Mary Stayed Out All Night E4: Live “Transcap”

You know what this drama is missing? those random scenes where characters stare off into space and just sit there quietly and not say one word – no flashbacks – no introspective thoughts narrated aloud – just pure unadulterated silence – that is what this drama needs more of so that I can feel my fingers cuz they are numb from all the typing. OMG these people talk constantly. Did SKKS characters talk this much? Maybe cuz they had actions scenes and lots of staring scenes, but I definitely think they talked less than MSOAN characters.

All kidding aside – I love this episode the most and now I am reconsidering doing Secret Garden cuz as much as I love Hyun Bin-not sure if I can handle doing live recaps for both. Now I feel committed to MSOAN – barring any changes in plot like sudden deaths of the three main characters or if MG goes back to S and marries her – as long as nothing that crazy happens, I want to stick with this one drama. Still haven’t seen Secret Garden yet, kinda putting it off. I’m too scared that I might like it and have to commit to two which is crazy on so many levels.

Thank you guys so much for helping me with all the Japanese translations tonight – it really means a lot to me that you cared enough to find out the info for me and kept sharing. Boku Ga Iru is now going to be stuck in my head for life. The way J said it tonight sounds like it melted millions of hearts, right along with Mary’s. Game on. MG better watch out.

Updated on 11/17 : Safe to read


Mary: honey-what are you doing here? Hurry let’s go.
MG: go where?
Mary: Let’s hurry up and go.
MG: have to take my clothes (she gathers his belongings)
Mary: let’s go sweetie
(after Mary hustles MG outside )
Mary: hurry
MG: it’s cold
As they come out, they stand outside the house and talk
Mary: What? drama music producer? no – you can’t do that work
MG: why? that person seemed ok
Mary: no – he is a bad person. He wants something from you that’s why he is like that – he wants to investigate you.
MG: that is ridiculous. are you writing a novel? we don’t even know each other well.
Mary:ya- think about it. agreeing to a 100 days contract marriage with a girl who says she has a guy she loves – does that sound like a person who is in his right mind?
MG: is that so?
Mary: of course. he thinks of marriage as business. He is doing that to use you.
MG: he seemed normal when we talked about music
Mary: no he’s not (she lists stuff I dont know but it has to do with J’s odd personality traits I think) polite jerk.
Mary: hey KMG where are you going?
MG: I left my guitar there
Mary: no you cant go in
MG: why?
Mary: he’ll ask you detailed questions- during that, what happens if we get caught about our fake marriage
MG: this is driving me crazy
Mary: that’s why i’ll get it and drop it off-right after I get off  work, I’ll take it to you.
Mary says it’s too late for her, but she doesnt want J to mess with MG.
J says he needs MG for his musical talent for this drama and Mary keeps insisting that can’t happen
S interrupts their conversation when she comes in. Mary excuses herself but S stops her from leaving and S offers Mary a new cell phone
S: take this
Mary: huh
J: what is going on
S: I tossed Mary’s cell phone
J: oh so that business that happened yesterday at the studio…
S: from where I am standing (from my point of view) I’m still not clear about what happened, but I don’t think that you lied. Aren’t you going to accept it?
Mary: it’s ok. My phone didnt break.I’ll just accept your apology.
S to J: Director, did the script come out?
two women talking about J and S remarking how good they look together
Mary overhears them and thinks to herself: he should date and marry someone who suits him like her – why is he pulling me in? He really is a weird person.
S and J walk to the elevator and she talks about all the lessons she needs to take like singing and guitar lessons and he tells her the company has a studio she can use to practice in and she asks since he is the musical director to teach her well. she also  gets help on how to pronounce “saiko-desu” in Japanese which means the best or great.
[thank you NIKESMA for all your help translating tonight 🙂 ]
Mary is cleaning J’s desk and speaking in Japanese
“Ogenki desu-ka” How are you?
“Sayonara” Goodbye.
“Konbawa” Good Evening.
and wonders what “Boku-ga-iru” means.When J comes in, he asks Mary what she was up to. mary says since she likes dramas so much, she thought it was so interesting to see a script up close. He asks what she thought of it and she said it seemed new and entertaining. It seemed original since it was a Romantic comedy and rock drama. She adds that that the drama seemed like it was for young ppl and that older people probably wouldnt watch it.
That makes J take pause but he says “is that so?”
J: since you are probably tired from staying up, you can leave for the day.
Mary starts to complain about him always making her leave early but changes her mind and asks for MG’ s guitar
J says he would take it to Mg personally
MG is sitting by his van fixing something and some girls come by and ask MG if he could fix a laptop that won’t turn on
(Mary is running towards him screaming “sweetie” over and over again like a crazy woman and stops right next to him, out of breath and clinging to his arm)
Mary: wow-our sweetie is working.
(the girl takes her laptop back and says she will be back later and leaves with her friends)
MG looks at mary: ya- why are you like this?
Mary : look over there
MG spots J carrying MG’s guitar and walking towards them
MG: what is this
Mary: I said I would take the guitar to you but he insisted on coming along
J : KMG- you must’ve been tired – did you rest well?
Mary to J: cant you tell from looking? how busy our sweetie is from working
She stands up
Mary: since you returned the guitar, please hurry up and leave
turns to face MG
Mary: sweetie- just continue what you were doing. (Mary steps into the van) wow-our sweetie did a lot.
MG: ya- you can’t touch that
J to MG: can we talk?
Mary: no – don’t talk
J: wait a minute
(and he proceeds to duck her head and push her into the van and locks the door while MG just looks on!!!!  LOL)
Outside the two guys start talking, while inside the van mary bangs on the windows yelling: no- don’t talk-sweetie- how do you open this door-sweetie – don’t talk and she moves to the back
MG: I’m not thinking of making a contract
J: really? I thought you and being a music coordinator matched well
MG: that’s how I got duped/tricked a few times
J: duped?
(Mary comes out the back)
Mary to J: dont mess with our sweetie
MG pulls her away and says: don’t overdo it- I’ll take care of this
Mary: ok
MG to J: what is your *objective
J: objective?
MG: marrying a girl who is married because you are registered – is that doing something normal/sane?
J: there seems to be a misunderstanding. this marriage to me is…
MG (finishing J’s sentence): business. Marriage is a business and music is a business
J: so is that why you can’t trust me?
MG: of course
(MG goes back to fixing something)
(omg – longest scene ever- translating what the 2 guys said while she was banging on the window was so hard I got a headache)
*this word could be purpose/intent/goal/plan -too many options
D and JS are talking in JS’s car
D: brother- you dont have to worry about that guy. He is such a playboy, he has no interest in Mary and he said nothing happened between them.
JS: are trusting a guy’s word right now?
D: I’ll be more vigilant/alert in the future so brother you can ease your worries
JS: being just vigilant wont work. Before the end of the 100days, make certain you take care of it. If Mary chooses that guy, you have to bear the full responsibility
D: yes- why are you acting so scary. So the money you gave us…
JS: I have to take it back. Like Mary says, there is nothing in this world for free.
D: by the end of today, I will make absolute sure and take care of this.
J says he thinks it will be hard to get MG to agree today and says he will come back again later.
MG: we wont need to see each other again
Mary: please dont contact our sweetie again.
J walks off with a slight smirk
Mary pats Mg and says: you did well. you did well.
MG: it’s my business. it wasnt cuz of you.
Mary: it doesnt matter. everything turned out well. you two have completely settled things. thank goodness
what have you been fixing this whole time
MG: can’t you see? this and that
D is standing on a corner spying on MG and Mary. he is mad cuz J let her out early again.
Mary: how much do you earn from doing this. it must be hard to make a living
MG: i have what I get from performances too so it’s enough to live on.
but – hey- are you a wife?
Mary: how could I be your wife? oh – I am a registered wife.
MG spots D spying on them
MG: look at 3 o’clock direction – your dad
Mary: our dad? dad is here?
MG: yeah- behind the wall
Mary: it really is our dad
MG: no wonder, I thought something was weird behind my back
Mary: you – you’ve been watched all day?
What do we do? our dad keeps getting suspicious of us. keeps asking if we really were in love and got married
MG: he is coming this way
Mary: really? what should we do?
Mary grabs MG’s hand and runs off
D follows after them
[mary kept asking about his money and stuff so that is why he joked around about her being a wife cuz that’s what Korean wives do]
MG: how much longer are you going to go around like this?
Mary:because of my father, we can’t help it. we’re in the same boat
MG: this wont work. come here
{he takes off running with Mary in tow]
Mary: where are you going?

They hide at a singing room. MG tries to warm himself now that he doesn’t have to run in the cold
Mary: what is this? why did we come here? you said you hated things like singing rooms
MG: let’s stay here till your dad leaves and then go. (spots her dad)
what is that?
Mary: why?
(they both see her dad staring in and he is picking his teeth)
MG: no way-does he think he cant be seen?
Mary: my dad is so humiliating
MG shakes his head in disbelief at what her dad is doing
Mary: let’s hurry and sing
MG: i hate singing in places like this
Mary: no – if he knows we came in here not planning to sing-he’ll suspect
MG: then you sing- I dont feel like it
Mary: I’m really tone deaf
mary sings – and she is awful and MG lifts his head and says she is totally tone deaf
Mary: it’s a guy’s key so i cant sing it-what should i do?
he takes the mic away from her and he sings
Mary looks impressed

D is freaking out cuz MG is singing so well and he calls JS to blame J for not paying enough attention to Mary
after listening to MG sing inside
D says to himself: this is trouble- trouble.
yah- he is so cool.
he really knows how to sing that well
our Mary is totally bewitched
what should I do
this wont do
oh he really sings well
[D calls JS to sort of yell at him about J]
Brother, it’s me. J keeps letting Mary off work early all the time and he has no interest in her. Isnt J going too far behaving like this?
I skipped this scene during the broadcast cuz i had no idea what J said.
J spoke on the phone with the director of the drama and said something about going over something again – caught only a word or two here and there

They get out of the singing room and D is still following them
MG lost his cell phone while he was drunk and has to get a new one (an iphone)
while Mary looks for her father – she spots him and tells MG to look in the one o’clock direction
MG runs into some friends and borrows a bike from one of them and tells Mary to hop on so that they can escape from her dad
As they are riding along through a park
Mary: we should have done this sooner
MG (out of breath from pedaling): you’re right
Mary:  you were cool a while ago
MG: what? you were cool while you were singing!
MG suddenly stops and looks back at her
Mary: I thought you always sang loud music, it was the first time I saw you sing a ballad
MG(looking stern at first and then grinning slyly): So? you like me now?
Mary hitting him: you’re crazy crazy crazy – it was just that you were cool- from an objective view
MG: I know – a girl like you who hasnt even dated yet- what could you know?
As they ride along, MG complains his hands are frozen and the wind is cold and he keeps blowing heat on his hands and she makes him stop at a yarn shop
(totally loved this scene and the next one)

back at MG’s place
Mary: It’s still cold. they said this winter was going to be really cold-it’s going to be freezing (she mumbles how she hates the cold i think)
MG (trying to get the heater started): I’m like that too-I cant stand the cold
Mary: I was born in the winter so why cant I endure it
MG” when is your birthday?
Mary: 11-31 – how about you?
MG: christmas eve
Mary: Merry Christmas – I’m your noona
MG: must be nice
Mary: from now on- call me *noona dongsaeng
[* call me older sister younger brother]
MG: oy noona – ever since you’ve been sitting there like that – you look like a girl
Mary (in the cutest flirtiest tone): oy dongsaeng. I am a girl.
yay-one side (mitten)  completed!
(MG goes over to sit next to her)
MG: wow you really are fast
mary putting it on: it’s so warm
Sees MG rubbing his hands together and asks
Should I knit you one too?
He nods yes
Mary: give me your hands. I have to measure your size.
( she holds his hand up – palm side against her palm measuring his hands the whole time they talk)
MG noticing her scar: that scar? when did it happen?
Mary: I dont remember. (they ) said I got hurt when I was 4
MG: how?
Mary; dont know. Dad said I got hurt while playing
MG: i see
Mary: is it cuz you play guitar? your fingers are really long.
done. I’m gonna start knitting yours so you hurry up and start the heater. It’s cold
MG: ok

Mary: MG – around what time is it now?
MG: it’s past 9:30
Mary (alarmed -gets up) : really- what am i going to do-I’m going to be late
MG looking at his unfinished mitten: eh- what? you didnt even do half
Mary: I’ll finish knitting the rest later . I’m late. going now!
comes back
mary: if you unravel this- you’ll die-bye!
after she leaves, MG holds up his hand to his half done mitten to see if it fits
The problem with the drama production is that if the actors’ schedules get pushed back, they are going to want to be released from their contracts. that means the company has to reimburse the actors and the total for that is so much money I dont know the exact amount in dollars but it is too much and it will break this’s not just the actor’s reimbursement he is worried about but the escalating production cost at the delay
the actor they are most worried about is the guy and his mean manager.

J goes to see his dad. the first thing JS says about J is that J’s face looks tired and haggard. J says cuz “there is a mountain i have to cross”
[referring to his company’s problems]
We learn that JS has been going to the doctor’s  so J asks about his dad’s health. JS says he is following his doctor’s orders well. j apologizes for not being able to take his father to his doc’s appt that day and that J should have made time to.
JS asks J how the 100 day contract is going. J gives the excuse that he had a lot of work so JS lays down the law and comes down hard on J.
JS to J: there is something you are misunderstanding. the contract itself is not the end. You have to get Mary to choose you. If you can’t do that, I’m taking back all the investment I made.
J: father
JS: with the time you have remaining, do everything you can. don’t disappoint me.
J is afraid of this threat cuz it will totally ruin J and his company at this point
D chases Mary around in the morning trying to show Mary pics of MG with some girl but mary says she is his fan. D calls MG a playboy and says she cant get stuck with one cuz she will suffer cuz of him.
Mary warns her father that if he keeps saying stuff like that about MG she will break the contract. D reminds her that all of this is for her sake, Mary tells him to give up on the idea that she would marry a guy like J who would do it as business. she yells at him so he scolds her for yelling at her father in the morning.

J calls D in the morning to start doing his part to woo Mary and D is so happy that J showed up and calls him J “soh-bang” which is like son in law and J calls him father in law.
Mary is upset cuz J didnt give her any warning and is now taking her to meet JS- her sort of father in law.
J explains things turned out that way and offers to call MG himself but Mary says she will do it.
Mary: sweetie it’s me!
a really sleepy MG picks up and says “are you starting up again this morning?” MG had stayed up all night working so he doesnt respond well to this early wake up call and not much of the call registers with him at all.
Mary totally ignores MG’s explanation that he didnt get any sleep
and says”sweetie- something big happened. I’m going somewhere with J Director right now and it’s going to take one night and two days -isn’t that absurd?
MG all groggy: you do what you have to do – hang up.
Mary: it is huh! it doesnt make any sense right?
MG: what are you saying you can’t do?
J interrupts and says he’ll talk to MG
Mary says no since it’s against the law to talk on the phone while driving.
Mary goes back to MG: so sweetie, for one night and two days here, let’s ask for 3 nights and four days. and while we are at it, we can alter our time too. up to now your time was too short so let’s divide it equally. From 9-3 J Director minus an hour break and you from 4-10. how’s that? let’s ask to change it like this
MG still sleepy: ya- what are you talking about all by yourself?
Mary: ok sweetie I will get this all settled. ok then hang up!
(Mary turns her ph off and says to J)
You heard all that right?
J: then do it that way. but do your best during the one night two days time period. 
Mary: huh? what best?
[During that conversation with MG, she talks loudly and uses “sweetie” a lot and the whole time she is talking, she isnt even listening to MG’s responses and keeps acting like MG is reacting the way she wants even tho he is half awake.]

[when they arrive, they walk up to the house and I recognized it from the mail box alone. omg it’s the bad guy, cinderella’s sister, and brilliant legacy house AGAIN – do they have only one  nice house in korea???]
it is where JS supposedly lives
The groundskeeper comes in and welcomes J and calls him “young master”(gawwwd I miss SKKS). he says that J’s father went for a walk and that he would go try to find him for J. 
J gets a call cuz there is an imp meeting and leaves her there to go take care of some business.
standing in the room alone Mary says it’s weird cuz she thinks she has seen this place before and dismisses it saying she probably saw it on a drama (LOL)
Mary sees a photo of her mom and dad in the house and JS walks in and sees mary and he has a weird look on his face at seeing her in person finally
[I think it might be because JS is not well that this whole marriage thing matters so much to him and taking care of mary is important to him]
the manager and the actor meets with J and the manager acts all difficult and makes J’s life more miserable  about how they want to trust J and wait it out but that they have a tour.  S comes in and calls the manager a liar cuz the manager said she could change the dates of the tour before.  S calls the actor a lowly beggar for bailing when he was the one who begged her to work on this drama with him and encouraged her by saying let’s put our lives on the line for this drama. S acts cool about the delay in the drama and can wait saying she believes in the drama, not J.
(earlier J had said the exact same thing to the manager and actor about believing in the drama and not him)
S remarks that the actor guy does not have any loyalty
S says it is her b-day and asks J to celebrate later at her party, but he mentions he has family obligation
[didnt understand during broadcast but the production for the drama has been pushed back and J is trying to convince the actor guy not to bail on the drama]
Mary and JS are sitting together getting to know each other
she calls him ahjushii (sir) the whole time 
Mary says she is really grateful that JS paid off their debts, but wonders why he wants her as his daughter in law.
JS: are you curious about that?
Mary yes sir, do you know me?
JS: I know you, your dad, and your mom – everyone
Mary : I knew you knew my father from childhood but you knew my mother as well?
JS: i knew her before she met your father. let’s talk about your mother later slowy

JS and Mary have tea together
JS asks how work is and she says she doesnt have much to do
JS asks if she knows how to play golf-she points out she was too poor for that and he says he shouldnt have asked
he asks what sport she is good at and she says she has no interest in sports
except for (gonna guess  she said she likes inactive sports but that sounds wrong cuz he said it was important – trying to figure out her sport is like solving a puzzle)
he assumes she can play go and she says she cant and he said he is making a lot of mistakes and looks defeated
mary urges him to play anyway cuz it is her fault she cant do so many things so he must be really bored
JS says it’s ok and she suddenly thinks of something she knows how to do.
He looks so happy to finally be able to play something with her
it is a game i dont know but it’s where you flick go pieces and see how far it goes. you use your piece to knock your opponent’s pieces off the board by flicking your piece
they are in the heat of their game and having fun when J walks in to see how well they are getting along
the three have dinner together
JS has stomach / intestinal cancer and he is going through treatments now so he has to eat food that has been prepared differently than theirs
Both J and JS are so quiet while they are eating it makes Mary uncomfortable
mary chokes on her water cuz she is used to eating loudly with her dad and it’s so quiet here
J gets a call from Japan and goes to take it
mary complains how often J answers business calls
since JS lived in Japan, mary asks if he knows what Boku Ga Iru means

D goes to MG’s place
D: Are you surprised because I came without any warning? 
MG: what is going on?
D: it’s because of my daughter, could there be another reason?
what were you thinking of when you decided to get married like this?
MG: ask your daughter yourself
D says man to man that MG is not good husband material
and that a woman would suffer if she married him
I saw a lot of situations with people like you
MG: so?
D: so – you and our Mary do not match at all
This cracks up MG
D gets insulted that he is being laughed at
MG gets serious and says things escalated to this point, but that he doesnt have a reason to listen to advice like this
D: are you trying to pick faults with me right now?
MG gets a call from his mom and his voice changes to a sweet tone and MG calls out her name and smiles saying he will go out right now and to wait.
D misunderstands this and asks MG if that person on the phone was a girl and MG gives D an angry look for a second.
MG: I have to go meet someone so i have to leave now…
D: look – we havent finished talking yet
MG: I have nothing to say – the rest of the story you can hear it from mary
D: wait – you cant tell Mary that I came. If you tell her I came I’m going to be in trouble with Mary. man to man- please keep this secret.
MG’s mom called MG and he goes out to meet her to cheer her up
she says now that she has broken up she is sad and her heart hurts
MG: that is why I told you not to love and just date
she says: how do you make that happen by will
if you dont want to get hurt- you have to do it that way
she says even tho she is older, she still fails at love (took a guess)
MG: mom- among faith love hope do you know which one is the most important?
she says love
MG: no – loyalty
she says :what is that? umm- that makes sense
MG: so from now on – dont meet guys  with love meet a guy with loyalty
she asks where he heard that
MG: from the girl you met in front of my place on the day I moved in
She replies “ah that girl who looked like a cute puppy. she must have loyalty”
MG: she is different from other girls
She says then you should be with a girl with loyalty too.
MG: what? she isn’t a girl
She says “ok” and lets the matter drop
his mom asks if they should live together cuz she is lonely
MG looks happy all of a sudden
MG: really mom?
she says: yes. I made you too lonely all your life. You didnt have a father. I raised you by leaving you here and there with relatives.
MG: it’s ok. stop it – it’s all in the past
She hugs him and says she is sorry
MG: it’s ok. anyway life is living alone and leaving alone
she says “from now on let’s live together and no live lonely alone”
MG: you say that now but you’re going to leave again as soon as you meet someone you like
She says “no – I wont fall in love again. loyalty. I promise”
MG offers to buy her ice cream and she gets all happy like a kid.

D spots MG with his mom eating ice cream and takes pics cuz D is so upset that MG is cheating on mary with an older woman at that
while Mg is buying ice cream his mom gets a call from the guy that broke up with her and runs off to meet him when she learns that he didn’t mean it about breaking up
she leaves poor MG behind with the ice cream and he acts like he is used to it and goes off to eat it alone
he gets a call and is happy thinking that it is his mom but it is mary
mary is calling in front of J  so she keeps calling MG sweetie like a million times

J listens to the whole conversation kind of smiling
Mary:sweetie – it;s me. what is our sweetie doing? you’re bored without me? did you eat?
MG: instead of food, Im eating ice cream
Mary: you said you were (?)-you might catch a cold so why did you do that? sweetie
MG: ya-could you stop saying sweetie? it’s giving me goosebumps
Mary: that’s why sweetie. I miss you too
MG: you sure do act well-you could win an award
Mary:what did I say was the most imp out of  faith, love, hope?
MG: ya- let’s stop and hang up
Mary: that’s why. loyalty is the best. a family lives for loyalty. I’m forever on your side – you know that right sweetie? let’s keep our loyalty till the end. sweetie-I love you!
[that last part about loyalty affected MG and you could tell and he smiles while eating his ice cream]
S sits at a bar and everyone comes to celebrate her bday at a REALLY nice venue
the actor gives her an expensive diamond necklace but she doesnt want him to put it on her cuz she doesnt like diamonds
the actor sings “she ” and I am trying not to gag

S gets a text from MG’s bandmate
and leaves her party to go meet him/them
s and the bandmates drink together
and she signs the drummer’s cast. today is his b-day as well as hers.
she wants them to call MG but he is working and said they were going to call him later and they celebrate just by themselves for now
JS says since the drama project is in this situation, he wants J to go his place (something that J did in Japan JS wants J to do in Korea)
J says he prepared alot to do this drama. he says he can’t go back now and he wants to be responsible for it till the end
JS says not to do so much, this is as far as J was meant to go
(he uses another Korean proverb I never heard of)
J contradicts him and says”whether I succeed or fail, I’m going tot do it till the end.” Please give me another chance
J promises his dad that J will come thru – even in marriage as well as business
JS made D do all that stalking and get MG out of the picture and D assures JS that D took care of everything and not to worry
mary is at the house looking thru stuff and she comes across a young picture of herself on some boy’s back. she stares at the boy and thinks
Mary: this kid can’t be…

J comes in the room and says he looked for her for a long time. she shows him the pic she found and asks why J is piggybacking her.
J says he doesnt remember why either
D shows JS the pic D took of MG cheating on Mary. it’s the pic with MG and his mom at the ice cream store.
D: look at this – with an older woman dressed like that – he is this kind of guy – you dont have to worry about him anymore. I totally have him (in a corner – meaning he has proof )
D notices the pic on the wall
D thanks JS for the chance to meet mary’s mom at Christmas
D says because of JS, D got to meet Mary’s mom and fall in love and get married
JS says there is nothing to be thankful to me about
you two met and and fell in love at first sight
D mentions how when they were young they planned to get their kids to marry and D says all this was fate
JS left for Japan after D got married and JS never planned to return except he needed the surgery here in Korea so that is why JS came back

Mary asks what is written in Japanese on the photo and J translates it for her :”I’m here. I will protect you forever”
“I’m here” is the meaning of “boku-ga-iru”
Mary realizes that is the phrase she was trying to remember in an earlier scene at J’s office.
As they walk outside, J asks to see her scar but she says no
She trips and he helps catch her and says to be careful
Mary: it’s weird – you were 8 and you can’t remember anything at all?
J: I dont remember anything before I was 8 at all
Mary: why ?was there an accident? 
J: I dont want to remember
[i suspect it has to do with that scar of hers]
Mary: then you dont have to tell me. anyway, it’s surreal that 20 yrs ago, we met here
J: it’s romantic
Mary: for a story it might be
J: not worried about (???), I am going to make sure I marry you.
Mary: what? what kind of talk is that all of a sudden? you said you didnt have any interest in marriage. you said all you had to do was hang in there for 100days
J: the situation changed. I have to be the one you choose. 
Mary: i have no plans to choose you. And I have someone I love.
she turns to leave and trips and hurts her ankle so J has to piggyback her
Mary is trying to sit up straight as possible so she doesnt lean on his back
J says: if you do that, it’s hard on both of us so just relax
JS and D witnesses J and Mary going up the stairs like that and smile in approval
J takes her all the way up to her room

MG is at his place reading and finds the story mary made up about how they met
MG: what is this? it’s a total goosebump making romance novel
and he laughs over it as he reads and suddenly stops himself from enjoying the letter and folds it
MG puts on Mary’s mitten and his half done one and says it is warm
he gets a call
this time he wonders if it is mary
but it’s the bandmates

Once MG gets there, he acts surprised to see S there and  asks how is it that she is here and the drummer reminds MG that the drummer and S share a b-day MG had forgotten that.she says “it’s been a year”.
The members were about to leave cuz it’s awkward so MG and S could spend some time together
But both MG and S stop them and MG’s hand ends up resting on top of S’s as they try to get the members to sit back down.
Suddenly –  in front of them:
S says: let’s start over
MG: you know. When I break up – that’s it, I don’t ever start back up again.
S calls him a bad guy and says she struggled with this for a year.
she seems kinda drunk and she said she is going to the bathroom
the drummer wants to follow her since she is a movie star and her manager isnt there and she shouldnt be out by herself but she said it’s ok and she doesnt go around with her manager anyway (it’s not her way)
the guys say almost all at once:
Leader; she is still wearing the pick necklace you gave her
(this was what she was holding in her hand at the bar scene in E3 after she stormed off the set to cool off while watching MG sing and earlier at the bar while waiting for her party to start)
drummer: brother, how can you answer without thinking about it for even a second?
MG: when was it when you guys told me to marry Mary X-mas?
curly hair dude: that was to match the mood at the time, but your style is S.
leader: hey MG, are you doing this cuz of Mary by any chance?
MG: what are you talking about?
drummer: really? brother you like Mary? you got attached to her?
MG: this isnt fun. I’m leaving
they all mumble that they are right
he looks at his cell ph and sees a text that is not from Mary and says “a while ago she calls and makes a fuss and now there are no messages from her. Mary is staying out all night’

some drunk guys recognize S on the street -she went there to cry- the guys start messing with her cuz she is a star but MG rescues her. before one guy got punched, he asked who MG was and if MG was her boyfriend.
S stops MG from hitting them some more and MG turns to her and yells;
 since it is dangerous – told you not to go off alone
he drags her away
He stops and asks in a sweet tone: are you ok?
S shakes her head and says: I’m not ok
and hugs him tightly and he just stands there not hugging her back.
j ices mary’s foot
she asks why he changed his mind about marrying her
he says cuz of his business and cuz his father wants it
he reaches for a pillow to elevate her foot but she thought he was reaching over to kiss her or something and she pulls the blanket over her head practically
Mary picks up her phone to call MG
J takes the phone away and tells her to stop calling (MG)
Mary says what difference does it make?
J: KMG is now my rival
Mary: that’s ridiculous
J says “from now on, I promises to do my best” and touches her scar and whispers “boku-ga-iru(I’m here)” and kisses her scar

no preview
I am so loving that Japanese phrase now- it just sounds so poetic !!! it took 4 episodes but I am on board with this drama
omg there is so much to translate – why are there more and more great scenes – ep one was sooooo easy

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    and when he kissed MGY’s forehead..damn it sealed the deal for me


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    Credits: stitch99

    “You’re welcome. Just to add on.

    Jung In recited the lines on the picture(with the two kids) that Maeri was looking at too.

    “Boku ga iru. Boku ga kimi wo mamotte ageru. Eien ni”

    This means “I’m here (for you). I’ll protect you forever.” “


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      yeah I translated that exactly word for word during the broadcast from the way they said it in Korean – I just needed that boku ga iru phrase – thanks so much for your help – could have used your assistance for ep 1 when J was in Japan – had no clue what went on in those scenes – hehehee
      thanks for being an active viewer – really appreciate it!! 🙂


  22. nikesma says:

    Where S gets help from JI on the script. It’s not ‘pshyco’ it’s “Saiko-desu” mean the best or great. I think JI told her what it means? It’s like Daebak in Korean.

    Around 4:18 where MR talked to herself in the office

    “Ogenki desu-ka” How are you?
    “Sayonara” Goodbye.
    “Konbawa” Good Evening.
    “Boku ga iru” I’m here.


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