49 Days E12:Live

Right before it ended, I knew there was no way he would just drive past her again. I kept one eye on the clock and one on the screen wondering what he would do when he got out of his car. As soon as he got near her – he realized the only thing J can feel in Y’s body is his wordless support. Watching that hug was more satisfying than a kiss. I have no idea why I never saw Jo Hyun Jae before, but boy howdy the man can wear a suit. 🙂 Cant wait to hear H’s excuse next week for why he hugged her.
In every Kdrama, there should be a kiss scene right about now. Is it wrong for H to profess love for J and kiss her while she is in Y’s body? Will the Scheduler get mad about that? Is that a rule breaker I wonder. If they are going to turn the tables on us and have Y see J’s ghost then why not let the kiss slide. How cool would that be if Y found out everything and volunteered to let J continue using her body to save J’s dad. That would be so awesome.
Like everyone has already guessed, H is going to add two and two together again and realize that Y had told him that she caught her friend and fiance together. More than likely that is why M ends up seeing stars tonight – hope H gets in a few more punches just for good measure. Like all the fans who were rooting for H and Y to get together, I hear your cries of disappointment. We all knew though that the person he loved was always J and not Y so it shouldnt disappoint us too long to see him end up with J. One thing though, if Y ends up sacrificing her life so J can live, I will throw a hissy fit. I don’t want anyone to die in this drama – even M and IJ. I want them to suffer and live a long life remembering exactly what they did wrong – in prison.
49 Days E12
Starts from when Y/J looks at her watch and looks around for IJ. Then she says she is dizzy and J pops out. J stares at Y and M. M asks Y if she is ok and she asks who he is. he asks if she hurt-why is she like this-is she hurt somewhere. J keeps saying “what do i do?” and calls for S. IJ sees M and Y. M tells to Y: it is me-kang MH. IJ calls out “oppa”
he tells Y to wait a minute
then he goes over to IJ. IJ asks what happened to him and why he is with Y-did you come with her?. he drags her away to talk.
Y looks confused. H goes up to Y-dont be surprised Y. you know me right?
S shows up and calls J a troublemaker and drags her away
H to Y: it is ok-it’s not a big deal. I’ll explain it
Y says: you are..
then Y looks around at where she is and stares at the flowers and has a flashback memory/vision
Y and S are walking and holding hands in school uniform.
she says: i’m going to go crazy yi soo
S: why?
Y: cuz it is so pretty here.
S: i think i am going to go crazy too
Y: cuz I am so pretty?
S calls her a ghost (for guessing correctly)
Y: later when we build a pension – we should have lots of blossoms
S;let’s do that
as they walk they disappear
M leads IJ away to talk. she asks what happened. he asks the same thing to her
she says didnt you come here for business? did you come here for a trip with Y?
M doesnt pay attention or look at IJ
he looks over to where he left Y
he wonders where she went
IJ calls him oppa and he tells her to wait a minute here and tries to go
IJ: what are you doing right now?
M: i am sorry but the person who came with me fainted cuz she was sick
I”ll just go see if she is ok and come back
IJ is shocked
S says he knew J would do this – cuz trouble
J: yell at me later -what do i do? what do i do with her?
S: what can you do? this could happen – her waking up while you were using it
J:then what happens to me?
if i dont go back to her room by midnight – you said for every minute it will cost me a day
I’m going to end up dead over this?
S: you wont die
it wasnt your fault
 Y woke up on her own 
he wonders why Y woke up here of all places-is something here or something?
J: that is a relief
then what do i do now? what if H and M suspect
S: the problem isnt those two
it is that girl (Y)
she fell asleep at home but woke up here
would you let that go?
didnt you hear about (something i dont know)
he checks his phone and says in this stituation what we can do is
when the body owner wakes up outside of the home
the owner of the body will think it was just a dream
so we are erasing one day from Y
for doing that – we have to take a day off from your 49 days (J will be deducted a day as penalty )
J: you took a day off cuz of dad’s seal and I have to be deducted another day?
you said it wasnt my fault
S: i dont know what it is but you did something to that girl’s memory that was important to her
if you dont want to then just let her have fun looking around jinan
J wonders where Y went
Y is walking with H following behind her
Y is staring at two students walking ahead of her
S and J run over to them
J: there she is – with H
S: that isnt important right now
hurry and follow her
Y stares at some students and so does H
flashback to J and H when J was tring to get passerbys to let her read their taro cards
she is charging them $5
she says she is really great at guessing their futures
she asks H to stop staring and go and lure some customers over
but H isnt helping her and just sits there
so she starts to sing and dance
there is a shot of her charm bracelet
H says she is embarrassing him
Y and S come over
J asks if they are here to get their cards read
S tells Y this is all a fake but J says it isnt
Y asks how it works
J says if she pays $5 first
then choose a card
J will interpret the card
S pays the money
J stares at S’s wrist then at Y and her name tag
J says she will start and lays out the cards and asks for them to choose one
they can discuss which one to pick or just have one person pick
Y offers to choose but S says he will choose the card
it says “lovers” so Y is a little embarrassed
Y asks what this is and S sort of scolds J for having a card like that
J doesnt like the card he picked and is quiet
Y asks if this card is bad
J looks up and says : this is….
J smiles and changes the meaning to something good
she says it is a love that doesnt question motives
that it will lead to marriage and it is a love that cant be broken
the two of them are perfect match
Y and S seem pleased and S brags he chose it
H watches J lying
J does a magic trick and gives Y a pink rose 
saying that she is giving them a special present
her favorite flower
Y thanks her
Y.H, J all stand around remembering and S stares at the 3 of them then his gaze lingers on Y
another flashback
Y and S on a bench
S: arent you hungry
Y: i’m going crazy yi soo
S: this time why?
Y: why arent i hungry? the scent of the rose must have filled me up
he takes her rose and says: give it – it is mine
and tells her the name of their pension they mentioned they wanted to build
he comes up with the name : eewhur
eewhur plus love so =February love*
he promises to build it for her
and gives her back the rose (same dried rose Dr. Noh returned to Y) 
he says he will plant the blossoms too around the pension
and kisses her forehead
end flashback
* Blue clarified it for me
Y remembers that and cries
Y faints so S catches her and when she is in S’s arms, she looks up at him but his face is blurred and she closes her eyes
and he realizes who she is to him I think cuz he wipes her tears
H and J’s flashback
H scolds J for lying 
J: why am I a fake? do you know how to read taro?
H says you think I wouldnt know this even if I learned with my eyes closed
he explains how J should have read the card – the real interpretation
cuz the cards said that Y and S would separate forever
why did you lie?
J: they looked too happy so how could I tell them that their love would be separated forever
H: you have to – why cant you?
J: why did I have to?
H: cuz it is a lie
J: dont you know what a white lie is?
H;why should you decide that? who are you?
how do you know if they wanted to hear a lie or hear the truth
do you know?
J says: they came all the way from choonchan to come here (she knew from when she looked at their school name tags)
H mutters that J is insisting till the end that she did well and remarks she is observant
she thinks it is better cuz they left happy
H: cuz you lied to them
J mutters that H is acting high and mighty when he is the one who avoided his own mom when she brought him seaweed soup
that ticks of H so he asks what she just said
J says sorry and that she made a mistake saying that
let’s just say I was wrong and do this
she starts to arrange the cards but
H throws the cards saying all she is going to do again is lie
and she tries to stop him by grabbing his arm but he accidentally knocks her down
he goes over to help her up
she yells at him
the bracelet drops
 she pushes him away telling him to go 
and he walks off
J cries
end flashback
S is still holding Y in his arms
S tells J to hurry and go back into Y’s body
H’s flashback
H goes back to the table where J was and finds the bracelet
P makes a announcement to the class that J left for seoul so they cant see her again
H walks in with roses
J is being dragged into a car by her parents
she keeps saying she doesnt want to go
H runs out of the class with those flowers and meets his mom who has his bags packed
a man comes out of the car
the mom tells H to follow his dad to america since H always begged her to send him to his dad
end flashback
S leaves saying J will be deducted a day
Y/J yells out:what about this sister’s part time job?
she is started to see H is there
she asks what he is doing here
inwardly – he says – you are J (he figured out she is back to J now cuz she knew him)
she says how they were walking a few mins ago
and she fainted
he says let’s go eat
since she is someone who eats alot but walked on an empty stomach
that is why she got dizzy and fainted
she wonders if he didnt notice
he says let’s go and takes her hand
they leave together
M comes running back and calls out for Y
H feeds Y/J and remembers when Y walked off
when he got the call from P
and how he followed Y
then how she didnt recognize M
how IJ was there too and M led her away after IJ called M “oppa”
Y/J is eating alot as H watches
he puts more meat on her plate
saying how the meat is good here and orders more
she says it is ok  (he doesnt need to )
but he says he knows it isnt enough for her-that she can eat more
she asks why he is acting like that
he didnt get mad that she came with M
and H keeps acting nice to her
she gets a call from M
she gets up to go take the call
but H tells her not to
and grabs the phone away
H: who keeps calling when we are eating
he puts her phone face down
dont think about meeting M
 go back to seoul with me
she thinks to herself now H is clearly showing that he doesnt like Y meeting M
M keeps trying to contact Y but her phone has been turned off
he thinks she is ok then
he remembered how he left IJ waiting and runs back
she isnt there
IJ goes to her old home in that town
she remembers how her mom asked who IJ is dating
and why IJ didnt bring him home
she turns to leave and M is there
she gets a call from P
M and IJ go and P is passed out drunk where she was supposed to meet H
P was crying and couldnt get up so the lady called IJ using P’s phone
M asks IJ if she left P alone here
IJ asks him to just get P in the car
since M has someone waiting at his hotel room
M tells the lady to call a driver (to drive back P’s car to seoul)
M cancels his plans and says he is going back to seoul
in the car with H
Y/J wonders what happened with M and IJ
the three of us should have met (that was her plan)
why did the sister (Y) have to wake up right at that time
they pass where her dad used to love to eat
so H pulls over
he asks if she needs to drop by that restaurant
she says she doesnt
H lies and acts like he knows what she is wanting
and says the chef loves the food there and says they should get out and get some to go
M drives P and IJ back
he remembers how Y didnt know who he was
then he spots H and Y together leaving the restaurant
he wonders why H is here in jinan
he asks IJ if she is hungry
at 12:55 – Y/S goes into work
as soon as she walks in you can tell it is S inside Y’s body
cuz of “her” attitude
Y/S goes to work
manager: you came
Y/S: i came cuz it was time to work probably
he asks her to come 10 mins earlier from tm on
“she” snatches the apron out of his hands and says something strange i dont know
“she” tells herself to start off with a sweet caramel macchiato and puts a lot of caramel on top
and takes a sip
some teen customer with his gf says
noona – have a favor to ask
Y/S: yes
and says she will never run an errand to go buy cigs for him since he is underage
“she” scolds them for doing that when they are young
and tells them to go home by midnight and act like high school students
they get scared and leave
“she” turns back to himself
S: kids these days are a problem
he sees Doctor Noh come in behind him when S was staring at himself in a mirror
S: doesnt that guy sleep
he goes to work this early in the morning?
S turns and smiles at Noh
now S is visible as himself
Noh asks if Y didnt come into work today
S says that Y (guessing here but i think he said Y was taking personal time off)
S tells Noh that if he isnt going to order he should get out of line (but there is no one behind Noh)
Noh apologizes and leaves
S makes a remark that guys dont spend money unless women are around
*OMG that line was said in the cutest way – “look at that -look at that -(human) men – when they cant see even a glimpse of a woman (nearby) -they dont spend money”
M helps P inside by piggy backing her
when he is depositing P on her bed IJ walks out and closes the door leaving M in there with P
M sighs
he goes into IJ’s room
he asks her to come out so they can talk
IJ remarks that this is how he ends up coming inside to her home
this is the first time you came here
it is the first time in my room too
you never saw how i lived -have you?
M agrees
IJ:when i was living with J it was cuz it was J’s home
when I roomed with P
cuz you were J’s bf
you never even came to my front door
we didnt even get to go on a trip
but that girl – when you havent even known her for a month
you showed her around on your business trip
 M says he knows how dumbfounded/speechless IJ is
IJ: you knew and still did it?
why did you?
M: cuz i was attracted to her
it is not like I didnt try not to be
but it turned out this way
i dont even know why it happened like this
I am sorry to you but I keep being drawn to her (have feelings towards her)
IJ: you are drawn to her – does that mean you like her for real?
M: i thought it was best not to lie to you more so I am telling you
IJ: not cuz you got caught?
M: even if I didnt see you at jinan
I wouldve told you when I came back
I am not saying i am going to do anything with that girl
so wait for me
IJ: wait for what?
i waited 5 yrs so what else should I wait again for?
P comes out and goes to the bathroom to throw up
IJ: we’ve been together 5 yrs – 5yrs
he tells her to lower her voice cuz of P
IJ: it doesnt matter – let her listen
she accuses him of doing this cuz it is nearing the end of their game ( I dont get this part)
and act like she isnt around
she wasnt careful for him to do whatever he wants
M: that is why i am trying I told you – i dont like who i am now too
i hate that my heart doesnt do what I want it to
IJ: so are you telling me to keep quiet
cuz *you started all this (*not sure if she meant you as in IJ or from M’s point of view)
I have no one i should be afraid that i will be caught by now
cuz J ended up like that – the girl i wanted out of the way-  so I have nothing else to fear
M says to talk later and is about to leave
he sees P passed out on the floor
he goes back in and tells IJ to take care of P
P wakes for a second and sees M and passes out again
H takes the food to Y’s house
she stops outside her home and tells him to give her the box since they are here
he insists on watching her go in
she says it is ok
he says he isnt ok
then he says
do you like M that much – to follow him to jinan?
Y/J: i had a reason to follow him so that is why i did it
she grabs the box saying
you said it didnt matter to you so why ask
H tells her to tell him if she needs any work on her home
H walks away calling her stupid
after she goes in, he says
said you saw M and IJ at the hotel
even then you can still like him?
J wonders why she isnt coming out of Y when she lies down
is it cuz I erased her one day?
it feels good to feel the body being tired
J’s body stays in Y’s body
M goes to H’s place
M: K- what happened – why were you at jinan
is Y ok? she seemed strange
H punches M
M: why are you doing this? is it cuz of Y?
H asks: how long has it been
how long have you been with IJ?
you bas*&%
he punches M some more
H: this is for J
and this too for J
this one….
he holds his arm poised to punch again
M: are you done hitting?
inside H’s office
M is wiping the blood off of his lips
H walks over and drops some ointment for the wound
and tells M to apply some
M asks if H is giving him pain and then medicine
after H hit him like he wanted to kill him
H: tell me
what happened
how far back does it go with IJ
M lies that it was after J’s accident
H remembers how Y/J told him that she saw her friend at a hotel with her fiance when Y/J gave him her work credentials
H says:you think i am stupid? the two of you started before the accident
M: did you hear anything from Y?
H: hear what?
M: how did you know to come to jinan?
H: IJ called you “oppa”
M says something
H asks if M now likes IJ and Y at the same time 
if you are like that with IJ
just pay attention to IJ
 leave Y alone (dont mess with Y)
cuz I wont stand still for that
M: you like Y that much?
was J just an excuse?
you shouldnt interfere
this isnt something for you to decide
it is up to Y
H: were you this kind of person?
the M i liked -was he this horrible person?
M: come to think of it – i never heard why you followed me
H explains
he knew M grew up poor but M was always upstanding
never made any class distinctions
never looked down on ppl even a little
no matter how low ranking someone was – you never spoke down to them
 (and how M never acted out of line before)
H says he was proud cuz M was able to rise above his situation in life
M says H doesnt know how poor M grew up
H: why wouldnt i know when you told me all about it
M says H doesnt know just exactly how poor M was
cuz there are different levels of poverty
to someone like you -when you think someone is poor (not well off)
ah – he cant buy a car -that is how poor he is
cant get allowance from parents – that is the extent of how poor he is
cant eat at a restaurant – that is the extent of how poor he is
you only know that much dont you?
H: what does that mean?
M just tells H to apply a heat pack to his hand and sleep
cuz if he leaves it alone he will suffer for a few days
M stands to leave
H: you said
when you can love
you can choose when you want to
H: i am warning you – stop liking Y
H looks at the seal again and wonders aloud why she hid it
H confides in the chef the next morning
chef: you are saying that it is def possible to borrow someone else’ s body to live for 49 days
H:when J first came to me – she asked me to let her work 48 days
the day before was the day of J’s accident
so 49 days is correct
chef: and she cant ever say who she really is
H: so whenever I suspected
J was scared and fearful
and all this time she didnt tell anyone
chef says then all they need to know is what she has to accomplish
H: what could ” gain someone’s true feelings” mean
no matter how much i thin about it i dont know
when she said she had something to do so let her be a part time freelancer
that was why
chef repeats what H said about “true feelings”
H warns the chef not to tell anyone
if anything goes wrong – it could be really bad for J
chef: someone’s life is on the line
I’m too scared to talk about it
H holds the seal
why did she hide this at my home?
because if she gives it to M he will know it is her
chef says seals are used a lot to buy or sell homes
H asks why J cant let it go when she knows about M and IJ’s relationship
chef: ppl cant control how they feel
H says his head hurts cuz there is so much to think about
chef says the only one who can help J is H
Y/J wakes up and realizes she can sleep inside Y
she slept overnight
she gets up and goes to the food H had bought her
she takes it to J’s parents at the hospital
J’s mom is surprised to see her again
Y/J bows and says hello to J’s mom again
J’s dad asks his wife who Y/J is
she explains Y/J is J’s friend -the one she told him about who came by their home
who learned magic with J
then Y/J bows to J’s dad
the dad realizes Y/J is the one who gave his wife so much energy (by saying those nice things)
the mom is happy to see her again and asks why Y/J came
Y/J says she went to jinan  cuz of work
and remembered how J said her dad liked this
so she brought him some
the mom takes it and asks if Y/J bought it on purpose as she passed by (the restaurant)
J’s dad asked if J had told Y/J what J’s dad liked
Y/J : J said that without her father she was nothing
no matter how great a husband she meets – her dad is her lighthouse
she tells him to live a long heathy life
IJ checks the phone number of the text that told her to meet M
she wonders who sent the text
she dials the number
as Y/J leaves the hospital room
S’s voice tells Y/J that IJ called
Y/J answers
they meet
IJ asks why Y/J sent her the text
Y/J says she didnt want to go behind IJ’s back like IJ does
even tho they are not friends they still know each other
IJ: are you playing around with me?
why did you tell me you were going to keep the secret I told you about at H’s bday
Y/J: i said I would keep the secret
i never said I wouldnt meet M
IJ: you know what is going on between us so what are you trying to do?
Y/J: you are dating  your friend’s fiance
IJ: he was originally my bf
Y/J: then you sent the man you were dating to your friend
that means you tricked/duped your friend
then I guess it is ok if I do it
Y/J: since you are duping your friend
 why cant I meet M?
I’m not even your friend
IJ: M and I arent lightly dating (meaning they are serious)
Y/J: of course it must be a serious relationship
(something i dont get)
IJ warns Y/J not to act like she knows when she doesnt
Y/J: you made your bf become your friend’s fiance
to get your friend’s household bankrupt
is there another reason?
IJ: there is but I dont have a reason to tell you
Y/J: a person who put her bf next to her friend for 2 yrs
why are you so riled up about someone like me
you never worried about J
but are you afraid to lose M to me?
IJ: M has no plans to break up with me
he said that clearly yesterday
Y/J: of course he wont break up
cuz the company (something i dont get)
Y/J hints that M still has use for IJ
cuz IJ is close friends with the presidents daughter and is his secretary
so IJ would have access to influence J’s dad
Y/J says all the things IJ must have said to J’s father about M
about how I/J asked  J’s dad to check up on M to see if he is trustworthy
and then after checking M’s background proclaim that M is totally perfect and it would be hard to find a guy like M
from IJ’s reaction
Y/J guesses that IJ really did that
and says why would M break up with IJ when she is his perfect partner
since M wont ever break up with you -dont worry about me
H goes to see P
he says sorry for not meeting her after he said he was going there
P says she knew something must have happened (for him not to come)
H: but why were you there alone – what happened to IJ?
P: IJ went home and something happened so she couldnt come
(she almost let it slip that that was what IJ’s rehearsed speech was
but P catches herself and doesnt let H know that)
he asks if they knew M was there at jinan and went
P seems surprised to hear M went to jinan too
H: you didnt know? IJ would have known
P: she didnt mention that
he asks how they came back up to seoul
P explains : I drank too much and I thought someone piggybacked me
thought that was a dream but was that M?
H:what does that mean?
P: M and IJ were fighting at my home
 they said they dated 5 yrs
H: 5 yrs?
P: no – if it wasnt something i dreamed
it makes no sense
cuz IJ has a bf
H: have you ever seen the man IJ is dating?
P: i have never seen him but i think Y saw him
H: Y knows who he is?
P: she knows who IJ is dating
but IJ asked her to keep it a secret
P explains that she drank yesterday cuz she was waiting for H and thought about J more
and she was worried about J’s dad’s surgery
H: what are you saying- that Js’ dad needs surgery
P: i didnt tell you that?
J’s dad wont be able to live long
so that is why he left the company to M
chef and his wife and two waiters are sitting around giving answers
waiter says : how she looks at me
waitress says : present
wife says : feeling
you can know love thru feeling
chef: how can you see that feeling as proof?
his wife says thru a kiss for single ppl
for us couples
chef covers his wife’s mouth and says that’s enough-she doesnt need to say more
chef says this is hard
he asks how many answers they came up with cuz the waiter was listing them
waiter says 20
his wife asks why the chef is asking how ppl show their true feelings
chef says he told her not to ask that cuz she will get hurt
Y/J shows up
she asks where H is
chef says he stepped out
waitress is nicer to Y and asks if Y/J ate yet
she says she hasnt so the waitress tells her to hurry and go eat
waiter asks how the waitress could change so much
waitress says it is a waste that Y is a girl cuz no one has ever known how the waitress feels so well
in his car
H thinks over all that P said
that M and IJ dated for 5 yrs
and thinks back to how J had told the story about how M saved J
so H knows that saving J wasnt an accident
and how Y knows who IJ is dating but is keeping it a secret
so H says J knew it all
then he thinks back to how Y ran off when she heard M was getting the company
H realizes and says : J – you didnt do all that cuz you liked M
you had a purpose
IJ shows M her resignation and tells M she is on her way to hand this in and quit
he asks what she is doing
IJ: the girl who was with you
who told me on purpose to come there thru a text
is the girl who you are so drawn to?
M asks what she is talking about
she asks how many days are left of the deal
she doesnt need to inform M anymore right
she goes to go quit
J’s friend is at the hospital when IJ shows up
IJ says hi to J’s mom
her mom says its been a while since she saw IJ
IJ asks why the girl is here
Js mom says IJ is weird talking like that
for asking when  a friend came to see her sick friend
IJ lies and says she thought the friend would have told her first
the girl says she tried a few times calling IJ at the office but IJ didnt pick up
J’s mom says just cuz the president isnt in – can a secretary leave her post anytime she wants
IJ grips her resignation letter
the friend said she came cuz she thought of J after doing the interview
IJ asks who PJ was and what about the interview
the girl explains how
Js friend (PJ) was going around interviewing all of J’s friend saying it would help J
IJ asks J’s mom if PJ wasnt the same girl who came by the house
her mom says PJ really is J’s friend
and that she bought something for J’s dad to eat from jinan yesterday
IJ repeats that
IJ goes out and thinks about J’s mom’s description of PJ
that she was tall, thin, and pretty
IJ wonders why PJ didnt contact IJ and P (cuz they are J’s friends)
she wonders who PJ is (Y used that name)
she checks her phone directory
Y/J wonders why M isnt calling
she talks to herself wondering how M could just leave after she fainted
she thinks maybe he got back together with IJ
she is worried cuz she needs to break him and IJ apart
and needs to know some more thing about his business plans and that secret code for the safe
M is meeting that guy (his investigator)
M tells him that Y sent IJ a text to come to where M and Y were
so she isnt just an average girl
guy says Y is a scary woman
M: and she is using a phone that isnt registered under any name
guy says that is the strangest
M tells him to find out
that she will be at H’s place
he wants the guy to follow Y and find out where she lives, about her family, background,relationships with men, and what her connection to M is
and to go to that hospital where he ran into her
and that she didnt recognize him in jinan
so check her medical history to
H goes home and Y/J is sitting outside
he remembers how P said J’s dad wont live long
he looks at Y/J and says in his thoughts
J –  you dont know yet right?
 it would be better if you dont know
in this situation
if you know about your dad’s illness too
how could you endure knowing that
he walks closer and thinks
ya- J- what are you thinking about
you cant tell anyone -all by yourself
H looks and sees that she only has 23 days left
Y remembers her flashback of S and her walking as students
then seeing S holding her
Y says to herself: yi soo- even in my dreams- you shouldnt have come out
-even in my dreams- dont come
dont come
Y wakes up
it looks like she is looking at J as J takes over Y’s body
Y/J goes to work and runs into H who is dressed up
she checks him out so he asks why she is looking at him like that
she asks where he is going dressed up so nicely
pink roses are delivered
Y/J: what is this? where are you going?
he says he is going on a date
Y/J: date?
H: why ? why? how funny- am I a guy who cant i give a gf a bouquet of flowers
Y/J: you had a gf?
H: that is more funny – did you think I was a guy who didnt have a girl he liked?
Y/J says sadly: so you had a gf
H is alarmed she took it the wrong way and quickly explains: not a gf  –  I said I had a girl I liked
she thinks to herself: you had a girl you liked and did that to me…no..you acted that way to Y
she calls him a playboy
H: what? why am I a playboy?
Y/J says when a guy gives flowers – bouqets of it- they are all playboys
I dont know who it is but i feel sorry for her
she looks at the pink roses and mutters it ticks her off cuz he is giving flowers she happens to like
she glares at him and goes in
H goes to see J
her parents are there
her dad yells at H for coming back again when he told H not to
H asks for the job and promises to work hard if J’s dad gives him one more chance
her dad says no – that he doesnt want to entrust work to someone as irresponsible as H
J’s dad is really mean and tells H that J doesnt need H’s flowers  and not to come back
H tries to explain it is J’s favorite flowers
her dad says it isnt for H to pay attention to
his wife tells him to stop it
H bows and says he will go for now but that he would come again
dad tells him not to come back
her mom goes out to apologize to H
she explains J’s dad doesnt feel well so he is sensitive
H says he knows and that it is ok
he asks when her dad is getting surgery
she says he wont have the surgery with J like that and that the wife agreed to it
H: can I ask about one thing?
she tells him to ask
H:: on the day of J’s accident
I heard from M that she left something and was on her way to give it to him and got into that accident -what was that?
mom says it was J’s seal
H: her seal? why was that needed
 her mom says for J’s land contract for haemido
Y/J calls M
they meet
Y/J: i wasnt going to call you but I did
M: you did
Y/J asks if he got in a lot of trouble with IJ
did IJ say these things: that I called her (IJ) out on purpose with a text
“are you falling for a girl like this who is trying to break a couple apart”
what IJ said was correct
I sent that text
after I heard IJ was going to jinan -I followed you
Y/J: why do you think?
M: Y – what do you want from me?
Y/J: isnt it the same as you
M: what is it that I want? Y- what do you think I want?
Y/J: what I want
M: what is it that you want?
Y/J: are you trying to play around with words
M: i never wanted anything from you
that is how i feel
but you say you want what I want
so I am curious what that is
why cant you say anything?
when you act like you can see and read everything inside of me -like he is transparent
she wonders why he is like this suddenly
M: that is why you shouldnt have moved ahead so quickly (assumed too much)
cuz you get caught
you didnt need to call me
he gets up to go
Y/J: i didnt get caught
you cant figure me out (you could never know me)
M: you are no longer someone I want to know
 and walks off
Y/J checks her phone
she only has 20 days left
she wonders : dad what do I do? there are less and less things I can do with my strength
her pics get taken by the investigator
H is driving
H rememebers how the seal that was supposed to be given to M
was hidden at his home after the accident
that she didnt want M to get it
then he remembers how M told H he didnt have to be a groomsman
so H thinks that  M didnt want to marry J from the start
then he thinks about when Y told him she saw her friend with her fiance at the hotel
H : you found that out after the accident
then he thinks about how Y asked to be a part time free lancer
and all those other times she told him stuff
he wonders what he can do for her
when she went thru so much standing between life and death
as Y/J walks
H pulls up along side her slowly
and then stops the car
he gets out and walks over to her
he pulls her into a hug
they dont say anything
no preview
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  1. itsartemis says:

    I haven’t been here since the end of Secret Garden – this is the first drama since that one I’m watching while it airs, and today the first episode I’m planning on watching live. Caught up last week and I’m so hooked. What an amazing drama!! Kang-ah, saranghae!!!

    Thank you so much for doing this, Softy!!! Fighting!


  2. Quarki says:

    Omo Omo Omo! I can’t wait to know what happened from last night’s cliff hanger.
    Thanks for the news about JWS and LJA
    poor guy and poor Seo Taiji


  3. CW says:

    From what I understand, they already divorced in the States either in 2006 or 2009 and the issue right now is just $$.


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    Omo caught me by surprise, LMAO that…eh…. barista!


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      Not sure I like the way this drama is heading *scratching my head*
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  5. daebak says:

    Do you guys find that MH is now always one step behind everything whereas in the past, he is always ahead with his conniving plans and all? Now Kang is the one who is always one step ahead. I like the transition between JH losing control of YK’s body to YK regaining full control over her body. Will YK ever communicate with JH?


  6. daebak says:

    What’s wrong with the comment? Did I say something wrong/on the contrary or we’re not supposed to comment until the whole recap is done? My bad. I am just too interested in the drama that I cannot help keeping my mouth to myself although I don’t think I revealed much from my first comment.


  7. wanzhaf says:

    Ha ha softy, if they crammed up all the flashback in one episode, i am sure they still have more to say 😉 dont worry, the writer will think of something

    Thank you for the recap, i was wondering what will happen to Y who suddenly woke up in the middle of nowhere. So it was just a moment, right?. I was a bit confused about the card reading scene. Y, J and H remember at the same time? And when S was hoding Y, Y can really see S? and S remember what Y meant to him?


    • Softy says:

      When those flashbacks came out one right after another I was going nuts – info overload. After I downloaded it, that is when I was able to go back and figure out whose flashbacks they were. I thought it was kinda odd that Y would faint and S held her for so long, but neither H or J looked in their direction. Then I got that it all happened in a few seconds – not actual mins like what we saw. Next week, I am pretty sure Y is going to discover J and maybe interact. Not sure how many rules that will break, but the fact that Y already saw J twice and S sort of- bet the story is headed that direction.


  8. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks softy.
    I am feeling a bit worried now how they are going to resolve S and Y.


  9. fanny says:

    Thank you for the live recap^^
    S promised Y he will build a pension for her? Maybe that was the unsolved feeling for S? If it’s true than only H could help them because he’s an architect.

    Ps:sorry for my poor english^^


  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot…Just waiting for J to understand that H loves her so much…I dont know if they would show that J in Y’s body could actually feel H kissing J’s body as in the movie just like heaven and it would be interesting to know whether J would remember any of these once she gets her own body after collecting all the three tears of love


  11. Mia says:

    Aughhh!! Can’t believe I have to wait a whole ‘nother week for the next 2 eps!! Great transcaps as always, softy. Thanks!! ^^


  12. mayio says:

    aiykkk so thats what yi kyung and ji hyun are connected…the tarot card .:D but i still hoping for han kang and yu kyung !!!! 😦 im so brokenhearted about them:(((( i think at the end someone will die >>>ouch!<<<<
    i love han kang 🙂


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    Thank you thank you thank you!
    You do such a loving job with these recaps…Your words really reflect how I feel, too.
    Awesome episode with tables turning, true feelings confessed, pasts revealed.
    But mostly



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    Softy, I’ve PM-ed you at soompi!


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    wow wow wow
    i love this
    i am really enjoy you recap… this really great
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  17. toohearts says:

    I just love how the story is progressing!! Kang Ah~~, you are AMAZING~~~!!!!! ^^ And the hug is given from his true sincere heart! Y/J – just accept it, don’t push him away!! Please continue to go at full speed with the plot ’cause it is just so GOOD!! Can’t wait for next week!! Thank you, Softy!! 😀


  18. maii85 says:

    I just love how the story
    Thank you, Softy!


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