Can You Hear My Heart E23

omg this drama breaks my heart in places I didn’t know there was anything left to break-over and over again- it just never fails to get to you. seriously- has there been a recent episode where we didn’t cry?

* Thank you Thundie for the screencaps for the ending and main pic – they were perfect. Also special thanks to m_s for her cute W screencap. 🙂

Kim Jae Won interview for Section TV- Rising Star


* Spoiler so don’t read if you havent seen this episode.

Tonight was the first time D called M “jang junha” without adding the “hyung” part. I bet it killed him a little each time to purposely leave out the “hyung” cuz D knows that he has to let go of M now. The minute D left that dark room to step out into the light on his own, D knew exactly what he was going to do to take away the only thing M could use against him. That last speech solidified D’s resolve to make it in this world on his own and the one thing that gave him the push he needed wasn’t M’s animosity, it was W’s love and encouragement. 


written 6/19 pre-broadcast: If you saw the preview for tonight on KD forum, you know why I feel uneasy. M is taking this evil thing to another level – after just two episodes the man has already perfected it and is now right at home with his parents. Some ppl think he is putting on an act and will redeem himself later by getting back at Choi, but if you heard and saw the things he did to D so far, you have to question why he feels he needs to be that cruel. This quote seems apt to describe M right now: “if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you” (F. Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil). It means that if you fight evil, you should take care that you do not become evil yourself. If he had just one scene where you see it is killing him to be this terrible to D-some pang of remorse- some ounce of common decency, I would go along with that theory of redemption, but I have yet to see such a scene.  If it doesn’t come out tonight or tm…

*It’s a miracle – as a testament to how much I love this drama – after 5hrs and 20 million errors – Softy finally learned how to screencap! It takes me like 20mins per pic so there wont be that many screencaps for this episode – just the ones I personally love.  

Never mind -Thundie sent me some gorgeous screencaps so I dont have to make my pitiful ones anymore. 🙂 Someone more jaded would think I made her fall in love with this drama just for this purpose- that I planned it out so she would fall in love and then help me with screencaps, but alas Softy doesn’t think that far ahead. Just pure conicidence I tell ya-honest  🙂

Since I found out Kim Jae Won was interviewed for Section TV – Rising Star (the kids of CYHMH came out with her too), I decided to post highlights of it before the show. It’s not the full interview cuz the woman is a little crazy and spazzy so it’s hard to hear some stuff she yells out. Also, I really thought KJW and NM were around HJE’s age but NM was born ’78 and KJW ’81 (which makes him 31 the tv screen said) and HJE is ’85.

Starts with KJW introducing himself with a self held camera-he asks “what did you say? I can’t hear you” and she screams “oppa you are handsome!” in between the pause. 

She talks about his debut (2001) and then CYHMH. he says how he hasnt had time to go and shop like this since he came out of the army cuz he started the drama right away. she says his popularity is off the charts so there probably arent ppl who dont recognize him these days. he says cuz he is over 30 now – he thought there would be a gap/distance from his younger fans but cuz of this drama and his character, young fans think of him as a friend. Since his character is deaf, he has to keep looking at other ppl’s mouths like he can read their lips and since he has to keep his eyes open a lot- they turn red from being tired. so since his face is white and his eyes are red, it gives off a vampire vibe. girl says as a vampire he looks too handsome. she thinks cuz he has been reading lips lately he might be able to do it for real and tries it out. she mouths something and he has to guess what she said. she asked “dong ju oppa – marry me” and he laughs, but wont answer. she asks “that was easy right?” and he says “yes-let’s go” and laughs and ignores answering. he picks out socks that suit her (hearts) cuz she is loveable. she asks where his next shooting/filming is and he says with W at her home. she asks if he rode in a limo and he says no so she offers to take him to his next set location.

In the limo she says since finishing the army, this is his first drama in 5 yrs (his last one was in 2006). when he first started this drama he was afraid he would make mistakes. she mentions how the kids did such a great job acting that it brought it a lot of viewers and he agrees saying the kids were really pretty. she asked which scene he remembers the most. he says when W found out for the first time about his hearing disability (that scene at the end of E12) She says there were a lot of ppl whose hearts were aching from watching the scene. he says D was walking and waiting for the appointed time to meet W and W kept walking behind him -calling out his name but he didnt hear. he thinks that scene was painful but the most beautiful. she says she remembers the bed scene with namgoong min. KJW turns his head and laughs, hiding his face in embarrassment. they show 3 clips of them playing around in bed and she says their bed scenes got more steamy each time. the last scene they inserted nervous sweat on D’s forehead. he says his first scene to shoot in Saipan was a bed scene. then after he came to Korea, his first scenes were almost all bed scenes. since the audience reaction was good, the writer kept writing in more of those scenes. after he came out of the army – he was thinking he was going to have bed scenes with actresses but an actor kept getting in bed with him. couldnt hear what she said but i think she said namgoong min’s name and D clearly said “likes it the most” (meaning that NM likes those bed scenes more) She asks about W and D’s most recent kiss scene on W’s front door steps and she says hwang jung eum  must have liked it a lot but he wont say and just touched his finger to his lips (indicating “sshhh”) and said let’s move on to the next topic. She guesses he didnt eat yet and he says he is hungry. she gives him sandwiches to eat. he asks if he can eat it and she says the “steps” (camera crew) will feel full just watching him eat. but KJW laughs and retorts “what do you mean -they are all guys so how could they feel full” {meaning in they were women they would feel full, but since they are guys they dont care about KJW and only care about the food) *this was really funny if you get it* She says he didnt eat anything all day so he ate it like it tasted yummy and at it all. he even drank white milk. after he was done eating, she makes a comment that she wants to take his face and put it in her pocket and carry it around.

She shows him video of his first drama (wuri’s family) and says he looked older back then cuz of all his dark circles under his eyes and he agrees that he had a lot of dark circles then. his character’s name was Wuri (so his name back then is the same as now that HJE is playing). She asks how much older a woman can be than him (for him to date) and he said in the past when he was in his 20s he didnt think about it much, but now that he is in his 30s -he doesnt think it would be good to have a lot older than him. she asks if he practices smiling at home. he says it’s the hardest to smile cuz when he smiles normally it’s ok but when asked to for photos-the minute they say “smile” he cant. so she tests it out and tells him to smile into the camera and she admits his smile is awkward. Next video is him working out. he loves to work out and did pushups with the back of his hand and rotating back and forth from normal hand position to back of his hand position. He says he could do that in the past but now he doesnt think he can do it. he worked out a lot for a long time – to the extent that it was too much. but not now. she asks if he doesnt like working out these days and he says if he does work out – his body gets bigger so right now he is following the the trend to be slim. they talk about photoshopped pics of him with a big head and how cute he looks in them and like a baby. they show his baby pics and he says when he was younger he was curious so he would take apart appliances to look inside. so he got electrocuted a lot. he had outlets that were 110 volts. she makes a comment that hearing that makes him sound old cuz korea got rid of those a while back so no one has those now. he explains that as soon as he saw the outlet, he would automatically plug in anything so (he would get shocked) and his hair would burn, his hands would turn black from burning. she asked if plugging in stuff would give off that much electrocution and he says yes. to the extent that his whole body would have static electricity. if he touched a computer the static electricity would course thru his body. they put a picture of an eel on the screen cuz that’s what his body was like. she asks which actor he wants to work with and he jokes “which male actor do I have to film another bed scene with”. He says he doesnt want to work with actresses he is in the same age bracket with (like the ones he filmed with in the past). Now he wants to work with actresses who were born in the 90s. Then they tie up the interview.


Can You Hear My Heart E23

After D walks away from M, W goes looking for D. she runs into him and asks if he is ok. he says he isnt ok. W:what happened with oppa. D: bong woori  -you said bong maru was not your brother anymore. W: huh? D: didnt you hear? should I say it one more time? M walks by them

D goes to his office and watches men packing his belongings. D says dont touch my stuff and get out. M tells his men to leave for a while. D slams the door after them. D:what are you wanting to do now?  M: i was going to start work here officially starting from tm, but thinking that my position would get stolen forever I cant seem to walk away.

D’s staff asks what’s going on. guy says it seems D has been fired and girl asks what he did wrong. W hangs around looking in the office. one girl asks why W is there hanging around so W pretends to leave, but doesnt and keeps looking in.

M says he thinks D would be better in a another position (elsewhere)-if you feel like you need to stick around here, I will find a (work) space for you. D: this is what you meant by “I will do it” – stealing my positition? M: if someone hears they will misunderstand -you know very well – this position was originally mine.  D asks why M is doing this – being childish. M: childish? what is? I’m having fun. work is something you have fun doing. D: this is fun? jang junha. M: if you overdo it you will tire yourself quickly-if you really want to get this position back -pace yourself well. also what you said about being childish -M throws D’s hackysack at him saying – this is what is really childish. D tells him to pick it up but M says he doesnt want to. D picks it up. D: jang junha – just cuz you copy how I talk doesnt mean you become cha dong joo. if it’s your wish – try doing it – but if you are going to do it – do it right. what I fought for all this time- dont lose/ruin it all at once. D takes his box of belonging and leaves

D tells his staff it’s ok and not to pay attention to it -and just keep working and meet the schedule.  one girl asks how he can go and leave them behind. D tells them to take care of the office for him and he will be back soon. D tells W that she is his secretary now like he wanted and leaves with her

W tells D: how can you just come out – go back and the two of you make up (make each other less angry). you know him better than me -he is doing that cuz he is angry. if some time passes…. D closes his eyes like he is dizzy so she calls out his name. D: what kind of secretary is like this – if you arent going to carry this for me then at least open the door. W: oppa is ….D: leave out J. where is your seat?

D goes to a desk and sets the box down saying he likes it (here). nam comes over. he asks where W sits and nam points to it. it’s right by his desk so he says he likes it more. nam asks what happened. he says he got kicked out-I know you will be uncomfortable but please overlook it. nam: for a person who has been kicked out – your face looks fine. he asks: can I steal your idea? for the makeup show – I want to use the concept – whether you love or whether you leave. nam: as much as you want. as long as my heart isnt damaged. he laughs at her so she smiles and says “good”. nam looks over at W and motions for her to smile.

Y tells NB to go to his home and yells at him for making his mom clean  cuz NB is making a mess on purpose. NB tells her to wipe the floor and do the laundry next and keep working. Y asks why NB is making his mom keep working and asks for the rag, but she says she has to keep moving so she doesnt lose her memory. she asks Y to teach her how to write cuz writing helps with dementia but she cant write cuz she doesnt know how. Y invites his mom to go with him to D’s home cuz it’s fun to learn characters with fish. NB:why go there when it’s the enemy’s home. grandma says Y shouldnt go there without telling D first but Y explains that D gave him permission to come anytime. that Y feeds the fish and D plays with him so it’s so much fun. that D gave him that hat that light comes out of.  Y says how nice D is. she agrees and says: I know -he is nice- how did he live in this world to be that nice – so you need to be good to him and dont hate him for being choi’s son. she tells NB to be good to D also.

S shows up and asks for a drink cuz she ran over. Y tells S to go home cuz he hates her. S: this is my mom’s home – you leave.  S asks her mom: is your leg that was hurting ok? since you have dementia – are you sure you dont need to go to the hospital?  NB thinks S has lost her mind too. grandma asks what S is up to. S: mom when I saw M – I thought of you. Y asks if S met M. S ignores Y and tells her mom: M bought a home and asked me to live with him, but even tho he is my child cuz he is full grown it seemed strange. grandma doesnt believe her and grabs S and tells her to come into her room. grandma tells the others not to come in

grandma asks S to speak truthfully and asks what happened. S:what? I came to see you. her mom hits her and tells S to talk. S says why are you hitting me – I have a precious body now.  S tells her mom to behave better and not insult cuz it’s not fitting for WK’s president’s grandma to behave like that. S: mom – heard M went to see you all the way to SC’s chicken store -since you raised him he must feel close to you. come with me to M’s. M may not listen to Y, but he listens to you mom right? he does huh? grandma:why? if you drag me over there -you think your child will turn around and accept you? dont hurt my baby’s heart and just act like you dont know and leave him alone. if you want to be a mom at this late stage. S admits the truth: how can I do that? that heartless punk wont even call me mom. when I went thru so much to have him. if I didnt have him I wouldnt have lived this way. I would have gone to a company bigger than WK and earned more money as a great secretary and gotten married and would have lived well. mom – you go and talk to him. tell him I am not baggage and that I gave up a lot -when I had M – you saw how I almost died cuz it hurt so much. grandma says she wont do it cuz it seems like M doesnt want it. S begs her mom to help: mom do you want to see me die? mom please go say something – please. grandma: S – if you want to know why your child is doing that – look at me. how you think of your own mom. this mom who never did anything for you. as soon as you see me – who you are sick of and dont like. this mom who you think it would be better if I died. to you that’s me. to M it’s you. S: it’s not – I am different from you. you lived poor like this but if I hadnt had M I wouldnt have lived like that. I’m not like you ignorant and poor. grandma: what am I going to do with you. S begs again for her mom to talk to M cuz S feels it’s too unfair- so unfair that she cant live-that she is going crazy- she cant let them throw her out like that and watch them live well – she cant leave it alone and let that happen- S keeps saying she feels it’s unfair -and  grandma comforts S.

NB draws names and explains to Y how choi made MS go to heaven and M is choi’s son. Y says M is his son and NB says that is what you think. NB says D is not choi’s real son so D is only half an enemy. choi, M and S -the three of them are enemies. and if M has a child, Y has to hate the kid too. then it’s the end. Y: i have to hate M’s child too? Y says he cant do that. NB says if Y cant hate the kid then go up – above M and S is grandma. Y gets up and says he doesnt want to do that – he will only hate choi cuz he loves his mom and M the most. NB says let’s talk about choi and getting revenge. there will come a time when Y will meet choi so Y needs to have a revenge planned out. NB hits Y on the head and asks if it hurt and Y says it doesnt. NB says if Y uses his forehead to hit choi – with that one hit Y can break thru WK. since Y spent his whole life hitting  his forehead it got stronger so if Y hits choi with it then choi will become Y. then a president who became like Y cant lead  and there will be no future for WK. this is the revenge Y can carry out

MS asks D what happened -how could J be in charge. D talks about the makeup show and how they are going with nam’s idea so MS asks him not to change the subject and asks why D is sitting here. The phone rings so W picks up the phone and says the president is in a meeting and if it’s urgent to leave him a text. MS asks why W answered Ds home. W says cuz D was talking to MS about work. nam makes D listen to music she chose for the finale and asks for his opinion. nam says there isnt a song that displays love and parting better. D agrees so W interferes and asks what the music is and nam says Beethovan. MS says this doesnt represent love and parting cuz it’s too heavy and asks for D’s opinion. D looks at W so she yells out that she likes batman more. she says the name of the music piece and says she heard it but didnt know the title. D says he will discuss with the music director and asks W “secretary bong” to go with him. MS asks why W is the secretary. W explains she isnt a formal secretary just helping out with errands. D adds that W is his secretary and he told her to be one. he says let’s go to W and she bows and says she will be leaving first to nam and MS. MS asks nam:what do you think those two’s relationship is?nam: other ppl’s business – only the two of them know.

W tells D to just say she is running errands for him cuz not just anyone can be a secretary.  she keeps walking backwards so he says: you like me that much? you’ll end up falling while looking at my face. W: am I doing this cuz I like you? I normally look at a person’s face and talk.cuz facial expression cant lie. especially eyes. if you look into eyes…D: is that all of it? the reason why you talk in front of me? a car screeches nearby. W looks over at the sound, so D quickly grabs W and blocks her with his body. M looks at them and gets out of the car. M says they ended up meeting here. D tells him to drive safer. M: were you surpised? sorry. M looks at W and says: i was going to call you. let’s go home together. W:home? you’re saying you are going to my home? M: get in. D to M: if you are going then follow my car. D walks away with W. M calls out: why do that when it’s a bother. W explains to D (cuz he didnt hear what M said): I have something to talk to oppa about so go a head first. I can do that right? D says he will call and leaves

M tells W to get in his car. W asks if they are really going to her home. he says no -to his home- I wanted to show it to you first. W: oppa M: I am not M or J – told you I am living my third life. she asks what she needs to call him then. he says he will let her know when he gets a new name. let’s go. W: that third life – is it really something that is good for you? M: it’s a chance that wont come again W:then why do you keep acting angry? why do you keep starting fights. M:cant I do that? cant I let out some anger? cant I fight a little? W- you dont know how I lived as J do you? then just watch over me. if you dont like me as a guy-even as just a person -so I can lean on you – cant you do that (for me)? she tells him to be angry as much as he wants -fight too and she will put up with it all. but if you decide to do that – you will be the only one who gets hurt more-isnt it? he tells her to go and leaves alone

W goes to SC. she watches him compliment a couple leaving saying they look good together. she says he is doing business well. SC asks why she came.  she asks if he sells alcohol. he gets excited and asks-why – did you break up with D? he didnt work out cuz he is the enemy huh? W downs one and asks for another glass of beer. SC: arent I cooler the more you see me? where is a guy like this. pouring drink for his girlfriend after she broke up with another guy. you are really lucky W. W: SC-ntoday – not as a guy and girl – just listen to what I have to say as a friend-I dont have anyone to say it to – these days I am frustrated. SC: but you cant bring up D. if that guy’s name just comes out… she sighs deeply. W: maru oppa…SC scoots over and sits next to her and says “talk-say it all”. she shoves him and tells him to move away. NB moves closer to listen. SC tells her again to talk. W: all that time I think oppa had a hard time living.  SC: M hyung is J-he is a doctor and from what i could see last time he wore all designer clothes. she says: just cuz he wore nice clothes – you think his heart was at ease? from what I can see these days -he lived a more difficult …SC: you met him again? W:at the office – he became a higher ranked person than D. SC: D already got pushed aside? NB mentions something about bloodline and says D must have been devastated. SC asks why his dad is interfering when W and him are talking. NB asks if D is totally out and says poor thing. SC tells her not to take D’s side just cuz of that. W: I dont know they are all pititful. NB pours her another glass and SC shoves his dad away. SC tries to hug W so his mom comes over and hits SC asking if he asked for this store so he could have a place to date. NB explains to his wife how D got kicked out and M became WK’s president/director. his mom tells SC unless he wants to get kicked out too stop adding more dishes to the menu cuz they have enough. Sc explains how this new dish is how he feels about W.

D is sitting outside of waiting for M. D calls out jang junha. D asks if they should go up or go drink at a pochangmacha. M asks how D knew where he lived. D: you probably dont want to admit it but I am still WK’s son.  M: I dont want to see your ace outside of the office too so leave. D blocks him. D: even if you dont want to it cant be helped. you know – that i have to see a face to talk properly. M:that is your problem. I dont have time for this. I have to go think about how I can make T more upset and crazy. D: is that why you are messing with my disability too. M: D you have to be grateful I am doing it this way-instead of leading you on and lying to you saying “I only have you- I will protect you so just trust me” I could use you to steal WK and betray you completely -like your mom (did). so you need to be grateful that I am doing all this in front of you and hating you. D: ok thank you for telling me honestly. but since you are smart – you remember everything I said right?no matter what is said – I hear it with my eyes and comprehend with my heart. M: so? D: be careful what you say -just do enough that you wont regret later. M: regret? D: after you left your family when you held hands with my mom -did you know this would happen? so dont imagine anything. cuz I never imagined in my dream that we would end up like this. dont forget what I said. D walks off and M yells out to his back : this time I wont ever regret my choice. I will make sure i dont regret.

D goes home and looks at his fish.

M is home alone and looks around. then his gaze falls on the baseball mitt

D is throwing his hackysack and catching it

M is throwing his baseball in the air and catching it. then he throws the ball really hard and D clenches the hackysack.

W goes to D’s home to deliver milk-she takes out both white and choco. D calls out one who likes batman- do you like batman more or me more? W: you are like a scary oppa. D: ahhh- so I have to be a little scary to hear you call me oppa. D raises his arm pretending to hit her. she laughs. he sees the milk she is holding and tells her he doesnt drink choco milk. she says to drink it till he reconciles with M and says sweet stuff is good him. D: who said that? W: one who isnt M or J.  D gives it back and says he wont drink it and goes in. she calls out his name and realizes he cant hear so she chases after him. (*in previous episode D played beethoven in his car and asked if she liked beethovan and he replied he liked batman more so that is where this inside joke came from)

They are standing face to face with the fish tank between them. D is feeding his fish. W: waaahhhh – you grew up a lot. (*grew up here means you got more daring)  D: you grew up a lot more. how could you just walk in-where do you think this is (meaning= when it’s a guy’s home)

W: you are so pretty. she kisses him thru the fish tank. D: now you just kiss whenever you feel like it. W: what are you talking about? I did it to this (she points to a fish) she asks what the fish’s name is. D: cha. she kisses the glass again.

D sits at the piano and she leans in and asks: are you going to play? what? he looks at her mouth (he seems to know here that she knows he is deaf) D: should I teach you? she runs over and sits next to him. really? you mean it?  D: depends on how well you do. he starts to play. W: my mom said my voice was like piano music/sound. he says- that’s true your voice is just like piano sound. he plays some keys and asks – how is it? it sounds just like your voice right? he starts to play again and she says his name. D: talk about your mom some more – what kind of person was she. he plays and cant see her lips as she talks. W: whatever neighborhood she went-in that neighborhood she cut hair the best and was the number one barber. also she was someone who saw sound with her eyes -like you. he stops and asks:what else? W: also it wasnt that she couldnt hear, she was someone who could see well. that’s why I showed her sound.

flashback to kid scene. young D:show-sound? young W sings “do rae me” with her face and young D laughs and says “what is that?”

W did it the same way so D smiles and says “what is that?” W yells out “fa” and he says this is “fa” and plays it. she yells it out again and asks: how was that? it was the same huh? you can feel it huh?

he agrees-yes it’s the same. look carefully now cuz I am only going to teach you once. W:what is that? if you are going to teach me – you have to teach me till I get good. not once but until I play well. D: depends on how well you do. he hugs her and asks  if your voice is like piano- what does my voice sound like? she says it’s warm. he didnt hear so she repeats it looking into his eyes. it’s warm – like your heart. your voice is really warm.

he hugs her again.

choi meets with kang MS’s dad. choi mentions how someone called him D’s grandpa’s murderer so kang asks if that is something to laugh about. kang asks what happened that night. choi: i pulled out his (grandpa’s) oxygen hose. now that you know behave yourself. cuz we are in this together. kang: i only closed my eyes to you stealing his (D’s grandpa’s) fortune. choi: who is going to believe that when you followed me all this time (did what choi told him to do). kang asks if choi is threatening him. choi:what threat? you know the law well. is there any evidence that D saw? choi says if kang feels that bad then return all the money kang took all these years and go kneel in front of D. MS shows up with M. father and daughter seem surprised to see each other. choi says sit and M says “ok dad”. MS asks why M called choi father. choi says M is his lost son and tells kang to keep it a secret from the board for now. watch and see how M is cuz he could end up being entrusted with WK. M asks kang to help him out a lot. M asks what MS is going to do since she hates secret

MS asks  M what happened with D. he says he has to take care of D cuz even if they are not blood brothers -they are still close cuz of all the time they spent. she asks if that is why M stole this position and relegated D to another department. M: that doesnt sound well – i have plenty of right to sit in this position. have you forgotten? for the past 5yrs-while preparing for energy cell- I worked hard too. I scouted you and brought you here. MS: even tho you did – this isnt right. you should have done some other job.  why did it have to be energy cell?  she says she knows M helped out too but she argues that the idea and brand concept are all D’s. M says D cant run energy cell for long anyway- instead of later so D gets hurt less-it’s better that M takes over now.  she asks why and he says he says he cant say that with his own lips. if you are that curious ask D yourself. he gives her a task to do and tells her to prepare it well. cant you be happy about it? he says he didnt steal this position – D was just sitting in his seat

D gets a call and the girl asks where he is and he says he will go directly to the event. he leaves his hackysack behind at home

M is giving instructions at the presentation show to the audio director and others. D says to M to keep working hard but M tells D to wait. M says D has a separate task to do. M calls over a reporter and introduces D as the person who is preparing for this show. M asks if the reporter knows who D is and he says he does. M tells D to follow them around and explain about today’s show cuz they are going to write a piece on it. M asks the reporter to write it well. 3 ppl around D ask questions one right after another (questions about : just reveal a little about the prepared finale- point about summer season makeup-backstage preparations) . D tells them that they must know that he has a lot to prepare. for the sake of energy cell -the head office lent us (he puts his hand on M’s shoulder) this person especially so asking him will be quicker. D tells M not to reveal about the finale cuz it’s the highlight of the show. D gets a call. M tells him to answer his call first. W walks by and watches them. D tries to walk away but M holds onto him and tells D to reveal next season’s concept since M doesnt know about it after D takes his call. reporters say they would like that. D takes out his phone and says he will call later cuz he is in the middle of something. M takes the phone and says it’s mom and asks into the phone – mom where are you? bring a file from my room when you come. reporters hear “mom” and asks D how he and M are related-are the two of them brothers. M motions for D to talk to them. M says into the phone: D is in the middle of an interview and reporters are asking about us. what should I tell them? T:what are you doing now. M: why are you like this when I answered the phone for D. if you get mad about this then what are you going to do from now on? reporter asks D if M is blood related. other girl says she remembers seeing them together at the launch show too. W cuts in and tells D the samples arrived and since she cant make a mistake with the customers she asks D to go with her to confirm them. W bows to everyone and says sorry – it will only take a minute -if I make a mistake I will be fired. D tells the reporters to ask what they are curious about to M and goes with W. T tells M to watch what he says. M hangs up on her. W looks back at M so D calls out “secretary bong” and turns her head back around to face forward

Y yells at nam for following him-why do you keep following me? nam: i came to sell makeup….Y: stray dog. nam: what? Y: since you are following me around like that you are a stray dog. nam chases after him: is the botanical garden yours? is this your front yard? Y explains his front yard is over there and the house they used to live in is over there too. that place where “one who loved and left” drew-that’s where the home we used to live in was so that is why we are here. cuz our MS said she wanted a flower garden. nam: MS? the woman who looked like me who was W’s mom? Y: no you dont look like her at all. our MS was really really pretty. Y says nam wears a lot of makeup (he calls makeup “flour”) Nam: you must not like me cuz I wear makeup. Y: no – our MS didnt wear makeup-there is only one woman – our MS but she didnt wear makeup. nam: there is only one woman? if all the men in the world were like you there wouldnt be a fearful woman. Y:what is fearful. nam: fearful is even tho you want to love – cuz of scar/pain you cant love-even tho you dont want to be alone- cuz of pain-you cant help but be alone. even under bright sunlight -it’s like struggling in the dark. Y: fearful is too hard – dont do it. nam: I want to do that too-but I cant get out of it. fearfulness is holding onto my ankles and keep following me around. Y: then fearfulness is a stray dog. since it always follows you around it’s a stray dog. all you have to do is say “go” and chase it away with a broom. should I chase fearfulness away for you?  nam: Y – you are the first person to say that for me. she cries and he says he wants to cry with her and she says that is the first time someone wanted to cry with her. he corrects her and says he cried with her too at the back of SC’s house last time. he signs “together” and she asks what the sign means and he says “together”. Y: it is the first sign that MS taught me.  nam : sign language? was MS unable to talk? Y: no when she talked with her hands – she was very pretty. Y signs : flowers, wood, star, wind, smile -later when I go to heaven and meet MS – I have a lot to tell her so I practice every day so that is why I am good at it – now I can say everything I want to say Nam: MS must be happy in heaven. Y looks up and signs and asks if MS is happy in heaven

 MS starts the summer makeup show for energy cell. models come out wearing white makeup on their faces. choi and T are there too. a makeup artist starts the show. D asks if W wants to go up too. she says she cant cuz she is dark but D could go up (cuz he is white).D: are you a frog with a big mouth? why do you talk with your mouth open so big?  W: I said you are whiter. that you could go up there. D turns away from her and says : should I? should I do the finale? W: are you really going to do it? he didnt hear so she holds his arm and repeats her question to his face. he smiles and makes her headband fall over her eyes.  choi says D takes after T. T replies that it’s better than being pathetic. T: I think D is properly doing his job as WK’s heir now- so proud of him.

M puts his hand on T’s shoulder. M asks T to leave her seat cuz he has something to talk to his dad. T: this isnt your seat to get between. choi says he is bored and tells M to go out with him. M looks at her with disdain and she looks over at him looking worried? sad? afraid? hard to tell with that woman.

choi: I gave you the position you wanted (by kicking out D) so who are you  trying to please by helping out with this. M: I thought you were going to praise me. we lost our timing to kill off energy cell -it would be the best choice right now to help it grow well. since it (energy cell) was started with D’s name – were you planning to keep holding onto it? I will be in charge of energy cell and take care of it so you dad can start with finding my name. choi:what? M: I dont like the name J. T gave me that name. I want to get out of it (shake it off). choi: dont rush. there is (?) in this world. M: is that more important than finding your child after 30 yrs? you said you would give me everything that was precious to you. choi: there is something you dont know. if you kick out T without thinking…M: that she might reveal that you killed her father? dont worry – she wont be able to prove it (or reveal it) easily. dad start with taking care of putting in under your family registry. choi: J – if you want to get what you want – you have to know how to wait. I know that you want to do whatever you want in front of a dad you met after 30yrs, but tone it down a bit. let’s go in. from now on, until I say let’s go ahead -dont act first on your own. got that? M doesnt like that talk

MS drones on about the makeup. M watches D as D tells his staff they worked hard. W gives M a bottle of water. M: dont you think it’s unfair? MS is on stage getting special attention and you’re just passing out water. despite that you are happy as long as you are by D’s side? D looks over at them and M says D is looking for you so go over there. W: do you know why I like being with D? D likes me even when I am just passing out water so it makes me feel like I must be an ok girl . but since you said it like that it -suddenly it makes me feel small so dont talk like that again. it’s too upsetting.  she takes the water to D and he her she worked hard. he passes it out to his staff.

MS tells D to move up the finale. D tells his group to tell the staff to move up the finale ten mins and tells the girl to prepare the average women for their appearance. she says they probably didnt start applying the base makeup yet even. he tells her to find an assistant to make meet the time deadline. he tells W to follow him. M watches them.

D goes and gives out instructions to the women. D gets a call from M so W offers to escort the women and tells D to take his call. D: what? M asks if a problem occurred. D: no there wasnt enough time so we moved up the finale ten mins. M says he feels (?) cuz he knows what D’s problem is. suddenly M shuts off the light while D is inside.

M stands by the lit doorway. D:what are you doing? M: i am playing with you – like your mom did to me- are you scared? then come here. come here D. I said come here.  D: you said you wanted to steal everything I have – change your method cuz this way you cant steal anything. M: then how about this way. and shuts D inside. As he stands in the dark, D remembers young M saying to him: why? are you afraid? do you think you will lose? fool- worrywart- ant poop. hyung will protect you. since hyung protected you for 16yrs -now protect me. you can tell me easily not to trust mom -but for me -when that trust breaks – in that instant -the past 16yrs will collapse-so wherever the end is -i want to go till the end. D:hyung. M: if mom throws me away, you be my guardian angel. if you dont – I’m too pitiful.

D goes out and calls out jang junha. I told you to change your method. now doing things like this doesnt work. M stares at D with hatred and says: I wish you would die. D: how did I come all this way – I wont die – you die. M yells at him to stop cuz D walks off.

someone asks W where D is cuz it’s almost time for the finale. M asks W where D is. the lights turn off. choi asks what happened. T stands and calls out dong joo. W says oppa to M. M looks nervous and tells W to look for D. D stands on the dark stage and says “this isnt an accident. for a few mins please be quiet.

(lights come on and D is standing there with his eyes closed) this is the world I live in. D looks over at T. D: I cant hear.  choi asks what D is doing. D looks over at W. T asks M to turn the mics off cuz D has gone crazy. MS looks at D. D looks at choi as he says this : at 13 yrs old thru an accident i lost my hearing and couldnt even hear my own voice, but…(D looks at W-she encourages him to continue) D:… I am ok. reporters asks if he is acting/giving a performance. what do you mean you cant hear? then are you saying you  are deaf? choi is shocked.

D: I have someone who said it like this with (her) heart so I am ok – “Dong joo you arent someone who cant hear you are someone who sees well.” he looks over at W as he says this and she cries and signs “you are a fool”. he smiles at her. D: I am not someone who can’t hear -I am someone who sees well-I am not someone who can’t hear -I am someone who sees well. D smiles bravely.


omg I am dying here – crying my eyes out


NB tells the family (grandma, S, Y, and SC) that D cant hear.

SC: this doesnt make sense

M to W: you already knew didnt you? (that D was deaf)

Y: W and I said we would keep it a secret

W to M: oppa you go to him

M: you go to him

D falls in the water and looks like he is drowning. T begs M over the phone: D is dying – come and save him but M says: i am not a  doctor anymore.

grandma holds nam’s face and cries: sorry for (cant hear what she said)

W says D did well and she is proud of him

D: your voice…

W: my heart…

D:… though I cant hear it

W: …you can hear it?

D:… thank goodness I can see it

even the trailer is making me cry now

was it my imagination or did D sense throughout the episode that W knows of his condition?

also at that very end, did M actually worry about D when the lights went off? like he might have cared? or was it just pure reflex cuz he is used to caring? please dear god make him be nice to D from now on….why would D fall in that water? doesnt he know how to swim? why wouldnt T rescue D- why call M to do it?

on another side note – what is up with that makeup show – what woman in her right mind is going to go around wearing white base? that makeup show scared me. it was also scary that D looked like he belonged up there and he wasnt even wearing any makeup like the models.


80 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E23

  1. iviih says:

    Aw, I love the way DJ wanted to make 100% sure that WR knew about him being deaf. When he hugged her and asked her about his voice, and when she replied to him without looking to his face it was like ”She doesn’t know?” then she looked to his face and said again looking to him 🙂 Aw.

    I know many people here think he knew she knew about him being deaf. But I don’t think so, he just realized it in this episode… ^^ and it was tooo cute!

    About JH, omo I see his anger is going down (he seems to care for DJ) but STILL, how he can say ”I wish you would die.” WHAT? what did you say? *Iviih goes gave some deserved slaps on JH’s face.

    Funny thing: did you noticed how JH and T got together – both worried with DJ at the end of the episode?
    They put aside their anger to each other and were worried with DJ.

    Thanks so much softy and I hope you can keep doing the transcaps. Please don’t give up T.T

    Thanks also for the interview! Love KJW^^

    Love CYHMH?!!!!! ❤ ❤


    • kcomments says:

      Omo…our Iviih slaps JH-shi…bts please ^^
      Didn’t you notice there was a new song during SC’s scene?
      How awesome would it be if YG pokes his forehead with Choi’s when he sees him? This NB and YG friendship was just as beautiful.


    • ajewell says:

      “When he hugged her and asked her about his voice”

      This wasn’t the first time though. He asked her back in episode 14 too, when they were at the zoo, hiding from the guards. Not to mention all the other indirect ways they addressed his inability to hear prior to this scene (driving, dancing, singing, etc). It wasn’t even the first time he looked surprised by her sudden interest in speaking slowly, and directly in front of him (Episode 13). So even though you think there’s no connection, I still find it hard to chalk all those incidents up to pure coincidence. Especially since he made it so obvious (singing off-key in the car, questioning the sound of his voice, letting her use sign language when they’re alone), despite the fact that he was supposed to have his guard up when around her, since she was the most likely to recognize a deaf-person when she sees one.


  2. almontel says:

    thanks for the recap…
    and yes, every episode is keeping us seething at choi and JH being a stubborn mule…
    but we see how DJ and WR’s love have blossomed, no words and yet they understood each other..
    i was crying to at the end when he announced this is the world he lives in…but loves what he said in the end…
    was it just a ‘flicker’ of remorse/worry that i saw in JH’s face for a minute there when the lights went out?
    i do believe he’ll come around, maybe another couple of episodes more?


  3. kcomments says:

    TNS Episode 23 Ratings^^
    Nationwide 13.2 (5th)
    Seoul 17.3 (5th)


  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is JH again and again making fun of DJ’s disability???Its simply heartbreaking to see DJ having to go through all this crap….

    Wonder how JH became a doctor….He has not a bone of kindness and basic human dignity….His behavior with both DJ and YG is despicable…..


    • Almondfudge says:

      Ooops..its me Almondfudge btw….


    • Alexus says:

      Yes that was low blow for me too. You shouldn’t pour SALT into someone’ s wounds like that. However I was so proud of DJ for not letting that get to him. JH played very DIRTY today but DJ kept a good clean fight all the way. The right way, JH should learn from his younger brother. JH might have thought he was a mentor for DJ but I think this time the table has turned. JH needs to be mentored and JH needs to learn from DJ. People that have Class should act classy no matter what situation maybe just like DJ. But JH got what he deserved in the end. He tried to play dirty and got wasted and outplayed by DJ. LMAO!!!! Justice is sweet indeed and I think there will be more served so we will be very full indeed. I can’t wait till how JC will get his justice handed to him on a platter!!


  5. Almondfudge says:

    Oh how symbolic is it to not to carry the hackysack now that he has WR…


  6. Cherry says:

    i love the dialogue between nam and Y at the garden, its so meaningful and hits the heart.
    nam: fearful is even tho you want to love – cuz of scar/pain you cant love-even tho you dont want to be alone- cuz of pain-you cant help but be alone. even under bright sunlight -it’s like struggling in the dark. Y: fearful is too hard – dont do it. nam: I want to do that too-but I cant get out of it. fearfulness is holding onto my ankles and keep following me around. Y: then fearfulness is a stray dog. since it always follows you around it’s a stray dog. all you have to do is say “go” and chase it away with a broom. should I chase fearfulness away for you?”

    never would have discribed fear like that – but its sooo true.


  7. Cherry says:

    the end half of this drama isn’t about JH anymore, its about DJ, and how his affection and warm heat will SAVE Jh. b/c lets be honest he revealed his deafness to prevent JH from doing it (b/c DJ knows once JH reveals his secret JH will regret it for the rest of his life) Thus he remembered his convo with JH about him being JH’s guardian angel even after T throws him away, that is DJ won’t let JH steal anything from him because as his guardian angel DJ won’t allow JH do anything that would hurt him (JH).


  8. kcomments says:

    Thanks Softy, you really are into details with the recap. Thank you so much.
    I was seeing some lights in JH’s eyes in this episode, so I’m not going to worry about him anymore, even if he refuses to take care of DJ as a doctor, I will understand too. He would not be able to face reality that DJ’s dying cuz he(JH) went too far. All though the episode, I saw hints from the writer that things were moving for a happy ending for everyone. And, I don’t know why, I keep expecting some kind of grand gesture from DJ returning his love for WR, showing her how much she means to him, how much he’s thankful for her love and support, I can’t live without you, that kind of thing. Or may be I’m just being too romantic here. ^_^.


    • ajewell says:

      Nope, I want it too!! The dramatic tension sure didn’t play out like I’d hoped, but oh well, they’re still unbelievably cute, and I’m sure, in the very least, we’ll get a love-confession eventually. 🙂


  9. zenti says:

    “on another side note – what is up with that makeup show – what woman in her right mind is going to go around wearing white base? that makeup show scared me.”

    LOL! Maybe Energy Cell is developing make ups for kabuki. That is what we call as market positioning. Keke.


  10. vivian says:

    super duper awesome.. i like the last part!!! DongJoon is damn brave.. i hate his father alot!


  11. InLove says:

    Ma roo/Joon ha is just wreaking havoc. He is so horrible, but I do pity him especially when I think of him in comparison to Dong joo. My love for Cha Dong joo is in full blossom. He is so brave and there is so much to admire in him.


  12. InLove says:

    I’m glad Dong joo revealed he is deaf. I can’t speculate on exactly why he did it or how this revelation relates to Joon ha, but I’m glad it’s all out in the open. I’ve always thought his deafness being treated as a weakness to be kept secret was the wrong attitude and was all because of his Mom’s reaction to the accident and all the chaos during that time. For the most part I think fans of the show have just accepted this but a handicap does not automatically equal a weakness. i think Dong joo’s journey has proven this. Except for maybe Woo ri he is the strongest person out of all of them. I know people with handicaps they can’t ever hide…I imagine it must be freeing for Dong joo to just be who he is and not have to worry and be on guard all the time carrying that heavy burden.


  13. mashael says:

    i lllllllllllllove you iam from k.s.a thank
    the’s drama frre naic


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