Can You Hear My Heart E7

I have to admit – didn’t think it was possible but I ended up crying again at that last scene. The way Y described M saying that Y knows how M looks from staring at him so much as he slept and that Y can spot M right away and know it is him- it got to me. As I watched M stand there and hear that – it made me realize that M probably doesnt hate his dad anymore. He has the maturity now to know and see that Y was an innocent, harmless person who only loved him wholeheartedly. For M to see that now and be moved by Y’s insistence that he knows exactly what his son looks like when he sleeps -who wouldnt cry?
Since I am keeping this drama – guess it is time to stop making the error of calling Bong Woo ri “B” and start calling her “W” – I might forget so overlook it till I go back and change all the “B” to “W”
Also, the long haired girl has the same intials as W’s mom so keep that in mind.
Can you hear my heart E7
Starts from where M gets a call from MS (the long haired girl has the same initials as W’s mom), she tells him to be really good to his patient-the grandma cuz she needs to buy a pic from W. W spots M and grandma asks what W is doing so she looks away from M
choi gets a report and info about junha – choi got that guy to look into junha
choi asks why there isnt much info about him
the guy says cuz junha moved around a lot cuz of his dad traveling so much
so it is hard to find info
from high school on he was in school in the states so the guy got that info
choi tells him to investigate further
he looks at a pic of M
MS gets a call from W that M didnt show up
she tells W that M isnt the type not to keep his promise
she says she will look into where he is and call W back
T comes over and asks why MS was talking about M
MS tells T that she asked M to take care of a patient
but he is missing
she mentions how W wont sell the pic to WK (but she never said W’s name)
when T asks what the girl is talking about
the girl says she can take care of it
she tries to call M but his phone is off
she makes a remark that he is acting like D
she complains to T that D hangs up when she calls
doesnt take her calls and only calls when D needs something
MS remarks that M didnt use to do that so is he being influenced by D
she remarks that both of T’s sons dont listen well
T says the girl didnt listen to her parents well either
she fills T in about the product -the makeup base
and asks T to change out a machine so T says she will order one
and something about a launching
MS gets a text to meet from D to meet now
D is leaning on his car
D says something aloud and text comes out on his phone –
he tests it by talking about the spring cherry blossoms he is staring at
(guess that is part of how he cheats to not let others know that he is deaf)
about the flowers he says: the spring cherry blossoms are falling
something about the wind shaking the cherry blossoms
W is asking ppl where J (M) is and M appears and asks the clerk to connect him to someone
and gives his name. W hears the name jung junha. She goes up to him and tells him how she was told to find him. he says he got the call. he takes the call and says how he was a little late. he says he will send them to that person and will meet that person later.he tells W where to take the grandma and says W just needs to give the doctor there his name
(he is redirecting her to another specialist) 
grandma meets with another doctor.
he asks her what he is holding
grandma says it is a pen and makes a rude comment
so SC tells her she cant insult a doctor
he tries to get the grandma to do subtractions
what is 100 minus 7
she doesnt know the answer
so W tries to help and asks the doctor to try asking the grandma what 1000 minus 700 is cuz the grandma would know that right away
he does but the grandm doesnt know
so W comes up with an example for the grandma
if a customer pays 1ooo won and buys a cucumber for 700 won
how much change do you give the customer
but the grandma complains would she go to the market at her age and sell cucumbers – she tells W to go sell them
doctor tries to ask for today’s date month-day- and year
but she doesnt even know that.
doctor says all the things that are medically wrong with the grandma to W so she is worried. the doc wants to run more detailed tests on the grandma.
SC comes running cuz the MRI tests and stuff for the grandma will be $1,500 so W wants to split up the test and asks if she can cuz she cant pay for all that in one lump sum. the nurses ask if she is going to get the tests done -should she make reservations or not. W says they are going to do the test but tries to get the nurse to give her a discount and asks when she has to pay by. M overhears all that.
D meets with MS -the girl
she has on something on her face to test it
she read off to D what one woman had said – all the comments about it
but with the mask on the girl is talking weird so D cant understand what she is saying at all
cuz her lips are not moving from the face mask
D takes the paper from her and tells her to email him if she has anything else to say
he gets up to leave so she pulls his arm
MS: you are leaving already?
she spoke clearly so she messed up the facial mask
she sort of blames him for that cuz he said he was leaving when they have so much more to talk about-and almost mentions how they need to figure out how to make W sign a contract about her flower design
D says he will take care of that
he tries to leave again
she pulls him back and asks why he is acting distant when they are on the same team
D looks at her and says
women who talk a lot
I hate that the most
he puts his ear phones on and leaves
 M shows up
D says he is leaving first and goes
M goes up to the girl and stares at her mask and asks what she is doing
she stares after D and asks
why is he so cool?
this is the first time I saw a guy who doesnt like me
M doesnt reply to that and asks what she needed to talk to him about
she takes him to her computer
and shows M the video of W on the show looking for M. she suggests that they find W’s brother for W
M goes to his car and thinks back to W telling D at the party who she is and how he left her behind when they were kids promising to come back soon
W takes SC to her team leader (manager) during the manager’s massage time. she took SC there so he can help make money for the grandma’s hospital bills. she wants SC to sell cars
W gets a call and she is shocked
Y gets a call from W and he is in shock cuz she told him M was found
neighbor yells the good news at the market
Y goes running down the street calling out M’s name and falls down. looking up to the sky, he says aloud-MS help me please.
W is running down a lane and D drives up behind her in his car
she moves over so he can pass and he stops the car a little distance away from her.
as she is running she gets a call
D: bong woo ri shi?
W: it’s me -bong woo ri- brother?
he reads what she said on his phone
D says he wanted to meet
W: where are you? told you to come to the house
brother – hurry and come
 he reads on his phone that she thinks he is M.
she keeps asking where he is thinking he is M-why arent you saying anything?
she stops running right next to his car.
D looks over and recognizes her from the party when she asked him if he wasnt her brother.
D says he isnt her brother.
W:then who are you?
he says his name is Cha Dong joo.
he repeats his name
W says quietly: pianist
he reads that
D has a flashback to W asking him if he is a pianist and begging him to teach her piano when they were kids.
she asks if he is the cha dong joo who gave her the toy piano.
S smiles in recognition as he reads her words
W: am i right? hello?
D says he doesnt know what she is talking about
and that he called to talk about her flower picture idea cuz he needs it
he asks to meet
W runs off and says
I already said I wasnt going to sell the flower pic 
I’m really busy so bye
(he reads that on his phone)
he watches her run off and seems sad
she runs off and thinks he is stupid for forgetting about the toy piano.
she remembers that he is WK ( part of that family)
D sits outside his car and remembers how M had taunted him calling him ant poop and how W used to say it too
some strange guy show up claiming to be M
grandma and neighbor’s family are gathered there
the guy is played by the body guard from my princess -the one i called MC mong junior
W comes running in
grandma asks where he has been and why did he take so long to come home
the guy says sorry grandma
she touches his face and says:it’s ok now that you came back
how much you must have suffered
for that good looking face to end up like this (LOL)
the family asks him questions and he guesses the right answers
like how old is he now and he gives the right answers
 (straight from the show where W gave that info out)
SC asks what W’s mom’s name is
he hesitates but guesses little MS and hugs W
grandma says he is right
the guy messes up cuz he said “my mom’s name was MS” and calls out “mom”
(the real M would never say that but no one thought that was weird)
W says that their dad waited a long time for her brother
he says he misses dad too and calls out dad
neighbor says (fake M) misses his dad
W says she knew he would come back – does he remember this
and holds out the watch for him
since he doesnt know the answer -he changes the subject
and asks why they live in a home like this-did they not move from this neighborhoold cuz they were waiting for him?
grandma explains how they cant move cuz they spent money looking for him
he came cuz they are rich but learns that W lied
 once he realizes they are poor he has second thoughts
Y comes running in and looks for M
grandma says the fake M is his son but Y doesnt believe it
he says the guy isnt M- he knows right off
grandma explains that the guy’s face looks like that cuz he suffered
Y keeps asking for M cuz this guy isnt M
W asks how Y can know just by looking that this guy isnt M
Y explains
when I stared at him, M got mad saying it was embarrassing
so every day I only stared at him while he was sleeping
ever since he was this little (baby)
I watched him while he slept
this guy isnt M
the fake one takes off running
SC and the neighbor tackle him
S comes in and asks where M is
the guy runs off
Y keeps banging his head calling out for M
grandma is mad at W for taking the call and believing it
S comes in and hits W
she says does he look like M
Y blocks S from hitting W
grandma hits S and tells her to go
S warns W not to do this again
Y had called S cuz he thought M was found
grandma tries to keep hitting S
saying S doesnt have the right to complain about M
she tells S not to come back ever again
S says that M is dead and wont come back if he hasnt come back till now
Y asks who died and gets upset
S tells W to erase her number from Y’s phone cuz M is dead
M stares at Y’s hand drawn map of their home and his old school pic
he tears it down and throws it to the ground
D and M meet up there
M: how did you know to come here?
D: mom texted me
how about you
M: me too
mom told me to come here cuz she had something to tell me
M asks why D didnt call a while ago
D says how could he call when he was driving
D asks if M has anything to tell him and M asks what
D: for example earphone and ant poop-bong woo ri – little MS
M is shocked to hear that from D
T shows up saying they came together
T asks if D likes his new place-it will be better/more comfortable to live here than seoul
cuz the air is fresher and he can take walks
(she built him a beautiful new home by the nursery where Y works)
D says she must have been really nervous about D being around his dad
T says there was no need for D to get stress from his dad
isnt that right junha?
D looks over at M
M smiles and gives his opinion on D’s new home saying nice things about it
T says M’s take is different cuz he made comments from a doctor’s opinion
all she thought was that it was pretty
T gives D a new watch
(it lets D know when a pot is boiling, incoming calls, bells, etc-coolest watch ever)
she tells M that she has a gift for him too so he should look forward to it
D says if they are done with the surprises then T and M should get going now
but T shows them some resumes to choose researchers
D says he already scouted someone and that person should be on a plane right now
T asks if D chose/decided on his own and he says of course cuz he is the boss
the bell rings and D’s watch alerts him that someone is at the door
manager shows up and tries to drop off fruit and stuff that is heavy but D doesnt let him come in
then D’s watch warns him that a pot is boiling
*there is a funny moment when the manager says his name and D thought the guy said lee philip
and the manager says even tho he looks like a foreigner his name is lee pullip
M asks why T called him here too
since this is close to his old neighborhood what if runs into someone
T takes his hand and says she knows
she knows but this place is where her dad built his first factory
she wanted to start here-cant he understand what is in her heart
junha you are my son
we said that even if we die -we would go together
dont forget that promise
D interrupts their moment and tells his mom to turn the stove off ( the boiling pot)
D asks his mom if she feels better if she puts this (the watch) on his wrist
then tells her to close the door well as she leaves
T complains cuz D is cold to her when D doesnt do that to M
M explains that D doesnt like to be meddled with and for her to just stand by and watch D
T:how can I?
M assures her that D will do well
she tells him she is having a hard time
so at least M shouldnt make her worry
he promises not to
D is unpacking his clothes and stuff
D takes out his hackysack and smiles
he walks over to the mirror
he puts his earphones on and looks in the mirror
saying “ant poop – i’m going to call you ant poop from here on”
he wonders how he resembles W’s brother
M comes in and asks what he is doing
D: you didnt leave?
M: i told mom to go first
you have something to say to me
D: i dont have anything to say
but I do have something to hear
are you proposing?
why are you so nervous?
M tells D the truth:
I lied that my whole family was dead
 who died back then wasnt my family – it was bong ma ru
i’m sorry
there wont be anything else I lie to you about
D: wait – does that mean that girl was really your younger sister
M: no -that girl has nothing to do with me
she was my step mom’s daughter
i still dont want anything to do with her
so dont meet her
D: I dont want to
M: D
D: she doesnt have anything to do with you
but there is something with me
he throws and catches the hackysack
Y is still banging his head-upset about not finding M
W says if he does that it hurts her heart
so Y promises not to do it and keeps doing it
so she starts doing it too
neighbors cant sleep and complain
W is happy cuz SC came up with the $1500
she thinks he sold enough cars to make that money
she wonders where he got the money
he says in his heart
from now on they can earn it together
so she gets mad at him and hits him
neighbor gives Y alcohol telling Y that it is medicine
Y says it is alcohol
they want him to drink and sleep
neighbors reveal to the grandma that her hospital bill came out to $1500
grandma says that is why she didnt want to go
neighbors point out that they are not blood related and wants the family to move out
grandma tells Y to drink up (it is the only way to make him quiet they think and not bother the neighbors
D is unpacking and setting up home
M tells D not to be stubborn and listen to him
D tells M to go if he isnt going to help out
M: what is so great about that design-he tells D to find another one
M says he will convince MS
D complains that it makes him look bad as a boss
and says that he has to hurry and finish up the paperwork (involving that design)
D walks off so M chases him down
M: are you really doing this cuz of work?
D: if not then what
you told everyone else that you couldnt remember anything from your childhood
are you afraid that I might go up to that girl and say “hi-it’s been a while”
dont worry
even if I wanted to talk about you – I cant
M: it isnt cuz of me
her mom was deaf
why are you making me say this – when you know it all
you suffered so much for 16 yrs
do you want to be caught before you even start?
D: if I thought I would get caught
I wouldnt have even started
I have the confidence not to get caught
T explains to choi that D is used to living alone in the states
and couldnt stand the idea of listening to their nagging
choi asks why D came back then – he should have just lived doing whatever he wants in the states
T says choi has gotten old cuz he wants his son by his side
she says that is why we should have had another child when we were younger
she reminds choi to be good to D since D is choi’s only son
she gets a call from M
she asks when M will be home
choi doesnt leave the room so T tells him that she drew his bath water
she is sweet to M so choi makes a comment- for her not to over do it
even if M is Dr. Jung’s son- T shouldnt trust him too much
T just tells choi his water is getting cold
T goes back to the phone and says M is impressive cuz someone high up asked him to do something
D comes in the room
M tells T he will stop by the house to change clothes and go
M tells her not to worry about D cuz D is well
D sits and cant hear what M said
M says he hid T’s sleeping pills
he says she cant take any and just sleep
D gets in bed to sleep
he tells M not to turn the lights off
M tells D that he called their mom
that he is going to sleep here with D and go
so she wont wait up
D turns away saying M doesnt need to report to D
M turns the lights off
D keeps asking for the remote so he can turn it back on
M: told you not to sleep with the lights on
cuz it isnt good for D’s eyes and will make him dizzy
D keeps asking for the remote
M pushes D’s head on the pillow and tells him to sleep cuz his eyes are red
D holds out his hand again for the remote
M: why-should I hold your hand for you
do you love me?
D takes his hand away and pulls the cover over his head
M says: I like the way it is now -it is what i chose
I will protect/watch over you and mom till the end
D didnt hear cuz his eyes are already closed and his back is to M
the family is drinking
grandma cries and wonders what M is doing and cant come home
neighbor calls out for M too and his wife says let’s all find M together
 and a drunk Y says it is enough-they did this for 16 yrs
how much longer are they going to do this  (looking for M)
he passes out
outside W stares up at the night sky
she closes her eyes and puts her hands to her ears to block out sound
she calls out to her mom and asks her to say something-say anything
it doesnt work so she cries
Choi is looking thru the suitcase T packed
choi looks at a pic of M and D with T
they look really chummy
D’s watch makes a sound and blinks that he got a call
the curtains go up on their own
and makes D and M wake up cuz the sun is so bright
D asks if they should go for a run since the weather is nice
but M tries to get him to go back to sleep saying that D cant over exert himself
D gets out of bed anyways
D goes walking outside
and repeats the sounds birds make
basically repeating sound everywhere- even the spray of water and a dog barking
W is helping some workers
cuz Y didnt come in to work cuz his head hurts
so W came out to work in his place
the workers give W something for her dad and grandma to drink
she spots D walking around with his headphones on
she follows him and surprises him
she asks why he is so startled
why is he here when he said he wasnt her brother
D says she seems better today (not as crazy as last time)
D asks if she works here
is that why she goes around with a flower in her hair
W makes a remark that D still refuses not to know her when he came all the way here to her home
she calls her dad
grandma is preparing food
Y comes stumbling out of the room and says into the phone
that he will go right now
grandma asks where he is going
his head hurts but he says he has to go to W
grandma complains about her legs
she can barely get down the stairs
when she finally gets to the bottom of the stairs
she doesnt know which direction she needs to go
so she stands there looking lost
D notices W is gone
and says : she is the same (meaning she hasnt changed)
he remarks she keeps making him see her for a second at a time
he walks off and
she pops up in front of him again
she points at him and says: you are caught
D: what are you
W yells: your younger sister
she glares at him and he stares then smiles
he tells her again he isnt her brother
he takes his earphone off and says it is ridiculous to call him her brother just cuz he uses earphones
she says he said ant poop – what about that- it is a phrase only my brother used
he asks if he cant use it too
I am not your brother
she asks:then why are you following me around?
D: i did?
he tries to walk away again
W:then why did you come here?
she accuses him of finding out where her home is (like M would have)
D tells her he came to work ( not sure what that word is)
if you bother me anymore I am going to get mad this time for real
he walks off
she cries and calls out to him (thinking he is M)-
you hate me that much? do you still not like me that much?
doesnt matter though – cuz dad is waiting for you
she starts to chase after him
go after you meet dad
oppa-oppa- i wont call you brother
just show your face and go (she wants Y to confirm he is M)
just how your face to dad and go
he didnt hear any of that cuz his back is to her as he walks off
she cries and yells – are you gonna be like that? are you really going to be like that?
she chases after him
she grabs his arm
D: what are you doing?
he shakes her off
but she back hugs him
W: just for a minute
just for a minute
D: why are you doing this – let go
he frees himself
she goes back to him and says
W:it’s ok if you are not my brother
i know you arent
but dont go
i have something to say
I have something to say so just wait a minute
she keeps pleading that
M walks along and spots Y running
he watches Y calling out W’s name and running towards her
W holds onto D’s arm and gives him a sly look
W: I told you you should have admitted it on your own (that he is M)
Y comes up and says his head hurts
she says to her dad
you know M as soon as you see him
who is this guy
Y says : this person is M?
he looks at D
W to Y: it is him right? but he kept saying he wasnt
W to D: you were really bad brother
Y touches D’s face saying M over and over
Y covers D’s eyes with his hands
D slaps Y’s hands away (cuz he needs to read lips) and looks annoyed
 W points out that D is making a frown – just exactly like he used to when he was young
Y says D isnt M
she asks Y to look again cuz it is her brother
Y keeps saying D isnt M and holds his head in pain
she thinks it is cuz Y drank too much alcohol (and cant tell for sure that it’s  M)
Y says it isnt the alcohol
he knows as soon as he sees but he isnt M
D walks away and sees M watching from above-D looks back and listens to Y
Y tries to explain
I know
when he sleeps
when M’s eyes are closed
his eyes are like this
and his eyebrows are like this
his mouth is like this
he isnt M
Y calls out for M
W tells Y to look again at D
Y pulls away saying – he isnt M
he describes M’s face again when M sleeps
W asks Y to explain clearer
Y says M scrunches up his eyes – like when something spicy goes in your eyes
when M sees me -he gets mad
I watched M only when he slept – ever since he was this little ( a baby)
since he doesnt get mad when he is asleep
I stared at him
so his eyes look like this….
M hears that description and cries
Y keeps calling out M
and W tells Y not to cry
D keeps watching M
W throws her shoes to try to catch it to amuse Y
D watches that
MS sees a piece of paper and asks if the guy was able to buy the pic
D says – you asked to find M
S tells W to get out
W: where can I go? without my dad and grandma, I cant live
grandma is outside the room listening and cries
W and Y sign to each other
W: when dad is smiling – i like that the most
Y: me too – when W is smiling I like that the most
D watches them sign that and smiles

12 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E7

  1. kcomments says:

    Thanks softy, didn’t expect all the truth would come out this fast, love the writing.
    I’m quite sure DJ remembered his little friend(WR) and didn’t want to tell her. JH and DJ’s mom are such complex characters! Oh, JH loved his dad but he also premised DJ’s mom never to leave her and DJ.

    I wonder why DJ kept looking at JH when JH was not looking? Hmm….so many things happened in one episode.


  2. Julie says:

    I hope WR stops grabbing and saying DJ is her bother after that!! I so annoying whena character do this… please WR don’t do it anymore…

    And MR. Aigoo he loves his dad but hate being poor… aigooo that is why he won’t get the girl!Because he chose to leave her long time ago. Is so sad he reminds his promise with her… so she wasn’t just a annoying to him…


  3. Julie says:

    Thank you so much for all the hard work.

    *But what happened with the cute gif? 😦 heheheh xD



  4. tk says:



  5. Keera says:

    Thankss ♥ omo this drama is better and better! The two lead boys are really cute and I fell sad for them but I hope they find a good live finally :___D


  6. Halcyon says:

    Ohh I’m so hooked up with this drama that I can’t wait till it’s uploaded with eng sub!!!! So what I just do is I read ur trans n watched it in todou (w/out sub)!!!!
    U r ma life saver!! plz don’t stop translating… Insanely waiting for epi 8 !!! ur work is Much much appericiated!!!


  7. wanzhaf says:

    Softy, thank you very much for keeping this drama, i was really hoping you would. Have seen DJ in a few drama before, i was hook on his smile 🙂


  8. kcomments says:

    Episode 8 trailer. ^^
    Credits : YT uploader.


  9. mojaslatka says:

    I am happy you keep this drama. I think you won”t regret it. It is getting better I believe and it’s just soo touching I can’t help but feel their emotions while reading your transcap. *Waiting for the tonight’s epi* Thank you so much.


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