Mary Stayed Out All Night E3: (Improved) Live “Transcap”

11/17 updated

For now, I decided to continue doing live recaps since it usually takes a few days to get all the subbers to translate their assigned parts and then combine them. Hopefully, my translations will temporarily satiate your curiosity about what just happened if you are watching it live. [There seems to be more interesting scenes to translate now so it’s harder to do it all in one sitting like E1]

You will be relieved to know that I finally figured out how to put in dialogue without constantly having to resort to “so and so said” every five seconds. I also decided not to use “Mary’s dad” or “dad” anymore and use her father’s first initial “D”. I almost drove myself crazy typing Mary’s dad over and over last time (the girl sure does say “dad” a lot but I guess given her situation and her frustration, we can’t blame her).

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I will Bold the first word of each scene I translate in part or full starting with the good ones first so just look for those if you have already read this through -will mark updated once it is done for those checking back on my progress


Mary and J recognize each other. J asks Mary if her wrist is better and she says she wasn’t trying to extort money from him that time and that $2,000 was  too much. She pulls it out of her pocket. She has been carrying it around with her and didnt spend it because it was too much of a burden to accept. She hands it over and tries to return it. J pushes her hand back and says that paper she signed has a stipulation that she keep quiet about the whole matter and suggest they put the past behind them and forget about it.
She asks why J agreed to this marriage.
J said it was a “business choice/decision”.
Mary gets upset that he is treating marriage like business. Is marriage a joke to him.
J tells her not to take it so seriously.
She says she wont since she has no plans to choose him at the end of the 100days.
J; you and I have similar thoughts about marriage.
to fulfill your responsibilty for the 100 day contract – is that why you feel like you should work?
Mary: yes – since there is nothing in this world for free
J: the way you feel/think pleases me.
Mary: I’m not doing this to please you
J: go to the office first. i will change my clothes and go there.
Mary finds out that this is a company that is planning to make a drama and asks what kind of work she can do for him. J says she can be his secretary. Since he makes his own schedule, she wont have to worry about that. mary asks : then what do I do here? before he can reply,
J gets called into a meeting.
she tries to follow him there but he stops her.
J asks her to limit where she stays to that one tiny office so others don’t know about their arrangement and they dont have to run into each other much.
they shake hands on their agreement. mary does some research on J and his background and what he did in japan. she learns he has an MBA from the States and was a fund manager and concludes that is why he treats marriage as a business and she shakes her head in disapproval.
Mary goes to J’s office and sees S and gets excited to meet a star she likes up close.
Mary: I just saw an article on you.
S: where is the Director? [thanks milagirll 🙂 ]
Mary: he is in a meeting right now. Could I get you a drink while you are waiting?
S: instead of a drink, please give me some water.
Mary: If you’ll just wait a few minutes and walks off to get it
S: if it’s not *bottled water, I won’t drink it
Mary: did you say bottled water?
S: never mind
[*not sure if she said bottled, mountatin, or sparkling water-watch it be another kind like spring – I only know the Korean word for water-not the various types-arggh – that picky girl]

Mary asks S for her autograph and says how big a fan Mary is.
The actor from the hotel and his manager arrive and the manager recognizes Mary right off and accuses mary of getting autographs again.
The manager points out Mary is the girl from the hotel and J tells her it was all a misunderstanding back then and to not worry about it.
The drama is called “wonderful day” and Mary looks at the script. Mary asks J what else she can do for him but he tells her there are others who can do the work and tells her to quit for the day and it’s only 1:30pm

Mary comes home and crashes on the couch
Mary: I didnt even do much so why am I so tired?
D: ya- Mary-why did you come home so early?
Mary: I don’t know – didn’t even give me any work to do and told me to go home. that person really likes to snub.
D: he did? ahhh- it’s because it’s your first day and thought you might be tired. (sits down next to her and gets closer to ask)
now that you met J-how was it? isn’t he like a charming prince?
Mary: what prince? more like a charming jerk.
D: what are you talking? a jerk?
Mary: dad- no matter how I think about it – I think he is a strange person
D: what is? Think about it rationally – a guy that is that rich and good looking -why is he accepting this marriage?
D: if you think about it rationally – it is a little weird
Mary: he doesnt even want to marry me
D (alarmed grabs her arm and asks): ya- what are you talking about?
Mary (backtracking): no – that’s – anyway – that person has an ulterior motive.
D: what ulterior motive?
Mary: i thought about it (carefully) – no matter what – that person is -without a doubt…
D: without a doubt what?
Mary: …he is gay!
D: what?!
Mary: if you look at his style – the way he thinks of marriage as business -maybe it’s because he wants to receive his father’s inheritance
D: ya- Mary- are you writing a novel?
Mary: ok but the fact that he is weird is the truth

Mary prepares to settle in to watch her dramas but her dad starts asking
D: ya- aren’t you going to go see that guy later at 5?
Mary (distracted by the tv says absentmindedly): why would I go there? I’m going to watch dramas and have fun.
D (really happy): what? Today is the first day of the 100 days -from 9-5 is J and 5-10 is that guy and you’re not going?
Mary (gets up quickly): I have to go – to the person I love.
D: what is this?
Mary(??dont know this phrase??) I really want to see him. I better call him
D: ya – ya – (follows her into her room)
Mary (mutters something into the ph – I think she didnt want MG to pick up-explains to her father when the ph goes to voicemail): my sweetie is a musician.. he mixes up night and day [meaning he works at night and sleeps during the day].
D: something is suspicious (fishy). when that guy came here last time, you said he wasnt your boyfriend
Mary: that- I was afraid I would get in trouble by you so I lied
D: don’t try to brush this off and say it clearly
Mary: what?
D: how you two met, how you fell in love…
Mary: that – dad
D: what?
Mary: in dramas, they say “love is like a car accident” that’s how we met. (cue music swelling- sounds like Enya – lord of the rings kinda music) like a car accident, suddenly without warning – love found us.
[okay she lost me in her romantic spiel – all i got was ]
the way he sings during his performance – wonderland – something new (????) it was like music.
He wasnt just cool looking during his performance, in real life he is like someone in a commercial
(cue MG’s coming out of the shower scene asking for hair conditioner)
(the look on her dad’s face hearing that is priceless)
How did I know I could end up falling in love with a person like that?
D : so that guy says he loves you too?
Mary: huh? yes, of course. He said that he even loves my scar -Harry Potter
(and remembers how Mg kissed her forehead)
D: how can you not have a single picture on your cell phone of the person you love?
mary: that….here it is….MG (and opens her album to the concert photos she took of him on the night of the accident)
D: why doesnt this punk come around and show his face.
Mary: what
D: If he loves you, he should come here and say “I love your daughter”
Mary: I stopped him. He wanted to get on his knees in front of you dad
D: did he accept this whole arrangement without any fuss
Mary: without any fuss? he drinks all the time and you have no idea how much he is bothered by this. I told him to understand you dad and convinced him
D: don’t think this will do – I need to meet this guy right away
Mary (stopping him): if you meet him and bother him, I’m going to cancel the 100day contract
D: ok ok ok – you might like him now but after a 100days, you might like J more
Mary: that’s why – if you want me to keep the contract – leave me alone
D: ok but I should know where he lives and what he is like
Mary: dad you dont need to know. I better go to meet him
D: it’s not time yet so where are you going?
mary: bye dad
D: Mary…
[during the broadcast I wrote “car accident” and ppl kept saying it was “traffic accident” so I changed it, but omg i was right the first time]

Mary meets MG and fills him in on what is going on
MG (reading what she wrote): “love is like a car accident”? now you’re just writing a novel.
Mary: I’m a Korean Literature major
Mary gave him that to read so he will tell the same story to her dad
Mary: by any chance if my dad calls…
MG: what are you talking about? you said from now on there wouldnt be any more bother.
Mary: of course there won’t be – but just in case…just in case …and from now on, in the evenings, I have to stay here
(he slams the notebook back at her )
MG:  “no”.
She gives him the money J gave her and says she will pay MG 3 months worth of rent for letting her stay with him.
He asks: what is this?
Mary:  “I told you I got some money for free last time”.
MG: it’s ok
Mary: it’s uncomfortable carry this money around. let’s spend it together for something good.
MG: first you said let’s take pictures, next lend me your name for 100days, and now you’re asking to come and live here?
Mary: I’m sorry but the situation got complicated so there is nothing I can do
MG: that’s why – no more.
Mary: why are you so cold hearted? MG…
[and starts to whine and beg and looks like the cute cat from Shrek]
MG breaks into a smile: you – the Shrek cat….(stops smiling) won’t work on me.
Mary: just help me one more time…MG…KMG…

the landlord comes and guesses mary is his gf and they both deny it, but she thinks Mary is going to live with him and they both keep insisting she isnt. the landlord wants the deposit by this week or else he is out of there and Mary says to give the money she has to her right now, but MG keeps refusing to accept it.
She picks up a box of spray paint cans and holds it up to him for easier access and he asks what she is up to and she says doing all the work alone looks hard so she offers to help.

She follows him around helping him gather stuff for his place.
MG asks her “ya- how long are you going to follow me around?”
Mary: I told you I would help
when he stops to collect some bricks and other materials thrown away, she asks him “are you really a Hongdae (throwaway-total guess)  beggar?”
[Wow in like two minutes his bare garage room looks liveable] MG continues to decorate with graffiti sprayed painted on the walls.
{not sure if I heard right but as Mary watches his artistic skills at work- she might have asked him if he goes to an art university and he says Kong University}
As Mary walks over to the side where his studio is, we see like a ton of recording equipment
(you gotta love drama money where characters who were homeless one episode can suddenly afford nice recording equipment out of the blue)
mary gets too close to his guitars and he yanks on her hoodie and pulls her away from them calling them his “love” and she retorts “it must be nice to have so many lovers”
Mary is surprised and disappointed that he doesnt have a tv cuz she wanted to watch her dramas there that night. He doesnt watch tv.
he finally says ok to her staying one evening only since she helped him decorate/furnish his garage room. she promises to sit quietly and read.

JS asks his son how J liked meeting Mary in person.
J”: compared to all the girls I met so far, she is different
J points out that she doesnt seem like the type of daughter in law JS wants and JS replied “let’s give it more time and see – since she is going to be family soon – cherish her and be respectful to her”
D finally pays off the loan sharks
MG gets a call from his bandmate while Mary sits nearby reading
MG: hello? yes brother – you’re in front of my house? ok
to Mary: ya – aren’t you going home?
Mary: i just have to be home by ten
MG: my friends are coming over so why don’t you go?
Mary: then i should leave. (muttering to herself) but where should I go?
The bandmates come in:
(I don’t know their names so this is what they said one by one)
MG! we are here
We came right over after our part time job
You had a hard time moving in on your own huh?
Oh – sister in law!
Mary: hello
Mary was here so she helped out
MG: it just turned out that way
Mary: yes it ended up that way
you two just settled in like newlyweds
Mary: no it’s not like that (to the bandmate)
Mary to MG- I’ll be going now
MG: ok – go – don’t come back tomorrow-go  (and points to the door)
(the leader stops her)
Why are you being so cold? She went through a lot (to Mary) so eat first and then go
others say “yeah yeah”
leader: arent we going to have a housewarming party?
he tells Mary to call her two friends over
Mary, her friends, and the bandmates are all gathered at MG’s place
Mary’s friends and the bandmates talk:
What? the guy you married- the guy you are registered with-both of them for 100days!!
So you have to pretend with MG to be his girlfriend?
What is this? it’s just like a drama
Mary: don’t know- because of the rash decision to take those pictures, it turned out this way
Then it’s all our fault
Leader: what can we do? we feel so bad
Mary: no -it’s not
So because of your dad’s suspicion, you have to spend your evenings with MG
Mary; yes
MG: no – no way
MG, I’m sorry but the situation calls for it -please help our Mary
[Everyone says to MG to help]
MG: it’s too uncomfortable so I told you I cant
[points to Mary] you – you know right?
Mary: I get it
anyway, as a fake husband, we are lending MG
MG: just that much
since it turned out this way, brother just go ahead and get married
(all together – get married – get married)
Mary: that’s not right – please dont do this
MG: what are you guys talking about?  We ran out of alcohol. I’ll go buy some more
We’ll go with you
I’ll go too
No –  just stay here
{the girls insist on going with MG for the beer/soju run]

Mary cleans up a little after they ate and drank and the leader says watching her like that – she really seems like MG’s wife
She takes the trash out and sees a woman who looks familiar loitering around and recognizes her as the woman in the pic in the guitar
the woman comes over and asks if MG is inside and Mary tells her he stepped out for a minute. the woman asks if Mary is MG’s girlfriend. Mary denies it and the woman says “you dont look like his style” Mary thinks the woman is MG’s gf and quickly explains why Mary is here so there is no misunderstanding
that woman runs to MG when he calls her name and she kisses both his cheeks and MG asks when she came and she says a few mins ago
MG asks if she had been drinking and she says “only a little” and kisses him on his lips and he says “stop it-am I a child?”
mary and her friends are shocked to witness this-they think she is his gf
MG explains he has friends over and she wants to go in and drink some more but he says no and takes her home.
mary and her friends learns from his bandmates that the woman was MG’s mom. She had him when MG’s mom was 17. his mom still hasnt grown up and always causes trouble and MG has to take care of her everytime – she also passes out from drinking too much and he ends up suffering over it
mary’s friend points out that the woman is like mary’s dad
[OMG his mom is played by that actress in – what was that drama? anyway-what’s worse is I am not a fan of this actress and she just got to kiss JGS]

MG has started producing so he wont drink alcohol and drinks coke instead. Mary says she doesnt want to either cuz she causes trouble every time she drinks
They all play a game called “random game’ first
and then some other drinking games and first round Mary loses and has to drink – she pretty much continues to lose cuz they formed the questions so that she loses
the fun one was where everyone has all five fingers up and they have to fold down one finger at a time if the answer to the question is yes
“out of everyone here – who hasnt dated even once” and mary loses
they continue asking questions like “who here hasnt kissed yet” and when Mary folds,  MG asks “really?” and she gets mad and asks ” who here has kissed the most” and he has to put one finger down – a band member says the number of girls MG dated is like a 100. next question “who here when they are dating can’t last for a month, fold ” and MG folds and has one finger left and Mary has one left too
but MG asks “who here is a married person” and she loses and complains “why is everyone targeting only me”. She tries to get Mg to drink for her but he doesnt.

Mary gets plastered and MG and the others put her in the car and she gets a call from her dad saying she has an hour left to get home by ten. MG ends up driving her home but his white van breaks down
(where did he get this car???probably same place he got all that recording equipment)
MG ends up piggybacking her home and in her drunken state she complains about J
As MG carries her up to the top of the steps, we hear Mary going on about J:
Mary: J is a jerk – I can’t marry a guy like this  – no! I won’t!
MG: yeah, don’t do it. Don’t do it.
Mary: of course – he is a ? jerk (and she starts to hit MG and he yells out in pain)
MG: hey you – that hurts. why is someone so small so heavy?
you – this is the last time you do this- from now on dont even think about
Mary: ok ok
(MG stops to take a call and smiles when he sees who it is)
MG: yes So Young. I’m on my way home. Of course I ate. You’re not drinking again right? ok – don’t worry about me, I’m ok. Uhmm. Sleep well and have a nice dream. Bye mom.
Mary (wakes up when she hears that and says): mom? I’m sorry dad.
MG: I’m not your dad.
Mary: I know, but dad -to be honest, I really wanted to run away. But since we paid off our debts, as soon as the 100days is up, dad- let’s you and me live happily. I can get a degree, graduate, get hired somewhere good,  I wil make you very happy dad. our dad, without mom, raising me on your own, you really really suffered a lot. I’m sorry.
MG clears his throat and moves on (poor JGS and his back)

D gets mad at MG for bringing his daughter hm so drunk and he demands how much longer Mg is going to these things to MAry – she almost falls off and MG reaches out to catch her and D demands to know man to man how far MG and Mary went and MG says D doesnt have to worry about that and D demands MG to look him in his eyes and say that so D can believe him and MG does with this eyes all round and then D asks for MG’s number but Mg says its private and wont give it to him
D: What time is it now (checks his watch) why is she doing this?
(D spots MG staggering over to him) Mary! what happened to our Mary?
MG: hello
D: hello what- hurry up and give me our Mary.
MG: so heavy
D: she has really passed out from alcohol. How could you give her this much to drink?
MG: I’m sorry
D: Ya – Mary – wake up. Get on dad’s back.
MG: then I’ll be going.
D: Look here – how much longer are you going to do this to my daughter?
MG: what?
D: You take my innocent daughter – you don’t let her come home by curfew – you won’t let her get marry -*what kind of robber’s errand are you doing these things to my daughter?
(D almost drops her and MG reaches out to help but D stops him)
Don’t touch her.
MG: what?
D: how far did you two go?
MG looking baffled: what do you mean by how far?
D: like a man – tell me the straight truth.
MG: you dont have to worry about that.Nothing happened.
D: really? truthfully?
MG: yes
D: then look me in the eye
(MG looks directly into his eyes up close)
D: it is the truth. Ok that’s that – give me your cell phone number
MG: cell phone? that’s private.
D: what? private?
MG:  then **” work hard”and walks off.
D: hey -hey – how could there be a guy like that – when a grownup is talking – looking straight with his eyes all round. he’s a real bastard. I can’t just let him alone.
* swear to god that is what it sounds like he said word for word – no joke.
** the phrase MG used means “work hard” and it’s what you say to workers so I’m not sure why MG used it here except maybe cuz her dad is kinda working hard to keep Mary from falling off (imagine having to carry her on your back for this whole scene- no wonder the poor guy is sweating)
MG comes back home to his new place and lies on the bed for a minute then looks over at his recording stuff and works on his music (nice new song) and he recalls an earlier conversation he had with Mary and that makes him smile remembering that
Mary: so what kind of music is it that you want to make?
MG: something that doesn’t lie
Mary: honest music? something that gives you an honest emotion- that kind?
MG works on this piece all night and it’s morning
(totally love this new song)
Next morning her dad rips off the first page of the 100 day calendar and asks Mary how much longer she is going to cause trouble. She promises to never drink again.
D: how can you come home on some guy’s back? I’m not going to let that punk alone(get away with this)!
Mary: dont do that dad – he didnt do anything wrong. even though you don’t, I feel so sorry to him I could die.
D: how could you take his side! are you in your right mind?
(as he slaps her arm – she is about to puke)
Are you ok mary?
Mary: dont do that dad
D: are you ok?
Mary: I feel like I am going to die dad
D: even if you dont feel well – trying eating some of this (and spoon feeds her)
why am I suffering like this – making soup for a grown daughter – what kind of hardship is this for an old dad to go through (and throws the spoon down in frustration)
Mary: i’m sorry dad
D: so cut off communication with that guy right now – how could you have married such a rude punk
Mary: it’s the end of the 100 day contract
D: no Mary – get up – regain your senses – you are late -you have to go to J’s…stop drinking alcohol… (she acts like she has to puke again and he tries to feed her some more)
the actor’s manager meets with J and we learn that J is also the music director for this drama. When Mary comes in- as the manager leaves, she gives mary the evil eye

J tells Mary that she doesnt look well and to go hm early but she tells him to give her work so that she doesnt feel bad for not choosing him in the end
Mary: Director, I didnt ask you to give me work so you can do this to me.J says he doesnt know what kind of work to give her and she says since they are not getting married anyway, there is no reason to hide her. she says she call do almost anything he asks her cuz she had various part time jobs and lists a bunch of them and ends with saying she is a “multi”. she also says it’s a waste of her skills to watch over an empty office room. “whatever work it is, tell me what to do”
mary goes to work at the poster shoot with J, S, and the actor
The drummer hasnt arrived yet so MG says let’s make do with the three of us
S looks at cell ph picks of her and MG together while listening to his song and calls him. MG picks up and says “it’s been a while ” and S says she is starting her new drama (a story about an indie band) and he tells her to take care and not faint and she says she is even working out
they say it feels awkward since they havent spoken in so long and MG hangs up saying his performance is coming up and she says she has to start shooting anyway and says she will call again later
J watches Mary work on the set distributing drinks and stuff and Mary specifically gives S the water S likes and S says she was thirsty and remarks that Mary has sense. 
Mary makes sure to point out to S that Mary remembers what S wanted cuz mary is a fan.
S asks her which movie Mary likes of hers
Mary mentions an obscure film S made two years ago in Japan and it seems to please S cuz not many people know that.
Mary goes on to say that S sang in that film and S’s character was cool and impressive.
S explains that was why she decided to do this drama.
Mary asks so you are going to sing in this drama too? Ah it’s a music drama.
S: today’s shoot is the drama concept – a rock star’s girlfriend
Mary: it sounds like fun. I am looking forward to it
S: me too but since I have so many “anti’s” (people who dont like her) it’s going to get bothersome
Mary: those are just ridiculous rumors so – dont pay attention to talk like that
S: I was hurt by them but thank you.
manager interrupts
Mary; then I will go back to work. cheer up.
S remarks that Mary seems nice.
the manager tells S about how sneaky Mary is and says all these lies about how she tried to extort J for money and on and on but S is reluctant to believe the manager

Mary overhears an extra talking about S inside the bathroom stall (the horrible girl kept going on about all the terrible rumors about S – some of it was how S’s last drama failed so she shouldnt even be trying to do another one, how S tried to convince (or was it seduce) the main actor guy, how she is J’s lover/gf, how she got sponsors the bad way and Mary comments the girl is going too far  ). The girl comes out and leaves. Mary was just standing outside by the sink texting, surprised to overhear all that and was about to make a call to her dad since Mary might be late and S comes out of the stall and thinks Mary was the one who was on the phone bad mouthing her this whole time and gets pissed at Mary and snatches Mary’s phone out of her hand and slams it into the bathroom mirror smashing the mirror and phone. S storms off the set angry
[now that i heard all the things the staff girl said- Mary should have turned the girl in and gotten that girl FIRED – that girl almost makes the manager seem like a saint]

J goes after S and S goes to see MG’s performance and he sings the “My Precious” song from the park. She sits at the bar listening and staring at MG while J stands off to her side behind her.
The manager comes up to J and asks if he found S and when she tries to go up to S, J blocks the manager from speaking to S.

The music stops for a minute cuz the drummer messed up and the manager tells J that it is a waste of time listening to this performance and bad mouths MG too. she says that MG has no responsibility, no manners, and no talent
I am seriously starting to hate the manager
MG continues his song while S stares intently at MG
The band sings the bus song and J puts his hand on S’s shoulder and she looks at him and says “let’s go” and walks back to the set with the manager. J doesnt go and stays behind and watches MG perform – J is in charge of music for his drama too so maybe that is why he stayed to meet MG
After their set, the drummer finally shows up. He was injured and that is why he was late and his arm is in a cast. Since  they had to cover for him, that’s why they messed up that song. The drummer apologizes for getting injured and not showing up and MG says how can you feel sorry for getting injured. the band says they are sorry for not doing well.
MG gets angry that they keep apologizing to him
MG gets up and yells: I said it was ok so why are you guys acting like this? We did our best so what is there to feel sorry about?Why is that something to feel sorry about?
MG storms out and J stops him and hands MG his business card. the other members come up and see the card and asks J if he came to scout them. MG walks off.  J calls after MG and asks MG to speak with him and the other member steps in and says that MG is not in the mood to talk so J should speak with that guy since he is the leader. J just smiles at them and says he has no interest in an amateur band and goes after MG.

MG and his band get drunk and we learn that they’ve known each other for 7 yrs now. They talk about how their other friends have gotten jobs and got married but they have no job security. the leader guy in the black leather jacket says to MG that he is different from them and that MG has a chance to make it without them cuz he has the looks and  talent. The leader says to MG that his life is going to turn out like them and that he should at least make it. MG says something cool about how “life is living with all your might and then it ends”. They walk out all drunk and  yells stuff I can’t understand cuz they are talking crazy and really loud ( I tried to listen but my ears hurt too much cuz I am using earphones to catch all this dialogue)

As MG staggers home, he repeats Mary’s question about “faith love and hope and which one is the most important”  and pulls out his phone (looked like he was going to call her) and sees that Mary left him a message and he says “mary x-mas sent me a text” . MG crouches down to read her text.
Mary: Kang MG -thank you for yesterday and I am sorry. Because of me you must be tired so rest at home today. You said you were going to record and not drink so you’re not drinking now right?
MG talking to her text: I already drank
Mary: dont brag that you are young and think about your body (condition). If you are going to do music till you die, you have to be healthy from now on.
MG: until I die?
Mary: bye. merry x-mas. meow.
(he calls her back but her phone is off)
MG: answer the phone Mary x-mas
(he tries again but her ph is still off and we see J’s feet walking up to him)
J finds him like that all crouching down in a ball leaning against a wall waiting for Mary to pick up
(remember how her phone got smashed by S – that’s why her ph was off and went directly to voicemail)

Back at the studio, S poses with the actor and the director calls for a break so they can eat. Mary passes out food to everyone. She goes up to S with a package of food:
Manager speaking to Mary informally: what is this? what happened a while ago in the bathroom?
S kind of pushed her to be quiet and let Mary speak.
Mary says to the manager: Dont speak informally. I’m 24 yrs old.
Actor: wow
Manager to S: see – I told you – she has no manners.
Mary to S: you misunderstood. It wasnt me.
S: then who was it?
(Mary looks over at the girl who did it and the girl looks scared)
Mary: I haven’t live that long, but life seems to have situations where there are times when you feel indignant or that it’s unfair, where you can’t say everything. i just wanted to say this one more time. It wasn’t me. But from your point of view, it was totally understandable that you misunderstood. The way you behaved towards me, i completely get why you had to do it. that’s why I will understand it. In the future, we will run into each other often at the office, I hope we wont feel uncomfortable around each other anymore.
The manager sort of pushes Mary’s arm and says: what are you talking about now?
mary gives S the food and says: Please have some. If you are going to film all night, you have to have energy (or was it strength).
S accepts the food and Mary adds: and mountain water.
Earlier when S first met Mary, S said she doesnt drink any water except mountain water.
(I like how Mary never gave up the other girl who caused all this trouble- for that act alone, Mary is the type of character I can grow to like)

J has drinks with MG about MG and his music and I think J said he wants only MG especially cuz of the way MG looks on stage while performing
They start off about indie bands and stuff
[these are the only lines I understood clearly]
MG: what is it that you want from me?
G: the look you had in your eyes during your performance
and the music that is so alive – nothing more nothing less.
MG: you say that now and later you are going to dress me in something funny looking and ask me to lip sync
J: to be frank, you have confidence in your looks don’t you?
[and the rest – he lost me-something about how MG should believe in his talents as well as his looks maybe cuz that is what my friend guessed.
for two cute guys talking slowly – this was a tough one for me to focus on and translate cuz they used words about music that I couldnt understand – will tackle this scene tm after I ask some ppl. Please dont quote me on this scene yet.]

After staying up all night working, Mary goes home and gets stopped by her dad.
D: why are you not going to the office and coming home?
Mary: since we had an all nighter, I didnt have to go in for work today.
D: why did you stay up all night. I told you to get hired so that you could spend time with him at the office-why are you doing dumb things like staying up all night and making me so upset (drive me crazy)?
Mary: I’m sleepy- dad i want to go to sleep.
D: where do you think you are going? J is going to go to work so go over there and sleep – get some sleep there and wake up and have lunch with him.
mary: dad- why are you like this?
D: if you made a contract, you have to keep to the schedule- are you thinking of hahazardly filling up the 100days like this? hurry up and go
(he pushes her)
Mary: ok – let me at least change clothes and go – it smells

MG is face down on J’s bed and slowly wakes up. J comes in from his shower and asks “are you awake?” and MG asks where he is and J asks “you dont remember last night?” and MG remembers what he said to J as J struggled to help MG walk upright since MG got drunk
MG: “I really hate the cold and there is no boiler (heat) in my home”
and MG thinks about it for a second and looks for his guitar.

Mary walks up to the house and hopes J already left for work so she can get some sleep. She is all happy cuz she thinks she can finally get some sleep.
J hands MG some water and asks
You do all the *producing alone? Where do you record?
MG: at home
J: so it’s a home recording. you’re really like an indie musician
J gets a call from the office
* not sure if the word “ja-gope” means make/write or produce music, but it’s definitely one or the other

Mary walks in lies on the sofa and wants to sleep there for a while but hears J’s voice and then she hears another man’s voice and thinks J really IS gay from overhearing this conversation – she starts to inch closer to the bedroom.
MG: you really want me that much?
Mary: he really is gay?
J: what each of us wants- didnt we make that clear last night?
Mary: you’re caught – now the 100days is canceled
MG: if you get me…. get tiring.
J: we’ll make good partners
[OMG Mary and MG’s lines are spoken at the same time and it’s so hard to hear all of MG’s line-arrghh]
She sneaks closer and that is when she sees J in his robe and MG sitting on the bed without a shirt on.
Mary says softly “MG” and points and yells “Kang MG!”
MG: yah- mary x-mas – you! (covers himself) yah- what are you doing here?
J asks “you two know each other”
Mary replies “he is my husband”
thenJ looks at MG and says ” wedding ceremony…”
MG says to J “are you the one registered for marriage”
Mary goes over and stands right in front of MG and yells out “sweetie!”


(can I just say, with that hair and those round shoulders, JGS could pass for a girl front and back)
omg preview is daebak
Mary to J: You know how it is among the three of us so how could you work with MG?
Mary looks at J and S together and says “he should date and marry someone who suits him like her – why is he pulling me in?
J to MG: should we talk?
Mary: no! (MG shuts her in his van)
Mary to MG:with a girl who says she has a guy she loves -agreeing to a 100 days contract marriage – does that sound like a person who is in his right mind?

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