seems there’s still more to come and just whet my appetite =) Oh well, I think i will sleep at 4am again, waiting for it (^-^). Or i might read the recaps tomorrow. thanks for all the wonderful recaps you do. Fighting!!!


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    Oh man the leading ladies are not having a good night.I think I either have to restrain from KD tomorrow or find a KD with a happy ending.What a way to end the mid week drama.Everyone is unhappy and crying.Ergh.I felt so bad for Na Na and K tonight.


  10. V says:

    Anyone else find Shin’s little sister super annoying? Super rude and super spoiled. And if she thinks Kyu-Won looks like a squash, what does that make her? 😛 Wherever her older brother got his good-looking genes (all right, I’ll admit it, he is good-looking even if I do hate him being an ass), they certainly weren’t passed down to his little sister. And yes, I’m talking smack on the whole family. I just don’t like any of them, mom included. Shin’s dad may have “stolen” her away from Kyu-Won’s dad, but it takes 2 to tango.


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    thanks so much for the fast recap of yffm…what a sad ending for this episode 😦


  12. Fanderay says:

    I didn’t comment yesterday on YFFM, so this is going to be long (deep breath).

    I’ll start with the one thing I dislike about this show, that I first noticed in episode 5 (like 6 times). I’m not big on flashbacks to begin with, but I can’t stand instantaneous flashbacks of things that JUST happened. It’s a bit of a pet peeve. I was there! I know Shin just kissed Y! Incidentally, if he’s going to be a creepy stalker he should do it right and kiss her better. No wonder she thinks of him as a boy!

    I actually find myself liking the immaturity of the characters. It gives their characters potential to grow-up (ahem, Shin) and their pettiness feels realistic rather than obnoxious (unlike so many female kdrama leads).

    I also like that conflict in this show is usually a result of overwrought emotions, which also feels true to life. S isn’t mean to K (when he fires her as slave) because he hates her, but because he’s in a bad mood (I think most of us have been there). I loved the resolution to that conflict too. Leaving her coffee was adorable to begin with, but her response (throwing the notes and sticking her tongue out) was equally cute. I enjoy that they’re building a genuine friendship before getting romantic.

    It’s interesting that Y is the most mature of the characters. She’s technically the least likable, but I find that I’m liking her! Her treatment of S is almost always appropriate, and I’m happy that her and SH reconciled. One of my favorite aspects of Coffee Prince was the mature relationship between the second leads, and I hope that YFFM does something similar. It’s always refreshing to have a female second lead who isn’t constantly scheming.

    At this point I hope that something truly awful happened in KY’s past, because they sure have built it up a lot. It’s funny though. Part way through episode 5 I was thinking “I hope KY sings again soon, but now I’m just getting greedy.” Then he sang! At this point any episode without a good musical performance is going to feel like a major let-down.

    I’m not sure how SH’s show is going to go, but I’m reeeally hoping for a S/K duet. I was worried that the show was going to copy YaB and have her suddenly sing amazingly while looking at Shin, but nope! She actually put in the work, and when she glanced at him it was a bit like, “See? I told you I would do well.”

    Yong Hwa still seems best when he’s playing music (I guess that makes him perfect for this role). His little guitar rifs when he’s happy or upset always fit the mood just right, and the musical connection between him and his father is completely heartwrenching. When SD died I was disappointed in some the following scenes since I didn’t feel that sad, but then S sang that ballad while crying…and yeah…show was just saving up to break my heart a little later in the episode.

    The end of the episode marked the first time YFFM has felt a bit cliche to me, but I’ll forgive it since it was also quite sad. S doesn’t have anyone else he feels comfortable leaning on, and I imagine that since he’s seen Y in all her weakest moments, it’s easier to cry in front of her (which YHwa did a decent job of I though). I hope that the final scene is a one time thing, and that their “romance” doesn’t go any further.

    I haven’t talked about K much, but I’m liking her more and more (she seems less hammy lately). She is one of my favorite actresses when it comes to crying, which seems weird, but I am strangely anal about crying (YEH’s loud crying makes me crazy).

    BTW, is it just me, or is this show setting it up so S might develop a drinking problem? It seems so unlikely, but they do bring it up a lot.

    Wow, this is even longer than I imagined (sorry!). Thanks for recap Softy, I’d be very confused without you!

    Oh and PS: I downloaded the guitar version of S’s ballad and it’s gorgeous. I don’t usually listen to straight instrumental stuff, but I love it!


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      we just posted on the same exact pet peeve – omg – seriously at the same time-how funny is that? are you like my twin or something 🙂


      • Fanderay says:

        Haha that’s hilarious. Maybe we were separated at birth (in which case there’s probably a drama about us).

        I loved the rain scene too (great quiet moments in this show). I thought it was a nice touch that they’re standing in front of a music store. Pretty cinematography too!


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    Thank you!!


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    Thank you so much. ^^
    This YFFM episode had so much grief and sadness.
    I also agree that Shin needs to chase after Kyu Won now.
    Just wondering (slightly trivial), but does anyone know if the end game couple is Jun Hee and Bo Woon or Jun Hee and Hee Joo? It might just be me, but I think they’re pairing up Ki Young and Hee Joo.


    • Softy says:

      I sure hope it’s not JH and HJ – he deserves someone who appreciates him like B so that’s where my vote goes. Please don’t say HJ and KY – he deserves better too 🙂 I want HJ alone with her arrogance at the end. The girl just doesn’t have anything nice to say.


    • Areli says:

      Agree with you vwen… its time Shin chases for our wuri Kyu Won.
      its gonna be unexpected if Hee Joo ends up with Ki Young! but who knows… I want Ki Young after Kyu Won… so coooll


    • Fanderay says:

      What about KY?? He needs a girl too!


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    thanks for the recap!!!! Its the only one so fast… here in Panama we get the episodes reaaally late… ***sigh**


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    Now that I think about it, it’s funny how this 2 show’s lead actress cross dressed in their last dramas. Their manly features still lingering in my mind somewhere while watching these dramas. XDDD


  17. Fanderay says:

    Hey Softy,

    I’m not sure if you get emails of your comments or not, so I thought I’d mention that KDH2 is on its last legs and has gone fairly crazy (although it’s fun to watch where the comments end up).

    I tried to mention it in KDH2, but I can’t get a comment to go to the bottom so I figured you might miss it ><


    • Softy says:

      I will make a page 3 when I get hm – thanks for the heads up 🙂 hoping the new eps of YFFM gives you inspiration for new watercolor ideas to share on your blog 🙂 *wink wink*


      • Softy says:

        Just saw that it’s already up and running – will link when I get home after work. Congratulations – it looks beautiful. 🙂


        • Fanderay says:

          Thanks! I’m so glad to have it done; setting up a wordpress blog is grueling!

          It’s good though, now I feel pressured to paint. Shin singing is next on my to- paint list 🙂


      • Fanderay says:

        Oh trust me, I’m inspired! I practically squealed at shin’s bright red and blue plaid shirt. Let me know if you see anything paint-worthy though, I get distracted and miss a lot.


        • Softy says:

          You do not want to ask me what is paint worthy cuz you will get an earful 🙂 these days I can’t watch a scene without wondering what it would like in watercolor – so many choices but only one you so how am I supposed to narrow down the list? I can churn out both recaps in less than 7 hrs these days but I bet it takes days for you to finish one huh cuz you can’t do it all in one sitting. Made me want to ask a million questions on each scene you painted, but I thought the comments should be about the specific scene and drama only so I held back 🙂


          • Fanderay says:

            haha, no, my usual routine is to do two pages a day (always a matching set) and they don’t take very long (generally I do them both in one sitting). That’s why I called them sketches before 🙂

            Feel free to ask a million questions (I have lots of time on my hands, and I like answering).

            The main thing I look for in scenes to paint is bright colors. It doesn’t have to be the whole image, but even just one pop of color can work. Please do recommend scenes, because I have a hard time making up my mind! If you don’t want to spam your recap threads, you can post suggestions in my “open discussion” page, but here is fine too 🙂

            My company left today so I have a new post on the blog (though it’s not very good). It drove me crazy only having 1 of 2 pages painted for two weeks, but now I’m back in business 🙂


  18. cinnamon23 says:

    CH- YS was such an a** to NN….pissing me off!!! Then he goes home staring at the darn picture they have together. NN should just beat him silly!

    The plot thickens though…..


  19. Jomo says:

    Thanks for doing the recaps for both shows!

    I think I have fallen off the FFM bus, though.
    Not enough SH being adorable, too much Shin being Shin.
    STOP crying!

    CH, I like! We can see that Nana will be guarding the pres when J tries to kill him.
    But if the pres is Y’s dad, there will be a 35 way conflict!!!!
    If the pres is Y’s Dad, why enlist Y to revenge his “not father”?
    HOw many “not fathers” can a character have in one story?


  20. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the recap!! I was watching bits of it but when I saw Y and N fighting and N crying so much I couldn’t bear to watch anymore :-(….so I just read your caps. I still won’t watch it, not unitl the later episodes come out and show them making up!!


  21. missjb says:

    oh softy, u like the same scene LIKE ME in city hunter. I love your city hunter screencap between Nana and YS. That’s one of my favourite scene, too !


  22. milynnlieu says:

    omg.. I have the same thought as you rebelsouls, I love how you said straight out what I thought in my head, after watching so many k-dramas, I kinda can guess how this drama will go.. she goes after him now, then he finally gives up on the dance professor, then the professor realize she like S, then K get so tired and hurt cause of S, K stops follow S, then S realize she like K …. I am just like you , I want to see S follow K instead, it is tiring to watch K follow S all the time …


  23. MJShinshi says:

    jeong-mal komawo!!! 🙂 thank you thank you softy!! I vote for more make out sessions to make up for this break, Y n Na Na, that’s an order!! lol

    Yes, I agree… S definitely is due to do the chasing now…..and to think they would have (could have) been brother n sister per their parents’ history!!! love grandpa already the match maker when SH showed up yesterday 🙂

    looking forward to your next wkend show if any but hope you get some rest. thank you again softy!


  24. Superfangirl says:

    You’re preaching to the choir Fanderay! I agree 100% with what you said. Call me Crazy but I really like this drama. Nothing and I mean nothing has happened as I thought it would. Who even knew they were moving???? And ofcourse right next door!
    And then the parents and grandfather get in the mix. ANd I hope I didn’t just see KW dad argue LS father to death!!!!
    Oh my God the drama of it all hit like a ton of bricks this episode. And I have to give props to YW in this drama, I never feel like anyone is carrying him in any of these scenes. I really believe Lee Shin’s motivations and emotinal trauma and on top of it all he’s one angry SOB! He has no respect for adults and maybe there is a reason, I mean look at his parents!!!
    Only one thing I disagree with is Y’s insistance that she does not like Lee Shin. There is something there when he accuses her of liking him and she even looked disappointed when he promiseed to forget her. I think she’s a little guilty that’s all I am saying.
    This drama is both unique and satisfying at the same time. And as for KW I think she’s still as strong if not stronger than she was in the begining. She actually called him pitiful to his face! She can’t even back down when he is clearly out of control. She’s not pinning away in her room she’s running in the rain looking for him. I think she’s great and oddly mature in her approach to a relationship. There is no giggling or face making or confusion she has a very clear point of view. I can’t wait for next week.


    • Fanderay says:

      Even if Y likes him a little I think she’s doing the right thing. If she gave S the tiniest bit of hope he would stalk her forever! I’m also surprised at how cute sh and y are together.

      I loved K’s ultimatum to S too, even more so because he seemed to take it to heart. The communication in this show is always a pleasant surprise 🙂


  25. yvujelle says:

    now K knows the feeling of S in youre beautiful…:)…you dump him,now its his turn to dump you K…hehehe


  26. zenti says:

    “I am not confident with my Korean vegetable words cuz I don’t like them or eat them – if she had called K anything meat related, everything would have been accurate”

    Aha! Softy, you are a meat person!

    “When is it going to be his turn?”

    I am likewise wondering when LS would show hints of longing for K! I hope soon.


  27. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know where else to write this but RebelSoul you are killing me softly and slowly each time when i see your top screen pic of CYHMH OPT…killing me….whimper.. i miss them so much


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