An Abrupt New Reality

I honestly didn’t know what to title this post since I was mostly going to talk about the pandemic. I wanted to ask – what has 2020 meant to you? How would you sum up all the events of this year in just a few words. My title was my answer. This virus pulled the rug out from under the world. That idiom is very apt to describe the months of February and March in particular. It’s taken every ounce of will to stand up again and go on, tested every definition of strength out there, but even this virus couldn’t hold back the human spirit for resilience. We’ve come back from wars, diseases, natural disasters, and other calamities before so nothing could keep us down for long. Just look at all the creative ways people tried to stay connected through lockdowns. They sang from their balconies, got their voices heard on social media, and did every little thing they could to make all these months bearable.

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