49 Days E9:Live

H and Y finally meet tm (please dont let that happen in the last few mins). How is he going to react when she doesnt recognize him? What is she going to do when she hears everything “she” has been doing up to now? Sleepwalking is not going to explain any of that away. Today’s highlight has to be the brilliant legacy grandma riding up on a motorbike with so much eye makeup on. Can’t believe she agreed to be made up that way- but she stole those scenes and S looked so cute cowering in front of her. How cool was S for saving J like that and breaking the rules – man J is so lucky to have him on her side.
It is like a brilliant legacy/shining inheritance reunion with M – J’s dad who played his dad but is playing his future father in law on this drama, J’s mom, and now the cute grandma
49 Days E9
Starts from when H goes into M’s place and drags Y/J out. Outside, she asks him to wait cuz her injured hand hurts and he lets go. He looks at her burnt hand and feels bad for a second.
she asks – how could you suddenly drag me out like this?  
he retorts sarcastically she sure did well – instead of leaving with him when he asked her to – she stuck around and burnt her hand. he asks again if she plans on staying at M’s.
she thinks to herself- what should I do.
H says there is no way he will leave her there at M’s home
there is no way I can leave you there at my friend’s fiance’s home
she calls out his name in her head
H asks again
do you really want to stay here?
are you going to stay?
she shakes her head no
H mutters a person should have boundaries-since this isnt a place for her to be
since he offered her a job again she should have just followed him.
what did she do so well to keep staying there?
he holds her other uninjured hand and takes her to his car. she keeps glancing over at him in the car on the ride back and so does he.
she goes back to work at H’s place- everyone welcomes her back. H tells her to work hard. Cuz of her injured hand, H tells the chef not to let her do dishes. waitress goes up to Y/J remarking how Y/J has great skills -what did Y/J say to the boss to get him to hire her back. waiter says it looks like the boss dragged Y here cuz she is still wearing her apron. waitress asks Y/J if the boss went to go get Y/J. Y/J doesnt answer and grabs the towel to get to work.
H looks down from the upper deck at Y/J working.
chef asks if H feels at ease now. 
H says he does.
chef:then everything is fine
H: is it? why do you think i am like this? around that person, I feel like J is around-is it right?
Y/J waves up to H so he yells down for her to work. sooooo cute
he mutters she thinks of him as her friend. chef says cuz she does- it makes H smile and he likes it.
H: I seem crazy huh?
chef: time will change everything
M goes and rings his own door.  M looks inside for her and wonders what happened.
IJ calls M and worries J’s dad came to work and told someone else to look into something and M says he knows about it too. IJ wonders if the dad suspects but M says he has something more imp to take care of so IJ wonders what is more imp than this
M goes to H and asks for Y’s address cuz she suddenly disappeared from his home and she isnt answering her phone so something might have happened to her.
H says he texted M -didnt he see it?
M checks his phone and there is a text from H that H took Y away. H asks him to go in and talk. M sees Y and goes to her but she goes in and H stops M from going after her.
M defends himself by saying that since his home was left in that state of disarry – it was only natural for him to think that some accident had occurred to Y
M asks H if H took her out of his home or dragged her out
H points out that he tends to (not sure of this word – overreact? be impulsive?)
M points out that H wasnt close to J so there is no reason for H to overreact
is it cuz of Y?
H says he felt that much responsibility to J cuz M met Y through H
what is more imp is that you are J’s fiance.
M:not anymore
H:what do you mean not anymore
M explains that he looks towards the future
I’m a realist
I cant keep loving someone who cant be with me in the future
H: does that mean you have already given up on J?
M: is this a situation where I can give up or not
H: even tho how could you…
M: dont you know how i lived up to now?
(he says something complicated here that went right over my head)
H: her accident wasnt that long ago so how could you…
M:how long are you going to wait?
if it was you – a year? would you wait 10 yrs for J?
H: is love something you can just cut off cuz you want to
can you just give up just like that?
is that something you CAN give up?
M: i can
when I love – I love when I want to
I dont think for a second that you can understand me
M mentions something about not being in charge of J’s medical decisions or something
H: is that why you seemed interested in Y?
M: i told you i wasnt
you made a big deal over no one of significance and fired her so I was just being nice
since you brought her back then everything is back to normal
 waiter says IJ and P came and for H to come up
IJ asks H where he went off to earlier in such a hurry but she sees M too and M lies that he dropped by cuz it was H’s bday
M says to IJ:  i didnt see you at the office and we ended up meeting here
IJ remembers how he said he had something to take care of in a hurry
H asks how they knew it was his bday and thought to bring him presents
IJ says that P knew H’s bday from back when and P bashfully denies it
and changes the subject and suggests they eat cake
H says let’s eat first but chef says H should be grateful for his bday and receive congratulations from his friends
they all sing happy bday and Y/J silently sings along and says congrats quietly to H. H thanks everyone for congratulating someone like him
P asks if H ate seaweed soup and he says he did -P asks who made the seaweed soup but H says: someone made it for me
in front of everyone, Y/J goes up and says hello
and to IJ she says : keep seeing you here and there
P asks when the two of them met
Y/J hands back the thermos and says she borrowed it
P asks questions why Y/J has this cuz it belongs to P
Y/J: ask IJ about this thermos
P asks IJ if IJ lent it to Y/J
IJ says it is no big deal to P
Y/J: didnt you lend it to me?
P asks why IJ is acting like there is a secret over a thermos
Y/J says it isnt a secret and starts to explain why she has it but IJ asks to speak to Y/J alone
Y/J asks why and IJ says it wont take but a minute
they step outside
P tells the guys -why is IJ like that? she asked me to keep her dating a secret and now she has another secret
H: IJ said she is dating?
P: yes -she said she had someone she likes but wont tell me who it is
IJ had told Y/J not to tell that Y/J works at M’s
Y/J asks : why cant I tell that we met at M’s home?
IJ: you dont have to know that
Y/J: without telling me the reason-
are you telling me to keep quiet?
IJ: I’m asking you cuz I have a reason
 Y/J: i dont understand
you are the secretary and came cuz you were running an errand
so why cant i say that? plus M is your friend’s fiance and all of you know each other
oh I think i got it
you didnt come to run an errand did you-huh?
IJ: i was there on an errand….
Y/J: he isnt just your friend’s fiance
ok i got it now – I understand
why you are asking me not to mention it
Y/J acts like she gets the picture
IJ tells her not to jump to conclusions
Y/J: on that day – you said – who are you and why are you at my bf’s home
IJ gets defensive: when did i? when did i say it like that?
Y/J hints that IJ didnt have to use just words to convey that
the look on your face said it too
Y/J: i wont tell anyone that the person you are dating is M
IJ says- that isnt it
Y/J: i said I would pretend you arent
I wont ever say it and pretend you arent
H goes out and asks what the two of them are doing. H says to IJ that the food came out and everyone is waiting for her
before IJ leaves- Y/J makes the -i am going to keep my mouth zipped sign to IJ and H notices it is what J did (flashback scene of J doing the same thing)
IJ remembers the same thing too- when J did it
Y/J explains to H that it wasnt anything – it was between girls
H had brought out Y/J’s bag and coat
H tells Y/J to go home – cuz she is being stubborn when he told her to start working from tm
her cell phone suddenly says in S’s voice: you got a call from YJS
and then S yells it even louder
Y/J grabs her coat and bag and says she will be leaving now
H wonders what kind of bell that is
Y/J gets a call from J’s friend to meet with some other of J’s friends the day after tm
P keeps asking IJ what IJ talked to Y about
IJ says it was nothing imp
P asks: is the person you are dating someone Y/J knows?
is it Y/K’s older brother?
Ij asks: what?
P guesses how her thermos got into Y’s hands
if IJ didnt lend it then it is obvious how that happened
IJ says that isnt it
IJ gets a text from M to come to the park in front of her house
P guesses that IJ is dating a married man
IJ goes out and reminds M it is dangerous to meet here-what if someone sees them
he says he doesnt know why either since they still cant get caught
he lies that the night air was so refreshing he didnt want to hide in a car with her
IJ asks point blank if it isnt cuz he was curious if their relationship was found out by Y
M: what is so imp about a girl like her knowing?
but P and H cant know
IJ: it would be better if they knew
she says she wants to meet M freely now and be like other couples who date
he reminds her their work isnt finished and they cant act like the average couple
she says it is the same as almost over
if J’s dad knew about their relationship-  what can he do about it
can he take haemido away from M?
M says he understands why she is like this but she shouldnt say things she doesnt mean
she says she isnt saying stuff she doesnt mean and accuses him of not being able to understand her
he says he knew she sent H to his home
she confesses that she sent H to his home
M says he knows why she did it
she admits it was cuz she didnt like Y being at his home even a minute longer
she didnt like having to pretend to be a secretary running an errand at her own bf’s home
M apologizes to her -for bringing Y into his home
cuz it was too cruel to IJ
that is how Y ended up meeting IJ like that – so even if Y knows about their relationship M doesnt have the right to complain to IJ
M says they dated too long and he feels bad that IJ had to falter over someone like Y
IJ lies that Y doesnt know
P catches them talking in the park
J confesses to Y that when H dragged her out -her heart felt more at ease
it was hard being at M’s home so I followed H out
since I know where the secret safe is I am going to find a way to open it
also my friend called -since 3 of them are coming out- i think can get a teardrop
if I do well maybe two teardrops
no i shouldnt count on it too much
it is really a good thing that you are here sister
you cant hear what i am saying
but just being able to look at a person face and talk is good
it would be great if you could take it easy too
song Yi soo
if S doesnt find yi soo-i will at least look for him
M thinks over how the dad pushed up their wedding
(so he could get his surgery the day after)
and what the doc said about J’s dad possibly dying if he doesnt get surgery
J’s mom asks why her husband is suddenly preparing a will and he explains since J ended up like this – there is no way to know how and when a person will end up so he thought it was best to prepare who to entrust his company to
 the wife doesnt like that he is leaving M the company when M didnt even marry J yet
she says she is against it
he says that isnt the only reason-M is taking care of everything to do with haemido
and also since M is young
she asks if he is not feeling well somewhere and J’s dad denies it
she says he is throwing up a lot lately and can digest well
she suggest he get a thorough check up
he says it is cuz he isnt working out lately so he isnt able to digest as well
he tells her to hurry and go home
M goes to the hospital and meets with J’s dad
M asks her dad to get the surgery
M admits he asked the doc friend
he tells M not to tell J’s mom
M says the dad being like this isnt doing J any good
her dad says he is doing this for himself not for J’s sake
he is scared that he wont get to see J wake up and just die after surgery
M reminds him that if the dad doesnt do anything
he might die before J
her dad says he cant go get surgery and leave J like that in her state
M says he needs to think he is going to live and get that surgery
dad says there is 70% of the surgery failing
M says there is 30 % chance to live/survive
dad says there is 70% chance of dying
M says that the dad cant keep this up in his condition
only way to keep this up is to get the surgery
dad says what a relief it is to him to have M
M looks guilty
Y/J looks at pics of her friends and tells herself today she needs to succeed
she thinks about it and realizes cuz she isnt dead that those friends might not cry
Y/J spots H passing by
she waves and cries out H’s name just like how J does it
she switches to “boss”
she runs over and asks if he is coming back from a workout
he asks her to say his name again
and she calls him the way J calls him
he asks which high school she went to
she asks why he is asking that suddenly and says choon chun
he says let’s go and they walk together
she says she is already hungry
he asks if she likes mussels
she says she doesnt
he asks then why did she make seaweed soup with mussels
how did she know to add mussels to his on his bday
she wonders to herself -why he is acting like this and why is he probing- like he is suspecting
she replies cuz the ingredients were at M’s house so she made it like that
she says it is strange and asks why he is asking stuff like that
he says she reminds him of his close friend
she asks if they were close
he says they werent
she thinks to herself – that’s right we werent close
she says aloud- if he wasnt close to his friend why is he watching out for her so much
he says he owes that friend
she wonders what he feels indebted for
M does a presentation about haemido
the lawyer looks for J’s dad and IJ says he is in a meeting
IJ gets an imp document for J’s dad to look over and if there are no problems for J’s dad to call the witnesses at 5 pm
she peeks inside
she meets M and tells him that J’s dad is leaving M the company
she asks if he knows why J’s dad is doing that suddenly
M pretends not to know and says they will know when the time is right
Y/J goes to meet 3 of her friends
she says their names to herself when she sees them cuz she is so glad to meet them again
she walks up and introduces herself and asks if they are J’s friends
one is already close to tears
another one looks worried
one says all they knew was that J was injured a lot in a car accident and had surgery
Y/J says alout: you did
and thinks to herself -so that is why you guys didnt cry
other says IJ – a childhood friend of J’s who lived off of her – told them that J’s parents were at the hospital and didnt want visitors so they have not gone to the hospital yet to visit J
how upset J must have been
another asks if J is in a coma now
the other one says J is almost brain dead
and Y/J adds that there is hardly any chance for J to wake up
how could that happen when her wedding day was so close
Y/J thinks to herself that she needs to hurry and take advantage of their emotions
she asks to interview/film them to show J  cuz it might help her to hear from loved ones
she asks the question-the three of you were close to J during her college years right?
two of them mention what they studied with J and the 3rd went shopping with J cuz their taste were the same
Y/J says- imagine that they might not be able to see J again and leave her some parting words and they all cry and one asks if J is going to die
Y/J films them crying but the color of the tears arent right and there is not a single drop in the pendant when she looks down at it
she remembers what S said about the different tears and how they are not all sincere
she thinks to herself – how are you guys crying – with what kind of heart-what do those tears mean?
one is crying cuz she is having a hard time
other says J bragged too much- now money or a guy is useless to J
another is crying cuz her eyelid surgery didnt go well and wanted to die
and she feels sorry for J
Y/J asks again :what kind of friend J was-wasnt she nice
they said she was annoyingly nice
cuz she let them do whatever they wanted and she would go along with it
Y/J wonders to herself what is so annoying about being nice
a girl says that is all bragging
one says J didnt have sense
one says there was a guy she liked but he liked J and J didnt even know it
they all echo each other that J was at least a nice person
Y/J leaves them disappointed
she remembers how she has to collect tears in 49 days-ppl who truly love her
and she cries walking away
*FYI: the girl on the right was the one who spoke the most horrible english on coffee prince during one of Han Kuyl’s blind dates-her english was so awful I cant ever forget her face. she has always popped up on the most popular dramas
P hears that J’s dad is leaving M the company from J’s mom
since J’s dad is healthy why is he doing that
the mom says she doesnt get it either
the mom asks P to ask IJ if there is something wrong with the company
P asks why she doesnt ask IJ
mom says her husband might have made IJ keep quiet about it(guessing cuz I couldnt catch this – or she might have said her husband gave IJ some work to do- it is one or the other) cuz she doesnt come here to the hospital at all
Y/J crosses out more names and looks for other names
one friend went to study abroad
H comes out and sees her hunched over
he asks what she is doing here- why is she like that – did anything happen
she says nothing
H asks why she doesnt have any color when she left to do something good
P comes and says J’s dad is leaving M the company
he is finalizing the will today
he must really think of M as his son
H asks why suddenly is J’s dad writing a will
P says she doesnt know-the lawyer is going to the office later with the paperwork
Y/J says that cant happen and runs off
Y/J runs off and looks around and finds S
she tells him that her dad is leaving the company to M in his will
not to someone else but to M
S says something about if she has a certain DNA that makes her trust ppl too stupidly gene
he softens a little as Y/J cries and says:
i’m sorry – I was wrong- I was all wrong
i wont ever do it again-just help me this time
just tell my father not to write out that will
or tell him that M is a bad person and not to trust him
S: that kind of stuff I cant help you at all – no matter what
that is me 100% interfering/meddling with human affairs
and I will 100% receive punishment for that
Y/J:then what do i do?
there is nothing left but to meet my dad in Y’s body?
S sighs and tells her to wait
he looks something up-chance first choice
S: there is only this
for you to touch something you want just once
you will be deducted a day from your 49 days
Y/J:i can touch something?
she thinks for a second and says she will do that then
he tells her to think about it first and decide –
this is something a 49er who wasnt able to get a single teardrop
chose-a chance for her to just once feel what she really feels deep inside
it’s really important
normally i dont even tell a 49er about this
she asks if there is such a thing as letting her voice be heard and subtracting 2 days
but he says there isnt- a day could change your outcome
she repeats again that he said she could touch something once
S: it is just once so think it over carefully and use it
he warns that he cant do anything for her – she has to go in and out on her own
she gets that – first she has to return Y’s body and then come out so she goes quickly cuz she doesnt have time and says she will think of the rest on her way home
the chef’s wife and waitress see Y talking to herself on the street and wonder why she is doing that
Y/J hops into a cab in front of them and yells out the area she is going to
she asks the cab driver for the number to a quick service delivery
(who you call to hire those delivery guys on motorbikes all over korea)
H says to the chef: she should have said what was going on and leave
(H doesnt know Y’s cell number)
so chef asks why H didnt know that all this time
H calls himself stupid for not knowing
he recalls M saying he knew Y’s number so H calls him but M doesnt pick up
waitress comes running in and says Y is totally crazy
H: you saw Y?
chef’s wife says to the waitress she should talk like that (about calling Y crazy)
chef asks what is going on
waitress says Y was standing on the street talking to no one
she isnt in her right mind – she is for sure crazy
H: Y is?
chef’s wife says when a person is so upset she could do that-trying to defend Y
H asks where and when they saw Y
waitress heard where Y/J was telling the cab to go
H guesses that is her home
chef guesses Y had something to take care of at her home
H asks again about Y talking to herself
Y/J buys an envelope and stuffs a random newspaper inside
she takes it to Y’s work and asks the manager to give that envelope to an express delivery
guy when he comes cuz a customer asked her yesterday to send it but she forgot
she said all that with Y’s somber expression
he looks at her clothes and seems confused
she rushes home and lies down and J pops out
J’s dad, the lawyer, and the doc friend who is serving as witness sit and prepare the documents
J waits outside her dad’s company until the delivery comes
she follows it inside but IJ looks at it and J tells her to hurry and take it in to her dad but IJ hesitates looking at the handwriting and reading what it says on the outside
IJ gives it to J’s dad and J follows her in
he thinks it is a joke -J says sorry to her dad- till he sees an article that a daughter in america who was in a coma for 20 yrs woke up
doc asks who sent it
her dad looks over at J’s pic
she tells her dad she wont make him wait that long so dont write this will/ transfer of ownership
he continues and is about to put his seal on the will
she knocks the seal out of his hand
that was her one chance to touch something
everyone is startled
he asks why that happened
doc picks it up and asks if her dad is ok
her dad looks at the seal
she says she did it so her dad wont leave M the company
she keeps telling her dad – it is me J-  I did it
she begs him not to do it cuz he is going thru with it
she begs him not to
right before he stamps it- her pic suddenly drops
S knocked it down
he sort of tipped his head to the side and stuck his tongue out at her when the camera panned to his face
when J looks at him S complains that he “cant live” cuz of her (it’s something you say in korean when someone drives you nuts and you end up doing stuff like this – something you dont even want to do)
dad wonders why that pic fell-was J upset that he treated her like she was already dead?
he doesnt want to hand over the company today and apologizes to the men gathered
J cries relieved
M hears about how the will was postponed from IJ (who heard it from the lawyer) that something strange happened during the meeting when J’s dad was about to seal the deal
outside, J keeps thanking S
she promises not to forget this favor even in death
S is looking around wondering if no one noticed
J asks why he keeps looking around
suddenly that grandma from brilliant legacy shows up on a motorbike
when he sees her he says: ssssuuunbae
she walks up and hits him and she says she knew S would end up causing trouble at least once
S feigns innocence and asks what he did for the sunbae to act like this
she gets him in a neck strangle hold and keeps giving him noogies
J goes to his defense and says to the sunbae: grandma why are you doing this?
J holds the grandma’s arm: who are you and why are you hitting this kid- use words.
grandma tells her to go home
S urges J to hurry and go home too
grandma holds his collar and says: who told you to interfere/meddle in humans business
S begs the sunbae to do this after J leaves (cuz he is embarrassed I think to be scolded in front of J)
he pleads for the grandma to let him keep up the image of a scheduler
they disappear
S is being punished by the grandma
she says he went back on his word not to personally interfere/meddle with human beings affairs which is the first rule of being a scheduler
S explains: that was a situtation where there was no way I couldnt help her
in all his years being a scheduler he never met anyone like J
sunbae: are you dating her?
S says he isnt – the kid (J) is so frustrating and stubborn
sunbae -have you ever saw a human pay back the $49 this quickly before?
were there any humans that even paid it back?
sunbae says this is why it is not good to give second chances to young ppl who died
(not sure but I think she said -they are too eager to go back to their human lives)
S reminds her that the sunbae was the one who gave him his second chance
and she hits him
she explains cuz he kept begging for a chance to finish his business so she made an exemption for him (and gave him this opportunity to be a scheduler) she was afraid he would disappear forever by doing something rash
he pleads since she already did him a favor back then couldnt she overlook this too just once?
she doesnt even hesitate and says : as punishment – a week longer added to his time
 (when J’s time was up – his time as a scheduler was supposed to be too but now he has to “serve” an extra week for that stunt he pulled-knocking over J’s pic)
S gets on his knees and begs: A week? please no sunbae – all i have left now is 30 days
I was waiting like crazy for that last day – a week?
just tell me to die instead
he complains how good a job he did for 5 yrs
sunbae: there are things I can pretend i didnt see and there are things that I cant
S gets ticked off and stands up and says:what are you going to do if I say I wont do the extra week?
sunbae hints about an additional 5 yrs
he says she isnt level headed (doesnt have a sense of fairness)
and she retorts – am I human? to be level headed
she disappears
S stands there alone throwing a hissy fit
so adorable
M goes to see H
but H is on his way out
chef invites M to stay and drink
he asks the waiter if Y left work
H goes to Y’s home
J runs home as he goes gets out of his car and she doesnt see him
Y wakes up and sees the door open and is alarmed
J runs in just in time cuz Y closes the door
J says Y woke up early and must have been surprised
Y picks up Noh’s business card and leaves quickly and traps J inside
H is getting direction to Y’s home from the store owner
and looks away as Y goes into the store
Y calls Noh
(Tim’s new song is playing)
Y tells Noh who she is
H found Y’s home
he knocks on the door and J peeks and wonders who it is
she goes closer to the door
he tries to open the door
H wonders: if she isnt home where is she
Y meets doc Noh at the cafe
he tells her to speak freely
she says: hemust know already but she has no one to say this to and apologizes
he says he was thankful to get her call
what is going on?
when you called-your voice sounded like you were scared
she says she thinks she is crazy
he asks why she thinks that
first her hair changed and smells like shampoo she doesnt use
next her ankle hurt
landlady appeared saying she saw me the day before
I threw up food i never ate
when I woke from sleeping, i was sitting in the middle of the room
and today when she woke from sleep the door was open
noh: what you are saying right now…
Y: they are all things I dont remember doing
he asks if she can remembers when this started
she says just one day suddenly
he asks how her body feels – is she tired?
Y: in the past i did but these days – i dont know
he thinks she is sleepwalking
during sleepwalking – while sleeping the body moves
so she could not remember that
she repeats sleepwalking
he tells her not to worry too much and to come in for a check up tm at the hospital
she nods her head
J thinks H might worry cuz she ran off without saying why
H is at home concerned – clutching that chain thing
next day H takes J’s fav roses and goes to visit at the hospital
her dad is by her bedside
H says he came to switch out the flowers
her dad is mad at H for not taking that project cuz M had asked so much
her dad tells H not to come here again
Y/J goes to work and wonders if the chef is not cleaning today
she goes in and no one is around
she sees the piano
and she goes and plays something and sings- well if you can call that singing
cant describe this – sort of half humming-no real words- just lots of “na-nae-nas”
H goes and hears it and has a flashback
J sang that song
she is singing it when H was lying down on the seats not visible to her
he gets up and watches J sing and play the piano
 end flashback
H goes in and imagines he is seeing J while looking at Y
he asks her: who are you? are you J?
she looks up surprised
M holds Y/J’s arm and asks:what happened to you today? are you hurt somewhere? and she is crying and tells him to take his hand off of her
J says sorry to S-he tells her if she is sorry not to call him anymore if she can help it
Y/J asks S to be honest with her – is there a human who loves her?
S: a human’s heart easily changes-there is no forever
there is a picnic scene with S and Y (hope that finally dispels the rumors they are siblings)
Y/J quits and thanks H for everything he did for her – she tells him she is going away somewhere far (wonder why she would quit when she has days left)
OMG H meets Y at her cafe
he asks if she is Y
she asks him: do you know me?
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37 comments on “49 Days E9:Live

  1. deedrama says:

    Front seat! His sunbae, do you guess the same as I do? She probably made a good deed in her life before. If Grandpa Park -My Princess- didn’t steal the money, maybe he could be a sunbae too.. 🙂


  2. kcomments says:

    Front seat with popcorn too!
    Oh my, frustrated Han Kang sooooo cute, the wrist-grabbed GAHHHHHH!!! and he changed and took another hand puahahaha! Love him!


  3. Minsun says:

    *chewing my nails in anticipation, forgot the popcorn* totally dying of suspense. Resorted to watching the preview over and over again. Kang ah, pugopshipo!!!


  4. i miss it…. waiting for full story…

    did han kang see the real Yi kyung?
    the story of scheduler?

    please….. dying to know

    and thank you!


  5. Iviih says:

    Omooo can’t wait.

    What I really want to see is, if Han Kang will see or not the real Yi Kyung.

    Please let this happen! It can’t be pushed forth anymore… T_T


  6. Iviih says:

    Ahhh! So she didn’t said on front of everyone MH and IJ were dating. Preview tricked me. Grrrr



  7. ewez says:

    What a cliffhanger! Thank you 🙂


  8. Iviih says:

    Thank youu!! Finally they will met!!! XD


  9. Anon says:

    I loved Scheduler’s scenes with the grandma.
    I think the guy who work at HK’s cafe played Hwan’s friend in Brilliant Legacy too.
    And in the preview, YK is the one in the picnic scene, there’s a pic of them on soompi.
    Thanks, Softy!


  10. Iviih says:

    OMG Softy here the reply for the picnic scene: Is a scene of Scheduler and Yi Kyung past ^^

    I think :


    • momo says:

      yes it is! and this was taken on 4/9 yi kyung REAL birthday! il woo actually tweeted a pic of him and her celebrating her bday! they were happy coz her bday is the same as their drama’s title! kekekeke


  11. Iviih says:

    Btw I’m with you in, please don’t make it happen in the last two minutes. Pleaseee! I want to see them talking.


  12. wriglw says:

    Love JK’s ringtone!!! It rocks!


  13. lei2010 says:

    omg, i can’t wait to see the tm ep, lets hope that the conversation btwn H and Y will be long enough, that will surely mind bogling for H, he will totally thinks she’s crazy for having split personality or a complete psycho…. hahaha…


  14. naeus says:

    thanks for the recap…can’t wait for the raw and watch…


  15. yong in says:

    too bad i’m four episodes behind : (
    i read the transcap and i can’t understand anything. i have to catch up, double time.
    thanks for this!


  16. BRIGID says:

    I’m getting impatient waiting for H and J to be together!

    Thank you, Softy!!


  17. momolovexd says:

    cant wait for tomorrow’s ep! omg!


  18. momolovexd says:

    cant wait for tomorrow’s ep! omg! thanks for your hardwork!


  19. Iviih says:

    Oh! It wasn’t polite of my part, I forgot to thank you so much for the hard work!!! Your transcaps are like my calming pills to be able to wait for subs. lol


  20. blue says:

    Omo, omo, omo! I’m TOTALLY not going crazy here.



  21. toohearts says:

    It’s getting more and more interesting! We are peeling the outer skin of the onion…and I want more of it, even if it means I will cry… hehehe… Thank you, Softy!! ^^


  22. Asama says:

    I want J+H. I hope he figures it out soon.


  23. kiki says:



  24. missjb says:

    thanks Softy. Ahhh I can’t wait for next episode…. !


  25. mAddict says:

    Many thanks, Softy


  26. Linda165 says:

    yay! Thanks Softy!!! BTW, who’s Tim?


  27. kcomments says:

    Some how this Y starting to know something is wrong with her reminded me of ‘Who Are You?’ but that was the male lead.


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