Lie To Me E8

I might be in the minority here, but I feel sooooo much better that the lies have stopped. I always thought it was impeding the storyline achoring it in one place too long- not giving it a chance to roam around and explore the possibilities. Now we can get to the real deal and for the first time, I am really looking forward to the second half of this drama.
Live tonight to commemorate everyone’s anticipation….
This is the first time I ever saw so much reaction to a scene that hasn’t even aired yet…ppl have been going on and on about the cola kiss and I didn’t even know what it was till recently. Now that I’ve seen the clip- all I can say is that I’m a Sprite drinker myself, but all of a sudden – coke is looking mighty good-bet they are going to have a spike in sales this week 🙂 
Lie To Me E8
after K grabs her hand, he asks what happened
she tells him he was stressed and then got food poisoning
how could he collapse over food poisoning
K:I asked why you are here
AJ: I called SH and H – I was going to but I didnt
cuz I wanted to stay by your side
AJ: cuz it was my fault
K:at least you know that
he gets up
she asks why he is getting out of bed
he says to go to work and reaches for his phone
AJ:how can you go to work -the doctor said you had to rest
 she takes his phone away
he asks what she is doing
she is busy sending a text
she sends H a text saying that K is with a girl and H says “a girl?”
he was going to call but doesnt and just grins
she tells K she will make him porridge but he says he isnt hungry yet 
AJ:wait – cuz I will make it taste delicious
K reads his text and says “a girl?”
AJ makes the porridge and gives it to him
he asks if she sent the text that he was with a girl
she says that’s why he should have listened to her
K: porridge? do you want me to eat it and die?
(referring to how she poisoned him the other day with her old food)
she says he has a way of talking
in a cute voice she tells him
dont spill-chew carefully and eat it all.
K:who are you saying that to now?
AJ makes a cute sound meaning “you”
she suddenly looks at her watch and realizes she is late
she gathers her belonging and runs off telling him to eat it all even if it doesnt taste good.-I will call
he tastes it and starts to eat
AJ gets to work and overhears a coworker on the phone. 
the woman is asking her mothe in law what to do if the fever doesnt go down-
what did the hospital say- that’s good
woman says she will call her mother in law back later
AJ asks if something happened
the woman says it’s bad to leave a sick person alone and go into work. AJ agrees
K is playing a racing game on his phone and seems bored
he is doing sit ups and AJ texts and asks if he feels better
he texts “i’m ok” then he tries-“i’m not ok”-then “i think i got a little better” then he doesnt send any
instead of eating lunch she drives to his house and calls outside his gate
he comes up behind her and asks what she is doing there
she asks where he went
he says he went for a walk cuz he felt stifled
AJ: if you are this healthy why didnt you reply to my text
i sent you a text asking if you were ok
K: ah- i forgot about it
AJ: you forgot? if there is no response- didnt you think that the other person would worry?
are you saying that it doesnt matter if the other person worries or not?
K: isnt it true that it doesnt matter
why do we have to matter to each other
(he meant to ask if they are in that kind of relationship where they have to care about each other)
AJ: that’s right – we dont mean anything to each other
i forgot that – sorry for bothering you
K:that’s not what I meant
he tries to call out to her but she is already in her car
she gets mad and promises herself  not worry or to come to his home again
she drives in reverse so he wonders why she is going backwards
K wonders: does it matter or not (about whether they matter to each other)
K gets a call from P and says he will be in right away
P sees the chens off as they get in a car
P and H follow K into the office
K repeats what she said-
that chen’s wife’s family member (cant tell if it was her mom or dad) passed away
P says sorry cuz she should have made sure K saw them before they left
K: we cant just think of our situation
H says it’s still not good for them to just leave like this
K asks if chen said anything else
and P says he didnt
H guesses that if chen didnt say anything then K lost his chance and the deal must be over
K looks at his watch debating whether to go out to the airport
he asks what time they leave
P says departure at 10:15 via hong kong or tokyo
P thinks it’s better just to wait cuz if K goes now the chens might misinterpret it
AJ goes home and JB is there with her dad
she asks what JB is doing here
he says he is here to ask her dad to speak at his seminar
JB assumes she came to visit her dad (and that is why she isnt at home with K)
her dad tells her to sit cuz she is acting like she is at someone else’s home
JB asks why she didnt come with her husband
she says her husband is busy
she holds her dad’s arm explaining to her dad that her
husband is busy and said sorry he couldnt come
JB says K will be busy cuz of his China deal and tells her dad that AJ did well marrying K
her dad tells JB he will think about the seminar more and tells JB to go now
and her dad gets up and goes to his room
JB thinks he made a mistake cuz her dad doesnt seem to be in a good mood
she explains her dad is sensitive quite often
JB says he will be going
she explains her dad is upset with her so she needs to talk to him
JB tells her to be better to her dad
she says she already is good to her dad
JB leaves
her dad comes out and asks if it’s cuz of JB
she says she is tired
he asks if her job is to go around lying/deceiving
say something-what are you going to do now- how much longer are you going to do this
she tells him not to worry-  she will take care of it cuz it’s her business
dad: this is you taking care of it?
she says she cant help it that things got out of control
JB comes back in for his phone that he left behind
K looks at his watch and gets in his car and dials
AJ worries that JB found out the truth/that she is caught
her dad says she is caught unless JB has no sense at all
AJ mumbles she is dead by SR
dad says this turned out well- with this chance- she should let it all out that she lied
her phone rings and picks up while her dad is still talking
she says hello into the phone
K asks for her help
AJ: with what? also why should I?
you said we werent anything to each other
K says he will be there in 10 mins in front of her house
she throws her phone down saying he does whatever he wants-he can just wait for the rest of his life
her dad: even with a fake spouse- do you still have spousal fights?
AJ: this is all your fault-what do I do?
dad: you are the one who opened your mouth so why is this my fault?
K gets out of the car and waits for her
he keeps looking at his watch
she finally shows up
she calls herself a dumb fool (for coming)
K sort of smirks
AJ asks if he is asking her to help him get chen to write out a contract before he goes
K: no – just say goodbye
since you got close to them-since you wont see them again-just say goodbye
AJ: you dont want me to convince them? you said that was really important
K goes to chen and speaks Chinese
KJ told Chen that he and AJ wants to say goodbye to Chen and his wife.
Chen said okay.
the wife is crying
so AJ goes and hugs her
AJ wipes her tears while chen and K talk
Then later on, Chen told KJ to prepare the contract, and send it over to him to sign.
Chen later on tells KJ that AJ is a good lady.
AJ holds the wife’s hand and hugs her again
*Chinese translations by Carine 🙂  (pretty name by the way)  thank you
AJ asks K if everything went well
he says it did
AJ:that’s good
she wipes her tears as she goes
when K drops her off, she says go and walks off
but K stops her
K: I was going to text you back
i didnt know what to say in the text
if I said I wasnt ok -i thought you would worry
if I said I was ok, I thought you wouldnt come
AJ:were you waiting for me to go there?
K: I didnt wait that long
she mutters that is the same
K:when someone is sick- they act weird-i’m just saying
she says he is acting strange right now
he says it’s cuz he is still sick
K: thank you for everything
AJ: i didnt really help with much
compared to all that you did to help me
K: i think that way too-go in
AJ says she will be going but calls out his name
she says she was happy cuz he asked her for help
she runs off
he grins
K tells P that it went well with chen and P can proceed as planned
P:how did you do it?
K:it’s all cuz of AJ
P: you went with her to the airport?having a wife paid off
she says she will contact shanghai and send something and leaves
K says he is better and not feeling sick too
K calls for a meeting
aunt tells YJ that YJ’s mom agrees that YJ should study more
whether she studies or does something else – she wants YJ to go overseas to do it
and she will support her
YJ says she doesnt want to
aunt: you and K were not meant to be
YJ: you havent changed at all
cuz all you do is protect SH
how can you just take SH’s side
aunt says she cant watch both of her nephews suffer cuz of YJ
YJ tells her to say something to SH then-why are you only doing this to me
aunt: are you only going to be satisfied when you split up those two kids
who grew up without parents
YJ: this time -now SH is ok-ask him-he will for sure say that he doesnt like me
aunt says even tho he does she doesnt want this
YJ :you are really too much
no matter what you do-this time it doesnt matter
AJ asks to bow out of the mandatory work gathering
but her boss says she has to go with them or pay a fine
AJ gets a call and says she will be gone for a little bit
SR asks AJ: how could you not know your husband was engaged
AJ: what’s the big deal about that
SR: it is a big deal -background (household),wealth, education, looks- not a single thing was missing
but K’s aunt still opposed
SR says she guessed as much during the housewarming
if the aunt was opposed to a girl like YJ – of course AJ didnt have a chance
AJ says it’s all in the past
SR tells her that YJ is here in seoul
the girl I saw back then was that girl (at the canal with K)
AJ says they(K and YJ) could meet up
SR asks if AJ isnt listening to her (did AJ hear what she said thru AJ’s nose)
AJ tells her to stop
SR: those two were forced to break up and are meeting again
do you have confidence you have K’s heart?
AJ asks what SR wants to say
SR gives YJ’s address
and tells AJ to meet YJ and proceed
AJ crumbles it and SR asks what she is doing
AJ tells her to limit what she does (as interfering)
Aj goes outside and complains about SR
telling SR to take care of her own life well
who didnt love someone in the past
what’s the big deal about that?
she looks at the address and name
saying even YJ’s name is pretty-“how annoying”
she goes to YJ’s home
she asks herself what she is confirming
since she is here she decides to see her face
YJ’s mom comes out and asks who AJ is
AJ says she found the wrong house
the mom calls out YJ’s name
AJ tells herself not to look
but she does
YJ looks over at AJ
AJ is at her work gathering and drinking a lot
then they go to a singing room
she acts sort of crazy then sings sad songs and cries
bringing down the mood
AJ is drunk and her coworkers put her in a cab
driver asks where she wants to go
she passes out in the cab
next morning she wakes up on K’s bed
she remembers how K tried to get her to drink water to sober her up and how she spit it up
then passed out
then woke up and said she needed to take her makeup off- rubbing at her face-eyes and oil cleanser
then passes out again
then she took off her clothes complaining it is hot
in the cab when driver asked where she was going
he asked if she can call someone
she says her husband
and gave him the address
AJ sneaks out
K asks if she is running away
AJ: sorry for imposing on you yesterday
he says she always does it
K: i was kidding around- did it make you feel bad?
AJ:no what you said was right
she offers to pay for the cab saying it must have come out to a lot
he asks why
she says she will leave it there
he asks if he made a mistake
 she says cuz she is embarrassed
K:do you remember now? you dont remember?!
AJ: why? did something happen
K: no it’s ok- it’s all in the past anyway
she asks what it was
but he wont say what she did wrong
he goes to get a drink
she keeps bugging him to tell her what mistake she made
he says nothing happened- he was just kidding around
she yells at him for kidding saying she was alarmed
he says now she seems like GAJ
she pushes him out of the way to get a coke out
he tells her to thank him cuz in the condition she was in she would have been in trouble if it wasnt for him- she should just look at herself in the mirror
she puts the coke down
she goes to look and sees her raccoon eyes
K looks at the coke and shakes it like crazy
she comes back and says she is fine
she opens the coke and it gushes out everywhere
he laughs so she pours some on him
then he pours it on her
he pins her hands behind her back so she wont pour anymore
she drops the almost empty bottle
both are out of breath
then K leans in to kiss
she turns her head a little
are you acting or is it real?
K: it’s real
he kisses her
they pause
K: you must be happy – since this is your second kiss
AJ: i told you it wasnt my second
she kisses him back
afterwards they look at each other and smile
AJ: it’s tastes sweet
the phone rings
K holds her hand when he walks over to the phone
K tells the aunt that he is at home
the aunt wants to come here
so he offers to go out
he holds AJ’s hand and goes to -omg where are they going? shower?
SH is about to sketch of paint and YJ shows up
he says she has good timing
K tells her to wait while he pulls the car out and offers to take her
she says its ok -it will be a bother
she looks at his car (something is wrong with it-maybe his tags expired)
she says she will walk
he pulls up along and tells her to get in
she says she is a civil servant
he says she doesnt look like one at all
she shows her ID tag
he tells her to get in so he can take her
she keeps walking
she asks if he wants her to get in
she tells him to pay the fine and gets in
* something about his car is off (tags -register) and since she is a civil servant
she didnt think she should get in the car
YJ asks SH if he still likes her-why arent you answering- do you still like me?
SH: when you ask like that- do you know that I dont want to answer
YJ says that K is pushing her away again cuz of SH
she asks again if he still likes her
SH asks if YJ is nervous
no matter who the woman is – she cant mess with the YJ inside K’s heart
aunt asks K about what he is going to do about YJ
K:what are you talking about
aunt : are you going to do it or should I?
K tells her it’s his problem
she asks when YJ became his problem
K:this time just stand down
aunt:then you get this figured out
K goes to the beach and stares out at the water
when he gets home SH is there waiting outside
K asks what he did with the house key he gave him
SH says he lost it
inside the house
K asks about dinner and SH says he already ate
K asks if he has something to say
K: you have something to say to me
SH: you are too (gonna guess greedy)
K tells him not to joke
SH: what did you say to YJ this time?
why are you using me as an excuse and hurting YJ
K says SH’s name
SH: no matter what I do – you should hold onto YJ
there is no need to push YJ away
K says SH’s name
SH: I am ok
K: done talking about that
SH: i’m not done- i really am ok- i didnt know it would be this comfortable with time
i shouldnt have done that back then-I’m sorry
if you love her hold onto her
dont give up cuz of me
he leaves
SH calls AJ
SH: are you sleeping?
AJ: no -I’m reading a book
he guesses she has a *pack on her face (facial mask)
AJ: how did you know I was wearing a facial mask – you are a total ghost (for knowing)
did something good happen to you
SH: is it obvious?
she says it is – his voice sounds like he could fly
he tells her – it seems like it’s completely over for sure
she asks what has
he says:there is something like that young lady
SR advises AJ again
SR: have you met the girl-the former fiance
what happened (between them)
she guesses that AJ didnt meet YJ yet
why didnt AJ listen to her
AJ says it’s sunday so let’s rest
SR: dont regret later and do what I say
AJ:it’s impolite to interfere in spousal matters
 i want to trust my husband so why are you making such a fuss
dont you trust your husband?
you should try not to regret…I am more worried about you
SR asks what she means by that
AJ: stop being so interested in me
after AJ leaves, SR is ticked off guessing that AJ knows that JB is cheating on SR
AJ is walking
she repeats what she said to SR
it’s impolite to interfere in spousal matters
she wonders when she learned to speak so eloquently
she worries that SR picked up on AJ knowing (about JB’s affair) cuz SR is sharp that way
aunt’s driver says K’s aunt wants to meet her
AJ asks why
the guy says you will know after you meet her
AJ goes to meet the aunt
K is there too
aunt welcomes her and tells her to sit
K asks his aunt: what is going on
aunt says she wanted to meet AJ
YJ shows up too
aunt welcomes her and tells her to sit
aunt tells K to introduce his wife to YJ
she says to YJ: you didnt know huh? K is married
K says aunt
YJ:it’s a lie
aunt says YJ must have heard the rumors too-did you think it was baseless rumors?
they are married but keeping it a secret cuz i was opposed
K yells at his aunt to stop
aunt tells YJ : now he is thinking of getting permission from you too
YJ runs out upset
K says to his aunt: you are something else
his aunt calls out his name and he stops for a second but leaves anyway
aunt says sorry to AJ
AJ leaves
K runs out looking for YJ
AJ goes looking for K
K goes back to his car
AJ asks for him to talk to her
but he says sorry and drives off
she guesses:does he still like the girl?
K drives to YJ’s home
he knocks on her door
 AJ is waiting outside K’s door
H pulls up in a cab
she asks if he heard from K
he invites her to come in and wait
she says no and asks him to call her if he hears from K
she walks away
Y is at the beach K was at earlier
on that same beach
K and YJ hold hands and walk to the edge of the water
she looks at her engagement ring and watch a plane fly by
YJ says she has 11hrs and 20 mins left till her flight
time really does not go by
after 11hr and 20mins – we really cant meet?
K pats her head
she asks if they can just run away together
he asks her to call when she arrives in paris
YJ: dont worry- I will find a guy better than you
she will make him regret sending her off like this
K comes over
YJ remembers SH’s words
(no matter who the woman is she wont be able to mess with the YJ in K’s heart)
YJ hugs K
he almost puts his hands on her back to hug her back
AJ is dozing off with her arms around her stuffed animal
(there is a blurry scene – like it’s not set in reality)
this time K is hugging YJ tight and kissing her
AJ wakes up suddenly and goes out
she goes to YJ’s home
she waits outside her door
she waited all night
she sees K pulling up with YJ
AJ stammers
it was cuz you didnt answer your phone
it wasnt cuz I was worried
i thought maybe it was broken so…what I mean to say is…
K tells YJ to go in first
YJ invites AJ to come in too
AJ: no it’s ok
YJ: I have something to say
AJ looks at all the pics of K, YJ, and SH
YJ brings them both drinks
YJ says sorry for misunderstanding
AJ says YJ had a reason to misunderstand
YJ:but it was cuz of you that we could meet again-thank you
AJ: you did-that’s good
that’s good- to be honest i was a little worried
that cuz of me – there would be a rift between you two
K is not to blame at all
I asked him to lie that we were married
sorry I have to leave – I have to go to work
I hate mondays the most
she bows and leaves
YJ tells K: I feel sorry for no reason
K runs out to AJ
he tells her to wait a second
AJ says she will get in trouble with her boss if she is late
she says she knows it all- she wont worry
there is no reason to worry about our lie-that’s what you are going to say right?
you have loyalty -thank goodness
she says she will be going
*she never gave him a chance to talk at all
and I am dying to know what he was going to say
AJ cries and tells herself over and over she will be ok and cries more
JB is getting stuff thrown at him
he tells SR to listen to what he has to say
SR: you said she knew-how does AJ know?
she says she asked him not to let AJ find out but he couldnt even do that
JB: I didnt get caught cuz I wanted to….
SR: how could you not cheat the right way- are you a man?
he asks what she did right
she beats him up
how dare someone like you humiliate me
he gets mad back cuz she said “someone like you”
she accuses him of doing it on purpose
he says he did it on purose (get caught)
for her to feel ashamed in front of AJ this time
I did it on purpose where AJ could see
SR looks for more things to throw at him
he runs out the door
AJ goes to SR’s home
everything is a mess
SR says she has great timing- look around and see everything-this is how we live
AJ tells her the truth
I’m not married
I never married K
SR asks what that means
AJ: everything is a joke- from the start to the end
AJ leaves and cries
no preview
* i really like this song that is playing

95 comments on “Lie To Me E8

  1. busybody says:

    thank u so much for the recap.. sorry i don’t post a comment a lot but i visit your site for any LTM post regularly.. thank u for all them..

    i have officially addicted to LTM just like i was addicted to CP.. every hour i have to check all the sites that has LTM post in it it’s driving me crazy!

    hope the 2nd half of the drama continues in a big high!


  2. adgirl says:

    Watched last week with your translations. Love this one so much, it has a bit of everything. Anyway just my thought, I think that SH really likes AJ and he knows that KJ and AJ like each other. Being he knows his brother and his sense of obligation, he is using that excuse for KJ to take YJ back. I also believe YJ is only back for revenge or to split up the brothers and it was always her intention. She left when it did not work, and SH left. Only to return when SH did. A little suspiscious to me.
    Absolutlely loved the Coke kiss 😀 😀 (^-^)
    While I know it will all work out in the end I certainly love all the twists. I am with you and love the fact the lies are out in the open and that part of the story will move on.

    Thank you for your work and I am now counting the hours till I can watch tonight with your subs.


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