Can You Hear My Heart E9

Watch that scene where D walks away from W as he mouths the words before she says it aloud. Knowing her well enough to anticipate her reaction is what makes their scenes stand out.
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Can  you hear my heart E9
After W yells at M and gets it out of her system,
M says : W – I’m sorry, I’m sorry W
She goes back and he says
I am answering on his behalf
since I listened on his behalf I am answering on his behalf
I think even your brother would have answered like this
“I’m sorry”
that’s all I could think of to say
he tells her to go in and gets in his car and drives off
M watches her in his side mirror and calls T
M: mom it’s me – you are not sleeping yet are you
T: I was about to -where are you
M: I am on my way
please dont sleep and wait up for me
I am going to bring ice cream
choi asks what is going on
T tells him to sleep first and gets out of bed
she goes up to M’s room and goes thru his luggage
and finds a case report with Junha on it and something written on the side
Y is still drawing flowers
SC yells at W for coming home late
Y tells them to be quiet cuz the grandma is sleeping
Y shows her the flowers he drew
SC tells Y that W didnt take the bus home cuz he was waiting at the bus stop but she came from another direction
W tells her dad she will see the drawings tm cuz she is tired but
SC wants to know who brought W home
W says MS’s bf
SC is mad and wants to know who MS is and who is MS’s bf
W goes in and looks at the yellow watch
she gets a call from kim the energy guy and he wants to meet the designer tm
D practices speaking aloud
and it gets typed up
he repeats a certain word and throws in “ant poop” and it appears on the screen
he gets a text from the guy saying he got the appt with W tm
D leaves M a text
bong maru jang junha shi
(not sure if he said : are you tired of me or dont you like me anymore-he used the word “get cold”)
stop playing with mom
and have a date with me tm
he stretches and yells out
let’s eat and feeds the fish
T says eating ice cream reminds her of the past
they ate too much ice cream and got a stomach ache
M says they ate 3 times that night
M says while he was at the conference he thought of her
ance he wondered how he would have become a doctor if it wasnt for T
what would he be doing now
T says isnt it better now
M: i didnt think of that
T: I am a very lucky person to have a son like you
M: that is mine
you told me that I was lucky
that sounded so good to me
you dont know but then
I was really moved
T: whenever I see you
I am moved every day
if you werent there
would I have been able to endure that difficult time with D alone
whenever I wanted to give up on D
my heart was at the edge of the cliff
let’s just die at the end of that cliff
let’s die
then will I be at ease
but cuz of you I couldnt
so you saved mom and D
M asks – do you know why I like you
when I am with you
I feel like I’m a nice person
so I like when I am with you mom the best
choi listens in
T looks up and sees choi
and T thinks to herself
why? does your bloodline pull you in
your son
like you
will live with me and D like a perfect family
just wait and see (watch)
choi walks away listening to T’s laughter
Y fell asleep drawing
the grandma wakes him
Y: is it morning?
she asks why he spend all night drawing
he says she told him to cuz then M would come home and they dont have to move out
W tells Y just to draw and quit his job at the nursery
grandma scolds W
W explains the nursery owner changed owners and it is someone scary
Y asks who the scary person is
grandma says Y wouldnt know and the only thing scary is WK
Y says WK-it is bad – dont talk about WK mom
W tells him that the cosmetic company wants to meet Y today
so Y cant go to work
Y worries cuz he has to go to work
but he also has to thank the cosmetic company for paying his mom’s bills
SC shows up wearing a suit
SC: W let’s go – to sell cars
Y says the suit is small on SC
grandma agrees and says SC will probably get a wedgie  – everyone laughs
SC says this is how you wear clothes like this
W tells him to wear comfortable clothes
SC says he is doing this cuz W is looking at other guys- who is MS and who is MS’s bf
if you keep this up i wont marry you
granmda : who is getting married
W denies it
SC: grandma you dont know still
he points to Y
but you know
last time when W asked me to marry her
W: when did i do that?
Y: W you cant lie
you said “let’s marry” and makes the motion she made before she jumped in with SC
W turns away embarrassed
SC walks over to her and puts his arm on her shoulder and tells her to “do well”
grandma hits SC
and says she wont give her precious grand daughter to him
cuz she raised her so preciously
W smiles and hides behind her grandma
SC: when did you raise W so preciously? she must have forgotten again
he wants to take her to the hospital but the grandma says she wont go
D is walking along looking for someone
he spots W and her “dad” and D smiles
W and the neighbor (posing as Y) are working
she tells him to do well
he tells her not to worry and this weekend while he watches soccer she promised to do all the fried chicken deliveries
they pinky swear
she says they are meeting the cosmetic guy at noon so even if they are late they will be back by 4
D watches them and grins
manager calls Y
“Y” bows to him like Y does
manager asks why Y is swollen
W: dad caught a cold so he wore thick clothes
“Y” pretends to cough and says
if you go to the hospital for cold medicine it is 50 cents-50 cents
manager says something is wrong so he asks Y to go with him to fix it
“Y” gets up and says he will work hard over there
and turns to go but the manager stops him
“Y” hits his head and pretends to be confused and runs off
manager says he doesnt listen and kicks the garbage bag
he says he told Y to clean this up
so W jumps up and says she will clean it
*neighbor does a good job of pretending to be Y
D watches all that
Y comes up behind D
and says I am right -it is “the one who isnt M”
D didnt hear that
so he is startled when Y shows up in front of him
Y bows to him and so does D
Y takes D to show him some small trees ( I have no idea what to call these trees- i dont know plants and stuff) and tells D to hurry
Y: arent these trees pretty
these trees are called mison trees
they are not MS but mison
they wear white clothes
MS wore a white dress too and cut hair
Y turns to the trees and says “nice to meet you” and bows
Y tells D to bow to the trees
so D bows and says hello to the trees
Y tells the tree this is “one who isnt M”
he wanted to see white flowers so we came together
you changed into white clothes but sorry
I will draw you tm
Y talks about his toe called Y and D points to his toe and says his is called D
Y notices that D isnt wearing socks and says if he doesnt he will catch a cold
D laughs
Y says his name is Bong Y and bows to D
so D says my name is D and bows
Y says he has to take the bus to seoul today
he cant play with D
can we sleep one night and then play
D laughs and says
yes – sleep one night and play with me
they get up
Y says his daughter is waiting for him and he has to give her this and go
he falters and calls D – one who isnt M
so D reminds him what his name is again
so Y bows to D and the trees and
Y runs off repeating D’s name
D is staring at the flowers
W runs by D
she goes back and leans in and
asks who he is waiting for
she says he doesnt need to pull away from her
cuz she wont keep asking him if he is M
cuz her dad said he isnt
she leans in and asks ” are you WK’s spy?
you are arent you? i can tell just from looking at you
dont know about my IQ but my instincts are 180″
she looks at how he is dressed and says
no wonder
and this place has been passed over to WK
D: i am not a spy
he glances at her car catalogue
W: are you interested in cars
D shakes his head no to the “tea” ( tea and car are the same word in korean)
W takes out the catalogue and says she meant cars
D gets up and leans close and asks
is there a guy who doesnt like cars
he walks off so she chases after him saying
that is right – guys go crazy over cars
if you have time-do you want to get a car from me
she goes on about how great the car is
how the color of the car is only in korea
he tries to go again but she says
what was I thinking
you were riding a bike in apkujeong
then it is this car ( a better one on the next page)
to someone like you who likes to exercise
has a lot of time
has a lot of money
and is healthy
there is nothing better
it goes really fast etc
he says he is busy
W:that is why you have to buy it from me
I will make it quick
and brags she can sell cars the fastest in her company
she does a running dance to prove how fast she is
D smiles
and walks away again
she tells him to decide when he isnt busy and asks for his number and name
D takes out his keys and opens his car from where he is standing
she looks over at his car
as he walks away he mouths the words “jerk who is like ant poop”
she calls him jerk who is like ant poop
she signs he is cow poop, horse poop, dog poop
and says he should have told her he already had a car
you bad ant poop
D watches her in the side mirror and laughs
and drives off
T says choi is late going into work this morning
he asks what she is wearing
she says cuz Junha wanted to work out
he says the reason why i cant sleep at night is cuz I dont exercise enough
it’s nice to have a son for a doctor cuz he can treat me right away
choi tells her to stop saying “son”
and to tell M to leave cuz choi is uncomfortable
T: honey
choi: D’s not even home so there is no reason for M to stay here
T says she doesnt want to be alone
and it isnt like choi is going to spend time with her
Choi: then raise a dog instead
cuz (M) shaking his tail in front of you it’s the same
T: what does that mean
choi thinks M is greedy for money
i know guys like that well
make him leave right away
dont regret after trusting someone without thinking
M comes into the room looking for T
choi gets mad cuz M came in without knocking and this is their bedroom
M says sorry cuz he thought choi had left for work
choi starts to yell at M
so T yells M to wait and sends him out
choi complains about M coming into the bedroom
T: look at S
you cant trust S
and told me not to get close
but we got along fine all these years
junha is the same
dont distrust him for no reason
cuz he is a nice kid like S
plus if he did something out of line
would I just let that go
while M is looking at a pic of choi and D
D throws his hackysack at M’s back
M turns around
D asks: why didnt you call
M turns to go
D: what is this behavior? did you really get a gf for real?
M turns to go again so D holds him back
I have a favor to ask
I have to meet someone about the cosmetic case
can you go in my place…
M pulls his arm away
M says he told D that he didnt want to get involved
why does D want to meet those ppl
D: you knew?
he mutters under his breath : min soo
D tries to explain but M cuts him off
M: if you want to meet them – you do it
but tell them you are D
cuz I am really curious how they will react
D: she already remembers me- as the pianist
M: you think that is all she remembers?
her mom died in the WK factory fire
D looks surprised
M: should I tell you simply so that you can understand
your father choi killed her mom
(to prevent the fire from spreading) he closed the door to the warehouse and killed her
and they blamed her for setting the fire
back then I was scared of your father so I ran away and the person who took me in was your mom
I told you bong maru died
i threw away my entire family to survive
so how can I appear in front of her now?
D: why are you telling me all that now
M: you think I want to tell you that I threw away my family
I wanted to bury them in my heart as dead and continue living
but why do you keep pulling that out?
(cant hear what M said as he grabbed D’s arm-it might have been)
M : choi’s son cha Dong joo- I cant ever go back as long as I live as your brother
(this is the first time D learns about WK being responsible for MS’s death)
T overhears what M says to D
M: what do you think WK means to those ppl?
you have the strength to get revenge but all they can do is put up with it
you lied to them?
did you feel good watching them be happy over the money you gave them?
i dont know if you did it to help
but you did something to them you shouldnt have
now do you understand what i am saying?
now do you get what I am saying?
D is shocked and pulls away from M and sits
M calls his name softly but D wont let M touch him
D covers his hear
T comes over and asks
what are you two talking about?
D- what did you do?
M explains
D did it for work and it got complicated – he didnt do it on purpose
T: now do you know why I cant trust D?
if it was going to be like this
it would have been better not to start
let’s give up (meaning=let’s forget about our plans for revenge)
she starts to walk away but M pulls her back
D gets up and leaves
M goes after him but
T tells M to leave D alone
W tells Y to sit comfortably and take his jacket off
but Y is sitting up straight and looking up
and clutching the flowers and says he is cold
the nursery is warm but seoul is cold
I like the nursery better W
W:then should we just go?
Y: no we cant – we have to say thank you
they gave us mom’s hospital bill money
and we have to give this present (flowers)
W: why is your chin up like that
you’ll get sick doing that
Y: no i wont
he has his head up cuz his mom said this is what you have to do
this is how a designer bows and says hello
she says Y has another white hair
Y worries cuz then M wont know who Y is
and will think Y is his grandfather
she gets him to lower his head and relax it
she colors his white hair black with her mascara
D watches them thru the window from his car
M is in the shower and thinks of what W said about Y and grandma waiting for M
and how it was hard for her alone waiting for him
D calls M
sorry I didnt listen to you
and made this problem
i’m sorry but please help me out this one time
no-like all this time you’ve been doing – help me out this once too
W knows my voice
we ran into each other a few times
so please help me out
and tell her not to wait
the number to the restaurant is
T picks up M’s phone so her words are visible on D’s phone screen
he thinks he is talking to M
D: brother
T: say it
D: I said I was sorry
we have to settle this
i dont want to make an employee do it
no – instead of not wanting to
it will be hard to explain this and that
the only person who can tell her gently is you
leave out mentioning WK
but just say that a guy who wasnt thinking did something crazy
T says why do I have to do that
if we gave them money then that is it
M comes out of his shower
T: I told you I didnt want to be involved anymore
hurry and settle matters
and do (something else D is supposed to be working on) well
she turns around
M: is that D?
T: when we get (something)
you will have to be involved
you wont disappoint me right?
W is on the phone and finds out mr Kim isnt coming (the guy she signed the contract with)
Kim tells her the president is coming
W: but I dont know what he looks like
kim: he will find you himself
but he hasnt shown up yet?
 W: yes and we waited an hour
are you sure it was for noon?
D shows up
D:I want to introduce myself formally
I am the president of energy cha dong joo
W: what? who did you say you were?
D says his name again and mentions WK
he says let’s go in and talk
but W looks over at Y and blocks D from going in
W: wait a minute
I dont know what is going on
so you are WK’s D
are you saying energy belongs to WK
he said it wasnt WK
if it was for WK, I said i couldnt do it
D: why?
W: if you are really D- you should ask your father
but are you really D…
D: so you are saying you wont sell it if it is for WK
you already got the contract fee
W: i did but from the start I said I wouldnt if it was for WK
D: I know so I tricked you
D: cuz I need that design- I lied
D: so are you saying you wont ever do it (sell to him)
W: of course – if it is for WK
but are you really D…
D cuts her off
I understand
then there is no need to waste your time anymore
you dont have to return the contract fee
then we dont need to meet again do we
he walks off and she chases but he gets in his car and drives off
Y kept knocking on the window and she tells him she will go in
W wonders to herself: what just happened
D goes home and he is upset
SC bugs the grandma and asks why she doesnt like him
he tries to use aego but she doesnt go for it
SC: you dont really dislike me do you?
the neighbor’s wife wants to know where her husband is
cuz she has to do all the work
grandma complains that her cast itches so SC scratches it for her
his mom says ; you said you got a work selling cars
did you get a job at W’s?
SC: of course “woori’s” house is “our” house
grandma says to SC jokingly
since Woori went to seoul
“woori” is not “our” house
grandma and SC laugh over that joke
SC’s mom drags her son away
grandma asks why they are coming so late
Y says the guy must have lost his way
cuz they didnt get to give him his present
Y says he is changing and going to work
grandma asks W what happened and she says things got confusing
W goes in her room
SC looks thru the door
W calls MS
MS gets a call from W
MS asks if W met her brother
W says she didnt
MS says that is strange cuz her boss said he would find W’s brother
W: your boss? who is your boss?
W: D?
MS: yes he said he would find your brother
isnt that why you sold that design?
W: then D really lied to me and bought that design
is that D  really WK’s son D
SC talks into the phone and asks where D is
W says she will go alone
SC says he cant send her alone cuz WK’s ppl are bad
W begs him not to let her family know cuz if he does she wont ever see SC again
he promises and wants to go with her
but she tells him not to follow her cuz she has something to confirm
M is leaving
T asks where he is going
M: to D’s place cuz they have last minute things to go over
she asks if she should go with him
but M tells her not to
cuz it will burden D if she goes too
T: i dont know if D knows that you think of him this much
dont get stressed and if D doesnt listen to you
then hit him cuz you are his older brother
M: yes – I was going to from now on
maid says dinner is ready
T tells M to eat and go
but M says he will eat with D
she tells him to drive safely
when he leaves
she comes back out and has a look of distrust on her face
MS and the rest of the team are at D’s house
she keeps trying to reach D but he isnt picking up
Y runs over and says they are not supposed to be here
cuz they will get in trouble with the manager
MS: ahjussi you work here?
Y recognizes MS as the “ghost” (cuz when she spend the night her makeup ran)
MS: today I didnt wear that much makeup – look
i dont look like a ghost huh?
Y says she doesnt
and wonders if ghosts like flowers too
MS: of course I love flowers
Kim calls out boss to D who just arrived
Y greets D
I was going to sleep one day and play with you
I’m not busy today so should I play with you
D just stares at Y
Y talks about the flowers that close their eyes and sleep
and asks D to go see them with him
but D walks around Y and goes in the house
Y worries that they will get in trouble for going in there by the manager
first thing D grabs when he goes in is the hackysack
he tells everyone to sit comfortable and tells them where to get drinks
they are impressed with the home
MS asks D what happened with W cuz she said not to use the design
and that W was mad – didnt D find her brother?
D ignores her and tells everyone that he sent them the new plan and tells them to look it over and start the meeting
MS says there was no talk of a new plan
D didnt hear her so she gets mad and slams her hand down
and tells him to answer when someone says something
D: did you read it all already
the bell rings
D looks at his watch and ignores the bell
a guy offers to get the door
but D tells him to continue doing what he was doing
D goes to the door
W is at the door
W: let’s talk for a moment
D: i thought we were done talking
W: no that’s not it
I’m mad that you lied to me but
you said you were D
D: so?
W: I am – who I am is…
D: woori shi did you change your mind?
are you going to sell the flower design?
W shakes her head
that isnt it but I am….
D: then I have nothing further to listen to – go please
and he closes the door in her face
W: I was in the middle of talking
he lowers the blind so
she keeps kocking on the door and ringing the bell
but D goes back to the team saying
we dont have time so let’s start right away
he continues with the meeting asking about any additions to the concept
MS watches W outside the window
W spots what D is holding
D is tossing the hackysack and catching it with his right hand
she is surprised
my hackysack
he still has it
so why did he act like he doesnt know me
she bangs on the window and calls out his name
D continues with the meeting about pg 14
with all the banging going on
so MS tells D that they cant focus and tells him to take are of W
D looks over to the window at W
W keeps telling D
it is me
that hackysack
she makes a throwing motion
it is me
the toy piano
she pretends to blow into something and play piano
and I had a flower in my hair
she keeps saying it is me
but D closes the blind and continues with the meeting
W bangs on the window
dont you know me-ya-cha dong joo-you chicken leg
D still continues with the meeting
but his watch vibrates the doorbell is ringing
MS says let’s let her in
cuz she gave the idea for save your case
so she is on our team
but D says he decided not to work with W
kim: you went thru all that trouble to buy it so why
D: I make the decision
he looks at his watch
finally she stopped ringing the bell
D looks over at the door
W calls herself stupid since he is WK’s D
since he isnt acting like he knows her that makes it better for her
she turns to leave but turns to give one last dirty look at D’s home
choi goes to see S who had been napping
her house is a mess so she tries to pick up and make herself look better
she cooks for him
she says he doesnt look well in the few days they havent seen each other
didnt you eat at home? she puts fish on his rice bowl
if she only could -she wants to feed him
she says she feels bad he has to do all that work alone and says he is impressive
he says he is going to sleep and go
and tells her to get his clothes ready
he has an imp meeting tm
she tells him to hurry and eat and get a lot of sleep
cuz he cant sleep comfortably at his home cuz of M
if it was her she would sleep on the sofa
choi: dont talk about home – it gives me a headache
she asks if M is still there too
choi: cuz of that I dont want to go home even more
that guy really bothers me
she says she doesnt like him too and how he stares
she doesnt like how M and T have skinship
when T doesnt do that to D
she thinks there is something going on between T and M
she offers to find out and trail T and M since choi is busy
she is sure she can find out something
choi tells S not to and be quiet
cuz he thinks T suspects choi and S
she says it doesnt matter
is T in any situation to acknowledge their relationship even if T knows
cuz now all of WK belongs to you
W is walking home
M waits in his car and gets out
he asks to speak for a moment
she asks if he came to see her
she invites him home cuz he brought her home last time and offers him a drink
but he says he will talk here
M: i did something wrong to you
I bought your flower
using someone else
MS asks if D is ok-what is going on
he tells her he will finish up and send it to her and tells her to go home
she says: but I came all this way-should I just go?
let’s go out and eat dinner
what is famous around this neighborhood
he just gives her his credit card
she threatens to eat something expensive
she picks up the hackysack and asks what it is
D takes it from her and tells her not to touch it
M: MS wanted to have it so much
so I made the contract in another company’s name
but no matter how much i think about it
it bothers me
you dont have to return the design money
since I did something wrong
she asks if this was the place
when you said sorry on my brother’s behalf
up till then it was really nice
it felt like hearing my real brother’s reply
but now I see that it was all a lie too
I met D
I dont know what your relationship with him is but
but when you see him please tell D that I will return the money
since he lied first – to wait
cuz I already paid the hospital fee
it will take some time repaying it
but I dont even want a penny from WK
so I will make sure to pay it back
M: w
W: also tell him this
if he makes anyone in my family angry again
tell him to be careful cuz I will
(she says some threat)
and walks off
M spots T in her car
T watched all that and drives off angry
M calls out mom but T doesnt look back
M gets in his car and goes after T
*T is mad cuz M met with W
D looks at the hackysack
he holds it in his hand
and remembers back to W thowing it at her mom
telling her mom to come back soon
he grips the hackysack hard
and throws it against the wall
it bursts and the little seeds go flying everywhere
T drives to D’s
M chases after her
T tells D to open the door- I know you are inside- open the door
D doesnt look at his watch which is alerting him to the doorbell
he walks on the seeds and lies down on the bed
T keeps begging D to open the door
M: mom listen to me
I was ending it
 i wasnt trying to hide it from you
i went to settle things cleanly (make a clean break)
T ignores M
M: I was wrong mom – I’m sorry
she ignores him like she doesnt seem him
she begs D to open the door and knocks on another side of the window
M yells at her
D cant hear – so stop it
she says : you are not my son
go back to your home
you are not my son
she tells him to let go of her
he gets on his knees
M: i was wrong mom
T: dont call me that
you are not my son
M: I’m sorry mom I was wrong
M cries on his knees
W takes out the toy piano and looks like she was going to throw it out but she stops
in the dark, D picks up the hackysack seed
W goes to the grandma’s room
Y fell asleep just now after working till the early morning
W suggest that she work harder and let her dad quit working at the nursery
and asks the grandma to tell him that
grandma says that would kill him Yworks there with flowers cuz he misses MS 
Y’s phone rings
she explains to the manager that her dad worked till the early morning and just fell asleep
she yells “what did you say” into the phone
she runs to D’s house and rings his bell
he isnt home
she is mad cuz Y got fired
she says aloud
D open the door
what did my father do wrong 
who do you think you are to fire my dad
D’ s team with M and MS and the others go into the company
choi hears that “kang hee sa” arrived
choi wonders why he has to make time like this to meet
choi is surprised to see D there
D says he is here to join the company as T’s something
you said if I was ready
everything is ready so let’s start
let’s go father
they walk off together
D tells W to get out
W shakes his hand off and says : D- I thought you would be different
Y and D spend more time together
Y tells the fish to eat alot and get big
D says to Y :you were here
Y to D: were you waiting for me
should I play with you now
W drgas Y away
she warns : if you mess with my family I told you I would (some threat I cant hear)
choi to D: you think business is a game
D to choi: that is why it is worth doing
SC yells out to D and M
who is D?
D: what is going on
SC throws down the contract money: this is the money for the flower design you gave W
SC warns: if you make W cry one more time
M cant get W to wake up after he took her home
M ends up piggy backing W
Y tells M’s pic : Maru – dad will always wait
W tells D: if you want to act like you dont know me – do that
D: i can only do one thing at a time
I acted like I didnt know W
but I cant tell her that I am sorry
D watches M piggy backing W home
young M: if i can become both at the same time- be D’s older brother 
D’s voice: and be W’s older brother
*towards the end I couldnt tell who was saying what
all of a sudden M and D sound alike so I might have gotten the names wrong

25 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E9

  1. Mia says:

    This is all very confusing…>>;; Everything seems to be unraveling so quickly?


  2. kcomments says:

    Thanks softy, please take care of your health ^^
    This episode had me laughed like crazy (when SC’s dad disguises as JG, and he keeps hitting his forehead, LMAO) but then there were really sad scenes too, the scene that had me was, when DJ threw and broke the hay-sack –later the picture showed, in the dark DJ walked back bare feet, his hand started to pick up the bean one by one…aww…

    The scene when WR tried to sell DJ a car, he suddenly stood up and his face got THAT close to her face, stared right into her eyes…I squealed and squealed omo omo, haha.

    I think I need time to absorb this episode a bit more, a bit confused with JH’s behavior and DJ’s mom too. Oh, who to hate? everybody seems to have reason doing bad deed. And SC had me swayed by his cuteness in suit and tie…rawrrrrr!


  3. Banu says:

    Well I’m not surprised “about preview: M being D and D being W’s brother” cause he is selfish as ever so he don’t want to go back to his past also I have a feeling “like everyone else would think” that M feels something for W more than brotherly love.. ^__^ which it makes the story more interesting.. and D being W’s brother could be a problem cause they where “like lover’s” first love so it’s gonna be hard for them..

    Thanks for your reviews


  4. applexu114 says:

    Thank you for your recap, Softy!
    OMG (O_O), I need to talk about the preview first. I’m so shock at the part JH ask DJ to be him while he be DJ. I hope it wouldn’t head to this direction because Y and MS + WR’s aunt all confirmed that he wasn’t MR already. But then again, this is Kdrama, where amnesia could be applied even when you think it’s impossible.

    Today’s episode is very sweet and lightheart at first, then bam JH told DJ about WR’s mom’s incident and after that, everything just got angstier. I love whenever DJ and Y have a scene together. I find both of them share a lot of things in common. One is mentally retarded and one is deaf, they are both view the world on their own, sth that other people would never understand. How cute it is that they are both fasinated with every little thing around them. Even though DJ has his plan to take back his grandfather’s company, he is still a child at heart, just like Y. Somehow, the way DJ treats Y makes me feel that DJ’s appreciated with Y’s honest feeling and actions toward everyone so that he shows him the softer side which even his mom or JH he doesn’t dare to show. That’s why seeing DJ’s hurt today makes my heart ache so bad (the more I think about this, the more I can’t really accept it if JH really asks DJ to be WR’s brother…Hell NO!!).
    I end my rant. Thanks Softy again. Keep up your good work and take care :D!


  5. floralnori says:

    I love this show and it’s characters in a way I haven’t before, so I really appreciate your hard work recapping! Thanks so much!


  6. toohearts says:

    Hello Softy! I really enjoyed this episode of CYHMH… You shouldn’t work 11.5 hrs straight! It is not good for you! And you need your sleep and rest! Please take care of your health first…. All your transcaps are great and take all the time you need to do them. ^^

    I am waiting for the torrent to watch this episode, and I am going back to read it one more time (ok.. many more times.. hahaha) 😀


    • Softy says:

      Trust me – that was not intentional for 49 days E14- it never used to take so long but these days I am ending later and later cuz i am filling in more lines than usual. After all that work, I couldn’t just go to bed and forget about it so I stayed up to replace all the missing dialogue and that’s when time got away from me.
      Even tonight’s episode took 2 extra hours cuz my brain is fried. I am planning to sleep all day sunday and wake up just to do this tm night 🙂
      I am falling more and more in love with D – he is the most likable character cuz of his sweetness and vulnerability- you just wanna protect him from his crazy mom and his sadistic step father. Man I hope today isn’t the last time we get to see him being so cute with W. The preview made it look like they are at odds with each other tm.


      • Iviih says:

        Softy go sleep well. I don’t mind if you just recap this tomorrow’s night. Health comes first!^^ Thanks for working so hard. Kisses 🙂

        Btw 49 days last episode sure had lots and lots of plot huh? Even I am still trying to digest everything… CYHMH also had a lot going on in this episode, I’ll have to watch it again and read again lol xD


      • janna says:

        go get some sleep~~ we can wait


  7. Iviih says:

    Oh, I didn’t know DJ knowing about WR’S mom would be soo fast. I agree with you softy this will make him again be all alone since he will try to avoid WR. Poor him, poor her!

    And omo, I was right about him putting a act. Aigooo kdrama sure like to trick us and then do this. Grrr lol xD Btw is not possible for him pretend to be MR. I mean the father already know he is not. So does WR. So how can he act like this? Or maybe he will ask her to be her brother and that he doesn’t like to be DJ? And so MR and the mother will be the one getting revenge? I guess not xD

    It would be cool if DJ and WR get together and share their thought about Choi. How they both want revenge and don’t like choi…. but DJ won’t tell anything, will he? T_T


  8. Iviih says:

    Btw softy watch the preview they posted for episode 9, that has one parts from episode 10… they love to mix the preview with scenes of both episodes… or from the next episodes.

    In the preview of episode 9 WR slaps/hit something on DJ’s face 😦


  9. Iviih says:

    Hi^^~I saw this mv and think he too cute. Want to share heheheh XD

    (I really like the mv this person do. Always so pretty :))


  10. alove says:

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication Softy 🙂
    Rest well knowing that your efforts are always appreciated!


  11. Jewels says:

    Softly, thanks for you recaps, you are such a lifesaver, recapping the two shows I can’t wait to watch weekly. Sorry about having to redo 49 days. Here’s a suggesting, after recapping, why don’t you copy and paste it to a word document and then save it. You will always have a copy in your files for reference.


  12. kcomments says:

    Ratings: Episode 9; Nationwide: 16.9% (3th) Seoul: 19.8% (3th), TNS Media.
    Couldn’t believe my eyes, this episode won over ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ (MBC), in quite a number too.

    *sigh* My heart was sinking for DJ last night, if there are JH(aka MR) fans around here, please skip this one. Poor DJ, he’s just a deaf child, struggling to stand strong. KJW did a good job cuz there were scenes (including last week) that his acting really reminded me of little DJ. It’s strange that the one ,physically normal, JH, is the one striving for motherly love, while DJ who is deaf is struggling to stand on his own without his mom’s help. This writer surprised us by starting to put all the aces on the table one by one, wouldn’t be surprise if next week, DJ’s mom shouts at JH telling him he is Choi’s son. But how the story will pick up from there is quite interesting.

    I so love all the scenes of JG and DJ, two kind hearts so naturally connected.

    As for MR, I see him as a problem child from day one, and in this episode it surfaced up even further. First, he teased WR about ,what if he’s MR, she cried her heart out. Later, when Choi shouted at him, he was upset, then he saw a picture of happy DJ with his dad(Choi) holding him, put it down abruptly. Bad timing for DJ to stick his happy face(dare I say in love?) right in at that moment. I see just two reasons for JH to stuff the hurtful truth about WR’s mom into DJ’s face out of blue, one, from his own guilt regarding making his own fam suffered of waiting for him, two, his jealousy over DJ that he(DJ) is always the recipients of love from both Choi/DJ’s mom and possible from WR too ( I recalled the three , WR/DJ/MR, met in their youth together). His reason of abandoning his fam that day of the accident came up in this episode too, though sounded a bit strange to me, cuz he’s afraid of Choi? so he ran into Choi’s wife instead?…sorry atm he’s kind of a jerk to me *run to hide from mud throwing*
    I hope that the medical case study (sth about brain, DJ’s mom found in JH’s suitcase) ,if it’s about DJ, will be used for DJ’s benefits, not other way around. Man, I really sound like an anti-JH fraction, do I? Don’t get me wrong, actually I am, buahahahaha, for good reason though.

    The thing that DJ’s mom did in this episode that I really hate is when DJ called JH, she answered the call knowing that DJ couldn’t hear so DJ thought it was JH. She was using her own son’s deafness to manipulate him, ordered him to end thing with WR. That’s bad. And when JH and DJ’s mom were outside DJ’s house shouting, JH said DJ cannot hear to DJ’s mom, I was OMG what are these two doing to DJ, betraying him behind his back? When DJ sat down covered his ears, it’s really sad, bought him back to the same situation after the accident again.

    Now the tricky part would be the preview, I believe some words might be cut off in between, and the voices of who to whom were confusing, but in the back of my mind, I still hope for JH to tell DJ, please be WR’s Cha Dong Joo, and at the same time be WR’s oppa. And after all that kneeling ‘I’m sorry mom’, what the heck he carried WR on his back in the preview! I know I sound redundant today, it’s May so…hehe.

    Thanks softy for your kindness, hope you gain back your strength by Monday.
    Happy May to everyone, starting my kdrama rom-com journey from tomorrow ^^


    • janna says:

      I don’t get JH’s reasoning either. Are you gonna get revenge or what.. now you’re too attached to DJ’s mother. I still think it’s creepy (she follows him like a crazy ex).

      You know JH is going to linger around WR’s residence and be the second lead that helps her out when she’s in trouble, observing/stalking from afar (obviously not TOO CLOSE because her father has an acute sense to recognize him) which would probably be a turning point… WR will be shocked as her father will out his identity… and she probably won’t believe her dad at first.

      JH is too much of a wuss, let DJ deal with taking care of their father. If JH ruins it, DJ can just run him over with some tea. I mean car.


      • kcomments says:

        I know, then the writer just slaps me with episode 10, the bromance, shushhhh…….might have to eat up my ^words.


  13. MJShinshi says:

    Ahnyeong!! It’s been awhile tho I do find my time for softy’s recaps 🙂 PLEASE GET TONS OF SLEEP TODAY!! Had to say something when I read your very much lack of sleep 🙂 Hope you get your needed rest!! I do APPRECIATE your time to recap this and 49 days as I can’t watch live for awhile.. Thank you thank you!! btw how exciting your seeing YAI in person!!! Oh Moony-shi 🙂 but I’d probably felt as you being not that “die hard” of a fan as those attending with signs and asking questions!! Anyway, thank you again for sharing your thoughts, time and lack of sleep. rest em poor fingers, brain, and eyes! 🙂 Hugs!


    • Softy says:

      You’re back:) wow this drama seems to be drawing everyone out – who knew such a quiet unobtrusive drama would garner so many fans. If anyone told be last year, I would be loving a drama like this- I would’ve said they were crazy. There are so many new dramas starting soon, but I can’t help wondering if any of them will be this good. After tonight, there are only 20 left and I feel sad already. I have a feeling this drama is going to get to me and it’s gonna be really hard saying bye to it.


      • lei2010 says:

        oh softy don’t say goodbye to this drama yet, im sure there will be lots of dramas that will piqued your interest this month but pls stop only when u think u can’t go on any longer that another drama spark your interest so much which makes you wanting to stop this. Your transcap helps a lot since we really really anticipate what’s going to happen next and this drama is so good just like 49days.


        • Softy says:

          I didn’t mean I was going to drop it – I meant I will be sad when it is over 🙂 no worries, I am keeping this drama no matter what.


  14. Moe says:

    Thanksss!! I understand better reading your transcrips ♥


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