Can You Hear My Heart E18

I just rewatched that hug scene and I get it now- why D pulled her close and hugged her suddenly. He was upset that she grew up this way – not caring about herself at all- downplaying her own pain- cuz she spent her whole life taking care of others and that’s all she knows how to do by reflex- and it broke his heart. That is why he asked her why she is like this. Aside from the poverty, now he gets how hard a life she had emotionally and in that moment-she realizes he knows that about her now. So she does what he wants and says her hand hurts and tells him to let go. Once he does, she hugs him back cuz maybe she realizes this is why she suffered so much all these years. Cuz now she has someone like him who loves her whole heartedly and finally someone who cares more about her than anything. I don’t know why, but selfless love seems more pure and deserving than the others. This scene really got to me and made me cry. If anyone earned the right to be together- it’s these two-for everything they had to endure in their young lives and for the right to keep making each other whole.
I am a little miffed at SC right now-I used to like him cuz of his puppy love for W, but first he interrupted another sweet scene between D and W and then he had to go and shatter M’s world. At least the preview showed more bromance between D and M. I was starting to get scared those days were over cuz they are just too cute for words when they accuse each other of loving the other one-like puppies frolicking in the sun. At least we got most of our questions from last night answered.
Lately, I have been watching a lot of music videos for this show during the week to help tide me over till Saturday rolls around. What I noticed was how many “little moments” there are in this drama-those times when no words are exchanged- just the music and a lingering gaze or a loving gesture that speaks volumes. Almost all my favorite dramas have them. In SG, it was every time J held R in his arms and didn’t want to let go or when he said that chant- it made my knees go weak. In SKKS, it was a tie between when MJS got the hiccups or when he whittled that wooden thumb protector thing probably wondering why he was doing it and going against his nature-and yet helpless to stop. With CYHMH, I swear it’s every time D comes on screen and smiles as he looks at W. A girl could get lost in that smile and as long as he keeps doing it, I don’t care how many more episodes I feel confused. I’m going to just keep coming back for more.
Can You Hear My Heart E18
after W says she isnt going to look for M -she cries and says:
i am sure he is living well somewhere-isnt he?
my brother must be living well somewhere happily right?
M: i bet he is living happily eating and living well
not knowing how much we are suffering here
like me – living well spending a lot of money
W:then that’s enough
M: let’s go ride cable cars to commemorate forgetting bong maru
W: to commemorate forgetting M oppa-I want to do something too
M: ok – whatever you want
W: in place of M oppa – you be my oppa
that’s how I think I will be able to send M oppa off
W: you will do that for me right? thank you for the gifts
M: I dont want to -let’s go
he takes her to the car.
M: get in- should we walk?
if you are going to say the same thing- dont
i get what you are saying
you said everything you wanted to say didnt you?
I want to talk too- get in
Jang and choi meet. jang thanks choi for putting him up in this nice room and for (not sure but choi paid for something like a missionary or something- like a place for jang to work as a doctor in his specialty) . choi says it’s cuz he helped save D so he should at least do this much. jang: is D doing well? even tho i saved him -he must be living well cuz now he doesnt even call me. choi asks: arent you curious about how J is doing? when he is your son. jang: he takes after me in being stubborn so when we meet, we are always going against each other. choi: is that so- I’m not sure about his personality, but he doesnt look anything like you in appearance. is he your biological son for sure? i thought maybe he was adopted or something. jang:are we that different?  jang laughs and says he worried that if J took after jang’s looks it would be terrible so he chose the prettiest wife and implies that J looks like his wife. choi says he heard jang’s son died in a car accident about 17 yrs ago and it came out in the japanese paper-isnt that true?. jang asked if choi got him investigated. choi tells him not to misunderstand but when you get to be his position he has to watch out for ppl who want things from him. plus his wife acts like J is her son and it bothered him. jang says if choi was going to investigate-he should have done it correctly. his son was in a accident, but jang saved him. and he also save choi’s son D. choi asks why jang lives apart from J then. choi says J told his wife and D that jang abandoned J. T calls and jang says into the phone the right things to cover for the fact that choi is with him. T asks if choi is with jang. jang says yes-he is here to get money from someone who wants to donate. T: he is asking about J isnt he? i trust that you will take care of things but you should have called me cuz i was worried.  jang says he is in the middle of talking and will call later after he is done. T: you are going to see the kids before you go right? jang: of course-my work schedule is tight but i have to see my son before I go. i left him alone cuz i didnt want to check up on him cuz he is all grown, but he is going around acting like an orphan.if his mom hears she will faint. T asks jang to call after he sends choi away. jang resumes his conversation with choi. jang asks where they left off talking, but choi says they dont need to talk about that anymore.
T is sitting at choi’s desk. she asks choi’s secretary how he could find jang after choi already did. the guy apologizes. she tells him to do whatever it takes to make sure choi doesnt get involved with J again. she tells him to leave
she goes thru choi’s desk and  finds M’s picture in choi’s drawer. S comes into choi’s office. T asks what S is doing here. S says she bought a suit as a thank you present for the job position choi got her. T asks if S is also taking care of choi’s household needs now. after doing all my errands-now are you taking care of my husband too? S says that T is misunderstanding something. T smiles and says it’s cuz she is grateful and she is ok with it (their affair). I’m not blaming you- to be honest-my husband and I have been a married couple by name only for quiet some time. after D’s accident, i left my home empty for too long. i understand that – it could really happen. i dont know how good it is that you were able to protect that empty spot i couldnt be in. that’s right -if it was a proper woman, I might have lost my spot to her. you’re someone he can throw away at any time -after he does whatever he wants- he can throw you out like trash -he wont have any regret, loyalty, and doesnt see a future with you- so that is why choi chose you. S: i am saying this cuz you seem to know everything, but dont think of me lightly. I am not the S from a long time ago. T laughs and says:that’s right -back then you were younger
but now arent you too (? dont know this word but it’s pretty bad I bet). you should do just what is needed. S throws that word back at her asking if T wants to hold onto the pant leg of a man who doesnt want her. choi wants to divorce you. he isnt cuz he doesnt want to waste money fighting you cuz you will try to contest him for the president’s position. it’s been a long time since he stopped loving you. T laughs: then you take him and live with him. hearing ppl call you (guess mistress) -it suits you.
S speaks down to her and tells T to choose her words carefully before she speaks cuz S isnt her secretary anymore. T laughs and asks:why are you getting mad at me when you made the mistake.
you should have had a child when you were younger then I would have been more afraid of you now.
S threatens T is going to regret acting like this to her one day
T: ok when that happens- let’s talk again then
T calls someone and gets her taken away
S makes a threat to T when she is outside- how much longer do you think I will let things happen to me- if I find M- I will make you and your son (?) in front of me
M takes a drink to W. he tells her to drink slowly cuz it’s hot. they can talk when she is done drinking. she gets a call and M takes it and answers. D says “one whose first love was bong Maru” and M tells him: dong joo – later- going to hang up now
D realizes that M said that
a coin spins on the desk
D looks up and Jang is there
Jang asks if D is still only playing with J
D is glad to see him and hugs him. jang says let’s say hi and then hug
jang says the words clearly: have you been well you punk?
D laughs and hugs him again
he asks when jang arrived
jang says this morning- I came first class- cuz choi called me
D asks why choi called jang
jang tells him that choi wanted to ask about J and not D
M asks W:are you mad that I answered for you?
W tells him to talk if he has something to say
M:do you not like me that much?
flashback to young W saying to young M: why do you not like me so much? when I like you oppa
doesnt matter if you do that – i like oppa- M oppa is my oppa
M echoes her words from the past
why do you not like me?
when I like you W
doesnt matter if you do that -cuz I like you W
she tries to talk but he says
it’s ok- why do you have to be stingy and get mad when I said I liked you-the coffee got cold
she explains she isnt mad- it’s cuz he is D’s older brother so that is all she can do and says sorry
jang tells D that choi asked in detail if J is jang’s real son or not.
jang warns D to tell J to be careful
D: that’s why – it’s cuz you two dont look alike at all -hyung is good looking
Jang: J looks slick (as in sort of slippery looking)
D agrees and asks when jang is leaving
D wants the 3 of them to have drinks
jang: I told you a guy who has a secret shouldnt drink
D: that’s right- I almost revealed everything- “I can’t hear”
Jang: you changed a lot since you came to seoul
what could have made D change this much – a monkey or a girl?
D: this isnt even africa so where could there be a monkey
jang: then it must be a girl
you are going to show her to me before I go back right?
D: if you meet her- she is a friend you would like
jang:is she pretty?
D: that’s a little ….
then he sees W coming dressed like that with all her shopping bags
jang looks too and says to D that she is pretty
D: but that’s not her
jang calls out D and she turns and looks
jang: it is her
D inhales from shock
D looks at W and asks what happened
D looks her over:what did you do with those pretty jeans
and what is up with your hair
and you even put on makeup
she says she didnt put on makeup so he leans in real close
she admits she put on some lipstick
he asks why her eyes like that-did she cry
she says she didnt
so he pins her against the wall suddenly
D:why did you come here?
she says she came to work starting from tm and to meet Nam
D: did you really come to meet nam? and not me?
isnt it true you came to meet me and came dressed like this
cuz I teased you yesterday saying that you were unattractive
you purposely dressed up a lot to show me- isnt that true
she clears her throat
if I came here- of course i knew I would see you
can i start working here starting from tm?
D looks serious and says : no – you cant
she looks surprised
D explains that there is a workshop tm at the garden so she should come there
she smiles
D: dont smile – if you lie one more time
he leans in close like he will kiss her next time
she covers her mouth
grandma is drinking and looking at Y’s drawing calling out his name. W goes to see grandma and stops her from drinking saying her head will burst if she drinks alcohol. grandma asks for it back saying she wants her head to burst and die- and she doesnt want to see W and would rather die.
W: if you die-what about me? what about dad? is aunt your only baby? is only M oppa your baby? what about me? what about dad? let’s go. i came to take you home. i will get your bags packed.
grandma says she is staying. W : just cuz you stay stubborn like this – you think aunt will send him back (to us)?  just cuz you wait like this- you think M oppa will come? grandma asks who W is to yell.
W says she is grandma’s baby. did you forget? should i show it to you again? . W pulls out her paper work about her family and how her name is registered. W points to grandma’s name then Y then her babies M and W.  grandma cant believe she carries that around still. W says she promised her mom-when her mom died-when they spread her ash in the river- promised to all live together so grandma has to go home. even if grandma doesnt like me-I have to  live with you cuz i promised my mom. grandma cries and hits W calling her loyal girl. W: grandma I have to hear you call me “crazy” to live-dad also- “my son is doing well”  “my Y is the best” he has to hear that to live. so dont think about aunt and M oppa – they dont listen to you, left home,  and cause you anguish. just live with me and dad-living happily having fun. singing that song- let’s live like that – happy. grandma says no she has to find her baby M and take him home- i cant leave him here.  W says M wont come back. grandma you met him-then you know too-it’s not that he cant come home-it’s cuz he doesnt want to-he is living somewhere else living happily isnt he? what I am saying is right isnt it? grandma says he is still her baby. W says let’s wait till M wants to come back-that way it wont be hard for him or us. until then – so he can live well- let’s forget him. she begs grandma to forget M and not anyone else. she promises to be good to grandma and do everyting M couldnt do. she makes grandma promise. grandma hugs her and cries saying what do I do about my poor babies
SC comes out wearing a suit. mom, dad , ahjussi- now that i completed chicken college, i will formally say hello. he bows and says thank you for raising me. his mom sighs and and this time Y asks how much money (even Y knows the drill now- LOL) SC whispers into his mom’s ears that he wants $100,000 (not sure about the amount- guessing)  to open a chicken cafe. please give me permission before I say I will open a rock cafe.his mom hits him for making that threat and says she doesnt have money. SC whines and begs saying he isnt asking for the money – just for her to invest and he will pay her back within 3 yrs. 
W shows up carrying all her shopping bags smiling and calls out “dad” and moves out of the way and  grandma says “I came” everyone is happy. Y asks if she knows him and starts to sing. SC checks out what W is wearing. grandma says Y is her son. NB asks if she remembers him and so does his wife.
grandma says she is fine and remembers everything. SC points out W’s clothes and asks what happened to her hair – “that basket” (LOL). everyone finally notices. Y calls her a princess. NB asks who she is. his wife says she is pretty. SC demands to know who bought this and NB guesses D and SC tries to get W to take it off so she hides behind grandma. his mom says she will report him, but SC says D bought it and tells W to hurry and take off the outfit. SC throws a fit.
Y is outside in the kitchen sleeping
W tells him that grandma is bored if she sleeps alone and tells him to go in and sleep
he says he has to wait for M
W: you have to meet oppa in a dream
hold grandma’s hand tight and sleep
Y: i can do that – I can meet M in my dream with mom
they tell each other to sleep well
he goes in to sleep and she looks at the family pic
she says to her mom
M is still really cool- he is handsome and smart
just like he was when he was young
but his name is J
so I cant call him M
if I find M then many ppl will get sad
so I had to pretend not to know him
mom- at least you – please tell me i did well
I am so frustrated
manager shows D around for the workshop
saying this is where they are going to eat-
manager tries to act like W -like he is fast and keeps moving around quickly and gives D a headache
D tells him to go out and work
D sees W and smiles
nam reads life change academy
she turns and is startled to hear Y repeat what she just read
he says it’s not that great
she asks whats not great about it
Y: it doenst have characters (he knows) like “ga” “na”
he says it’s no fun
W comes over with D
D asks what’s going on
Y and D bow to each other and say hello
y says D didnt go to work today
D replies he works here today
Nam says she told D to change this concept cuz makeup doenst change a life
D tries to explain that it was a concept made together with this team
Nam: together? that word I (she was going to say hate) the most
but Y finishes nam’s sentence and says she “likes it the most ” so it gets her mad
nam: ya! who are you to interfere
Y: you forgot again. my name is …
she yells out his name-i know i know -so sick of this
nam asks D if that means he cant change it
D says he cant cuz life is his (foundation?basis?)
D says : love image family energy
these four things can change a life
Y says life change academy
W compliments him for speaking eng well
Y asks what english is
nam asks Y: you arent a fool are you?
W says again that nam seems like her mom
nam tells W that she told her not to say “mo” (ther)
nam tells D that not to bother about changing the banner and tells him to get rid of W and Y cuz she is about to go crazy
D reminds nam she chose W
everyone comes for the workshop
M and choi are eating in choi’s office
choi asks why M doesnt find choi difficult
M asks :did I make a mistake/did I do something wrong?
choi explains that if a young person had lunch with WK’s president
he shouldnt feel comfortable around him
M says to tell him next time to be uncomfortable cuz he thought choi and him were already close
M admits that he has an impudent side to him
choi says he likes how frank M is
that’s probably why so many investors give so much money to M
M says it’s probably cuz choi got personally involved so they trust choi and gave M the money 
choi asks how much investment came in
M doesnt answer directly
he says since it came to him- if choi wants to take some of it from him 
choi will have to offer something to M for M to give it up
choi says there has to be something for M to gain
in case something goes wrong so M wont feel resentment
M: i dont think that will happen
since choi is strong and dependable so why would he
we are riding on the same boat
if something goes wrong- i cant be the only one to drown (go down)
i’m going to hold onto at least your pant leg and survive knowing my life is on the line
cuz I havent even gotten married yet
choi asks if all that means is that M wont die alone if something happens
we are doing the same thing
borrowing someone else’s money and making more
if I am the only one that something bad happens to then how can I live feeling indignant
T shows up to see choi
she asks if they were eating
M explains they had something to discuss
choi tells her to talk at home if it isnt urgent cuz he is talking business now with J
M says it wont take long so he asks for her to wait and go together
T tells M that if it was something like this
then he should have called D too
she tells choi to take care of his son D too
choi ignores her and tells M to eat
when M leaves T is waiting
she says he is doing better than she thought
it looks like choi totally trust M
she says how she was right-I told you that you would be faster than D
he tells her to talk about this at home cuz someone might hear 
(cuz they are standing outside choi’s office)
T:what if they hear- now choi cant do whatever he wants with us
(?something illegal) he spent money on you
if he reveals what we did- he will die too
the investors choi got for you -their money all came in right?
he says yes
she tells him to put it all into system (?????) factory
and to do something to choi that i dont get
she says she feels stronger cuz she has M
and thinks everything will end faster than she thought
M tries to talk but she didnt let him and said let’s go
M just stands there looking at her walk off
nam is giving her training session to everyone
even if they forget everything she taught till now
remember this
sales is when a person meets love
when a person meets love
it’s one out of two things
whether you love or leave
same for makeup
a woman has two makeups
when they love and when they leave
when in love – pink
when they break up/leave-deep red
W is impressed and mimics nam’s expressions
D just stands there watching W and smiles
W’s phone rings and interrupts the lesson
she apologizes and leaves to take the call
SC called her and she says she in the middle of work and to hang up
he tells her to come cuz he wants to sign his chicken cafe contract in front of her
she explains today is her first day of work and wants to do well
he gets mad that she got another job without discussing it with him and asks where
she says she will tell him later
says sorry and hangs up
D is behind her and startles her
she casually walks by but he grabs her hand and puts a cell phone on it
 D: life change
before you change your  life-change your phone
from now on -i have to know everything –  where , who you are with, and what you are doing
W asks coyly:  why-why do you have to?
and he says cuz she is his employee and he is her boss
she says he is good at making excuses
she likes her new phone cuz it’s light and pretty
she goes back and sees everyone already has one
W: ooshi
she looks over at D
he texted exactly what she said: ooshi-why?
he texts again: did you want me to be just your boss-why?
D shakes his head and mouths the words:  (I) can’t live cuz of you 
(popular korean phrase: “cant live cuz of you” you say it like in this situation cuz W drives him crazy cuz she is so cute but it can also be used when someone is driving you up the wall in a bad way too)
D tells everyone to eat and do something in the garden
women complain that is hard work and asks if they have to do that
W jumps in and says they will have to always be on their feet when they distribute the products
so if they start already they will lose their energy and suggests they go do something with plants after they eat. women like that idea better so this time D says “ooshi”
she says it back and asks “why” so he pats her head and grins as he leaves
MS is begging her phone to ring.
someone from china calls and says he is faxing over something that needs to be signed by D
it’s a 3 year contract (it’s all in english so I dont need to type this )
M comes and asks where everyone went MS tells him that everyone is at the workshop at the garden
she says let’s go but he says he has an appt
M drops off an envelope for her to give D
she asks him to go too cuz W is working there too
he asks if W agreed to work there
she says that’s probably why W went there
she tells him to be good to her cuz she has influence over W
MS asks what the document is
he says it’s a contract for 5 yrs (for the same purpose as the fax from china)
she says then it’s the same one from before that suddenly canceled their agreement to work with energy cell
M says he bought over 50 % of it
she asks where he got so much money
he says he has a lot of money – didnt she know
he tells her to work hard cuz energy cell has to do well
D is working on his computer outside
NB tells everyone to buy the vegetables at a market and invites everyone to go to his store and drink a cool glass of beer and eat chicken
Y shows off how much he knows about all the plants here
he holds up one and says there is poison in it and if you eat it -there will be big trouble
then he holds a bigger leaf and says how it’s best to eat as a wrap
W brags that he is her dad and they can ask him about all the flowers and plants here cuz he is a professor of flowers
NB says let’s go cuz he is paying
but another woman asks about a plant and Y runs over and explains you only eat the stalk and just take off the leafy head
Y says he knows all the names of everything there and asks what else he can teach them
nam looks over her shoulder and says about Y: men are all the same
MS shows up and gives D the paperwork M dropped off
(she said your “girlfriend/lover” wanted me to give you this)
he asks what it is
she says J is impressive cuz he bought out the company
if they had know then they wouldnt have gone thru so much to get the china contract
he asks where M is and leaves
D talks to M on the phone : who asked you to do this
and that D was getting the problem solved
M just tells him to that it’s good to get a factory back since orders are backed up a lot
D tells M to stop
M tells D not to waste time with finding factories and make good products
D:hyung – why are you doing this?
M tells him how choi gave M a lot of investments
at this rate D can grow energy cell and get acknowledgement for it
and M can backstab choi-i’m getting tired of this so let’s hurry and end it
D tells him:hyung let’s meet cuz I feel frustrated-let’s meet and talk
but he cant reach M cuz he hung up
W watches D from a distance
*(the fax from china had to do with a contract D had a hard time getting
my guess is he wanted to use their factory to make his products there
and keep M out of having to help D- but M went thru with the factory contract with choi which D was against) 
T tells some guy to put the money into J’s company
guy asks if she didnt hear yet from J – that T cant have access anymore to J’s company
cuz J asked for total control over the company
she asks to see it’s records and the guy wont help her out
(T was trying to access the account but since Js name is on it, he switched out the passwords and everything so he has total control over the fund and how to use it
this is ruining T’s plans cuz she had it so that choi would get destroyed pretty soon
but without access to the money, T is helpless and cant do things her way)
M tells someone he checked and the deposit came thru and he confirmed it
T takes the phone and hangs up
she asks how he could change the password and block her from access to the account
M says:I already told you I would do what needs to be done from now on
T: it isnt your money- give me access to the account right now
he says he doesnt have the money in the account
she says it isnt the day to (?) to choi yet
M says he isnt giving it to choi
and says what else he is doing with it
T:we just started and are you saying you are going to end it now
she orders him to do something i dont get
M: mom – even if it becomes more dangerous for me if this goes on longer?
mom let’s support D now
T: choi cant do whatever he wants with you
if he holds onto your ankle – he will die too
she repeats her order
but M refuses
this time I will do it my way
you said you trusted me
T: do as I ordered
M: you said you only trusted me
T: are you saying you wont listen to me right now?
i’m talking to you right now
M: mom this time I cant
he begs her to trust him this once since he is her son
W is carrying a tray of something hot
and D tries to take it from her and carry it for her
but she says she is faster
NB gets up suddenly and spills it all over her
D runs over calling her name and asks if she is hurt
W asks NB if he is hurt-did he get burned
NB is upset cuz he sat on some red sauce
but D gets mad and asks if W is hurt
D doesnt care about anyone else but her
SC is feeding the grandma and Y comes in
Y says he came to make rice for her
she says SC already did and tells Y to eat with them
SC gives her water to drink asking- isnt he the best to become her grandson in law
Y asks what grandson in law means
grandma tells Y that SC is going to run a chicken cafe and marry W
SC tells Y to call W and tell her to hurry and come home
W calls her dad so SC tells Y to hurry and answer it
but it’s NB asking Y to bring him an extra pair of pants cuz the sauce got
on his pants and it makes him look like he has poop on it
SC tells his dad to hang up cuz he has to call W
NB says W is here and tells him to bring his pants
SC asks where his dad is
Y explains that W is playing with D and the office ppl at the garden
SC: you are saying that W is with D now?
Y tells SC that W works for D now
Y tells his mom that W sells cars and makeup now
SC goes to look for W
he yells for D but no one is around
his dad is in his boxers and calls SC over
SC wants to know where W is-where D is
NB says he doesnt know and asks for the pants
SC yells that his dad said he was with them
and NB says he will tell if SC gives the pants
SC says he will after his dad says it first so NB does-that they went to the house
but SC lied (he never brought his dad’s pants) and goes to where W is
saying D is dead
NB yells at his son for tricking his own dad
he explains to a woman passing by that he got sauce on his pants and not poop
M is outside and goes to D’s home carrying groceries
inside, W is wearing D’s clothes
she complains it’s too long and it’s hurting her pride (cuz she is so much shorter than D)
D takes care of her burned hand
she keeps saying it’s ok and doesnt hurt at all
he pours a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol on it
she says: if it’s to this extent- it will be ok after I wake up
she says the alcohol is a waste
and worries he will use the whole bottle
he hugs her suddenly and holds her head
M watches from the door
D tells W: W-why are you like this
at times like this you are supposed to say it hurts or it’s better if you cry
she says it hurts and tells him to let go of her hand
she hugs him back
he holds on tight
M left all the groceries and beer there
on his way out he sees SC going in
SC bursts in and sees D with his arms around W from the back
W says to D : wait a minute – didnt someone come in?
but D tells her to hold still
 D is icing W’s hand with his arms around her
SC goes and pulls D away
SC sees what she is wearing and tells her to come out and grabs W’s injured hand
she says “ow” so D asks what SC is doing
W tells SC not to do this
SC tells W to just be still
she keeps saying “ow” cuz SC is holding tight to her hand
D explains to SC to let go of her hand cuz she hurt it
SC almost hits D saying “who are you to…” but M steps in and holds his wrist
M tells SC to say it with words
SC asks who M is
W asks how SC knew to come here and asks him to leave with her
D stops her and says she cant go cuz he didnt put medicine on her hand yet
SC tries to get in D’s face again so M pulls him back
M: who are you- why are you doing whatever you want
SC asks who M is again
M yells at SC to get out
W calls out to M
M tells her to go over there
M to SC: if you are like this – then I cant send W away now
SC says to W: do you know these guys well?
she grabs his arm and says let’s go first – then we can talk
but SC tells her to let him go cuz he cant leave like this
SC to W: why you are wearing those clothes and are in this house
why you are here after being duped by these guys and swearing not to be involved with them again
why you are working for WK when your mom died cuz of WK
i have to know all that – all
she begs him 
D gets in front of her and says to SC:
I know all the answers to that so talk to me
M tells D not react emotionally too
then M tells SC nicely to just leave
SC says to both M and D
I warned you guys that I would not leave you two alone if you make W cry one more time
fine – W you go – I am going to have to go after talking with these guys
between the two of you – if there is one who is willing to be responsible for W till the end
come out
D steps up but M stops him
M tells D to talk later cuz SC seems very upset
D: hyung – move aside
SC hears the word hyung and assumes they are brothers
then you are both WK’s children
Sc says to W: you are quite impressive
these two seem to be fighting over you
W says if SC isnt leaving she is going
but SC stops her
SC: from now on you shouldnt speak ill of your aunt
after losing her son maru hyung cuz of WK
and living off of WK – your aunt
W says SC’s name
D looks at M
M looks stunned
W looks at M
SC: why – do you not like hearing that
you are doing the same thing right now
with the enemy’s sons who killed your mom
W pushes SC out telling him to stop talking nonsens and come out
but SC pulls away from her
W yells to SC:who are you to say that stuff
M is in shock and leaves
D goes after M
W tries to go after them
but SC stops her saying she cant go chasing after them-come to your senses
she begs SC to let her go
D runs out after M
but M already drove off
M cries and remembers back to when he first met S-how Y said that S was M’s mom
how young M asked S if she was his mom
and how grandma says she has a daughter when M asked her who S is -his aunt
and how young M said he doesnt have an aunt
W is trying to call M
SC takes her phone away and looks at the name J asking why she is doing this
SC: that guy a while ago is J isnt he
what are you doing between those guys
she asks for her phone back
SC asks why she is doing this
you said one is WK’s son and the other was his hyung
i dont know why they are doing this to you but you shouldnt be there
do you think those guys are right for you
you dummy-they are just playing with you
when I asked who is going to take responsibility for you till the end to come forward
you saw that neither one came out
she says it doesnt matter and asks for the phone
SC: are you crazy? cuz some rich kids acknowledged you -did it go to your head?
she replies yes – she doesnt know what is going on at all cuz everything is upside down
so you dont do this too and asks for the phone
SC: are you going to be like this till the end
dont regret later and please listen to me
end it with those ppl now
her phone rings
they keep arguing back and forth- him not giving the phone and her wanting it back to answer
 she says she has to answer the phone
he gives it back
she says sorry to him and says she will explain it all later
she calls M back
* I thought SC was so annoying here
I get that he is protective but really – what right does he have?
she never once said she liked him more than as a friend
so I dont see why he had to cause all this to happen 
M was calling her
he is parked outside S’s home
he doesnt answer W’s call
he sees choi and S coming out together
S is straightening choi’s suit
she tells him to sleep and go cuz he will be umcomfortable at his home
choi says he isnt comfortable here cuz he doesnt know when her mom will show up
S promises to end it with her mom
she only wanted her mom’s help to find M-otherwise she has no reason to be in contact with that family
she tells choi: you know right? that I only need you
she asks choi to call her first when he finds M
choi doesnt reply and tells the driver to go
she chases after the car a bit saying “call me”
she mutters she is hungry
she turns and sees M standing there
she yells at him for standing there without warning cuz he startled her
he asks why choi was here
she says do I have to say that with words
if you have eyes you must have seen
you know so why are you asking
why? are you going to tell on me to the woman you call “mom”
do what you want but
dont you understand why I live like this?
(cant hear but she says something ” is the same”)
dont have anything but want a lot of things
you know how i feel right?
let’s help each other and live
she turns and goes in
M stands there crushed
* you could totally see the disgust and disappointed that this being might be his real mom
Y is trying to trim his mom’s toenails saying if they get too long they will make holes in her socks
she struggles saying it tickles and she doesnt need them trimmed
the phone rings
Y keeps saying hello but no one says anything
(M is calling )
grandma yells into the phone at the person for making a prank call
M calls her grandma
she knows it’s M so she tells Y that a doctor from the hospital is calling
and tells Y to go get her some water
grandma tells M to talk – where is he
M asks her to come out cuz he has something to ask
grandma:arent you coming home?
M: come out alone- if other family members know I will disapper again
grandma: no I understand – i will do what you ask
he goes and waits outside her house in his car
W tells D that her grandma has disappeared
choi asks S if there is proof that M is his son and wants a paternal test I think cuz he said something about a hospital
M tells his granda  “go” and she asks where. he takes his grandma away
choi tells S to find her son and leave him out
M brings jang home saying he came with his dad
T hugs jang while choi looks on
M tells T that she cant hug another guy besides M
M tells D to turn the lights off and sleep
D says no – we cant – we are siblings
D lands on top of M
D says to M: you really love me huh?
M hugs D saying :come here
D tells someone (T maybe)- please dont hurt/scar hyung’s heart anymore

87 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E18

  1. wickedinutopia says:

    omg.. dying to read your recap for ep 19 since soompi’s being down today.. T_T
    i wanna know what had happened in this ep so bad.. ><


  2. lea says:

    can you write about what eps 19 .
    thanks …


  3. OMG! I love this drama!


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