Big E16 finale

Watching them say goodbye tugs at your heart…translations below.

Shin won: my first drama just ended. it was a moving/poignant time.  Hope to see you in the future in another good project. From here on I will send KJ away and work hard as Shin won from Cross Gene so please love Shin won a lot. KBS drama Big fighting. Shin won Cross Gene fighting. Great job. Everyone goodbye.

Suzy: it still doesn’t feel real. It seems like time went by really quickly. It’s too bad cuz I wanted to show more good sides as Mari. So it’s too bad that it already ended. With all the staff, directors, and others that I suffered with, I have to part with them already and I feel bad about that. Thank you for loving Big so much all this time. from here on too – please love me a lot.

During the filming of that last scene, as LMJ goes over her lines, she asks if they are going to say that line cuz they debated whether to keep it in or not. It’s the line right before K says “Uh Oh.”

Lee Ming Jung: the past 3 months have been a very happy time. thank you to all those many viewers who watched. Big fighting. It ended. (she seemed really tired and out of it so she kept it short)

Gong Yoo originally just shook his hand but suddenly he hugs the guy and says: you worked so hard. So LMJ overdoes it too and bows deeply to GY and says: Gong Yoo sunbaenim you worked hard. So GY says the same thing back “you worked hard” and hugs her.

Gong Yoo:  I had been filming this without sleeping much so to be honest even now I am not that coherent so it still doesn’t feel like it’s over and I feel like I am in a daze.  all I can think about is I want to hurry and go home and sleep. Anyway I was able to say hello to all of you in a drama after a long time/absence. I am a lot older and acted as a teen but you took it favorably and thought it was cute so I want to tell you how thankful I am. I wanted to show you more good sides, but it feels like I wasn’t able to do that so I feel bad. Today after I go home and sleep, it will feel more real that it’s over. Next time, as much as this time in Big, I will say hello again to all of you in a good project. Thank you very much for tuning in (and watching) Big till the end. Always be healthy and happy. The one who received love in Big, this has been KKJ. Uh oh. Big fighting.

after this video ends, if you clip on other links you can see more bts of Suzy and Shin won. there is one where Shin is holding a camera and he messes up so the man says “send this person away” (as in fire him) so Shin yells out “I came from EBS” and tries to keep filming, but he filmed something he wasnt supposed to so he gets the camera taken away. he is introduced to suzy as the guy who is going to be playing KKJ. later after filming her walk scene, suzy says: this is my first day of filming, the weather is good, everyone on the staff and the director seem to be in great spirits so my first day of filming is very fun. later when she drops the ice cream on herself, Shin baby talks and says: it got on her hair.

I’ve finally been able to sum up my thoughts on an ending that seems to displease so many viewers except for a handful.

WARNING : Spoilers

The price we pay for enjoying kdramas is that we don’t always get the ideal ending that we envisioned in our minds cuz let’s face facts – the more we love a drama the more pressure we put on it to deliver in the end. There have been tons of great dramas in the past that I loved from start to almost finish.  Even with a great one like Coffee Prince, I never really liked how they ended it either, but that was cuz I wanted more of that drama period. There just wasn’t a satisfactory way to end that drama cuz I just simply wanted it to keep going forever with no time jumps or separation. When it came to Big, this whole time we have been anticipating and expecting to see the brothers switch back, but stop and think about it. last night on the finale if the Hong sisters managed to write in a scene with the two brothers looking at each other for the first time face to face, how long does that scene need to last for us to feel satisfied that we got what we wanted. What do they need to say to each other so we would feel differently about this drama now.  However long that scene lasted and no matter what they said to each other, I am telling you we would have wanted more. Nothing they said or did would have been enough cuz this is all that we have been building up in our minds for weeks now. In addition, the way this finale was scripted, cut, and edited, there was no room for such a reconciliation cuz it already happened without the brothers needing to meet. When K held YJ’s hand at that hospital to calm his heart rate down, that was the scene we wanted but we just didn’t realize it cuz we wanted to see that happen when YJ was awake. K promised his brother to wait and back off till YJ and D were able to settle things between them before K would go to her. This was K making a brotherly sacrifice to put his hyung first before his own feelings. When M pointed out that K had been ignoring his brother’s feelings for D, that fact got to K and made him pause.  All this time he was rushing into this relationship like a kid in love, but now he stopped to think about how it will be like for his brother and the pain it would cause him to lose D. if anyone should know and sympathize about how much that would hurt, it’s K cuz he had to let her go a few times too. By offering to back off till everything was resolved between D and YJ, this was K’s way of making it up to his brother cuz it’s not really K’s fault all this happened. In life K got the short end of the stick by being born just to save his brother. For all the years he had to go without the love of both parents and a brother, life owes him this. K should at least get the girl in the end. The fact that she was already with his brother is not something he intentionally wanted to mess up. He just followed his heart and it led him to her. I bet anything YJ will not hold that against his kid brother knowing full well that this kid gave YJ life twice now. The least he can do is let his younger brother find happiness with the woman he loves. YJ owes him that much. the real truth is that YJ neglected D too much and took advantage of her kindness. He didn’t treat her the way a man in love should. She had self doubts about his feelings for her and he never did anything to reassure her. she found her value as a woman and as a person through K’s love and that’s what makes him the right man for her.

As for that last scene and not having that young actor come back in his role to play KJ again, I have to be honest about this. Imagine yourself as a newbie actor who happened to luck into a role that was just tailored made for you. The only pressure he had was to deliver a first episode where the chemistry between a teacher and himself had to seem plausible. Lucky for him and his cute dimples, we had no problem imagining an attraction growing. But before anyone who frowns on teacher student relationships could complain, the switch happened. The actor spent the better part of the drama on a hospital bed.  Then Gong Yoo came in with his abs and cute childlike antics and we were sold that he was pretty convincing playing a teen. No surprises there. but now at this finale episode, suppose the writers told you to act just as convincing as the first episode but bring on the charm even more so that we totally believe he is a 21 year old in love. After all those weeks on a hospital bed not getting to hone any more acting skills, wouldn’t you feel intimidated to step back into his role even for just a few minutes? During that scene a few episodes ago when young KJ stood next to D again for a split second, I have to admit – I forgot all about their initial chemistry and just thought – wow he looks like a baby next to her. It’s cuz I got used to her with KJ in YJ’s body. That is not the actor’s fault or the show. The drama itself should not be blamed for the fact that if we saw young KJ next to D last night in the final scene, I am telling you we would have felt some awkwardness. With GY’s voiceover and his face hidden, it was just more easy to accept that the KJ she loves is back. I didn’t feel cheated at all. If anything I was relieved that the kid was spared the pressure of pulling out a miracle of his own and sweep not only DR off her feet but millions of viewers as well. Who knows if he would have pulled it off well or not, but personally I would have felt a bit jarred by the sudden reappearance of his young face next to hers again. I am pretty sure the writers felt that GY’s version of KJ was what everyone was used to and wanted to keep that tone all the way till the end. That’s why I didn’t have issues with the ending like the majority of the viewers. Maybe this is just me who thinks this way, but when a drama goes out of its way to deliver comedy and heart for the most part, I am not going to hold one or two obligatory “angsty” episodes against it and condemn the whole drama series as a big waste of time. I felt like I was rewarded for every tear and laughter I invested in this show cuz these characters grew on me and I ended up falling in love.  Ever since news broke out that GY and LMJ were going to do a Hong sisters drama together, I held my breath cuz I knew it would be great. Looking back on this drama, I would say my instinct was spot on and this cast and crew have a lot to be proud of. I am not a fair weather kdrama viewer – I don’t abandon a drama I love just because a few episodes made the boat rocky. I stick with it through its ups and downs and appreciate all its effort to entertain. In fact I enjoyed this drama so much I still intend to buy the DVD.

These two were my other choices for main pic for the finale. I love these scenes.

This photo was taken during their first script reading. I was telling Fanderay how Gong Yoo wore this white tshirt and sat on the end next to one of the Hong sisters on his right and LMJ on his left. But after the script reading, I guess he moved over next to the kid to coach him since the kid would be carrying the first episode. Gong Yoo looks so sweet and caring here.

My gratitude goes out to Fanderay for recapping with me and leaving us such insightful comments and gorgeous screenshots. Can’t wait till we work together again soon. Special thanks to Semi-fly for coming to my rescue and leaving so many torrents for us to download. I don’t know how I would have survived without your help. Thank you Sparkskey for pulling double duty and dropping off your preview translations for both dramas. I love when we enjoy the same ones.

I want to thank everyone who left comments and encouraged me along the way to keep recapping this wonderful drama. There were nights when sleepiness overwhelmed me, but even if a handful of viewers were out there, I would have continued to recap cuz Gong Yoo just brings out the masochist in me. Sleep deprivation was a privilege to go through for his sake and I would do it all again in a heartbeat for this wink. actually – more so for his abs. 🙂

E16 Finale


Starts from D saying- I love KKJ. Everyone is quiet. She takes off her ring and puts it down on the table. Her mom gets up to hit D but K says I am first. if anyone should talk now, I am first. he takes D away. Her dad apologizes for their awful daughter. CS wonders is that really my noona? the uncle talks about people who backstab -how they end up getting hit on the front


K asks why she did that. I told you all my memories would disappear. she says I will remember everything. K: you will only get hurt alone and be in pain. D: even if it hurts, I cant say everything that happened with you didnt.  K: you arent going to act like nothing happened? D: I wont cuz I said that it was real that I had feelings for you. you – the one I liked exists. now and in the future. K: I might lose all my memory though. D: I will protect it all. and I will tell you – who will lose all his memories. K: I might call you a crazy woman. D: I am crazy right now so that is correct. look at me. I totally look like a crazy woman. K: yes you dont look like you are in your right mind.


She shows the watch and says I went to the bottom of the water. this was there.  K: you went into that water. You are crazy. D: that’s right. He touches her face and says what is this (cuz she looks muddy)you are dirty and you smell. D: cuz of the miracle even if you lose your memory I will break it. I will hold onto you tightly and not let you go. He hugs her close and cries. D: I will break it. I wont let you go.


Doctor runs to YJ’s bedside


Her dad keeps apologizing and says: cuz of my bad daughter. I dont know what to say. YJ’s mom says how D already said she would let YJ go when his condition got better. she said she didnt have any right, but I didn’t know it was for a reason like that (D cheating).  his mom says there is no more need to look at each other and tells her husband let’s go.


As they leave the mom gets a call from the hospital about KJ.


S tells them how KJ’s vitals spiked to dangerous levels but now it’s better. The dad wants to stay at the hospital today and watch over him. The mom wants to stay by his side too. S asks should I contact YJ but the mom says YJ has a different problem now so today we will stay by his side and watch over him and I will tell YJ later when I see him. S wonders what made KY do that


K and D walk home hand in hand. He thinks she should go home and wash and change first but she says it’s ok. I have to get used to being a woman who lost her mind. later to you who wont have any memory, I might have to say I love you KKJ.


She looks at the flowers by the side of the street and asks are these flowers pretty. K: what if they are pretty. she says last time you gave me flowers for present and I didnt return the favor. should I pick these flowers for you? she picks some flowers and gets in trouble from the guy who tends to them so D runs across the street. the man wonders if she is crazy. K says it seems like she is. I am sorry that woman really is in a crazy state. D: KJ ah I am sorry. I didnt do much for you. so should I give you these flowers. should I sing a song for you too? I will sing for you. K shakes his head no but she already started the pororo song. the man says that young lady really is crazy. K mutters about how he was going to the moon with that woman. she is already there.

He crosses the street and says if I could only remember this it would be daebak cuz I could tease you with this for the rest of our lives. D: when I thought you could remember, there are too many things I didnt do for you cuz i was afraid. I regret that the most


Aunt finds the ring and says no one took it. uncle says it looks expensive so even if it was thrown away they should have taken it. aunt says i dont understand people who throw away expensive rings cuz it’s all over. should I wear it since it was thrown away. M comes and says that is mine. I bought that ring so give it to me. I bought it to tell a lie but I didnt lie about buying it. please give it to me. umcle asks why M didnt leave when others all left.  M: I am going now. aunt and uncle when KJ wakes up later be sure to tell him that M was the only one who stayed by his side. Uncle agrees she always stayed by KJ’s side. M says even you two think I am the only one who has the right to stay by KJ’s side. since GDR teacher is a betrayer who doesnt keep promises, she will get punished.


CS thinks they should have told YJ’s parents that YJ cheated too so both of them did but the dad says that’s a bad thing to do – just cuz our daughter did something wrong and then saying their son did something wrong too. since YJ left with D they will take care of it. D’s mom is mad and asks who is that KKJ. CS thinks since they left like that there will be some icy tension between them


but they are having some adorable time together. K asks D: answer truthfully when did you first like KKJ. D: I dont know for sure. K: You cant give me such a vague answer. be clear and spill it. This is for the sake of the day I wont have any memory. She says the movie theater. When you came I felt something. K: oh so that’s when you started liking me and pretended not to. she says back then she didnt realize she fell for him, she thought she just liked his outer shell. so he asks when she was more sure.  she confesses -at the park. that’s when I knew I was no longer waiting for YJ and looking for you. K says I saw you sitting there crying. D: really? K: If I knew you were crying cuz of me then you wouldn’t have needed to cry after that. D: after that I didnt know what I was doing. I thought I was slowly going crazy.  he asks if she did all that needlework and ironing to hang in there to try not to fall for him. D: you are the one who is going to lose his memory so we should show cover how you felt. But he points out how he had to endure a lot of pain. Cuz the first time he said he liked her, she rejected him off by calling him a blood clot. you have to wrap it up so it’s beautiful.  She wonders why she didn’t have the courage to tell him sooner that she liked him. if I did then I could have done more pretty things for you. K: just do well from now on. they look into each other’s eyes and he takes her hand and pats his cheek. he asks: you like me so much you could die huh? D: no just so so. K: what a lie. Hearts are shooting out of your eyes. they laugh


YJ’s mom says being like this reminds me of long ago when YJ was sick. when I saw YJ lying on his hospital bed every day my heart ached so much. but during that time the one I didnt think of as my child, as I looked at this kid why does my heart ache the same as back then.

D says how she has to go cuz her parents will still be waiting since their daughter made trouble. I am going to tell them I am ending it with YJ for certain. if I dont want my family to be confused, I cant meet you openly for the time being.  K says maybe we should run away to the countryside but she says she went through a lot to settle things. also I wont run away again


D goes home and says sorry for making you worry. The mom says go up to your room


The mom says even though my hair was cut short by your grandmother I still liked your dad. so do you want to go through that too. (meaning get her hair cut short like that) D stands up for her love: it doesnt matter. what i feel in my heart now, if I say it never happened. I cant smile happily like you did in this picture. so the mom steps forward to cut but doesn’t have the heart to cut D’s hair and says you are crazy. D says sorry mom but the mom says I don’t want to look at you.


Her mom cries and says to her husband. I didn’t know that I would say the same things to my daughter that my mom said to me. How my mom’s heart must have ached back then. That bad girl (talking about D)


K finds out about how YJ was the previous night from S. K says he looks fine now. did his vitals spike that much. S says how scared she was yesterday cuz she was afraid he would have a heart attack. also she was looking forward to him waking up  maybe but he didnt. K: his condition was that bad? S asks: when you first met him, you went all the way to the morgue and came back alive huh? K: yes I was dead and came back aline. S thinks: the more she sees, between YJ and KJ there seems to be some special communication/connection between them.


K is with the little boy and the boy blows a balloon with K. K uses the balloon and thinks about how SYJ needs to safely get out of his body.  He lets out the air. K: all I have to do is die for a short time and then go back in and live. he blows it back up. K: it’s perfectly fine. The kid’s balloon pops so the boy says it popped.  so K clutches his heart and says : not being able to go in and popping. that cant happen


YJ’s mom talks with S. the mom says the whole family is going to Germany – KJ and YJ too. so what do we do if that happens to KJ again. S says since YJ and his dad are doctors it will be ok since they are together with KJ. the mom asks if S still likes YJ. S:what? Mom: When YJ comes back healthy like he used to, at that time meet him again (the mom wants S and YJ to date)


K: stop it. M says I am going with you to Germany. K says I am not going. to be precise – my body is not going cuz I am going to say let’s leave it here.  M: then I wont go too. until you come back and wake up, I will chase after you no matter what. He tells her not to chase him anymore. M: I dont care who KJ in SYJ’s body likes right now. cuz when you come back you wont remember anything at all.  but he says GDR said she was going to remember me. she said she would be by my side. M:GDR teacher said that? in front of SYJ’s family, she will be next to your side when you wont even remember anything? is she crazy? K: yes she said she is crazy


D gets a text from K: I am outside in front of the school so let’s meet before you go to your home. but CS shows up and says are you getting off work now? mom told me to leave with you for the time being. D: with me? (so D wont cheat and meet KKJ)

she walks out with him and sees K waving at her so she tells CS to go home first. he asks are you going to meet KKJ. hold it in. I am your brother so I am on your side, but when I think about brother in law you shouldn’t do this. K motions for her to send CS away and come to him but CS asks D: did you come out of your home cuz brother in law cant stand the sight of you.  I understand brother in law. He must not even want to look you in the eye.   you should be careful. brother in law is a guy too so he might thing of taking action so avoid him. K and D try to motion to each other but she keeps going and walks with CS instead of getting in the car with K. K: she is just going.

K gets to the restaurant and tells D over the phone to come out. I miss you. I want to be close to you and see you. D: I am going out now. she tries to leave but her dad asks where she is going. she lies to the market but he wont even let her go to the store. He says send CS to the store and you stay home. the dad says how YJ must hate the sight of her. just stay home. (so D wont meet a guy named KKJ) D looks at K and goes back inside. K is disappointed.


D looks at the watch and says I fixed it but I didnt get to put it on him. she wonders if she should escape. She gets a call from K. K: it’s so hard to meet you. D: wait a little while. when it gets past 1am I will escape and go out. K: you were going to do that. then I should have waited. D: where are you? out in front of my home?  she asks why he came. K: why do you think I came. you think I came to see your trees? She says how her parents aren’t sleeping yet so I cant go out yet. He says jump down. D: what? K: it’s not high. I will catch you. she says I am heavy so you cant but he says come on down. I will catch you with 10:10. he makes a 10:10 motion with his arms open to catch her so she says wait a minute and goes to fix her hair. D: if he was going to come he should have told me in advance before he came.

she is about to jump but her mom asks what she is doing. D: mom. mom: are you planning on jumping? what good thing will you see if you jump down. That night you said you love KKJ, YJ was about to cry. you are totally crazy.  Don’t think of doing bad things. the mom leaves. D looks at K and refers to him as a fish and says: there is only one fish over there in my pond but she wont let him go in there. that fish is going to die from being without water. (the water being affection)


Suddenly she jumps and K helps her up. he asks if she is hurt and they hide just in time before her dad sees. He asks again: did you get hurt? it doesnt hurt? D: it’s ok it doesnt hurt. K asks why she was in such a hurry to jump. D: cuz the fish might die from lack of water so I came to give it water. She shows the watch and says I got it fixed. he says I came cuz I was going to ask for it back. D: you were? She puts it on and he asks: do you like it cuz you put it back on me? D: yes. since I put it on you cuz you are mine-  this is my stamp. she kisses his cheek. She goes in case her mom looks for her again. K says if she was going to give me water she should have dumped a lot of water. she only gave one drop. (meaning kiss him more) K grins and says: I am done sleeping for the night.


M shows up with lots of guys and tells the nurse: KJ is going somewhere far away with me. cuz I was the only one who was always next to KJ’s side.


mom: Just you and father are going to Germany and leave KJ behind? K: yes it would be better for him to wake up here. She offers to stay here too. K: arent you going to follow your sick son? mom: we cant leave that child alone.  when KJ wakes up I will go with him to where you and dad are. she takes his hand and asks will that be ok? he says ok. The mom gets a call and says I am with YJ. KJ is gone. he isnt in the hospital. The dad says how M took KJ away


In a car M has KJ’s body. She gets a call from K. he asks where she is now. She says until you wake up I will keep him hidden where no one knows. I wont let him meet GDR teacher. I am going to tell him the person next to you was just me. K: are you some female lead actress of Misery. (the movie where a crazy woman holds a writer hostage and wont let him leave) M: You said GDR teacher was crazy but I am double double double crazy. K threatens : fine then. until then, I will stay in SYJ’s body and not switch. M: what? K: I wont get the treatments or have the surgery and I wont go back. She says :then you will die. he says  I will just die. decide. what are you going to do. if you dont stop. I wont go back. she cries and says I will stop. all i have to do is stop.


The parents and nurse put KJ back in bed. The mom holds his hand and cries


M tells K: your memories of liking teacher will all be gone. if that happens, you should stay with me and teacher should stay with YJ. That is the happy miracle that has been assigned. that is what GDR teacher broke and ruined. K: that is what you want. I want GDR to remember me and come to me. are you going to ignore what i want and just push yourself on me. it wont make me follow you. M: you are ignoring another person too. She shows the ring and says you want to ignore SYJ ajussi’s heart and why he bought this.  as soon as he wakes up, when he knows that GDR teacher is looking at you, SYJ ajussi will be sad like me.

YJ’s vitals spike.


Little boy tells the girl the miracle picture tore. boy: what to do. when I pulled on it, it tore.  Girl says: What happens if it doesn’t happen the way it was supposed to.

M goes to the restaurant so the dad asks if she came to see CS. she asks about D so he says she is at home


M goes to meet D. M asks what happened to the ring you took off and left at the restaurant. D asks didnt YJ’s parents take that. M: no – no one took it. it was thrown away so I took it. D: I thought through the parents it would be given back to YJ. M: you didnt give it to him yourself. You are ignoring him too huh? you shouldnt do that too. D asks for the ring back if M took it. M says since it seemed like you wanted to throw it away so I threw it away. D: what? M: i threw it aways so you find it yourself this time. D asks where did you throw it away. M says I threw it away somewhere if you pack it in well it will be hard to find.

D thinks it’s in the dumpling paste. D goes and checks the dumplings and the ring isnt there. she asks her dad if this is all that he made but he says he just sent some on a delivery. so she chases after a delivery bike and says to herself: I ignored him. I was just in a rush over my heart so I didnt want to think about YJ’s answer.


YJ cries in his sleep and tears roll down his cheek as their last conversation plays when D asked: do you love me. YJ says where are you now. I will tell you when I meet you.


D stops some women from eating and apologizes and offers to give them double the amount. she looks for the ring


K suddenly holds YJ’s hand and it brings back down YJ’s vitals. K: I wont hold onto GDR’s hand right away. until she settles everything with SYJ who stopped (in that time) I will wait.

K walks along on the opposite side of the street from D and calls her. he asks where D went. She says to find something I lost. K: is it by any chance what M threw away. D:how did you know? K: it’s here so look. He shows the ring. K: thankfully I picked it up. it wont work huh? us holding hands right away.  we will need some time. wonder how long it will take. it would be nice if it’s not too long. my memories will be gone. if we are apart too long -after we meet again, what do we do if there is no chance to hold hands. She says don’t worry cuz I will remember. K: for me to look back and see someone else’s heart, if my heart grows bigger to do that -if my heart grows bigger even a little bit, I wont wake up as a kid who doesnt know anything -wont I be able to remember you even a little bit? D: my heart will grow bigger. every day while thinking of you. it will work hard. so much that my heart will never let you go – it will grow bigger. K: ok now the miracle of the heart growing bigger is yours.  They stare across at each other from opposite sides of the street

* this must be where the title idea for this drama came from too. not just KJ’s body getting bigger but his heart and hers.


K tells M: I wont wake up  in front of GDR but I don’t want to wake up next to you either. so dont chase after me. Just like I am pushing away someone I am holding onto a lot. I want to cut off you hanging onto me. I ignored your heart (your feelings for me).  even though you kept chasing after me, I thought it was ok to leave it alone as long as I was comfortable. every time you kept coming at me and bumped into things, I didnt pay attention (didnt care) if you got hurt or not. M: you really didn’t care even once. K: yes. So even if you kept staying here, I left it alone. now I feel sorry so it bothers me. for your sake I will give you a clear signal.  Mari – stop coming. She cries and steps into his hand so he can drum his fingers on her head one last time.


CS takes M to the airport. He asks if she has to go urgently to America like this. She says for now. CS: what about after “for now.” M: since i got the signal to stop. I need time to think it over. I will be going. She walks off and he calls out her name. he writes on her handbag again. she calls out his name. CS: that’s right I am Gil Choon sik. it will take about ten years to deduct one or two pans of pizzas at a time for this bag huh. I will pledge those long years on you. Wait jang mari. He walks off and she smiles and goes


K meets with the mom. the mom says the dad will go with KJ first and they will sit next to each other. the mom flips through some pages so he asks what she is looking at. mom: like D said, I am studying up on KJ. I also asked M about him too. He seems to be finicky about his food. K: just make him a lot of good things to eat. mom: when he wakes up. but I am not good at cooking so I am worried. K: make an effort. of course he will be cold and say it doesnt taste good and he wont eat it. mom:will he do that? K: be prepared. he wont be good to you. mom: I am prepared.


Kim asks Na and AK if they are getting married. Kim congratulates them. AK says how she might need a maternity leave right afterwards too. Kim says  how all of them and D rush too much


AK asks D what’s going to happen about YJ going to germany tm and you going to the other school. D say for now he is going with his family but YJ is going to come back to meet me separately. after a long time. AK: what will happen then. D: that i no longer have to wait for his answer that he loves me. I am going to tell him that I ended up loving someone more.


In the dream sequence KJ and YJ meet with young KJ. K looks at YJ and wonders: I will be able to meet you soon.


when K comes out, S asks if he is feeling ok. tm you are taking KJ with you and your whole family is going huh? K: yes. S: I hope you get healthy and KJ wakes up soon.  He says the SYJ she knows will come back. during that time was too rude cuz of the age difference. S: what are you talking about. He says how she was sexy when she touched his arm the first time he saw her. When he comes back do that to SYJ too. K grins and leaves


D finds her broken umbrella and gets it fixed. She says she lost it a long time ago but it came back. It’s like a miracle. it’s proof of a miracle.


K is watering the garden. he worried the grass would die before he left. She asks if K remembers the first day they met. K: on the bus? D: It was raining that day and I lost my umbrella. She says make it rain cuz if it rains we will go back to that day. He sprays the air and she opens the umbrella. He says that’s the umbrella. She says I lost it back then but I found it again. K: now that I think about it, back then too, I chased after you. D: you chasing after me- wasnt that cuz we switched umbrellas? K: to tell the truth, I switched that umbrella.


They take the bus and D says when we first saw each other we were sitting like this. K: when I saw you back then you were really funny. the way you reacted to the story on the radio cuz it was yours and you were so obvious about being happy to get a rice cooker out of it. D: did you really like me from first glance? K: dont go so far as to interpret it that way – you were just funny. D: you said you switched umbrellas. K: I did. it looked similar to mine so i put it close to you without being obvious and you didnt even check and took mine and got off the bus. D points out most kids when they like someone do stuff like what he did. K: if I liked you starting from then -when I meet you again, I might do that again. D says if it’s then, when you go back then I was in your heart a little bit. (meaning even with the memory loss he already liked her a little back then so when he wakes up he will still feel that way about her. so it’s not like they are starting all over from nothing)


They walk and talk. she says even though all your memories will be gone the moment when you see me again, I hope there is a miracle where you come back suddenly. she opens the umbrella.  He says when I show up in front of you again you hold onto me first. if I show up in front of you again and act mean and brusque, endure it and don’t let me go. D: ok. K: To me who wont have any memories, tell me about how you feel in this moment then we will come back to this time. D: ok look well. she makes him look at his watch.D: when I tell you what’s in my heart, at that moment KKJ will come back to this moment. she says he is under a hypnosis now. K: ok. D: You have to go now huh? We should say bye here. go well. K: I will be going. They look at each other. K cries and says: that all these memories will disappear – it’s really ridiculous. I was going to go without saying this- I wanted to come back for sure and say this. GDR I love you. they both cry and he puts the umbrella handle in her hand and goes.She watches him walk away

*this scene practically screamed for a kiss so I feel jipped. I think I swore and said “fudgesicles” when he just walked off.


It says one year later. At school D is walking alone


M writes to D:  the two of them came back to their rightful places. the two of them dont have any memory of anything after the accident. KJ doesn’t ask anything about you. like I promised KJ I wont tell him anything. D: I will keep remembering as promised.


The little girl (rabbit) is better so her mom is happy.


AK is pregnant and Na is happy.


CS is making dumplings and the dad asks if he is sending it to D but CS says I am going to send it to M.


CS goes out and M is there. she says her dog likes the dumpling he sent her. he asks what she came to korea for. She says I got a prize for photography. He thinks it’s cuz of her talent as a paparazzi chasing after KJ. He says we never took a pic together so she agrees to take one with him. He asks how does it look and she says it’s not bad. He says did you taste the dumplings I made. What percentage would you give it. M says 1%. He says I will keep sending it. she says my dog is going to turn into a pig.


D walks by K’s old home and a woman is watering the yard. The woman asks who she is. D says I used to live here and it’s still the same. the son tells his mom that a while ago a hyung said he used to live here alone a long time ago.


D waits under the rain with her green umbrella


D is on the bus and listening to the radio. The woman on the radio is reading: today is the bday of someone I love. congratulate that person please. for everyone born on 6-24, the day the person I love was born, congratulations and be happy. D says congratulations on your bday KJ. the woman says:  next month – to that person who is far away, what I pushed back a long time and didnt get to do, I am going to go and do a “comeback” greeting. when i meet that person he wont be able to remember, I am going to tell him everything I remember.” D looks down and it’s 10:10. there are two green umbrellas.


It’s raining hard and she gets off the bus. K calls out her name but his face is not visible. he jumps in under the umbrella with her and holds her hand that is holding the umbrella handle. She remembers when K said when I come around you. you hold onto me first. Present time D says hi KKJ. K’s voice says: It’s been a long time Gil teacher. I just came to see cuz I was curious. D: I know you came cuz of your crush. K: Uh oh. You are overreacting. Why are you sticking so close to me. he takes the umbrella and goes off alone.


She remembers him saying when I show up in front of you again and act mean and brusque just endure it and don’t let me go. she runs after him. K: To me who might not have any memory tell me how you feel in your heart right now. Then we will come back to this moment. She smiles up at him. his watch (the one she gave him) reads 10:10. They stand under the umbrella. D: I love you. K’s voice says: at that moment my heart -as much as now- will get bigger all at once – like a miracle. They smile at each other



cute BTS pics posted on the bottom of the page

*This kid seems to have made quite an impression on viewers even though his eyes were closed for the better part of the drama. Let’s hope he takes on a more active role soon.  From reading all your comments, I get that some of you wanted a better ending with young KJ back or more KJ and YJ together. listen I did too cuz I missed that kid, but after watching nightmare finales like Fashion King, I am telling you this was not that bad at all. All that matters is YJ did not die, KJ and D are together again, and everyone else just went on. I wasnt expecting to find out that KJ stepped off that bus with her on purpose like that to chase after her. that he hoped she would switch umbrellas and take his is just too cute for words. I love romantic beginnings like that so this drama just reinforced what I believed all along. there is a lot of heart in this story and yes you had to muddle through some needless angst to get here, but I for one am 100% glad I did cuz this drama finally ended my Gong Yoo drought from Coffee Prince days. Let’s not forget all his ab scenes – those alone were worth watching this drama.  🙂

Fanderay’s comment:

Before I talk about this episode specifically I want to talk about how much I loved this drama overall. Big was a little simpler than other Hong Sisters dramas (which generally go a mile a minute) but I loved getting to know the characters and soaking up every single moment. The plot may not have been as dense as other shows, but I feel like the personal growth that D and K went through couldn’t have been much greater and I always felt myself itching for more. YaB still reigns supreme as my favorite Hong Sister’s drama, but Big certainly wins when it comes to casting and acting, and I would happily watch Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung together forever.

As much as I enjoyed this episode and found myself a giddy swooning mess at all the cuteness between K and Y, I did find myself wanting more. I had so many questions and was dying to know how they would be answered, but a lot of them simply weren’t. Among other things, I wanted to see the moment when K woke up, and I wanted to see Y once again in his own body. I know that this drama was all about K and D, and I like that it ceased to matter to D what Y felt, but he was still instrumental in everything that happened and I did care what happened to him and wanted to see him happy. He may not have remembered anything regarding the accident, but surely he remembered that he was supposed to get married? The situation is still pretty messy (the family will freak out if D starts dating K) but that mess was mostly just avoided. Mess is ok, but I always like it better if it’s acknowledged (like in Secret Garden when the mom just never approves and they get married anyways).

I also just feel sad for the young actor who plays K because he did a fantastic job in the first episode, and never got to say another line. I think the writers or directors or producers (or someone) thought it would be too weird to see D with a different face, and equally weird to see GY as Y again, but I think the viewership could have handled it and many people were probably even looking forward to it.

All that being said, there was lots to love in this episode. CS writing on M’s purse again was the perfect way to end (begin?) their story, and I really did almost die from the overload of adorableness that was K and D. K grew up throughout this drama, but he still acts like a twitterpated little boy when D kisses his cheek, and shouldn’t love be like that at any age?

One of my favorite aspects of the early episodes was that we got to learn more about Y through flashbacks, and that the whole wedding scene wasn’t what it initially seemed (since Y was actually following her before they met). It was absolutely perfect that a similar thing happened when D met K, and that he switched the umbrellas (I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it). That final scene was pretty perfect too (although it would have been nice to see K’s face). It showcased how much D has grown and how brave she’s become, and reflected nicely on the drama’s underlying themes of love, destiny, miracles, and intertwined fates. D and K have been in one big mess together since they met, but that mess is also what brought them together, and I love when the bad things in life turn out to be the good things.

Thanks to everyone who helped or joined us on this wonderful little journey (I really wanted to say “Big journey” but I resisted since it’s just too cheesy). This is one of the first dramas this year to really sink its claws into me, and my only hope is that it’s not the last. Extra thanks to Softy of course, who gracefully accepted my abandonment of Bridal Mask (Big was just too tempting an alternative) and who put up with my extra delinquent behavior and wacky schedule the last few weeks.  I already can’t wait to help with the next great drama that comes our way.


92 comments on “Big E16 finale

  1. Anonymous says:

    somone pls explain it to me, wat happened to KJ´s body and Yj`s soul? this is really sick. i wasted my time. sooooo disapopointed can´t describe!


    • Bella says:

      They did switch back. only, they (director,pd,writer..whoever’s in charge) purposely hid KKJ (boy) face during that last scene.. while the flashback of KJ (in YJ’s body) was playing. Like I said, a cop out.


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi! There,

      Great Drama, however, the ending sucks BIG time!!! (This unfortunately happens often with Korean writers!!! such a pity!!!)

      Boo! Hoo! Why does Korean write, write such a beautiful drama to allow it to sink?

      Alternative ending with 4 more episodes.

      1- The bodies and souls go to each right place.
      2- The two brothers have no memories of after accidents, yet remembering flash back as if it was a dream. GDR has time to mourn her feelings for KKJ, and gets to her senses. She needs to make it as if it was a dream or wishful thinking!!!

      (Relationship between an ADULT TEACHER and his/her MINOR STUDENT is not only UNETHICAL but IMMORAL and should not idolized, rather discouraged!!!)
      We don’t want GDR to do jail time, and her life record tarnished forever

      3- The parents tell both sons the all truth. However, SYJ knew the truth, and looking for KKJ to make things right by him. That has kept his mind off GDR not what everyone thinks of him having cold feet. He was on his way to tell her he loves her, but finding KKJ is his priority, and request a break from GDR(his intention on the way before accident) He is a good guy and didn’t mess around with Doctor S
      4- KKJ and SYJ have an opportunity to grow into each other fondly, after finding out that they are brothers, and puzzled how the parents are there at their awakening!
      5- The parents work hard for forgiveness and put KKJ first with the help and encouragement from SYJ
      6- all of them visit KKJ’s mom to her tomb to pay respects and voice their thankfulness
      7- KKJ returned to school. and still affectionately giving hard time to GDR.
      8- KKJ falls in love with a student of his age, which the feelings are mutual.
      9- GCS (GIl teacher’s brother) gets together with Mari, whom finally return his feelings.
      10- KKJ pushes SYJ to get back to GDR s he likes her honesty and clumsiness, that entertains him (not loves her) GDR and SYJ starts over and romanced each other.
      11- Finally GDR and SYJ get married to the happiness of KKJ and his pretty awesome girlfriend, to the jealousy of Mari.

      (Relationship between an ADULT TEACHER and his/her MINOR STUDENT is not only UNETHICAL but IMMORAL and should not idolized, rather discouraged!!!)

      PLease email or send to the Producer/writer if any of you know how/

      Anonymous from California
      (BTW, I’m not Asian!)


  2. Marie says:

    Watched it raw and was a bit disappointed, Thanks to your recaps it makes sense and I am happy with the ending. Thank you so much for your hard work!!!!!!


  3. kencha24 says:

    i dont like the ending… 😦 so wat happened to yj???? did he fall for seyoung?


  4. lizbl says:

    I really loved this drama. When I started to watch it, I watched the first 4 episodes in one go and pulled an all-nighter (I was THAT hooked up!). It really had a lot of potential, but then they started to drag the family situation into it and all the happy comedy was gone. Pretty much what happened with Rooftop Prince. I never thought they would drag the switch until the last few minutes of the last episode. For me, it would have been more interesting when they switched back earlier and had the face off between the brothers (how SYJ suddenly was married to DR and how he bought a house, …) instead of the family situation.

    Nevertheless, I would have loved the ending if they at least showed the real KKJ in the last minute of the final episode. We know from the text that they changed back, so why not show his face? If we didn’t know they changed back, it would get it why they didn’t show it (it would be an open ending then). But this is not an open ending, we know they changed back! They could have at least shown his face and his reaction to her love declaration (like “Gil teacher, are you crazy?” or something like that). Even Rooftop Prince had an ending that made much more sense lol xD The ending turned into a big disappointment for me =S

    If only they had cut the family situation or had added 2 episodes, then it wouldn’t feel so rushed and incomplete to me. I knew they would have made a time jump, but not so late in the episode. I still remember how surprised I was when in Secret Garden the time jump in the last episode came so early and showed us their lives a bit. That is what makes Secret Garden my favorite drama. Also, I love Gong Yoo, but couldn’t they have done like in Secret Garden and in 49 Days, that you could see the real KKJ from time to time? I feel so sorry to Shin Won Ho for not being able to act that much =/

    Sorry Softy for all the complaining! You always do a great job! Have been following your blog since Ojakgyo Brothers ^_^


  5. Enz says:

    Thanks softy for super fast recaps.. In will miss gong yoo .. I hope it won’t be too long before his next project.

    In my current emotional state, the ending is fine with me.. I wanted the possibility of them together again and I got that. Haha am easy like that


  6. kencha24 says:

    ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! poor YJ!!!! 😦


  7. Enz says:

    Ya softy.. I would have liked another kiss too 😉


  8. Bella says:

    “Let’s not forget all his ab scenes – those alone were worth watching this drama. :)”

    Lol Softy, you managed to put a smile on my face with that statement.. and I’m giggling as of the moment.. =P You’re right, as much as this finale was a disappointment for me.. I’m just gonna keep watching the abs on rewind to make myself feel better.. I’m easy like that. Thanks for the recaps!!

    Hope you’ll do Arang and the Magistrate!! ❤


    • Softy says:

      I think Joonni put Arang on her list of dramas that she might recap. I wish I could but one- I am too chicken and cant watch scary stuff well. second -I think it’s on the same time as all the other dramas I want to see and I am already recapping Bridal mask. I still have no clue how I am going to be able to watch 3 dramas in one night and still manage to keep up my BM recaps and add another on wed/thurs and still find time to sleep. Maybe I am not being realistic enough. If these new dramas turn out to be even better than I imagine then I will have some serious rethinking to do about how much sleep I really need. 🙂


    • Anonymous says:

      Watching the entire drama, not just the abs of Gong Yoo, is worth doing it over and over again. One may not watch the ending, if that he/she really doesn’t want to if he/she feels that the ending was just dismal. But in its entirety, BIG is one excellent drama.


  9. aisha says:

    Well,Softy..i couldn’t agree more on your last statement. All this time i’ve been waiting for Gong Yoo acting in a drama after his military service,and yeah..i admit,every time i saw him in this drama,i swoon like a crazy girl,and can’t believe that i actually see him -my first big crush on Korean actor- again on TV after that memorable Coffee Prince addiction 🙂

    KBS World just played its 10th episode now,and God knows how many times that i giggled like a crazy person,alone,3 hours ago.. 😀

    Alright then,i just have to follow your suggestion,Softy..i have to calm my heart and see the bright side of this Hong’s sister-major-blunder (that’s what i really think)…and try what dear Bella said earlier : swooning yourself,enjoying GongYoo’s acting, naughty grin,emotions, expression,and don’t forget those hubba-hubba choco abs… 😀

    Well,one thing for sure is,i will always going back to my save haven..OBsessions 5 with dear friends there ^^ It really is like my comfort zone…Never dissapoint me ^^

    Thank you once again for these recaps,Softy.. Love you… :-*


  10. fuz says:

    ok…now…the vital part which i missed was Ma Ri’s email content….they did switch!and i’m feeling sad for KKJinSYJ body…coz that’s what i fell for..real KKJ..pretty hard to stomach…it’s total different chemistry…now i understand why the have to sorta ‘crystal clear’ GY’s face…it’s actually the real KKJ.few things i’d hope for were…those heart-thumping kisses..especially at the goodbye!and…SYJ…he didn’t go back and look for GDR?what happened to his answer?


  11. fuz says:

    i need meds for my big hangover!!!i miss GY d!


  12. flora says:

    thank you so much softy!!!I really liked this drama and i will miss it next week.


  13. Xyu says:

    Thank you so much for the recaps. Im also one of the fans that are happy with the ending. 🙂 Especially when Gong yoo still comes back as KJ. Well, i guess as long as this guy is on screen i can find no fault. At the end of the day, its a romantic genre and the two leads did end up happy ever after.


  14. Hanachio says:

    Almost perfect finale….

    But VERY disappointed about not to appear the real KKJ (the kid) in the last scene :___( I was waiting to see them together again!


  15. Lizzie says:

    The fans couldn’t accept KKj in his body and seems Hong sister also couldn’t and didn’t have the guts to show them together in the end, it is so lame, I can’t, if you wanted to make a student and teacher end tou should have the guts to root for this couple, but they didn’t.

    And why make us interested on YJ to not show anything about him in the end?

    I’m so disappointed. I regret watching this drama.

    I liked the first half but then the Half of it just made me angry and the end had no hope. Hated it.

    Thanks Softy and Fanderay for recaping.


  16. Anonymous says:

    î am so disappointed, i wanted to see her with KJ in his own body in the end and kissing him. wat happened to Yj. did she explained him about the marriage, did they divorce. also i would have liked to see the brothers together.


  17. superdgundam says:


    i always look forward to ur screencaps every week and get my BIG fix at work.

    BIG is my favorite THS drama . although the story could have been better. it was dragging in parts. and they could have tried a different plot. and done the body switch mid series. plus have a better epilogue where we know what happened to YJ.

    but overall what made me love this drama is LMJ and GY. their acting was amazing. their chemistry is to die for.


    • fuz says:

      the biggest clue is that the boy told the mom that it’s a HYUNG…not an AHJUSSI….so here i took it literally that the young KKJ is the one who’s back so i cried for KKJ in SYJ coz that’s the couple i love..


  18. fuz says:

    and GDR still sees the KKJ in SYJ body…


  19. Erika Jung says:

    thank you so much softy for your hardwork..
    but still..there’s a BIG question in my head.. it was already the ending? i wanna see their togetherness bot dr-kkj and yj-kkj..
    i wish there are some short eps youtube version about it.. just like playful kiss?


  20. lizbl says:

    I don’t regret watching Big at all. But I didn’t start to watch it for Gong Yoo like many of you, in fact it was the first time I saw him act (I only started to watch dramas last summer). I started to watch this because I liked the plot. Yes, Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung had great chemistry, but the scene I liked the most was the umbrella scene with Lee Min Jung and Shin Won Ho. They also had chemistry. I was looking forward to see that chemistry again, so that’s why I’m disappointed with the ending.
    Also, they had chosen a ‘scandelous’ theme from the start, so they knew there would be people who wouldn’t like it at all (teacher-student relationship). I always find it a pity when writers try to please the public instead of doing something different. Also in South Korea KKJ is a minor, but here in Belgium he would be an adult (18). Here in Belgium their relationship wouldn’t be scandalous at all.
    My sister and I have a 9 years age difference and when I was 14, I dated a guy who was a year younger than my sister. My parents were okay with, although it legally wouldn’t. Love isn’t about age, it’s about loving each other dispite the differences. It’s also not about falling for someone’s looks but for their soul (at least that was a clear message in Big). If they were afraid that people would be against the teacher-student relationship then they shouldn’t have gone with it. Now lots of people are disappointed. Oh well, there is nothing we can change about it. I guess it’s the disadvantage of the live shooting. If everything would have been filmed before its broadcasted then the audience has to go with the flow of the story. I guess they are afraid to lose viewers that way.
    On a brighter note, because of this drama I started to watch Coffee Prince and I really liked it 🙂


  21. Swee says:

    Dear Softy, I am curious to know whether BIG has a position in your list of Top Dramas?? I love Big and for me it tops my chart of THS dramas.Thanks Softy for recapping Big.


    • Softy says:

      Thanks for reminding me that I need to update my top drama list. I usually reshuffle that list every time a drama ends, but then I forgot to after Moon ended. METS should be on that list too.
      I only saw 4 Hong sisters drama – YAB, MGIAG, Best love, and now Big. YAB is still top cuz I love the OST, so Big might tie MGIAG but the hoi hoi couple really got to me so it might inch out a little ahead. Best love is now last I am afraid. Out of all my fav top ten dramas, it’s really hard to decide cuz Big stressed me out in recent episodes cuz I thought YJ would die and the cute left the show until the finale. E15 is not one that I will watch again anytime soon, but I love the rest. I think Big might land within or just at the top ten mark. Cuz I rank my list according to how much I enjoyed it and got out of it and if it was the only drama I could watch over and over, would I get tired of it. If the answer is no way it goes on the list. if I recapped that drama and I can still rewatch episodes then that means I really must love that drama since translating would have meant I memorized every line practically.


      • enz says:

        softy, i am curious – have you watched coffee prince again since it aired in 2007? as you may or may not know, thanks to your reference to it in obsessions 1, i watched it early this year and love it a LOT. have watched it a few times and watched bits of it lots of times (initially, i would let myself have a little bit of gong yoo before i go to bed!! thats how bad it was – it just made me happy :)) and i STILL LOVE IT. it still does something to the chemicals in my brain 🙂

        so just curious about when twas the last


        • fally says:

          ommo…we sorta similar…i have to have my GY fix every day especially before bed!!!and yeah…CP is my safe haven from my BIG hangover


        • Softy says:

          Hey Enz,
          Really? you watched it just cuz I mentioned it on OBsessions? That sounds like me cuz I am always mentioning that drama – not just cuz of Gong Yoo, but I loved that drama so much I couldnt enjoy other dramas for a long time after. There was something about CP that just made you feel like you were watching the best that Kdrama had to offer – not just in terms of great acting, but the OST and cast just synced so well you couldnt tell when the acting ended and the characters stopped being fictional. part of the reason why I loved Gong Yoo here on Big was cuz those scenes where he ad libs and laughs – that’s the exact same way of laughing on CP so that made me nostalgic. It came out on this episode after K puts D’s hand on his cheek and says hearts came shooting out of her eyes. that’s the laughter from CP.
          I thought I left CP as number one on my list but I just checked it and it got pushed down to 4 or 5 so I fixed it and put it back as #2 after OB.
          Sad to say but i havent seen that drama since 2007. after Gong Yoo went to the army right after CP ended, I missed him too much so I couldnt watch it, but then Eon passed away in that tragic accident so I couldnt bear to watch it cuz his scenes made me cry and miss him. when you go to the coffee prince cafe, his photo always has the most messages and flowers so it’s so sad to visit that coffee shop now. he was also on Who are you so I have a hard time watching that drama too.


          • Enz says:

            It’s absolutely true. You started with how difficult it was for you to let go of good dramas and you mentioned how for weeks after CP you were missing until your friends had to do intervention ( ok adding my words here). I needed something to get over my obsession with ojakgyo which I followed closely mid-end only cos really that was the first time watching a k drama that made sense to me and had characters saying words that rang true. So, ojakgyo is my first k-love. If you had not mentioned CP I wouldn’t have known what to watch next.

            I just FELL so hard for CP.. You’re right, it was perfectly casted and really loved the writing, directing, music everything. You can tell the cast had a real love for their characters and brought something special to it. I watched the CP special and poor eun hye was in tears saying goodbye to the role. And GY too, couldn’t stop crying at the scene when he said goodye to eun chan ( he was in the car). I get sad too when I watched that because of min yeop.

            Even now, months later, I love watching all the fan made MVs and the OSTs will bring back the scenes.

            Have introduced it to quite a few people but not everyone felt the magic. Oh well.. But I have a new convert to k land in a couple of French friends thanks to CP 🙂


      • Swee says:

        Thanks Softy for updating your top drama listing.Big tops my list ONLY because GY is on it, so shallow, aren’t I? Lol.


        • Anonymous says:

          you are not, swee. gong yoo is one great archeological find. he is good, nah, best, nah again, he is excellent! at any rate, BIG is one great project. If you think that thinking your way is kinda shallow, then count me in as another shallow person. I simply love Gong Yoo.


  22. Ju says:

    Ahaa, I just wanted to see the kid K interacts once more with D. Well, you can’t always have whatever you want…


  23. teresa n says:

    thanks for your recaps always, i rely on them. but the ending killed it for me, no real K at the end , no finding out what happened to YG, no loose ends ted up, a disaster for me. not buying it


    • Anonymous says:

      so, no matter how great a drama is, just because you did not like the ending, you won’t buy it anymore? So unfair to the actors who worked so hard just to entertain us.


  24. Enz says:

    Missing gong yoo :(. Hope it’s not too long to his next project. Or at least some magazine covers


  25. Enz says:

    Thanks so much for translating the bts goodbyes softy. Much appreciated


  26. Enz says:

    Hope you read this at some point softy and perhaps respond to it. Does the director of coffee prince have other dramas or movies before or after coffee prince? I would really like to see her other work for comparison if it’s available. Sometimes they are a little hard to get a hold of, I understand. Hope you can help me.. In any case, thanks softy.


    • Softy says:

      She went on to direct triple with lee Jung jae as the lead – one of the most boring dramas ever. Not sure if you wanna suffer through that just to compare her work – director’s name is lee yun jeong – she is super short and used to love to bike around itaewon and her own home was used in coffee prince – I forgot the character name – the girl gong yoo had a crush on. Her home – that loft- was the director’s real home. I can’t remember Korean names but I remember details of the dramas I love. 🙂


      • Enz says:

        I know how she looks cos I watched all the bts and the last day CP 1 and 2 plus the CP special. She looks like a really warm and kind person. They said in the CP special that the loft that yu joo stayed in is the exact replica but you can guess from that that it is perhaps hers otherwise it would not be so easy to replicate it! Thanks for the heads up on her next drama.. What a shame. You always want the drama ppl you like to do well.. 🙂


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