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  1. REBEL SOULS says:

    Thanks kcomments for the suggestion and tips on how to do this :)

  2. kcomments says:

    Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST [MV]

    Credits: AsiannewsChannel@YT
    For anyone who may want to get a glimpse of this drama..so cool! (Let’s see it when it lasts hehe)
    Thanks Softy ^_^ *hug hug*

  3. kcomments says:

    Can You Hear My Heart? Episode 29 preview ^^

    Credits : coroo@soompi.com

    • Softy says:

      Omg it’s worse than I thought- we can’t tell who was hurt at all…did you hear D yell out – junha hyung? Oh it broke my heart.

      The bad guy called choi and said : he is here -what should I do?

      Y says to W- since I am the dad I will go in – you stay here

      Grandma says aloud: that’s not how you live- you let each other lean and give your back like this -supporting each other- that’s living

      NOT sure about next line – can’t tell if she said “person or love”

      W: to us – he was the most precious person and we want the best in the world for…

      * what I can’t figure out is who is she talking about -her dad or grandma? Cuz it sort of looked like they both died- and why does it sound like W is talking at a funeral. D and W are wearing outfits I’ve never seen before so going to assume he made it

      • nikesma says:

        Wah. Is something going to happen to Maroo’s eyes? Hope not. Can;t really tell what will going to happen. Aaargh.

        • Anon says:

          Omo! That would sure be a twist of fate considering how JH used to tease DJ about being afraid of the dark!! I am really really hoping that Y does not die.

      • kcomments says:

        Thanks Softy, posted the vid via iPad today with trembling hand, haha. Aww…..been with you guys since April, first time 30 episodes straight live every week. Special thanks to Softy for your awesome fast recaps, hope we have an awesome closure of our beloved drama. Fighting!
        *chanting wedding bells, kids, kisses…da da da.. pls dear writer* ^^

      • ck1Oz says:

        This is the 1st preview that has made me tear up.
        Softy you’re going to be a mess if ck is upset.I never get upset over dramas.The only exception was ep 17 of Secret Garden.

      • Fanderay says:

        I just finished episode 28, and ZOMG! It wasn’t the saddest episode, but certainly the most panic-inducing.

        I initially felt most worried for Y. During the clips after episode 27 the final scene is Y and W (as a child) doing their “db” thing after her mom dies, and it seemed sort of ominous. The more I think about it though, the more I think that Y will live. The whole nam storyline seems like a pretty random thing to put in the show otherwise (and I’m not sure where it would really go).

        Ma Roo however…ugh. I know there’s a clip of him not at the factory, but it could be a flashback. Sacrificing himself for family and redeeming himself after going down such a dark path seems so perfectly poetic…and I hate that!! I want him to live!! I’m sitting here pathetically fanning my face and trying not to cry just thinking about it. D, W, and Y wouldn’t be able to handle it if he died though…so it definitely won’t happen…right??

        I STILL keep just loving this show more and more. I watched ep 27 last night and couldn’t believe how perfect the scene of D singing to W was. It was such a sweet and vulnerable moment, and showed his unbelievable trust in W and their relationship. I loved the symmetry between that scene and the car dealership one, where in both cases the singer was willing to be embarrassed to comfort the other person. In both scenes the singer couldn’t “hear” the other person (In D’s case, lip-read) and it was just all about giving to the loved-one needing comfort.

        Sigh…this show is turning me into the cheesiest person ever.

        • Softy says:

          I think we are all guilty of that – we’ve all been turned to mush when it comes to this drama – really can’t believe it’s almost over -makes me cry just thinking about it. Omg the last two will be epic indeed. I am soooo worried I will be overcome with emotion and unable to type- during that scene in SG when JW drove into the storm or when I thought MJS in SKKS died – those are the two times I lost it and now E28 when I had no idea what would happen to D, Y, or M. I am going to need smelling salts so I don’t pass out this weekend.

          • Fanderay says:

            Eep, if SG and SKKS did you in, I don’t think you have a chance. Every time I think about the last two episodes I get butterflies in my stomach and feel like I’m going to throw-up or cry. This from a girl who used to be known for having an iron heart and not being prone to mushy emotions! Now I’m a total blubbering idiot.

        • thundie says:

          Ma-roo’s “APPA!!” at the end of ep 28.

          Chills down my spine, goose bumps all over, lump in my throat, tears blinding me…

          Literally stopped breathing.

          No words for how much I love this drama. Going to be so depressed on Monday.

        • nikesma says:

          Oh god. I thought last night is the night CYHMH airs. I thought I totally forgot about it and rushed here @ 1 am last night and there was no CYHMH post and I panicked! I thought something really bad happened and softy doesnt post cuz of it. Lol. Phew, it actually tonight. Anyway, I too felt that ‘together’ scene at the end if the preview is ominuous as well. I really think that Y the obe who will die, cuz that ‘together’ scene indicate that ‘eventhough you’re gone, we’re still together.’ and M will redeem himself.

          • Softy says:

            Hahaha that was so funny – you thinking I would miss posting this drama – never! It has been raining so much lately I worry about flooding but even then I would gladly ” swim” home and hope for Internet connection. Even if something bad happened – I would still type it – I made it thru 49 days didn’t I – boy that last ep was tough for me – I was soooo miserable. But I don’t care if CYHMH does it – for 29 eps they gave me so much to laugh, cry, and love – it earned the right to have any kind of ending it wants.:)

    • April says:

      Between previews and comments, I’m going nuts, didn’t watch after ep 20 because I’d rather pass some of the angst and marathon the end, but damn, I keep reading the recaps and comments and that’s not helping ! Breath ! And cheer for Softy !

      • Fanderay says:

        I tried to do that, but it didn’t work out so well and I got caught up last night. However, I’m glad I caved. Some of the moments I was dreading just turned out to be touching and not nearly as angsty as I feared. I say go for it and get watching!

  4. Cherry says:

    omg..omg…omg… its going to be epic endin!

  5. iviih says:

    If Maroo get blind it will be something just WOW. JH who was DJ’s ears.

    And DJ who can be JH’s eyes??? o___o

    If Y dies I’ll be sooo sooo upset. Please, please! MaRoo can die, but not Y… T__T

  6. Fanderay says:

    Is this the appropriate place for banners? I made a quick one of your new boyfriend KY.


    • ck1Oz says:

      Holy tamales!

      Breathe.I’ve not seen that photo of him smiling in bed before.

      okay…nope still hyperventilating!

    • Softy says:

      Woah- I am sooooo going to figure out how to insert that tonight when I get home – wow – I think I am in love – thank you so much fanderay !!!!!! totally love it – you’ve got skills my friend :)

      • thundie says:

        Dashboard >> Appearance >> Header >> Browse (image from your computer) >> Upload >> Random (so you get rotating headers; uncheck if you don’t want them to rotate) >> Save changes.

        • REBEL SOULS says:

          thanks thundie for showing me how but it wont work cuz it’s the wrong size – darn it – really wanted to use Fanderay’s header – going to use on my recap for next week for YFFM :)

          • Fanderay says:

            It should work; it’s 940×198 which is the same as your other banners. Did it somehow get saved as a different size? I don’t think I’ve had a problem with wordpress sizing before.

            Let me know anyways, I can always resize it for you :) I also have a bunch of CYHMH banners on the way, so we don’t want to miss out on D/W goodness!

            • thundie says:

              Ooh, CYHMH banners? Me wants! I mean… my blog wants!! I mean… Thundie’s Prattle wants!!! :lol:

            • Fanderay says:

              I love your blog too, so don’t worry, I will share ^^

              I think they’re all going to be super basic because I can’t even bear to put filters over that OTP. My attachment is so great that I can’t even photoshop them…sigh.

              Here’s one I already made for RS if Softy can get it to work.


              You’re next Thundie :)

            • ck1Oz says:

              May I have one?I mean just a plain CYHMH banner to put on my viki page?

              I’ve been good..Been working hard moderating the viki channel and editing and making sure we always have a pool of subbers.It’s been the longest drama I’ve ever worked on and I want something as a memory.Love that drama.

              Thank you.if I get anything.I actually want one of Dong Joo and Joon Ha.
              Man they better not kill him off otherwise I’ll be damn pissed.My weekends and all the way till Thurs sometimes has been CYHMH and getting it subbed.

            • Fanderay says:

              What dimensions? Happy to make you a banner of our boys :) I should probably make it before the finale in case MR dies, since I probably won’t be able to look at his face after that.

  7. kcomments says:

    My Love Patzzi – I’ll be there for you

    Credits: koreanaddiction@YT
    Was with Rae-won at that time…now skidding to Jae-won ^_^

  8. kcomments says:

    [Spoiler] “Warrior Baek Dong-soo” Park Geon-tae murderous look+sorrow tears, talented actor

    Child actor Park Geon-tae went from being murderous to being lost in sorrow at his father’s death.

    SBS TV “Warrior Baek Dong-soo” showed the growth phase of Yeo Woon who was born with killer instinct. Yeo Cho-sang (Lee Kye-in), his father, has the ability to predict people’s fate and discovers that his son was born with killer instinct and tries to kill him but his mother dies instead. Yeo Woon was left alone to grow up with a father that didn’t love him.

    Hostile towards his father who always mistreated him saying he was a killer, Yeo Woon mastered martial arts and one day tried to stab his hand with a bamboo sword in his severe fate. He then coincidentally met with Cheon (Choi Min-soo) who had been watching him and they went around together. Having passed through all of Cheon’s difficult hurdles, Yeo Woon received a sword and a final barrier. To spear the one he loved.

    He found his father and yelled, “I do not have murder instincts!” but couldn’t stab him at the last moment, showing the human in himself. However, his father stabbed himself and said, “Thank god, I am to die anyways so I should be your first and last” revealing all the love he had for him.

    Yeo Woon cried for him not to go and cried in sorrow. This predicted the rough development and fate he would have to go through in the future.

    The bone chilling murderous eyesight of Park Geon-tae playing the role of Yeo Woon who was raised with dislike for his killer instinct was the highlight of this days episode.

    Viewers say, “I couldn’t take my eyes off his acting”, “He really knows how to get someone intrigued”, “My heart hurt because of his fate” and more.

    Meanwhile, Yeo Jin-goo played the role of the younger Baek Dong-soo and acted with Park Geon-tae.

    Source : Nate
    Translation : Hancinema
    Thanks to .rei.@soompi

    • kcomments says:

      Omg….Softy, your ‘grape’ guy (in WBDS) is the famous Crown Prince Sado, LOL. (got it from CTS subs btw).

      • REBEL SOULS says:

        kcomments – are you saying the grape guy is the one who is going to get killed by his dad? I forgot the korean history on this – why did he save the kim tak gu dad then – that seems like a nice thing to do. wasnt the crown prince sado a bad guy?

  9. REBEL SOULS says:

    hey fanderay – love love love your headers could you make some more from your sketches too? that would be sooooooooo great. or I could use as background but only the sides would be visible and none of the middle parts so I’m thinking headers would showcase it better.
    I tried both headers like 5 times and I keep getting this message:
    “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.” Thundie made me some a while back and I finally inserted them tonight and they work fine. I don’t get why yours comes back with that message. I really wanted to use the CYHMH headers for this weekend too *crying*

    • Fanderay says:

      Oh you know what? I think it’s because that stupid website makes it a .png file. Using an online photo editor with a netbook and a trackpad is NOT ideal (I apologize for the simplicity of these banners). I think I have about 10 other images I want to use for CYHMH headers, so there will be more coming!

      I will definitely try to make some banners from my sketches, but since the in-laws are visiting my desktop computer still isn’t fixed. Also, the sketches may not look like the actors since they’re pretty quick drawings, but I’ll upload some anyways and you can decide if they’re worthy or not.

      Try these:


      Btw, is anyone an Im Ju Hwan fan? I have an adorable picture of him that I want to make a banner out of (I miss him!).

      • Softy says:

        Man I am greedy – I love thundie’s too – waahhhh – no rush but when you get some time and feel like making more – could you possibly make one of the bromance between D and M? Or one of LMH as city hunter having a really good hair day (but leave out Nana) – or a YFFM one with K and S? I have some pics of all of them you could use – should i PM you on soompi? Sorry but I have no idea who Im ju hwan is and why do you miss him? Is he not in any dramas lately? Cuz I miss gong yoo too but all he keeps making is movies. :)

        • Fanderay says:

          Oh my goodness, I am in shock. Are you not a member of team Pak Kyu??? Im Ju Hwan is from Tamna Island, and if you haven’t watched it yet you have to. I put it off until a couple months ago because I thought it looked terrible, and the leads didn’t seem appealing. I was completely wrong and Im Ju Hwan is AMAZING. Unfortunately I fell in love with him a couple days after he left for the military, which is why I miss him.

          Pics would be awesome. I’ve been looking for some good stills of Dong Joo/Ma Roo but I’m having a hard time finding any that work well with banner dimensions. Lots of awesome D/W banners on the way, and I think I have some good pics with Y too. My name is binzer on soompi, so send me anything you like. There’s something wrong with my brain and I don’t find LMH hot, but I’m happy to do a banner anyways. Any pics of him with glasses? That makes him way more attractive to me. Obviously I’m very willing to do billions of YFFM banners :)

        • Fanderay says:

          This should help with your banner-envy Softy:


      • thundie says:

        Oh Fanderay, thank you!!!!!!!! Love that scene of our OTP. Muahhh!

        I’ve uploaded the header and also included your name on this page:


        As for Im Ju-hwan… TEAM PARK KYU!! :D

    • Fanderay says:

      I posted new links but they’re awaiting moderation. What causes a post to do that? Is it jpg links, or is it because I’ve posted too many times too fast?

      • thundie says:

        WordPress automatically flags a comment containing more than two links as spam. The reason is because many spam comments contain links to other sites.

        Two ways to prevent this from happening:

        1. If you have more than two links (images or videos), post them separately and not in the same comment.

        2. Softy can change the settings to allow more than two links per comment. I wouldn’t advise this, though, because it may mean spam comments slipping through the crack.

  10. Softy says:

    No clue but I’m sure it’s not cuz you posted too many times- will check to see cuz this happened with video posts sometimes, but never header posts…There found it and approved it :) if this happens again, just let me know and all I need to do is press approve – thank you!!! Will use when I get home tonight. :)

  11. ck1Oz says:


    Fanderay I love love your banners.I gave you my viki page.I am a bit embarassed about it.Now you know why I need to change it.LOL.One of the viki oppas just told me to stop looking at kisses.

    I know I definately need a banner for Dong Jo and Ma Roo.I am very confident he won’t die.He better not.The writer hasn’t killed anyone else in her other works before.

    Softy.He still looks as cute smiling.The Ki Young guy from Heartstrings.I actually went home and marathoned his Family Honour scenes from ep 43 to 54 just to see him.Yup he’s adorable.

    Oh Team Park Kyu.I swear it must be Thundie or one of you who got me to Tamra.Did you hear about him collapsing during training last week?He was admitted.Something about cardiac issues that was undetected.Did you hear what happened after it?Is he still fit for active service?

    • ck1Oz says:

      Oh so you can know the dimensions of the banner.

      • Fanderay says:

        Softy, I’m sorry, but you have proven yourself unworthy of the following banner (see my comment above).
        Thundie, you win!
        It’s almost embarrassingly simple, but I love that picture of Im Ju Hwan so much I didn’t want to do anything to it (It feels like sunshine. Sunshine that also leaves me giddy and smiling like a fool).

        Don’t cry though Softy, you get a consolation prize:
        (I posted another D&W banner above too, in case you missed it).
        My YFFM footage isn’t very crisp, so I just went with the old washed-out film look. If you have any crisp images of that fantasy bike scene with the mountains and sun in the BG, it would make for an awesome (and slightly hilarious) banner.

        I’m off to bed, so good luck typing through the tears while you recap CYHMH! Eeeee, I have to stop thinking about it or I won’t be able to sleep!

      • Fanderay says:

        I looked at your page, but it seems like the sizes can be pretty much anything? What dimensions would you prefer?

        I did NOT know about my Park Kyu. I hope he’s ok!

        • ck1Oz says:

          I can reduce the size.I have no idea dear whatever you can do.I seriously want a photo banned at the top of my page under the clock that’s all.

          Thank you thank you.

  12. Fanderay says:

    I have another comment that needs moderation approval :( I accidentally put it in the wrong reply spot too (oops). I think I’ve posted like 6 times since you last checked in….sorry if it’s getting confusing with comments all over the place!

  13. kcomments says:

    Ok, after re-watched WBDS with subs, something bothered me but will let it slide for now. Feeling fun, so I summarized the first episode while waiting for CYHMH, hehe.

    Warrior Baek Dong Soo episode 1 (based on DarkSmurf’s subs)
    The Crown Prince Sado destroyed the important monument, because of his action the Noron framed the Prince of revolution. The King (the prince’s father = Yi San’s grandpa) was very upset, he couldn’t let the matter drop (politics), he must find the scapegoat to punish. The king decided that the life of BDS’s dad had to be sacrificed to save the Prince.

    There was this renowned sword man named Gwang Taek (GT) who was famous for his material arts in Joseon, and was a close friend of BDS’dad.

    On the day of BDS’s dad execution (beheaded), GT came just in time to help his friend, when learned that it’s the King’s order the killing, he presented the talisman of Immunity (given to him by the King, able to save life) to the officer on site. However, the officer whispered to GT that the killing was meant to help the Crown Price, if GT saved BDS’s dad, the Prince would be in danger.

    GT tearfully agreed to the execution, he had a private talk with BDS’s dad, the dad asked GT to take care of his wife and his unborn child. GT accepted readily. As GT walked away, they cut off BDS’s dad head.

    There was another friend of GT who used a butcher knife as his weapon, Sa Mo(SM), him and GT helped BDS’s dad wife to escape.

    The order of the King was to punish BDS’s dad family for three generations, one of the officer thought that BDS’s dad was very famous for producing men with great material arts, if they let the child lived on, they all would be in danger in the future. So he ordered the search for a woman who was pregnant or a new born child.

    BDS’s dad allies buried his body on the hill, the Crown Prince came and kneeled on the ground giving respect to the body. Apparently BDS’s dad was the Prince’s teacher.

    The search for the mother continued. BDS’s dad allies were worried because the mom was pregnant for 10 months and there was no sign when she would deliver the baby. They asked the doctor who told them that it seemed the mother didn’t want to give birth at this moment.

    BDS’s mom was holding the blue wide ribbon with letters written on it (the subs didn’t translate the writing), she talked to the baby in her body that it’s not the time for you to come out to this world. She wrapped the cloth around her pregnant stomach tightly to hide her pregnancy.
    The soldiers came to their place and started searching, BDS’s mom sat with other women, the soldiers couldn’t identify her, but when they hesitated to search again, the villagers came with weapons in hands asking them to go away.

    In the room, BDS’s mom passed out because of the tight cloth around her body, later she gave birth to a baby boy, but she kept breeding after that. They brought the baby out of the room, GT looked at the baby, he was startled because the baby was deformed (not sure what that means) by the mom tight cloth, he asked for the doctor to look at the baby.

    GT came in the room where the mom was lying, she asked to see her baby but GT told her not to worry and recover well. She asked if something wrong with the baby, GT told her the baby was healthy. GT asked the mom the name of the baby, she told him it’s Dong Soo. GT smiled and he repeated the name Baek Dong Soo, he asked if the name came from BDS’s dad, she agreed. Then she closed her eyes and passed away. GT cried.

    The officers surrounded the place and took the baby, GT and the SM were arrested. GT helped SM to get away to take care of the mom’s body.

    GT was about to be punished (guilty of treason) along with the baby. They were about to throw the baby into the boiling water, the Prince came with the order of the King to pardon GT’s life.

    Flashback – the Prince begged the King to help GT because he’s Joseon best sword man, the King told him he could only spare one life, the Prince had to choose GT or the baby.

    GT realized that only him was pardoned but not the baby, he then asked to cut off his one arm for the life of the baby, as the arm of the sword man of Joseon should suffice. The officer agreed, the Prince turned his back to GT, an officer cut off GT’s left arm. (Ending)

    *sigh* still not sure will follow this thru….^_^
    Not sure about the Prince, good or not good.

    • Softy says:

      Wow thanks kcomments – it’s so great to read someone else’s recap for a change – heehee but I still don’t get why the king thinks BDS’s dad had to be punished, but it’s ok. Maybe now I will have more time to rewatch – surprised that I understood some parts ok. I am with you – going to see if this week’s eps are good or not and then decide to keep or drop.

      • kcomments says:

        My lazy typing, the reason the King executed the dad, it’s because the Noron wanted the Prince’s head, and The Qing Dynasty (China?) also pressured the King, it’s the thing of that monument, sth about the Noron, and at that time, they controlled forces (soldiers) more than the King. The only way the King can save the Prince was to blame someone else for the act of revolution. (yeah, didn’t really help, did it? ^^)

        I didn’t see anyone subbing this drama except DarkSmurf, they are releasing the subs in two versions, one will release fast, the other will give more details but will release later. So far, episode 1 is now 100% ready in both versions, episode 2 only the fast version is 100% done.
        I’m not sure to follow this one because ,my guessing, there’s going to be a lot about politics, the Noron, and the King/the Crown Prince which are not so fun. In the preview the two leads will have to join the military camp together. Let’s see.
        Spy starting tomorrow, what do you think? The preview didn’t impress me tho. ^^

        • Softy says:

          Kcomments – I totally laughed out loud when I read that line “didn’t really help did it” – you are so hilarious :) of course it helped, I rather just find out what is going on thru you then with subs LOL it’s more fun. Maybe you can recap WBDS and I will read and comment – don’t you have a blog? Can I go see? Pretty please? How come you don’t have a picture next to your name like on mine- want me to tell you how to do it? Thundie taught me.

          • kcomments says:

            Nop, no blog atm and not plan to have one, sorry ^^ (lazy..lazy) Normally, I would jump around on public board, rarely on blog, jumped start with Blue’s blog then here I am with you in CYHMH 30eps, done just like that. Now I’m free (yes!) on weekend but for how long? The same circle will probably start again, LOL.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I finally got some pages scanned today, and I made a single flickr set page for banners so they’re all in one spot. I put my raw scans in there if you want to check them out. Let me know if you want some banners out of any of them :)


    • ck1Oz says:

      Oh wow.The one where Dong Joo is walking backwards and the one with Woo Ri listening on the door.It is beautiful.

      I can’t believe we’ve been with this drama since April and I can’t choose my favourite scene!

  15. Softy says:

    Omg Fanderay, I know you are the one who sketched these and deserve all the praise, but I am soooo proud of myself for sensing your talent :) I just knew in my gut these would be great – was sort of scared they would be abstract for like 2 seconds but was willing to bet they wouldn’t be and voila – I was right. My goodness you have quite the talent. As I uttered aloud ” wow” for each, I knew which ones would be perfect as a header – my main choices are S’s bike scene from YFFM and one where D and W are walking next to each other- if you could also add the tree with it, I would be overjoyed. Thank you thank you – you have no idea what a privilege it would be to post these – I am really honored. :)

  16. kcomments says:

    Dear Softy, did you see RT ep18? If not, then it’s ok, leave it.
    How GW’s dad was going to cash the half lotto? I mean half? LOL.
    [End of spoiler]
    Someone on Soompi said the lotto was cursed, haha. So true.

    • Softy says:

      I saw it – he can’t cash in half he has to bring GW’s top half and with both pieces he can cash it in – but his dad didn’t trust the maids so he already received like 80% of the money from the maids ( cash and stocks) so if they lose that ticket only the dad will have money. They were going together cuz maids didn’t trust him and he didnt trust them. Also the grandma left GW a lot of money -her hand was in the way but i think it was more than $300,000 dollars of her life savings in a handwritten will.

      • kcomments says:

        Thanks, Softy. I thought grandma left sth too but couldn’t see clearly. I couldn’t believe I’ve followed this drama to the end(almost), I mean 20 episodes are quite long, but the writer made it enjoyable even if the romance taken a back seat. LOL.

  17. Fanderay says:

    Softy, there is a gift for you on my flickr banner page. The sketches don’t scale down too well, but hopefully you like. Also, thanks for your comments! You gave me a massive confidence boost :)

    ck1Oz, I haven’t forgot about you. I just haven’t been able to find a great bromance still, but I’m hoping the last episode will have some.

  18. Fanderay says:

    I added another watercolor banner. Don’t feel obligated to use them; they’re super fast to make since there’s no color correction or anything fancy. I’ll do a YFFM one once I have more drawings (my inlaws leave Thursday so I won’t get going until then).

    Ck10z, what would you like your banner to say?

    • ck1Oz says:

      Me…I would like 2 banners now please.

      One is to for “4coconut.Thank you for being such a great manager. Love from your team”
      That has to be smaller not a banner it is for the viki page for her thank you.She did all the staff thank you but left herself out.Choose whatever you like.We have 3 of WR/DJ so hers has to be someone else.Maybe Joon Ha and dad.Or dad and grandma.Or the whole family?Last scene?I don’t know.

      My banner for my personal page on viki.I decide I just want the 2 of them…but not like gif.Whatever you like for that.That is for my page.Thank you so so much.

  19. kcomments says:

    Warrior Baek Dong Soo episode 2 (mini) for my dear Softy.
    Here’s what I got from subs, so you can enjoy tonight episode ^^
    After GT was cut off his left arm, the Prince put bandage around his arm crying all the while (can we say he’s good then?). Then GT took off with the baby(BDS). He stayed with his friends and asked the doctor to look at the baby. The doctor put bamboo splints all over the baby’s body to strengthen the distorted bones (from his mom tight cloth when she was pregnant). When asked, the doctor said it can last few months or forever. Then GT took the baby and left his friends. In the forest, GT met a woman he knew, she’s the Qing assassin, they slept together one night (rawr!), he woke up and she’s gone (I suspect she will carry his child later, our heroine?). The soldiers and the Qing’s assassin gang were taking GT one-armed as opportunity to kill him. So GT hided the baby by the stream (that’s stupid btw), and went off another way to distract his opponents. A wolf came to harm the baby, a man passed by he took the baby with him, he saw the blue ribbon with the baby bearing the baby’s father name, his eye widen with surprise, he went to Sa Mo and handed the baby to him. GT came back at the stream, not seeing the baby he shouted DS! DS!, he couldn’t find the baby. Then 12 yrs later, GT was lying on the street, he was in China (got this from dramaok in Soompi thread, she nitpicked the guy to easily gave up searching ,LOL). Dong Soo(DS) grew up wearing bamboo splints all over his body, he couldn’t move finger right, couldn’t eat rice or walk properly etc..

    DS was teased by other kids, he jumped off the cliff into the water to gain his place among his friends. Sa Mo fished him off the water, DS cried in despair about his body’s conditions that he’d rather die like his dad. Then a man visited Sa Mo with a girl named Jin Ju (JJ), she’s a brave girl with ability to fight like a boy. Sa Mo told DS this girl would be with them for a while. DS smirked at her. A man (who brought the girl) secretly met the Qing assassin woman (who slept with GT), she warned him about the danger ahead (although she didn’t say it, my wild guess, she’s JJ’s mom). JJ stayed by DS’s side, she could climb tree when DS could not. She would scold away the kids who teased DS. Later the kids unintentionally set fire to the storage house, JJ was trapped inside and cried for help. The kids told DS (ok it’s ridiculous to ask a disabled boy for help, oh well). DS covered himself and ran into the fire to help JJ, he found her, while taking her out, a burning log fell from the roof, DS used his arm to stop the log from falling on to them, and he cried out in pain. (..to continue tonight whether this will help cure his bone).

    GT had a hyungnim who had a son, his son named Yeo Wun (YW) with long dark hair. YW was born with Killer Star, his dad tried to kill him when he’s a baby but ended up killing his wife instead. YW secretly practiced sword, his dad hit him badly cuz he told him not to touch sword. Later YW learned his dad killed his mom, he hit his dad’s head ,blood came running down his dad’s face, he roared his agony and ran off. YW met with the black dress guy (one of the Qing assassin), he asked YW to come and be with him. YW was trained at the Qing headquarter to become a good assassin, he passed all the tests. The last one lesson was to kill a person he loved most. YW told them it’s his dad. YW came to see dad with a long knife, he tried to stap dad but dad used his hands to stop the knife, YW ‘s scared, the black guy flied his weapon and stapped dad’s back, dad looked at YW, saying he will die anyway so do it (kill him) and let me be the last person you kill, then he forced the knife into his body. YW cried out for him don’t die. (to be continued….)

    The prince had this gold pole where there was a half coin hidden inside, left by the earlier King. The words on the coin was the clue to find the Book of War…which every party wanted, the Noron, the Qing Dynasty. (don’t know what the book was, waited for Blue). ^^

    This one listed for 24 episodes (ouch!)

    • kcomments says:

      Also, DS was able to memorize all the books. Sa Mo called him a genius and wondered who he taken from, LOL.

  20. REBEL SOULS says:

    kcomments – man I have to say without this I would have been soooooo lost – this is some complicated stuff – so how do you know that the woman GT slept with is JJ’s mom? you said you thought so – I heard JJ call the man her dad so if he isnt her dad – why would he say that he is? did the woman tell him to raise her without telling JJ who her real mom is? I know this isnt the main point of the drama but now I am curious :) also one more question – why is GT homeless and a beggar? cuz he cant use his arm? i really didnt get why he didnt just go back home to his friends after he lost the baby. and I really dont get how holding up a heavy burning log is suppose to make DS’s bones stronger all of a sudden- but you know what? all these questions mean I want to know so keep them coming and I will be your avid reader. hehehe

    • kcomments says:

      Oh wow! Your Header, beauty! Fanderay right? Awesome. ^^

      LOL, about JJ’s mom, my wild guess, because when she came to see JJ’s dad, he kept looking at her silently, she also had this uneasy expression like she wanted to hear about sth but couldn’t ask, when Sa Mo asked that man if JJ is his daughter? (if I remember right) he didn’t answer him directly. Moreover, wouldn’t it be great? a daughter of great warrior and an assassin as a heroine. Again, I could be wrong. And, GT is not a beggar, LOL, let’s say he disguised as a beggar ^^ He planned to go to Qing with DS when he left his friends before he lost the baby, not sure why he didn’t go back to his friends (good point there). But when GT’s gang walked out from the palace together, they agreed to disperse separate ways. Each told the other his destination. The burning log, is also my guess, because we can’t have a crippled hero, can we? From the preview, I saw young DS walking/jumping on the roof just fine, huhu.

      So far, episode 2 was gripping with weird editing. I was about to drop it, then Yoo Seung Ho showed up on my screen, so hawwwtt…he looked directly at me, my hands gone weak, ok let’s try two more episodes, heehee.

      • Softy says:

        You crack me up – after two more eps you are so IN, no way will you drop it then cuz both leads will be out fighting and doing whatever else they do. I want to like this drama so much, but the same thing before skks is happening – sageuks just aren’t fun cuz I don’t understand anything and everyone looks like they need showers. If it wasn’t for you, I would have given up by now for sure. I missed tonight’s so I will watch both eps tm and let you know if I need more recaps. :)

  21. ck1Oz says:

    softy hi.I have a question.I am also now stuck.RT is now at the last week.There is only CH midweek.I have nothing to watch as well.I mean besides Scent of a woman.Oh dear.What are you guys watching now?

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      you mean what are we talking about these days? kcomments and I were discussing warrior baek dong soo earlier and sometimes RT. I dont know all the dramas she is watching but I am watching WBDS, RT, CH, and YFFM. and when scent starts – that one too. :)

    • kcomments says:

      WDBS = ‘on the fence’ mode
      Someone on WDBS Soompi said instead of seeing great fighting, she saw swords flying in the wrong place, LOL.
      Currently on RT and CH. That’s about it for me. But I will keep my eyes open with reviews and recaps. ^_^

      • ck1Oz says:

        May/June killed me with dramas.Now…nothing.I actually went to the wiki upcoming drama list.Nothing catching my eye.
        What is with all the saguek dramas? There is the Tree with Deep Roots.However not a single modern drama except for Hooray for Love.There is no way I am touching a long drama.That is a weekend drama right?

        There is The Princess’ Man with the Red One camera.And 100 hanboks.However it is going to be so SAD!!

        • kcomments says:

          Dear Ck, you can try Protect the boss, and Spy. The Princess’s Man listed as tragic love story (the female lead looks gorgeous in hanbok). Hooray for Love is 50ep weekend drama.

          • ck1Oz says:

            Oh yeah I forgot about Protect the Boss.LOL.How can I miss it?It has Ji Sung and JJ plus all my friends are there.I mean on the viki channel although it’s kinda a JYJ or JJ homage page at the moment.

            At one point I died laughing because all the staff avatars were JYJ photos in one form or another.

            Sorfty.Sorry Myung Wol the spy is looking fun.I am watching it.

  22. Fanderay says:

    I really wish this show didn’t look so pretty, romantic, and just generally high-quality. I try to avoid shows almost guaranteed to end sadly, but I feel like this one is reeling me in. Even the music is great, and having Park Shi Hoo smile in the preview is just plain mean.

    • Softy says:

      Ok fanderay – bravo – you got me to watch the trailer at least, but do you know what they said at all? The voice at the end said as PSW’s character rode off on the horse that he would not come back alive. That is so not the way to end a trailer if you want ppl to watch it :)
      Hey guess what I did? I used your drawings for my phone background and EVERYBODY is raving about your talents – they want to know if you have a blog or something with more of your work displayed – I told you that your work would be a hit. did you notice the new headers? :)

    • ck1Oz says:

      Oh gosh.Oh golly.The colours for that trailer.Do I want to cry for like 2 months now?

  23. Fanderay says:

    Yeah I had no idea what they were saying. But…he can’t die in the beginning right? So maybe that voice is wrong! (Yes, I’m pathetically trying to convince myself that this drama could end happily).

    It completely made my day that you used my picture on your phone. I must be artistically insecure because I was embarrassed to post those pictures initially, but I feel much better now! I finally just saw one of the banners (I must have bad refresh luck).

    I only started doing these sketches really recently (after a 7 year break from drawing) so I don’t have very many yet, but do you think it’s worth starting a blog? I didn’t realize there were people interested in kdrama watercolor, but since I’m doing them anyways I’m happy to post them up somewhere.

    Also, I hope you’re not adverse to more regular CYHMH banners, but I have so many stills it’s ridiculous, and I’m not sure I can resist making more. I blame the show for being too good.

    • ck1Oz says:

      I’ll like to see more of your watercolours.
      Do you mind me posting them on the viki spoilers page so it’s forever there?

      I was going to use one of your watercolours on my viki page as well because I really like the colour palette.I think it’s your talent and the fact that the drama has such pretty shots.I mean the outdoor scenes were just so evocative of freshness/spring etc etc.

    • Softy says:

      The actual line was – “he won’t be able to return” – and I just assumed cuz all the men chasing after him that it meant the guy would be killed – but like you said – can’t kill him the first ep so probably it was just a threat. :)
      About the new header – I kept looking and I thought – where is it? Did I miss something? Was already planning to post these children scenes with their episodes as screencaps :) I wish we could have posted these headers back in April when the drama began cuz when a drama ends, we normally switch out the theme banners after a month or so. That’s why you don’t see any more “my princess, SG, msoan,” or any of the older dramas that were translated here. I am leaving them up for now but it would have been great to get more viewing time. Not to rush you or anything, but is the YFFM one where S is biking almost ready cuz that one can stay up for even longer since the drama just started :) don’t worry about the empty space next to him cuz it’s just one shot of him and the header is longer – I’m ok with the extra white space. Or maybe you could put the blog name and S’s bike scene next to it.
      Of course I will link your blog – I was the one pushing for it with ck1Oz. “K Color” is ok but you need a blog name with some cadence so it just rolls off the tongue. Maybe it would be better to start with the word “Coloring….” like a play on words as if you are saying “covering Kdramas.” And you should also write about the drama too that you are painting – it shouldn’t just be your work displayed without anything to read – we get more out of it if we know your thoughts. :)

      • Fanderay says:

        White space…isn’t it comical that it didn’t even occur to me to have white space? You’re a genius! I’ll make something up quick tonight, and then once I have a chance to do more drawings I’ll make a better one.

        Meanwhile, I have another gift for you on my banner page. I know you wanted LMH on a good hair day, but I rebelled because I like him in a hat. I hate when he has helmet-head and I can’t see his ears at all.

        I like your “coloring” idea a lot. What should it be….”Coloring K-dramaland”? “Coloring Kdramas”? I really hate picking names for things :S It’s basically inevitable that I’ll talk about the dramas on my blog; you’ve probably noticed, but it’s hard to shut me up!

  24. Fanderay says:

    Softy, I just noticed that when I told you I added another watercolor banner, I hadn’t actually added it to my banner page and you couldn’t see it. It’s there now!!

    Ck, I made you and 4coconut banners. Let me know if you don’t like the images and I’ll try to find something else. Y and D are hard; they’re always on bed in the dark, or at totally different heights (which doesn’t work for banners).

    Here’s the link again. http://flickr.com/gp/binzer/7m7H7e/

    • ck1Oz says:

      Kekeke….love love love it.

      Sorry took awhile to reply.I was giggling over the JH./MR photos.Woo hoo :-) :-)
      Thank you so much!!!

      You mean JH/DJ are always only together in bed?Really?Oh now I sound perverted asking for them.I love KJW I do but MR when he smile…it’s kinda killer.

      • Fanderay says:

        Even the photo I used would possibly look more like a romance than a bromance to people who haven’t seen the show, but oh well! I adore them both so I’m ok with liking scenes of them in bed together (lol).

        And yeah…I think it’ll be a long time before we see another pair of such irresistible male leads. I perfectly understand how hard it was for MS to choose between them.

        As you probably noticed, I just put the title of the show on your banner. Let me know if you want me to remove it, or have it say something else.

        • ck1Oz says:

          LOL.I think I will have it there.Otherwise a non KD person would be going ‘what duh? ‘ because it’s on my page.

          I am putting one of the watercolours on.I seriously love the WR/DJ walking along the path with the trees.I am a sucker for pretty nature shots.

          • Fanderay says:

            Please go ahead and use whatever you like! I’ll probably take Softy’s suggestion and make a blog, so once I make one I’d appreciate a link to it (if it’s not inconvenient :) ).

            What would be a good name for the blog? K-Color? Like you, I love a good color palette. I give all the credit to the great directors for giving me these bright, colorful shots (I’m just copying their hard work!). .

            • Softy says:

              Hey I just replied up there but that’s a good name too – “Kolorful shots” “Kolorful screencaps” -cuz it’s kdramas – maybe your tagline could be – coloring the Kdrama landscapes or watercoloring the Kdrama landscape
              By the way- totally got excited about your blog and forgot to thank you for all these headers – I think I used all of yours :) Just in case you missed it, I added you on the rebellious team last week for your contributions.

            • Fanderay says:

              Oooh…colorful with a K…I like! I’m not sure about using “shots” or “screencaps” b/c they’re both fairly serious sounding words, but I love the K thing.

              Kolorful Palette? Kolorful Kdramaland? Kolorful Kdramas? Gah…I’m so bad at this.

              I could also try to integrate a commmon phrase, like “flying Kolors”, “true Kolors”, “rose-Kolored glasses”, etc.

              Thanks for adding me to the team list, but you’ve already given me the best thanks possible by making my picture a phone background and giving me such encouraging praise. I wouldn’t be starting a blog if not for you!

              (I also replied above to your other comment btw).

            • Softy says:

              I like coloring kdramas or Kolorful palette – don’t rush into a name cuz you are stuck with it for a long time :)

            • thundie says:

              I like the name Coloring Kdramas too. May not work, though, if you’re going to paint k-movies as well. ^^

              Good luck on setting up the blog, Fanderay!

  25. Fanderay says:

    The Shin banner is up! I ending up making the whole banner colorful, but hopefully it’s not weird :S

    I won’t make the blog until Thursday (when my company leaves) so let me know if you (or any of your friends) think of anything good before then.

    • Softy says:

      I’m outside but I checked out the new one and can I just say – omg it’s exactly what I wanted -stunning- I feel like I’m being spoiled using all your work- what if you want to use it for your blog :) thank you so much – will use this for months and months – I might never retire them :)

      • Fanderay says:

        Haha, I’d hardly call it being spoiled after all the hard work you’ve done on this blog.

        Besides, if I want to use some of the same sketches in my own banners, I predict that you’ll be willing to share. I don’t think people will boycott our blogs if they catch us having similar images :)

        • REBEL SOULS says:

          hahaha That’s not what I meant at all :) no one will care if we have the same headers -it’s just that they will have already seen it here so it’s not “brand new” by the time you use them cuz I plan to keep them up so it will get lots and lots of views :) They are your property of course and that’s why I felt bad that I’ve been using them here (even though I do credit you of course) – I am just so happy you decided to scan and share them. You really have an amazing talent.

          • Fanderay says:

            I figure the more views the better, and since my blog probably won’t get any traffic I’m practically depending on you to use my banners! Really don’t feel bad at all. I would never have even scanned my drawings if not for you, and I don’t care at all where my sketches are seen first. I’m just happy that people seem to enjoy them.

  26. ck1Oz says:

    ^%$#@!_) Fanderay you’re a genius.
    Softy I just saw the 2 new banners.WOWOW.Aren’t they gorgeous?
    There is someone who I must show the LMH photo too.She about keels over every time she sees a good shot of him.

    However I like your watercolours more.I suck at names which is why I read it but couldn’t give any suggestions.Examples of my cheesy names-I excel at cheesy.

    Koloring my dramas.Kdrama waterscapes.Colouring my dramas.

    I like softy’s taglines suggestions.
    …coloring the Kdrama landscapes or watercoloring the Kdrama landscape

    Sorry my imagination is not the best.Did try though.You should post it on soompi.Once you blog is up with the link then I will post the photos so I can use the link.

    Oh I might try to stay off here and dramas for a few days…I am failing my Korean softy.Need to hit the books.I’ve not been handing up my homework. guilty looking ck running off

    • kcomments says:

      CK, thanks for the subs of CYHMH (ep1-30) and all of your team, saw the medical lines, you did well (mimick WR’s line). ^_^

      • ck1Oz says:

        LOL.Thanks.I am so glad it’s over.I love the show but 30 episodes was way longer than I want to commit trying to keep the subbing up.

        Oh yeah,the medical lines.Aigoo :-)

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      so are you taking another one of your breaks? there is no way you are failing Korean – bet you are just saying that. :) I saw your page -hhahaha -music and kisses –omg it was soooo cute. werent you looking forward to the spy drama – saw you posting on DB today. your name stands out in red so I noticed right away. you better not leave us again – last time it was too long of a break. kcomments does WBDS recaps here – you dont want to miss that do you?

      • ck1Oz says:

        Well my dear softy.I can’t read fast and the teacher is going onto ‘my family and my neighbourhood.’It means I have to memorize a lot of new words.I may understand Korean more than I used to but it doesn’t mean I can write sentences well.Seriously.This class is like the equivalent of the US junior year high school exam topic used for college credits.I had to make a mistake in signing up for it.Sigh.

        Break.Well,I am.Just watching Myung Wol the spy and CH.However I am co managing Scent of a woman but not active.I mean I am not an editor this time round so just twiddling my thumbs taking care of the team and backup uploading.
        I don’t watch saguek.It’s tragic and too much blood and sacrifice.Might go back to Mandarin subbing.They were looking for subbers for Huanzhu Gege.I actually work softy and need to do some work related stuff after hours.I put it off because I was too busy handling the editing team for GL and CYHMH,Now with Scent I should be more free for Korean lessons and paid work yes vs the viki unpaid work :-)

    • Fanderay says:

      For a tagline, how about “exploring kdramaland one sketch at a time”?

      Still on the fence about the actual title, but I’ve decided I should probably keep the word “kdrama” out of it for the sake of catchiness.

      Good luck staying away for a few days :) 열심히 공부해요!

  27. kcomments says:

    Days ago I nagged our dear Softy to share her insights about Seoul, with her kindness she said yes. Almost every Kdrama happened in Seoul, so I bought a book, question popped up, I thought of Softy, she’s in Seoul! Aww….yes, let’s ask her, it would be fun. So, just some random informal Q&A between gals i.e. place, food etc. I couldn’t possibly cover a book all in one shot, so until she says nuff!
    Here we go…Seoul! Seoul Seoul!
    This is a really nice video, “PULSE OF SEOUL” (visitseoul@YT)
    What’s that golden tower, is it the one in drama ‘My Girl’? ^^

    The book starts with general suggestions/precautions before you leave for Seoul.
    What to bring: 1) suntan lotion ^^ (or thing to protect your skins from direct sunlight), because in summer or even winter, the sunlight could be strong. 2) Comfortable shoes because lot of hills in Seoul. 3) Moisturizer for you skins (my sis told me too that the weather was dry when she went there that you need humidifier in the room?).
    Mind your heart: 1) don’t be alarmed if you get pushed by ahjumma, ahjussi on the street. 2) Taxi/Bus driver may drive dangerously, if on the bus, hold on the rail tight.
    Q: So, what do you think?

    Transportation: subway, bus, taxi. Q: Do you use T-money, is it worth the price? Also it says there are two kinds of taxi; normal and black. Q: Why the black one is better? I saw in one drama, the female lead refused to get on a taxi because it’s not the kind she wanted.

    How to get to town from Incheon International Airport:
    Limousine Bus, Airport Railroad, Taxi. Q: Which one is your suggestion?

    Softy, which season, you think best to visit Seoul? Which month? Thanks. ^_^
    Next, the book is covering “Jongno”……but later gotta run. Hehe.
    Oh, and have I even been to Seoul? Of course, many times, stuck in the transit lounge never step foot outside the airport, then due to policy changed, stuck in Tokyo airport instead buahaha.

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      my oh my – lots of questions all at once – this might be an extra long post. I will go in order from the top and go down. First of all, if you ask about buildings and stuff from dramas we might have a problem cuz I havent seen that many – I’m pretty sure my sister made me watch my girl but I have no recollection of it whatsoever. if you are referring to the elevator kiss- pretty sure that was in an elevator with see thru windows and JGS mentioned it on a radio show but it was the SBS building in mokdong (not Ilsan). That SBS building is where a lot of dramas are filmed – on any given day you will see celebrities go in and out but you cant go past first floor without an access card. It’s the one Nana was hanging from recently in CH. it’s also where MGIAG was filmed (the elevator scene where Miho goes up and looks down at DW. The yellow building in the video is the 63rd building – used to be the tallest one in seoul but not sure if it still is. the food at the top is awful but there is a nice cafe on the bottom called Beans & Berries and they have the best Iced red bean paste in seoul ( I think-if you come in the summer you must try this – it is like “heaven on earth” yummy)
      what to bring: this isnt florida so I dont really get the whole need for sunscreen but if taking care of your skin is a must – go ahead and bring it. The only hills in Seoul are where rich people live and they all have cars and ppl take cabs normally to go up so you only need to walk down. the other place that is hilly is namsan tower, but I avoid that place cuz it’s just not worth it. you need comfortable shoes period cuz there is a lot of walking in seoul. weather in seoul tends to be dry when it’s sunny or humid during the rainy season so bring lotion. Pushy koreans are not limited to gender – almost everyone is so you have to expect that. most tourists do not take buses cuz they dont know where to go and which number to take. usually they take subway or cabs. but buses and cabs do drive unsafely sometimes so subway is the best way to travel. for bus, cab, and subway you can use a T money card to pay for it (but not all cabs have the machine so make sure before you get in) Normal cabs start at $1.40 and the black ones start at $4.50 I think. so yeah most ppl only take the black one to be safe late at night cuz there are hardly any kidnappings with the black one. Plus the regular rate for cabs go up at midnight till 5 or 6 am so it’s no longer cheap.
      From Incheon airport to Seoul: depends if you have a group, how many bags you have, and how fast you want to get to your hotel. the nicer hotels have free pickup and drop off.if you are with a larger group of 3 or more, the van type of cab is cheaper and you can split the cost. MAKE SURE YOU CLEARLY NEGOTIATE PRICE BEFORE you get in or else they will rip you off cuz they will say there was traffic or they had to pay the toll (which is around $7). if you are traveling on your own and do not have much luggage-take the limousine bus that costs around $11-$15. Each city/location is written on the side of the bus and where you stand to get in line. so if you are going to kangnam- you stand where the sign says kangnam and look for the bus that says it. plus ask the guy collecting the ticket to be sure. if you take a cab, it could cost a lot depending on if it’s traffic time (between 5 to 8 is major traffic time)- the average cab fare could be between $50 or more depending on how close to the airport you are going. so if you are going to incheon it wont cost hardly anything. but if you go all the way to kangnam it could cost as much as $70 or more. subway is the cheapest but it takes the longest – again depending on how far you go – to get to kangnam it would take like almost 2 hrs or so. plus you have to lug your bags around. so the fastest and most expensive is cab. next is the bus but it would take over an hour and a half to get to seoul. then the cheapest and longest would be the subway.
      as for when to visit seoul – I say avoid now – it’s been raining every day almost. it rains two days in a row then one day of sun then another 2 or 3 days of rain and then one day of sun. the weather in july and august is awful cuz it’s too hot, humid, or too rainy. I would say April, May, or early June is better. If you love the cold – come during winter but if it snows a lot flights get canceled so it’s a bit risky cuz you wont be able to fly out.
      We might have a problem with Jongno cuz I dont really play there much – I only go to Meong dong which is nearby (and it’s a major shopping place -it’s where Minam missed seeing Shi Woo after spending time together over the phone in YAB) but I’ll see if I can help. I feel like a tour guide. :)

      • Fanderay says:

        ^ Love this by the way. It’s like Seoul 101. I always wondered why guys in dramas act like it’s SO dangerous for girls to go home alone at night, even if it’s via bus or cab. Is the subway fairly safe at night, or does it get kinda sketchy?

        Btw, is that banner of KJW in glasses new? I practically wet myself it’s so freaking adorable. It makes me want to stop making banners since ever banner I make reduces the chance I have of seeing that picture. Maybe I’m just suffering from CYHMH withdrawal, but I feel like he’s defying the laws of the universe by being so cute.

        • REBEL SOULS says:

          yeah nikesma used to make us some wonderful subbed video clips and stuff for popular dramas like MSOAN and SG – turns out she has a knack for making headers too and sent me some KJW :) cuz I love CYHMH so much. Those were the result of her first attempts at making headers. Pretty cool huh?
          Cabs late at night are sort of scary but subways stop running at 11:30pm and most buses around midnight so you dont have much of an option – even traveling in pairs can be dangerous. That’s why I told Kcomments that taking the more expensive black cabs at night are a better option. Overall though, I never had any problems in Seoul- if anything NYC at night is way more scary if you ask me. I went to NYC like 14 times – each time for like 3 wks to a month and let me tell you – almost had a heart attack every time I went out at night. :)

          • Fanderay says:

            NYC would scare me too, but I’m just a small-town Canadian. I guess if I move to a big city I’ll have to befriend some big burly men.

            Talking about sketchy subways gave me a possible blog name though! What do you think of Sketchy Kolors? I like that sketchy has more than one meaning and it seems decently catchy, but maybe it sounds silly?

            • Softy says:

              Sketchy kolors is cute but imagine having to explain it a lot or write that on every header -if you are 100% in love with it – then go with it. Since your work is much better than any sketch, I just think you should choose one that is more fitting – something that suits your talent. I was also wondering if all your work is going to be kdramas otherwise having the K would be odd. Curious- if you are Canadian – what got you interested in kdrama vs Jap dramas? Have you seen any? And how is it that you were able to read Korean – suddenly wondering about your background. Hope you put that on your blog too :

            • hartofseeker says:

              BWAHAHAHA!! wow this is interesting to see how people comment on NYC being a NYCer myself =P hahaha I guess the general rule is that you’d be pretty safe even at night if you stay in areas with lots of bright shops and people and wide streets (like Times Square or 34th Street =])

              Btw… Fanderayyyy i just LOVE your banners and paintings~~ I don’t think I can find words to say it haha

      • kcomments says:

        LOL, sorry, I did cramp many questions in one, because I wanted to get to Seoul and save your space too. Well, in My Girl, the otp reunion happened in 63rd building, but I’m not sure the real filming site. ‘Iced red bean paste’? Sounds cool. Now this perks me up ‘taxi kidnappings’, what does that mean? Tho I normally don’t go out after midnight when I travel ^^ So, we got lotion, comfortable shoes and of course, a passport. From your suggestion, I guess limousine bus would be a nice choice, oh boy, $50-70 for a cab to town is a lot. There is another option that I usually use, rent a car AVIS, HERTZ etc. Would you suggest driving myself? Left or Right you drive in Korea, it’s diff from country to country, but I can do both. Also, we need money –Won, what’s the approx. conversion rate with dollar? Do they give you good rate at the airport? And oh yes, where to stay? I would go for International Youth Hostel for cheap rate, but I’m no longer in that range of age hehe, how about a moderate place to stay, clean sheets, good amenities, close to shopping area/place to eat, name your choice ^^. I would stay at five-six star hotel too, so I can get free pick up service. Could you please give me the name of the best hotel in Seoul? Rate per night? Expensive is fine, I love variety.

        I flipped thru pages, next (will do next week) we could go shopping first at Meong dong, but we couldn’t skip Jongno, palace/castle is my thing ^^, but later. So, we shop, eat and then sightseeing then. ^_^ Thanks for your kindness.

        • ck1Oz says:

          Why don’t you try http://www.agoda.com or expedia.They are usually quite good.I also use tripadvisor.com for reviews.However my cousin who went there last month just booked a room near the shops.She was happy.It depends on what you want.Another booked at Lotte Hotel because there was a special on.

          They have the Korea Tourism Organisation that have good guides/brochures.Just ask them to post you stuff.They have volunteer Goodwill guides as well.All the machines are in English-well almost all.Korea has the American driving system vs the Brits.
          LOL why am I answering?Am I right softy?I wouldn’t drive in Seoul-the drivers are nuts not to mention I don’t quite get the compensation issue when you hit someone.I am not a bad driver but in case…mama I don’t want to not know what to do.

  28. Fanderay says:

    It’s interesting to get your perspective on my drawings. To me they seem unfinished and very sketchy, but if it doesn’t seem that way to others maybe it’s bad name.

    This blog will just be k-drawings, and if I start painting other stuff i would start a different blog.

    I have indeed watched some j-dramas, and was originally learning Japanese. While looking for Japanese shows and music I kept coming across Korean stuff, and it turns out I like it waaaaay more. I love the sound of the language too so I started learning Korean about a month ago.

    I’m actually living in the US on my husbands visa, which means I can’t work, so I have a lot of free time on my hands!

    I forgot to mention it, but yes, nikesma is awesome! I strongly believe that there can never be too many kjw banners.

    • kcomments says:

      Now why does this comment always stay at the bottom? LOL.

      • Softy says:

        Oh no kcomments – Don’t even joke about that – seriously? Is it happening again? Do I have to make page 3 already?
        About taxi abduction stories – you don’t want to know cuz if you hear you won’t come to Seoul :)
        Don’t drive in Korea – you won’t even make it out of the parking lot – also if you manage to find space, parking costs a lot -most of the time, there are no places to park – parking spaces are tight- if you manage to get in you won’t be able to get back out- roads are confusing – Koreans don’t follow the law and drive crazy all the time – yellow light means speed up – red means go as long as no one is coming etc. And my worst driving experience, some old guy was trying to wake himself up from being sleepy by speeding up and braking suddenly – I watched him do that behind my car in my rearview mirror then he forgot to brake and hit my car and blamed me. I am still not over that.
        Japan and England drive on the right but Korea is same as America – driver on the left side
        exchange rates are online so check that and compare with your bank’s exchange rates. In Korea, every bank is different so some you can get better deals. Sometimes airport exchange is ok and it’s safer than exchanging in dark alleys in itaewon just to save a few bucks.
        No idea about youth hostels at all or moderate places cuz I just don’t need info like that since I live here. :) maybe you should listen to CK and check trip advisor- ask me for location and I will tell you if it’s good or not.
        Top hotels and rates per room I know from various friends visiting. Most expensive is the W hotel where LTM was filmed. Cheapest rooms are between $470-$580. Worst location though. On a hill with no easy access down in an unpopular area. Others with better locations like shilla, hyatt,Hilton, intercontinental, and Marriott are all between $280-350 per night for cheapest rooms. The last two hotels have great access to the city’s public transportation.most have free shuttle buses.
        We have a problem coming up – I avoid palaces and anything old like from the days when Korea had kings and stuff- also Korea doesn’t have any castles – that’s more of a Europe thing – Germany and France have the best.

  29. kcomments says:

    FYI, subbing for WBDS episode 3 is done. Did you see WBDS ep3-4? Do you want to continue? No sign of adult casts, my guess, they may come out around ep8. The scriptwriter is an awarded internet novelist, no experience with writing drama (according to Blue), I felt like watching a Sageuk-liked drama but def not a Sageuk imo, the editing was like flipping page of a book, jumping here to there. So far, the pacing was a little slow, the story got potential but when are they going to show the real stuff? The adult casts!
    Ratings in Seoul, no.1 Ripley, then WBDS, but Nationwide vice versa. (really close in number)

  30. bengbeng says:

    what happened to the recaps of episodes 5 of YFFM? it suddenly disappear =(

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